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APRIL 2016


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Jimmy Sedghi A Persian Legend in America HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 1

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APRIL 2016

A LETTER From The Editor America is a land of immigrants, a fact that applies not only to the general population living in the United States, but to those working in the entertainment industry, as well. Hollywood Weekly Magazine is the premiere publication of its type, showcasing diversity in Los Angeles, the Entertainment Capital of the World. This issue focuses on the influence of one of the most affluent and successful communities, the Persian (Iranian) community. Looking at the Persian community we see a great culture with an old civilization. Today we are honoring a member of the Persian Prather Jackson community, a well-known, knowledgeable, true diplomat, a well-dressed man, a radio and television personality and most friendly person. We honor Jimmy Sedghi as Hollywood Weekly’s “Man of the Year.” With an estimated 4-5 million Persians living out of Iran, after the Islamic Revolution and over an estimated one million Iranians living in the US, the Persians are considered the ‘Gucci Immigrant” and represent the “crème de la crème” with thousands of top minds having relocated to Los Angeles. As many as 50% of Beverly Hills High School students are of Persian decent and their families include doctors, engineers, lawyers, nurses and top businessmen. As a young man, Jimmy Sedghi’s story begins with a brief but remarkable meeting with the Shah of Iran in the early 1960’s. During the Shah’s visit to the US, and while touring the City of New York, he participated in a discussion of asian students, which included Mr. Sedghi, who was studying at Queen’s College in New York.

PUBLISHER/EDITOR IN CHIEF Prather Jackson VICE PRESIDENT Bernice Harris Michael D. Coxson OPERATIONS Erskine D. McSwain (1991-2000) MANAGING EDITOR Prather Jackson FASHION EDITOR Jacob (For The Stars Fashion House) PHOTO EDITOR Giles Spencer MARKETING & SALES Launy Rhem ART DIRECTOR Karina Pacheco

That remarkable beginning started with Mr. Sedghi’s interest in broadcast radio, but his global journey began in Iran, and involved many meetings with noted world leaders. Jimmy is well traveled in the world.


Persia, or today Iran, is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with more than 7,000 years of history. Which brought great poets, philosophers and of course the first declaration of human rights by Cyrus “The Great.

music editor Dick Michaels

Just before the 1979 Islamic Revolution Iran was on the road to progress and very enjoyed very good relations with every country of the world, and particularly a great relationship with the US. The late Shanh was admired by all of the US Presidents and in a New Years visit to Iran, President Carter called Iran the “island of tranquility.”

LIFE & STYLE EDITOR Niki Shadrow-Snyder

However, the turmoil started a year later. As was mentioned, most of the influx of the people coming into the US made a great contribution culturally and in the world of business, medicine and other professions.

Research Development Alberto Arellano

We made our selection, in part, due to the tremendous body of work that represents Mr. Sedghi’s 50 years of great community service, politics, business, art and culture, and charitable activities as well. I wish to personally wish continued success to Mr. Sedghi and the entire Persian community as well.


As always, I greatly appreciate your support. Please share this issue with your friends and family. Best regards,

Prather Jackon Prather Jackson


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Alicia Corbin

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By Sheryl Estrada

Jimmy a Persian Legend in America


or more than 50 years, Mr. Jimmy Sedghi has served as a connector between his homeland Iran and the United States through his ability to communicate effectively and prolifically. Not only has Mr. Sedghi produced thousands

of hours of radio and TV content for both countries, he has kept company with world leaders and dignitaries while advancing public awareness and education. Mr. Sedghi was born in Hamadan, Iran, which is believed to be among the oldest Iranian cities and one of the oldest in the world. That is where his enthusiasm for communication and entertainment began.


“I think entertainment is in my blood. I always had a passion for radio and television as long as i remember.” –JIMMY Sedghi

“Love, Friendship and Peace on Earth”

Sedghi PHOTOS: @charlesproductions


His Imperial Majesty Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi The Late Shah and Empress of Iran

Persian Royalty

Reza Shah Pahlavi The Great. Founder of New Iran

His Excellency Ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi His Imperial Majesti Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and His Imperial Highness Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi

His Imperial Highness Prince Gholam Reza Pahlavi and Jimmy Sedghi

His Excellency Ambassador Ardeshir Zahedi Claudine and Jimmy Sedghi 8 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi Empress of Iran and Jimmy Sedghi

His Imperial Highness Crown Prince of Iran Reza Pahlavi and Jimmy Sedghi TV Co-Anchor Mojan Moinzadeh

Early days of Radio with Co-Anchor Lili

Radio Interview with legendary Iranian Movie Strar Pouri Banayi

Early days of

Radio Inauguration of the first Iranian Airline Nonstop flight from New York to Tehran by Iran Air Iranian General Khademi

in New York

Jimmy Sedghi being Live TV Progam with Co-Anchor interviewed by Chanel 7 ABC Mojan Moinzade in Los Angeles regarding world matters.

