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Roots of Good Health thriving on a plant-based diet

CBD’s New Fronteer help for mental health

The Power of the Fork Implementing a plant-based diet

March 2020 | Houston Metro-Edition |


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13 Roots of Good Health thriving on a plant-based diet

15 What, Why & How of a Plant-Based Diet

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17 The Power of the Fork


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22 CBD’s New Fronteer


help for mental health


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letter from publishers


Greetings! A growing number of Americans are moving away from meat and more toward a plant-based diet, a development that comes with the promise of glowing health and expanding culinary horizons. Writer April Thompson shares the secrets of making this a seamless transition in “The Roots of Good Health: Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet.” Cindy and I will be further expanding our use of plants in our diet this year as I expect our 2nd year garden to provide the majority of our food. Moving from a meat heavy diet to a plant-based one or moving from being mainly a consumer of food to a self-sufficient producer is not easy, nor can it be accomplished quickly. If it were, more people would have done it already. It’s a journey and every journey, long or short, begins with the first step. This month we have several articles on the whys and how’s of plant-based eating as well as a list of local resources that can help you. We also have another in a series of how plant medicine, specifically CBD derived from hemp can help you live a better life. All of this month’s article could not be fitted into our print edition. If you’d like to read even more about plant-based living, you can subscribe to our digital edition by texting NAHTX to 66866 or by visiting our website at We do charge a small subscription fee for the extra articles to defray the cost of a second magazine layout but we think you will find it more than worth the price. Next month we will look at ways we can stop global climate change and ways that we can have safer and healthier homes. Until then, remember to be kind. It rarely costs anything and just might make someone’s day.

Mike & Cindy Hart


Cindy & Mike Hart


Cindy Hart

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© 2020 by Natural Awakenings. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted, we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. Natural Awakenings is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. Please call to find a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. Check with a healthcare professional regarding the appropriate use of any treatment.

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affirming naturally

I believe in limitless possibilities. by Doyle Ward

You have more than 55,000 thoughts each day. Many are the same thoughts over and over again. Every single one is an affirmation; this also includes everything that you say. By reducing your negative thoughts and words and increasing the positive ones, you can reshape your life. Expecting a better day helps to create a better life. The only place we have to take action or make changes is the present moment.This month’s affirmation can help create a better life.

I believe in limitless possibilities. When you can allow yourself to stretch, grow and reach without self-imposed limitations you open up your world to the endless possibilities that are waiting for you. The only thing that you are guaranteed in life is this moment. Working with positive affirmations can radically change your mindset. Say them and write them repeatedly with the feeling that they are your truth. You have the power to make great changes in yourself and the world. I know this is true because I have made huge changes in my life by changing my thoughts.

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School Of Conscious Curriculums “Exploring Health & Higher Consciousness Through The Chakra System” Spring Offering! 9-month Course Begins April 22, 2020 Expand Awareness, heal traumas, uplift your career, improve self-esteem, build better relationships, communicate effectively, sharpen intuition, strengthen your connection with the divine, and manifest your dreams, rapidly. This course will teach you how to transmute fear into healing; to connect with the subtle energy bodies; the science of compassion; the common blocks in the chakras & techniques to heal them. Practical wisdom to release chakra blocks and balance them for better health and well being. No matter what belief system you subscribe to - understanding the energies of the chakras provides invaluable insight and technique for inspired conscious living. An experiential, life affirming journey to health, wholeness, vitality and healing. An enlightening investigation for anyone interested in the Healing Arts. WHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING: I came upon this workshop almost by accident (now understand there are no accidents). What a surprise! I received learning about the Chakra system and all that goes with it. It has been a life altering experience, learning about myself in ways I never imagined. It has opened my eyes, mind and soul to all things possible. -Mary Frappier, Houston Lin is a gifted teacher & speaks from the heart with honesty and integrity, prompting me to challenge deeply held, often misinformed, beliefs and consider a different way of being. Lin is deeply committed to her practice as a healer. I have particularly enjoyed Lin’s group workshops and series of classes focusing on an in-depth study of the chakras. - Megan Holmes, Houston

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I thoroughly enjoyed Lin’s class on the Chakras. I not only learned a lot about the chakras, I learned a lot about myself. Lin is a wonderful teacher. She is patient, intuitive and very knowledgeable in this area. Amber Ortiz, League City, Texas Facilitated by Lin Weiss, Master Healer/Teacher. Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Healer, Homeopath, Medical Intuitive, Mind/ Body Master, Life Enhancement Coach in private practice in Houston, Texas. FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO REQUEST AN APPLICATION (Due 4/1/20): see ad page 12



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Instant Home

3D-Printed Buildings on the Rise CON, an Austin-based startup, built the first permitted 3D-printed house in the U.S. in its hometown in 2018. Since then, the company has built a small neighborhood in exico and launched its Vulcan II printer, which an produce houses measuring up to 2,000 square feet. San Francisco-based Apis Cor is another company in the 3D-printing space: It has just completed a two-story, 6,900-square-foot building in Dubai and it plans to build a demonstration house n Santa Barbara, California, this year. Another tech startup,, has opened an assembly plant in Reno, where it plans to ship its first off-the-grid models to buyers in Nevada, California and Arizona. In the Netherlands, a consortium of companies has set up a factory with 3D-printing machines that use concrete; it plans to supply materials for five homes to be built in the city of Eindhoven. The upside of using 3D-printing reduced construction time—six weeks versus six months. Current barriers include a lack of regulation and building codes, and a limit on the types of materials that can be used. The process is limited largely to plastics and concrete, and homes requiring wood or steel still need to use traditional methods.

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Natural Awakenings Receives 2020 Houston Award

Sunday Evening Conversations on Creation

HOUSTON January 22, 2020 -- Natural Awakenings has been selected for the 2020 Houston Award in the Magazine Publisher category by the Houston Award Program. Each year, the Houston Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Houston area a great place to live, work and play.

Approximately two thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans with an average depth of about 2.65 miles. Below 0.62 miles, the water is completely dark, temperatures plummet to 39 °F, and the pressure is about 40 times the pressure of earth’s atmosphere. Nonetheless, many creatures can live in this extreme place having no light. Deep sea explorations have found shrimp, fish, coral, tube worms, mussels, starfish, and many other creatures even below 2 miles. About 95% of the ocean remains unexplored, and marine scientists continuously find new species in this unusual place. In addition to creatures, huge quantities of methane gas hydrates and billions of tons of manganese nodules are found in deep ocean floors (2-4 miles deep). Manganese nodules grow only 10-100 millimeters per million years. Gas hydrates may contain roughly twice the carbon contained in all reserves of coal, oil, and conventional natural gas combined. Join Professor Hyun-Min Hwang of Texas Southern University to be awestruck by these, and other, wonders of the deep sea. To join the conversation, please register for this talk on Contact Lisa Brenskelle at with any questions.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2020 Houston Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Houston Award Program and data provided by third parties. About Houston Award Program The Houston Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Houston area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. The Houston Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

Sunday, March 29, at 6 p.m., online The Wonders of the Deep Sea Professor Hyun-Min Hwang, Texas Southern University


Coming Next

Grassroots Climate Crisis plus: Healthy Home

Desai to Share the Energy, Wisdom, and Tools to Truly Transform at Unity of Houston Panache Desai, visionary thought leader and life catalyst in human development, bestselling author, mentor, coach and speaker whose loving, compassionate presence and unique power of insight have transformed many individuals, organizations and companies, will lead a dynamic, interactive presentation based on his newest book You Are Enough – Revealing the Soul to Discover Your Power, Potential and Possibility, from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. on March 22 at Unity of Houston. A more intimate luncheon, discussion and book signing session for VIPs will take place from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. He’ll share surprising and unexpected insights that will redefine how you see yourself, the experiences of your life and the potential you have yet to discover. He connects with his audiences through eye-opening storytelling, gentle humor and the fire and passion that comes from a desire to create real change. Desai has appeared with Oprah Winfrey on her Emmy Award-winning Super Soul Sunday, has collaborated alongside Deepak Chopra, steps in for Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith at the Agape International Spiritual Center, and has worked with Neale Donald Walsch, Joe Dispenza, Brian Weiss, M.D., Ram Dass, and other luminaries in the fields of spiritual and personal development. Cost: $90/VIPs that can also attend presentation; $45/general admission at 2:00 p.m. including his new book. Location: 2929 Unity Drive. For more information or to obtain tickets, visit See ad on page 10.


The Truth No One Wants You To Know...

YOU ARE ENOUGH With Panache Desai


Visionary Thought Leader, Best Selling Author. and Life and Business Catalyst

How long have you been working to better yourself, and yet still feel stuck in your life? Do you struggle with unresolved pain or sadness from experiences that you can’t reconcile? Are you just not as happy as you know you could be? As long as you continue to suffer – your limitations win. You remain small. Afraid. Question your inner knowing. And struggle to find your authentic power, potential, and possibilities.

Panache has appeared with Oprah on her Emmy Award winning Super Soul Sunday. Deepak Chopra says, “Panache brings a practical spirituality and awakening with elegance and simplicity. This is the need of the hour in these turbulent times.” Panache’s appearances are electrifying. Through his gift of energetic transformation, he helps you break free from suffering and limitation, guiding you into greater connection and love. Based upon his newest bestselling book, YOU ARE ENOUGH Revealing The Soul To Discover Your Power, Potential, and Possibility, Panache invites you to step into a life that flourishes with passion, purpose, and possibility.

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sahaja Yoga Meditation Sahaja yoga meditation is a technique which involves the awakening of a subtle energy that resides in every human irrespective of caste, creed, nationality, religion or color. This energy, when awakened, integrates individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. This process often referred to as Self-realization or kundalini awakening. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi developed this technique to enable this awareness to be given to the masses. She was internationally recognized for her contribution to the humanity through a lifetime of work for peace and the wellbeing of mankind. She received awards and citations from the governments of many countries in recognition of her selfless efforts for social improvement. Many people practice Sahaja Yoga across the US and there are many meditation programs conducted daily across America. When the kundalini is awakened in a person it brings about a balance within their being. A rejuvenated human being finds unknown depths of energy and creativity to better his living conditions; and to lead a more meaningful life. The practice of Sahaja Yoga makes a person calm and collected and able to cope more easily and effectively with the strains and stresses of life. It not only prevents but also cures the innumerable diseases which are the outcome of modern day living – such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, mental disorders, etc. Sahaja yoga is widely practiced in Houston. Meditation programs are being conducted in many parts of the Greater Houston area such as Kingwood, Sugarland, Cypress and Katy for the general public and for people who have been practicing it for a few years. All the programs are free and open to all. In month of March, on 50th anniversary of Sahaja yoga, meditation session will be conducted every day at our highway 6 location. Please visit to know location and timing. Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center 4510 C Hwy 6 N Houston, TX 77084 See Ad page 19



“Exploring Health & Higher Consciousness Through The Chakra System”

Conscious Curriculums

Join me on a journey...

Heal the old wounds that have been there for so long. Unlock your personal power on every level. Feel extraordinarily good about life.

Experience everything that life has to offer you.

•Heal Your Body •Bring passion & joy back into your relationships •Find Your Personal Power •Strengthen Your Voice •Awaken Your Spirit

This is a tronsformational course grounded in the ancient art & science of the human energy field.

Call or email to request a 2020 application. A 9-month curriculum facilitated by Master Healer/Teacher, Lin Weiss Classes begin April 22, 2020 - 6pm Registration/Tuition due April 1, 2020




THE ROOTS OF GOOD HEALTH Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet Whether identifying as vegan, vegetar-

ian, pescatarian, flexitarian or other veggie-friendly variant, a growing number of Americans are moving away from meat products and toward plant-rich foods. Most come to a plant-based diet for personal, planetary or animal welfare reasons; however, they stay for the flavorful foods they discover along their dietary journey and the health benefits they reap. Marly McMillen-Beelman was prescribed medications to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. “I knew I didn’t want to be on prescriptions, so I decided to change my diet, beginning by giving up meat, dairy and eggs. I immediately felt much better and my symptoms went away naturally,” says the Kansas City, Missouri, author of The Everything Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook and founder of Chopped Academy, an online resource for food bloggers. “Now I eat an even greater variety of food

by April Thompson than I did before I went vegan.” While only 3 percent of Americans identified as vegan and 5 percent as vegetarian in a recent Gallup Poll, a 2018 report by restaurant consultants Baum + Whiteman indicates that about 83 percent are eating more plant-based foods. Embarking on a plant-based diet is a lifelong adventure, but it can take time to adjust. Experts recommend a healthy dose of self-love with the newfound fondness for fruits and veggies. “Give yourself some slack and realize that dietary changes do not happen overnight,” says April Murray, a registered dietician in Costa Mesa, California. “Start with familiar plant-based foods you already enjoy, and ease into trying new foods, whether tempeh or lentils.” A plant-oriented diet also can be flexible; health advocates encourage individuals to find a diet that works for them and their families. Leah Webb, the Asheville, North Carolina, author of Simple and

Delicious Recipes for Cooking with Whole Foods on a Restrictive Diet, has adapted her diet over time to accommodate her family’s health needs. Although Webb has always maintained a plant-rich diet, she began incorporating some animal products when her son was born. “He had severe food allergies and asthma, and needed a more diverse diet,” explains Webb, whose daughter also has cystic fibrosis. Cutting out grains was a game-changer in “calming down his gut, where most of immune response lies,” says Webb. “He is now off asthma medication and the number of allergens he suffers from has dropped from seven to two.” Webb’s family eats bountifully from their backyard garden, complemented by meat and produce from local farmers’ markets, where she can be certain the foods were produced sustainably and humanely. “I use meat to flavor soups or accent vegetables, rather than as the star of the show. I like to focus on real flavors, using lots of


garlic, herbs and spices,” says Webb. Murray, author of The Everything Pegan Diet Cookbook: 300 Recipes for Starting—and Maintaining—the Pegan Diet, follows that diet, a mash-up of paleo and vegan regimens that focuses on whole, fresh and sustainable food high in healthy fats and vitamins. The Pegan diet eschews refined sugar and highly processed foods, while allowing meat, poultry, fish and eggs, as well as gluten-free grains, legumes and dairy products in small amounts. “This diet can be helpful to different people in so many ways,” says Murray. “For people with diabetes and blood sugar dysregulation, this high-fiber diet can help lower blood sugar and insulin levels. Heart health will improve, as you’ll be eating less animal products, which can be high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Many individuals also find themselves losing unwanted weight as they get filled up so quickly with these whole foods.”

