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Out On The Lakeshore 451 Columbia Ave., Holland Our MISSION is to provide a constant source of support and understanding to the LGBTQ community of the greater Holland area. We seek to create a community in which all persons are afforded equal rights and opportunities. Our VISION is a community that welcomes all people. It is our desire that all forms of discrimination are removed in order to create a safe, open, and accepting environment for the LGBTQ community. We strive to provide the education, events and resources necessary to foster understanding, and to advocate within Holland for a community that accepts and embraces all.



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Out On The Lakeshore

June 23-25, 2017 On behalf of Out On The Lakeshore and its Board of Directors, thank you for joining us as we celebrate our diversity during the 2021 Holland PRIDE events. While much of the last year left us uncertain how celebrations would look this year, one thing always remained: The truly amazing support we receive from individuals, our sponsors, and community partners. It is with this support that we are able to continue to serve the LGBTQ+ community and its allies along the lakeshore, and to celebrate through Holland PRIDE. This year, we’re celebrating a little bit differently than in the past. Not only have we added events, such as the Run with PRIDE 5K and the PRIDE Drag Show, but we’ve also added new initiatives like our Yard Sign campaign and a poetry contest. We’ve spaced out our events to celebrate PRIDE all summer long and hope you’ll continue to celebrate with us too. PRIDE also holds new meaning in Holland this year. In August of 2020, Holland’s City Council passed one of the most comprehensive non-discrimination ordinances in the state of Michigan, while in the midst of a global pandemic and a demand for justice nationally for oppressed people. This ordinance set a precedent in the city, ensuring that everyone is welcome to live, work, and play in Holland. Just this year, Holland’s Mayor also proclaimed June to be LGBTQ+ Pride Month in the city and continues to work to make Holland a diverse and inclusive community. We’ve made so much progress, especially locally, however there is still work to be done. As you celebrate with us, we hope that you find the renewed energy to continue to join us as we work to provide a safe, welcoming community in Holland, along the Lakeshore, and beyond. Welcome to Holland PRIDE 2021!by Thank you for celebrating our diversity with us. presented Jeffrey Sorensen Director of Out On The Lakeshore

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where ALL are WELCOME!

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Sponsors JuneRed23-25, 2017

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Friends of PRIDE

Big Lake Brewing Company City of Holland Human Relations Committee Holland UCC All Saints’ Church, Saugatuck Arbor Circle

Ottawa Area Center for PRIDE Alliance for Cultural and Ethnic Harmony Hope Church Resilience: Advocates for Ending Violence presented by Downtown Holland

www.hollandpride.org 5

The Curragh Irish Pub River City Psychological Services Douglas United Church of Christ Our LGBTQ Fund Colette Volkema DeNooyer and Robert DeNooyer II

Al & Peg Minert Evolve by Design Community Action House


FPC strives to be a place where LGBTQIA+people and their families feel safe and welcome. We believe that the image of God is reflected in our diversity and that God's love extends to everyone.


We welcome full participation in worship, leadership, sacrament, service, and community life regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. 6

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For This

Exact Moment

Psychiatric Urgent Care Experts are available daily for same day walk-in and virtual appointments. Call 616.455.9200 today!

pinerest.org/urgent • 616.455.9200

73 East 8th St, Holland MI 49423 616-393-6340 www.curraghholland.com 8

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Coppercraft Distillery

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Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse


Campit Outdoor Resort

Whirlpool Pride Network

Frances Jaye

Saunders Family Bakery

Fustini’s of Holland

Wine and Canvas of Grand Rapids

Harbor Health and Massage


Warner Vineyards

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First Thursday of Each Month: 6PM - 7:30PM

First Saturday: 4pm - 6pm AND Third Friday: 6PM - 8PM




Dymond Denae

...and more!

