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The globalfinanciastorm lingefedas we siarted 2009. Ihere was no questionthat tough times were in storedfor fundrcisingin the c a u s eo f h e l pn g t l r ep o o r a n dn e e d yO . nt o p o f t h e f l n a n c i ai sl s u e s , t h e c l m a t ec l r a n g ceo n c e r n i s a . e a l d a y t od a y s t r u g g l â‚Ź W. bs e et h e Ciincingneighborhood in Jakarta'scoastweservedravagedbytidal w a v e i f l o o nd g c o n t i n u e tloi n g e r c i u ei sn I n d o n e s i a ;n de a r t h q u a k e took paces in variouspaces as we rushedteams to serve in West Papua,Nofth Sulawes,WestJava,and WestSumatera.Therewas

However,we witnessedindividualsand organzationsrise up to roll their s eeves;wlth one cornrnongoa - he pinganotherpersons life to be better.Theseare the agentsoi hope.Nlothersvolunteeredto educate the yolng women in ther nelghborhoodto increase exclusivebreastleeding of inlants lnder 6 months from 14% participailonrateto 100%.Teacherslncludedisasterrjsk reduction into classfoornteachFgsto prâ&#x201A;Źparethenextgenerationforthe next disaster.Volunteerssteppedout of thelr cornfortabe homes and oriices to serve & teach the needych ldren in the slums. Vilage [4alara Teams peda thelr boatsto trainiellowvil agers]n preventng malara. Thesamepeoplewho are experiencingthe iinancialstorms in their workplace,the same peope who are experiencingc imate change.Theydecdedto makea dlfierence. ln 2009 alone, NOPEwa dwide lndonesa broke the $1 nrillion ceilingofservicesprovidedianumericalstageon y to face another year oi challengeahead.Fournatura d isasierre iefs contr butedto the increaseoi servicesprovided.However, there is muchto do to brlnghopeand changelives.In 2010 alone,thef!ndingavailableis estimatedto be only 50% comparedto last year However,we are confidentthat lndividualsand organizationswlll rise to join the . d - s e : j u r a s n a n y r a s l F dr h e* a y n r e c e n l m e < . We are invting you to get nto the lives oi so many ndividuals n Indonesiawho arefac ng theirdailychalienges.They on y needyour handto pu lthem up from the rstruggles,put a little smileon their face, showedthem the way,and they can becomeagentsof hope thenrselvesfor their communities.



Who We Ane

Pnofile &llistony with a simple missionto love the poor,a free medical clinic set.up to sewe vulnerablefishermanfamllles In Muara Baru. North Jakana in 1994, when HOPEwordwde lndoneslawas establlhed. basedin W.yne. PA Afriliatedwlth HOPEwordwide,an NGO(NonGovehmantal Organization) people (USA)we seruecloseto lmllllon annualyin developingcounvies acrossthe globe,such as India, Malaysla, Cambodla, Russia, Afghanlstan,Kenya, Nigeia; PhiliPpines.Mexlco, Jamaica,Paklstan,Guatemala,HonduEs,Bulgada,Hunggafyaswellasdevelopedcountfyllke England,Slngapore,HongXong,USA,Canadaand Australia.We committedthe same goal:


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Ualues Gone Accountability.




. Unity


. LearningAttitude

. PureMotivation

.Flexibility . Sustainability


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Boa?dof Trustee

Boardof Supervisory

HanemSalim Chatman

lvanArianto chaiman

Boardof Management LucasSanjayaChairmat


sahat Hutagalu ng secretary



The be$inninU A tree clinicrun by HOPElyorldwideIndonesiain MuaraBaru,Penjaringan, North Jakada, in 1994-1997,had tound many TB patient,babiesto the elderly, wheremanyot them died.Thedreamol a TBClinicbeganto grow.

IB Contnol a.l

Movedto CaclngCakung,NorthJakartain 1998, also tound manyTB patientsin the area,that carryon the dream of TB Clinicto servethe infected. :.

n 1999, aga n the cllnc moveto Ka i Baru.Cl incing,Nofth Jakana,sponsoredby Lions C ub, HOPEtook the chargeby choosingto approachwHo to open a TB Clinc and was recommended to the PublicHealthServiceCenter(Puskesmas)in Cilincing.HOPEreceived 12 packagesof medicinesupportfor TA patienls.A newbeginning, a seed plantingtor a TB Clinic,with passionforihe palents, additonaI nutritionand continuingsupervisionto the pauentsbringhopeand lfe changng to the communlty.650 vo !nteers campagn to the c o m m u nt y b yg i v i n g a n sdh a rn gt h e i n f o r r n a t oanb o u t T Ba n dt h e c l i nc w i t h o uct e a s e .

Tnodroâ&#x201A;Źmcomesnu6,y6t ths roadls stllla long ,ourn.ytogo..,.Blncs ot Healthbegantosupportthe program,bygivingtrainingto Indonâ&#x201A;Ź3la 13tbe 3rd for Ta In 2003lv,linistry ..oundtheworld. the doctors,laboratorystaft and how io managea TB Clinicas well as suppoltingfree medicinetor the patients. Now HOPEworldwideIndonesaalreadytreated 1.457 TB patientsin 3 c inic in 3 d fierent areas:

1. r1.WalangAaruV, orthjak.rta 2. Cipinang, Ea3tJakarta 3. Tan,ung ourentWestraka a

