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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR DEAR READERS Well well well, what do we have here, a moment in history I suppose. It seems as though this time of Prince Harry (The Duke of Sussex) marrying Meghan Markle (Now The Duchess of Sussex) passed by us so quickly. With so much going on in our day lives with work & our private problems, I couldn’t help but find a moment to myself wondering about the significance of what just transpired. Love is a powerful thing & Kings & Queens have ruled this Earth since the dawn of time. The Royal Family of England’s most significant moment of power existed back in The Queen Victoria-Era, who made it her business to marry off her children to other members of royalty. The year is now 2018, times have changed, minds have changed & the choices of Modern-Day superiors have made no exemption to those changes. Adrienne Pappe our Featured Writer, who is very familiar with Royalty having made acquaintances with members throughout her years in journalism, covers the 2018 Royal Wedding & it is by far the most interesting read this magazine has published in a really long time. Don’t take it from me take it from my team who all were so astonished by the facts in this article. History only happens every so often, & we couldn’t let this one pass us. As we allow the actions of others influence our lives through the greater good of inspiration, we at Hollywood Weekly provide you with the very best in coverage, details & stories so you know the facts & nothing but the facts. We really hope you take the time to appreciate this collector’s edition of Hollywood Weekly. Take your time with it & enjoy. Enjoy,

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A Day To Remember: The Royal Wedding of The Century. Editor’s Choice: What you did not see on television, By Lady Adrienne Papp

Dame Adrienne Papp and Dr. Sir Garth Fisher in an Investiture in Helsinki, Finland

Lady Adrienne Papp and Prince Albert of Monaco

Dame Adrienne Papp at The Knighting Ceremonies 6 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

(L) Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, KCVO (R) Meghan, Markle Duchess of Sussex ©Andrew Matthews Afp/Getty Images

"They have became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a title not handed out for more than 150 years" HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 7

T Oprah WInfrey ©Iam West Afp/Getty Images

(L) Amal Clooney (R) George Clooney ©/Getty Images

(L) Julia Carey (R) James Corden ©Toby Melville /Getty Images 8 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

here’s nothing quite like a royal wedding to captivate a worldwide audience numbering in the multi-billions, this time a staggering three- billion around the Globe. Why did this sudden love story, seemingly out of nowhere, engage the world more than any other grandeur that we are used to from the royal family of the House of Windsor? Maybe with the exception of post war England celebrating the union of Queen Elizabeth II and her dashing husband Prince Philip in 1947 in a lavish ceremony that engaged the work of tens of thousands to cheer up and bring together a depressed and hungry nation after the war. As actress Dame Joan Collins recalls: “the day was unforgettable.“ But in modern history the union of Meghan Markle, an American biracial actress and Henry Charles Albert David, more commonly known as Prince Harry, who is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, sixth in the line of succession to the British throne, stirred up emotions on Saturday May 19 as the wedding boldly went in a direction that few would have imagined just a decade ago. It will certainly change the image of the royal family of the House of Windsor, breaking from certain traditions as this improbable match from the beginning seems to have drawn the collective attention of an audience entranced with the emotion and romance of a young prince and his new bride as they commit to each other in marriage. After the couple exchanged wedding vows they have became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex SCVO, a title not handed out for more than 150 years. The Queen has conferred the titles on her grandson and his wife to be as they prepared to walk down the isle at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. The Royal Groom was given a dukedom, the highest rank in the British peerage to mark his marriage to Meghan Markle.

The American former actress will now become Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex. Harry also received Scottish and Northern Irish titles becoming an Earl and Barron, which means Meghan is now a Countess and Baroness. All titles are in a gift of the Queen and it was up to the Monarch to choose which one to bestow on her grandson and his new wife. Meghan arrived to the Chapel with her mother Doria Regland, 62, in absence of her father, in a Queen’s State Bentley, built in 1950 and walked into the St. George Chapel by herself in a simple but elegant and stylish bright white dress. Meghan’s delicate veil was 5 meters long made from silk with embroiled flowers of all symbols of the Common Wealth. She was wearing the glittering Queen Mary’s diamond tiara made in 1932 loaned to her by the Queen. She was holding a small bucket of flowers that were handpicked by Prince Harry from their garden, including Princess Diana’s favorite flower called “Forget Me Not.” They both wanted to include it to honor the memory of the late Princess Diana. This historical event is a milestone indeed just by looking at the ancestry of both Prince Harry and formal actress, model, Meghan Markle. Some says today that in traditional European Royalty values this marriage would have been impossible just a decade ago. We do not need to look any further than the true story made into a blockbuster Hollywood movie about the life of King Edward and a two-time divorcée, Wallis Simpson. Edward VIII was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire. Edward and Wallis remained married in exile until his death in 1972. Wallis Simpson later known as the Duchess of Windsor, was an American socialite whose intended marriage to the British King caused constitutional crises that led to Edward’s abdication. Amongst the guests invited to the ceremony in the Chapel were costars of Suits, a TV Series that put Meghan on the map,

(L) Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, KCVO (R) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge ©Brian Lawless Afp/Getty Images

(L) Doria Ragland Mother of (R) Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex ©Rick Findler /AFP/Getty Imagess HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 9

Eyes of Queen Victoria Grand Descendant Relative of Prince Henry Duke of Sussex ©WIKIPEDIA

Ben STansall

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex on her way to marry her Prince. ©Andrew Matthews Afp/Getty Images 10 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

and other close friends of Prince Harry. While 200 guests witnessed the wedding, about 600 were invited to an after party given both by the Queen and Prince Charles. Additionally, an estimated 100,000 celebrants lined the streets, including the tree-lined road known as the Long Walk, to watch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex pass by. Some camped out days before the ceremony and some flew in from other countries to witness this historical moment. Once inside St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the break from longstanding British tradition became even more evident, with an inclusion of several African-American influences. As part of the ceremonies, Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir performed the beloved classic “Stand By Me,” by Ben E. King, (which was also covered by John Lennon.) Following that performance the Most Reverend Michael Curry, the first African American to preside in the Episcopal Church, delivered a rousing sermon to an audience that included Oprah, the Clooneys, the Beckhams, Serena Williams, Elton John, Sarah Ferguson, her daughters, and other royalties dignitaries and A-list movie stars. The Reverend Michael Curry referred back to Martin Luther King Jr. and said in an emotionally charged fiery speech: “We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love and when we do that we will be able to make this old world a new world. Love is the only way! There is power in love, do not underestimate it, do not oversentimentalize it. Two young people fell in love and we all showed up.” Calculated or not as some speculates, Meghan’s love for Harry feels real as if a long cherished dream would have has came true for her. She seems to be cut out for the role and Harry’s affection and deep love for her is spoken in his every word and his every move. What attracted these two seemingly very different bubbly personalities together this fast and this deeply? Biography writers and close friends of

Queen Elizabeth II, Arrival ©Odd Anderson Afp/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II, Arrival ©/Getty Images


the Royal Family attribute their union to not only an obvious attraction and affection for one another, but Meghan seems to be the first woman in Harry’s life who really tamed him. They also share their humanitarian and charitable efforts and a desire to initiate important changes in the world. And that I relate to, on a very personal and decisive level. I’ve dedicated my life to a humanitarian cause and message that combines all good causes on one collective platform by bringing people together in the area that we all have in common regardless of origin, birthplace, skin color, borders, languages: we are all human and in that we are together. The causes and charities that Meghan and Harry supports include mental health, helping developing countries, aiding those in need should it be financial or otherwise, creating a healthier world, an organic, natural and nutrition dense and active lifestyle, which Meghan is a true ambassador for are all passionate subjects between the two. Helping not only our vets, but also everyone to understand that as Prince Harry said, “You are proving to the world that nothing is impossible!” But their dedication goes beyond just that. It is about the need to give! A feeling of fulfillment when you change the life of hard working entrepreneurs to succeed beyond their wildest dream in order to contribute to a healthier way of life, which are the only attributes any human can control: what we put into and onto our body and the way we think. And, the way we think creates our future. I personally salute Meghan because she did not stop until she reached her dreams. That is true destiny and indeed fate. Knowing your destiny and your path will get you where you want to be. But, you need to own it and own up to it. Meghan Markle heard a calling and she answered it perhaps even decades before she actually met Prince Harry. Because what we are seeking is already seeking us. Of course there was love at first sight: 12 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Eyes of Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle ©/Getty Images

they have found each other. Is it possible to connect with your soul mate and your destiny via the ether? Yes, most definitely, in fact as one big poet said: “Divine is the only real!” Movies were made about this phenomenon such as Sleepless in Seattle, The Lake House and more. As the world is changing we are learning to rely more on our inner voice that sometimes is drown out by circumstances around us. from the outside. Their union is referred to as the biggest event of the Century and is engraved into history forever. Hotel rooms were sold out at $20,000 for the weekend and she is expected to bring in billions through fashion and tourism. Royalty has always held a fascination for most of us, which is reflected in the immense popularity of shows like The Crown, the accolades and 8 Oscar wins for The King’s Speech, whereas the writer of the film needed to wait almost 20 years to come out with this true story of the Royals before the Queen’s approval. David Seidler, who wrote the script used to live in my apartment before me and now is a friendly next-door neighbor. The tremendous interest in stories from the life of Grace Kelly, who left fame and stardom in Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco, only to die tragically in a car accident is another example of how love conquers it all. Her son, Prince Albert of Monaco, kept her mother’s legacy alive by the Princess Grace Foundation in New York City frequently appearing for private receptions at the Cartier House. Prince Albert also invited me to two of his private, but lavish 3-day annual parties in Paris and Monte Carlo, Monaco. And of course the entertainment industry, which is almost an extension to historic royal events, is always in the picture quite literally. The films about Princess Grace and also Diana brought billions back in revenue and were also educational to the viewers with the Royal’s true stories and individual messages.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex Marrying The Prince Henry Duke of Sussex ©/Getty Images HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 13

