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September/October 2015

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Dedicated To Las Vegas Pets And The People Who Love Them




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Pet Scene









Dogs u Cats u Birds u Reptiles u Horses u Fish

Dedicated To Las Vegas Pets And The People Who Love Them

September/October 2015 FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHY Bark Gallery -

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Linda Fredericks Patricia Kyle, DVM Gail Mayhugh Elizabeth Parker Leslie Poms Samantha Ratcliffe-D’Arrigo C.A. Ritz Geri Rombach Shannon Turpin Rena C. Winters

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


Fall is here again! The seasons help mark the changes in our lives – fall is

a time to reflect. We become more aware of the passing of time. Often we hear the expression how time flies. The phrase probably comes from literature references: Shakespeare - “the swiftest hours, as they flew,” and Alexander Pope, “swift fly the years.” Time has flown by for us. We published our first issue in September 2011. When we reflect on the past four years one word comes to mind – change. The most difficult and painful experiences were because of health changes in our family and friends, both pets and people, and the loss of so many of them. Yes, swift fly the years – take time now to cherish your family and friends, spend time now creating memories for future reflection. Fall also means cooler weather and that means more pet events and opportunities to have fun with family and friends. Most of them are pet-friendly and offer opportunities for you and your pet to have fun together. Many of the pet events are sponsored by local rescues and shelters for FUN and FUNdraising. Attending the pet events supports our local rescues and shelters in their efforts to raise the funds needed to continue their work of saving the pets of Las Vegas.

FUN for you and FUNDS for the rescues and shelters – a winning combination!

Stay Connected lasvegaspetscene

Your Friends at the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings. ~ Okakura Kubuzo

Our Pets… A Part of The Family Complimentary Urn & Matted Presentation with Paw Print, Fur Clipping and a Molded Paw Imprint.

Sheri Allen, Owner-Operator

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PET CREMATION SERVICES Family Owned & Operated Since 1995

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Largest Urn Selection In Las Vegas

(702) 683-9941

Major Credit Cards Accepted 4

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

Is It TIME For A NEW Pet Bed?

Halloween Pet Halloween Pet Photo Photo Contest Contest ENTER TO WIN

Have you looked at your pet’s bed lately? I mean, have you REALLY looked at it? If it looks disturbingly brown, flattened, and capable of crawling away on its own, it’s probably time for a new one. While you may think it’s time for a new bed, your pet may not be so enthusiastic about the idea. Sometimes a new bed is not well received. But, with great intentions, you head to your favorite pet store and begin the search. You take time to pick it out, bring it into the house, and YOU think it’s perfect! Proudly, you present the new bed to your pet. To your dismay, after several cautious and suspicious sniffs, he gives you a dismal, dirty look, and walks away. Now what? The rejection of your new pet bed is usually because it smells “funny”. It may smell wonderfully fresh and new to you, but all your pet smells is new fabric, new foam, and funky pet store odors. It doesn’t have his scent on it, or yours, and therefore it is not worthy of sleeping in. There is an easy solution to this problem. First, take the new bed outside and let it air out in the sunshine for a couple of hours. (This will help the fabric, foam, and pet store odors dissipate.) Then, take the old bed and gently rub it around on the new one – transferring your pet’s scent to the new bed. Next, take one of your t-shirts (worn a few times) and rub it all over the new bed. If he STILL doesn’t like it, try lining the inside of the bed with the same t-shirt - carefully tucking it in around the edges. Now your pet’s bed will smell like two of his favorite “people”….you and him. What could be better?!

Between September 1 and October 31, send us your Halloween pet photo. You will be entered to win a $50 Gift Certificate to Annie’s Gourmet Italian Restaurant (pet-friendly!).

Enter Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine’s Halloween Pet Photo Contest

Email your photo to with the following information. All entries must contain all of the information below to qualify (one photo per pet or pets/one entry per person):

• Pet’s name

• Your name

• Your email address

• Your phone #

Please note: By entering the contest, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our magazine, emails, and social media/facebook.


s r ou n ne i ev Wi r P t es t n Co

Ready, Pet…


Sadie Chaos

Billy Angel

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


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A-Round Of A-Paws����������������������������������������������������� 22 Adopt A Rescue Pet������������������������������������������������������ 18 All Fur Love Animal Society���������������������������������������� 17 Allstar Handyman�������������������������������������������������������� 10 American Family Insurance - Sean Stewart Agency��������� 21 Annie’s Gourmet Italian����������������������������������������������� 11 At Your Service Pet Supplies��������������������� 9, Back Cover Bark Gallery�������������������������������������������������������������������� 9 Camp Bow Wow Las Vegas������������������������������������������ 29 Carl’s Jr. of Las Vegas���������������������������������������������������� 35 Community Cat Coalition of Clark County��������������� 45 Compassionate Pet Cremation������������������������������������ 10 Dog-N-Around Grooming, Day Care, Boarding������� 17 Doggie Stylz Grooming Pet Spa and Boutique����������� 31 Doggie Sudz by Austin Rose, Inc��������������������������������� 25 Dog Supplies Outlet Store���������������������������������������26-27 Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc���������������������������������������������� 7 Geico Insurance����������������������������������Inside Back Cover Gibson’s Canine Classroom����������������������������������������� 44 Happy Tails Pet Sitters�����������������������Inside Back Cover Healthy Tails������������������������������������� Inside Front Cover Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas�������������������������������������� 4 Kelp Products of Florida���������������������������������������������� 33 Larry & Daena Do Vegas! Radio Show������������������������� 7 Las Vegas Avicultural Society�������������������������������������� 13 Las Vegas Manor 55+ Senior Community������������������ 14 Las Vegas Valley Humane Society������������������������������� 30 Legacy Animal Hospital����������������������������������������������� 29 Leslie Poms – Animal/Angel Communicator������������� 33 Modern Pet Mobile Grooming������������������������������������ 21 MyVegas Magazine������������������������������������������������������� 50 Noah’s Animal House��������������������������������������������������� 15 Paw Prints Pet Supplies������������������������������������������������ 37 Pet Cremation Services�������������������������������������������������� 4 Rah! Raw! Rah! Pet Foods���������������������������������������������� 6 Rhino’s Maid����������������������������������������������������������������� 23 Something to Chew On with Sheryl Green ���������������� 31 SNAPPS������������������������������������������������������������������������� 41 The Animal Foundation����������������������������������������������� 43 The Pooch Mobile��������������������������������������������������������� 37 The Wagging Tail���������������������������������������������������������� 13 Three Dog Bakery����������������������������������������������������������� 7 Tix4Tonight ~ Kiss For Homeless Animals���������������� 34 Town Center Animal Hospital������������������������������������� 21 Tupperware® – Lynn Lightfoot������������������������������������ 33 VCA Animal Hospitals������������������������������������������������ 36 Vegan Meals By Mindy������������������������������������������������� 25 Vegas Rock Dog Radio��������������������������������������������������� 9 Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club������������������������������ 23 Where The Cats At – Custom Built Cat Trees������������ 10 Wild Things���������������������������������������������������������������� 19 Windermere Prestige Properties - Sheri Myers���������� 42


Thank You!! Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


Are you tired of those pesky ants invading your cat’s food bowl?

Here’s a simple trick that might help:

Find a flat bowl or deep plate that is about 2-3 times the diameter of your cat’s food bowl. (An aluminum pie tin works well.) Fill the flat bowl with about ¼ - ½ inch of water and place the food bowl in the center – thus, creating a “moat”.

