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EASY OPERATION . DOUBLE PRODUCTIVITY. SuperCenter EVO Powder preparation & supply center • Ideal for frequent & fast color changes • High degree of automation for optimum efficiency • Double-designed fresh powder station for increased productivity Contact Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd a Member of WAGNER GROUP Telephone: 01327 368410


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1 MARCH 2023 COMPANY SPOTLIGHT Advanced solutions for vapour degreasing, corrosion protection, metal cleaning and surface treatment. 4 INDUSTRY NEWS A Busy Start to the Year for QUALICOAT. 8 Industry Recognised Training Courses from the IMF. 10 British Coatings Federation celebrates double win at the 2023 Trade Association Forum Awards. 14 Industrial Tinting System Launch by HMG Paints to Provided Greater Flexibility. 16 Experience the Power of Genius with Kemet’s Ultrasonic Cleaning. 18 SURFACE WORLD 2023 Surface World 2023Bringing over 20 years of service to your industry. 20 PRETREATMENT, SURFACE PREPARATION, DEGREASING & CLEANING Commitment to Carbon Neutrality - Level Blue. 26 Vapour degreasing solvents - Innovation driven by legislation. 28 Wipe On. 32 Speciality cleaning fluids in the driving seat. 34 MecWash hit Cleanliness Targets for BAE Systems Land. 36 Optimally adapted solutions for precision and high-purity applications. 39 Plastratum provides complete control and substantial operational cost savings. 42 Aligning strong cleaning performance with worker safety. 46 PRODUCTS & PROCESSES Measure Chrome/Nickel Coatings On Plastic Substrates. 52 Straaltechniek UK supplies Refurbished Shot Blast Machine to local neighbours Charles H Coward Ltd. 56 Scottish Galvanizers Reach New Heights. 60 Perfect de-flashing and dedusting of duroplast and thermoplast components at the production rate of the injection molding machine. 62 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS 69 TRADE FINISHERS 76
Specify QUALICOAT for all your architectural aluminium powder coating requirements MARCH 2023 VOLUME 30 NUMBER 3

PosiTector ® Inspection

Unrivaled probe interchangeability for all of your inspection needs.

Coating Thickness Probes

n Ferrous n Non-Ferrous n Combination n Ultrasonic

Surface Profile Probes

n Depth Micrometer n Replica Tape Reader

Environmental Conditions Probes

n Integral n Cabled Magnetic Probe n Anemometer Probe

n 1/2” NPT n Infrared

Hardness Probes

n Shore n Barcol

Salt Contamination Probe

n Bresle Method

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Probes

n Corrosion n Multiple Echo Thru-Paint n Precision


Customized Inspection Kits... Build your own kit from a selection of gauge bodies and probes to suit your needs.

Coating Thickness Surface Profile


Backwards Compatibility! The redesigned PosiTector gauge body accepts ALL coating thickness (6000/200), environmental (DPM), surface profile (SPG/RTR), salt contamination (SST), hardness (SHD/BHI), and ultrasonic wall thickness (UTG) probes manufactured since 2012.

DFT Instruments UK LTD

DFT Instruments UK LTD

Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN

Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN

01442 879494

01442 879595

supplier of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments
f: e:
Wall Thickness HardnessSalt Contamination
f: e:
n Low Frequency n Xtreme NEW
supplier of
Inspection Instruments
01442 879494
01442 879595

Advanced solutions for vapour degreasing, corrosion protection, metal cleaning and surface treatment

EnviroTech Europe Ltd supply vapour degreasing solvents, other cleaning solvents and corrosion protection products which are cost effective, energy efficient and safe for users and the environment. Products are supplied direct or through a qualified network of distributors in the UK and Europe.

We provide a range of approved products tailored to your industry, which are cost effective, energy efficient, safe for operators and the environment.

EnviroTech Europe products are used in the following industries:

Electronics and Electrical


General Cleaning

Industrial and Manufacturing

Marine and Maritime

Mechanical Engineering

Medical Device Manufacturing



Power Generation

Railways and Automotive

EnviroTech Europe Ltd have been supplying vapour degreasing solvent formulations for over 20 years, constantly responding to regulatory requirements for environmental and safety laws and the need for improved standards. Staff and distributors are highly trained to work with customers to advise on the use of industrial cleaning solvents, helping them to navigate through legislative changes and ensure their vapour degreasing and cleaning solutions remain within regulatory boundaries.


Environmentally sustainable high performance vapour degreasing solvent

Zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) solvent blend, the perfect profile for a vapour degreasing solvent.


Soft on the environment, safer for users, improved cleaning, lower costs. Lower boiling point, economical with energy with low solvent losses, faster production, reduced costs, easy handling. Exceptionally low surface tension to penetrate micron sized holes and close contact surfaces. An excellent choice to replace flammable solvents such as MEK, Acetone, Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or hydrocarbons where manual wiping or brush cleaning is the preferred cleaning method. Alternative to Methylene Chloride, Perchloroethylene and High ODP/GWP Fluorocarbons. Established replacement for n-Propyl Bromide (nPB), Trichloroethylene and other now banned solvents used in general engineering cleaning processes.

industries. Contains a proprietary blend of inhibitors and stabilisers for the solvents to prevent water staining and corrosion of yellow metals such as copper, brass and bronze which can be a problem with some other solvents. Removes oil, grease and soils fast.

EnSolv CC-A® is non-flammable, stable and specifically formulated for use in any vapour degreasing equipment with the added advantage of lower solvent usage, greater stability and reduced costs. The formulation is compliant with all current environmental and user safety legislation.

Advanced lubricant and corrosion protection compound

Specialist barrier film corrosion protection products, based on synthetic materials to provide safe, effective, environmentally friendly solutions to lubrication and corrosion problems.

SuperCORR A s a proprietary formulation containing extremely long lasting anticorrosion inhibitors, which also give superior lubrication coefficients and protects components against moisture. This unique, water displacing lubricant, with synthetic corrosion prevention compounds is tested and proven non-flammable and environmentally friendly, without sulphates, chlorides or other halogens.

High performance vapour degreasing solvent

Enables high performance cleaning at a lower cost than other solvent cleaners.

A vapour degreasing solvent based on a proprietary tertiary azeotropic formulation.

ProSolv® is very stable with no need for monitoring or the need for additives or stabilisers. An excellent choice to replace flammable solvents such as MEK, Acetone, Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or hydrocarbons where manual wiping or brush cleaning is the preferred cleaning method. Established replacement for n-Propyl Bromide (nPB), Trichloroethylene and other now banned solvents used in general engineering cleaning processes.

Vapour degreasing solvent for precision metal cleaning

A methylene chloride based solvent with a unique blend of surfactants giving it a superior cleaning quality. This formulation builds on 30 years of experience supplying the EnSolv® range of powerful vapour degreasing solvents.

EnSolv CC-A® responds to the need for high performance vapour degreasing solvents for critical cleaning in general engineering, aerospace, medical optical and electrical

Non-chlorinated Industrial solvent cleaners

Non chlorinated, industrial wipe, brush, dip and immersion cleaning solvents for removing dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants without causing harm or leaving residue.

Clara® degreasing solvents are used as parts washers in manufacturing and automotive industries or are used as wipe cleaners for large surface areas prior to painting or powder coating.

5 MARCH 2023

A growing concern regarding environmental and health hazards of the most commonly used chlorinated solvents as industrial degreasing agents has led to the formulation of our range of safer cleaning solvents.

emulsion-breaking capability in addition to its unusual combination of properties that makes it so attractive for such a broad range of industrial applications.


General purpose industrial cleaning agent

A non-toxic, water based surfactant system which exhibits a combination of characteristics not found in any comparable commercially available system.

Aquus CL-One is biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic at used concentrations and, unlike almost all other surfactant systems, is both hydrophilic (water attracting) and oleophobic (oil-repelling). Offers excellent

Please visit for information about uses and applications for all EnviroTech Europe products. For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form.

All products are supplied and supported by EnviroTech Europe Ltd. Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors worldwide.

 6 K-type thermocouple ports

 High temperature stainless steel barrier box for long run times

 Download, view, and analyze data using PosiSoft Desktop Software or export to .CSV

Prices starting at:

Temperature Logger .......... £1895

Probes ............ £100 Wide variety of spring clamp and magnetic temperature probes available

Measures and
oven temperature profiles 16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494   e: Customizable PDF Reports
Oven Temperature Logger

Scan & Spray

Dynamic Contour Detection

Programming-free coating of any shape! Gema

The second generation of Dynamic Contour Detection detects the object contour fully automatic and positions the guns individually even for thin objects and at high conveyor speeds. Due to the programming-free adaption of all relevant line settings the application range is significantly extended.

Europe Srl – UK Branch
Tel: 0044 1202 763 942 Email:

A Busy Start to the Year for QUALICOAT

Angus Mackie - QUALICOAT Chair

The first meeting of members of the Association was held in February with an excellent presence at the meeting with only a couple of members joining via a conference connection. Growth of the Association continues apace with PPG joining earlier in the year and a further three architectural powder coaters close to being approved for membership by being offered a QUALICOAT licence

Chair, Angus Mackie of Vertik-Al opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to what was the largest meeting since the outbreak of Covid. After the formalities of approving the minutes of the previous meeting and discussing the Association financial position, business turned to the marketing and education of the QUALICOAT Specification.

QUALICOAT are delighted to announce that they will be taking a stand at the London ZAK Facades conference being held on the 8th November at the Hilton, Park Lane. The aim is to assist specifiers in understand the benefits of specifying QUALICOAT powder coating for all architectural aluminium.

Together with a recently updated website the Association is now increasing its activity on LinkedIn and Twitter with a view to extending its educational reach across the fenestration supply chain. The Association RIBA CPD is also being updated with a view to having this

available on video demand, by video conference, or by in person presentation. More information will be available on the Association website in the coming months.

Training was discussed and options outlined of how to increase awareness of the specification across the QUALICOAT supply chain, to include all members. Whilst the Association runs yearly training courses for the Laboratory Technicians in coating members, the next planned for the November, it was agreed that the Association should review other personnel who are key in ensuring the specification is upheld.

On reviewing technical issues, 2021 statistics from the Association have recently been released. Pretreatment systems used globally by coating members are now split as follows, 77% use a chrome-free system, 20.5% still use a chrome based system and a growing number, 2.5% now use

a pre-anodising system. A total of 68% of the membership are now licensed to coat to seaside class. It should be noted here that the use of Chrome based systems in the UK & EU will be banned in 2024.

It was felt that there is still some confusion in the fenestration supply chain regarding the importance of specifying gloss levels and the retention of colour. It was agreed that this would form the basis of a future editorial which would be aimed at specifiers.

As pre-anodising used as a pretreatment continues to grow, a new appendix IV will be added to the QUALICOAT Specification in July 2023. This new appendix will cover the requirements for pre-anodising and powder coating to be completed between anodising company and powder coater. The new appendix should help make the pre-anodising option more readily available across the UK & Ireland.

The next meeting was agreed to take place at QUALICOAT Member Architectural Metal Systems in Cork, Ireland in June.

All QUALICOAT UK & Ireland members are available to offer advise and can be found on the Association website at

Members meeting at the Arden Hotel, Solihull

From blast it inspect it paint it
performance abrasive blasting equipment
equipment engineered for the most demanding bodyshops test it
NDT equipment for accurate corrosion & flaw assessment
leading coatings inspection & physical test equipment
surface preparation to final inspection,
your equipment
you do.
we make sure
works as hard as

Become an Acknowledged Leader in Surface Engineering and Materials Finishing: Industry Recognised Training Courses from the IMF

Are you involved with the application of coatings to enhance and protect your products? Do you need to meet client specifications to ensure the longevity of your components? Does the complex world of surface engineering and materials finishing cause you headaches?

If so, the courses offered by the Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF) could be your solution!

The IMF have been promoting knowledge in the surface finishing industries, both inorganic surface treatments including plating and the application of organic paints, lacquers and varnishes for many years. Large numbers of engineers and technicians across a multitude of industries have benefitted from the knowledge gained to enhance their careers, their standing within industry and the ability to

problem solve the many challenges they face in their daily working lives!

