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A world filled with joyful and grateful people living out of poverty with compassion for others and their lives.

To change lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high impact service to empower poor and needy communities.

Our goal in delivering services to the needy in the area of Health, Education, Children, Seniors, Outreach and Employement.


COVER STORY Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference. Joel Barker

With a simple mission to love the poor, a free medical clinic set up to serve vurnerable fisherman families in Muara Baru, North Jakarta in 1994, when HOPE worldwide Indonesia was established. Affiliated HOPE worldwide, an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) base in Wayne, PA (USA). We serve close to one million people annualy in developing countries across the globe, such as India, Cambodia, Russia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, Pakistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Bulgaria, Hungary, as well as developed countries like England, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Australia. We committed to the same goal:

“Bringing hope Changing lives�

LETTER FROM COUNTRY DIRECTOR CHARLES M. HAM Dear Friends of HOPE worldwide Indonesia, Greetings! 2010 has passed by, and we are entering a new decade. Time passes by and each individual we served together had a chance to live a better and rewarding life. I recall a young man who is not born with perfect body limbs. His family was not wealthy enough to neither support his High School education nor provide him enough nutritious meals. The young man came to our computer training center a few years ago only to be told that his application was rejected due to his limited knowledge and capacity. The news damaged hope, but not for him. He came to apply for the second time only to fail again. The third time he came around; there is no way that he could be rejected again. Admission team decided to give the enthusiastic young man a chance. He grabbed it, and finished the vocational training. After graduation, he volunteers to help new students as he diligently search for a job. He found one, a chance to start his life again. He worked hard, and got promoted. A few months ago, he came to our center in a nice car, bringing some donation for support the computer training center. He has not only changed his life, but providing hope for others to change theirs. Another child runs happily as his mother and father happily hold their hands watching their sweetheart enjoying his childhood. The child was adopted from Pelangi Kasih (Rainbow of Love) Orphanage in Sentul, Bogor. He is living every child’s dream; loving parents, great education, and many more. His parents are happy couple who feel the blessings from above after years of praying and trying all possible suggestions from doctors; only to discover that they are destined for the child they are playing and raising up now. A year has passed, and we are thankful to see the lives that come alive right in front of our eyes. All because you share a vision and take actions to fulfill it; a vision that everyone can have hope and change his/her live for a better one. Thank you so much for your continuous giving and volunteering. Without all of them, the people we serve would not have experienced their life-changing history. Please walk with us for more years to come and more lives to witness their changes.

L to R : Lambok, Rina, Willy, Slamet, Kasih, Ludiman, Semangat, Awiny, Lily, Misaya, Charles, Tiorengsi, Donald

MANAGEMENT TEAM Charles Ham Country Director

Donald Warouw CBDRR Program Manager

Lily Ham Director of Development & Communication

Lambok Hutagalung Saturday Academy Program Manager

Awiny Chandra Director of Finance & Administration

Willyam P. Gosal Disaster Relief Program Manager

Semangat Sembiring Director of Education Programs

Tiorengsi Matondang TB Program Manager

Slamet Simamora Computer Training Center Program Manager

Misaya Miennora Head of Accounting

Ludiman Harefa Orphanage Program Manager

Rina Sinaga Head of Finance

Best regards, Charles Ham



Harliem Salim Chairman

Ivan Arianto Chairman

Lucas Sanjaya Chairman

Vania M. Djohan

Alice S. A.

Sahat Hutagalung Secretary

Li Phin


Budi Hartono Treasure

Budi Kusmartono Listiana Santoso 02

Vision In Action - Making Positive Change


THE POOREST OF THE POOR WILL FIND PASTURE AND THE NEEDY WILL LIE DOWN IN SAFETY In 1994 with the vision to help the poor and needy to lie in safe pasture, volunteers gathered to help the poor through a free clinic in Muara Baru, North Jakarta, one of the poorest sites in Jakarta. The clinic grew, as the dream grew bigger, from a free clinic to a TB Control Program in 1999. Now with the support from Ministry of Health, WHO, Lions Club and medic/non medic volunteers, the TB clinic can serve 1.000 new patients annually. To 2010 1.449 patients are cured from Tuberculosis through the love and care from the staff that carry the vision to help the poor and needy to lie in safe pasture.


11,014 1,449



16,040 1,670









Along the way, many un-schooled children were found among the patients. The vision to help them to lie in safe pasture was strong enough to provide those children with admission to school and the fees. This vision led to the School Sponsorship Program, to provide educational opportunities for 100 children in 1998.