Satur Saug day, Augu atuck st 14, C 2021 e n te Door s Ope r for the A n: 6:3 rts Show Starts 0pm : 7pm 18+


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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? ~ Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day ” My One Wild and Precious Life By Amy E. Hall


My one wild and precious life does not belong to my parents or predecessors nor to my pastor or priest or preacher or pope . My one wild and precious life does not belong to my president or to my principal or to my peers or the privileged pillars of my patriarchal society. My one wild and precious life does not belong to politicians or to the “pretty people” or the power hungry or to my pocketbook, property or prosperi ty. My one wild and precious life does not belong to a painful or problematic past or to perfectionism or my propensity for people pleasing nor to a profession, promotion or pursuit of prestige. My one wild and precious life does not belong to purveyors of prejudice or to peddlers of propaganda nor to the principles that someone else hold s. My one wild and precious life belongs to me to protect and preserve it, to pursue peace, to practice compassion, and to progress as the particular person I was put on the planet to be.

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life is brew-tiful. 15

Holland PRIDE Schedule FRIDAY, JUNE 25 RUN WITH PRIDE 5K Window on the Waterfront Sponsored by Gun Lake Casino 5:00pm Packet-Pickup 6:00pm – 7:00pm Staggered Start


Centennial Park 12:00pm – 5:00pm Join Out On The Lakeshore and local food vendors for an “Open House” style event! Grab lunch, take photos, and purchase PRIDE Merchandise at OOTL’s Booths, then hit the town and check out supportive businesses in Downtown Holland’s Sidewalk Sales!


Saugatuck Center for the Arts 6:30pm Doors Open 7:00pm Show Starts Purchase your tickets at Hollandpride.org for this outdoor drag show, benefitting Out On The Lakeshore! We’ll also draw our raffle winners during the show - Make sure to check out the raffle items at Hollandpride.org and purchase your tickets during Holland PRIDE events!


At Herman Miller our belief in LGBTQ+ equality extends to the communities in which we live, work, and serve. Along with Herman Miller Cares, our foundation, we are proud to support Holland Pride.

To learn more, go to hermanmiller.com/pride

© 2021 Herman Miller, Inc.


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6/9/2017 4:26:41

www.hollandpride.org 1978: John Stout forms Gay and

Lesbian Student Union at Hope College.

1983: R-Holland co-sponsors HB500, which would have amended the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation as a basic civil right. Bill dies in the committee, but an ongoing debate was triggered that continues to today. He came out as gay and was defeated the next year. One year short of earning a state pension.

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1 Rep James Dressel,

1993: “Sexual Orientation” added to

Hope College’s sexual harassment policy.

facebook.com/hollandpride 1995 Hope College creates

an “Institutional Statement on Homosexuality” that states that “the 6/9/2017 college will not provide recognition, financial or logistical support for groups whose purposes include the advocacy or moral legitimization of homosexual behavior.” The statement also advocates “fair and kind treatment for people with a homosexual orientation.”

April 1995: LesBiGay Issues Week held at Hope College.

September 1995: Hope College’s Dean’s Council responds to LesBiGay Issues Week.

Welcome ttoo

Downtown Holland


Shop. Dine. Explore. We can’t wait to see you! 18




Spring 1996: Acceptance of homosexual people discussed by panel and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1 of pastors at the third Conversation of Human Sexuality entitled “Sexual Ethics and Community” held at Hope College.

Human Sexuality” Key speaker is Mario Bergner, an “ex-gay” minister.

6/9/2017 4:26:41

March 1999: In response to “Setting

love in Order” - the Hope College Gay Lesbian or Bisexual Equality (GLOBE) sponsor a presentation by gay minister Mel White. Student congress had initially sponsored this talk, but later rescinded the invitation.

November 1996: Visiting Scholar,

Yoshimi Kaji speaks at Hope College on AIDS in LGBTQ+ community.

Fall 1997: Openly gay student at Hope College reports death threats and was beaten. March 1998: Two workshops entitled

March 1999: a “Human Clothesline”

formed in the Pine Grove to show support for LGBTQ+ students at Hope College.


