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Postharvest Directory The need for innovation is a constant in any business activity, but it is particularly prominent in the field of fresh, semi-processed or processed food that must meet the demands of consumers who have an abundant supply of food – usually, not correctly distributed when thinking in a global level - and that, with or without crisis, there is a lack of willingness to go back on their demands for quality, ease of use, hygiene, food safety, respect for the environment, respect for human rights‌ This creates the exciting challenge for those companies supplying a constant R & D & I that meet these demands. As with biological evolution, the improvements occur step by step, in contributions that are rarely extraordinary, but that gradually respond to these demands. The Postharvest Directory is one of the "showcases" associated with the Postharvest,, web portal which, year to year since 1998, it gathers the innovations of the companies that participate in, and also of those companies that do not take part in the portal but want to be present in a document that synthesizes the technology of conservation of fruits and vegetables. The ordering of companies in Postharvest Directory is alphabetical, with table contents located on the next pages, alphabetical and by topic. We emphasize the growing importance of information in plant material; the demand for varieties with more attractive organoleptic characteristics and proper conservation to the different ways of commercialization, makes this type of search one of the most frequents. Cooling technology does not escape of the need for versatile equipment in its utilities; vacuum pre-cooling shows a range of equipment from one pallet ... to many. The same happens with the offer for ripening, a practice that extends to other species aside from the classic banana, seeking to meet consumer demands for consuming a mature product (something in which it is important to keep in mind that also influences the suitable moment for collection). It also highlights the information in "green" technologies such as phytosanitary, coatings and strategies of use that reward the less aggressive in terms of chemistry and environment. Prolonged preservation techniques have been adapted to the ban on the use of classical antiscald products in Europe, which has been a technological challenge, with continuous work looking for more accuracy in what with the detection of the vitality of stored fruits has to do. The precision in the detection of the quality in store is the basis for continuous improvements, either for the visible as the invisible quality, and the use of the enormous amount of data that generates the demands of traceability and others; taking advantage of the "big data" is something that many companies already do very well. Accuracy in the cate-


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An overview to innovation by companies gories of quality, weight, waste in industrial processes, ... sum huge amounts of money and for this, appropriate tools and technologies are required. Packaging is the culmination of the selection process which allows to protect the product, to prolong its conservation and in many and desirable cases to identify the producer that with so much care and technology offers its products to the market. The improvements in machinery that reduce processes costs and allow the access to modern packaging to companies across the range of sizes, are continuous. The equipment for "beginners" are currently an offer of the leading technology providers, both in packaging and warehouse machinery, as well as machinery for minimally processed or processed. There are many producers who want to make the leap to offer a product with added value and the initiation equipment are the ones that allow to take this step. Fairs are the forums in which these technologies are presented personally. The Postharvest Directory has information about the main equipment, as well as on quality control and assurance services recognized in the main consumer markets.

Follow us The Postharvest Directory complements its offer of information to be up-to-date on quality fruit, vegetables and ornamentals which is daily published on the Postharvest portal and weekly every Monday at Postharvest News. We do also have information in Spanish, through Directorio Poscosecha, Poscosecha web portal and Poscosecha News (Tuesdays and Fridays). Through the social networks; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the information is reported immediately and accurately. The publications called Actual and Info have "vertical" information (by species), not only about postharvest, but also about field and greenhouse technology. Currently we have the Info Root Vegetables which is written in English. Like Postharvest Directory and Directorio Poscosecha, they are documents in pdf format, freely accessible online (in the mentioned web portals, in Horticulturablog, in our channel, in Biblioteca de Horticultura, our horticulture library). Biblioteca de Horticultura is constantly enriched with subjects treated in monographic form in the style of articles of access which are normally free, online. Papers are mostly in Spanish language, but not only. Alicia Namesny,

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Info Pimiento, Spanish language, continuous updating, Info Tomate, Spanish language, continuous updating, Info MelĂłn y SandĂ­a, Spanish language, continuous updating,

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General Index

Activity sectors.............................................................................................. 12

Enterprises listed by alphabetic order.................................................... 15 Outstanding international enterprises................................................... 18

Enterprises, products and services.......................................................... 21

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Activity sectors

Varieties of fruits, vegetables or ornamental species with outstanding characteristics for the consumer or the distributors: long life, taste, flavour, nutritional content, etc.


Agrochemicals (Phytosanitary products) ●

Cooling and controlled atmosphere ●

Packinghouse machinery

Minimally processed, ready to eat, and processing equipment ●

Packaging and labelling Equipment ●


Postharvest fungicides; waxes; hormons, cleaning products and products to disinfect packinghouses, grading lines, cool chambers, etc.; products to preserve flowers, cool chambers, sanitizers, etc. Humid air precooling systems, vacuum coolers, hydrocoolers, cool chamber equipments, icing machines, isolating panels, thermic aisling, aisling doors, CA generators Fungicides dosifier equipments, lines for conditioning produce and flowers, bunching machines, machines to take the leaves away, bin dumpers, washers, transport chains, color selectors, waxers, cleaners, brushers, fruit labellers; tray, box or bin fillers, etc., graders, shell brokers

Washers, cutters, dryers; lines to produce juices; freezing, canning, pastes; hotel, restaurant and catering machines

Wrapping and packaging machines, 2nd. peel, netting machi­nes, sewing machines, weighers, flow pack, thermoforming, vertical packaging, labellers (except fruit labellers), pricing, label printers, code machines, palletizers, etc.

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Packaging and labelling Materials and Auxiliary equipment ●

Consumer packaging: punnets, trays, bags, flexible plastics, papers, etc. Transport packaging: boxes, crates, bins, pallets, corners, palletizing materials (netts, plastics), strapping machines and materials, stapling machines and staples, labels, etc. Machines to open plastic boxes, to conform carton boxes, to recicle boxes, to clean boxes, etc.

Logistic and distribution

Palletizing, cool transport (refrigeration equipment for trucks, trains, containers, etc.), controlled atmosphere transport, containers, racks, separating materials (blowed bags), forklifts

Point of sale

Bar code readers, weighers; normal or refrigerated showcases, posters for shelfs, vending machines, illumination, other decoration elements, promotional articles, floral foam, decoration for ornamentals (ribbons, decorated papers, etc.)

Information, administration, planning and services ●

Control and measuring devices ●

Laboratories, consultings and engineering (plant design and turn key projects), techniciens, quality control and certification, magazines, videos, internet sites, software, research institutes, work wear, credit companies, insurance companies, banks, exhibitions

Laboratory equipment, glass materials, refractometers, thermometers, ripening determination, etc.

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Enterprises listed by alphabetic order

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Agricoat Natureseal Ltd. ................................... 92

Fam n.v. ................................................. 96

Janssen PMP Argentina.................... 66

Fam-Stumabo Ibérica s.l. ............................................. 96

Janssen PMP Belgium....................... 66

Agrosta s.a.r.l. ...................................... 22 Analytica Alimentaria ....................... 24

Felix Instruments ............................... 48

Janssen PMP Singapore................... 66

Analytica Alimentaria GmbH ......... 24

Fomesa Fruitech, s.l. ......................... 50

Janssen PMP US.................................. 66

Janssen PMP Japan............................ 66 ..................................... 54 Fruit Attraction ................................... 56


Fruit Logistica Messe Berlin GmbH .................58, 107

BG Door International b.v. .............. 93 Bizerba Ibéria España, s.a.u. ........... 26 Brifer Services, s.l. .............................. 58 BrimaPack b.v. .................................... 94

G Growpack, Ltda. ...............................107

M Macfrut - Cesena Fiera S.p.A........... 68 Moelco Levante, s.l. ........................... 99


Giró GH, s.a. (Central Ventas Iberia)....................... 63

C Citrosol .......................................... 30, 95 Compac Sorting Equipment Ltd ................................... 34

Giró GmbH ........................................... 63

Pac Life ................................................100

Giró Pack Inc. ...................................... 63

Palempordanes, s.l. .........................103

Giró Pack, sa de c.v. ........................... 63

Plastidom Plásticos Industriais e Domésticos s.a. .............................101

Grupo Giró (Oficinas Centrales)..................... 60, 63

Compac - Locations .......................... 39


D Daype 98, s.l. ....................................... 40 Decco Ibérica Post Cosecha, s.a.u............................. 42



Helios International ..................................... 54

Sakata Vegetables Euroe s.a.s. ....... 70



Interko .................................................. 97

TECNIDEX, Fruit Protection, s.a.u. ............... 72, 74

Intersemillas ........................................ 64 Elanexpo .............................................. 46

Productos Citrosol, s.a. ............. 30, 95

Isolcell Italia S.p.A. ............................. 98

THM, Tecnologías de Horticultura Mediterránea ....................................107 Tomra Sorting Solutions ................. 78 T.R. Turoni s.r.l. .................................... 80


SPE3, s.l. -


U ULMA Packaging ............................... 82 Unitec s.a. ............................................. 86 Unitec s.p.a. ......................................... 86 Unitec Chile S.p.A. ............................. 86 Unitec France s.a.s ............................. 86 Unitec Ibérica s.l. ................................ 86 Uniservice Sicilia s.r.l. ........................ 86 Unitec USA Universal Technologies .................... 86 Urschel International Ltd. .............102

V Van Wamel b.v. .................................103 VDH Products ...................................104 Veserkal - Tesi Industrial Europa, s.l.............................................. 76

X Xeda International s.a. ..........106, 108

W Weber Cooling .................................105 Wop Dubai ........................................... 88

SPE3, s.l. -



Outstanding international enterprises Varieties

Isolcell Italia s.p.a. ......................................98

Intersemillas ................................................64

Moelco Levante, s.l. ...................................99

Sakata Vegetables Europe s.a.s. ............70

VDH Products ............................................104 Weber Cooling ..........................................105

Agrochemicals (phytosanitary products) Agricoat Natureseal Ltd. .........................92 Decco Ibérica Post Cosecha, s.a.u. ...................................42

Packinghouse machinery Compac Sorting Equipment ...................................................34 Daype 98, s.l. ................................................40

Fomesa Fruitech, s.l. .................................50

Growpack, Ltda. .......................................107

Janssen PMP ................................................66

Tomra Sorting Solutions .........................78

Productos Citrosol, s.a. ..................... 30, 95

Unitec s.p.a. ..................................................86

Tecnidex, Técnicas de Desinfección, s.a. ........ 72, 74

Van Wamel b.v. .........................................103

Cooling and controlled atmosphere

Xeda International s.a. ................. 106, 108

BG Door International b.v. ......................93

Minimally processed, ready to eat, and processing equipment

Productos Citrosol, s.a. ..................... 30, 95

Fam n.v. .........................................................96

Interko ...........................................................93

Urschel International Ltd.......................102


SPE3, s.l. -


Packaging and Labelling Equipment, materials and auxiliary equipment Bizerba Ibéria España, s.a.u. ...................26 BrimaPack b.v. .............................................94 Daype 98, s.l. ................................................40 Grupo Giró (Oficinas Centrales) ............................ 60, 63

Fruit Logistica ....................................58, 107 Helios International ..............................................54 Fruit Attraction ...........................................56 Macfrut Cesena Fiera S.p.A. ....................................68 THM - Tecnologías de Horticultura Mediterránea..............107 Wop Dubai ...................................................90

Pac Life ........................................................100 Plastidom - Plásticos Industriais e Domésticos, s.a .....................................101

Control and measuring devices

ULMA Packaging .......................................82 Veserkal - Tesi Industrial Europa, s.l. ....................................................76

Agrostra s.a.r.l. .............................................22 Felix Instruments .......................................48 T.R. Turoni s.r.l. .............................................80

Logistic, distribution and point of sale Bizerba Ibéria España, s.a.u. ...................26 Veserkal - Tesi Industrial Europa, s.l. ....................................................76 Zumex Group, s.a. .......................... 120, 123

Information, administration, planning and services Analytica Alimentaria ...............................24 Elanexpo .......................................................46

SPE3, s.l. -




SPE3, s.l. -


Enterprises, products and services

SPE3, s.l. -



AGROSTA SARL 13 Rue du Bastringue 76440 SERQUEUX (FRANCE) Ph. +33-(0)6 89 49 43 40 Today, Agrosta is the most innovative company in electronics for fruits and food business, and provides reliable instruments worldwide Our instruments are produced in France, and have all been designed with users, and modified according to their requirements Each new model is tested directly on several batches of fruits or food in our lab Each device is seriously tested and calibrated before expedition Every day, we work at improving our instruments, and we propose new generations according to the progress of electronics and computers The next step for Agrosta is to design instruments dedicated to surgery, medicine and veterinary research - We have started several projects in this field. PENEFELÂŽ LC

Low cost but powerful penetrometer made in EU

ter for measuring the crispness / firmness for crisp fruits like apples or pears. It is a digital statistic instrument. Made in EU. Available only online, AGROSTA invites to buy this penetrometer for replacing your old handheld penetrometer, and obtain the average for each batch. Its capacity is 20 Kg with a precision of +/-1 gram. The average of the batch is displayed on first line, and the current measurement is displayed on second line. It can be mounted on a stand. Available in Grams or Lb versions. AGROSTA 100 USB

Firmness tester for soft fruits

The Agrosta 100 USB, by AGROSTA, is a firmness tester for soft fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, etc. It has been designed in 2016. It is a PC powered instrument, based on Durofel principle, provided with a software for Windows. A voltage booster has been embedded in this last version in order to keep accuracy even with very low battery levels of laptops or tablets. On top of that, its price is very competitive! AGROSTA BALANCE

A very interseting weight recorder for fruits PenefelÂŽ LC, by AGROSTA, is a penetrome-

AGROSTA is pleased to present this very special weight recorder. Just place your fruits one after each other

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on the weighing sensor, and the weights are recorded on the SD card.

displayed directly by batch after measurementThe maintenance is very simple, you just need to clean the tip after use.