Memorabilia of the first radio program music of Persia advertising in NY subway

Persian New Year Ceremony Omid Iran International TV Network with Nader Raffi producer/ showman and Sasha Lavasani producer/ showman HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 9

Leaders and dignitaries

“I think entertainment is in my blood,” Sedghi said. “I had a passion for radio and television as long as I can remember.” Growing up, he would listen to radio programs in his native language of Farsi. Mr. Sedghi later did radio programs for students in Tehran, not knowing he would


eventually run radio stations more than 10,000 miles away in America. After his father passed away when he was 1 years old, he said his brothers and mother helped him to complete schooling in Iran. “I appreciate their efforts to help me to be who I am,” Mr. Sedghi said. Though when he came to the U.S., “I was on my own,” After finishing high school in Iran, in the 1960s Mr. Sedghi moved to New York City, where Frank Sinatra, who he would eventually meet, sang “If I can make it


there, I’ll make it anywhere.” Mr. Sedghi not only “made it” in New York City, but became a radio pioneer. But first he attended Queens College and the College of Insurance. A chance meeting with The Mayor of New York resulted in him getting to know the owner of WHBI radio. “I started with a half-an-hour weekly show,” he said. “Then I did it everyday. The topic of the show was Iranian culture, poetry, news and music. It was a variety program.”


While in New York, Mr. Sedghi established both the first Iranian Farsi language radio program in the U.S. and the first Iranian nonprofit organization. He also said he started an annual celebration of the Iranian New Year at the Waldorf Astoria New York “with close to 2,000 Iranians attending from all over.” Due to his ties in the entertainment industry in both countries, in 1976 Sedghi accompanied over 150 American Hollywood celebrities, including Elizabeth Taylor, Connie Stevens and Barbara Eden to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran.









9 1. Richard Riordan American investment banker, businessman, and politician who served as the 39th Mayor of Los Angeles, California 2. Presidential candidate and Housing Secretary Jack Kemp 3. Pete Wilson former governor of California and George Shultz Secretary of State 4. Madam Imelda Marcos First Lady Philippines from 1965 to1986

5. Abraham David “Abe” Beame Mayor of New York City 6. George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States 7. Mikhail Gorbachev Former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 8. Abraham David “Abe” Beame Mayor of New York City

9. General Alexander Haig, US Secretary of State, Nato Commander at the Sedghi residence 10. Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States with ABC political commentator and candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Herschensohn 11. Nicaraguan President Violeta Chamorro at the Presidential Palace in Nicaragua 12. Angela Bay Buchanan U.S. Treasurer along with U.S. Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 11

Leaders and dignitaries

13. Legendary television icon Larry King

18. Pete Wilson


36th Governor of California, a United States Senator, Mayor of San Diego and California State Assemblyman.


19. William Frank

14. African American Leaders at City Hall in Los Angeles

15. Senator George John Mitchell, Jr. and Famous International Designer Mr. Amir



Buckley, Jr.[1] was an American conservative author[2] and commentator. He founded National Review magazine in 1955, which had a major impact in stimulating the conservative movement, hosted 1,429 episodes of the television show Firing Line (1966– 1999), where he became known for his transatlantic accent and wide vocabulary,[3] and wrote a nationally syndicated newspaper column and numerous spy novels.


20. Gary G. Sick

16. District Attorney Ira Reiner


17. State Senator Tom Hayden is an American social and political activist, author, and politician, who is director of the Peace and Justice Resource Center in Culver City, California

21. Mr. Jimmy Sedghi



with Professor Richard W. Cottam Middle East Political Analyst & Iran Expert. 22. Mayor Antonio


American academic and analyst of Middle East affairs, with special expertise on Iran, who served on the U.S. National Security Council[1] under Presidents Ford, Carter, and for a couple weeks under Reagan as well.

Villaraigoza and Congressman Tony Cardenas.


