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Out On The Lakeshore

June 23-25, 2017 On behalf of everyone at Out On The Lakeshore, thank you for joining us as we come together once again to celebrate the LGBTQ+ Community in the Holland area. The 2021 PRIDE season was the most successful season yet, raising more funds than any previous year, to help Out On The Lakeshore continue providing education, support, social groups, and special events for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. We believe that this year will be even better. After all, we are Stronger Together! It’s with this in mind that we chose “Stronger Together” as this year’s PRIDE theme. We’ve been through a lot over the last couple years, but it has taught us that as a community we are stronger when we come together in celebration, support, and love. This is exactly what PRIDE is all about, and we’re thankful that you are joining us in the celebration. Last year, Mayor Nathan Bocks proclaimed June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month in Holland, we continued partnerships with dozens of local businesses, churches, and other nonprofit organizations, and expanded Out On The Lakeshore’s programming and resources. This year, that growth continues both at Out On The Lakeshore and even within PRIDE itself. For PRIDE this year, we’ll again host our Festival in Centennial Park - now with an entire area full of youth activities, our third annual Run with PRIDE 5K, and second annual Holland PRIDE Drag Show, but we’re also hosting a variety show including comedy and a hypnotist, a Graduation Open House for LGBTQ+ graduates, a poetry reading, and more. Continue reading this guide to learn all about all of these great activities. Thank you for being a part of all of this. We couldn’t do it without the support of the community and are so grateful for each and every one of you. Welcome to Holland PRIDE 2022! Thank you for coming together with us, because we are always Stronger Together.by presented Jeffrey Sorensen Executive Director Out On The Lakeshore


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Out On The Lakeshore 451 Columbia Ave., Holland Our MISSION is to provide a constant source of support and understanding to the LGBTQ community of the greater Holland area. We seek to create a community in which all persons are afforded equal rights and opportunities. Our VISION is a community that welcomes all people. It is our desire that all forms of discrimination are removed in order to create a safe, open, and accepting environment for the LGBTQ community. We strive to provide the education, events and resources necessary to foster understanding, and to advocate within Holland for a community that accepts and embraces all.



Herrick District Library • 7:00pm-8:30pm

Helder Park 8:30am – Registration; 9:00am-9:30am – Staggered Start

Out On The Lakeshore • 6:00pm-7:30pm

Howard B. Dunton Park 7:00pm-9:00pm • RSVP required at hollandpride.org

Park Theatre • 6:00pm – Doors Open

Centennial Park • 12:00pm-5:00pm

Virtue Cider • 6:30PM – Doors Open 5

Festival Stronger Together

Music & Dancing Returning this year we will have performances by DJ GB and Elare!

Inclusive D&D

June 25, 12-5pm Centennial Park

New Kids' area With balloon animals, face painting, games, crafts, bounce house, story times (1pm & 3:30pm), magician (2pm), and so much more!

Being Stronger Together is required when facing fantasy creatures on the field of battle - join our Game Masters to foray into danger on the tabletops!

Food Trucks

And So much


Selfie balloon wall, resource booths, PRIDE merch, rainbow yoga, and more!

Dune Buggy Food Truck, UCC Frozen Desserts, Kona Ice, Mezkla, Patty Matters, Polar Patrol, Smokin 8's, Spice Boys Food Truck, Water and Wheat and More!

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June 24 7-11PM


Tickets $5


Johanna Medranda

Kian Straub

Brianna Blackburn




June 25 7-9PM

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Tickets $25


Dymond Denae

Hosted by: DeeDee Chauntee

La Reine Divine

2170 62ND ST FENNVILLE, MI 49408

DJ Keller Shaw

Get your tickets here:





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June 23-25, 2017

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Tier 5 Sponsors

All Saints’ Episcopal Church Arbor Circle First United Methodist Church Green Koi Holland UCC New Standard Cannabis Ottawa County Health Department Padnos Spectrum Health Zeeland Holland Human Relations Commission


