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In this our June 2017 issue, we are excited to introduce Mr. Dante James We often think of success as million dollar homes, global recognition, and more than enough money to do whatever it is that we choose to do. However, there are successful people who are making a living and living out their dreams. Dante James, as illustrated with our exclusive cover story, is a wonderful example. He is the epitome of class, conviction, and passion. He is definitely a success.


Prather Jackson

AFRICA OPERATIONS Egor Efiok Award Winning Filmmaker & Director General Of Callywood Studios +447932399204 / +2348063167990

After all, he’s an Emmy winning producer, not to mention being nominated three times for this prestigious award during the course of his career as a successful black filmmaker. He won his Emmy for the PBS documentary series Slavery and the Making of America, and has also received two DuPont Columbia Awards.

ASIA OPERATIONS Joyce Penas Pilarsky HWM Asia Ambassador Email: info@joycepilarsky.com

Nitara Lee Osbourne, our award-winning journalist, had the opportunity to interview this “moving and shaking” filmmaker and former college professor.

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In a Sunday morning interview, within his humble voice, she describes hearing class in how Dante responded, conviction in his sincere tone, and passion behind the heartbeat of every word. We are also delighted to bring you our exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival, which features films competing in the official selection. New films included La Novia Del Desierto (The Desert Bride) starring Cecilia Atan and Valeria Oivato. “Becoming Cary Grant,” and David Stratton’s “A Cinematic Life.” For the fashion enthusiastic crowd we are honored to showcase Cinemoi’s Fashion Film Charity Gala. This star-studded event involved world-class talent including exclusive handmade fashions from For the Stars Fashion House by Hollywood Weekly’s fashion editor, Jacob.

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We are equally excited to showcase our interview with Ms. Vina Lelim Natcionales, a successful businesswomen and winner of the Classic Mrs. Asia International.


Not to be overlooked, the iconic band “Foreigner” announced their 40th anniversary Canadian tour dates, and this year HW was invited to cover Bacardi’s Governors Ball Music Festival.

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40th Anniversary Canadian Tour Dates and Forthcoming Musical “Juke Box Hero” DANTE JAMES

4 Living into Your Dream 2017 Cannes Film Festival 10 it was less of a ceremony and more an opportunity for discussion



fashion film charity gala cannes film festival


Vina Lelim Nacionales

18 Live your life to the fullest Governors Ball Music Festival is bringing the Sound 26 BACARDÍ of Rum to the Governors Ball Music Festivalat

Mouton Cadet Wine Bar 2017 Jury of the Cannes 30 The International Film Festival including

President Pedro Almodóvar, Will Smith.. HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 3

DANTE L iv in g in t o Y o u r Drea m

PhotoS: Photo Credit: Deon T. Hunter, D & A Photography, Dayton OH

By Nitara Lee Osbourne



e often think of success as million dollar homes, global recognition, and more than enough money to do whatever it is that we choose to do. However, there are successful people who are making a living and living out their dreams. Dante James is the epitome of class, conviction, and passion. He is definitely a success. After all, he’s a multiple Emmy winning filmmaker and has also received two DuPont Columbia Awards during the course of his career as a successful producer/ director/writer. He won his most recent Emmy for the PBS documentary series Slavery and the Making of America. I recently had the opportunity to interview this “moving and shaking” filmmaker and former college professor. By the time I was actually speaking with him, I was simply drawn into his world, as well as his approach to both his students and his work as a filmmaker. It’s the humanity that he seeks to convey in his stories and what he sought to instill in his impressionable students. He was Artist-in-Residence and instructor at Duke University, but now he is currently only working as an independent filmmaker.


As a filmmaker – you have this passion, you have these ideas, you have these stories that you feel just have to be told. And you’re hoping that other people – people with resources – feel the same way. 6 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

In a Sunday morning interview, within his humble voice, I heard class in how Dante responded, conviction in his sincere tone, and passion behind the heartbeat of every word. HW: Thank you for doing this interview, Dante. DJ: Absolutely. I’m happy to do it. HW: Great, well, I’m going to jump right in. In a March 14th, 2017 article in “Indie Soul Magazine,” you mentioned: “It has taken many years to marshal [your] own resources and cultivate a relationship with an investor who understands the importance of resources from black financiers.” Do you feel that is the challenge facing independent black filmmakers – that they don’t reach out to these investors or is it just that they don’t cultivate relationships? DJ: That’s a… big question. First of all, I think that investors – either black or white, or whatever color they might be… are looking at the bottom line. Their question is: “How can I get my money back?” HW: Right. Completely understandable. DJ: It has taken me time to wrap my head around that – totally in a business context. As a filmmaker – you have this passion, you have these ideas, you have these stories that you feel just have to be told. And you’re hoping that other people – people with resources – feel the same way. HW: That’s true. DJ: It’s a process to identify people with resources, cultivate relationships, and educate them in terms of the need for the films and the business potential. HW: That’s an honest response. DJ: That’s the only way I know to be. HW: I understand that you are a filmmaker and a former college professor. How have you balanced both fields? Have you given attention to both equally? DJ: I think of myself as more of a filmmaker first. Film is about the journey of discovery. That’s what life is to me. When you get up in the morning, it’s a journey of discovery. Hopefully at the end of the day, that journey has helped me become a better human being. More fully human. And that’s the way filmmaking is. Discovery.


Doing something different just to be different doesn’t help viewers connect to the material.

HW: And is that what you instilled in your students as well? The journey of discovery? DJ: Absolutely. HW: In that same “Indie Soul Magazine” article, you mentioned being “committed to making the strongest, and most creative statements possible in [your] films.” Do you feel it’s possible to do this in mainstream media or do you always feel stifled? DJ: Mainstream has many definitions. I think that if it’s mainstream in the context of PBS, then yes, I have experienced restraints and obstacles. This isn’t a criticism of PBS. It’s just the nature of how it’s constructed. HW: How so? DJ: As an independent filmmaker, an African-American artist and activist, I want to make the strongest, most creative statements possible for... my culture... my people... and marginalized people regardless of color. PBS receives funding from the federal government and various government-related agencies. Consequently, they are impacted by politics. They are in a very difficult position. They have to make sure that their funding sources aren’t threatened or upset with their content. What I see now in terms of mainstream media is a new freedom. Netflix, Amazon, and others are audiencedriven. This makes very different relationships possible for diverse, creative projects from independents like me. HW: Well, there was a big enough audience watching you to have won an Emmy for being a series producer.