Plant-Based Nutrition Made Easy

While some worry about getting sufficient nutrients on a largely plant-based diet, nutrition experts say these fears are unfounded. “People think they need to calculate every nutrient, but if you eat a plant-centered, whole-foods diet, you will get every vitamin and mineral you need to thrive,” says Ocean Robbins, co-founder of the Food Revolution Network and author of The 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World. Legumes, nuts and seeds are all healthy, abundant sources of protein and iron. Reed Mangels, author of Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy: Your All-in-One Guide to a Healthy, Holistic, Plant-Based Pregnancy, busts the myth that cow’s milk is a must for growing bones. “Calcium, vitamin D and protein are the nutrients we usually associate with bone health. One easy way to get all three is a soy-based or pea protein-based plant milk that is fortified with calcium and vitamin D,” says Mangels, adding that green vegetables like kale, bok choy, collards and broccoli are great sources of calcium. “‘Eating the rainbow’ is great way to make sure you’re consuming a variety of nutrients,” offers London-based Ben Pook, who co-authored the cookbook So Vegan in 5 with his partner Roxy Pope. “Many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants bring their own distinctive colors to fruits and vegetables, so preparing colorful meals is a simple way of getting as many nutrients into your diet as possible.”

Getting Social

Dietary changes can be challenging to navigate initially, particularly when faced with social situations ranging from family gatherings to cohabitation. Having a good plan going into such situations can help ease the transition, say experts. “Never show up to an event hungry. You will be more likely to make a good decision if you are nourished. On the way there, remind yourself why you are making the transition to plant-based eating,” suggests Murray. “I call myself a secular vegan because I don’t have a dogmatic approach to the way I eat. If I go to a family dinner and someone has made something special for me, but they used a non-vegan cheese, I will respect my family member’s effort and eat some of it. These situations will pop up from time to time, and the more you can be compassionate with yourself, the better,” says McMillen-Beelman. “If you are living with people who are not joining you in making a dietary shift, agree to respect each other’s choices. Make it a shared learning journey rather than a power struggle,” says Robbins. For example, he suggests making a vegetarian base and allowing those that want animal products to add them as toppings. A burrito bar can accommodate all diets by allowing people to add

Local Restaurants Field of Greens 2320 W Alabama St,,Houston, TX 77098 713-533-0029 Green Vegetarian Cuisine 6720 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77081 832-649-4184 Houston Sauce Company 3400 S Wayside Dr. Houston, TX 77087 832-649-8286 Loving Hut 2825 S Kirkwood Rd #100, Houston, TX 77082 281-531-8882 The Doshi House 3419 Emancipation Ave, Houston, TX 77004 713-528-0060 Veegos 10932-A Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77042 281-888-5030

Local Physicians Embee Lifestyle Docs 4500 Bissonnet Suite 355, Bellaire, TX 77401 713-592-8900 Reversing Medical Disease Clinic 2525 N. Loop West, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77008 832-306-3941


their own fixings to a base of beans and tortillas, whether those be dairy options like cheese and sour cream or vegan-friendly guacamole and salsa. For families with kids, being flexible and inclusive can help make changes feel more positive and sustainable. “We never eat processed foods at home, but parties are that time I tell my kids they can eat whatever they want,” says Webb. “Get your children involved, so that they are more engaged in the eating experience. Let your children pick out recipes or snacks for the week. Make the food look pretty and it will taste more satisfying,” adds Murray.

Plant Prep Made Easy

Plant-based chefs have plenty of kitchen hacks for making food prep and planning fun and easy. Robbins suggests finding go-to recipes to put on repeat. “Your prep time goes down a lot as you make the same dish, and the familiarity will help you develop lasting habits around new food patterns,” he says. Webb incorporates a healthy protein, fat and vegetable into every meal, even breakfast, but cooks in batches and freezes portions or repurposes leftovers to simplify mealtimes. “You’ll get burned out if you try to cook something from scratch every meal,” says Webb. “We eat a lot of eggs because we raise chickens, so I’ll do baked frittatas I can reheat during the week.” Advance meal prep can take the pressure off busy times like the weekday breakfast rush, adds Robbins. One of his favorite breakfasts involves soaking oats and chia seeds overnight, which he tops in the morning with some unsweetened soy or coconut milk, chopped banana, frozen blueberries, and a dash of maple syrup, vanilla and nutmeg. “It’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and phytonutrients,” he says. Webb encourages people to get out of their food comfort zones by experimenting with approximate ingredients, like swapping kabocha or honeynut squash for butternut squash. Robbins also suggests making social connections with others on the same path by cooking them a meal, organizing a meal swap or sharing extras. “It’s not a diet or a fad; it’s a way of life. Start where you are and remember it’s not about perfection, it’s about progress. Have love, dignity and compassion toward yourself and others along the journey,” he says. April Thompson is a freelance writer based in Washington, D.C. Connect at

Are you overweight? Do you suffer from hypertension or diabetes?

Treat the Cause!

Call or visit our website for more information or to make an appointment

Dr. Mary Washington, MD Kidney Specialist (aka RapperMD)

Reversing Medical Disease Clinic 2525 N. Loop West, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77008 832-306-3941

What, Why and How of a Plant Based Diet By Dr. Munish Chawla, M.D. What? As the name indicates, plant based diet is an eating pattern that focuses on whole plant foods. Foods as they come from the ground or the garden. Items such as green leafy vegetables, rainbow of other starchy and non-starchy vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Why? A plant based diet supplies our body with all the macronutri-

ents it needs, in the right proportions. It contains optimal amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fat. It is replete with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (micronutrients only found in plants). Whole plant foods reduce inflammation and contain crucial antioxidants which keep our bodies healthy, give our skin a youthful glow and slow aging at the cellular level. And, it is the only diet to show reversal of coronary artery disease(atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries that supply blood to the heart) on angiographic images.

How? When you are transitioning from the Standard American

Diet, often referred to as the SAD diet, for most of us, the key is to go slow. It takes our mind and body some time to adapt to change, even a change to a healthier eating pattern. When you eat more whole plant foods, you will increase your consumption of fiber, crucial “nutrient” that is not just needed to keep us regular, but one that reduces our risk for colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and even depression. Processed foods have very little fiber and animal products have no fiber. So, if you are eating the SAD diet focused on processed foods and animal foods, your fiber muscle is weak. As with strength training, when you are out of shape, you start with the lower weights. Similarly, you start with adding fiber or health promoting foods to your body slowly. For a small minority of us, change is not difficult and they prefer to dive in. A great way to dive in is to do a 21 day kick start. There are many available but one that is free and comes with an App, plenty of support and guidance is one offered by PCRM. Whether you want to take slow and measured steps towards a healthier eating pattern or dive right in, it is always a good idea to educate yourself. Movies such as Forks over Knives, What the Health and Game Changers are a great place to start. Websites such as and are wonderful resources if you want to dig a little deeper. And, if you like to read, we highly recommend starting with books such as The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and How not to Die by Michael Greger, MD. And, if you need a bit of extra support to help you get started, you can reach out to Lifestyle Docs, a holistic Houston based Lifestyle Medicine practice, which educates, empowers and guides individuals to a healthier lifestyle focusing on a whole food plant based diet. EmBee Lifestyle Docs Houston’s first Holistic Lifestyle Medicine Clinic Bandana Chawla, MD & Munish Chawla, MD 4500 Bissonnet, Suite 355 Bellaire, TX 77401 See ad page 29


First Plant-Based Nephrologist in Houston

March is National Kidney Awareness Month. People who are on dialysis machines, living with kidney disease, received a kidney transplant or donated a kidney to a loved one. However, did you know that it is estimated that 15-16 % of the US population is estimated to have chronic kidney disease? Even more disturbing is that 1 out of 10 people do not even know they have any kidney disease at all. That’s right. Just because you urinate doesn’t mean that your kidneys are working properly. Enters Dr. Mary Washington. A licensed internal medicine doctor and Kidney Specialist (Nephrologist) practicing kidney transplantation, dialysis, hypertension, kidney stones and all other treatment-procedures for kidney diseases for over 20 years. But let’s face it, doctors are trained to prescribed pharmaceutical pills. Frustrated and tired of placing people on dialysis machines, she started implementing a whole plant-based diet program(s) for patients diagnosed with kidney problems. Dr. Washington called this the RMD program. Along proceeded to open the Reversing Medical Disease clinic*. Even in its first year, she was already capable of enhancing her patient’s kidney function and helping them lower their blood pressures without taking medicines. In other words, this practice was proven to provide an alternative to enhancing health and treatment without taking medication.

For more information regarding her services, educational videos AND to learn more about hypertension, stages of chronic kidney disease and more, Go to her website today. Empower yourself with knowledge about Kidney Disease and Prevention.

*What is Reversing Medical Disease Clinic? The RMD programs take a detailed look at your lifestyle habits. It is as if Dr. Washington lives with you and know these habits. We review what are realistic attainable goals for you. Both short term and long term goals which the ultimate goal is to be safely off of medicines and to have an active fun physical lifestyle. This program is a three-phase comprehensive program that emphasizes education, plant-based nutrition, and physical activity. Understanding why we make certain choices that can be destructive or constructive for our health helps Dr. Washington prescribe ‘Food As Medicine’. See Ad page 15

Food was indeed the most delicious medicine of all. Arming herself with the tools taken plant-based nutrition courses, both on-line and in-person, she found that she was not alone. Loads of scientific-based evidence existed regarding using whole plant non-process food to cure chronic disease for years. Matter of fact, even to reverse 2 diabetes. Preparing your own meals at home, making sure you play (not everyone likes a gym) and leading by example has been Dr. Washington’s way of life. Practicing lifestyle changes takes time. To go shopping at a grocery store, select USD organic food, prepare the food, then teach her clients how to create healthy delicious meals is what you would envision a personal chef doing. Yet Dr. Washington knows this is the way to cure her patients of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver, hypertension and yes, chronic kidney disease. Educational courses on chronic kidney disease management, obesity management, busting myths on alkaline water or taken supplements are just a few of the many topics that she empowers her clients with so they can take back control of their health today!. Dr. Washington states, “ I am so happy practicing my specialty in this manner. I actually cure people who follow my treatment plan. … and we have fun.”


The Power of the Fork by Karoline Mueller Are you worried about the health of the planet? Do you look forward to staying healthy and active as you age? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, consider the advantages of a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet. This proposition may seem daunting, because many think immediate benefits will happen only if they make a complete switch in dietary choices. However, any change towards a plant-heavy diet is a step in the right direction. What are we talking about? WFPB emphasizes plant-based eating, and a steep reduction in highly-processed foods. The diet emphasizes nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds while reducing highly processed foods like sugars, oil, and refined flours. A good visual summary is the Power Plate by the Physicians Committee. For the purely plant-based version, animal products are completely omitted.

Is it worth it? In a report on effects of WFPB foods, Michelle Mc Macken, MD, writes “plant-based diets are naturally anti-inflammatory, because they are high in fiber, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients, and much lower in inflammatory triggers like saturated fat and endotoxins”. She continues with a list of effects that include lowering blood cholesterol levels, a healthy gut microbiome, change in gene expression, and reduced risk and even reversal of diabetes. At the tip of the fork, we have the power to either feed many common diseases, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, or to make us healthier. Will life be joyless and boring by eating only healthy foods? Luckily, our taste preferences can change in a few weeks. The beautiful reward comes in the form of many different and much more nuanced tastes from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Their flavors shine when not covered up by oil, salt, and sugar.

