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Do you feel that your living or working space is a bit monotonous? Decorating your home or business premises with masterpieces of art can definitely liven and brighten up your interior design. We understand that you do love art and wish to beautify your premises with pictures but you may face a concern of the need to match different interior environments and area constraints. That’s why in addition to selling genuine art pieces including Chinese ink-wash paintings, Western oil and water colour paintings, we are also pioneering to offer you with an exclusive range of free-size art printing services : Art print (with optional mounting service) Art replica Large-size mural art printing Overseas, mainland and local delivery

FINE ART GALLERY 雲峰雅苑 Tel: 2896 7800 / 9087 0002 (Ada Wong) Fax: 2515 0448 Website:

Metro City 首

professional property 都 services


2869 6321

Sai Ying Pun

2857 7321

Shop 5, G/F, 31-37 Mosque Street, Hong Kong

Shop 5, G/F, 52-54 Third Street, Hong Kong

Walk up Apartment, SoHo 蘇豪區 唐樓

Bali-styled dream home, SoHo 蘇豪區 峇里風格住宅

650 sf | $5.1M

420 sf + terrace 450 sf | $4.7M

One bedroom • Decent decoration • Steps to restaurants, supermarket and transportation 一房單位 • 毗鄰餐廳、超市 • 交通便利

Stylish flat with private terrace in the heart of SoHo 時尚設計 • 附設平台 • 位處蘇豪區中心

3 Chico Terrace, Mid-Levels 半山區 芝古臺三號

Walk-up building on High street 高街 唐樓

Ying Piu Mansion, Breezy Path 卑利士道 應彪大廈


Albron Court, Caine Road 堅道 豐樂閣


583 sf | $5.4M $19K

969 sf | $10M

400 sf | $2.8M

1,575 sf | $14M

2 bedrooms • Adjacent to escalator 兩房單位 • 鄰近扶手電梯

2 bedrooms • Stylish decoration 兩房單位 • 時尚裝修

With two terraces • Future escalator area 三房連套房 • 附設會所 • 扶手電梯旁

4 bedrooms • Sea views • Steps to SoHo 四房單位 • 海景 • 鄰近蘇豪區

Tai Hing Building, Po Hing Fong 普慶坊 太慶大廈

High-rise condo , Po Hing Fong 上環 普慶坊

Walk-up building, Cochrane Street 閣麟街 唐樓

Amber Lodge, Hollywood Road 荷李活道 金珀苑



400 sf | $3.28M

400 sf | $3.18M

450 sf | $3.98M

440 sf | $4.25M $17K

One bedroom • High floor • With lease 一房 • 高層單位 • 連約出售

Quiet location • Rare on market 環境寧靜 • 市場罕有

With rooftop 300 sf • Rare in market 連天台300方呎 • 位處中區核心地帶

1 large bedroom • Minutes walk to Central 一房單位 • 鄰近中環商業區

Sun Luen Building, Bonham Road 般咸道 新聯大廈

Richsun Garden, Center Street 正街 裕豐花園

Fung Yu Building, Third Street 第三街 豐裕大廈

Smithfield Terrace, Smithfield Road 士美非路 嘉輝花園

800 sf | $6.48M

617 sf | $3.98M

337 sf | $2.28M

616 sf | $4M $14K

Easy access to transport • Future escalator 交通方便 • 未來扶手電梯旁

2 bedrooms • Newly renovated 兩房單位 • 全新裝修

1 bedroom • Just renovated • With lease 一房單位 • 簇新裝修 • 連約出售

3 bedrooms • Future MTR area 三房間隔 • 未來地鐵

Licensed Property Agents wanted. Please contact us for more details. 誠聘持牌地產代理,歡迎查詢。 5319 5598

EAA Licence: C-030328



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BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE 收購攻防戰 The buildings are coming down - we gave Chevy June a hard hat and sent him to investigate.




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Hong Kong PolyU design students’ creativity turn to reality.

Natural methods like aromatherapy can help relieve cold and flu.


STYLISH LIVING IN SMALL SPACES 室雅何需大 Interior designer Monique McLintock shows how to utilise every inch wisely in a petite apartment.




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NOTE FROM THE FRONT What does ‘sense of belonging’ mean to you? For a New Yorker this may be derived from the view of the glittering skyline and city lights. For an Australian maybe it’s the weekend BBQ with friends in the backyard on a summer’s day. And what about a Hong Kong-er? Some cultural critics have opined that Hong Kong is a city without memory: colonial and pre-war buidlings replaced by glass-walled skyscrapers. Dominant chain stores mean small-business operators are forced out. Sources inside the government claim that despite their honesty and transparency they are unable to fully gain public trust, while others outside the political system are beginning to question the often inconsistent way measures are delivered, for example the recent arrest of a woman for splashing champagne at a security guard outside China’s de-facto embassy. Building a secure and smooth-running city requires strong leadership with the ability to bring an array of measures like law and order, vision and democracy forward to protect and serve the people and this may not be happening as well as we might like. This dis-harmony shows that the bond between the vital elements of society may not be as strong as we hope and we are losing the concept of ‘us’ - of what is actually Hong Kong. It will be interesting to see how we and our leaders can sharpen and clarify our self-image, and how we can re-gain a true sense of what really is Hong Kong. 究竟「歸屬感」是甚麼?是城市的景觀?還是一種獨特的味 道?對於一位紐約客來說,這可能是飛機即將降落時紐約機場 時,看到城市發出的光芒;對於澳洲人而言,一家人聚首在花園 燒烤,就是他們最享受、最能感受到身處在「家」的時光。 有文化評論員認為,香港是一個「沒有記憶的都市」,具特色 的殖民地式建築、戰前舊樓買少見少,街上的特色小商鋪,也逐 漸被大型連鎖店取代,香港人的兒時回憶,逐漸消失。 相對回歸前的時代,有人覺得無論政府的工作做得有多好, 都得不到市民的認同;事實上一些政府讓人匪疑所思的舉措,可 能就是最好的解釋,例如在中央駐港機構前開香檳,會被控以襲 擊罪名,此外政府希望透過強行過關的方法,去擴建將軍澳堆填 區。如果這些不獲市民價值觀認同的事件累積起來,會令香港人 對身處的城市,感覺越來越陌生。 凝聚社會各階層殊不簡單,出色的領導至關重要。我們期待我 們的高質素管治團隊,可以清晰我們的路向,為市民帶來願景, 讓大家認清香港人自身的價值。

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INBOX Share your thoughts on the property market, current affairs or simply let us know what you think of HotListings. Please send to or write to us at HotListings, Suite 1801, Wing On Central Building, 26 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong 不管您對樓市、時事、或本雜誌有任何意見,都歡迎電郵到,也可以郵寄到香港中環德輔道中 二十六號永安中區大廈一八○一室,跟我們的讀者分享。

Blast! I live on Bonham Road - and just down from my building there are often signs erected by the road maintenance people (I assume) which warn of ‘blasting’. I understand it may have something to do with the new MTR station, but firstly I’ve never heard as much as a rumble when walking around the area, and secondly sometimes walking down there we are told to stop and wait for, I guess, more ‘blasting’. Do you know anything about this? Trevor, via email No worries Trevor. MTR Corp has adopted a new method to suppress noise and vibrations during tunnelling work for the West Island Line. Instead of using sandbags and tires to cover the explosives, the 60-meter shaft is filled with water to 1.5 meters deep to contain the blasting shocks. You can hardly feel the noise and vibration caused by the blasting even you are standing at the entrance of the site.

Buying Properties in the Mainland Is buying properties in (mainland) China possible from Hong Kong? Is it safer to go there and do it, of just as easy from here? Does it matter if you haven’t got a China visa? Joshua, Stanley, via email The mainland China have relatively strict rules to foreigners on buying real estates. Such rules varies by cities as well. It is better to consult a Hong Kong property agency with business in the mainland or a sizeable local agency in the mainland.

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PROPERTY TALK HotListings sits down with Ricky Wong Kwong-yiu, a director at Wheelock & Co. Ltd., sharing his thought of real estate market. He joined the company in 1989 and with 21 years industry experience. 黃光耀,會德豐有限公司董事,一九八九年加入該 公司至今,從事地產行業長達二十一年。

Re: Meaningless Street Names, HotListings issue 11 To Jerome, I think the street names in Hong Kong are cool as it is. Carry a map. Learn the language of the place in which you live. Want difficult? Head to Finland. Howie, via email

鄉郊保育及寵物權益 一個城市能否稱之為國際大都會,除 了經濟成就之外,社會對環保、動物權益 等家普世價值觀是否重視,都會影響其國 際地位。很慶幸特首的最新施政報告中, 有提到鄉郊保育、興建更多寵物公園等建 議,雖然起步較其他先進城市為慢,但方 向正確,希望當局能盡快落實。 Gwen Chan,西貢,電郵來函

Roof Truth I’m renting a small flat, around 600square feet, which has a large roof top - about 1000square feet. It’s frustrating because I can’t use it on searing hot afternoons - or when there’s a down pour. I pay for the space, but I can’t use it (I have been told I can’t put even a partial roof over it - even though it seems my neighbour already has one). What options do I have?

When did you buy your first property? How was the experience? 第一次置業的經驗是怎樣? It was 1994 when I was 30 years old, five years after I started my career at Wheelock. I spent HK$3 million to buy a 500-sq ft unit at an old building in Kowloon Tong’s Yau Yat Tsuen. With the financial support from my mother, I paid 40 percent for the down payment and borrowed 60 percent of the property value from bank. 我在八九年投身社會,五年後購買第 一個物業,當時我三十歲,花了三百萬 元買了一個五百方呎、位處又一村的舊 樓單位自住,並在媽媽的財政支持下, 申請了六成按揭。 Did you feel hard about the financial burden after buying your first home? 當時置業時會否覺得很難負擔? Of course, it was more difficult than it is now as the mortgage rate was as high as 10 percent in 1994. I needed to spend more than 50 percent of my income for the monthly installment. However, it was everyone’s hope to buy his or her own property and enjoy private space in our generation. I was happy to make it. 當然辛苦,甚至比現在買樓更辛苦。 那時候樓市旺、經濟好,按揭利率高達 十厘,我用上超過一半收入來供樓。不 過我們那一代人都希望有擁有自己的物 業,所以很高興能一圓置業夢。

Cynthia P, Aberdeen, via email You are allowed to use a retractable material covering (like umbrellas), or use tree covering - take care that there are no over-hanging sections that may fall and cause injury. Permanent covering is illegal - inspectors will demand their removal.

If your son hopes to buy his own property in the future, what will you do to help? 如果你的兒子想置業,你有甚麼建議? Buying property is a long-term commitment while the younger generation may not hope to commit to

such a financial burden. They may not prefer to spend on buying property but to enjoy their life. I will leave it to him. If it’s appropriate time and he wants to have his own property after he is grown, I will support. 買樓是 long-term commitment 長 期承諾,現在的年青人跟以往不同, 他們未必希望擁有自己的物業,也不 想長期負擔供樓,寧願將錢花在享樂 上。至於自己的兒子的置業大計,要 先看看他的意願,當他「大個仔」長 大後希望置業,我也會大力支持。 Today’s young people always complain that buying a property is difficult, any suggestions for them? 現在的年青人經常抱怨「上車」難, 你的看法是怎樣? I bought my second home in 1998 when the property prices dropped after the 1997 peak, and I purchased my third home in 2004 when the property market was heavily hit by SARS. The property market has always been cyclical that I could take the chance to buy my properties when the property prices dropped to lower levels in the cycle. Young people should prepare in advance, for example, they may save up 20 to 30 percent of their income, so that they can get ready for the next downturn. 其實樓市是周期性的,我趁九七年 樓市調整後,在九八年第二次置業, 及後在○四年第三次置業,也是瞄準 「沙士」後樓價大跌的機會。有人認 為樓價跌會嚇怕買家,樓價升又大嘆 上車難,其實兩者是很難平衡的。計 畫置業的年青人最好未雨綢繆,例如 將薪金二至三成作為儲蓄,然後留意 樓市周期等待好時機,隨時入市。 hotlistings


property intelligence


Recent adjustments to the Hong Kong legals on buying out buildings have ganged up with the fiery market conditions to create some odd mischief - so who better to send out into the fray than Chevy June and see if it really is a jungle out there... 今年政府將舊樓強制拍賣門檻,由九成業權降至八成,讓一向「渴地」的發展商,加 速委托中間人去物色舊樓收購重建,究竟市場情況是怎樣?遇到有中間人提出收購, 業主應如何應對?



