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“It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will some day give shade to people he may never meet.� D. Elton Trueblood (1900-1994)

Profile and history With a simple mission to love the poor, HOPE worldwide Indonesia was established, simultaneous with the setting up of a free medical clinic to serve vulnerable fisherman families in Muara Baru, North Jakarta in 1994. Affiliated with HOPE worldwide, an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) based in Wayne, PA (USA). We assist close to one million people annualy in developing countries across the globe, such as India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Russia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, Pakistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Bulgaria, Hungary, as well as developed countries like England, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Australia. We are committed to serve under the same motto:

“Bringing hope. Changing lives.� vision

A world filled with joyful and grateful people living out of poverty with compassion for others and their lives.


To change lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver a sustainable and highly impactful service to empower poor and needy communities.

Our goal is to cater to the needy in the area of Health, Education, Disasters and Community Development. We deliver the services with integrity to our Core Values and Beliefs:

Accountability, Compassion, Respect, Hard Work, Unity, Learning Attitude, Pure Motivation, Flexibility and Sustainability.


Dear friends of HOPE worldwide Indonesia,

Greetings! As we draw curtains on the eventful 2011, the seed that was planted in the beginning of the year begins to grow and bear fruits. Planting seeds requires a team with ambitious, hard working members. Some will do the planting, some will cultivate, watering and while the rest pull the weeds before finally, the much anticipated harvest time; a time of celebration. 2011 wouldn’t have brought us a productive harvest if it wasn’t for God and you, who were determined to endure the entire process to yield harvest. There wouldn’t be any celebration without you. Thank you for all your hard work and support, that in 2011, we were capable to plant: - 3 English Training Centers - 17 Computer Training Centers in 10 cities - Treatment for 175 TB patients - Mother and child health services to additional 405 pregnant women and 415 general check up patients - Story Telling to over 1.000 children in 10 slum communities While not every seed that is planted bears fruits, it’s encouraging to know that young men like Andi, who worked as a public transportation driver, having insufficient funds and education to apply for a job with a better income, didn’t only earn himself a position as an IT staff, but can now afford to help his siblings. Thanks to computer trainings, Andi can now earn enough to help his younger sibling to pursue a better education without having to go through what he went through. To the eight children who found hope in the love and care of their new families graced them with, it means a lot to them, who were once orphans but now cherished children in loving families. There is more to hope for from the seeds we planted in 2011 that is not mentioned here. Once again, on behalf of all of the fruits and fruits to be, I’d like to thank you for all the hard work you have contributed. The remarkable moments won’t go about forgotten but will be a nice memory in our frames of mind.

L to R

Marsidi, Ludiman, Willy, Noris, Slamet, Lambok, Lily, Tiorengsi, Rina, Misaya, Mindo, Awini

Lily S. Ham

Ricardo Lamboka Hutagalung

Country Director

Awiny Tjendra

Finance &Administration Director

Nurisman Bukit

Citi Success Fund Coordinator

Misaya Miennora Accounting Manager

Slamet Simamora

Katerina Sinaga

Mindo Silaban

Ludiman Harefa Marsidi

Finance Manager

Mother and Child Health Coordinator

William Piet Gosal

Saturday Academy Manager

Charles M. Ham

Computer Training Manager

Tiorengsi Eva Matondang

Orphanage Manager

English Training Manager

Tuberculosis Clinic Coordinator

Disaster Risk Reduction Manager

Senior Advisor

Board of Trustee

Board of Supervisory

Board of Management

Harliem Salim ~ Chairman

Ivan Arianto ~ Chairman

Lucas Sanjaya ~ Chairman

Vania M. Djohan

Alice S.A

Sahat Hutagalung ~ Secretary

Li Phin

Budi Hartono ~ Treasurer

Budi Kusmartono Listiana Santoso


It takes

a noble man to plant a seed,

and even more noble men to water and cultivate it before it eventually grows into a tree, bearing fruits up to 30, 60, or even more than 100 times its capacity.

