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OUR VISION A world filled with joyful and grateful people living out of poverty with compassion for others and their lives.

OUR MISSION To change lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volnteers to deliver sustainable, high impact service to empower poor and needy communities. Our goal in delivering services to the needy in the areas of Health, Education, Disaster and Community Development. We deliver the services with integrity to the Core Values and Beliefs: Accountability, Compassion, Respect, Hard Work, Unity, Learning Attitude, Pure Motivation, Flexibility and Sustainability.

WHO WE ARE Profile and history With a simple mission to love the poor, a free medical clinic was set up to serve vulnerable fisherman families in Muara Baru, North Jakarta in 1994, when HOPE worldwide Indonesia was established. We are affiliated with HOPE worldwide, an NGO (Non Governmental Organization) based in Wayne, PA (USA). We serve close to one million people annually in developing countries across the globe, such as India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Russia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico, Jamaica, Pakistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Bulgaria, Hungary, as well as developed countries like England, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada and Australia. We committed to the same motto: “Bringing hope, Changing lives.�

Annual Report 2013 01

LETTER FROM THE COUNTRY DIRECTOR Dear friends of HOPE worldwide Indonesia, Greetings!

2013 is the year where HOPE worldwide Indonesia does many reflections on who, what, how and why we are here in Indonesia. The core of 2013 is

something from within when shared with sincerity will bring absolute harmony. Disharmony in life between the rich and the poor, the able and the slow, the big and the small, is so obvious in our daily lives. The two parties cannot

be together in harmony. It is a challenge for them to live in harmony by not

focusing on their own happiness, but to let the sincerity and the passion lead

and continuously shine till it penetrates the boundaries and brings unity. Both parties can take and give, bridging the gap that separates them for all these years.

In this Annual Report, we want to share with you the contribution from each

person and communities that blends together to accomplish the completeness of hope in life.

Our gratitude to the Lord Almighty, who gives us opportunity to discovering

hope from within. We also want to thank each and every one of you, our he-

roes, because you are willing to go deep to discover hope and bring it to the

needy, that they may have better lives. 2013 will not just be a memory, but will keep on shining till it lights up the whole Mother Earth of Indonesia.

Lily Salim

02 Discovering Hope From Within

Ludiman - Marsidi - Awiny - Lambok - Lily - Eva - Pingkan - Mindo - Nuris - Slamet - Arnold - Rani


Country Director

Charles M. Ham

Senior Advisor

Kichi Jacob

Educators Training Program Manager

Dr. Pingkan

Health Program Coordinator

Awiny Tjendra

Finance &Administration Director

Mindo Silaban

Marsidi Utomo

General Affair Manager

Tiorengsi Eva Matondang

Mother and Child Health Manager

Arnold Bolang Director of Education


Nurisman Bukit

Lambok Hutagalung

School Sponsorship Program Manager

Slamet Simamora

Computer Training Program Manager

Maharani Budiman

Tuberculosis Clinic Manager

IT Department Manager

Ludiman Harefa

Development & Communication Manager

Orphanage Manager

English Training Program Manager

Board of Trustee

Board of Supervisory

Board of Management

Harliem Salim ~ Chairman

Ivan Arianto ~ Chairman

Lucas Sanjaya ~ Chairman

Vania M. Djohan

Alice S.A

Sahat Hutagalung ~ Secretary

Li Phin Budi Kusmartono Listiana Santoso

Budi Hartono ~ Treasurer

Steffen Heth “Today a week ago I landed in Germany, returning from my six month stay in Indonesia. It was the greatest time of my life. I never experienced anything like it. Indonesia and all it’s people were the biggest thing I ever witnessed. Being back here now I notice all these things, all things I miss and all the amazing gifts I received and I guess some things you never really understand with all their incredible value until its gone.�

04 Discovering Hope From Within

“I just want to write of this one situation during my last week. It was my last time in the train. I was in the expensive class

which is 80 cents for the ride when I realised this might just be my last time in these Indonesian trains and man I was

in the train loads of times, more times than many Indonesians themselves and I decided it cannot be that on my

potential last time I am riding in the expensive class and

not the legandary economy class. So I got out of the train and straight out waited for the economy train. It arrived, I

got on. I found a seat and ofcourse all my great indonesian buddies started staring at the bule in the economy train. It was an ordinary ride and as always there were beggars in the economy train. I never saw as many blind and crip-

pled people in my life as I did on those trains. They crawl through the train, cleaning the train with a hand broom

asking for money. You give them twenty cent and they are such thankful people, they halt for you and speak prayers for you, giving thanks. Then I saw these two blind men,

walking slowly through the train, aiming not to take a false

I also miss my students. Man alive they were epic.

