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A PUBLICATION OF OUT ON THE LAKESHORE 2024 / 2025 A celebration of West Michigan Lakeshore’s LGBTQ+ Where Everyone Belongs
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For Grand Valley students, next is opportunity and innovation. Next is global, connecting and uniting us. It’s local, shaping the spaces in which we work and live. It’s a commitment to progress. Next is where minds are free to imagine what could be. At GVSU, next is now. And whatever’s next for you, we will help you get there.

GVSU is proud to support the 2024 Holland Pride celebration and the LGBTQ+ community.


2 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025


Hello, and welcome to Holland PRIDE 2024 – Where Everyone Belongs!

Thank you for joining Out On The Lakeshore for another fun-filled Holland PRIDE season! It brings us immense joy and excitement to see so many people from all across Michigan come out to celebrate with us.

As you explore the array of activities, performances, and events we have curated for you, we invite you to immerse yourself fully in the spirit of community, diversity, and commemoration that defines this season. Whether you’re here to enjoy the entertainment, delve into educational opportunities, discover new art forms, or simply bask in the atmosphere of affirming community, there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors, partners, volunteers, and contributors whose generous support and dedication have made this event possible. Your belief in our vision and commitment to fostering LGBTQ+ awareness, equity, and inclusivity in our community is truly inspiring.

To our talented performers, artists, vendors, and exhibitors, thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us. Your creativity adds depth and diversity to our PRIDE events, enriching the experience for all who attend.

And to each and every one of you, our cherished attendees, thank you for being here. Your presence infuses PRIDE season with energy and enthusiasm, creating memories that will linger long after the festivities have ended.

We hope you have memorable and enriching experiences at Out On The Lakeshore’s 2024 Holland PRIDE events. Let’s celebrate together and make this year’s PRIDE season one to remember!

Happy Pride!

Penny Jansen (she/they) Out On The Lakeshore Board Chair


Out On The Lakeshore’s Mission is to be a leading organization along the Lakeshore providing expansive education, programming, partnerships, safe spaces, and advocacy to LGBTQ+ members and their allies to create a more inclusive and welcoming community that is filled with pride.

Out On The Lakeshore’s Vision is to foster a Lakeshore community where all LGBTQ+ members are welcomed, supported, and celebrated for who they are. By empowering and uplifting those who have been historically marginalized, we ensure a bright and more equitable future for all.

PRIDE 2024
4 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025
6 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025 we’re proud of you. we’re here for you. LGBTQ+ Friendly Therapy ADHD Testing • Medication NORTON SHORES | GRAND HAVEN | HOLLAND | HAMILTON wmps.net PADNOS team members represent all colors of the rainbow. Come join our team! padnos.com PADNOS From big milestones to even bigger dreams, we’re committed to helping you create a brighter financial future. Learn more at pnc.com ©2024 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Dedicated to your financial journey, and supporting you along the way. arborcircle.org | info@arborcircle.org | 616.456.6571 Arbor Circle advances mental wellbeing through counseling and supportive services in partnership with people and communities. you belong here + Entry-level jobs + On-the-Job Training + Quarterly Bonuses + Tuition Reimbursement APPLY TODAY gentex.com/jobs
Orangetheory is a 1-hour, full-body heart rate zone workout that delivers a more personalized experience in a group setting. Designed to be effective and efficient, our workout boosts your metabolism, burns fat and burns more calories. And these are just some of the results you see. FITNESS DESIGNED TO YOUR FITNESS LEVEL BOOK AN INTRO CLASS TODAY AT ORANGETHEORY.COM *OFFER LIMITED TO FIRST-TIME VISITORS TO ORANGETHEORY FITNESS AND LOCAL RESIDENTS ONLY. ORANGETHEORY® AND OTHER ORANGETHEORY® MARKS ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF OTF IP HOLDER, LLC. COPYRIGHT 2023 OTF IP HOLDER, LLC AND ITS AFFILIATES yroehtegnarssentiFdnalloHO 1 5632semaJ.tSetS 20|Hdnallo,MI44249 EXPERIENCE IN SAUGATUCK TICKETS STARTING AT $25 AVAILABLE NOW sc4a.org Saugatuck, MI | 269-857-2399 AUGUST 10 - SEPTEMBER 1 JUNE 22 - JULY 14 holland.org • 800.506.1299 • #discoverholland • DISCOVER HOLLAND Pride with Purpose LGTBQ Owned and operated v a c a t i o n p r o p e r t i e s P H : ( 6 1 6 ) 2 9 4 - 8 3 3 2 w w w . A r t C o a s t P r o p e r t i e s . c o m Elevated Stays | Tailored Management 252 Grand Street • Saugatuck, MI 269-857-5201 web: allsaintsssaugatuck.org EPISCOPAL CHURCH Where all are welcomed to the Table and where “All” really does mean ALL, no exceptions!