We’ve also seen the personal struggles of Prince Harry’s aunt, Sarah Ferguson (also known as “Fergie,”), the former wife of Prince Andrew, who later became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and through my personal involvement with Weight Watchers I had the privilege to learn more about her deeply committed and close friendship to Princess Diana, whose birthday I share: July 1st. The friendship helped both of them to become brave feminists and good will Ambassadors advocating health around the world. It is now Oprah Winfrey who is promoting through her own celebrity a healthier way of life, something I emphatically share with her by producing 30-second messages about health on her network, the OWN TV channel. I share the vision of these extraordinary ladies that are true humanitarians. By combining health and wellness, a modern way of nutritionally dense nourishments that intertwines with the youthful and ageless movement with the makers and shakers of this young industry, whether it is a small company with extraordinary products, or an Academic discovery, or corporate sponsors supporting a worthy cause, or a movie star or royalty using their power to stand up to cancer, or sponsoring brilliant young entrepreneurs and the movies that depict the lives of scientific innovators, by leveraging technology we have mastered a comprehensive and altogether new internet branding platform to reach nearly a billion people around the world that are interested in living a youthful and ageless healthy lifestyle, but cannot find the new and innovative products that are brand new and that which they do not know about. The platform allows the consumer to find information in a nanosecond and our message is advocated through the biggest and most trusted media venues about the power of health and wellness in body, mind and spirit, even including true movies about these subjects. I do believe 14 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

that we need to create that bridge, which is missing as of now due to a lack of connection between those seeking information and education and the companies, entrepreneurs, research institutes, practitioners and sponsors that are providing them. Just like Prince Harry and now Princess Meghan advocate: it brings people together who are health conscious, mindful and have workable solutions to human issues, such as getting rid of the cancer, epidemic, mental health issues and undernourishments just to mention a few. This revolutionary platform also addresses the Science of the Mind and Academic research in 6 different fields which alone 300 million people around the world are tapping into every day on the Internet. It is a platform that helps consumers discover the providers of such products and services and are able to learn and study the benefits this movement has to offer and become knowledgeable within minutes. Currently this is the ONLY platform in the World that can achieve this. In an attempt to initiate a global change the platform gives a voice to small and large corporations by getting them involved in an ethical and responsible way. It also involves sponsors of research collectively as An Honorable Cause and is humanitarian in nature. We help our fellow humans and also facilitate that our underfunded research institutes can bring forward results that can change people’s lives. In this we support the genius entrepreneurs and risk takers who create life-changing products, services and an overall philosophy that is rooted in the science of the mind. We advocate to think differently, dare greatly, and do what you think you cannot. Our thoughts, words and actions are aimed toward bringing forward goodness, purity, health, and wholeness in the world. Be a dreamer and act on your dreams. A nanosecond can change your life like it did Harry’s and Meghan’s. We are already working with extraordi-

nary people with extraordinary stories lead by example, such as the gorgeous Lisa Alexander’s LAFACE Laboratories that make the world’s finest anti-aging skin care line organically and sustainably with the greatest ethics and a message: “A woman’s dream is to be beautiful, Live the Dream.” Very befitting to Meghan Markle’s lifestyle that landed her in the role of a worldwide sensation. Another company we support sustains a farm in Africa harvesting organic watermelons, making this quintessential summertime fruit a year- round hydration drink, and giving jobs to thousands in Africa while also supplying 200 gallons of clean water to individuals in developing nations. Their super drinks are high in anti-oxidants, minerals and electrolytes even in organic maple drinks as further explained on the platform. Or the outstanding ranch-lifestyle enthusiast, Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy who is referred to as the best plastic surgeon and clinical professor in California, if not in the world with a compassionate personality only a few have. Or, Pizoot, invented by a genius scientist, Dr. Alfred P. Pizootz; and many, many more remarkable revolutionaries. Kimber Eastwood, daughter of the legend, Clint Eastwood, is a board member of Youthful and Ageless™ and enjoys the many benefits this information dense humanitarian project has to offer. As this exceptional Royal couple starts their passionate work in the world we will see a lot more humanitarian projects on the way. And it really originates with Princess Diana, whose presence was evident all throughout the event. My personal encounter with her as the People’s Princess happened when American Airlines upgraded me from business to first class on my way back from London to New York only because my birthday, July 1st is the same as hers with the exception of the birth year. The relaxed atmosphere of the wedding was crowned by Prince Harry’s remark after the ceremonies, “I am ready for a drink

now.” Or as Sarah Ferguson, former wife of Prince Andrew said “I have had a lovely day and it is so wonderful to see so many people out for this lovely occasion.” We wish the Royal Couple all the best the world has to offer! Royalty, with all its trappings, can include many limitations and some burdensome historical precedents but for now we celebrate this new love story, between a couple who will use their fame and social position to do many great things, one hopes. *KCVO: The Royal Victorian Order is a dynastic order of knighthood established in 1896 by Queen Victoria. It recognises distinguished personal service to the monarch of the Commonwealth realms, members of the monarch’s family, or to any viceroy or senior representative of the monarch. The present monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is the Sovereign of the order, its motto is Victoria, and its official day is 20 June. The order’s chapel is the Savoy Chapel in London.

The Kiss of The Century ©Ben Birchall/Getty Images


Gwen Stefani ©Yu Tsai

Gwen Renée Stefani Just A Girl About To Take Over Las Vegas By Allison Kugel 16 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY


Gwen Stefani in Vegas ©Denise Truscello

"I don’t meditate. I’m a prayer. I pray, but first I do my makeup"


wen Stefani spent her childhood and adolescence in Anaheim, California, a suburban girl living just a stone’s throw from Disneyland. It was her older brother, Eric, who founded No Doubt, the hybrid ska/punk/rock band that would help Stefani make her way into the musical limelight with their 1995 breakout album, Tragic Kingdom. The band’s unique sound coupled with Stefani’s platinum blonde hair, red lips and punk rock fashion sensibility, brought the singer to Rockstar status in the 18 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

1990s. With lyrics torn from the pages of Gwen’s personal diary about falling in love, breakups, makeups and mending a broken heart, her music has always drawn in listeners with its raw vulnerability. Her down-toearth nature and self-deprecating sense of humor helped to seal the deal with fans, making her one of the most successful female recording artists of the past twenty-three years. Her first solo album, 2004’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby. and L.A.M.B. fashion label, catapulted her into the music and

style icon stratosphere in the early 2000s. Follow up albums like 2006’s The Sweet Escape and No Doubt’s 2012 reunion album, Push and Shove capped off two decades of non-stop recording and touring for the Grammy winning artist, as she focused on raising her three sons with then husband, Bush lead singer, Gavin Rossdale. In the summer of 2015, the California girl experienced a seismic 8.5 earthquake in her personal life when her marriage to Rossdale imploded amidst a cheating scandal. An

Chart and her own personal anthem that she says still holds true today. I sat down with Gwen to discuss this new chapter in her life and career.

unexpected romance came in the form of country crooner, and Gwen’s The Voice costar, Blake Shelton, whom the Hollaback girl began dating later that same year. Gwen then did what she does best, pouring her emotions into her most personal music to date, with 2016’s This Is What the Truth Feels Like album and a subsequent tour. This summer the hitmaking mom of Kingston, 11, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 4, is preparing to embark on her Las Vegas Residency at Zappos Theatre at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. It’s called, what else? Gwen Stefani: Just A Girl – an homage to her first single to make the Billboard Hot 100

