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COVER Patti Stanger

Future of Finding Love Featured Editorial by Erica Arrechea

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D-ZYN CORNER By Carol Townsend

Slimdown Secrets of Food & Fitness Superstars By Merilee Kern

Demi Lovato-Fabletics Food Fight

By Merilee Kern

Go with the Gut

By Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O.

How to Tell a Skincare Hero from a Zero By Dr. Margarita Lolis, M.D.

How to Get a Nose Job on Your Lunch Break By Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar

Valentine's Gift Guide Future of Finding Love: Interview with Patti Stanger By Erica Arrechea

Sweet Date

By Jennifer Gonzales

The Perfect GetawayLa Divine Comédie 12 Haute European Destinations to Visit in 2018 By Ingrid Levin


Tallest Building in Western US to be Built by 100% Minority Group’s $1.2B Development After Unanimous Selection by LA City Council


Nobu ResidencesToronto Wins Prestigious IIDA Global Excellence Award for its Acclaimed Presentation Gallery


Real Estate Market Trends By Yelena Brezhneva



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February 2018




Dear readers, Welcome to our February issue. Whatever your stance on New Year resolutions may be, this issue we have tried our best to equip you with everything you might need for a happy and healthy start to 2018. Intrinsically, when we think of the month of February we are attuned to think of love. How can we truly come from a place of love in our daily activities? Perhaps, change our eating habits, diets, and or exercise routines, and give our bodies the love it ultimately deserves. This issue is full of valuable information to help you improve your health and increase your well-being. Our doctors have weighed in on the role that nature plays and have given us some very keen insights into how to feel vibrant and maintain a youthful appearance. We have sought out advice from health, food, and fitness industry field experts and covered the latest on health and beauty trends. As much as our physical health takes a prominent role in our lives, we must not neglect our emotional health as this can affect us physically, too. Our cover star, Patti Stanger could not have been better match for month of February. She is best known for starring in and producing her own matchmaking reality series, The Millionaire Matchmaker, on Bravo TV, and is also founder and CEO of Millionaire’s Club International, Inc., a professional matchmaking

February 2018

service for millionaires. Patti has advised thousands of couples, including Fortune 500 moguls, celebrities, and professional athletes. She has been featured on Oprah, Ellen, Forbes, People, and The Today Show to name a few. Turn to page (34-37), as Patti gives us valuable insight into dating and finding true love this season. Further express your love with gift giving ideas from our annual Valentine’s Day gift guide. We have carefully curated an array of items to suit her every fancy and take her on an unforgettable “Sweet Date” on page (38-39). Or if you’re feeling a little daring turn to page (42-43) for the perfect romantic getaway, that is practically guaranteed to ignite the spark of love. Enjoy the coming month. Inhale its beauty and have a healthy start to the year. Best wishes,

Selcen Kavruklar Editor-in-Chief selcen@highriselife.com



D-ZYN CORNER Written by Carol Townsend, A.S.I.D. Interior Designer

Welcome to February 2018! Love is in the air, and new colors are out in the stores. Your first step on the road to your dream home was deciding in which fabulous high-rise tower you wanted to live…now what? Making that space say, “This is why I chose this home!” The latest unique furniture pieces are arriving from market. Your unique style may be in the very next store you happen to stop by and do a browsing run. Browsing is a fun project. You can put on your comfortable walking shoes, take pictures on your “pad” and then go have some fun. First, make a quick walk through the store. Then, go back and see which items caught your attention. Was it an area rug with bold beautiful colors? A large accessory piece that would fit just perfect in that one space you have been wondering about. Watch those great spring advertisements on TV, get some ideas from what their designers are throwing at you. Color, is your eye being caught by deeper tones? Are you being uplifted by softer colors? Are they in the cool or warmer tints? Is it too much for


you? Then you are not having fun. Make this an enjoyable outing, not just something you “have to” do. I have a new client who has just jumped from a smaller unit in another tower, to a much larger unit. The style is just not “their style,” but I advised them, take their time, get a feeling for the spaces they have, then start making dream lists. You don’t have to accomplish your total design project in a weekend. They have wonderful spaces, and have unique tastes. Right now, they are surrounded by an abundance of wood tones, when they are contemporary in their style. Painting those walls with a lovely taupe white will make an immediate impact on their visual senses. People who are cool color people, should not think about dark, earthy tones for their home. Now understand this when I mention cool versus warm colors. 95% of all customers decorate in warmer colors. And someone who normally dresses in blues, purples etc. would get very tired of dark blue or purple on their walls, but there is an artistic way to bring those cool colors in and be able to change them when you are tired of them. www.HighRiseLife.com