English Training


in Tangerang

English Training Center CIMB Niaga plants seed of ETC (English Training Center) in Depok, Cilincing & Tangerang, that in 2011 there are 351 underpriviledge children can learn English. As CIMB Niaga accomplished the initial job, the teachers press forward to create a suitable curriculum with an interesting way to teach English to children without any English background. Hand in hand, Didin, Michael, John, Tumpak and Tiur, started teaching English despite the difficulties of introducing a new language to someone who has never heard of the language or mingled in a community that appreciates it. However, the relentless spirit of these five unsung heroes took the high road of immersing themselves into the community to educate the parents and encourage students who have begun to blossom. Binus International School Simprug students—with the help of their CAS (what is CAS?) teacher, Ms. Vivi Trenggono— demonstrated their supportive attitude by providing volunteer teachers, fans and some English books for the children to have a mini library in the centers. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University students teach English to the children with a simplified method. Meanwhile, volunteer teachers from various countries, such as Canada, China, Netherlands, Malaysia and Singapore, under AIESEC (it’s recommended to mention AIESEC unabbreviated) Universitas Indonesia, one of the world’s largest youth organizations, travelled halfway across the globe just to teach English to slum children in Depok, five times a week for a time span of six to eight weeks. They not only teach, but


Didin, ETC Cilincing teacher

they give more than what’s required. They mingle with the children, visit their homes and befriend their families.. Think about it, a stranger with a totally different background, coming from different countries, are willing to come travel just to be with them. This sort of contribution brings lots of impact to the community; it brings hope and it changes the lives of the children, it gives them a sense of dignity and boosted self esteems, it convinces them that not even poverty can come in between them and education, respect and love. They can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. They say ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Similarly, volunteers from all over Jakarta come together to read stories, acting and hosting muppet shows to introduce books to the slums. The story tellings were done twice in 2011 to spark interest in books, especially for children who have never read before. As many as 358 volunteers participated in the story telling event, with about 1899 children in 11 less fortunate communities listening. It’s eye-

opening how stories can convey a relatable message to these children. Another seed planter is PT. Novartis Indonesia, a multinational pharmaceutical company. They participated in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program in one out of the 3 locations of ETC. They planted 30 trees on the way into the community, teaching children how to cook simple and healthy meals using the available materials, conducting free medical checkups, englightening them with basic dental health, giving them instructions on how to wash their hands as well as. They also renovated a house for a better place to live in, with a porch that can be used to facilitate English classes to 30 children to have English class or pre-schoolers to prepare them for school.



English Training Center 2011







96 89 39 33 29



52 6



student apply

student admitted


on going study

people impacted in community








ETC Cilincing

ETC Depok

Vina Abdilah, 11, a second child in a

Vina Abdilah

family of five, joined the ETC on January 2011. Her father is a fisherman, while her mother works as a shell peeler. Her eldest brother, who cannot continue his studies due to financial problems, helps his father fish. Just like the other children who find English difficult, so does Vina. She finds it very challenging to do her homework, and she doesn’t know whom to ask for help when her parents couldn’t afford a proper education for themselves. This motivates Vina to join ETC, and as soon as she did, she started to understand English better, washing away her fears for the subject English, slowly but surely. Vina joins both the Saturday Academy and the English Training Center, performing well in both. In fact, her grades in school kept improving, fueling her hard work for even better marks. “She is one of the favorite students in our school,” her teacher and class advisor, Drs. Jumilah Spd, said. “She behaves well; she’s polite, diligent, and very mature. She ranks five in her class and she shows improvements in her academics.” Being a well mannered and proactive as she is, she continually participates

ETC Tangerang

in the events HOPE worldwide Indonesia holds. “I love to see people teach,” she said. She’s inspired to be a teacher one day, so that she can help children grow into smart and courteous adults. She seldom plays with her friends, but instead uses her time to help her parents do house chores; she cleans the house, washes the dishes, takes care of her little brother. Undeniably, Vina grew into a mature young adult. “I am so blessed to have Vina as my daughter. I often thank God for her. She grows each day to become better and better. I hope she keeps on growing under HOPE care to turn her into a better person in the future,” said her proud mother. Not only is she famous for being diligent in doing chores and taking care of her 6-year-old brother, Vina is also famous among her neighbors for teaching her brother how to read and write, as well as English. They love her enough to trust her with their kids, hoping Vina would teach them English. “I hope HOPE continues to educate us, so we can become better in school, especially in English,” Vina said.