$embiFing $ayang Sayang Sembiring,3a yearsold bicyclelaxi d riverhad heard abolt TB long time ago and Eometimesthe fear came when he heard some one'sstory about TB or see someonewith TB. He neverthoughtof being one. In the beginnlnghe thoughthejust got a reg'rlarcoughlng,so he boughtgeneric medicinefromside roadshop hopinghe'llbe betterin coupleof days,whlch istrue,yet afterfew daysthecoughcame back.Thishappenon and on, until one day when he coughed,there was blood in it, jusr a little. He beganto wotried,but hestillcontinuehis dailylifeto be a byci.le taxi n the beg nninghe thoughihejust got a reguar coughlng,so he boughtgenerc medcine lrom s de roadshop hopinghe ll be better n coupe oi days,whichis true, yet aiter few daysthe coughcame b a c k .T h l sh a p p e no n a n d o n , u n t o n e d a y w h e nh e c o l g h e dt ,h e r ew a s b l o o di n i t , j l s t a l i t t l e .F e beganto wotrled,brt he st I cont nue his da y ie to be a bycicletaxi driverin TanjungPriok.Blt at n g h t w h e nh e c o u g h e dn,r o r eb o o dc a m eo u t ,h s b o d yw a ss o w e a ka n dh e a l m o s t g a vuâ&#x201A;Źp ,w h e nh e t h o u g h t t hs m i g h tb et h e e n do f h i s i f e .H e q a l e d h i s w i i e t o t e l h e r t o t a k e c a r e o f t h e f c h l d r e n a n d a s k e dh e rt o f i n da b e r t e rh u s b a n ldo t a k e c a r eo i t h e f a m i y ,y e t t h ew o r d sn e v e cr a r n eo u t . l h e n e x t d a yh e w e n t t os e ea n e a r b y d o c t owr h , e r eh e w a s a d v i c e d t o v s i t h O P E T B C i n l c i o r r n e d i c a t o n . l p w e n .t o r - a H O o l l B C i n ! , r - p d o c o r d n d r l - . + d l L o o Ls o T e ( e ; ( d n d o r r o u n ( p dt l - d ( SayangSembringwasa TB Positiveand needto be treatedfor 6 a monthsoft me.Afterlweek oftreatrnent,he feli better,his coughgoneand he fet better He tried to obeyedevefysingle nstructionsfrom the doctor by taking the medlcne regulary.After 5 months,the doctor announcedthat SayangSembiring now ls a TB negatve,yet he stil needto take the medicne until he is cured. is so gratelulforbeingcuredfromTB,that he choosetosharethe inlormaUon SayangSembking about TB to his nelghborhood. He evenbringsthem to the c inic,supervlsesand encourages thernto take the medicationregulany.SayangSembiring hasthe heartand passionfor TB. He knowswhatTBcan darnageones life, he wantslo stop it and he does it with dignity.

HOPE TB Clinic

has served

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sunday morningin lakarta that day is so quiet.Tie NationalMonumenl(lvlonas)is not as crowdedas is very quiet. Peopleare afraid to go out from their home sweet home, aftef the incidentthe day before,fiots that almost paralyze.iakarta.Surdedcars a.e everywhe.eon the road.ThegovernmentannouncedwaminginJakada. Policemenale in severalpolnlsin.lakarta.lhe fear of continuols riols fills the peoples heart. But thereare somegroupoi peope com ng towardNlonas.Theysky ls sti ldark, morninghasjust broker.Thesun is not perfecty awake,but the crowdstarts to f ll one area ol the Monas.Around300 peoplegathertogetherthat mornng,Theydon t comeior protestor rots. but theychooseto do a charitywak calledWalka thon, a charty walk alonglOKio raiserLrndror buildlnganorphanagein SentLrl, Bogor.Tlreyare HOPEsvolunteers. rhls |s tno boglnningof Ralnbow ot love Orphanage,an o.phanagewlih a vision to glve rainbowof loveto every chlld that ls rejectedin hdonesla, especlallyJakana.Theyare loved.....

ftain[ow oflove -;.1 -


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The beginning l o h n d a n K a r e nL o u i sa, c o u p l e w h o d a rteo d r e a m for Indoneslanchildrento havea better hope fof thelr future. With then other staff, they volunteer themselfto make this dream ol oehanage come

H O P E Y o uC t no e s ,a g r o u p o l y o u t hf r o mt h e o l h e i side of the world,UnitedSlatesof Ameica, came to share ttei. dreams with lndonesianchildfen. who less fortunate than they are. Giving themselves into the construction and interior bullding of the orphanage,they build lt with

volunteelsffom Singapofe,a gfoup of volunte€rs from Slngaporcalso gave theif rime, heat and energy to support Indonesianchildrento have a

Fot them to love lsto serve.,.,

In 1997,the RainbowofoveOrphanage HOPEwoldwide Indonesia, was built on 2.500 [,12iand up on the hi I in Ciayanti.Bogor,West lava, funded from the walkathon in 2a July 1996. The drcam

The purposeoflhe orphanageare: 1. Toaccept neglectedchlld,to glv€them love and cars for a b€$er life 2. To accopttamlly thar wants to sh€rethelr lovs and care w|tn each and everychlld by adoprlngthsm legally 3.Togive adequateeducatlonIn moral, character b u i l d l n gt n d a c a d e m i c t oe a c hc h l l di n o r d e r t o preparorhom for better future.

"frrl.',"; .lnil|d TheChocessacouplewhocareiorthechidrenintheRainboworoveOrphanageandtheirfuture. Mrs. Choiceis one of the vo u.teer who jo ned the wa kathon ln 28 July 1996. Theyhave been marriedfor 6 yearswith no childrenofthe r own.thoughtheya readytriedeverypossibiitiesto have o n e o f t h e i r d r e a mTs h. r o u g h t hrep a s s i o n f o r t h e c h l d r et n h ,e y f i n ay c h o s e t o l o v e a n d c a r e f o r o n e littleboy.amedleremybyadoptnghimlegaly.Theylustwanttolov€himastheirown,sncelerenry neverexperencedovefromhis own parents. J e r e m y g r o w s tboe a c o n f i d e n t a n c l c h e e rbfoi y , l i e d w i t h o v e f r o ma L l m e m b eorf t h e f a m i y a n d l ve in a worldfi ed w flr opportunitiesgivenby his new parents,Mr.& Mfs. Choice. Throughtheir busyness,Mr.& Mrs.Choicedon t seemto b€ lack olt me for little leremy.leremyis l n i h e l r h e a r t a n di f e . [4r.& Mrs.Choce sharedthe r Livesnot onlywth ]eremy,but a so wiih ihe chidrenin the Orphanage. O n e o f t h e r c o n t r b u t i osnb y M r s . C h o c e w r t e s & c o m p o s e s s o n g s f o r F O P E w o r l n dd woi dnee s i a s new CD. As a professionamlscian, she gatheredoiher professona musiclansand singersto s ! p p o r t t h eC Dm a k . g . Theynuriuregood comrnuncationwith the orphanageespecally,by vsit ng the orphanageevery otlrerrnontlrs.Theyalwaysbr ngfood to havemealtogetherin the orphanage. ieremynowi nds his newhornew th his newparentsto reachnewfutureahead.TogetherMr.& Mrs. Choice a n dJ e r e m p y ! r s u eh a p pn e s s n t h e r i v € s w t h d i g n t y .