One Out

Justice out of my reach

Freedom a glimpse

Here I find

Im the odd one out

Amongst “my own kind”

Ablack sheep

As one may say

Never fitting in

Into the mold presented

Since our young souls were unbound

To the structure of Earth

And its repercussions in realities

Keeping imagination uncontained

Until is broken

By expectations

Weighed on us

Weighed over youth

To continue spinning the world round

Waiting for it to stop

After it’s unrestful span

The sore thumb

Within the contents

Of shackling oppression

Ready to spring

From my place

Because not every soul

Can fit within

The same box

Only to have

A foot out the door

Glancing at the openness

Left baren

By people who are scared

To rebel against ideas

That keep the most powerful of minds

In a cycle

Of work

To be told

What to do

What to be

What to want

When your mouth

Becomes numb

To the lies uttered

In defense

Against being

The odd one out

When I look

I see So many Differences

Why should we all conform And hide our talents

Live inside the box

We are forced into

“Keep to yourself

The world doesn’t like

Anything different It will take what it finds And destroy it”


Here I am I’m

In my full glory

Bathing in my own individuality

To be human

To be me

Is to be the odd one out

Unless we change

And instead we realize

There’s no cloud in the sky

That’s the same

She lay dying, inside.

No one understood it was her son.

The town’s last paperboy; the basketball team’s guard; the stray dog rescuer.

He loved him, and she loved he. Neither could turn it off and live authentically.

While pretending. Lots of hugs now, lots of hug in the beginning, of his life.

For a broken heart, for a scraped knee.

For his healing, and hers, too.

A solid history in this town: first female lifeguard, and hospital volunteer for 16 years.

But, for supporting her son, that appeared to be too much. Then, the wind direction changed, and her next door neighbor’s Newly hung Pride flag blew in the direction of her house.

The neighbor’s face and words changed and in blew love and understanding. Like that wind.

Words she would always remember: I’m standing with you; one parent to another, one human being to another.


Emiliah’s Eyes

There I am! Now, I see!

The stunning woman that is me. She is smart, talented, beautiful and brave

But she’s been through shit; She’s had some rough days. And sometimes, she cries because old wounds still hurt,

But she always gets up and makes it work. So, don’t judge this girl; she’s stronger than you know. She’s the nicest girl you’ll meet; Don’t cross her, though.

It took her a while to get where she is now. She was determined to make it, Someway, somehow.

Though they called her a man And kicked her while she was down She rose to her feet and fought back her ccrown

Now, Of my reflection, I have no fear For I learned to be louder than their lies

Because now, a woman stands in the mirror And now, I see through Emiliah’s eyes.

10 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025

Intersectionality: Amplifying Impacts on Accessibility

An individual’s experience navigating the world with a service animal as a gender queer individual living with an invisible disability

Hi, I’m AJ. I was raised as female. I identify as Gender Queer. I am an invisibly disabled Queer veteran, who uses a service dog.

I like to travel to find myself in the days since my PTSD diagnosis. It seems the desperate need to get away claws at me more frequently and with more intensity. I travel with my service dog cross country almost every year. The road, the adventure, the excitement–there’s truly nothing more bonding and healing to do with my companion.