“Confronting Homophobia” presented at Hope College by Jerry Kassuba; Openly gay female Bible Study leader at Hope College has position revoked due to her sexuality.

February 1999: Hope College Campus

March 1999: Tracy Ore, a lesbian

Hope College graduate, speaks on her experiences at Hope College when she was a student.

March 1999: Hope College Student

Committee announces a panel discussion 77 W. Eleventh Street Holland, MI 49423 on homosexuality to follow spring break. Ministries presents a Hope College Chapel Series: “Setting Love in Order: A Series on (continues on next page)

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welcomes you


VOL. 2, NO. 2 WINTER 2012

Supporting, Educating, Master Final Advocating ...

CE Wiers | Hedgehog Arts Letters for full & inclusion of LGBT persons06.09.2011 in the Reformed Church in America

Inside this issue: FROM THE BOARD: Cyndi Boertje




Progressive and Contemplative Spirit

celebrate unity and


THE ABC’S of SEXUALITY: Stacey Midge




Inclusive and Welcoming Community


Biblical and Contemporary Preaching






ROOM FOR ALL P.O Box 11495 Albany NY 12211 (201) 364-4538 info@roomforall.com

77 West 11th Street, Holland, MI 49423 | HopeChurchRCA.org | (616) 392 . 7947 19 HCR-1301_HollandAreaPridePOSTCARD.indd




Lessons from the Peop

We’ve been thinking [we’ve been thi something to be learned from the “P

You probably heard it in news reports about th or perhaps participated yourself: One person and then waits until everyone nearby echoes, “ speaker calls out the first short phrase of what accurate, unison repeat, and so forth until the crowd. At that point, if someone questions the represents the values of the larger movement, express the concern—again, waiting for the rep

While this method is suited to large outdoor g contains elements of one-on-one methods of a in counseling or recommend in situations of c understand and empathize by listening careful heard the other person say to make sure you h or opinion before going on.

In a recent radio interview about the “People’s

people to be participatory, to listen, to under others are depending on you, so you pay atte before you start thinking about your own res

How many times have we engaged in a conver LGBTQ inclusion pushes our buttons because forming a rebuttal while that person is still talk understand the story behind the feelings, we c in the first place.

At “Building an Inclusive Church” training ev to engage someone who disagrees by hearing t to listen. Of course it’s easier said than done w may never agree on anything except that we di conversations would serve the church if we trie grace to do a “mic check” in the RCA, becau


6/12/13 10:09 AM




April 1999: Hope College Student Congress cancels panel discussion on homosexuality

Holland Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1

Oct 11, 1999: Gay Encounter in the Pine Grove held by GLOBE for the National Coming out Day (during which gay and lesbian students and their supports play frisbee, read, and study in the Pine Grove). Fall 1999: Metrosource Magazine lists Hope College in “top 5 questionable schools for gay students to attend. Feb 2000: Hope College Student has car vandalized for having a rainbow painted on it.




Holland UCC

Sept 2000: Gay/Lesbian Film Series, organized by Hope College student Blithe Davis after a year independent study, was delayed by Hope College administration to convene a task force to examine series as a whole. Jan/Feb 2001: Blithe Davis’s Gay/

Lesbian Film Series, A Life, Not Just an Issue: A Lens for Understanding Homosexuality held in Maas Auditorium at Hope College.

March 2001: Gay-Straight Alliance (for Awareness) formed at Hope College in response to administration’s handling of film series.

April 2001: Hope College Campus Life Board denies recognition of GSAA.

July 2001: Local Chapter of PFLAG

Holland/Lakeshore founded by members: Don and Carmen Bergman, Dean and Mary DeRidder, Fred and Joan Hamlin, Nelson and Peg Hart, Jack and Jo VanDen Berg.

Sept 2001: Gay Straight Alliance not allowed to meet on Hope College Campus. September 2001: Hope College Gay

and Lesbian Alumni Organization host first meeting during Homecoming.