of Love orphanage


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$dil'frson$hip I[elednning Povertyhas lmpactedthe future ol nertgeneratlonin Indonesla,where: -Bables6nd youngchildrenexpe encemalnutrltlon -Chlldrencannotgo to schoolor cannotcontlnuego to schooldueto financlalprcblem - Glrlsmanled at youngage (16-18yeals old) .

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In 1994, trlbalwarin Kallmantancauselots of childrenlost thelr parcnts.HOPEwordwide Indoneslatelt the burden and wantedlo hstp thosâ&#x201A;Ź chlldrenby supportlngthelr education.To pul into action, HOPE sponsored5 chlldrenage 7-8 yeals old from l(allmantanto be lqvedand Eised In tne Rainbowof Love orphanageuntlltheyfinjshthelf HighSchool.


Petef and Lita Smlth, an Amerlcan couple,who llved In Sukasafi, Clpondoh- Tangerangconcemedaboutthe educatlonof the children In theircommunity,who couldnot affordto go to school.Theystarted sponsoing 14 childrentom the communltyto go to schoolin 2001. Thls fE the beglnnlngof Scnool Sponsorshipin HOPEworldwlde

In 2002, the SchoolSponsorshipprogmmadoptedby HOPEworldwideIndonesiafrom tne smiths to supponed more lnfortunate childrenfiom elementaryt9 Highschool. SchoolSponsorshipis a program,where HOPEworldwidelndonesiasupportschildren, who coud not ariord go to school due to iinancal pfoblem.These childrenreceve f n a n c i a l s u p p o rat sn n u a l l ya,n d H O P E w i l l r e c e i v e t hper o g r e srse p o r t f r o rsnc h o o l e a c h semestef.The commltmentlslo supportthech ldrenfor bettereducation,

I[eimlact tudya Suwandi, numbera out of 9 childrenfrom a simple tarmer ramily, born in Kupang,South East Nusa, After graduateircm Junior Hlgh,she came to Jakana following h e rr e l a t i v e s t h a t a l r e a d y c aem ae ri e l S h e w a n t s t op u r s u e bettefeducaton n.iaka(a.

At first she doesnt go to schoolbut workingin a factoryfor 3 years, but her dreamsto pursuebetter educationneverdisappear,that in 2002 she legisteredin one of the best school in Tangerang, where she joined HOPEworldwideIndonesiaSchoolSponsorshipProgram. She stud ed seriouslyand provedherseltin 3rd or 4th p ace n her class each semesteruntil she graduated.She worked in a printing companywhl e waitingforbetterjob opportunity. In 2006, Ludyaappliedand acceptedin Attianz Insurance Company,where she started to suppodherfamilyand brotherto continueschool in Kupang. She has a drearn to show her gratitudeby supportingone or two chlldrenin School Sponsorshlp,to give them the same opportunltyshe receiv€dyearsback. Now2 of the 5 chlldrenfrom Kalimantanalre6dygra.luatedtom thelr Hl6h School,lunaldl alreadyback to Kalimantanand work. Moylangcontlnles studyin NurceSchoollnAogor,Westlara. Selya,Marb and Ayuare golngto Ffoma da|k day 12 yearca Eo,a choicols glvento lhelrfamlly lo l€l them go. The choiceis tak€n and todaythese5 chlldr€nhavebetterand brlghtor future aheadwith dlgnlty.

IheBeginning Followlngup the SchoolSponsoEhlpprogram In HOPEworlddde lndonesia,in April 1999 to Auâ&#x201A;Źtust2OOo,there are vocationaltralningfor the womenprlsonercand computertlalnlngtormen p.isoners,whichmeantto equipthemafterthey went backto the soclety.Aut aftersome perlodof tlme, HOPEcorrldnlirack them down,while the needsof the youthwho can not afford tocontinuescnoolgrowIn number,whlchcost more and more youthinvolvein ci minal.Thissituationrings the bellfor HOPEto put more attentionto the youth. The purposeof ComputerTrainng Cenler s to provideoppo(unityfor the youthto haveanotherchancefor betterfuture throughcomputertraining.Donaton oi 25 un ts oi usedcomp'rtercfiom Singaporebecomesthej!mpstart to the Computer Trainng Centerprograrn. Using the bulldlng donated by Llons club In octobe? 2ooo, compurer Tralnlngcenter Programsta{ed In 2001,In Norrhlaka|ta.

criiiffiputBr l j

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Tnainin$ Genten

Nowthe ComputerTrainingCentersare in 6locations: L2


2 in takafta 2In Surabaya,Eastravr, 1in layapuralPapua, 1In roglakarta,Contrâ&#x201A;Źljavo, I

2 ln Medan

z Computer Trainlng Center 2O09


Thealumn eachyeartofollowup on then livesaftergradLare fromCTC.Most of them now alrcadvworl, sonrein Bank,teacher.iax olfice, internetcaf6 and some own their own b u s i n e sisn c o m p u t ef.€ d . s u c ha s t y p n g s e r v i c ec,o n r p u t er r€ n t a l o cr o r n p u t esre r v i c eb u sn e s s .F o r t h e s e b u s f e s s e st h e a l u m n w o r ka s p a r t n e r sl,k e 4 - 1 0 o f t h e m o p e no n e b u s l n e s sT. h s b r i n g f n d l h e i r i f ep a r t n e rn C T CN. o w i h € r €a r e2 7 c o u p l e s c o n f i d e n t a ncda r ef o r e a c ho t h e ra n dt h e y e v e n rfo_ a -cdr C"l