With every trip, I face numerous challenges. One example is being misgendered by others and facing their gender ‘norm’ focused questions like “Are you really traveling ALONE?” and “be careful!“ whenever I share my excitement about an upcoming adventure. These statements can overwhelm me with self doubt and fear, and usually prompt extreme, and often unnecessary hypervigilance.

I also struggle with access to public places, being allowed to stay at rental properties, being seated in restaurants, and joyfully experiencing the towns and cities I visit when I’m on these adventures. Having an invisible disability like PTSD means that you can’t tell

that I’m disabled just by looking at me. As a result, people frequently doubt my abilities and inabilities – including my need for a service animal. I knew that deciding to use a service dog as a tool to mitigate my symptoms would be a worthwhile challenge, but I did not realize how extensive that challenge would be until I actually started going into public with them.

What many people fail to realize is that a service animal is an extension of the human who is using it -similar to a wheelchair, prosthetic, or cane. However, because my disability is invisible, I frequently encounter establishments requesting a detailed health history or an explanation for my companion for someone who “doesn’t look disabled”. Furthermore, on more occasions than I can count, my civil rights have been violated to a severe degree by refusing me entry or segregating me from others in public establishments. The benefits I receive from my service animal are certainly profound, but I was not prepared for the consistent self-advocacy work I would have to endure just to go out for dinner with my friends, participate in a veterans retreat, or go out on a date with my partner.

I wish people could see that the ignorance of business owners, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and people, create an unkind world that is difficult to navigate. Federal Law allows me and my service dog access to every building and event that’s offered to the general public. You cannot tell us to sit at a special table in the back of the room or ask us to wear an identifying piece of clothing. You can’t deny us a place in the world because you have

allergies, don’t like dogs or don’t want hair on your clothing. If you see a service dog team in public don’t ask to pet the dog, make kissy noises at the dog, talk to the dog or try in any other way to get the dogs attention. This can alter their attention, causing it to miss (sometimes) life saving cues.

If I could ask one thing of the general public it would be to please, just keep walking. Ignore the dog, smile at the person and leave us be. We are all just trying to navigate the world as best we can with the tools we have available to us. If you are a business owner, a landlord or an event planner I encourage you to do your homework. Know the laws. The information is available on every state government website as well as Ada.gov.


I am a Woman

I am a woman; beautiful and serene. I carry myself with grace and lofty esteem. Slender and submissive though, weak, I may seem. There’s a fierce dragon beneath this sexy sheen. And though I am a strong, smart, and talented Queen… …I still want a man upon whom I can lean. Because, like any woman, I still need to love and be loved

I long to be noticed, needed, kissed and hugged. Just because my body came in the shape of a man… …Does not necessarily mean that a man is who I am. Because, sometimes, the body does not match the soul My Transgender identity is not who I am as a whole. So look past my cover; I promise, I’m a good read. And choose love over hate for love is all you need.

12 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025
75 Years Anniversary Because Life Should Be Beautiful ™ Looking for an LGBTQ+ friendly doctor? Visit findadoctor.spectrumhealth.org and search for ‘LGBTQ Health’ for a list of providers. Celebrating Pride Month with You! Scan Learn more and support our work at GRFoundation.org /LGBTQFund

I’m Man Too

Remember when you swore you’d love me even as we’d both change that you, now a man, would remember I am far from a woman. Society classifies gender as skin-deep— at least your skin reflects who you are. But you’ve forgotten I’m man too. That when I am slimy from my organs I too can battle wits and strength, devise million-dollar ideas and solve crises and it still comes down to the shape of my organs. How I dress.

The features I want to accentuate.

Who I fuck and how.

What I believe in.

If there’s ever a moment I listen to you that is the moment I am silenced. But I’m not some pretty little wife existing only for you and your attention when I’m man too.