Will I get all the macro- and micronutrients? The American Dietetic Association states: “Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle”. WFPB emphasizes the “well-planned” by encouraging a mixture of nutrient-dense foods that cover protein, mineral, and vitamin requirements. (Only exception is Vitamin B12 which should be checked regularly and supplemented as required.) Remember to eat filling beans, peas, lentils, root vegetables, and whole grains for the energy they provide. How does this diet help reduce global climate change? Animal agriculture contributes 11% to total greenhouse gases and takes up space, 77% of all agricultural land, while providing only 18% of calories. By switching to plant foods, many areas could be reforested to remove carbon from the atmosphere and be naturalized for wild life habitat. Where to Begin? Start today with one meal! Choose something plant-based you like to eat and continue building from there. Find a support group. There are seven “Plant-Pure Pods” in the Houston area with folks who can educate and cheer you on! Local Groups (Pods) Find all Pods at Bayou City Beet – Inner City Houston – Karoline Mueller (832) 647-2220 FB Bayou City Beet page Plants in The Woods – The Woodlands – Lisa Sims PlantEd in Fort Bend – Fort Bend County – Lisa Arnold FB PlantEd in Fort Bend Friendswood WFPB Group – Friendswood Area – Christy Hartman & Cecilia Bousley; CBousley@ (832) 720-2797 Get Healthy Clear Lake – Clear Lake Area – Jean Rudnicki FB Get Healthy Clear Lake Harmony N Houston – The Heights – Susan Marsh FB Harmony N Houston: A Plant Pure Pod (713) 724-1880

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The Body Ecology Of Spring by Lin Weiss

In traditional Chinese medicine spring is

a time of detoxifying and cleansing. The element associated with springtime is wood, the color is green and the organ influences are that of the gall bladder and liver. Digestive distress may surface in the spring including symptoms indicative of toxicity in the body, i.e. allergies; lethargy; weight gain; mucous and congestion anywhere in the body; pain; constipation; moodiness; PMS; and the list goes on… Our bodies are intimately connected to the earth and its elemental influences. If we are listening to the messages in our bodies (symptoms) and the signs in nature (seasons; weather; plants; animals; skies; sun; moon cycles) we can move in rhythm and harmony with physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually. When allergies reveal it is an alert from the body to the mind that there is imbalance, low immunity and/or toxicity. The body will attempt to eliminate by the usual means (urine, feces, perspiration, menstruation). When there is an overload it will create mucous to help clear the poisons. The trees and flowers in spring, simply, volunteer the expression of pollen to offer a secondary alert. Just as a rich, plant-based diet stimulates the metabolism in support of proper elimination and nutritional absorption, pollen triggers a histamine response to stimulate detoxification. The life force within plants and botanicals is divine by design to work with and in support of our bodies and wellbeing. If we are in balance, we will not be susceptible to the pollen “blasts” that often initiate a chain of events designed to heal not hinder. If we are toxic – allergies may ensue. Some may experience pain at the change of seasons, or what western

medicine often refers to as “the flu”. The flu, when negotiated from a holistic perspective can be extremely cleansing. After a flu-like episode we may feel a deep sense of renewal, colors seem brighter and we may experience more clarity of mind. This is often referred to as the healing crisis. Dis-ease, when embraced can clear ancient pain, debris and toxicity. We all experience imbalances from time to time and these signs and symptoms are the natural way of things. This is the way the body and nature support us. The gall bladder has to do with making decisions and being decisive. Gallstones reflect bitterness, hard thoughts, condemnation and pride. We heal this energy by releasing the past Joyously. Acknowledging the sweetness in our lives can bring the energy of harmony back into our being. In spring we imagine a lush green garden and the planning and implementation necessary to grow and nurture healthy relationships. The liver is the largest organ in the body and the major organ of detoxification. The liver is associated with primal emotion. Emotions are energy in motion, and must transit the physical body into what is our personal expression. Spring is an important time to examine the emotions we have been holding on to and, once identified, we can make a concerted effort to lovingly release the past. The liver can hold a lot of anger, which if unexpressed reveals as toxicity in the physical body. Anger is a gift and must be managed appropriately. One must first acknowledge that anger is present, take responsibility for that anger and parlays it into constructive forward movement. This requires the energies of willpower and integrity. Self-exami-

nation with unbridled honesty and non-judgmental awareness is paramount to the ability to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Only when we accept our humanity with love and compassion, can we love others unconditionally. As my dear friend, Grahame Martin, so eloquently states in his book, The Seven Mysteries: The purpose of your heart is to love unconditionally. A closed heart is incapable of this and may close the heart of another or hinder group spirit. One of the greatest accomplishments on this earth is to learn to love unconditionally. No coincidence, the heart dwells adjacent to the liver. So, for me, spring comes bearing an obvious message to transmute any negative emotion. Not to resist it, but to embrace it. So that I may learn what my body is working so diligently to convey to me. It is the ignorance of this dynamic insurgence of information that creates dis-ease. There are as many ways to detoxify as there are ways to become toxic. Nature has provided all that we need. Seek compassionate and qualified professionals to assist you on your healing journey. Life is constantly seeking to renew itself. The body has infinite wisdom, the universe is benevolent and life is sweet. Lin Weiss is a Holistic Healer, Mind/Body Practitioner, Life Coach and Yoga Therapist in private practice in Houston. She is a warm, caring & compassionate healer with a broad base of knowledge & wisdom. To schedule a session, contact Lin at 713.858.8595.


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sahaja Yoga

You are invited to attend Daily Meditation Sessions All sessions are FREE & open to all. Visit our website for timings

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center 4510 C Hwy 6 N Houston, TX 77084



plant-based health & wellness

CBD’s New Frontier Help for Mental Health by Julie Marshall

When Kaye Herbert’s husband brought home a free sample of

cannabidiol (CBD) oil, she didn’t hesitate to give it a try. Having heard about its calming effects, she gave CBD to her three sons, whose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder made home-schooling difficult due to frequent tantrums and lack of focus. “I didn’t expect CBD to be miraculous, but I was surprised that my kids’ frustrations were greatly reduced,” says the Austin, Texas, mom. “We weren’t seeing the severity of meltdowns.” The use of CBD in tinctures, capsules and lotions has grown exponentially, along with the science to prove its efficacy in remediating physical pain. Newer, but equally as robust, is the viability of CBD as a remedy for mental health-related issues, experts say, pointing to anxiety, depression and stress as the top three applications. However, as an unregulated supplement, CBD presents a challenge for consumers in its ubiquity from CBD-infused pillows to gummies, soaps and even pet food. Discerning purity, dosage and safety are real concerns for those that may grab any bottle off the shelf. Consumers must become well informed, especially when replacing medications for serious disorders, experts say. But for anxiety and emotional well-being, CBD is largely heralded as a safe and natural choice by providers well-versed in CBD, such as Peter Bongiorno, past president of the New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians. “It’s really important for people to know their options and to keep looking for what works for them,” he says.

The Feel-Good Molecule

CBD, a compound extracted from the hemp plant, is appealing because it can raise the level of cannabinoids—feel-good molecules naturally created within the human body. “When we can’t sleep or are stressed out, cannabinoid levels go way down,” Bongiorno says. While prescription drugs overwhelm the body with adverse side effects, CBD can healthfully bring back balance. But CBD won’t trigger an altered state because there is little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical in marijuana that produces a high, he says, adding that he starts patients at a low daily dose of 25 milligrams. It’s important to talk with a physician about drug interactions, Bongiorno says. For instance, CBD can increase levels of

Plant-Based Health & Wellness Section sponsored by The CBD Depot of Texas

blood-thinning medications, according to a 2017 study published in Epilepsy & Behavior Case Reports. CBD can possibly treat a wide range of conditions, from fear of public speaking to bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorders, but more research is needed, experts say. A 2018 clinical trial published in JAMA Psychiatry suggests CBD offers potential in treating psychosis. More recently, researchers in a 2019 case study of 27 patients published by the Permanente Journal concluded, “Cannabidiol may hold benefit for anxiety-related disorders.”

Seeds of Hope

The most important step consumers can take to find a safe, quality product is to know where their CBD comes from, experts say. Lara Miller is an organic farmer in Lafayette, Colorado, who in 2017 dedicated a parcel of her two-acre farm to growing hemp for her business, North Field Farmacy. “I added in hemp because it is a dynamic plant that produces fiber, seed and medicine for us humans, all at the same time,” she says. Miller’s small, women-owned business grows the leafy plants outdoors in organic soil and harvests by hand. “We test in the field, post-harvest, during extraction and in the final product,” she says. “We know our product is clean and pure and potent.” This isn’t always the case. A 2017 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that in 84 CBD products sold online by 31 companies, 26 percent contained less CBD than the amount listed on the label. Miller receives weekly calls from those wanting to purchase her plants and start a CBD business. “What bothers me the most is that not one person has asked how my hemp is grown,” she says. “It all feels like a big grab; the integrity isn’t there.” Miller continues to decline these requests and spends her days on the farm, where—come harvest time—she, alongside her crew, engages in some visualizations. “We imagine the people suffering who need support and think about how we are growing the plants to help them.” Julie Marshall is a Colorado-based writer and author of Making Burros Fly: Cleveland Amory, Animal Rescue Pioneer. Connect with her at


What can CBD do for your quality of life? Find out for yourself today! TOP Tier CBD Dispensary in Montgomery County Selling only the Industry Top Tier Products.

10912 FM 1096 West Willis, TX 936-900-0074

Herb Spotlights Curcumin

Curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the spice turmeric. The two words are sometimes used interchangeably, but the technical difference between the two is that turmeric is the yellowish powder used to flavor foods, while curcumin is a chemical contained within turmeric. In the U.S., turmeric is best known as a spice. It’s one of the main components of curry powder. In India and other parts of Asia, turmeric is used to treat many health conditions. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and perhaps even anti-cancer properties.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly pear cactus might be worth tackling in order to gather some of the pads. By peeling the pads and making a poultice, a moist mass of the pulp, it can be applied to areas on the body that are sore and inflamed. The poultice is usually covered with a piece of cloth and lightly bandaged. Don’t forget that the fruit can be made into a yummy jam, jelly, butter or syrup.


Catnip isn’t only used for tantalizing your cat and throwing them into a frenzy of excitement. With its heart-shaped leaves and white to purple flowers, the plant can be dried and made into a tea that helps promote heavy sweating and in turn alleviate cold, flu and headache symptoms. After the sweating, a peaceful, relaxing state comes on, helping to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Chewing on the leaves also soothes toothaches.


Dandelion contains magnesium and zinc. These help detoxify the skin and, in turn, keep the pores free and clean of bacteria. It’s beneficial in helping treat acne, eczema and other skin difficulties. Not only are the flowers and leaves edible, the white sap from its stalk is used in many topical treatments for skin problems. People suffering from environmental allergies should be cautious while using products containing dandelion.

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PLANT-BASED HEALTH & WELLNESS RESOURCES Just Present This Page To Receive Your Discount

Element 5 Om Acupuncture Wellness

2503 Robinhood St Suite 120 Houston, TX 77005 Open Monday-Friday 9:30-6:30 713-942-7110 Chinese Herbal Medicine: Mention Natural Awakenings and get 20% off an herbal consultation.

A Moveable Feast

9341 Katy Fwy, Echo Lane Center Houston, TX 77024 713-365-0368 Restaurant, Health Food, Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements & CBD 25% Off Supplements-Limit One

Natural Leaf

The 1st Professional CBD Store in Houston 3959A S Gessner Road, Houston, Texas, 77063 713-505 1470 Hours- Monday to Saturday 10am 8pm, Sunday 12noon - 6pm Pharmacist owned and staffed with certified specialists. Visit us on Facebook: @ mynaturalleaf, Instagram: naturalleafgessner

Smoke Envy/Better Days CBD 2425 Yale Street, #2 Houston, TX 77008 852-744-9944 better-days-wellness-shop. 20% OFF any on 1 Item

CBD American Shaman

CBD Edibles, Topicals, Tintures, Oils 34 Stores in the Houston Metro 15% Off All Purchases with Coupon

Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort

10500 Deer Lake Lodge Rd, Montgomery, TX 77316 936-647-1383 We incorporate Blood Purifying and Liver & Kidney detox teas into our detox program, come check us out!

The CBD Depot of Texas Top Tier CBD Despensory in Montgomery County 10912 FM 1096 West Willis, TX 936-900-0074

Embee Lifestyle Docs 4500 Bissonnet Suite 355, Bellaire, TX 77401 713-592-8900

Hydroshack Hydroponics 1138 W 20th Street Houston, TX 77008 Open 7 days a week 713-292-1921 Organic Soils, Nutrients, Coco, Foxfarm, & CBD.

Pixie’s Intent

2727 Fondren Rd #5b Houston, TX 77063 Open Tue-Sun 11am-7pm 832-831-8405 CBD Oils and Edibles

Green Compass Global | CBD

Leslie Shatto - Independent Advocate (832)791-2772 Reversing Medical Disease Clinic 2525 N. Loop West, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77008 832-306-3941 Want to see your PLANT-BASED BUSINESS HERE? Ask me how. April deaddline is March 15th.

COMING IN APRIL Although we cover CBD almost every month, April will feature WHAT’S REALLY IN THE BOTTLE? - The Importance of CBD Lab Reports and How to Read Them by Meredith Montgomery Check back to our Plant Medicine section each month to grow your knowledge of nature’s most versatile medicines. Pick up 2 FREE copies and pick up an extra to share with friends. Help spread the word about Natural Awakenings.

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March Special 25% Off Supplements Limit One 9341 Katy Freeway Houston, Texas 77024


calendar of events NOTE: All Calendar events must be received via email by the 5th of the month prior to publication. Email for guidelines and to submit entries.