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W h € n t h e y g r a d u a t e a n d f n d l o b . t h e y h e p o l t w i t h t h e i . f a mlliineasn c a p r o b e mA l f i r s r t h e y c a m e t o t h e c e n t e rb y w a l k n go . p u bi c t r a n s p o r t a t o nb,u r n o w I a n f r a l g a i h e ( i n gm, o s to f t h e m a l r e a d t havetheir own rnoto.cycle filed the parkinglot.

lmFcl Leo ArmandoAglstia. usua y ca led as Leo,is one of HOPEConrpuier TrainingCenters1st batchstudent Leowas graduatedlrom SMAUTAMA l l a k a r t a i n 2 0 0 4 , t h e r . n o v c dt o M e d a nt o c o n t n l e d s t u d y n L P 3 l v l N 4 e d a nL.e ow a s L e f tb y h s \ 4 o ma n d h i s l l t e b r o t h e rw, h e nh i s N 4 o m d e i v e r e dt h ey o u n g ebr r o t h e r f e w y e aef sa r e r .A i t e r1 y € a ro i s t u d yn g i n lvledan.Leo,his fatherpassedaway.Leoleit alonewtholt farn y. . e L e oc a n s u c o n tn l c h s s t u d yw l h s c h o l a r s h fi o p r h i sg o o dg r a d e sH lvasthe 2nd beststldenrs rn his c ass. Alter l yearthe schoarshp was Leo need ro rook lcave.He tred to iind job so that he couldcoftinuestudy.l)ut he cou dn t tind any. Leo later io!.d lhe nfonnationabout FOPECTCfrom hrs brother.He is o n e o ft h e m o s t a c t r v e s t r r d en.N t oPEcTclnhelpinghislrends.Healso g e t g o o dg r a d e sL. € o i c t s o g r a t e f uf o r t h e o p p o r t ! n t y t o l o r n t h e C Tf oCr h e l i n d j o ba l t e r w a . d sH. eu s € s e v e r y o p p o r t u n i tfyetaodb o o k sa n df i n d s moreinformationon lT,wh ch he p him to growin tlre area. l y e a rl a t e rh, e w a sa s k e db \ H O P E w o t l d w i dned o n e s i a t b o e a v o l u n t e e r a s s s t a n tH i nO P E cTc. He was so excitedand acceptedthe offer.He said:"Ths w lgive me new experience.' Todav.Leo ls one of the mentor in he has dreamsior NOPECTCif r\4edan to growand acceptedas one of the besi CornputerTrainingschool.He sald.-Those who are notas fo(unate as otherchidrenin termsof financal, can continuestudyfreely.and benefitthem to DUrsuebetlerfulureahead



The beginninU Socialchangesthat growsso fast now a dayseffect studentsin theway they study,build their character, as well as their emotional intelligencetowaids theif surounding. ciii Foundationtogetherwith HoPE woridwideIndonesiarealizethat a bright idea from a teacher can createsan activity that can help studentsface this problems.Iogetherwe can createbetterfuturefor nextgeneration.

fund Giti $uccess Cii SuccessFundls a programto glve financialsupportto h gh schoolteachersin imp e menUngcreativeand fun wayofteachingtothe siudents.This programstarted in 2OO3by cit bank Pekatogetherwth FOPEworldwde ndonesiaas one of Cit bafks CSRprograrn. In the lstyear, the programwas onlyrun ir lakarta, brt in the 2nd year ts expandedto 3 othercties, Bandung,Semarang& Srrabaya.And ln the 5th yearits expandedto 2 otlrer c i i l e ss, o n o w i h ep r o g r a ms r u n n i n ign 6 c l t i e sn n d o n e sa . T h e m p a c ts s e e na m o n g t h e t e a c h e r ss,t u d e n t a s n dt h e s c h o o l s w h e rt h eep r o g r a m a r ei m pe r n e n t e dn. f a c i t h e l m p a c t a l s o f e t b y t h e c o m r n l n i t y s u r r o u n d t h e s c h o o lTs h . e o r i g i n a dl e a o f t h e p r o g r a mj s t o changethe teachlngprocessparadigm,whereieachersare not the center of the cass, where the students passivevhstenand learn from the teachers,but its the interactve processbetweentheteacherandstudents.





: Citi Success Fund 2O09

."'" "Y"..s


Al-0hunaba l|iUh $chool On Wednesday,2ndlvlay2007,an eventwas heldat the AssemblyHall,BaplndoPlaza,in remembeing of lhe was an excltlngmoment lof Hl. [,luslihati Pumomo(the headmastefol Al-GhurabaHlghSchool).Not only her school becamethe winnerofbestAcitivltyofCSFin 2006, it alsogottheawardas the most activeparticipant of CSFslncethls progfamwas startedin 2004. Everyyeartielr teachersalwaystake parts

Carefor the poor A l - G h u r a bf oa u n d aot n e s i a bi s h e di n 1 9 7 1i n t i a l y w a sa p r a y i n g r o u po f m o t h e r sn R a w a m a n g uwnh, os a w t h e n e e do i m a n yp o o rc h i d r e nw h oc o ud n o tg ot o s c h o o l b € c a u soei f i n a n c i ap r o b l e mE. n c o u r a g et odc a r e f o r t h e p o o r c hd r e nt.h e ys t a r t e da s c h o o l w h i caht t h a t U r n w e a so n l ya s i m pe p l a c ea n ds t a r t € dw t h 2 0 s t u d e n t s of k ndergartenand e ementary.Nowthey have 20 classroomand a mosqueon the 4,000m2 land which includesa Kindefgalten,an elementary,a jurior high school.a sen or hlghschoo with 200 studenrsand a Mosleminstiiurewith 400 students. Iolhls daythe foundationstillkeepsits originalmissionto giveeducationto the poorstudents.Theschoolfee in seniorhighschoolis betweenRp.2O-OOO to Rp.75.000 eachmonth.dependson the rinanciaI conditionof its students.Iheteacherstherearealwaysremindedaboutthemissionofthe school.Now60%of lhe students afe from unluckyramiliesand singleparenttamily.The foundationalso givesscholarshipsor finds guardan parentsto supporlthe children.Ihere are about 70 studentswho weresrpported by Al Ghurabafoundation. Events teachersactivelyfindjobaccupationstorthe r graduatestudents.