property intelligence


ake a stroll from from your favourite place to be when you’re not at home and soon enough you will come across the newest trend in property doing the rounds in Hong Kong. It’s not the breathless young couples being dragged up and down the mid-levels looking for that hidden sub -10k rental on Prince Terrace, not the those well-uniformed doormen with the striking silouettes enjoying a quiet cigarette at the front door of the high-rise, or the lovely great-danes dragging the help along the road looking for a nice un-sheltered square-footage to leave their processed dinner from the night before like beginners’ moguls on Australian ski slopes in a bad year. It’s not the social chit-chat over a glass of over-priced (still, even with the sales tax exfoliated from it’s overoaked and rotund bodice) Australian Chardonnay at a roof-top soiree to see the end of the long, hot summer off and the conversation has inevitably turned to ‘growth areas’, new escalators, rent or buy and how best to cover up the roof top from the roof-top police. No, now it is the new encumbrance in property life : big business building buy-outs. It’s not that they do it: Methuselah knows that if I had the time, didn’t have a fondness for vertical tastings (by the bottle) of Lafite, environmentallycorrectly farmed Botargo Caviar with AK47 vodka chasers and imported B-vitamin concentrates from Botswana (for the complexion), and weekends reclining next to the B-vitamin concentrate in Trinidad recovering from the previous 5 days I would long ago sold my 238 sqft (net) abode here out the back Shatin and entered the fray - and by now would easily have a building of my own. History Since time began, investors, developers, the local cattle or whoever wanted your building had to wait until they had captured 90% of the apartments, then they could force out the remaining 10% at market price. Since April this year, the percentage has fallen to 80% - which might not sound like a great change - but the three other people, my three amigos who live in my walk-up have started looking at each other with great suspicion. I digress. The second change applies to buildings of 50 years age and over. I have convinced

my three amigos that our building is in fact yet to hit the twenty mark - lest they get itchy trigger fingers and start spending more time down stairs over-using the public phone in the lobby to make secretive calls to real estate agents on the Island. All This Sounds Great - Why Complain? Unfortunately the crew who do have that kind of peso-power have been using some rather awkward (to put a good spin on it all) measures to get the deal done. Would that we lived in a carefully controlled and regulated monopoly-styled government where only one company (owned by the government-presumably) would send lovely letters to all the owners in the building they wished to purchased inviting them to a round of drinks at the Aqua Spirit, get them all quite sozzled on

“What does exist though are a crew of very eager and willing developers looking to get in as quickly as possible: fast business is good business.” Aquatinis (or burping up lemonade, if that is one’s unfortunate leaning...) and pick a price for the building and the units therein and times it by two, and give them all a year to move. Whilst one or two of those mentioned above may well be true, it still remains to be seen as to whether that little nirvana could ever actually exist. What does exist though are a crew of very eager and willing developers looking to get in as quickly as possible: fast business is good business, so my old friend Frederique used to tell me, and I know he would do well in the development caper here, and in the Motherland, and I would certainly put him on to it, if not for him being in The Big House, somewhere in Latin America. Tactics These are the things to be aware of, slight and almost to the point of being invisible signals which you should allow to trigger your “Oh no! I’m about to be bought out at a fire-sale price.”

了解香港的物業市場,不用當 上專家,也不用成為物業代 理,只要在街上走走,你也可 以觀察到市場現象。但我所指的現象,並 不是年輕夫婦在半山區行上行落,尋找夢 想居停,也不是穿著整齊制服的看更,在 大廈門外輕輕呼出煙圈,更不是狗狗一步 出大廈門口,便拖著主人拔足狂奔⋯⋯ 筆者和幾位朋友對投資物業都甚有興 趣,早陣子大家的話題,都圍繞著樓價狂 飆,在哪裡還可以找到落後大市的物業, 此外西營盤半山扶手電梯建築進度如何、 買定租、如何好好利用天台等等,都是我 們關心的話題。 不過,現在大家的焦點,就轉移到有 公司收購全幢物業的現象。 源起 以往投資者或發展商要收購你物業, 至少要收購全幢大廈九成業權,才可以將 餘下單位強制拍賣,但今年相關法定門檻 降低至八成,雖然聽起來只是小數目,但 跟我住在同一幢大廈的死黨開始心癢癢, 希望很快就有發展商向我們出價收購,但 我卻有不同想法。 事實上降低拍賣門檻主要是針對樓齡 超過五十年的舊樓,我告訴我三位死黨可 以「死心」,因為我們居住的大廈僅為二 十多年樓齡,沒有很大誘因吸引發展商或 物業代理前來高價收購。我也很清楚我三 位死黨的性格,如果我不一早告訴他們「 博收購」無望,他們分分鐘即刻打電話給 物業代理,放風聲表示想出售單位! 被收購有甚麼好擔心? 可是,有部分希望想快快促成成交的 說客,一方面手執鈔票,另一方面用令人 感覺不太理想的方法去收購舊樓。當筆者 發白日夢時,我曾想過有人邀請我去酒吧 把酒言歡,大家喝得酩酊大醉時,突然有 人叫我隨便開一個賣樓價錢,然後對方將 我的開價乘以二,馬上開一張支票給我, 將錢袋袋平安後,再給我一年時間慢慢搬 走⋯⋯ 夢就是夢,在香港這個商業社會,幾 乎沒有可能發生,做人都是踏實一點好! 回到現實,其實這些中間人只想盡快完成 收購,越快越好。 收購策略 如果有地產公司看上你的單位,通常 會用以下其中一種(或者多種)方法與你 溝通: hotlistings


property intelligence

The “welcome message” in different forms: outdoor banners and incantation-like door posters. A) You wake with a headache at 6am for your morning jog - or your morning vitamin B hit - only to see that somehow during the wee hours while the normal world was getting it’s beauty sleep someone has seen fit to hang a massive sign congratulating someone from your Estate on their successful sale to blah company. I’ve learnt Chinese characters osmotically over the years by falling asleep in the arms of the language, so can identify these disgraces quite quickly and eradicate them from my memory. Worse if you can’t - because you will surely ask until you find out, thus making the memory last. Either way, it will have had its effect: to make you feel like that some need for selling action exists, and you should be calling the number which will be fluttering down the bottom of the sign. B) The Phone. Your phone will ring. At all hours. Every day of the week. If you have the technology (as we at our humble abode do : building governance having installed a rather smashing piece of technology to our phone revealing the numbers of all in and out-going calls. Which is why I know that Mr. Wong on the third floor isn’t calling his mother in Guangxi in the Motherland, because the number is in Moldavia) then you should keep note of offending ones and ask them to cease. If they don’t - then report them to the Estate Agent Authority (EAA). Tell them I sent you. C) More Pressue. If your living in a building which is about to hit the magic 50 year-old mark, chances are you’ll be getting a call soon. Strange but friendly, but still strange voices will kindly remind you of your building’s age, and then quite possible insinuate that it could collapse once it hits the 50 mark. My casa was around before the British and you would never know, what with the coat of paint applied by the management people (well actually Mr. Wong from the third 8


painted it, with funds provided by the management, over a period of 6 months). D) Even More Pressure. Some likely lads from the real estate underworld have also gone as far as to have potential clients sign agreements making them a quasi third-party in negotiations with the developers and adjusting prices, and as you could well imagine, adjusting them downwards. The unhappy vendors will complain to the only party that they will have contact with (the real estate cowpeople - pc speaking, of course) who will claim in their defence that they are merely the conduit for it all and not to blame. The Best Defence The best defence is attack, so it is said. Many astute buyers are looking for the chance to dip into their own version of the Great Building Heist. Of course as a sole buyer the goal is not the whole building, but to ride on the back of the rising tide created by developer interest. The Gang of Four advices: A) Look into the future. Future growth areas - so think new MTR stations and Mid-Levels escalators. B) Buildings with few apartments easily taken, and good to hold. C) The next door neighbour. If a building has recently gone up, developers may be looking for points of expansion. D) Get online and use bank valuations, and visit your local real estate crew. Finale If you are concerned about what is happening in your sector, always remember that if in doubt open a bottle and find the cheese and a massage. Then call the EAA. Also really think about making friends with your local indy real estate agent, like my local who is also Mr Wong, but not the one on the third, who has taught me all I know about real estate.

一、心理戰 在一覺醒來,抬頭望窗外一遍紅,原 來一早有地產公司在大廈外掛上火紅的橫 額,謂「恭賀××大廈已收取樓款的業主 們!」雖然筆者作為澳洲人,學習中文多 年仍不甚擅長,但斗大的字體足以吸引我 去問問身邊的中國人朋友,究竟甚麼葫蘆 賣甚麼藥?最後我終於搞清楚,這幅橫額 提醒大家:有人看上你所住的單位,快點 打電話給我們,賣個好價錢吧! 二、電話攻勢 就好像保險公司、減肥公司兜售生意 一樣,為了遊說你售出單位,收購單位的 中間人,或許天天都無時無刻打電話給 你,當然,如果你有意出售單位,不妨 與他們在電話裡好好詳談,但如果你覺得 煩擾,就要與對方說明不想再收到電話, 如果屢勸不改,地產代理監管局可以幫到 你。 三、傳言 如果你所住的大廈樓齡接近五十,相 信你看快便會收到收購消息,但事有湊 巧,你很有可能會聽到樓宇結構不良的消 息,仿如大廈一踏入五十年便會立即倒 塌。雖然這種說法有點誇張,但我幾位住 在舊樓的業主朋友,都有同一的經歷。 四、另一種傳言 有人說如果中間人成功收購八成業權 後,餘下兩成遲遲不上賣樓的業主便有難 了,因為中間人因為已經對收購胸有成 竹,或許只會用低於其他業主的價錢收購 餘下單位,或是直接強行拍賣,這個傳言 孰真孰假,只有當事人才能知道。 獲利攻略 不少人都希望早著先機,先以低價購 入舊樓單位,博取發展商收購的機會,究 竟投資者應留意哪類型物業? 一、有發展潛力的地區,例如新鐵路 站支線出口、新半山扶手電梯附近等等; 二、單位總數較少的大廈,發展商全 幢收購的難度較低; 三、如果毗鄰大廈已被收購,你所住 的大廈很有可能被一併收購,讓發展商興 建為面積更大的物業; 四、留意銀行估價,或者向物業代理 查詢哪裡出較值得投資。 結語 收購物業的人大多是親切有禮而友 善,萬一遇到不快的經歷,記得要尋求地 產代理監管局協助;如果想獲得最新的市 場資訊,例如市場合理價是多少,可以與 物業代理聯絡,協助自己作出明智決定。

For sale

Tregunter HKD38M | 3,052 sq.ft

For sale

le t Sogen A

le t Sogen A 2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, refurbished layout Huge kitchen, balcony, maid’s rm, car park High quality renovations, outstanding fac.

3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, good condition Balcony, maid’s rm, uncovered car park Fantastic location on Kennedy Rd, close to PP3

For sale

For lease

+852 2281 7800

Blue Pool Court HKD12M | 1,100 sq.ft

Garden Terrace HKD98K Exc. | 2,852 sq.ft

le t Sogen A

Looking Celebrating 25 To Years of Market Your Property? Premium Services in Real Estate Relocation CALL& US!

For enquiries call or visit our website

Monticello HKD14.5M | 1,275 sq.ft

Newly renovated 2 bedroom apt in low-rise bldg Nicely tiled bathroom, modern kitchen, maid’s rm Located in Happy Valley, close to all amenities

3 bedrooms/3.5 bathrooms, study rm, maid’s rm Enlarged living area, balcony w/ grand city views Convenient location on Old Peak Rd, pool & gym

For lease/ sale

For lease/ sale

Swiss Towers HKD56K Inc. | 1,600 sq.ft

Happy Valley HKD42K Inc. | 1,300 sq.ft Chris Chan

+852 9358 4254

EAA License: S-114541

Belinda Woo +852 9433 9999 EAA License: E-079993

Ruby Suen

+852 6298 7288

EAA License: S-034063

Alana Fruean +852 9221 3607 EAA License: E-262718

3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, maid’s rm, 2 car parks Balcony w/ lush green & partial harbour views Also available for sale, HKD23.2M

2 bedrooms/2.5 bathrooms, maid’s rm Nice décor, partial racecourse view Another unit also available for sale, HKD14.5M

For sale

For sale

London – Chelsea GBP1.35M | 1,436 sq.ft

New York – 5th Avenue USD3.35M | 1,477 sq.ft

ASIA PACIFIC PROPERTIES LTD. 14/F Wilson House 19-27 Wyndham Street Central, Hong Kong EAA License: C-002320

Magnificent 3b/3b apt, immaculately presented Spacious interior w/ excellent specification The property benefits from two large terraces

Outstanding Midtown condo, 2b/2.5b, prime area Magnificent Manhattan, 5th Av. & skyline views Superb spec., walking distance to Central Park


Timothy Langston is a specialist dealer in eighteenth and nineteenth century furnishings, supplying clients with British and Continental fine art and antiques. The Langston Gallery is located at 44 Moreton Street, Pimlico, in Central London. The website is updated on a weekly basis, but for a comprehensive view of our latest stock we recommend a visit to Moreton Street and hope to welcome you to the gallery on your next visit to London.