A class in




Saturday Academy Our target to support 250 underpriviledged children to receive better education through Saturday Academy. To get the seeds planted, the volunteers teachers received trainings from class management through ETP (Educators Training Program) by Karen P. Oliver from the United Kingdom, a principal in one of the international schools in Jakarta. The eight sessions in a span of eight months equipped the volunteers who had no teaching backgrounds to be professional educators. Oliver did not only teach on her own, but she also recruited the first batch of volunteers from the community, together with one of the teachers from her school, to teach under her supervision. SMKN 6, BMW, Pelita Harapan School, Tarakanita University and University of Indonesia also volunteered by sending their students to teach in the Saturday Academy. Adidas Indonesia conducted their Corporate Social Responsibility by planting 100 trees in the parking area at Krematori-

um Cilincing, North Jakarta, as well as along the sea shore in the fisherman vilage. They also taught the children and held a soccer competition to win the ADIDAS Cup, involving 6 Saturday Academy in Jakarta. This is truly a celebration for the children. PT. Trisula International, a textile and garment company, also planted to support another 250 underprivileged children to receive better education. By 2011, out of the 850 children under HOPE Saturday Academy, 500 have already received support.


Saturday Academy 2011


1.254 334 95

80 40 5

children admitted

children received additional utrition

children received school sponsorship

children member of library

parents involved


children improve academically

peole impacted in the community

Soliha, the third of four children of Cassa, a fisherman, and Isah, a shell peeler, is now in fifth grade. Her eldest sister has been working in an industrial company in North Jakarta, while her elder brother is now in 10th grade and her youngest sister in kindergarten. For the past three years, Soliha has joined Saturday Academy Program run by HOPE worldwide Indonesia. She is one of the lucky children who received an academic scholarship from HOPE. She grew from a timid girl into a confident, smart, friendly and helpful girl. She is a star at home, school as well as the Saturday Academy. She takes advantage of every opportunity HOPE and partners provide her with, be it in Education, arts and sports. Moreover, she has shown excellence in her academics. Her parents pray that she can one day continue her studies in a university, garnering herself a better life. Soliha


Free Medical


in Marunda, North Jakarta

Mother & Child Health Prenagen also took part in the IHM (Mother and Child health) by providing health checkups to 405 pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, and medical treatments to 415 people. As Prenagen plants the seed, PUSKESMAS (public health service for the low income families) in Cilincing & Kalibaru gives hope to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Karang Taruna (community’s youth organization) and the communities’ leaders begin to see that there is hope for the carrier of next generation. Melanie, a midwife who is also a friend of Dr. Bonar Tobing, a four-year OBgyn volunteer in HOPE, willingly gives her heart to help all of the 405 pregnant women from Marunda, KaliBaru and Cilincing.

She carefully examined each and everyone of them, giving them advise and support throughout their pregnancy. Prenagen first contributed to the Mother and Child health cares in Pedongkelan area in 2008 to support 300 pregnant women and educate 1000 women about praternity health. Now the seed has grown into a tree that benefits not only pregnant women, but also children 0-5 years old, who receive their necessary vaccination. Furthermore, additional nutrition were given to children in the area and pap smear tests were also given to mothers without

charge. The seed becomes trees of lives, helping pregnant women to live healthily and give birth to healthy babies.... â˜ş


Mother & Child Health Program 2011




67 22

pregnant women received regular check up



children health check up & immunization











additional nutrition



People impacted

children impacted

free pap smear test given

exclusive breastfeeding





Nia, a mother of two, works as street singer while begging, while her husband tries to make ends meet as an unskilled labor. Since the Mother and child health program started in Pedongkelan area four years ago, Nia diligently came to check on her pregnancy while bringing her child, Zubro, for vaccinations. After all, Zubro should have a strong immune system to be able to accompany his mother when she sings on the streets. Nia has also received the education given to women about pregnancy and breastfeeding. With the knowledge, now Nia can take care of her young children and fight for better nutrition. Now, she strives for a healthy lifestyle with whatever she can get; she strives for the best.

Nia & her children



Citi Success


Program 2011


Success Fund

Citibank, through Citi Peka, plants seed to support SMK students by holding CSF (Citi Success Fund). More high schools teachers were inspired to realize their dreams by educating their students in a creative way. The program has been going on since 2003 and in 2011, CitiPeka Indonesia changed the target from general high schools to vocational high


Citi Success Fund 2011




146 80 32






teachers recieve Grants

students involved in programs

volunteer Citibank involved

volunteer Hope involved statistic counter

Hope staff

Citibank staff



indirect impacted peolple











Rubbish has also become a huge problem to the environment. Despite numerous go-green activities being initiated, pollution is still an issue. Asep Supriyatna, a teacher in vocational high school SMK Kapin, gathered his students to make fish food from leftover vegetables. First, Asep taught the children how to use a crusher machine to crush all the rubbish into tiny morself for the fish to consume. According to Asep, demand for fish food nowadays is increasing. Therefore, by recycling leftover vegetables into fish food, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone : reusing unused materials and feeding the fish. As a result, students had the chance to garner new skills at the same time interacting with fellow friends. This program has been continued in the school, receiving Citi Success Fund Award in 2011.