A SimpleWoman Hj.N4uslhati,theheadmasteroithefoundauonsince1995,ntiaywasnotateacher,butithadbeenacallng i r o mG o d ,s h es a i d .W e b e t t e rd o a n a c t u a l s m al t h n g t h a nj u s t d r e a mn g a n dd o n o t l r i n gD. e s p l t eh e r i m l t a . t i o n s ,h e rc h i l d r e nw e r ea b l e t oc o m p l e t e t href e s p e c t v eb a c h eo r d e g r e e s . She said Ou. educationalprogramsare not as goodas othef nat ons but ( doesnt makeus down.l,laybewe cannolcompetein PhisycsorTechnology but certainlywe havesomepotentialsthatwe can developeif we do our best.She was glad that CSFprogramwas abe to encourageteacherstodevelopethencreativeideasand sh€ hopedihis k nd of progGmscoLrldbe iu(her developed.She toundthatthe teacherswere morc crealive and caredaboutthe tudents and envnonments. she invitedothef schoolstojoin the programbecauseit was usefulfor the teachersthemselvesand the students.

CSFdonatlon receiverfiom Al GhurabaSchool 2004onepe6on,rEizaoktarranwrhherprogramNonronBeBanaoKpunyar'(warchneMovierocerherhGood) prosem sorab6srarwaB' 2005 one person, rLEta oktarianiwithrhe 2006iour people 1 rr Era oktariaiiwit[rheprosra -s muasipeng6 (3muaronorhouseho 2. Eahta. Mpd{ th theprosram or6anuanedabm rumahrancea" d I nanciamanasinc) 3 . M . N a b i r A m r w l h t h e p r c g r a m ' Y u k , m u a i b F n s d e i g a f F(pc.o5m 0 .e0o0n0s r tah e b u s r n e s s w r hsRop. 0 0 0 ) 4 . T e d i w itrhhe0 r 0 C 6 nr i k a g ! n u nt gu b e r n a mKaf a k a l a u " ( r t l r e m o u n t a n w a s K G k a t a 0 ) 2 0 0 7 t w o p e o p l e : l x o m a irsrw i r ht h ep r c C b mD a ,b j b u a h h e n j a d a n e k a k u e ' t F . o m l b e r r u i s e e d s b e c o m e m a n y k t n d s o r c o o k e s ' "Men3h 2.sukadi.sE* rhrhep.ogram rungb ayah dup"(Count nCor iv necosls)



Eegln wlth a deske to glve without erpectlngfor a return, came up trom a Elroupof people (AKS),and ploneeredby Santo and Surya with a teaft who shared gifts to chlldren.


Academy I a 9

Whenwe conducteda surveyin Pedongkelan, we found an area which is 'rsuallvcalledas "CocaColaCrossroad"knownasa locationwhichis often i n u n d a t eadn dh a s a c o m m u n i t y w im t ha l n o u r i s h e d c h i l d f e n , s t r e e t c h i l d r e n who dropout olschoolor cannotbvengo to schoolsincethey haveto find the rnoneyby sel ingthingsor buskingatthe crossroad. See ngthe toughlife ln the area,the vol!nteersf nallygatheredto havea teachingsesson on everysaturdayirom2 pm to 4 pm. Aftertheteaching s finislled,the vo unteersthen usually distrlbutethenutritiousfoodsuchas; milk,greenbean,or havinglunchtogether. The purposeof SaturdayAcademyis

To b,lng hopeto the poorchildrenby glvingthemdignityIn choosingstudy, characterbullldlngand learnto carefor eachother in thelr community.

.: I

3 h_


Thekeyof SaturdayAcademyisthe volunteerswho will be ready to assistthe childrcnboth insideand outside of the class, give them motivation,and educate them to havegoodaftitudeand behavior. The most uniold satisfaction is when the volunteersiina ly see their $turday Academych ldren improvingin their behavior. Thereis alwaysbiefangon setting up classesand equipmentsbefore and aftâ&#x201A;Źrthe classsessions, sothe teachingprocesswill run well and each input or case will be discussedafter classto get better results,

lmIrcl Tnereare now 5 locationsof Sat!rdayAcademy in Jakartaand othertowns: 1. East.lakarta(Pâ&#x201A;Źdongkelan) 2. w6stjakatt. (Manggr Dua) 3. Nolth.lak6rta(Clllnclngl.andClllnclng2) 4. SaiurdayAcadomyls also now opon In Srrabayaand Pontianak

