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JUNE 2023

Hello and welcome to Holland’s 20th PRIDE!

Holland’s first Pride celebrations were quiet. LGBTQ+ folks and allies gathered together with very little fanfare. They hosted speakers and held film screenings in the hopes of making this community a safer place to live. They gathered together in spite of opposition. They gathered together in spite of open hostility. They gathered because they knew that LGBTQ+ people were here in Holland, and they deserved a place to feel safe, seen, and heard.

Out On The Lakeshore and Holland PRIDE have grown significantly since that time. We are not quiet anymore. We have a year-round Community Center where LGBTQ+ folks and allies can seek support and community. We host an annual PRIDE Festival at Centennial Park, out in the open and vibrantly visible. That visibility is thanks to the tireless work of the people who hosted Holland’s first Pride events, and who fought for our right to be heard. I am so proud to work with an organization with such a powerful history, and I am so excited to see where we will go. We have come so far, and there is still work to be done. All of you here today are part of that progress. The fact that you are here celebrating with us is a testament to your bravery, compassion, empathy, and, most importantly, your capacity for joy.

To our sponsors and community partners: we are deeply grateful for your support.To the allies here with us today: your presence is so important. To the LGBTQ+ community: you are loved and celebrated.

Happy Pride, friends! Thank you all for celebrating with us. We’re so glad you’re here.

Now let’s have some fun!

JUNE 2023

Out On The Lakeshore

451 Columbia Ave., Holland

Our MISSION is to provide a constant source of support and understanding to the LGBTQ community of the greater Holland area. We seek to create a community in which all persons are afforded equal rights and opportunities.

Our VISION is a community that welcomes all people. It is our desire that all forms of discrimination are removed in order to create a safe, open, and accepting environment for the LGBTQ community. We strive to provide the education, events and resources necessary to foster understanding, and to advocate within Holland for a community that accepts and embraces all.



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10 downtownholland.com Shop. Sip. Dine. Explore. Downtown Holland. Holland has an extensive LBGTQ+ history! Check it out on the Out On The Lakeshore website. www.outonthelakeshore.org/about/ Holland LGBTQ+ History Holland LGBTQ+ History Did you know... holland


Amidst a world of rules and norms we abide, Love’s expression is often forced to hide, But love is love, no matter who Gender, race, or shade of hue

Rainbows stretch across the sky A symbol of love that never dies In every color, shade, and hue Love is love, and it’s always true

Society tries to bring us down With hate and discrimination all around They say we can’t love who we choose And try to make us feel like we’re destined to lose

But we won’t let them make us frown

We’ll stand tall and be proud, never back down We’ll say it loud and clear Love is love, and we’re all equal here

We’ll celebrate our diversity

And break the chains of hate together, you’ll see We’ll stand up against discrimination and strive And fight for love and equality in our life

From the streets to the halls of power

We’ll keep marching on, hour after hour

We’ll never give up, we’ll never give in Love is love, and we’ll always win.

i fell in love with a boy named after the sun. he dances on my skin the way old lovers do, a reminder, a way to say, i am here & we are alive. our life, together, is everything, but make-believe.

like the smell of freshly-cut sunflowers, his smile followed me when i left the city. the sky was made of purples & oranges, do you remember when we made those our colors?

we were laid down in the back seat of your car.

i couldn’t see your face, but i knew you were smiling. a part of me stayed when i left the city, i’ve found my reason to come home.

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Celebrating Pride Month 2023


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Ones, Zeroes, and Twos by Emily



Cold and calculated

It bruises, and misconstrues

Static ones and zeroes


Many persons have said, quote, “There’s only two genders”

Did they forget the rules?

What are such rules?

Confusion and uncertainty at best

Full of malice and hatred at worst

Not gifted the glasses of perception

A curse emplacing blame, deception

Just what are we?

We, who are all fluid human beings, Two-spirit, asexual, what have you

Dynamic in existence, living things, follow no laws but to exist, true

Do we matter?

