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Parent Newsletter

Spring 2012

From the Office of the Principal Mrs. Regina Craig

Dear Parents, Spring is finally here! While there has been tremendous upheaval, we have experienced great successes during the 2011-2012 school year academically, athletically, and spiritually. We are blessed that our students have enjoyed another great year as Bambies. As part of our commitment to empower your daughter with the skills needed for the 21st Century global economy, we continued our voluntary open technology environment this year. Both teachers and students have worked very hard to make this a successful program, and we are proud to be the first Archdiocesan city school to embark on such an endeavor. Next year promises to be even better, as we all continue to become more skilled in our technological expertise. Academically, we are pleased to report continued success in our classes as well. Our course registration offered several new choices, and students were excited about the possibilities for next year. We are also adding a course from Immaculata University to our list of Dual Enrollment college offerings from the video conferencing room. Please continue to check the website as we firm up the new college courses and times. It is certainly a great time to be a student at St Hubert! As you read through the newsletter, you will learn about our other news. The different departments will share their past and upcoming events. Please know that we are very mindful of the sacrifices you make to keep your daughter in Saint Huberts, and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to assist in preparing her for her future. Thank you so much for all that you do for the school. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me ( Sincerely, Regina Craig Principal


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from the Office of Student Affairs Mr. Joe Anhalt, Assistant Principal for Student Affairs Tests, quizzes, rallies, dances, proms, fundraisers, awards, report cards, field trips, guest speakers, press conferences, news vans, newspapers, demerits, sports competitions, faculty meetings, announcements, …….the list goes on and on. This winter has been quite eventful at St. Hubert with everything except a snow holiday. However, the final result is terrific…the school will be back next year, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and on and on and on…

Catholic Schools Week Catholic Schools Week is always full of many events and activities around the building. On Tuesday, the school celebrated a Mass with Fr. Sodano, where the student body was applauded for all its outstanding achievements and hard work. Also, all teachers with 25 years of service to the archdiocese were celebrated. This year, it was Ms. Mary Green. On Wednesday, the school celebrated the week with a special event for the freshmen, the installation of the newly elected Student Council members of the Class of 2015. Thursday, the school celebrated all the faculty and staff with a special luncheon catered by the Parents Association and finally, on Friday, the students were awarded with a Free Dress Down Day and the student produced, student directed Talent Show, which was a special day for all the participants, especially Giana Iatorola as she performed her song, Brown & Gold, a dedication to St. Hubert. Also, the Student Council ended the week with the sold out Winter Semi-Formal Dance in the cafeteria.

Students of the Month The Students of the Month for the Winter months are listed below. These students were chosen because of their outstanding academic achievements, involvement in extra-curricular activities and/or sports, spiritual commitment and overall mature, pleasant attitude towards their teachers and classmates. They are: Senior: Junior: Sophomore: Freshman:

December Meghan Murphy Claire Ann Alminde Maria DeRentz Kaitlyn Ciliberti

January Megan Ferry Sisi Chen Alyssa Broder Jen Peters

February Megan Pottichen Xhenisia Imaku Alexis Ibarra Katie Bamberski

March Stephanie Dudo Gabby DeLeo Iris Reyes-Bugg Marissa Olson and Natalie Olson

VIP-Community Service Hours The school’s community service program, known as the VIP (Very Involved People) Program is now in its eighth year of existence. It is a program to promote, encourage, record, and recognize student involvement in the community, school, parish, and family. It is NOT a mandatory service project but a voluntary service project, where the school recognizes the students for their time and effort. The school recognizes students that are on a pace of at least 24 hours of community service over four years. The recognition is through the form of a pin, a certificate of achievement, a graduation booklet notation, and a permanent record notation. This year, the total hours volunteered is slightly fewer than normal, but with less enrollment and with more people obtaining the 24 hour pace, our percentages of student participation is higher than ever. This year, the summary is below: Class of 2012 Class of 2013 Class of 2014 Class of 2015

Over 8,400 hours with 66.1% of the class in excess of 24 hours Over 4,000 hours with 37.9% of the class in excess of 18 hours Over 4,000 hours with 43.1% of the class in excess of 12 hours Over 900 hours with 31.4% of the class in excess of 6 hours

Total Student Body

Over 17,500 hours with 45.2% of the student body reaching at least 6 hours per year.