March 2020 SUNDAY MARCH 1ST Community Docs Vegan Potluck. 1 pm. Join Doctors Bandana and Munish Chawla for their monthly vegan potluck. Bring a vegan dish. Enjoy the food and conversation. Visit the website for more information and to register. Lifestyle Docs 4500 Bissonnet Street, Ste 355 Bellaire, TX 77401. A Conversation on Living the Change. 2-3:30 pm The Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston invites you to a conversation on Living the Change. Living the Change is an international interfaith initiative to address climate change. This event demonstrates how to hold a Living the Change event/discussion in your home/house of worship, by doing so in an interfaith setting. Please join us! You’ll not only learn how you can address climate change, but how to hold an event to influence others to do so. Live Oak Friends Meeting House 1318 West 26th Street Houston, TX 77008. 713-802-0622 SATURDAY MARCH 7TH Introduction to Mindfullness Meditation. 9 am. Lifestyle Docs hosts their monthly free meditation call. Open to everyone, beginners and seasoned meditators. Lifestyle Docs 4500 Bissonnet Street, Ste 355 Bellaire, TX 77401. embeelifestyledocs. com Marva’s Holistic Fair. 10:00am-5:00pm. Psychics, tarot readers, palmists, healers, vendors of all sorts. Admission Free. LaQuinta Inn-Galleria on 610 West Loop North between San Felipe and Post Oak, 77027. 713-4443581 Lifestyle Doc’s Yoga Class. 10am. Join us for a beginner-friendly class which is healthy for the body and mind. Yoga can prevent illness and injury. It can also help reduce the burden of several chronic issues such as arthritis, pain management, cardiovascular disease & even depression and anxiety. $10. Lifestyle Docs 4500 Bissonnet Street, Ste 355 Bellaire, TX 77401. Native American Drumming. 1pm. Sponsored by Daniel Antoon and Dr. Homer Garcia. Learn history and meaning of drumming. Drums and rattles available to use. Suggested fee $5.00. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Drive Houston, TX 77093. Code Blue 6-9 pm Through the lens of filmmaker Marcia Machado, code blue reveals lapses in the current state of medicine and provides a common sense solution by featuring the practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent, manage and reverse chronic diseases. Free. First Unitarian Universalist Church Museum District location. 5200 Fannin St, Houston, 77004 SUNDAY MARCH 8TH Naturopathic Reiki I. This is a Free community Reiki 1 certification. Join Dr. Akua Gray, for a morning to enhance your ability to relax and focus on self-care. Pre-registration Required. FREE. A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute, Houston, TX Private location for registrants only.

MONDAY MARCH 9TH Full Moon Drumming. 7:30pm. Join us in honoring the Hunter Moon. Drums and rattles available for use. Suggested fee $5.00. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Drive Houston, TX 77093. THURSDAY MARCH 12TH Crystal Therapy Mastery Session 1. Join us for hands-on classes and enjoy an evening of interactive multimedia presentations, try your hands at several crystal methods of application including tonics, grids, organite, crystal readings, cleansing methods and more. $99A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute, Houston, TX Private location for registrants only. THURSDAY MARCH 14TH Walk with a Doc at Memorial Park 8am. Announcing a new walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. What better way to start your weekend than on your feet making strides to help your heart and improving your general health to live longer! Enjoy a short talk on a variety of health and wellness topics and then walk at your own pace, and have the opportunity to have questions answered by local physicians. Visit the website for more information and to register. YogaMass® 5pm. A unique worship experience engaging and integrating all of our dimensions -- physical, psychological, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. It reconnects us, through sacred ritual and practices, to the divine presence among us, within us, and in the sacred meal that we share as we seek to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall 1819 Heights Blvd. Houston, TX 77009 Parking off of 19th Street. FRIDAY MARCH 15TH Half-day Retreat. 9:00am-12:40pm. Chan/Zen Meditation Classes guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 www.cthouston. org 281-568-1568 TUESDAY MARCH 19TH CranioSacral Therapy 1 Houston. CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system, which is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Sessions will be held in Houston.. To register and for information regarding tuition and early registration savings, prerequisites, recommended preparation, and class times, call 800-233-5880 or visit WEDNESDAY MARCH 20TH Embodying Nonviolent Communication - David Weinstock 9:30 am-5:30 pm. Practice embodying nonviolence through movement and play. Whole mind/body/linguistic practice, engaged over time, is where we come face to face with the history we’ve embodied, our deeper selves, our most profound gifts, and the motivation to connect more compassionately in the world. cost: $450. Tuition assistance is available. No one will be turned away. The Dominican Sisters of Houston, 6501 Almeda Rd., Houston, TX. http://events.r20.

THURSDAY MARCH 21ST Introduction to Mindfullness Meditation. 9 am. Lifestyle Docs hosts their monthly free meditation call. Open to everyone, beginners and seasoned meditators. Lifestyle Docs 4500 Bissonnet Street, Ste 355 Bellaire, TX 77401. embeelifestyledocs. com Lifestyle Doc’s Yoga Class. 10am. Join us for a beginner-friendly class which is healthy for the body and mind. Yoga can prevent illness and injury. It can also help reduce the burden of several chronic issues such as arthritis, pain management, cardiovascular disease & even depression and anxiety. $10. Lifestyle Docs 4500 Bissonnet Street, Ste 355 Bellaire, TX 77401. Native American Drumming.11am. Sponsored by Daniel Antoon and Dr. Homer Garcia. Learn history and meaning of drumming. Drums and rattles available to use. Suggested fee $5.00. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Drive Houston, TX 77093. Spiritualism 101 2pm. Open Forum Question & Answers. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Dr, Houston, TX 77093. Electric Satsang with Dwain Briggs 6:30pm. Music, Mantras, & Meditation. Love donation of $10.00 suggested. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Dr, Houston, TX 77093. FRIDAY MARCH 22ND Mindfulness in Nature 9:30am-11am Come help start a Forest Bathing movement in Houston! Join Heather Sullivan and Bethany Foshee for a guided mediation and nature journaling adventure! We’ll explore how art, poetry, and observation in nature can help us find a renewed sense of calm and appreciation for our surroundings. Bring a journal and pen, and perhaps a blanket or mat to sit on if you like, as well as your other outdoor adventure needs – water bottle, hat, etc. FREE. For more information look up mindfulgreen on Facebook Acre Wood Preserve WEDNESDAY MARCH 27TH Natural Health and Wellness Consultant Certification This certification can be used for personal, family, and community service. It can also be used in professional health services as a naturopath, nutritional consultant, and holistic health consultant. Early Registration $699 A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute, Houston, TX Private location for registrants only. THURSDAY MARCH 28TH Beautification Day & Mini Readings. 9am-2pm Help us beautify our church and grounds and get a reading on a donation basis. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Drive Houston, TX 77093. FRIDAY MARCH 29TH Blessing Ceremony. 9:00am-3:30pm. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 281-568-1568 Critical Mass-Houston. Assemble at 6:30 pm. Roll at 7:15pm. A casual bike ride starting from downtown Houston and going wherever. Cars rule the road every day, but one day a month we get together to celebrate our love for bicycles and have fun riding. Free. Guadalupe Plaza Park, 2311 Runnels St., 77003. criticalmasshouston. com


plan ahead SATURDAY APRIL 4TH Reiki Tummo™ Level 1. 9am-5:30pm After attending this workshop, participants will have the ability to channel Reiki energy for themselves and others for health and healing. The crown, heart and both palm chakras will be cleansed and opened at this level.New: $110 (includes certificate, CD, manual) Repeating: $25 Pre-requisite: None, open to the Public. For more info and registration or call 832-316-6355. To register, please use this link: SUNDAY APRIL 5TH Reiki Tummo™ Level 2 Workshop. 9am5:30pm At the second level, participants will learn intermediate channeling and healing techniques, as well as experiencing an instant and safe. Kundalini awakening. After doing the Tummo technique on the same day, the Kundalini energy will flow from your crown chakra upwards around 4-5 feet (see Reiki Tummo™ attunement picture at this link: New: $210 (includes certificate, CD, manual) Repeating: $25 Pre-requisite: Reiki Tummo™ Level 1Workshop. For more info and registration or call 832-316-6355. To register, please use this link: http://houston-tx.


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Grassroots Climate Crisis Plus: Healthy Home


Vegan World Radio. 7:00 pm. Hosted by VWR Collective. Telling the story of the vegan revolution that’s saving the animals, the planet and our health. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM. kpft. org

Grace2Go. 7:00-8:30am. On the go? Want a boost to the start of your day? Drive thru for free coffee, a breakfast bite, and prayer if desired. All are welcome. Grace Episcopal Church, 4040 W. Bellfort, 77025. Yoga at India House. 11:00-12:00am. Enjoy relaxing cardio work out at India House. Free. India House, 8888 West Bellfort, 77031. Go to the website, print out the form and email it to the address given. T’ai Chi Ch’uan. 5:45pm-7:00pm. This class concentrates on creating and moving Chi/Qi through meditation while moving. Jon Naylor teaches the traditional Yang Style short form with martial arts references. Beginners please arrive early. Free. First Unitarian Universalist Church, 5200 Fannin Street, 77004.

Kundalini Workshop 2-6pm Participants will learn advanced techniques for the Kundalini, allowing for a more rapid cleansing and development process. Although the awakening of the Kundalini in Reiki Tummo™ is instant, you will still have to experience the cleansing and purifying process of the Kundalini on the different parts of your energy body. To speed up this process and to raise the core of your Kundalini you will be taught how to do different Kundalini exercises which are taught in the Kundalini workshop. New: $145 Repeating: $25 Pre-requisite: Reiki Tummo™ Level 2 Workshop. For more info and registration or call 832-316-6355. To register, please use this link:

SUNDAY APRIL 19TH Earth Day Houston. 12:00pm-5:00pm. The event features displays, exhibits and booths on topics ranging from alternative energy to recycling methods, plus a foodie farmers market, kids activities, live music and an upcycled fashion show and more. Free. Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney St, 77010.

Mndful Mondays 9:15 - 10:15 AM for adults only. Join us for weekly mindfulness classes here at the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary! We’ll begin each class in the cabin with a guided 20-minute lesson. Then we’ll each go to a quiet spot in the forest to practice simply being mindful not mind-full. We’ll meet back at the cabin with wild-collected tea and sharing. Participants are welcome to extend their mindful time in the forest as well. Cost: $10 per session/$80 for 10-week series Winter/Spring Season: Mondays, February 3 - April 27, 2020: 10 week series. (No class on February 17, March 16, and April 13) mindful-mondays.html


MONDAY APRIL 6TH Meditation Workshop 9am-1pm. At this workshop, the pineal gland will be activated to release melatonin (a hormone secreted by the pineal gland which is helpful for youthfulness) and endorphins (for greater relaxation). Participants will also learn meditation techniques for spiritual advancement. This workshop teaches the true goal of meditation, and how to perform meditation correctly. It includes the pineal gland activation, cleansing and realizing the different body layers, development of the crown and heart chakras to become an instrument for Divine Blessings while enjoying the beauty of Divine Love. New: $160 Repeating: $25 Pre-requisite: Reiki Tummo™ Level 2 Workshop. For more info and registration or call 832-3166355. To register, please use this link:

SUNDAY APRIL 12th Half-day Retreat. 9:00am-12:40pm. Chan/Zen Meditation Classes guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery. Free. CHUNG TAI ZEN CENTER OF HOUSTON 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072 www.cthouston. org 281-568-1568



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Blissful Quests® with Doyle Ward-The Podcast. LIVE ON AIR: Wednesdays at 1:00pm.Are you looking for answers? Have you ever had a “hunch” or a “gut feeling” that came true? Are you wondering if you are intuitive? Maybe the real question to explore is not IF you are intuitive, but HOW you are intuitive. Doyle Ward is an experienced intuitive medium, teacher, grief recovery specialist, and life coach. Call in during the show at: 1-760-456-7277, access on-demand episodes or listen live! Urban Ride. 6:30pm. Route is 20 miles. Riders should be comfortable keeping a pace of 18-20 mph. Helmet, front/back light, spare tube, CO2 cartridges are required. Earphones not allowed. Speed may vary. Safety comes first. Free. Urban Bicycle Gallery, 4814 Nett St., 77007 judy@


Blue Line Bike Ride. 7pm. Multiple rides leave from the Heights location on Wednesday evenings. Each ride has its own route and pace, so come out and decide which works best for you! Free. Blue Line Bike Lab, 3302 White Oak Drive, 77007. 713-802-1707 People of Earth. 7:00 pm. Hosted by Jacquelyn Battise. A program created to provide Native American and non-Native people with timely news and information about culture, news and realities. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM. Beginning Zen Meditation. 7:30-9:30pm. Feeling stressed? Want something to help you feel better? Try meditation with us. Free, registration required. Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston. 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072. 281-568-1568. Wednesday Open Healing Meditation 7:30 p.m. Healing Meditation followed by Message service using psychometry and messages from Spirit. Service fee $5.00. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Dr, Houston, TX 77093. Food Not Bombs. 8pm. Help provide free vegan meals for Houston’s homeless. Volunteer, donate or just come see what we do. Free. Downtown Library Courtyard 521 Lamar, 77002. Drum Circle at Midnight 12mn-2am $6.00 Last Concert Cafe 1403 Nance St. 77002. 713-2268563



Children’s Story Hour. 10:00am-11:00am. Bring your little ones to listen to a story and after the reading, children are invited to participate in a fun activity like coloring a picture or planting a seed to take home. For more information, visit The Family Garden in the McGovern Centennial Gardens, 1500 Hermann Dr., 77004. 713-524-5876

Sunday at Houston Zen Center. 8am-11am. We start with Morning Service followed by meditation, then work practice - mindful cleaning and straightening in the Meditation Hall and the Center’s grounds, then a dharma talk. Free. HOUSTON ZEN CENTER, 1605 Heights BLVD., 77008. 713869-1952.

Unfoldment Meditation Class. 8 p.m. Class Led by Pastor Ken Pitman. Learn to meditate, connect with the Divine within, and deliver messages from Spirit.. Event fee $10.00 First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Dr, Houston, TX 77093.

Christian Meditation. 9:00am-9:30 am. Experience meditation and contemplative prayer in preparation for receiving Holy Communion at the 10am worship service. All are welcome. Grace Episcopal Church, 4040 W. Bellfort, 77025. www. or 832-667-8601.

