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® LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Welcome readers to our Hollywood Monthly Magazine. On our Cover is The Jersey Outlaw, Jimmie Lee. Jimmie Lee has created a unique brand of comedy on the street in the vain of Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield. He combines one-liners, hilarious insults (never truly mean) and outrageous interactions with the public that are rarely politically correct - but it’s all good natured. A master improviser, Jimmie Lee’s comedy is a highly entertaining, high energy, over the top street performance that creates pandemonium and mayhem, as he travels all over the country with his comedy reality TV show, appropriately named, “Dangerously Funny”. We are also proud to feature Dr. Gamhom Nalanchang, better known to her patients as “The Ganja Witch.” Her name sounds like the title of a Hollywood movie, but it’s steeped in the reality of curing human illnesses through the medicinal properties of cannabis. Dr. Nalanchang is the President and Founder of “Cancer Hope Village” in Laos and Thailand. Believe me when I say she is fighting the good fight. Her commitment as a doctor to find a cure for cancer is the true Hollywood story. We are honored to have the amazing Dr. Gamhom Nalanchang gracing our Cover. As always, we thank all of you for your consistent love and support. We are who we are because of YOU. We wish you all peace and happiness!

Anthony Ewart Associate Editor

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Who is the Ganja Witch?

Teenager Must Think Ahead Of The Times During Covid-19 DJ Hollywood


“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” Whether that famous line is attributed to Donald Wolfit, Edmund Gwenn, Gregory Peck or Jack Lemmon, it makes NO SENSE to the original “ Jersey Outlaw-Jimmie Lee”. For Jimmie Lee, comedy is all too easy. It’s like inhaling and exhaling air. It’s how he communicates. That is to say, Jimmie Lee is a “Wise Guy”. You’re never going to get a straight answer from Jimmie Lee, you’re going to get a funny answer, sprinkled with “brutal honesty”. If he’s telling you the truth, you can’t get mad at him, right? Jimmie Lee has created a unique brand of comedy on the street in the vain of Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield. He combines one-liners, hilarious insults (never truly mean) and outrageous interactions with the public that are rarely politically correct - but it’s all good natured. 4 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

Comedy Reality TV Star, Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Outlaw and his Hit Comedy TV Show Dangerously Funny, is one of the best rated comedy TV shows.

A master improviser, Jimmie Lee’s comedy is a highly entertaining, high energy, over the top street performance that creates pandemonium and mayhem, as he travels all over the country with his comedy reality TV show, appropriately named, “Dangerously Funny”. “Dangerously Funny”, Jimmie’s breakout YouTube Channel has filmed in Hollywood, South Beach, Las Vegas, New York City, Atlantic City and more. With over 80,000 subscribers and over 3 Million Views on YouTube , the hit series also airs on AmazonPrime. Jimmie Lee started his career in 2013, performing standup comedy all over the country, including The Icehouse here in

Jimmie Lee and The BanditoGirls In Vegas With the Funnies for Comedy TV

LA, New York City, South Beach, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and more. Fans all experienced the full force of Jimmie’s club act before his unique street comedy.

Jimmie Lee delivers a unique brand of street comedy with one liners, zingers and insults with some Jersey Attitude.

Jimmie Lee Razzles and Dazzles Em in Atlantic City with the Funnies.


“The Jersey Outlaw”, as Jimmie is known, travels the country and the world; he’s recently taken his comedy to the streets of London – with The Bandito Girls. What makes Jimmie’s show work so well is that he truly loves his audience. No one does this style of comedy anymore because no one really wants to interact with their fans. That’s what sets Jimmie Lee apart from the majority of entertainers today. “It makes me feel really good to see people having fun and entertained by my antics, and they are very engaged in what I’m doing. We’re now in Season 4 of Dangerously Funny and we’re making these reels just as funny as the previous seasons, and we got a lot in store with a lot of surprises, so don’t go anywhere”, says the old school comedian who has turned the world upside down with his comedy. He is the one and only Jersey Outlaw - Jimmie Lee.