1. Children s e e n g t h e l m p r o v e m e notn c h i d f e n g a l n n g b e t t e r s c h o o l s ey m a r k s a n d a t t j t u dne e af ni n ga f t e rj o i n l n gt he s a t ur d a yA c a d m w l l s l r e y g i v e g r e a t m p a c to n P a r e n t s a n d v o l n t e e r s .T h e c o r n m u tny i s a l s o i n a l y w i l n g t o l e t t h e i r h o u s e s i o b e u s e d a s a placefor organz ngthe SatLrdayAcaderny. Besdes stodyng,th€ childrea n l s oh a v ea o p p o r t u n l t y thoa v ea f i e l d - t r iopr o u t b o n dt o h e l pt h e me x po r e t h e w o r d o u t s d eo f t h e r v e s a n d i m p r o v e d theirwayofthinking. N o v ai st h e s e c o n dc h i d i n t h e i a m i l ys,h eh a s 4 s b l n g s .N e rp a r e n t iss a sireel vendor Novals diiferentthan othcr ch ldren,she rs mLrteand n e v eg r e t a n y a i t e nol nl r o mt h e f a m i l yb e c a u soef h e r q u i e t n e s s , w h i c h n o n e o l t h e l a m i y k n o w ohf e rp h y s i c aclo n dt i o n ,u n i f o P E c a m e a f d do the slrley for SaturdayAcaedemy. She was abandonedby the l a m i y ,n o tg o i n g t os c h o o .b e c a u s e t h e y l h o u gshhtew a ss o q u l e ia n d n o c o m m u n i c a t oant a l l . w h e nH Q P E f o u nhde r ,s h ew a s1 1 y e a r s o l d . Aftersomeassessmenl, herla miiywasiold that Novas rnLrteand need s p e c a l s c h o o t o t e a c hh e r h o w t o s p e a ka n d r e a d .S h ej o l n e dt h e SaturdayAcademyand was knownas a di gentstudents.after 1year, she was register€din special schoo fof the mute. Nova now s a completelyd iffe.eni person;cheerlul,atientiv€,and he pfu. she rs now hav ng an examinatonto graduatefrom th€ Primaryschoo from the s p e c i as c h o o .A n dn o w s h el s l e a r n l n g t coo m m u nc a t eb y r e a d r n g t h e l l p s .S h ee m b r a c e t hceh oc e g i v e nw t h d i g nt y .

Saturday Academy 2009

2. Community Entinhas a car ng heari towardfamily,especialy t o c h l d r e nE . \ ' e nt h o u g hs h ew a s l r s t c o m p l a i n e d by others on unfar distnbuto.s blt tlren finaly admitted by the communltybecarse of her ove a n d c a r e .s h e i s c a l e d a s " K a d e ry a n g l i d a k pernah Keder' (A cadre who knows what she is E n tn l s k n o w na s a n a s s l s t a nfto r m o t h e r sa n d l n e a c ha c t v t y h e l di n t h e c o r n m u tny o f children pedongkeLan, frornPosyand u to Salurdayacademy. E n tf , a . . o i h e rw t h 3 c h i d r e nh, a sa g r e a tr o e i n SaturdayAcademy,he d on everySat!rday,preparng a p ace ior vo unteersto gather for br efing b e t o r ea n d a f t e rc a s s . B e s d e st h a t ,s h e s a s o preparingnutrito!sfood iw ce a month, a n d3 s h e i s v f g n a s n r p l ei f ew i t hh e rh u s b a n d c h l d r € nh , a v i n ga s m a l ls t o r ei n t h e r h o l s e .s n c e 2005, when HOPE i rsi conducted the t rst SatLrrda Ayc a d e m ys ,h e o p e n e du p h e r h o u s el o r a placeto stldy and meetingpo nt for ihe vo unteers to gatherror a br efing. Noir Ef1 : s , h.rg .1 if-. rr.s!t. rli lN.t L l o . s nt s L o , r , - i d e s r e t . a ! ! a ! s s ! p p o { t r . 5n.!dat Ardiler,i I s seln n ir.i .ltcri ro f i i ! f - A rl r - A.r. : n r L t n e n : t o , r . d a l g 1 f r ' r o s I r!! he t.g:...o

d f .t. 1.. s.ildf!

A.;.1! i!


Thankyo!, lbu Entinand a I the vo unteeE lor a t h e h a r dw o r k s a n de f f o r t si n h e p i n g t h e . h d r e n n the SaturdayAcademy.Thankyo! for choosingio h e l pt l r ec o m m u nt y t o g a n t h e r d i g n i t y .

* "'1".i,.,.'"'.".*"'t


Bacl0nound Start from the concern and shong $/llllnElnessfrom Tupperware and Hope tvorrdlde Indonesia, the Cllinclng community development was established In 22 September 2007. SaturdayAcademyin Kall BaruCilincing,was first initiatedby Tupperwareworkingtogetherwith foPE worldwideIndonesia, assistedbya lthe HOPEvolunteers.Byt mes,the peoplearo'rfd ihe neighborhood .startedto havesenseof belongingto the progfam,and tne youthstartedto get involvedin teachingthen little brothersand sistersin the SaturdayAcademy. Thecommunitysurroundingalsoshowedenthusiasm in havingthis programcontinuously. Dueto this condition,they werethen willingtohavetheir housesto be usedasa simpleclassroom.Saturdayistheday longedbythe children.


lleueloImsnt Begln wlth SaturdayAcademy TherewereTlchildren from playgrcupto6th grader,dividedlnto3 classes.Forthesecond session,we finaly observedthat there were some changesneed to be made in order to ru ril the c h drens needs.lhen the classeswered vlded into 5 cLasseswhich one of the c asses s caled as a specialclasswherethere werechldren tforn 7 yearsold abovewho stillcannotreadand write.Therewere73 childrenin the secondsesson, Afterthe motherssee the progresson their chlldrenscharacteraswellas academic,they are now readyto dream for then own good,especiallyin financial.The rccycliflgactiv(y seemsto be a goodone,wheretheylearnto cleanthe plastictrashand savethe world,they themselvesbenetit trom the prodlcts they produce.The recyclinggroup which was oGanizedbythe womenin RT09 RWOl has showedmuchprogress,especiallyin sewing skill.Theyare moreeagerto prcducetheir worksseeingthedemandsin the market,




Thesearethe thingsdone bythe mothersbeforesew ng the bags;somechoosethe colors, cotthe materias, wâ&#x201A;Źshthemâ&#x201A;Źll.When t is ready,theywlll do the sewinginto d ifferentsizes: S=20 X 25, l\4=27 X 31, L= 30 X 3a and XL = 40 X 45- lt has been done for the last few months.But on thls July,there are more diffefentwaysto create more varied productsBerore,some bagswerecut in the rectangleshapes.but now some new shapescut in a