In the beginning I went there with the intention to you know,

bring them hope, change their lives and what not haha. But man, they were such beautiful kids and I dont see them as

students but as friends. They gave me so much more than I could give them. I miss them but I am so happy and grate-

ful for being able to have had the privilige of teaching them. I also miss my fellow teachers, who I believe now are really

some of my best and closest friends. I wish you all the best. So, these are the times you notice an unforgettable experience is coming to an end. I miss you but I know there is a lot left for all of us out there and life is

waiting with a new dawn. Cheeese. Thanks to

everyone who has made everything so epic and

perhaps Ill never find the perfect words to thank you but man you guys are phenomenal.�

step as there are no doors in the train and you might fall out. These two blind beggars not seeing anything softly

bumped into each other. And both of them put on their politest, most smypathetic smile holding each other to pass one another slowly. Thats when I suddenly started to cry in the middle of the train. Actually Ive been in that train so often already and I always saw them but I never really, really

considered them but in that moment I thought of them and I thought of their lives and I thought how sometimes we think we have problems or our life isnt blessed but then I see the poor people and I have so much to learn from them, that they want to stay alive, the way they love and smile, that they are thankful.

In Indonesia I met the most thankful and giving

people of my life, although there finances were often very close to nothing. I think in my life I seldomly received so

much love and kindness. Its so paradox how poor people

are often so much more thankful and even giving than the rich. My friends there, man I miss you bangeeeet. I mean

you guys are the greatest funniest weirdest craziest trolliest folks ever. I really believe we’ll see each other again soon

cause now we got all this technology and planes. You have the most amazing hearts and to see how you live inspires me insanely.

Annual Report 2013 05

Ludiman Harefa I work for HOPE worldwide Indonesia since 1999 as a staff in Tuberculosis Clinic for 2 and half years before I was asked to move to the orphanage on 2002. My purpose to work for HOPE is to help the needy, as my longtime dream comes true.

06 Discovering Hope From Within

I feel so happy when I see changes in the lives of those

who received help from HOPE, such as TB patient when he was sentenced cure and free from TB. This also is my feeling to see the children in the orphanage, children that are

not wanted or cannot be afforded by the families, but here

they have the opportunity to be loved and cared while they are waiting for new parents that will love and raise them. The satisfaction of life changing is what makes my work meaningful and worth work for.

Challenge I face at my workplace is to do the right thing

in the midst of doubt from the community and to gain trust from the surrounding. I realize that all of these challenges

actually build me up to be better in the way I never think of. Here in the orphanage I also find the babies of my life, 3 children of mine were born in the orphanage and I learn

not just to take care of the children in the orphanage, but

also my personal children. I learn how to manage my time

and love among them. It’s not easy, because when I look at them, my heart is melted with love and compassion.

Here in the orphanage, we already sent 5 children into

their young adult, and 2 others are in their high school, and another 4 just started go to school.

To see them pursue their future, brings tears of joy.. The children that are not supposed to have future, now can dream and pursue their dreams.

Annual Report 2013 07

Daka Hidayat I know HOPE Tuberculosis Clinic in 2006 from my parents in law, who used to bring his grandchild to be treated in the clinic. At that time I hardly breathe, cough a lot, fever, lost weight to 39kgs. But after the treatment for 8 months, I am cured and was weighted 45 kgs.

08 Discovering Hope From Within

I live in Tanah Merah with my wife and 5 children. We sang on the street to earn money to survive.

