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Featured Editorial by Erica Arrechea

Photo courtesy of Paul Nassif, M.D.

By Carol Townsend

Automobili Pininfarina Presents the Future of the Hypercar in Pebble Beach


3 Watches Perfect for the Most Demanding Diver & Extreme Sport Devotee


Chef Emeril Lagasse’s Foundation Launches National School-Based Culinary Education Program


Are You Physically and Mentally a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

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4 Squat Exercises that will Get You Toned in No Time By Jennifer Gonzales

New MINDBODY App Helps Conquer Barriers to a More Active Lifestyle

Benifits of Tea

By Jennifer Gonzales

Kombucha The Fermented Tea For Your Health By Paolo Murano

Mezé Greek Fusion Flying High in Downtown San Diego By Merilee Kern

STK Sizzles in San Diego’s Gaslamp District By Merilee Kern

Autumn Adventures inYellowstone World’s First Armless Pilot to Inspire GE Appliances Employees in Louisville Louis XIII Announces 100 Years, a New Song by Pharrell Williams to Be Released in 2117

Real Estate Market Trends San Francisco’s Last True Waterfront Condominium Building Unveiled at One Steuart Lane www.HighRiseLife.com


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September 2018




Dear readers, Welcome to our Fitness Issue. Fitness and health can certainly complement each other. And you cannot be healthy without some degree of fitness.

children through a fun, fresh perspective on food. The program fully integrates culinary gardens and teaching kitchens in schools as interactive learning environments.

On our cover, we have board certified, facial and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, star of the hit E! series, “Botched.” Dr. Nassif gives us insightful tips on how to stay more youthful.

And who says vacationing should be unhealthy? The growing popularity of health and wellness retreats is a testament to our growing interest in fitness and longevity, even while traveling. Say hello to a more holistic holiday and reconnect with nature. Go to page 50, for an epic adventure through Yellowstone National Park.

With fitness on our mind, we have done our best to deliver some smart, usable content in this issue. We hope this special supplement stirs your thinking and creativity on topics such as why Kombucha is so powerful for gut health, to the latest app professionals use for an easier way to make wellness a part of their daily lives. We also turn to Chef Emeril Lagasse as he shares his inspiring journey to educate and make food more nutritious for children through his Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen, a national education initiative created to enrich the lives of elementary and middle school

September 2018

I hope this Issue empowers you to live your healthiest, happiest, most authentic life. Cheers!

Selcen Kavruklar Editor-in-Chief selcen@highriselife.com



D-ZYN CORNER Written by Carol Townsend, A.S.I.D. Interior Designer

Form, Function, Fun Every season is a great season for showing off your beautiful home. Family and friends will gather in your beautiful kitchen, eat at that spectacular dining room table that you bought, specifically for this spot. Formulating what you want that floating kitchen to look like from all angles, is a key element to form and function. Take for instance that beautiful waterfall granite countertop on the full functioning island. A beautifully designed piece that can be taken up a notch by adding open shelving where crystal decanter and high ball glasses can add a stunning accent.


The dining room table is sometimes too big, or sometimes too small. A tip from restaurants you can take is design a smaller table for when it is just the two of you‌then add additional tables units that expand the dining space to accommodate guests. There are also contemporary options like those found in Danish designs where the table goes from a 7-foot version, then with the click of the remote, leaves extend it out to 8 and 10-feet. There are prime examples of these in design magazines. Look at enticing elements that can complement that gorgeous view out your windows. Walnut and stainless steel, glass and rose gold stainless, marble and glass‌the creativity levels are endless.


Stage This Interior Design I have a customer that I am working with currently, who contacted me to look into changing the color in her home. One thing led to another, and before you knew it we were talking open concept between her kitchen and the vast living room area. We will take out the wall cabinets on the kitchen side, open the wall, add a new hanging range hood and perhaps some floating glass shelves suspended by thin steel wires. The painters are there as I write this article, the house is already looking bigger with the white on white wall paint choices. We will use subtle gray-whites to accent depth changes in her ceiling area. She inherited a fantastic round table in the dining space, which can easily accommodate twelve friends and

September 2018

guests. To add a spark of color, which she loves, we will do contemporary chairs in different bright tones. She and her husband bought their home because they fell in love with the city views. She even took a panoramic shot of the city lights from her patio. We will add a real zing to the new white walls by putting it on a huge canvas and hanging it where everyone can see it. Change is in the air. Capture it with love, food and friends. You will find lots of colorful accessories just around the corner, at any of your favorite shops. Indulge yourself, we only live once. Grab at your vision for your space and jump in. So, let’s grab the change of season with colorful accessories offered in our local stores, and let’s get living!



Photos courtesy of Automobili Pininfarina

Automobili Pininfarina Presents the Future of the Hypercar in Pebble Beach Futuristic new interior images present driver's view of all-electric Automobili Pininfarina PF0 concept hypercar. Vision for the most powerful Italian sports car ever to be presented exclusively to prospective owners in Pebble Beach (22-26 August). No more than 150 PF0 hypercars to be created from 2020, each handcrafted by legendary Pininfarina SpA atelier in Cambiano, Italy. Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, to host guests and personally mark this defining moment for Automobili Pininfarina. Ahead of its official unveiling at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2019, a full-scale design concept of the stunning Automobili Pininfarina PF0 luxury electric hypercar will be presented exclusively to prospective clients in advance of Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Michael Perschke, Automobili Pininfarina CEO, said: “Numerous design icons from Pininfarina’s incredible history have won awards at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, so I am excited to present a future Pininfarina classic to prospective owners in close proximity to this famous event. “Our presence in Monterey is an inspiring chapter in the story of realizing Battista Farina’s long-held dream: one day there will be beautiful


cars solely branded Pininfarina. These special VIP previews mean that future PF0 owners, most of whom will undoubtedly own numerous modern and historic classics, have an opportunity right now to be part of the birth of the company and their hypercar.” Automobili Pininfarina Design Director Luca Borgogno has devised a design brief to cover creation of the most beautiful, all-electric hypercar in the world, codenamed PF0. The design of the PF0 is being developed by the Pininfarina SpA Design Studio, and future owners will be delighted that PF0 will be hand-crafted in Cambiano, Italy by the Pininfarina SpA atelier in strictly-limited numbers from 2020. www.HighRiseLife.com

Luca Borgogno, Automobili Pininfarina Design Director

Luca Borgogno said: “Our objective with the exterior of PF0 is to design timeless beauty in every aspect, and the interior is equally important. Pininfarina’s design values of elegance and simplicity present us with a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the styling of most current sports and hypercars. “Our guests in Pebble Beach have huge affinity for Italian sports cars. I am certain they will value our commitment to ensure PF0 is designed and hand-crafted in Turin. It is the birthplace of some of the most revered sports and luxury cars ever created.” PF0 is in the final stages of design and has been inspired by famous Pininfarina cars such as the Cisitalia, Modulo and Sintesi. Each featured classic Pininfarina design cues and the necessary blend of beauty and technological innovation in perfect combination. And each was ahead of its time when presented. Future PF0 owners - no more than 150 worldwide - are guaranteed the same approach and results, inside and out. Cloaked in a visually stunning body created from carbon fiber, extreme levels of technology and functional design define the PF0, delivering a staggering performance for a road car: a stated ambition to accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than two seconds, break the 250 mph (400 km/h) top speed barrier, and provide a potential zero-emissions range of over 300 miles, or up to 500 km. Joining Automobili Pininfarina and guests in California to mark the occasion will be Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, the visionary leader whose support of Pininfarina SpA has opened the opportunity for the arrival of Pininfarina-branded luxury cars.

Automobili Pininfarina will operate from an operational headquarters in Munich, Germany, with a team of experienced automotive executives from luxury and premium car brands. Designed, developed and produced in Germany and Italy, all models will be sold and serviced in all major global markets under the brand name Pininfarina. The new company aims to be the most sustainable luxury car brand in the world. The company is a 100 per cent Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd investment and has been named Automobili Pininfarina following the signing of a trademark license agreement between Pininfarina SpA and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Pininfarina SpA will take an influential role in supporting design and production capacities based on their unique almost 90-year experience of producing many of the world’s most iconic cars. Anand Mahindra, Chairman Mahindra & Mahindra, Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina SpA, and Dr. Pawan Goenka, Chairman Mahindra Racing, launched the new car brand with Michael Perschke, CEO Automobili Pininfarina at the Rome Formula E race on April 13th, 2018. Mahindra has quickly built up experience of cutting-edge ‘race-to-road’ sustainable high-performance technological innovation having competed in every Formula E race since the world’s most innovative motor racing series began in 2013. Automobili Pininfarina will combine this ‘in-house’ expertise with partnerships with some of the world’s leading automotive design and engineering suppliers to support its aggressive targets for performance and market launch in late-2020. SOURCE Automobili Pininfarina

September 2018


THE SQUALE 1521 50 ATM PROFESSIONAL This watch is the classic SQUALE dive watch in its most elegant form. The design is by Charles von Büren, SQUALE’s founder, whose priority was to create a great-looking, yet robust timepiece. www.squalewatches.com

U50 DIVER TOURBILLON Angelus’s first diver’s watch makes a spectacular debut with a tourbillon escapement and skeletonized movement. The U50 Diver Tourbillon is also equipped with a helium escape valve, making it safe for saturation dives of up to 300 metres. www.angelus-watches.com

RAIDER BATHY 120 MEMODEPTH Favre-Leuba creates timepieces with the goal of conquering the extremes of nature – to scale the world’s highest peaks and dive to the ocean’s depths. www.favre-leuba.com



Photos courtesy of Emeril Lagasse Foundation

Chef Emeril Lagasse’s Foundation Launches National School-Based Culinary Education Program Through a network of schools across the country, Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen offers a ground-to-plate curriculum focused on empowering children through food. Emeril Lagasse Foundation announces the launch of Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen, a national education initiative created to enrich the lives of elementary and middle school children through a fun, fresh perspective on food. The program fully integrates culinary gardens and teaching kitchens in schools as interactive learning environments. Through a unique curriculum developed by a national task force of educators, culinary professionals and farm-to-school experts, schools are provided with grade-level standards for gardening and cooking classes that are not only integrated across all core subjects, but also aligned with national academic standards. The curriculum uses over 100 of Chef Emeril’s recipes that have been modified for the classroom.


Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen is the vision of Chef Emeril Lagasse and his wife, Alden. Since they established the Emeril Lagasse Foundation in 2002, the Foundation has granted more than $10 million to children’s charities that provide culinary, nutrition and arts education. While those efforts will remain a cornerstone of the Foundation’s mission, the creation of Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen will allow the Foundation to broaden its reach and make a direct, lasting impact on youth in America. “Since Alden and I started the Emeril Lagasse Foundation, we have seen great outcomes for youth, through supporting garden and cooking education programs,” said Chef Emeril Lagasse. “It was because of these programs that Alden and I decided we wanted our family’s philanthropic legacy to be a school-based garden and cooking www.HighRiseLife.com

program that would directly inspire children on a national level.” Emeril’s Culinary Garden & Teaching Kitchen uses four key pillars to guide implementation. The program seeks to provide an appreciation for the source of food, understanding of nutrition and the importance of healthy eating habits, the development of life skills and development of culinary skills. “We believe this program will pave the way for children from all walks of life to be healthier, to appreciate food and its role in culture, and to serve as ambassadors for healthy eating within their families and communities,” said Brian Kish, president of Emeril Lagasse Foundation. Many schools, particularly those in underserved communities, lack the resources to develop fully integrated programs that feature both gardens and kitchens. The program provides financial support for schools to enhance their existing gardens to become inspiring outdoor classrooms and to expand programming by building a teaching kitchen for hands-on instruction. The program also provides a K-8 garden and cooking

curriculum, teacher training on how to integrate the curriculum with academic subjects, and other resources to run the program effectively. “The breadth and scope of this program is unmatched,” said Kish. “We’re investing in each school’s success by providing a five-year grant with capital support and ongoing technical assistance.” The program is currently being established at the first school in Florida, with other schools in California, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas and Washington, D.C. under consideration. The Foundation’s goal is to have the program implemented and running in at least 10 schools by 2023. “This program has been years in the making and represents a pivotal moment for the Foundation,” said Chef Lagasse. “We want more kids to have positive memories and experiences learning through the world of food, because we believe that gardening and cooking education integrated with academics nurtures a child not only in the classroom, but in life.”

ABOUT EMERIL LAGASSE FOUNDATION Founded in 2002 by Chef Emeril Lagasse and his wife Alden, Emeril Lagasse Foundation is a 501c(3) public charity headquartered in New Orleans. The Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities to inspire, mentor and enable youth to reach their full potential through culinary, nutrition and arts education with a focus on life skills development. Since its inception, Emeril Lagasse Foundation has granted more than $10 million to several children’s charities to support culinary, nutrition and arts programs. The Foundation was recognized as the 2016 Nonprofit of the Year by Louisiana Association of Non-Profit Organizations. To learn more about the Foundation and its beneficiaries, visit www.emeril.org.

September 2018

SOURCE Emeril Lagasse Foundation






Written by Erica Arrechea

The masterful, board certified, facial and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif who has been featured on everything from Botched to The Today Show, knows your skin inside and out. Whether you’re fighting aging, acne, oily, or dry skin, or just want to take preventative measures, he knows how to target the right areas, resulting in a flawless glow. That’s why when he’s not working with his celebrity clients, he’s developing new ways to bring clear, ageless skin to the masses. Nassif MD Skincare Bio-Clock Dermaceuticals provides just that. Available primarily through HSN, The Bio-Clock decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while keeping your skin hydrated and ensuring balanced collagen levels. With your choice of: Day Therapy- Day Crème,


Night Therapy-Antioxidant Night Serum, Hydro-Screen- Super-Hydrating Serum, Peri-Orbital Complex- Revitalizing Eye Crème, Forehead Line Eraser, Overnight Illuminating Masque, Deco- Lift Neck Firming Complex Serum, Pure Hydration Gentle Cleaner, and Complexion Perfection Detox Pads, there is no excuse not to take the luxury of Beverly Hills into your own home, wherever you might live. We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Nassif who uses the product on his own skin. Here’s what he had to say when asked about his personal experience with Bio-Clock:


Photos courtesy Paul Nassif, M.D. September 2018


Q: What is your personal daily skincare regimen? I have the same routine every-day and I swear by it. I use the Nassif MD Under Eye Smoother, then a bit of my Deco-Lift cream to tighten up my neck. I use the Forehead Line Eraser over my entire face, and lastly, my Hydro-Screen on top. When I’m getting ready for bed, I add my Detox Pads to that same routine. I’ve been doing this for over 2 years! Q: What products do you recommend every man use? I recommend the above routine to all men, but I’d also add in my Gentle Cleanser for anyone who needs extra cleansing. If someone wants to start out slow and then build their way up, I highly recommend starting with the Detox Pads. They’re an excellent source of exfoliation, they remove dirt and makeup better than soap and water, and they help to prevent acne. They’re powerful!


Q: How do you manage your time with so many different businesses and obligations? I prioritize getting up early to work out with my trainer. That helps set my mind for the 16-hour work day ahead. I recommend organizing your office so you’re more efficient. Create a system where you’re able to handle the tasks at hand. Also, learn to delegate! Q: What do you think is the secret to maintaining a youthful appearance? We all experience changes in our skin as we age. That’s just nature, but you can fight it. First, stay out of the sun. Also, use 50 SPF or higher and get plenty of sleep. DO NOT SMOKE, and of course, exercise regularly, stay hydrated (8 glasses per day), and maintain a protein rich diet.


Q: How do I know what to look for in skin care products when deciding on my own regimen? You want to make sure your products have the right amount of active ingredients and pay attention to what they are. Yes, it has to feel good, but it also has to work. Q: How soon after surgery can someone participate in sports again? It’s always best to wait. If you just want to go to the gym, I’d say about four weeks. However, to do a maximum workout, you’ll need about six weeks. If you’re extremely active and participate in contact sports of any kind, I suggest waiting a minimum of six months. Of course, you can do a little bit of walking or even a slight jog after three weeks, but you have to listen to what your body tells you. Q: What are some of the biggest mistakes people make before getting plastic surgery?

September 2018

They don’t do their research, or they try to go for the best price. Don’t do plastic surgery because there’s a bargain. Invest in yourself and your body. Q: What’s one thing you love most about being a plastic surgeon? Confidence can make or break a person and most of the time, the roots of our insecurities stem from how we feel about our personal appearance. I get to change that and watch my patients thrive with confidence when they look in the mirror for the first time. It can be a complete game changer for some and I like to know that I helped them thrive. If you’re looking to make a change from the comfort of your own home without going under the knife, Nassif MD Skincare Bio-Clock Dermaceuticals just might be the perfect solution. For more information, please visit www.drpaulnassif.com



Are You Physically and Mentally a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery? In 2009, then Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the Donda West Plastic Surgery Law, requiring health checks be conducted prior to all major plastic surgery procedures in the state. This was following the death of rapper Kanye West’s mother. It was later determined that her heart attack was spawned by a combination of numerous postoperative complications and pre-existing coronary artery disease. Today, women especially peruse Instagram and covet a perfect pout, perky derriere and firm breasts seen on Insta models. Just because you may desire cosmetic surgery does not mean you are physically or mentally fit for it NOW. Dr. Stanley Poulos is a board-certified San Francisco area plastic surgeon who takes steps to ensure the health and safety of his patients during surgery and


post- operatively. Here are some indicators Dr. Poulos looks for to assess patients for surgery. Dr. Poulos stresses that it is essential for a surgeon to take a good medical history and exam of the patient. Current and past illnesses, especially cardiac or pulmonary problems, surgeries, and medications should all be discussed. Lab tests may be required on a case by case basis depending on patient history and planned procedures.




When it comes to preparation for a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure, a urinalysis can inform the doctor if you have certain types of infections, like a urinary tract (UTI), bladder, or kidney infection. Urine tests are also effective in detecting high blood pressure and diabetes.

Although there is no formal psych test to assess a patient’s readiness and motives for cosmetic surgery, Dr. Poulos takes time with his patients to learn their reasons for desiring cosmetic change. Immediate red flags include, having surgery to try to keep a wayward spouse, an exaggerated concern over a minor problem, someone who seems addicted to cosmetic surgery, or a patient with body dysmorphic disorder. This syndrome is most appropriately treated by psychological treatment not surgical intervention.

BLOOD COUNT TEST Also known as a complete blood count (CBC), this blood test literally counts your blood. It takes note of the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. This tells physicians if you’re anemic (red blood cell deficiency) or have a blood clotting disorder like hemophilia. CBC tests also detect infectious bloodborne diseases like HIV or hepatitis. HEART FUNCTION Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) Essentially, the ECG is a medical test that tells if your heart is in good condition through detecting any heart abnormalities by measuring the electrical activity of the heart when it contracts. Cosmetic surgery basically causes tremendous stress on the body, with the heart being one of the most important organs when it comes to stress response. That is why it is crucial for the doctor to assess whether your heart can endure the trauma during the operation. CHEST X-RAY The Chest X-Ray is also one of the tests that may be required for your procedure. This is usually carried out to check the condition of your lungs and see whether you have breathing difficulties when you are put in anesthesia. This test is especially requested if you are a smoker or have a history of smoking. Signs of pneumonia or any breathing disorder may result to the postponement or cancellation of your surgery.