For in this world, we aren’t numbers, Nor objects, demons, imps, or monsters

We carry letters that create words; L, G, B, T, Q, I, A, and plus

I will leave you with this;

This poem shan’t follow rules, And neither should any of you

Because you see, numbers are flawed

And so are the bigots’ points of view. :)



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every body everybody



It is the intent of the city that no individual be denied EQUAL PROTECTION of the laws, nor shall an individual be denied the enjoyment of their CIVIL RIGHTS or be discriminated against because of:

• age

• race

• national origin

• color

• disability

• education

• familial status

• sex

• sexual orientation

• gender expression

• gender identity

• height

• marital status

• religion

• source of income

• weight

18 CE Wiers | Hedgehog Arts & Letters 06.09.2011 Master Final LOGO We’ve been thinking [we’ve been thinking] something to be learned from the “People’s You probably heard it in news reports about the or perhaps participated yourself: One person and then waits until everyone nearby echoes, speaker calls out the first short phrase of what accurate, unison repeat, and so forth until the crowd. At that point, if someone questions the represents the values of the larger movement, express the concern again, waiting for the repeat. While this method is suited to large outdoor contains elements of one-on-one methods of in counseling or recommend in situations of understand and empathize by listening carefully, heard the other person say to make sure you have or opinion before going on. In a recent radio interview about the “People’s peopletobeparticipatory,tolisten,tounderstand othersaredependingonyou,soyoupayattention beforeyoustartthinkingaboutyourownresponse." How many times have we engaged in a conversation LGBTQ inclusion pushes our buttons because forming a rebuttal while that person is still talking? understand the story behind the feelings, we in the first place. At “Building an Inclusive Church” training events to engage someone who disagrees by hearing to listen. Of course it’s easier said than done may never agree on anything except that we disagree. conversations would serve the church if we tried grace to do a “mic check” in the RCA, because Lessons from the People’s The Newsletter Inside this issue: FROM THE BOARD: Cyndi Boertje 2 BOARD ELECTIONS, DEVELOPMENT TEAM 3 THE ABC’S of SEXUALITY: Stacey Midge 4,5 CRC ADVOCATES FORM “ALL ONE BODY” 5 A CLOSER LOOK AT THE RfA ROSTER 6,7 “BUILDIING AN INCLUSIVE CHURCH” EVENTS PLANNED 7 MEMBER TO MEMBER: Bob Mutch 8 REGIONAL GROUP ACTIVITIES 9 C A N A N Y O N E W I T H H O L D T H E W A T E R W H O H A V E R E C E V E D T H E H O L Y S P R VOL. 2, NO. 2 WINTER 2012 Supporting,Educating, Advocating... forfullinclusionofLGBT personsintheReformed ChurchinAmerica ROOM FOR ALL P.O Box 11495 Albany NY 12211 (201) 364-4538 info@roomforall.com “BUILDING AN INCLUSIVE CHURCH” COMING TO YOUR SEE PAGE welcomes you Progressive and Contemplative Spirit Inclusive and Welcoming Community Biblical and Contemporary Preaching engage your heart, mind , & soul CE Wiers | Hedgehog Arts & Letters 06.09.2011 Master Final We celebrate unity and diversity! 77 West 11th Street, Holland, MI 49423 | HopeChurchRCA.org | (616) 392 . 7947 HCR-1301_HollandAreaPridePOSTCARD.indd 1 6/12/13 10:09 AM You are loved. You belong. Hope Church RCA | 77 West 11 th Street, Holland, MI 49423 | (616) 392 . 7947 A proud member of Room for All: the open and affirming movement of the RCA See how you can join us at HopeChurchRCA.org CE Wiers | Hedgehog Arts & Letters 06.09.2011 Master Final HOPE CHURCH LOGO 77 W. Eleventh Street Holland, MI 49423 PURPLE—C61 M96 Y0 K0 / R127 G51 B146 GREEN—C85 M22 Y100 K9 / R32 G136 B66 RED—C13 M100 Y100 K4 / R204 G33 B39 GOLD—C13 M29 Y100 K0 / R225 G177 B37 PURPLE—PMS 2602 GREEN PMS 363 RED—PMS 485 GOLD—PMS 124


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• Labs and tutoring services.