23. Michael Dennis

Antonovich the most seniorserving member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. 28. Sandra Spagnoli

Beverly Hills Chief of Police



29. Jimmy Introducing

Mayor Antonio Villaraigoza at the Persian cultural Festival in Balboa Park Los Angeles

24. Los Angeles

County Sheriff Lee Baca and his wife Carol Baca.


24 30. Congressman

Brad Sherman Presenting the U.S. Flag to Jimmy Sedghi

25. 72nd Mayor of

Beverly Hills Dr. Willie Brian with Jimmy Sedghi and Miss Latvia Kisti D

30 25 31. Political and

Economic Mission to Central America International Fair San Salvador

26. Antonio Ram贸n

Villaraigosa 41st Mayor of Los Angeles.



27. Jimmy aboard


32. USS Missouri U.S.


Navi Commander Welcomes Jimmy Sedghi


The Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 then propelled Sedghi into the realm of politics. 33. Kweisi Mfume Former United States Congressman and President/CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

“I started working in Iranian radio nationally,” Mr. Sedghi explained. “I got involved with the government, and I met the late Shah of Iran through my radio work. I did interviews and a lot of commentary, which led me into the political arena. I started going back and forth from New York to Iran for many years. I did a lot of community work through the radio.”


Mr. Sedghi was confidant to the Iranian Royal Family -- the late, Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. 34. United States Economic and Political Mission to Central America, Nicaragua

“The Shah played an instrumental role in educating Americans about the importance of Iran in the Middle East,” he said. He became the White House correspondent, present when the royal leader spoke with former Presidents, including


Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Mr. Sedghi said he also accompanied Mr. Carter and other high-ranking U.S. officials on visits to Tehran. 35. United States Political and Economic Mision in Central America (El Salvador)

Mr. Sedghi shared one of his favorite moments at the White House was during Mr. Ford’s presidency. “President Ford referred to Iran as ‘a model nation,’ particularly admiring the Shah of Iran as a leader in the world,” he said.


The roster of world leaders Mr. Sedghi later personally met include Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, the former leader of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev, and presidents of various African countries. 36. Jimmy Sedghi with Present and past Mayors of Beverly Hills and Kristi D Miss Latvia

Mr. Sedghi has also gone on political and economic missions to Central America. The radio pioneer moved from New York to Los Angeles in the 1980s, where he would begin a career in producing


television programs. “I’ve produced thousands of hours of radio and television in Farsi and English,” Mr. Sedghi said. “I followed the political situation and changes in Iran.”


37. Jimmy Sedghi Founder and Co-Founders of Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts Ben Zakaria, Dr Stan Foster and Leith Eaton

The Iran-Iraq war began in 1980 and lasted until 1988. During this time, Mr. Sedghi’s involvement in politics placed him in the presence of an influential religious leader, Pope John Paul II.

Yalda Bahrama

Miss California 27th Annual Miss and Misses Asia USA Peageant.

“I salute my mentor Jimmy Sedghi Man of the Year, Congratulations.�

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We here at Relief Hospice are delight to wish our Vice President, Jimmy Sedghi, congratulations on the announcement acknowledging that he is the 2016 Hollywood Weekly “Man of the Year.” It is well deserved considering his devotion to family, friends, community, politics, business, and philanthropy. Jimmy Sedghi is truly a humanitarian and a leader in our Community. Congratulations and best wishes Jimmy.

We love you.

RECOGNITIONS 1. Vatican Secretariat of State 1988 Message from His Holiness Pope John Paul II

2. City of Los Angeles Certificate of Recognition to promote peace and freedom across the globe

3. Republican Presidential Award 1994 for those few loyal and dedicated supporters of the Republican Party

4. Republican Presidential Task Force Certify that at the behest of President George Herbert Walker Bush and American Flag was dedicated in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol for: Mr. Jimmy Sedghi 1990


5. Member of The John McCain for President Team 2000 in the State of California


6. Congressional Recognition for 50 Years outstanding and invaluable service to the community

7. City of Los Angeles Birthday Greetings


8. Southern California Motion Picture Council Humanitarian Award

“I met Pope John Paul II in Thousand Oaks” he said. “I sent a message of peace because during the Iran-Iraq war

9. Office of City Attorney. Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding dedication and valued contributions to our community

close to a million people were killed from both sides. I asked the Pope to convey a message of peace to stop the war.” Because of his humanitarian work, Mr. Sedghi received a Commendation of Peace, which was actually presented to him by the Pope. His accolades also include a Medal of

10. City Of Beverly Hills Proclamation for Iranian New Year


11. Presence requested at the Inauguration of the Honorable Pete Wilson as Governor of the State of California

Merit presented by former President George H.W. Bush, and the U.S. Congressional Recognition Award for 50 years of service to community.