Agrosta Balance classifies the data by batches and provides statistics. AGROSIZE

Digital Caliper for Fruits


Automatic texturometer for fruits

Cross the plastic door with the fruits of your sample, the size is automaticallycalculated, memory 500 data that can be exported directly to Excel with the softprovided for windows - Precision 1mmExists in 2 different sizes - Contact us for more info AGROSTA14 MOTOR

Automatic penetrometer for fruits We are really proud of this instrument, which is the most modern penetrometer worldwide - Including technologies like Touch switch, SD..It is adapted for apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cucumbers, potatoes.. firmness measurement by penetrometry. The sensor moves down, touches the fruit, penetrates with very precise run, and comes back automatically. The storage capacity of the sd card is huge (More than 10 000 batches of 450 fruits…), and compatible with Excel - Statistics are

Measure the firmness of any citrus fruit… on a very precise way, avoiding operator mistake - Completely designed and produced in Europe (Electronic boards from Italy, all other parts + assembly and calibration from France).

SPE3, s.l. -



Analytica Alimentaria “WE ENSURE FOOD SAFETY” ANALYTICA ALIMENTARIA is an internationally operating company dealing with food safety issues. We are an independent laboratory, specializing in the analysis of pesticide residues, pathogen germs and other food contaminants, mainly on fruit and vegetables. We combine testing strategies, onsite presence in cultivation areas and rst-class analysis. This 3-stages-approach enables us to oer strategic advice and food analysis across the entire supply chain, meeting customer and consumer demands. As a result, we proactively help to identify and prevent food crises at an early stage. Analytica Alimentaria is a leading company and a rst-choice consultant for all matters involving safety and risk avoidance in the food industry. Our results provide a solid basis for decision making in food safety questions. For this, the samples for analysis have to be taken in the right place and at the right time. The results need to be highly reliable and delivered on time to avoid problems in the supply chain – one of the most important conditions for many of our customers. Analytica Alimentaria provides across-the-board expertise and formidable resources. Together with our team we guarantee compliance with the most demanding standards of the global markets. We sample and analyze food and develop and implement customized food safety concepts. Furthermore, our research leads to new analytical methods. The key factors of our success are: strategy, speed, transparency, independence and trust. Analytica Alimentaria holds ISO 17025 accreditations from European and international accreditation bodies for all relevant sampling and testing activities.

ANALYTICA ALIMENTARIA GMBH Berlin-Brandenburg site Dreilinden Technology and Industry Park Fahrenheitstr. 5 14532 Kleinmachnow, Deutschland Ph. +49-33203 88480

ANALYTICA ALIMENTARIA Polígono Industrial, Sector 20, C/ Carbón Portal 2 04009 ALMERÍA - SPAIN Ph. +34-950 622 809 Fax +34-950 220 522

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BIZERBA IBERIA ESPAĂ‘A, S.A.U. C/ Pallars, 461 08019 BARCELONA - SPAIN Tel.: +34-902 760 376 Retail scales Slicers and food processing system Retail Software Industrial scales Dynamic Checkweighers Weigh price labeling systems Inspection systems Logistics systems Industry software Labels Care products Dynamic checkweigher CWE maxx

avy or light products. Bizerba is displaying the BRAIN2 Capture software module to optimise and analyse the production facilities or lines: it records the data of all connected Bizerba devices, such as checkweighers, price labellers and inspection systems. The program stores individual values and data records or information on metal identifications in a central SQL database. Metal detector Varicon+

Quick and reliable detection of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals in packaged and unpackaged piece goods. Compact metal detection system for inspection of piece goods of up to 50 kg. The robust s/s conveyor belt construction guarantees highest search sensitivity and stability. For automatic ejection of metal-containing packages, an optional separating system including pusher and reject bin is available. Thanks to Bizerba’s extensive range of accessories numerous different systems can be customized for your specific needs. The VARICON+D series is designed for dry areas and the VARICON+W series for wet areas.

Standard checkweigher for quality assurance at the highest level.

These devices are conform with BRC, IFS and HACCP guidelines Integrated models are available for the Bizerba checkweighers and GLM-I series labelers.

The standard model of the dynamic CWEmaxx checkweigher is designed for outputs of up to 400 weighings per minute. The device categorises fruit based on defined weight classes and sorts these into heMore in Postharvest



X-ray inspection systems

it is also suitable for use as a total value printer for price labeling lines and checkweigher lines. In the GLM-B maxx, label rolls with a diameter of up to 300 mm can be processed. Thus retrofitting time is reduced - especially with large labels. Label Dispenser LDI-20

The monitoring and analysis of all relevant quality parameters from formulation and completeness check through to foreign object detection, packaging and labeling are top priorities for food manufacturers. Product inspection system MXV PACK ensures 100% control. Logistics labeling system GLM-B maxx

Individual labeling of fresh produce such as apples, kiwis or tomatoes is becoming increasingly significant in retail. In particular, consumers are expecting information on the origin of each product. In order to react to customers’ wishes, fruit and vegetable retailers are increasingly labeling their products individually. Marketing messages or competitions can also be communicated via labels. The new LDI 20 excels at this task. Price and goods labeling system GLM-Ievo 200

The automatic Bizerba labeler GLM-B maxx makes things easy for you: It can be easily integrated into conveyor systems and data systems and thus ensures correct labeling from the case to the pallet. Devices of the GLM-B series can be used as OEM belt labeler in stand-alone operation or can be directly controlled by EDV systems. Thanks to the Bizerba system design,

Big 3: Performance, Plug-In™ Label and Quality Check Inside - more customer benefits for future requirements. The intelligent labeling line GLM-Ievo designed for automatic weighing and labeling of prepackaged goods comes in different versions. Due to its modular design it can be optimally configured for products and performance requirements in the food

SPE3, s.l. -



area. Thanks to the modular system and an output of up to 200 packages/minute there are no limits for today’s and future requirements in the industrial food area.

Weigh price labeling system GLMEmaxx 50/70

Label printer GLPmaxx 80/160

Exact weighing, accurate labeling – and saving a great deal of time. The GLM-Emaxx is a fully automatic labeling device of space-saving design which has mainly proved successful as entry level class.

Thermal direct / thermal transfer printer for more features, more convenience, more functionality. Regardless if used as standalone printer, total printer or if used for weight-related product labeling, the GLP maxx with its Intel® Atom™-based hardware is the ideal solution for today’s and tomorrow’s requirements. The GLPmaxx can be used as a label printer for product labeling in the food processing industry as well as in manufacturing trade and logistics. It is perfectly suitable for dispatch and stock labels. In combination with the Bizerba weighing technology it is the perfect starter kit for manual price labeling.

Impresses in many industries: For variable weight price labeling and product labeling in retail, trade and small industrial plants GLM-Emaxx offers most up-to-date features. Performance taking up minimal space. This compact, fully automatic machine with a small footprint can be used as a selfcontained device with manual feed or can be integrated in existing production lines for fully automatic weigh price labeling. The GLM-Emaxx can be connected to two labelers which work with either air-jet or piston applicator. Another highlight is the high quality, easyto-clean frame of the GLM-Emaxx.

The printers are network compatible and can also be controlled directly via the Internet. Settings and maintenance of the printer unit can be made without need of any tools - reducing costs and increasing print quality.

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Industrial software _portionControl.BRAIN

on the efficiency of each work station and the tasks of your staff. Thanks to the intuitive user-friendly system users become quickly familiar with the system without special training. About Bizerba: Bizerba offers its customers in industry, trade, and logistics a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software around the central value “weight�. This portfolio includes products and solutions related to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labeling. A wide range of services from consulting and service, labels and consumables to leasing complete the portfolio.

The iS20 becomes a compact scale solution, when combined with the iL Economy 300/SP Type2 industrial scale. Optimize your manual filling process with _portionControl.BRAIN Software _portionControl.BRAIN optimizes the process of your products to be packaged. The system signalizes if a tray is under- or overfilled thereby allowing fast and accurate filling. Easily manage article data, tare values and tolerance limits in the central system. Due to the networking of up to 32 scales per line you can centrally manage and control them in an industrial terminal. Weight values are stored in the central database.

Since 1866 Bizerba has made a significant contribution to the developments in the area of weighing technology and today is represented in 120 countries. The customer base includes globally operating companies in trade and industry as well as retailers, bakeries and butcheries. With 3,400 employees worldwide and with its headquarters in Balingen, Baden Wuerttemberg, Bizerba has been in the same family for five generations. Additional production facilities are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, China and USA. Bizerba also has a global network of sales and service locations.

The _portionControl.BRAIN software combined with a _portionControl scale, central network approach, high accuracy and instant weight detection provides you with the perfect filling workstation. Send articles, tare values and tolerance limits from the iS 70 terminal to the weighing stations. Depending on the scale being connected, tolerance limits are optimally shown by an integrated LED display or via bar graph. Increase throughput with _portionControl.BRAIN and be up-to-date

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Productos Citrosol At CITROSOL, for over 50 years we have devoted ourselves to research and to development, introduction and commercialisation of post-harvest technology and treatments to maintain the commercial quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. We ensure that fresh fruit and vegetables reach the consumer without losses, with all their flavour, with maximum life, at the best moment for consumption. Our ADVANCED POST-HARVEST SOLUTIONS are blazing the trail for post-harvest technologies and treatments: CITROSOL A S UE wax for citrus products, with its low drying temperature, which achieves considerable energy savings and a remarkable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the ZERO SPILL SYSTEM®, which maintains initial treatment effectiveness without generating fungicide suspension residues, the Fortisol Ca and Fortisol Ca PLUS plant strengtheners, hydrosoluble salts of Ca, P and Na that stimulate the natural defences of the product, helping to control post-harvest decay and rind breakdown, and the combination of X3 NEBULIZER + GLOCUAT PC or QUACIDE PQ60 EC, a simple but innovative technology for disinfecting packinghouses. We are currently working on the control of post-harvest diseases in other fruits and vegetables, including peppers and tomatoes. We will soon be marketing an integrated system for washing peppers that ensures the food safety of the product, controls decay in all varieties of peppers and achieves a considerable reduction in water consumption. Citrosol has treated over 200 million tons of fruit (citrus, pears, apples, bananas, etc.), and this has enabled us to offer the best solutions to thousands of customers all over the world and to design new developments in more effective and more efficient postharvest systems. We have a multidisciplinary team specialising in postharvest technology and biology, electromechanics and engineering, quality control, chemistry and microbiology, working in a matrix organization system, constantly alert to detect and satisfy the needs of our customers and society in our area of activity.

PRODUCTOS CITROSOL, S.A. Partida Alameda, s/n 46721 POTRÍES POTRIES (Valencia) - SPAIN ESPAÑA (Spain) Tel./Ph.: Ph. +34-96 +34-96 280 05 2801205 12 Fax:+34-96 Fax +34-96280 28008 0821 21

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Productos Citrosol X3 NEBULIZER + GLOCUAT PC

Effective disinfecting has never been so easy and cheap as nowadays

The winning combination that CITROSOL has developed: the X3 Nebulizer mobile unit together with Glocuat PC, a “ready to use” biocidal disinfectant. The nebulizer mist behaves like a gas that can reach any area or surface in the packinghouse, and on contact with walls or objects it becomes a liquid with practically total fungicidal/bactericidal effectiveness. The mobile unit allows the introduction of sequential C+D (cleaning+disinfection) programs in all rooms and areas in the packinghouse, with very low structural costs.

greenhouse gases (CO2, CO, etc. ) during this process is, as a consequence, also lower.


A new system for on-line application of fungicides which reduces treatment variability by keeping the concentration of fungicide constant


CITROSOL has developed a complete line of citrus covering waxes that is also effective at much lower drying temperatures This low drying temperature wax allows energy savings of 60-70% compared to traditional waxes. The amount of energy needed for drying the wax is therefore reduced. Emission of

This fungicide application system is very superior to other systems presently used in pre-grading – both pools and on-line systems. It reduces treatment variability and keeps constant fungicide concentration. Besides, consumption of those agrochemicals is sharply reduced. It includes our technology ZERO SPILLAGE SYSTEM®.

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Phytofortifiers against postharvest decay and rind breakdown


Excellent efficiencies in environmental Citrosol has developed FORTISOL® Ca Plus water-soluble salts of Ca, K and P that produce greater stimulation of the fruit’s natural defences against active pathogens in postharvest treatment of citrus. Fortisol® Ca has proven effectiveness in reduction and control of postharvest discolouration and in decay control. Fortisol® Ca PLUS has an enhanced efficiency in decay control. Both phytofortifiers are effective in controlling postharvest decay and rind breakdown.

disinfection and surface disinfection of cold stores


Is the first industrial system that has a maximal efficiency and homogenity in controlling rot and decay It keeps the fungicide mixture in the drencher and deposit unchanged, allowing its continuous recycling and obtaining a constant efficiency in the treatment. At the same time, the need to treat surplus mixes is avoided, because their composition remains unchanged. The mixes can be recycled and used again during the whole citrus harvesting season.