This trick works best if the food bowl is ceramic or something relatively heavy since you don’t want the sides of the dishes to touch each other. The less your cat can push the food bowl around, the better. Although it’s not foolproof, it does help substantially. Much to my surprise, apparently some ants CAN swim!

Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them. ~ JOHN GROGAN, Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog

We Want You We Need You To Volunteer We Appreciate You!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


s a g e V s Pet-Friendly Experiences La By Sam ~ The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs. Host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio.

We love to be with our pets and our pets love to be with us. Aside from sharing daily walks what other pet friendly experiences can you enjoy with them? A little variety can spice up your time together and keep your pets happy and stimulated so I’ve sniffed out some pet friendly experiences for you to try. Splish splash, splish splash, my dogs love splash pads. Park splash pads are perfect for all dogs even the ones who are not fans of swimming yet love the cool water and fun of running in and out of it. Splash pad hours in Henderson and Las Vegas are generally 9am to 9pm and it doesn’t cost a penny to cool down and have fun with your dogs. A change of scenery is often all your pet needs. Hop in the car and head to your nearest Starbucks drive through. Grab a cool drink for yourself and a puppuccino for your pet and don’t forget to snap a photo of them with it all over their face. If exercising is one of your favorite things to do with your dog then a quick thirty minute drive from Las Vegas to The Resort at Mt. Charleston is a must. You’ll find Mt. Charleston to be much cooler than the valley and you’ll thoroughly enjoy hiking in the fresh air. After your hike spend time on the resort’s pet friendly patio and order something delicious off Dennis’ Doggie Deck Menu. The view is breathtaking and the time spent with your dog is priceless.


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

Omni Limo takes the luxury of a limousine ride to the next level. You and your pet can see Las Vegas in style on a Las Vegas Strip Tour with Omni Limousine! Your pet is welcome to join you as you are driven through Sin City by a friendly chauffeur. We certainly like to do things in style in Las Vegas. Bass Pro Shops are known for being pet friendly with plenty to look at when you’re there with your pet. My dogs find the large fish tank and waterfall absolutely fascinating and enjoy to shop in their pet retail section. Since shopping builds an appetite how about some al fresco dining? A real dining experience awaits you at Annie’s Gourmet Italian located in Henderson. Annie’s is a place where your pets are welcomed with open arms into Ookie’s Garden pet friendly patio. It’s spacious, enclosed, and beautifully lit in the evening. Your pets can lap up some water and snack on a biscuit while placing their order. The pet menu offers two meatballs or chicken balls with an organic frozen yogurt to round off the meal. All pets must be leashed and well behaved at all times, pets must stay off the furniture, and the golden rule when out in public anywhere is to please pick up after your pet.

Any time spent with our pets is simply precious and a new experience gives us an opportunity to bond and create new memories.


…with host S



Saturdays at 10am

Pets. People. Pop Culture. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


e v o L Saved My Life

Custom Built Cat Trees Karen Orstrom 702-525-8466 Choose from one of our popular models or work with us to create the custom cat tower you’ve always dreamed of.

BY RENA C. WINTERS This is a tale about love and how it comes in various ways and packages. A friend asked one day if I wanted a rescue cat. No, not really. I didn’t want any pets at this time. The rescued cat was declawed and small. The lady’s two cats attacked this intruder unmercifully. She began to ask everyone she knew if they wanted a cat. Two months went by and I entered the salon where I work early one morning. I heard a cat crying. I searched the entire salon and could not find a cat. The crying was loud and persistent. I went outside and walked around the building to see if there was a cat in distress. I couldn’t locate a cat. The very next day my friend invited my husband and I to dinner. At dinner, she explained she had not found a home for the extra cat and was desperate to relocate her. I finally agreed to take the cat home. Somehow I couldn’t get over the fact that it was a strange coincidence that this occurred just the next night after the day I had heard a cat crying so veraciously at work. I thought she had solved the cat problem long before our dinner. This cat, Love, actually her given name is Lovey, attached herself to me. I didn’t think Lovey was a very exotic name. After time, we realized that whoever named her got her name right. She is extremely loving. Love has also proved to be a safety feature in our house. One night after we had gone to sleep, she awakened me to a foreign smell that was coming from somewhere on the premises. Love and I checked from room to room, and could not locate the aroma of gas until finally she sat down, looked up at the stove, and refused to move. That’s when I realized that a burner was slightly ajar. Love saved my life and I saved hers. She is an adored Diva in our home. I believe that destiny brought her to me. We belong together. Why would I have heard a cat crying that day in the salon? I definitely heard one; loud and clear.

Read the full story of “Love Saved My Life” on our website: 10

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015 Allstar Handyman

On-Time, Honest & Reliable Service

Call Direct 702.360.7310

Need Something in Your Home Fixed or Rebuilt? Call for a Quote Today!

Dog/Cat Door Installations! There are several types of doors to choose from, the most common mistake when choosing a door is getting a “Door Entry” instead of a “Wall Entry”. Let Us Help Make Your Choice Easier! Call or Go Online for a Custom Quote

702.360.7310 or

I am joy in a wooly coat, come to dance into your life, to make you laugh! - Julie Church

Compassionate Pet Cremation, LLC You Love Them – We Care! Personal, Professional & Confidential • Walk In, or Pick Up at Home or Vet with our Hearse • Individual Cremation with ID Tags • Memorial Urn and More MEMBER IAOPCC

• Servicing Entire Las Vegas Valley & Boulder City

401 Mark Leany Dr., Henderson, NV 89011 • (702) 565-5617 Email:

ANNIE’S Gourmet Italian

Lunch • Dinner • Full Bar • Dine In • Take-Out • Catering

Open Daily 11:30AM – 10PM

Happy Hour 4pm-7pm and 11pm- 2am in the LOST WEEKEND BAR

Come watch your favorite NFL games with us in the Dawg Pound!

75 S. Valle Verde Dr. #160 Henderson, NV 89012


We now have gaming machines!


Stuffed Mushrooms

Annie’s is your home-away-from home; a family run local place with a familiar face!

Rice Balls

“Winner Best of Las Vegas Family Restaurant”


Pet Meal! Your dog’s choice of Meatballs or Chickenballs and Organic Frozen Yogurt Dessert. * With the purchase of 2 entrees. Patio only dining. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Expires 11-15-15.

Ookie’s Garden Pet Friendly Patio Enjoy our patio seating for you and your 4-footed friends!

hole Bring the w ding family, inclu your dogs!

Annie’s Gourmet Italian recognized as one of the 127 Things We Just Love About Las Vegas by Desert Companion Magazine for Ookie’s Garden Pet Dining.

Annie’s Gourmet Italian Honored with Fido’s Favorite 5 Bone Award for friendly pet dining!