12. The Republican Leadership of the United States Senate is honored to nominate Jimmy Sedghi to serve as a representative of the State of California at the 1997 Presidential Roundtable Spring Policy Forum


10 6










38, 39. Jimmy Sedghi with legend Elizabeth Taylor, going to Iran

Mr. Sedghi has been very active in Hollywood working alongside many top-level producers, actors, radio and TV personalities. From 1998 to 2003, he established and 40. Jimmy Sedghi with Legendary Michael Jackson at his residence

coordinated the worldwide Art & Museum Television. He received the Humanitarian Award presented by the Southern California Motion Picture Council, US



presidents, US Congress, City of Los Angeles and many other Officials.

41. Charlton Heston American actor and political activist. As a Hollywood star he appeared in more than 100 films over the course of 60 years.



42. Pouri Banayi is an Iranian actress. She acted in more than 85 feature films between 1965 and 1979 and Actress Connie Stevens is an American actress, director, screenwriter and singer, best known for her role in the television series Hawaiian Eye and other TV and film work releases. In Iran



43. Legendary Actor Sr. Ben Kingsley, Mojan Moinzadeh TV co-host and Jimmy Sedghi


Mr. Sedghi has one son, Charles. He said with pride that his talented son is a music producer and a professional photographer for celebrities. Michael Jackson was a celebrity who lived in the same building as Mr. Sedghi for quite sometime, and became well acquainted with both he and Charles. As a father and a humanitarian, Mr. Sedghi said he wants “the betterment of the whole world, peace and harmony for people of every race, color creed, religion and national

44. Jimmy Sedghi with Michael Jackson and Drio, exchange theater student from Japan at Michael’s Apartment in Westwood.

45. Jimmy with Michael Jackson’s Family


46. Legendary Hollywood comedian and Actor Red Button

origin.” He has worked with many charities around the world raising awareness and funds, including The Beverly Hills Education Foundation.

47. Leading European Opera Singer Mariana Pop


48. Tara Rice former Miss California, Pageant coach, and Founder of both Miss West Coast & Miss North Hollywood Pageants


49. Presidential Candidate, former football player and former football coach at Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia Robert “Robby” Wells

49 50. United State Economic and Political Mission to Central America (Nicaragua)

51. Roxan Medali TV Co-Anchor and Makeup Artis

Mr. Sedghi, once named the best-dressed man in L.A.,


also plans to start a library filled with almost 1,000 books about old Hollywood, “to bring glamour back to Hollywood,” he said. Following his desire to help others, Mr. Sedghi is an ambassador for Your Best Pathway to Health in Los Angeles the mega clinic provides medical, dental, eye care, surgery and support services including radiology, laboratory and pharmacy services, plus preventive medicine, all free of


charge. Taking place April 26-30, 2016. Mr. Sedghi said the organization’s events in San Francisco and San Antonio have served thousands who cannot

“betterment of the whole world, peace and harmony for people of every race, color creed and religion and national origin.” –Jimmy Sedghi 22 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

afford health care services. From 10,000 to 20,000 people are expected to participate in the Los Angeles event and volunteers are still needed, he said. Jimmy Sedghi also is involved in another Charity Organization Better Vision For Children to help blind children also he support Firefighters Support Foundation Childhood Leukemia Foundation Fraternal and many other charities.

Dr. Lela Lewis, Dr. Chris Luis, Charles and JimmySedghi and other members. “Jesus . . . went about doing good upon earth . . . and healing all manner of sickness.” For various reasons, there are many who have not obtained the medical, dental and vision care they need. The purpose of Your Best Pathway to Health is to provide free medical, dental and vision events in multi-purpose venues around the country and around the world. Care is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. All services are free with no charge at any time. We want to be like Jesus and do what He did. What We’re Doing

Medical • Dental • Vision • Surgery

Dear Mr. Sedghi, Because of your commitment to partnering with Your best Pathway to Health to help those less fortunate, it is with great honor that the Your best Pathway to Health Board officially designate you as a Community Ambassador for Your best Pathway to Health. Thank-you for your cooperation in the past and for your continued support and help in the future. Salute and Congratulations to our Community Ambassador Jimmy Sedghi Man of the Year.