FUMISPORE® has excellent efficiencies in environmental disinfection and surface disinfection of cold stores and several items of packinghouses, including machinery, as it is not corrosive or toxic, neither for humans or the environment (the security time is 4 hours). The combination active substance + ignition system can achieve high biocide efficiencies in any area due the high diffusion of the produced gas. Its efficacy in disinfecting field boxes and bins is also particularly high and relevant.

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Compac Sorting Equipment Compac design, install and maintain end-to-end packhouse solutions that reduce labour, increase throughput, improve accuracy and consistency and provide market compliance and traceability. They invest heavily in developing leading-edge technology to ensure optimized performance potential for every packhouse and back this up with advanced training programs and on-going support. Compac’s European operations are based in Valencia, Spain, the birthplace of global postharvest machinery experts, Fomesa Group, a company acquired by Compac in 2013. Established in 1955, Fomesa was originally focused on citrus within the Valencia region but over time expanded to be active in over 57 countries and recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of quality equipment.

COMPAC SORTING EQUIPMENT LTD 11 Spring Street - P.O. Box 13516 ONEHUNGA - AUCKLAND - NEW ZEALAND Ph. +64-9-634 0088 Fax +64-9-634 4491

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Avocado Solutions

Our turnkey packhouse technology is designed with your produce in mind - from infeed through to after sales support.

Apple Solutions

Compac works with the world’s leading apple packers. We deliver unrivalled performance in terms of speed, handling, blemish detection and sorting accuracy. Compac has over 25 years experience designing and building turnkey apple packhouse technology; from infeed through to our world class after sales support. The benefits of our end-to-end apple solutions are: Gentle handling Grading speeds of 12 apples a second Minimized product giveaway World-leading blemish detection Unrivalled internal quality sorting Full traceability from orchard to supermarket Packing performance metrics and compliance Lower labor requirements Greater crop returns

Compac works alongside avocado packers to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit weight grading, colour sorting, internal quality and blemish detection. Our end-to-end avocado solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent apple quality, resulting in a greater return from their packed crop. Backed up by packing performance metrics from their system and compliance with traceability requirements. We have installations in 40 countries and specialise in designing and building packhouse technology solutions; from infeed through to our worldclass after sales support.

Cherry Solutions

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COMPAC works with the world’s high performance cherry packers to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit sizing, colour sorting and blemish detection. Our end-to-end cherry solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent cherry pack quality, resulting in a greater return from their packed crop. Backed up by packing performance metrics from their system and compliance with traceability requirements. We have installations in 40 countries and specialise in designing and building packhouse technology solutions; from infeed through to our worldclass after sales support.

Citrus Solutions

Compac works with the world’s high performance citrus packers to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit weight grading, colour sorting, internal quality and blemish detection. Our end-toend citrus solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent citrus quality, resulting in a greater return from their packed crop. Backed up by packing performance metrics from their system and compliance with traceability requirements. We have over 25 years experience designing and building complete turnkey citrus packhouse technology solutions; from in-

feed through to our world class after sales support.

Kiwifruit Solutions

Compac works with the world’s high performance kiwifruit packers to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit weight grading, colour sorting, internal quality and blemish detection. Our end-toend kiwifruit solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent kiwifruit quality, resulting in a greater return from their packed crop. Backed up by packing performance metrics from their system and compliance with traceability requirements. We have over 25 years experience designing and building complete turnkey kiwifruit packhouse technology solutions; from infeed through to our worldclass after sales support.

Stonefruit Solutions Compac works with a variety of stonefruit packers to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit weight grading, colour sorting, internal quality and blemish detection. Our end-to-end stonefruit solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent stonefruit quality, resulting in a greater return from their packed crop. Bac-

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ked up by packing performance metrics from their system and compliance with traceability requirements.

quirements. We have installations in 40 countries and specialise in designing and building packhouse technology solutions; from infeed through to our worldclass after sales support. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS

We have installations in 40 countries and specialise in designing and building packhouse technology solutions; from infeed through to our worldclass after sales support.

Tomato Solutions

At Compac we’re committed to smart, innovative research and product development. As a market leader, our focus is on continual innovation that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations and raises the benchmark for the industry as a whole. Our R&D focus allows us to meet the current demand of today, as well as accurately forecast future packhouse trends. Our ability to stay ahead of the market has contributed to our success. Our award-winning team of highly skilled engineers, design, build and install Compac turnkey solutions that reduce costs and increase packhouse profitability for our customers.


Compac works along side the tomato packers to deliver them outstanding performance in terms of fruit weight grading, colour sorting, internal quality and blemish detection. Our end-to-end tomato solution ensures our customers experience gentler handling, greater throughput, lower labor requirements and improved, consistent tomato quality, resulting in a greater return from their packed crop. Backed up by packing performance metrics from their system and compliance with traceability re-

Infeed is the first stage of our packhouse solution and is the method by which produce is transferred onto the line. Beginning with tipping, the infeed process includes small fruit eliminator, washing and treatment, a chemical treatment, waxing, polishing and drying.

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Sorting & Grading

Data & Analytics

Sorting and grading is central to Compac’s turnkey packhouse solution and incorporates our industry-leading InVision and Taste Tech NIR systems. These innovative systems allow packhouses to reduce labor required for sorting, whilst significantly improving the consistency and accuracy of the sorted product.

Compac’s data and integration solutions track and record all produce as it crosses the sorter. This information can be shared with other packhouse systems for improved operations and reporting.


Bagging and Packing

Compac provides a wide range of products to cater for the demands of different packhouses including bag, tray, box, punnet, bin filling and pattern packing options. As with all of our solutions, we can customize the way the produce is packed to meet your requirements.

Compac’s robotics solution is the final piece of your complete turnkey packhouse solution. Our system is designed increase efficiency within your packhouse and is ideal for high volume operations.

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Compac New Zealand (Bay of Plenty) 560 Jellicoe Street PO Box 564 Te Puke Bay Of Plenty 3153 NEW ZEALAND Craig Hart +64 7 573 0100 Service & Support: +64 7 573 0100 Hawkes Bay - New Zealand 15 Barnes Place Hastings, Hawkes Bay

A Compac retrofit enables you to get the most up-to-date Compac Sizer and InVision software with features such as multipack weight optimization and smart outlet allocation strategies. OUR LOCATIONS Compac Australia (VIC, SA, NSW) Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales Ben Aldridge +61 428 627 572 Service & Support: 1800 682 857

New Zealand Allan Mouat +64 21 503 307 Compac New Zealand (head office) 11 Spring Street PO Box 13 516 Onehunga Auckland 1643 +64 9 634 0088

Compac Australia (QLD. WA, NT, TAS) COMPAC SORTING EQUIPMENT LTD Shop 31C, 25 Mitchell Street Shepparton Victoria 3630 AUSTRALIA Grant Konias +61 3 5822 0466 +61 418 269 233 Service & Support: 1800 682 857

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Daype 98 At DAYPE 98 SL we produce products for the agricultural sector as the spare parts for the leek and tender onions washing machines, which we have already sold in some countries of Europe and Mexico. We also make plastic boxes for strawberries and cherries, which have the advantage of being able to use them more often. We have been dedicated to plastic injection since 1998 and continue to manufacture plastic products for sectors such as agriculture, poultry, industry, construction, home, decoration, and so on. We also dedicate ourselves to the molding (molding of steel molds to shape the pieces of plastic), among which we highlight the mold we made for the vegetable boxes of Mercadona supermarkets.

PRODUCTOS DAYPE 98 S.L.CITROSOL, S.A. PolĂ­gono Partida Alameda, Industrial s/nCastilla VIAL 2 Nave 1 46721 CHESTE 46380 POTRIES(Valencia) (Valencia)--SPAIN ESPAĂ‘A (Spain) Tel./Ph.: Ph. +34-962 +34-96 512280 09605 12 Fax:+34-962 Fax +34-96 280 51408 016 21

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Decco World leader in post harvest solutions since 1934. For decades growers and packers have trusted Decco, and Decco has come through with quality post harvest products, equipment and services, helping process countless billions of citrus, apples, stone fruits, potatoes and many others... treating each piece like it was the most important one ever grown. At our Decco manufacturing and research facilities we constantly strive to improve our formulations, product and equipment services.

PRODUCTOS DECCO IBÉRICA CITROSOL, POST COSECHA S.A. S.A.U. Villa de Alameda, Partida Madrid, 54s/n - Polígono Ind. Fuente del Jarro 46721 PATERNA 46988 POTRIES (Valencia) (Valencia)--ESPAÑA SPAIN (Spain) Tel./Ph.: Ph. +34-96 +34-96 13 44280 01105 12 Fax:+34-96 Fax +34-9613 280 4308 907 21

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- NATURCOVER. Edible coating (citrus, pears, apples, potatoes..). Decconatur Waxes: CITRASHINE PLUS NATURE & CITRASHINE NATURE DOBLE. DECCO STORAGE SOLUTIONS

Liquid formulation of micronized calcium carbonate. It reduces crop stress face to high temperatures and drought, protects against sunburn, acts as a barrier against fungi and improves postharvest quality extending shelf life of treated products. Recommended for melon, watermelon, apple, pear, olive trees, citrus, vineyard, mango, avocado, pineapple and other vegetables (tomato, pepper..).


Line of products that provide protection for the flowers, fruit and vegetables in post harvest. DECCO- ADSORB. Combination of high porosity zeolite with potassium permanganate. Delays ripening and aging by oxidation of ethylene and volatile. Tubes for trucks and containers. Sachets individual boxes. Machines for cold storage or market. DECCOPAC. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). DECCO-SENSORS. Temperature recorders for transportation and storage. DECCOPOT

Alternative Product line with Zero Synthetic residue. Decconatur cleaner: DECCOSOL. Decconatur Disinfectant: DECCOSAN FH. (Hydrogen peroxide + Peracetic acid). Decconature treatments. - DECCONATURE. Strengthener vegetal extract - DECCOFITO. Potassium phosphate. - DECCOPLUS. Food additive for decay control

Product line of fumigants for disinfection of empty rooms, trucks and containers. Allowed in food industry and livestock.

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Deccofenato POT. Orthophenylphenol Deccoamonio Pot. Quaternary ammonium DECCO AEROSOL PLUS. NEW!!!

DECCO AEROSOL PLUS is an innovative system of disinfection by cold fumigation using a full-discharge aerosol. This aerosol pot is fitted with a valve that is pressed until trapped, staying then opened until all the content in the pot is released and diffused into the air. Full-discharge pots Decco Aerosol Plus contain E-202 preservative. This food additive is effective against fungi, bacteria and yeasts. It is used in food industry as a preservative in refrigerated dough, pasta, prepizza, frozen pizza, beverages, tomato sauce, margarine, cheese, stuffing, yogurt, nuts, ice creams, sausages, etc, and it is authorized for fresh citrus treatment. Consequently, Decco Aerosol Plus can be used in empty rooms in any type of food and/or agriculture industry.

Decco Aerosol Plus full-discharge system is comfortable and safe for the user. It does not require any application equipment nor represents any risk for the facilities, since there is no combustion. Pots can be applied in any closed environment or room

such as cold rooms, chambers, manipulation rooms, cooled trucks, etc. Using preservative E-202 does not trigger the appearance of resistant strains of microbial flora; therefore, pots can be periodically used. Its frequent use allows reducing or maintaining low contamination levels, (avoiding fruit inoculation during fruit and vegetable postharvest period), as well as avoiding food contamination in food industry. Industrial applications in cold rooms or trailers showed a reduction of ambient contamination between 70-80%. Having in mind that this is a food preservative with the mentioned advantages, we can consider Decco Aerosol Plus as a powerful tool to be used in food industry at a low cost. MELANITE

Formulation EC - Propiconazole 10%

Decco New postharvest synthetic fungicide developed for Geotrichum and Penicillium control of citrus fruit. Melanite is formulated as emulsifiable concentrate (EC) with propiconazole. Melanite used in in-line drench application acts on citrus cell membrane with protective and curative action against sour rot and green mold development. Melanite residue is authorized in the EU, United States and Canada. MRLs: EU 6ppm USA and Canada 8 ppm It shows low toxicity and it is compatible and shows a positive synergy with other fungicides.

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Elanexpo ELANEXPO offers a full range of professional organizer services for the leading trade shows on international level. With its rich experience ELANEXPO has been delivering world-class events in the world`s fastest growing countries ,featuring local, regional and international exhibitors with unmatched expertise and market knowledge. ELANEXPO to date has successfully completed numerous of trade shows catering to different sectors such as Real estate & Investment, Construction & Building Materials, Furniture & Decoration, Food & Agriculture, Beauty & Cosmetic, Fashion & Textile, Healthcare & Medical Products, HVAC, Landscape & Urban, Municipality & City Planning , LED & Advertising. Our company organizes international exhibitions throughout Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda. The ELANEXPOS’s commitment to ongoing innovation within the exhibition industry has supported the rapid growth and development of a wide range of business-to-business and business-to-consumer shows, and delivered consistent satisfaction to exhibitors and visitors. Our portfolio of more than 30 fairs annually addresses the most dynamic sectors in the regions.To date, hundreds of companies and professional visitors have attended the biggest and most significant trade shows held by ELANEXPO. These important international events are regularly organized on an annual basis. ELANEXPO delivers contacts, content and communities with the power to transform your business. ELANEXPO represents a global network of events, expertise and knowledge which our participants can benefit with our professional organization.