Holland 6/9/2017 4:26:41 PM Nov 2001: Task Force onPride_Program_2017_final.indd homosexuality formed at Hope College in response to Campus Life Board’s decision to deny GSA recognition.



December 2001: “Take Back the

Campus” posters with anti-gay statements appear on Hope College Campus.

January 2002: Hope College denied Gay-Straight Form (formerly GSA) recognition for a second time by Campus Life Board. April 2002: Two LGBTQ+ organizations, GRACES and GLOBE were described and named in the Task Force on Issues of Sexuality report to Hope College President. GRACES is a student organization that “provides a place for the Hope community to discuss issues of human sexuality and offers educational programming to support this goal. GRACES does not advocate a singular position on any particular issue.” GLOBE is a support group for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Students at Hope College, but was not funded by student life.



June 2004: The first Pride event in Holland: PFLAG Holland/Lakeshore sponsors author Melanie Morrison speaking on “Telling the Truth about Our Lives” at Grace Episcopal Church. Fall 2005: Hope College Professor, Dr. David G. Myers, Ph.D. speaks about homosexuality on campus and publishes a book “What God has Joined Together: The Christian Case for Gay Marriage.” June 2005: 2nd PRIDE event held featuring Hope College professor, Miguel De La Torre speaking about “What Timmy Taught Me” about how a gay friend taught him to be more open and accepting. Spring 2006: Mark Yarhouse speaks in

response to Dr. Myers lecture.

(continues on next page) 21

Christine A. Yared Attorney ▪ Author christine@christineyared.com www.christineyared.com 616.363.9041





Hope College1Professor and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd

Miguel De La Torre writes letters that are published in the Holland Sentinel that 1) challenges Focus on the Family’s anti-gay stances and 2) one that apologizes for how gays and lesbians are treated in Holland. De La Torre is later denied a merit raise at Hope College Administration and he accepts a job elsewhere. Students organize a rally in support of De La Torre.

2006: Openly gay professor of Art

History, John Hanson refused tenure by Hope College President despite support by the faculty committee

2006: Openly gay Hope College Student, Jason Burns is harassed and has car vandalized. June 2006: Holland’s 3rd PRIDE event is held at Grace Episcopal Church featuring Dr. Myers speaking as a social


psychologist how he became an active 6/9/2017 supporter of same-sex marriage.


June 2007: Holland’s 4th PRIDE event held at Grace Episcopal Church featuring Sean Kosofsky from the Triangle Foundation on “Why We are Winning.”

June 2008: Holland’s 5th PRIDE event held at Grace Episcopal Church featuring Rev. Jim Lucas speaking about “Gay Life: A Pastor’s Journey Toward Shalom.” June 2009: Holland’s 6th PRIDE

event held at Grace Episcopal Church featuring Seven Passages: The Stories of Gay Christians.

Fall 2009: Hope College Administration bans filmmaker Dustin Lance Black from hosting a discussion on his Academy Award winning film, “Milk” at a sexuality forum held on Hope’s campus. As a response, students form “Hope is Ready.”


The film was shown by the community at Park Theater instead.

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1

January 2010: Community group organizes and forms Holland Is Ready, which includes the student members for Hope Is Ready. At the first meeting, 150 people attend to discuss what can be done in Holland and Hope College to increase acceptance for LGBTQ+ community members. Feb 2010: Holland is Ready holds first steering committee and focus group meetings. Spring 2010: Holland is Ready petitions Hope College’s Board of Trustees to change its policies to become more accepting of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff.


May 2010: Rev. Bill Freeman asks6/9/2017 the Holland City Council to adopt an ordinance that bars discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in housing, employment, and education.