In 2012, my first son, Daka, was sick with the same symptom as mine in 2006, so I took him to HOPE Clinic right

away, with hope that he also can be cured. And he did. HOPE Clinic did not only treat our TB, but also the staff

came to our house and teach us how to live a clean and hygiene life. They come and clean our house, which we

keep until today. We have learned how to live clean and hygiene life, although we are poor, because cleanliness is not about being poor or not, but it is knowledge and character. One most significant change of our way of living now is we do not through garbage anywhere like we used to be. We throw it in the dust bin and then to the local landfills.

Not only stop there, HOPE care for our family by educate

us about the importance of education, and 3 of our children are now under HOPE School sponsorship, besides I myself also receive support to open a small business, so that we

(my wife, kids and I) don’t have to sing on the street till late at night for us to earn 1 meal for the whole family of seven.

We hope that HOPE will sustain, so that more people like us can be helped to get a better life. Thank you

Annual Report 2013 09

Selamet & Satria My name is Slamet. I am married to Kartini and we have 3 children. My wife now is pregnant with our 4th child. I have been living in Cilincing for 42 years. I was born here. When the first time HOPE came and did a survey to our community in 2007, I was one of the community leaders there and I welcome HOPE to come and do their work in our community, because I thought this is the opportunity for the young generation in our community to grow and pursue better future.

10 Discovering Hope From Within

This is my dream comes true. I want to see youth pur-

sue higher education, such as high school or even up to

university. Because at that time, there are no children go

to University or college in our community. So I am totally supportive to what HOPE wants to do in our community,

which is Saturday Academy and life skills education, as well as teach us how to live a hygiene and green life.

Since HOPE came to our community in 2007, I can see the difference in our community. We grow to be better in the

urgency of our child’s education, clean and healthy life in

neighborhood, and in 2010 for the 1st time I witnessed our

first 10 youth can continue study in University and College. It makes my day.

Not only that, my first son, who is very quiet and never

go out of his room after school, even just to have dinner

together, since he joined Saturday Academy, he started to go out and he even teach in Saturday Academy. And he

changed a lot. He is more initiative at home to support my

burden as father as well as breadwinner in the family. After

he graduated from high school, he applies for job in HOPE Tuberculosis Clinic, where he is in charge for the patient

database. He also visit patient’s house to make sure they take their medicine.

Satria, Mr. Slamet’s 1st son, is a volunteer in Saturday

Academy until now. He graduated from HOPE Computer

Training Center and Educators Training Program. And now Satria work in HOPE Tuberculosis Clinic and is equipped by the government in data processing for Tuberculosis.

He said: “The reason I want to work here, because at first

I have no knowledge about health at all, so I want to know health world at least to broaden my insight. I am happy

to work here because I think I grow faster than my friends who work outside, because here I face dynamic problem

on daily basis, so I learn how to cope with things faster and better.”

Annual Report 2013 11

Vivi Trenggono I know HOPE worldwide Indonesia for the first time when I joined the walkathon event in 2005. Then when I was appointed as a Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) coordinator, I started to get involved with HOPE. The first project was to help the earth quake victims in Jogjakarta in 2006, then it was followed with many projects that allowed BINUS International School Simprug students to join. Not only to join, but also to develop the students’ characters through the projects we did together including holding walkathon events since 2009.

12 Discovering Hope From Within

Getting involved with HOPE has opened my eyes to see

the real life and problems that our country is facing. It does not stop at that point. In fact, it challenged me to act out, to

make a difference to my country through local communities. Furthermore, it also challenged me to dare to dream big

dreams. I dream that one day Indonesia will be free from tuberculosis, free from malnutrition, free from poverty and all

children have access to school. Together with my students, we bring hopes that are changing lives.

As a non-government organization, HOPE gave us a lot of service opportunities. I witnessed how my students were

engaged to the HOPE projects such as storytelling days, walkathon events, sanitary and free medication projects.

This engagement led them to an eye-opening experience

and moved their heart to act out as agents of HOPE. Below

is a short testimony from Brian Liutama , a former student of BINUS International School Simprug, Batch 2012.

