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 34  25


3 7

Batavia Stad



Lelystad rkermeer



Bataviahaven A 3 7 37

Discover the world's largest polder, its rich history and modern architecture

Station Lelystad 3 7





Oostvaarders Plassen

Lelystad Airport



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 20 min



68 98


Amsterdam City


Amsterdam Central Station



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Almere Strand Almere Poort


320 322 323 324 327 328


Almere Marina Muiderzand

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324 327 328

Almere Poort



Visitor Centres & Highlights I amsterdam Visitor Centre

Central Station or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

322 323 324

A VVV Lelystad ( B VVV Almere (

327 328 Busstation ‘t Oor



Almere Haven

Muiden, P+R Terrein

323 324 328 A’dam Bijlmer ArenA

322 323 324


323 324 328

Almere Parkwijk



Almere Parkwijk 326 Almere Centrum

Almere Muziekwijk



Almere Buiten



Science Park

Amsterdam Amstel

Almere Centrum



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Almere Oostvaarders





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 Batavialand  Werkeiland  Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet  Buitencentrum Oostvaardersplassen  Natuurbelevingscentrum De Oostvaarders  Fun Forest Almere  KAF (city theatre) Almere  Cablepark  MARE (Vis à Vis)  Aviodrome  Natuurpark Lelystad  Almere Centrum




Holland's Youngest Province full day The best way to experience the beautiful New Land is to take a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Lelystad Centrum (39 mins). The view from the train is spectacular, as you can see all kinds of indigenous animals in the Oostvaardersplassen Nature Reserve   along the way. From Lelystad Centrum, take bus 3 to Batavialand  (Batavia Stad stop, less than 10 mins). There, discover how Flevoland, the Netherlands' youngest province, was reclaimed from the sea through fascinating presentations and museum exhibitions. Next to the museum is the Batavia ship yard , with a replica of a Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship, the Batavia. You can also visit the exhibition and take a guided tour. On your way back to Amsterdam, stop in Almere Centre to admire the stunning modern architecture of this new – 40-year-old – city. Special ‘architecture routes’ for both hikers and bikers are available at the Almere Tourist Information Centre (VVV Almere) B at De Diagonaal 199 on the main shopping street. Thanks to an ingenious system of elevated roads and bicycle-only underpasses that keep bikes and cars separated, cycling is much easier here than in the centre of Amsterdam. Almere and Amsterdam Central Station are just 25 minutes apart, with trains departing every 20 minutes.

Discover world’s largest polder and its rich history and modern architecture!

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by bus, tram, metro & train

Photo: De Nieuwe Wildernis


Day Trips

Almere 1/2 day or full day The easiest way to get to Almere Centrum  is by train from Amsterdam Central Station (towards Lelystad Centrum, 21 mins). Begin your visit at the Almere Tourist Information Centre (VVV Almere) B, which is a short walk from the train station at the end of the main shopping street. The VVV can provide you with everything you need to have a great day in Almere. Aside from its trendy shopping – you’ll find brands like Hugo Boss, G-Star and Rituals – Almere is famous for its outstanding modern architecture. Cycle routes take in all of the city’s iconic buildings, and bikes can be rented at the VVV, where you will also be provided with maps of special architecture routes with explanations of what you are seeing. If you have some extra time, don’t miss the Oostvaardersplassen  , a unique nature reserve comprising 56 km2 of protected marshlands and fields. You’ll find a wide variety of deer, cattle, birds and Konik horses. The Oostvaardersplassen, also known as the ‘New Wilderness’, is within cycling distance of Almere Centrum (+/-30 mins). Homemade pies and local products are served in Gasterij De Oostvaarders, a cosy restaurant with wonderful views of the beautiful surroundings.

Foto: Jody Ferron


Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket (ARTT)

Old Meets New full day Sky's the Limit 1/2 day If you're more of an adventurer, head out to the Aviodrome Lelystad  ( to learn all about modern aviation. Nowhere else in the world you can see and experience so many different types of airplanes. Test your knowledge of aviation trivia, peak inside a Boeing 747 and visit the museum and the 4D theatre. There is even more to do outside, including a lookout point to watch planes take off from and land at Lelystad Airport. The airport also offers private sightseeing flights over Flevoland, Holland’s youngest province. See for yourself why the Dutch are masters of land reclamation and water management. A fun day out for the whole family! Take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Lelystad Centrum (39 mins), then bus 7 to the Aviodrome (approx. 10 mins).