(youll| group) l(arang Tanuna Testifv the little brothers and sisters also their mothers growth,theyouthin the communty beg n tothinkofsometh ng that can uu izedthelrtirneinsteadofjust wastingt me. nApril 2009, KarangIaruna (Youthgroup)was establishedwth an activity; changingused newspaperslnto a prctty bag and enchantingproducts.This is to help them who cannot go to school gaining knowledgethrough informal educationsuch this.ltwillsurelybenefitthemalltoimprovetheircapacitythat they can also succeedeven though rhey cannol experience

lilrary On Algust 29th 2009, The C lincingCornmunityCenterLibrarywas establshedand openedior childrenand localcommunity. TherewereBINUSlnternationalSimprugschoo donatedbooks,Tupperware Indonesiaas Donorfor CilincingCommunltyCentef a so supportedfor the Librarylaunching. We do hopethatch ldrenwil be muchbetterin their knowledgebyhavingtheLibraryin Thereare rnorethingsto do and lets keepon dreaming.Let s hold handsand work hardto rnakeourdreamscometrue.Wethensee ourchildrenwhofinallvhavedreamsin their ives, a s a e g a c y t oo u rn e x t g e n e r a t i o n .


embracebetter future Kallnahls a 9 yearsold girl,whowe metwhenwe did our survey n Ci incingcornmunity.The lsttime we met her,she was n bad condition,meaningno brushinghair,andjustsdtand watchTVwith no hopein hereyes.Accordingtoherfather,she was not goto school,but she said she was a 4 lrader. In the 1st SatufdayAcademyin 2002 she was lound cryingat ihe cornerof 4 graderclass, becauseshe c o u l d nt r c a da n dw r i t e .H e rh a ! fw a s f l l e dw i t hl c e . S h e t h e ni o l n s t h es o e c i a l c l a sHs O P E D r o v i d efdo r t h o s e who alreadypassedthelryeatfat etadeL. Whenthe ume comesfor her to registefto forma education,she was rejectedby the schoolfor age reason. Withher veryslowgrowthin readingand writ ng,Karlinailna ly reglsteredin sewingschoo in 2004. Atfirst she was very excitedand earnfast, butaftersome times,againshe couldn'tfollowthe classdue to her lackof r e a d i n g a nw d itingabiliiy. A l o n g2 0 0 9 , t h e r ea r ec h a n g e s t h abtr n g d i g n i t y t o K a r i n a hi,k e :

Kalinahis now far moreawareofthe needto be cleanand neat. She is evenmuchc eaner& neaterthanoihergirlsat her age now 2. )oy Ka inah is now morejoyfulandlrlendlier,evento a personshejust metforthe lsttime. She can communicate with d gnlty. 3. Self confidence Perseveranceand seriousnesshas made Kalnah mprovedin lessonand knowledge. She is practicingreadng,writing,counting around 3 times n a week.Therefore,she is better than before. Besidesimprovingin Academic,Karlinaalsoshowsskill n sewing. Shegainsse fconfidenceby choosingnot to giveup,shetakesthe challengewithdignityand she winsWth al those changes,t has broughtgreat impactto the local communiy and neighborhood. Thoseare thethree majorchanges in Kallnaa h l o n g2 0 0 9 .

3 3

e g l

CBDRR Based lfisasten tislrfieducti0n Gommunity BaclUnound




This programis suppo.tedby The Fo.d Foundation,has been staded in August 2OOaby HOPEwondwlde Indonesiaand scheduledto be implementedfrcr|l August1,2OOa until December3l, 2011. Focusingon teacherskaining in DRRissues,the ovemllpurpiseof the programls to incfeasecommunitybaseddisaster isk reductionand preparednessin highlyvulnefable10 districts in Indonesia,witn taâ&#x201A;Źet beneficia.ies 5,000 teacheE in 1,000 schoolsand at least 3OO,O0O studentswill be impacted(estimated3oo students pefschool).Chosenlocationsarelvledan,Batam,Surabaya,SemaEng, Nodh Jakatta,WestJakarta,South Jakarta,Manado,Denpasarand Jayapura.

lmmct , orth M r .S u i c h ol s a s e n l o r t e a c h el nr o n eo f t h e H i g hS c h o o si n M e d a n N Sumatera.He teachesGeography.Besidesbeing a teacher,fatheing 7 chidrcn, he llkesto do humanitarianwofks.Togetherwith the students, they chooseto sLpport the CommunityBased DisasterRisk Reducton P r o g o Ta, r d a l s of a p . h e . . . o v c l i l d . . i n o . p h a n a g e s ao; -oh e ' w o ' k s thatcan he p Lrsthecomrnunty. His nterestto HoPEwordwdelndonesiabegan n 2007, where he vo lnteers himself."l know HOPEwondwide Indonesiathroughthe workstheyhavefor DisasterRelief in Nras,my home towr dnd otl-e p ogrdns lF.I ha\e n reachingout the poor in N4edanand other ciues. lf an organlzationike HOPEis wiling to bring dignityto the communityn rny hometown,I mysef am challengedto do the sameth ng in helpingotlrersas wel.

"WhenI found olt that therewlll be a DisasterPreparednessProgramin lvledanth rougheducation,I mademyself readyto be a facilitatortq soclalizethe programin schools,becauselam a GeogGphyteacher,it's in my capacity. Severalthlngsthat ldid: I preparedmyseltto betrained as a teachertrainerto train otherteachersin lvledan.And d ystudentstodothesamething." t h e n I p r e p a r em Aitersometimes,I dreamto be "Agentof HOPE',wheretherewill be a free sâ&#x201A;Źhoolwith goodqualityeducationihatwillgavebnthto qua iiied studentsfromthe pooriamilies. lwish HOPEworrdwdelndonesiawill be used by Godto buiE the poorto havehope and changedlives.And I willtake part n it, whileI am alive. lam proudto become"Agentoi H0PE",wherelcan help& sharewith otherteachers, sincerelyservethe communityto DisasterRiskReductionPrograrn.