59 30 3

Vision In Action - Making Positive Change





Volunteering: Creighton University

Volunteering: NTU (Nan Hyang Technological University)

library SDN 6 Cijayanti

“I am so grateful I can be here for 1 week, it has been a very memorable and meaningful time for us. I’ve learned so much about life, the children in the orphanage and community, the sincerity, simplicity of the children. I wish to come back one day to meet the children again.” Said Wahidin, one of the 15 students from NTU.


EMC “We are so grateful for the contribution HOPE and EMC gave by taking part in supporting the education for our students. We hope that these books will be the source to gain more knowledge for their future. In fact these are the first books we have received, for the opening of the library in our school. Thank you.” Said Mr. Cep Nurdin; MMPD, the Principal of SDN 6 Cijayanti.

lunch time at Rainbow of Love Orphanage

RAINBOW OF LOVE ORPHANAGE From looking at the huge needs, especially the children in needs, came the vision to care and love for the abandon children, in a loving and caring home. In 1996, 300 volunteers gather together to do a “10K Walkathon” fundraising to build an orphanage in Sentul, Bogor. The “Rainbow of Love” orphanage was built to love and care for the abandoned children. Its aim is to help them to find a loving and caring family, who will raise them and embrace them in the family.









1st Walk a Thon in 1996






To 2010, 128 children were cared for and 106 out of them were already adopted into families who love and care for their needs. 7 of them have already finished Secondary school and have gone back to their home towns to pursue a better life for them (to lie in safe pasture). 128 children is a small number compared to the 1.000 children in a community of 5.000, who never received any health services. With the strong vision of helping the poor and needy to lie in safe pasture, in 2005 ‘Rainbow of love’ Orphanage; with the support from medic/non medic volunteers, began to give free medical treatment to 5.630 people from the area surrounding the orphanage twice a year. In 2010, together with EMC, a library was provided for 427 children who study in SDN 6 Cijayanti, a government primary school.


Vision In Action - Making Positive Change


! !


HOPE Pre School, Nias Island

English Training

COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER Meipilius, was born in Soi’Iwa March 6th 1992 as the youngest of 5, is one of the students in Nias Computer Training Center. Being born in a poor family hasn’t given him many opportunities to pursue better education. However, his eagerness to study made him come to HOPE Computer Training Center in Nias and register. He graduated in 2010 and now volunteers himself to teach in the Center as a teacher assistant. He knows that the knowledge he received needs to be practiced and shared to the next generation. Up until 2010 387 students have graduated from the CTC in Nias Island.

PRE SCHOOL mobile library at Nias

NIAS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Flood seems to be a regular disaster in Jakarta, as well as the risk of landslides in Bogor. These 2 disasters keep the clinic and HOPE volunteers’ hands full of work to do in helping the victims by providing them free medical treatment. Through the experience of handling small scale disasters, HOPE worldwide Indonesia is called to lend a hand in National Disaster relief. One example was the Tsunami, in 2004. Choosing Nias Island, instead of Aceh, where lots of help given, the disaster team flew over and began to support the Island. From the emergency to the development stage, HOPE actively united with the local people to help them survive and have a vision to find pasture and lie down in safety.

To see the growth and progress of the students in the HOPE Pre School, in Nias Island, more and more parents have become interested in registering their children for the Pre School, where it only can accept 100 students in 1 school year due to the limited space. Parents have been supporting their children’s education by providing the stationary, chairs and paper, as well as volunteering themselves to teach in the Pre School. Ms. Sesilia Tri Astuti, who lives near to the Pre School, looked at the activities and the people in the Pre School, and was attracted to come and visit. After the visit she decided to register her son, Calvin Cornelius Harefa. Then, she volunteered herself to teach English in the Pre School every Monday and Wednesday. She loves to see the children grow and to have a better future.

!Ms. Sesilia Tri Astuti

Up until 2010, 500 children have graduated from the Pre School.


The community Development Program was born in Nias Island with 8 programs (Pre School, Health Education, Malaria Control, English Training, Computer Training, Mobile Library, Disaster Preparedness, Micro Credit). In 2007, with the support from: Citi Peka, United Way Worldwide and PT. Kokoh Alam Semesta. Until 2010, people have been impacted through this program and hopefully the impact will still continue for the next generation through Pre School and Computer Training Program.