ALCOHOL HABITS It is important not to drink alcohol before undergoing plastic surgery – or any type of surgery for that matter - as it can cause unforeseen complications and seriously impact final results and the way you heal. Alcohol, especially when consumed to excess, can dry out your skin, which can then result in cracks appearing. If you're having a plastic surgery procedure where skin is stretched (facelift, breast augmentation or abdominoplasty for example) then dry, cracked skin will make it harder for the surgeon to staple or stich the skin together, resulting in a less than optimum result and possibly scar. BODY WEIGHT Sometimes patients will enter a plastic surgeon’s office excited about a decision to finally move forward with breast or body contouring surgery, but then afterwards emerge having found out they are not currently a candidate because of excess body fat. This scenario is not only disappointing, but it can be an emotionally deflating and potentially embarrassing experience for patients. Dr. Poulos sympathizes with the emotional pain that such patients feel, and he wants to help

SMOKING USE AND HISTORY Mixing nicotine with plastic surgery can result in problems: -Loss of cheek skin, nipples or tummy skin after a facelift, breast lift, breast reduction, or tummy tuck surgery -Infections -Death of fat cells (fat necrosis), causing hard lumps -Delayed wound healing -Thick, wide scars -Blood clots, which can be fatal Increased pain -Permanent small vessel damage adding risk even if you quit -Loss of breast implants -Life-threatening complications like stroke, heart attack, blood clots, and pneumonia. MAMMOGRAM The mammogram is typically required for women who want to get breast augmentation or breast lift done. This is to help detect signs of breast cancer.

September 2018


them realize their goals. However, there are several specific reasons that your plastic surgeon might recommend weight loss prior to undergoing a procedure. In addition, the results that you can achieve are likely to be much better if your weight is in a better range. Consider an overweight woman who wants breast reduction surgery. Even when the breasts become smaller and more uplifted, it is extremely difficult for us to deal with the fullness lateral to the breasts (the “bra roll”), which significantly compromises the aesthetic result. In addition, it is much harder to get a beautiful transition between the breast and the abdomen due to the excess weight. On the other hand, let’s consider the patient that is overweight and wants a tummy tuck or liposuction. In this instance, the surgeon will not be able to remove all the excess fat in these areas, as it is technically challenging and can look odd as it is out of proportion to the surrounding fatty deposits. Even large volume liposuction cannot fully solve this problem. Body contouring surgery is great for shaping your body, but it is not a method or substitute for weight loss or weight control. At Dr. Poulos’ clinic there is a full-time wellness/ weight loss coordinator who helps patients achieve a healthy body composition (body fat percentage and lean muscle mass balance) prior to undergoing body contour procedures.

binge eating, compulsive overeating, high liquid calorie intake habits or similar eating related psychological disorders are not good candidates. Dr. Poulos has now treated numerous patients who have successfully lost up to 20% of their body weight with the balloon procedures and have gone on to aesthetic body contouring with much improved results.


The balloon remains in the stomach for the first six months after the procedure. With the stomach balloon and Dr. Poulos’ support team, patients usually see the most drastic results in the first six months. It is very important to use this time to develop healthy habits that will continue for not only the 12-month weight loss program, but for the rest of one’s life.

There is an FDA approved “Gastric Balloon” procedure that Dr. Poulos performs. It is appropriate for patients with a BMI of 30 to 40 that have not had previous weight loss surgery. Patients diagnosed with bulimia,


How does the balloon method work? This non-surgical outpatient procedure begins with a diagnostic endoscopy to ensure that there are no contraindications and that it is safe to perform. Once the patient is mildly sedated and comfortable, the procedure can begin. The deflated gastric balloon is inserted through the esophagus and into the stomach. A syringe is then used to fill the balloon with a sterile saline solution. Once the weight loss balloon has been filled with saline, it expands to approximately the size of a grapefruit. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes. Patients can usually return home after the placement or removal procedures within 30 minutes. Over the last 20 years this procedure has helped over 277,000 people. The gastric balloon encourages portion control while patients make healthy changes to diet and lifestyle. HOW LONG DOES THE BALLOON STAY IN PLACE?

What to expect after the balloon placement. Over the first 14 days after placement, patients may experience nausea or vomiting. Dr. Poulos recommends a liquid diet for his patients during the first week to help manage these symptoms. Also prescribed are effective anti-nausea drugs to help the patient through the initial stage. HOW IS THE BALLOON REMOVED? Once the stomach balloon has been in place for six months the balloon is removed. The simple and non-surgical procedure is very similar to the placement process. Once the gastric balloon has been removed, it is very important to continue working closely with Dr. Poulos’ team and coaches to follow the personal diet and exercise plan provided. This will help to keep you in a positive and healthy mindset while achieving your weight loss goals.

ABOUT DR. STANLEY POULOS Dr. Poulos specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring procedures. He helped pioneer the quick lift facial rejuvenation surgery in California and is recognized as one of the leading plastic surgeons in Marin County and the entire San Francisco Bay area. Dr. Poulos and Plastic Surgery Specialists have extensive experience in body contour procedures. A graduate of the University of Texas Medical School, Dr. Poulos completed his internship and residency at UC San Francisco. He completed a plastic surgery fellowship at St. Francis Hospital in San Francisco and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. www.psspecialists.com



1. FACIAL OIL Like a Phoenix from the ashes, allow your skin to regenerate with this blend of luxe botanical oils and skin cell renewing CoQ10. www.bepurebeauty.com - $88

2. WELLNESS This wellness powder made by Australian based Beauty Chef has gut boosting probiotics will help balance the skin. www.bepurebeauty.com - $59.95

3. MASK A charcoal mask that’s a little more nourishing while still detoxing. It’s just the right balance for anyone who needs to refresh their skin. www.bepurebeauty.com - $49

4. BODY POLISH Deliciously addicting. A body polish that delivers serious hydration while leaving your skin glowing. www.bepurebeauty.com - $48

5. BATH SALT Detox Bath Salts are formulated to detoxify your body and clear your mind. Used a blend of Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils along with highly detoxifying Cambrian Blue Clay. www.bepurebeauty.com - $18

September 2018





4 Squat Exercises that will

Get You Toned in No Time Written by Jennifer Gonzales

Everyone has a workout plan that accommodates their fitness goals. Whether you’re working out to gain muscle, be more fit, lose weight, or for health reasons. How awesome would it be if you can add something to your workout that helps with all these things? Squats have been dominating workouts from as far back as you were born. It’s one of the first things that we learn to do as a child. It is also the key to a successful workout, why because squats help build lower body strength, sculpt tight glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Squats help build flexibility and mobility, the more intense that your squats are the more fat you will burn. Squats can also improve your physical performance, such as running faster, jumping higher, or anything that has to do with lifting or moving will be made easier. Due to repetition it also helps with body posture, improves circulation, and helps with performing your daily tasks. Here are some squat exercises that will get you toned in no time.



There is no burning feeling like the one you will feel while doing Jump Squats. It is a must add to your daily workouts. Jump Squats have so many things to offer, starting with helping build and tone calves, glutes, hamstrings, core, and quadriceps. Start off by doing a regular squat, then jump up as quickly as you can, all while landing in a quite manner, which requires control and stability. A Jump Squat helps build body muscle all over, and gaining muscle helps burn calories. Squats also maintain motor balance and helps improve brain to muscle communication, all beneficial even as we age. Jump Squats can also prevent future injuries as well, since the main key is to help maintain balance, this will prevent you from any future fallings. Doing this squat will also help in preventing heart disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. With all these benefits plus more, why wouldn’t you want to add this to you work out plan?

This is a step up from your average squat. Sumo Squats help tone the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves. A Sumo Squat is a great workout that focuses on your inner and outer thighs where excess fat is stored. After mastering the Sumo Squat, you can add weights to increase your workout and to build stronger muscles.

BOX SQUATS This is one of the most common squats known in the workout game. You will utilize a box of proper height for you in order to perform the Box Squat. The Box Squat mainly targets your posterior, or backside of the body, especially lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. The reason being is that you’re lowering your whole body onto the box and lightly touching it as you spring back up into a standing position. After repeating this a couple of times, it helps form a better balance and achieves better squat form.

September 2018

If you are a person who loves to do squats and you’re looking for a challenge, try the Rolling Squat. It’s a cardio move that helps strengthen your core, legs and glutes. Start by squatting down and allowing yourself to fall down onto the mat, push your legs back, maintain this position for 30-60 seconds, then roll back forward back into a standing position. You may not feel the resistance in the first rep, but as you continue you will notice all the muscles being used. This helps improve your balance and coordination, boosts your metabolism, and increases your stamina.




New MINDBODY App Helps Conquer Barriers to a More Active Lifestyle MINDBODY, the leading technology platform for the fitness, wellness and beauty services industries, and a dynamic consumer wellness brand, announced an all new version of the MINDBODY App. The new app makes it easier for people to explore and book a wide variety of classes and appointments offered at the time, place and price that best fit their lifestyle.



Since first launching the app in December 2015, MINDBODY has continued to increase its investment in the company's consumer strategy and products, aiming to transform its platform into the world's premier transaction enabled marketplace for fitness, wellness and beauty. In 2017, 40 million consumers booked 600 million class and appointment sessions through the MINDBODY platform, spending nearly $10 billion on their personal wellness. More than 130 million of those wellness sessions were booked by consumers via MINDBODY's mobile apps, reflecting a 63% increase year over year in direct consumer engagement. "The growth of our marketplace demonstrates how hungry people are for an easier way to make wellness a part of their daily lives," said Rick Stollmeyer, MINDBODY CEO and co-founder. "We want to help them by minimizing the barriers they encounter, whether that's time, place or price. To do this, we're launching an even more significant and ongoing investment in our consumer marketing programs and product innovation that will take

our marketplace to a whole new level. The new MINDBODY App is just the beginning." The MINDBODY App now gives people easier access to their favorite studios, spas and salons with combined class lists, improved appointment booking and easy-to-use filters. The app also makes it easier to explore new workouts, manage a flexible routine and gain access to an unparalleled variety of activities. "For many people, their decision to workout can be highly influenced by their pocketbook, calendar and even mood," said Doug Hecht, MINDBODY senior vice president of consumer products. "The MINDBODY App has been redesigned to deliver the right activity at the right time for the right price– creating a more personalized experience for every person and increasing the likelihood that they'll continue to make fitness a part of their lifestyle." For fitness and wellness providers, the MINDBODY App is designed to bring them more customers, converting browsers into buyers and filling open class and appointment spots through flexible pricing, promoted introductory offers and an enhanced brand presence that will help differentiate their offerings. MINDBODY also intends to increase the exposure and expand the booking channels that feature these listings outside of the app, via search engine and consumer brand partnerships. The new MINDBODY App is one of many innovations the company is developing designed to connect fitness and wellness seekers to the practitioners offering these services worldwide. The MINDBODY App is free to download via the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit www.mindbody.io

ABOUT MINDBODY MINDBODY, Inc. is the leading technology platform for the fitness, wellness and beauty services industries. Local entrepreneurs worldwide use MINDBODY’s integrated software and payments platform to run, market and build their businesses. Consumers use MINDBODY to more easily find, engage and transact with providers in their local communities. For more information on how MINDBODY is helping people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to wellness, visit mindbodyonline.com SOURCE MINDBODY, Inc.