Did you feel like you had “arrived” within your career at that moment or did you still feel like you had to prove yourself? DJ: As an African-American, you have to constantly prove yourself, regardless of your profession. In terms of the moment we won for the slavery series, actually, it was a big relief because we had two other nominations that did not go our way. So, in that moment [just before the win], I was not happy. I was hoping that the [third] time goes our way and if not, that I would be able to mask my disappointment. (Chuckling) But we won and it was great for the entire team. HW: What words of wisdom would you give to minority filmmakers – Black, Latino, and LGBT? DJ: Foremost, it’s to understand… and respect the subject matter. Always put the audience up front. Like some filmmakers – and this is not a criticism… it’s just an observation. I hear a lot of filmmakers say, “I did this because I wanted it to be different.” I can understand and appreciate the difference, but is being different in service of the viewers or in service of the filmmakers? I think it always has to be in service of the viewers… and the material. Doing something different just to be different doesn’t help viewers connect to the material. HW: Well, Dante, what a way to end this interview. It’s been a pleasure. DJ: Thank you for having me, Nitara. I enjoyed your questions.

Indie Soul Magazine. (2017, March 14). Emmy Award-Winning Black Filmmaker to Release Two New Film Projects.

Retrieved from http://www.indiesoulmagazine.com/emmy-award-winning-indie-blackfilmmaker-release-two-new-film-projects/



In 1998, Maren Ade began studying film production and direction in Munich. During her studies, she co-founded the film production company Komplizen Film. In 2004, Maren Ade first film, The Forest for the Trees, premiered in Toronto and won the Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2009, her second film Everyone Else received the Silver Bear for Best Film and for Best Actress. Maren Ade third film, Toni Erdmann, debuted in Competition at the 2016 Festival de Cannes and won numerous awards like the European Film Award. As a producer, she worked on productions like Tabu by Miguel Gomes and Sleeping Sickness by Ulrich Köhler. Two-time Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses of her generation. She has received numerous nominations and accolades for her work, in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, A Most Violent Year by J.C. Chandor, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby by Ned Benson and Ridley Scott’s The Martian. Jessica Chastain launched a production company Freckle Films. She is currently in production for Susanna White’s period drama Woman Walks Ahead and will be seen in Xavier Dolan’s The Death and Life of John F. Donovan Born in 1981, Fan Bingbing rose to fame in 1998 with the mega-hit TV series My Fair Princess. In 2003, she starred in Cell Phone, which became the highest-grossing Chinese film of the year. Since then, she has starred in many films, most notably Lost in Beijing (2007), Buddha Mountain (2011), Stretch by Charles de Meaux (2011) and Double Xposure (2012). In 2014, she participated in the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past. In 2016, she starred in I Am not Madame Bovary and received the San Sebastian Film Festival Best Actress Award as well as the 11th Asian Film Best Actress Award. Fan is selected for the 2017 TIME 100. Multi-award winning artist Agnès Jaoui joined forces with Jean-Pierre Bacri to develop a theatre and film style of which Kitchen with Apartment and Family Resemblances were first to meet with success. They worked with Alain Resnais on Smoking/No Smoking and Same Old Song. In 2000, Agnès Jaoui directed The Taste of Others which won four César. She wrote and directed Look at Me, which won Best Screenplay Award at the 2004 Festival de Cannes, followed by Let’s Talk about the Rain (2008) and Under the Rainbow (2013). She is a singer, and her Latin “Canta” album won a Victoire de la Musique award in 2007. She can be currently seen in Aurore by Blandine Lenoir.


1 Maren ADE, director, screenwriter, producer Germany

2017 Cannes Film Festival


n collaboration with Canal+, the exclusive producer and broadcaster of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the Festival de Cannes is coming to all participating cinemas in France.

Jessica CHASTAIN, actress, producer United States

From 17 to 28 May, the Festival has been in full swing on the steps of the Palais. Artists and major figures from all four corners of the globe, who make the world of film what it is today, have gathered to mark the anniversary of an event-filled celebration. Selected images from the 2017 season… The climbing of the steps and the Opening Ceremony will be broadcast live in your cinemas before the screening of the opening film, Les Fantômes d’Ismaël (Ismaël’s Ghosts) by Arnaud Desplechin. And during the Closing Ceremony on Sunday 28 May 2017, tune in for the live broadcast of all the prizes awarded by the Jury of the 70th Festival de Cannes presided by Pedro Almodóvar.

FAN Bingbing, actress, producer China

Agnès JAOUI, actress, screenwriter, director, singer – France

Under the presidency of the Spanish director, screenwriter and producer Pedro Almodóvar, the Jury for the 70th Festival de Cannes will be made up of eight key figures from the film industry, coming from all over the world. These four women and four men will help Pedro Almodóvar select from among the films in Competition. The winners will be announced on Sunday 28th May at the Closing Ceremony, following which the Palme d’or will be awarded in the presence of the winning team.

THE 2017 JURY Pedro ALMODÓVAR – President (Director, Screenwriter, Producer – Spain) Maren ADE (Director, Screenwriter, Producer - Germany) Jessica CHASTAIN (Actress, Producer United States) FAN Bingbing (Actress, Producer China) Agnès JAOUI (Actress, Screenwriter, Director, Singer – France) PARK Chan-wook (Director, Screenwriter, Producer - South Korea) Will SMITH (Actor, Producer, Musician – United States Paolo SORRENTINO (Director, Screenwriter - Italy) Gabriel YARED (Composer – France)

Pedro Almodóvar was born in the heart of La Mancha in the 50s. At seventeen, he moved to Madrid with a very specific project in mind: to study cinema and direct films. He wrote, loved, acted with the mythical independent theatre group Los Goliardos, made short films, collaborated with various underground magazines, wrote stories and was a member of a parodic punk-rock group, Almodóvar and McNamara. His personal explosion coincided with the explosion of the democratic Madrid in the mythic period the world knew as La Movida. In 1980, he opened Pepi, Luci, Bom. In 1986, he founded the production company El Deseo with his brother Agustín Almodóvar. Their first project was Law of Desire. In 1988, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown brought him international recognition. With All About my Mother, he won his first Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, and many other prizes all over the world. Three years later, Talk to Her had the same or better fortune, with an Academy Award for Best Original Script and another bunch of international prizes. In 2004, Bad Education was chosen to open the Festival de Cannes.