Timothy Langston

44 Moreton Street London SW1V 2PB +44 (0)20 7821 0890

property intelligence

In Brief 樓市快拍

Real estate market trends. 最新樓市情報。 Hong Kong to Help First-Time Buyers 施政報告推出樓市措施 The Hong Kong government plans to launch a “My Home Purchase Plan” to help first-time buyers onto the property ladder, Chief Executive Donald Tsang said in his Policy Address on Oct 13. The plan provides the sandwich class with government-built rental flats with tenancy period of five years and tenants will receive a subsidy equivalent to half of the net rent they have paid during the tenancy period if they buy the flat or another flat up to two years after the completion of the five-year lease. The government plans to launch the first project in Tsing Yi in 2012 providing a total of 1,000 units. The city’s government has also temporarily removed real estate from its Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, under which foreigners could gain residency by investing HK$10 million worth of assets in Hong Kong. The move is to avoid mainland investments from fueling the property prices in Hong Kong. The Policy Address also proposed to introduce legislation to regulate the sale of uncompleted flats while feasible proposals are expected to be available within a year. 行政長官於施政報告公布一系列樓市措 施,當中推出「置安心」計劃,讓夾心階 層最長租住資助房屋五年後,可選擇買入 單位或私人物業,並可獲得租住期間一半 淨租金作為資助,首個青衣項目會在二○ 一二年推出,提供一千個單位。另外為減 低中國大陸民眾透過投資移民計劃置業, 令香港樓市升溫,港府決定將置業剔出為 可接受的投資項目。施政報告亦鑑於市場 透明度低,建議立法規管一手樓銷售,期 望一年內有切實可行的建議。 BD to get tough againt rule benders 業主拒分擔維修費列刑事 Secretary for Development Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor unveiled that building owners who fail to comply with orders of the Building Department will face criminal prosecution with $10,000 fine and 6-month imprisonment under new legislation. At present, when BD staff, even in the company of police, are not

Japanese Ideas

Japanese Architect to Participate in Heritage Conservation 日本設計師參與毓秀街保育 Hideyuki Nakayama, a student of renowned Japanese architect Toyo Ito, has been invited to participate in the heritage conservation of a 76-yearold building on 11 Yuk Sau Street in Hong Kong’s Happy Valley. The building is currently owned by the family of C C Wu. Hideyuki Nakayama is holding an exhibition at C C Wu Building in Wan Chai until Nov 27. 跑馬地毓秀街十一號業主,早前決定將這幢有七十六年歷史的三層歐陸 式建築作保育用途,並物色設計師參與,最終獲日本建築大師伊東豐雄 推介其徒弟中山英之,為保育計劃提供意見。伊東豐雄喺日本建築界享 負盛名,其徒弟中山英之是首度來港參與建築項目,他的個人作品展亦 由即日至十一月二十七日,於灣仔集成中心舉行。

permitted to enter premises after being denied entry by the owner. 發展局局長林鄭月娥表示,當局現正籌備 立法,將會列明業主如不遵從維修令並拒 絕分擔公用地方工程費用,會被列為刑事 罪行,最高罰款一萬元及入獄六個月。目 前屋宇署職員權力有限,如果住戶拒絕, 職員即使在警員陪同下,也不可以進入單 位檢查樓宇結購。 New rules to limit bonus floor area 政府出招限制發水 Government unveiled policies intended to curtail the ability of developers to ask for bonus floor space to build extra facilities. It aims to control the scale of developments by capping the

amount of floor area that can be given to “green features”, such as balcony and clubhouse, should not exceed 10 per cent of the total gross floor area. Recently they may be exempted from calculations of the gross floor area but sell to homeowners. Widespread abuse has inflated the scale of development but shrunk the usable area of flats for homeowners. 為針對樓盤過度「發水」情況,發展局宣 布未來新樓盤項目只能有一成面積能豁免 計算總樓面面積。政府當年原意是希望透 過豁免露台、會所等設施的面積,改善居 住質素,但發展商大量申請豁免,間接令 整個項目體積增大,影響街道空氣流通, 買家在置業時也要負擔這些未必用得上的 空間,單位實用率也因而大減。 hotlistings 11

property intelligence China Launches Further Measures to Curb Land Hoarding 內地再出招調控樓市懲囤地 China announced in late September further measures targeting developers hoarding land. Companies that have held land for more than a year without developing it are barred from making bids in other auctions, according to a notice issued by the Chinese authorities. The notice also required local governments in regions where property prices have rose too rapidly to increase land supply for subsidized homes. Currently, about 40 percent out of the 3,000 plots of idling land in the country are hoarded by developers. The recent property prices in major such as Beijing rose 9.3 percent from a year earlier while the prices in Shanghai edged up 6 percent partly boosted by the problem of land hoarding that limited the supply. 中國當局再發出「通知」,進一步加強樓 市調控,當中會加強參與土地競投人士 的資格審查;此外閒置土地達一年的發展 商,將喪失競投土地資格。「通知」又要 求在房價高的地區,增加限價住房的土地 供應。目前全中國共有接近三千幅閒置土 地,當中四成是發展商「囤地」,成為樓 價上漲原因之一,現時北京樓價已經比去 年上升百分之九點三,上海則上漲百分之 六。 Hong Kong to Protect Countryside Areas 城規會出手 三保育盲點暫緩發展 Hong Kong’s Town Planning Board has announced development permission area plans for Hoi Ha, Pak Lap and So Lo Pun that any developments in these countryside areas will need to seek the board’s approval. This will avoid the areas from being developed into private retreats by tycoons. The move came after a businessman began excavating and diverting streams for a private retreat on Sai Kung’s Tai Long Wan coast. 早前市民揭發有發展商收購並夷平大浪西 灣大片土地後,陸續有郊野公園範圍邊緣 地帶,遭受破壞或納入發展商地盤。城市 規劃委員會近日公佈三份「發展審批地區 草圖」,限制海下、白腊及鎖羅盆的發展 計劃,凡進行任何發展均須取得城規會 批准,此舉可望減低具生態價值的自然地 帶,淪為富豪私人樂園的機會。 Sai Kung’s Village House Fetches HK$30,000 Psf 西貢村屋呎價破三萬元 A village house in Sai Kung’s Che Keng Tuk was recently sold for HK$67.8 million, representing an average price 12 hotlistings

Ladies Only

Metropark Hotel Wanchai Launches Ladies Only Floor 維景酒店推出女士專用樓層 The Metropark Hotel Wanchai has launched its ladies only floor, “She by Metropark,” for women guests, featured with comforting pillow menu and female accessories in each room. Evan Chiu, general manager of the hotel, said the hotel found that the travelling patterns of women were in an upward trend and their average spending is higher than other travelers. 灣仔維景酒店推出女士專用樓層「She by Metropark」,除了房間設計、 色調充滿女性氣質元素,寢具、擺設、飾品等亦是按照女性住客需要而 特別設計。酒店總經理趙汝為表示:「根據觀察,女性出遊的比例大幅 上升,每次平均消費金額更遠超一般旅客,因此拓展這個全新市場。」

of HK$32,300 per sq ft. The 2,100-sq ft village house, with a 10,000-sq ft garden, has set a new record for the house market in Kowloon district. According to the deed of the property, an additional 2,100-sq ft village house can be built on the site. Currently, village houses that cover about 3,000 sq ft are asking for a minimum of HK$43 million each. 西貢村屋售價隨樓市飆升,輋徑篤一幢二 千一百方呎海景村屋,連一萬方呎花園, 剛以六千七百八十萬元成交,呎價達三萬 二千三百元,不但創區內新高,也高於九 龍市區洋房。由於物業由兩個地契組成, 因此買家可選擇在原址多建一幢二千一百 方呎的村屋。現時西貢區內附設三千方呎 的村屋,入場費由四千三百萬元起跳。 Wong Tai Sin’s Public Housing Price Rises 20% in 3 Months 黃大仙公屋 三個月升值兩成 An investor sold a public housing unit in Tung Tau estate, Wong Tai Sin district, for HK$1.75 million, the highest record for public housing. The transaction price was 22 percent higher than that in July this year when the investor bought the 530-sq ft unit for HK$1.43 million.

投資者炒賣公屋逐漸成風,最近黃大仙東 頭邨更罕見出現短炒成交,有投資者今年 七月在自由市場以一百四十三萬元,購入 東頭邨貴東樓低層一個五百三十方呎,三 個月後以以一百七十五萬元轉手,持貨短 短三個月獲利幅度達到兩成二,成交呎價 更創下全港公屋新高,直逼居屋價。 Thai Hotel Management Firm Acquire Shama 泰國酒店管理公司收購莎瑪 Thailand-based hotel management company ONYX Hospitality Group said it has acquired a 100 percent stake in Shama, a boutique serviced apartment provider in Asia, in a bid to expand its business in the region. Shama, found in 1996 and currently operating 13 properties in Greater China and Thailand, will continue to operate under its brand name upon the completion of the acquisition. 泰國酒店管理公司ONYX宣佈,收購香港 服務式公寓服務供應商莎瑪,該公司希望 透過併購,開拓亞洲各國業務。在一九九 六年創立的莎瑪,目前在大中華區及泰國 多個主要經營十三個物業。收購完成後, 莎瑪仍會繼續以自己的品牌營運。

hotlistings 13

property intelligence

Malaysia: Next Real Estate Investment Hotspot 馬來西亞地產投資熱潮 Kristen Kuok talks to industry insiders who see the opportunities of Malaysia real estate market. 馬來西亞樓價較其他亞洲城市相對落後,當隨著當地經濟今年急促增長而帶動樓 市,當地豪宅成為投資者的新寵兒。


he booming property market in Hong Kong has posed the risk of asset bubble, investors may turn their attention to the luxury residential market in Malaysia where the property prices growth lagged that of other Asia countries. Tim Murphy, founder and managing director of IP Global, said he sees good potential for property price growth in Malaysia where the market grew at a slower but gradual pace over the past 12 months when compared with other Asian countries. Property prices in Malaysia grew by 3.3 percent over the past 12 months while the growth was 24.53 percent in Hong Kong and 38.18 percent in Singapore, according to data provided by IP Global, an Asia-focused real estate consultancy and property management company. The rising housing demand in urban areas as a result of urbanization and the strong economic growth of an estimated 6 percent in 2010 will help buoy the country’s property market, Murphy said. Asia’s Luxury residential markets have been outperformed amid the property market boom, while Murphy also sees a good opportunity to invest in luxury properties in Malaysia’s unique locations. “Malaysia’s luxury market lagged that 14 hotlistings

of Hong Kong and Singapore in 2009 and 2010,” he said, noting that the strong growth in the two markets will positively affect the Malaysia market. With a relatively slow growth, properties in Malaysia’s city center are still very affordable when compared to other

“The rising housing demand as a result of urbanization and the strong economic growth of an estimated 6 percent in 2010 will help buoy the country’s property market.” Asian capital cites, Murphy said. According to IP Global’s data, a 120-sq meter apartment located in the center of Hong Kong fetched US$16,422 per sq meter and it was US$11,324 per sq meter in Singapore and US$12,884 in the city center of Japan. These figures compared to the average price of US$1,424 per sq meter in Malaysia. Murphy recommended areas such as Bukit Tunku (Kenny Hills) where development is limited due to the

港樓價急升,令資產泡沫爆 破的危機與日俱增,如果 想尋找新的投資機會,或許 價格仍落後亞洲各國的馬來西亞豪宅樓 市,可能是投資者的另一選擇。 跟據物業投資顧問及管理公司IP Global的市場數據分析,在過去十二個 月內,馬來西亞樓價上升百分之三點 三,香港則有接近兩成半升幅,新加坡 樓價成飆升接近四成。儘管增長速度較 慢,但IP Global董事總經理添麥菲仍看 好馬來西亞的房地產市場,除了因為當 地樓價穩步上揚,也因為當地經濟急促 發展,經濟增長率達到百分之六,遠比 不少國家為佳,強勁經濟動力亦推動了 城市中的住屋需求,所以當地樓價可以 看高一線。 物業市場暢旺,亞洲豪宅市場更是一 枝獨秀,馬來西亞的情況也是一樣,位 處優質地區的中高價住宅被看高一線。 添麥菲指出:「在二○○九及二○一○ 年度,馬來西亞的樓價均屬滯後水平, 但受到香港和新加坡樓市帶動,當地樓 價開始出現『追落後』的現象,由於樓 價水平相對星、港等一線亞洲城市便 宜,所以從投資角度來看,投資當地物 業相對輕鬆。」 如果用不同城市,面積同樣是一百二 十平方米的單位來比較,香港市中心豪

property intelligence


Can I buy property if I am not a resident of Malaysia? 外國人可以馬來西亞置業嗎?

How much is the legal fees? 律師費是多少?

Yes. Non-Malaysian and Foreigners intending to purchase a property in Malaysia needs to obtain the respective state consents which the property is situated before the purchase is considered valid and lawful. (In most cases, your solicitor would submit the application on your behalf.) 可以,但需要申請相關文件,一般而 且當地律師可以為買家代勞。 What are the fees associated with buying property? 除了樓價,還有甚麼其他支出? • • • • •

Legal fees 律師費 Stamp duties 釐印費 Loan agreement fee 貸款手續費 Valuation fee 估價費 Agent’s fee 物業代理佣金

Fees subject to 5% GST. 各項收費需加上百分之五的銷售稅。

exclusivity. The suburb of Bukit Ceylon is also unique due to it being so close to the Kuala Lumpur City Center, a national park and the local amenities such as the restaurants and bars, he added. “Large developments are rare now in these central areas, which again makes demand high,” Murphy explained. Properties in Kuala Lumpur offer gross rental yield of 5 percent to 6.5 percent as rental demand remains high, he said. He recommended Verticas Residensi, a residential project in Bukit Ceylon developed by Singapore’s leading property developer Wing Tai Holdings, offers views of Kuala Lumpur City Center. Investors may also consider units at the Arata in Kenny Hills that developed by Bolton Bhd., one of the oldest realty companies in the country. Malaysia is not a hot spot for property investment among Hong Kong people. Murphy assured investors that the country is a “safe market” for international investors with strong stable legal system and well-developed mortgage market. Banks such as United Overseas Bank can provide up to 70 percent of mortgage loan to foreign investors subject to status and type of property. Malaysia also maintains a low interest rate environment with the rate at 2.75 percent, Murphy said.