September 2018



Written by Jennifer Gonzales

Tea has become one of the top trending things to drink next to coffee. It has not only become a part of our daily routine, but also serves as an important asset to our health. Tea has so much to offer and has many amazing benefits from alleviating stress to boosting your energy. GREEN TEA Green tea is one of the most popular teas out there, it has ranked number 1 for being the best tea for your health. It has polyphenols that has the effect of reducing inflammation and helps fight cancer such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Green tea helps improve brain function, your mood, reaction time and memory, which has been linked to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common neurogenerative disease in humans and leading cause of dementia. It also stabilizes your energy and gives you a feeling of being more productive. Since, Green tea is a main benefactor for improving health, it lowers the risk of diabetes, such as type 2 diabetes and works as a



metabolism booster, which lowers the risk of obesity. Some of the popular flavors of Green tea is Macha, Gao Shan tea, and Tieguanyin tea.

WHITE TEA White tea is mainly composed of Camellia Sinensis plant like Green and Black tea. However, White tea is the less processed. As a result of this it retains a high amount of antioxidants, which is why it offers a lot of benefits as well. It reduces the risk of heart disease, helps with weight loss, and fights aging skin. White tea delivers the same benefits as Green tea, plus more. It can help fight against insulin resistance. Insulin is a very important hormone, it helps move nutrients from the blood stream into the cells to be used and stored for later. There are compounds found in White tea that can protect you against osteoporosis. The main cause for this is free radicals and chronic inflammation, the catechins that reside in White tea have been known to fight these factors. White tea is beneficial to your teeth as well, it contains fluoride, catechins, and tannins. All needed to help strengthen your teeth by fighting bacteria and sugar. Some of the most admired White tea is Silver Needle, Bai Hao Yin Zhen or Zin Zhen tea.

BLACK TEA Black tea is another common tea next to Green and White tea. It is stronger in flavor and contains more caffeine than other teas, but less caffeine than coffee. Black tea has a special antioxidant called flavonoids, which can be found in vegetables, fruits, red wine, and dark chocolate which all benefit the heart. If you add Black tea to your routine it will aid against heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglyceride levels and obesity. Black tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which specializes in in improving alertness and focus. If you find yourself being a little too forgetful than maybe you should try Black tea. Some popular flavors are Black Bi Lo Chan, Golden Monkey and Meyer Lemon Black tea. *The writing I share is for only educational purpose to guide you and is not a cure. Please, ask your doctor on any medical questions you may have.

September 2018




The Fermented Tea For Your Health Written by Paolo Murano Are you familiar with the story of the “elixir of life”? The mythical concoction grants the drinker eternal life and youth while being able to cure all diseases. Throughout time people have searched for the fabled elixir of life. It has been said that ancient emperors of China sent thousands of travelers in search of the elixir all of whom were lost and never returned. Well the search is over because it is now commercially available, more popular than ever, and we call it kombucha. Kombucha, a fermented tea beverage, has exploded with sales and growth in the United States and Europe


over the past decade. Kombucha’s health benefits are diverse but best known for promoting a healthy digestive system as well as detoxifying the body. THE ORIGINS OF KOMBUCHA The origins of kombucha can be traced back to 220 B.C. in northeastern China where the drink was considered to have medicinal value. Several hundred years ago the recipes eventually made its way north arriving in Russia where it is still brewed today. www.HighRiseLife.com

Kombucha did not become popular in the United States until early 2000s. One of the first national brands was GT’s Kombucha. The man behind the company, G.T. Dave, claims that kombucha cured his mother of cancer in the 1990s. Research conducted by Zion Market, a consulting firm, indicated that Kombucha sales were valued at $1.06 billion in 2016 with estimations that sales could climb to $2.5 billion by 2022. Even major brands like PepsiCo have capitalized on this grown when in 2016 they purchased KeVita kombucha brand. Kombucha is made only from four ingredients: water, sugar, tea, and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and is fermented for seven to 30 days. The result is a slightly effervescent beverage made from the fermented black or green tea that tastes both sweet and tart. The tangy flavor is a result of the fermentation process and because it is fermented there are trace amounts of alcohol in the brew. HEALTH BENEFITS There are some distinct health benefits to drinking the fermented tea with its positive effects on digestion. Unlike most probiotic supplements, kombucha contains living bacteria and yeast which are responsible for promoting “healthy gut flora”. The gut flora or “probiotics”, the colloquial term used to describe the approximately 160 strains of bacteria we have in our digestive tract, is collectively known in the medical community as the “microbiome”. For several decades science has understood the importance of gut bacteria as an essential component to digestion, but more research has suggested these bacteria play a far more important role. For example,

they break down toxic compounds that would otherwise be absorbed into the bloodstream. It is the promotion and support of these probiotic bacteria in one’s gut where kombucha derives its health benefits. While probiotics are responsible for healthy and efficient digestion, there are a myriad of spin off health benefits beyond simply better digestion. It has been said that the more efficient digestion by kombucha leads to better nutrient uptake thereby leaving the drinker in a state of improved mental clarity. And akin to G.T. Dave’s claims, the healthy bacteria more efficiently removes toxins and carcinogens ingested thereby reducing the risk for cancer. HOW TO DRINK KOMBUCHA Kombucha is best consumed cold or slightly chilled. When it is left in the sun or ambient temperature for too long, it wakes the dormant and living yeast cultures which begin the fermentation process again. If allowed to sit for a long enough period of time, the bacteria and yeast in the culture can spoil or grow to levels that are not well tolerated by the human digestive system. Most notable about drinking kombucha is how it should be decanted from the top of the bottle. At the bottom of a bottle of kombucha sits the scoby and it is not recommended that this culture be consumed. Do not shake or swirl the bottle as it could disrupt the scoby bringing it to the surface. For best results, decant the beverage from the top discarding the remaining last few ounces with the scoby. So is it truly the “elixir of life”? While it is unlikely the millions drinking kombucha today will live forever, it has many health benefits that should make it a regularly stocked beverage in your refrigerator.

ABOUT AUTHOR Paolo Murano is a world traveler, writer, and an entrepreneur based in Downtown Las Vegas. He is an author of the book “Manhattanizing Las Vegas” and a firm believer in sustainable urban living. His favorite drinks are kombucha and sauvignon blanc.

September 2018



Photos courtesy of Mezé Greek Fusion

Mezé Greek Fusion Flying High in Downtown San Diego Written by Merilee Kern

Just a few short years ago, GBOD Hospitality, helmed by brothers Raymond and Patrick Davoudi, debuted Mezé Greek Fusion in the heart of downtown San Diego. Unlike any other restaurant concepts in the region, this eatery brought a fabulous new flare to the city’s famed Gaslamp Quarter by pairing contemporary Greek fare with modern, industrial chic architecture and interior design. Through consistency in both the front and back of the house, a commitment to top-shelf ingredients, a menu elevating classic cultural dishes, and a sky-high service standard, Mezé has unsurprisingly curated a devoted patron base in a competitive culinary scene rife with high-caliber dining options. Even upon entering the space you feel an instantaneous energy emblematic of Southern California hotspots. A “happening” bar scene is indelibly underway toward the front of the restaurant, which seamlessly integrates with the


exterior where outdoor seating is also available. Inside, super elevated ceilings in the anterior accommodate multiple levels of seating in the posterior, proffering a bird’s eye view of the action in the bar area, below. As captivating as the scene is all around, it’s the food, itself, that’s the star of the show—duly complemented by a service staff exuding a pridefulness archetypal of being served multi-generational family favorites in someone’s own home. Understandable given that Mezé is a family-owned and operated business with many long-tenured staff members. The menu is well-conceived, amping up some of the traditional Greek dishes with fresh and inventive twists while maintaining a powerful overarching flavor profile—an apropos fundamental given that the word “meze” translates to “taste.” www.HighRiseLife.com

Every delicious detail is apparently considered, even bar side amid standout craft cocktails—with vodka oft at center stage. From Poseidon’s Poison (strawberry-infused vodka, fresh lime, ginger and R&D house bitters) to Zeus Juice (green apple infused vodka, fresh lime, R&D cherry apple bitters) to Medusas’ Mistress (acai-infused vodka, raspberry, fresh lemon and demerara), even just imbibing here is adventurous. Hungry to better understand Mezé’s recipe for success, I connected with Patrick Davoudi and Chef/Partner Aleko Achtipes for some insightful Q&A. Here’s what they had to say: Q: What might people not know about the restaurant amid its success, but should? PD: We actually work harder today...we don’t have a finish line. We are always fine-tuning things and learning to be better. This including knowing and caring for our employees. They are our lifeblood. We also know restaurants don’t happen overnight. There are countless days, and people, directly linked to our success. Q: How would you sum up this restaurant’s approach to cuisine? PD: Mezé Greek Fusion puts an emphasis on quality and freshness first and foremost, with attention to consistency also being paramount. Our approach to cuisine is to not overcomplicate or overdo it. Our style is based on tradition, but with no limitations. We aim to create honest and direct Greek fare that is traditional, but not restricted by trying to be authentic. We want to be able to embellish a little when we feel the urge to. Q: Does this restaurant have a “signature dish”? AA: Saganaki, which is a popular “meze” appetizer, is an obvious choice because it is interactive and a crowd pleaser. It literally lights up the room when the cheese is pan-seared and flambéed tableside while the servers and guests yell, “Opa!” MK: this delectable selection from the hot starter group is a revered Greek dish. It features panseared kasseri cheese flambéed in brandy tableside, September 2018

rendering a crusty golden-brown exterior with the heat-softened and mild sheep’s milk cheese ensconced therein. Served with pita, this is an appetizer that’s hard to beat—on this menu or any other. The fun tableside showmanship further elevates its appeal.] AA: There are two other dishes that some diners are apprehensive about ordering, but are favorites at Mezé Greek Fusion and consistently deliver: the lamb chops and octopus. Lamb, of course, is regularly associated with Greece by and large. The average diet in Greece consists of very little lamb on a weekly basis as it is reserved more for special occasions, festivals, etc. When lamb is consumed or cooked, it is almost always in large quantities and in a celebratory atmosphere. Octopus is also a staple of Greek cuisine and has become a staple which has become idyllic with the country by virtue of seaside taverns hang-drying their fresh octopus on display. It has also gained a lot of momentum in recent years as you’re seeing it on more and more menus. Starting with the best product is a key part of delivering a fantastic dining experience. Knowing that each octopus is different and should be treated differently is important with respect to cook/prep times. Not masking, altering or hiding octopus is also key to a true signature result.