June 2010: Holland’s 7th Pride - A cooperative venture with Holland Is Ready beginning with a picnic in Centennial Park and then the film directed by Joe Wilson entitled “Out in the Silence”, shown across the street in the Park Theatre, with postfilm discussion led by Rev. Jen Adams. July 2010: Hope College Board of Trustees states that while they “support fair and kind treatment for people of homosexual orientation” they will not change their 1995 policy that condemns homosexual acts. (continues on next page)

It’s ok to not be ok in fact, it’s normal. During a crisis, we are at risk for stress, anxiety, and depression. Arbor Circle is one of West Michigan’s most comprehensive providers of mental health counseling, substance use treatment, and family services. We continue to accept new clients during this time and all insurances, including Medicaid, are accepted.

If you are looking for services or need assistance, please contact us CALL: 616.456.6571 • TEXT: 616.456.6571 • EMAIL: INFO@ARBORCIRCLE.ORG 23


River City Psychological Services A place to heal, a place to grow


July 2010: A full page ad, paid for by the Family Research Council at Request Foods runs in the Holland Sentinel, among other things, the ad claims that homosexuality can be changed and homosexuals have higher levels of mental illness and substance abuse than heterosexuals, it urges readers to “Let’s not grand special protection to voluntary sexual behaviors that are actually harmful to individuals and to society.”

Holland Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1

October 2010: The Holland Human

Accepting New Patients for in-person or telehealth visits 1000 Monroe Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 616-259-7207, www.rivercitypsychological.com

50 E. 8th Street

Relations Commission votes unanimously (5-0) to recommend that the Holland City Council add anti-discrimination language protecting LGBTQ+ people to the city’s fair housing ordinance, the human relation’s ordinance, and the equal opportunity policy.

January 2011: Following protests the Hope College Board of Trustees announces a new statement on Human Sexuality that states: “This biblical witness calls us to a life of chastity among the unmarried and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.” Feb/March 2011: Hope College

faculty called a Faculty Form and distributed 80 to 90 stories of the history of the experience of being LGBT students, faculty and staff on Hope’s campus over the years. The document was called: Hope College Stories of Hidden Discrimination: Giving Voice to the Silenced.

June 15, 2011: Holland City Council

rejects a proposal to allow the city attorney to look into amending the city’s ordinances and policies to include protection for LGBTQ+ persons. The vote was defeated 5-4 after 4+ hours of public comment.

CONSCIOUS GOODS FOR ALL PEOPLE AND THEIR HOMES 2% of all June sales will be donated to Out on the Lakeshore FrancesJaye.com 24

June 16, 2011: Until Love is Equal a Grand Rapids based group is formed to raise awareness of the moral and economic impact of equality in West Michigan.




Holland 6/9/2017 Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 4:26:41 PM June 2011: Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association and The Campaign for Michigan Families, vows that his organization will financially support candidate who run against any of the Holland City Council members who voted for providing ant-discrimination measures for LGBTQ+ people.

June 2011: Holland’s 8th Pride - A cooperative event with Holland Is Ready beginning at 5:00p.m. with a Potluck Dinner at Hope Church and then a showing at 7:00p.m. of the film in the Park Theatre “Prayers for Bobby”, with Sigourney Weaver portraying the Mother. This film was shot on the east side of Michigan. Post-film discussion was led by Mary De Ridder, Co-Facilitator of PFLAG Holland/Lakeshore. August 2011: More than 150 people

march on Holland City Hall demanding that the city change its ordinances to protect its LGBTQ+ citizens.

Fall 2011: Supportive and Affirming Hope College faculty, staff, and students form a Safe Zone Sticker training where faculty and staff could attend a studentrun SafeZone Sticker training and learn about how they can be affirming of the LGBTQ+ students at Hope College. 82 Faculty went through this program. October 2011: Bill Freeman, minister of Interfaith congregation, is arrested after he refuses to leave Holland City Hall after a Holland City Council meeting where he urged council to expand protections to its LGBTQ+ citizens. November 2011: Wayne Klomparens is elected to Holland City Council, who ran a campaign being openly supportive of expanding protections to LGBTQ+ citizens, despite his opposition being heavily funded by the American Family Association. (continues on next page) 25






Fall 2010-Spring 2011: Holland

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1

is Ready holds a film series about LGBT issues at the Park Theater in Holland.