Sincerely, Lela Lewis, MD, MPH, FACOG President Your Best PATHWAY to Health

The Allure of Beauty: Women in Hollywood Book by Karen Durbin In celebration of Hollywood’s legendary actresses from the 1930s to the present, Assouline, together with Elle magazine, presents The Allure of Beauty: Women in Hollywood. Originally published: 2008 Author: Karen Durbin

“I plan to build a library filled with books about old Hollywood, to encourage more glamour. ” –JIMMY Sedghi

“Absolutely” education

an he



of The

Beverly Hill Academy of the Arts with Cofounders to bring higher education to the community. “For over 100 years in Beverly Hills, there has not been any educational institution above high school,” he said. Hollywood Moments Frank Sinatra at a recording session, Marilyn Monroe giggling with Betty Grable, Clark Gable making an entrance at a premiere: showbiz photographer Murray Garrett had a knack for catching movie idols in unguarded moments. He has been a fly on the wall at many private Hollywood parties over the years.


He is the Founder of Beverly Hills Academy of the Arts, along with Co Founders Prof. Stan Foster, Ben Zakaria and Leath Eton. He said it would be the first four-year university in the city. Mr. Sedghi is also enthusiastically involved in Persian Beauty Queen, Inc. The nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire and teach teenagers and young women from Iran and outer regions to become young leaders and help others within their communities. Persian Beauty Queen supports Irans Human Rights with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, particularly for women. Still a political and governmental consultant nationally and internationally, Mr. Sedghi offers his advice to leaders around the world:


“Think about the people more than your own position and prestige , work for peace.” 24 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Designer by

Turquoise Tiara

Famous Beverly Hills Designer Michelle Marvi

Persian Turquoise Diamonds on White Gold

Persian Beauty Queen Persian Beauty Queen, Inc plans to create a healthy, positive and competitive environment where Teens, Young and Adult Females from Persia, (Iran and outerregion) can experience the feminine quality of being Jimmy Sedghi

a woman. They shall be trained on how to conduct themselves in public, how to apply make up, how to dress and how to compete with each other in a friendly manner. Thus, the competitors will gain a great sense

Ben Zakarya

of fulfillment and a higher self-esteem by participating in this pageant.

The Night of Turquoise Coming soon! Marvin Epstein



“With Deep appreciation I Salute my brothers for their Love, Kindness and Support”

“If I can make it there,

52. Jimmy with his brothers at the time he left Iran

54. Sedghi Family with U.S. Naval Honor Guards at USS Missouri Battleship

53. Jimmy with his brothers. Left to Right Abraham, Naser, Behrooz, Jimmy and Habib

55. Ex-wife Claudine with many thanks for your help and support for many years.


56. Jimmy and the most important person in his life his Talented son Charles Sedghi. @chuckchilla1



Charles Sedhi


I love you and I am proud of you

I’ll make it anywhere.�

Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts Co-Founders salute our founder and colleague Jimmy Sedghi “The Man of the Year”

Best Wishes!

Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts is a postsecondary institution designated to be different. The Academy was conceived by artistic industry professionals to develop a prestigious and effective training environment for The Arts. Professional Artist and various industry professionals will be hired as faculty. These Professionals will teach, coach and mentor the aspiring artists in the mastery of each individual artistic craft offered through The Academy. Lili Bosse Former Mayor of Beverly Hills with founder Jimmy Sedghi and Co-Founders of Beverly Hills Academy of Art Ben Zakaria, Dr Stan Foster and Leith Eaton

Our goal is to offer high quality programs and educational experiences to creative, self disciplined and motivated students who show promise in Business and The Arts, and by sharing our experiences of the demands and opportunities that lie ahead, prepare them for successful careers in today’s rapidly changing world. The Academy will work with both ForProfit and Not-For-Profit Organizations to further the mission and goals of Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts.