Take a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Lelystad Centrum (39 mins), then bus 3 to Batavialand  (Batavia Stad stop, less than 10 mins). Discover the history of the reclamation of Flevoland, Holland’s youngest province, through fascinating presentations and exhibitions. Next to the museum you will find a replica of a Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship, the Batavia. You can also visit the exhibition and take a guided tour. End your day at the Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet (, a five-minute walk from Batavialand. This premium outlet centre features more than 150 stores, relaxed cafés and fine restaurants. Choose from international fashion brands, such as Hugo Boss, Nike and Michael Kors, always with 30-70% additional savings on high-street prices. A special luxury bus runs once per day from Amsterdam Central Station (in front of Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam Hotel) directly to Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet  (departs 10:00, returns 16:00; €15.00).

Get out of Amsterdam with the ARTT, which grants you unlimited travel on the city's public transportation and beyond. From flower auctions and windmills to beaches and medieval castles, ARTT is the easiest and most economical way to explore everything the greater Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer! Pick up yours at an I amsterdam Visitor Centre, participating public transport company ticket counter or selected hotel or campsite. (Don't forget to check in and out whenever you get on or off a train or bus!) ARTT tickets are valid on any bus, tram, metro and train services offered by GVB, Connexxion, EBS and NS (including night buses) from 0:00 until 4:00 the following day. Tickets are NOT accepted on Arriva busses in Lelystad. 1-day tickets are €18.50, 2-day tickets €26 and 3-day tickets €33.50. Find more information and a map of all included routes on:

Welcome to New Land! A great destination for a short break with its fascinating history below sea level, inspiring architecture, fine nature and great shopping.

In 2018 the area is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Zuiderzee Act by the Dutch government. The Zuiderzee Works have resulted in the worlds largest polder wich entirely changed the Netherlands.


Exploring the Polder

Young Cities

Museum Batavialand

Netherlands Institute for Maritime Archeology Next to the Batavialand shipyard, the archaeological ship depot displays more than 30,000 objects recovered from shipwrecks. Highlights include a 2,000-year-old Roman ship found near Utrecht and a barge that was excavated in Lelystad.


Famous Architects

Located just 25 minutes from Amsterdam, Almere has a 42kilometre coastline and beautiful scenery, but it is perhaps best known for its daring contemporary architecture. From the moment it was established in 1976, Almere has been one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. It is a place where innovations thrive – which is essentially what the ‘new town’ character is all about. Lelystad was intended as the capital of the IJsselmeer polders. That’s why it was named after the father of the Zuiderzee project, Dutch engineer, water expert, minister, governor and politician Cornelis Lely. Today, Lelystad offers plenty to see and do, from a replica of a 17th-century VOC ship to one of the country’s largest outlet malls. It is particularly delightful in the summer, when the waterside terraces overlooking the harbour beckon.

Ship Cemetery The former Zuiderzee is one of the largest ‘dry’ ship graveyards in the world. As many as 435 shipwrecks, with an inventory of nearly 33,000 objects, were revealed when the polder was drained. Behind these anonymous numbers are, of course, exceptionally heroic stories and indescribably difficult moments at sea. Ships, including their cargo, equipment and crew, perished over the course of centuries as a result of overwhelming storms, unexpected shoals, sandbars and congested channels. TIP: The sites of shipwrecks throughout Flevoland are marked by poles topped with a boat.

A feast for fans of modern architecture, Almere’s skyline elegantly fuses modern design with elements of nature. Iconic Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, with his firm OMA, conceptualised the design of Almere's city centre to be exceptionally pedestrian friendly. Spaces rise and fall, widen and narrow, creating a curved surface so the ‘flat city’ is interrupted by an accumulation of functions. Koolhaas’s design creates a soft dynamic that underpins individual architectural statements from the world’s most famous architects. Pritzker Prize-winner Christian De Portzamparc designed the Citadel, a dual-purpose block that fits into Rem Koolhaas’ multi-layered urban plan. The block is fragmented by the crossing of two pedestrian high streets built onto a structural plate, which, below, accommodates the public car network and car parks. Above the high streets, colourful houses are distributed around a large convex meadow . And it doesn’t end there. The Agora Theater in Lelystad has been universally praised for its design, and has two beautiful halls that host performances of various genres all year round ( The Zilverparkkade, meanwhile, comprises eye-catching terraced houses, each designed by a different architect. With a nod to the canal houses of Amsterdam (street-facing facades, staggered roof heights), the buildings make a distinctive entrance to the city centre. TIP: See Almere’s architecture from an insider’s perspective with a guided tour of the city centre or other neighbourhoods. Or explore Almere by yourself by bike. Bike rentals and information about guided tours are available at the Tourist Information Centre (VVV Almere). Alternatively, join a guided Segway tour with Segs in the City.