Annie’s Gourmet Italian

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


S D N A M M CO G O D Y R EVE W O N K D SHOUL By Elizabeth Parker

High Five! Shake Hands! Play Dead! These are definitely fun commands, however, dogs should know important commands as well. These are the ones that can be the difference between life and death. et’s start with a few examples. Stay! Come! Simple enough, but these short commands are necessary. In a perfect world, dogs are leashed and the leash never comes off. In reality, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the collar might not be as snug as we had thought, or the leash snaps in half. We lose all control the moment the dogs are out of our grasp. That’s when it becomes imperative to issue commands...and have them obey! By ensuring that your dog knows stay and come, you can enforce either one – depending on which better suits the situation – and remove them from danger. For example, suppose you are walking your dog and they notice a rabbit. As your dog begins to chase the rabbit, the leash breaks and at the same time, a car is approaching. If your dog knows and listens to the “come” or “stay” command, you have a fighting chance to save your dog from the oncoming car. Another command which can save both them and/ or another dog, child, adult is “Leave it!” and “Drop it!” In our household, we always have more than one dog. While we are careful not to drop food, sometimes it happens. The command we teach and enforce is “leave it!” which basically tells our dogs “do not touch it” or “drop it” which tells them to drop what they just picked up. It’s also helpful when taking dogs on hikes where they might find a piece of candy, chicken bone, pill, etc. out in the wilderness. The command is a great way to safeguard your pet from getting into something that can be potentially hazardous to their health. In addition, this command can be the one that saves two 12

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

dogs from getting into a scuffle over a piece of fallen food or a toy. Or, if a child is present and drops their snacks, if the dog knows “leave it!” they will leave the item (and the child’s hands) alone until you can secure the situation. Another necessary command is “Off”. It is sometimes overlooked, but definitely important. While it might only be a nuisance if a dog jumps on a person, it can be harmful to an elderly person or a young child if a big dog jumps and/or knocks them over. In addition, if your dog happens to be a counter surfer, issuing the command “off!” will not only keep them off of the counter, but away from a scorching hot stove!

Just a helpful note…


When training your dog, it’s important to practice distraction training. Many dogs demonstrate that they understand commands while in their own home without distractions. The real issues arise when they are loose and/or there really is a rabbit running directly in front of them. They need to hear your voice above all else, so teaching them their commands WITH distractions (in a safe environment) will help later on when these safety commands do become a necessity.

Elizabeth Parker – Author of Finally Home, Final Journey, My Dog Does That!, Bark Out Loud!, Paw Prints in the Sand,Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished, Unwanted Dreams, Phobia, Evil’s Door and Faces of Deception.

Available on!



“A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet”

10170 W. Tropicana Ave. (Corner of Tropicana and Hualapai)

702.247.7774 Good nutrition is fuel. It doesn’t just happen. It is a choice we make for them.

Pet Supplies for your Dog, your Cat and You!!

Premium Food Including… Petcurean Now! and Go!, Nulo, Taste of the Wild,

Stella & Chewy’s, The Honest Kitchen, Canidae, Earthborn, Evanger’s, Weruva, Blue Buffalo, Hound & Gatos… and MORE! H NOW CARRYING Fromm and Sojos H Check us out on facebook for current specials and offers!

Premium Treats: Bixbi, Sojos, Stella & Chewy’s, The Honest Kitchen, Canine Caviar, Grandma


Mon - Sat 9:30 to 7:00PM Sunday  11:00 to 4:00PM Coming in September

SATURDAY PET ADOPTIONS! Check for details.

Lucy’s Organics, Etta Says!, Pet Kelp, Plato, Nature’s Variety, Cloud Star, Barkworthies, and more. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


book review

By Linda Fredericks

A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home: Lessons In The Good Life From An Unlikely Teacher by Sue Halpern, is a gem of a book, with a title that could be the first line of a Henny Youngman joke. However, this book is no joke but rather a serious and insightful work of creative non-fiction which causes the reader to both consider their own contributions to the world, as well as examine their own mortality.

Halpern, confronted with the ‘empty nest’ decides to enter her dog Pransky into a therapy-dog training program and then goes on rounds with Pransky at the county nursing home in her community. Thanks to Halpern’s background in philosophy and her experience teaching ethics to second year medical students, she is able to frame this profoundly simple story using the traits and behaviors that should be cultivated to live a good and productive life with and for others. Throughout the book Halpern weaves in interesting, informative and analytical data regarding nursing home care and mental and geriatric health issues. She says she didn’t expect to begin thinking about virtue by following her dog into a nursing home but that is indeed what transpired. She combines the seven virtues identified by Catholic theologians and those added centuries later by St Augustine with those outlined by Plato and Aristotle. She says the virtues identified all those centuries ago remain as guides, not only to good conduct, but to our better and possibly happier, more harmonious, most humane selves. This book helped me to wade through emotions from my own personal experience walking into a nursing almost everyday for the last year of my mother’s life. As I reflect back on that year I wish I had brought my dogs with me to visit my mom and all the other residents I met there. I want to thank Sue Halpern for writing an important book. A book that made me laugh and cry and which I have given to Sandy, the daughter of my mother’s roommate at the nursing home where both of our mothers passed away. Sandy and I became friends that fateful year and I’m sure Halpern’s book will also be a comfort to her. I consider it a must read, not only for dog lovers, but for anyone interested in improving their life and the lives of others.

Active Senior Living

Apartments in Las Vegas! Escape to Las Vegas Manor and soak up a little piece of paradise. This 55+ active senior living community is packed with amenities and is a wonderful place to call home.

Our Community is Pet Friendly! No Pet Rent! We offer many amenities including: a Studios, One and Two bedrooms apartments that are all single story! a Free, Shuttles to Casinos and Walmart a Free Bingo twice a week a Free Luncheons every Friday a Free Movie Days

Bring in this ad for a free application fee. Call Now To Check Availability

702-648-1015 14


Las Vegas Manor 55+ Senior Community

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

1700 N. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89108


7 Unique Designs By Gail Mayhugh

I love cats, although I’ve never had one myself. My husband had cats before we met and at one point we considered adding one to our family. But I’m bit of a psycho Mom and would not be able to handle if she got out since we’re in and out the back door with our pups a lot.

I’ve been in thousands of homes and have seen a lot of litter boxes, some attractive, some not so much. So even though I don’t have one in my home, I thought I’d share some unique designs I found. Obviously, you know your cat and these may not be an option. But maybe they’ll spark an idea you can modify to work for you.


Install a little cat door in a hall or storage closet door in your home. If you don’t have an extra closet, which I know most of us here in Vegas do not have enough storage, place a covered litter box in the bottom with the door opening going into the box. Or add a shelf from front to back to section the litter box off from the rest of the closet.


What about a litter box inside a chest or bureau? The extra shelves and drawers can store litter, scoop and trash bags as shown in the picture from Chaotically Creative. Or take a more modern approach with the cabinet from Modernist Cat.


Don’t know what to do with that wasted space under the stairs. Use it for their litter box and cut a fun kitty silhouette opening.


What other wasted interior wall space can you take advantage of? I love how Amy Britton from Artisan Kitchens Inc. incorporated her client’s litter box in the bathroom, making it nearly invisible.


I love any kind of old trunks, especially steamer trunks. Cut an opening on both ends so that Fluffy feels she has a second escape route.


I also love the built-in bench that Hearts Alive Village put in at their adoption center. Fun opening and the top lifts for cleaning.


And my favorite find is the Hidden Litter planter from Good Pet Stuff! An upscaled planter made to look like real pottery. Just turn the opening to the back and no one would ever know.

Gail Mayhugh, the owner of GMJ Interior Design has been designing in Las Vegas for over 20 years. She also supports animal rescues and shelters through her non-profit, 16

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015



Dog-N-Around is a premier Dog Grooming, Daycare and Boarding business focused on We accept all dogs and a temperament test is not required to determine whether your dog can attend. Although, we do perform various temperament tests. Safety is priority #1, and professional care is provided to ensure a safe and fun environment, where your dog will be mentally and physically stimulated.





