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“Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.” Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition

ABOUT US HOPE worldwide Indonesia was established in 1994 with a simple mission to love the poor and to help the sick and suffering. We are affiliated with HOPE worldwide, an international relief and development NGO (Non- Governmental Organization) based in Philadelphia (USA), ser ving approximately 1 million people annually in 70 developed and developing countries across the globe. Albeit diverse, we are all committed to the same motto of:

Bringing hope. Changing lives.

Our Visionary Mission To change lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staf f and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high impact services to empower poor and needy communities to achieve a world filled with joy ful and grateful people living out of poverty with compassion for others’ lives.

Core Value and Beliefs • Compassion

• Unity

• Learning attitude

• Flexibility

• Pure motivation

• Sustainability

• Respect

• Accountability

• Hard Work

Annual Report 2014 • 01


THE COUNTRY DIRECTOR Dear friends of HOPE worldwide Indonesia, Greetings! It’s been 20 years since 1994 when HOPE worldwide was established in Indonesia. How time flies! It started from a handful of volunteers who were trying to bring hope and change lives of the needy in Indonesia, now we are serving in 17 provinces with about 25 centers of HOPE. Looking back we can clearly see where and whose lives have been changed. It is indeed humbling to see how God works through so many hearts, hands, minds and gifts: “Give of Lives”. In this Annual Report, we want to share about some of the people who have received your gifts in their lives. They have been brought hope and had their lives changed. Most notably, you will be able to see their gratitude and the impact that you have had on hearts and lives over the last 20 years. Without you, they might all still live in uncertainty. Thank you for believing in us and being willing to work hand in hand with us, to bring hope and change lives in Indonesia. There is still a long road ahead of us on this journey, but for the first 20 years, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude to God and to all of you, Agents of HOPE, who have been bringing hope and changing lives in Indonesia. You are the Heroes. Thank you…

Lily Salim

02 • Bringing hope. Changing lives.

Marsidi •

Rani •

• Awiny

Jono •

• Lily

• Ludiman

Eva •

Mindo •

Yuningsih •

Noris •

Lambok •

Slamet •


Kichi Jacob

Country Director

Charles M. Ham Awiny Tjendra Arnold Bolang

Dr. Pingkan Imelda Moniaga

Senior Advisor

Finance &Administration Director

Marsidi Utomo


Director of Education School Sponsorship Program Manager

Slamet Simamora

Computer Training Program Manager

Maharani Budiman

Mindo Silaban

Health Program Coordinator

Mother and Child Health Manager

Tiorengsi Eva Matondang

General Affair Manager

Nurisman Bukit

Educators Training Program Manager

Tuberculosis Clinic Manager

IT Department Manager

Lambok Hutagalung Ludiman Harefa

Development & Communication Manager

Orphanage Manager

English Training Program Manager

Board of Trustee

Board of Supervisory

Board of Management

Harliem Salim - Chairman

Ivan Arianto - Chairman

Lucas Sanjaya - Chairman

Vania M. Djohan

Alice S.A

Sahat Hutagalung - Secretary

Li Phin

Budi Hartono - Treasurer

Budi Kusmartono

Ruddy Hartanto - Chief Strategic Officer

Listiana Santoso

Annual Report 2014 • 03




English Training Center Disaster Relief Computer Training Center

School Sponsorship Computer Training Center Saturday Academy

Orphanage Nutrition Suplement School Sponsorship




CBDRR Computer Training Center

Siantar Computer Training Center


04 • Bringing hope. Changing lives.

English Training Center Educator Training Program Nutrition Suplement Disaster Relief Mother & Child Health CBDRR TB Control Saturday Academy School Sponsorship Computer Training Center


Yogyakarta Computer Training Center

Surabaya CBDRR Computer Training Center Saturday Academy



OUR PROGRAMS & INITIATIVES • Academic Scholarship • Saturday Academy (Tutoring) • Computer Literacy • English Training • Educators Training • Disaster Relief • Community Development • Mother and Child Health Malang


Computer Training Center









CBDRR Computer Training Center


• Tuberculosis Clinic • Orphanage



Annual Report 2014 • 05


Bring hope and changing lives by reducing maternal mortality Busy with her household activities and a small homemade dumpling business to support the family financially, Karsini lives a simple life. She never wastes her days. She tries to use her time effectively to serve her family.

Maternity and Child Mortality Prevention program with Prenagen Kalbe Nutritionals in Pedongkelan.