ELANEXPO ISTANBUL - TURKEY Ph. +90-212 273 18 88 Fax +90-212 273 18 19


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res the light interactance with molecules to assess the quantity of key quality traits.

FELIX INSTRUMENTS APPLIED FOOD SCIENCE 1554 NE 3rd Ave. QA 98607 CAMAS - USA Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science designs, engineers, and manufactures tools to measure fresh fruit quality and to perform precise gas analysis. Growers, packers, and distributors use our instruments to maintain and optimize produce quality and to extend shelf-life. Our portable tools provide objective, repeatable data on gas concentrations, and other key quality indicators such as dry matter, total soluble solids (TSS or brix), acidity, color, and more!

The model-building software included with the device allows for customizable calibration for specific varieties and regions. F-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer

Continuous, sensitive ethylene measurement in real time!

F-750 Produce Quality Meter

Measure produce quality quickly and non-destructively!

The F-750 Produce Quality Meter non-destructively and rapidly analyzes internal traits of fresh produce through near infrared analysis (NIR). The F-750 sends particles of light into the fruit and then measu-

The F-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer nondestructively measures ethylene in real time, providing Quality Assurance professionals with the data they need to manage ethylene accurately and efficienty. Using two electrochemical sensors, the F-900 measures ethylene from 0-200 ppm with a lower detection limit of 0.04 partsper-million (ppm). The patent pending “PolacCept” filter removes polar hydrocarbons from the gas stream to ensure that measurements are not polluted by compounds such as ethanol.

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F-920 Check It! Gas Analyzer

Precise measurements for optimal quality!

monitoring ripening gases throughout the storage process. F-950 Three Gas Analyzer

Fast, accurate, & cost-effective analysis

The F-920 Check It! Gas Analyzer is a handheld device that measures headspace gas rapidly and reliably. Perfect for use in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications, quality control managers can easily take measurements with the F-920 straight out of the box, with little to no training. The lightweight, handheld package enables the user to take measurements virtually anywhere in the supply chain from the packing house to the retail shelf. The built-in data logger stores thousands of data points and conveniently communicates data through USB or Bluetooth onto a PC or tablet for later analysis. F-940 Store It! Gas Analyzer

To achieve ideal conditions in any environment, the F-950 measures critical ripening gases to maintain optimal produce quality at every phase.

F-960 Ripen It! Gas Analyzer

Fast, accurate, & cost-effective ripening analysis

Maintain storage to optimize quality!

The F-940 Store It! Gas Analyzer makes it easy for Quality Assurance managers to increase shelf-life and prevent spoilage by

The F-960 Ripen It! Gas Analyzer rapidly measures ethylene, CO2, and O2 to assist with decision making throughout the produce ripening process.

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Fomesa Fruitech Fomesa Fruitech, S.L., is a world-leading group in postharvest treatments of fruit and vegetables. Fomesa´s commitment goes beyond the sale of its products. Fomesa Fruitech also offers professional advice in various fields, such as diseases and pathologies caused by pathogen agents, on the application of authorized products for post-harvest treatments for different varieties of fruit, as well as on systems and treatments for fruit and vegetables in cold storage. Fomesa Fruitech also manufactures and installs equipment for degreening chambers and different models of control equipment and automatic dosage of gases required in the degreening process. One of our best assets is the technical support that we offer to our customers around the world to solve each of the problems that arise in the daily task of lengthen the shelf life and improve the quality and presentation of fruit and vegetables.

FOMESA FRUITECH, S.L. Camí del Racó, 10 - Pol. Ind. Norte 46469 BENIPARRELL (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph. +34 963 211 862 Fax +34-961 214 113

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Fomesa Fruitech FOODWAX

Edible coating for postharvest treatment of citrus and other fruits and vegetables Composition based on edible products, extends on the surface of fruit and vegetables and forms a glossy film, improving their appearance and delaying aging of the produce. Weight losses are reduced due to lower respiration and transpiration rates, lengthening the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. Composition: Edible products, water and other inert substances. Characteristics: Aspect: Brown liquid. Smell: Agreeable. pH (20ºC): 7.0 – 8.5. Density (20ºC, kg/l): 1.030 – 1.065. Packaging: Bags in 20 l boxes.


Fumigant fungicide based on Imazalil

It comes in cans which are used for postharvest treatment of citrus, apples and pears in storage or maturation chambers. It controls the main rot causing fungi in citrus and pip fruit: Penicillium, Phomopsis, Diplodia, Gloesporium, etc.


Protection for harvested fruit and vegetables

FRUITCARE – SK protects harvested fruit and vegetables improving its response to aggressive environments. Composition:Potassioum sorbate (E 202) 30 % P/P. Characteristics: Aspect: Yellow – orange liquid. pH: 9.40 – 11.00. Density: 1.110 -1.150 g/mL. Packaging: Plastic carafe. Net contents: 25 kg.


Keeping the original color of the fruit

New Product of the Green-Line Series, to reduce the incidence of storage scald in apples cv. Golden Delicious and pears (cvs. Blanquilla, Rocha and Conference). It presents an anti-senescent effect, acting on the ripening process, consequently helping to maintain freshness and the initial color of the fruit.

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Based on Imazalil and tiabendazole


Increases resistance to disease

Concentrated fungicide suspension for postharvest treatment of citrus and pip fruit.

FRUITGARD -70 (T) controls the main fungi causing rots: Penicillium, Alternaria, Botrytis cinerea, Diplodia, Phomopsis, Gloesporium, etc.. It inhibits sporulation of existing fungi, thus preventing its spread. FRUITCLEANER-FP

Increases resistance to disease of fruit and vegetables. Composition: Essential oil 25 % P/P Characteristics: Appearance: Spongy powder. Density: 0.750 ± 0.050. Presentation: Tin cans. Net content: 300 and 600 g of fumigant. WATERWAX

Used to brighten, polish and preserve citrus

Detergent for fruit and vegetables It is a detergent for fruits and vegetables with food preservative. Composition: Food preservative: 20% food preservative. Characteristics: Appearance: Reddish- brown clear liquid. pH: 10.50 12.50. Density: 1050-1110 g / mL (approx.). Presentation: Plastic drums. Net content 200 lbs. PHILABUSTER 400-SC

Para el tratamiento poscosecha de cítricos y peras Suspensión concentrada de los fungicidas IMAZALIL y PIRIMETANIL. Controla los principales hongos causantes de podredumbres en dichos frutos: Penicillium spp, Botritis spp, Colletotrichum spp, Gloesporium spp, etc. Inhibe la esporulación de los hongos existentes y evita su propagación“

WATERWAX is used to coat the citrus fruit, enhancing its appearance and lengthening its conservation. The product is for treatment of citrus to be traded within the European Union. The wax is sprayed on the fruit through the nozzles of an applicator placed on a mechanical brush.

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POSTHARVEST DIRECTORY 2017 is the Leading BtoB website for Fruit & Vegetable. is also providing: News, Databases, Leads Generation, Promotion campaigns, e-mailing campaigns… on 5 continents. Since 1935, Fructidor has won a unique reputation as an expert INFORMATION and SERVICES provider for growers, importers, exporters, pre-post harvest professionals in the industry. First, Fructidor is publishing an extensive database of Fruits and Vegetables professionals WORLDWIDE. This database is both printed and online with a total of 110.000 professionals in 138 countries. Information includes: - List of professionals: Growers, Importers, Exporters, Packers, Wholesalers, Transporters, Buying Groups, Hypermarkets, Pre-post harvest companies as packaging, grading machines, laboratories… - Activity types - Products - Seasonality - News ... Today with online technology, importers, exporters, pre-post harvest companies use our services to acquire new customers, to level up their visibility, to provide their sales team with QUALITY LEADS and DATABASE. is also providing: - News - Databases - Leads Generation -.Promotion campaigns includinf editorial coverage -.e-mailing campaigns… on 5 continents Thanks to our world trade network and a growing presence on the main world events, the directory FRUCTIDOR.COM is an inestimable, comprehensive and reliable BOOSTER for your activity. We speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian… come and meet us !

HELIOS INTERNATIONAL BP 51269 84911 AVIGNON CEDEX 9 - FRANCE Ph. +33-(0)4-90 89 33 00 Fax +33-(0)4-90 88 28 49


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Fruit Attraction International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry EVENT DATES: From 18/10/2017 to 20/10/2017 EVENT VENUE: Feria de Madrid - IFEMA, Avenida del Partenón no. 5, 28042 – MADRID TYPE OF EVENT: Trade only FREQUENCY: Annual 2017 FORECAST: 1,500 Exhibitors from 30 countries 60,000 Trade Participants from 110 countries 45,000 Exhibition area (net m²) AT FRUIT ATTRACTION YOU WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO: - Present your products, varieties and added services to the international distribution channel. - Enter into agreements with the world’s retail sector. - Highlight your capacity to work to procurement schedules, volumes and scheduled deliveries. - Nurture personal relationships and provide services to retailers and marketing organisations. - Showcase your product guarantees and services regarding supplies (traceability, protocols and transport). - Show the distribution channel the activities and sales campaigns you are carrying out to boost consumption of your products.

IFEMA Calls from Spain: 902 221 515 International Calls: +34-91 722 30 00 FOLLOW US: @FruitAttraction


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Fruit Logistica This specialist trade fair offers the sectors connected with the fresh fruit and vegetable business an ideal opportunity to present their products across the entire added-value chain, from growing to the point-of-sale. Compact duration, focused appeal to target groups and maximum effectiveness are the key features of FRUIT LOGISTICA. Products on show include fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, herbs and spices, organic products and self-service flowers and potted plants. Suppliers of products and services for packaging, storage, transport, warehousing and product presentation also exhibit their offerings. A further important element of FRUIT LOGISTICA is the service market with IT solutions. FRUIT LOGISTICA: The whole spectrum of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector Fresh fruit and vegetable Dried fruits and nuts Packaging & labelling Transport and logistical systems Produce handling and storage Press and media Computer and internet solutions Cultivation systems Represented in Spain By Brifer Services, s.l.

BRIFER SERVICES, S.L. Representante oficial de Messe Berlin en EspaĂąa, Andorra y Gibraltar Arturo Soria, 320 - 9ÂşD 28033 MADRID - SPAIN Ph. +34-917 672 767 / Fax +34-917 669 932 /


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Grupo Girรณ The Giro Group is a worldwide leader in horticultural packaging systems. More than 50 years in the industry guarantees our reputation in the development and distribution of net packaging solutions for the fresh produce. Giro offers the widest range of systems to fit the needs of different markets through the largest production capacity of knitted tubular nets and printed films for packaging. Our business model is unique in the world that provides an integrated solution in our industry where the packaging system (machinery, consumables and after-sales) is designed, produced and marketed under a single business group, ensuring a perfect harmony.

GRUPO GIRร“ (OFICINAS CENTRALES) Jaume Ribรณ, 35-37, 1ยบ B 08911 BADALONA (Barcelona) - SPAIN Ph. +34-933 841 011 Fax +34-933 899 066

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Packaging Technology

The GIRĂ“ GROUP provides the complete solution to the whole process of packing fruit and vegetables, manufacturing and selling inputs -nets, films, labels, clipping wire-, and machinery to automatizing the packaging process. GIRO is a world leader in the production of knitted nets and is able to dispatch on demand its nets all over the world. A complete infrastructure and an extensive commercial network in more that forty countries throughout the 5 continents, enables the company to offer integrated solutions for each case. GIRFILM Printed band label used as a support for information and as top and bottom closing of the bag. Allows closing the bag by thermal welding and also offering a full recyclable bag since one single material is used. The GirĂł Group is the largest manufacturer of printed band for horticultural net packing in the world. The Girfilm printed band is a laminated complex formed by two layers.

SPE3, s.l. -



Grupo Girรณ

Grupo Girรณ

ULTRABAG PACKAGING Packaging system with verticality and strong impact at the point of sale. Giro Ultrabag system represents a packaging solution with high added value. Its wide band longitudinally welded to the bag gives a more upright shape and allowing great communication capability. This system can be made using different band and net width combinations to fit the packaging size for every need. Dies or handle can be incorporated for easy transport.

GIRBAGGER RANGE Represents a complete revolution in packing machinery for fresh produce. Thanks to the high productivity , reduced layout and modular design of the different versions it allows to adapt the machine to every single market need. The new Girbagger range allows to produce a wide variety of bags, using different film width and film type possibilities, and knitted or extruded net with holes or handle options.

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GRUPO GIRÓ (OFICINAS CENTRALES) Jaume Ribó 35-37, 1ºB 08911 BADALONA (Barcelona) SPAIN Ph. +34-933 841 011 Fax +34-933 899 066 Manufacturer Tubular net and plastic materials for packing of fruits and vegetables. Nets for packaging and palletization.

GIRÓ GH, S.A. (CENTRAL VENTAS IBERIA) Camí d’ Albalat, s/n (CV-505; Km 1,5) 46600 ALZIRA - (Valencia) SPAIN Ph. +34-961 410 511 Fax +34-961 411 316 Trader Tubular net and plastic materials for packing of fruits and vegetables. Nets for packaging and palletization. Packaging machinery.

Giro Branches

GIRO PACK INC. 2305 Industrial Lane GA 30474 VIDALIA - USA Ph. +1-912-537 4748 Fax +1-912-537 0858

GIRO GMBH Dürener Straße, 434 50858 KÖLN - Marsdorf GERMANY Ph. +49-221-9486440 Fax +49-221-9486444

GIRO PACK, SA DE C.V. Av. Industrias 1020 Bodega H 9 Colonia Bella Vista 64410 MONTERREY - NUEVO LEÓN MEXICO Ph. +52-81-833 13 008 Fax +52-81-833 14 184

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heads of similar characteristics in early spring cultivation.