MK: during my own visit to Mezé I did also opt for the hot starter Imported Mediterranean Octapodi Skaras char-grilled octopus served atop simple greens with a heavily herbed latho lemono—an olive oil and lemon dressing. Having experienced a multitude of iterations of grilled octopus throughout my dining escapades, I can attest that Mezé’s selection and treatment of this tricky soft-bodied cephalopod is remarkable. Theirs is impeccably tenderized and seasoned, and the grilling is not over-done such that the fatty sections of the tentacles are NOT over-charred and bitter as is all-too-often the case at other locales.

AA: My experience has taken me all over California, with a particularly long stint operating the Aegean Café in Laguna Beach. A few notable stops on my path to Mezé Greek Fusion include Estiatorio Evvia in Palo Alto, Taverna Tony’s in Malibu and The Great Greek in Los Angeles; they are some of Southern California’s premier Greek restaurants. What has really honed my experience with Mediterranean cuisine is my travels throughout Greece and Europe. My first four jobs were alongside my father in his Greek restaurants or at the restaurants and clubs that he performed in as a singer.

Relatedly, I did also sample Mezé’s Calamari, with a light golden brown outer crust that was fortunately more of a dusting than a breading, letting the flavor of the large-sectioned, perfectly tenderized seafood shine through. This was served with a thick-spiced tzatziki.

The highlights of my career are related to the guests and their experience. When one of the restaurants is received well and exceeds expectations, that’s what I enjoy more than anything else.

If crustaceans are more your speed, the Shrimp & Ouzo Saganaki appy—four jumbo shrimp pan-seared with ample amounts of garlic, tomato, green onion, and feta cheese flambéed in ouzo tableside, will knock your socks off! The richness and intensity of this flavor-forward dish is tempered with a side of pita. Q: Aleko, as the Chef, tell me about your background—what are some career highlights?


Q: What is your personal favorite item on the menu? AA: Can I pick two? The octopus and the Dolmathes [grape leaves stuffed with ground sirloin, lamb, rice, mint, and dill that’s served with an egg-lemon “avgolemono” sauce (a heated, thickened mixture of egg yolk, lemon juice and broth] are too good to choose between.


MK: For my part, favorites vacillate from the starters described above to impressive entrées like the char-grilled Lamb Chops—four amply portioned chops with an appropriately pink center, blanketed in a simple herbed latho lemono sauce. These are served with three large peeled lemon potato sections and a side of sautéed seasonal vegetables. I also reveled in the Whole Fish of the Day that, on the evening of my visit, was Sea Bass. Also bathed from front nose to back fin in an herbed latho lemono sauce, the sizeable fish was skillfully deboned tableside and tendered so much meat I was able to take some home to enjoy the next day as well.

And, a few years ago, Robert Irvine [the celebrity chef and talk show host] visited Mezé Greek Fusion and was very gracious and receptive to our questions. His parting advice to us was simple; he told us: “Keep doing what you are doing.” It was a great vote of confidence at a time when we were still finding our way.

Dessert-lovers will surely enjoy this eatery’s Loukoumades, also affectionately known as the Greek donut. These large rounds of crisp, fried dough are tossed in cinnamon and sugar, resulting in a taste reminiscent of a Mexican Churro. But the drizzling of Greek honey, sprinkling of walnut crumbles, and bed of sweetness-tempering plain Greek yogurt duly makes this a dish all its own.

Building on the success of Mezé, GBOD Hospitality now boasts six bodacious San Diego eateries in its portfolio. This includes Prohibition—an underground speakeasy, El Chingon “Bad Ass Mexican,” Havana 1920, and Monkey King. For its part, Mezé continues to amass awards, accolades and declarations from media and diners, alike, including: “Best Greek,” “Best Small Plates,” “Best Mediterranean,” and “Best Late-Night Menu.” This restaurant has clearly tapped into the hearts, minds and palates of Greek culture aficionados keen on its re-imagined cuisine.

Q: Patrick, are there any interesting factoids you can share relating to the restaurant?


PD: I have heard a rumor that the building we occupy was once a bootlegging operation. Another rumor is that Aleko breaks stacks of plates over his forehead. Neither rumor can be confirmed or denied. Also, community and charity are big factors. We enjoy hosting charity events and supporting local charities and initiatives. MK: as I write this, Mezé has an initiative underway supporting wildfire relief efforts in Greece with a month-long fundraiser whereby sales proceeds from

September 2018

select menu items during the period are being donated to support the victims of the devastating and deadly wildfires in Greece.

As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern is an internationally-regarded consumer product trends expert and hospitality industry voice of authority—a travel, dining, leisure and lifestyle expert who spotlights noteworthy marketplace innovations, change makers, movers and shakers. She reports on exemplary travel destinations and experiences, extraordinary events and newsworthy products and services across all categories. Reach her online at www.TheLuxeList.com, on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/LuxeListEditor, on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/TheLuxeList and on Instagram at www. Instagram.com/LuxeListReviews



STK Sizzles

Photo courtesy of The One Group

in San Diego’s Gaslamp District Written by Merilee Kern

Americans are hungry. How hungry? According to Progressive Grocer, total supermarket sales for 2017 neared a staggering $685 billion. Beyond these homeward bound provisions, dining enthusiasts are also doing their part to feed the gastro-economy. This amid a National Restaurant Association (NRA) report that, for 2017 alone, revenue for the restaurant industry was projected to reach $799 billion (notably representing a 4.3% increase from 2016). Thus far, 2018 has proven to be quite prolific for many restaurant brands, and not the least of which is STK. With accolades like “Never a dull moment” (Zagat) and being cited among “The 100 Best Steakhouses in America” (Forbes), it’s understandable why this chic and sexy nightclub-esque steakhouse continues to expand. In fact, so far this year STK has opened two new locations—one of which in San Diego. “America’s Finest City” couldn’t be more apropos for this revered eatery. With its tongue-in-cheek positioning asserting it’s “Not Your Daddy’s Steakhouse,” STK San Diego is now offering its modern take on steak in the city’s energetic Gaslamp Quarter, which is replete with patrons eager to see and be seen while feasting on


upscale fare. Ensconced within the boutique Andaz San Diego hotel, the menu here features STK’s elevated American cuisine in an atmosphere rife with fun and frivolity complete with a spinning DJ, mood lighting and expansive windows so you can gawk while you gobble. Amid the buzz, I recently connected with Emanuel “Manny” Hilario, CEO and President of The ONE Group and STK, for some insight on how STK is turning up the heat in San Diego. Here’s what he had to say. Q: What made the brand decide to expand into San Diego, the Gaslamp District, and to be located within the Andaz Hotel? San Diego’s famed Gaslamp Quarter—and particularly where the Andaz San Diego is located—is an incredibly lively, desirable area well known for its nightlife. As San Diego’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment district, it just made perfect sense that the sleek design, cool atmosphere and full-of-flavor menu of STK San Diego would fit in seamlessly with the local scene and cultural offerings of the Gaslamp Quarter.


Q: What makes the new San Diego location different from all other STK locations? STK San Diego incorporates a great deal of local flavor and inspiration in the food, cocktails, design and vibe. From the contemporary yet urban interior to the local beer program, STK San Diego creates an elevated dining experience unique to this location. Q: What might people not know or anticipate about the new San Diego location? First, STK San Diego has launched a weekend brunch complete with refreshing cocktails and both sweet and savory menu offerings such as Smoked Salmon Benedict, Captain Crunch French Toast (tart cherry compote, bourbon maple, Tahitian vanilla whipped cream), and Lobster Shakshuka Eggs (Maine lobster, baked eggs, grilled kale, sourdough baguette) [Editorial note: Another notable brunch menu item is the Short Rib Hash (Piquillo pepper, asparagus, confit potatoes, poached egg horseradish béarnaise). Then, cocktail highlights for brunch service include the Salsa Verde Bloody Mary (habanero chili vodka, lemon juice, house-made salsa verde); Cold Brewchata (Rumchata, Bailey’s Irish Cream topped with espresso); and Not Your Mama’s Spritzer (buffalo trace, lemon juice, passion fruit tonic, mint, Chandon, sparkling rose)] Also, unlike traditional steakhouses, STK sets itself apart by focusing on the experience as a whole versus any singular aspect of a good night out. It’s not just the food, décor or the nightly music—it’s the combination of all these things that creates a vibe that you can only find at STK. Finally, STK San Diego offers an elevated take on Happy Hour Monday-Friday from 3:30-6:30PM, the menu features special pricing on signature cocktails and small plates. Q: Does the location have a “signature dish?” The premium cuts of steak are what the restaurant is best known for. STK offers a wide range of crusts and toppings for all steaks as well as a unique selection of house-made sauces. Our menu in San Diego includes celebrated signature dishes such as House-made Pappardelle Pasta with Short Rib Ragout, Grilled Summer Squash, Grilled Octopus and Blackened Cod with, of course, the highest quality cuts of steak. As well, the robust mixology program features locally-inspired beverages with cocktails such as the Strawberry Cobbler, Cucumber Stiletto and Old Cuban. As a part of its local beer program, STK offers options from some of San Diego’s favorite breweries, such as Mission Hefeweizen, Latitude 33 Blood Orange IPA and Alesmith .394 Pale Ale. Q: What are your near-term goals for STK San Diego? We simply look forward to becoming the ideal, fine dining gathering spot for all patrons of the Gaslamp Quarter—from locals to business travelers and everyone in between. Q: How do you plan to further engage with the San Diego community? From the day we announced our arrival to the day we opened our doors, STK San Diego has been well-engrained in the local community and will continue to do so. From our local beer program that offers options from some of San Diego’s best known breweries to our ongoing participation in popular, local food and wine events and strategic partnerships with local September 2018