Food Not Bombs. 8pm. Help provide free vegan meals for Houston’s homeless. Volunteer, donate or just come see what we do. Free. Downtown Library Courtyard, 521 Lamar, 77002. Simply Wonderful Fridays. 6pm. Bhakti Urban Farm is an oasis of learning, located just 10 miles from downtown Houston. The word Bhakti means love and devotion which implies service through peace, harmony and sustainability. Join us for cow feeding, hatha yoga, sacred chanting spiritual talk and a free veg dinner. FREE. Bhakti Urban Farm 5415 Wheatley Street, Houston, TX 77981. 832-570-8252.

thursday Grace2Go. 7:00-8:30am. On the go? Want a boost to the start of your day? Drive thru for free coffee, a breakfast bite, and prayer if desired. All are welcome. Grace Episcopal Church, 4040 W. Bellfort, 77025. Free Family Thursdays at The Health Museum. 2:00pm-7:00pm. Free entry into The Health Museum to enjoy permanent and traveling exhibits (DeBakey Cell Lab requires a $3 fee) on Thursdays. The Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Dr., 77004. 713-521-1515 Children’s Museum of Houston. 5-8pm. Enjoy all the interactive exhibits at the museum with your children. Free. Children’s Museum, 1500 Binz, 77004. 713-522-1138 Meditation Class: Discovering the Awake Within. 7-9pm. Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien closely guides and interacts with students to realize Awake Mind is already within, they have the capacity to Wake Up, and how to apply meditation. Suggested donation $50/month. Pre-registration required. Universal Door Meditation Center, 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. 281-565-9718

saturday Beginning Zen Meditation. 10am-12n. Feeling stressed? Want something to help you feel better? Try meditation with us. Free, registration required. Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072. 281-568-1568. Yoga at Levy Park 10am Connect your body and mind as Bayou Bliss Yoga presents a free, hourlong session at Levy Park. The class will focus on breath control, simple meditation, and bodily postures that improve physical flexibility, strength, and mental relaxation. Admission Free. 3801 Eastside St, Houston, TX 77098. Children’s Zen Meditation. 10am-12n. Open to children ages 4-12. Parents must be present and participate. Free, registration required. Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston, 12129 Bellaire Blvd., 77072. 281-568-1568.

Sunday Services First Spiritualist Church of Houston. 10:30am-12:30pm Spiritualism is a common sense religion, one of knowing and living. Healing Service followed by lecture then Spirit Greetings Message Service. Music Director Dwain Briggs. Private readings available after service. First Spiritualist Church of Houston 2115 Turner Dr, Houston, TX 77093. Acoustic Jams. 11am. Easy listening music to brunch by. No cover charge. Last Concert Café, 1403 Nance St., 77002. 713-226-8563 www. Public Dharma talk with Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien. 11:30am-1:00pm. We welcome people of all cultures, religions, and backgrounds to attend the public Dharma talks with Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien. 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. (Free, donations welcome. Optional lunch follows.) 281-565-9718 Youth and Teen Program at Universal Door Meditation Center. 11:00am–12:30pm. For youth grades 1-12. This weekly program guided by Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien allows youth to have a chance to open their eyes to the Awakened happiness already within and discover the world of AWAKE. Registration required, call for more details. Universal Door Meditation Center, 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. 281-565-9718 Awake Tour. 10:30am-11:30am. Drop in for the grand tour of our Awake landscape at Universal Door Meditation Center! Everyone is welcome! Come and find out what is Awake, who is our Awake teacher Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, and have a chance to touch with the Awake already within. Free, donations welcome. Universal Door Meditation Center - 15202 Dora Lane, Sugar Land, 77498. 281-5659718 *Please arrive 10 minutes prior as tours begin on time* Food Not Bombs. 7pm. Help provide free vegan meals for Houston’s homeless. Volunteer, donate, or just come see what we do. Free. Downtown Library Courtyard 521 Lamar, 77002


Visit Our New Age store. Discover an eclectic mix of handmade products.

Sunday Love Feast. 5:00pm. A free vegetarian meal for any and all. Free. ISKCON Temple 1320 West 34th Street, 77018. 713-686-4482 Whole Mother. 7:30 pm. Hosted by Pat Jones. A show that discusses the political and practical aspects of being a mother today. KPFC: Community Radio 90.1 FM.

Oils, Stones, Jewelry, Clothing, Crystal Bowls, & Much More....

(713) 851-1271 | 2727 Fondren Rd Suite 5B | Houston, TX


community resource guide ACUPUNCTURE Houston Integrative Health, Acupuncture and Mindful Movement 716 Chelsea Blvd. Houston, TX 77006 832-215-02930 houstonintegrative

Whether you are looking to optimize your health or take care of an injury, pain or a chronic medical problem, let Lance Westendarp ND, LAc, BCB, CKTP, E-RYT200, help. Lance is a graduate of Bastyr University with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and a Masters in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. He has also been teaching yoga and movement since 2003, is board certified in biofeedback and mindbody medicine. Follow him on Facebook and call him today for a FREE phone consultation. See

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Jill B. Denson, Founding Consultant Based in Cypress-Serving the Houston Metro 281-381-9085 A clean and effective line of skincare, anti-aging products and makeup that nurtures your skin’s natural balance. Contact us for a complementary skincare and makeup consultation. See ad on page 6

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY MARILYN K. JONES, DDS Houston Dental Health Center 800 Bering Dr. Houston, TX 77057 713-497-1355

Natural Dentistry supports the body and the mind by finding the cause of dental problems. The dental examination includes noticing systemic and habitual influences. If you have dental issues or currently have silver amalgam fillings, call me today to schedule an appointment. See ad on page 12



Galveston, Texas 409-599-7268

The Cereset™ Gavston location is part of a national network of client centers focused on next-generation brain wellness - helping you relax your brain to manage restful sleep through patented BrainEcho™ technology, which empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection. To schedule an appointment call: 409-599-7268. See ad on page 7 & 8


Green Compass Global | CBD Leslie Shatto - Independent Advocate (832)791-2772 Excellent Line for Alternative Health Professionals... NEW Organic Hemp-CBD Company expanding in Texas (and across the US)- Green Compass Global-Advocate Opportunity, NO Inventory Requirement, Advocate Websites - Direct Ships to Customers, Excellent Unilevel COMP Plan. Retail & Preferred Customer Pricing. 500-2500mg Full Spectrum & Isolate Formulas, Topical CBD Creams, Pain Patches, Bath Products, More! Ground Floor Advocate Opportunity. I have 30 years in the Direct Sales Industry, live in the Houston area, and would love to work with You! Please call me for more information... Check out my Facebook Group: CBD-Is It For Me? and Join the Green Compass Movement!

CHIROPRACTIC LIFE CHANGING CHIROPRACTIC INNATE CHIROPRACTIC HEALING ARTS CENTER Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, Network Chiropractor Healing Spines Since 1995 713-521-2104 Are you ready to embark on a path to feel and function better, age well or enhance your vibrant life? We can help! Our gentle, natural, healing services empower you to live your best life! Call today for a complimentary consultation or visit our website for online scheduling. All ages welcome. We

4101 Greenbriar Dr. Suite 135, 77098 281-506-0105 9720 Cypresswood Drive, Suite 130, 77070 281-809-0100 HealthPro’s dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. We provide a variety of treatment. Dr. Alayna Pagnani-Gendron focuses on woman’s health and paediatrics. Visit our website or call to schedule an appointment.


Positive change starts now! 832-628-4113 Are you looking for answers? Have you ever had a “hunch” or a “gut feeling” that came true? Are you wondering if you are intuitive? Doyle Ward is an experienced intuitive, teacher, grief recovery specialist, and life coach. Tune in to his weekly PodCast, Wednesdays at 1 pm on See ad on page 8


1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-232-7336 Established 1989. Call to schedule any of the following services: massage therapies, lymphatic drainage massage and facials, reflexology, infra-red sauna, ion cleanse foot or hand baths, Chinese cupping or colon hydrotherapy (prescriptions only- yours or ours). By appointment only. Be well-Stay well. CALL TODAY!

look forward to meeting you!


CRYSTALS MALLOTT’S HARDWARE AND VARIETY STORE 115 Midway Street Spring, TX 77373713-299-1062 You can find furniture, home decor, accent items, gift items, framed butterflies and one-of-a-kind delights that are brought in daily to change things up and to keep a wonderful inventory for their customers. They have the best selection of geological treasures in North Harris County. Whether you’re a mineral collector or a metaphysical enthusiast, they can help. From thumbnail collectibles to gorgeous cabinet specimens to Chakra Stones and Healing Crystals, they offer a phenomenal selection. They also carry Palo Santo. Now that the weather has gotten nice, plan a short day-trip to Old Town Spring and drop by. See Ad page 19

HOLISTIC HEALTH PRIMARY CARE HOUSTON HOLISTIC HEALTH CLINIC & MEDICAL THERMOGRAPHY CENTER “Better Health Naturally” Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu, ND, CTN 6401 Southwest Freeway, Suite 250 Houston, TX 77074 713-781-9991 Have you spent years in hope for finding answers to your symptoms or illnesses? We offer people an alternative solution to conventional medicine by determining the specific nutritional needs of your body so that it can to heal itself. We now also offer medical thermography useful in early diagnosis of cancer and chronic inflamatory pain.

INDIVIDUAL NUTRITIONAL PROTOCOLS LINDA ISAACS, MD 2500 W. William Cannon Dr., Suite 603 Austin, TX 78745 737-208-0831 For more than 20 years, Dr. Linda Isaacs and the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez offered individualized protocols involving diet, nutritional supplementation, and detoxification for cancer and other degenerative diseases. They published multiple articles in peer-reviewed medical journals about their results. The work is based on that of the Texas orthodontist Dr. William Donald Kelley. Dr. Isaacs is currently seeing new patients.

Call today to schedule an appointment.

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE ERIN THOLE, CNHP Get to the Root Cause of your Health Conditions. Erin has been working in the health and nutrition field for over 11 years specializing and working extensively with those suffering from: autoimmune, digestive, hormonal and inflammatory disorders. She works with each client’s unique biochemistry to determine what dietary, supplementation and lifestyle changes will work best for them as an individual. There is NO one-size-fits-all program. All appointments are conducted via phone! This makes it very easy and convenient to receive care from any location. If you want to reach your true health potential, Email Erin today to schedule your FREE 45 minute initial phone consultation. Hours until 5 pm Fridays. See Ad page 6


361 West 19th Street Houston, TX 77008 713-868-4725 Venus and her staff can do any age with any style, from a trim to a Mohawk. She is a wizard at color! If you are in The Heights, drop by, check out her art car, The Hairse, and say Hi!

HYPNOSIS CLAUDIA AUTRY, HYPNOTIST (by appointment only) 281-849-4610

Want to stop smoking or lose weight? Looking for ways to relax or increase the joy in your life? Hypnosis can help you. Call TODAY to book your appointment. Let’s form a partnership for your growth!


4544 Post Oak Place Dr, Suite 170 Houston TX 77027 832-986-5144 HBOT America is Houston’s top recovery facility. HBOT is the breathing in of higher amounts of oxygen in a pressurized chamber. Whether its ADD/ADHD, sports injury, autism, diabetes, PTSD, migraine, Cancer, TBI’s, autoimmune disorders, or stroke we can help! Call to schedule your appointment today!


1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-232-7336 Health conditions can interrupt the normal flow of lymph, causing lymph fluid to build up in a particular area of the body, often in the arms or legs, where it can causing swelling. Lymphatic massage can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system. By appointment only. Be well-Stay well. CALL TODAY!

MASSAGE THE HEALING PATH MASSAGE 4151 Southwest Freeway, Suite 125 Houston, TX 77027 346-980-5907

Located conveniently off the Southwest Freeway, inside The Loop, and open 10am-10pm Monday-Sunday. Try our Introductory Thai Combo Massage (10 types in one) for Only $39.99. Call today and feel the difference a massage can make. License #ME3188 . See ad page 6



MEDICAL CLINIC EmBee Lifestyle Docs

Houston’s first Holistic Lifestyle Medicine Clinic Bandana Chawla, MD & Munish Chawla, MD 4500 Bissonnet, Suite 355 Bellaire, TX 77401 We are board certified Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physicians committed to providing holistic care and addressing the root cause of disease. Personalized plan to empower you to treat and reverse many chronic medical conditions including diabetes, obesity and auto-immune diseases. Medicare and most Insurance plans accepted. Call 713 592 8900 or visit our website

Reversing Medical Disease Clinic Dr. Mary A. Washington, MD 2525 N. Loop West, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77008 832-306-3941

Are you overweight or obese? Do you suffer from diabetes or have high blood pressure? Are you ready to take back control of your health? Dr. Mary A. Washington, MD has over two decades of experience as a kidney specialist. Let her design a custom diet and exercise plan just for you. Dr. Washington doesn’t just tell you, she shows you and motivates you to make the changes you need to make. Visit her website TODAY for more information about her programs and events or to schedule your first appointment. See ad on page 15

12129 Bellaire Blvd., Houston 77072 281-568-1568 • Chan/Zen Meditation Classes, guided by Ordained Zen Masters of Chung Tai Chan Monastery No fees. Donations are welcome.No prior experience required for beginners. Check the web site (event calendar) for the most current information. See ad on page 14


15202 Dora Lane Sugar Land, TX 77498. 281-565-9718 Awake teacher and founder of Universal Door Meditation Center, Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, gives public dharma on Sundays from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, to help everyone realize the Awake Mind that is already within, and that they have the capacity to Wake Up. We welcome people of all cultures, religions, and backgrounds! Free, donations welcome! Also drop in for the grand tour of our Awake landscape on Saturdays from 10-11 AM, and Sundays from 10:30-11:30 AM. Attend our FREE tour to find out what is Awake, who is our Awake teacher Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien, and have a chance to touch with the Awake already within you!

