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Hillfield Strathallan College 2018–2019 new student international Fee Schedule

PLAN I MIDDLE SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FEE Enrolment Registration Fee (One-Time Non-Refundable)

Middle School Tuition Fee (i) Expansion Fund Fee (ii)


Enrolment Registration Fee



Senior School Tuition Fee (i)



Total School Fees


International Health Insurance (iii)* Total Payable to HSC upon Enrolment


$725 $36,780

(One-Time Non-Refundable)

Expansion Fund Fee (ii)


Total School Fees


International Health Insurance (iii)*


Initial Homestay Registration Fee*


Homestay Security Deposit*


(One-Time Non-Refundable) (One-Time Refundable)

10-month premium Family Homestay*


Total Payable to HSC upon Enrolment


*Note: The College acts only as a simple facilitator with respect to the Homestay and Insurance coverage required for enrolment, remitting any of these fees paid to HSC by parents to the Homestay or Insurance provider. The terms of the Homestay and Insurance contracts entered into by the parents govern the legal relationship and these are solely between the provider and the parents. The College makes no representations or gives any warranties of any kind about the Homestay Services or Insurance, or the choice of the third party provider.

Fee Schedule Details: i. ii. iii. iv.

Tuition Fees include lunch and transportation. Expansion Fund Fees are assessed on the two oldest children in each family. Full fee is $950 for full day student, $350 for second child. Expansion Fund Fees are not required for third and subsequent children enrolled. International health insurance offers full dental and health coverage for a period of twelve months beginning August 1st. Students re-enrolling who have not previously registered with CHN will pay an initial Homestay registration fee of $450 and the one-time refundable security deposit of $500.

Payment Details:

• Application fees of $250 are due when application is submitted. • All fees, including Tuition, Registration, Expansion, Health Insurance, and Homestay fees (registration and placement) are due in full upon submission of the signed Enrolment and/or Re-enrolment contract. • For additional costs not covered by fees, please see the HSC Enrolment Guide.

Late Payment Charges:

• Late payment charges on account balances are assessed at 1.5% per month.

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International Fee Schedule 2018-19  
International Fee Schedule 2018-19