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Tier 7 Sponsors

Pure Barre Holland Hospital Orangetheory Fitness Holland Kabri Martyniek - State Farm The Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan - be nice. Campit Outdoor Resort Dr. Kate LD (drkateld.com) Drs. Jeff Johnson & Beth Peter Evolve by Design Grand Rapids Specialty Therapy Guardian Brewing Company Pine Rest Holland Clinic Planned Parenthood of MI Tier 6 Sponsors River City Psychological Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Services Harmony (ACEH) presented by Colette Volkema DeNooyer Alzheimer's Association and Robert DeNooyer II Douglas UCC Samaritas Downtown Holland Cakabakery Hops at 84 East Hudsonville UCC Jim and Donna Brooks Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence


Tier 8 Sponsors

City Flats Hotel Douglas Zylstra Sara Van Tongeren, LMSW Sperry's Moviehouse The Bluestocking Bookshop Two Churches: Holy Cross Episcopal and Ascension Lutheran Dean and Mary DeRidder

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Holland LGBTQ+ History Did you know... Holland has an extensive LBGTQ+ history! Check it out on the Out On The Lakeshore website.





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Weddings • Senior pictures Outdoor family portraits 616-644-2428


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Holland Mayor Nathan Bocks Carolyn Stich Studios Uncommon Coffee Roasters Brew Merchant Brewery 4 Two 4 The Cakabakery Lemonjello’s Coffee Orangetheory Fitness Holland Whirlpool Hush Puppies Merrell BAM! Entertainment Center Saunders Family Bakery Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse of Holland Coppercraft Distillery Jonker’s Garden Holland Area Arts Council Absolute Photography Frances Jaye Fustini’s Oil & Vinegars Wine & Canvas of Grand Rapids Readers World Bookstore Sperry’s Moviehouse Harbor Health and Massage LLC Campit Outdoor Resort Warner Vineyards Peachwave of Holland Guardian Brewing Company Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. And more… 11

progressive. engaging. inclusive.

Sundays 10am Holland Civic Center hollanducc.org


Congratulations 2022 PRIDE Poetry Contest Winners!

Winning submissions are scattered throughout the guide for your enjoyment! e d a hom tic orchestra to buil ema in c e after th ndria Piette xa By Ale r me nly eve en beca d that i had o m o w es, loving f a homestea dowpan o a shape to through win ss. in cent gla peered toes, e translu mpse th g p in ti d li u g beclo on my ightful g breath this ins scaldin old between therness, o sh the thre igidity of this ng to, palm. fr r of my lo and the s i did not be y in the cente a first date. n ve ke these lo ith a skeleton ous laughter o w rv e e n m , e left know ed lik a birthk click come to ngertips like e v a h the loc i fi ce that ith my this pla e floorplan w th rs. ks, g in c tra eir bac gh the corrido u les in th mark— etch of musc sprawling thro str s it is the en floorboard ow sills, psakes. d d o o w w e e and kee necks, k in li z lik , rt s a e u y se q ght e their it is bri r plants and ro t the base of fo ir a r. e p a p ll a space d, pinned ha a ed to w sle it is tou rk thumbtack een o tw w e b rt a like lder, fitting ir head nd shou chen, it is the pink cheek a orner of a kit nus c p li e me t tu th u r s. o in u e yo and tak sonal blossom le table p il a a m m a a ’s e y s a f like o rd in yeste ceramic vase ve veiled e lo andmad tumbling into h a d , an osed to and real, begin p u p o u s y n re e le w ib whe s u s o ays y was po s journey. in the w ad forgotten les re ti h a u n that yo has bee l like it you fee is, th despite beat, there, a heart ll ti s is t life, ng like e perfume, it li k c ra in a pas ec lik d here e v fireplac steaming tea li e u hav of as if yo a mug ing you m o lc e w life, in this ext. n e lly. and th ave, rea e you h undation, s u a c e b fo ilt this you bu ss. re. tu c u e addre tr this s d was th e d e e n all you 13


Proud to be your ally, neighbors. Kabri Martyniek, Agent 201 Center Street Douglas, MI 49406 Bus: 269-857-2131 kabri.martyniek.vabjkt@statefarm.com

I support the LGBTQ community in Holland, and I’m here to help all my neighbors plan ahead and protect what matters most. Call me today. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.®

State Farm Bloomington, IL 2006035


LOVE WHERE YOU WORK Gentex is Ottawa County’s largest employer! Our employees love the clean work environment, the on-the-job training program, and the opportunity to move up throughout the company. Gentex provides money to help pay for college courses and an apprenticeship program if you want to earn a license in a skilled trade.