Starting with the Foundation level course, students gain knowledge on all aspects of materials finishing, specifically aimed at their own industry requirements, but to include sections on Health & Safety, the Environment and Surface Finishing and Corrosion Protection. There is no need for a

science background to be able to successfully complete a foundation course.

The Foundation Course requires study of 15 sections and requires the submission of 2 marked assignments followed by an end examination. The course, conducted by distance learning will take 16 weeks to complete. There are three specific study routes to choose from; electroplating, organic coatings and aerospace finishing. On successful completion, the student is awarded the Foundation Certificate. To follow on, students can then elect to progress to the Technician level modules, which give more in-depth knowledge for key finishing technologies, their application and best practice methods. Again, both inorganic and organic technologies can be studied to match the industry requirements. There is a choice of eight modules, which provide study in applicable areas of surface finishing best matched to your needs.

Like the Foundation course, study is by distance learning, and the student is required to complete four marked assignments and pass an examination. Passing two technician modules leads to the award of Technician Certificate; passing four modules leads to the award of an Advanced Technician Certificate.

If you feel your career could benefit from being a recognised specialist in your particular branch of Surface Engineering or Materials Finishing, then contact the IMF today. Speak with our training manager Karen Yates on +44 (0)121 622 7287 or e-mail at

Move your career to the next level and join the finishing community and all the benefits that gives through the IMF.


Plugin.Switchon. Dustandfumes? Allgone. Really,it’sthatsimple.

Ifwecouldsolveyourdustand fumeprobleminminutes...

• AirBench takesdustandfumes awayfromyourbreathingzone

• AirBench drawsthemthrough theworksurface,capturingthem insidethebench

• AirBench isavailableinawide rangeofsizesandfiltertypes tosuityourapplication

• AirBench isplugandgo-only needingunwrappingandplugging intoa13ampsocket

•Yougetextractionandwork benchinonecompactunit




www. • 01206 791191 •


• Modular systemforfast installationandassembly.

• LowEnergy throughtheuse ofhighefficiencyfans-upto 20,000m3/hat3kw.

• FiltrationOptions fromthe standardAirBenchrange.

• WeldingandGrinding boothsalso availablewithHEPAfinalfilter.

• RapidReconfiguration -standard componentsmeanVertExbooths canbereconfiguredondemand. • T . 01206 791191 • E . ContactustoviewVertExinoperation.
Doubtitcanbethatsimple? TheVertExmodularbooth system.Dustissuessolved... Plugin.Switchon.
Allgone. Really,it’sthatsimple.
Hadleigh Enterprises Limited Unit 11, Buckingham Square Hurricane Way, Wickford Essex, SS11 8YQ Tel: 01268 572255 Fax: 01268 572121 Email: Web: Certificate No. FM10409 • AS9100 APPROVED • NO MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY • ALL PRODUCTS FOR ALL PURPOSES • 48 HOUR DELIVERY SERVICE The Adhesive Tape Specialists

British Coatings Federation celebrates double win at the 2023 Trade Association Forum Awards

win in both of

BCF picked up the award for Good Governance at the prestigious Trade Association Forum Awards for their work to reduce their pension deficit, which was the major financial issue facing BCF in the past 10 years. Through the delivery of a clear strategy and long-term prudent financial management by the BCF Board of Directors – combined with leadership from BCF to grow membership and commercial income – the BCF Pension Scheme Trustees were finally able to sell the pension s cheme without any additional investment from the BCF’s reserves in 2022.

BCF Senior Marketing and Design Executive, Amy White, was also named the sector’s Rising Star.

“At just 24 years old, Amy has outstanding creativity and design skills, and has created fantastic in-house marketing outputs for the Federation, together with her colleague Sophie Dunham –which have delivered significant growth in BCF’s press coverage and social media statistics. I am thrilled for Amy for this much deserved recognition so early in her career.” commented Tom Bowtell, BCF’s CEO.

Now in its 20th year, the Trade Association Forum Awards 2023 are supported by the Department of Business and Trade, and recognise excellence, innovation and best practice amongst Trade Associations in the UK.

Emily Wallace, Chief Executive of the Trade Association Forum and Chair of the judging panel commented; “Through good governance and a clear strategy, the BCF have dealt

with their pensions deficit and strengthened the financial position of the association in an impressive and impactful way. Amy impressed the judges with her professional approach and commitment to take on more responsibility and develop her skills and is definitely one to watch.”

To find out more about BCF, please visit or email

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) achieved a double their shortlisted categories at the 2023 Trade Association Forum (TAF) Awards in front of over 300 delegates. The BCF team winning the Good Governance and Rising Star Awards at the 2023 Trade Association Forum Awards

Hot dip galvanizing provides you with long-term protection against rust and corrosion of steel products. With 14 plants across the UK, Wedge Group

Galvanizing is the UK’s largest hot dip galvanizing organisation offering a national service, collection and delivery and 24hr turnaround on request. The group can process anything from small components to 29m structural beams.

Head Office: Stafford Street, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 1RZ ISO 9001 Quality Management FM 00382 E: T: 01902 601944
WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING Your Galvanizing Partner Solutions for Parts & Paint Spray gun cleaning WASHERS ASK FOR A FREE QUOTE Manual | Automatic Our high quality, advanced range of equipment provides the best way to clean paint spray guns or industrial parts. With numerous options, you can be sure that there is a model in our extensive range that meets your cleaning requirements using either solvents or water. • ATEX certified • High quality alloy pumps • Stainless steel construction • Wash cycle controlled by timer • Wash & rinse • Hot water wash • Inbuilt water recycling • Inbuilt solvent recycling Air extraction • 2 year warranty BUY OR LEASE | 01691 622 225 For more information visit:

Industrial Tinting System Launch by HMG Paints to Provide Greater Flexibility

Across a myriad of industries, HMG Paints, the UK’s leading independent paint manufacturer, are known for their paints and coatings. However, the company is also in a unique position in that it also manufactures its own range of colourants. Now the company has added to its portfolio with the launch of KROSS Tints.

The KROSS Tint range is a short oil alkyd solution for Industrial Coatings, providing colorants that are perfect for use in applications such as Synthetic Alkyds, DTM’s, Primer Finishes and QAD products. The system, developed entirely in house consists of 17 colourants that can be used to create a myriad of colours.

“When developing the KROSS Tint system we were focused on using the very best pigments we could to ensure our customers can produce the perfect colour

every time” commented Isla Taylor, HMG Paints R&D Chemist who led the development of the new range. “The pigments selected also have high weatherfastness and lightfastness ratings to ensure the colours are resistant to environmental effects.”

To support its distributor network and other paint brands HMG is launching the KROSS Tint range with over 37,000 colour formulations available immediately. All of the colours are available via HMG’s innovative ColourBase tinting software which is compatible with both manual and automated tinting schemes.

KROSS Tints are also supported by HMG’s ColourBase Colour Box. The Colour Box contains 2400 colour chips, displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. Each of the 2400 colours are obtained from a number of popular colour systems, including RAL,

16 MARCH 2023

British Standard, Commercial Vehicle Fleet Colours, Agricultural, Afnor and more. Additionally, the box contains colours with chromatic continuity to ensure that distributors can find the perfect colour for every customer.

Chaos in the aftermath of the pandemic, company mergers and acquisitions and ongoing supply chain issues in the colorants industry has led to HMG seeing a significant increase in supplying colourants to other UK paint brands, who produce paints for decorative and industrial applications. KROSS tint range isn’t just limited to use for HMG’s distributor network but the new range of colorants is available for other paints and coatings manufacturers to use in their own products.

The new system joins HMG’s other colourants and tinting systems which include UNIT, UNICOM, WXSperse, UXsperse, Double Based and MSH. The development of these colorant systems allows HMG to support businesses in a wide range of industries. This is particularly evident with the MSH range of colourants, which is becoming increasingly popular with designer decorative paint brands.

Designed for high-end decorative and architectural products, the 15 colourants of the MSH range are used in HMG’s own product portfolio and by customers who require high performing and consistent colour production. The MSH colourants are low VOC and NPE & APE free, meaning they are better for the environment and exceed the demands of current environmental legislation.

Like all of HMG’s products the colourants are manufactured at its headquarters in Manchester. With HMG’s unique position as a British based coatings and colourant manufacturer, they are able to supply products quickly to customers across a number of industries. All of HMG’s products are Made in Britain accredited and available in a wide range of pack sizes.

For more information on the new KROSS tint range, you can visit or email KROSS Tints are compatible with HMG systems including 1K DTM, SPS, HB48, QAD Enamel, C71 Speedline and Stoving Enamel amongst other systems.

17 MARCH 2023

Experience the Power of Genius with Kemet’s Ultrasonic Cleaning

Kemet International has taken surface finishing and cleaning to the next level with the launch of their innovative Versa Genius+ cleaning system. This smart, modular, and compact system builds on the success of the Versa+ range, thanks to the breakthrough Genius adaptable digital ultrasonic generators that ensure top-notch performance in the tanks at all times.

The Versa Genius+ cleaning line consists of washing, rinsing, and drying modules that range from 50 to 180 litres. Kemet offers a range of ultrasonic cleaning solutions, from a single tank setup to a fully automated and enclosed multi-stage cleaning cell, all built to their high standards and in compliance with Finnsonic equipment distributed in the UK. The highlight of their system is the advanced digital ultrasonic generators.

The technology constantly adjusts the frequency and power settings to provide optimal cleaning results in response to changing conditions within the ultrasonic tank, such as the size of the parts being cleaned or the amount of contamination. Compared to other systems, this advanced digital technology not only delivers effective

cleaning but also reduces energy coss. Kemet offers free trials to help customers find the best combination of ultrasonic equipment and cleaning fluids from its extensive range of over 400 options, most of which are manufactured by Swiss-based NGL Cleaning Technology. With Kemet, there is no need to be a genius to solve your cleaning challenges.

Kemet offers more than just ultrasonic cleaners. They also provide aqueous cleaning fluids that meet ISO 19227-2018 validation and ISO 10993-18 biocompatibility standards, making them ideal for the medical and aerospace industries. In addition, their passivation lines meet the ISO 7 clean room requirements.

18 MARCH 2023











Surface World 2023Bringing over 20 years of service to your industry

Trade shows, exhibitions and other events can be an excellent way to showcase your products and services. They give you the opportunity to increase awareness of your business, launch new products and services, network with industry members, explore partnership opportunities, see what competitors are offering, generate new business leads, attract and convert customers.

What is a Trade Show?

A trade show is a platform where businesses (exhibitors), professionals and business representatives (visitors) come together under one roof to exchange knowledge and make connections with other like-minded professionals.

Exhibitors book a stand and use this space to connect and engage with visitors to the event. Ideally, the event is used to generate leads, network, promote products and services, and hopefully close a few sales in an organic setting that’s tailored to them and their audience.

How can you benefit from exhibiting at a Trade Show?

There are many reasons why you would choose to exhibit at a trade show, which include:

Make sales – the golden ticket to trade show success, hitting a quota or making direct sales is the ultimate definition of winning.

Capture leads – without leads salespeople have nobody to convert, so generating enough leads for your marketing funnel is a must.

Analysing the competition – what technology are they using, what marketing angle are they taking? It’s good to know what the competition is up to.

Engage with existing customers –existing customers are more likely to invest in new products and services, so you can keep building relations and offering them more benefits.

Introduce new products/ services – new and old customers could benefit from your new product.

Account-based marketing – go into a trade show with an idea of who you’d like to speak with, so you can create a strategy that’s more likely to convert them.

Gather feedback – feedback is how you improve services and sales and marketing; you could receive advice that revolutionises how you do things.

Spot trends – spotting trends is vital if you want to stay relevant or avoid something that’s a flash in the pan.

What should you look at when selecting a trade show?

The best success can be gained from participating at an event that has a well-established history. These events usually draw the best reward. The event organiser should have proven methods in place to market the event to the right audience. They will have a database they have accrued over many years of business. The venue should be easily accessed by road or public transport and have plenty of parking. A venue with excellent nearby facilities, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, can also be a bonus if the event is held over more than one day.

Can You Make Money at a Trade Show?

Keeping costs down is a benefit when deciding which trade show to exhibit at. Smaller shows tend to be cheaper, so choosing an event that is aimed at your target audience is the key to a successful outcome from exhibiting.