宅物業每平方米的售價為一萬六千四百二 十二元美元,新加坡為一萬一千三百二十 四美元,日本為一萬二千八百八十四元, 馬來西亞最便宜,僅為一千四百二十四 元。 置業首要考慮物業所在地點,如果我 們想投資馬來西亞樓市,應該從哪個區域 入手?添麥菲特別推介當地武吉敦姑( Bukit Tunku),除了是因為該區是傳統豪 宅區外,物業供應相對較少,都是受歡迎 的原因之一。 投資者另一個可考慮的地區是位處近 郊的武吉錫蘭(Bukit Ceylon),由於它毗 鄰國家公園,但與市中心僅咫尺之遙,日 常生活十分方便,其情況有點近香港半山 干德道的居住環境。「由於靠近市中心的 優質住宅供應不多,所以造就高度需求, 從而支持樓價。」添麥菲補充。 一般而言,首都吉隆坡住宅的租金回 報率可達五厘至六點五厘,添麥菲建議 投資者可考慮位於武吉錫蘭的豪宅項目 Verticas Residensi,它是由香港人比較熟 悉的永泰亞洲集團發展,該公司曾經在香 港推出九龍站漾日居、西貢溱喬等項目; 他另一個推介項山是武吉敦姑的Arata,由 馬來西亞老牌發展商Bolton Bhd發展。 對於香港人來說,馬來西亞的物業投 資環境始終比較陌生,但添麥菲確信該地 是一個「可以放心」的投資地點,因為相 對其他新興市場,馬來西亞的司法制度比

It is based on the property price: 1.5% on the first RM150,000 0.7% on the next RM4,900,000 0.25% on the remainder 律師費是根據樓價來釐定: 首15萬元馬幣:樓價1.5% 接著490萬元馬幣:樓價0.7% 樓價餘款:樓價0.25% How much is stamp duty? 釐印費如何計算? All transfer of property is subject to Government Stamp Duty. It is based on the value of property 1% on the first RM100,000 2% on the next RM400,000 3% on the next RM1,500,000 釐印費是根據樓價來釐定: 首10萬元馬幣:樓價1% 接著40萬元馬幣:樓價2% 接著150萬元馬幣:樓價3%

較完善,按揭市場甚為成熟,以當地的大 華銀行為例,他們可以按物業種類,向海 外投資者提供高達七成的按揭貸款,而當 地利率水平亦低,約為二厘七五水平。

「相對其他新興 市場,馬來西亞 的司法制度比較完 善,按揭市場甚為 成熟 ,以當地的大 華銀行為例,他們 可以按物業種類, 向海外投資者提供 高達七成的按揭貸 款。」

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Industrial & Office Sales / Lease Specialists in Island South

Unit 19-21, 5/F, Tower B Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong. Licence No: C-010936 Southside (Wong Chuk Hang) Lot


e Sol



500M / 700M


Focus Area, Reconstruction Site in Southside. Adjacent to MTR Convenieneing accessibility of Public Transport 矚目顯貴地段,南區重建地盤項目 地鐵出口附近,完善交通設施

Landmark in southside, SV 商業地標,深灣全海

Retail Shop (Duplex)

Majestic Court (Residential)



A ole

768’ - 13066’



A ole


Tin Fung Ind Mansion

Yally Ind Building



A ole








A ole



Quiet place in Happy Valley 跑馬地住宅

Various Business Usage 多用途商舖

2600’ + 2600’

3028’ + 2783’ Flat Roof Unique on market 罕有大平台

Ocean Park & Mountain view 海洋公園景

Derrick Ind Building

Kin Teck Ind Building

Regency Centre

Harbour Ind Centre




A ole



A ole



A ole




9.88M 3990’




A ole


1979’ - 4414’


@6.5 800’ - 6000’

@2700 1010’ - 2290’

Prime Location 交通方便

Investment Opportunity 穩賺投資

Move-in Condition 華麗大堂,裝修即用

Stunning sea view, 12’ headroom 臨海工廈,特高樓底

The Factory

Hing Wai Centre

E Tat Ind Building

Sun Ying Ind Centre

@12 2000’ - 4000’

Sky lounge, Chic interior design 複式單位,全新裝修

Investment Hotline:

@1800 1489’ - 6110’

Full sea view, Central A/C 全海景,中央冷氣


7.8M 2700’

Near MTR, Sea view 鄰近港鐵,深灣景

1882’ - 4310’

Good Condition, High Efficiency 新地工廈,實用率高

3527 0911 • 9326 3293 Jeff Wong



Ocean Park

Wong Chuk Hang

Lei Tung

South Horizons



Getting where you want to go is all about making the right connections at the right time As the affluent southside residential districts and the Ocean Park tourist centre become more accessible with the planned MTR extension, now is the time to invest in the ideally located hub area of Wong Chuk Hang.

WONG CHUK HANG ROAD Site area : app 18,000 square feet Sale units : 8,000 to 35,000 square feet


9603 7888

Licence: E209966


9326 3293

Licence: S130432

This industrial zone is ripe for development. Connected to the city-side via the Aberdeen Tunnel and the planned MTR line, centrally located between the wealthy residential areas of Pok Fu Lam, Repulse Bay and Stanley, and within view of Ocean Park’s new hotel developments, you couldn’t wish for a more connected area. To make your southside connections today, speak to the southside experts. With 15 years experience on the spot, Garson Real Estate Agencies has made its name as the people to come to for southside commercial and industrial property investment.




Licence: CO10936

hot picks // Branch Chopstick Rest Humor, creativity and exploration are the elements of this simple ceramic-made chopsticks rest. Design: Bonita Chan 利用陶瓷製成的筷子架,其樹枝造型與 竹製筷子十分匹配。

// Hong Kong Bookmark This delicate photochemical machining bookmark features the Hong Kong skyline and scenery which is inspired by traditional Chinese paper cutting. . Design: Irene Kwong 結合光化學技術以及傳統剪紙概念,這套香港風景書籤更獲得機場 管理局、聖公會聖三一堂等機構青睞,成為成功商品化的例子。

EMPOWERING CREATIVITY Founded in 2007, SDWorks brand is a unique platform commercializing items designed by the students from the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was created in response to witness student projects which often have great commercial potential but end when the course is completed. The products cover wide range of categories including tableware, jewelry, furniture, watches and stationery. 為了將學生的創意商品化,香港理工大學設計學院特別創立了「SDWorks」品牌,推出一系 列餐具、首飾、家具、鐘表、文儀等創意商品,學院設計再不是紙上談兵。 SDWorks brand is a unique platform commercializing items designed by promising talents from the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was created in response to witness student projects which often have great commercial potential but end when the course is completed. The purpose of SDWorks was to turn these works into reality. Together with the students, SDWorks helps to develop and refine their ideas into real world products. SDWorks manufactures the designs on site at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Industrial Center or license them to industrial partners. The profits from SDWorks sales are invested into development and production of new design concepts. A percentage goes to the student as royalties. SDWorks was founded in early 2007 by the professors Dr Ernesto Spicciolato and Roger Ball.

Products: SDWorks products cover wide range of categories because the designs are selected among the hundreds of concepts that are constantly being developed by all disciplines within the School of Design. SDWorks catalogue features tableware, jewelry, furniture, watches and stationery.           

Living Pixels  Ling Collection  Mirror Watch  Skin Watch  Cardboard Kids Chair  DIY Plywood Rocking Chair  Noodles Sketchbook  Mazu Pack > Waterproof Laptop Backpack   Hong Kong Bookmark  Branch Chopstick Rest   Duck Necklace 

// DIY Plywood Rocking Chair Designed in 7 days and built with automated plywood cutting, this simple chair is a beautiful DIY project. The packaging includes a hammer and 14 nails Design: Chan Ka Long & Chen Siu Wa Match 五件組件、一把手鎚、 再加上十四顆釘子,就成 了這張安樂椅,簡單就 是美。

18 hotlistings  Tel: (852) 2766 5454 

// Living Pixels Taking recycled advertising banners as the starting point; the designers created interesting volumes of light and texture. Design: Chan Wan Ki Kay, Chen Siu Wa, Shai Chai, Suen Ka Hei Catherine 滿街都是易拉架、「成功爭取乜乜乜」的橫額,何不 加以廢物利用,製成別緻的環保燈飾?

hot picks

// Duck Necklace Not only at Yung Kee Restaurant on Wellington Street, roasted duck and goose is everywhere in the local neighbourhood. The iconic ‘hanging duck’ is translated into a witty accessory that is humorous and elegant at the same time. Design: Sindy Yu 將美味掛爐鴨變為吊飾,掛在身上。

// Cardboard Kids Chair Done in cardboard, it is easy to assemble and fun to customize. This playful chair is a side product of a modular construction project Design: Risa Janamoto, Eppie Fu Yuk Kwun, Vicky Hui Ping Ping, Connie Ng Sze Hang 由瓦通紙製成的小椅子,充份表露其力學結構的精巧。

// Mirror Watch (left) and Skin Watch (right) Designed by Cheuk Kee Lai, The mirrored surface of Mirror Watch reveals a LED digital watch only when needed. The Skin Watch shuffles the way components are assembled allowing to have a clean, smooth and continuous belt that give you a comfortable feel. Designed by Stella Ng. 左邊的時尚鏡面手表,只會在 你有需要的時候才會顯示時 間,而另一隻手表的外殼及及 表帶經過精心設計,不會有隆 起的組件讓配戴者感到不適。

// Noodles Sketchbook This sketchbook hides a fun animation, Flip the corner and see the noodle sucker. Design: Ting Yee Lok Enok 翻動頁面,就可以 看到記事簿旁的卡 通人偶吸啜麵條。

// MazuPack Initially designed as waterproof bag for inter-island long distance swimmers, the MazuPack is a sleek waterproof urban laptop backpack that can withstand typhoon signal no.8 rainstorms. Design: Chan Ka Long, Chan Mei Wa, Chan Po Yee 利用防水物料,這個背包可讓你的珍貴手提電腦在風 雨下,滴水不沾。

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interior intelligence

Stylish Living in Small Spaces 室雅何需大

20 hotlistings

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated city in the world. Shoebox-sized apartment are everywhere throughout the territory. How to utilise every inch wisely is the most challenging task to the interior designers. 香港地狹人稠,想擁有寬敞的家居並不容易,但室內設計師 Monique McLintock透過巧妙的室內布局及色彩運用,將「室雅何 需大」的理念發揮得淋漓盡致。

interior intelligence

The pantry area of the unit shows the beauty of simplicity. 煮食區設計不花巧,顯出簡約美。


he 320-sq ft apartment is located in a walk-up building in Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan. Interior designer Monique McLintock has showcased how to make such small apartment cozy and yet stylish.

The bamboo feature served as a partition between the living room and the bedroom. It is also a “wow” feature when you walk in. 設計師採用了竹枝劃分客廳及睡房兩個區 域,並成為單位的視線焦點。

What’s the requirements of the owner and the main theme of the interior design? The owner wanted maximize every inch of the apartment. He wanted a look that was a mix of loft look with touches of nature. He also wanted the bedroom to be separated from the living room but to not break up the visual space. Therefore we used stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen to give it a loft feel and we also removed the false ceilings that were there exposing the beams and adding height to the room. For the natural look I used oak timber flooring, bamboo and oak style cabinetry. It seems that it is a relatively small apartment. What are the basic rules when you do the makeover? How do you solve the problem of storage and create space? The key with small places and storage is to provide plenty of storage without making the apartment feel as if it surrounded by cabinetry. I achieved this

上環一帶,有不少面積較 小、但很受上班族歡迎的小 型單位,這個位於上環上差 館街的開放式唐樓單位,面積僅三百二 十方呎,如何運用有限空間,來營造舒 適而實用的居住環境,就十分考驗室內 設計師的功力。

請問客戶的需求是甚麼?你採用了甚麼 室內設計風格? 我的客戶希望盡用室內的每一寸空 間,而且整體風格能兼具時尚loft家居 和大自然元素;至於空間方面,客戶希 望採用開放式設計之餘,空間上也有適 當的區分。為了達到這個要求,我在廚 房採用了loft常見的不繡鋼材質廚櫃, 我也拆除了原本的假天花,讓樓底看來 更高、更具空間感;至於大自然元素方 面,我選用了橡木地板,以及竹和橡木 造成的貯物櫃。 這個單位看來面積比較細小,裝潢的基 本原則是甚麼?你如何解決貯物空間的 問題? 處理這種小型單位有一項要點,就 是在提供大量貯物空間之餘,不可因為 出現大量貯物櫃而造成壓迫感,所以我 主要在睡床下、沙發下和墊腳櫈下,增 設收納位置。

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interior intelligence

Mirror cabinet door visually doubles the size of the apartment as well as magnify the greenery outside. 客廳儲物櫃的鏡面櫃門,將 室內視覺空間擴闊之餘,也 加倍窗外的綠化效果。

by adding storage under the bed, storage drawers in the sofa and a lift up storage ottoman. Is there any difficulties or challenging thing when you deal with this apartment? When dealing with small apartments, space planning drives the layout. It is harder to space plan for the smaller apartments then the bigger ones. One of the challenges I faced was to come up with a stylish and different way to divide the space between living room and bedroom. The bamboo feature is a “wow” feature when you walk in. From the angle of interior designer, an older apartment like this one or newer apartment provide more rooms to show your creativity? Older apartments are always better as you can fully demolish it and start from new. With new apartments you are limited by the current features in the place. Creativity always works better with a blank canvas.  How do you communicate with your client to make sure the design is what he needs? The key to being a good designer is to listen to the clients. I spend a lot of time listening to their lifestyle and activities. The design needs to be functional first and then stylish. I also recommend clients go through magazines and tear out pages they like or do not like. This helps me to understand the look they have in their head but have difficulty expressing. 