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Entry-level jobs On-the-Job Training Quarterly Bonuses Tuition Reimbursement

WANT TO LEARN MORE? You can apply online or in person. More information is available at gentex.com/jobs.

Apprenticeship Program 15



ge n ga

your heart, mind, & sou l

welcomes you


VOL. 2, NO. 2 WINTER 2012

Supporting, Educating, Master Final Advocating ...

CE Wiers | Hedgehog Arts Letters for full & inclusion of LGBT persons06.09.2011 in the Reformed Church in America

Inside this issue: FROM THE BOARD: Cyndi Boertje




celebrate unity and


Progressive and Contemplative Spirit

THE ABC’S of SEXUALITY: Stacey Midge




Inclusive and Welcoming Community


Biblical and Contemporary Preaching






ROOM FOR ALL P.O Box 11495 Albany NY 12211 (201) 364-4538 info@roomforall.com


We’ve been thinking [we’ve been th something to be learned from the “P

You probably heard it in news reports about t or perhaps participated yourself: One person and then waits until everyone nearby echoes, speaker calls out the first short phrase of what accurate, unison repeat, and so forth until the crowd. At that point, if someone questions th represents the values of the larger movement, express the concern—again, waiting for the re

While this method is suited to large outdoor g contains elements of one-on-one methods of a in counseling or recommend in situations of c understand and empathize by listening carefu heard the other person say to make sure you h or opinion before going on.

In a recent radio interview about the “People’

people to be participatory, to listen, to unde others are depending on you, so you pay atte before you start thinking about your own res

How many times have we engaged in a conver LGBTQ inclusion pushes our buttons becaus forming a rebuttal while that person is still tal understand the story behind the feelings, we c in the first place.

At “Building an Inclusive Church” training ev to engage someone who disagrees by hearing t to listen. Of course it’s easier said than done may never agree on anything except that we d conversations would serve the church if we tri grace to do a “mic check” in the RCA, becau

77 West 11th Street, Holland, MI 49423 | HopeChurchRCA.org | (616) 392 . 7947 HCR-1301_HollandAreaPridePOSTCARD.indd 1

every body


Which me do you want to see? Because I’ve got three; There’s the one for family, The one for work due to safety, And one that few see, the real me. I want to combine the three, Let the world see the real me. I may have found the remedy, I think it starts with HRT. It won’t be easy, And it isn’t free, But it’s time to show the world all I can be, Master Final After all, all I have to offer is me. CE Wiers | Hedgehog Arts & Letters 06.09.2011



6/12/13 10:09 AM


Me By Tony

holland@purebarre.com 616.377.7253


Lessons from the Peop

the poem in which he realizes he is boy. By Tate Johanek not fire, not flame just boy it’s a title he’s still learning to grow into, but it fits him just the way he needs it to and if anything, isn’t that how to know he’s home? he thinks about how long he was boy before even he knew and he wonders if you can know yourself in the process of becoming or if you’re only ever preparing yourself for the introduction yet to come he binds his chest tight enough to try and make his roots grow faster because he can no longer hide the thorns that rest beneath his budding flesh, the ones they tell him aren’t supposed to grow there yet persist nonetheless he persists nonetheless because he has to because at some point survival needs to feel like a choice which also requires choosing himself after all, he always thought roses were so damn beautiful and maybe he just wants to feel beautiful and yeah it’s just a noun but it’s also the first time he feels he has a name he can answer by the first time he says he loves himself and actually means it and anyone wise enough to view him transparent knows there is no greater love than the first time a visionary is able to feel seen.