Cristian Mungiu, President of the Cinéfondation and Short Films Jury

Cristian Mungiu, President of the Cinéfondation and Short Films Jury © Dan Beleiu

For the 70th Festival de Cannes (17-28 May), Cristian Mungiu will preside the Cinéfondation and Short Films Jury, having been a member of Steven Spielberg’s jury in 2013. The director, screenwriter and producer follows in the footsteps of Naomi Kawase, Abderrahmane Sissako, Abbas Kiarostami and Jane Campion. As an eminent representative of the Romanian New Wave, Cristian Mungiu enjoys a long and glittering history with the Festival. Having won the Palme with his astounding second feature film, 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, he went on to garner the Best Screenplay and Best Actress prizes for Beyond the Hills and the Best Director prize for Graduation. The filmography of this demanding and socially engaged director has been widely acclaimed by successive juries because it offers such an uncompromisingly sharp and exacting view of Romanian society, but packs a universal message. His ambitious works take a scalpel to human nature and treat it with rare intelligence: a gentle satire on the dreams of young Romanians in the postcommunist period (Occident, 2002); a chilling tale of a clandestine small-town abortion (4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, 2007); surreal and deadpan urban legends under the Ceauşescu system (Tales from the Golden Age, 2009); exorcism against a background of religious fundamentalism and communist heritage (Beyond the Hills, 2012); and a moral tale of dishonest compromises and corruption in Romanian society (Graduation, 2016).

Uma Thurman, to Preside The Un Certain Regard Jury

Will SMITH, actor, producer, musician – United States

Uma Thurman © Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images

In a career spanning more than 20 years, the American actress has made some daring choices and enjoyed taking risks. She made her debut aged 17, in Stephen Frears’ Dangerous Liaisons and in Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. She became Quentin Tarantino’s muse, playing in Pulp Fiction (Palme d’or winner, 1994) and in Kill Bill (volumes 1 & 2), both presented at the Festival de Cannes.

Paolo SORRENTINO, director, screenwriter Italy

Since then, Uma Thurman has worked with many directors, including Andrew Niccol (Gattaca); Woody Allen (Sweet and Lowdown); Roland Joffé (Vatel) and Ethan Hawke (Chelsea Walls). She recently joined the cast of Lars von Trier’s new project, The House that Jack Built, alongside Matt Dillon and Bruno Ganz. Her filmography encompasses everything from action films to science fiction; intimate dramas to light comedies. This wide variety is a testament to her free and independent spirit, nurtured by her childhood in a hippy family. Whether playing crazy, sexy or dominant, the woman whose namesake is the Hindu goddess of beauty and light has definitely entered the pantheon of movie greats, with several of her scenes attaining cult status. Member of the Jury headed by Robert De Niro in 2011, Uma Thurman will continue this year the experience of watching films from all around the world as President of the Un Certain Regard Jury. Second competition of the Official Selection, the Un Certain Regard programme showcases works which offer a unique perspective and esthetic. The prize list will be revealed on Saturday may 27th.

Gabriel YARED, composer France

Two-time Academy Award nominee Will Smith has a vast filmography including portrayals of true-life icons in Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness and Concussion. His headlining credits include Independence Day, I, Robot, Hitch, I Am Legend, Men in Black I, II, & III, and last summer’s Suicide Squad. The two-time Grammy Award winner began his career as a musician selling millions of records worldwide before crossing over into television with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will Smith is dedicated to working toward the advancement of communities and individuals through the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation.

Ceremonies at the Grand Théâtre Lumière © FDC

PARK Chan-wook, director, screenwriter, producer South Korea

PARK Chan-wook, director, screenwriter, producer - South Korea Ever since his Korean box office record breaking Joint Security Area in the year 2000, Park Chan-wook’s diverse body of work has garnered recognition both at home and abroad. These include his successes at the Festival de Cannes in 2004 with the Grand Prix for Old Boy and the Jury Prize for Thirst in 2009. In 2013, Park Chan-wook expanded his œuvre to include English language films with Stoker and also produced Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer. In 2016, Park Chan-wook returned to Cannes in Competition with The Handmaiden and won the Vulcan Prize, once again establishing him as one of the most significant talents working in cinema today.

Paolo Sorrentino, director and screenwriter, was born in Naples in 1970. Seven of his 8 films have been presented in Competition at the Festival de Cannes, where Il Divo won the Prix du Jury in 2008. In 2014, his film La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) won the Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, as well as a BAFTA. In 2016, La Giovinezza (Youth) gained an Oscar nomination and won three European Film Awards. In 2016, he made his first TV Series: The Young Pope. He has also published a novel “Hanno tutti ragione” in 2010, and two collections of short stories: “Tony Pagoda e i suoi amici” (2012), and “Gli aspetti irrilevanti” (2016). After spending his childhood in Lebanon, Gabriel Yared attended the composition classes of Henri Dutilleux in Paris. He stayed in Brazil and returned to France in 1972, and quickly became an orchestrator and producer sought after by the biggest European singers of the time. Since 1980, he devoted most of his time to film composition. He has written more than a hundred scores to date, of which many have earned him prestigious international awards. He wrote his first score for Jean-Luc Godard, which was followed by successful notable collaborations with Jean-Jacques Beineix, Jean-Jacques Annaud (Cesar for The Lover), Anthony Minghella (Oscar for The English Patient) and Xavier Dolan.



2017 Cannes Film Festival




ll of the 70th Festival de Cannes Awards and so the curtain has finally fallen on this 70th anniversary edition – rich in screenings and events – which brought together the cream of the film world in Cannes. The event came to an end on the stage of the Grand Théâtre Lumière, where Mistress of Ceremonies Monica Bellucci welcomed the Feature Film Jury presided by Pedro Almodóvar to announce the 2017 prizewinners. This year’s Palme d’or was screened at the end of the prize-giving ceremony to close the Festival. Each year since 1978, the Caméra d’or is awarded to the best first film from the Official Selection, La Semaine de la Critique and Directors’ Fortnight. In 2017, 26 films will be vying for the award to be presented during the Awards Ceremony on Sunday May 28th. French actress and director Sandrine Kiberlain will preside.
































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Experience the splendor of haute couture as Cinémoi honors fashion films from across the globe, emerging designers, and iconic talent.