The studio unit is a mix of “loft” look, with touches of nature. 單位整體風格兼具時尚loft和大自然元素。

22 hotlistings

interior intelligence 這個單位的格局會否令設計師感到很難處 理? 相對大型單位,在設計小型單位時,空 間規劃更顯得特別重要,當中我花了很多 時間去思考用哪一種時髦的方法,去分隔 這個開放式單位的客廳和睡眠區,最後我 採用了竹這種物料劃分兩個區域,並成為 單位的視線焦點。

A colourful bathroom adds fun to the unit. 浴室鮮紅色的設計,讓整體 感覺變得更有活力。

作為一位室內設計師,舊式唐樓單位還是 新型住宅,給你更大發揮空間? 我一向都比較鍾愛設計舊式樓宇住宅, 因為我可以將裡面的所有裝修間隔完全拆 去,從新設計,反而新型大廈受到現有格 局所規限,影響設計創意。其實室內設 計就像繪畫一樣,總是從一張空白畫紙開 始,可以讓畫家有更大發揮空間。 你如何與客戶溝通,確保設計出來的單位 正是他們所需? 要得知客戶的要求,首先我自己要成為 一位好的聆聽者,與客戶見面時,我會花 時間去了解他們的生活習慣和日常活動, 畢竟對我來說,室內設計中始終是功能 性第一、款式為次;我也會建議客戶翻翻 雜誌,撕下他們喜歡或不喜歡的內容或圖 片,這樣我可以用更形象化的方法,了解 他們心中所想。


Monique McLintock Interiors Want to share your gorgeous home with our readers? Please contact us at

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Gorgeous Houses at Clearwater Bay Clearwater Bay

Greenfield Villas

• Spacious detached house with interior size 2,100 sq ft • With rooftop and garden sized 700 sq ft respectively • Stunning sea views • 3 bedrooms including 2 ensuite • Carspace

• A mordenly renovated detached house sized 2,100 sq ft • 5 bedrooms including 2 ensuites • Garden sized 1,200 sq ft • Open kitchen and carspace



Tai Mong Tsai

Siu Hang Hau

• Interior size 2,100 sq ft with 2 balconies • Non-indeed garden 1,200 sq ft • Full sea views and surrounded by lush greenery • 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms • Carspace

• Size 2,100 sq ft • With garden sized 700 sq ft • 5 bedrooms enjoying open sea views • Open kitchen • Contemporary interior design • Carspace



(+852) 6605 4408

24 hotlistings




hotlistings 25



Harbour green, Olympic High floor (35th), very spacious, 1900 sq ft luxury flat with stunning view of Victoria Harbour and CEO clubhouse with modern facilities. High ceiling, partially furnished, 4 bedrooms, 3 toilets, spacious hall, dining area, attractive family kitchen + maid room and toilet. Balcony access. Rental price 53K/monthly. Interested parties please contact 62743130 or 93714271

La Cite Noble, Tseung Kwan O • 603’, 2 bedrooms, stunning sea view and green view, • Nice clubhouse and outdoor swimming pool • Steps to MTR, shops, restaurants, supermarkets • One car park space. • Newly renovation, with tenancy. • Asking $3.8M • Please contact Mr. Lau 6849 6904

The Capitol, Lohas Park 954’, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 1 store room, balcony, resident’s clubhouse, 24 hrs security. 1 year old development, south west facing, unblocked sea and mountain view, close proximity to MTR station. Asking $5.8M, please contact Mr. Lee 68516797

Walk-up building at SOHO with Rooftop Located at the heart of the city SOHO, the 420 sq ft apartment at Cochrane Street is a studio apartment with rooftop. . Nicely decorated for expat’s taste. Open kitchen. Fully furnished. Price: $3.98M. For details please contact Mr Chan 6807 1898

日出康城 首都 954呎,三房 連套房單位,另附露台及儲 物室,完善住客會所及屋苑管 理,無敵海景,毗鄰地鐵站, 售價580萬元,查詢:李先生 6851 6797

Views from the apartment


HotListings Owner-to-Owner Order Form

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House at Kam Sheung Road with Rooftop 700 sq ft plus rooftop 700 sq ft. Panoramic mountain views. 3 bedrooms. A few minutes to MTR station. Asking price $2.15M. Call 6605 4408 for details and viewing. 錦上路獨立屋 700呎連天台700呎,開揚翠綠山景,三房單位,鄰近錦 上路站,215萬元,查詢請致電6605 4408

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A x B - C = HK$ _________ Step 3 Payment By mail Mail the followings to Account Department, HotListings Company Limited, Suite 1801, Wing On Central Building, 26 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong (1) this form (2) your ad message (3) your crossed cheque payable to “HotListings Company Limited”

Hollywood Road, Central A 440 sq ft Amber Lodge apartment with a spacious bedroom. With a lot of windows facing to the Central Police Station, the apartment is sunny and nice breeze all the time. The building is located by the Mid-Levels escalator. Walking distance to restaurants, cafes, pubs, supermarkets and banks. Great access to public transport and close proximity to Central. Asking $4.2M / $17K. Contact Miss Leung 9037 2956 26 hotlistings

By email / fax Email / Fax the followings to / 2537-7586 (1) this form (2) your ad message (3) payment proof of Hang Seng Bank account 385-866165-883 Note: HotListings reserved the right to alter and cancel the Owner-to-Owner ads.

Enquiries 2537 7585 查詢

郵寄 請將以下資料郵寄至:香港中環德輔道中26號1801室房 地產資訊有限公司會計部 (1) 本表格 (2) 您的廣告訊息 (3) 以「房地產資訊有限公 司」為抬頭人的劃線支票 電郵 / 傳真 請將以下資料電郵或傳真至 / 2537-7586 (1) 本表格 (2) 您的廣告訊息 (3) 在恆生銀行賬戶365866165-883的付款證明 注意:HotListings保留更改及取消業主自讓廣告的權利 _______________________________________________ Signature and Date 簽署及日期 Name 姓名 Phone 電話

interior intelligence

The ten most important

Feng Shui Design Tips 家居風水基本法 If you wish to learn how to manage interior design according to feng shui design guidelines, Jakob Jelling from offers some major tips you must know. 將風水元素融入家居設計,可以讓你達到身心平和的境界。


y incorporating feng shui into interior design of our home, we can achieve a balanced and harmonic design for any environment. But there are many different kinds of rules and principles, which can sometimes can be confusing. So read the next paragraphs and learn the feng shui design most important tips. 1. Feng shui design should always be done having the people who will be in it in mind. People’s comfort must be a priority, and all you do must be done with that in mind. 2. You should be guided by the bagua map and the areas it indicates within that space in order to distribute objects and furniture in it correctly. 3. Make use of the main feng shui elements. An interior design uses furniture and objects which may contain the different elements. These elements should always be in harmonic quantities and according to the bagua map indications. 4. Different colors represent different elements and have different symbolisms; 28 hotlistings

so choose colours accordingly. 5. Good feng shui design does not allow dark spots in it since that doesn’t allow chi flowing properly. 6. You should choose carefully the shapes of the objects and furniture; different shapes provide different feelings as well as tend to balance in different ways. 7. Couches and chairs should always be placed in a way that allows those who sit on them to easily look at the door. 8. According to feng shui design guidelines beds should not be right across the door and ideally should have a wall at one side as protection. 9. Mirrors should be placed strategically according to the amount of light as well as which objects you wish it to reflect. 10. Correct feng shui design would allow people to feel good and comfortable in that interior without really noticing it has been carefully thought of. It should be natural and balanced, providing comfort to those occupying the space.

設計新居時應用上風水概念, 可以讓整體家居布局帶出平 衡而和諧的感覺,但由於風 水原理五花百門,讓我們一時之間亦難以 入手。其實我們可以還原基本步,謹記十 個風水基本法則,就可以輕鬆掌握當中竅 門。 一、家居的風水一定要以人為本,讓 住在裡面的家庭成員感到舒適,才是最重 要,一切配合風水的家居設計,都要以此 作出發點。 二、如果不知道家居各個位置應該採用 哪一種色彩、家具,或佈置物料,可以參 考八卦圖上的指示。 三、 一個好的風水室內設計,其佈局、 家具等可能採用了不同的風水元素,在籌 劃整體設計時,不妨參考八卦所提供的建 議。 四、色彩運用都十分重要,不同顏色在 風水學上具有不同意義,住客居住其中, 也有不同感覺。 五、要避免家居出現陰暗的地方,因為 這代表積聚「死氣」,對住客身心有不良 影響。 六、家居擺設和家具的形狀,也是風 水設計好壞的一個重要元素,這直接影響 到家居是否和諧、整體感覺是否平衡舒適 等。 七、風水學上,坐得四平八穩是十分重 要,所以客廳沙發、座椅等,最好背靠牆 壁,面向大門。 八、睡床最好不要正正對著睡房的門, 而且睡床最少要有一邊是靠著牆身。 九、擺放鏡子時要細心考慮室內的光 源,以及你希望鏡子反射甚麼影像,有時 候一些影像如街上的車流,經過鏡子的反 射,會令人感到不適。 十、好的家居風水設計是讓人感到舒適 之餘,卻不會覺得室內佈局是經過刻意經 營,而且整體設計應該是自然、平衡而和 諧,讓住在裡面的人感到十分自在。

interior intelligence Prosperity The area which you should pay attention to when you are having money related problems, its color is purple and the elements you should use in it are wood and water.

財運 紫色是趨生財運的顏色,在 家裡多使用木和水這兩種 元素,對此也有所幫 助。

Fame The area which should be paid attention to when wishing a reputation improvement of any kind; it is represented by the color red and its most important elements are fire and wood.

名譽 紅色可助你帶來名譽和地 位,相關元素是火和 木。

Relationships The area which should be improved when looking for starting or improving a relationship of any kind; its color is pink and the elements are earth and fire.

愛情 想促進愛情運勢,應多採用粉 紅色的家具,而土和火是 主要元素。


Family You can harmonize family boundaries by working on it. Make more use of green, black and blue furniture. Its main element is water.

Health can be improved by working on that bagua area of your house. Health colors are yellow, brown and orange, and its main elements are earth and fire.



想家庭和睦,可以多採用綠 色、黑色和藍色擺設,水是 相關元素。

暖和色系如橙色、黃色和褐 色,以及土、火元素,都可 以加強健康運。

Creativity and children


If you are wishing to have children or improve creativity. The colors of this area are yellow and earth tones, and its element is metal.

創意及生育 希望增添個人創意,或者想生小 孩,都可以用泥土色系,例如 黃色和褐色,金屬是相關 元素。

Skill and knowledge The colors you should use in order to improve the skills and knowledge life area are black and green and the element you should add is earth.

智慧 黑色、綠色兩種顏色和「土」 這個元素,可以增強你的 智慧。

Bagua and colour? 八卦和顏色 The feng shui bagua map is an octagonal shaped map which allows you to evaluate in feng shui terms any living or working space. According to the feng shui bagua map, each part of your house corresponds to one of nine different life aspect. 透過八卦圖概念,在設 計家居時應用不同顏 色、物料和擺設,有助 為住戶帶來好運勢。

The life area of career can be harmonized and improved by using blue and white in the space which corresponds to it as well as by adding some metal in it.

事業 藍色和白色的家居可以讓你事 業亨通,也可以不妨在家中 多採用金屬擺設。

Helpful people & travel Helpful people and travel is another bagua life area and can be improved by using white and black and by making sure it contains the elements metal and water.

貴人及出門 多使用白色和黑色的組合,並 配合金屬和水,可讓生活 和出門工作順利。

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food wise

Foreign Business People Making Hong Kong Home


Entrepreneurial spirits from across the globe and find great comfort in the variety and challenge of HK business. Many have already jumped a few hurdles (and careers) to get here. Damien Waite had a chat with one restauranteur whose heart was always where the kitchen was. Photos: Kendy Lam 越南小子闖盪世界,最終將道地家鄉美食帶到香港。


he classic small-business joke goes something like: “How do you have a successful small business? Start with a large one.” Market competitiveness, expenses and endless hours all take their toll on those who have decided to ‘ditch the boss’ and head out on their own. The Beginning 1975 was not only an interesting year for Chris Du, across the globe there were some other events affecting more people than one young Vietnamese boy. Of 30 hotlistings

course in his ancestral home people were fleeing the north of Vietnam with the end of the conflict there; in the U.S. people were celebrating the end of the neverending turmoil; the Watergate scandal gave the U.S. penal system its first three new inmates for the year, in Hong Kong spirits in the business world were lifting after the disasters of the 1973 market crash and the martial arts cinematic classic The Man From Hong Kong was released . Food-wise here 1975 saw the opening of the first McDonald’s store in HK in Causeway Bay.

