Realities and Aspirations : Results of a Survey (Booklet)

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HOUSES VILLAGES could be built and CRAFT A TOOL TOCHANGETHE WAY O PE N TO A LL A D U LT RE S IDE N T S D oing Things D i f f e r en t ly c o l l ab o r a t i v e research p r o j e c t (S N 2019- 2 0 2 3 ) RESULTS


1 Sign the consent form

2 Fill in the booklet

3 Put them in the envelope and seal

Mandatory (enclosed) (enclosed)

4 Bring it to Nancy Etok OR to the Post Office Nakurmiik

Our team is fundED by the Sentinel North research program (2019-23) Northern Village of Kangiqsualujjuaq (David Annanack, Nancy Etok, Hilda Snowball); Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau (Claude Gadbois, Marie-Christine Vanier); Kativik Regional Government (Paul Parsons); Société d’habitation du Québec (Marie-Pier Breton, Joanne Gauthier); Université Laval (Geneviève Vachon, Michel Allard, Myriam Blais, André Casault, Geneviève Cloutier, Samuel Boudreault, Myrtille Bayle, Arianne Côté, Sarah Gauthier).

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3 pulaarvik porches and windows
my house neighbourhood housingchoices
village ? dwelling control p. 08 p.10 p.06
.12 HOUSES VILLAGES and p. 22 living outside
p.20 p.18 p.14 p.16 p
cover : Shuvinai Ashoona Untitled (aerial view of Cape Dorset), 2007


I am an Inuk yes no I am years old

How interested are you in housing and planning issues? How can we reach you for future activities?

very moderatly not very

I am...

female male I prefer not to answer leaseholder house owner living in someone else’s house

My main occupation(s) is/are...

hunter / gatherer craftsperson / artist student employee entrepreneur volunteer at home



Do you hold a diploma? yes no what kind?___________________



I live ... by myself with my ... partner / spouse kids parents grandparents grandchildren kins / friends


How many people live in your house? ____ elders ____ adults ____ children in a ... detached house duplex apartment

Do you or your household own a vehicule? yes no

Do you or your household own a cabin ? yes no

If so, how often do you go? Once a... week month year

Have you ever lived in the South?

yes no


other_____________________ __________________

How long?

When I go, I stay there... a few days a week more than a week

Have you lived elsewhere in Nunavik?

yes no

Where? How long? __________________ _______________




The pulaarvik should feel...

• to do family activities

• to eat and prepare country food

• to gather

• to relax ______________________

The ceiling should be...

big + open small + cosy low

The floor surface should be...

• To do art (sewing)_____________ rough



Come to our place, we will eat, we will eat, we will eat. If I eat alone, I will not eat well.

Sheldon O’Connel

‘‘The Beaver’’ Music of the Inuit (1979)

From : Penny Petrone ‘‘Northern Voices’’

What would you say to Sheldon?

‘‘This is TRUE. To Inuit eating is not just about putting food in your body ut feeding your soul & the souls of others.’’ (booklet 5)

hard soft fresh warm 24/25 22/25 17/25 15/25 24/25 18/25

Which of these rooms should be in relation to the pulaarvik? (put numbers in order)

For a floor area similar to your house, would you rather have... (check one box)

7 close
small bedrooms far Storage 5 Bathroom 4 Bedrooms 3 Kitchen 2 Porch 1
a bigger pulaarvik a bigger porch a bigger bedroom more
_____________ 6 Annie Pootoogook, Eating Seal at Home, 2001 pulaarvik ________________________ 2 1 5 4 3 10/24 1 11/25 5 6/25 3/25 8/25 4 6/25 7/25 3 9/25 6/25 5 6/25 1 2 3 3 18/25 11/25 6/25 6/25 bigger bathroom (3 pers.) 0/25

Other Rooms

Would you rather have... (check one box)


• to fit different needs

• to be quiet

• to adapt space

• to sleep

• to have privacy______________


or or

your own bedroom share a bedroom with family members it depends


Privacy (parents/enfants)

I wanted my own space. [...] Housing has a huge impact on youth life and other aspects.

Olivia Ikey Kuujjuaq

Artic Change conference (2017)

What would you say to Olivia?

‘‘Housin is suicide preventionhelps with well being’’ (booklet 3)


Would you rather have rooms with...


Separations = plus de chambres et de rangements / Privacy

Open space = Plus d’espace pour faire des activités et être en famille

One large open space Separations

In your home, which activities take place in the same room?

Which activities fit best in the same room?