A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute Akua Gray - Naturopath 11201 Richmond Avenue, Suite A Houston, Texas 77082 832-303-3277 A Life Of Peace is a promise of nature, let’s work together to learn, live and teach the ways of wellness. Dr. Akua Gray, ND, a certified traditional Doctor of Naturopathy offering classes in wellness education. Check out our events in this month’s Natural Awakenings calendar.


12900 Queensberry Lane, Suite 201 Houston, TX 77079 281-794-5255 Suffering from addictions, compulsive behavior patterns, unhealthy relationship patterns, anxiety, phobias, depression or feeling stuck? New Decision TherapyTM can help. Call Dr. Nettie Ramsay today to schedule your initial consultation.



Dr. LaTronica Fisher, DNP, ANP, GNP, RN 4544 Post Oak Place Dr. STE #254 Houston, Texas 77027 713 520-8188 Services:

Through her WHOLE-istic approach, Lin weaves inspired wisdom with proven healing traditions for integrating mind/body & soul. ALL NATURAL, ALL THE TIME. Call Lin today to find out if she can help you.




nHormone Rejuvenation nVaginal Dryness nUrinary Incontinence nLow Libido nErectile Dysfution nLow Stamina nWeight-Loss nSexual Dysfunction(men & women) nHair Restoration nNatural Face Lift Visit the website for more information. Call today to schedule a consultation




Grassroots Climate Crisis plus: Healthy Home

OPTICIAN FACTORY EYEGLASS OUTLET 7921 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024 713-468-5665

Factory Eyeglass Outlet provides the ultimate services for all your eyecare needs. Whether you’re looking for premium or standard eyewear, we have something for you. As part of our superior services we offer complimentary consulting and frame styling. Next time you need you need new eyeglasses or need a repair choose Factory Eyeglass Outlet. Better sight- Better Life.


2115 FM 1960 East, Suite #9 Humble, TX 77338 832-633-1328 For fresher breath, whiter, smoother teeth and healthier gums, try the NEW Oratrue bamboo toothbrush, oil pulling product or tooth whitening system. Created by a local Humble, Texas dentist, Oratrue not only helps you to have superior oral health but also helps save the environment. Unlike plastic, bamboo is renewable and compostable. Oratue products can be founds at Herbal Connection in Humble and Sunshine’s Health Food Store in Houston or may be ordered online. Visit our website TODAY and start on the path to better oral health naturally!

ORGANIC RESORT & SPA DEER LAKE LODGE AND SPA 10500 Deer Lake Lode Rd. Montgomery TX77316 936-647-1383

Can’t lose weight? Feeling Sluggish? Let us help undo the damage from over-consumption and poor food choices. All natural, organic, resort and spa. Immerse yourself in personal attention from our staff. Call of visit our website to book your stay today! See ad on page 11

SELF-HEALING Ching Chi Institute

Life energy education and research Kun Wu, Ph. D. Integral chi healer Chi H Wu, L. Acupuncturist 9894 Bissonnet, Suite 292 Houston TX 77036 832-654-2885 The program of integral chi healing is based on the forCHING mulae: Innate intelligence CHI + Energy = Health i.e. you are healthy if energy is available in the body. At the early stage of the healing INSTITUTE process, the energy is provided by the healer via Acupuncture/Herb, energy healing and psychology. The major focus of the institute to teach clients the principles and techniques of self-healing to generate its own energy for the final healing. The content of the teaching is covered in a program called Energy Realization Program. The final goal is to realize energy. Once the clients realize energy, they would conserve energy and self-heal automatically. They can also discern minor health problems and take care of them energetically before they become major illnesses. Please call for a free consultation if you want to know more about the integral chi healing.

SPIRITUALITY GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH 4040 West Bellfort Street Houston, TX 77025 713-666-1408

We are a welcoming, inclusive and affirming Christian community, committed to abundant, holistic living in the way of Jesus of Nazareth. Guided in our life together by the Episcopal Church tradition, we are committed a way of love. Come walk on our Tree of Life Labyrinth by appointment anytime. Grace: you are welcome here.

FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHURCH OF HOUSTON 2115 Turner Dr. Houston, Texas 7093 713-695-2550

Spiritualism is a common sense religion, one of knowing and living. We accept all truths and endeavor to prove their validity. Truths are found in nature, in other religions, in writings, in science, in philosophy, in Natural Law and are received through spirit communication. We are a growing family and would love for you to visit us Sunday Healing & Spirit Greetings 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Open Healing Service 7:30 p.m. Friday Unfolding Mediation Class 8:00 p.m.


Thermal Imaging Services

24550 Kingsland Blvd. Katy, TX 77494 713-621-4406 Thermography views what cannot be seen by the naked eye using a high definition infrared camera. It senses temperature patterns and changes which provide information for evaluation. Offering Full Body, Health with abdominal and Breast Study at our Katy location as well as limited dates in our satellite offices. Visit us online at or phone us at 713-621-4406 See ad on page 17


Galveston, TX 4 0 9-7 6 2 - 6 0 2 7 Discover your life passions and your sacred purpose. Break free of limiting beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve you. “I offer the ancient, elegant and time tested methods of spiritual healing and transformation to those who are ready to make changes for a better life filled with love, compassion and peace. Contact me when you know your time for healing has come.” Anthony Rios

YOGA Integrative Hatha Yoga for Mind-Body-Spirit 9:30 am 2nd & 4th Saturdays The River Oaks 3433 Westheimer 713.858.8595 Therapeutic Asana practice designed to strengthen Mind/Body connection; increase flexibility, stamina and vitality. Small classes afford personal attention making progress attainable and real. RSVP REQUIRED: 713-941-9992 Lin’s knowledge & passion for Yoga are evidenced by her warm and personable teaching style.Visit conscioushealingnow.cin for more information.


Seven years without a cold?

had colds going round and round, but not me.” Some users say it also helps with sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had a 2-day sinus headache. When her CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am shocked!” she said. “My head cleared, no more headache, no more congestion.” Some users say copper stops nighttime stuffiness if used just before cientists recently discovered bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had time. He hasn’t had a single cold for 7 a way to kill viruses and in years.” years since. bacteria. Copper can also stop flu if used early He asked relatives and friends to try Now thousands of people are using it it. They said it worked for them, too, so and for several days. Lab technicians to stop colds and flu. placed 25 million live flu viruses on a he patented CopperZap™ and put it on Colds start CopperZap. No viruses were found alive the market. when cold viruses soon after. Soon hundreds get in your nose. Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams of people had Viruses multiply confirming the discovery. He placed tried it and given fast. If you don’t millions of disease germs on copper. feedback. Nearly stop them early, “They started to die literally as soon as 100% said the they spread and copper stops colds if they touched the surface,” he said. cause misery. People have even used copper on used within 3 hours In hundreds cold sores and say it can completely after the first sign. of studies, EPA prevent outbreaks. Even up to 2 New research: Copper stops colds if used early. and university The handle is days, if they still researchers have confirmed that viruses curved and finely get the cold it is milder than usual and and bacteria die almost instantly when textured to improve they feel better. touched by copper. contact. It kills germs Users wrote things like, “It stopped That’s why ancient Greeks and picked up on fingers my cold right away,” and “Is it Egyptians used copper to purify water and hands to protect supposed to work that fast?” and heal wounds. They didn’t know you and your family. “What a wonderful thing,” wrote about microbes, but now we do. Copper even kills Physician’s Assistant Julie. “No more Dr. Bill Keevil: Copper quickly kills deadly germs that Scientists say the high conductance colds for me!” cold viruses. of copper disrupts the electrical balance have become resistant Pat McAllister, 70, received one in a microbe cell and destroys the cell in for Christmas and called it “one of the to antibiotics. If you are near sick seconds. best presents ever. This little jewel really people, a moment of handling it may Tests by the EPA (Environmental keep serious infection away. It may even works.” Protection Agency) show germs die save a life. Now thousands of users have simply fast on copper. So some hospitals tried The EPA says copper still works stopped getting colds. copper for touch surfaces like faucets even when tarnished. It kills hundreds of People often use CopperZap and doorknobs. This cut the spread of preventively. Frequent flier Karen Gauci different disease germs so it can prevent MRSA and other illnesses by over half, serious or even fatal illness. used to get colds after crowded flights. and saved lives. CopperZap is made in America of Though skeptical, she tried it several The strong scientific evidence gave pure copper. It has a 90-day full money times a day on travel days for 2 months. inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When back guarantee. It is $69.95. “Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!” she he felt a cold about to start he fashioned Get $10 off each CopperZap with exclaimed. a smooth copper probe and rubbed it Businesswoman Rosaleen says when code NATA18. Go to or call gently in his nose for 60 seconds. people are sick around her she uses “It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold CopperZap morning and night. “It saved toll-free 1-888-411-6114. Buy once, use forever. never got going.” It worked again every me last holidays,” she said. “The kids ADVERTORIAL

New device stops cold and flu






! W O N








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See your artwork featured on the cover of Natural Awakenings!

conscious eating Vegan food doesn’t need to be expensive, boring or complicated. ~Ben Pook

Meatless Makeover A Plant-Based Spin on Classic Dishes by April Thompson

When contemplating a shift toward a

plant-based diet, some may prematurely mourn the loss of their favorite meaty classics. Luckily, enterprising vegan chefs have experimented with flavors and textures that will lure almost any palate into loving a plant-based version of their favorite dishes without resorting to processed foods. “Plant-based versions of classic dishes offer all the nutritional benefits of plants without the cholesterol and saturated fats from animal products,” says chef and author Marly McMillen-Beelman. “You don’t have to abandon all your favorite foods to become vegan—just veganize them.” The Kansas City chef makes carrot “dogs”, for example, by roasting carrots in a savory mix of tamari, agave, miso, paprika and garlic for a cookout-worthy treat. McMillen-Beelman’s cookbook The Everything Vegan Meal Prep Cookbook also offers many bean- and legume-based versions of classic sandwiches, like a vegan “Big Mac” with quinoa and pinto beans; a burger made from oats, black beans and pecans; meatballs from tofu and lentils; and a chicken salad based on tempeh, a fermented, soy-based, high-protein product with a nutty flavor. “A lot of people like using tempeh, tofu or jackfruit for a meaty texture. It needs to be well seasoned, but so does meat,” suggests Ocean Robbins, author of The 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, & Transform Your World. “To mimic cheese, some combination of nuts and nutritional yeast, cultured nut cheeses or plant-based milks works nicely.”

McMillen-Beelman likes using jackfruit for a “pulled pork” sandwich or taco, the tropical fruit being packed with vitamin C, protein, calcium, potassium and iron. Her slow-cooked version leans on whole-food ingredients, including pear and cranberries, to add natural sweetness and phytonutrients. “I use canned jackfruit because it’s much easier to find and cook with than the expensive jumbo whole fruit,” she says. Ben Pook, the London co-author with Roxy Pope of So Vegan in 5, says mushrooms lend substance and umami flavor to vegan dishes such as a mushroom, sage and onion Wellington as a substitute for the classic beef Wellington. “We use portobello mushrooms for their meaty texture, which we surround with a sage and onion stuffing—all wrapped in vegan puff pastry to create a centerpiece worthy of any dinner party,” says Pook, whose cookbook features dozens of plant-based recipes that contain only five ingredients each, such as a broccoli alfredo with cashews, broccolini, tagliatelle pasta, nutritional yeast and garlic. Nuts can also work wonders in a vegetarian dish, such as Pook and Pope’s walnut meat tacos, which blend toasted walnuts together with spices like cumin, paprika, garlic and chili powder to create a mince-like texture built into a taco with toppings galore. Many classic dishes can also be adapted by simply leaving out the meat and letting the spices, herbs and vegetables shine through; for example, in a vegan shepherd’s pie, go with penne pasta with red

sauce or a garlicky pesto with extra nuts, greens and olive oil in lieu of cheese. Sweet tooth cravings can be satisfied with healthy, plant-based versions of classic desserts, substituting aquafaba (the starchy liquid left over from canned beans) instead of frothy egg whites, or olive oil or avocado for butter. Nut butters can also add a touch of richness to a dish, whether sweet or savory. “I love making a peanut coconut milk curry soup with onions, mushrooms and bok choy, with peanut butter, lime juice and soy sauce blended into the coconut milk for a luxurious flavor and texture. It’s great over potatoes, quinoa or rice,” says Robbins. “Vegan food doesn’t need to be expensive, boring or complicated,” Pook says. “There really are endless possibilities when it comes to cooking with plants, so don’t be afraid to experiment and create Connect with Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer April Thompson at


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Magical Meatless Meals remain. Transfer to a bowl along with the remaining dry ingredients and a pinch of salt and pepper. Use a spoon to mix everything together, then set aside. Combine the plant-based milk and apple cider vinegar in a separate bowl. Let sit for a minute or two until the milk curdles and turns into a “buttermilk”. Then add the hot sauce and mix everything together until the ingredients are well combined. Set aside. Meanwhile, add the flour to a small plate and set aside. Press the tofu if required. (Extra-firm tofu contains very little moisture, so this step isn’t always necessary.)Then slice the block in half and break the tofu into bitesized pieces with hands.