INTERSEMILLAS Calle nr. 2, esquina con Calle nr. 5 PolĂ­gono Industrial de Loriguilla 46393 LORIGUILLA (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph. +34-961 640 101 Fax +34-961 668 483 From the beginning of the company, we began developing a selection of vegetable materials wich enables us to produce varieties of interest to the agricultural market, ans so becoming consolidated as one of the major national seed-producing companies. INTERSEMILLAS is a dynamic Company wich is directed towards offering the most efficient and productive service to its customers, with seeds wich are highly resistant to sickness.



Sweet Italian type variety for cultivation both in open field and GREENHOUSE. Very vigorous plant, healthy and vey productive. The fruit is very long between 23-24 cm in length, medium color, thin wall, wrinkled although very straight. PEPPER



BR-10338 F1

Variety of excellent results in WINTER cultivations, very uniform productions and absence of secondary re-sprouts. Large and heavy head of medium grain, perfectly. Curved shape without internal leaves and excellent contour. Positive results with

Vigorous plant with a good vegetative cover. It is specially recommended for springsummer in OPEN FIELD. LARGE FRUIT of smooth walls and very good firmness. It is noted for its yield and fruit quality. Resistant to TMV:0 (L1).

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T-11267 F1

Variety of large size, unicolor and recommended for Autumn-Spring cultivations in greenhouse. It is notable for its fruit quality, high production and earliness. Also, it presents high levels of resistance to viruses. Vigorous and strong plant, medium internodes and light green foliage which covers the fruits well. It has good fruit setting in conditions of low luminosity and temperature. The cluster is very uniform with 5-6 fruits with size G-GG, 250 g average weight and attractive red color. It doesn’t have green shoulder. It is suitable as clusters and single fruits. Resistance to TMV/V/F:2/N and intermediate resistance to TSWV/TYLCV.


CE-10230 F1

Variety of extraordinary earliness for harvesting even at the end of March. Plant of medium vigor and medium color. Intense yellow bulbs. Little sensitive to bolting. WATERMELON


Shintoza F1, by Intersemillas, is an interspecific hybrid of Cucurbita maxima x Cucurbita moschata, specially suited as watermelon rootstock. Vigorous plant with strong root system. It interferes nothing with the grafted variety. So the results from the field are good with regard to the quality and yield. In the nursery a high uniform germination is achieved, which increases the yield in grafted plant. It is recommended the graft method by “approximation”. RESISTANCES: Fusarium oxysporum sp. niveum (Fon).

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Janssen PMP JANSSEN PMPŽ (Preservation and Material Protection) a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in Beerse, Belgium is a long-established world leader in devising and formulating new and highly effective compounds to protect the produce and products on which we rely. We have a parallel and equally important focus, which is to protect the health and well-being of the people that use and benefit from our products and the environments in which they are used, from initial application to consumption or disposal. FROM HARVEST TO HOME: Our products are working around the world to protect fresh fruit and vegetables along the Food Chain from processing through transport, storage and shelf, to the consumer’s home; reducing waste and preserving nutritional value. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Your reliable worldwide partner in developing sustainable and high performance solutions for the prevention of biodegradation.

Global presence of Janssen PMP Janssen PMP Belgium Turnhoutseweg 30B-2340 Beerse TAV BE 0403.834.160RPR Turnhout - BELGIUM,

Janssen PMP US 1125 Trenton-Harbourton Road Titusville, NJ 08560-0200 - UNITED STATES,

Janssen PMP Argentina Mendoza 1259C1428DJG Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA,

Janssen PMP Singapore No. 2 International Business Park,Tower One, The Strategy, #07-01 SINGAPORE 609930,

Janssen PMP Japan 5-2,Nishi-Kanda 3-chomeChiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0065 - JAPAN,

JANSSEN PMP Preservation and Material Protection Division Janssen Pharmaceutica NV Turnhoutseweg 30 - B-2340 BEERSE - BELGIUM TAV BE 0403.834.160 RPR Turnhout /

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Janssen PMP


40% w/v pyrimethanil PENBOTEC® 400 SC is a Janssen PMP product with a novel mode of action in the area of postharvest treatments. It is an ideal solution in case of resistant strains in pome fruits as well as in citrus fruits. FUNGAFLOR® - FUNGAZIL® 75 SG

75% w/w imazalil FUNGAFLOR® - FUNGAZIL® 75 SG are water-soluble granules recommended for the preventive, curative and anti-sporulation control of storage diseases of citrus fruits and bananas. FECUNDAL® 50 EC

50% w/v imazalil FECUNDAL® 50 EC is a Janssen PMP formulation recommended for the preventive, curative and anti-sporulation control of storage diseases of citrus fruits. The product contains 50% w/v imazalil and its dose rate is 100 cc/hl when applied as a high-volume spray, 200-300 cc/hl in a lowvolume spray and 400 cc/hl when mixed into a wax.


20% imazalil + 20% pyrimethanil PHILABUSTER® 400 SC is a new and reliable tool for the control of resistant strains of Penicillium against the currently known and used products in postharvest of citrus fruits. Seen the fact that PHILABUSTER® 400 SC contains two active ingredients, included at Annex I, it can be seen as the solution for the future of the citrus sector for the control of the major diseases.


10% w/v imazalil-sulphate FECUNDAL® S7.5 is a formulation recommended for the preventive, curative and anti-sporulation control of storage diseases of citrus fruits, melons and bananas. The product contains 10% w/v imazalilsulphate and is applied at a dose rate of 500-600 cc/hl. The use of the product is permitted in IPM production and it has the necessary MRL’s available in a large number of destination countries like the once grouped in EU and Codex Alimentarius.

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Macfrut Macfrut is international trade fair for Professionals operating in the fruit and vegetable sectors, displaying a great variety of products, equipment, technologies and services. This is a B2B event for the whole Fruit and vegetable supply chain: it involves 11 sectors (Seeds, Breeding & Nursery, Crop Technology, Production, Trading & Retail, Processing Machinery, Packaging Materials, Fresh Cut, Dried Fruit, Logistics and Services), as well as additional events to offer visitors an occasion for learning and discussion. Furthermore, Macfrut has a new international venue, Rimini Expo Centre, a growing number of foreign participants and a wide range of initiatives promoting innovation and internationalization. Macfrut, an event of great importance both for companies belonging to pre-harvest and post-harvest sector.

MACFRUT - CESENA FIERA S.P.A. Via Dismano 3845 47020 PIEVESESTINA DI CESENA (FC) - ITALY Ph. +39-0547-317435 Fax +39-0547-318431


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About SAKATA SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS Domaine de Sablas, Rue Jean Moulin 30620 UCHAUD - FRANCE Ph. +33-(0)4-66-71-75-00 Fax +33 (0)4-66-71-75-09 PASSION IN SEED

Sakata Vegetables Europe (SAKATA) is part of Sakata Seed Corporation, headquartered in Yokohama in Japan. Sakata Vegetables Europe is focused on the Research, Production and Distribution of vegetable seeds, business to business. Its customers include growers, plant raisers, processing companies & distributors throughout Europe, the Middle East & Africa. A world-leader in the field of Broccoli, SAKATA is also a key player in the market for cabbages, cauliflowers, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and melons, to name a few. It offers over 900 commercial varieties and turns over more than 30 million euros a year.

SAKATA worldwide Since 1913, Sakata has been striving to be an innovative creator and supplier, living up to the company’s motto « Quality, Reliability, Service”. Sakata is expanding its business globally. Sakata-branded seeds have achieved great success in all over the world appraised by more than 130 countries. SAKATA vegetables Sakata Vegetables specialises in the breeding of a wide range of vegetable and fruit varieties suited to a many different applications and markets globally. With over a century of breeding experience and expertise, Sakata is recognized for the development of varieties which add value to the entire business chain, from growers to consumers. SAKATA ornamentals Sakata Ornamentals is an independent breeder of premium bedding plants, pot crops and cut flowers sold the world over, Sakata Ornamentals has a long history, more than a century of developing the best genetics for commercial growers and gardeners - while still devoting resources to innovations and totally new plant categories.

Quality Reliability Service In the vegetable seed business, the varieties created by Sakata are characterised by a high degree of innovation in many species. The best example is Broccoli; a crop where Sakata acquired undisputed leadership on a worldwide scale, creating new types adapted to vast cultivated areas and they possess significantly advanced health qualities. Sakata innovation is also perceived in our tomato varieties, which provide very high quality level. Among quality attributes, taste is one of the big concerns of the Sakata Research team.

Beet Root - CARDEAL F1

Cardeal is an early-medium maturing variety. It has a vigorous plant habit and erect leaves. This variety has extremely high sugar content and is very suitable for baby beet production.

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Cardeal is adaptable for both fresh and processing market and has a very good storage capacity.

Cucumber - RONDA F1

Brรณcoli - GREEN MAGIC F1 Parthenocarpic pickling cucumber for early cycle. Plant with good vigour and short internodes. Fruit length between 12 and 13 cms. Very attractive dark green skin color with spines. Resistances: IR* to CMV/CVYV/Px Green Magic is a early variety with a cycle time of 65 - 70 DAT* and is very suitable for hot conditions. It has a perfect head shape and colour for fresh market. It produces 350 - 500 g heads. Green Magic is not recommended for planting in cold conditions.

Pepper - SARNO F1

Cabagges - SUPREME VANTAGE F1 Red, large rectangular pepper with large and heavy fruits with 400 g. Sarno has a bit longer cropping cycle. Resistance HR*: Tm: 0 / IR: TSWV: 0 Tomato - BELLASTAR F1 Supreme Vantage is a small to medium compact variety. It matures in 70 - 75 DAT*. The heads are 1.5 - 3 Kg with a medium bright green colour. It is ideal for the fresh and bulk market and is also suitable for fresh cut salads. Supreme Vantage has a good holding ability.

Indeterminate Mini plum Cherry. Early maturity. Green shoulders. Good taste and flavour. Good Brix level (78). Excellent yielder. Quite generative plant with outstanding adaptation in glasshouse heated long crops. HR: ToMV:0,1,2/ Fol:0,/ Ff:A-E

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Tecnidex TECNIDEX is a Spanish company with a high international presence, specialist in products, technologies and services in order to guarantee the Fruits and Vegetables’ Health and Quality as well as ensuring Food and Environmental Security. This company, specialist in citrus treatments and a referent in kaki, stone fruit and pome fruit, also has new formulations which are more effective and safe in its two big product lines Textar® (treatments and disinfectants) and Teycer® (waxes and detergents). Moreover, TECNIDEX has unique technologies, CONTROL-TEC®, which guarantees the best application of its phytosanitary products, waste-waters reuse and the atmosphere control in chambers, with the highest food and environmental safety. The company complements its products and technologies catalogue with VíaVerde®, a technical team that help its clients anywhere in the world, assessing them in the different aspects that their activity or packhouse may require in post harvesting. TECNIDEX has its own laboratories (chemical analysis laboratory, agri-biological laboratory and electromechanical laboratory) and also works together with research centers and universities. In addition, it participates in international projects with other companies and research centers from different countries. TECNIDEX invests more than 6% of its sales in innovation, research and development, creating products, equipment and machinery that have been or are in the process of being registered in the following areas: • Wax and detergents • Disinfection treatments • De-greening/ ripening • Preservation •.Re-use and phytosanitary water treatment. All of their products are developed in their laboratory with the corresponding registrations and homologations, and they all have their own individual brand. At present, TECNIDEX is involved in more than ten innovative projects that provide new solutions in the field of fruit and vegetable health, with the aim of providing added value to its clients. As a part of its business model and its internationalization plan –its headquarter is in Spain but it has a prominent international implantation, with 100% owned companies in Morocco, Turkey, South Africa and Italy-, TECNIDEX develops, adapts and register its products in every country in which it operates, giving cover to all the active substances which come into force and which are necessaries to provide solutions to the main postharvest problems and diseases.

TECNIDEX, FRUIT PROTECTION, S.A.U. Ciudad de Sevilla, 45A Pol. Ind. Fuente del Jarro 46988 PATERNA (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph. +34-96 132 34 15 / Fax +34-96 132 10 77 /

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Tecnidex TECNIDEX is a Spanish company with a high international presence, specialist in products, technologies and services in order to guarantee the Fruits and Vegetables’ Health and Quality as well as ensuring Food and Environmental Security. This company, specialist in citrus treatments and a referent in kaki, stone fruit and pome fruit, also has new formulations which are more effective and safe in its two big product lines Textar® (treatments and disinfectants) and Teycer® (waxes and detergents). Moreover, TECNIDEX has unique technologies, CONTROL-TEC®, which guarantees the best application of its phytosanitary products, waste-waters reuse and the atmosphere control in chambers, with the highest food and environmental safety. The company complements its products and technologies catalogue with VíaVerde®, a technical team that help its clients anywhere in the world, assessing them in the different aspects that their activity or packhouse may require in post harvesting. TECNIDEX has its own laboratories (chemical analysis laboratory, agri-biological laboratory and electromechanical laboratory) and also works together with research centers and universities. In addition, it participates in international projects with other companies and research centers from different countries. TECNIDEX invests more than 6% of its sales in innovation, research and development, creating products, equipment and machinery that have been or are in the process of being registered in the following areas: • Wax and detergents • Disinfection treatments • De-greening/ ripening • Preservation •.Re-use and phytosanitary water treatment. All of their products are developed in their laboratory with the corresponding registrations and homologations, and they all have their own individual brand. At present, TECNIDEX is involved in more than ten innovative projects that provide new solutions in the field of fruit and vegetable health, with the aim of providing added value to its clients. As a part of its business model and its internationalization plan –its headquarter is in Spain but it has a prominent international implantation, with 100% owned companies in Morocco, Turkey, South Africa and Italy-, TECNIDEX develops, adapts and register its products in every country in which it operates, giving cover to all the active substances which come into force and which are necessaries to provide solutions to the main postharvest problems and diseases.