For more information on the VIP Program or for copies of the forms to be completed, please see the school’s website at The deadline for submitting hours for the school year is always March 31st of the present school year. Any hours handed in after April 1st will be applied to the next school year..


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Also, as part of the VIP Program, the school has joined forces with the Jefferson Awards Program for Community Service, which is a federal program to promote and recognize outstanding community service from athletes, celebrities, industries, and students. This year so far, we recognized 8 students for going way above the call of duty for community service. The 8 students are: Seniors: Carly Walsh and Ashley Seedes Sophomores: Kiersten Helsel and Victoria Durso Juniors: Emily Mellon and Claire Ann Alminde Freshmen: Cindy Rivera and Jennifer Ralston Dances and Proms The highlight of the prom and dance season just occurred on April 27th at King II Caterers, where the Class of 2012 showed off their best gowns, hair and make-up, nails, and, of course, their best personality at the Senior Prom. The theme of the senior prom was “A Stroll through Love Park.” The Junior Prom was held in late March at Cannstatters, where the Class of 2013 celebrated the night with a theme of “A Night on the Town.” After switching the date to avoid a conflict with Father Judge’s Junior Prom, the Soph Hop was held on April 20th in the school’s cafeteria, where students enjoyed the night by getting together with friends and their dates doing line dances, slow dances, and party dances with a theme of “Village Affair.” Finally, the Freshmen Dance was held on March 9 th, which seems like an eternity ago and many of the Class of 2015 came without dates just to be with friends and hang out. They danced, snacked, and chatted in the cafeteria with the theme of “Sweet Dreams.” The dances and proms for 2011-12 are finished for now, but I’m sure the juniors are already making plans for the senior prom next year. News and Notes about the school: Besides saving St. Hubert, our students and faculty have been up to many other events over the past few months. Some of them are listed below: …About 40 seniors attended the annual KAIROS retreat during the week of January 15 th with Ms. Weisler and Ms. DiDonato. …The Parents Association sponsored the annual Father-Daughter Dance, where more than half of the school invited their favorite guy, their dad, to a “Night at the Jersey Shore” on January 21st. …Fr. Sodano, Ms. Weisler and the Respect Life Club took a bus to Washington DC in March for Life on January 23rd to show support for the right to life of unborn babies. …Ms. Everling, Ms. Green, Ms. Santoro, and several teachers assembled a “carnival” theme on the Friday of Catholic Schools Week to honor the school on its 70th anniversary. Also, that day, Mr. Masluk helped about 15 students perform in the school’s annual Talent Show after school. …Student Council sponsored the Winter Semi-formal on February 4th, where close to 500 students enjoyed a night they will never forget. …Both St. Hubert Cheerleaders and Father Judge Cheerleaders competed in Walt Disney World, where they went up against the best cheerleaders in the United States. …Ms. Weisler took a van full of students to Archbishop Carroll to discuss vocations in early February. …On February 10th, the school dressed down in red to support the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” Day, where over $500 was donated to the cause. …On Fat Tuesday, the NHS sponsored a breakfast for faculty and staff, to thank them for everything they do around St. Hubert. …On Ash Wednesday, the school prepared for the Lenten season with a special prayer service and activity, sponsored by Ms. Weisler, Fr. Sodano, and the students in the Ministry group. …Ms. Snowden’s class put on a show in honor of Black History Month for the Sophomore Class during homeroom on February 23rd. …The Class of 2012 began the official countdown to graduation on February 27th, as there were 100 days left until they hear “Pomp and Circumstance.” …On February 28th, a van full of students distributed blankets, food, and other items to the needy. …The Class of 2015 enjoyed their first high school dance at the Freshman Dance on March 9th.