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Fashion Show

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Albert Andrada fashion show

Jacob and Radha Mitchell

Rocky Gathercole Albert Andrada Resty Largare Elie Madi HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 15


ina Lelim Nacionales is a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman, philanthropist and CEO of Nacionales & Associates, Inc and the winner of 4 major awards at Classic Mrs. Asia International 2015. Vina bagged 4 major awards in one of the international pageants held in Malaysia last June 2015. She was crowned Classic Mrs. Asia International Goodwill. According to Mrs. Asia International website, the pageant is all about married women – young wives, mothers and even grandmothers from Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, India and many more, who come together to share a common purpose: to foster better communication, culture, friendship and mutual understanding among all Asian people. Vina also declared Mrs. Charity Queen, Mrs. Popularity and Esteegold Ambassador. She was also among the top 3 Best in Talent. We have the privilege to chat with Vina and we are extremely inspired by her unique story and her road to success. HWM: Could you tell us about where you grew up. Vina: I was born and raised in Lambunao, Iloilo. I was the second eldest among 7 children in our family. I graduated from the University of Iloilo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. HWM: Let’s talk about your childhood, are there any challenges or struggles you’ve encountered when you were in the province?

Vina Lelim Nacionales Live your life to the fullest


“Being successful is a fruit of your hard work, perseverance and most of all your determination” Vina: In my early childhood, I already experienced hardship because my parents cannot afford to buy us enough food, clothes and other personal things. Life wasn’t easy at that time. I got married and had two children. I need to help feed my family. There was a time that I need to sell bread and rice. Because my father was a farmer, my mother was a street vendor. I need to help them in order for me to finish school. I worked in a sewing company as a secretary and bookkeeper. But my hard work paid off when I graduated and earned my Bachelor of Science degree in education from the University of Iloilo in the Philippines. HWM: Would you like to tell us the story of your journey to the USA? Vina: I had to make a crucial decision to save my family from poverty. With the last of the resources that I had at that time, I am armed only with courage, faith and full of determination; I went to the US, to search for a better life. From the start, it was not easy, so many rough road, numerous challenges and disappointments. I decided to widen my idea and continue to learn. I took up nursing classes to become a certified home health nurse. My life took a different turn when I worked for Mrs. Sara Freeman, wife of the former Mayor of Beverly Hills, as her private nurse. Soon after, I took Mrs. Freeman into my home (which later we converted into a board and care facility) and took care of her for 12 years. Through my sheer hard work, I already started to build my name and my business as well and dedicate my life to the healthcare profession and opened my own healthcare business in Los Angeles, California. HWM: What was about The United States that appealed to you? Vina: When I got married, our life was not easy. So I need to work because we have a lot of expenses. In order for us to survive, I need to go to the US. I aimed for change to have a comfortable and happy life, because a successful businesswoman, enjoy life to the fullest, and work hard to support my family. I did not want to be poor again. HWM: What was the most memorable experience when you visited America for the first time?

Vina: When I arrived in the US, I only have $10, but I was so determined to succeed and I did a lot of jobs to survive. I became a caregiver, I cooked and delivered food to the Filipino offices, I became a housekeeper, I worked in the nursing registry, and then I found out that they pay well. So I went to school and became a certified nurse. HWM: Tell us about the process of adapting to life in America. What are the biggest cultural differences that you’ve noticed or the challenges you encountered? Vina: Life in America is totally different than our simple life in the Philippines. Being away from my own family to look for a greener pasture in America is definitely a big challenge for me. When it comes to the culture and way of living is also dissimilar but of course I had to adjust to embrace it all for the sake of my family. HWM: How do you define success? Vina: Being successful is a fruit of your hard work, perseverance and most of all your determination. I always focus on where I’m going, not on where I have been. I dream big and I don’t stop until I achieve it. I am HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 19

HWM: What advice would you give to someone who’s considering immigrating to another country who is seeking greener pastures? Vina: If you really have an ambition, just keep on working, be honest, just keep on trying and find means to finally achieve your goals. Don’t give up. Focus on your goals, ask yourself what you need, immerse in all good things and find a better niche. Think big. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Don’t quit, dream big. Be proud of who you are and be a role model. Live your life to the fullest, just enjoy life. Always pray to the Lord and ask for proper guidance. HWM: Do you have a website and fan page so that our readers could follow and check you online. Vina: Please visit my website: www.vinanacionales.com and like my fan page: https://www.facebook.com/LudiVina-Nacionales

so proud and blessed as a mother of beautiful son and a daughter and five gorgeous, amazing and smart grandchildren. They’re my treasures who I always cherish throughout their lives and watch them grow up the way I wanted them to be. HWM: Is there any regrets in the past experiences or how can you describe your present life? Vina: As a 70 year old woman with all the trials, tribulations, and success in life, I don’t want to change anything and I have no regrets at all. Because all those experienced made me strong, determined, and Godfearing person. I am what I am today due to my life experiences and with the influence of the people who I met in this journey with the guidance of God. At present I am proud of the life I have lived so far, although I made mistakes, but I have learned and have grown from them. 20 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Here are some of Vina’s numerous achievements: Mrs. Gawad America 2016 Nominee, Outstanding Community Civic Leader and Philanthropist – recognized by LA City Mayor Eric Garcetti, Carson City Mayor Jim Dear and California State Senator Bob Huff. A licensed State Administrator for a Residential Care Facility (RCPE), Licensed Certified Nurse of the State of California (CAN/ HHA); Fil-am Lions Club Member, given numerous certificates of appreciation for her generous support to the club, Rotary Club member of Makati Century City District 3830, Soroptimist International member, Outstanding mother of the Year and Community Civic Leader 2007-2008; Business Woman of the Year Pamana Awardee 2009-2010; National Association of Senior Care Awardee 2011; America’s Mrs. Philippines 2002, Fabulous Woman in Red Awardee 2012; World of Life Giving Ministries Awardee 2012; Hermana Mayor St. John the Baptist Catholic Church 2013; Fil-am Press Club Queen and Celebrity Roastee at the Beverly Hills Country Club 2013; Gawad Award Amerika Awardee in Hollywood 2013; Award of Excellence in Healthcare Services Awardee 2013; Judge, Miss Philippines America 2013; Hermana Mayor St. John the Baptist Catholic Church 2013-2014; Judge, Mrs. New York Philippines Beauty Pageant 2014 and Gawad Award America Awardee 2014; Hermana Mayor Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles; President-Friends of Filipino American Press Club of California (FAPCCA) 2015. The good thing about Vina is she remains as she is. She always wanted to inspire a lot of people, especially women. Being positive in life, God fearing, good relationship with your families and friends, passionate and learn how to give back – these are Vina’s features on her road to success.