Mr. Asep & students


CBDRR Training to students in Jakarta

CBDRR Ford Foundation plants seed to support education for Disaster Risk Reduction in Indonesia through CBDRR (Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction). Schools, local government and other organizations, together with individual donors, gave their supports for the program to be replicated in Yogyakarta. They have trained close to 9000 students in 82 schools. The posters we have have also been printed for other disaster-prone areas in Central Java and Jogjakarta. After three years into the program, the trained teachers keep spreading the education among students and communities to develop a society prepared for disasters. HOPE worldwide Indonesia is looking forward to witnessing communities being changed in the years to come. The main challenge in 2011, the third year of the program, was the implementation of the training. After the participants attended the training, some of the teachers had some concerns in applying the knowledge they have received. Almost 60 percent of the teachers did not apply this program in their schools. Only some districts that have strong back-ups from the District Education Office in that area have put this Disaster Risk Reduction program as their main priority in the school. It challenged us to develop a strong internal monitoring and reporting system to help both the weak and strong districts. It has also built an intense communication among the Program Manager, area coordinator and local staffs in each area. With all the challenges, HOPE worldwide was invited to present this program in the third Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction hosted by UNISDR (United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) in Geneva on May

10, 2011. Titled ‘Investing for pre-disaster urban children disaster risk reduction’, the presentation was very well received by the audience from various NGOs and government agencies. In 2011, The President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, also received the award ‘Global Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction’ from UN secretary general, Ban Kim Moon. This marks how valuable the contribution of all organizations in Indonesia are, including the project in making Indonesia a safer society in disasters. The program has been successful in sharing the materials to other NGOs and

stakeholders. UNOCHA had applied the program in Manokwari and Yogyakarta with the support of HOPE worldwide and local NGOs. Other NGOs like Foker LSM Papua in Jayapura, Yayasan Lendola, HOPE Emergency Assistance & Rehabilitation Team (HEART) in Cebu, Phillipines, Hands On Disaster Response in Haiti, UNESCO and German Red Cross had been asked to use similar programs to educate their communities.


CBDRR 2011


4.000 3.300


100 26 eartquake & tsunami Mentawai response

flash flood Wasior response

Mount Gamalam response

CBDRR program master trainer


teacher trainer





Computer Training Center

in Tangerang


Training Center

HERO helped underpriviledged youth to receive free computer training in Indonesia (CTC – Computer Training Center)

Computer Training Center 2011 1.608 1.026

As HERO Supermarket plants the seed, it brings together all the companies in their group, Giant (hypermarket & supermarket), Guardian (drug store) and Starmart (convenience store) to invite their customers to donate the change from their expenses for four months (July-October 2011). With that they were able to collect Rp 717.985.000,-, to equip 600 youths through computer training for three months four different locations, so that they have something to bring to the table for future jobs.




student apply


student admitted

3.626 2.004

drop out

student graduated





Look at one school boy, Deny, who became more attentive and diligent. Salamun, his friend, was curious enough to ask. Turns


out Deny found out about HOPE Computer Training Center before finally joining the program. Salamun, son of Sugiri and Juariyah, lives in North Jakarta with three other siblings, only receiving financially support from his mother who makes snacks to be sold to the street sellers. Salamun himself teaches marshal art in his free time to support the family financially. “I don’t like anything related to computers, so when my friends asked me to join them to the net café I didn’t accept. After a while I can tell that one of my friend, Deny, become an expert in computer. Since then I registered to HOPE Computer Training Center and spent about 3 months learning there. I graduated and for some time I became the teacher assistant and now I am one of the computer trainers in one of the center of HOPE in East Jakarta. I thank my friend and HOPE so much for this opportunity and I want to help those who are in need of both knowledge and finances, so that they can learn and begin to stand up on their own feet to support their families,” said Salamun.