TECNIDEX, FRUIT PROTECTION, S.A.U. Ciudad de Sevilla, 45A Pol. Ind. Fuente del Jarro 46988 PATERNA (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph. +34-96 132 34 15 / Fax +34-96 132 10 77 /

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Multi-head dosing system

Automatic dosing system that can fill trays by weight TESI INDUSTRIAL EUROPA S.L. Avinguda Sant Martí, 2 08692 PUIG-REIG (Barcelona) - ESPAÑA Tel.: +34-93 829 03 80 Tesi Industrial Europa, S.L. is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the creation of products for the sector of agri-food industrial machinery. Veserkal, trade mark of Tesi Industrial Europa, S.L., designs, develops and makes specific machines for production and packaging lines of products, mostly agri-food, offering the best solutions and increasing the profitability of our clients’ productive processes. Veserkal makes models on request, adapting to our clients requirements, improving production lines, obtaining better results and a great productivity increase.

The multi-head dosing system is an equipment that improves and optimizes the final process of production lines. Its excellent precision and homogeneity position it as an ideal solution for the horticultural industry. Box filler by weight

Equipment to fill boxes by weight for bulk products

Box Turners for delicate products

Automatic equipment for the turning of boxes containing delicate products This mechanism allows, thanks to its precision and homogeneity, the filling of boxes by weight during the final process of packaging in production lines of the fruit and vegetable industry. Lines unifier This solution allows the soft turning of boxes, a feature that makes it into the best option to make this process for delicate fruit, like blueberries.

To accelerate the process of container lining up This machine is designed to line up those containers coming from the thermoformer and going to the labelling machine.

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Labeller with integrated transporter

System to label several kinds of containers automatically

Scales with light

To improve the performance of production lines

The labeller with integrated transporter stands out as a solution of easy use, compatible with several shapes and adaptable to most food and agrigulture industries. Its careful design provides it with excellent accuracy , which makes it an ideal option for working with fragile products. This solution is specially designed to perform a fast and intuitive interpretation of the programmed weight, getting the required weight and offering optimal results. Tray denester

The technical features of this solution guarantee a regular flow of trays, as well as its adjustment to the specifications of several kinds of containers and different working areas.


Labelling solution which, due to its technical features, can adapt to a wide range of labels and formats

The labelling machine outstands for being a very complete automated solution, compatible with several shapes and adaptable to most of agro-food industry.

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TOMRA Sorting Solutions Food With more than 6,000 of its systems installed at food growers, packers and processors worldwide, TOMRA Sorting Food is the global market leader. The company provides high-performance optical sorters, peeling and process analytics systems for nuts, grains and seeds, dried fruits, potato products, fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and other markets. Its sorting machines reliably ensure optimal quality and yield, resulting in increased productivity, throughput and an effective use of resources. The distinct development of advanced technologies supported by excellent customer care to deliver increased yields, improved food safety and enhanced profitability is entirely unified across the company. This proposition sits at the heart of TOMRA Sorting Food and ensures the company continuously improves for the benefit of its customers.

“TOMRA Sorting Food offers sorting equipment for a multitude of food applications, from fresh whole products to processed food, from farm to fork” SENSOR TECHNOLOGY The company’s focus on research and development has enabled it to develop a range of innovative sorting machines which are able to detect and remove the smallest of defects and foreign material from processing lines. These technologies provide accurate data, flexibility and allow for differentiation in products helping to further minimize waste and boost profitability. TOMRA’s machines use a variety of sensors which go far beyond the common use of color cameras. Near Infra-Red (NIR) spectroscopy enables an analysis of the molecular structure of a product whilst x-rays, fluorescent lighting and lasers measure the elemental composition of objects. The internal composition and surface structure of objects can also be analyzed to determine good or bad produce, in turn increasing both the volume and yield quality.

“TOMRA Sorting Food’s machines are not only the most efficient way to sort products; they are also a smart investment” TOMRA’s optical sorting helps to maximize yield and reduce food waste by increasing sorting accuracy and efficiency. The sensor-based technology is capable of processing high volumes of food while helping to sort and reject defective and foreign material. The result is a reduction in wasted material and an increase in profits, offering significant time and cost savings over traditional mechanical and manual sorting techniques.

TOMRA SORTING SOLUTIONS Research Park Haasrode 1622, Romeinse Straat 20 3001 Leuven - BELGIUM Ph.: +32-16 396396 Fax: +32-16 396390

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T.R. Turoni For over thirty years T.R. Company has satisfied the needs of all who are involved in fruit-growing, horticulture and floriculture, by manufacturing analysis, control and measurement instruments which have become well-established in the Italian and foreign markets, thanks to their precision and reliability. The T.R. Company offers a complete range of instruments helping the customer in all phases of agricultural production: Instruments for the analysis of the chemicalphysical characteristics of soil and water such as pHmeter (acidity), conductivitymeter (salinity), soil moisture meter, etc; Meteorological instruments such as thermometers, hygrometers, electronic frost indicators, anemometers, pluviometers, etc; Harvest control instruments such as refractometers for reading the sugar concentration, fruit pressure tester to detect proper picking ripeness and control fruit softening during cold storage, etc.; Control instruments for the preservation and transport of goods both in refrigerators and in refrigerating trucks such as highprecision thermometers, hygrometers, psychrometers, thermographs, etc.

T.R. TURONI S.R.L. Via Copernico 26 47122 FORLI (FO) - ITALY Ph. +39-0543-724848 Fax +39-0543-774670

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ULMA Packaging Due to more than 50 years of experience, ULMA is able to offer the widest range and most innovative solutions for packaging equipment and systems, providing a shure added value to his customers. ULMA Packaging can now be found in a wide range of markets thanks to its unique multiline offer: - Stretch Film - Flow Pack - Thermoforming Tray sealer - Shrink Vertical. This offer is complemented by a Packaging Automation Service which gives solutions to integrated systems from product loading to palletising. Products: Flow Pack (HFFS). Thermoforming and Blister. Traysealing. Vertical (VFFS). Shrink -Side seal. Stretch film. Shring - Sleeve wrapping. Integral solutions. Lid machines. Stretch bundlers. Shrink tunnels. Packaging solutions: Fresh Food Packaging. Food Packaging. Medical Packaging. Non Food Packaging. ULMA Packaging is the only company in the sector that is able to offer such a variety of packaging solutions in a complementary or alternative manner, providing a singular and customized offering, with innovative applications, adapted to the client needs.

ULMA Packaging , S. Coop. Barrio Garibai, 28 - Apdo. de Correos, 145 20560 OĂ‘ATI (GuipĂşzcoa) - SPAIN Ph. +34-943 739 200 Fax +34-943 780 819

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ULMA Packaging Sleeve wrapping

Wrapping in shrink film, single or multiple units, stacked or not

Packed with flat shrink film, cross weld to pack multiple units and stack the product. Normally, complete closing of the pack it is not needed, but this operation is possible using sleeve wrapping with four weldings. The machine is useful to pack canned food on a cardboard sheet.

Flow Pack wrappers (HFFS)

The machines use a single coil for wrapping

Automatic machines for high productions. Horizontal packing using a single film coil with three weldings: two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding. This type of machine is aimed at food and non - food markets. Thermoforming

Package shaping within the machine

Stretch film

High yield wrappers

Highly flexible automatic machines to pack fresh products in trays using stretch film. This type of machine is exclusively aimed at the food market.

Horizontal automatic packing machines characterized by package shaping within the machine using two film coils normally made of different materials. Depending on the material used, packages can be flexible or rigid. This type of machine is aimed both at food and non-food markets.

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Vertical wrappers (VFFS)

Thermic tray sealing

Heat sealing of various products, possibly with modified atmosphere (MAP) within the trays

Tray automatic sealing machines with facilities for vacuum and/or gas injected packages. This type of machine is exclusively aimed at the food market.

Its main field of application includes loose products, granulated products, doughy products or products difficult to handle

Vertical automatic packing machines for flow pack wrapping with the possibility of using modified atmosphere (MAP). This type of machine is aimed at both food and non-food markets.

Shrink – side sealing

The machine obtains a high quality package without folds

Delegations in Spain: - Northern dealership - Central Spain dealership - Galicia dealership - Catalonia dealership - Levante dealership - Southern Spain dealership - Canary Islands dealership International sales network

Automatic machines and shrinking tunnels that work with all kinds of shrink films when a total sealing is not required. Two cross sealing coils obtaining a shrinking packaging around the shape of the product.

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- France - United Kingdom - The Netherlands - Germany - Italy - Poland - Russia - Portugal - USA - Mexico - Brazil - Argentina - South Africa - Rumania - Australia - Ucrania - Belgium



UNITEC Group Unitec Group is an international company that operates in more than 50 countries out of Italy and specializes in the design and manufacturing of innovative technologies for processing, sorting, quality selection and packaging of over 35 kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables. For over 90 years, Unitec has been committed to improving fruit and vegetables processing quality in the several countries of the world where it operates, providing technological solutions and services based on innovation and at the highest standards in terms of reliability and profitability for its Clients. Listening to the requirements of the market, designing solutions for increasing efficiency and reducing costs in fruit and vegetables processing: these concerns are at the heart of Unitec “mission”. On an international level, Unitec has created a network of branches of its own in some of the leading fruit and vegetables producing countries (Washington and California in the USA, France, Spain, Chile, Argentina and South Africa) and a sales structure that allows it to meet clients’ requirements. Unitec S.p.A.

Italy - 48022 Lugo RA - Via Prov.le Cotignola, 20/9 Ph. +39 0545 288884 /

Uniservice Sicilia S.r.l.

Italy - 97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi RG - Via G. Martino, 6 Ph. +39 0932 921644 /

Unitec Ibérica S.L.

Spain - 30169 San Ginés, Murcia - Aptdo Correos 206 P.I. Oeste, c/Amistad, Mod. A-2, Parc. 19 - Ph. +34 968 882952

Unitec France

France - 84000 Avignon - 440, rue Rudolph Serkin, ZA Réalpanier Ph. +33 4 90251434 /

Unitec Chile S.p.A.

Chile - Rancagua, Manuel Montt, 2960 - Bodega 1 - KM 90 Ph. +56 7 22275040 /

Unitec S.A.

Argentina - R8324JUK Cipolletti - Río Negro - Tres Arroyos, 535 Ph. +54 299 4774044 /

Unitec USA Universal Technologies, Inc.

USA - Lodi CA 95240 - 310 N. Cluff Avenue, Suite 117 Ph.: +1 209 369 6200 /+1 209 369 6201 USA - Wenatchee WA 98801 - 2623 Euclid Avenue, Suite B Ph. +1 509 888 9938 /

South Africa Fruit Technology Ltd

South Africa - 7646, Paarl, Western Cape, Plot 31258, Unit 2, Zandwyk Park - Ph. +27 (0) 21 862 1974

Unisorting s.r.l. - Registered Office

Italy - 48022 Lugo RA - Via Prov.le Cotignola, 20/9 Operative Headquarters Italy - 47032 Bertinoro FC - Via Tratturo, 320 Ph. +39 0543 1610230 /

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UNITEC Innovative processing lines and quality selection for your fruits. All Unitec technologies, including mechanical and electrical components and software, are designed and developed internally and they cover the whole processing cycle: from bin dumping to defect selection, from sorting to packing through traceability. Cherry and Cherry Tomato technologies

Cherry Vision and Cherry Tomato Vision Unitec Technology are the vision systems that guarantee non-destructive detection of cherries and cherry tomatoes’ internal and external quality. These technologies are versatile and customizable for any packing house according to the end user requirements and reduce the work of identifying fruit defects manually, with considerable savings in processing costs. By virtue of these technologies, packing houses can improve their quality selection regime and increase market profitability thanks to an accurate quality selection never reached before.

Apple technologies

Unical 8.0 is the new Unisorting (Unitec Group) technology for apple processing, the first machine in the world that is designed to be 100% sanitizable and to prevent the contamination of products during their processing. Unical 8.0, designed with particular attention to the space it takes up, combines maximum gentleness in the handling with maximum productivity in small spaces, thanks to an intelligent electronic conveyor system that replaces the typical mechanisms. Its maximum reliability in fruit classifying is ensured by its system of external and internal quality selection with high-resolution cameras that can classify each fruit with absolute efficiency and accuracy.

Stone Fruit technologies

Stone Fruit Technologies are extremely ver-

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satile for fruits that are similar in shape, such as apricots, avocados, flat peaches, nectarines, peaches and plums. Apricot Vision and Plum Vision Unitec Technology are the vision systems for nondestructive detection of apricots and plums’ internal and external quality. These technologies are able to select fruits according to quality parameters that are not detectable by the human eye, such as excessive fruit flesh softness and pulp dents or damages. The two systems also detect external peel and shape defects.