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…Sunday, March 11th was a great day for Open House, as many 8th and many more 7th grade students came to St. Hubert to meet the faculty, coaches, students, and administrators to help clarify their high school choice. ...All students had the opportunity to participate in Reconciliation during Lent. …All four classes participated in religious retreats during the Lenten season led by various visitors and lecturers secured by Fr. Sodano and Ms. Weisler. …On March 8th, Ms. Carpenter, our new Guidance Director, accompanied about 40 juniors to a College Open House at LaSalle University for approximately two hours during the day. In other words, the college selection process had officially begun for these students. …The entire student body went to Russo Park on the morning of March 9th to spell out “SHHS” for an aerial photo from an airplane. …On March 12th, about 100 students ate a pancake breakfast cooked and served by Mr. Anhalt because they had brought in $100 in fundraising money on the first day of the drive. …The faculty performed again in the annual Faculty Follies, with a theme of “St. Hubert Day” to a packed house of students after school on March 16th. Perhaps, you have seen a video of the event. The faculty hopes all videos have been destroyed so they can retain their dignity. …Many of our students participated in the Battle of the Sexes event at Father Judge on Wednesday, March 21st. Once again, the boys from Father Judge cheated and claimed victory, but the girls from St. Hubert truly outperformed them. …Numerous students in the Child Development class simulated caring for an infant during the month of March, with Ms. Green trying to stress the tremendous number of responsibilities, duties, and time associated with caring for an infant. …The Junior Class had a theme of “A Night on the Town” for their Junior Prom on March 24th at Cannstatters. …About 40 students went with Ms. Broden, our art teacher, to the Fine Arts Mural Tour of Philadelphia during the day on March 27th. …On April 2nd, Ms. Burpulis’ took her class on her annual luncheon to experience French culture and language at the Beau Monde Restaurant in Center City. …On April 3rd, the final day before the Easter break, the NHS presented the faculty with Easter baskets during the day. It is a shame some were eaten before the Easter break started. …In early April, our Model UN team competed in a competition at DeSales University, with Xhenisia Imaku winning an award. …Many juniors and seniors donated blood for the first time on April 12th in the annual Blood Drive in the gym. With increased restrictions on height and weight, there were many more deferrals, but the number of students who tried to give was outstanding. With 130 students scheduled, 113 actually went through the screening process, and 77 pints were actually donated. These 77 pints will be used by approximately 231 people. Way to go, Bambies! …About 40 students attended a class trip to the Liberty Museum in center city on April 12th. …On April 15rd, the Class of 2012, with their mothers, and, sometimes, grandmothers and aunts, celebrated the fourth annual Mother-Daughter Communion Breakfast with Mass at school and brunch at the Bel Voir Mansion on the Pen Ryn Estate along the Delaware River. It was a beautiful way to begin the graduation process for the seniors. …The Guidance Department sponsored an assembly on the negative effects of driving under the influence. It was a movie with serious issues and a lesson to be learned. Hopefully, all of the students have learned the lesson and applied it. …Peace Week began on April 15th with many events promoting peace in school and in the community promoted by the Guidance Department. They sponsored the movie assembly, the Peace Week buttons the students wore, and the poster contest to promote peace. …The Guidance Office, along with Father Judge’s Guidance Office, sponsored a College Info Night in our auditorium on April 18th.


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…The sophomores enjoyed the Soph Hop on Friday, April 20th.. …The Guidance Department sponsored two cyber-bullying assemblies during the month of April, where the entire school watched a video, listened to an FBI agent speak of the consequences of bullying, and asked many questions about cyber-bullying. …Ms. Green’s Clothing classes went on a field trip to Urban Outfitters to see the inner workings of a major clothing manufacturer on April 25th. …On April 26th, the Junior Class voted for next year’s Student Council Officers. …On April 27th, the Class of 2010 held its Senior Prom, where all the students and their escorts looked outstanding and acted in a mature, dignified manner. It was a gorgeous “Stroll through Love Park.” …On April 29th, the Alumnae Associationheld its third and final, very successful Coach Bingo game, where the women played bingo, with the hopes of winning expensive, large Coach purses. …Finally, also on April 29th, our chorus sung the National Anthem at the Phillies vs. Cubs game at Citizen’s Bank Park.