Allison Kugel: Was this Las Vegas Residency a family decision? Did you sit down with your three boys and say, “Mom’s going to perform in Las Vegas instead of touring. What do you think about that?” Gwen Stefani: Honestly, my kids don’t really have too much of a say on what the schedule’s going to be. But as a mom, if you look at my touring for the last ten years, I haven’t really toured. In the past, I did tour for seven years. It’s hard with the kids, because they’re in school and I’m not home schooling, and you can’t pull them out. It’s not fair on them. I did my last tour because I had this unexpected life crisis and then the music came pouring out of me from that. I didn’t even plan on making any music. It was such a lifesaver and a beautiful moment for me to be able to write again. I put that tour on at the last minute (referring to her “This Is What The Truth Feels Like” tour) and went on a summer tour with the kids. It was so much fun for them. They love touring, but it isn’t realistic. So, I’ve been thinking about doing the Vegas show for a while now. The Las Vegas Residency will really work for me as a mom, because it’s these little chunks of time where you can fly in and out, and it’s workable. AK: It’s a shifting of priorities. GS: Yes. After that last tour, I

felt like, “God I’ve toured a lot in my life!” I love it, but it takes so much out of me as far as being able to focus on the rest of my life with the kids. I have three kids and it’s a big deal! Any parent would probably go, “How does she do it?” It’s almost impossible to do and it’s a lot of balancing. The Las Vegas Residency is just perfect for where I’m at right now. AK: What does performing live give you, personally and energetically? GS: Being on stage for me, I always forget how much it’s a part of who I am. I’ve done it for my whole life, pretty much. I always think I don’t want to do it. I always think it’s fine if I never do it again. Then when I get on stage, even when I’m sound checking, I’m like, “Oh My God, I love this!” I love my music, I love being up there, I love the attention and I love being able to share that love with people and get that exchange. I don’t understand why I like it so much. AK: It feeds your soul. You’re connecting with source and you’re in a zone. GS: It’s my gift. It’s what I’m here for. I’m obviously at the end of my journey of being a musician… Allison Kugel: Why would you say that? GS: Well because of my age, and I’ve been doing it for thirty something years. It’s perfect for me to be able to do a Las Vegas show, because not only does it work for me as a mom, but it also works creatively. It’s a new challenge. It’s going to be a way to express myself HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 19

and do my whole catalog of music that defines every single period in my life; all the crises and all the joys. Creatively, I couldn’t have done it any sooner. I had to have all these songs. It just feels like the perfect next chapter for me. Allison Kugel: You’re taking the audience on a journey of your life, and to do that you have to have lived. GS: Exactly! And I also think people who are going out for that weekend in Las Vegas, it’s so different from, for example, if I’m performing in Philly and it’s about Philly culture, and the audience is just coming out for that one night and getting a babysitter. You know what I mean? This Vegas show is a bigger commitment for people. They’re going for the weekend and they’re making a memory. You’re competing with the Las Vegas nightlife, you’re competing with the gambling, the partying and with the hotels and all the expenses. It’s a big commitment for people, and they’re coming to me from all over the world. AK: And they’re going to get a more intimate experience with you than they would in a stadium setting. GS: It is a much smaller audience than I’m used to, under five thousand people. It’s going to be so different and that’s something I need. When you’ve toured for however many years I have, it’s super awesome, but let’s do something new! That’s why even doing The Voice for the last couple of years was so inspir20 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

ing for me. I think everybody wants something challenging and new to look forward to. AK: You went to see Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas show, All I Have. I’m assuming the two of you discussed her Las Vegas Residency. Did she give you any advice? GS: Me and Jennifer, I’ve always looked up to her in the sense that we’re exactly the same age, and I remember when No Doubt was coming out and she hadn’t done Jenny from The Block yet, but she had that song out, Waiting for Tonight. At the time I was working with Prince and he started comparing me and Jennifer, and at that time I didn’t even see how I was in the same category with her. She was Jennifer Lopez and I was in a band called No Doubt (laughs). But now here we both are doing these residencies all these years later, and we’ve known each other through the years. She’s always invited me to her kids’ birthday parties and things like that. She is a crazy worker. I cannot believe how much she works! I know I do, but I look at her and I’m like, “Wow!” AK: It doesn’t seem human, right? Multiple television shows, Las Vegas Residency, albums… GS: I know. I don’t understand it. Going to see her, and I’d never seen her do a performance live, I was studying the production of her show. The show was incredible, and she works so hard on stage. I admire her a lot and it was so inspiring to see… and scary! When I came backstage to

talk to her afterwards, she comes out of the dressing room looking like a Barbie Doll. She was breathtaking on stage, but when you see her up close, it’s like, “What?! It’s not possible. You are so gorgeous!” She was just so glamorous. We talked for awhile and she was like, “Yeah, I’ve just done 100 shows…” And I’m like, “Whoa, that’s a lot of shows!” (Laughs) And she still has forty more to go. She’s really enjoyed it, but she said it is challenging. AK: I think you’ll find it challenging, but one of the best experiences of your life. GS: It is challenging, and as

Gwen Stefani in Vegas ©Denise Truscello

performers we have a completely different perspective on doing a concert than the audience. The challenge isn’t about us. We’re going to be us every time we get up there. We may have that one night where we’re off because of whatever might be going on. A lot of times, you just never know what you’re going to be like on stage. But at the same time, we’re pretty much consistent. It’s really about the audience. What are they going to be like and are they into it or not? AK: What are you presenting to the audience, artistically, with your Just A Girl Las

Vegas Residency? You’re also a fashion designer and you have a strong aesthetic vision. Between the sets and the costumes, how will everything tie together on stage? GS: I’ve really tried to put together a show that has a nostalgic feel. The show is full of hit songs that are recognizable and take you back to that time period in your life. And of course, the real reason for doing Vegas is the costumes. I’m working with Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn who I’ve been working with now for, I don’t know how many years. They are just incredible. They did Jennifer [Lopez’s] show,

and they’ve also worked with Jennifer for years. They really get me. I think there’s going to be about five costume changes, which is a lot for me considering that with No Doubt I never did any. AK: I remember. With No Doubt, it was just you out there with your cut off t-shirts (laughs). GS: (Laughs) Yeah. But now I’m working with designers to see what they come up with. There are different chapters as far as what I want to look like, and I basically have it all worked out. Now it’s just putting it all together.


Gwen Stefani in Vegas ©Denise Truscello

AK: The title of your Las Vegas show, Just A Girl, is the title of one of your biggest hits, but it has a double meaning for you. You’re always saying, “I’m just a girl from Orange County…” Is that your way of keeping yourself grounded? GS: Honestly, I think if you really knew me or saw my family and how I grew up, I am 100% the same person I have always been. When I wrote that song, Just A Girl, I was twenty-five years old, going to college, still living at my parent’s house, and I was very naïve. I had a boyfriend at the time that lived at his parent’s house. I was driving one day and I’m thinking, “Wow! I really have a different position in this world, being that I’m a female.” AK: Did something happen that made you stop and 22 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

think, “I’m going to be treated a certain way because I’m a girl.”? GS: It was just more of a realization that I had. I think we all do as females. I’m walking down the street and some guy just whistled at me? What does that even mean? Suddenly, you’re aware of your sexuality and that you’re ascribed a certain value because of it. It was when that hit me, that I wrote the song, Just A Girl. Nobody was paying attention at the time. Nobody was ever going to hear the song. I didn’t even know how to write a song. It was just so naïve. I guess I wanted to figure out a way to say, “This is my DNA.” And really, my DNA is I am just a girl from Anaheim [California]. I’m just me, and I’ve never been anything else. I know that’s what got me to this point, by being honest, real and sharing

my story with people. That’s all we can do in this life, and I’m nothing more than that. But at the same time, by using my gift, being aware of it, trying to respect it and being confident in it, I’ve gotten this far. Music is so powerful, and for a song like that to still be relevant twenty years later? In a way, it’s even more relevant now. We have so much going on with female empowerment and what’s our place? When I read the lyrics of that song I think, “My gosh, that must have been a Godsend,” because I know I didn’t think that up on my own. I always thought it would go out of fashion, or I’d be too old to say “just a girl” but it still works. AK: Has Blake had any creative input with this Las Vegas show? GS: Obviously he’s my best friend, so I’m bouncing stuff

be a crap load of money! It’s something I’m going to be really proud of. You get very motivated about giving and helping, and making a difference, but you really don’t think as one person you’re ever going to in your life. I feel that to be able to get up there and share my story, and then make that kind of money to give away is amazing. I feel so proud of that.