Now, with all that said, understand this, Jimmie’s comedy is visceral. It’s real. It’s incredibly funny and as I mentioned, brutally honest. You’ll laugh about what he’s saying to you, along with everyone around you, but it’s going to sting. A typical scene involves Jimmie Lee exiting the Limo with his signature look ( leather jacket, dark sunglasses and security with the Bandito Girls ). And then the kibitzing with the crowds commences as Jimmie performs his brash, ad lib street style comedy, creating a scene wherever he goes. Jimmie’s off the cuff delivery, coupled with his dynamic persona are his signature trademarks. Nobody’s safe when Jimmie hits the streets. It is the craziest, no hold barred, most unpredictable comedy experience you will ever have. And you will LOVE IT !

Pandemonium and Mayhem on the streets with The Jersey Outlaw with high energy crazy over the top comedy.

As Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Outlaw says, “It’s all in the schtick, baby !”.

FOR MORE ON JIMMIE LEE YouTube Channel : Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Outlaw Facebook : Jimmie Lee ( Public Figure ) Instagram : realjerseyoutlaw TikTok : @the jerseyoutlaw

Jimmie Lee and The Bandito Girls Hit the Jackpot in Vegas with the best in comedy TV .


Who is the



THAILAND MOVES to Legalize Medical Marijuana and other drugs.

Thailand is the 1st country in Southeast Asia to legalize cannabis for medical purposes

The Ganja Witch is none other than the world renowned natural cancer therapy practitioner Dr. Gamhom Nalanchang. Dr. Gamhom, who serves as the President and Founder of Cancer Hope Village in Laos and Thailand, has been advocating natural medicine towards treating cancer and other illnesses for many years. Medical Marijuana (cannabis) is a matter that is very dear to her heart. She believes cannabis plays a vital role in curing and preventing cancer and many other disease and illnesses.When the Thai Parliament scheduled a vote to legalized Medical Marijuana, Dr. Gamhom Thailand to speak on this very important matter. Because Dr. Gamhom against the prohibition of medical Marijuana in Thailand. Many states in North America have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational uses. However, the ConFederal government from recognizing it as medicine and as a result, the law prohibits federal funding for research Dr. Gamhom believes that because the Thai parliament assent, the Thai Parliament will welcome practitioners to continue their research. Dr. Gamhom cited that in many Thai medical practitioner practice booklets, cannabis has cannabis formulas. Her message to other naysayers and supporters around the world is “ Life Over Law”.


This is why I say “ Life over law” Law need to be natural and help people, if the law kill peoples , 1.Why is the doctor called The Ganja Witch and how long has she been using that name? GW I believe in Cannabis. I am involved in one of the most in against the prohibition of medical Marijuana in Thailand. I became “ Ganja Witch ” in 2018. 2.You believe in life over law. Can you explain this concept in more detail? GW I dealt with underprivileged patients who had last stage Cancer since 2010. I do what I can. I give my heart and soul to all my patients. In America and other countries they use cannabis to heal both kids and adults from autism , seizures, epilepsy, convulsion and last stage Cancer etc. However in Thailand , Marijuana is illegal but use in secret. Your loved one is on the verge of dying What are you going to do ? You will do whatever you can to help your loved one survive.


natural and has been assisting for us many years. 3.There is still a lot of controversy about medicinal marijuana? GW Yes , there is still plenty of controversy surrounding marijuana, Just recently in Thailand marijuana was legalized for medical use , knowledge this is important and that why I created “ Cannabis Witch Academy ”, to give people the knowledge about marijuana, usage and side effects. Everything in the world has two side good and bad. We use good for medical reasons but people still need to be aware of the bad side too. For example marijuana can impair your senses during a drive. I can say 60% of Thai peoples want to learn because marijuana has been the native and natural weed in our country for many years.

GW In Thailand we have had traditional herbal formulas that contain marijuana inside for 300 years but we could not use it because of the law. The world keeps moving , legalizing marijuana for medical use and recreation , This made me more interested sine I live in the na and I know Thailand has good quality marijuana. If Thailand lecombined the knowledge I gained from the US and applied it to Thailand , working with other doctors to cure our patients.

That is why I say “Life over Law”


7.Can you share some stories about your village and how rewarding it has been to work with the cancer patients?