Focus on your goals, ask yourself what you need, immerse in all good things and find a better niche. Think big. If you can see it, you can achieve it. Don’t quit, dream big. Be proud of who you are and be a role model HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 21

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Foreigner Announces 40th Anniversary Canadian Tour Dates and Forthcoming Musical

“Juke Box Hero”


oreigner’s 10-city Canadian tour is set to launch in Calgary, AB on October 11th, and trek across Western Canada as the band - Mick Jones (lead guitar), Kelly Hansen (lead vocals), Jeff Pilson (bass, vocals), Tom Gimbel (rhythm guitar, sax, vocals), Michael Bluestein (keyboards), Bruce Watson (guitar) and Chris Frazier (drums) – bring Foreigner’s arsenal of hits to Canada. Tickets go on sale June 2nd, 2017 at www.jeffparrypromotions.com/foreigner. This tour will feature a companion album, a new careerspanning compilation titled 40 that features 40 hits from 40 years. RHINO will release 40 on May 26th as a double-CD set that includes 40 songs recorded between 1977 and 2017. A double-vinyl version that features 23 songs will be released on June 2. 40 brings together the best songs from Foreigner’s nine studio albums, including all 16 of its Top 30 hits: “Feels Like The First Time,” “Urgent,” “Waiting For A Girl Like You” and more. The collection features “Too Late” from the group’s 2008 retrospective No End In Sight and “The Flame Still


Check out the tour at any of the following stops. Fans can check out www.jeffparrypromotions.com/foreigner for updates on tour dates and news. Wed Oct 11 Calgary, AB – Southern Alberta Jubilee Thu Oct 12 Edmonton, AB – Northlands Coliseum Fri Oct 13 Red Deer, AB – Enmax Centrium Sun Oct 15 Lethbridge, AB – Enmax Centre Mon Oct 16 Regina, SK – Conexus Arts Centre Tue Oct 17 Saskatoon, SK – TCU Place Thu Oct 19 Dawson Creek, BC – Encana Events Centre Fri Oct 20 Prince George, BC – CN Centre Sat Oct 21 Penticton, BC – South Okangan Events Centre Sun Oct 22 Abbotsford, BC – Abbotsford Centre

www.foreigneronline.com www.facebook.com/Foreigner www.twitter.com/ForeignerMusic www.instagram.com/foreignerlive www.youtube.com/user/FWebTeam www.jeffparrypromotions.com/foreigner www.annerin.com/jukeboxhero

FOREIGNER, the band behind these and other classic and iconic songs, is turning 40 this year and celebrating with a Canadian tour, 40th Anniversary Album, and new musical; Juke Box Hero, premiering in Alberta sometime in 2018. Burns,” the title track from a vinyl EP released just last year, making its debut on CD in this collection. All prior recordings have been remastered and the album features two new tracks recorded especially for this release, “Give My Life For Love” and a new version of “I Don’t Want To Live Without You.” Another milestone as part of Foreigner’s 40th Anniversary celebration is the announcement of the forthcoming musical, Juke Box Hero, premiering in Alberta in 2018. Based on the screenplay written by the prolific writing duo, Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, responsible for films The Commitments and Across The Universe, and The Tracey Ullman TV Show, Juke Box Hero is a coming of age saga written to the music of Foreigner.

“I never could have imagined when I set out to create Foreigner forty years ago, that we’d still be touring around the world and performing the music we love all these years later,” says founding member and lead guitarist Mick Jones. “I am so proud that these songs will now be reinterpreted for stage, and am honored by the team that is helping bring this music to life. I can’t express the gratitude I feel when fans share stories of how our songs have been woven into their milestones and memories over the years. I had so many great times with Foreigner in Canada and I look forward to bringing the band back here for our 40th anniversary tour. I’m thrilled that Canada will see the premiere of our brand new musical, Juke Box Hero, in 2018.” Since the 1977 release of their first hit “Feels Like The First Time” and their self-titled debut album on Atlantic Records, FOREIGNER has been universally hailed as one of the world’s most popular rock acts with 10 multiplatinum albums, 16 Top 30 hits, and worldwide album sales exceeding 75 million. Responsible for some of rock and roll’s most enduring anthems including “Juke Box Hero,” “Cold as Ice,” “Feels Like The First Time,” “Urgent,” “Head Games,” “Say You Will,” “Dirty White Boy,” “Long, Long Way From Home,” and the worldwide #1 hit, “I Want To Know What Love Is,” FOREIGNER continues to rock the charts more than thirty years into the game. Recent albums including Juke Box Heroes, a new compilation of digitally recorded Foreigner hits, and The Best of Foreigner 4 & More, recorded live from The Borgata, Atlantic City, both entered the Billboard Top 200 chart. Foreigner also featured strongly in every category in Billboard’s recently released “Greatest of All Time” listing. Catalog sales often eclipse those of Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Def Leppard, Van Halen and most of their Classic Rock peers (Source: Nielsen SoundScan 2/11/16 - 2/3/16).


this year at the CASA BACARDÍ onsite and at the After Dark series in Manhattan.

Governors Ball Music Festival

located next to the Bacardi Stage, is a custom event space with surprise performances, cocktails, comfortable seating, and stage views from the roof. The newest flavor release from the brand, BACARDÍ Banana, will also be served to attendees throughout the weekend in specialty cocktails.

BACARDÍ is bringing the Sound of Rum to the



Pop Up Performances by Tkay Maidza and The Knocks 26 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

s Ball Music Festival


ustralian rapper Tkay Maidza did a surprise encore at the CASA BACARDÍ after her performance on the main stage. She brought the dance floor down and fans got the chance to get up close & personal with her for a thirty-minute set, especially when Maidza jumped into the crowd and started dancing along. Tkay told guests she was just wrapping up her east coast tour, calling this performance ‘the finale’. Next, she revealed she is working on a top secret project in Jamaica, adding she’s “keeping the rum vibes going to Jamaica.”

goers all day and night. Headliner Chance The Rapper also made a surprise drop in at the Bacardi Stage when he popped up for friend Francis and the Lights’ set in the afternoon. He later brought them out on the main stage, where they performed their collaboration ‘May I Have This Dance’ during his show. As the sun set across the river, the After Dark series mixed by BACARDÍ started heating up at Ludlow House in the Lower East Side. In an exclusive set, The Knocks played their infectious dance hits all night long while guests sipped mojitos.

Next door, on the Bacardi Stage, performers like Danny Brown and Majid Jordan had the tent filled with festival HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 27

Oxana Lovich had a true passion for acting and at the age of seventeen she got her start in the theatre. There she received on the job training and knowledge, in particular, the Stanislavski method of acting. Oxana was also a competitive ballroom dancer. At this young age, she became very interested in spirituality and self development, which has led her to currently be a life coach. All this experience has made her a great actress.


Lovich There is a combination of positivity, innocence and intelligence that makes me a unique artist


hank you for taking the time for this interview. As you know there are many people aspiring to become successful in Hollywood. Let’s start this by learning more about you, please tell me about yourself.