Vision In Action - Making Positive Change






Clinic in Muara Baru

2nd Walk a Thon

1st Walk a Thon

Rainbow of Love Orphanage TB Clinic in Plumpang


Computer Training Center in Plumpang


Citi Success Fund in Jakarta ODAAT in Jakarta Electronic Training Center in Medan







Computer Training Center in Surabaya

Computer Training Center in Medan

Computer Training Center in Jayapura

Computer Training Center in Nurul Huda

Educator Training Program in Jakarta

Computer Training Center in Nias

Child Play Therapy in Jogja

CBDRR Saturday Academy in Mangga Dua

Disaster Preparedness Training in Manokwari

English Training Center in Jakarta

Psychosocial Counseling in Manokwari

Gerobak Pintar (mobile library) in Pedongkelan

School Sponsorship in Jakarta

Saturday Academy Pedongkelan

Computer Training Center in Jogja

School Sponsorship in Surabaya

Malaria Prevention in Nias

Nias Community Development

School Sponsorship in Pontianak

Child Play Therapy in Nias

Saturday Academy in Cilincing

School Sponsorship in Medan

Post Trauma Counseling in Nias

Cilincing Community Center Cilincing Chain of Confidence Mother and Child Health Program in Pedongkelan

Vision In Action - Making Positive Change


THEIR DESCENDANTS WILL BE KNOWN AMONG THE NATIONS In 2003, together with CitiPeka (Citi Foundation), a vision began with the teachers, to build a generation with integrity, to be reached through the education provision. Citi Success Fund (CSF),is a program to empower high school teachers to provide creative and fun ways of learning for the students. In 2010 it has impacted 3.561 students and 3.331 teachers. One of them is Mr. Soedarno, an ordinary school teacher, with an extraordinary vision. He won the CSF Program in 2004 and 2006, however the regulation in the CSF Program states that a teacher cannot join the program again after winning it 2 times, so he became a mentor to his peers (other teachers). He also became actively involved in “Save the environment�, where he received an appreciation trophy from the Governor of Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo, in 2006. His vision to see the next generation that is known among nations, means that he has kept his eye and heart open to every opportunity, such as Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction, conducted by HOPE in 2008. He trained as Teacher Trainer and now he actively trains school teachers to be prepared and teach the students in their schools, so that they know how and what to do when disasters come. These deeds help his vision to become a reality, through actions. In 2010, Mr. Soedarno again involved himself and the school in Coins for Hope, a children helping children program. It involves children sacrificing some of their change or savings to help other children receive education and health services.









Mr. Soedarno

COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER The School Sponsorship Program began in 1998, in order to assist lots of under priviledged children to be helped to go to school, as there were many children who needed to quit school due to financial problems in the family.

4,060 2,763 2,024

To provide a generation that is known among nations, a Computer Training Center began in 2000, supported by Lions Club. It began in order to equip the children had previously who quit school, so that they could be competent with computer skills. In turn this would enable them to pursue better jobs so that they could support their families. In 2010 2.024 students graduated and 80% have already found jobs that mean they can support their family, and help their younger siblings to go to school.


217 2

Vision In Action - Making Positive Change


Educator Training Program

English Training Center Depok

English Training Center Tangerang

EDUCATOR TRAINING PROGRAM In order to improve the education given to the students in the Saturday Academies, the Educators Training program was set up in 2010, in partnership with Lentera International School. Its aim has been to provide a training that will equip the teachers with basic skills in teaching. It is aimed at local teachers in the community, volunteers, as well as those who quit school due to financial problems. It provides them with the skills to have a better way of preparing, managing and delivering the lessons, skills which are invaluable in a classroom but also helps the teachers to find new job possibilities. Karen and Denise, 2 volunteers from United Kingdom with 14 years of experience in the field of education present an effective and very useful curriculum for the ETP. In 2010 20 students graduated, with another 20 participating in the second batch or trainees for the upcoming year 2011.


Saturday Academy Pedongkelan

Many children can be helped to attend schools, however many of them have difficulty in following the lessons that are taught. In order to provide a solution to this issue and to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and qualifications, the Saturday Academy program was started. It began in 2005 with support from Tupperware Indonesia and Target. The program supports children that haven’t been able to attend school. It also provides tutoring for those children who are already in school, so that they are able to understand their subjects and to develop character growth.

The lesson absorption of some children is found to be below expectation, due to malnutrition and lack of health support. Too many children in one family, and a lack of basic health knowledge (especially for the women), affect the way they live and raise the children. To face the matter, the Mother and Child Health Program started with the support of Kalbe Nutritionals, in 2008, in the Pedongkelan area. Training to cadres and pregnancy control was given consistently, as well as immunisations and child health check ups. Up to 2010 27 cadres have been trained, 183 pregnant women have been examined, 1.062 children have received health check ups and 236 women received free Pap Smear.


CBDRR After the Tsunami in 2004, Indonesia has become, as part of the ring of fire, the queen of disasters. To prepare the next generation in facing disasters (Tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides, fires, floods, cyclones, volcano eruptions), supported by Ford Foundation, Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Program was started in 2008. It aimed to equip 5.000 schools, 5.000 teachers and 300.000 students in the key 10 points of risk for disasters in Indonesia. In 2010 2.170 schools, 4.355 teachers, 182.633 students have been equipped and the rest will be completed in 2011.