Uni Fill Punnet, automatic filler for apricots and other stone fruits.

clusive technology for the detection of kiwi’s internal and external quality. It enables to detect weight, size, color, internal and external defects, degree of hardness, Brix degree, shape and symmetricity. With Kiwi Vision quality is guaranteed. Tomato technologies

Lines for tomatoes are extremely flexible and versatile, indeed they can also be used to process other kinds of fruit and vegetables. They can be equipped with Ultravision Unitec Technology for automatic quality selection, that greatly enhances the final product quality. Blueberry technologies

Peach Vision Unitec Technology is the automatic quality selection system that offers high-precision processing and guarantees an extremely accurate grading process with the possibility of using either optical or calibration sorting systems. Kiwi technologies

Kiwi Vision Unitec Technology is Unitec ex-

Blueberry Vision Unitec Technology is the innovative and exclusive Unitec equipment that enables inspection of 100% of the fruit surface and analyzes external and internal quality parameters, such as size, color, external peel defects and softness. With Blueberry Vision the quality selection of blueberries is based on a non-invasive and user-friendly technology. This is the only way to ensure maximum quality during grading and sorting.

SPE3, s.l. -



WOP Dubai WOP DUBAI, es la única feria comercial internacional para la comercialización de frutas y hortalizas frescas en todo el Medio Oriente que se centra en la industria de los productos frescos y el valor comercial relacionado para toda la región.

WOP DUBAI - PLANETFAIR DUBAI LLC Office No. 506, Crown Plaza Hotel Sh.Zayed Road P.O. Box 29278 Dubai, UAE Tel.: +971-4-331 4570 Fax: +971-4-331 4580 /


SPE3, s.l. -





Special post-harvest coatings for whole fruit AGRICOAT NATURESEAL LTD. 7B Northfield Farm - Great Shefford HUNGERFORD, BERKSHIRE RG17 7BY UNITED KINGDOM Ph. +44-(0)1488-648988 Fax +44-(0)1488-648890 AgriCoat NatureSeal Ltd. manufactures specialist coatings for postharvest protection of fruits and vegetables during packaging, storage, and trading. Semperfresh is a coating based on sucrose esters. NatureSeal maintains the natural taste, texture and colour of ready-to-eat fresh cut fruits and vegetables. NatureSeal FS is a chlorine-free product for washing and decontaminating fresh produce before cutting. Based on a mixture of fruit acids, NatureSeal FS reduces bacteria and spoilage organisms and is also permitted as a processing aid in organic produce. NatureSeal products are sulfite-free (GRAS), Kosher, Halal and contain no GMO’s. Several formulations have been accepted for use in organic production. NatureSeal is recognized for meeting the industry’s highest standards for quality, performance, consistency and functionality. AgriCoat NatureSeal has made a long term commitment to superior research and development, quality control and good manufacturing practices. Recently accredited with the BRC-7 certification.

Semperfresh is a coating developed by AgriCoat for postharvest protection of fruit such as apples, pears, melons, pineapples, kiwis, cherries, tropical and subtropical fruit. Its components are approved by the European Union and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States for the superficial treatment of produce. In order to obtain the best results it should be applied after hydrocooling. It can be applied at the same time as fungicides. NatureSeal

Edible coatings for shelf-life extension for ready-to-eat produce

NatureSeal is a blend of vitamins and minerals, easy to apply and there is no requirement for packaging with modified atmosphere. NatureSeal inhibits enzymatic browning, maintains fresh cut colour and appearance without compromising the flavour. NatureSeal also maintains the texture of sliced produce, ensuring the fresh cut fruit and vegetables maintain their desirable crisp mouth feel. Shelf life is extended up to two weeks beyond normal, allowing time for product distribution, improving production and processing efficiency.

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lled areas. Extremely user friendly and suitable for frequent use. The door consists of sections and is 80 mm thick. The insulation core consists of CFC-free solid polyurethane foam.

BG DOOR INTERNATIONAL B.V. Zuideinde 44 2991 LK BARENDRECHT HOLAND Ph. +31-88-0285300 BG DOOR International manufactures industrial doors and precooling systems. The company is highly specialized in gastight sectional ripening room doors for a wide range of fruits, including tropical fruits and especially bananas. Due to the characteristics of ripening, BG Door has developed a superior range of gastight doors using high grade materials and seals. Fruit ripening and storage as well as pre-cooling systems require an efficient energetic solution. BG Door supplies sectional doors for cooling and pre-cooling as well as the equipment to handle it. Thanks to our broad experience and close cooperation with major refrigeration specialists in the field of ripening worldwide we can offer you several disciplines. Our tailormade advice is the starting point for successful projects.

The interior and exterior sheet, consisting of 0.5 mm thick galvanised steel sheet, have an oven-hardened, polyester coating. A partition between the interior and exterior sheet guarantees a high insulation value; bottom and top profile are thermal bridge interrupted. Mobile Precool Unit

To cool down produce rapidly to the desired temperature

The Mobile Precool Unit, by BG DOOR, allows you to cool down your (soft) fruit and vegetables rapidly to the desired tem­ perature. The movable precool unit uses the existing cool air from your cold store. It distributes the cool air actively and efficiently through the product in the boxes. The unit can handle two rows of pallets up to a maximum of 24 pallets.

Iso Therm Door

For temperature controlled areas The Iso Therm Doors, by BG DOOR, suit for cold storage rooms, temperature-controMore in Postharvest



BRIMAPACK B.V. ‘t Goor 18 NL-7071 PB ULFT - THE NETHERLANDS Ph. +31-315-640 731 Fax +31-315-640 700

BrimaPack has become a leading player for vegetable handling solutions for Iceberg Lettuce, Broccoli and various other vegetables and fruits. BrimaPack has developed the “NicePack” packing systems giving superior shelf life and lower packing costs compared to other technologies. Through its focus on supplying System Integrated Solutions, rather than individual machines, BrimaPack offers complete packing solutions for pack house and field packing operations, which saves up to 50% on packaging costs and enhances shelf life and product presentation.

For in-field applications, a complete range of state of the art self-propelled field rigs, have been developed. They are suitable for both planting and harvesting jobs. Each unit is tailor made to suit your needs.

BrimaPack’s unique e-Drive system is lowering fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions drastically and is giving you optimal drivability suitable for today’s demands and future expectations. Our approach toward System Integrated Solutions (including preand post-sorting technologies, data technology, labelling/printing and logistics) ensures an optimal solution tailored to your specific needs.

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Allows automatic control of working / environmental conditions in rooms for cold storage and degreening/ripening of fruit PRODUCTOS CITROSOL, S.A. Partida Alameda, parcela C 46721 POTRÍES (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph. +34-962 800 512 Fax +34-962 800 821 At CITROSOL, for over 50 years we have devoted ourselves to research and to development, introduction and commercialisation of postharvest technology and treatments to maintain the commercial quality of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It is a system for control and regulation of cold storage and degreening rooms. Electronic sensors that measure humidity, temperature and infrared CO2 sensors are used for automatic management of fruit storage and degreening/ripening rooms. Chambers equipped with CITROGAS-CONTROL achieve a more precise control of temperature and relative humidity. Besides, measurement and control of CO2 levels allows for optimal ventilation, reducing the operating time of the humidity, warming and refrigeration systems and thus achieving important energy savings.

We ensure that fresh fruit and vegetables reach the consumer without losses, with all their flavour, with maximum life, at the best moment for consumption. Service managers in charge: Valencia (Spain): Javier Monzonís, Castellón (Spain): Cristian Ortells, Murcia (Spain): Raúl Ortiz, Málaga (Spain): Francisco Palomo, Sevilla (Spain): Antonio Herrera, Internacional: Julio Marín,

In those degreening/ripening processes, the equipment also regulates automatically ethylene levels, adjusting its consumption and keeping the right concentration to make the process develop correctly. This leads to better degreening or ripening and longer shelf life, without decreases in the organoleptic traits, weight or skin appearance of the fruit. This system permits connection to a PC on which all the relevant parameters of its functioning are recorded.

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FAM Dorphy

The small giant among cutters

FAM N.V. Neerveld 2 2550 KONTICH - BELGIUM Ph. +32-(0)3-450 92 20 Fax +32-(0)3-450 92 50

FAM-STUMABO IBÉRICA, S.L. C/ Ollers 13, Local 15, parcela 12B 46980 PATERNA (Valencia) SPAIN Ph. +34-961 366 724 FAM is the European market leader for food cutting solutions on an industrial scale. Customers in 72 countries worldwide use more than 4.500 food cutting machines operational today. FAM is known for its customer oriented philosophy, its many innovative applications and the quality of its products. FAM develops customer-oriented innovative solutions for the precision cutting of food products. Our standard excels in reliability, maintenance friendliness, hygiene and safety. When designing FAM machines and their cutting tools, we consider all factors that determine the cut quality to ensure our customers the highest yield with a minimum amount of residues. Our machines are fully tested in a production environment. This is an essential link to achieve the highest possible cut quality before the machine comes to the market.

The FAM Dorphy is the answer for those who need a solution for low cost cutting with perfect quality of cut. Dorphy has the ruggedness and reliability of a high strength cutter combined in a very compact and flexible design. The machine can perform a large variety cuts on a large number of products: flat slices, strips and cubes, obtained from vegetables like potatoes, beets, carrots, onions , mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers and from fruits like apples, pears, strawberries , mangoes or papayas. Providing always a high percentage of useful product and little waste. Dorphy can make cubes in a range of sizes between 3 and 20 mm starting from vegetables and fruits as long as 135 mm. Maximum output is 1.500 kg / hour, depending product and cutting size. This versatile cutter is especially designed for new projects, for processors with small to medium capacity and for caterings. It is also used in pilot plants and research and development centers. In addition, large processors use it for special, small volume productions.

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INTERKO Nijverheidstraat 8 2751 GR MOERKAPELLE THE NETHERLANDS Ph. +31-(0)79-593 2581 Fax +31-(0)79-593 1204 Chris Maat Managing Director/Partner

Revolutionary ripening Interko is the global leader for the design, manufacture and installation of state-of-the-art ripening systems for fresh fruit. Founded 50 years ago, Interko develops reliable systems that are built to last. Since its creation, the company has installed over 5,000 ripening rooms for bananas, avocados, mangoes and papayas, the earliest of which are still in operation and performing well today. Nowadays we install about 200 rooms per year.

Our ULTIMO ripening room ensures maximum efficiency for heterogenous ripening. For precision ripening and maximum flexibility we offer the random access AXESSO room. Our systems are standard equipped with our REVERSO fans designed to ripen at full air flow with minimal energy usage.

Simple solutions Interko has a well-earned reputation for quality ripening at attractive overall costs and the development of systems that require only minimal maintenance. Clear instructions mean that the systems can be up and running quickly. Gassing systems and gas-tight doors can be delivered as part of the package. Installation can be coordinated by one of our local partners. Assembly can also be arranged. By choosing Interko you benefit from premium fruit quality, a longer shelflife, minimal product losses and lower operational costs.

Clients Interko works with a wide range of clients throughout the world, from family-owned businesses and service providers to large distributors, the big banana brands and retailers. Please contact us to find out how you could benefit from quality ripening systems you can trust.

State-of-the-art systems Interko offers everything from a plug and play ripening solution in a basic room to high-end, multi-layer ripening rooms for big distribution centres used by established retailers, distributors and importers. We are proud to provide custom-made solutions to ripen just a few boxes of bananas in the smallest room to as many as 72 pallets in a large room and everything in between. More in Postharvest



DCA-CF allows to control scald, avoiding at the same time the use of chemical antioxidants - like DPA (diphenylamine ) and ethoxyquin – in the postharvest treatments.

ISOLCELL S.P.A. Via A. Meucci, 7 39055 LAIVES (BZ) - ITALY Ph. +39-0471-954050 Fax +39-0471-953575 ISOLCELL develops and manufactures high quality systems for controlled atmosphere: nitrogen generators, oxygen and CO2 adsorbers, ethylene adsorbers and converters, gas analyzers , computerized control systems, and air sanification systems. Furthermore, ISOLCELL supplies complete solutions for the realization of controlled atmosphere normal refrigerated and low temperature rooms, including sandwich panels, gastight doors, impermeabilization and cooling plant. DCA, an exclusive Isolcell product

Scald control without postharvest chemical treatments

In the industry sector of the storage of apples and pears, a new technology called “DCA-CF Conservation” (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere with the use of chlorophyll sensors) is being increasingly used.

The system, patented by the Government of Canada and developed by Dr. Angelo Zanella, is distributed throughout Europe exclusively by ISOLCELL SpA. This method replaces the static conservation parameters with dynamic ones resulting from the response given by the fruit itself. It uses a special sensor that measures the fluorescence emitted by apples and pears, thereby identifying the minimum threshold of oxygen tolerated by the fruit. The AC conservation takes place at a value slightly above that threshold, dynamically adjusted throughout the storage period. By lowering the level of oxygen in the storage chambers, internal metabolic activity is drastically reduced, which results in a better maintenance of internal and external characteristics defining product quality. Using this technology, ISOLCELL meets the growing consumer´s demand requiring produce free of chemical residues. Another advantage of DCA is the drastic reduction of internal browning in varieties like Granny, Braeburn, Pink Lady and Fuji. And also the exclusion of drencher as post-harvest treatment to apply antioxidants, significantly reduces the percentage of rotten fruits in storage. Due to this experience and to the close cooperation between research institutes, technology companies and customers, ISOLCELL has demonstrated once again to be at the forefront of fruit storage technology. This new storage technology is used with commercial purposes since 2003 and its use is extending rapidly overseas. The graph shows the development of DCA cameras in the last 7 years in Italy (blue), other countries (gray) and the sum of both values(green)...