HW: You mention that you are originally from Russia,but your exotic look suggest that your DNA is quite unique.


photoS BY: travis tanner AND tim sabatino

What is your DNA? In other words, where are your parents from? OL: I was born in Russia. My mother is Jewish, and my father is half Russian, half Ukrainian. If I describe myself I would say I am a person that everyone wants to be around with because of my light magnetic charming energy. There is a combination of positivity, innocence and intelligence that makes me a unique artist.

HW: When did you know that you wanted to become an actor? What steps did you take to pursue this dream?

communication ever since. She really is an incredible person.

OL: As early as 13 years of age, I knew acting was my life’s purpose. At the age of sixteen I started taking acting classes with the best Russian coaches in Moscow, and working in the finest Russian theatres where I was practicing Stanislavsky Method of Acting. However my true dream was to become an actress in the US. At the first opportunity I moved to Los Angeles, where I have continued pursuing, and improving my craft.

HW: In speaking with Ms.Lujan, I understand that during a typical casting call everyone generally have the look, and fit the basic description required for the role being cast. So in the brief moments an actor has to impress the casting director you already know they are looking for insight into your capabilities, maybe seeking your range of emotion as an actor.

HW: So you have transplanted to Los Angeles, welcome. What do you like and what have you discovered about the people that you have met living here?

2017 • The House (completed) Casino Waitress • Mac Daddy’s Vegas Adventure (completed) Bertina • Dreams Come True (Short) Danielle •Katarina (Short) Katarina

OL: Los Angeles is my city!!! I felt it even before I came here. I love that Los Angeles is the city of creativity, freedom and art. What I especially like about the people here is their spirit: positive energy and creative vibes! In Los Angeles I have met highly evolved spiritual people who led me to freedom in my spiritual evolution. What I mean is: there is an easy access to spiritual books and the greatest coaches here compare to the city I was born in. In addition to that I feel highly motivated to create wonderful masterpieces due to the welcoming atmosphere in the city: the weather, healthy foods, friendly people, and etc.. HW: You were referred to our magazine by a prominent casting director. I understand that you have a leading role on a new television or film project. series. What series have you previously appeared in that prepared you for your current role?

2016 • Turbulence Beautiful girl at the club • Beyond the Game Jessica • Bosch (TV Series) Oxana - Gone (2016) ... Oxana • Blow Cut (Short) Phoenix (Stripper / Kinky’s Patron #5)

Yes, among others, I was a co-lead in the movie Katarina. I was also in the TV Show Bosch. Every project I have ever performed in had taught me so much about me, and prepared me to next role. When I take any role, I study it for hours or even months, depending on how much time I have. The more I practice being in somebody else shoe: playing life of another person, the more it becomes a part of me. Therefore, the next role, even if my character has a different perspective, in some ways resembles the other character, since we are all human, and the emotions that we are expressing are the same. And of course the more I play, the easier it gets. HW: I mention that a prominent Casting Director referred you, how did you meet Crystal Lujan? OL: I met Crystal when I was auditioning for one of her projects. She liked my professionalism and attitude. We exchanged contact information, and we have been in

OL: When auditioning, I am truly living the part. I enjoy a playful spirit and, therefore, it is NEVER about impressing. Expressing myself and knowing what I am here to do as a character is my primary concern. Again, it is never about being liked by a casting director, but rather about the story!! HW: So tell me, what is the most dangerous thing that you have ever done? OL: I would not use the word dangerous describing my life. I would substitute it for the word exciting. Since I found my path in life and I am following it. So everything that I do is exciting!!!I HW: What about your background, in your opinion, qualifies you to warrant being featured in a major staring role in a feature film, or why do you feel that Hollywood Weekly Magazine should being conducting this interview to tell our readers about you? OL: My varied background experiences abroad, combined with my life coaching as well as writing skills make me unique. Living in Russia for the most part of my life influenced my acting skills. I believe characters are being cast due to a vibrational match to a role. Well, there is a part of me that is always be Russian, and playing Russian and European characters are incredibly easy for me. Learning psychology and self-development influenced my acting skills greatly. Since I believe that an actor is a psychologist in a way. It is never about judging the character, but accepting the inner truth of it. Being a writer has helped me to see the story with the eyes of the director, which really helps me to learn about my character faster. All of the above lend me giving a different outlook to the way I play a role. HW: Please tell me more about your current project. Are there any future projects that are also in the works? OL: Well, I just finished working in two films-Mac Daddy Vegas Adventures, and Katarina. It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life in this year, since I had an opportunity working with Thomas C Howell, and other incredible actors, and playing a role of a very sophisticated, high class lady with a compelling temperament. I am currently working on a project that I am unable to discuss. I can just say one thing. I am playing an enlightened character with a Cinderella like ending! Thank you very much for wonderful questions.

OXANA LOVICH: imdb.com/name/nm5765557/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm


Mouton Cadet

The 2017 Jury of the Cannes International Film Festival at the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar


he 2017 Cannes festival Jury including President Pedro Almodóvar, Will Smith, Jessica Chastain, Paolo Sorrentino, Agnès Jaoui, Maren Ade, Fan Bingbing, Park Chan-wook & Gabriel Yared gathered one last time at the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar after announcing the 70th Cannes International Film Festival Award Winners. Over the weekend, cinematographer Christopher Doyle received the prestigious Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography award at The Mouton Cadet Wine Bar surrounded by some of the most significant directors and actors in the industry, including Academy award winner Juliette Binoche. The award pays tribute to a director whose work has made a historic mark in the world of cinema. Throughout the festival, film producers, actors, and directors gathered at The Mouton Cadet Wine Bar to take in beautiful sunsets and unwind. Before being 30 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

mouton cadet

awarded the festival’s highest award, the Palme d’Or, The Square cast including director Ruben Öslund and actors Dominic West and Claes Baeng stopped by The Mouton Cadet Wine Bar for exclusive photos on May 20th. American directors Randal Kleiser and Abel Ferrara also stopped by the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar to enjoy the Sunset Aperitif series.