ON ALL SERVICES. First time customers only. Expires 10-31-15.

5347 S. Decatur Blvd. • 702-776-7765 Convenient Location – Approx. 5 blocks from Nevada SPCA and 1-1/2 mile from 215 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


As One I Stand Alone, As a Group We Create Attention Together We Can Change An Animal’s Life Dear Friend, Adopt A Rescue Pet and Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions are reaching out jointly to save the lives of homeless animals in 2015. Our ability to rescue, provide medical care and housing for hundreds of animals every month is made possible by your generosity. Every day – all across southern Nevada - cats, kittens, dogs & puppies are abandoned, left to fend for themselves. But with your help, our volunteers work tirelessly every day – caring, cleaning, and medicating the animals in need, plus dedicating their time inside local pet food retail stores manning weekly adoption events. Every animal is spayed, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before entering its new forever home. We hope your pets never need us, but the animals we help, need you. Together Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions and Adopt A Rescue Pet hope to save over 1,000 animals this year.

Donations & Foster Homes Appreciated Adopt A Rescue Pet, Admin Office, 1500 E. Tropicana, Ste 105, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

CAT Adoptions (702) 232-6732

DOG Adoptions (702)798-8663

WEEKLY WEEKEND ADOPTION LOCATIONS PETSMART ~ Rainbow / Lake Mead, Cats and Dogs of all ages & breeds, Saturday/Sunday 11am - 4pm PETSMART ~ North 5th / I-215, Dogs of all ages & breeds, Saturday/Sunday 10am - 3pm PETSMART ~ Eastern/Russell, Cats & Kittens, Thursday/Friday 3 - 6pm, Saturday/Sunday 11am - 4pm PETSMART ~ Craig/MLK, Kittens and small breed dogs, Saturday 10am - 2pm Adopt-A-Rescue-Pet commonly known as ARP incorporated in Nevada for charitable purposes of animal welfare and pet ownership services. As an IRS approved 501.c.3 tax-exempt charity your donation to ARP may be tax deductible! (NRS 82 and NRS 598). EIN 88-0487028 • Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions commonly known as Homeward Bound incorporated in Nevada for charitable purposes of animal welfare and adoption. As an IRS approved 501.c.3 tax-exempt charity your donation to HBC may be tax deductible! (NRS 82 and NRS 598). EIN 26-0569097 • Please consult your tax advisor for deductibility.

Halloween Contest

Trunk ‘n’ Treat





in dies

October 24th


11am to 3pm

October 3rd 11am to 3pm

Dog Adoptions Too!! Both Events At 18


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

Costumes available for a donation. Judging starts at 1:30pm.

Bring your pet and have some fun!! Throughout the month of October, donate PAPER TOWELS, LAUNDRY SOAP, BLEACH OR TALL KITCHEN GARBAGE BAGS, RECEIVE A


halloween themed toy.

The Betta The Fish with Style & Personality

Bettas are very stylish and popular fish – especially the males because of their

beautiful colors and gorgeous finnage. They have approximately 13 color possibilities with multiple tail configurations.

Personality Plus! They love attention from their admirers. A friend shared that her

betta sulks if she doesn’t spend enough time with him. Socially, however, they have issues. Male bettas are aggressive and normally will not share their tank with other bettas or other fish. If the tank is large enough they will share their home with non-aggressive tank mates such as shrimp or frogs. Females can live together peacefully. Be careful in selecting tank mates though as some females can be overly aggressive.

Bettas are very inquisitive - they love lots of décor in their aquarium. Make sure all décor is smooth so their delicate fins are not damaged. Silk or real plants are best. Most bettas love marino moss balls. They also love their décor to be changed periodically. Creating an enriching environment for your betta is important. Bettas are native to Asia where they lived in the shallow waters of rice paddies, ponds or slow-moving streams. These areas were warm and provided ample space for swimming. Betta fish in captivity require a tank that is at least 2.5 gallons. A heater is necessary to maintain the ideal temperature range of 76-82 degrees. The tank needs a filter that gives very little water movement. Keeping your aquarium clean is a must! They also love a variety of food such as pellets or flakes, blood worm, brine shrimp and mosquito larva. The average life expectancy for bettas is three years. With proper care, however, many bettas live five plus years.

We wish you years of enjoyment with your betta! Resource:

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


s u r i V a i m e k u Feline Le


By Dr. Patricia Kyle, DVM Town Center Animal Hospital • 3565 S. Town Center Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135


eline Leukemia Virus is a virus of cats

that replicates in certain cells of the immune system and blood-forming tissues. When the virus enters a cell it changes the DNA of the cell which can potentially lead to cancer.


FeLV is shed in the saliva, blood, urine, feces, nasal secretions, and milk of infected cats. FeLV is usually transmitted from infected cats to non-infected cats through prolonged social contact, such as sharing litter boxes, sharing food and water bowls, mutual grooming, and biting. The virus is also transmitted from infected pregnant cats to kittens though the placenta, or through milk. FeLV is found worldwide, with a very low prevalence of infected cats. Infection is more common in outdoor cat colonies, due to the close contact between cats and periodic biting. Young male cats, particularly intact males, have an increased prevalence of FeLV, and young kittens are more susceptible than older cats.

Because the virus tends to infect the immune system and blood forming tissues, usually symptoms fall into three categories: Hematologic (blood): bone marrow suppression, anemia, platelet abnormalities, neutropenia, and pancytopenia. Neoplastic (cancer): Lymphoma and leukemia are the most common cancers seen with FeLV infection. Other cancers commonly seen include fibrosarcomas and osteochondromas. Immune Mediated: glomerulonephritis, uveitis, polyarthritis, and immune mediated hemolytic anemia. These can usually be identified on physical exam and lab tests run by your veterinarian. Other non-specific symptoms can include weight loss, decreased appetite, lethargy, and fever. Because the immune system is compromised by infection with FeLV, secondary infections are commonly seen. The most common secondary infections include feline infectious peritonitis, Mycoplasma hemofelis, and upper respiratory tract infections.



Stage 1 – Initial infection and viral replication in local tissue (Most cats are able to eliminate the virus at this point) Stage 2 – Primary viremia - the virus spreads through the body in infected cells. Stage 3 – Amplification – The virus continues to spread, and increases in numbers. (Some cats can still clear this infection, and have a transient viremia for 3-6 weeks.) Stage 4 – Established infection in bone marrow and hematopoietic precursors. Stage 5 – Release of infected cells (granulocytes and platelets) from bone marrow. Stage 6 – Spread of infection – Large number of virus shed in saliva, urine, and tears.

Currently there is no treatment for FeLV infected cats to rid them of the virus. Treatment usually involves supportive care, and treatments for secondary infections. Most cats will only live 3-4 years after initial FeLV diagnosis.



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

PREVENTION: Prior to vaccinating for FeLV, a test should be done to ensure your cat does not have a FeLV infection. This is usually done in your veterinarians office as a blood test. If the test is positive, the cat should be re-tested in 8-12 weeks to determine if there is a true infection. After a negative blood test, the first two vaccine doses are given 3-4 weeks apart, and the vaccine is then boostered annually.