2008 2010

Maternity and Child Mortality Prevention program in Tanah Merah & Albo besides previous one.

Maternity and Child Mortality Prevention program with Prenagen Kalbe Nutritionals, in Marunda, Kalibaru, Cilincing, apart from Pedongkelan.

Maternity & Child Morlatily Prevention Program TIMELINE

Lansia, HIV patients, not only in my community alone, but also to other communities as well, to move other women to care for mothers and child health.” , said Karsini. Filled with zeal and passion, Karsini now not only gives herself to serve, but also gives her money to support some mothers’ who need transportation to go to Puskesmas for health checkups. She never expects rewards, but gives freely and sincerely, because she sees the needs and the changes. Even though she was busy with all of this, she found the time to serve others too in the community where she lives and is a beacon of hope to those around her. In 2012, Karsini, joined HOPE worldwide Indonesia cadres’ which was focused on helping to reduce maternal mortality through the maternity & child mortality prevention program. After she understood the many factors that can cause deaths and illnesses, the more she has been involved in the program, as it motivated her to care for the health of mothers and their children.

She hopes that HOPE will continue serve and educate these mothers and provide nutrition for babies and toddlers, especially those who lack nutrition and HIV patients. Karsini had the heart to serve, but it was hidden until she found HOPE worldwide Indonesia, she found her passion and she now shines brightly and brings hopes to many mothers in Kali Baru, Cilincing.

This motivation created in a positive change in her body language and attitude in serving the mothers. She serves with a smile, gives attention and has patience that soothed everybody who came to the community center in Kali Baru, Cilincing. Her care brought hope and changed the lives of mothers who came to the center so that they could have a healthy pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. “I am proud and motivated to be part of HOPE worldwide Indonesia. It boosts my self-esteem and motivates me to give my life to others through Posyandu Balita,

Annual Report 2014 • 07

VISION MAKES HIM SEE BEYOND WHAT HE CAN SEE Khamal Nurdin Cahyadi, is a young man who has had limited sight with his eyes since his birth. Hyperopia or hypermetropia, is a condition of over-measured sight, commonly known as being farsighted or longsighted. It is a vision defect caused by an imperfection in the eye resulting in difficulty focusing on near objects, and in extreme cases causing a sufferer to be unable to focus on objects at any distance. People with hyperopia can experience blurred vision. The causes of hyperopia are typically genetic and involve an eye that is too short or a cornea that is too flat, so that images focus at a point behind the retina.

CTC 15 provinces


CTC Jayapura



With Lions Club Jayakarta, received building for CTC

CTC Medan




2009 CTC Nurulhuda

2013 CTC 17 provinces

CTC Yogyakarta

CTC Surabaya

Computer Training Center TIMELINE

This is Khamal’s statement: “One of the lessons that I put into practice is typing with 10 fingers. I use it every time I need to type; in chatting, status updates, essays and so many other things… It’s very useful for me. Now I have completed my training, I help teaching the new batches of students in the HOPE Computer Training Center. I want to help them and apply the knowledge that I already received freely, in this way I can be useful for others.

Khamal has this condition. At the age of 6, he went through his 1st eye operation; however it didn’t help him much. As the 1st child of 2, he has a determined spirit and doesn’t give up easily. His father is an ordinary factory worker and his mother is a housewife. Khamal was one of the 38th batch students in HOPE Computer Training Center. He first heard about HOPE CTC from his school friends, through the brochures and conversations among students in his school. AT the time though, he didn’t pay much attention to it, as he assumed his eye condition would prevent him from being accepted on the course, but out of curiosity he applied anyway and was greatly surprised when he was accepted. As a new student, Khamal surprised the teacher and the whole class, by being able to type with 10 fingers and answer his quizzes confidently and accurately after only a few sessions. From outside appearances it is clear that it’s not easy for Khamal to understand the lessons due to his eyes condition. But he continually proved himself with his good performance… amazing himself and his classmates with his improvements and achievements.

It’s true that in HOPE CTC, I learned so many things that I never knew before in life. My hope is to have excellent computer skills; I want to make my own music arrangements using a computer. Now I am teaching myself how to create music with computer. Music is my life! I have made some arrangements and I hope I can sell it online on day.”

Thank you HOPE CTC, I hope and pray that this center will keep bringing hope and changing lives, to bring lots of quality workers, and change our future nation to be computer literate, because nowadays a computer is needed now in every kind of job. Thank you, HOPE… for bringing me hope and changing my life.