C-Bay Causeway bay is the home to many restaurants now - but one of the more interesting inclusions to the local scene is Saigon Sàigòn - a Vietnamese restaurant that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that - what you get here is genuine, fresh Vietnamese food prepared by it’s owners, husband and wife team- Chris Du and Sally Nguyen. His chef training was at the coal-face: he was tutored at home from a young age with his parents drilling into him kitchen discipline and focus on producing

food wise

Chris Du

the tastiest of dishes, from the freshest ingredients. His expertise is Northern Vietnamese delicacies, the Southern favourites are Sally’s forte. Schooling? Yes - Chris went to university and graduated with a marketing degree. There was never even a suggestion of epicurean studies of any sort: his parents had drilled all he needed to know about Vietnamese cuisine into him. As for the marketing side of things, his degree and this took him as far as Washington, London, Shanghai and Tokyo and finally Hong Kong. His summary of these cities in a word? Sydney : laid-back Tokyo : confined Washington : serious London : fun Shanghai : complicated Hong Kong : work Baby Steps For business people from abroad looking to make a start in Hong Kong, either knowing the language, or being able to find language assistance is crucial

樣才能經營一盤成功的小生 意?有人打趣說道:「一開始 就經營大生意,就是小生意的 成功之道!」或許你和我心中都有一個創 業夢,不過當想到市場競爭、營運開銷、 以及超長工作時間等等的困難,就讓不少 人打退堂鼓。

要當上出色越南菜廚師,Chris自幼便 經歷艱辛的訓練,當年在他年紀小小時, 父母便要求他進入悶熱的廚房,苦練廚 藝;現在他得到父母的真傳,在銅鑼灣開 設越南菜館,夫婦兩人各司其職,Chris 負責北越菜色,而太太Sally則主打南越美 食。

從越南說起 一九七五年,不僅對來自越南的余兆 勝Chris Du來說,是一個重要的年份,當 時國際社會也風起雲湧:越南人為逃避越 共政權而紛紛出國;美國結束漫長的越南 戰役;水門事件令總統尼克遜諳然下台: 香港經歷七三股災後重拾經濟升軌;邵氏 憑洪金寶主演的電影《直搗黃龍》衝出國 際;麥當勞也進駐香港,在銅鑼灣開設首 家分店⋯⋯

校園生活 離開越南後,Chris在澳洲的大學獲得 市場學學位,但就從未正式接受餐飲業相 關課程。離開校園後,他先後在華盛頓、 倫敦、上海、東京、香港等不同大城市工 作,親歷各地生活環境和文化差異,如果 要以一個形容詞概括,他對每個城市的印 象是甚麼? 雪梨:悠閒 東京:拘謹 華盛頓:認真 倫敦:有趣 上海:處事手法令人難以理解 香港:工作工作再工作

立足銅鑼灣 銅鑼灣是不少餐廳的集中地,但在云 云食肆之中,越南餐廳「Saigon Sàigòn」 卻有點與別不同,因為這裡正是由來自越 南的夫妻檔Chris和Sally開設,如果希望 嚐到地道風味、由真正越南師傅製作的菜 色,這裡的美味可為饕客留下深刻印象。

香港創業第一步 香港機會處處,不少外國人都希望在 這裡闖一番事業;雖然被稱為「國際城 hotlistings 31

food wise Chris has this to say, “It’s very important to be able to communicate with people here in their own language - some can speak English, but it is far better to be able to speak with them in their native language.” Research was the second point he made: “Be prepared to carefully check all the options, because once you have started, you will be too busy to make any changes. And moving is hard here - you have to somehow move your customer-base with you, as well as your business.” At the outset Chris enlisted the support of InvestHK, and for their assistance is grateful. “(Start-up) Paperwork here is hard work if you’re not a local; they helped me with that and the legals and local know-how.” From Soil to Shop to Soup A high priority for Chris is freshness. Each day will begin early with trips to various markets to source fresh herbs for the restaurant. “The freshest ingredients are vital to genuine Vietnamese food: I shop from a Thai supplier each day - I even supply other restaurants.” He will alternate between cooking the lunch and dinner shifts with his wife, Sally, and when not cooking they will most certainly be found caring for their 18 month-old daughter. “Zara will be able to speak Vietnamese, English, Mandarin and Cantonese; she will have a great advantage.” As driven as he is, Chris is still focused on his core, and harbours no great ambition to be the next Ray Kroc , wanting instead to have control over the kitchen and put quality firmly over quantity, “ I would like to have a larger space, but that’s it - not extra restaurants.” Must-Have Dish 必食菜色 Bánh xèo - Savoury pork and prawn crepes. A patient flavour sensation regular customers will wait as long as it takes to have this carefully prepared dish on the table. 越式煎餅:由上等豬肉和 鮮蝦製成的烤餅,但是想 要品嚐到美食,當然要 有一點付出,烤餅製作需 時,客人請耐心等候! 32 hotlistings

市」,但當外國人想進駐香港市場,語言 卻是一個令他們最頭痛的事情。Chris也感 同身受:「在這裡做生意,能講流利中文 十分重要,因為這裡的人始終習慣用中文 溝通,對他們來說比較親切,顧客對你都 特別有好印象!」 他亦提醒新來港的創業者,在開始生 意前,一定要先認清事業發展方向,因為 香港生活節奏急速,一旦展開生意,就會 忙得連好好思考經營策略的機會也沒有。 他又提醒創業人士,如果經營像餐廳般以 累積熟客為主的生意,最好一開始就找 對鋪位,因為如果經常搬遷,很難挽留客 人,也對老闆造成很大困擾。 Chris也特別向創業者推介投資推廣 署,他們可以為外國商人提供各方面的協 助。「如果你不是本地人,你可能會覺得 在這裡開設生意的申請手續是十分繁複, 但投資推廣署由申請手續、法律問題以至 如何處理那些繁複的申請表格,都幫了我 一大把。」 天然食材 回歸基本步,一所餐廳能否經營成 功,食品質素始終是最重要,每天大清 早,Chris便親自到食材店購買當天所需的 材料。「對於正宗越南菜來說,食材新鮮 至關重要,我每天都特地到一家鮮為人知 的泰國土產店入貨,甚至有其他餐廳老闆 相信我的眼光,透過我購買食材!」 通常Chris與Sally輪流負責午市及晚市 時段,空閒時便會全力照顧十八個月大的 女兒Zara。「Zara在香港長大,我們打算 向她傳授越南話、英語、國語及粵語,希 望對她未來成長有很大的幫助。」 目前Chris仍然集中精力發展他的越南 餐廳生意,卻沒有野心要將它發展到「梗 有一間喺左近」,因為對他而言保持食品 質素,比擴大生意更為重要。「如果真的 要擴張,我會找一個面積更大的鋪位,而 不是開新的分店。」

3 Questions 三個疑問 1. Why did you decide to leave Australia? Australia was laid-back - I wanted more challenge. I would retire there, but work here. 2. From a marketing stand-point, what are the differences between Hong Kong and Australia? Australia was about promotions and development - to build iconology; here is more about selling. Getting the product out and sold. 3. How many days-off do you have in a week? (Laughs hysterically). None. Yet. 一、為何要離開澳洲到香港工作? 澳洲的生活太過悠閒,我希望生活有 更大挑戰性,所以來到香港工作,但我不 排除未來退休後,會再回到澳洲生活。 二、從市場學的角度來說,香港和澳洲有 何不同之處? 澳洲的商人比較注重推廣活動,讓品 牌深入民心;相對來說,香港比較注重推 銷產品,重點是將產品賣出去、拼業積。 三、你一周有多少天休假? 哈哈!我暫時都沒有放假機會!

InvestHK 投資推廣署 InvestHK was set-up by the HK Government and is the department for direct foreign investment. They offer free advice and can be reached at 投資推廣署是香港政府成立的機構,以協助外資企業進駐香 港,並提供免費建議,詳情可參考


Saigon Sàigòn 越南餐廳 R4, 7/F, Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣金百利中心7樓R4室 Tel: 3580 1551 Website:

food wise Discovery Bay Halloween carnival 2010 愉景灣萬聖節嘉年華 Spooky fun and excitement will be doubled in Discovery Bay during Halloween as events and festivities await you at D Deck, DB Plaza and DB North Plaza! The Discovery Bay Halloween Carnival 2010 - Double Scary Nights will be held on 30 & 31 October, giving you more time to experience the heart-stopping fun at Discovery Bay! Scary highlights includes haunted houses, heartpounding spooky carnival and golf cart dress parade. Free shuttle bus and ferry ride is offered upon spending. Visit or call 3651 2345 for details. 愉景灣廣場及 D Deck,將於十月三 十日及三十一日,一連兩天舉行萬聖 節嘉年華,讓大家體驗驚嚇又刺激的 節日氣氛,當中包括「鬼魅雙城」恐 怖屋、古靈精怪嘉年華、高爾夫球車 巡遊等等,達到指定消費金額,更可 獲贈免費回程船票,詳情請瀏覽www.或致電3651 2345查詢。 White truffles available at H one 品嚐白松露菌 White truffles from the forests of Alba are back in season and on the menu at H one at ifc mall in Central. Harvested in Italy’s Piedmont Region, Alba white truffles have a scent of wild garlic, with earthy undertones,

and it is essential not to cook this delicacy, but only to use it raw, grated onto a hot dish. Featured dishes including Beef Carpaccio with Celery Heart, Shavings of Parmesan Cheese with White Truffle (3gms - HK$498, 5gms -HK$658), Homemade Ravioli filled with Potato, Mascarpone and Egg Yolk with White Truffle (3gms - HK$ 588, 5gms - HK$ 788), Homemade White Truffle Ice cream. A delight enlightened by chef’s creativity. H one is at shop 4008 of ifc mall. For reservations please call 2805 0638. 來自義大利皮德蒙特地區的珍貴白松露 菌佳餚,現在已經在中環國金商場的 H one 供應,無論頭盤、主菜、甚至甜品雪糕, 都一應俱全,並且可以按顧客要求增加白 松露菌的份量,查詢請致電2805 0638。

A full-belly laugh 棟篤笑三人組來港演出 Prepare to laugh so hard it hurts with the Punchline Comedy Club from 11 to 13 November at Duetto, located in the Sun Hung Kai Centre in Wanchai. Veteran stand-up promoter, John Moorhead, is bringing over a superbly talented trioJohn Fothergill (UK), Tom Rhodes (US) and Nick Wilty (UK) for two hours of non-stop entertainment and side-splitting laughter. Tickets for the show are priced at $320 per person. People who book before 1 November qualify for a special early bird price

Golden wedding arches instead of traditional white ones 麥當勞婚宴派對 Starting in January, McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong will offer on-site wedding ceremonies, complete with meal deals for 50 to 100 guests, a wedding cake made from the fast food chain’s famous apple pies, and even Happy Meal toys for party favors. While several fast food chains have held individual weddings abroad and in the U.S., including Burger King and Taco Bell, the McDonald’s in Hong Kong is the first to actively promote wedding services. The bad news? McWedding toasts must be alcohol-free. And, the bride shouldn’t expect any special treatment. During the ceremony, business will go on as usual. 為搶佔婚宴市場,麥當勞將由明 年一月一日起開始,提供結婚派對服 務,每場派對可容納五十至一百人, 派對套餐包括場租,麥當勞食品、新 人結婚禮物、嘉賓禮物、場地基本佈 置、簡單音響設備及司儀。於結婚派 對上,新人將會以汽水敬酒,大玩遊 戲,並可要求製作氣球花球、蘋果批 結婚蛋糕。 麥當勞三間結婚派對指 定餐廳包括:金鐘海富中心分店、 美孚分店及堅尼地城士美菲路分店, 但派對並非「包場」,派對以外的餐 廳範圍,仍會如常營業。

of $270 per ticket. A delicious buffet is available before the show and costs $130 per person. Telephone Bookings: CityLine 2317 6666 or Duetto 2598 1222. Punchline Comedy Club邀請到棟篤笑三人組合來 港演出,分別是來自英國的John Fothergill、Nick Wilty、以及美國的Tom Rhodes。棟篤笑將於十一 月十一至十三日,於灣仔新鴻基中心Duetto餐廳舉 行,門票三百二十元,十一月一日前購買可獲五 十元折扣。此外,Duetto餐廳也會在棟篤笑舉行前 供應自助餐,每位一百三十元,訂票可聯絡購票 通2317 6666或Duetto餐廳2598 1222。

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bon voyage

BEST HIDDEN ISLAND GEMS 漫遊加勒比海小島 Find lost treasures in the Caribbean. 喜愛陽光與海灘,卻想體驗不一樣的旅程, 以下幾個人跡罕至的加勒比海小島,可能是 你另類的選擇。

Petit St. Vincent 小聖文森島

Saba 莎巴島

Tobago 多巴哥島

This tiny island in the Grenadines, south of the larger St. Vincent, is owned by one couple, who manage the 22 stone cottages on the island. There are no televisions and no phones - if you need something, raise a flag on your personal “message box” and a staff member will come running. Cottage can be booked from 小聖文森島位於大聖文森島以南,屬 格瑞納丁群島成員之一。這個島嶼由私人 擁有,並在島上經營二十二間石屋旅館。 這個島嶼既沒有電視也沒有電話服務,如 果需要旅館提供服務怎麼辦?答案就是在 門外掛上一面小旗幟,職員從遠處看到便 會前來效勞。你可以在 查詢訂房資料。

There are no beaches on this island, which is the top of a volcanic cone; the biggest activity is diving, not lounging. Some of the residents originally came from Scotland, so you might be surrounded by red-haired, freckle-faced locals. For a luxury hotel, stay at Willard’s of Saba ( or the Cottage Club, which offers less expensive, gingerbread-style houses on a lush hillside ( 莎巴島是位處火山的頂端,整個島嶼 並沒有沙灘,潛水就成為當地最佳活動。 島上部分居民是來自蘇格蘭,所以不少當 地人都有紅髮的特徵。此外,島上有不同 種類酒店提供,相對豪華的選擇可以考慮 Willard’s of Saba (www.willardsofsaba. com),如果想住得經濟一點,可以留意 Cottage Club (。