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Paula Marker l 702-479-1570 l We offer simply great pet insurance! • Personalized Policies • You Choose Your Veterinarian • Nose-to-Tail Coverage • Breed-Specific Conditions • Cancer Treatments • ER & Specialist Care • Alternative Therapies

American Family Insurance Sean Stewart Agency Inc 2520 St. Rose Parkway~Suite 103 Henderson, NV 89074

Most quotes can be done in 10 minutes & offer several discounts such as: Spay/Neuter Discount Multi-Pet Discount Annual Pay Discount Military Discount Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


The Highest Quality Without The Franchise Price. We are the only affordable company in Las Vegas that give you FREE WINDOWS and DISINFECTS YOUR FLOORS with STEAM MOPPING in all of our deep cleans.

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Training For All Breeds & Mixed Breeds Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club

(Approved By The American Kennel Club) CLUB FOUNDED IN 1964

We offer: Obedience Training


Weekly • Monthly Move In/Out Henderson 702-900-9444 8868 S. Eastern Ave. • Ste 108 Las Vegas, NV 89123

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FALL DEEP CLEANING SPECIAL FREE WINDOWS AND STEAM MOPPING Not valid for high rises and screens. Offer Expires 10-31-15.

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Puppy through Advanced Levels


pr ofi to

rg a

ni za



The fun of you learning how to train your dog and the close bond this will create!

OBEDIENCE CLASSES: Three sessions per year – 6 week classes

January – April – September REGISTRATION: January 7th, April 7th and September 1st at 7:00 pm. PROOF OF SHOTS REQUIRED! Please do not bring dogs to registration.

WHERE: Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd. CLASS PRICE: $95 per dog (cash or check only) (subject to change) H Ask about Senior & Military Price

CLASS DAY/TIME: 1st class will be held Thursday after registration 7:00 to 8:30 pm All following classes are from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

CLASS LOCATION: Dog Fancier’s Park (Behind Horseman’s Park) 5800 E. Flamingo Rd.

Bring this ad to registration and receive

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Our 6-Week Winter 2016 Training Session! Monthly Meetings: The first Tuesday of the month 7 PM. Audi Las Vegas 6335 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89146

For More Information Visit Our Website or Call 702-368-0656 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


Communicating With Your Animals By Leslie Poms


nimal Communication allows each of us to celebrate the wonderful gift of sharing our lives with animals every day so that each member of the relationship is honored and sees their lives intertwine in harmony and feels joy. Yes animals do communicate with more than animal sounds. People assume these sounds are their only way of talking to you when they want or need something. They are vocal when they play or want your attention or may be hurt. Humans have long dialogues with their animal companions. When the human is finally done talking out loud, if the animal looks at them, they think the animal is agreeing with them. These are the usual and most common ways people communicate with animals because this is how people communicate with each other. Animals do respond to repetition training that teaches them activities or even tricks. There is a deeper way to communicate using telepathy. Telepathy is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “communication between individuals by mental processes rather than ordinary sensory means.” Often babies and expectant mothers communicate telepathically before birth and after birth before the baby is taught human language. This is


t f i G Is A

the special bond between them. Some fathers also use this unspoken language to express love and create that special bond. Telepathy is the way animals communicate to other animals and to people who they live with. Some children understand this language and have special communication with the family cat or dog. When they share these natural conversations to grown ups who tell them they are imagining it, often they just stop using their natural telepathy and turn it off. Some children never stop, and just stop telling grown ups about it, but not many. An animal communicator may have been a child that never turned it off and uses telepathy with animals to help clients and animals better understand each other. Many animal communicators train to silence the outer mind to use their inner voice to work with clients and their animals. Like any other profession, some animal communicators become more proficient and more advanced and obtain better results than others. A good animal communicator can bridge the gap between you and your animal and help make lasting changes. When you adopt an animal, you don’t usually know their history or understand the emotional baggage they bring with them into your home.

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

When you do understand what it is, you can help them to transform into a happy member of your family. Knowing what they need from you and what you need from them eases the transition and creates harmony in your home. Too often misunderstood and mistreated animals end up in shelters. When the mystery of “their story” is revealed, the animal’s behavior is more understandable and you can work with them. Animal communication can help the animal adjust to their new life and overcome pain and fear from past experiences. This leads to a better transition and a lasting bond for everyone involved. There are countless situations where animal communication can affect, correct or change a situation or even save a life. Since I began my practice over fifteen years ago, I have worked with hundreds of clients all over America and Canada. I have worked with a wide range of species including cats and dogs, horses, various reptiles, birds, monkeys and great apes and more. It has been my privilege to assist, teach and learn so much with so many. Each session is different and special. Leslie Poms Animal/Angel CommunicatorTM

Thinking about going vegan?

Vegan Meals By Mindy Plant based Affordable Healthy Ready-To-Eat Container fee waived when you mention this ad.

Call or


702-375-7487 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


ADVERTISEMENT Dog Supplies Outlet

ADVERTISEMENT Dog Supplies Outlet

Are you or someone you know experiencing problems in taking care of a pet? Are you considering taking your pet to a shelter? Before doing that please consider other solutions.

s n o i t u l o s r e d i

s n o C ender –

at ates th ers. m i t s e A) nd (ASPC owner surre s l a m i An s or uelty to ally as stray r C f o nu on reventi er system an P e h t t r fo as: 4 Behavior Issues hel Society ts enter the s for surrender n a c i r e 4 Allergies a s The Am n dogs and c mmon cause 4 Health & Aging Issues o o li 7.6 mil dies list the c 4 Death/Divorce tu Most s

r r u s e r Befo


iving up a companion animal is not a decision to be taken lightly or made without careful consideration. Behind every statistic there is a story – a very unique and personal situation. Each pet surrendered represents a severed relationship – the strong human-animal bond has been broken. Perhaps the bond was never completely established. In a study conducted by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy - the majority of dogs (37.1%) and cats (30.2%) had been owned from seven months to one year when relinquished. If you are a relatively new pet parent and are considering surrendering your pet please know that you are not alone. It is a critical time in your relationship. Perhaps just sharing your struggles will be helpful! Also, life does change and many times quite drastically. The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, said, “The only thing constant is change”. It is okay to ask for help. The decision to seek a solution is a difficult one – there may be a sense of failure. You may have to share your story with a stranger. There may be feelings of being judged. You may not know where to go for the support and assistance you need. 28

The following two local organizations provide assistance to help keep pets in their own homes: Hearts Alive Village offers a variety of owner support programs to help keep pets in their original homes. Co-founder, Veronica Selco, shared that “every attempt is made to problem solve and support people who may be in transition or in a financial or housing crisis who need food, medical care or having us sponsor the pet deposit for housing”. Incred- A-Bull‘s Owner Support Program also offers assistance to dog owners who are experiencing hard times. Jesica Clemens, Executive Director, stated that this program “aims to assist owners of dogs of all types with a variety of resources such as food, collars and even a few tenant deposits. The goal of our program is to prevent owners from surrendering their dogs to shelters/ rescues for reasons that can easily be addressed, keeping families together”. Their team of volunteers have decades of combined dog experience and are happy to offer advice to owners who are struggling with basic behavioral issues. The pet community of Las Vegas is fortunate to have so many great rescues, shelters and groups that

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

4 Pet Expenses – Both general and veterinarian costs 4 Landlord or place of residence does not allow dogs/cats provide assistance, financial resources, fostering and adoption services. These services are possible due to dedicated staff and volunteers.

If you have made the decision to surrender your pet, it is important to know that most rescues have limited foster homes available and may not be able to take your pet immediately. Instead of surrendering your pet to a shelter consider partnering with a rescue to help you find a new home for your pet. See our website for a directory of Animal Rescues and Shelters.