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Brenda, Lynetta, and Kathy at their home Kathy and Brenda have both made tremendous strides since

her surroundings by organizing and decorating her room,

joining Lynetta’s family. Kathy has learned how to take the

and she demonstrated her talent for cooking by making

bus from her home to her day program, giving her new

her grandmother’s chile rellenos recipe for Kathy and

confidence in her own abilities. An avid knitter, Kathy has

Lynetta. Brenda also began to think about her future and

taught both Lynetta and Brenda how to knit, and she made

enrolled in UEI’s program to become a medical assistant.

scarves for everyone in Lynetta’s family for Christmas. She

She recently graduated and is now looking for a job in her

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“I am extremely grateful to be working with Maria Vascsak at IMA. This relaunch of the revamped look of the agency really reflects what I have always felt with Vascsak and her management style. She is incredibly tuned in to, and in sync with, what is going on in the world of showbiz. I am lucky enough to feel a close connection with her as we work together daily on making the right choices for me. I know IMA has my best interest at heart and has the ability to promote me in a classy, non-pushy way, wherever the work is. She has grown this agency immensely in a short period of time, but it is, without a doubt, still very much an approachable, boutique agency with a killer head manager, Maria Vascsak, and logo!” –Actress Elise Rovinsky

Today it’s a well known fact that when agency’s don’t evolve they either die or become irrelevant..That’s why i jumped at the chance to work with Maria at IMA. She is interested in the constant evolution of her agency to keep up with that ever changing Entertainment business were all in. –Director Fredric Keith Reshew


mere three years after its launch in 2013, the management firm Maria Vascsak Agency run by Maria Vascsak has adopted a new moniker. The Maria Vascsak Agency henceforth will be known as IMA, International

Management Agency.

Maria Vascsak Agency Gets A New Name: Call it IMA, International Management Agency “The name change is meant as a symbolic acknowledgement of the incredible growth of the company since it’s inception 3 plus years ago and further reflects the significant contribution from our other partner, William Legue as well as adding on another dimension, Production” -Founder / Partner Maria Vascsak


“The name change is meant as a symbolic acknowledgement of the growth of the company since its inception 3 plus years ago, founder and partner Maria Vascsak said in a statement. “The change further reflects the significant contributions from our partner William Legue as well as adding on another dimension: production.” “The re-branding and added facet of production feels fresh and I’m extremely excited to embark on this journey” says partner William Legue. Production to us is more than just planning and’s also very much a passion. Through our many years of

“We look forward to a new exciting era with our clients as well as partners and new collaborations and couldn’t be more thrilled” – Partners Maria Vascsak and William Legue

experience both in Sweden and internationally, we feel that we have been able to refine our creative process and found the best way to most professionally and efficiently build a production that will help elevate as well as strengthen our team and create success for all.” IMA will continue to provide unique personal management, specializing in areas such as contract negotiation, public relations, promotion, branding and sponsorship. Through an established network of specialists IMA is also able to add consulting in practical areas such as tax matters, asset management, insurance and business law. IMA will be working closely with international clients across Europe, Asia and the U.S. who

are all bilingual and multilingual. We will guide careers with confidence and passion, relying on our experience in every area of the changing media landscape. IMA’s roster continues to include names such as William Legue, Fredric Keith Reshew, Elise Rovinsky, Eva Beling, Giuseppe Cristiano, Moa Malan, Jeffrey Glickman, Emma Lindgren, Markus Strömqvist and Nina Larsdotter but will also be able to present new additions along the way. “We look forward to a new exciting era with our clients as well as partners and new collaborations and couldn’t be more thrilled” – Partners Maria Vascsak and William Legue

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www . i m a c o n t e n t . c o m / f o r m e r M a r i a V a s c s a k A g e n c y HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 37

UNFINISHED small budget & big passion is being appreciated in festival circuit “Dr.Richard Williams, after his son’s death in an accident, takes up the task of finishing his son’s last Unfinished painting. Dr.Williams struggles to know his son’s intention behind the painting. In the process he discovers his son that he failed to know before. ” 38 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY

Unfinished is a Drama short, produced and directed by Srinivasa Jonnavithula. It has won Best Drama Short Award at the LAIFF Awards February Edition. It started as very small budget passion project, and now, a feature version is being planned while the short is being appreciated in festival circuit.

Srinivasa Jonnavithula is a director/assistant director known for his works: Unfinished (2015), Inspired (2015), A Journey Within (2015). For more information regarding “Unfinished� feature version, funding, production tie-ups contact: Srinivasa Jonnavithula

805.813.2105 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY 39

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April 2016 Jimmy Sedghi  

This issue pays tribute to the Iranian community and Mr. Jimmy Sedghi, HW's Man of the Year.

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