for SD Cijayanti VII, Sentul - West Java

Rainbow of Love Orphanage NTU (Nanyang Technological University) and NUS (National University of Singapore) plant seed to help the underprivileged children in Desa Cijayanti through Rainbow of Love Orphanage. NTU and NUS, who have been serving in Desa Cijayanti, Sentul Bogor, for the past three years, didn’t only come all the way from Singapore, but had the genu-

NTU team

ine heart for the poor and needy, especially in the area of education. Since 2009, NTU

for teachers and students as well. We don’t

for the students and teachers, as well as

have come every year to do social works

have any toilets so for us, teachers, it’s very

cupboard for books. Now they are building

by teaching the children in the slums. They

difficult when we need to do our business,

a well for water supply. Not only for bet-

have also built some community facilities,

while for the students they do it anywhere

ter equipment and facilities, HOPE has also

such as toilets, for the convenience of the

within the school premises. For several

helped us by providing volunteers to come

people and volunteers.

years we tried to collect some money from

and teach English and arts to our students

EMC, an IT company from Singa-

parents to build toilet, but until now we

while our teachers watch and also learn..

pore, also supports the work concerning

don’t have enough money to build one,

Thank you for all the good deeds you have

Rainbow of Love Orphanage, in Desa Ci-

because all of our students are very poor,”

planted in our school, may all of our stu-

jayanti, Sentul Bogor by providing a library

said Tuty, the principal of SD Cijayanti VII.

dents can bring this hope to change their

to SDN (public elementary school) 6 and

“With the support of EMC through

four washrooms in SDN 7, who didn’t have

HOPE worldwide Indonesia, now we have

such facilities before.

4 toilet cubicles, proper tables and chairs

lives in the future,” continued Tuty. 1.116

After education and hygiene supports were given, medical students from Creighton University from the United

Rainbow of Love Orphanage until 2011

States, has been visiting Indonesia regularly for the past 3 years to conduct free medical


treatments to the people in the community


under the supervision of local doctors. Yet once again, this seed that was planted seemingly grows into a tree of life


for the people in Desa Cijayanti.

16 8





“The facilities in our school are so children cared

limited; we have damaged tables and chairs (Total)


children adopted

new babies



schooled children


pre & post adopted counseling

pregnant women







people impacted children impacted in community in community




TB Clinic in Plumpang - North Jakarta

Tuberculosis Clinic Volunteers and professional doctors poured out their hearts and expertise in helping TB patients who live in poverty, bringing more hands and hearts to be involved in fighting TB in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. The seed planted by these volunteers and doctors together with P2ML (the body in the government who fights the infectious disease directly), Fitplus, EMC, Creighton University and Ray White, bring awareness, and provide nutrition and treatment for the TB patients in their road to recovery. As Ray White cares to plant a seed for the TB patients, they also supported 25 students to receive education through school sponsorship and computer train-

Sputum check in clinic lab 1.032

TB Clinic 2011 420


387 243

243 144

19 6


TB Patients treated

TB Patiens under treatment



TB Patiens cured


Patients treated in FMT

Clinic patients

PMO trained








“Every day on my way to and back from work I see an awareness ad from the government about Tuberculosis, but it never crossed my mind that I’ll be one of the patients until I begin to cough a lot. My health declined and I coughed blood. I went to a government clinic for checkup and they suggest me for an X-ray. From the results, I found out I had TB. Then my elder sister asked me to go to HOPE TB Clinic, where I went through a more detailed check-up and treatment,” said Karina, a teacher in public school. “At first I lost faith and thought that I will die of the disease, but after the encouragement and the treatment from HOPE TB Clinic, I found myself getting better each month. I always do what the doctor told me. I still remember I need to eat healthy food with good nutrition, keep clean, avoid smoking people, wear mask, and don’t stop taking the medicine, checkup consistently. After 6 months of treatment, I was asked to be checked again and I am declared cured and clean from Tuberculosis. “continue Karina. “I am grateful because to be accepted as a PNS (a civil worker for the government) because I had to go through a health check-up. I was found healthy and passed the exam.. It really brought hope and changed my life from one who didn’t know and care about TB, to a recovered patient. “I urge all of you who feel like you don’t feel well and cough a lot to have yourself checked immediately. For those who already infected by TB, don’t give up. TB can be cured and we can still have a better tomorrow,” Karina concluded.



Special thanks to: Natasha Gan as editor & Theo Hudayanto as designer + photographer

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