C B D RR 2 O O 9

,..n"' ."",0t'o.""."'' n"r''"




Mothen and Child

l|ealth Pnounam Bac[0round

"SayYestoASl'is a pfogramchosento bulldcommunityawar€nessIn Pedongkelantowardtheimportanceof motners mllk fof motheE and chlldren.Thls progralnis a lGlbe NutrltlonalsCSRprogramIn its intentionto bulld the communityawarenessto{,ard the lmportanceof ASI (motnerb mllk), provldedhealth educalionlor the pregnant and b€astfeedlng women ln Pedongk€landistrict RTO1'17RW 15 area, which was knoim as the dlsrrlct occupled by people who are trylng to suNlve by b€ing street singers, gays, thleves, trash plckerc and olher cdmlnalactlYltles.

! l ;


3 '"

on 7th August2OOa,durlnEWord Breastieeding Tie programlaunchingwasheld n Pedongkelan was openedby the dnectorof BinaGizi Masyarakat- CommunityNutritionEducation (HealthDepartment), Dr Ina HernawatilvlPH. and community Togeth€rwith the localcommuniiyhealthcenter(Puskesmas) seruice post (posyandu),duing its one year serving in Pedongkelan.this Programhavehelped: a. 127 pregnantwomsn,107 ol th€m hay6d€llveredthek babl63and 1OO% navegvon breastleedlng. b. €35toddlers havogol lmmunlzatlon8and addltlonalnutrltlon8. c. 192 womcn hav€got Pap Smo.r to3t lor fie€.

Mansinah i$fightin$

againsl Ceruical Cancen ln lune 2009 HOPEwor/r1w.1e ndonesa in coooeraton with GSK(Gaxo SrnithK ine)& ndonesian (YK gave CancerFoundaton free Pap Smear serviceto 140 mothers n Pedongkean, Eastla karta. ) Afterthreeweekstheygot the res! ts from wasloundthat 16 rnothershadto take medication and 2 otherswererefetredto RSCM{Pubic GeneralHosptal)to getiu(hertreatment.Oneofthetwo motherw s a sM a r sn a h .

Itwas nevercrossedin her rnindthat she woud be diagnosedwith CervlcalCancer. She had no ideaaboutthis diseaseand she had no rnoney.Crying,Fuji,Marsinah'sson, told HOPEabouther motherscondiiion and asked HOPEto he p her becauseMarsnah on y had SKTM(Governmentetterfor the Poor)-Byowningthis letter,they had to pay only part ofthe medicalcharges, wh ch they st llcould notafford.The onlythlngtheycoulddo was praying.But duringthis tinre she still got the treatrnentunder HOPEsaid, whichalwayssearchedfor waysto cooperatewith GSK&YKl, hopingthatA4arsnah cor'ldget goodtreatrnentfor free. BecauseofflnancalDrobenrs.Marsnahwasdffcuttocontinuethetfeatment.Theocadistrctofiiceandthe conrmunih t ye a l t hc e n t e r( P u s k e s m aKsa) y uP u t i hE a s r J a k a r tias,s u e da e t t e r s o t h a t s h w e o ! d b e r r e e di r o m a n y l r e a r m e ncin a r g e s . M e a n w he H Q P Ek â&#x201A;Ź p tm a n a g i n g t h aMt a r s n a hg o t the necessitytreatment. EarlyOctober,one of the d o . o . o f F < . \ , 1, t - d t o P o I 4 a q t r ' c a b o . l " .o -"!. (UBBF<.Fd Var.




ba I

R S C Nt4o b e t r e a t e d .T h e n M a r s n a h h a d i o g o t h r o u g hs o m em e dc a l t e s t sa n db o o dt r a n s f l so n s . U

oddr Vd,i'd'r




Lale idd 5 iap.

o' o bood ip _o ip opJ fppj

L n d e rG S K Y , K & R S C Ma i d .S h ei s r o w o n h e rw a y

Mother & Child health 20O9


Volunteeringisaprogramfor both individualandfamilywho havea hearttoserye the needy,seryingthecommunitywith passlonand dedlcation, The purposeis to be able to reachthe needf to help the poor and needyto havebetter lite In the future.

UolunteeFinU I.IIUG/]|YC

HOPEVolunteerCorpsand HOPEYouthCorps s an nnovativevolunteersprogramwhlchis expectedio br ng morepeope from differentbackgrounds, ages,seryingin the communty HOPEVolunteersCofpsis specialforadu ts and developmentandeadefshipenhancement. fam ly while HOPEYouthCorpsis purposediof Senior H gh schoolor campusstudents. EitherHVCor HYCis servingeach year throughoutthe word. The purposeof havingthis progranristogive rnpactsforatleast10to 14 daysthfoughexctingjourneyandexperience of serv ng in the cornmunity. Ih s s o ne of the HOPEworldwideprograms. workingtogether wth HOPEworl.lwtdendonesia.

s f.

members,who ChrstopherCrolt s one oi the HVQ/|-]YC c h o s et o b € a l o l u n t e e irn I n d o n e s ai n 2 O O 7H . e h a da g r e a l e x p eer n c e wt h t h e a c t i v i t e se, n l o y e h d stirnewith the chirdfen 'r the orphanage.saturday Academyby t e a c hn g l h € r nE n g L i s h ,a v ef u n w t h t h e m b y p l a y l n g

Most of them rea y teel like lhey had learned a hfe €sson, where ihey neler get n th€ r home town, they iake lots of th ngs for granted.Whenthey communicaie a n d s e e p e r s o n a r r y tihi eeo f t h e p o o r a f d n e e d y , i t b r n g s themto a lrighereve oi hurnilityand gratitude. Theythink that theycame to serve n a 1sl place,but il turns oLrtihat they went home iee ing filled and thri led wilh lhe etperence, the warmlh,the excitementand a brand new way ol lookingof lite. Th.oughvolunteering theyfind not only new experience,new friends,but also newctolces in lv nga life fu lof drgrty.

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