GW Reward that I get from

cancer everyday for 10 years.

wonderful reward that I get. I also have cured last stage breast cancer, last stage kidney failure disease in Laos and I also made their family happy too.

for you as a woman to be as

than giving peoples back there life , My charity slogan is 5.How did you determine that by using CBD oils that it could help assist or cure certain ailments?

the world is yourself.

GW Before I gave this natural medicine to my patients , I used it to take painkiller every month for my period and Melatonin for sleep every night. Since I use CBD , I never used western medicine pills anymore because I know it has negative side effects on my kidneys and liver. Also, I did a lot of research in the US and shared case studies with my doctors friends. There were good results after CBD use , some cases we can see the results right away after CBD drops in 10 second with Seizuring and Epileptic patients. Also I have a lot of last stage Cancer patients that see a shrink with the tumor in 3 weeks. Which can be proven by blood test and tumors marker. HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 11

the USA for 7 years in herbal


For more information please contact us

Thailand Phone number

(+66)94 615 7555 (+66)94 617 2999 (+66)94 609 8999

USA & Canada : 13035 Tom white way # Ste K&L Norwalk CA 90650

888.988.8933 /

888.634.5666 / 888.706.3999

Facebook: Morgamhom Nalanchang

Cannabis witch academy provides education , Training and conference in Thai-

ical cannabis budtenders and caregivers. We’re working with many university in Thailand and also with many cannabis professor around the world. After completing


Cordyceps is a fungus that lives on certain caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China and the high-grade cordyceps can be found in Tibet, and that’s where we got our Cordyceps from. Natural cordyceps is hard to get and expensive. In traditional Chinese Medicine, Mycelium Cordyceps is used to promote cardiovascular health & strength, to slow down the aging process, aid the immune system and sexual potency. Over millions worldwide use Cordyceps mushrooms to help boost energy and improve the overall health. 14 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY





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Wild Game: My Mother, Her Secret, and Me by Adrienne Brodeur A daughter’s tale of living in the thrall of her magnetic, complicated mother, and the chilling consequences of her complicity. “Exquisite and harrowing.” —New York Times Book Review “This electrifying, gorgeously written memoir will hold you captive until the last word.” —People NAMED A BEST BOOK BY People * Refinery29 * Entertainment Weekly * BuzzFeed * NPR’s On Point * Town & Country * Real Simple * New York Post * Palm Beach Post * Toronto Star * Orange County Register * Bustle * Bookish * BookPage * Kirkus* BBC Culture* Debutiful

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The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin In the irresistible new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of All We Ever Wanted and Something Borrowed, a young woman falls hard for an impossibly perfect man before he disappears without a trace. . . . Giffin is a worldwide best-selling author because she gets under your skin—by creating relatable characters wrestling within believable situations.” —The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes A heartfelt debut about the unlikely relationship between a young woman who’s lost her husband and a major league pitcher who’s lost his game. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • #ReadWithJenna Book Club Pick as Featured on Today • “Everything a romantic comedy should be: witty, relatable, and a little complicated.”—People



Entertainment With A Social Conscience WRITTEN BY ANTHONY EWART By the time you read this article on BK Fulton and Soulidifly Production's incredible new film "1 Angry Black Man," you've probably been swept up in the viral sensation of BK's recent virtual commencement address for VCU's da Vinci Center. It’s the first in the history of the venerable program. The multitalented Vivica A. Fox has already posted BK's commencement address with a YouTube link on her Twitter page and people everywhere are talking! In just over 16 minutes BK makes you understand why ignoring people who are considered "marginalized" is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make. The simple truth is that none of us go a single day without being impacted by someone on the margins.Through BK's smooth tenor tone reading his own words with a score from Sim Stevenson - Grammy winning producer - and images curated by Queon "Q.” Martin who understudied with Martin Scorsese, we are taken on a journey through history, where BK illustrates countless amenities and modern conveniences we take for granted. He eloquently highlights several life-changing inventions such as lights and machines that allow for fresh produce that were created by women and people of color. In 16 minutes BK Fulton's commencement speech can change the world. The address is both uplifting and inspiring. One Top 25 University President said it was "the best commencement address of the 200 or so he has heard in his 40 year career!" I'm going on notice that I think BK's VCU commencement address should be included in all of our schools when dealing with subjects like acceptance and tolerance. And if you want more than BK's 16 minute VCU commencement speech, just look to his Soulidifly Productions, because everything BK Fulton talks about in that commencement address is what Soulidifly Productions believes in and stands for. The philosophy for BK and Soulidifly Productions is simply that the truth will set you free. Whether it frees you from your own bondage, or helps you realize that NO ONE can contain you or stifle your growth "if you know your history." If you know who you are and where you came from who can tell you anything different? Real truth also breeds compassion. It's no surprise that all hate is based on lies. Racism is based on lies. Bigotry is based on lies. Sexism is based on lies -- please send any chauvinists you happen to be aware of BK's commencement speech. You'll get a call back. Trust me. 22 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