Read More in 2024


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these lakeshore area businesses that support the work of Out On The Lakeshore

ACLU - Michigan 2966 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48201 www.aclumich.org

Advanced Counseling and Therapy Services

2020 Raybrook St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 advancedcounselingandtherapyservices.com

All Saints’ Episcopal Church 252 Grand Street Saugatuct, MI 49453 www.allsaintssaugatuck.org

Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony (ACEH) www.harmonyalliance.org

Alzheimer’s Association-Greater Michigan Chapter 4081 Cascade Rd. SE, Suite 400 Grand Rapids, MI 49506 www.alz.org/gmc

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 199 Water St 11th floor New York, NY 10038 www.afsp.org

Arbor Circle 1115 Ball Ave. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 www.arborcircle.org

Art Coast Properties www.artcoastproperties.com

Back To Health Chiropractic 10990 Chicago Dr Zeeland, MI 49464 www.bthclinics.com

Big Lake Brewing 13 W. 7th Street Holland, MI 49423 biglakebrewing.com

BizStream 11480 53rd Ave Allendale, MI 49401 www.bizstream.com

Black Tulip Salon & Spa

12330 James St Suite B60 Holland, MI 49424 www.blacktulipsalonspa.com

Boys & Girls Club Holland 435 VanRaalte Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.bgca.org

Holland Board of Public Works 625 Hastings Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.hollandbpw.com

Break Room Therapy

7988 Clyde Park Ave SW Byron Center, MI 49315 www.breakroomtherapy.com

Brew Merchant

442 Washington Ave. Holland, MI 49423 www.brewmerchant.com

Brewery 4 Two 4 321 Douglas Ave #120 Holland, MI 49424 www.brewery424.com

Carolyn Stich

29 West 8th Street Suite 100 Holland, MI 49423 www.carolynstich.com

Corewell Health 8333 Felch St. Zeeland, MI 49464 www.corewellhealth.org

Douglas Congregational UCC 56 W Wall Street Douglas, MI 49406 www.douglasucc.org

Douglas Zylstra - Ottawa County Commissioner www.facebook.com/zylstraforcommissioner

Downtown Holland 150 West 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.downtownholland.com

Evolve by Design 148 S River Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.downtownholland.com

Downtown Holland 150 West 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.evolvebydesign.com

Fair Housing Center of West Michigan 20 Hall St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507 www.fhcwm.org

First Presbyterian Church of Holland 659 State Street Holland, MI 49423 www.fpcholland.org

First United Methodist Church of Holland 57 West 10th Street Holland, MI 49423 fumcholland.churchcenter.com

Frances Jaye 50 E 8th St. Holland, MI 49423 www.francesjaye.com

Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse 12330 James Street Holland, MI 49424 www.yogahothouse.com

Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars 24 E. 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.fustinis.com

Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. 154 W 14th St. Holland, MI 49423 www.garsnettbeacon.com

Gazelle Sports of Holland 24 W 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.gazellesports.com

Gentex Corporation 600 North Centennial Street Zeeland, MI 49464 www.gentex.com

Globe Design & Vision 49 East 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.globe-vision.com

GR LGBTQ Healthcare Consortium www.grlgbtqhealthcareconsortium.org

Grace Episcopal Church 555 Michigan Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.graceepiscopalholland.org

14 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025

Grand Rapids Community CollegeLakeshore Campus 12335 James St. Holland, MI 49424 www.grcc.edu

Grand Valley State University 1 Campus Dr Allendale, MI 49401 www.gvsu.edu

Gun Lake Casino 1123 129th Ave Wayland, MI 49348 www.gunlakecasino.com

Harbor Health & Massage 444 Washington Ave. Holland, MI 49423 www.harborhealthandmassage.com


One Haworth Center Holland, MI 49423 www.haworth.com

Healthy Holland

702 Michigan Ave Holland, MI 49423 healthyholland.wixsite.com/ healthyholland

Herrick District Library

300 S River Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.herrickdl.org

Hoegen Electric, LLC 6706 144th Avenue Holland, MI 49424 www.hoegenelectricllc.com