off him all the time. He’s one of those people in my life that’s super supportive and gets me motivated. There’s a whole bunch of songs about him in the show, so that’s fun. Like anybody with their best friend, we share everything together. I’ll tell him, “I picked my dancers. There were 500 girls that tried out!” And I’ll send him videos. Just things like that. AK: Did you choose Planet Hollywood as the venue? GS: I feel like they chose me, and what’s really cool about it is that Planet Hollywood is also the Zappos Theatre now, and the Zappos team is just incredible. They’re taking over the theatre with their creativity and it has a very futuristic feel. I also give $1 of every single ticket sold to the children’s charity, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation. It’s going to add up to

AK: What’s your routine before you step out on stage? Do you pray? Do you meditate? How do you gear up to give your best performance? GS: I don’t meditate. I’m a prayer. I pray, but first I do my makeup (laughs). My makeup is huge for me. I have this song called War Paint. Putting on my makeup and getting ready, there is a kind of meditation in the preparation. Makeup is art, and it’s like getting into character when I put it on. I’ve always done my own makeup for shows. And the praying for me is really important. We do a group prayer circle. In the last few years, and when I toured for the last show, the payer is not just before, but also during [the show]. When I think about how ordinary I’ve always been, and to think that I’ve created all these songs, I don’t know where they come from. I always think that it’s got to be a channeling and it just comes through me. It’s a spiritual thing that has been given to me to share. When I’m in the music, the music takes me right back to those moments in my life. And some of those moments are sickening, you know what I mean? Certain memories are upsetting.

That’s why I say this is not just a show for me, it’s my life. It’s real for me and I think that’s why I’m very anxious about it. AK: It’s going to be a tremendous spiritual, emotional and physical undertaking. GS: And I’m very lazy (laughs). I like to not have to work out and not have to be committed to something. And I love to be with my children, of course. But it is such an amazing opportunity and they don’t just hand them out to everybody. I feel really honored to be able to do it. I’m thrilled to see who’s going to show up and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m going to look back on this and say, “I can’t believe I did that!”

Gwen Stefani: Just a Girl Las Vegas Residency opens June 27th at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Zappos Theatre. Order tickets at https:// www.caesars.com/planet-hollywood/shows/gwen-stefani. Allison Kugel is a syndicated entertainment and pop culture journalist, and author of the book, Journaling Fame: A memoir of a life unhinged and on the record. Follow her on Instagram @theallisonkugel.


Roselyn Sanchez photo by Gabriel Goldberg

Devious Maids Roselyn Sanchez on her role in the tense new thriller “Traffik” by Alex A. Kecskes



o rn in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Roselyn Sanchez was Miss Puerto Rico Petite 1993 and 1994 and won the international title of Miss America Petite. She is widely known for her roles in “Act of Valor,” “Rush Hour 2” and “Death of a Vegas Showgirl.” Fans of the TV series “Devious Maids” know her best as Carmen Luna, a maid aspiring to be a singer. And fans of “Without a Trace” remember her as Special Agent Elena Delgado. In the human trafficking thriller “Traffik,” Sanchez is Malia, who struggles with trust issues before realizing she must do everything she can to save herself and her best friend Brea (Paula Patton). In our interview, Sanchez reveals her passion for acting, the growing opportunities for Latinas in film, and what she drew from to bring her character to life. Hollywood Weekly: What attracted you to this action-packed thriller? Roselyn Sanchez: I got the early draft of the script and I was told that director Deon (Taylor) wanted to meet me. He’s known for his comedies. But he explained his reason for writing this thriller, which

is based on a true story he experienced with a girl he knew. She had disappeared for years and when he saw her again in Los Angeles, she explained that she was taken to a different country and trafficked for years. She was able to get out and she’s fine now after many years of therapy. Deon couldn’t stop thinking about it, so he started to write this story about human trafficking. It’s basically a home invasion movie, which leads you into this crazy world. It’s sad to say, but it’s an entertaining edgeof-your-seat thriller. And you leave the theater realizing that this is very common. HW: Did you audition for the role? If so what was that like? RS: No. I was very lucky that Deon wanted me to be part of the film. When I met him, the role of Malia wasn’t that developed. He eventually gave her more substance and more of an arc. HW: What did you draw from to play Malia, a woman who is brutally victimized by human trafficking? RS: I had read about the subject matter and used a lot of imagination. Human trafficking is such a foreign concept to a normal person. You know that it exists and that some people talk about it. But you never think in a million years that something like that could happen to you. All the actors read about it and realized that it’s very common. We wanted to understand that universe, which is so horrific. I’ve been through a home invasion. I

was almost sixteen years old in Puerto Rico and I was by myself with my mom. I have three brothers and a dad. It would’ve ended differently if they were there, but it was three men and it was horrific. So that part, I knew very well. But when it comes to human trafficking, I had no idea, so you have to use your imagination. And draw on ‘what if, what if, what if.’ You have to put yourself in that place. HW: How are you like your character Malia and how are you different? RS: I don’t think we’re alike at all. Malia is with someone she loves. But I think she’s there because she’s comfortable. Darren (Laz Alonso) does very well financially. And even though she’s clear about the fact that he doesn’t really respect her or loves her the way she loves him, she’s comfortable and she likes the lifestyle. She’ll stay until she can’t stay anymore. And that’s what happens. She gets to a point in her life where she faces the reality that she’s not happy and she decides just to leave him. I’ve never depended on anyone. I don’t understand that mentality, which is very common with women. They just settle because they’re comfortable. My favorite scene for me was when Malia walked out on him because it takes a lot of courage to do that for a girl that’s comfortable. She decides she just has to grow up. HW: “Traffik” has plenty of action and conflict. What challenges did you face during filming? HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 25

Roselyn Sanchez as Malia photo by Scott Everett courtesy of White/Codeblack Films 26 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 26 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

"Be 100 percent sure that acting is what you want to do. This business is not easy." HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 27 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 27

RS: I’m severely claustrophobic and that last scene inside the cave was actually a mine. It was like 3 a.m. in the morning, freezing, and with the special effects makeup, it was very uncomfortable for me. So it was challenging because I didn’t want to get a panic attack, which I get very easily. So they had to work with me to convince me that Roselyn Sanchez, Paula Patton, Laz Alonso and Omar Epps photo by Scott Everett courtesy of White/Codeblack Films


I really wasn’t trapped there. Getting myself to where I felt I’d been raped, abused, and that my life was potentially over was really hard. But I loved doing it as an actress because it’s a role that let me play so far against type. It’s a blessing and I loved every second of it.

HW: You said once, you’d love to do a musical. Can you go into why? RS: I grew up in Puerto Rico as an actor and singer. I wanted to do musical theater in New York. I moved to the states when I was almost 22. My dream was to do Broadway. It’s funny but I’ve done everything but that, which is the reason I came to the

states. I don’t know if it’s written in my cards that it will ever happen for me. The reason I moved to L.A. from New York was to do “Fame LA,” which was a remake of the original “Fame.” I was able to sing and dance and act. To this day, it was my favorite job because I did everything I love. I was so excited when I heard that Steven

Spielberg is doing “West Side Story.” I thought, oh my God, that would be great. But they wanted actors who are 16 to 18, so that’s a problem (laughs). HW: You also said you love acting and when a month passes and you’re not working, you’re miserable. How do you deal with those gaps? RS: I try not to have gaps. The only time I had gaps was when I was pregnant. I’m always working and traveling. I left for maternity when I was 30 and it wasn’t easy. I had to slow down to be a mom. Both times, I had to take time off and thank God it happened. But the pregnancy was almost 10 months and then three months after that. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard because I’m happy when I’m working. My husband knows that and we’re always having conversations about me staying home and I say, no I can’t. HW: How do you think roles for Latina actors have improved over the years? RS: They have improved. Even though I accept the reality that Latinas are severely underrepresented, my experience in this business is that I’ve played everything— teacher, lawyer, doctor, FBI agent. My roles have always been strong, highly educated Latinas. So I can’t complain. I did do “Devious Maids” for four years but I didn’t have a problem playing a maid because I didn’t think it was a stereotype. It was these four fierce Latinas who all

had incredible stories. They worked hard and they all had the American dream. As long as the role gives you the opportunity to shine, I won’t judge a role. If I think it’s a great role that gives me a good arc, I don’t care what I’m playing. But I do feel for the number of Latinas in this country, we have proven that we do go to the movies and that we move the economy. So it doesn’t matter what kind of role, there just needs to be more. HW: What advice would you give young actors eager to enter the profession? RS: Be 100 percent sure that acting is what you want to do. This business is not easy because it’s based on rejection. You’re going to hear 100 no’s before you hear one yes. Auditioning is brutal. You’re basically exposing yourself for five minutes to convince someone who has never acted that you can do a role. It’s aggravating and with all the effort you put into it, they give you a few minutes and they dismiss you because they didn’t like your hair color. You have to know for sure that your skin is thick enough to take it. This is not a game. It’s a profession like any other. You have to have some respect for education to be able to do it. But it’s a wonderful life when you make it. You get to be creative and it’s beautiful. But out of 10, one gets lucky.