So now we have BK and Soulidifly's latest masterpiece: "1 Angry Black Man," written and directed by Menelek Lumumba. This is an award-winning film that has now been acquired by Freestyle Digital Media, the digital film distribution division of Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios. Freestyle has acquired the U.S. and International rights to "1 Angry Black Man" for a worldwide digital and DVD release on June 5, 2020. "1 Angry Black Man" tells the story of Mike Anderson, a senior at a quintessential New England liberal arts college who is eight weeks away from graduation. In the film, Mike gets into a heated classroom discussion on one particular day where his literary heroes (James Baldwin, August Wilson and Zora Neale Hurston, among others) are being scrutinized. The class discussion and Mike's "pent-up emotions” from a recent interaction with local police causes his temper to boil over — anger ensues. "1 Angry Black Man" is a tense examination of boundary-pushing conversations about cultural and sexual identity and the political correctness college students are forced to come to terms with and hopefully overcome if we're ever going to be a nation of love and peace. This is the debut feature of writer/director Menelek Lumumba. Emmy-nominated Hans Charles ("13th," "Wu Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men") was the cinematographer and co-producer with partner Caroline Onikute for Align Pictures. BK’s Soulidifly Productions financed the film and BK and Monty Ross were executive producers.


The film features a stellar ensemble cast including Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. (“Life,” “Juwanna Mann”), Amanda Jane Stern ("Amish Witches: The True Story of Holmes County"), Tim Moriarty ("Manifest"), Ramon Nunez ("New Amsterdam," "Bull"), Daphne Danielle (upcoming "God The Worm”), and introduces Keith Stone as "Mike Anderson." As always with BK's style, he believes the answer is in communication. Understanding the backstory of things is essential. "1 Angry Black Man" is about understanding the psychology of what makes "this" black man angry, and by understanding this character maybe it will help you to have tolerance and compassion for everyone. We all have our stories and we all want to be loved and respected. That's really all there is to it. As a society we've made things very complicated but BK Fulton and Soulidifly Productions are helping us set things straight. And that VCU Commencement speech by BK I've been raving about, it's also drawn praise from noted historians like Henry Louis “Skip” Gates, Jr., leaders at Stanford University and the family of Lewis H. Latimer. VPM (PBS) will air an edited version of the speech later this month. There is also SoulVision.TV which launched on Valentine’s Day of 2020. You know what to expect from this: Positive, uplifting, extraordinary programming to help you on your journey of self-growth, exploration and your pursuit of excellence. You can download the SoulVision.TV app on any mobile device. It’s free! Yes, the man is giving it away. If that’s not enough from his Soulidifly Productions, BK is also a poet, a singer and a composer. Another fantastic film from 24 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

Soulidifly Productions, "LOVE DOT COM: The Social Experiment” (trending on NETFLIX) is also having great success with its recently released Soundtrack, of which BK wrote two songs and sings on the last track. The soundtrack is available on all digital platforms worldwide. Whether you refer to BK Fulton as a "Renaissance Man" or a "Media Polymath," understand one thing: all of BK's brilliance is dedicated to elevating our social awareness and us having compassion for each other. So, he appreciates the titles, but "our peace and happiness" is what he loves most. BK’s Soulidifly Productions is what we call “WOKE!"