Finally, May and June are here and the summer will be spent in Wildwood!

Upcoming Alumnae Sponsored Events (all are welcome): Saturday, May 11th:

The Duprees

Wednesday, June 20:

St. Hubert Alumnae Wednesday Night at the Phillies

7:30pm-midnihgt Canstatters $40/ticket Includes DJ, dancing, munchies on table and 1 complimentary drink ticket Tickets and Info: 610-724-6061 or All proceeds benefit “St. Hubert Scholarship Fund”

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies Game 7:05 pm at Citizens Bank Park Tickets $20 • Section 306 Come cheer on our Fightin’ Phils! For more information, please contact: Jackie McGrath 215.673.9850 • Saturday, July 21:

Bambies by the Bay Lighthouse Pointe Restaurant & Bar Wildwood, NJ 1-5PM Cost - $25 in advance; $30 at the door Check facebook or website for details on ticket purchase


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Here is an opportunity to support St. Hubert High School for Girls and dedicate a locker to yourself, a loved one or a fellow St. Hubert graduate Suggested Dedications: “In Memory of….”, “In Gratitude to…”, “Dedicated to…” Cost: $70.00 (All Checks made Payable to “Faculty Scholarship Fund”) Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________ City: ___________________________________________

State: __________ Zip: _______________

Tel #: ________________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________

A photograph of the selected locker with affixed “dedication” plaque will be emailed to you. DEDICATION Preferred Locker #

or Floor # (Ground, 1st, 2nd) :

In Memory of In Gratitude to Dedicated to--PAYMENT METHOD Method of Payment: ” Check enclosed. Check #:

Mail all dedication forms to: St. Hubert High School for Girls, 7320 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136, Attn: Mary Hooten Green ’72 (Email:


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from the Office of Student Services Mrs. Karen Benjamin, Assistant Principal for Student Services

Uniforms, Hangers, Emblems, Shoelaces‌‌.Oh my! It is that time of the year when the Dean looks for gently used uniform donations and hangers from our graduates and current students. Please bring all donations to the Office of Student Services for the Bambie Boutique. There will be an announcement on School Reach with boutique opening dates and hours. Emblems will be sold for the 2012-2013 school year from now until the last day of school, and all returning students much purchase a new one in the current school year. The cost is $3.00. We are happy to share that we are the only school in the diocese to put our best foot forward with the new St. Hubert Bambie shoelaces. The new laces will be sold for $5.00 a pair and made their debut in May of 2012! Emblems and shoelaces will not be sold during the summer months.

From the Health and Physical Education Department Chairperson - Ms. Scary Students who will be taking Physical Education next year: A representative from a Tee-shirt company will be in the cafeteria, during the lunch periods on May 11, 2012, to take orders and payment for Tee-shirts. There will be sample sizes, if anyone has a question about size Payment is necessary at the time of the order Checks should be made payable to St. Hubert High School with your student # on it, however, cash is acceptable Cost of one Tee-shirt is $9.00 It is recommended to buy more than one Order forms will be distributed in homeroom prior to the week of May 11

Student Council Elections Elections for officers for the class of 2013 were held on April 26, 2012. Pictured here left to right are officers from the classes of 2012 and the newly elected 2013. Treasurers: Caroline Dormer (2012), Jen Robinson(2013); Secretaries: Morgan McCarthy (2012), Erica Raggazone(2013); VP: Lauren Fala (2012), Paige McLeester(2013); President: Valerie Corcoran (2012), Claire Alminde (2013). Congratulations to all the newly elected officers and thanks to the class of 2012 officers for all your hard work throughout the year.