Holland Carpet Care www.hollandcarpetcare.com

Holland Human Relations Commission 270 S. River Ave Holland, MI 49423 cityofholland.com/325/Human-RelationsCommission

Holland Museum 31 W. 10th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.hollandmuseum.org

Holland UCC www.hollanducc.org

Hope Church 77 West 11th St Holland, MI 49423 www.hopechurchrca.org

Hops at 84 East

84 E. 8th St. Holland, MI 49423 www.hopsat84east.com

Hudsonville UCC

4950 32nd Ave. Hudsonville, MI 49426 www.hudsonvilleucc.org

Huntington Bank www.huntington.com

Inclusive Ottawa County 4950 32nd Avenue Hudsonville, MI 49426 www.inclusiveottawacounty.org

Jhomary’s Paradise 441 Washington Avenue Holland, MI 49423 www.consolepsp.com/jhomary-sparadise#google_vignette

Jonker’s Garden 897 Lincoln Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.jonkersgarden.com

Lake Michigan Dermatology: Anthony Berger, MP MPH FAAD 1148 Washington Ave. Suite 20 Holland, MI 49423 www.lakemichiganderm.com

Latin Americans United for Progress (LAUP)

238 W 15th St., Suite #12 Holland, MI 49423 www.laup.org

League of Women Voters www.lwv.org

Lemonjello’s Coffee 61 E 9th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.lemonjellos.com

Life Circles - PACE 12330 James St., Suite H-10 Holland, MI 49424 www.lifecircles-pace.org

Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates 735 Paw Paw Dr. Holland, MI 49423 www.lia-michigan.org

Living Lark www.livinglark.com

Magna Donnelly 3401 128th Street Holland, MI 49424 www.magna.com

MillerKnoll www.millerknoll.com

Momentum Center of Holland 345 W. 14th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.momentumcentergh.org

Mother Moon 127 Hoffman Street Saugatuct, MI 49453 www.facebook.com/p/MotherMoon-100057363823389/

New Holland Brewing Company 66 E. 8th St. Holland, MI 49423 www.newhollandbrew.com

New Standard - Saugatuck 6406 Blue Star Highway Saugatuck, MI 49453 www.anewstandard.com/locations/ saugatuck

Noodles & Company 12371 James Street, Unit 10 Holland, MI 49424 www.noodles.com

Oasis Hot Tub Gardens - GR 5041 Alpine Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49321 www.oasishottubs.com

Orangetheory Fitness of Holland 12365 James St #20 Holland, MI 49424 www.orangetheory.com

Ottawa Area Center for Pride 4950 32nd Ave, Suite B Hudsonville, MI 49426 www.ottawaareacenterforpride.org

Ottawa County Democrats 400 136th Ave Holland, MI 49424 www.ottawadems.com

Our Brewing Company 76 E. 8th St. Holland, MI 49423 ourbrewingcompany.com

Our LGBTQ Fund 185 Oakes St. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 www.grfoundation.org


185 W. 8th St. Holland, MI 49423 www.padnos.com


Peachwave of Holland 6 W 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.peachwaveyogurt.com

Pine Rest Counseling Services Holland Clinic

926 S. Washington Ave Suite 210 Holland, MI 49423 www.pinerest.org

Planned Parenthood of MI 425 Cherry Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 www.plannedparenthood.org

PNC Bank www.pnc.com

PRISM at Hope College Keppel House, 129 E 10th St Holland, MI 49423 www.hope.edu/offices/center-diversityinclusion/student-organizations.html

Pure Barre 90 Douglas Ave Holland, MI 49424 www.purebarre.com

Rainbow Love www.rainbowloveshop.com

Reach for Recovery

483 Century Lane Holland, MI 49423 www.reachforrecovery.org

Reader’s World

194 S River Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.readersworldbookstore.com

Reset Effect

345 West 14th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.resetmichigan.com

Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence 411 Butternut Drive Holland, MI 49424 www.resiliencemi.org

River City Psychological Services 1000 Monroe Avenue, NW Grand Rapids, MI 49503 www.rivercitypsychological.com