COVID-19 Coronavirus is changing the landscape of the World. It’s impacting everyone. This time is not ideal for anyone. Things are rapidly shifting, and there is a lot of uncertainty around what the future holds for our health, our communities, and many other aspects of daily life. No one can leave their house in some places and anxiety levels of everyone due to the pandemic is very high. Now you may be thinking, “well obviously”, but what many fail to notice is that this pandemic quarantine situation that is going currently will have a major influence on kids, especially teenagers. Being a teenager is difficult no matter what, and the Coronavirus disease is making it even harder. Let’s look into the mind of the modern teenager, from my perspective. First things first, the main thing controlling our minds is hormones. I wish I could say that this was not true, but it is. This makes us do things randomly. Sometimes we also end up breaking down and crying or punching a wall. This reaction is because of our heightened emotions that are also caused by hormones. Needless to say, all teenagers are not like this. Some teens have fewer or more emotions.


Now the only thing that make us happy are the ones we love and our passion. We look forward to hanging out with friends during school and other activities. Bonding with peers is one of the essential developmental tasks of adolescents. Then we like coming home and seeing our family. This process keeps it balanced for us. Imagine having to physically be 6 feet away from your friends when you get the 5% chance to see them because of social distancing and the seriousness of the situation. It’s tiring. So what happens you may ask. Let me tell you. I believe this reaction is similar to a bag of popcorn. In the beginning, when you put it in the microwave, it does not move, but after some time, the kernel starts popping until the bag is full. It’s the same process with teenagers in quarantine. When teenagers first start quarantining themselves, they get adjusted to the new setting. After some time, the anxiousness and stress that we developed due to lack of social life causes our emotions to go crazy and start popping off. The Coronavirus crisis hits teenagers very hard. Since we are shut inside our homes, running low on snacks and people to talk to, the motivation levels are sinking. This is taking a toll on our health, behavior, and academic performance. Many teenagers are losing interest to do anything, which is understandable, but it is also a waste of opportunity. When we had school and times to hang out with friends, we had no time to focus on ourselves. Now is the perfect window to try a new hobby, focus on self-care or fix our health, mentally and physically. We have this time to learn how to love ourselves and others with no distraction. Right now, we can fully experience the free time that comes with quarantine.


This concept of Coronavirus has left us all startled and confused. Many of us are locked inside our homes wondering when it will all be over. It is critical to see the good that is occurring to keep ourselves from drowning in the bad. The virus providing an opportunity for doing many things better. Because many people are shut away, the Earth is improving. To name a few, air pollution is slowing down, water pollution is clearing up, and nature is blooming. We also have time to connect with ourselves. Do not forget, we are the most creative and innovative age group. Focusing on ourselves and finding ways to use the new-found time in a productive way is going to have positive impact on our future. We can’t control COVID, but we can control what we can focus on, how we can spend our time and energy, and the choices we make. Consider this crisis moment as an opportunity presented to us. Let’s think ahead of the times and make the best of this situation.




BY ANTHONY EWART The fact that Iraqi/Chaldean Female DJ Nicole Yaddgo took her stage name from P. Diddy’s character ‘Hollywood Nicky’ from the film ‘Carlito’s Way: Rise To Power (2005),’ is perfect. Ms. Yaddgo’s alter ego “DJ Hollywood Nicky” is also on her “Rise To Power.” DJ Hollywood Nicky’s musical style can’t be contained to one genre. As an open format DJ, She’s been known to play anything from Hip-Hop, EDM, Latin, House, Mash-ups, Indie, Dance, Top 40, Trap, Techno, Cultural and much more. DJ Nicky is one of the most versatile DJ’s in the game with a wide range of musical knowledge at hand, encompassing funk, jazz, blues, rock and ALL THINGS HIP-HOP.


But there’s much more to DJ Holly- If Bob Marley taught us anything it’s that With a sharply focused mind she wood Nicky than just being a Master ‘music heals’ and the most important “Brings It!” to all nightclubs and spe- has a message. Music is ca- thing to do is stay positive about life. cial events. As one of the few phe- thartic. ...And if you’re having trouble maintainnominal female DJs in the game with majorevents. Not only has she worked As a young girl music saved Nicky from ing that level of ‘happiness’ consistency with major artists in the industry such the trauma’s of childhood. She under- follow DJ Hollywood Nicky on social as, Too $hort, E-40, Kirko Bangz, Lov- stands the power that music holds over media, find out where she’s performing eRance, Jeremih, The Game, Ray J, Yo us and DJ Hollywood Nicky is wield- next and everything you can to be in Gotti, Big Sean, Waka Flocka. DJ Hol- ing that power right now to make all of that audience when she’s spinning. Haplywood Nicky has also worked for the our lives better. To make us feel good. piness will be found. Top Three Radio Stations in San Diego BOOKING INFORMATION -- Z90.3, Magic 92.5, and 91X! Email: BookDjHollywoodNicky@Gmail.Com Phone: (713)360-8950 28 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