Here are some ways you can get a healthy ROI from a trade show, including:

Only buy the space you need – the area you buy takes up a significant amount of your budget, so overdoing

20 MARCH 2023

MAKE YOUR POWDER COATING standing out from the crowd

Maximize the automatic coverage and save powder with Nordson Dynamic Contouring Movers. Combined with the soft spray of the Nordson HDLV® Technology, the Dynamic Contouring Movers System increases the automatic coverage of complex forms and achieves the highest process control in your powder coating application.

Learn more about our superior spray systems online at or get in contact with us today

it can waste money, which is going to eat into your sales.

Get an enticing exhibition stand – you can have a tiny space and still attract people if your stand is attractive, making your area presentable promotes credibility.

Organisation is key – there’s a temptation to blindly hand out literature and marketing collateral, putting it at the back of your space makes reps think about engaging first, which is more likely to generate a lead or a sale.

Use tech where it’s useful – the whole purpose of a trade show is to generate business through face-toface marketing, so don’t dehumanise the event by using too much technology.

Pick the right team – there’s no point in attending an event if you pick the wrong staff. Ideally, it would benefit you if you had people who understand and empathise with customer challenges, but also know when to close deals.

Work the aisles – do not limit yourself to the boundary of your stand, you can reach out to passers-by and engage in the aisle.

Tell people you’re exhibiting –use as many marketing techniques as you can to create a build-up to the event and get people excited. Utilise all marketing opportunities the event itself offer, these are generally targeted directly at your required audience.

What Do You Need for a Trade Show?

The last thing you want to do is under prepare. Get the following ticked off before you get to your event:

Event space – the first thing you need is event space, you’ll have a

shock if you turn up and there’s nowhere for you to pitch!

Stand with supporting collateral – your stand and marketing collateral are what attract people to your stand.

Travel plans – train, bus, plane, car? It would help if you had robust plans in place before you depart.

Accommodation – if you’re planning on staying over, which you may want to as events are long, tiring days, reserve in advance as hotels may get booked up prior to the event.

Marketing collateral – brochures, leaflets, business cards; get all the material you need and ensure you get plenty. You don’t want to run out.

Staff – ask your staff well before the event to ensure they are available to attend, cancelling holidays will not be seen as favourable to you! Remember your staff are the face of the business at the event, get them prepared.

Could You See Success at a Trade Show?

Trade shows aren’t an antiquated form of marketing and sales – they’re proven to generate targeted, high-quality leads and sales. Not every business can benefit from attending trade shows, but they’re certainly worth exploring. Just like trade shows give you the opportunity to better connect with prospective customers, exhibiting at a trade show also allows you to meet existing customers face-to-face. While most of today’s business is conducted over email or phone, face-toface meetings

are undeniably a fantastic way to do business.

The Wall Street Journal agrees. Citing a study by Oxford Economics, the well-known financial publication reports that face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to strengthen relationships with both prospective customers and current customers.

Trade shows help bring all the different aspects of an industry together –consumers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers, all in one place. With such a broad audience together in one place, businesses are able to schedule meetings, negotiate orders and other opportunities and collaborate on other projects. Trade shows allow businesses to facilitate discussions with their suppliers and even with other businesses, as well as move projects to another level if the opportunity arises.

Surface World 2023 is a well established trade event, with over 20 years of experience, specifically tailored to the Surface Finishing Industry.

If you are interested in exhibiting or visiting this event, please contact Nigel Bean at:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1442 826826


22 MARCH 2023
Detergents for Industrial Parts Cleaning Borer Chemie AG Gewerbestrasse 13 4528 Zuchwil / Switzerland Bühler Ltd. Unit 8/9 Mercury Park, Mercury Way, M41 7LY Urmston, Manchester / United Kingdom Tel. +44 161 866 2800, Fax +44 161 866 2801

Pull-Off Adhesion Testers

n Impact and scratch resistant color Touch Screen display with keypad

n Wirelessly connect the PosiTest AT-A to your smart device using our free app

n Record the results as pass/fail and the nature of fracture cohesive, adhesive and glue failures

W i F i Proud supplier of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments DFT Instruments UK LTD 16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494 f: 01442 879595 e: AT
the adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and more AT-A Automatic Model Also available AT-M Manual Model A u t o m a t i c F e a t u r e s


New and used vibratory finishing machines and systems from 2 litres to 4000 litres

Finishing media; Ceramic, Plastic, Wood, Steel and Maizorb

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Commitment to Carbon Neutrality – Level Blue


As a lime manufacturer, Lhoist recognises that the nature of its operations has the potential to influence the ecology and communities around its facilities. Owning and operating a diverse range of geological deposits and manufacturing facilities across the world, means that the responsible use of these natural resources, and the protection of the surrounding environment, has been a natural part of its operations for a long time.

We understand the responsibility we bear towards Sustainability and acknowledge the interests of our customers in understanding how we plan to contribute, identify opportunities, and structure ourselves to be part of the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable-growth economy.

There are also aims to establish standards with a common, robust framework on carbon accounting rules, and incentivise industry towards cleaner technologies and reducing CO2 emissions.

Carbon capture

Sustainability means taking responsibility with long-term vision but technical hurdles remain. Abating lime carbon emissions is very challenging for a process that generates inherent emissions from the chemical transformation of limestone to quicklime.

It is recognised that the ultimate goal for Lhoist needs to include carbon capture and storage/utilization schemes since even a zero-carbon fuel source would still associate lime manufacture with a CO2 release. Of course, a way of tackling carbon, is to reduce and avoid CO2 emissions where possible, whilst any remaining parts can be offset to generate carbon neutral products. Here we invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

What does LEVEL|BLUE® mean for you, our customers?

LEVEL|BLUE® is our answer to deliver for our customers climate-neutral reagents, and as of January 2023, all UK products will be carbon-neutral by reducing CO2 emissions where it is possible and offsetting the remainder with carbon reduction projects in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas protocol.

These reduction projects are certified by Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard and support the UN Sustainability Development Goals. Moreover, you, our customer, will be in a position to report your Scope 3 Emissions neutralisation when using our reagents, and we will provide you with internationally recognised certification that will demonstrate your support and efforts on carbon neutrality.

3 Scopes of Emissions

The Greenhouse Gas protocol divides the CO2 emissions into three scopes:

Scope 1 Emissions

Direct emissions that come from sourced owner or controlled by a company, e.g. running vehicles.

Scope 2 Emissions

Indirect emissions from purchased electricity consumed by a company.

Scope 3 Emissions

Emissions that a company is indirectly responsible for across its value chain, e.g. from buying products from its suppliers, and from its own products when their customers use them.

How does LEVEL|BLUE® work?

In line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, we have brought together the necessary hard data over the years to measure all emissions from our UK facilities. It enables us to offset the exact amount of still released CO2 emissions from our production by investing in certified carbon reduction projects.

The specifications, quality and consistency of Lhoist UK products remain unaltered and their ordering process also remains unchanged, as all products from Lhoist UK will conform toLEVEL|BLUE®

For further information please contact or scan this QR code.

26 MARCH 2023
Xavier Mear - Lhoist UK
Elcometer3045 MeasureGLOSS · FAST · REPEATABLE · ACCURATE · DURABLE Measure the gloss of your product & accurately with the hand-held Elcometer 480 Glossmeter. Surface World - September 2021.indd 2 14/09/2021 14:22:30

Vapour degreasing solvents - Innovation driven by legislation

Vapour degreasing is the simplest but most effective industrial solvent cleaning process which, until recently, has been subject to little change since it was first invented in the early part of the 20th century. This is a very mature chemical technology, but legislation changes in recent years has impacted the industry significantly.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons have historically been the solvents of choice for vapour degreasingcompatible with most materials, stable in use, producing a nonflammable saturated vapour heavier than air at a temperature greater than ambient. Traditional solvents such as trichloroethylene exhibited all these characteristics but concerns about its carcinogenic properties and the danger to operators by exposure, led to a continuing search for a safer alternative. 1,1,1 trichloroethane based formulations became popular in the last century as a safer replacement. Although safer for users, it proved to be depleting the Ozone Layer and was subsequently banned. N-Propyl bromide (nPB) based

formulations became popular in the last part of the century as a safer replacement, but this was later put in Annex 14 of REACH by the EU and can no longer be used as a vapour degreasing solvent in Europe. Countries around the world are now setting increasingly stringent environmental legislation to control emissions of Ozone Depleting and Global Warming industrial cleaning solvents. This has led to new chemical formulations being developed for industry.

Over 20 years of innovation for industry

EnviroTech Europe Ltd have been supplying vapour degreasing solvent

formulations for over 20 years, constantly responding to regulatory requirements for environmental and safety laws and the need for improved standards. Staff and distributors are highly trained to work with customers to advise on the use of industrial cleaning solvents, helping them to navigate through legislative changes and ensure their vapour degreasing and cleaning solutions remain within regulatory boundaries.

Customers may have recently read in the industry press about another major industrial supplier ceasing production of their range of fluorocarbon containing metal degreasing and vapour degreasing solvents. They may be concerned that other major suppliers will follow suit. Envirotech Europe would like to assure the industry of its intention to continue the manufacture of its ProSolv® range of metal cleaning and vapour degreasing solvents for the foreseeable future.

Parts washing and component cleaning specialists - helping you optimise processes and maximise component reliability and lifespan. Free cleaning trials Process review Equipment specifications Commissioning Training for operators Maintenance packages The Power of Precision Cleaning Supply and commissioning of ultrasonic cleaning and vapour degreasing systems Operating throughout the UK and Worldwide Unbiased, personalised advice Aqueous and solvent systems available In-house UK-based after sales service team D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd 6 Berkeley Court, Manor Park, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1TQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1928 580460 Email:


Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) solvent blend for high performance vapour degreasing

ProSolv®5408e ticks all the boxes with the perfect profile for a vapour degreasing solvent, developed by EnviroTech Europe Ltd for precision parts cleaning or cleaning automated machinery at strip down.

ProSolv®5408e offers improved cleaning at a lower cost, without compromising quality. Substitution is simple with little or no changes to equipment or control settings needed. A non-flammable stable azeotrope needing no testing for acid acceptance or stabilising additives, easy to use and maintain and safer for the workplace.

ProSolv®5408e is extremely effective for precision cleaning in high-tech industries such as aerospace, aviation, electronics and medical device cleaning. It can be used in most solvent cleaning systems, one tank vapour degreasing or multi tank immersion / vapour tank systems using ultrasonics or flush cleaning for complex mechanical and electronic components with blind holes and channels and close mounted electronics or for removing grinding and buffing soils on surfaces. Exceptionally low surface tension to penetrate micron sized holes and close contact surfaces.

ProSolv®5408e is highly effective when used with ultrasonics and can usually be used in existing degreasers or dip tanks. Ideal for precision cleaning and degreasing of electronics, metals and glass. It can be used to remove adhesives, fluxes, pastes, buffing compounds, greases, silicone oils, particulates, resins, waxes and other oils and soils. Soft on the environment, low solvent losses, reduced costs, sustainable and secure for the future.


Fast precision cleaning, short cycle times. Stable with no additives, no testing required

Alternative to Methylene Chloride, Perchloroethylene and High ODP/GWP Fluorocarbons

Excellent choice to replace flammable solvents such as MEK, Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) or Hydrocarbons

Established replacement for Trichloroethylene, n-Propyl Bromide (nPB) and other now banned solvents

Can be used in any vapour degreasing equipment, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance. Compatible with a broad range of substrates

Improved productivity, parts exit the machine cool, dry, spot-free with no drying required

High density solution, excellent for ultrasonic cleaning

Mid-range temperature operation, easier handling, mid-range boiling

point, processed components easily handled (48°C)

Very low surface tension for penetration into the micron level crevices and holes, efficient cleaning in tight to reach places and complex geometries

Easy process monitoring with minimal effort and minimal waste generation, easy reclamation for reuse

Minimal non-volatile residue

High Solvency (KB Value 98) for a variety of contaminants


Safe for the environment, zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

Very low impact on Global Warming (GWP)

Non-hazardous for transportation

Non-flammable (No Flash Point)

Not classified as a carcinogen


ProSolv®5408e vapour degreasing solvent is manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors worldwide. Please visit our website for information about all our products and further information on ProSolv®5408e.