MARIAH CAREY LAS VEGAS RESIDENCY AT THE COLOSSEUM AT CAESARS PALACE Tickets go on sale Friday, May 4, 2018 Shows start Thursday, July 5, 2018


Mariah Carey Photo By Dennis Leupold



as Vegas (April 30, 2018) – Mariah Carey, the iconic chanteuse and best-selling female artist of all time with over 200 million records sold, is returning to Las Vegas with an all-new headlining residency, “The Butterfly Returns” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace beginning Thursday, July 5, 2018. “The Butterfly Returns” will spotlight a more intimate performance on The Colosseum’s stage, showcasing Mariah Carey’s world-famous vocals with an all-new show that highlights her extensive catalogue of music. Tickets will go on sale to the public Friday, May 4 at 10 a.m. PT. A special presale for Honey B. Fly members begins Tuesday, May 1 at 10 a.m. PT through Thursday, May 3 at 10 p.m. PT. American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Wednesday, May 2 at 10 a.m. PT through Thursday, May 3 at 10 p.m. PT. An exclusive presale for Ticketmaster, Live Nation and Total Rewards members, Caesars Entertainment’s loyalty program, will also be available Wednesday, May 2 at 10 a.m. PT through Thursday, May 3 at 10 p.m. PT. The 12 performances going on sale are: July 2018: 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15 Aug. 2018: 31 Sept. 2018: 1, 2, 5, 9, 10 General ticket prices begin at $55, plus applicble tax and fees, and Meet & Greets will also be available. Tickets may be purchased online at ticketmaster.com/Mariah or in-person at The Colosseum box office. All shows begin at 8 p.m. Honey B. Fly is the official Mariah Carey fan club. Mariah fans may purchase a Honey B. Fly Live Pass, which gives them early access to tickets. Fans can get more information at www. mariahcarey.com. Mariah Carey is the best-selling female artist of all time with more than 200 million albums sold to date and 18 Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles (17 self-penned), more than any solo artist in history. Mariah is a singer/song­writer/producer recog32 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

nized with multiple Grammy Awards, 21 American Music Awards, Billboard’s “Artist of the Decade” Award, the World Music Award for “World’s Best Selling Female Artist of the Millennium,” and BMI’s “Icon Award” for her outstanding achievements in songwriting, to name a few – with her distinct five-octave vocal range, prolific songwriting, and producing talent, Mariah is truly the template of the modern pop performance. Mariah’s ongoing impact has transcended the music industry to leave an indelible imprint upon the world at large. She made her entry into the world of independent film with her landmark performance in “WiseGirls” starring alongside Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters. In 2009, Mariah was recognized with the Breakthrough Performance Award at the Palm Spring International Film Festival for her critically acclaimed role in Lee Daniels’ “Precious.” Mariah went on to appear in Daniels’ stellar ensemble piece “The Butler” (2013). A Congressional Award recipient, Mariah has generously donated her time and energy to a range of philanthropic causes near to her heart including Save the Music, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Hunger Relief, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation, among many others. A tremendous supporter of children’s charities, both domestic and international, Mariah founded Camp Mariah in partnership with the Fresh Air Fund, a retreat for inner city children to explore career development. Mariah is represented by Roc Nation, United Talent Agency and Imprint PR. www. mariahcarey.com Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) is the world’s leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders: Ticketmaster, Live Nation & House of Blues Concerts, LN Media and Artist Nation Management. Live Nation Las Vegas produces residency shows from Mariah Carey at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace; Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Lionel Richie, Backstreet Boys and Pitbull at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino; Bruno Mars and Ricky Martin at the Park Theater at Monte Carlo; Blink 182 at Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms; and Il Divo, Rascal Flatts, Styx & Don Felder, Chicago, ZZ TOP and Earth, Wind & Fire at The Venetian Las Vegas. Live Nation Las Vegas also brings other world-famous artists to many of the city’s other premier concert venues including T-Mobile Arena, Mandalay Bay Events Center, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

Village, House of Blues, Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, and more. For additional information, visit www.livenation.com. Find Live Nation Las Vegas on Facebook, Instagram and follow us on Twitter. World-renowned Las Vegas resort and a Top 10 “Best U.S. Casino” by USA TODAY 10BEST Readers’ Choice, Caesars Palace features 3,980 hotel guest rooms and suites, including the allnew Palace Tower featuring 10 new luxury villas, the 182-room Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace and Forbes Star Award-winning The Laurel Collection by Caesars Palace. The 85-acre resort offers diverse dining options from the award-winning Bacchanal Buffet, to celebrity chef-branded restaurants, including the newest additions Gordon Ramsay HELL’S KITCHEN and from Giada De Laurentiis, Pronto by Giada, as well as Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, one of Nobu Matsuhisa’s largest Nobu Restaurant and Lounge, Restaurant Guy Savoy and MR CHOW. The resort also features

nearly 130,000 square feet of casino space, including a recently renovated race and sports book boasting the largest screen on the Strip at 138 ft., a five-acre Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis, the luxurious Qua Baths & Spa, COLOR Salon by celebrity hairstylist Michael Boychuck, five wedding chapels and gardens, and the new 75,000-square-foot OMNIA Nightclub with the top DJs such as Calvin Harris, Kaskade and Zedd. The Colosseum, Billboard Magazine’s Venue of the Decade operated by AEG Presents, spotlights world-class entertainers including Celine Dion, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Reba, Brooks & Dunn, Jerry Seinfeld and Mariah Carey (opening July 2018). The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace showcases more than 160 boutiques and restaurants. Caesars Palace is operated by Caesars Entertainment (NASDAQ: CZR). For more information, please visit caesarspalace.com or the Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas media room. Find Caesars Palace on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas-Wikipedia


JENNIFER DILBECK /Hollywood Weekly ©

Buzzing In L.A

Jennifer Dilbeck By Tatiana Davidov



hroughout all times and different historical periods there always were women born to be visionaries. Women changed the World with their strength, passion, resistance, will and of course love, because they have their purpose - to tell their story, help others to be better and create brighter Tomorrow. That is why it is so perfect to witness females who are passionate about empowering younger generations I’m sitting with Jenn Dawn on a luxurious rooftop of her apartment complex. It is a first warm and sunny day in LA, and we both are enjoying a warm afternoon breeze of almost cold air. She definitely was getting ready for our meeting. Next, on the table I see several different blingy jars of her own cosmetic line, the magazine cover with her signature on it and a bright smile from under her big and stylish sunglasses. I never met her before and to break the ice I started with few polite questions. Tatiana: Tell me, please, who is Jenn Dawn, and what we need to know about her? Jennifer: I’m the oldest of three girls, originally from Northern California, Sonoma County. I’ve started off as a makeup artist in San Francisco, working at Macy’s. I was working for Laura Mercier when she first launched her line. That’s where I just fell in love with Beauty and the Art of Cosmetics. I enjoy all those little steps I can do to make another woman feel beautiful and confident. Then I moved to a next step - freelancing independently, and again it always was about helping other women around me to discover their inner potential. Eventually I took an interest in acting. I moved to LA and started taking acting classes. Again, it was about discovering my potentials and helping others to see their inner beauty. Shortly after I was scouted by Gordon Rael from Playboy. I did some work with them with top photographers in LA. and then I took some break to concentrate more on cosmetics and beauty. T: Rumor has it, you started your own cosmetics line. How that happened? J: Well, actually that was my Grandmother. She was known to do a lot of beauty prod-

ucts herself from scratch, and of course all ingredients were organic. My Mom was also heavily into Beauty, and she made sure to instill in all of us the fundamental understanding of Beauty and taking care of ourselves, which was very important part along with her love in shaping us to a confident and self sufficient women. So I really can say that my passion for cosmetics comes down the line from my Grandmother and my Mother. Honestly, my passion for beautifying and empowering women just simply inspires me. T: What so special about your own cosmetic line? J: It’s’ called Ice Vida. I’ve created it about 4 years ago. I just had a vision and went along with it. “Ice” associated with Diamonds and bling, and “Vida” is Spanish for Life. I chose this words because my Dad was Spanish, and I wanted to incorporate this lineage of me into this project. So Ice Vida is almost like Bling Life, which is kinda current in Urban Communities now. I just took off with the idea, and there we are today. I ventured to different lines as well now. I’m pretty much a hands-on woman and always put my ideas to a good use. I’ve created my own logo, designed packaging. Everything I do eventually brings me back to cosmetics. T: There are so many other lines of cosmetics out there. Where do you see yourself going with this. How are you planning to distribute it and bit the competition? J: Firstly it’s my packaging what sets me apart from all others. I’m an Artist at heart and like to be very creative. Packaging is indeed very girly, blingy and different. I was choosing something that represents myself, and will look good not just to use but also to decorate the place where these products will be displayed. Not once I was complimented on my creativity and told that it’s different from what’s out there. I’m just choosing something