Fall 2011: Holland is Ready organizes as

a 501(c) (4) organization and Unity Michigan hires a field Organizer for Holland.

2012: Holland is Ready is awarded the Holland Human Relations Commission’s Social Justice Award for its work and efforts to make the city a friendlier and more welcoming community to LGBTQ+ people. 2012: Plaintiffs April DeBoer and

Jayne Rowse file a lawsuit challenging Michigan’s ban on adoption by same-sex couples. it was later amended to challenge the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

event -4:26:41 June 2012: Holland’s 9th PRIDE 6/9/2017 A cooperative event with Holland Is Ready in the Park Theatre featuring “In Harmony,” a gay/straight choral group led by Marty Kiefer. At 8:00 p.m. the film “Out at Work” was shown. Post-film discussion was led by Attorney Jay Kaplan, member attorney of ACLU in Michigan.

June 2012: Michigan Department of Civil Rights holds a public hearing in Holland to take public comment on the state of expanding civil rights laws to include protections for LGBT people. August 2012: A Holland Is Ready

“Grassroots Garden Party” took place at Jonker’s Garden Title of this “fundraiser” was “Growing Change in Holland”. There were 21 local Business Supporters listed for this event.

First United Methodist Church of Holland

We see you We love you God loves you

@fumcholland 26

www.fumcholland.org | (616) 396-5205 57 W. 10th St., Holland, MI 49423


December 2012:

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd Bill 1

Freeman, gay rights advocate, who was arrested in City Hall, receives the Holland Human Relations Commission Social Justice Award.

April 2013: Hope is Ready holds a

“Silence Isn’t Always Golden” a major fundraiser Masquerade Ball at DeVos Place Steelcase Showroom.

June 2013: Holland’s 10th Pride Holland’s first-ever outside Pride Festival in Centennial Park on Saturday afternoon, June 29 and in the Park Theatre beginning at 6:00p.m. with Happy Hour and at 7:00p.m. featuring lesbian comedienne Mimi Gonzalez, a Michigan native, followed by a Drag Show and Dancing. November 2013: Holland Sentinel publishes its first same-sex marriage announcement.


March 21, 2014: Judge rules that 6/9/2017 Michigan’s same-sex ban on marriage is unconstitutional and violates the right to equal protection of the law. The state of Michigan appeals the United States Court of Appeals, staying the judge’s ruling pending the appeal process. June 2014: Holland’s 11th PRIDE event is held- An outside Pride Festival in Centennial Park on Saturday afternoon, and inside The Armory in the evening with music by Motif, followed by lesbian comedian Jennie McNulty, a Michigan native, and a Drag Show and Dancing. 2015: Holland is Ready and Holland Area Pride collaborate with PFLAG Holland/ Lakeshore to form Out On The Lakeshore.

(continues on next page)

Celebrating Pride Month with you! Learn more at grfoundation.org/LGBTQFund 27





June 2015:

Holland’s and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1

June 23-25, 2017

12th PRIDE event - The weekend began with several entertainers at the Park Theatre Friday evening, and a festival at Window on the Waterfront park Saturday, followed by more entertainment at the VFW in the evening.

July 2015: Hope College extends medical insurance benefits to same-sex married couples. August 2015: Gender SAFE

(Supporting All For Equality) forms as a spin-off group of PFLAG Holland/ Lakeshore, aimed at supporting the Trans and gender-diverse community.

June 2016: Holland’s 13th PRIDE event - A Film Festival that took place Friday evening in the Park Theatre and Saturday in the Holland Civic Theatre. Many significant films were shown followed by discussions led by supportive individuals such as Rev. Jen Adams of Grace Episcopal Church and Dr. Fred Johnson III of Hope College. November 11, 2016: Holland Pride Hosts One Nation, a demonstration of Unity at Holland’s Unity Bridge.