Annual Report 2014 • 09


My name is Rojana. People call me Jana. I am the 1st child out of 2. I am now 19 years old. I live near the seafront in Cilincing. My father works as a day laborer and my mother is a housewife, who helps family financial by selling snacks in front of our house. I want to tell you about my life and how I was brought hope.

SA Tangerang - Pontianak - Surabaya


SA CIlincing 2 SA Mangga Dua



SA Pedongkelan

SA Cilincing 1


2014 2013


SA Medan

SA Semarang

SA Guji Baru

Saturday Academy TIMELINE

HOPE had given me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow, but it didn’t end there, as HOPE gave me the opportunity to join the Educators Training Programmed, which equipped me with skills in teaching others and helping them learn. I learned about how to tell stories, how to build the character of the children in my community. Another opportunity I was given by HOPE was to be able to join their Walkathon.

Before I knew about HOPE, I used to go out and play all the time (I loved to play soccer). I would only come home for food and to ask my Mom for money. I would play games on the PlayStation after school and at night I would gather with my friends until late at night. When I was in Grade 6 I learned about HOPE as I became a student in the Saturday Academy in Cilincing, the first free tutoring offered in my community. People in the community first called it Saturday tutoring, but later we came to know the name of HOPE as a charity organization. After I graduated from Grade 6, I did not join the Saturday Academy anymore, because they didn’t have classes for high school students. One day I was asked by my friend, Alex, to join and volunteer in the library. From there I began to know the Saturday Academy and HOPE much more. I started to be a volunteer tutor, helping the younger children in my community. I did this until I finished Grade 9. After I graduated from Grade 9, HOPE gave me school sponsorship to continue my studies until Grade 12 in a Vocational School. SO far,

Now I have already graduated from Vocational school and have been working for a Retail Company. I often flash back and feel so grateful that at my age I have experienced so many things that have shaped my character and my attitude towards my future. To be honest, I feel like since I know HOPE, my perspective towards my life and my character had changed dramatically. The way I look at life now is so different – it’s not only about games. I have been given opportunities to lead in my school organization. I have improved in my confidence. Now I am in love with the HOPE Saturday Academy, lots of new tutors have joined and we can share our experiences and inspire each other. I feel useful in my life now and I want to change my community to be better place. That’s my hope. I also want HOPE to always exist in Cilincing, and impact not only the children, but also the parents. One day when I become a parent of my own children, I know how to raise them and give them hope for a brighter future. I want to thank HOPE for bringing me hope and changing my life.

Annual Report 2014 • 11

I AM NO BODY’S CHILD I am now in Grade 9 and I’m 15 years old. I study in one of the good schools in Bogor.

I am blessed.

Provide Free Medical Treatment to the community First Walkathon





Community Development (schools, toilets, books)

Rainbow of Love Orphanage

Rainbow of LOVE Orphanage TIMELINE

Today I know I am given the opportunity to reach a better life. I want to join the army. I want to study hard and become a soldier. I know life is not always easy. There will be time when I need to push myself and be brave, but I know I am not alone. God is with me and also the people in the orphanage, who love and take care of me, they will never leave me alone. I still have a long way to go on my journey, but I am optimistic that I will have bright future and the orphanage is my family. I was raised here with many other children. I saw 119 children being carried away by their families, which at first I did not understand. With time I began to realize that I was not living with my own parents, they are my care takers, people who take care of my needs and love me. I was curious, but I could not fully understand. The questions kept on coming to my mind: “Where are my parents? Why didn’t they come and pick me up? What did I do wrong? Who are they? Don’t they love me? Why did they put me here? ” These questions kept on playing on my mind until at aged 13, at this point I was called by the foundation’s leader and I was told about who I am. Even though I kind of knew something was not right, it still struck me like thunder. I cried and cried, because it was hard to face and accept the reality. The truth really hurt. But I felt loved by HOPE. They gave me space and time to cry and digest the news. I thank HOPE worldwide Indonesia, through Rainbow of love orphanage, for giving me the opportunity to be loved, educated, study and build my character.

Daniel was studying with Hanna

Annual Report 2014 • 13



Maternity & Child Mortality Prevention Program

Computer Training Center

14 • Bringing hope. Changing lives.

Rainbow of Love Orphanage

Saturday Academy



2015 Unrestricted Budget

2015 Restricted Budget

2014 Unrestricted Funding

2014 Restricted Funding

Annual Report 2014 • 15


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16 • Bringing hope. Changing lives.

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