For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form.

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Wipe On

For many years companies have ben encouraged to come away from the culture of hand wipe degreasing particularly with harsh solvents and install degreasing plant.

However, over recent years with the demise of 111 Trichloroethane with its Ozone depletion and more recently the demise of Trichloroethylene companies have reverted to hand wiping. This has been further emphasized by the increase in energy prices whereby companies have been reluctant to turn on their degreasing tanks for small batch runs.

At B C Metal Finishing we have been aware of these circumstances and acted on in accordingly, so much so that we have a full range of Panel Wipes and wipe on solvents to meet all requirements. Gone are the days when rags are soaked in highly flammable solvents.

Considerable success has been achieved with the pretreatment wipes which are Desol PW 710 for steel, zinc and aluminium which can also replace T Wash and Desol PW 704 which is a dedicated wipe for Aluminium which considerably increases the adhesion and salt spray resistance when followed by an organic coating.

During the height of Covid and even now Desol PW 711 can be used to

deactivate the virus and replace highly flammable solvents.

For those who prefer the pleasant citrus aroma Desol PW 716 will meet this requirement.

The panel wipes are supplied in tubs containing four hundred lint free wipes.


Desol PW 710 Solvent based odourless quick drying wipes

Desol PW 711 Isopropanol rapid drying wipes. Deactivate Covid 19

Desol PW 716 Solvent based wipe with pleasant citrus odour


Desol PW 700 Water based wipes for metallic and non metallic substrates

Desol PW 704 Chrome free wipes for maximum protection on aluminium

Desol PW 770 Pretreatment wipes for steel, zinc, HDG and aluminium

From experience we have found that the wipes are not to every bodies liking

and for several reasons prefer to stay with wipes on solvents. For this purpose we have a range of solvent based products to meet a wide range of applications.

The star of the show is no doubt Metsol PT 526 which is a quick drying odourless solvent with extremely low vapour pressure with no ozone depleting potential. This product can be used by swab, spray on dip application.

Once again there is Metsol PT 524 for those who prefer the present citrus odour.

The degreasing solvent can be supplied in 25 and 205 litre containers.


Metsol PT 515 rapid drying solvent

Metsol PT 524 quick drying solvent with pleasant citrus odour

Metsol PT 526 quick drying odourless solvent


Metsol PT 528 water based product

We have been made aware of the inconsistency of rags to the extent where we can supply lint free rolls of untreated wipes.

We trust there is a product for all concerned and we can get away from rags and highly flammable solvents. Visit:

32 MARCH 2023


Speciality cleaning fluids in the driving seat

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly to meet environmental and performance standards around the world. At Fraser Technologies, we work with many leading automotive manufacturers to ensure that their systems are maximising efficiency.

One of the key methods for providing this efficiency is utilising Chemours

Opteon™ Specialty Fluids (SF), which offer numerous benefits. They are extremely safe, low-cost in use, and offer an ultra-low carbon footprint while delivering exceptional performance. They are suitable for applications in the automotive industry, including:

Cleaning and carrier fluids for fluorinated lubricants and grease

Carrier fluid for adhesives

Cleaning engine and gearbox components

Bonding and cleaning of composites

Cleaning and cooling of EV battery

Cleaning and lubrication of bearings

Hydraulic system cleaning

The two key applications we recommend most frequently are heat transfer carrier fluids, and cleaning.

Heat transfer and carrier fluids

The fastest and most effective way to cool a battery is direct fluid contact with a dielectric fluid, known as immersion. These fluids can either be used as single phase, pumped much like current heat exchanger systems, or employed as a simple two-phase system with condensing and evaporation. Immersion cooling using SF answers the need for a safe battery; it provides the most efficient heat transfer using non-conductive and non-flammable fluids while also enhancing safety.

Alternative liquids, such as PAO oils and silicone-based fluids are potential candidates, but the Opteon™ SF products provide up to 30% higher heat removal performance in a single-phase system. This offers a much more efficient heat transfer

process as the coolant gets closer to the heart of the heat. Additionally, by using two-phased immersion cooling systems, the latent heat during phase change is significantly larger than liquid thermal conductivity and thus provides a more uniform temperature across the entire battery pack. The Opteon™ SF range has been specifically developed with performance and environmental sustainability in mind. The Opteon™ product portfolio includes heat transfer fluids for many different applications and temperatures ranging from -90°C to 250°C. Fluids are non-flammable, offer excellent stability and provide superior heat removal in dielectric applications, with an environmentally friendly footprint.


When it comes to cleaning potential, Opteon™ SF80 specialty fluid is designed to meet the high solvency needs in the industrial cleaning market. The commercial uses of this specialty fluid include oil and grease removal, precision cleaning, high solvency defluxing, silicone removal,

34 MARCH 2023

vapour degreasing and cold cleaning. Significant advancements have been made in industrial solvent cleaning, making specialty fluids a viable, safe and cost-effective option. They use eco-friendly chemistries, and are an effective alternative to older, hazardous solvents and those containing F-gases that have now been banned or restricted. And Opteon™ SF80 has a GWP of <2.5, which is one of the lowest GWP figures on the market for this type of chemistry. Historically, other common F-gas solvents have had GWP figures of up to 11,000. (see graph to the right). The Chemours™ range of safe, environmentally friendly solvents has become widely accepted as best in class and is approved for use in a large range of standard cleaning systems. If considering a new solution for oil and grease removal; precision cleaning; high solvency defluxing; silicone removal; vapour degreasing; or cold cleaning, Fraser Technologies can support the right products to deliver cleaning requirements.

Telephone: 01506 443 058 Visit: SPECIAL SYSTEMS ACIDPURE | Acid recycling EASYPURE | Fluid recycling IONPURE | Ionic filtration ACIDVAC | Acid draining vacuum EDUCTORS | Bath agitation [...] PUMPS & FILTERS L SERIES | Medium flow rate filter P SERIES | Ultra-high flow rate filter A SERIES | Mechanical seals pump M SERIES | Magnetic drive pump T SERIES | Vertical pump [...] We solve our customers filtration, chemical transfer and treatment needs. Contact us SIEBEC UK Ltd, Stafford +44 (0) 1785 227700 FILTER MEDIA L-TECH | Pleated cartridge BAGTECH | Filtration bag QUALITHERM | Extruded cartridge QUALIBOB | Wound cartridge ANODTECH | Anode bag [...]


MecWash hit Cleanliness Targets for BAE Systems Land

With demand increasing, BAE Systems Land (BAES Land) contacted MecWash Systems to create a bespoke solution to clean a wide range of challenging components to a high standard. After lengthy discussions, BAES Land purchased a Duo interstage cleaning system and a MWX400 final clean system to drive the efficiency and quality of their component cleaning.

BAES Land are leaders in the defence sector where they design, manufacture, upgrade and support combat vehicles and provide ammunition, precision munitions, artillery systems and missile launchers to a global customer base. The BAES Land business unit is a primary supplier of ammunition of all calibres to the UK MoD for use by the UK Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force and the site at Radway Green in Cheshire manufactures Small Arms Ammunition. A new project to make a new brass component at Radway resulted in the need to wash parts on numerous occasions during the manufacturing process.

By using both the Duo and the MWX, the team at BAES Land ensure a

stringent parts washing process. Initially, the Duo is used for the intermediate cleaning process, known as the manufacturing stage, which focuses on degreasing the component ready for the final stage.

The MecWash Duo is a highly compact, efficient, interstage cleaning system and features both wash and rinse tanks, allowing it to deliver high quality cleaning. First of all, the components are put through a rotational immersion wash cycle, then a powerful spray wash, followed by the spray rinse stage. The single chamber design houses 100 jetting nozzles that operate in conjunction with drum oscillation or rotation. Finally, a high volume, hot air drying cycle completes the process.

The result is clean and dry ammunition brass tube components, within the required TAKT time and cleanliness specification. The system makes light work of removing coolants, cutting fluids, drawing lubricants and fine brass swarf.

The Duo wash system is required to remove contaminants at the various manufacturing stages of the brass tube cutting and forming. The MecWash cleaning chemical AC32 is perfect for the contaminant removal on brass, this is also suitable for multi-metal applications. A demineralised water rinse leaves the tubes with a stain free, shiny finish.

Jigged stainless steel weld mesh wash baskets were designed by MecWash to satisfy the specific handling requirements from BAES Land. These are interchangeable between the Duo 400 and the MWX400, saving both manufacturing time and costs. Once the Duo has degreased the components, the basket is transferred to the MWX400 for the final clean stage, known as acid pickle, to remove dicolouration and impurities such as scale and other contaminants.

The MWX400 is a high specification machine and features wash and rinse tanks, and can deliver an ultrasonic wash, a high volume flood wash and a spray wash. This is followed by an ultrasonic rinse, a high volume flood rinse and a spray rinse. The cycle is completed with high volume hot air drying and vacuum drying. The single chamber design houses six sided spray jetting nozzles to ensure complete spray coverage of components.

The MWX400 wash system is required to acid pickle the brass tubes leaving them 100% stain free with a cosmetic and shiny surface. The MecWash cleaning chemical S5, a citric acid based cleaner, is perfect for the process and is friendlier to both the environment and the workforce than the sulphuric acid that was formerly used for this application. These brass tube components are finally rinsed with demineralised water.

36 MARCH 2023

John Pattison, managing director at MecWash, comments: “BAES Land has very specific cleaning requirements for the brass components, so we worked closely with their team to develop the right process, chemistry and washing system that could deliver the desired results. Using the MecWash Duo and the MWX400 ensures a rigiourous standard of cleaning for a high volume of components.

“We designed the stainless steel baskets specifically for BAES Land, which helped to drive the efficiency of their processes. The cleaning chemical solutions, AC32 and S5, were both designed inhouse by our laboratory team, and are effective at degreasing, washing and decontaminating their brass components. We were delighted to provide BAES Land with a holistic parts washing solution with our unique chemicals and systems,” said John.

MecWash Systems is trusted by companies from across the manufacturing and engineering world to deliver precision aqueous component cleaning. To find out more

about the full range of MecWash industrial parts washing systems, please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1684 271600




MecWash’s aqueous wash systems can accurately flush hundreds of critical features simultaneously with individually targeted jets, while rotating the component in a spray / immersion chamber

Machined castings. Turned parts. Complex pressings and extrusions. Customers expect parts to be pristine.
• TARGETED JETTING • ULTRASONIC AGITATION • VACUUM DRYING TRUSTED BY NAMES LIKE • Renishaw • Rolls Royce • Goodrich • Perkins • JCB • Delphi • SKF • Parker Hannifin • Meggitt • Husco BLIND
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EFFICIENT CLEANING AND DEBURRING SYSTEMS FOR VARIOUS INDUSTRIAL PARTS AND COMPONENTS. Learn more about our products and services: Solutions for recycling SOLVENTS Save Money | Recycle Any Solvent High Yield | Low Waste ASK FOR A FREE QUOTE SYSTEMS Units available for any quantity and application Safe and easy to use Recycled solvent as good as new Atex certified for flammable solvents The number one choice with over 38,000 units worldwide BUY OR LEASE | 01691 622 225 For more information visit:

Efficient and sustainable parts cleaning for sophisticated high-tech components

Optimally adapted solutions for precision and high-purity applications

Whether it’s a millimetresmall fastener, complex precision optics or metresized machinery parts, the cleanliness requirements for high-tech components are becoming stricter and more demanding in numerous branches of industry. Although the exact specifications vary depending on the part, sector and application, most conventional cleaning systems are unable to achieve the result required to ensure consistent product quality. Ecoclean has been supplying solutions for precision and high-purity cleaning applications for many years. With its wealth of experience, the company is constantly driving forward the development of cleaning systems, technologies and processes for this sector, including specially-designed feature packages.

Demands on the performance and reliability of components and parts have increased enormously and continue to rise, particularly in sectors such as the semiconductor supply industry, optical and optoelectronic industry, thin-film technology, vacuum, laser and analysis technologies, as well as the medical device industry. This has an impact on parts cleaning.

Thanks to the design and special highpurity features of the double chamber system for aqueous media, even largesized components can be cleaned efficiently to ensure that cleanliness specifications corresponding to Grade 2 are consistently achieved.