Juliette Binoche

t Wine Bar Sunset Aperitif

Mai Randal Kleiser

Abel Ferrara

Christopher Doyle and Jenny Suen at the Mouton Cadet Wine Bar




A Modern Scandinavian Talent Management Agency with an International Flair 32 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

“In only four years, Scandinavian based Talent Manager Maria Vascsak and IMA Content have developed a Talent Management & Production Agency with international talent from Scandinavia and the U.S.�

IMA Content and the Talent Management division represents a select roster of International Actors, Directors, Cinematographers, Storyboard Artists, Producers, Editors, Writers and Authors. We work closely with our talent to achieve their goals whether in feature films, television, commercials, or brand integrated content, through comprehensive consulting and marketing, creating economic value for their careers. IMA Content provides unique personal management based on over 20 years of experience in the Entertainment Business, specializing in areas such as contract negotiation, public relations, promotion and sponsorship. Through an established network of specialists, we are also able to add consulting in areas such as tax matters, asset management, insurance, business law visa issues / applications.

Phone: +1 (917) 717 9091 Mail: info@imacontent.com www.imacontent.com

Being based in Sweden, IMA Content focuses on bringing professional talent from Scandinavia to the international market as well as working locally. IMA Content believes in actors that are well rounded and diverse in talent. We have actors that work in different countries around the world all the time, and often take on roles that are not in their native tongue. Talent Manager Maria Vascsak is herself a product of dual countries. She is Swedish with Hungarian heritage and speakes the language fluently. Vascsak studied and lived abroad for many many years as well. She has called Paris, Brussels, Monaco, Menlo Park California and Mahway New Jersey home at one time or another. Therefore, the international angle became a natural ingredient in her business.

For news and updates about our clients and projects follow us on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/imacontent Twitter: www.twitter.com/IMAContent Instagram: www.instagram.com/imacontent/ Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/imacontent IMDb management: www.imdb.me/mariavascsak

www . i m a c on t e n t . c om


“IMA Content is made up of 100 years of creative experience. IMA Content is represented in Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles”

-Even though Swedish actors and artists really have helped to put Sweden on the map lately – we still live in a pretty small country. I was sure that the international angle would be crucial first and foremost for my incredibly versatile talent, for me and the agency. I also think that the industry is changing; we’re seeing more diversity and inclusion. As a Talent Manager today, I think you need to look at the whole world as your playing field, and not just the country that you’re based in, Maria Vascsak continues. We do it all. Contract negotiations, branding, Visa applications, collaborations with photographers in order to always have someone standing by for various shoots and much more. As a manager, she is also always on top of what the actors might need to improve and change in order to get called in as she sees what’s being cast and submits her talent via the Breakdowns. Maria Vascsak of IMA Content also has some very close and incredibly important relationships with agents in the US. - To some extent, it’s a full-service agency which of course requires a lot of work but at the same time allows me the close relationship with the talent which is crucial for all of this to work. Also, it enables me to customize my services which I think is key for everyone involved.

Our concept is simple and highly effective and IMA Content’s goal is to have continuous growth by bringing specific niche talents to the agency with diversity and international appeal. Through our many years of experience we can and will help them create a platform to leverage their career path to new heights. The rapidly changing media landscape is ripe for new creative solutions, and our intent at IMA Content is to help find them and develop our clients’ ultimate brand identity. IMA Content and Hollywood Weekly Magazine have an amazing collaboration which has solidified over the years. IMA Content was responsible for both the promotional trailer and the trailer that opened the Hollywood Weekly Film Festival last year. This year IMA Content and Vascsak will co-produce the spectacular event. IMA Content, with Talent Manager Maria Vascsak at the helm, has grown substantially over a short period of time. It has proven over and over that the concept of boutique agency, close and particularly personal relationships with the talent, combining production and collaboration within the film industry, is the way of the future. Vascsak, undoubtedly, always seems to be a step ahead…

IMA Content is a modern Scandinavian talent management and production agency with an international roster of actors, directors and storyboard artists. IMA is made up of 100 years of creative experience who together form the most unique content around. IMA is represented in Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles. IMA has a very special relationship with Hollywood Weekly Magazine and its Film Festival.


Maria Vascsak Co-Founder / CEO / Talent Manager / Producer IMA Content Language: Bilingual: Swedish - Hungarian / English / German / French Talents in Sweden / Los Angeles / New York / London Mail: maria@imacontent.com Phone: SWE: +46 739 10 59 02 / U.S +1 (917) 717 90 91 IMDb: www.imdb.me/mariavascsak IMA Content is a modern Scandinavian talent management and production agency with an international roster of actors, directors and storyboard artists. IMA is made up of 100 years of creative experience who together form the most unique content around. IMA is represented in Stockholm, London, New York and Los Angeles. IMA has a very special relationship with Hollywood Weekly Magazine and its Film Festival. To keep up with IMA Content, their talents and productions follow IMA Content on: Facebook: www.facebook.com/imacontent/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/imacontent/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/imacontent

PhotoS: Ali BenBikri

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/ima-content

Phone: +1 (917) 717 9091 Mail: info@imacontent.com www.imacontent.com

For news and updates about our clients and projects follow us on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/imacontent Twitter: www.twitter.com/IMAContent Instagram: www.instagram.com/imacontent/ Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/imacontent IMDb management: www.imdb.me/mariavascsak

www . i m a c on t e n t . c om


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tales of modern motherhood

LA THEATRE BEAT It’s the annual Fringe Festival and here are the shows that are opening this month:


“Bitch Brow” A tough townie chick and an uptight young woman clash over career choices. Written by Demetra Kareman, and directed by Tara Karsian, it runs June 2 through June 24 at the Lounge Theater in Hollywood. For tickets visit www.hollywoodfringe. org/projects/4296?tab=tickets.

“Dogfight” On the eve of their deployment to a growing conflict in Southeast Asia, three young Marines set out for one final night of partying and debauchery. Written by Peter Duchan, with music by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, and directed by Jennifer Oundjian and Jennifer Strattan, it runs June 2 through June 25 at the Hudson Mainstage Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets visit www.plays411.com/ dogfight. “In the Valley of the Shadow” An apocalyptic event in an LGBT nightclub changes everything; love becomes hate, hate becomes love. Written by Katherine Cortez, and directed by Elina de Santos, it runs June 2 through June 24 at the Rogue Machine Theatre (in The Met) in Los Angeles. For tickets call 855-585-5185 or visit www.roguemachinetheatre.net/now-playing.

“Little Shop of Horrors” A flower shop assistant discovers an unusual plant which feeds only on human flesh and blood. Written by Howard Ashman, with music by Alan Menken, and directed by J. Bailey Burcham, it runs June 2 through June 18 at the Hillcrest Center for the Arts in Thousand Oaks. For tickets call 805-381-1246 or visit www.HillcrestArts.com. “Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical” tells the story of Perfection, California, where everything is exactly that—perfect. Written and directed by Erik Blair, with music by Daniel Sugimoto, it runs June 2 through June 24 at the Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. For tickets visit www.hollywoodfringe. org/projects/4168.