Vegan Popcorn ‘Chicken’ Yields: 4 to 6 servings 10.5 oz extra-firm tofu Sea salt and pepper ½ cup flour Vegetable oil Dry ingredients: 3.5 oz paprika-flavored chips 4 Tbsp flour 2 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp smoked paprika ½ tsp onion powder ½ tsp garlic powder Wet ingredients: ½ cup plant-based milk ½ Tbsp apple cider vinegar 2 Tbsp hot sauce To serve: Tomato ketchup Vegan mayonnaise Crush the paprika crisps between a clean tea towel using a rolling pin until no big pieces

Season the tofu on both sides with salt and pepper; dip tofu into the flour, followed by the milk mixture, then the crisp mixture. Repeat until all the tofu pieces have been coated. Add the vegetable oil to a pan until it’s ¼-inch deep. Tip: Use a wok to reduce the amount of oil needed. Heat the oil on medium-high. Drop a tiny amount of the dry mixture; if it starts sizzling as soon as it hits the oil, it’s ready. Carefully add half a dozen or so tofu pieces to the hot oil and fry for about 2 minutes on each side or until the tofu begins to brown and is extra crispy. It’s important to not overcrowd the pan, as it can lower the temperature of the oil. When the tofu is ready, carefully remove it from the pan and transfer it to a plate lined with parchment paper; immediately season it with some extra salt, which will help make it even crispier. Repeat until all the tofu pieces are cooked. Serve with a favorite dip, such as one made by combining equal amounts of tomato ketchup and vegan mayo. Adapted from So Vegan in 5 by Roxy Pope and Ben Pook.

Walnut Meat Tacos Yields: 4 servings Walnut meat: 14 oz walnuts 1 Tbsp smoked paprika 2 tsp chili powder 1½ Tbsp ground cumin 3 garlic cloves 2 tsp balsamic vinegar 2 tsp maple syrup 2.5 oz sun-dried tomatoes in oil Sea salt Black bean mixture: 9 oz canned sweet corn 14 oz canned black beans Sea salt and pepper ½ lime Handful of fresh cilantro Salsa: 9 oz cherry tomatoes 1 green chili 1 red onion 1 lime Handful of fresh cilantro Sea salt and pepper To serve: 2 avocados ½ lime 8-10 small corn tortillas Vegan yogurt


oast the walnuts in a pan over a medium heat for 6-8 minutes or until they begin to smoke. Keep an eye on them and stir occasionally to prevent them burning. Then peel and dice the garlic and add it to the walnuts along with the smoked paprika, chili powder and ground cumin. Stir to coat the walnuts in the spices, then cook for 2 minutes.

along with juice from half a lime.

Meanwhile, drain and rinse the black beans and sweet corn. Transfer them to a separate pan and stir in a generous pinch of salt and pepper, as well as the juice from the lime. Heat through for 5 minutes on a medium heat. Remove the pan from the heat, roughly chop the cilantro and stir it into the beans and sweet corn.

Adapted from So Vegan in 5 by Roxy Pope and Ben Pook.

Add the cooked walnuts, garlic and spices to a food processor along with the balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, sun-dried tomatoes (drain as much oil as possible) and a pinch of salt. Process for a minute or two until the walnut mixture turns into a mince-like texture. Next, prepare the salsa by slicing the cherry tomatoes into quarters and transfer them to a mixing bowl. Peel and dice the red onion, slice the chili (leave the seeds in if spicy is preferred) and roughly chop the cilantro leaves, adding all to the mixing bowl. Squeeze the juice from the lime into the bowl, along with a generous pinch of salt and pepper, then stir to combine. Meanwhile, heat through the tortillas in a pan over a low-medium heat. Slice the avocado in half and remove the pit. Scoop out the flesh and mash it in a bowl

When you’re ready to assemble your tacos, spoon a few tablespoons of the walnut mixture on top of a tortilla, followed by the bean mixture, salsa and a dollop of mashed avocado. Top with a drizzle of vegan yogurt. Repeat for the remaining tacos.

Mushroom, Sage and Onion Wellington An absolute showstopper and the perfect dish to make for friends on a Sunday afternoon alongside some tasty, roasted vegetables. Yields: 4 servings 8 Portobello mushrooms 3 onions 10 sage leaves 4.2 oz walnuts 2 (11 oz) sheets of dairy-free puff pastry Preheat oven to 425° F and line a large baking tray with baking paper. Wipe any excess dirt off the mushrooms and place five of them in an ovenproof dish. Drizzle with olive oil and season with sea salt and pepper, then bake for 15 minutes. Remove the mushrooms from the oven and set aside, leaving the oven switched on for later. Meanwhile, quarter the remaining mushrooms; peel and roughly chop the onions

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and add to a food processor along with sage leaves, walnuts, ½ teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of pepper. Process to form a smooth paste, then fry in a pan over a medium-high heat for 15 minutes, stirring frequently. Set aside to cool for 10 minutes. Roll out one sheet of pastry onto the lined baking tray. Spread a third of the paste down the middle of the pastry lengthways, spreading it 2 inches wide and leaving the same length clear at each end. Turn the baked mushrooms upside-down to drain excess juices, then place three of the mushrooms, gills facing up, on top of the paste along the middle of the pastry. Add the remaining two mushrooms, gills facing down, between the three mushrooms. Spoon the remaining paste around the mushrooms to cover them on all sides. Place the second sheet of pastry on top and use your fingers to seal the edges together. Trim around the Wellington roughly one inch away from the filling, discarding the excess pastry as you go. Lightly score the Wellington with diagonal lines at 1-inch intervals and brush with olive oil. Bake in the oven for 50 minutes, until the pastry turns a lovely golden brown. Remove from the oven and serve in slices. Adapted from So Vegan in 5 by Roxy Pope and Ben Pook.



fit body

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VEGAN FITNESS A Healthy Choice for Body and Planet by Marlaina Donato


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ennis champion Venus Williams and New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady are among the athletes that opt for healthy, plant-dominant diets to reach their personal best, a trend that belies some misconceptions about what it means to be vegan. “Going vegan implies a larger, lifestyle choice based on personal ethics, but athletes report that they just feel better,” says Brenda Carey, editor-in-chief of Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine. “They’re also surprised at how well they put on muscle after making this dietary change.” A balanced vegan diet can provide everything an active body needs for muscle mass, stamina and recovery while lowering the risk of heart disease. A 2018 meta-analysis of 40 studies published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One concludes that a plant-powered diet fosters a healthier cardio-metabolic profile. According to Dutch researchers, amping up nutrition from plants may also lower the risk of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes. Devotees report unexpected perks. “I recover faster. I also have more natural energy without the need for caffeine and reduced inflammation, as confirmed in blood

tests,” says Matt Tullman, managing partner of the community-building website and CEO of vegan supplement maker Complement, in Boulder, Colorado. Nutritional Superpowers Bolstering the diet with foods like quinoa, chia seeds, nut butters and vegan energy powders, as well as combining foods for a more complete protein profile, is important. For example, pairing whole-grain rice with beans makes a complete protein, says Stefanie Moir, international vegan fitness coach and founder of, in Glasgow, Scotland. “Eating a wide variety of foods across the plant kingdom ensures that you reach your fitness goals,” says Moir, who trains six days a week and opts for a breakfast of oats with nut butter and chia seeds. “If you want a ‘superfood’ component, you can add cacao powder for antioxidants and a great chocolate taste.” Tullman acknowledges that there are some exceptions to protein requirements— especially for the elderly, individuals with certain chronic diseases and pregnant women—but he notes that daily protein needs are less than we’ve been conditioned to believe.


Mentally, it’s given me more depth of thought and spiritually connected me with the “YOUniverse” as a whole. ~Torre Washington “If you track your macronutrients through a day, you’ll find that you’re getting adequate protein.” Professional bodybuilder Torre Washington, in Tamarac, Florida, keeps it simple. “We’re all unique individuals, so it’s up to each person to test things without fear of lack.” The National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified coach loves antioxidant-rich blueberries, filling apples and potassium-packed bananas, and tends to choose calorically lower, nutritionally dense foods during periods that he’s competing. Carey suggests vegan meal delivery services as an option and vegan-friendly restaurants in a pinch, but attests to an easy system of meal prep for consistency. “Some people like to meal prep one day a week— cooking brown rice, quinoa and chopping veggies. This way, you can just throw it together when it’s time to eat,” she says. “You can also eat more simply and throw a bunch of yummy fruits or veggies into the blender for smoothies or soups.”

For added fortification, some experts recommend supplementing with vegan sources of vitamin B12, especially for active women in their child-bearing years and older individuals, because B12 absorption is compromised as we age. Adding a vegan source of vitamin D is also a wise choice if exposure to natural sunlight is not adequate. The Big Picture For the vegan athlete, workout gear that doesn’t contain wool or leather is the way to go. “Making conscious choices expands beyond your plate, and a lot of brands have vegan-friendly shoes,” says Moir. “The difference between ‘plant-based’ and ‘vegan’ has to do with ethical motivations and treatment of animals,” says Tullman. “Natural fibers such as cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester are fine.” The path of vegan fitness can not only offer health benefits, but also a personal connection to the Earth. “It’s given me an opportunity to share my journey with others and to allow them to reach their own specific goals,” says Washington. “Mentally, it’s given me more depth of thought and spiritually connected me with the ‘YOUniverse’ as a whole.”


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Marlaina Donato is the author of several books and a composer. Connect at

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Meet the Hardest Working Plant on the Planet by Julie Peterson


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crop that was Better Products illegal in U.S. All parts of the hemp plant Right now, it’s soil for more are useful in multiple ways, than half a century is the Wild West and hemp has applications now of agriculture. in textiles, construction, reaching for the sun. bioremediation, technology, ~Dustin Enge Industrial hemp, the nutrition and health, includlow- or no-THC cousin to ing cannabidiol (CBD). The marijuana, has creatseeds are rich in protein, ed high hopes among essential fatty acids and vifarmers, agricultural tamins. They can be eaten, ground into flour researchers, manufacturers and consumers. or pressed for oil that is used for cooking or By 2019, America had become the world’s in body care products. third-largest producer, behind Canada and The stems undergo decortication to China, where it’s been cultivated for 8,500 separate the long outer fibers (bast) from the years. short inner fibers (hurd). Hemp hurd makes “It’s the fastest-growing ag industry that extremely durable hempcrete for construcwe’ve ever seen,” says Tara Valentine, hemp tion, absorbent and dust-free animal bedding specialist at the Rodale Institute, in Kutzor pellets for heating stoves. An exponential town, Pennsylvania. Since hemp’s inclusion rise in the use of hemp is expected because in the 2018 Farm Bill, Rodale’s hemp web it can replace products made from paper, page hits have grown 10-fold. wood, plastic, cotton and fossil fuels.


“Hemp fiber is going to dominate the market once we get to the full manufacturing potential,” says Erica Stark, executive director of the National Hemp Association, in Washington, D.C. The first introductions consumers can expect include hemp paper products, such as plates and toilet paper, and biodegradable hemp bioplastics like cutlery and cups. Construction materials and other products are expected to quickly follow.

Right now, it’s the Wild West of agriculture.

Income for Farmers

Used in crop rotation, hemp’s soil-enhancing qualities can increase profits on subsequent crops. While cover crops don’t usually have return value, hemp provides additional revenue streams. But the revenue ~Dustin Enge isn’t quite there yet, because the supply chain isn’t complete. Seed supply, farm equipment, education, processing facilities and manufacturers are all links that are developing simultaneously. “Fiber processing facilities will be available soon. Manufacturers Environmentally Friendly are anxious to start incorporating hemp,” says Stark. The Institute of Papermaking and Printing, at the Technical Universi The lack of buyers isn’t deterring farmers. Neither are ty of Lodz, Poland, did a 2015 study comparing making paper from warnings that current harvesting equipment can spark disaster when wood to making it from hemp. Among the findings: hemp takes four months to grow, while trees need 20 to 80 years. An acre of hemp can hemp fiber wraps around rotating parts, heats up and combusts. produce four or more times as much paper as an acre of trees. Hemp Dustin Enge, a third-generation farmer in Prairie du Sac, Wispaper doesn’t need toxic bleaching and can be recycled twice as consin, started Honey Creek Hemp in 2017. He planted six acres of many times. Other studies concur. hemp. “I think it’s a long-term viable commodity for farmers. Right Paper without deforestation would be a major benefit, but it’s now, it’s the Wild West of agriculture. Everyone is trying different a minor job on hemp’s profound résumé. “Hemp needs to be a part things,” says Enge, who modified a harvester for hemp. “I spent of every climate change conversation, not only because it sequesabout two hours harvesting and 20 hours torching the fiber off my ters huge amounts of carbon during cultivation, but also because equipment.” Even so, he will plant more acres when he knows it will construction products made out of hemp will continue to sequester sell. carbon for up to 100 years,” says Stark. Behold the sprouting of the hemp industry as an ancient plant Hemp could also help save the depleted soil on U.S. farmland takes root in the modern world. that has been destroyed by tilling and synthetic fertilizers. “We have to rebuild the soil by putting carbon back in and increasing organic matter,” says Valentine. Hemp does this with a massive root biomass that breaks up compacted soils, improves water infiltration and reduces runoff and erosion. Fast-growing hemp naturally suppresses weeds, needs no pesticides and isn’t picky about soil, water or latitude. By comparison, cotton is water-intensive and uses 25 percent of the world’s pesticides.

Julie Peterson writes from rural Wisconsin and can be reached at

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Natural Remedies for Kids by Ronica O’Hara

Track your healTh from The comforT of your own home. Order the right test for you, collect your samples and take comfort knowing your confidential results will be available within 2 to 5 days. A better way to manage your health with the world’s only personal health testing service designed around you. Convenient, confidential and accurate health testing for women and men with online results in a matter of days. Catered with you in mind, our wellness tests include fertility & hormone, thyroid, cancer screening, general wellness, sexual health and more.