I felt very lucky and fortunate to have a life that I have now. It was wonderful to visit the children in Cilincing, reading

them stories. I felt that we as fortunate students, must help

children in need, to help them go to school. I saw how hard life was for them. Some of them eat dirty food, unhygienic cooking, also eats “aking� (used rice, dried, and then

cooked again). I felt blessed to help HOPE that gave me an opportunity to help those children in need. I had fun with them: playing games, gave some mini quizzes, and also taught them. It was so heartbreaking to children’s determination to learn, to study, while we, fortunate students,

complained a lot about our teachers, assessment tasks and much other things on twitter, BBM , etc. We never

appreciated what life meant. We underestimated life, but after seeing them struggle, even to eat, I started to see

how hard life was, and how our parents paved our road to

comfort. To be successful we need to go out of our comfort zone, because we will never grow as long as we stayed in our comfort zone.

Brian was one of many BINUS students that have been

moved through their experiences with HOPE. I do believe Brian and his friends who have been given a chance to help the children taken care by HOPE, will continue to

be an agent of HOPE wherever they are. Bringing hope, changing lives.

Annual Report 2013 13

Karen Oliver When I moved to Indonesia in 2009 I never imagined the journey that I would go on here. I am a qualified teacher from the UK and had been teaching in London for a number of years. Teaching is my passion and calling in life and I am blessed to be given that gift so that I can inspire and educate children. When I was offered a job teaching at Sekolah Lentera Indonesia, it seemed like an opportunity to explore the world and take on a new adventure in life. I moved here to have a change of life and to recover from some personal tragedies that I had

gone through. In my mission to heal and recover I learned many valuable lessons. As I am passionate about education and learning, I was searching for something to do outside of my job here, which is when I was first introduced to HOPE in Indonesia.

14 Discovering Hope From Within

I heard about the work HOPE was doing with its Saturday

Academy program and was inspired to hear about the volunteers who were teaching. I began to ask what the needs were related to the program and the teachers to discover that there was very little training given to the volunteers.

I began to wonder if I could do something to help, along

with another teacher Ms Denise (also for the UK). I initially

suggested that we ran a day course to train the volunteers on some basics of teaching…however that was just the beginning of the idea!

As I visited the Saturday Academies and asked lots of

questions I began to realize that one day would not be

enough to help, so we began to think about what could be

done. The idea for the training quickly grew into a series of sessions that could be delivered. From those few sessions it became a training course that would take 1 year to com-

plete with different Modules that were delivered, and so the Educator Training Program (ETP) was born.

We trained our first batch of volunteer teachers and took

them through the course, which was written and amended on the way. But as soon as I began to teach it, I realized

that my heart was filled with a purpose and joy and what could be achieved. The hearts of the volunteers trans-

formed my thinking and instead of being something that ‘was a nice idea’ it became something I was passionate about and driven to do.

Teaching can often be seen as a one way process; with the teacher there to impart the knowledge…I quickly realized this was nothing like that. As I began to know the volun-

teers and see their hearts it changed me. I began to see

the hope and dreams that they had, to make a difference

and it touched my heart too. I began to deeply care about the program, the volunteer teachers and the impact they

were having in their communities. To listen to a 16 year old volunteer (to me he was still a boy) talk about his dream to

prove to his community elders that he had something good

So, over the last 4 years it has been an honor to develop

ETP from a one day course into a fully developed program. We have now trained many teachers in Jakarta and have

new graduates every year. The latest developments have

truly been the most exciting and beyond my dreams. This

year we began a new phase of development, as I realized that ETP could have a wider impact across Indonesia if it was handed over to Indonesian teachers and trainers to

run. In order to do this a training manual was created, so

that all of the resources are now standardized. The ‘trainers manual’ was also created so that people can be trained to deliver the program easily.

This year the Jakarta ETP has been run by Ms Dee, a dedi-

cated teacher from the Philippines, allowing me to focus on the next phase of training teachers outside of Jakarta.