StageThis Interior Design There is a very wonderful store in Las Vegas, called Design’s by Simmons. They have great one of a kind furniture and accessory pieces that you will not see anywhere else. It is worth the trip to go and visit. It’s a designer’s heaven when it comes to decorating. They have transformed over the past year from carrying vignettes to displaying “open box” goods, and one of a kind pieces marked below online prices from high-end brands and unique imported goods from Italy. They have a huge selection from contemporary to traditional to choose from to meet your design needs. They also carry great area rugs, which can be ordered in larger sizes, if necessary. Paint the floor with a wonderful area rug and move up from there. Now find a neutral sofa, loveseat, sectional for your main space. Again go toward the cooler shades; you can add color and razzle dazzle with throws and pillows. I love changing my pillows with the different seasons, so a neutral seating area lets me have fun with my accessories. Lighting is important as well. Add details of your favorites, then make sure the bulbs are a cool white. Again, Design’s by Simmons has some one of a kind lighting pieces as well.

February 2018

What better way to start the holidays by sharing the joy of giving at your Valentines event? Think of your friends and their wonderful personalities, then go find that perfect gift for them. Share the joy of your new home with family and friends. Listen to their comments about what they love about your new space, so you can formulate your design plans for 2018. Take pictures of your surroundings out that beautiful patio looking out onto the world. I have suggested we copy one of my client’s panoramic pictures onto a very large canvas and hang that on her massive living room wall. It will remind them of the day she took the picture, and bring the colors of our desert sky into her home. Love the adventure you are on, don’t let stress step in your path… have a friend who understands your plan, look at your photos from the magazines you have taken apart and go for it! For your home design needs visit:

Design’s By Simmons 1250 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146 www.simmonslv.com



Slimdown Secrets of Food & Fitness Superstars Written by Merilee Kern



For most of us mere mortals, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen can be tough. Those who really struggle with weight loss and maintaining healthy lifestyle choices can feel a lot like Sisyphus, the mythological Greek figure eternally doomed to push a giant boulder up a hill over and over only to see it roll to the bottom again and again. Even with the best of intentions and even if you do achieve your weight and fitness goals, progress can all-too-easily slip back down that proverbial hill just like Sisyphus’s burdensome boulder. The ensuing disappointment can be enough to prompt even the strong-willed to head to the emotional dark side and devour a pint (or two) of chunky monkey. The reality is, willpower alone isn't enough to sustain healthy habits and maintain fitness over the long-term. Unless you base your diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices on correct, factual information from credible sources, backsliding remains an ever-present threat. Sadly, the health and fitness information superhighway is strewn with myths and misinformation. Incorporating faulty ideas into your diet and exercise routine is like stepping in a huge pothole. You go forward in good faith only to find your progress sidetracked at best, severely derailed, or completely obliterated at worst. In my quest to help health-seekers keep their “body boulder” at the top of that hill, I've sought out advice from health, food and fitness industry field experts. These are pros who have been around the block or two and, in many cases, have literally written the book. Their insight and advice runs the gamut, including what food choices to make for a healthy lifestyle and how to effectively multitask your exercise regimen. When I asked them for their best slimdown secrets, this is what the food and fitness pros had to say: "Restrict calories without hunger. This means balancing protein to carbohydrate at every meal. If you do it correctly you will not be hungry for five hours after a meal." --Dr. Barry Sears, ZoneDiet.com "After a long day, cooking is the last thing on my mind. My new obsession is meal delivery services. It’s a great way to guarantee veggies at your doorstep for every meal. Growing fresh herbs and tomatoes on my kitchen windowsill also keeps me connected to the food I eat." --Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef "Get fit with fiber. Dietary fiber does more than contribute to what we delicately refer to as ‘regularity’—it also aids in digestion and can play a role in preventing heart disease and colon cancer, among other conditions. Fiber is also an effective tool for weight management: it fills you up quickly despite being very low in calories, slows digestion and keeps blood sugar on a level plane, which maintains normal insulin levels associated with a healthy weight. Aim for at least 10 grams of fiber with each meal (and 5 grams with each snack)." --Harley Pasternak, HarleyPasternak.com "Skip the bread basket and the olive oil usually served in fancy restaurant as soon as you sit down. This represents about 400 calories of oil and white bread at each sitting on average. 15 meals with bread and oil and it is 2 pounds of extra fat on your body (indeed, you need to eat 7,000 extra calories on average to gain 2 pounds of fat). Do like the French, only eat one slice of bread with your meal. Don't stuff yourself before the good food is put on the table." --Valerie Orsoni, LeBootCamp