2080 Union Ave SE, Suite A Grand Rapids, MI 49507 www.samaritas.org

Saugatuck Center for the Arts 400 Culver Street

Saugatuck, MI 49453 www.sc4a.org

Scrapyard Climbing Collective 76 S River Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.scrapyardclimbing.com

Sperry’s Moviehouse - Holland 84 W 8th St Holland, MI 49423 www.sperrysmoviehouse.com

The 205 Coffee Bar 205 Columbia Ave Holland, MI 49423 www.205coffee.com

The Biscuit 450 Washington Ave Holland, MI 49423 thebiscuitcafe.com

The Bluestocking Bookshop 501 Butternut Dr #3b Holland, MI 49424 www.bluestockingbookshop.com

The Dunes Resort 333 Blue Star Hwy Douglas, MI 49406 www.dunesresort.com

The Farmhouse Deli & Pantry 100 Blue Star Hwy Douglas, MI 49406 www.thefarmhousedeli.com

The Grand Rapids Red Project 401 Hall St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507 www.redproject.org

The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan - be nice. 160 68th St. SW Suite 120 Grand Rapids, MI 49548 www.benice.org

The Poppy Peach 21 E. 8th St., Suite 100 Holland, MI 49423 thepoppypeach.com

The Southerner 880 Holland Street Saugatuck, MI 49453 www.thesouthernermi.com

The Unicorn Tavern 415 S Beechtree Street Grand Haven, MI 49417 www.theunicorntavern.com

The Vinyl Kountdown www.etsy.com/shop/VinylKountdown

Thrive Center for Wholeness 2215 29th Street Southeast Suite B8A Grand Rapids, MI 49508 www.thrivecenterforwholeness.com

Twirlytoes Wearable Art www.etsy.com/shop/twirlytoes

Unicorn Whisperer Boutique www.etsy.com/shop/TheUnicornWhisperer Unpossible Art www.unpossibleart.com

Urban Air Adventure Park - Holland 12331 James Street Holland, MI 49424 www.urbanair.com

Virtue Cider 2170 62nd St Fennville, MI 49408 www.virtuecider.com

Warner Vineyards 26 E. 8th Street Holland, MI 49423 www.warnerwines.com

West Michigan Psychological Services 890 Washington Ave Suite 150 Holland, MI 49423 www.wmps.net

West Shore Aware www.westshoreaware.org

Whirlpool www.whirlpool.com

Wine & Canvas - Grand Rapids 675 E Paris Ave SE, Suite E Grand Rapids, MI 49546 www.wineandcanvas.com

Woosah Outfitters + Outside Coffee (Douglas location) 450 W Center St Douglas, MI 49406 www.spreadingthewoosah.com

Yellow Lime Creative 675 E 16th St Holland, MI 49423 yellowlimecreative.com

16 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025

It chooses to ignore, displace and label people as human

Pass new legislation

For rehabilitation

So society can face less devastation

Allow Freedom to cause a manifestation Of liberation

Because everyone deserves to be heard regardless of their situation

Without facing judgment and isolation

Only then will we truly be a free nation.


Wait, I was different? by Thea

I don’t remember a time that I was interested in marrying boys

All of my dreams were to have a big house

A good job

Maybe some kids

The husband part was never appealing It seemed more like a chore than a joy

I always thought girls were more pretty Everyone thought that A fact

Everyone has that one actor

That one character

People made up their crushes on boys

Like I did

Now I’m learning that that wasn’t considered normal That people had crushes on boys for more reasons than “he seems cool” or “we both like the same movies”

I knew that girls could like girls

But, I never thought of that in the context of me

Something unreachable, unattainable

Some luxury I could never had

Now I know that I can like girls And that makes me so happy It makes so much more sense

18 | PRIDE GUIDE MAGAZINE | 2024 - 2025
PRIDE Guide Magazine was designed and edited by Sarah Tyria The 2024 PRIDE Guide Magazine was designed and editeed by Sarah Tyria, PRIDE Coordinator

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