Higher cleanliness requirements due to new products and processes

When it comes to components for semiconductor production equipment, due to new developments in wafer steppers and scanners for EUV lithography, for instance, mechanical components are not only becoming more and more complex in shape but also heavier and larger. Today, the diameters of these workpieces can be anything from one millimetre to over one metre in size, and this range is constantly increasing. At the same time, the diversity of materials used is also rising. Added to this, specifications regarding particulate, film-type -chemical, organic and inorganic cleanliness are becoming increasingly stringent. The situation is similar for vacuum components used in UHV, XHV and UCV applications, such as those for high-power laser systems or high-tech

measuring and analysis equipment. In the case of precision optics like mirrors, lenses, prisms and microoptical parts, more complex geometries and modified materials are also giving rise to new and challenging cleaning tasks. In coating technology, ever-more efficient processes call for exceptionally clean surfaces, regardless of whether parts such as machine tooling, automotive components and optical products are cleaned before or after coating.

Needs-based definition of cleanliness

For parts cleaning, this results in demanding tasks that span the entire manufacturing process. The cleanliness requirements vary depending on the product, area of application and company concerned. As a rule, particulate cleanliness specifications - which extend into the nanometre range for precision and high purity



applications - are defined by surface cleanliness classes (SCC). The specifications for the required film-type chemical, organic and inorganic surface cleanliness are usually based on individual specifications or factory standards, for example outgassing rates, which are evaluated by mass spectrometry. In order to solve these tasks in a needs-based, efficient and sustainable manner, not only is comprehensive technological know-how required but also knowledge of the applications and respective physical relationships.

As an experienced full-service provider of future-oriented solutions for precision and high-purity cleaning, Ecoclean has both. This ensures cleaning solutions designed and equipped to meet requirements, enabling defined cleanliness specifications up to the highest current requirements (for example Grade 1) to be consistently achieved.

Selecting the right cleaning process and plant technology

Key criteria for selecting the most suitable cleaning process and plant technology are the required level of

cleanliness, the type of contamination to be removed, and the material and geometry of the respective component. Based on this, it is possible to determine which and how many process steps are necessary with which cleaning medium and which mechanics.

The Pulsated Pressure Cleaning (PPC) process option removes contaminants effectively - even from the smallest cavities, finest capillary structures and porous surfaces of complex components.

Aspects such as the quality of the rinsing medium and the drying technology are included just as much in this consideration, as are cleanliness-compliant parts handling and the prevailing environmental conditions, for instance connection or integration into a cleanroom.

If the standard ‘oil-free and greasefree’ such as Grade 4 is defined as the specification, Ecoclean supplies compact and cost-efficient full

In cases with a wide variety of materials, high throughput requirements and cleanliness specifications corresponding to Grades 2 and 1, multibath ultrasonic cleaning systems are an optimum solution. The cleaning and rinsing stations can be freely combined, allowing even the use of different cleaning media and qualities of rinsing water.

vacuum single-chamber systems, whose system technology, media routing, media preparation, and design have been specially adapted for high-end cleaning applications. These systems, which are operated with environmentally-compatible solvents or water-based cleaning agents, are capable of achieving consistent results that meet such requirements, even if it concerns geometrically complex components. Process options that can be combined in almost any way, such as injection flood washing, spray, high-pressure, immersion, ultrasonic, megasonic and plasma cleaning, as well as Ultrasonic Plus or Pulsated Pressure Cleaning (PPC), contribute to this. Often, a modified alcohol (partially polar solvent) is used in these applications due to the plus points associated with the media, such as their ability to clean different materials. The limit of what can be achieved with these systems is, for example, Grade 2.

Especially when it comes to large parts, chamber cleaning systems offer advantages due to the process mechanics concentrated in the working chamber, for example PPC, ultrasonics or megasonics and injection flood washing. In order to use these also to meet Grade 2 or corresponding cleanliness specifications, Ecoclean manufactures EcoCvela double-chamber systems that use aqueous media for cleaning

40 MARCH 2023

In addition to the special high-purity features, completely separate circuits for cleaning and rinsing media ensure that the required cleaning result is achieved reliably and consistently.

If, for example, due to a wide variety of materials, high throughput requirements or cleanliness specifications corresponding to Grade 1, the cleaning tasks cannot be solved with a chamber system, a multi-bath ultrasonic cleaning system is called for. With its UCMSmartLine or UCMPerformanceLine series consisting of standardized modules, the SBS Ecoclean Group also offers efficient solutions in this area. Thanks to the electrical and control technology integrated into the modules for the process steps of cleaning, rinsing, drying, loading and unloading, as well as a flexible transport system, these can be easily adapted to the respective task and can also be extended if necessary. Individuallydesigned multi-bath ultrasonic cleaning systems such as the UCM HighLine are typically used in highend applications, for example in the semiconductor supply, laser and optical industries.

Processes developed and designed in the Test Center

Which system concept is the right one in terms of cleanliness and cost-effectiveness is determined via cleaning trials with original components or test specimens. Ecoclean has appropriate High Purity Test Centers for this purpose. As a result, product-specific cleaning processes and process parameters can be developed and then stored as programs in the system controller. This ensures that each part is cleaned with the validated process parameters to achieve the required level of cleanliness in a consistent and reproducible manner. Furthermore, all relevant process parameters can be monitored, documented and transferred to higher-level systems.

41 MARCH 2023
The design, workmanship and features of the systems prevent cross-contamination and re-contamination. They are designed for connection or integration into a cleanroom.
High-purity test centers with cleanrooms and the appropriate analysis equipment
are available for developing processes and determining part-specific cleaning parameters.
Photo credit: Ecoclean


Plastratum provides complete control and substantial operational cost savings

Pretreatment of parts requires quality rinse water to provide a quality product, whether used in the make-up of the pretreatment chemistry or the rinsing of the parts following chemical treatment.

Plastratum has recently supplied water and effluent treatment plant to a company that has a large roof area and low mains water pressure. Plastratum chemical engineers designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a rainwater harvesting system which saved the customer incoming water costs and provided consistent water pressure to the new metal finishing facility. This fed into the new fully automatic alkali non cyanide zinc plating plant also supplied by Plastratum, with rinse water recirculation systems and an effluent treatment plant. This technology saved the customer even more realisable operational costs.

The harvested rainwater was filtered and exposed to UV radiation to prevent biological contamination of the ion exchange filters. The water was treated using separate, duty/ standby cation and anion exchange resins, to produce deionised water at a conductivity of <20µScm-1. This provided excellent rinse water quality and allowed for rinse water recirculation and reprocessing of the water through the ion exchange equipment, which reduced the discharge volume by approximately 80%.

As required, the ion exchange filters were regenerated using small amounts of acid and alkali chemicals, with the standby ion exchange unit automatically complimenting the operational role to ensure no loss of rinse water supply. The regenerant waste was then treated using a small total loss system to comply with the local parameters suitable for discharge to foul sewer. This provided the benefit of complete control and substantial operational cost savings over the rinse water and effluent treatment processes.

42 MARCH 2023
Email Mike@ plastratum .com Telephone +44 (0) 121 314 1191 Visit:

Non-contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gauge

Affordably measures uncured powder coatings using non-contact ultrasonic technology to predict a cured thickness

 Dedicated stand-alone unit is ready to measure right out of the box

 Fast measurement speed—ideal for moving lines and swinging parts

 Scan Mode continuously takes measurements—ideal for analyzing large areas

 Storage of 999 readings with onscreen averaging. Stored readings can be downloaded to PosiSoft Desktop Software

Powder Inspection Kits

Complete solutions for measuring powder coating before and after cure are available

16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN t: 01442 879494   e:

100 Armoury Road Birmingham 811 2RH

Powder Checker
“The Professionals” email info@pros phone 01 1 5 91 1 2240 “Save up to 20% on your monthly s tripping cos ts” Send your enquir y today!! Sub contract specialists in Paint & Powder coat removal to the finishing industr y JIG CLEANING PAINT BOOTH GRID CLEANING COMPONENT RECLAMATION EST . 1989 Pro-Strip Ltd. Trent Lane, Daleside Road, Nottingham NG2 4DS web

Bathing in non-reflective glory

When you are looking to push the boundaries of light, color and design, especially with an ultra matt surface, our Précis Ultra Matt range has the answers. With a finer mica effect that enables an ultra matt surface to change appearance depending on the way the light reflects on it, you can create a finish that not only looks amazing, but also offers stunning levels of superdurability.

With innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible, a vast range of sustainable products backed by industry leading certifications, and the best performing powder coatings on the market used and respected by architects around the world, your imagination starts with our finish.

Wheelabrator switched from n-propyl bromide to DOWPER™* MC in closed cleaning equipment Aligning strong cleaning performance with worker safety

Significant role of shot peening in aerospace

Wheelabrator Impact Finishers, part of the Norican Group, is a specialist subcontract shot peening supplier to industries requiring expertly outsourced shot peening services. With over 50 years of experience, Wheelabrator’s well-established client base comprises various industries such as aerospace, architecture, automotive and motorsport, oil and gas as well as general engineering sectors.

Given the increasing requirements today to produce lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft, designers are employing lighter and stronger alloys. Shot peening plays a significant role in increasing the fatigue life of highly stressed critical airframe components. The process allows the further reduction of weight using parts designed with less mass but the same, if not enhanced, fatigue properties. Shot peening works by striking a surface with a shot (round metallic, glass or ceramic particle) with enough force to generate plastic deformation. When a group of shots impact the surface they generate multiple indentations, resulting in the component being encased by a compressive stressed layer on the metal surface.

With ever increasing aircraft build rates and demands on lead times, Wheelabrator has to ensure quick turnaround time for their customers.

Aerospace components processed at Wheelabrator range from very large wing ribs, spars, wing skins and undercarriage components such as gear ribs, linkages, hydraulic cylinders and bolts, as well as landing gear wheels, down to a very small spring or fixing. In addition, aero engine compressor blades, fan blades, drums,

spinners and supporting components are fully catered for.

Regulatory change prompted a replacement search for n-propyl bromide

In the past, Wheelabrator cleaned the processed parts with n-propyl bromide (nPB) in an open machine. The components were cleaned in dip tanks and every single part had to be hand wiped after the cleaning process which was time-consuming.

In 2017, nPB had been registered as a substance of very high concern (SVHC) under REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), which regulates the supply and use of chemicals in Europe. For nPB, a sunset date for July 4,

2020 was set, after which its use would be banned. Thus, there was a need for Wheelabrator to find soon an alternative cleaning setup that would offer reliable parts cleaning, while being environmentally compliant and safe for their workforce.

Safety, reliability and customer acceptance –Key criteria for finding a new cleaning solution

The alternative solution must comply with very specific criteria, as Ron Orchard, Production Manager at Wheelabrator, explained: “The safety of our working staff is absolutely paramount. We wanted to make sure

46 MARCH 2023
ECONOMICAL COATING. FLEXIBLE APPLICATIONS. GM 5000 & GA 5000 Manual & automatic electrostatic guns • High transfer efficiency with wrap-around effect • Suitable for water-based & solvent-based paint • Excellent finishing results Contact Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd a Member of WAGNER GROUP Telephone: 01327 368410


that their exposure to solvent was going to be minimal. At the same time, the solution should be one that is cost-efficient, reliable and fulfils highest cleanliness requirements and very importantly, would be approved and accepted by our customer base that includes Airbus and Boeing, amongst others.”

At the beginning of 2020, Wheelabrator started discussions with SAFECHEM and D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd., the UK distributor for the metal cleaning equipment manufacturer Union S.p.a. At the end, Wheelabrator decided on a Union closed cleaning system (MDMV2 PX) under vacuum.

“Considering that the phase-out of nPB was approaching fast, one big advantage that Union offered to us was the relatively short build time of the machine. And having D&S UltraClean Ltd. based in the UK with their servicing and installation for the machine was a huge benefit for us too”, added Ron Orchard.

The Union machine would be running on DOWPER™* MC, virgin-grade and highly stabilized perchloroethylene supplied by SAFECHEM. The cleaning solvent caught Wheelabrator’s attention as it is already widely accepted and in use within the aerospace industry. There was no need to gain permission for using the product which saved time.