"Maintain your exercise routine and change it up even when living a fast paced lifestyle, traveling or on set! Take the time to experience new gyms, exciting workouts and taking your workout outdoors while traveling. This will keep you motivated and refreshed in your workout goals. Consider wearing a Fitbit and tracking your food intake on My Fitness Pal to stay on target as well. Get out of your comfort zone — try a barre, Flywheel, Boot Camp, or Yoga class in the local area." --Stacy Goldberg, SavorFull.com "There are tons of fad diets out there that promise results, but what these diets don’t disclose is the extreme calorie deprivation and lack of substantial nutritional components. Cutting too many calories makes your body think that you are too lean and slows down your metabolism and holds up the fat burning process to conserve energy. Every individual's body is different in what to consume and how much to consume." --Steve Saunders, PowerTrainSports "Always cook with cast iron. It’s the oldest pan in the book, but there’s a reason for it. Cast iron allows you to cook with less oil and helps the meat cook at an even temperature. You’ll never have to worry about the pan releasing any unhealthy toxins, like nonstick." --Chef Chris Kydes, The Flaming Greek "As a co-host, I’ve learned that cooking with someone in the kitchen promotes more than just good food. It demonstrates positivity in a relationship because you are both cooking for the greater good (meaning each other). It also creates a camaraderie in the kitchen. If one is trying to change themselves, either eating better, losing weight, cooking together helps achieve that." --Kami, Co-Host, The Flaming Greek "Add heart healthy cocoa flavanols to your diet. Cocoa flavanols are powerful phytonutrients that are scientifically proven to help promote a healthy heart by supporting healthy blood flow. CocoaVia is a cocoa extract supplement that delivers a high concentration of cocoa flavanols. It can be consumed either before or after exercise and scientific studies demonstrate that within a few hours of consuming a product with cocoa flavanols, the cocoa flavanols enter the body and start to help support your cardiovascular system. Add this product to yogurt, oatmeal, coffee or your morning smoothie. It’s a delicious way to support your heart health." -- Harley Pasternak, HarleyPasternak.com “When time is of the essence opt for compound, multijoint exercises – squats with shoulder press, walking lunge with bicep curl. This will give you more bang for your buck by engaging more muscles and burning more calories.” --Ray Grayson, Mr. Shut Up And Train "You need only cut 100 calories per day, on average, to lose 10 pounds in a year. So be mindful of everything. Cut just one tablespoon of olive oil per day and you’ll lose an average of 12 pounds in a year. Cut calories where you won’t even miss them." --Devin Alexander, Celebrity Chef While these experts cover a breadth of territory, what's most notable is the overwhelming message that eating a healthy diet and making smart choices about fitness doesn't have to be complex. Small choices made consistently each and every day is what’s needed if you want to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy. You certainly don’t need to feel deprived…and may enjoy the process.

"The Luxe List" Executive Editor Merilee Kern is a wellness industry veteran, consumer health advocate and influential media voice. She is the author of the award-winning children’s book, “Making Healthy Choices—A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids,” along with the corresponding smartphone APP, “Kid’s Making Healthy Choices, (available on iTunes.)” She may be reached online at www.TheLuxeList.com. Follow her on Twitter here: www.Twitter.com/LuxeListEditor and Facebook here: www.Facebook.com/TheLuxeList. February 2018