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from the Office of Academic Affairs Mrs. Stephanie Erdman, Asst. Principal of Academic Affairs Third Quarter

The third quarter ended on Wednesday, April 4, 2012. Reports were issued to students on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 and were also mailed home to parents/guardians. If there is a need to speak to a teacher, please call or e-mail the teacher.

Registration and Course Selection

Registration for current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors took place as soon as we knew that we would be remaining open. Discounts were offered until March 15. For students not yet re-registered, the fee is now $125. All students, even if not yet registered, should have chosen courses through the Grade Connect program. Students who are not registered will not be rostered for their choices until they have registered. Students registering late may be excluded from some courses that are at capacity. If a student requested a course exception, she will be notified if this request can be granted. The process is ongoing until rosters are finalized. Students should check their school e-mail accounts for notifications. After a student has selected her courses and the courses are properly approved, her choices are considered final. Requests for changes will not be entertained except for a serious reason. If a change is approved,

a service fee of $25 will be charged.

Academic Progress

Failure warnings for seniors will be issued by April 24. A senior who receives a failure warning for the year will not receive graduation materials until the teacher notifies the Academic Office that the student will pass. A senior who fails a course for the year may not participate in graduation. She will receive her diploma after passing the course in archdiocesan summer school. Failure warnings for underclass students will be issued by April 30. If you have concerns about your daughter’s coursework, please contact her teachers. You may do this by phone, e-mail or a note sent to the teacher. We share your desires for your daughter to be successful. Students who fail courses must remediate these courses by attending archdiocesan summer school. A student who fails more than 3 courses, or who does not remediate these courses in archdiocesan summer school, may not return to St. Hubert in fall, 2012.

GradeConnect Be sure to monitor your daughter’s progress by checking GradeConnect regularly at

Tutoring Please encourage your daughter to take advantage of tutoring opportunities if needed. Besides seeing her teacher, peer tutoring is available at homeroom in the Information Media Center (IMC). After school tutoring by faculty members is available Monday through Thursday in the IMC.

End of Year

Final exams for seniors will take place on May 24, 25, 29, 30, 31. Final exams for underclassmen will take place on May 25, 30, 31, June 1, 4, 5, 7, 8. All exams will be given in class, on regular class days. It is important that all students be present on those exam days. Please do not schedule doctor’s appointments, etc. during these days. School is not in session on June 6, since this is when graduation will take place. Please check the calendar for the schedule for the week of June 11, the last week of this school year.


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Dual Enrollment

We are excited about the dual enrollment programs that are being offered to current sophomores and juniors. These programs allow students to take one or more college courses while a student at St. Hubert, and receive both high school and college credit for the course. One aspect of the Dual Enrollment Program has students participating in video conferencing courses in conjunction with Holy Family University and Neumann University. Students are in a St. Hubert classroom but are active participants in the class taking place on Holy Family’s or Neumann’s campus. We are expecting this program to be expanded for next year and possibly include Immaculata University. The other aspect has students taking courses on the college campus outside of the normal school day, but also receiving both high school and college credit. This aspect had been funded through the state and those funds are no longer available. However, Manor College has set up a reduced tuition program to continue this program. Students have been given information for summer courses open to current juniors and seniors. Other colleges may make these opportunities available as well. As soon as information is available for any of these programs it can be picked up in the Academic Affairs Office. Students should listen for announcements and read e-mails, concerning these programs.

From the Family Consumer Science Department The FCS classes enjoyed several guest speakers these past few months. Several were even graduates: Beth Stieber Rementer '98 Margaret Presser Stieber '74 Erica Sweeney Weber '00 Allison McDonogh '94 Marissa O'Neill Pawlowski '97

Spokeswoman in the PA Senate Democratic Communications Office Accountant, Stradley Ronan, Young Account Executive, Perform Rx Freelance Doula On Air Sales Manager for Beauty, QVC

Marissa O’Neill Pawlowski demonstrating make up application techniques with the students.