Welcome to Downtown Holland Downtown Social District Open Daily | 11am - 11pm With 12 Participating Establishments

Holland Farmers Market Wednesdays & Saturdays Beginning May 18 | 8am - 2pm

Street Performer Series Thursdays Evenings Beginning June 16 | 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Sidewalk Sales

Friday, August 12 from 9am - 8pm Saturday, August 13 from 9am - 5pm




First Thursday of Each Month: 6PM - 7:30PM

First Saturday: 4pm - 6pm AND Third Friday: 6PM - 8PM


WHO YOU ARE IS HOW YOU LEAD. Leadership development that starts on the inside.

Happy Pride from AGC!

Learn more at agcollaborative.com 21

Alliance for Cultural & Ethnic Harmony www.harmonyalliance.org

Dedicated to promoting unity, justice, equal opportunity, ethnic awareness, cross-cultural understanding & appreciation for diversity.

Stay up to date about diversity-focused events with the ACEH’s popular “In The Community” weekly email newsletter. Sign up by emailing ACEH@harmonyalliance.org.

Guardian Brewing company


u at ug


11,000 foster youth in Michigan need temporary homes where they can feel safe, secure and loved. www.samaritas.org/fostercare

I ,M


Everyone is welcome. 100% LGBTQ & women-owned

Full service indoor & outdoor dining

22 unique beers on tap, year-round

Meat, Vegetarian & Vegan menu options

3,500 square-foot dog friendly patio

Full bar menu: wine, cocktails & cider

Monthly Beer School & Pairing Dinners

www.guardianbrewingco.com 22


PADNOS team members represent all colors of the rainbow. Come join our team! padnos.com

Learn more at ResilienceMI.org


Don’t say gay. Like I’m some kind of bad word? Who decides what’s bad and what’s good anyway? You cannot tell people what they can and cannot say. You see I know I’m good to my very core. I love my neighbor no matter who comes through my door. Black, white, brown, or rainbow. There is something I absolutely know. There is no room for hate- for we are made in and out of love. We are bright and beautiful like the sun shining up above. Our light touches everything and cannot be blocked out. No matter how abrasive you are or how much you pout and shout. You think you can spread your hate. You think you’ll be more powerful if you discriminate. You are afraid of what you can’t understand. But look down at your hand and look at my hand. You and I are cut from the same cloth. Except you let fear and hate make your heart hard- while I chose to remain soft. Your pain, hurt, and fears control you, so you try to control others and everything around you. But you can’t stop love no matter what you do. For whether we say gay or not. We are all still made in the same image. I am still you and you are still me. I love my neighbor, because I know it’s not them vs me- it’s WE. We are in this together and we are all trying our best. But I have some advice for you for the next time you need to let shit off your chest. Don’t lean into your fears and push away what you don’t know. Because if you keep closing your ears, heart and mind- you are never going to grow. Next time take a minute to sit with me. We are not that different you and me. If you love thy neighbor you will see how truly beautiful life was meant to be. So open your heart and your mind todayStand with me proudly and say gay! Sarah Scheffers


Never Forgetting Heather’s Reply (dedicated to my granddaughter Heather) By Jack Dunn I never will forget the day I told my granddaughter, Heather That her grandpa was gay, And finally “came out of the closet”

2% of June’s sales will be donated to OOTL through our Frances Jaye Invests program.

Love the job that loves you back. Apply: hollandhospital.org/careers

We were eating chinese When I was visiting there With them in Traverse City As I now visit them here. And I’ll never forget Heather’s reply to me “O, grandpa, I’m so happy You now can be free” “You are free to be you The person you want to be.” O, Heather, my dear, Thanks for so loving me! And expressing that love With words so true “O, grandpa, I’m so happy That you are free to be you”


Human Relations Commission Working to make Holland a place where all residents are honored and empowered to become productive members of the community, unhindered by discrimination, bias, misunderstanding, and conflict.



25 5 celebrating


At any given time, approximately 12,000 Michigan children are in foster care. Become a foster parent and make a difference in the lives of children in our community.

arborcircle.org | info@arborcircle.org | 616.456.6571

New problems with words or speaking is a warning sign of Alzheimer's. Learn more at alz.org/10signs

24/7 Helpline: 800.272.3900 alz.org/gmc 27


ur journ Whatever yo r you. we’re here fo


First Presbyterian Church strives to be a place where LGBTQIA+ people and their families feel safe and welcome. We believe that the image of God is reflected in our diversity and that God’s love extends to everyone. We welcome full participation in worship, leadership, sacrament, service, and community regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression.