February 2018





Demi Lovato

Kicks Off 2018 with 3rd Collection with First-Ever Footwear & Athletic Bags for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics The Demi Lovato for Fabletics collection promotes body positivity and female empowerment Photo credit Fabletics Fabletics is excited to announce the launch of a new Demi Lovato for Fabletics capsule collection– continuing to make all women feel strong, confident, and stylish. This marks Lovato’s third collaboration with the brand, which features exclusive new looks and the debut of her first-ever lifestyle accessories, including seven footwear styles and two athletic bags. Inspired by her life on the road and active lifestyle, Demi’s new collection focuses on flattering silhouettes with futuristic elements, bold strapping details, textural meshes and metallic accents made with every woman in mind. Sleek new designs are featured in a versatile color palette of cascade teal, vintage rose, almond and rose gold as well as a new Mojave Desert inspired print. The collection is comprised of an assortment of tops, sports bras, leggings, shorts, layering pieces, footwear, and athletic bags that are offered as fully styled outfits or as separates. The collection ranges in size from XXS-3X and is designed with every shape, style, and activity in mind. Demi has evolved as a designer through working closely with the Fabletics design team for her third time, allowing her to become more knowledgeable of the different techniques, performance materials and elements to create fashionable yet functional activewear. “Demi’s leveraging her creative abilities, and has become more confident as a designer. In approaching this collection, she channeled what she and her fans are looking for in active wear pieces which support her life as a confident woman,” said Felix del Toro, SVP, Chief Merchandise & Design Officer.

I was so excited when Fabletics asked me to come back to design another capsule collection with them! I’ve learned so much from working with the Fabletics design team the past year and really wanted to take it to the next level with this collection now that I’m more confident with the process. I think that this collection reflects my personal style more than ever. It was also very important to me to incorporate all the feedback I’ve received from my supportive fans. I made sure to include different elements and details into the collection that were not only important to me but to them as well.

The new Demi Lovato for Fabletics collection continues to reinforce both of their shared commitment to empower and celebrate women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities by making a healthy, active lifestyle accessible to everyone. The Demi Lovato for Fabletics capsule collection will be sold across 10 countries, available on Fabletics.com, as well as at the Fabletics stores nationwide starting January 1st.

About Fabletics Fabletics is a global active-lifestyle brand designed with every woman in mind. Co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013, the brand combines fitness and fashion to make women feel confident at—and beyond—the gym, by offering premium quality activewear at an incredibly accessible price point. Please visit Fabletics.com for more information. February 2018



Food Fight 7 Diet Apps for Slimdown Success this NewYear Written by Merilee Kern Even the most well-intentioned New Year’s Resolution can quickly become nothing more than a fond memory if you do not have a solid plan in place to keep you motivated and on track. Recent high-profile reports cite the downright sobering statistic that fully 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. If weight-loss is on your list of resolutions for 2018, you’ll want to check out the 7 apps below. Have a plan, work that plan, and let these apps help you successfully hit your goals, stick to that resolution, and even earn some cash in the process!

1. FatSecret This 100% free app is packed with tools, including food and exercise diaries, healthy recipes, and nutritional info for just about any food item you can think, to help you achieve your diet goals. With over 35 million users, it’s easy to see why they claim to be the fastest and easiest calorie counting app around.

2. LoseIt! This food tracking app has both free and paid levels, depending on how much functionality you want to access within the app. In addition to food and exercise tracking, LoseIt! syncs with Apple Health, Google Fit, and provides support for WIFI scale connections. At the premium level, you can also synchronize with fitness trackers and apps, track your daily water consumption, and access a library of meal plans, recipes, and workouts.

3. HealthyWage This app pays you to lose weight! With the HealthyWage app, you determine how much weight you want to lose, how long you want to take to lose it, and how much you want to wager each month. If you successfully reach your goal by the end date of your challenge, you win your prize. The average HealthyWager prize is over $1,200! You can also join team challenges, jackpot challenges, and step challenges through the app. Participants have collectively lost over 1 million pounds and gained over $10,000,000 since company’s inception.


4. Daily Burn With the Daily Burn app, you can access over 800 streaming workouts from your smartphone so that you can get your workout on no matter where you are. The app features many different styles of workouts at a variety of different levels, all led by expert trainers. Additionally, by answering a few simple questions, you’ll receive personalized recommendations to help you achieve your custom fitness goals.