organizations, STK San Diego will continue to deliver fantastic local flavor to the San Diego community in new, exciting ways. While Manny revealed that his personal favorite menu item is the Dry-Aged Delmonico, a celebrated STK staple nationwide (and rightfully so), I would be remiss not to mention a few other to-die-for dishes discovered from my own epicurean exploits at the locale. This indubitably includes starters and sides like the uber-fresh Tomato and Burrata Salad (an heirloom tomato centerpiece on which the creamy buffalo milk cheese ball is perched, also with brioche crouton and peppery arugula lightly tossed in basil oil and sherry vinegar); the Shaved Brussels Sprouts (with apple, cranberry, aged goat cheese and Marcona almonds) offering a masterful mélange of savory and sweet; and the Lil’ Brgs duo (Wagyu beef sliders with “special sauce” on a black sesame seed bun, served alongside tart mixed pickles). Do add truffles if you want to amp up this already fabulous appy. Then there’s the perfectly seared and crusted 14-ounce Bone-In Filet with your choice of topping or sauces. For this, I strongly recommend the Alaskan King Crab “Oscar” with the shellfish so ample it turns this dish into a bona fide surf and turf. However, for me personally, the pièce de résistance here resides in the seafood realm. Specifically, the Grilled Lobster with leeks, spinach and King crab. This large, full lobster is served split in half, with a preparation that’s reminiscent of Rockefeller style, although an herbed béarnaise is served on the side while the shellfish itself is presented with a brown butter roux drizzle. So generous was the portion I had to take one full half home to savor the next day. So next time you find yourself in downtown San Diego and are looking for a wining and dining experience where the ordinary just won’t do, treat yourself (and your entire party) to a STK experience. I predict it’ll be an atmosphere-driven epicurean escapade that’ll keep you longing for more.

ABOUT AUTHOR As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern is an internationally-regarded consumer product trends expert and hospitality industry voice of authority—a travel, dining, leisure and lifestyle expert who spotlights noteworthy marketplace innovations, change makers, movers and shakers. She reports on exemplary travel destinations and experiences, extraordinary events and newsworthy products and services across all categories. Reach her online at www. TheLuxeList.com, on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/LuxeListEditor, on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/TheLuxeList and on Instagram at www.Instagram.com/LuxeListReviews




YELLOWSTONE Plan a trip to Montana for scenic hiking and wildlife viewing If you're ready for outdoor adventure with the best views, Montana's fall season is an experience you won't want to miss. By using Yellowstone National Park as your basecamp for adventure, you can fill your itinerary with epic hiking, scenic drives, biking and guided tours while enjoying the amenities and attractions of nearby towns. Yellowstone is the perfect place to enjoy the changing landscape around you and spot native wildlife in their natural surroundings. "A trip to Yellowstone National Park in autumn can be an unforgettable experience," said Raylee Honeycutt, Consumer Marketing Manager with the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development. "From the scenery to the wildlife, it's an opportunity to take in incredible sights outside of the busy summer season."


Fall is the perfect season to watch Montana's wildlife at national parks, state parks and other public lands. Home to many species of birds and mammals, Yellowstone National Park is a great place for wildlife viewing. Listen for the bugle of an elk, watch bison roam, and be on the lookout for black bears as this is the prime season to watch them gear up for hibernation. Many animals are more active at this time and exploring Yellowstone with a tour or hiking is a great way to take advantage of the opportunity. "You get to see animals behaving in very natural ways without the crowds that you would expect here in the summer," said Joshua Theurer, Citizen Science Program Manager with Yellowstone Forever.


If you're looking for inspiration to plan your trip to stunning views and fall scenery, watch the newest Discover Your #MontanaMoment video, Uncovering Yellowstone. This episode follows five friends as they reunite for a weekend in Montana. The group enjoys charming ranch accommodations while they explore the town of Gardiner and take in the sights at Yellowstone National Park on a guided wildlife tour with Yellowstone Forever. Gardiner is home to the original entrance to Yellowstone National Park, which is the only entrance that remains open to wheeledvehicle use year-round. The friends revel in the unique beauty of Montana during their fall getaway and comment that it's "hard not to be awestruck" by the surrounding landscape.

September 2018

A getaway to Gardiner and Yellowstone National Park is just one opportunity to discover your #MontanaMoment. Plan the perfect fall trip to wildlife viewing and national parks in Montana, and find a variety of accommodations from ranches to cabins to call home during your stay. For more information about the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development, go to VISITMT.COM. SOURCE Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development


Photo courtesy of Jessica Cox Motivational Services - Jessica Cox is the world’s first armless pilot and flies a 1945 Ercoupe 415-C



World’s First Armless Pilot to Inspire GE Appliances Employees in Louisville Jessica Cox was born without arms, but has gone on to become the first armless airplane pilot in history. Cox is a motivational speaker and business consultant who has traveled around the world teaching people how to "achieve the impossible." She uses her feet the way other people use their hands. Jessica Cox will be visiting Louisville, Ky. for the first time as she continues her mission to help people "achieve the impossible." Cox was born without arms, but that has not stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She holds a bachelor’s Degree in psychology, a scuba certification, a black belt in Taekwondo, and the Guinness World Record for becoming the first armless pilot. To achieve so much, Cox says she had to "think outside the shoe." As a child, she watched as her classmates learned to tie their shoes with their hands. She realized she needed to take her feet out of her shoes and tie the laces with her toes. "My shoes represented so many assumptions and self-limiting beliefs that I could have just given up and let my teachers tie my laces for me," says Cox. "But I had to learn to think outside the box to become independent. Now, I'm on a mission to empower corporate organizations and their teams and show them how easily they can achieve the impossible."

September 2018

incredibly talented and inspirational. Her message of 'Diversity of thought' strongly connects to our values and overall business purpose." How does she fly a plane when Cox does not have arms? Cox spent three years looking for the right combination of instructor, airplane, and training. "No one had done this before, so I had to think outside the box to make this happen," remembers Cox. Now certified as a light sport pilot, she flies an Ercoupe 415-C that was built in the 1940s. When asked why she flies a vintage airplane, Cox says, "I never let my physical limitation stop me. Years of research went into this until I found out that the way the Ercoupe controls were designed allowed me to fly it." Cox says her next challenge is to learn to slackline; a form of tightrope walking. Already after just a few hours of practice, she has made it thirty feet on a slackline. Now her sights are set on slacklining over a canyon or a river. She added, "It's just a matter of time. I will do it!"

Cox will be visiting Louisville to deliver a speech for GE Appliances (GEA) at the company's All-In Rally supporting its diversity, engagement and inclusion efforts. In the past she has spoken for illustrious American companies such as Boeing, State Farm, and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.

For more information about Jessica's story and her mission to influence business leaders around the world, visit www.AchieveTheImpossible.consulting. Engage online with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JCMSofficial and on twitter as @jess_feet.

"Our team is really looking forward to hosting Jessica Cox," said AJ Hubbard, Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion for GE Appliances. "She is

SOURCE Jessica Cox Motivational Services



Louis XIII Announces 100 Years, a New Song by Pharrell Williams to Be Released in 2117 Only #IfWeCare On November 13th 2017, LOUIS XIII Cognac premiered “100 Years”- The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care - a unique musical composition created by Pharrell Williams that will not be released until 2117. LOUIS XIII partnered with Pharrell on this innovative project due to a shared dedication to environmental issues. The original song is a creative expression of the delicate relationship between nature and time, and the effect humans have on their environment. Each decanter of LOUIS XIII represents the life achievement of generations of cellar masters, so LOUIS XIII must always think a century ahead. Pharrell’s exclusive track was recorded onto a record made of clay from the chalky soil of the Cognac region, and stored in the cellars of LOUIS XIII in a state-of-the-art safe specially designed by Fichet-Bauche that is only destructible when submerged in water. If sea levels continue to rise due to climate change, scientists project that in 100 years, a portion of the world’s land might be underwater. The only way to guarantee this original piece of music will be heard again in 2117, one century from now, is if we address the consequences of global warming - if we do not change our way of living, future generations will never be able to hear this song. “100 Years” by Pharrell Williams will be out in 2117, but only #Ifwecare. “I love the fact that LOUIS XIII thinks a century ahead”, said Pharrell Williams. “We should all do the same for the planet. We have a common interest in preserving nature for the future. Each bottle is the life achievement of generations of men and women. It’s all about legacy and transmission.” Pharrell has long been passionate about preserving our environment and how important human action is to addressing climate change. “100 Years” premiered during a private listening party in Shanghai, where Pharrell presented the song one time only. The one hundred lucky guests in attendance were not allowed to record the once-in-a-lifetime experience, so the song remains a secret for the next century. LOUIS XIII and Pharrell aimed to inspire these guests to take action and motivate others to get involved in the international effort to curb global warming. “We are incredibly proud of this innovative project,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of LOUIS XIII. “Nature and time are at the heart of what we do. If the environment is unstable, even the greatest cellar