All are Welcome!

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 659 State St., Holland, Michigan 49423 (616) 392-9022 // office@fpcholland.org 28

82 W 8th Street, Downtown Holland

Happy PRIDE to all from your friends at Cakabakery! Proudly gay owned, we believe equity and representation are as sweet as you are. All are welcome here!

@cakabakeryon8th - IG / FB


All I Ever Wanted(Peace) By Maura Tracy Walk down by the river Hold my hand in yours Soft and tender quiet Not a need for words Not a need for nonsense To loud fill up the air But a silent trust and comfort A safeheld sense of care That we can watch the water flow Like the annals of our minds Nothing that we came for Nothing scarce to find Nothing else important But your hand held soft in mine Nothing left to see But a moment here in time

Within an inclusive, non-judgmental, and supportive environment, the Womens+ Health Collective is a space for you to tell your story and receive comprehensive care rooted not only in evidence-based research but also compassion. Here, we remove the false expectations of what culture, upbringing or external forces define as what human bodies "should" be. Instead, your voice and intuition serve an integral role in your treatment, guiding our team of certified, highly-trained care providers as they collaborate to uncover what you and your body truly need.

Womens+ Health Collective 630 KENMOOR AVENUE SUITE 103 GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN 49546

PHONE 616.600.4950 info@whcollective.com www.whcollective.com


A sense of understanding A faith held deep and true That every summer back I come again to you

James Dressel: Does What He Did Matter? By Carol Tanis James Dressel, a Republican twice elected to the Michigan Legislature by Ottawa County voters. Born in Holland, Michigan, a Hope College graduate, and decorated military veteran. In 1983 he co-sponsored a bill to broaden the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act To include gays and lesbians. Single, never married, he’s asked, “Are you gay?” He replies, “Does it matter?” It’s the principle behind this legislation that should matter, Not his sexual orientation. Shouldn’t the rights of all people matter? Doesn’t it matter that LGBTQ individuals can be denied A place to live and a job because of their sexual orientation? He’s not reelected Because apparently the rights of LGBTQ individuals don’t matter to some. He becomes a civil rights advocate Because the rights of LGBTQ individuals do matter. This year marks the 30th anniversary of James Dressel’s death. We stand on his shoulders, along with others who sacrificed much to promote LGBTQ rights. His efforts do matter and live on as we celebrate pride today.

River City Psychological Services A place to heal, a place to grow

Be well. Be you. Because healing takes place amid love & acceptance. Accepting New Patients for in-person or telehealth visits 1000 Monroe Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616-259-7207, www.rivercitypsychological.com



be nice. Action Plan

notice • notice what is good, what is right. • notice what is different about how someone is thinking, acting and feeling.

challenge • challenge the individual to reach out for help. • challenge stigma surrounding mental health. • challenge yourself to communicate important resources.

invite • invite yourself to start a conversation. • “I’ve noticed that...” • “Have you spoken to anyone else about how you are feeling?”


The Isle by EJ Morris When upon a lotus sat a child whom Sappho begat Whose love for womyn spanned all of space, and handsomer still with a Rubenesque face Her and them and she and their, sometimes long or shortened hair Would be the envy of all who’d gaze, yet put upon to change said ways “Nay,” the answer you’d surely insist And with unwavering pride, WE STILL PERSIST!

• empower yourself and others to concentrate on and engage in protective factors. • empower yourself with the knowledge that you can have an effect on how someone thinks, acts and feels. © mental health foundation of west michigan

Pride 2022 Ad.indd 1




4/28/22 12:50 PM

LGBTQ LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED FREE Delivery to Holland Charity Driven

435 Blue Star Highway, Douglas, MI 269.206.3305 GreenKoi.com In-Store • Drive-Thru Curbside • Free Delivery 32

When people pull When When people people pull pull When people pull together, every together, together, every every together, every day is a giant leap day day is is a a giant giant leap leap day is a giant leap forward. forward. forward. forward.