TIP: See Flevoland from a different angle during a scenic helicopter or airplane flight from Lelystad Airport. Follow the flight with a visit to the adjacent Aviodrome, a 6,000 m2 museum covering all aspects of airplanes and the development of flight – from the Wright Brothers’ first successful aircraft up to the present day. Explore a host of 70 historical aircraft, including Baron von Richthofen’s WWI triplane, a Spitfire and a KLM 747. You can also play air-traffic controller in a recreated flight tower or watch aviation films in the mega-cinema. TIP: A special Shopping Shuttle runs directly from Amsterdam Central Station to Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet. The shuttle departs daily at 10.00 from the pick-up point in front of Amsterdam Victoria Plaza Hotel (16.00 return, €15.00).

Outdoor Theatre

The Oostvaardersplassen is a unique nature reserve located between Lelystad and Almere. Comprising 56 km2 of protected marshlands and fields, it serves as a resting area for migrating birds and makes for an amazing spot for a hike or a day of birdwatching. Its ‘locals’ include not just residents of the feathered kind but also wild deer, cattle and Konik horses. The nature film De Nieuwe Wildernis, a spectacular production that captured the wildlife over a period of two years, was shot here. Stop by one of the two visitor centres – one in Almere, the other in Lelystad – to join an organised tour.

Land Art

Calling all (water-based) thrill-seekers! Spend a day whizzing around the Weerwater Lake on waterskis or a wakeboard, aided by a kilometre-long cable track that enables speeds of up to 30 km/h. After working up an appetite, grab a seat on the restaurant terrace and take in the tremendous views of the Almere skyline. Advance booking recommended; closed in winter.

During the creation of the Flevoland polder, the engineers and planners decided to mark the momentous occasion with art. They turned to an artform that spoke to their imagination: land art. The result is a collection of seven ‘land art’ works – the highest concentration anywhere in the world – by worldfamous artists such as Robert Morris, Richard Serra and Daniel Libeskind. All seven can be visited in a single day. Discover these gems by yourself (by car) or during an organised bus tour – and take in the amazing history of Flevoland’s creation at the same time. Bus tours run in the summer, and the annual Land Art Live programme sees contemporary artists respond to the mammoth works with temporary interventions.

Natuurpark Lelystad

Fun Forest

While you’re there…

Cablepark adventure

photo: Fred Rotgans

photo: Geert van der Wijk

Presenting a broad outline of the history of Flevoland, from the prehistoric Swifterbant people to the largest reclamation project ever: the Zuiderzee Project. The collection includes 6,000-year-old archaeological finds from the days when Flevoland was still an extensive marshland, as well as archives with thousands of photographs, documents and much more. There’s plenty for children to do, including presentations that let them step into the shoes of a dyke builder, archaeologist or lockkeeper. Fun experiments and games teach them about one of Holland’s key challenges: water management.

Approximately 400 shops with international allure thread through modern architectural highlights in the centre of Almere, one of the youngest and fastest growing cities in the Netherlands nestled in a green polder just north of Amsterdam. Shop for everything from local curiosities to world-famous brands and then head to the ‘restaurant squares’ of Stationsplein, Restaurantplein Belfort and the Grote Markt. While you dine on Dutch and international delicacies, your kids can play right where you can see them. Kids young and old: don’t miss the entirety of Almere shrunk into a meticulous LEGO® model in the KAF theatre, free to visit.

Amidst all this culture and nature is the premium outlet centre Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet. This charming, reconstructed 17th-century village is a shopping Valhalla for fashion lovers. More than 250 international fashion and lifestyle brands like Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger are waiting to inspire you with the latest trends, must-have items and more. Not only your wardrobe gaps will be filled after a day at Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet; you can also indulge yourself with jewellery, chocolate and even innovative cookware. Tired of shopping? Relax at one of the hip cafés or pleasant restaurants.

photo: De Nieuwe Wildernis

photo: Maarten Feenstra

Are you interested in cutting-edge architecture and intrigued by modern urban development? Then you’ll be spoilt for choice in New Land. Some city blocks in Lelystad and Almere are exhibitions in their own right, featuring breathtaking visual spectacles of architectural bravery.