“We Are Not These Hands” Two cagey 15 year olds, Moth and Belly, live in the ruins of a dystopian society where filth is abundant and the addiction to consumerism is incessant. Written by Sheila Callaghan, and directed by Larry Biederman, it runs June 2 through June 24 at the Rogue Machine Theatre (in The Met) in Los Angeles. For tickets call 855-585-5185 or visit www.roguemachinetheatre.net/now-playing. 38 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

“Good People”

“An Evening with John Wilkes Booth” John Wilkes Booth was a great actor, but his father and brother were even greater, and his jealousy and his love for the South and slavery lead him to commit the heinous crime for which he is known. Written by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Clinton Case, and directed by Lloyd J. Schwartz, it runs June 3 through June 24 at the Complex Theatre (Flight space) in Los Angeles. For tickets visit www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4579.

“Lyman” When a woman has a chance encounter with a homeless man she thinks she recognizes, she begins to wonder what his life could have been like had he made different choices. Written and directed by Anne Johnstonbrown, it runs June 3 through June 18 at the Hudson Backstage Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323856-4249 or visit www.plays411.com/lymantheplay. “The Merchant of Venice” In 2017, Shakespeare’s comic tragedy, arguably one of the most controversial plays ever written, continues to raise penetrating questions about racism, religion, mercy and justice. Written by William Shakespeare, and directed by Ellen Geer, it runs June 3 through October 1 at the Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga. For tickets call 310-4553723 or visit www.theatricum.com. “Nicky” Under the piercing desert sun, characters plod through the unforgiving heat, clinging to their self-described identities while chasing after and running away from their true desires. Written by Boni B. Alvarez, and directed by Beth Lopes, it runs June 3 through July 1 at the Greenway Court Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-673-0544 or visit www.greenwaycourttheatre.org/nicky.

“Good People”

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” The most magical outdoor setting in Los Angeles is once again transformed into an enchanted forest inhabited by lovers both fairy and human. Written by William Shakespeare, and directed by Melora Marshall, it runs June 4 through September 4 at the Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga. For tickets call 310-455-3723 or visit www.theatricum.com.

“My Janis” is a window into Janis Joplin’s private world as she struggles to find her identity in the summer of 1966. Written and directed by Arianna Veronesi, it runs June 4 through June 25 at the New Collective Mainstage in Hollywood. For tickets visit www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4563?tab=tickets. “October Baby” What happens when a detail-obsessed “Nosferatu, A Symphony in Terror” From the fervent mind of Bram Stoker’s Dracula…filtered through the lens of Friedrich Murnau…comes an experience so unique that you will remember it for the rest of your life. Written by Friedrich Murnau, and directed by William A. Reilly, it runs June 3 through June 24 at the Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. For tickets call 818-605-5685 or visit www.HFF17.com/4556.

“The Spidey Project” Nerdy social outcast Peter Parker takes on an alter ego as he attempts to defeat a dastardly collection of terrifying villains and perhaps his biggest nemesis of all: himself. Written and directed by Justin Moran, with music by Jordan Ostrowski, it runs June 3 through June 24 at the Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. For tickets call 818-849-4039 or visit www.hollywoodfringe. org/projects/4398. “Thanksgiving”

Chloe Patterson has invited her perfect fiancé to what she will make sure is the perfect Thanksgiving, despite her very imperfect family. Written by Tiffany Cascio, and directed by Kitty Lindsay, it runs June 3 through June 23 at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-455-4585 or visit www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4549.

“Three Can Keep a Secret”

Whack the mark. Stage the scene. Take the money. Retire to Cabo. That’s how it was supposed to go down. But for poor wannabe gangsters Moose and Sonny, a really bad night is only just beginning. Written by Gregory Crafts, and directed by Jacob Smith, it runs June 3 through June 24 at the Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. For tickets call 818-849-4039 or visit www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4735.

“Trump in Space” Four hundred years from now, thanks to the stripping away of EPA regulations, the earth has blown up. Two human factions survive and are on the hunt for Polaris 4, a planet capable of sustaining human life. Written by Gillian Bellinger and Landon Kirksey, with music by Tony Gonzalez and Sam Johnides, and directed by Matt Zettell, it runs June 3 through June 24 at the Actors Company Let Live Theater in Hollywood. For tickets call 323455-4585 or visit www.hff17.com/4764.

woman tries to time the birth of her child to occur during her favorite month of the year? A hilarious look at motherhood. Written by Brooke Baumer, and directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson, it runs June 4 through June 24 at the Sacred Fools Theater Black Box in Los Angeles. For tickets visit www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4321.

“Tough Brown Leather” Sara is the spunky, eight-year-old star running back of her street football team. But off the field, she can’t outrun the attack of a predator. Written by Tonya Jones, and directed by Michael Philip Edwards, it runs June 4 through June 24 at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 323-863-3643 or visit www.hff17.com/4588.

“Moments” A road rage confrontation stirs up painful memories for a woman in her late 30’s. Unable to shake off the incident once she gets home, she reaches out to her counselor at a women’s medical health center. Written and directed by Bernadette Armstrong, it runs June 5 through June 25 at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre in Hollywood. For tickets call 818-437-0177 or visit www.hff17.com/4364. “A Harmony Boys Christmas” It’s Christmas Eve 1962 and renowned singing sensations The Harmony Boys are presenting their annual yuletide singing, dancing, musical comedy extravaganza. Written and directed by Aaron Matijasic, with music by Ben Stanton, it runs June 8 through June 24 at the Sacred Fools Theater Mainstage in Hollywood. For tickets call www.hff17.com/4661.

“The Pride” In 1958, Philip is married to Sylvia, but is secretly attracted to her colleague, Oliver. In 2008, Philip lives with his boyfriend Oliver, who continually destroys their relationship, and turns to their friend Sylvia for support. Written by Alexi Kaye Campbell, and directed by Michael Arden, it runs June 8 through July 9 at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. For tickets call 310-746-4000 or visit www.TheWallis.org.

“Crimes of the Heart” Examines the plight of three Mississippi sisters betrayed by their passions as each is forced to come to terms with her “crimes of the heart”. Written by Beth Henley, and directed by Luke Yankee, it runs June 9 through June 25 at the INTERNATIONAL CITY THEATRE Long Beach Performing Arts Center in Long Beach. For tickets call 562-436-4610 or visit www. InternationalCityTheatre.org. HOLLYWOOD 39 HOLLYWOODWEEKLY WEEKLY 39