Tobago is known in connection with Trinidad, its sister island in the West Indies, but it is much more serene. The beaches are the main attraction; they are quiet and deserted (although Trinidadians often vacation here on weekends). You can also snorkel around the coral reefs. The Blue Haven Hotel has been popular with movie stars since the 1940s, and it now has historic charm with updated, stylish rooms. (www.bluehavenhotel. com.) 多巴哥島是千里達兩主島之一,其英 文名稱「Tobago」是因其出產煙草而得 名。該島迷人的海灘是吸引旅客的主要原 因之一,清澈的海水讓旅客可以潛水欣賞 漂亮的珊瑚群。

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Emirates business class promotion

Bangkok’s CentralWorld reopened

From now until 31st December, Emirates’ Hong Kong customers can travel on Best Price Guaranteed online Business Class fare to Bangkok from HK$3,924. Also, customers who book a Business Class return ticket can also enjoy a online offer from HK$26,059 for travel to Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, Munich, London Dubai. etc In addition, passengers can benefit from the generous baggage allowance offered on all Emirates aircraft – 30 kg in Economy, 40 kg in Business and 50 kg in First. 由即日至十二月三十一日,訂購阿聯酋航空由香港 前往曼谷的商務艙機票旅客,可獲得最佳價格「Best Price」計劃保證,以低至港幣$3,924起成行。旅客也可 以於航空公司的網站,以低至港幣$26,059購買其他航點 商務艙機票,當中包括杜拜、羅馬、法蘭克福、米蘭、巴 黎、倫敦等地。此外,乘客更可享有特大免費行李托運限 額,經濟艙為三十公斤、商務艙及頭等艙分別為四十及五 十公斤。

CentralWorld shopping complex in Bangkok reopened following major repairs after it was set on fire during the anti-government riots in May. About 400 of the 600 shops had reopened. It is expected CentralWorld should be fully open by the end of this year. Zen Department store, which adjoins CentralWorld, is planned to reopen in August next year. International brands such as Fred Perry, Stardivarious, Footwork Noir, Daks, Glam Rock and Berskha had just choosed CentralWorld to land in Thailand. 位於曼谷的CentralWorld商場,剛完成重建及修葺工 程,重新開幕。CentralWorld目前有八成零售點重開營 業,其餘將於十二月竣工,而相連的Zen百貨公司則將會 在明年八月重開。CentralWorld旗艦商戶包括Zen、Isetan 、SuperSports、Powerbuy、B2S等,並有超過五百間零售 店及一百間餐廳。另一方面,首度於泰國亮相的時裝店包 括Fred Perry、Stardivarious、Footwork Noir、Daks、Berskha 等,而泰國本地設計師亦有專屬區域。

Tel: 2801-8777

100 days charity adventure

Taiwan Flora Expo

Zuji Travelscope

On 1 March 2011, Hong Kongbased Morgan Parker and Simon Lock will represent non-profit foundation Wheel2Wheel, embark on a 100 day motorbike enduro-adventure, for charity. The duo with travel 10 Asia destinations and visit small organisation of the countries that is addressing one of most pressing issues. 100% of the money raised by will be passed to the ten selected charities. 本港商人Morgan Parker與Simon Lock, 將代表非牟利機構Wheel2Wheel,於明 年三月從香港出發,展開為期一百天的 電單車籌款之旅。兩人將駕駛寶馬電單 車,訪問亞洲十個國家和地區的慈善機 構,了解他們如何解決當地逼切的社會 問題。Wheel2Wheel所籌得之款項,將 全數撥捐十間獲選的慈善機構。

If somehow you have missed all the hype to this point, here’s a reminder that the much-anticipated 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo is just around the corner. Taiwan has been chosen as host site for the event. Featuring a theme of “Rivers, Flowers, New Horizons”, the Expo will include 14 exhibition halls, each with its own unique style, spread across an area of 91.8 hectares, all dedicated to showcasing notable achievements in horticulture. The fun will go on for six full months, starting from Nov 6th 2010 to Apr 25, 2011. 國際花卉博覽會將會在十一月六日至 明年四月二十五日,於台北舉行,長達 半年的博覽會,將會以「彩花、流水、 新視界」為主題,並有十四個不同場 館,展出台灣的花卉培植成果。

Why settle for the vague guidance of traditional horoscopes? Zuji’s new Travelscope can help you choose the perfect holiday destinations for you and the year ahead. Simply provide your date of birth to receive not only the best possible destination recommendations, but the best travel deals as well. $100 Zuji Dollars will granted to you for your purchase of Zuji’s travel products if you provide your email address at the end of the Travelscope test. 於即至十一月七日期間,凡透過Zuji Travelscope網站輸入出生日期,「旅遊 大師」便能因應你的命理作出旅遊建 議。在測試後輸入電郵地址,更可獲贈 價值港幣一百元的Zuji Dollar用作訂購機 票、酒店及旅遊套票之用。

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Aromatherapy for Cold & Flu 舒緩感冒

Biochemist and aromatherapy guru William Lui suggests how natural ways like aromatherapy could helps relieve cold and flu. 除了延醫治療,其實善用合適的香薰精油,也是可以大大舒緩傷風 感冒帶來的身體不適。


ith the summer over and kids back at school, we are getting into the “cold and flu” season again. In contrast to what most believe, we do not catch a cold because the weather is cold; the fact is we are in constant battle with germs everyday and everywhere. When our immune system weakens especially during weather changes , that’s when we are most likely to lose the battle. The common cold is caused by viruses and many of them are of the rhinoviral strains i.e. they enter our bodies through our mouths and noses. Surprisingly influenza, the flu virus, accounts for only about 10% of the common colds. Early signs of cold include scratchy throat, nasal congestion, mild fever, muscle tiredness and headaches. Early prevention and treatment are always the best approach. Apart from following your doctor’s advice and medication, aromatherapy can in many ways help in relieving the symptoms. The Blend The following essential oil blend has anti-flu, anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects, it also acts as a pulmonary expectorant which helps the body to expel excess mucus in the respiratory tract. This is a very powerful blend which can be used for steam inhalation, aromatic hot bath, skin absorption through massage rub. You can use one or a combination of them all. With the addition of resting, increasing fluid and Vitamin C uptake, avoiding dairy products and frequent hand washing, you can combat the cold virus and be your healthy self much faster.

Essential oil blend for Cold & Flu Rosemary essential oil 3 drops Lemon essential oil 3 drops Eucalyptus essential oil 3 drops Peppermint essential oil 3 drops Hyssop essential oil 4 drops 36 hotlistings

Combine the above and store in an amber glass bottle. Larger batch can also be prepared in advance. Applications For steam inhalation : use 3 drops of the blend in a bowl of hot water. Use a large towel to cover your head and over the bowl, close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly for a maximum of 10 minutes for full benefits. Repeat 2-3 times per day. For an aromatic bath : use 8-10 drops in a hot bath and soak for 15 minutes, dry your body thoroughly and keep warm, then rest. The same blend can be used for a massage rub for the lymphatic system. Mix 1 tablespoon of vegetable or sweet almond oil with 8 drops of the blend. Massage areas around the head and neck, focusing on the lymph nodes but stay away from the eyes, also inhale from your hands after application. Cover the massaged area with a scarf or towel to keep warm. This rub can be applied 3 times per day, once in the morning, once during the day and once more (and the best) before going to bed.

去秋來,逐漸步進流感高 峰期季節,也許很多人 會認為天氣變冷,病毒不 再活躍,感染流感的機會隨之大大下 降,現實中情況剛好相反,因為天氣 轉變會削弱我們的免疫系統,而且細 菌病毒無處不在,所以季節轉變,我 們更要加倍注意流感來襲,好好保障 我們的健康。 常見的普通感冒是由病毒引起,當 中大部分都是透過口腔和呼吸道入侵 我們的身體,至於由「流行性感冒」 病毒引起的感冒,其發病率僅為普通 感冒的一成左右,所以流行性感冒並 不如我們想像中般,在社區中那麼「 流行」。 早期感冒症狀包括喉嚨痕癢、鼻 塞、發熱、肌肉疲勞和頭痛,及早 治療是治癒的最佳良方。除了聽從醫 生的指示準時服藥,其實利用香薰治 療,也可以舒緩感冒帶來的不適感 覺。 精油組合 以下介紹的香薰精油組合可以對 抗感冒、抵禦病毒、以及達到抗菌功 效,它同時也有祛痰作用,可以為你 排去呼吸道多餘液體,以達到暢順呼 吸之效;此外,這個精油組合使用方 法多樣化,可以透過蒸氣吸入、香薰 浴、用按摩方法攝入皮膚等,甚至可 以同時使用幾個吸入方法,以達到更 顯注的效果。再加上好好休息、多喝 水、吸收維他命C,以及減少食用牛 奶製品及勤洗手,就可以輕易擊退感 冒病毒!

對抗感冒的精油組合 迷迭香精油 3滴 檸檬精油 3滴 尤加利精油 3滴 薄荷精油 3滴 牛膝草精油 4滴

well-being 將以上精油混和後,放在深色玻璃瓶儲存,你也可 以按以上比例,一次過製作較多的精油組合,以備日 後隨時取用。 使用方法 蒸氣吸入:將三滴混和好的精油,滴在一碗熱水 內,利用一條大毛巾蓋過你的頭部,然後探頭到碗的 上方,閉上眼睛,慢慢深呼吸以吸收蒸氣,每天可以 進行兩至三次,每次不超過十分鐘。 香薰浴:將八至十滴精油放在注滿熱水的浴缸內, 然後浸浴十五分鐘,記緊沐浴後要保持身體溫暖,最 好馬上休息或入睡。 按摩:這個精油組合也可以透過按摩攝入方法,達 到暢通淋巴的效果,將一茶匙的植物油或甜杏仁油, 混合上述的精油組合,在頭部及頸部按摩,特別要多 按摩淋巴核的位置,但同時要避開眼睛範圍,以免造 成不適;完成按摩後,用毛巾包著按摩過的部位,你 也可以用鼻吸入手上餘下精油的香氣。為了達到最佳 治療效果,你可以一天分別在起床、中午和入睡前, 進行一共三次的香薰按摩。

I want to know more about the basics of aromatherapy 想知道更多香薰治鸑的基本知識嗎? Biochemist and aromatherapy guru William Lui had detailed the basics of aromatherapy, including what apparatus do you need, tips and tricks in the past two issues of HotListings. To view the past issues online, please visit our e-magazine at hk/magazine 香薰治療專家William Lui在過去兩期HotListings介 紹了香薰治療的基本知識、所需用具、以及一些小竅 門,想重溫昔日雜誌,請瀏覽 hk/magazine hotlistings 37

Classifieds Living 生活

Home Improvement 家居 2880 0021

Effect Workshop Effect Workshop is an interior design and contracting company. We provide one-stop service including • Professional interior design • Project management • Contracting • Consulting service • Funiture design Office and showroom: 2/f, 23 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tel: 2625-4696 Fax: 2625-4553 Email: Website:

分類廣告 Home Improvement 家居

Island Crest 縉城峰

“Luxury that doesn’t cost the Earth” tel. 9770 4474

藝軒花園 Ngai Hin Garden 3106-2836 38 hotlistings


2857 7321

Ultimate Handyman Services House painting, moving, Demolition Masonry, Drywall, Tiles, Floors, Electrical, Aluminium, Hanging pictures For All Your Handywork Sam 6054-5377 6169-6874

歷山迷你倉 Alexander Storage 倉存服務,價錢實惠,月租由$150起 Storage services monthly rental ranges from $150. Tel: 2753-5855 Email: Room 206, Kam Hon Industrial Building, 20 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay

東誠僱傭服務公司 Oriental Employment Services Co. Ltd Provide a convenient way of hiring quality, well-trained, and experienced foreign domestic helpers. 堅道 Caine Road 2523-9911 第三街 Third Street 2419-6488

大埔汀角灣燒烤農莊 Ting Kok Bay BBQ Farm


Metro For rental please contact City 首 Metro City Property Agency C-030328 Tel: 2488 9051 / 9327 0679 元朗錦上路蓮花地250號 No. 250 Lin Fa Tei, Yuen Long, N.T.