Photo by AN&D Studios


GLOBAL WARMING LOUIS XIII was founded in 1874 by Paul Emile Rémy Martin and is the pure result of the genius of its creators: the environment and generations of owners and cellar masters. Mother Nature is at the heart of what we do: without her full balance and wellness, the greatest cellar masters or vineyards would not be able to grow and assemble the exceptional blend of up to 1200 eaux-de-vie that compose each LOUIS XIII decanter. Like Paul Emile Rémy Martin, André Giraud, Georges Clot and Pierrette Trichet did in the past; today’s Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau is setting aside our finest eaux-de-vie as a legacy to his successors, for the coming century. Following the event in Shanghai, LOUIS XIII Cognac will launch an international tour in major cities all around the world, in order to raise awareness and funds for environmental organizations through charity dinners. Through these events, LOUIS XIII will directly support associations dedicated to curbing climate change on a local level. Thanks to the gift of our Grande Champagne Terroir where LOUIS XIII soil and vines are nestling, each decanter is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters. From its birth in 1874 to the Universal Exhibition in Paris, or by accompanying the royal dynasties of Europe, LOUIS XIII was a privileged observer of the 20th century. Today, it is only natural that we care deeply about our environment and work to serve as a flag bearer to address this major issue of the 21st century. Where protecting our terroir is a day-by-day necessity, to think a century ahead has been the core tenet of our philosophy since LOUIS XIII was founded, as the cellar master must set aside the finest eaux-de-vie as a legacy to his successors for the coming century. Preparing the legacy we will leave behind for future generations is an integral part of our brand DNA and our involvement in the international effort to combat climate change is not only legitimate, it is imperative. master would not be able to compose the exceptional blend that is LOUIS XIII. Global Warming is one of the most important issues of the 21st century; with “100 Years” - The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care, we hope to inspire people around the world to take action.” In 2015, LOUIS XIII partnered with renowned actor and creative visionary John Malkovich to create “100 Years: The Movie You Will Never See,” a thought provoking artistic work that explores the relationship of past, present, and future. “100 Years” - The Song We’ll Only Hear If We Care – was previewed in Shanghai on November 13th, 2017. For more information, visit the brand website WWW.LOUISXIII-COGNAC.COM September 2018

The Remy Cointreau Group, including LOUIS XIII, has long been dedicated to the international effort to curb global warming. The group joined the United Nations “Global Compact” environmental organization 14 years ago, and has been a member of the U.N.’s elite “Global Compact Advanced” since 2014. The group is dedicated to contributing to the international effort with its 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, within the U.N. environmental framework. Taking action to help battle climate change is one of the main objectives of the 2020 program, with one of its goals being to reduce the group’s greenhouse gases and carbon footprint. Top priorities of this program include sustainable wine-growing practices, energy efficiency,

eco-friendly packaging, optimization of product shipments and forest conservation. Given its niche production, LOUIS XIII contributes to a very small CO2 emission. “As a company, we must do the best we can every day to make the world a better place”, explained Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of LOUIS XIII. “But no single person or brand can stop global warming on their own – it must come from the unified global actions of all people around the world. Together we are much stronger than any person or brand is on their own. This is not about any one city or country but the future of our planet as a whole. Our concern is not primarily for Cognac, but for every city around the world.”

ABOUT PHARRELL WILLIAMS “Our intent is to inspire, and working with Pharrell Williams on this project felt very natural,” said Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director of LOUIS XIII. “Not only is he one of the most talented creative forces in music today, he is one of the world’s strongest, most impactful voices for global climate change, especially the younger generation”. A visionary musician and producer, Pharrell Williams is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and film producer. Pharrell has been honored with ten Grammy Awards and two Academy Award nominations. A passionate advocate for environmental issues, Pharrell has been for a longtime sensitive to climate change, urging the world to take action to mitigate the effects of global warming. ABOUT LOUIS XIII COGNAC Think a century ahead. Each decanter of LOUIS XIII is the life achievement of generations of cellar masters. Since its origins in 1874, each generation of cellar master selects from our cellars the oldest and most precious eaux-devie for LOUIS XIII. Today, Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau is setting aside our finest eaux-de-vie as a legacy to his successors for the coming century. LOUIS XIII is an exquisite blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie sourced 100% from Grande Champagne, the first cru of the Cognac region. The legendary decanters have been made from fine crystal for generations, mouth-blown by some of the most skilled master craftsmen. LOUIS XIII features exceptional aromas evoking myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, cigar box, leather, figs, and passion fruit. *Please Drink Responsibly*


CALENDAR August 31st - September 2nd , 2018 Taste of Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA. This Labor Day weekend join the Los Angeles Times for 3 evenings of amazing food, wine, spirits and chef experiences, plus unique culinary pop-ups and collaborations. Dozens of hand-picked local restaurants each evening will showcase our city's rich and diverse culinary scene by serving you their best. Sip, savor, and celebrate Southern California's most inspired food and drink.

September 1st , 2018 9th Annual LA Food Fest – Los Angeles, CA. We’re bringing LA's favorite tasting event to the grassy Santa Anita Park infield with more world class, award winning top chefs and restaurants, out of town headliners, your favorite street eats, and more. All our vendors are handpicked to bring you the best of the best and help you discover new favorites you won't find anywhere else. Sample signature bites from a curated selection of 100+ (yes, one hundred!) exhibitors from hot restaurants and celebrity chefs to old school carts and stands plus craft beer gardens, craft cocktail bars, tequila tasting, the iced coffee lounge and everyone's favorite– our ice cream social.

September 1st - 3rd , 2018 Sausalito Arts Festival – San Francisco, CA For over 60 years, the community has held this three-day event featuring a wonderful


selection of art, music, food and drink. Enjoy live performances by both well-known and local bands as you peruse the booths of over 270 artists selling everything from sculptures and paintings to glass, fiber, and wood works.

September 5th - 8th , 2018 BTS World Tour 'Love Yourself' – Los Angeles, CA. The seven-piece K-pop superstars are about to embark on a 22-date world tour, with legs in Korea, Europe and North America. The tour follows the success of their 2017 EP, Love Yourself: Her, which has remained steadily on the Billboard 200 for 27 weeks and counting– a first for any K-pop artist. The North American leg begins with a three-night run at the Staples Center in Los Angeles from September 5 to 8, before a smattering of shows in Texas, Ontario and New Jersey.

September 15th, 2018 Canelo Alvarez Vs. Gennady Golovkin – Las Vegas, NV. Lineal Middleweight World Champion Canelo Alvarez and WBC/WBA/IBO Middleweight World Champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will return to T-Mobile Arena for their historic12-round rematch Saturday, Sept. 15.

September 8th - 9th , 2018 Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival – San Francisco, CA. San Francisco's famous Ghirardelli chocolate is the star of this annual event, where guests can sample delectable chocolate treats, sip premium wines, and watch chefs show off their culinary skills. You can even participate in an ice cream eating contest! For sweet-tooth’s and wine lovers, this festival is a must. Plus, you'll be helping a great cause, as profits are donated to Project Open Hand. www.HighRiseLife.com

September 15th - 16th, 2018 Enrique Iglesias – Las Vegas, NV. Biggest Latin recording artist brings his Sex and World Tour to Las Vegas. Set to blow you away with his high energy, charming talent and a bevy of chart-topping songs, Enrique Iglesias is known to give audiences a performance of a lifetime. Experience it all when he makes his way to The Entertainment Capital of the World for a few nights of enjoyable music and the best times on the Las Vegas Strip.

September 20th - 28th, 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival – Los Angeles, CA. LA Film Festival showcases compelling independent films, series and episodic work from emerging storytellers, alongside September 2018

filmmaker-driven studio titles. The Festival fosters valuable alliances and working relationships between independent artists and the film industry. Signature programs include Coffee Talks, the Spirit of Independence Award, Fast Track - a film financing market - and We the People; a two-day summit committed to advancing inclusion within the entertainment industry by serving as a solution-oriented call to action.

September 21st - 23rd, 2018 Life is Beautiful – Las Vegas, NV. For a full blown artistic and musically enlightening adventure, experience the Life is Beautiful festival. The event takes place in downtown Las Vegas. The 2018 lineup includes: Arcade Fire, Florence and the Machine, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, N.E.R.D., Tyler the Creator, Justice, St. Vincent, CHVRCHES, Death Cab for Cutie, Santigold, Blood Orange, Miguel, Lizzo, First Aid Kit, Superorganism, and Hinds. The hard work that has been put into downtown over the past decade contributes to the growing success of the festival.

September 21st - 23rd, 2018 The iHeartRadio Music Festival – Las Vegas, NV. iHeartRadio Music Festival is a star powered event closing out the Las Vegas summer that boasts the biggest names in music across the globe. The two-day event will feature the following performers on two stages. Justin Timberlake, Jack White, Fleetwood Mac, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Mariah Carey, Imagine Dragons, Jason Aldean, Sam Smith, Luke Bryan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Panic! at the Disco, Kelly Clarkson, Shawn Mendes, Kygo, Rae Sremmurd, Logic and Childish Gambino.



ART WALK The Art Walk at the third floor of Forum Shops was a remarkable sight. Invited guests reveled in the beautiful artwork and had the opportunity to meet the artists, while enjoying savory bites and live performances. Featured galleries included SKYE Art Gallery, Exclusive Collection Gallery, Gallery of Music & Art, and Magical Memories Gallery.

The Forum Shops, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV July 12, 2018 Photo credit Ash Photography




Real Estate MarketTrends Luxury Housing Sets New Records Nineteen markets see double-digit luxury price growth for the first time since 2014


Luxury home sales continued their record-breaking pace in July, as prices hit double digit gains in 19 major markets, according to the realtor.com® 2018 Luxury Home Index released today. Additionally, the number of sales at or above the $1 million mark rose 13 percent over last year. The Index analyzes the entry-level luxury price tier, defined as the top 5 percent of all residential sales, in 91 U.S. counties.

"The strong economy is bolstering demand for luxury homes," said Danielle Hale, chief economist for realtor.com®. "They are selling fast and demand for these homes has pushed the entry level price point to more than $1 million in half of the markets studied. Although there are some pockets of weaker performance, we've seen double-digit price growth in 19 markets for the first time in four years."



The pace of sales in the luxury segment continues to break records. The combined median age of inventory in the 91 luxury markets surveyed was 108 days, down eleven days or 9.3 percent year-over-year, moving faster than any July since realtor.com® started tracking the metric in 2012. Additionally, two thirds of luxury markets are seeing inventory move faster than last year. In 49 of the 91 markets analyzed, the luxury tier currently has an entry point of at least $1 million. The number of sales at or above the $1 million mark in the 91 markets is up 12 percent over last year.

Sarasota, Fla. remained the fastest-growing luxury market, with sale prices up 21.2 percent since last May. Half of all luxury homes in Sarasota sold within 157 days, 21 percent faster than the previous year. Queens, N.Y.; Maui, Hawaii; Santa Clara, Calif.; and Boulder, Colo. rounded out the top five, each seeing yearly growth of 13 to 16 percent.