If your rescue or organization provides pet owner support services please let us know by email We will make this available as a resource on our website.

Hearts Alive Village (702) 870-0065

Incred-A-Bull (702- 546-5454

Legacy Animal Hospital 2591 Windmill Parkway Henderson, NV 89074

We want to welcome a new veterinarian to our practice. Darrell Dawsey, DVM Practicing in Las Vegas for 10 years.

Telephone (702) 263-9004

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm • Saturday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm •

Closed Sunday

Serving Las Vegas, Henderson & Surrounding Communities

Legacy Animal Hospital in participation with Happy Home Animal Sanctuary

invites you to attend our… 1st Annual

Adopt-A-Thon Saturday, October 3, 2015 Legacy Animal Hospital

Food & Drinks

2pm to 5pm

Raffle Prizes

Come join us and find your new best friend!

Pet Photograph y

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


Doggie Stylz Grooming Pet Spa and Boutique

Our shop specializes in specialty shampoos & conditioners to fit your dogs needs! With no extra charge, we provide oatmeal, medicated, hypo-allergenic, and whitening shampoos to help your dog look and feel great!

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Puppy Pamper $25 Bath & Tidy 3 Months & Under.

Pets Remembered In Loving Memory Of

Otto 2011 - 2015 To Otto – Our best friend,

We nicknamed you “ Nuppy” - somehow it seemed to fit you. Standing tall and proud you were so handsome. You loved your treats, great with kids, loved babies and you were a “ladies man”! You wanted a relationship with everyone. You were curious – always had to know everything – a joy to be around. You were family – son, brother, uncle and more.

Too soon we had to say “good bye” – Always in our hearts Y

You remember your pet in our magazine. For $85, your Pet’s Remembrance includes a photo of your loved one and approx. 75 words. It will appear in the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine for one issue (2-months). Email us at Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


The Kids Scene

Enter The Contest!

1. What is one command every dog should know? 2.

What is the ideal temperature range for a betta fish tank? Submit by 10-31-15. (Hint: Answers in this issue!)

E-mail your answers and you will be entered to win! (Please include name and a phone number so we can contact you if you won.)


pizza, drinks, game tokens

& ride tickets for 5 GUESTS ($100 value) Delicious Pizza!! 1401 N. Rainbow Blvd - Las Vegas, NV 89108

(702) 259-7000 - The Best Birthday Party Place In Town!

The “Top 10” Dog Commands Every Dog Should Know! Can you find the names of these important dog commands in the puzzle? The words may be in any direction: horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards. Answer Key on Page 50

Come u Leave It u Stop u Down u Look u Wait u Drop It u Sit u Heel u Stay Bonus Word: Pet Scene u


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

Leslie Poms – Telepath

School Days and Pets

Animal/Angel Communicator Interspecies Counselor All Species – All Situations

o ol h c S o Back T

Since 1999

Sessions Local or Long Distance


By C.A. Ritz

“Hey! Wait for me!” Catching up, you join your family dashing off for a new school year. As you leave you hope your loyal furry pal will be okay till you return. Your pet has been hugged, spoiled, and played with for months. When you go back to class, your furry friend will have to adjust.


Communicate with your animal companions. Discover what they feel, want and need. See real changes.

How Will Your Pet Be When You Aren’t There?

Pets may become sad or bored without you. They may chew, or whine, and when they see you, cling. (Some cats ignore you to say they weren’t happy you left.) Both you and your pet will miss each other. But, you can help them adjust. Cats like to chase and hide so climbing cat towers are great, but inexpensive cardboard boxes or large paper bags (without handles for safety) amuse them, too. Throw in a ping pong ball or other safe toy and that is even better. Some dogs need a toy to chew and one to cuddle.

Remember, before you go, you should:



Consultant 702-465-5036 For every purchase on my website, I will donate $2.00 to Noah’s Animal House @ The Shade Tree Shelter.

• Exercise and feed your critter • Leave clean water • Leave safe toys • Rotate toys to prevent boredom and misbehavior

100% All Natural Organic Chelated

Vitamins & Minerals

Make Time After School

You may feel tired, excited, or stressed when you get home. Your dog(s) or cat(s) will be waiting and wanting your attention just like you want your parent’s attention sometimes. If you take 10 or 20 minutes to play with your pet, you both will feel loved, get needed exercise, and be ready to settle down for homework. Like at school, being responsible will help you both enjoy your new schedule.


Try our Norwegian Kelp Products for your pets and see the wonderful benefits a little Norwegian Kelp can make!



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Visit our website for customer testimonials: Locally owned & operated in Las Vegas

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C.A. Ritz ~ Author and Illustrator Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

33 34

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

We have FREE Treats for your Dog in the Drive-Thru! Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson Locations Only

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

5th Annual Halloween Costume Contest Saturday, October 24th 10am - Noon

d Bring This A A In To Receive !!



Haven’t been to Paw Prints yet? We’re a family-owned shop that believes you are what you eat goes for your pets too! We don’t sell everything – but we sell the right thing. Come on in and let us show you the difference!!

Please join us for some Halloween food, treats, shopping, costume contest (PRIZES for top 3) and photo session! (please RSVP for photo – call for pricing)

1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy #520 Henderson, NV 89074 (Green Valley and 215)

702-558-PAWS (7297) Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015



Zoey & Morgana








Paul Anka





Mushu & Spyro



Olie & Sky


Buddy & Aiden


Lola & Fluffy


Chet & Chopper

Teddy the Havanese


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015




Buddy & Sophie

I Me

Mama Angel



Lulu & Friend

Benjamin & Beverly

Blue & Coco

Matty the maltipoo & Pup

Zoey & Gabby




Noel & Tasha

Chloe & Wendy



Las Vegas

PETS Show Off Your Pet!

Gafah & Keno


Email: (One photo per family please)

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


Leadership Lessons

Horses Lead the Way When it comes to leadership, you can learn a lot from a horse. Horses ARE natural leaders and they will lead if they are permitted to. Ultimately, it is up to the herd to determine who is strong enough and worthy of such a vital leadership position. In order to survive, horses have depended on their intuition to identify effective leaders. Impressively, their ability to choose a leader is accomplished through non-verbal actions that help them determine who can be trusted and who should be followed. f you have been around horses, you have undoubtedly witnessed a variety of behaviors they use to communicate with each other. Typically, it’s a silent “conversation”, but it always seems to get the point across. With the flick of an ear or the timely swish of a tail, a horse can reveal its mood, desires, and intentions without making a sound. Remarkably, horses have been able to manage complex herd structures using this language for thousands of years. Identifying a strong leader through non-verbal communication is something horses do intuitively, but it is not something that humans are typically versed in. Increased interest in this topic has led to an

explosive growth in the field of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL), which helps people understand what horses have known for centuries. EAL began as an experimental learning method used to facilitate human learning and development through horse/human interactions. Due to its overwhelming success, there are now over 700 centers in the nation that provide some type of equine-assisted learning program. While Equine Assisted Learning focuses on the interaction with horses, it typically involves no riding. Participants partner with a horse in an arena and attempt to engage in a cohesive relationship using non-verbal cues to achieve a series of assigned tasks. You may be asked to have your horse step over a pole or back up on command. It’s all up to you to communicate your requests effectively and clearly to your partner horse. Working directly with horses is especially effective because of their immediate and honest reaction to your request. Horses reflect back


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

to you precisely what you need to improve on in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way. If you “ask” your horse to do something and he doesn’t do it, you have either asked him in the wrong way or he has not identified you as a leader… or, maybe both. He won’t argue with you or explain why he doesn’t want to do it… he just won’t do it. (How refreshingly simple!). With practice and patience, you will eventually learn how to make your requests correctly and become an effective leader of your human/ horse team. Equine Assisted Learning programs have found great success in helping people communicate and lead more effectively. The skills you learn while working with horses are transferable to so many other human interactions in our life. Whether it’s a boss/employee, adult/child, or husband/wife interaction, the skills you take away from this experience will prepare you for a lifetime of empowering relationships.