“All the educational work SAFECHEM has done around the safe usage of perchloroethylene in closed cleaning machines, in combination with the SAFE-TAINER™ System, has given us additional confidence that DOWPER™* MC is the right product to go for!” noted Ron Orchard.

The use of the SAFE-TAINER™ System developed by SAFECHEM – a closedloop state-of-the-art solvent management system for the safe transport, storage and handling of solvents – in combination with closed cleaning equipment is considered to be the Best Available Technique (BAT) in the market.

Reduced solvent consumption & environmentally compliant parts cleaning

The machine was installed in October 2020 and since then Wheelabrator has

received great service and support from D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd. The vast majority of the parts that Wheelabrator cleans fits perfectly into the machine, which is equipped with an automated basket system. Parts are now 100% degreased in fully controlled and enclosed conditions.

Wheelabrator has also signed up to SAFECHEM’s COMPLEASE™ Chemical Leasing, a tailor-made leasing package aiming to increase efficiency of the parts cleaning process with less resources. The offering covers supply of new solvent in the SAFE-TAINER™ System, waste handling, service elements to safely extend the working life of the solvent, along with staff training in process management to ensure a safe and efficient parts cleaning process – all for a monthly fixed fee.

“We used to spend a huge amount on replacing solvents. Now, thanks to the built-in distillation unit in the Union closed cleaning machine, used solvent can be constantly reused and recycled. This routine recycling means there are very low solvent replacement volumes

necessary. This has allowed us to reduce our spend considerably, which in itself is a solid financial argument to justify the investment of the machine.”

On the question whether Wheelabrator would make the same choice again, Ron Orchard answered: “In a heartbeat. The impact on the environment that we have now is a fraction of what it was. We are clearly satisfied and SAFECHEM and D&S Ultra-Clean Ltd. have been reliable partners to us throughout the process. With the Union machine in combination with DOWPER™* MC, we have gained process control, plus improved health and safety for our operators. We have also been able to cut down on emissions and chemical waste – our solvent use has been reduced by a substantial 95 %.”

Contact details:


Telephone: +44 7976 531695


48 MARCH 2023
Innovation in Thru-Process Automotive Paint Monitoring Safe ATEX Certified Temperature Profiling New Optic Video Profiling System Intrinsically Safe • 20 measurement channels • Paint & Powder coating • Includes Phoenix Factor cure index calculation During Production • Detect paint runs, drips and defects • Spot transport problems • Identify oven damage Phoenix Temperature Measurement T:01353223100
Digital 電子版 Digital 電子版
UK’S LEADING MANUFACTURER PYROLYSIS & BURN OFF OVENS Call Longworth today for a no obligation meeting on how we can help you and your business Longworth’s pyrolysis & burn off ovens are second to none in design and build quality, built to last and have the latest in technological features. Our ovens provide a quick and highly effective process for the removal of plastics, paints and resins from jigs, filters, shelving, food trays, motors, automotive parts and a multitude of other components. Our Pyrolysis ovens provide you with a quick and highly effective process for the removal of plastic, paints and resins Accreditations BS EN ISO 9001:2008 visit call 01254 680501 email

Measure Chrome/Nickel Coatings On Plastic Substrates

Decorative Chromium Plating on Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings are commonly finished with a decorative chromium plating. But what may appear to be a solid metal shower head, for example, is often just a multi-layered metal coating on top of a plastic substrate. To guarantee that the shower head not only looks pretty when it is delivered but even after many years of usage, the thickness of each individual layer must be controlled to ensure quality.

Typical Composition of Shower Heads

The typical composition of such shower heads is a chrome/ nickel/copper coating system on top of a plastic substrate material. The decorative chromium outer finish is usually

only 0.5µm thick (or less) and the nickel layer about 5-10µm. If the copper layer is between 20-25µm, making the overall coating thickness no more than 30µm, non-destructive measurement using the X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) method is possible.

The Right Measurement Technology for Chrome/ Nickel/Copper Coating Systems

For this kind of application, x-ray fluorescence instruments with a proportional counter tube are perfectly suited. Even with small measurement spots, sufficiently high-count rates can be obtained due to the large detector area, ensuring good repeatability precision. Because of the large, easily accessible measurement chamber, the robust instruments of the FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL® family are well suited for large specimens with complex shapes.

To maximize the precision of the results, proper positioning of the object is essential, for example by choosing an intrinsically horizontal area or correctly aligning the sample. To assist in this crucial step, FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY measurement systems are equipped with a laser pointer as positioning aid and high-magnification camera optics. Using the video image generated by the WinFTM® software, the required exact focusing of the measurement spot can be achieved.

52 MARCH 2023

Results of an X-Ray Measurement Using a FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY XDL®

Measure the Thickness of Decorative Cr/ Ni/Cu Plating with Fischer

For determining the thickness of decorative Cr/Ni/Cu plating on plastic substrates with a maximum overall coating thickness of approximately 30µm, the cost-effective proportional counter tube measurement systems of the FISCHERSCOPE®

X-RAY XDL® family are the optimal solution.

To measure thicker coatings the COULOSCOPE® CMS2 and COULOSCOPE® CMS2 STEP (Simultaneous Thickness and Electrochemical Potential determination) instruments employing the (destructive) coulometric method are also available as an alternative.

For more information, please contact your local FISCHER representative:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1386 577370

Or visit:

Call Nigel Bean for more information on +44 (0) 1442 826826


Straaltechniek UK supplies Refurbished Shot Blast Machine to local neighbours Charles H Coward Ltd

Charles H Coward Ltd group is a family run foundry business originating and based in Sheffield that specialises in the manufacture of both ferrous and non-ferrous castings for a worldwide network of industries.

The company has recently gone through the process of increasing capacity for production through installing new and upgraded equipment whilst also expanding their site with a new warehouse and adding to their dedicated and professional team at the Sheffield site. Through government grants and hard work the company has been able to consistently

break monthly production records and have also won various awards including Fenestration Supplied Manufacturer of Year 2022/2023.

As a valued customer of Straaltechniek UK, who have been providing assistance through servicing and supplying spares for their shot blasting process and only being a stones throw

away from each other based in the S5 area of Sheffield a relationship between the 2 companies has blossomed. Various discussions between Chris Hogan (Sales Director, Charles H Coward Ltd) and James Lees (UK Sales Manager, Straaltechniek UK) who actually go back 25 years from their early football playing days as young teenagers, one of the projects Chris was looking to start was to upgrade the shot blasting facility and increase capabilities by replacing the existing ‘swing out’ table machine. After further discussions and various site visits Straaltechniek UK Ltd were able to offer various options including


one of which is a speciality of theirs in refurbishing 2nd hand equipment to a new standard, and James informed Chris of a machine available that was perfect for their application. The machine was another ‘swing out’ table machine which is the ideal method for loading and unloading different sized casting, but a larger diameter table to allow larger casting to be blasted automatically, which previous were done manually which can be a long process so this would eliminate that long drawn out method to blast these bigger castings. The machine was viewed pre-refurbishment to showcase the capabilities of the machine and examples of previous refurbishment jobs were displayed to show the level of details that goes into these types of projects. After Chris was happy with what had been shown is on offer a quotation was provided and an order was placed with Straaltechniek UK Ltd to supply a 2nd hand refurbished shot blaster to Charles H Coward Ltd.

After the machine was complete and ready for a despatch a pre-installation site visit was held and during the

viewing of the desired location by James, Chris and Matthew Stones (Projects & Service Manager, Straaltechniek UK) it became apparent that the machine wouldn’t fit due to the positioning of the machine elevator and the roof level at that point and so both companies held various discussions to come up with a swift solution in the way of a modification the machines recovery system and after both companies agreed to the suggested solution this implemented and provided successful upon installation.

The machine is now in production and has also had it’s 1st service and is proving to be very beneficial to Charles H Coward Ltd who have also received positive comments from their customer in relation to finish after shot blasting as well as the increased capacity of being able to blast the larger components automatically saving time and providing a better uniformed finish.

Chris Hogan, Sales Director at Charles H Coward Ltd said: “We have worked closely with Straaltechniek now for

many years and we cannot thank James and the Straal team enough for their dedication on this project and we very much look forward to continuing our close working relationship”

James Lees, UK Sales Manager at Straaltechniek UK said;

“This has a been a great project to be involved in and was such a pleasure to be dealing with the Hogan family who I go back a long time with so I am very pleased with the final outcome and the ongoing relationship which I believe will go from strength to strength”.

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 257 7666


Telephone: +44 (0) 114 257 1077



Gas Process Burners

Lanemark gas burner systems offer users reliable, high efficiency, process heating solutions.

FD Series Packaged Oven/Dryer Burners

•Speci cally designed for process air heating applications in convection ovens and dryers

•High turndown/short ame lengths providing accurate process temperature control

•High ef ciency gas + air modulation, gas only modulation and simple high/low control options

•Heat Input Range: 9 kW – 1550 kW

TX Series Gas Fired Process Tank Heating Systems

•High ef ciency (80%+) heating of all types of spray and dip process tanks

•Compact high ef ciency small diameter immersion tube heat exchangers occupying minimum tank space

•Accurate performance modelling using Lanemark TxCalc design software

•Heat Input Range: 15 kW (1½") – 1150 kW (8")

Midco HMA Series Air Replacement or “Make-Up” Air Heating Burners

•Direct red, high ef ciency burner systems, for high volume air heating applications such as paint spray booths, ovens and dryers.

•Supplied either as Midco burner heads for OEM system integration or as Lanemark DB or FDB complete packaged systems including modulating gas valve trains and controls

•Wide range of ring rates to suit alternative temperature rise and air velocity system requirements

•DbCalc system design software

FD-GA modulating gas + air process air heating burners. TX high efficiency small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems. FD-E low cost high turndown oven/dryer air heating burners. FD-C high turndown oven/ dryer air heating burners. Midco HMA high efficiency, high turndown, air replacement or “make-up” air heating burners.
Lanemark Combustion Engineering Limited Lanemark House, Whitacre Road, Nuneaton, Warwickshire CV11 6BW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 24 7635 2000 Fax: +44 (0) 24 7634 1166 E-mail:

Product Overview

Manual Monorail Systems

Unit loads up to 3000kg

Handling Solutions

Stewart Gill Conveyors Ltd have been supplying overhead conveyors into all sectors of industry for over 70 years.

As a long time member of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV Group based in the Netherlands, Stewart Gill Conveyors can offer a comprehensive range of overhead conveyor products which are capable of handling unit loads up to 7000kg.

Monorail Chain Conveyors

Unit loads up to 300kg

Stewart Gill Conveyors Ltd offer complete manufacture, installation and commissioning, coupled with fully documented instruction, operation and maintenance manuals.

We do:

 In-House 3D CAD engineering

 In-House manufactoring in the UK and EU

Power & Free Conveyors

Unit loads up to 7000kg

 In-House design of PLC/PC control systems

 Industry 4.0

 Worldwide installation and commissioning

 Remote support, service & inspection

Part of the

Floor Conveyors

Unit loads up to 500kg

Gill Conveyors Ltd
3&4 Brook Business Park Brookhampton Lane Kineton, Warwickshire CV35 0JA, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1926 641424

Scottish Galvanizers Reach New Heights

A local galvanizing firm has supported a Highlands metal sculptor to soar to new heights with his latest project.

Ewan Lawrie, a metalworker and sculptor from Fort William, was commissioned by Nevis Range Ski Centre to create a bespoke sculpture of an eagle to stand proudly outside of its newly-constructed hotel, which is due to open later this year. He enlisted local businesses, MacPherson Welding & Engineering Services Ltd, and Scottish Galvanizers Ltd, to support the project.

Ewan said, “I’ve always been a keen artist, and with joinery experience by

trade, I recently began working on commissions. Having used timber previously - which looked brilliant to begin with but weathered easily - I now work exclusively with steel to enhance longevity. I’ve worked with Scottish Galvanizers on a previous project, so was keen to enlist their help yet again to ensure my latest piece would be protected for up to 70 years.

“I was approached by Nevis Range Ski Centre to create a bespoke sculpture for its new hotel, based in Fort William.