Northern California now has seven of the top 20 fastest-growing luxury markets in the country, thanks to the booming tech sector and strong foreign interest, which are continuing to drive the demand for luxury properties. Bay Area markets of Santa Cruz, Calif.; San Mateo, Calif.; Santa Clara; Sonoma, Calif.; and Marin, Calif. have all been growing at an accelerating pace, with entry-level luxury prices now up between 9 and 14 percent year-over-year. This trend contrasts with northern California's mid-market price deceleration of recent months.

While luxury prices in most New York and New Jersey markets have stalled, Queens, N.Y. and Jersey City (Hudson County, N.J.), continue to see price growth and high demand. In Queens, luxury sales prices have grown 15.8 percent since January 2017, and the luxury entry point is currently $1.3 million, a record for the borough. Jersey City now has a luxury entry point of $1.3 million, up 11.5 percent since last year. In both places, however, price growth has stopped increasing, which indicates that they could be losing momentum.



In Colorado, Boulder, Douglas, and Denver counties all saw double-digit growth in May. Luxury homes in Boulder and Denver typically sell in under 95 days, putting them among the faster-selling luxury markets in the country. This rise is a second wind for Colorado's luxury markets, which saw substantial growth in 2015 and 2016 but stagnated in early 2017. Prices have been growing, and homes have been selling more quickly ever since.

The realtor.comÂŽ Luxury Home Index analyzes 91 luxury counties, looking at yearly movement in the entry-level luxury price boundary, defined as the top 5 percent of all residential home sales in each market in May 2018. The following markets were excluded from rankings this month as we review their data: Washoe, Nev.; Delaware, Penn.; Fairfield, Conn; and Dallas, Texas. Age of inventory figures are median days on market for the top 5 percent of inventory based on asking prices in July 2018. *As measured by the cost to purchase a home in the top 5 percent in one of the 91 luxury markets studied. For more information, visit realtor.com SOURCE realtor.com

September 2018



San Francisco’s Last True Waterfront Condominium Building Unveiled at One Steuart Lane San Francisco's Newest Residential Tower Presents a Rare and Likely Final Opportunity to Own Directly on the City's Coveted Waterfront SRE Group Ltd, The John Buck Company, and Paramount Group, Inc. have officially unveiled the stunning vision for One Steuart Lane, a 20-story, last-of-its-kind condominium development situated directly along San Francisco’s waterfront. Designed by world-renowned architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), One Steuart Lanewill evoke a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication, emulating the vast natural beauty that surrounds it. The 120 residences will comprise one- to three-bedroom floor plans as well as penthouse residences that will range in size from approximately 900 to 3,100 square feet. Each residence will boast floor-to-ceiling windows with elevated ceiling heights displaying extraordinary natural light, with many featuring private balconies or terraces which will boast direct, unobstructed


views of the Bay Bridge and Ferry Building. Envisioned by a team of internationally renowned designers, the rich interiors will conjure a sense of classic elegance with the finest finishes and fixtures available. A thoughtfully curated collection of amenities and services will include a residents’ lounge with full kitchen, dining and outdoor gathering spaces, private fitness center, spa with water therapy showers and sauna, outdoor jacuzzi surrounded by a sun terrace, 24-hour lobby and valet attendants along with an approximately 4,500-square-foot retail space. “One Steuart Lane represents an opportunity that will likely never again exist in San Francisco. From the meticulously designed residences set squarely on the waterfront to the unparalleled views and prime location, One Steuart Lane offers a world-class urban lifestyle for buyers who seek a private sanctuary but still desire a connection to the heart of the city,” said Ben Kochalski, Principal, The John Buck Company. “The San Francisco market has proven ready for a building of this caliber right now as tech titans open new offices in the city. With limited for-sale inventory slated to hit the market in the coming years, demand will grow for upscale housing that offers subtle, yet high-class design elements and is conveniently located next to the growing tech hub.”


Photos courtesy of One Steuart Lane in San Francisco. Rendering by Binyan Studios, Creative Direction by Allis To achieve a vision that evokes both elegance and modernity, the development team engaged SOM and Rottet Studio to conceptualize a design that uniquely expresses the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of California living. Targeting LEED® Gold certification, One Steuart Lane will also boast a minimally reflective, ultra-clear glass facade that will take advantage of the abundant sunlight and cool ambient climate in San Francisco to passively heat the residences and reduce energy consumption. “One Steuart Lane’s ambition is to match the best site on the West Coast with truly world class architecture. The building connects owners visually and literally with the extraordinary natural and urban beauty of San Francisco. Pairing this architecture with Rottet Studio’s renowned interiors brings a level of design to our waterfront on par with the best residences in the world,” added Mark Schwettmann, Design Director of SOM in San Francisco.

September 2018

Nestled on the corner of Howard and Steuart Streets, One Steuart Lane’s position on the waterfront and adjacent to Rincon Park will solidify it as an urban sanctuary tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located within a short walk of San Francisco’s financial, recreational and cultural centers, residents will enjoy unparalleled access to restaurants, retail and entertainment options, as well as a wide network of transit options, such as San Francisco’s Ferry Terminal, the new Transbay Terminal, BART and the I-80 East Freeway. One Steuart Lane is under construction with an anticipated completion in early 2021. The sales gallery is expected to open in 2020 and sales are being led by leading West Coast condominium sales and marketing company Polaris Pacific. For more information, visit www.onesteuartlane.com. SOURCE One Steuart Lane



Los Angeles

Long Beach

Las Vegas


September 2018

ALLURE LAS VEGAS 200 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

PALMS PLACE 4381 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

SKY LAS VEGAS 2700 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

TURNBERRY PLACE 2747 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


PANORAMA TOWERS 4525 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

SOHO LOFTS 900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

TURNBERRY TOWERS 222 Karen Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

METROPOLIS 360 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

PARK HOUSE 8925 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147

THE MARTIN 4471 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

VDARA 2600 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89158

MGM SIGNATURE 145 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

PARK TOWERS 1 Hughes Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89169

THE OGDEN 150 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

VEER TOWERS 3722 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

NEWPORT LOFTS 200 Hoover Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

PLATINUM 211 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

ONE LAS VEGAS 8255 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123

TRUMP LAS VEGAS 2000 Fashion Show Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

ONE QUEENSRIDGE PLACE 9103 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145

REGENCY TOWERS 3111 Bel Air Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

JUHL LAS VEGAS 353 E Bonneville Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

LOFT 5 2715 W Pebble Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89123

AQUA 388 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

INTERNATIONAL TOWER 700 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

QUEENS SURF 1750 Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE SOVEREIGN 360 West Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

COOPER ARMS 455 Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

LAFAYETTE BUILDING 140 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE ROYAL PALMS 100 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

HARBOR PLACE TOWER 525 East Seaside Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE VERSAILLES 2601 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90803

OCEAN CLUB 1310 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE ROYAL PALMS 100 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

1100 WILSHIRE 1100 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017

METROPOLIS CONDOS 899 Francisco Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

THE CENTURY 1 Century Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90067

WESTVIEW TOWERS 1155 North La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035

BUNKER HILL TOWER 800 West 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

RITZ-CARLTON 900 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

THE MERCURY 3810 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90005

WILSHIRE REGENT 10501 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

EASTERN COLUMBIA LOFTS 849 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

SIERRA TOWERS 9255 Doheny Road, Los Angeles, CA 90069

THE REMINGTON 10727 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

EVO CONDOS 1155 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

SKYLOFTS 801 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017

THE WILSHIRE COMSTOCK THE LINE LOFTS 865 Comstock Avenue, 1737 N Las Palmas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024 Los Angeles, CA 90028

LOS FELIZ TOWERS 4411 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Feliz, CA 90027

TEN50 CONDOS 1050 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

W HOLLYWOOD 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

WALDORF ASTORIA BEVERLY HILLS 9850 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

CROWN TOWERS 10701 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024



San Francisco

San Diego


ACQUA VISTA CONDOS 425 West Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92101

THE GRANDE 1199 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101

THE MARK 800 The Mark Lane, San Diego, CA 92101

RENAISSANCE 645 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101


1325 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101

HARBOR CLUB 100-200 Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

MERIDIAN 700 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

TREO 1240 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101

CITYFRONT TERRACE 500 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

HORIZONS 555 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

THE METROPOLITAN 165 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

DISCOVERY AT CORTEZ HILL ICON 850 Beech Street, 321 Tenth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92101

PARK PLACE 700 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

ELECTRA 700 W E Street, San Diego, CA 92101

LA VITA 300 West Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92101

PINNACLE TOWER 550 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

829 FOLSOM 829 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

ARTERRA CONDOS 300 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

ONE MISSION BAY Channel St. & 3rd St. San Francisco, CA 94158

THE BRANNAN 219-239 Branna Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

170 OFF THIRD 170 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

BAYCREST TOWERS 201 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

ONE RINCON HILL 425 1st Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE HAMILTON 631 Ofarrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

333 BUSH STREET CONDOS 300 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

BLANC CONDOS 1080 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109


690 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE HARRISON 401 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105


2006 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

BRIDGEVIEW 400 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

ROCKWELL CONDOS 1688 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

THE HAYES 55 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

69 CLEMENTINA 69 Clementina Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

LUMINA CONDOS 201 Folsom, San Francisco, CA 94105

SOMA GRAND CONDOS 1160 Mision Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

THE SUMMIT 999 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

888 SEVENTH STREET 888 Seventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94107


ST. REGIS RESIDENCIES 188 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE WATERMARK 501 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

San Jose

ARDEN CONDOS 738 Long Bridge Street, San Francisco, CA 94158


WASHINGTON TOWER 611 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

360 RESIDENCES 360 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

MONTEBELLO CONDOS 20488 Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA 95014

PASEO PLAZA & VILLAS 130 East San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA 95112

PLANT 51 88 Bush St. San Jose, CA 95126


ONYX CONDOS 912 Campisi Way, Campbell, CA 95008

RYLAND MEWS 400 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95112

PARK TOWNSEND 46 West Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110

38 North Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95110