January 2017: Jesse Lynn, a West Ottawa High School student receives Holland Human Relations Commission’s Social Justice award for organizing a peaceful protest at Centennial Park presented in November. by


and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1


May 2017: Out On The Lakeshore6/9/2017 Community Center opens.


June 2017: Holland’s 14th PRIDE

event - Friday evening a Murder Mystery Dinner and Theatre was presented in the Holland Area Arts Council. Saturday afternoon the outdoor festival continued at Window on the Waterfront Park. Sunday morning included a Faith and Unity Gathering in Centennial Park led by Rev. Bryan Berghoef.

November 2017: A coalition of

5 students and their supporters who wanted to see tangible reform in policy and funding choices on the intersections of race and sexuality at Hope College formed and collected 95 stories, modelled after the 95 Theses of Martin Luther. The goal was to advocate for policy change by collecting stories of racism and homophobia from the student body that they had experienced while attending Hope College.

December 2017: A Hope College

student Joshua Kam and Michael Vazquez, a Western Theological Seminary student, who had been a part of developing the 95 stories, organized a public demonstration during Vespers where they threw leaflets, staged a walkout, and ripped posters from protestors hands, during a televised portion of the annual Christmas tradition highlighting the


6/9/2017 4:26:41



June 23-25, 2017

ways students had been mistreated at Hope College due to students’ diverse and intersecting identities.

fun was provided by a downtown Holland 6/9/2017 4:26:41 Pub Crawl.

Feb 18, 2018: OOTL moved to its

hired as the first director of OOTL.

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1

current location (451 Columbia Ave).

April 2018: 95 Stories held a Love Thy Neighbors Day, coinciding with a Hope College campus visit weekend, in which cookies and flyers were passed and information for LGBT students and students of color were shared so that they could know what resources, policies are in effect at Hope College.

June 2018: Holland’s 15th PRIDE event- The outside festival was held in Centennial Park on Saturday afternoon June 23. The evening festivities began in the Park Theatre with the comedy group “Funny Girls” and featuring Exit Left Theatre Co. founded by Holland native Jamie Colburn. September 2019: 95 stories organized a silent protest in front of the Hope College Board of Trustees meeting where the 95 stories were displayed on cardboard and encouraged the Board of Trustees to read the stories from their student body. June 2019: Holland’s 16th PRIDE event - This Holland PRIDE Festival began Friday evening in the Park Theatre with a comedy show and live music. The outside festival continued in Centennial presented by Park Saturday afternoon and the evening

September 2019: Jeffrey Sorensen

Fall 2019: Hope College establishes their first openly LGBTQ+ student organization, Prism. The mission of Prism is to provide an open space for any LGBTQ+ persons and allies to develop community and promote inclusion at Hope College. This organization strives to give the Hope community a place to learn, support, and advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ students. Prism does not require LGBTQ+ people to out themselves to the group or to their peers. October 2019: A flyer was distributed by the then-mayor of Holland City, Nancy DeBoer and City Council At Large candidate, Vici-Lynn Holmes at a mayoral forum at Freedom Village that was stating why they would not be voting for protections in housing and employment for LGBTQ+ persons as it would provide “special protections for some.” This was seen as a momentous and a significant point on which the City Council and Mayoral election was largely focused. Mayor DeBoer lost the election to current Mayor Nathan Bocks and VickiLynn Holmes lost to current City Council Member Lyn Raymond, both who ran on affirming the rights of LGBTQ+ Hollanders. (continues on next page)


and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1



6/9/2017 4:26:41




December 2019: group of 200+

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1 A

community members, organized by The Rev. Jen Adams, Sara Van Tongeren, and Jeffrey Sorensen petition Holland’s City Council and ask for a non-discrimination ordinance to provide protections for LGBTQ+ people; City Council was presented with a letter from 35 local mental health therapists urging action.