Which activities require a separate room?

study eat watch tv prepare food do crafts sleep 1 5 3 7 2 6 sew 4 8
+ + + + ___________
_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________
13/25 11/25
(write numbers) (write numbers)
1 5 6 19/25 17/25 17/25 5 6 3 16/25 12/25 10/25 1 2 7 18/25 8/25 7/25

Porches and windows

• to enter, to welcome

• to store

• to see the land

What should each porch be used for? (connect with a line)

warm porch

prepare country food

cold porch

store clothes

get dressed

store hunting supply work, build, repair

store country food take a break

store food

store sports gear

When an Inuk puts up a tent or an igloo, he [...] has to think about the wind and be very careful which way his door will face.

What would you say to Mini?


Mini Aodla
Cape Hope Island, James Bay
Among the Qallunaat (1978)
11/18 14/21 22/23 11/16 16/19 6/7 17/17 11/18 14/20

Windows are mostly important to... (choose 3)

look at the sky

What is the best location for a window? ground level eye level upper wall level

How many windows is ideal for each room?

pulaarvik porch
B S B S B S B S B S Big or Small? (circle) 3 2 1 4 21/25 17/25 17/25 16/25 8/25 10/25 6/25 17/25 7/25 3/25 1 0 or 1 1 2 1 +++ ++ + +/-
see visitors arriving see the land ventilate check
my kids look at the village
natural light


• to store equipment / park

• to build and repair

• to skin and smoke meat

• to have a place to play________

Ideally, the ground around my house would be... (check boxes)

• to make BBQ ________________ pad rock sand

How should the house relate to the ground? (check boxes)

Every day when I leave my house, it makes me feel like I want to go berry picking. If the land is damaged by development, that will affect us.

What would you say to this Inuk ?

‘‘We can try now + innovative ways to live WITH the land, animals + elements.’’ (booklet 5)

grass moss deck Aupaluk Parnasimautik Consultation Report (2013)
on pad on bedrock on ground
1 2 3 3 12/25 9/25 7/25 7/25 3/25 2/25 1 2 3 13/25 11/25 7/25


Around the house, my family likes to ... (check boxes)

make a campfire

dry and smoke meat prepare animals

sit and chat with friends take care of dogs


store gear, vehicles do crafts play outside (3 pers.)

a line)
Ashoona, unknown title, 2009
What would
share with your neighbors? (connect with
shared +/Outside space : + Shed / Workshop : Shared Communal area : ++ Outside space : ++ Shed / Workshop : Shared Communal area : + workshop Outside space :Shed / Workshop : individual Communal area :Outside space : + Shed / Workshop : Partially shared Communal area : +/Outside Shed Communal deck / porch
yard 1 24/25 2 17/25 3 15/25 4 10/25 5 9/25 7/25 7/25 6/25 5/25 - +
build and repair things 9/22
share with anyone share with relatives don’t share
Dont : 9/22 Anyone :
: 7/14 Dont :
: 16/22
: 20/24


• to visit

• to get around

• to have access to services

• to have access to friends and family (help eachother or play)_

In the village, I prefer to get around by... (check 2 per season)

winter summer

How should you be included in planning the village?

- being consulted/invited/included via radio, questionnaires, ... ________________

- get elected _________________________

On Sundays, with my parents, we would go visit members of our family. They were all within walking distance of where we lived.

What would you say to Martha?

‘‘It’s important that tradition because it keeps the family ties strongs’’ (booklet 19)

Tim Pitsiulak, Family of Eight, 2008 Martha Flaherty Inukjuak Martha of the North (2009)
20/25 17/25 7/25 20/25 15/25 11/25 8/25

Which village plan seems the most interesting to you? (check one box)

What’s most important for you? (check one box)

have a large plot live near services

How long are you willing to walk to services in winter?

I don’t want to walk



In which area should an inuit house be?

Chisasibi (Cree) clusters
rectangular central
Ouje-Bougoumou (Cree) Mani-utenam (Innu)
linear 3 2 1 4
Pessamit (Innu)
1 2 2 10/25 7/25 6/25
(write number) or draw your suggestion
22/25 5/11 3/11 3/11
3 12/25 9/25
No face to face

community space

• to gather and hang out

• to do sports and activities

• to share and learn

• to be safe

What belongs in an Inuit ‘‘public’’ space?

resting spot views collective memory building entrance

Watching the kids play outdoor hockey is exciting and it reminds everyone of the pleasure of being young and free.

Jeremy Debicki

Nunatsiaq News (2010)

interior spaces :

- salon

- kitchen (place to eat)

- public building

What would you say to Jeremy?

‘‘It’s important to me that my children feel safe to play outside in our neighborhood’’ (booklet 3)

sign Inuit names
18/25 17/25 16/25 16/25 14/25 15/25 13/25
2 2
4 5


1. What is the most used exterior place in the village? Put a on the map.

What do you do there?