Social Media: Snapchat: HollywoodNicky



The Greatest (PROVEN) Vodka you will ever Taste BY ANTHONY EWART In Martin Scorsese's 1995 film "Casino" Robert De Niro plays a "gambling expert handicapper" hired by the mob to take care of their Vegas casino -- and save them money. There's a high body count in this movie but De Niro's character survives it all as people drop dead (with mob assistance) around him. De Niro's character was kept alive because he had an asset, something the mob "needed." He wasn't expendable. You can survive in Hell unscathed if you have something the Devil wants. During America's dangerous period of prohibition of alcohol, when bootleggers traversed mean backwood streets and took forest shortcuts to deliver the coveted "moonshine" our country craved, Rubin Wright's Great, Great Uncle Oscar was a "moonshine connoisseur." He was able to survive -and thrive -- in these volatile times because Uncle Oscar had something "everybody" wanted: the best moonshine. Now, everyone wants Rubin Wright's "LA WATER VODKA" building off the history of his Great, Great Uncle Oscar's moonshine legacy, Rubin was inspired and took it upon himself to create his own unique recipe and make this Ultra Premium Vodka. At the beginning of Rubin's humbling journey from Beloit, WI to Los Angeles making LA WATER VODKA the hidden 30 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

gem that it is was his main priority. He is greatly supported by his Grandmother, parents, wife and not forgetting his great friends Matthew Ankrum, DeShawn Cobb and Steven Williams. Rubin has developed LA WATER VODKA under two simple principles: (1) carry on Uncle Oscar's legacy and make it into an unrivaled Ultra Premium Vodka; and (2) share it with the world's truest of vodka connoisseurs. Rubin has dutifully carried out these two principles and has built LA WATER VODKA into the finest Ultra Premium vodka "experience." All it takes is one taste of LA WATER VODKA to win you over. On Rubin Wright's word, just one taste… After 5 years of tasting and promoting LA WATER VODKA at only the top events in Los Angeles the feedback from their fanbase tells them that this is a once in a lifetime spirit ready for the masses to consume. I've never met anyone as driven as Rubin Wright and I've never met anyone as proud of their family heritage as Rubin is -- and with good reason. LA WATER VODKA is truly an experience. The story of Uncle Oscar's moonshine is incredible, and Rubin Wright's LA WATER VODKA will make you a believer.







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Mindfulness Today is wonderful. And if you make a habit of monitoring your health regularly— both by adopting a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself abreast of health procedures----you greatly increase your chances of a happier tomorrow. In present scenario in general, people are stressed, depressed, facing lots of issues, lots of unavoidable circumstances. You feel like your life has no meaning. Your friends, family are screwing your life up. Problems are forever and we can't avoid them. Everyone experiences stress, but many don't know how to manage it. Very simple in every day life may be minor issues or major, giving you a stressed situation. May be, You'll wake up tomorrow and have problems at home may be for breakfast, going office and OMG traffic, a problem in your email box . Financial issues, health issues, a relationship ended. Every episode affects you, It depends on the individual’s brain chemistry, how beautifully you are prepare to manage a particular situation. make you anxious you feel nervous, frustrated, stressed or you know how to deal. Stress is a normal part of flow of life, but definitely upto a certain extent. Too much stress can be compromise our health physically, mentally,and emotionally. A situation can be a positive stress for someone while it creats a negative stress for other individuale. Positive stress (Eustres) it motivates you, you will feel more confident focuses energy it improves your overall performance. This is mandatory for your dreams & expectations towards life. 36 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

But a Negative Stress called Distress, when a person feels unable to perform or to cope with a situation. It can be for short term or long term. Chronic or long term stress results in high anxiety, depression sleep problems and can even develop negative coping mechanisms like dependency on drugs and alcohol and in worst scenario long term stress can weaken the immune system, also lots of chemical, physiological reactions, too much epinephrine can be harmful to your heart. So it can rule to your Brain, Immune system and heart.Then what ????? just think about the consequences. Try to find out lifestyle tips in how to manage stress without letting it take over your life.