別開生面的理財教室 「財富輪」

讓你的孩子從這套紙板遊戲中,學 習如何為自己的成長、教育、事 業、退休等人生目標作全面安排。

Brand new development project by Kerry Properties. The only development with full clubhouse facilities in the district. A few minutes travel to Central. 嘉里建設全新發展項目,區內唯一設有完善 會所屋苑,前往中區僅需數分鐘車程。

HK Boats and Homes This expert agency focuses on letting / buying vessels in Discovery Bay Marina. Boat owner Michele Cameron uses her own extensive experience to advise you on the entire process of acquiring your own dream liveaboard home. HK Boats and Homes is now expanding to include land-based properties in its ever growing portfolio. The company invites Hong Kong property owners and major landlords to post their property for lease and/or sale in Discovery Bay. For details please contact Michele on 6055 0146 and / or by email: michelejcameron@

Garden design and maintainance Plant rental 專營園藝設計及保養,十多年經驗,價 錢合理,用心服務,免費估價

Harmony Fitness Experience the “harmony” between hard core boot camp workouts and core-strengthening Pilates! Enjoy our workouts in an inspirational and positive atmosphere. Just show up for an hour of fun, motivation and teamwork provided by an energetic and encouraging instructor. Locations: • Central and Sheung Wan • Hong Kong Park • Kowloon Park • Discovery Bay Email: Website:

Real Estate 物業

佔地超過萬呎海景燒烤農莊, 免費車位,合全家,團體,學校及旅行團. 訂位電話: 2656 1346 或 5313 5848 Address: DD17-29, G/F, Ting Kok Road, Tai Po 地址: 大埔汀角路汀角村17-29號地下

Vi. An designs experienced designers for *interior design *home decoration *party / event design and decoration *furniture design *decorative lighting design Yan: 9316 8401

明記 Ming Kee 開鎖配匙 Locksmith and Locks 水喉冷氣 Pipe and Washroom Facilities 修理鋁窗 Window Repairing 新裝門鎖 Utensils and Plumber 電器維修 Air-conditioning Engeering 2548-2337 9174-8883 般咸道33號正街側 33 Bonham Road 承接大小裝修工程 手工專業 取價公道 電話:6344-9419 強師傅洽

以勒搬屋公司 Jireh Removal Co. • 專業搬屋 • 搬寫字樓 • 代客包裝 • 傢俬存倉 Tel: 3157-4178 8101-0195 Fax: 2666-5674 Website: Show your product or service here! Advertise here from only $240. Please contact our advertising team at 2537-7585 or You may also download our classified order form at 在這裡展示您的商品 只需$240起 無論您經營地產相關服務,或 希望推廣您的產品服務,在 「HotListings」的刊登分類廣告, 均可助您以最低成本,達到最高宣 傳效益,請到 hk/classifieds下載刊登表格,或致電 2537-7585查詢。

resources Procedures for Property Sale and Purchase (secondary sale) Vendor Vendor appoints an estate agent to sell the property.

Vendor and purchaser sign the Provisional (or Preliminary) Agreement for Sale and Purchase. The purchaser then pays the initial deposit, which is usually 3% to 5 % of the property price.

Vendor appoints his own solicitor. Solicitor prepares the formal Agreements for Sale and Purchase.

Vendor and purchaser sign the Agreements for Sale and Purchase. The purchaser then pays the further deposit, which is usually 5% to 7 % of the property price.

Solicitor checks the documents related to property ownership and mortgage loan.

Vendor signs the Assignment at the solicitor’s office on or before the completion day, hand over the key of the property to the solicitor, and obtain the remainder of property price.


Vendor and purchaser sign the Provisional (or Preliminary) Agreement for Sale and Purchase. The purchaser then pays the initial deposit, which is usually 3% to 5% of the property price.

Purchaser appoints his own solicitor. The solicitor checks the formal Agreements for Sale and Purchase submitted by vendor’s solicitor.

Vendor and purchaser sign the Agreements for Sale and Purchase. The purchaser then pays the further deposit, which is usually 5% to 7 % of the property price.

Purchaser applies for mortgage loan from a bank if needed. Solicitor checks the documents related to property ownership and mortgage.

Purchaser pays the balance of purchase price (Maybe arranged between the solicitor and the bank providing mortgage loan) and sign the Assignment.


Purchaser Purchaser appoints an estate agent to search for appropriate properties to buy; The purchaser inspects the property and negotiates the price with the agent or the vendor.

Mortgage Loan Repayment Schedule (For Every $1M) Monthly Rate repayment for 2.25% 2.5% 2.75% 3% 3.25% 3.5% 3.75% 4% 4.25% 4.5% 4.75% 5% 5.25% 5.5% 5.75% 6% 5 years $17,637 $17,747 $17,857 $17,968 $18,080 $18,192 $18,304 $18,417 $18,530 $18,643 $18,757 $18,871 $18,986 $19,101 $19,217 $19,333 10 years $9,313 $9,427 $9,541 $9,656 $9,772 $9,889 $10,006 $10,125 $10,244 $10,364 $10,485 $10,607 $10,729 $10,853 $10,977 $11,102 15 years $6,550 $6,667 $6,786 $6,905 $7,027 $7,149 $7,272 $7,397 $7,523 $7,650 $7,778 $7,908 $8,039 $8,171 $8,304 $8,439 20 years $5,178 $5,299 $5,421 $5,546 $5,672 $5,800 $5,929 $6,060 $6,192 $6,326 $6,462 $6,600 $6,738 $6,879 $7,021 $7,164 25 years $4,361 $4,486 $4,613 $4,742 $4,873 $5,006 $5,141 $5,278 $5,417 $5,558 $5,701 $5,846 $5,992 $6,141 $6,291 $6,443 30 years $3,822 $3,951 $4,082 $4,213 $4,352 $4,490 $4,631 $4,774 $4,919 $5,067 $5,216 $5,368 $5,522 $5,678 $5,836 $5,996 For an interactive mortgage calculator, please visit

Stamp Duty: Sale or transfer Amount or value of the consideration Rate Exceed Does not exceed $2,000,000 $100 $2,351,760 $2,000,000 $100 + 10% of excess over $2,000,000 $3,000,000 1.5% $2,351,760 $3,290,320 $45,000 + 10% of excess over $3,000,000 $3,000,000 $3,290,320 $4,000,000 2.25% $4,428,570 $4,000,000 $90,000 + 10% of excess over $4,000,000 $6,000,000 $4,428,570 3% $6,000,000 $6,720,000 $180,000 + 10% of excess over $6,000,000 $6,720,000 $20,000,000 3.75% $20,000,000 $21,739,120 $750,000 + 10% of excess over $20,000,000 4.25% $21,739,120

Stamp Duty: Lease Exceed

1 year

Term Does not exceed 1 year 3 years

3 years Not defined or is uncertain Key money, construction fee etc. mentioned in the lease Duplicate or counterpart

Rate 0.25% x of the total rent payable over the term of the lease 0.5% x of the yearly or average yearly rent 1% x of the yearly or average yearly rent 0.25% x of the yearly or average yearly rent 3.75% of the consideration if rent is also payable under the lease. Otherwise, same duty as for a sale of immovable property $5 each

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resources New Developments Directory Property Hong Kong Island Belchers Hill 寶雅山 The Sail At Victoria 傲翔灣畔 Island Crest 縉城峰 The Babington Seymour 懿峯 39 Conduit Road 天匯 Gramercy 瑧環 Park Rise 嘉苑 SOHO 38 Harbour One 維壹 Larvotto 南灣 33 Cape Road 環角道33號 Radcliffe 靖林 Serenade 上林 Broadwood Twelve 樂天峯 Queen’s Cube The Oakhill 萃峯 York Place The Java 渣華道98號 Kowloon The Masterpiece 名鑄 The Cullinan 天璽 The Harbourside 君臨天下 The Arch 凱旋門 The Hermitage 帝峰‧皇殿 Florient Rise 海桃灣 Harbour Green 君匯港 i-home Grand Waterfront 翔龍灣 The Latitude 譽.港灣 The Forfar 懿薈 Celestial Heights 半山壹號 Harbour Place 海濱南岸 Aria Kowloon Peak 峻弦 One New York Man Cheong Court 文昌閣 New Territories Valais 天巒 St. Andrews Place Goodwood Park YOHO Midtown The Westminster Terrace 皇璧 Hong Kong Garden 豪景花園 Le Bleu Deux 水藍‧天岸 Park Island 珀麗灣 Hill Paramount 名家匯 Bella Vista 碧濤花園 The Palazzo 御龍山 Marbella 迎濤灣 Lake Silver 銀湖‧天峰 Légende Royale 富匯半島 40 hotlistings


Sales office

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Average $ per sf Enquiries

New World Hongkong Land Kerry Wheelock WingTai Asia Henderson Phoenix Henderson Kerry Emperor Sun Hung Kai Tai Cheung Shun Tak Hongkong Land Hopewell Nan Fung Lai Sun Chinese Estates Emperor

42-44 Belcher’s Street 86 Victoria Road 8 First Street 6D-6E Babington Road 5/F, 318 Hennessey Road 39 Conduit Road G/F, 92 Connaught Road C 17 MacDonnell Road 38 Shelley Street Elizabeth House, Causeway Bay 10/F, One IFC 33 Cape Road 120 Po Fu Lam Road 11 Tai Hang Road 12 Broadwood Road 239 Queen’s Road E Room 1701, Causeway Plaza 2 22 Johnston Road Elizabeth House, Causeway Bay

Closed 2pm – 7pm By appointment By appointment By appointment By appointment By appointment By appointment By appointment 1pm-8pm By appointment 10am-6pm By appointment By appointment By appointment By appointment 12nn-8pm Weekends 2pm-6pm 1pm-8pm

732-2,198 618-3,741 496-2,996 902-2,301 1,888-2,348 2,808-7,622 437-2,972 1,256-2,872 400-708 895-3,700 591-3,920 3,000-4,000 3,620 1,349-3,958 1,650-3,236 401-582 875-3,062 567-2,200 425-2,197

25,000 12,000↑ 13,542 15,000↑ 30,000↑ 42,000 19,000 21,352 18,000↑ 14,000 14.700 18,000 21,000 20,000 23,000 15,730 14,022 14.300↑ 12,000

2816 2811 2810 9293 2524 8484 2118 2688 8203 2838 2908 8111 2322 3330 2908 8111 2524 8484 2892 2838 3119 0008 2532 2688 2859 3111 2522 1963 2863 3163 8109 8282 8109 8282 6221 2388 2892 2838

New World Sun Hung Kai Hang Lung Sun Hung Kai Sino Nan Fung Sun Hung Kai Chinese Estate Henderson Sun Hung Kai WingTai Asia Cheung Kong Sun Hung Kai Sun Hung Kai Sino Fair Ocean Shipping

18 Hanoi Road Kowloon station Kowloon station Kowloon station Olympic City 2 38 Cherry Street 8 Sham Mong Road 38 Larch Street 383 To Kwa Wan Road Millennium City 6, Kwun Tong 2 Forfar Road 80 Sheung Shing Street 35/F, Block 3, 8 Oi King Street 16/F, One IFC 468 Castle Peak Road 55 Fuk Wing Street

10am-7pm By appointment By appointment By appointment 10am-8pm 10am-8pm By appointment 11am-7pm 11am-7pm Closed By appointment By appointment 10am-8pm By appointment 10am-7:30pm 11am-9pm

816-5,260 800-2,289 1,026-2,922 505-5,497 375-1,900 598-1,987 617-2,147 509-1,182 462-1,766 571-2,032 2,342-2,498 1,440-3,000 559-770 533-4,700 325-657 883-1,030

17,363 25,000 13,000↑ 15,000↑ 15,715 13,000↑ 8,500↑ 5,912 10,000↑ 10.600 20,000↑ 12,000↑ 7,557 9,034 5,855 3,700

3119 3119 3119 0008 8203 0010 2119 0008 2721 8388 2995 3096 8100 9880 6221 2388 2362 1880 2922 8822 8109 3000 2186 8822 8100 9880 8330 0338 8103 6661 2959 2120

Sun Hung Kai Sino Sino Sun Hung Kai Grosvenor Chinachem HKR Sun Hung Kai Henderson Chinachem Sino Chinachem Sino Henderson

28 Kwu Tung Road 38 Kam Tsui Road 138 Hang Tau Road 3/F, Sun Yuen Long Center 2A Yau Lai Road, Castle Peak Road 100 Castle Peak Road 12 Tung Chung Waterfront Road Block 19, Park Island 18 Hin Tai Street 23 On King Street 28 Lok King Street 28 On Chun Street 599 Sai Sha Road Sam Mun Tsai Road

By appointment By appointment By appointment 3pm-8pm 12nn-8pm 9am-8pm 10am-8pm By appointment 10am-8pm 11am-9pm 10am-7pm 11am-9pm 10am-7pm 10am-7pm

2,531-8,052 4,848-7,510 3,002-3,383 483-1,563 3,237-6,500 1,136-1,328 681-1,836 449-1,468 1,456-5,252 920-1,602 684-4,178 664-1,060 695-2,416 2,600-1,100

10,119 15,000↑ 13,000 5,700 13,000 2,500 5,100↑ 7,700↑ 10,836 4,500 13,000 4,300↑ 8,200 7,000↑

3119 0008 8208 8223 2721 8388 8100 9880 2772 3889 2491 1051 2109 0888 3119 0008 2908 8111 2739 8811 8106 0028 2630 9010 8108 8300 2144 2186


Villa Oom defines what true luxury living means on Phuket: residing in a private and secure seafront villa that is immersed in natural and architectural beauty; but still within footsteps of worldclass beaches, activities, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. The villa’s modern architectural design features an open living plan that combines indoor and outdoor space, situated around the cliff-side infinity pool and accentuated by the striking Andaman Sea and heavenly Surin Beach vistas. Interiors are crisp with smart use of local Asian stone and hardwoods and detailed with contemporary art, antiques and comfortable, over-sized leather furniture. Three spacious bedrooms are spaced out over the three levels allowing each guest to find their own personal sanctuary with private sea view decks, lavish beds and en suites. The Master Suite, located two levels down from the main living/pool deck area, consumes the entire bottom level featuring a sumptuous soaker tub and perhaps the most spectacular view on the island. Prices from USD 2M

V i l l a Oom


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