(write numbers)

8 3 1 2 4 15/25 14/25 13/25 12/25 12/25

* special event share + exchange

2 7

1 6

4 5 9

3 8

berry picking fishing + mussels

hang out share knowledge __________

2. Put a on an exterior place that could be improved. How? sports play

housing choices

• to live near relatives and friends

• to get diverse housing options

• to live in solidarity

How close to your relatives do you want to live? (connect with lines)

adjacent house

same house house next door

partner / spouse 14/14 12/15 9/16



kin / friends



15/20 12/18 7/15


Town planning has to be [...] redesigned, based on traditional Inuit concepts of family cohesion and Akilliriit spaciousness between living spaces...

Zebedee Nungak Saputiligait

What would you say to Zebedee?

‘‘It brings a sens of family living close to each other.’’ (booklet 12)

‘‘I agree. It also needs to be modern and to the standards of modern inuit.’’ (booklet 18)

Inventing Arctic Town Planning

What would be the best housing options for you? (rank your 3 favorites)

Ohotaq Mikkigak, Houses in Cape Dorset,
elder’s residence apartment detached house multigenerational house row houses tiny house co-living
temporary stay
cabin all year round mixed-use (workshop/shop annex)
semi-detached house
1 2 3 4 5 6 6 21/25 10/25 9/25 7/25 4/25 3/25 3/25

dwelling control

• to make my own choices

• to have power over my living environment

What could be the advantages of owning a house? (check the boxes)

What could be the disadvantages of owning a house? (check the boxes)

If an Inuk wants something, he does it or builds it on his own, he doesn’t ask for someone else to do it for him

Mary Uyarartek

Sense of Place and Cultural identites : Inuit Domestic Spaces in transition (2001)

What would you say to Mary?

‘‘This needs to be encouraged so people know they can build their own. People need an option for learning how to build.’’ (booklet 18)

• __________________________ • __________________________
Pass on to kids Design, build or modify Investment Security and pride
Too expensive Maintenance Paperwork Inequality between households
1 2 2 3 17/25
15/25 6/25 1 2 3 4 15/25

choose its look

build it




Construction 2019 Building materials ___________________

Design local group / organization

1 2 3 19/25 18/25 17/25 8/25 5/25 22/25 20/25 19/25 18/25 myself my family federal / provincial 10/17 8/17 7/15 5/15 8/15 myself my family 7/10 myself my family 6/14 Northern village 6/14

assistance Pay for houses Manage houses Build houses Own houses Own the plot

Why? We know as residents and locals what we need most. Maybe we just need more information but it’s on our hands. (booklet 3) / To


local builders might make better houses (booklet 4)

What should the community have more access to? (circle)
Even if I don’t own my house, I would like to... Who
(connect _________________________
with a line) Anguhadluq,
funding Same More – + – + – + – + – + Regional Northern village
design its interior spaces modify / renovate it
choose its location
Drum Dance, 1970 Inuktitut_ilinniaqta (instagram),

Living Outside the village?

If you could, would you live year round in the periphery of the village (just outside municipal limits)?

Yes ___________________________

No ___________________________

• to live in harmony with Nuna

• to share ancestral knowledge

• to have more space

• to feel free

• ____________________________

If so, what would be the benefits for you and your family?

(choose 3)


food security


stay active connect with ancestors

Where? (circle) have peace_____________

share knowledge

It’s we Inuit who have to stand up and save as much land as possible. Always remember this is our land, the Inuit country.

Willie Thrasher

Aklavik, Northwest Territories

Northern Voices : Inuit writing in English (1976)

‘‘We need to keep our land as natural as possible, since it also provides us with food.’’ (booklet 19)

Maybe ________________________
1 2 3 10/20 8/20 2/20 1 2 3 4 16/25 10/25 7/25 6/25 5/25 5/25

What would be the biggest challenges in living on the periphery year round? (check boxes)

What strategies would make living on the land year round a reality?

Roads and access to services

I wouldn’t like to live on the periphery

23 housing transportation healthcare money
________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________
to commodities school access
water, ...)
Marchand, Pichette, Gagnon and Présumé
Marchand, Pichette, Gagnon and Présumé 1
3 18/25 10/25 9/25 9/25 9/25 6/25 5/25 1/25
3 3



Thank you

At any time during the process, for questions or worries, please contact:

GENEVIÈVE VACHON principal co-investigator

(581) 305-8097 (phone or text)

École d’architecture de l’Université Laval

1 Côte de la Fabrique, Québec (QC) G1R 3V6

or via our Facebook Group DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY


If you could change one thing about your house, what would it be?

This collaborative research project was approved by the community at the March 2020 Parnasimautik and by the Research Ethics Committee of Université Laval (approval no. 2020-161 A-1 / 02-09-2021).

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