How to detox your mind How you can enhance your immunity by specific diet and Ayurveda. The immune system is the body's defense against infectious organisms and other invaders. Through a series of steps called the immune response Embrace Healthy Living A complete approach to health. This includes making good dietary choices, regular exercise, regular cleansing, and nutritional supplementation where needed to help your body function normally. When it comes to diet, choose raw, organic fruits and vegetables, and avoid saturated fats. Exercise regularly. Get enough sleep, at least 7 hours a night — 8 is better.

If you choose to drink, do so moderately. Don’t smoke. Having said that, here’s what you absolutely must do…spend time with friends, laugh, take time to relax and do activities you enjoy, and make your home a clean, calming place to live. *Commit to a daily Routine according to your priorities and Self care. Keep you Calm and Slow down Slow the pace of our lives is through pampered and purposeful selfcare.Taking time every single day to be still, quiet, and immersed in self-nourishment. Value yourself, you will feel happy. Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. How your attitude affects things. Believe it or not, a person's attitude plays a big part in their health. More and more studies seem to show that people who have a positive outlook on life tend to be healthier. Indulge in Quality Self Care It can be a beautiful part of the healing process, and a meaningful lifestyle to practice self-love. Saying a few positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror as you prepare for your day. *Be Grateful, be kind and polite it helps you. *Take Adequate Rest Nothing more soothing than simply taking a good sleep a long break. Connect with nature, sometimes simply exposes your nervous system to the natural world, this will do a magic with your senses of smell ,touch, sound, taste, and sights. Texture and rhythms of flora and fauna activates the capacity of parasympathetic nervous system, which governs periods of relaxation. A complete mind detox. *Aromatherapy- using scents to treat your mood is called aromatherapy. Aroma of some herbs like Lavender,

Rose, Sandalwood, Roman chamomile, Orange blossom, Neroli, using essential oil or burning a scented candle may help in reducing anxiety and stress level, improve sleeps. Salt bath, sea-salt spa is helpful in reducing stress. *Massage your feet before sleep, apply some warm aromatic oil, prefer Sesame oil, Brahmi oil, or Bhringraj oil. *Ancient people have practiced acupuncture for centuries. It is believed that two acupuncture points located between the skull and neck may be helpful for reducing stress and

tension headaches Basically all these practices soothes the nervous system , reduces mind agitation, grounds the energy, calm the mind and promotes sound sleep. *Fix your physical fitness schedule, depends on your choice, body type, and your strength. Exercise is a natural antidote to stress and anxiety. Raising your heart rate, increases blood circulation, oxygenates your brain and gets those feel-good. Yoga, Meditation, Aerobic exercises, HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY • 37

Gymming, Outdoor activities, Various weight trainings, Pilates, Surya namaskar choose any practice to move your beautiful body. SURYA NAMASKAR- Salute to the sun in very early morning is a kind of exercise in Yoga form The sequence of twelve gracefully asanas originated in the Hatha Yoga tradition on 9th century in India, dedicated to the Vedic - Hindu solar deity “Surya” namely the Sun. . Scientific benefits behind this, it helps in resorting hormonal balance and vitamin D level. weight loss, as you are moving your body in a fixed manner from a standing position into downward and upward dog poses and then back to the standing position.