They gave me complete freedom with the design, so I knew I needed something strong, powerful and eye-catching to fit within the spectacular surroundings. After much deliberation, I eventually decided on an Eagle, with a wingspan of 4.5m.

“Due to the planned location of the bird, exposed to the harsh highland weather conditions including frequent snow and ice, I knew that a hot dip galvanized finish would provide the most suitable protection. Plus, I knew it would give it a shiny and magnificent finish when it was illuminated at night.”

‘The Eagle’ was constructed using 5mm mild steel plates, and Ewan coldworked the metal to create the complex, flowing shapes of the bird. The sculpture took four months to complete, and in total used 500kg of steel. Now, it sits proudly on a six-tonne boulder at the Nevis Range – just below the highest point in the UK.

Paul Tait, Commercial Manager at Scottish Galvanizers, added: “It was a great pleasure to work with Ewan and the MacPherson’s team again. We love to receive new and exciting projects –and we’re always so intrigued about where these fantastic pieces end up. Thanks to the galvanizing process, we hope that this eagle sculpture will be enjoyed by many visitors to Lochaber for generations to come.”

Scottish Galvanizers is part of Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd, the largest hot-dip galvanizing organisation in the UK with a history dating back over 150 years. With 14 plants strategically placed across the country, the firm offers a truly national galvanizing service.

For further information

please contact Wedge Group Galvanizing on 01902 601944 or visit


chromitAL TCP

Trivalent Chrome Passivation for Aluminium

SurTec 650 chromitAL provides excellent bare corrosion resistance on unpainted surfaces and enhances adhesion of organic coatings. Applications include plain and anodized aluminium.

drop-in replacement for conventional hexavalent chrome passivation

environmentally safe, non-toxic, simple to operate and waste treat

meets or exceeds MIL-DTL-81706B and MILDTL-5541F for bare corrosion (336 h in NSS per ASTM B-117) respectively, DIN EN ISO 9227 temper resistant up to 100 °C

low contact resistance, meets electrical conductivity requirements on aluminium substrates per MIL-DTL-81706B

field tested on alloys 2024, 2219, 5083, 7075 and various castings applied by immersion, spray or wipe-on for large areas finishing

SurTec Technologies is a trading name of SurTec Benelux B.V. Molenweg 17A NL-5953 JR Reuver The Netherlands Tel : Fax: 0(031) 77 3081590 0(031) 77 4762033 E-Mail :

De-flashing of injection molded components in single piece continuous flow

Perfect de-flashing and dedusting of duroplast and thermoplast components at the production rate of the injection molding machine

Less weight, compact design and improved sustainability – a producer of injection molded components has proven that these goals can be achieved economically with high-performance plastic materials. The company is increasingly producing work pieces from duroplast and thermoplast materials that were previously made from metal. Therefore, the capacity for de-flashing these components had to be increased. For this purpose, the customer chose a shot blasting solution from Rösler. The wire mesh belt machine RSAB 470 ensures fast and efficient processing in continuous flow. The swing satellite table machine RWS 1200 is utilized for highquality, consistent deflashing of single work pieces. The special dual chamber design of this machine practically eliminates any unproductive idle equipment times.

Ever since ROS GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1926 the processing of plastic materials was always at the center of the company’s activities. Initially named Press plant ROS, the company now has a nearly 100 years old tradition in this field. Today the private business, managed by third generation family members, is a high-end partner for technically demanding injection molded components made from duroplast and thermoplast materials including polyphenylene sulfide (PPS). Product development, tool making, and production take place at the company’s headquarters in Coburg, Germany. An additional manufacturing plant is located in Ummerstadt in the German state of Thuringia. For removing the flashes on the components created by the

manufacturing process the company has been working with Rösler shot blast equipment since 2006.

Increase of the deflashing shot blasting capacity

Jürgen Bär, responsible for planning in the industrial engineering department at ROS in Coburg explains: „The demand for plastic components substituting metal parts, for example in thermo management systems for the automobile industry, has been rapidly growing. In 2021 this forced us to increase our shot blasting capacity at both our manufacturing locations. The plastic components reduce the overall weight of the cars and, therefore, help to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, we received large orders for duroplast

The highly flexible, wire mesh belt machine is used for processing components made from duroplast and PPS-GF materials. Besides a high work piece throughput this machine guarantees consistent de-flashing results and low operating costs.
Surface Finishing is our DNA AM Solutions Shot Blasting Individual systems engineering and intelligent process solutions –reliable and energy efficient The full solution provider for 3D post processing equipment and 3D printing services Mass Finishing Efficient systems engineering and innovative technologies – powerful and economical Rösler UK Limited| 1 Unity Grove | Knowsley Business Park | Prescot | Merseyside | L34 9GT Tel: +44 (0)151 482 0444 | Fax: +44 (0)151 482 4400 | |

pre-formed components, among others from a leading manufacturer of garden tools“. After discussions with four suppliers of shot blast equipment the customer chose the wire mesh belt machine RSAB 470 and the swing satellite table machine RWS 1200 from Rösler. Jürgen Bär continues: „Deciding factors for choosing Rösler were our good experience with the shot blast machines we have been using for a long time, the compact, space-saving and sturdy equipment design and Rösler’s comprehensive knowledge in the field of plastic de-flashing. Moreover, we needed the continuous flow shot blast machine quickly. Rösler generously supplied a machine from their customer experience center within a few days“.

Consistent and energyefficient de-flashing in the tempering frame

The flexible high-capacity shot blast machine RSAB 470 at the Coburg location is used for de-flashing of components made from duroplast and the high-performance thermoplast PPS-GF materials. After de-flashing the components undergo a tempering treatment. For this purpose, the components are placed on special frames. Normally the work pieces are placed individually on the wire mesh belt. To streamline the material handling operation and eliminate this time-consuming step, Rösler adapted the standard work piece transport system of the shot blast machine to the workflow at ROS. This re-design now allows placing the raw components on the tempering frames immediately after the injection molding process. The work pieces on the frames are then passing through the shot blast machine for the de-flashing operation and can, thus, be directly transferred to the tempering station. Four turbines, specially designed for plastic de-flashing and placed above and below the wire mesh belt, ensure consistent shot blasting results. This turbine arrangement allows throwing the media consisting of polyamide grains with a diameter of 1 mm onto the work pieces from above and below.

Compared to the normally utilized suction air blast systems the turbines, equipped with electric drives, are considerably more energy efficient.

The swing satellite table machine, equipped with blast turbine and air blast nozzles, guarantees energyefficient operation.

The RWS 1200 has two chambers, each equipped with four rotating satellite stations. The dual chamber design allows the simultaneous unloading/ loading of work pieces in one chamber and the deflashing of another work piece batch in the other chamber. This helps minimize unproductive idle equipment times and ensures that batches of up to four work pieces can be de-flashed within the specified cycle time of 40 seconds.

64 MARCH 2023

Jürgen Bär adds: „Not only our certification per DIN EN 50001 demands a reduction of our energy consumption, but energy savings are also necessary to save costs and for reasons of sustainability“. A blast media flow control with automatic media replenishment ensures that there is always sufficient blast media available in optimal quality. The shot blast machine is equipped with numerous technical features such as the antistatic compound dosing system with automatic compound replenishment, the efficient air extraction from the blast chamber, the dual step parts cleaning system in the outlet zone and the effective blast media cleaning system with screen and air wash separator. All these features guarantee that the components coming out of the shot blast machine are perfectly de-flashed and absolutely clean. Since the plastic materials used at ROS and the polyamide blast media can cause explosive dust, the shot blast machines were equipped with special, ATEXcompliant filter systems.

Fully automatic and sustainable de-flashing of single work pieces

The swing satellite table machine RWS 1200 was installed to increase the shot blasting capacity at the plant in Ummerstadt. It is used for de-flashing components made from PPS-GF and outer dimensions of up to 163 mm. In line with the production cycle of the injection molding machine up to four work pieces are de-flashed simultaneously within a processing time of 40 seconds. The RWS 1200 has two chambers, equipped with four rotary satellite stations per chamber and each satellite holding one work piece. This clever design allows to unload/load work pieces in one chamber, while the work pieces in the other chamber are processed. Unproductive idle times are, therefore, minimized. One energy-efficient blast turbine throws the media onto the work pieces placed on the rotary satellite stations arranged in the shape

of a diamond. The satellites are not only rotating but, depending on the work piece geometry, can also be stopped at a certain angle. Work piece areas that cannot be reached by the media thrown by the turbine, are cleaned with special air blast nozzles. This suction air blast system is equipped with pressure control and a vertically moveable nozzle holder ensuring precise de-flashing. In addition to the vertical movement a linear positioning system allows to place the nozzles precisely in front of the work pieces. The nozzles are working in either oscillating or static mode. „To minimize the usage of compressed air, we are working with work piece specific PLC processing programs“, concludes Jürgen Bär.

The RWS 1200 is also equipped with automatic replenishment devices for the blast media and the anti-static compound, an air extraction unit for the blast chamber and a blast media cleaning system.


WE’RE OBSESSED WITH COLOR YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT OF CUSTOMIZED INDUSTRIAL COATINGS brands of The Sherwin-Williams Company A complete range of industrial coatings Waterborne | Powder | Solventborne | High solid | E-coat The Sherwin-Williams Company, Goodlass Road, Speke, Liverpool, L24 9HJ, United Kingdom | T: +44 (0)151 486 0486 | e-mail:

Since 1982 Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have been supplying process control equipment to the metal finishing and surface finishing industry. We have an in-house team of qualified engineers able to recommend and build control panels and process equipment specific to fit your requirements.

A wide range of our control instrumentation, dosing pumps and chemical process equipment is available on short delivery.

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd

AWE House, Antom Court, Tollgate Industrial Estate, Stafford, ST16 3AF 01785 254 597 Get in touch for a quote today! • Custom Designed & Built Control Panels • pH & Redox Controllers & Electrodes • Conductivity Controllers • Liquid Level Controllers • Open Chanel & Magnetic Flow Meters • Data Loggers • Dosing Pumps & Tanks Visitusat SurfaceWorldLive2020 atStandA9

High Carbon Steel shot and Grit. Low Carbon Steel Shot and metal Bead Stainless Steel Cr and Cr/Ni. No



Scangrit has become one of the leading suppliers of blasting abrasives by meeting the rigorous demands of European Industries.

We combine huge resources of skill and expertise to provide you with the widest range of top-performing products, a first-class technical support service and fast reliable deliveries.

When you need to take abrasive action, you’ll find Scangrit is a hard act to follow.