January 2020: City Council Member Myron Trethewey makes a motion, supported unanimously by the entire City Council, to allocate the City Attorney to begin to look into options and what that would mean for the City of Holland to adopt a Non-Discrimination Ordinance. March 25, 2020: The date that was set for the City Attorney to present his


findings to City Council (This date was 6/9/2017 postponed due to COVID-19).


June 2020: Holland’s 17th PRIDE event: Pride in the Community- Main festival cancelled due to COVID-19. Supportive local businesses were highlighted with OOTL supporters encouraged to support them. Inaugural Run with Pride 5k held virtually with over 80 people running/ walking it.

July 8, 2020: The rescheduled City

Council Study Session Meeting was held where City Attorney Ron Vander Veen presents his findings and recommends that the City Council go forward with a Non Discrimination Ordinance to provide protections from discrimination for LGBTQ+ people as well as other protected classes;


hundreds of supporters gathered outside to show public support for this change as the council members went inside the city chambers for this recommendation.

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1

July 15, 2020: 1st required reading: Holland City Council votes unanimously to adopt the first reading of the Protection Against Discrimination Ordinance that would provide protections in housing, employment, and accommodation. August 19, 2020: 2nd required

reading: Holland City Council votes 8-1 in favor of adopting its first ever NonDiscrimination Ordinance that is one of the most comprehensive NDOs in the State of Michigan. Letters of support from 70+ Faith leaders were provided to City Council and the meeting lasted


over 8 hours with 6.5 hours of public6/9/2017 4:26:41 comment and many supporters staying till 2a outside, physically distanced, resting on camping chairs with their phones listening to what was occurring inside City Hall when the decision was rendered. Hundreds of people gathered before the city council meeting and filled the parking lot to show the community support for adopting the NDO. Rainbow flags, music, posters, and hands waving showed the support of the city as the council members walked into City Hall.

September 9, 2020: Holland City’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance goes into effect.

(continues on next page)





December 2020:

and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1 Jeffrey

Sorensen, Rev. Jen Adams, Sara Showalter Van Tongeren, and Out On The Lakeshore win the Holland Human Relations Commission Social Justice Award for Community and Government Relations.

June 2021: City of Holland Mayor,6/9/2017 Nathan Bocks declares June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, first ever declaration from a public office in the City of Holland.


January 2021: PFLAG Holland/ Lakeshore decides to dissolve as a chapter of the PFLAG National organization in efforts to better serve the LGBTQ+ Community locally. PFLAG’s presented by programming and Gender SAFE were absorbed into OOTL’s organizational umbrella; PFLAG’s program became OOTL’s “Family & Friends” program while Gender SAFE’s name remained.


and Pride_Program_2017_final.indd 1



6/9/2017 4:26:41

RESOURCES FBI Tip Line for discrimination and hate crimes https://tips.fbi.gov 1-800-CALLFBI (225-5324)

Out On The Lakeshore Holland, Michigan www.outonthelakeshore.org 616.994.8090

Ottawa Area Center for Pride Hudsonville, Michigan www.ottawaareacenterforpride.org

Affirmations LGBTQ+ Community Center Ferndale, Michigan www.goaffirmations.org 248.398.7105

Jim Toy Community Center Ann Arbor, Michigan www.jimtoycenter.org 734.274.9551

LGBT Detroit Detroit, Michigan www.lgbtdetroit.org



Grand Rapids Pride Center Grand Rapids, Michigan www.grpride.org 616.458.3511

OutFront Kalamazoo Kalamazoo, Michigan www.outfrontkzoo.org 269.349.4234

Stand with Trans Kalamazoo, Michigan www.standwithtrans.org

OutCenter of Southwest Michigan Benton Harbor, Michigan www.outcenter.org 269.934.5633

Transgender Michigan www.transgendermichigan.org

June 23-25, 2017

presented by

presented by


outonthelakeshore.org www.hollandpride.org


facebook.com/hollandpride facebook.com/hollandpride



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