“Believe in your dreams cause they are possible”


that represents myself. The colors and shapes I’ve chosen are very modern and related to the entertainment industry trends. I have bright metallic colors that pop. T: What you currently have in your collection? J: I have two lines that are coming out right now. Vixen Lips, it’s metallic infused with glitter, and also Boss Gloss, which is thicker gloss with glitter. Our products are 90% organic and contain some amazing ingredients. I’m also doing a skincare line which is Ice Vida Skin. What set me apart - I’d say my packaging and ingredients. Ice Vida Skin packaging is pretty similar to an ice cube and very futuristic and eye catching. Also, I have an Apple stem cell in my products, and it is infused with CBD which helps to fight cancer cells, it also has anti-aging properties in it. Apple Stem provides more dramatic results in decreasing lines, wrinkles, and environmental damage. This product is really good and it works, and I can’t stop telling all women around me about benefits of this miracle product. I just want to preserve the youth of women, which is so important to all of us. Hollywood or night, but at the end of the day we all want to feel good about ourselves, right? It just makes me happy to make other women happy, to boost their self esteem and be a role model for young girls. T: Do you even know how amazing that is what you are doing? How do you yourself in the future? What makes you to get up in the morning and going about your day? J: Well, I have two boys, and whatever I do is always for them. I just don’t have a choice but to succeed! Not only that! My passion is Beauty, and to create things which matter… I have a vision of what I need to accomplish and a lot of times I’m told that I’m jumping ahead of my time. It took me years, and a lot of trials and errors, but I always knew that there is something bigger coming on my plate, and I do whatever it takes not to miss any good and positive opportunities. That’s how we learn, if we won’t fail than we won’t learn from those mistakes and won’t strive to be better, right? T: Jennifer, you just brought up such a valid and important point. There are indeed so 36 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

many women and men who just give up when life gets tough, and than they complain why nothing is happening for them. I’m glad you are not one of them! J: Well, I come from a line of very strong women, and my mother used to tell us all the time that we should follow our hearts and do what we envision we should. That is very simple, but gave me lots of strength and will power. Whatever I do I always want to make my Mother and Grandmother proud. I am a spiritual person, and I can truthfully say that I’ve been through a lot of difficult situations and my Faith has always supported me. I know there is a higher purpose for me T: Rumor has it that you will be a beauty consultant for the Hollywood Weekly. What would you teach you readers J: I would love to have this opportunity. We are talking about it right now. I would share some secrets about Beauty products, makeup, some advices and hands on experience. T: You are a very busy business woman and a mother to two courageous boys, how do you manage it all, what is your support system? J: I love my boys and always enjoy their daily endeavors. As for support, that would be my Mother. She always believed in me and supported all sorts of ideas I ever had because she wanted me to be brave and learn and experience things. If I ever had any doubts she always had right words to say and encourage me and my sisters. She always new my potentials and was always patient when I was making mistakes, because she wanted me to find the right way and make it my own T: What do you like to do in the rare moments when you do have free time? Please share J: Well, when I sometimes do have free time than I love to write poetry and music. These are among a few of my cherished things I immensely enjoy doing from time to time. T: Well, once you are creative than it stays with you forever, right? Are you planning to release any of your song? J: Actually yes. It’s being discussed and I

can’t yet go into any details. I do like to share something else though. I’m working on it right now, and my heart goes to this venture too. I also am working on a book. It will be called “Trinkets of My Soul.” That book will be about my life story, and how and why I’ve chosen to do inspire women around me to find themselves, to find their inner strength so they can bring out the best in them out and have the better life. It should be very interesting journey to write this book. T: What you are saying here is just amazing. I meet lately a lot of people who overcame a lot of stressful or disastrous situations, and it is amazing to see how strong they have become through such ordeals, They got second chance in life and always willing to share their experience in hopes to ease a burden for someone else and I see the same pattern here. I am saying “Thank You” on behalf of those woman who will be reading your story and definitely they will be able to take away a lot from it. There are so many situations when women have no recourse to channel out their hurt or problems, and when they will be able to read your story and see how strong and beautiful you are from inside out, that definitely should give them hopes and willpower for the better Before we ended this interview I came up with one more sudden question T: Jennifer, if someone will give you an empty bottle and ask you to write a message to future generations and than though it to the ocean, what that message would be? “Believe in your dreams cause they are possible”


Taking Care of Your Elders The Right Way W| Sophia Labendze By Tatiana Davidov



he sense of Home is one of the strongest emotions attributed to a mankind. Everything is quick and relatively less complicated when we are young, but when it comes to golden years or worse - last stages of life than taking care of elders may become a burden which is equally hard on all its participants. In some cases, elderly people are able to stay at home and just go on with their lives, and in the other instances caring for them becomes a task hard to accomplish. When our elders cannot take care of themselves any longer than family is facing very challenging and heart-wrenching realities of trusting their loved ones to senior care facilities. Let’s face the reality; it is always a very hard task. The sense of guilt is tremendous to accept the fact that entering your loved ones into such facilities actually in certain situations is a better choice. That is what we were talking about with Sophia Labendze, not just the owner, but also the heart, soul and driving force of ROYAL GARDEN, BOARD-N-CARE She has three small luxurious board and care homes completely tailored to the needs of their residents. The atmosphere there felt pretty homy and surprisingly cozy. In most instances the word “cozy” doesn’t apply to places like this, right? Sofia invited me to visit all three of her locations, and what I saw there was indeed carefully crafted to accommodate people who live there. Each resident there has an individual room, decorated with photo memorabilia and other personal items. Dining areas in each home were spacious and comfortable, and home cooked meals smelled

delicious. Looking at all that I understood why earlier Sophia has told me that their employees are staying there forever and the facility has no turnaround of workers at all. In her own words, Royal Garden Board & Care Homes hire only qualified employees, with a superior experience and a caring heart. Isn’t it something? Well, apparently she knows how to take care not just of her residents, but of her own staff as well! Tatiana: What it takes to take create a home outside of the home? That is the first question I asked Sophia Labendze, very passionate and proud owner of 3 different locations of Royal Garden and Care. Her answer was no surprise Sophia: I would say it’s love and respect to their long lives, understanding their feelings and desire to make it better for them here, in my home. I call these facilities my home because I’ve created and crafted every single room on my own. I was thinking about my own parents when they were old and thought how they would like or what they would need to have, and then I’ve tried to follow my heart. I hope I did it. T: Where are you from, where roots are coming from, what makes you who you are today? S: I was born in Kiev in a family full of doctors, actually it was several generations of doctors. That is probably what has determined the most part of who I am and what makes me going. From the times I can remember myself I was taught to be kind, respect my elders and give people love. My parents wanted me to follow tradition and become a doctor, but I was young and thought that I have to make my own decisions, and that is

why I’ve become a civil engineer. Then in 1986 Chernobyl Catastrophe had happened, and we decided to immediately seek the asylum anywhere else. It took us few years to be allowed to come to the United States. We were able to finally start our new lives in Los Angeles in 1992. T: It was quite a step from Civil Engineer to a caregiving Facility owner. Looks like you went along the path your parents originally wanted you to be on. How did that happen? S: We were applying for jobs, and nothing was happening. Eventually, one thing led to another and I got my first job as a cashier and was happy to be paid $4.25 an hour. Then the opportunity has presented itself and I decided to dive right in and start my own business. My parents always wanted me to continue their legacy. I may not be a doctor, but helping elders and caring for their needs gets me as close to my parents dream as possible. That makes me really happy. T: Tell me more about your facility. What do you have and what do you offer to your residents, and by the way thank you for sharing that you have among them quite a few who made a name of their own in the entertainment industry S: Royal Garden Board and Care Homes was founded on the principal of offering its residents exceptional care in a safe, loving and luxury home setting. They truly make this possible by dedicating ourselves to each and every resident we have the honor of caring for. Royal Garden Board and Care Homes’ high standards come from the initial concept they wanted to create an atmosphere that they themselves would want to live in; so HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY • 39

they make sure they provide care with a personalized and engaging approach that allows the residents to have a meaningful and joyful experience while staying there. T: Besides loving care what else sets you apart from your competition? S: Well, I would say it is a beautiful, distinctive up-scale home environment, smaller occupancy for a cozy family-like atmosphere, gourmet healthy meals and experienced caring providers, park-like grounds in a garden setting, trained staff to meet your loved one’s medical needs, personalized and individualized care and support We offer beautiful living quarters, with secured perimeter and 24-hour professional staff to care for the individual needs of residents, such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, Cancer, Incontinent Care, Alzheimer/ Dementia and Ambulatory/Non - Ambulatory accommodations Royal Garden Board & Care Homes are the perfect alternative for seniors who can no longer live on their own alone, yet do not need full medical supervision. We offer a wide array of personalized services and assistance to elderly people. With us they definitely can live the brightest and most fulfilling life during their senior years. Here are few aspects I would like to elaborate and give more information. Assisted Living Our Team is trained caring professionals that help with daily activities such as personal hygiene and grooming, bathing, dressing and eating, mobility and transferring, plus medication reminders. Other amenities include a visiting hairdresser, transportation services, laundry and cable TV. Royal Garden residents enjoy delicious meals and friendly social activities. 40 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