Industrial Estate
Park 17, Telford, Shropshire TF3 3DN
Tel: 01952 299777
01952 299008
Eastfield Road, South Killingholme, N.E. Lincolnshire, UK Tel: +44(0)1469 574715 Fax: +44(0)1469 571644 e-mail:
ABRASIVE BLASTING EQUIPMENT Straaltechniek UK Ltd Unit 8 Valley Works, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DQ Tel: 01142 571077 Fax: 01142 571075 www straaltechniek co uk For
ADVICE BOILERS & STEAM GENERATORS 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham • 100Kg/h – 25,000Kg/h • High efficiency – up to 96% • Low overall emissions • Improved safety • Simplicity of control • Quiet, clean & cool in operation Modern Coil Type Steam Generators & Fire Tube Boilers Tel: 020 8953 7111 ACID PROOF EQUIPMENT telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455 COMPLETE FINISHING PLANT • PLANT CONTROL SYSTEMS • DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS • BARRELS - PROGALVANO ROTOR • BARREL AUTO LOADING SYSTEMS • PROGALVANO FILTERS • SEMI/AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS (Large Range • AUTOMATIC DRYING SYSTEMS • ROTARY PAINTING/LAQUERING • TOP COATING/SEALING SYSTEMS • VIBRATORY POLISHING EQUIPMENT • LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT • RECTIFIERS Conventional & Pulse • A/HOUR METERS & DOSING PUMPS
all your Shotblasting &
70 MARCH 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS FILTERS telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455 E T 01420 544 909 F 01420 542 264 Final Cleaning • Spray Wash In-process Cleaning Aqueous Ultrasonics Precision Cleaning • FPI Lines Degreasing • Anodising Chemical Cleaning for MRO Chemical Etching/Milling CLEANING, DEGREASING & PRETREATMENT ELECTROPHORETIC COATINGS SUPPLIER Equipment + Chemistry + Support = Total Cleaning Solutions ✓ Over 50 years expertise ✓ New generation chemistries & equipment ✓ Superior performance & results ✓ FREE audit & trial facilities ✓ Extremely eco-friendly, safe and reliable 01506 443058 • EXTENSIVE RANGE OF FILTER SYSTEMS • AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • SEMI AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • BAG FILTERS • CARTRIDGE FILTERS • DISC FILTERS • OIL SEPARATION • FILTER PRESSES • CARBON UNITS • PUMPS • PLANT CONTROL SYSTEMS • DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT FOR: ANODIZING CLEANING ELECTROPLATING AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLEASE CONTACT LOCALLY: TEL: 01420 544909 EMAIL: SALES@TURBEX.CO.UK ELECTROPLATING EQUIPMENT COMPUTER SYSTEMS ORPHEUS... Proven Production control software Barcode technolog y provides TOTAL ORDER TRACKING and TRACEABILITY Interested? Why not give us a call for a demonstration. Mark dimmock Acton Gate Systems Ltd, Essington, Staffordshire Do you know what your production line is doing? ORPHEUS DOES 01902 249299 actongate www.actongate enquiries@actongate EFFLUENT TREATMENT TENNANTS TENNANTS DISTRIBUTION LIMITED 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham
71 MARCH 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS FINISHING SYSTEMS HOOKS & JIGS telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455 HEATERS GENERAL 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT HOT DIP GALVANIZING WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING LTD Hot dip galvanizing provides you with long-term protection against rust and corrosion of steel products. ✔ 14 plants across the UK ✔ 1.5mm washer to a 29m beam ✔ 24hr turnaround on request Scan to find your nearest plant 01902 601944 JIG STRIPPING Over 40 years of effective solutions! We are your natural partner when selecting hanging and masking technology. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about any of our products or our work! Jason Hardeman, Phone: +44 7500 938 950
MARCH 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS PAINT STRIPPING RDM Industrial Services Ltd Parkfield Industrial Estate Kemp Street Middleton Manchester M24 4AA Tel: 0161 643 9333 Fax: 0161 655 3467 Contact: Robert Horwich or Geoff Ball Spraybooths, rooms, ovens, conveyors, pretreatment, powder plant and air replacement units.
MASKING LACQUERS MASKING - TAPES, CAPS & PLUGS Over 40 years of effective solutions! We are your natural partner when selecting hanging and masking technology. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about any of our products or our work! Jason Hardeman, Phone: +44 7500 938 950 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham
73 MARCH 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS telephone: 0044(0)1509 237415 fax: 0044(0)1509 264455 OVENS, CURING & DRYING Excellent surfaces WAGNER offers a wide range of systems and products for perfect coating solutions in liquid and powder. Applying Feeding Mixing Controlling Booths & Systems Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd. Tel. 01327 368410 POWDER COATING EQUIPMENT Performance by design Advanced powder coating system technology for greater productivity and operating efficiency delivers top performance at the lowest operating cost. Get in contact today +44.161.498.1500 7 Ravenswood Drive, Heaton, Bolton, BL1 5AJ TEL: 01204 495818 EMAIL: PRODUCT RANGE METACLEAN AL Powder and liquid alkali cleaners for spray and immersion degreasing METACLEAN DR Acid based materials for etching derusting and descaling applications PHOSGUARD LW Lightweight Iron and Zirconium Phosphates pretreatments for use prior to painting PHOSGUARD ZP Zinc Phosphates prior to rust proofing and painting PHOSGUARD NC Non Chromate conversion coatings for aluminium METPHOS CL Single stage degrease phosphates for use at ambient temperatures METSOL PT A wide range of environmentally friendly materials for wipe on degreasing applications STRIPSOL PS Paint and powder coating strippers covering a wide range of applications METSOL SD Single stage low temperature degreasers for use in vapour degrease plants DESOL PW Panel wipes and pretreatment wipes WEB: We supply automatic dosing equipment, spray nozzles and standpipe fittings for pretreatment plants and powder coating equipment parts PRETREAMENT CHEMICALS Your global partner for high quality powder coating Gema Europe SRL UK Branch Tel: 0044 1202 763942 POWDER Aluminium Anodizing Chemetall’s Anodizing Technology. PUMP & FILTRATION SPECIALISTS


RDM Industrial Services Ltd

Parkfield Industrial Estate Kemp Street


Manchester M24 4AA Tel: 0161 643 9333

Fax: 0161 655 3467

To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email

Final Cleaning • Spray Wash

In-process Cleaning

Aqueous Ultrasonics

Precision Cleaning • FPI Lines

Degreasing • Anodising

Chemical Cleaning for MRO


T 01420 544 909

F 01420 542 264

✓ Over 50 years expertise

Contact: Robert Horwich or Geoff Ball Spraybooths, rooms, ovens, conveyors, pretreatment, powder plant and air replacement units. E

74 MARCH 2023
Chemical Etching/Milling SPRAY
SPRAY BOOTHS info@solutex co uk e:
Equipment + Chemistry + Support = Total Cleaning Solutions
✓ New generation chemistries & equipment
Superior performance & results
✓ FREE audit & trial facilities
Extremely eco-friendly, safe and reliable
F 01420 542 264
NEC, Birmingham
75 MARCH 2023 MATERIAL & EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS AUTOMATIC & MANUAL METAL FINISHING PLANT & EQUIPMENT Fume Extraction Plastratum Ltd 100 Armoury Road Birmingham B11 2RH TEL: +44 (0) 121 314 1191 Effluent Treatment DI Water Generation • PLANT CONTROL SYSTEMS • DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS • BARRELS - PROGALVANO ROTOR • BARREL AUTO LOADING SYSTEMS • PROGALVANO FILTERS • SEMI/AUTOMATIC FILTER SYSTEMS • CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS Large Range • AUTOMATIC DRYING SYSTEMS • ROTARY PAINTING/LAQUERING • TOP COATING/SEALING SYSTEMS • VIBRATORY POLISHING EQUIPMENT • LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT • RECTIFIERS Conventional & Pulse • A/HOUR METERS & DOSING PUMPS VAPOUR DEGREASING VIBRATORY DEBURRING, POLISHING & SURFACE FINISHING 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham VIBRATORY FINISHING EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS FOR ALL YOUR VIBRATORY FINISHING EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS Sharmic Engineering Ltd Telephone: +44 (0)1299 822135 or +44 (0) 1299 878123/4/5 Email: SHARMIC FOR FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE Experienced Engineers After sales technical support Nationwide deliveries To advertise in these pages under an existing or heading of your own choice please call Nigel on 01442 826826 or email SURFACE FINISHING & EFFLUENT TECHNOLOGIES • Up to 50% energy savings • Compact size • Easy & safe to use • Works up to 350°C • Low exhaust emissions • High efficiency • Requires no specialist knowledge • Corrosion free operation • No chemical treatment Thermal Fluid Heating Technology now for the future Tel: 020 8953 7111 THERMAL FLUID Thermal Insulation Spheres Frogspawn™ by Manufacturing in the UK since 1957 THERMAL INSULATION ��>������>������>����>����>�����>���>�������>���������������>����������>���>��� >>>�������>������� > �����>�>����� >>>�������>����������>������� >> ������>��������>��������� >>>��������>�������>����������> >>>>������>�>�����������> ����������>������>�>��������������� ���>��>���>�������>���>���������>��>��� >��>���>�������>������������>������� >>>>>>�����>�������������>��>����>�����>��> > >��������>������� > ����������> >>>�����>������>����>�����>������ ��>���>����>�����>���������>�����������>���>�������>��>���������>�����>��> �����>������������>�������>���>��������>��>����������>���>����������>�������> ����������>���>���> WATER PURIFICATION
To advertise in this new section please call Nigel on 01442 826826 or email WEDGE GROUP GALVANIZING LTD Hot dip galvanizing provides you with long-term protection against rust and corrosion of steel products. ✔ 14 plants across the UK ✔ 1.5mm washer to a 29m beam ✔ 24hr turnaround on request Scan to find your nearest plant 01902 601944 CFi POWDER COATING • ALUMINIUM EXPERTS • architectural projects • UP TO 6 METRE LENGTHS • 24HR AUTOMATED LINES • top customer service • based in banbury 01295 257014 • 4th & 5th October 2023 To find out more about Surface World please contact Nigel Bean on +44 (0) 1442 826826 or email NEC, Birmingham POWDER COATING GALVANIZING RECRUITMENT Unitech Machinery is a leading supplier of industrial finishing plant spray booths and paint finishing equipment are expanding and seeking to recruit enthusiastic and self-driven individuals to support our growth plans If you would like to become part of our growing team and want more information on these roles, please contact Unitech Machinery Ltd part of the Unitech Industries Limited Group • Technical Design Manager • Sales Manager TRADE FINISHERS

Straaltechniek UK Limited

8 Valley Works, Grange Lane, Sheffield, S5 0DQ, United Kingdom

Table Wheel Blasting Machines

• Work zone mm; 1803 Dia x 1500 H

• Work zone mm; 2743 Dia x 400 H

• Work zone mm; 1500 Dia x 1000 H

• Work zone mm; 1000 Dia x 400 H

• Work zone mm; 1200 Dia x 1200 H

• Work zone mm; 1100 Dia x 500 H

Tumblast Wheel Machines

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 420 Litre

• Type; Steel

Volume Litre; 425 Litre

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 50 Litre

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 150 Litre Belt

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 170 Litre Belt

• Type; Rubber Belt

Volume Litre; 180 Litre Belt

Hook Wheel Machines

• Type; I Track

Work Zone mm; 1800 Dia x 1800L

• Type; Y Track

Work Zone mm; 1500 Dia x 1700L

• Type; Y Track

Work Zone mm; 800 Dia x 1200L

• Type; Y Track

Work Zone mm; 1100 Dia x 1600L

Roller Conveyor Wheel Machines

• Type; Roller Conveyor

Work Zone mm; 1000 x 500

Wheel No; 4

• Type; Roller Conveyor

Work Zone mm; 1000 x 500

Wheel No; 4

Air Blast Hand Cabinets

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 600D x 350H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 900W x 700D x500H

• Type; Suction

Work Zone mm; 700W x 500D x400H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 800 Dia Turntable

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 500 Dia Basket

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 1200 x 750 x400

• Type; Suction

Work Zone mm; 700W x600D x300H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 600W x 500D x 400H

• Type; Pressure

Work Zone mm; 1400W x 700D x 600H

Blast Rooms

• Work Zone mm; 4000L x 2000W x 2000H

Type; Room

Abrasive Recovery; Waffle Floor

• Work Zone mm; 4000L x 2000W x 2000H

Type; Room

Abrasive Recovery; Waffle Floor

• Work Zone mm; 20ft x 8ft x 8ft

Type; Container

Abrasive Recovery; Sweep Up

• Work Zone mm; 20ft

Dust Filters

• Various Types & Sizes

For more information please contact:

| Jay Dorling | Sales Director | Mob: 07872 599925 | DD: 0114 2571077 | Web: |

With an estimated 30% rise in gas prices, can your company afford not to switch to our ambient, one stage pretreatment technology?

Our ambient temperature one stage processing system requires no heating and therefore no gas.

Additional benefits when switching include: better corrosion protection, savings in water, and savings in extra labour costs.

Customers who switch from their standard three stage phosphating plant to our innovative one stage Toran 3 technology reduce their overall costs by 23% annually.

Contact Metavate to help your business move forward.


1000+ hours salt spray protection

No water required - no sludge produced

Ambient processing - no gas required

No flash rust for 6 months on treated-metal prior to painting

Just Clever Chemicals No Water. No Gas. Reduced
Footprint. Email: Phone: 01926 494126 Website:

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Industrial Tinting System Launch by HMG Paints to Provide Greater Flexibility

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British Coatings Federation celebrates double win at the 2023 Trade Association Forum Awards

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Become an Acknowledged Leader in Surface Engineering and Materials Finishing: Industry Recognised Training Courses from the IMF

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Angus Mackie - QUALICOAT Chair

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Advanced solutions for vapour degreasing, corrosion protection, metal cleaning and surface treatment

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