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March brings the first whiffs of fragrant

spring air, along with a heightened chance of runny noses, coughs, sore throats and congestion in youngsters. The spring and fall months are the most likely times to catch a cold because seasonal allergens inflame nostrils, making it easier for cold viruses to have their way. Although many worried parents reach for cold and cough medicines, antihistamines or even antibiotics, there is little evidence that these ease symptoms or hasten recovery, and they may even cause harm, according to reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The AAP suggests some natural approaches for symptoms, including sponging for fevers as well as hydration, honey and chest rubs. A metastudy published in American Family Physician in 2012 found that treatment with buckwheat honey, Umcka ColdCare, nasal saline irrigation, a vapor rub or zinc sulfate “may decrease cold symptoms in children.” Here are those and some other natural strategies:

1 Hydration to flush out germs: “If your child doesn’t

like drinking water, add a spritz of lemon, ginger, crushed berries or fruit juice to give it some flavor,” advises Heather Tynan, ND, of Evergreen Naturopathic, in San Diego. A child can also drink coconut water or suck on frozen berries or popsicles.

2 Honey for sleeplessness and coughs: Honey can kill both

viruses and bacteria, and in a Pennsylvania State University study, a bedtime teaspoon of buckwheat honey beat out dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant used in overthe-counter cold and cough medicines, in helping kids sleep better and cough less. (But don’t give honey to a kid under age 1 because of the risk of botulism.)

3 Chest rub to ease congestion: A chest rub can

help clear a child’s congestion, but choose natural ingredients like aloe, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary; that’s a safer bet than the standard mentholated products which can cause breathing problems in toddlers. Natural alternatives are sold at health food stores, and a do-it-yourself version can be made simply by mixing together one cup of coconut oil, 20 drops of eucalyptus oil and 10 drops of peppermint oil.

4 Essential oils to fight infection: A combi-

nation of five essential oils—clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary,


commonly known as four thieves—has antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and immune-stimulating properties, says Tynan. “Diffuse it in your child’s room, or dilute well (about one to two drops per five milliliters of carrier oil) and apply under their nose, behind their ears and on the back of their neck, on their chest and on the soles of their feet.”

5 Saltwater gargle for a sore throat: As

soon as anyone in her family shows signs of getting sick, they begin gargling with salt water, says Tangela Walker-Craft, a mother and former teacher in Lakeland, Florida. “Saltwater loosens mucus and flushes bacteria out of the throat. It will also help to reduce swelling,” she says.

6 Elderberry or Umcka to ease symptoms: A recent me-

ta-analysis in Complementary Therapies in Medicine concluded that elderberry syrup (in stores as Sambucol) reduces the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms. “The syrup is sweet and delicious, so typically very easy to get children to take,” says naturopathic doctor Kiera Smialek, of Scottsdale, Arizona. Umcka ColdCare, based on

the South African geranium, halved cold symptoms in five days compared to a placebo in a University of Chicago study.

7 Zinc sulfate to shorten a cold: If taken

within the first 24 hours of symptoms, zinc sulfate tablets or syrup can reduce colds by a day or more, studies suggest.

8 Warming socks to boost immunity: This

odd-sounding strategy “increases circulation, decreases chest congestion and increases the activity of the immune system,” says Smialek. Soak a pair of cotton socks in ice cold water. Wring them out and place them on the child’s feet. Cover them with thick dry socks, ideally wool. Keep them on overnight. In the morning, the wet, cotton socks will be dry. “Remember, the best remedies for cold and flu are rest and time,” says Tynan. In the meantime, though, steps like these “can help you kick it much faster and reduce some symptoms while you’re doing so.” Ronica A. O’Hara is a Denver-based health writer. Connect at OHaraRonica@gmail. com.



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Kibble Quandary GREEN IS SEEN

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A Fresh Look at Pet Food by Julie Peterson


ating healthy is a family affair, and

that includes the family pet. However, what works for humans may be less than optimal for Fluffy or Fido, as each requires a species-specific, nutritionally balanced regimen. Most pet parents opt for commercial dog or cat food that comes in a bag or a can, but many are beginning to consider more natural options. “Kibble is often the most economical way to feed your pet. But its processed state makes it the least optimal,” says Angie Krause, DVM, at Boulder Holistic Vet, in Colorado. Canned food is also heavily processed and potentially toxic. In 2017, Clean Label Project, a nonprofit testing laboratory, completed a study of 1,084 pet food products, screening them for more than 130 toxins and contaminants linked to cancer and other conditions. Results showed cadmium, a heavy metal, in 94 percent of the products, along with arsenic and lead. Contaminants aren’t the only concern. “Up to 50 percent of commercial foods are composed of meat meal and byproducts,” says Armaiti May, DVM, owner of Dr. May’s Veterinary House Calls, in Los Angeles.

These can include meat from dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals, and even rendered dogs and cats from animal shelters, says May. “We are seeing more cancer, neurologic conditions and kidney disease, and there is evidence that the increase in these diseases may be due to harmful ingredients in commercial, meat-based foods.”

Healthy Alternative Diets

Owners that switch from commercial foods report their animals display thicker coats, brighter eyes and greater energy. However, dogs and cats require specific ranges of vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates, so it’s important to ensure that nutritional needs are met and a healthy balance is maintained.

n Home-Cooked

Pet food recalls have prompted some families to start cooking for their charges, but it’s not as simple as sharing the family dinner. “There are online calculators that can help you create and balance recipes for dogs and cats. Balancing a diet can be tedious and often requires added supplements,” says Krause.


Seeing a four-legged friend thrive was worth the extra time and cost for Yvonnda Stamp-Agent, a homemaker from Rockvale, Tennessee. Emma, a schnauzer mix, suffered from itchy skin, anal gland leakage, kidney crystals, vomiting and other problems. “We switched to home-cooked wild salmon and flounder protein with fresh organic vegetables and fruits, along with vitamin and mineral supplementation.” Emma recovered and is now an energetic 5-year-old.

n Raw The biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diet, as described at, contains raw meats, vegetables and cooked grains and legumes. Proponents say it improves health from tooth to tail. “Buddha, my orange tabby, is 22 and no longer has an issue with hairballs,” says Kim Bolin, a Reno, Nevada real estate agent, who has fed raw for three years. Stephanie Krause, in Keego Harbor, Michigan, says her three dogs are more relaxed, probably from the time and effort needed to eat large bones—and they haven’t needed a teeth cleaning since going raw. “After eating raw bones, there was plaque laying all over the floor.” The BARF diet can be homemade, although most choose prepared frozen or freeze-dried products to ensure nutrient balance or to avoid handling raw meats. Angie Krause says the diet is controversial, largely due to human health risks from pathogenic bacteria.

n Vegan and Vegetarian For ethical and environmental reasons, homemade or pre-made, plant-based diets for companion animals are becoming more popular. “If the 163 million dogs and cats in the U.S. were their own country, it would be the fifth-largest meat-eating country on the planet,” says May.

Helpful Resources

Report cards regarding toxicity for dog and cat food brands: Raw, vegan or otherwise, sign up for dog and cat food recall alerts via email: Definitions of common ingredients in pet food: Recommended reading from the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association includes Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets, Second Edition, by Patricia Schenck, and Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, Fourth Edition, by Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM. Scientific literature, published articles and biographies of dogs living on a plant-based diet: Cats cannot survive without meat, which provides the high protein, amino acids and other nutrients their bodies require. However, a 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association suggests that plant-based diets, possibly supplemented with vitamins B12 and D and some amino acids, can meet nutrition requirements of dogs. “Dogs are omnivores, and can thrive on balanced, complete, plantbased diets. They have nutrient requirements, not ingredient requirements,” says May. Pet diets aren’t an all-or-nothing choice, says Angie Krause. “Eventually, my patient will always reveal what works for them. Listen to your pet’s body.” Julie Peterson lives in rural Wisconsin. Connect at

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LIVING IN SYNCHRONICITY The Power of Meaningful Coincidence by Meg Lundstrom

When we have an inner need that conYour Market is Our Readers. Let Us Introduce You to Them!

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verges with an outside event, it is a meaningful coincidence known as synchronicity, and it happens to us all. It can be simple, like a playful sprite: recurring numbers or dates, all the lights turning green as we race to meet an appointment or a call from a faraway friend just when we want to talk to them. Or it can be profound: a chance meeting with an employer looking for exactly our skills, unexpected money appearing when we’re in a pinch, a timely rescue or our grandmother’s favorite, obscure song coming on the radio or app just as we’re feeling teary-eyed on the anniversary of her death. Whether they are lighthearted or life-changing, synchronicities link us to an underlying order in the universe that is profoundly reassuring. They open us to mystery and delight. They give us a sense of being taken care of. They nudge us to grow in scary, but life-affirming directions. They awaken a sense of awe, which studies have shown to be the emotion most likely to make us reach out generously to others—and that evokes even more synchronicity. And they can make daily life a lark. By its very nature, we can’t create synchronicity, but we can live life in a way that encourages it to show up. The more engaged we are spiritually—whether that means prayer, meditation, walking in nature

or loving others deeply—the more likely synchronicity is. Being open, self-honest, courageous, engaged, grateful and fully present summons it, which is where therapy, yoga and bodywork can be useful. But we don’t have to be saintly or enlightened; synchronicity is there for us all. It is simply the way the Universe works. The first step is to notice synchronicity when it occurs, and honor it. As with humans, when we give it our attention and say thank you, it makes it more likely to show up in our life again. At some point as our trust builds, synchronicity becomes simply the way our life works. Things show up as we need them and we are in the right place at the right time. Even when occurrences seemingly go awry, we glimpse an underlying order that gives us strength and purpose. Life becomes a steady stream of meaningfulness and inner and outer exploration. We find ourselves living in flow, attuned to life’s deepest currents and awash in deep gratitude. Meg Lundstrom is the co-author with Charlene Belitz of The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence. Connect at


Ronnie Cummins on Growing a Movement by Elizabeth Greene

For five decades,

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What’s the

human rights activist, difference journalist and author between orRonnie Cummins has campaigned for natganic and ural health and the regenerative environment. Since he co-founded the Organic farming? Consumers Association Regenerative farming in 1998, the nonprofit is simply the next stage has grown to a network of organic, focusing that’s 2 million people on soil health, carbon strong, dedicated to sequestration and ecopromoting organic food, system restoration. We regenerative farming call it “regenerative orand commerce through ganic” because people global initiatives that understand organic. integrate public educaBut when we devised tion, marketplace presorganic standards, sure, media outreach, Every time you pull we didn’t completelitigation and grassroots ly understand soil out your wallet, you lobbying. biology and the carbon His latest book, are either casting your cycle. Now we know Grassroots Rising: A that there’s important Call to Action on Clibiological life below mate, Farming, Food and a Green New Deal the soil. We understand carbon sequestra( Regenerative organic farming rebuilds ing), focuses on Regeneration International, the soil, which improves food, health and a global network that he and other advoeventually, the climate. It’s a transformation cates spawned in 2015 with a goal to reof the food system. verse global warming and end world hunger by accelerating the transition to regenerative agriculture and land management. What will it require to

What is Regeneration International?

It’s a movement that spread when people started to understand that the climate crisis was very, very serious and connected to other crises we face—our health and farmers not being able to make a living, for example. It’s about identifying regenerative practices around the world, publicizing them and changing public policy. We use the slogan, “Healthy soil, healthy ecosystem, healthy plants, healthy food, healthy people, healthy animals, healthy climate.” All these living systems are interconnected. Regeneration of one system impacts another, which will lead to stabilizing the climate.

achieve the goals of the Green New Deal, which calls for net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030?

First, consumers need to understand the interconnectedness of things so that they make decisions to create market pressure. Second, farmers, ranchers and land managers need to use regenerative best practices. Third is political power and policy change to drive regeneration. We need elected officials to understand regenerative ideas and feel pressure from constituents. Officials need to hear that we don’t want our tax money used for degenerative practices. Fourth is money. It will take trillions


of dollars over the next decade, with much money coming from government funding. But private investments also need to shift. Our savings, pensions and retirement accounts need to be in financial institutions that place assets in regenerative, socially responsible investing.

How can we help address climate change on a personal level?

Every time you pull out your wallet, you are either casting your vote for regeneration or the continuation of degeneration. Everything you buy is a vote. What you talk about and do every day is also extremely important. Americans spend half of their food dollars eating out. Learn to cook, invite people over for dinner, teach your kids how to cook. Eating is an agricultural act. Everyone should also be active in civic organizations. Run for office. It doesn’t have to be in politics, it could be a conservation committee or school board. Do what you can do best inside this regenerative framework and you will have a big impact. Things aren’t hopeless. It’s plausible that we are going to solve this. Unfortunately, it took until now for people to wake up. I believe people have an innate love for nature and other people, but if they’re hopeless and unaware, they’re going to behave

as if they don’t care. There is an increasing common awareness and responsibility to get the job done. This is a spiritual movement as much as it is an agricultural and alternative energy movement.

What inspired you to write about this issue?

About 10 years ago, I learned that regenerative food, farming and land use, in combination with renewable energy and radical energy conservation, could solve the climate crisis. I did more research, helped form Regeneration International and then saw that there wasn’t a roadmap for regeneration. I needed to write the book so that the climate movement would understand regeneration and the food-farming-regeneration movement would understand climate. And I need for everyone to understand that there is hope. lizabeth Greene writes about the environment. Connect at ElizabethGreene28@


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