(Special Diets are available upon request.) Holidays and special occasions are always celebrated in Royal style in our communities. And because we know that pets may help seniors live longer, healthier and more enjoyable lives, all of our homes have a resident dog, and guests can bring their pets to live with them as well. Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Over and above meeting a resident’s assisted living needs, caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia takes on a special meaning at Royal Gardens. In addition to our secured perimeters and specially trained 24-hour staff, residents enjoy specific activities geared towards their unique issues and needs. At Royal Gardens we know what it takes to care for a guest with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We take great pride in making sure our residents with memory challenges are safe and supported. Hospice Care, We believe in ensuring the right to dignity and comfort during the final phase of our resident’s lives and in conjunction with our hospice provider partners, we are committed to holistic, compassionate end-of-life care. Our staff makes it a priority to be responsive to families’ needs and residents wishes during this time Respite Care If you’re caring for an elderly loved one and need temporary placement, consider Royal Garden Homes. Respite care is a fabulous option when the caregiver is going on a business trip, or much needed a vacation. Respite Care is also an option when a loved one needs extra care after hospitalization or a medical procedure. This is how many of our permanent residents first get acquainted

with us. Family Visits. We offer a lovely atmosphere for you to spend time with your loved one. More like a resort, we offer garden settings, tranquil quite alcoves, and beautiful environments that will enhance your visits, and make the time spent meaningful and memorable. Safety & Security At Royal Garden Board & Care Homes, we make sure that each and every resident is safe and secure. We take extra precautions to ensure that our guests are in good hands. T: Sophia, what about safety measures. That is important for family members to know that their loved ones are not neglected and being safe S: Of course! I’m glad you have asked me that. Safety is something we do not take lightly here. Our staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid and trained in Emergency Preparedness Procedures. All rooms are equipped with special Fall Prevention Mats and all homes have secure perimeters around the properties with alarm systems for all homes. Every home has Disaster & Evacuation Plans in place for all residents. All our residents have an emergency information on File. T: Prior to opening Royal Garden Board & Care Homes, Sophia had a long-standing career and years of experience in elderly care. But in 1999 she fell in love with the thought that she could offer a superior standard of living for aging seniors that wasn’t available or even being offered. So in 2000, she opened Royal Garden Board & Care Homes to fulfill her dream of offering the utmost in care within a loving home environment to seniors. “I always

wanted to create an atmosphere for my guests that I myself would want to live in. Otherwise, I never would have opened my doors.” Sophia and her qualified staff painstakingly make sure that all the residents are pampered and doted on. “I love making sure everyone is happy and supported, that way they can truly flourish.” Royal Garden Board & Care Homes is a family-owned business. The team is run by Sophia, owner, her husband Alex, who is an administrator, and daughter Rada with MA in psychology. All of Sophia’s family and staff focus on building solid and trusting relationships with all of our senior residents. Sophia says that their goal has always been to make sure their residents know they’re part of our family. I definitely got a very solid feeling that Royal Garden Board & Care Homes is the best in the business. They indeed offer a bright, light and colorful home setting, stylishly decorated with upscale amenities. They offer superior care and support for your loved ones in a luxury atmosphere that feels like home. Right before the interview was over we’ve got another participant in our conversation. Sondra Currie, the daughter of one of the residents, a famous face of the old Hollywood Mary Harmon. Sondra was very gracious to jump in and say what exactly she thinks of the place her mother now calls home. Sondra said, they couldn’t be happier, because for the last five years her mother is well-taken care off. Same old familiar faces make her Mom feel comfortable, and secure. Sondra herself truly appreciates the level of care, home-

made meals and the fact that all staff displays genuine love and care towards elderlies, and that is the most comforting and reassuring qualities which swayed her family’s decision to entrust her Mom’s care to Sophia and her staff These words were exactly what I needed to know and feel that Royal Garden Homes indeed offer seniors compassionate care and supportive assistance in a wonderfully relaxed home environment, and that is something which cannot be bought with money, such luxury comes only from a good heart and true dedication.


Allois next to her painting ‘Christopher & Marcel’ at the studio

Allois’ Sensational, Sensual, Surrealist Portrait of Miss Guatemala Delights By Barbara Burke


“I invite you to fly into my Dream.”


lthough the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspects our minds confer on certain objects and aspects of life.” ~ g. De Chirico. “I met Allois at the LA Fashion Week in 2017 and she very kindly painted my portrait in her fantastic surrealist style inspired by me being Miss Guatemala.” said Virginia Alejandra Argueta Hernandez, a Guatemalan model and beauty pageant titleholder (Miss Guatemala 2016 and 2017 and represented Guatemala at the Miss Universe 2016 in Manila, Philippines and at Miss World 2017 in Sanya, China.) “I am so excited that Allois did paint my portrait and it means so much for me and for my country.”Argueta Hernandez told Hollywood Weekly. Virginia Blue Dream is titillating, exciting and inspiring. It is sexy, sensual and sensational. Virginia is depicted gazing confidently at the viewer, poised, confident and gorgeous. The essence of feminine beauty, power and allure, She wears a lovely pale blue dress and is bedecked with a dazzling regal golden crown, as her crowned pet monkey, Gustav, whom she cradles gently, coyly shares in the moment and cups his hands at his mouth as if to suppress a giggle. An endearing Edelweiss flower sits perfectly in place of Virginia’s beautiful lips. “If someone sees an Edelweiss in the Alps, myth has it that she will be lucky for life.” Allois said. The viewer is invited to the party and to share in the fun, but as with all of Allois’ amazing atavistic artworks, half the visual experience comes with the intrigue of knowing that there is an inside joke that an onlooker may get in on if, if only, he can suspend his perception of reality long enough to wait for the message to reveal itself.

The gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece is set in a regal frame with a Rembrandesque special varnish. The image is distinguished by the imprint of Gustav’s royal crown, ubiquitous in Allois’ works. “Gustav’s royal crown has a civiche symbol of protection that is metaphysically inspired.” Allois said. “She is safe with Gustav.” Allois recently presented the piece to a thrilled and breathless Hernandez at LA Fashion

Allois (L), Leo Feroleto and Virginia Argueta

Allois (L), Leo Feroleto and Virginia Argueta During Interview for Hollywood Weekly

Virginia by Allois Oil on canvas, 30” x 26” Permanent Collection of Virginia Argueta

Week, where the artist also exhibited some of her other works. As usual, all her pieces quickly sold. Like many other surrealist artists, Allois’ works depict dream-like imagery and her biomorphic subjects challenge the viewer visually - one thinks she has a handle on what is going on in the scene, but then notices a disjunct image that challenges her to reconsider her impression. The result is a fun, almost interactive experience seldom derived from viewing paintings. “I strove to depict Virginia in all of her dimensions.” Allois told Hollywood Weekly. “Her essence begins with her roots - she is a very nice Catholic girl. But that alone does not define her. Rather, she is strong and accomplished and she has done important work. Finally, she is beautiful and full of sensuality. This work depicts her entire personality and synergizes all its dimensions.” Allois nails depicting Virginia’s multidimensional, lovely attributes and strengths. “Virginia is joined by Gustav, my most popular character, who invites her to his floating kingdom and accompanies her as a lucky charm.” Allois said. “If Gustav is with her, everything is good because he is the guardian of her future and her career. Despite all the bright cameras, Gustav will help her stay balanced so she doesn’t lose herself.” Leo Feroleto, Director of Six Summit Gallery in Ivorytown, Connecticut, who curated Allois’ exhibit at L.A. Fashion Week, is thoroughly impressed with Allois’ fantastical works. Feroleto cannot get enough of the prolific painter’s pieces. “Allois’ work embodies journey and juxtaposition of the real and surreal, the beautiful and the distorted, with an extraordinary depth that compels the viewer to bathe and indulge in opposites.” Feroleto told Hollywood Weekly. “The color and form are reminiscent of the classic European style, channeling Leonor Fini, with a rare combination of immediate relevance.” Six Summit Gallery is a multi-platform fine art gallery with a heavy surrealist, figurative fashionable contingent and shows Allois’