We recognize the complex financial paths of the LGBTQ+ community. From saving for We We recognize recognize thethe complex complex financial financial paths paths of of thethe LGBTQ+ LGBTQ+ community. community. From From saving saving for what’s important planning for unique and life moments, we’re committed to for We recognize the to complex financial paths of costly the LGBTQ+ community. From saving for what’s what’s important important to to planning planning for for unique unique and and costly costly life life moments, moments, we’re we’re committed committed to helping those in the community control of theirlife finances and we’re face their futuresto with what’s important to planning fortake unique and costly moments, committed to helping helping those those in in thethe community community take take control control of of their their finances finances and and face face their their futures futures with with confidence. helping those in the community take control of their finances and face their futures with confidence. confidence. confidence.

Learn more at pnc.com/LGBTQ Learn Learn more more at at pnc.com/LGBTQ pnc.com/LGBTQ Learn more at pnc.com/LGBTQ

©2021 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC CON PDFThe 0618-0106 ©2021 ©2021 The PNC PNC Financial Financial Services Services Group, Group, Inc.Inc. All All rights rights reserved. reserved. PNC PNC Bank, Bank, National National Association. Association. Member Member FDIC FDIC ©2021 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. All rights reserved. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC CON CON PDFPDF 0618-0106 0618-0106 CON PDF 0618-0106


New Standard

Order Now

6406 Blue Star Hwy | Saugatuck | MI Tel: 269.464.0420 anewstandard.com | @newstandardmichigan

Free delivery. No minimums.



You are faster here. You are stronger here. And you get more results here. Here you have the coaches, community, and group energy coming together to push you forward every class. With scientifically designed full-body workouts and technology to track your results and prove you’re improving.

Sign up using the QR code (ppmi.org/educationinterest), or contact us at education@ppmi.org, to learn more about Planned Parenthood of Michigan’s comprehensive sexual health education programs for youth, adults, parents, professionals, and more!

12365 James St. Ste 20 | Holland, MI 49424 | 616-377-4911

*First-time visitors and local residents only. Certain restrictions apply. $28 minimum value. At participating studios only. See studio for details. Orangetheory® and other Orangetheory® marks are registered trademarks of OTF IP Holder, LLC. © Copyright 2021 OTF IP Holder, LLC and its affiliates



Support for this advertsement is provided in part by the Louis and Helen Padnos Foundation

First United Methodist Church of Holland

We see you We love you God loves you


www.fumcholland.org | (616) 396-5205 57 W. 10th St., Holland, MI 49423



NEXT For Grand Valley students, next is opportunity and innovation. Next is global, connecting and uniting us. It’s local, shaping the spaces in which we work and live. It’s a commitment to progress. Next is where minds are free to imagine what could be. At GVSU, next is now. And whatever’s next for you, we will help you get there. GVSU is proud to support the Holland Pride celebration and the LGBTQ+ community. Visit gvsu.edu/lgbtrc for more information.


FBI Tip Line for discrimination and hate crimes https://tips.fbi.gov 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

Grand Rapids Pride Center Grand Rapids, Michigan www.grpride.org 616.458.3511

Out On The Lakeshore Holland, Michigan www.outonthelakeshore.org 616.994.8090

OutFront Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, Michigan www.outfrontkzoo.org 269.349.4234

Ottawa Area Center for Pride Hudsonville, Michigan www.ottawaareacenterforpride.org

Stand with Trans Kalamazoo, Michigan www.standwithtrans.org

Affirmations LGBTQ+ Community Center Ferndale, Michigan www.goaffirmations.org 248.398.7105

OutCenter of Southwest Michigan Benton Harbor, Michigan www.outcenter.org 269.934.5633

Jim Toy Community Center Ann Arbor, Michigan www.jimtoycenter.org 734.274.9551

Transgender Michigan www.transgendermichigan.org

LGBT Detroit Detroit, Michigan www.lgbtdetroit.org 313.397.2127


June 23-25, 2017

presented by

presented by


outonthelakeshore.org www.hollandpride.org


facebook.com/hollandpride facebook.com/hollandpride

Design for the good of humankind.


Located between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan. US 131 - Exit 61 | gunlakecasino.com | 269.792.7777