From the Fine Arts Department The annual SHHS Spring Concert will be held on Monday, May 21 at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium. The Orchestra, String Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Woodwind Quartet, Chorus and Hand bell Choir will be performing. A repeat concert will take place on Tuesday, May 22 for the school. Please come and support the SHHS Music Department! The Music Department will also be having their 5th Annual Music Banquet on Wednesday evening, May 9th at Cannstatters. The annual Art Show of displaying student work will be held Monday, May 21 from 6:007:30pm in the gym. All are welcome.


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from the Office of Guidance Ms. Sally Carpenter, Director of Guidance Ms. Sally Carpenter Sr. Belle Garrett, OSF Sr. Mary Flynn, IHM Mrs. Trisha Teti Ms. Anne Beguery Mrs. Kristen Bogart Mrs. Madelyn Cleary

Guidance Director Guidance Counselor Guidance Counselor CORA Counselor Shalom Counselor AIM Counselor Guidance Secretary

Important Information for Parents of Seniors: Congratulations! Graduation is right around the corner! Please have your daughter bring all college acceptance and scholarship letters to the Guidance Office by May 16, 2012 in order for them to be posted in school and included in the graduation book in June. Information for Juniors: The Guidance Department has met with every junior to discuss her post-graduate plans. During this interview, your daughter received a booklet that contains a suggested schedule and timeline filled with great information, ranging from when to register for the SAT to when to get letters of recommendation from teachers to when to apply for financial aid. All juniors are highly encouraged to take the SAT this year. The test will only be offered one more time before your daughter begins her senior year. You can register online at or pick up a booklet in the Guidance Office. The deadline for registration for the June 2, 2012 test is May 8, 2012. Information for Sophomores: Sophomore interviews are in progress. Each sophomore will meet with her counselor to discuss her progress this year. Information for Freshmen: The Guidance Department has met with all ninth graders for their freshman interviews. The purpose of the interview is to sit down with your daughter and get to know a little about her, while giving her an opportunity to get to know her counselor and the services the Guidance Department provides. If you have any questions or feel your daughter may need any kind of assistance, please feel free to contact the Guidance Department. Peace Week Our students participated in a variety of activities for our Peace Week, April 16 – April 20. Buttons, which were made by the students, were distributed to students, faculty and staff. A multi-media presentation was shared with “Get a Grip” all students, and all involved said it was very meaningful. Finally, Peace Prayer Chains were created by the students and displayed around the school. The week brought a sense of wellness to all who participated. We have numerous opportunities for summer programs in areas like healthcare, finance, forensics, dance, engineering, or experiencing college life in general. For more information, please visit our website or come to the Guidance Office. Summer News This summer, we encourage the students to use the program – My College Quickstart – for help in taking their PSAT and SAT tests and for college searches. If you have any questions, please call the Guidance Department. Students in grades 10-12 have been introduced to our Naviance Program. By now they are registered with a user name and password and should have taken a Career Interest Profiler. If not, your daughter should log on and use this fun, insightful resource right away. Even if she already knows what she wants to do after graduation, this tool is loaded with great information about careers and post graduation opportunities. It also enables students to follow their academic life and choices for careers and colleges as they progress through St. Hubert.