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MOELCO LEVANTE S.L. C/ Orión, 13 Polig. Ind. La Estrella 30700 TORREPACHECO (Murcia) SPAIN Ph. +34-968 336 175 Fax +34-968 336 198 Moelco Levante specializes in fast cooling or precooling. Its products are: “Vacuum Cooling” or vacuum precoolers, refrigeration chambers for cooling and storage, control and automation systems, and services related to refrigeration: chamber sizing, upgrading of existing chambers, design, construction and installation of refrigeration equipment; legal questions.

The vacuum precooling brings the product to the optimum storage temperature in less than half an hour. Cooling speed is very important today, due to the commercial dissemination of fresh cut presentation for fruit and vegetables and increasing demand for fresh produce throughout the year. This implies production of the same vegetable species in different climates according to season and also to displace the location of produce handling facilities. The shelf life of the product becomes an essential aspect for companies engaged in international trade of horticultural products. The faster a low temperature is achieved, longer is the average shelf life of the produce.

The largest vacuum precooling facility in Europe

Vacuum Cooling Vacuum pre-cooling is the most effective way to cool leafy vegetables such as lettuce Iceberg, Romaine, Batavia, Trocadero, chicory, cabbage, endive, or spinach. It also cools mushrooms, flowers, strawberries, etc. Cooling time is less than 25 minutes; equipment with capacity ranging from one to thirty pallets is available, also with vacuum coolers with capacities between 7-150 m3 .

Moelco, as a specialist in vacuum precoolers, has build the largest facility of this kind in Europe for Urcisol Group, located in Murcia, Spain. With a turnover capacity of 60 pallets/hour, the facility processes and trades 800.000 lettuce units a day, keeping the highest quality for each one unit.

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organoleptic characteristics. Inside the bag, high relative humidity is kept, allowing for firmness of the produce and to reduce dehydration and weight losses. Much more effectively than an usual perforated bag. Besides, the additives included in the material take care of excess humidity, avoiding condensation and reducing the appearance of produce rotting.

PAC LIFE Nueva Central N° 4431 CONCHALI - CHILE Ph. +56-2-2820 0400 PAC LIFE has its origin in the name given to a new generation of high permeability packaging material to be used in the preservation of fruit and vegetables. Bags made of such material are “ACTIVE VESSELS” that interact with the products they contain, changing the composition of the atmosphere inside them and increasing in that way the postharvest life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pac Life, modified atmosphere vessels

Preserve quality

The Pac Life technology, modified atmosphere packaging of PSS Packages Spa for the manufacturing of active packaging materials, is a last generation polymeric blend that improves permeability, and includes special additives in its molecular structure. Ethylene absorbers among them. The final result is an optimal balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, eliminating humidity inside the bag, avoiding condensation and rotting. The Pac Life technology is available for the main kinds of fruit (apples, kiwis, cherries, peaches, nectarines, avocados, asparagus and other vegetables and flowers).

The technology is a new development patented by the company that starts working since the moment of the sealing of the Pac Life bags. The fruit or vegetable goes on breathing, lowering the oxygen and increasing the CO2 concentrations inside the package. Inside, a balanced atmosphere develops, increasing shelf life of the produce, keeping its taste and also its More in Postharvest



PLASTIDOM - PLÁSTICOS INDUSTRIAIS E DOMÉSTICOS, S.A. Rua Flores, Carreira de Água-Barosa 2400-016 BAROSA (Leiria) - PORTUGAL Ph. +351-244-880 160 Fax +351-244-880 161 Plastic products for agricultural and domestic use and also for the general industry. Boxes, containers and plastic pallets Domplex.

Foldable, low priced box

Export of fruit and vegetables

Domplex ITC Ref. 845E0N1

Bin G4 1.2/1.2-0.76 CA The boxes sized 60 x 40 cm at the base and 20 cm deep and the boxes sized 50 x 30 cm at the base and 15 and 20 cm deep are made of first, food use raw materials. Pallete DLP 1.2/0.8 c/ 3 Trav. Inj.

Domplex ITC Ref. 620F Size: 1200 x 1200 x 760 Capacity: 795 l Colors: White and grey

Foldable plastic box

Available in different shapes The boxes sized 60 x 40 cm at the base, are 11, 18 or 23 cm deep; and the boxes sized 30 x 40 cm at the base have a depth of 18 cm. The boxes are made of first, food use raw materials.

Ideal for storage and transportation of agricultural products. It has three rungs across that give it solidity. Size is 1200 x 800 x 165 mm.

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URSCHEL INTERNATIONAL LTD 1200 Cutting Edge Drive IN 46304 CHESTERTON - USA Ph. +1-219 464 4811 Fax: +1-219 462 3879 Urschel Laboratories, Inc., headquartered in Chesterton, Indiana, U.S.A. is the global leader in food cutting technology. Since 1910, Urschel Laboratories has been designing and manufacturing precision size reduction equipment including: commercial potato chip slicers, high capacity cheese shredders, dicers for a wide array of fruits and vegetables, high speed french fry cutters, meat dicers, peanut butter manufacturing mills, fish processing equipment, poultry dicers, precision lettuce shredders, crumblers for bakery rework, bulk bread cubers, wet and dry milling equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and a wide array of other cutting applications. With over 100 years of experience, Urschel has a global network of experts in services, sales and support to assist you with any cutting application.

Worldwide With a range of over 50 different models of cutting machinery, URSCHEL processing equipment is used by leading manufacturers of food processing in the United States and throughout the world.

The latest addition to the Urschel line of dicers, the Sprint 2 builds on the technology of the DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer and is inspired by the longstanding Model G. Accepting an infeed product up to 6.5” (165.1 mm) in any dimension, the dicer offers a stainless steel sanitary design throughout with the food zone completely isolated from the mechanical zone. The new Sprint 2 offers an alternative for the Models G, G-A, GK-A, H, or H-A Dicers with increased horsepower and benefits, and is available in two versions – with and without a builtin conveyor. E TRANSLICER® CUTTER

Engineered to produce continuous precision slices with extensive detail given to key elements throughout the machine, the efficient E TranSlicer® Cutter represents the smallest footprint in the production-proven TranSlicer series in the Urschel line-up. The E TranSlicer uses interchangeable 20” (508 mm) diameter cutting wheels (MicroSlice®, slicing, shredding, and julienne) to produce a full range of cuts at high capacities. The machine accepts firm infeed products up to 4” (102 mm) and compressible products up to 6” (152 mm).

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Sorting by size and color

VAN WAMEL B.V. Energieweg 1 6658 AE BENEDEN - LEEUWEN THE NETHERLANDS Ph. +31-(0)487-59 29 44 Fax +31-(0)487-59 29 70 The PERFECT brand has a worldwide reputation among fruit and vegetable growers due to its high quality and excellent performance. Its extensive product range includes equipment for sorting and packaging of fruits and vegetables. Our cup grader are specially designed for the careful handling of all kinds of fruits and vegetables , including elongated shapes, pears, etc...

The optical sorter Perfect, sorting fruits and vegetables by diameter and color, are available in configurations with 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 lanes. It is equipped with a brush singulator with rotation speed control for the brushes and an optical measuring system (OMS) with a high resolution camera. All electronic “Perfect” sorting machines are equipped with a proven and extreme user-friendly Windows 7® Interface. The sorting programs can easily be modified, re-named and re-stored by the user at his convenience.

Distributor for Spain:

PALEMPORDANES, S.L. Tramuntana, 13 - B Polígono industrial Pont del Príncep 17469 VILAMALLA (Girona) SPAIN Ph. +34-972 525 980

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dity, ventilation and pressure – fully in line with the demands/requirements of their clients.

VDH PRODUCTS Produktieweg 1 9301 ZS RODEN - HOLLAND Ph. +31-50-3028900 Fax: +31-50-3028980 VDH Products is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for more than 35 years of accurate control systems in all situations where temperature, pressure and relative humidity are critical parameters. VDH Products is known for the innovativeness and reliability of its solutions, combined with the high quality of its products.

The PROBA 5 is the latest generation fruit ripening controllers for ripening and degreening chambers and is the most recent addition to the successful PROBA series. Its predecessors have proven to be a true business asset worldwide, as they are reliable, versatile, economical and simple to use. VDH has already supplied more than 8,000 operating systems for ripening chambers and has acquired comprehensive knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of the industry. The result is a truly professional system that offers you more ripening process parameter options than any other system in the market. Fruitstorage

Solutions from VDH Products are used in e.g. the following branches: Fruitripening

Tropical-fruit retailers want their fruit delivered with a specific ripeness and in specific numbers. It is up to the professional suppliers to ensure that they meet their clients’ requirements. The PROBA 5 controller enables suppliers to control the total ripening process in their warehouses – a painstaking process that involves regulating temperature, gas concentration, humi-

Controlled cooling and storage of both hard and soft fruit is a very carefully process in which the temperature, humidity, ventilation, defrosting are regulated very precisely. The MC3-FRUIT is a smart storage controller for the cooling and storage of fruit. The system monitors and regulates the entire storage process.

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WEBER COOLING Gildenweg 16 3334KC ZWIJNDRECHT - HOLAND Ph. +31-88 425 62 50 Fax +31-88 425 62 58 WEBER COOLING strives to offer his customers a range of premium quality solutions for vacuum cooling, pre-cooling and cold room storage. Our core competence is vacuum cooling! Based on a deep knowledge, combined with continuous technology & production research, we have developed a state-of-the-art range of modular build, high speed but energy efficient vacuum systems. Within a few years, we’ve become the leading supplier in Europe. WEBER FIELD vacuum cooler

Flexible and mobile

Our Weber FIELD vacuum cooler range, by WEBER COOLING, is developed for taking away 80 – 90% of the field heat, directly after harvesting. The compact & fully mobile units are extremely easy to install (put in the power plug and you’re ready). Control is extremely simple: You only have a start button & timer

function! The vacuum cooler control system only uses basic electro-mechanical, standardized but highest quality components (Copeland or Bitzer compressors, Busch vacuum pumps, Schneider Electronics). Maintenance is easy, and repairs can be done anywhere in the world without the need for specialized technicians. WEBER ONE

Single pallet vacuum cooler for all standard pallet sizes

The Weber ONE pallet cooler, by WEBER COOLING, is a high speed vacuum cooling solution for fresh produce like leafy vegetables & herbs, flowers, more compact vegetable like broccoli, sweetcorn & celery and perishable & delicate produce like beans, mushrooms & sprouts. The system is extremely efficient: With ONE system you can cool up to 4 pallets per hour! The main application field is for direct postharvest cooling, bringing down produce temperatures from 20 - 25 °C down to 10 - 15 °C in only 12 to 15 minutes. The standard model is perfect for this. The system is also very well suited for cooling to low temperatures (2 - 5 °C). This will take slightly more times (+ 5 - 10 minutes). Especially for herbs, flowers etc., the version with PLC control is advised to prevent freezing. ONE size fits all single pallet vacuum cooling solutions, suitable for fresh vegetables, flowers and more.

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THM - TECNOLOGÍAS DE HORTÍCULTURA MEDITERRÁNEA FRUIT LOGISTICA MESSE BERLIN GMBH Messedamm 22 14055 BERLIN - GERMANY Ph. +49 (0)30 3038-0 Fax +49 (0)30 3038-2325 Fair specializad in fresh fruits and vegetables and its technology. Annual. Represented in Spain for Brifer Services.

GROWPACK, LTDA. Feliciano Rodriguez, 2664 11600 MONTEVIDEO - URUGUAY Ph. +598-2-706 7992 Fax +598-2-706 7992

Dr. Manuel Candela 26, 11ª 46021 VALENCIA - SPAIN Ph. +34-630 871 738 THM group, Mediterranean gardening technologies, is an initiative of a group of companies to contribute to knowledge on technologies and trends in the horticultural industry. Companies participating in the THM group, Mediterranean gardening technologies, adopt a commitment to create synergies and complementarities between private and public, among horticultural producers, companies and scientists, and thus contribute to creating opportunities in a concept of horticulture as a development factor. THM Group provides consulting deals and aim to fulfill our commitment to contribute to an efficient and modern horticulture.

Representation, advising and services for post-harvest materials and equipment for fruits and vegetables. Specialized in citrus fruits.

SPE3, s.l. -



XEDA INTERNATIONAL S.A. 1397 Route nationale 7 ZAC LA CRAU 13670 SAINT-ANDIOL - FRANCE Ph. +33-(0)4-90 90 23 23 Fax +33-(0)4-90 90 23 20 Manufacturers of conditioning machinery for horticultural products, but we are also manufacturers of postharvest agrochemicals, like fungicides, scald inhibitors, anti sprouting for potatoes, sanitizers, coatings (waxes), detergents, pre-harvest products against sunburn and cherry cracking. We are also partners and exclusive world-wide distributors for Euro-Label 06, which is a French company and the second European manufacturer of fruit label and application machines. See the advertisement on page 104



Doctor Manuel Candela 26, 11ª - 46021 Valencia España (Spain) Tel.: +34-649 485 677 -

SPE3, s.l. -


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