SNAPPS members are licensed & insured! Southern Nevada Association of Professional Pet Services was established early 1998 with just a small handful of pet related business owners. Ten+ years later, we are 30+ business owners strong offering just about every pet related service you or your pet would need. Take the hassle out of the numerous phone calls you make trying to find the service you are looking for.

A referral service for:

Pet Sitting, Hotel Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding and Day Care, Dog Training, Micro Chipping, Pet Food and Retail, Pet Transportation, Grooming, Animal Massage Therapy, Reiki Experts, Pet Loss Support, Exp. Vet Techs, Special Needs Animal Care (ie. IV fluids & medication administration), and much more!

One call to SNAPPS referral phone line or a quick email and your needs will be taken care of!

Southern Nevada Association of Professional Pet Services

(702) 655-7307

Email: For more information visit us at

1 FREE visit with a min. of 4 visits. (new clients only)

Excluding holidays

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015



The Difference Between Finding You A House And A Home.

Sheri Myers Certified Residential Specialist BROKER / REALTOR® 30+ Years Real Estate Experience

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

If you don’t train ‘em, don’t blame ‘em… From pom poms to timber wolves,


in home or in kennel training.

702-636-8700 DID YOU KNOW? Lizards usually have long tails. Some lizards can break off part of their tail (autotomy) to distract or escape from a predator. It is a useful defense mechanism. They will grow a new tail but it will not have any bone and will be smaller.



New research from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) shows that the majority of the nation’s dogs and cats continue to be overweight. The study also revealed that most pet owners aren’t aware of the seriousness of the problem. An estimated 52.7% of US dogs and an estimated 57.9% of US cats are overweight or obese.

Some health risks of excess weight in pets include insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease and decreased life expectancy (up to 2.5 years). See their website for the results of the 2014 survey and helpful weight loss tools -


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


k k k

Rescues & Shelters



k k



k 46

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

Save A Life – Adopt A Pet Adopt Y Foster Y Sponsor Y Volunteer Y Donate Y Educate

Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life. Patty loves everybody! In the shelter, she stuck her paw out for people to hold. She’s a sweet, lovable, approx. 2-year old pocket pittie who loves to do anything and everything (hiking, playing, cuddling) as long as she can do it with you. She gets along with most other dogs and even made friends with a cat in her foster home. A training session will be included with her adoption. Y


DOB: 3/1/2015 Gumball entertains herself by playing with toys and roughhousing with her siblings. She enjoys a good conversation to let you know what is happening and how she feels about it. Y


Princess was born blind, but it does not bother her. She loves people, other pets, loves to be held, and she is crate trained. She will go potty outside if you lead her and could learn to use a doggie door. Someone who is home most of the time would be perfect for her. Y


The Samadhi Legacy Foundation Contact Erica Derring at 702-808-3763

All Fur Love Animal Society

Las Vegas Hot-Diggity Dachshund Club & Rescue

Jackson is a sweet long-haired, 7 year old, orange boy. This sweet guy loves to be pet, hang out in high areas, and sunbathe. An occasional tummy rub is great too! He is neutered, current on vaccinations, and microchipped. Won't you take him home tonight? Y

Gemma is a happy go lucky girl who is playful at times. Guesstimated at 4, gets along with other dogs. As of 7/6/15, we found out she had cancer and debulked it as much as we could. She is doing wonderfully. It may come back at some point but we do not know how long. We had a dog 3 years ago similar and she is still doing fine. Won’t you give her a loving home? Y

This 3 yr. old beauty was boarded up in a building, she was found in a hole and was crying for help. A kind person tore boards off to get to her. She came to us barely weighing 4 lbs. She has gained over 2 lbs. She does well with other cats & small dogs. Do you have room in your heart for this girl that refused to give up? Erina has been tested for FELV/FIV (neg.), vaccinated, spay and micro-chipped. Y



Heaven Can Wait Animal Society 702-227-5555 •

Calvin is a 1 year old neutered male terrier. He is very shy at first introduction, but then his puppy love abounds. He likes to chase some cats, others he is content with. Calvin is very friendly with children, other dogs his size, and simply wants to cuddle up with his human love. Y

Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation 702-493-9779 or fill out an app. at:



Adopt A Rescue Pet 702-798-8663 •

Rose is a 5 year old appaloosa pony who has been blind since birth. She is very sweet and is awaiting an approved special-needs home as a companion animal. Y

Local Equine Assistance Network Inquire at


Paws 4 Love Pet Rescue Contact us at 702-622-3092

Apollo is a jovial junior puppy who overflows with gratitude and goodwill. We rescued him just in the nick of time from another shelter. Apollo adores people and we believe he will be exceptional with children. He is a Heinz 57 with Dutch Shepherd, about 10 months of age, a neutered boy, awaiting adoption to a wonderful, forever home. Y


Nevada SPCA 4800 W. Dewey Drive • 702-873-7722

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


upcoming THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club’s Fall Classes 7pm. Register today for VVDOC’s fall classes that will start on September 10 at Dog Fancier’s Park. Visit for more information. Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 Whiskers & Tails Motorcycle Poker Run 4pm. Registration at Henderson Harley-Davidson. To benefit All Fur Love Animal Society. Food and live music included. Contact or call 702-362-5617. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 Bottles For Barks 6pm - 9pm. Join us for monthly wine and liquor walk event from On My Way Home Rescue. This month: “Rum and Rescue”. Food vendors and other exciting vendors as well as live music. The Village at Lake Las Vegas 15 Costa Di Lago, Henderson. FRIDAY, SEPT. 11 - SUNDAY, SEPT. 13 Wicked Aces Fall Flyball Fling 8am-5pm. Fly’N Aces and Wicked Team Flyball hope to see you for a Wicked good time! Alexis Park – 375 E. Harmon Ave. FRIDAY, SEPT. 11 - SUNDAY, SEPT. 13 AKC Obedience and Rally Trial Gambler’s Agility Club of Greater La Vegas. Open to all AKC-Recognized Breeds and All American Dogs & Mixed Breeds. Smarty Paws South - 4544 Russell Rd. Suite C. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 Bird Care 101… 10am - 2pm. Bird Care 101 is a class for pet parrot owners of every experience level. Developed by Mark Romansky and Madeleine Franco, founding members SNPERRS. While novice parrot owners gain new knowledge, more experienced hobbyists are afforded an excellent opportunity to review and enhance their own avicultural knowledge base. Suggested donation is $10.00. Reserve your space by calling 702-856-3300. Las Ventanas – 10401 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 Soggy Doggy Pool Pawty 9am - 12pm. Enjoy an end of season celebration for your pooch. Features canine swim time and whole lotta doggone fun as the Boulder City Pool turns into an aquatic dog park. For info call 702-293-9268. Boulder City Pool – 861 Avenue B, Boulder City. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 Doggie Paddle & Play Day 8am - 1:45pm. Bring your favorite furry friend to the pool for a refreshing swim. $10 per dog in advance ($15 at event). Register at (activity code 436203). Black Mountain Aquatic Complex, 599 Greenway Rd., Henderson.