works in New York, Connecticut, Los Angeles and Miami galleries, including Art Hearts Fashion. The Gallery is known for curating alternative upscale venues while maintaining a vibrant cohesive diverse brick and mortar presence. “Our gallery is unleashing Allois’s wonderful works in the home state of the American Impressionists.” Feroleto said. “Allois’ confluence of the surreal and the imminent translates - and delights - even in the fickle New England market. In the little hamlet of Ivoryton, Ct, regrettably the home to 90% of all ivory manufacturing at the turn of the last century, is home to the historic Copper Beech Inn, a former home of an ivory magnate in the town of Essex CT, once voted “the best small town in America. When current owner Frank Perrotti visited Six Summit Gallery and owner Leo Feroleto showed him images of Allois’ mighty seafaring “Flying Dutchman” Perrotti immediately said, “I want that in the lobby of the Inn.” Allois’ retro homage to the high seas will reside at The Copper Beech Inn, just a short drive to Six Summit Gallery, for visitors from around the world to enjoy. Allois is also represented by bG Gallery, Santa Monica, which recently unveiled her new series, No Particular Night or Morning, a body of work that carries on her tradition of coyly capturing the essence of a figure, positioning objects in the piece that entice and excite, while also harkening back to the painterly style of the Romantic movement but also evoking a contemporary, familiar air. Allois’ works are quintessentially surrealistic as they depict imagery that is incongruous and they release and inspire thoughts dwelling in a viewer’s unconscious thoughts, beliefs and dreams. “I invite you to fly into my Dream.” Allois said. “I want to take you inside, deep inside. And we are taking the outside with us; we are taking it all with us … all the faces, all the mirrors, all the reflections. And when we let it out into the real world, it will feel familiar. But it won’t be.”


Real Deal Advice I’d Use Myself By Dr.Jai April 2018 DEAR DR. JAI: I have been in an exclusive relationship for 2 years. Many say it is toxic but others say the issues we have will transform over time. As far as how I feel, I can’t tell. I am happy when I am with him which helps me endure when I’m not. Everything gets better with time... right? Signed ~Transform Overtime DEAR Transform Overtime: Thank you for writing as your name provides some insight into how you could approach this. What I mean is…Do you feel your relationship is worth the overtime you will have to spend to transform it? The reason I ask is that it takes real work to manage and transform any relationship especially a toxic one. You mentioned that you are happy which sounds like you are self-aware, but you then mentioned that you endure, which leads me to think that you may be changing yourself to a point that you are ignoring the burden it may be causing. For a healthy relationship that transforms over time we must be able to recognize and take action not allowing either party to participate in a damaging way. It is a beautiful thing, when you find someone that you truly can connect with and that you transform overtime together. In this situation you will each have to share your feeling, not just relying on your intuition, but understanding if these things that you have endure is worth the compromise. Remember “Transform Overtime” is not only you but what you should follow to make right choices in this continued relationship! Blessings to you and may you find your happily ever after”. ~Dr. Jai 46 • HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY



Authors and their Mustread Books Featured at the LA times Festival of Books

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is the largest book fest in the country. Over 150,000 people attended this year. Held at the USC Campus, every year it brings together writers, the literary community, and readers from all over the world. Black Château, a firm specializing in authors and their books, presented an array of authors and their must-read books at the festival. Are you ready for a good read? Need a travel read or beach book this summer? Check out this list of ten fantastic book recommendations, and get ready to read! What Happens When Politics Steal the Plot of a Contemporary Fiction Novel?


1. XX v XY: THe FiNal World War TakeS you to a dystopian world that eerily mirrors current events and politics. Imagined by Bobby Goldstein, creator of the hit TV show Cheaters, and authored by Christina Cigala, the book portrays a future war not fought between nations, but between women and men. The combination of the recent momentum of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, and political elections, make this book a read for our times.


The Battle against anxiety, depression, and oCd, Has Never Been Funnier 2. Meet Janie in NeXT THeraPiST PleaSe. She’s the mom of a special needs child, consumes multiple glasses of margaritas, and consults six therapists in an attempt to live a fulfilling life. Janie’s journey is complicated, and many of us can relate as she navigates the world with anxiety, depression, and the annoying, but amusing, OCD. The book is by Laurie Finkelstein, and is inspired by her own experiences.

Time Travelers, The Future Has Never Been More Yesterday



Christina Cigala, author of XXvXY, and Bobby Goldstein, creator of TV’s Cheaters and of the book XXvXY, interview with Jennifer Devoe from Jenny’s Real Talk on the Block, which airs on LA Talk Radio, at the Black Château booth during the LA Times Festival of Books.

3. Scientist Matt Miller gets torn from his own century and dropped in Colonial America with nothing but a backpack. Journeyman is the first book in the MaTT Miller iN THe ColoNieS series. In it, author Mark J. Rose introduces us to the adventures of a man who mistakenly thinks his twenty-first century knowledge of science and technology could make him a king in the New World. He’s in for a surprise, and so are readers of this revolutionary series.

if You love Cozy Mysteries, You’ll Get Fired-Up for this Urban Cozy 4. Baker’S dozeN is the first book in the leXi FaGaN MYSTerY SerieS, by Autumn Doerr. In sizzling, sexy San Francisco, Lexi lands a job at a local bakery. She doesn’t have a moment to mourn, though, after her lover turns up dead in a hotel fire. The death was no accident, and Lexi’s life is in jeopardy when she discovers a shocking secret. Mystery, mistaken identity and burnt cookies, were never so delicious.

5 Take a Spiritual Journey Paved with Political and Social Statements


5. BlUe Bird, a book of poetry and prose by first-time author Magda Ayuk, encourages readers to challenge what it means to be a man, or a woman, or other, through true self-discovery. Be unapologetic about who you are, and bloom as you find peace in rebellion. This book exposes the beautiful, as well as the ugly side, of the human experience.

leaders, Prepare to rise Up 6. HoW WoMeN NeGoTiaTe FroM a PoSiTioN oF STreNGTH, is the first book in the Rise-Up Leadership Series by Raye Mitchell, Esq. Become empowered, rise-up as a leader, and disrupt the status quo through lessons learned from influencers like Michelle Obama and a host of others. Raye Mitchell is charging a movement to help black women make their voices and stories heard with the The Rise-Up Formula™ — become a part of it.


Prepare for Boarding, You’re on Your Way to Mars


7. A motley assortment of humans, clones, chimeras and “spiders” greet you in MoSTlY HUMaN: a 4PollaCk Novel. Lon Varnadore is an exciting new author who blends sci-fi, fantasy, detective, noir, and mystery in an imaginative adventure where classes and cultures clash. 4Pollack, Four to his friends, is a cloned detective who just lost his partner. When an old flame shows up, he gets dragged into a dangerous game of deceit, mayhem, and murder.


The True Story of a Man Who discovers That No Path is Simple 8. THe PaTH oF lUCaS: THe JoUrNeY He eNdUred iS the gripping story of a man who refused to give up on the love of his life. Written by Susanne Bellefeuille, this biography chronicles her father’s fight to hold the family together, and ignore doctors’ advice when his wife is diagnosed with a mental illness. Lucas defies the odds and proves what a simple man can accomplish through faith and determination.


What if Your existence on earth is Punishment for Past Crimes? 9. Norman, a lowly lab technician, makes an unsettling discovery through past-life therapy. THe FiFTH BaTTalioN, by Michael Priv, imagines a world where inhabitants of Earth are serving a “forever dead” sentence. Norman along with his love, Linda, and the remnants of the Fifth Battalion, have been reincarnating on Earth for millennia. They must find a way to escape in order to help the people of Earth amid an unfolding catastrophe.

a Story with lGBTQ Characters Portrayed in exciting New Ways 10. Introducing THe FeNrir CHroNiCleS: THe PriNCe, a fantasy book with epic battles, romance and adventure, woven together with a twist. Author Nanishka Torres was struck by the lack of LGBTQ stories where the hero wasn’t coming out or victimized. As a result, she crafted a tale where gay characters are faced with challenges that don’t draw their sexuality into the fray. This book makes a statement about society and what happens when fanatical factions rail against reason and science.

These books and authors were featured at the Black Château booth the LA Times Festival of books, April 21 – 22, 2018 at the USC Campus in LA. Find the books on Amazon, and from book retailers everywhere.

Loved by many around the world to include Oscar Winner Viola Davis

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