Batavia Stad Amsterdam Fashion Outlet

The sky’s the limit as you take to the trees at Fun Forest in Almere’s Stadslandgoed de Kemphaan. With four routes through the trees and long, white-knuckle zip lines (up to 150 metres in length), it’s the perfect day out for the whole family. Starting from children aged eight (min height 1.30 metres). The Fun Forest reception is located in the new Forestry Commission outdoor centre, which also has a great restaurant. See for more information.

From new to old, travel back in time by boat: the modern city of Almere is just a short ferry ride from the medieval Muiderslot Castle and historic Pampus Island, featuring a park, restaurant and the sprawling ruins of a former fort. Both are the sites of regular summer events and activities for visitors. (See our other theme maps for more information.)

photo: Anna van Kooij

photo: Eljee Bergwerff

Take a journey spanning 7000 years of Dutch history in Batavialand. The shipyard shows how the Dutch have mastered shipbuilding over the centuries, building robust ships that were capable of traversing Dutch and international waters. Climb aboard the famous reconstruction of the VOC ship, the Batavia, and find out how these powerful 17th-century trade ships were constructed. Visit the museum and discover stories about the life of a Dutchman; forever living on the boundary between water and land. A boundary that has defined the nation. Want to see where the battle against the water started in Lelystad? Visit Werkeiland and find out.

Werkeiland (Work Island)

In 1950 construction began on the Gemaal Wortman, one of the three pumping stations used to drain Eastern Flevoland. First they built an island they called Perceel P (Parcel P) to use as a base for their digging efforts. Perceel P changed its name to Werkeiland Lelystad-Haven (Work island Lelystad-Port) and Lelystad was born. The work island and the Gemaal Wortman are still special visitors’ attractions in Amsterdam New Land.

Almere Centrum

photo: Maarten Feenstra

The New Land's urban hubs offer fascinating examples of cuttingedge architecture and creative developments.

Natuurpark Lelystad and the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve are fantastic spots for a hike or a day of bird watching. And, unique in the world, seven epic works of land art can be visited in a single day.

photo: Fred Rotgans

Whenever and wherever you walk in Flevoland, you’re actually walking on the seabed. A system of dykes holds back the surrounding water, the level of which is, on average, five metres higher. The Zuiderzee posed a looming and constant threat to the inhabitants of the surrounding area, with thousands of people losing their lives during storm floods. The idea to drain the Zuiderzee had been raised as far back as the 17th century, but it took modern engineering to complete the project. In the 20th century, work began on reclaiming more than 1,800 km2 from the inland Zuiderzee, creating Holland’s 12th and youngest province, Flevoland, and cities like Almere and Lelystad in the process. 2018 marks 100 years since the passing of the Zuiderzee Act, when the draining of the giant polder that would become Flevoland began. Today, the area’s remarkable history, modern architecture, friendly beaches and a unique nature reserve make New Land well worth a visit.

Architecture and New Land


New Nature

photo: De Nieuwe Wildernis

For centuries the population has waged a war with water, using dykes, dams, windmills and pumping stations to protect farms and towns. In the 20th century work began on reclaiming a large area of land from the former Zuiderzee, creating the province of Flevoland.

New Cities

photo: Jody Ferron

New meets Old

Plan your trip Find up-to-date schedules and fares for trams, trains and more at Note that many schedules will change 22 July 2018 due to the opening of the North-South metro line.

MARE, the latest show at the enormous beachside Vis à Vis open air water theatre, is an eye-popping exploration of the tempestuous relationship between the Dutch and the sea. The theatre company Vis à Vis is critically acclaimed for their innovative, humouristic and visually stunning open air performances.

Discover endangered species and impressive wisents in a beautiful setting. Natuurpark Lelystad is an important link in the circle of wildlife.There is an extensive system of hiking and cycling trails and several picnic areas. The visitor centre offers information on tours and packages, and there’s a shop where you can rent bikes. They will provide you with all information about Natuurpark Lelystad and other beautiful nature reserves such as Lepelaarsplassen.

Get there the Dutch way – by bike! – with the help of bike routes based on the fietsknooppuntennetwerk (‘bike connection network’). Route maps at and see cycle routes on the map.

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