Events PET

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 Reading with Rascal Program 10am - 2pm. Free and open to all ages. Children bring 3 or 4 of their favorite books and many will read to every dog there. Refreshments. Desert Spring United Methodist Church – 120 N. Pavilion Center Dr. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 Dog Day Afternoon Community Dog Event 11am - 3pm. Free admission, pet adoptions, lots of fun. Terrace area at Craig Ranch Park, 628 W. Craig Rd., NLV, 89032. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm - 3pm. Join us for our monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors and birds welcome. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13-19 Noah’s Animal House and George Thorogood Donation Drive & Giveaway Donate $25 in the form of gift cards, dog food, dog toys or dog supplies at the Rewards Center inside Sunset Station and be entered to win tickets and a Meet & Greet with George Thorogood! SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 Tortoise Group General Meeting 1pm - 3pm. Meetings are designed to interest both new and long-time tortoise custodians. Demos, tips, giveaways, a Q&A time, a variety of speakers, tortoise chow and other tortoisey items for sale, and refreshments. Las Vegas Library – 8333 Las Vegas Blvd. North. THURSDAY, SEPT. 24 - SUNDAY, SEPT. 27 Pahrump Fall Festival Highlight event of the year with something for every age group. From rodeo fun to a roller coaster and Ferris wheel, the Fall Festival is filled with fun & laughter. Petrack Park, 150 State Highway 160, Pahrump.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 12th Annual HALLOWIENER 10am - 3pm. Food and drinks, shopping, raffles plus silent auction. Dachshund costume contest, dachshund races, halloween photos! Pre-register for a howling good time! Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex Dog Park – 7601 W. Washington Ave. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 At Your Service Grand Re-Opening Celebration 5pm - 10pm. Come help us Hoot and Howl! There will be door prizes, raffles, music, food and fun along with a champagne toast! Our pet food and treat manufacturers will be present to hand out samples and talk about pet nutrition. Bring your pets and join the fun! At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming - 55 S Valle Verde Dr. #300, Henderson.

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information: 48

Please confirm dates and times.

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

upcoming SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 BBQ Adopt-A-Thon 2pm - 5pm. Legacy Animal Hospital in participation with Happy Home Animal Sanctuary invites you attend our 1st Annual BBQ Adopt-A-Thon. Food + drinks, raffle prizes, pet photography! Join us and find your new best friend. Legacy Animal Hospital – 2591 Windmill Parkway, Henderson. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 Trunk ‘N’ Treat Sale 11am – 3pm. Join Adopt A Rescue Pet for a fun Trunk ‘N’ Treat sale! Dog adoptions too! Donate paper towels, laundry soap, bleach or tall kitchen garbage bags and receive a FREE Halloween themed toy. Hap-E-Dog Food & Barkery – 10940 S. Eastern Ave. #110, Henderson. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 Bottles For Barks 6pm – 9pm. Join us for monthly wine and liquor walk event from On My Way Home Rescue. This month: “Pints and Paws”. Food vendors and other exciting vendors as well as live music. The Village at Lake Las Vegas 15 Costa Di Lago, Henderson. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4 Global March For Elephants, Rhinos And Lions 12pm – 3pm. Elephants, rhinos and lions are facing extinction throughout the African continent. Please join us as we march with more than 110 cities around the world. Meet in front of the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6 7th Annual Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc. Fundraiser 5:30pm – 8pm. Oktoberfest with beer/wine bar; buffet, raffle and silent auction. Visit for more information. 5645 O’Bannon Dr., Las Vegas. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10 4th Annual PAWcasso Art & Silent Auction 6:30pm – 9pm. Cocktail party, hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, live music, original art by local artists, and raffle. Tickets $25 online, $30 at the door. All proceeds go to local animal rescues. Marjorie Barrick Museum – 4500 S. Maryland Pkwy. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15 Project Coyote Program Sponsored by the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society 5:30pm – 7:30pm Speaker: Camilla Fox, Project Coyote. Subject: Coyotes In Our Midst ~ From Killing to Coexistence. There is no charge for the program! Windmill Library – 7060 W. Windmill Lane (off of Rainbow) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 Tortoise Group General Meeting 1pm -3 pm. Meetings are designed to interest

Events PET

both new and long-time tortoise custodians. Demos, tips, giveaways, a Q&A time, a variety of speakers, tortoise chow and other tortoisey items for sale, and refreshments. Las Vegas Library – 8333 Las Vegas Blvd. North. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 Family, Fur & Fun Festival 10am – 3pm. Benefiting animal shelters and rescues in Southern Nevada. Costume contest, food, pet photography, pet adoptions, games, education, rugby, vendors & more! Exploration Park at Mountain’s Edge – 9600 S. Buffalo Dr. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 3rd Annual Kitty Pageant & Cupcake Social 1pm – 4pm. Join All Fur Love Animal Society and vote for your favorite adoptable kittens! $15 per person includes cupcakes & your own ballot to vote! 6100 W. Cheyenne Ave. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 Fall Bird Mart 9am – 3pm Las Vegas Avicultural Society presents their Fall Bird Mart. Vendors selling items for your favorite birds: toys, food, seeds, cages, bowls, nuts, treats, stands. Mention LVPSM for $2 off admission. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 Party With Your Pooch! 4:30pm – 9pm. Tix4Tonight presents 4th Annual Party With Your Pooch! Benefiting Kiss For Homeless Animals and NSPCA. Adoptions, Food, Beer & Wine, Cutest Dog Contest, Entertainment and SOOOOOOO MANY PRIZES!! Visit for information. Town Square Las Vegas in the Center Park – 6605 Las Vegas Blvd. South. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 5th Annual Halloween Costume Contest 10am – 12pm. Please join us for some Halloween food, treats, shopping, costume contest (PRIZES for top 3) and photo session! Bring ad in this magazine and receive FREE goodie bag! Paw Prints Pet Supplies – 1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy #520. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 Halloween Costume Contest 11am - 3pm. Join Adopt A Rescue Pet for their Halloween Costume Contest. Bring your pet and have some fun! Costumes available for donation. Hap-E-Dog Natural Food & Barkery – 10940 S. Eastern Ave. #110, Henderson. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 Costume Party! 12pm – 4pm. Free event! $2500 in prizes! Chances to place 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each category: Best costume, Best smile, Best prance. Professional photography: Pet Portraits! A-Round of A-Paws – 3255 St. Rose Pkwy #170, Henderson.

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm dates and times.

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015


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October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month

Animal Disaster Preparedness Essentials EVACUATION 1 IDENTIFY LOCATIONS 2 MICROCHIP YOUR PETS 3 START A BUDDY SYSTEM 4 ASSEMBLE A DISASTER KIT PHOTOS OF YOU WITH 5 TAKE YOUR PET(S) Visit to: • Find more disaster preparedness resources • Get disaster kit supply tips for various species • Order supplies and planning materials 50

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • September/October 2015

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine - September/October 2015  

Inside This Issue: Experiencing Pet-Friendly Las Vegas, Commands Every Dog Should Know, Feline Leukemia Virus, Communicating With Your Anima...

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