The activation of 14 groups of muscles was measured during the performance of this yoga. Skin radiance, muscle toning, mind detox, good energy level due to maintained vitamin D, boost immunity and BMR as a result of balanced hormones and adequate weight 38 • HOLLYWOOD MONTHLY

*Food is medicine when consumed properly. Ayurveda is an ancient Hindu system of medicine and properly guided way of living. Ayurveda is a wellness practice that originated in India and is about 5,000 years old. The word "Ayurveda" is a combination of two Sanskrit words that mean life (Ayur) and science (Veda), so the literal translation of Ayurveda is "the science of life." Certain herbs & herbal supplements can reduce anxiety and stress by increasing Serotonin levels like Ashwagandha (a herb used in ayurvedic medicine) Lemon balm, Omega3 fatty acids,Green tea, Chia seeds in coconut water, Pumpkin seeds, Almond milk. Stress- busting superfoods stabilise blood sugars, affects our very brain chemistry and therefore impacts our mood. We can, therefore, make dietary choices to support our stress level. Add some immunity booster food like Garlic, Kale, Navy beans, Reishi

mushrooms, Blueberries, Raspberries,Green Matcha, and Tulsi leaves, Turmeric powder, Honey Cinnamon, Cumin, Ginger, Nutmeg, Rick salt, Sesame seeds, Asafoetida and natural sugar. Avoid white flour, white rice and white sugar ( The 3 W’s ) from your diet. High intake of tea, coffee, energy drinks can make you more anxious ,more hyper reactive so accordingly just reduce your intake.

Minerals like Zinc and Cooper *Copper and its alloys exhibit impressive antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal ,antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps neutralise toxins. Copper keep nerve cells healthy, and support your immune system. Your bodies cannot synthesise copper so you need to get it from dietary sources Storing water in a copper vessel creates a natural purification process. According to Ayurveda drinking copper enriched water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach helps balance all three doshas (Kapha, Vata and Pitta). "Professor KEEVIL'S work is a modern confirmation of an ancient remedy. Researchers reported last month that the novel coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic survives for days on glass and stainless steel but dies within hours after landing on copper. In 2015, Keevil turned his attention to corona virus 229E, a relative of the COVID-19 virus that causes the common cold and pneumonia. Once again, copper zapped the virus within minutes while it remained infectious for five days on surfaces such as stainless steel or glass. Copper kills dangerous viruses by destroying their genetic material. Copper was also used to cure medical problems in ancient India and is an important component of Ayurveda medicine. *Check your Breathing pattern Practice deep breathing, to feel good as deep guided breathing has proved beneficial for a lot of patients. It generates an active oxy-

gen flow in the whole body leading to a more relaxed and happy brain. Remember to always breathe from your core i.e the stomach. Core breathing is the best breathing. Practice alternate nose breathing. *Oil Pulling Gargling or putting some warm sesame oil, coconut or mustard oil in mouth for a while. It removes natural toxins from the mouth, teeth and gums, gives relaxation to jaws and a feeling of freshness. *STRESS BUFFERS Always try to find positive coping mechanisms use your favourite family members and best friends as stress buffer. Family members only with whom you are emotionally attached , remember knowing people all your life doesn't means understanding them. Avoid blames and grudges make healthy boundaries in any relationship, good for both sides. Caring for your loved ones doesn't mean taking charge of their problems, giving unsolicited advice. With out this emotional intimacy, family contact becomes a burden, because no one is comfortable spending that much time with a stranger. Emotional honesty is equally needed from both sides. nurture your relationship, friendship by being kind, listen them, be open, build intimacy, show that you can be trusted.

and indulge yourself in an alternate hobby. *Spend some time with Pets, Kids, their innocence and undemanding attitude boost your happiness and reduce your stress. Sometimes be silly. Laughter and a cheerful outlook Laughter has long been held as the "Best Medicine" and in fact, science has now found that every cell in the body has a receptor for the substances produced when we are happy. Every cell is therefore influenced by how we feel. Our first line of defence against any disease is therefore Happiness. After all it isn't always easy to stay positive, especially as life can throw all sorts of things at you.

*Find your hobby/passion in life the one that touches your inner child to make it happy and peaceful.

Look presently how we are facing global pendemic ,lots of stress, when everyone is trying to protect themselves from the pandemic virus with gloves and facemask, the next most effective measure we can take is to avoid stress and try to adopt ancient secrets for health care, home remedies to enhance our immunity.

Do it with full energy and enthusiasm. And if this is not possible in present scenario use a planner and pen down how you can get it

The advice offered includes Superfoods and frequently sipping water boiled with Tulsi leaves, crushed ginger and turmeric powder.



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