SATURDAY ACADEMY Volunteers from all places (individuals, companies, schools, universities) come to help to teach the children, as well as ensuring the learning environment is somewhere that encourages the children to study better.

English has been a major subject in school that the students have difficulty with, particularly for the students from the slums. This issue has led to the English Training Program, supported by CIMB Niaga Malaysia Bank, to start in December 2010 with 25 students from Cilincing, the fishermans village. It will continue to be implemented in Depok and Tangerang in 2011.




CBDRR 2010


35 2,022 239



1 Teachers S









Vision In Action - Making Positive Change




Coins For HOPE Pontianak

COINS FOR HOPE Many children can be helped to attend schools, however many of them have difficulty in following the lessons that are taught. In order to provide a solution to this issue and to provide opportunities for students to gain knowledge and qualifications, the Saturday Academy program was started. It began in 2005 with support from Tupperware Indonesia and Target. The program supports children that haven’t been able to attend school. It also provides tutoring for those children who are already in school, so that they are able to understand their subjects and to develop character growth.

CTC Pontianak

SA Pontianak

Volunteers from companies, schools, families come to join the charity walk (Walkathon) annually to celebrate National Children Day. Since 1996 Walkathon was conducted as a fundraising event by volunteers. In 2006, together with Tupperware Indonesia, Children helping Children was initiated to bring more awareness among children to help less fortunate children through story writing. The program grew, not only through writing, but also through their savings or the change they have collected through Coins for Hope. Children learn to help other children by sharing from what they have with compassion. Through the Coins for Hope in Pontianak, the Program gave birth to the Computer Training Center in Pontianak and opportunities to study together among the school and Saturday Academy students. To see the friendship and partnership beginning from their childhood, hope and opportunity lie ahead, we believe that the vision is now in action and making positive change.



2010 INCOME !"#"$%&'()*$$

2011 PROJECTED INCOME !"##$%&'()*+),$-.*'/)$ )*+,*+-./$0+-1.2$








(#$ '#$


/*,0-1$8*)9$20-.*0,-4)0,7$ :;.0<4.1$

0+-1.2$9+*:$31./+1-.5*1-8$ ;</1=5/2$













!"##$%&'()*+),$-./)01)1$ 2011 PROJECTED EXPENSES

2010 EXPENSES!"#"$%&'()*(*$

*+,+$-.//011$2.34$ +,-,$./00122$3/45$ *5677$







)#$ 9:;<=4=>1$ ?6$+@4-:@A$





!%#$ &#$











+@B;/-1:$?:=,4,4>$$ .=-/:5=C$D0=51BCE$ +@BB/4,-C$ F=-1:4=A$G1=A-<$

'#$ 7,2=2-1:$81A,1H$





E<,093<@$F0<@,;$ 6+1<1,09$70@+0G$



'#$ !#$

I3=@+1;$>9<+3+3=$*03,09$ C4A+3$J$2.349<+1+3=$

Your generous contribution and support enabled us to bring hope through providing services for 541.802 beneficiaries in 2010. Thank you for together we can bring hope and change lives to the poor and needy.


Vision In Action - Making Positive Change




ADIDAS Indonesia

Ichtus School

PT. Djarum Emas Unggul (Aira)

Ajie Lubis

Indochine FX Lifestyle

PT. Nippon Indosari Corpindo

ANPS (Association of National Plus Schools)


PT. Sayap Mas Utama


Jeanie Ang

Puskesmas Kayu Putih

Arbain Rambey

KFC (Kuningan Family Center)

Sekolah Lentera Kasih

AWA (American Women Association)

Kinderland Pre-School

Sekolah Pelita Harapan Sentul

Bakmi GM


Sekolah Setia Bhakti Tangerang

BINUS International School Serpong

Lenny Agustine

Sekolah Tunas Muda

CAE (Council of Allied Educators)

Lentera International School


Central School

Lions Club Indonesia


Creighton University


Springfield International School


Mc Donald

St. Belarminus School

Darwis Trijadi

Mini Division POT


DOT Production (Djafar)

MAP (Mitra Adi Perkasa)

Tumble Tots

Dr. Bonar Tobing

Mini Division POT

USNS Mercy



UPH Nurse


NTU (Nanyang Technological University)



Pelangi Kasih School

YKI (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia)

Glaxo Smith Kline

PMI Serang

Global Jaya School

PT. Diamond Cold Storage

Yayasan Hope Indonesia Gedung Putera lt. 7, Jl. Gunung Sahari 39 Jakarta Pusat 10720 - Indonesia telp. 62 21 600 9091 fax. 62 21 601 0570

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