The whole process has been the most amazing journey for

me to go on. My heart has been transformed by being able to give to others. Watching how ETP has grown has been a wonderful journey that I am humbled and blessed to have been a part of. The hearts of all those involved have been

inspiring and I would like the opportunity to thank all those

who have worked to make ETP a success. I have seen how one small idea and dream can be molded and shaped to

become something beautiful that changes hearts and lives. It has been a joy to give my time, energy and skills to

design, develop and nurture ETP. I have been blessed to

have my heart and life transformed by being a part of this. I

expected to help others and didn’t stop to think that I would gain so much from the experience. I have found myself

connecting to people whose lives are nothing like mine and it has made me more compassionate and understanding

than I was before. I have learned to enjoy the adventures of

life here and the beauty of the laughter and friendships that have formed along the way. Thank you HOPE Indonesia

for giving me the privilege to have been involved and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

he could give back and his dream to have a school one day in his ‘kampung’. His passion and heart to help the younger children was both humbling and inspiring. It was after

talking to him that I realized the program needed further development and had to be extended so it could last for years to come in Jakarta and across Indonesia (and hopefully

across the World). In this way many others like him, could be helped to realize their dreams.

Annual Report 2013 15

Lucas S. Sanjaya My name is Lucas S. Sanjaya. I have 1 wife and 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. I work as a Financial & Tax Consultant in Jakarta. As I myself grew up in a simple life of a broken family, I

end gave one of their buildings to be used as TB clinic and

heart I always want to share and help others, so that they

Being 1 of the Board members also gives me another hori-

worked very hard to come to what I live today. So in my

don’t have to face what I had, especially for my 3 children. I joined HOPE since 1996, when we have walkathon to fundraise for the orphanage. I started my journey with

HOPE by helping them with the land, which is still the or-

phanage now. It brought new hope and life to 116 children now, because they found new families, who love and raise

Computer Training Center to help the poor and needy.

zon of services to the poor. I can bring hope and change

others’ lives through my expertise;, I can join fundraising to help the poor and needy, and without I realize, it’s not only help the poor, but above all it changes my life and the way I look at life.

them with love.

It’s a privilege to be part of a growing organization, where

Besides the land for the orphanage, I also help connect

shapes one’s character and leadership, as well as opening

HOPE worldwide Indonesia with Lions Club, who at the

16 Discovering Hope From Within

we often need to sit down and think and discuss together. It one after another door for the next generation.

Center of Hope Indonesia

Annual Report 2013 17

Beneficiaries Counts 2013

18 Discovering Hope From Within

Annual Report 2013 19

Financial Statement


Unrestricted Funding   1%   5%  









TBE Clinic   CTC     9%  

Devcom Disaster  Relief  




Nias Community  Development   1%  

Restricted Funding  

Trash to  Treasure   ETC   School  Sponsorhip  




2% 11%  


School Sponsorhip     Global  Outreach     Batam  Project   Saturday  Academy     CTC     CTC    



Disaster Relief   CBDRR  

2014 Budget  

for Unrestricted  Funding   1%  

2% 1%  





Adm Orphanage  


TBE Clinic   CTC    


Devcom 11%   31%  


Disaster Relief  

2014 Budget  

IHM Nias  Community  Development  

for Restricted  Funding  

Trash to  Treasure   ETC   School  Sponsorhip   Saturday  Academy     24%  


2% School  Sponsorhip     29%  

Global Outreach     Batam  Project   Saturday  Academy    

24% 13%  


20 Discovering Hope From Within

ANZ AWA (American Woman Association)

Sekolah Tunas Muda Senayan City SLK

Bakmie GM


Billy Tjong

Sofie Stop TB Partnership Swiss Bellhotel Mangga Besar

Adidas Indonesia

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PT. Nippon Indosari


Persada PT. Sayap Mas Utama Sanjaya Consulting

Deborah Dewi

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Sekolah Setia Bhakti

Global Jaya School Hotel Borobudur Indrawan Jafar K Pro Kinderland Pre School KNCV

LEGO Lentera Internatioal School Lim Lie Sia Lions Club Lollypop Pre School Mall Serpong MAP (Mitra Adi Perkasa) Olam PT. ALJ International PT. Djarum Emas Unggul PT. Forisa Nusa Persada PT. Jaya Latexindo

Tupperware UGM UII University of Hawaii YIPABK YKI (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia)

Annual report 2013  

Annual report 2013