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153084 5/23

Green Carnations by Ethan Johnson

A poppy was my first love. Bright. Loud. Ruby red. It wasn’t for my bouquet though. She ended up being more of a Violet.

My current love is a Lily of The Valley. Tall. Strong. Yet- delicate. Beautiful in every way. She always blooms most during spring. Probably my favorite season.

Secretly one of my favorite flowers is the green carnation. Similar to lavender or violets it has a deeper meaning. But maybe that’s just me. Looking for something deeper. A pansy.



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What This Means to Me

This means I can show my true colors

This means I can’t be stopped

This means I can have hope

Hope for a better future

Hope that we will change the world

Hope means that we will become stronger

Stronger to protect the weak

Stronger to keep up

Stronger to stand up for ourselves

Griffin Mcelroy once said, “You’re going to be amazing”

Sabastian Garsnett Realtor® 616-268-2790 garsnettgroup.com Proud to be part of and serve the LGBTQ+ community with all real estate needs. Call me and let's discuss your goals and how I can win for you. hoegen.electric.llc@gmail.com office.hoegen.electric.llc@gmail.com hoegenelectricllc.com (616) 218-2443 Proud to serve everyone. Your story matters. Proudly Supports Holland Pride www firstlike social
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Samaritas is proud to welcome foster families from all walks of life no matter what age, race, religion or sexual orientation.


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We are worshipping, serving and living, with a fresh vision of God’s vibrant energy and grace for all.

32 pinerest.org Whatever your journey, we’re here for you. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN C HURCH 659 State St., Holland, Michigan 49423 // (616) 392 - 9022 // office@fpcholland.org More Light Presbyterians is a non -profit organization dedicated to allowing the full participation of LGBTQIA+ people in life, ministry, and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and in society. You are welcome here, and you are loved. First Presbyterian Church is a More Light congregation of the PC(USA).
us for worship at 10 am on Sunday mornings.
Pastors: Cathy Caldwell Hoop and Paul Van Kempen
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Righteous Anger

You make us sing

About the land of the free

And doesn’t that just sting

Cuz that freedom doesn’t apply to me

Let’s start out with gender

You’ve got to know what’s in our pants

But you act like the defender

When we start up our chants

We have to get an education

But you don’t want us to think

We should just “support our nation”

As leaders bring us closer to the brink

Then there’s the issue of race

You paint everything in black or white

But you want us all to know our place

When we stand up for what is right

Where is the liberty and justice for all

From our country’s pledge

When you decided to build a wall

At our boarder’s edge

The children are in cages

Or in body bags

Cuz parents don’t get enough wages

And you’d rather ban the drags

You forced my mom to give birth

Since a fetus is too precious to kill

So why, in your god’s green earth

Are school shootings going on still?

They say we’re all “too young” to know

What we want or why

Too young to love, to vote, to think; though not too young to die

35 At any given time, approximately 11,000 Michigan children are in foster care. Become a foster parent and make a difference in the lives of children in our community. arborcircle.org | info@arborcircle.org | 616.456.6571

Here, we celebrate PRIDE month all year long with an exclusive PRIDE collection of apparel and accessories that lets you sport your support, head-to-toe!

The best part? Proceeds benefit local organizations of inclusivity, including Holland’s own Out On The Lakeshore. Plus, our PRIDE partners’ giveback components help support LGBTQ+ communities even more!


Downtown Holland, 24 W 8th St. PRIDE gear that gives back!
37 Bringing the community together helps all of us move for ward. At PNC, we proudly support the people, events and institutions that help to strengthen the places we call home and the world around us. ©2023 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc All rights reserved PNC Bank, National Association Member FDIC CON PDF 1221-018-1951005 Making a world of difference star ts at home. www.pnc.com


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GVSU is proud to support the Holland Pride celebration and the LGBTQ+ community. Visit gvsu.edu/lgbtrc for more information.

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Pride with Purpose