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from the Office of Athletic Mr. Mike Prendergast, Athletic Director St Hubert annual Athletic Recognition Dinner will again be held at Canstatters on June 4, 2012 at 7 PM. Cost is $23 per person or $60 per family (parents and siblings). Winter Wrap Up For the second consecutive year the St Hubert indoor track team won the Philadelphia Catholic League Championship, topping Archbishop Prendergast by 9 points. In individual events senior Kelly Hooven placed first in the long jump and junior Teresa Ortiz won both the mile and 3000 meter events. The bowling team, led by senior Amanda Rich, finished second in the Catholic League. The team also bid adieu to long time coach John Chrostowski, who retired as St Hubert’s longest tenured coach. St Hubert wishes John all the best. The cheerleaders had their most memorable season ever. All four squads finished first in their respective divisions in the Philadelphia Catholic League competition held on March 10 at Archbishop Ryan. St Hubert varsity cheerleaders won 1st place super large and the junior varsity won 1st place small. Father Judge cheerleaders placed 1st in large varsity and 1st in large junior varsity. In February all of the cheerleaders went to The National High School Cheerleading Championship in Walt Disney World. Father Judge Varsity placed first in the nation. The swim team under new coaches Melissa Krupa and Jen Salwach finished a great season at the PCL and District XII champs held at LaSalle University. While only winning one 1st place award, Jill Salwach in the 200 yard individual medley, many of the swimmers recorded their personal bests. The basketball team under head coach Brian Kuzmick finished the season with a 11-12 overall, 8-4 PCL record. The team was plagued with injuries all season long, but managed a fifth pace finish in the PCL. Senior Eireann Anastasi was selected to the squad for the All-Star Labor Classic on April 1.

St Hubert Catholic High School for Girls salutes its winter athletes who were recognized with 44 All Catholic Awards Bowling First Team Jacquelyn DeRocini Amanda Rich

junior senior

Second Team Mariel Clark Amy Mallon

First Team Jillian Salwach


100 yard butterfly and 200 yard individual medley

Second Team Katie Bamberski Julie Bradley Lauren Cione Megan Ferry Rachel Jonas Katie MacFeeters Jillian Salwach

freshman junior junior senior senior senior sophomore

400 yard freestyle relay 400 yard freestyle relay 200 yard medley relay and 400 yard freestyle relay 200 yard medley relay 200 yard medley relay 400 yard freestyle relay 200 yard medley relay

sophomore junior



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Basketball Third Team Eireann Anastasi


Honorable Mention Charlotte Kucowski

First Team Jessica Conway Kelly Hooven Teresa Ortiz CharCharel Saunders

junior senior junior junior

pole vault long jump mile and 3000 meter triple jump

Second Team Erin Fleming Meghan Forsythe Christina Homont Kelly Hooven Jessica May Kelly Piecyk CharCharel Saunders

junior sophomore senior senior senior senior junior

1600 meter relay 400 meters and 1600 meter relay 1600 meter relay and pole vault 200 meters and triple jump pole vault 1600 meter relay and high jump long jump

Honorable Mention Jessica Conway Erin Fleming Meghan Forsythe Christine Homont Kelly Hooven Erin Love Jessica May Gina Montgomery Kelly Piecyk

junior junior sophomore senior senior junior senior senior sophomore

high jump 800 meter and distance medley relay distance medley relay distance medley relay and 400 meter 60 meter dash 3000 meter and distance medley relay 60 meter hurdles 3000 meter triple jump


Indoor Track and Field

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about PIAA Sports Physicals. The PIAA COMPREHENSIVE INITIAL PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION (CIPPE) forms for the 2012-13 school year have been updated. If you have forms from previous years, please discard. The new 5 page form is available at the St Hubert Athletics website. All Students who expect play a sport next school year will need to have these forms completed after June 1 and before tryouts. Your family doctor can perform the physical. PIAA District X11 (Philadelphia Catholic and Public League) will sponsor FREE comprehensive physicals for all students on Saturday June 2, 2012 from 8AM to 10AM at Temples Liacouras Center (Broad and Montgomery). Over 300 doctors and nurses from top practices in the city of Philadelphia volunteer their time for this event. Many of them even work with major league sports teams in the Philadelphia region. They review each athlete with the assistance of medical students from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) and Jefferson Medical College. The physicals are very thorough and consist of: prescreening and close review of medical history, general physical, orthopedics, pulmonary review including a pulmonary function test (PFT), as well as an electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) and if necessary an echocardiogram. Each screening takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes per athlete. More information and forms will be available at the St Hubert Website as the date approaches. See also

Parent Newsletter Spring 2012  
Parent Newsletter Spring 2012  

St. Hubert Spring 2012 Parent Newsletter