5. Fooducate This free app offers a plethora of built-in tools to help you achieve your diet, health, and fitness goals. These tools include a health (food and activity) tracker, an extensive database of nutritional info, a popular discussion forum, and articles to both educate and motivate you.

6. Rise For just $48 per month, the Rise app pairs users with an expert nutritionist who will work with you one-on-one to achieve your goals. From providing feedback on the meals you eat to offering new workout ideas and celebrating your successes, your Rise nutritionist acts as your very own healthy eating coach in the palm of your hand.

7. PlateJoy Many people rely on menu planning as a secret to their weight-loss success, but it can take a lot of time and creativity. PlateJoy eases that burden by preparing fully customized menu plans and grocery lists tailored to your specific health goals for just $59 per 6-month subscription. Accessing your plans through their app adds just another level of convenience when you’re at home or on the go. With apps like these, your weight-loss success could be just a download away. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, they’ll deliver the support, motivation, or inspiration you need to hit your diet goals.


About the author: Health advocate, former fitness champion and author Merilee Kern, Executive Editor of “The Luxe List” International News Syndicate, is a lifestyle, tech, consumer goods expert who reports on noteworthy products, services, destinations and events at all price points – from the highly affordable to the luxury extreme. She keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s trending across all leisure and lifestyle product, service, and travel categories to inform, enlighten and entertain. In addition to her television endeavors Merilee is also an award-winning author, APP developer, internationally syndicated writer, entrepreneur, publicist, two-time fitness champion and proud mother of two Honor Roll students. She is the very definition of a renaissance woman. Merilee may be reached online at LuxeListReviews. com. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/LuxeListEditor and Facebook at Facebook.com/TheLuxeList.

February 2018



Go with the Gut 7 Foods to Eat for Better Skin,Hair, and Mood Written by Dr. Christopher Calapai D.O. All symptoms of the body from thin, dull hair, and sallow skin, to acne breakouts, body aches and sluggish energy all point to the gut. Gut health is incredibly important making mindful eating an essential part of longevity and anti-aging. If you want to feel vibrant and maintain a youthful appearance up to 15 years younger than your actual age, start weaving these key foods into your diet.

Garlic: When we have an overgrowth of candida in the gut we experience things like acne breakouts, bloating, and constipation. Garlic mitigates all of this because it kills candida. Garlic also aids in digestion and immunity. Garlic also has antiinflammatory properties making it ideal for joint aches. Allicin, which serves as an anti-aging, antifungal benefit to garlic aids in smoothing skin and preventing acne and other skin conditions.


Ground Flaxseed: Responsible for helping food to travel effortlessly and smoothly through the GI tract, flaxseed keeps us regular. Flaxseed also contains cancer fighters called lignans which also ward off heart disease. Flaxseed helps to minimize rashes, skin flare ups and irritation. When you consume flaxseed, your skin becomes more even toned and less sensitive.

Apple Cider Vinegar: One of the best ways to address any digestive issues is to combine a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water or in tea and drink it before a meal. It helps your body to break down food. It helps with to prevent indigestion and stomach issues after eating. Anytime you can aid the digestive process you’ll notice glowing skin and a youthful radiance.


Celery & Celery Juice:

Fermented Foods:

Another anti-inflammatory and cancer fighter celery also lower blood pressure and rids us of sugar cravings (and sugar makes the skin sallow and leads to breakouts). The natural salts in celery juice maintain a healthy gut ph. The common recommendation is to drink 16 ounces on an empty stomach and improvements to digestion and physical appearance will be evident within 10 days.

Kimchi is delicious and sauerkraut or pickled vegetables can make for a nice topping to a salad or mid-day snack. These fermented foods are packed with good bacteria which balances the microbiome, which is the anchor for our health and immunity.


Another “prebiotic” fiber that keeps the gut healthy and balanced is asparagus. You can add garlic to it and broil it in the oven offering a 1 -2 punch of gut friendly foods in one delicious side dish. It’s important to note that people who suffer from stomach pain may not do well with prebiotics in larger amounts. If the gut is already inflamed these foods can cause a flare up.

High in fiber, cauliflower helps the gut maintain healthy microbes. This is important because when microbes or gut flora are out of order a whole slew of symptoms become evident. These include digestive issues, depression or anxiety, and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.


About the Doctor: Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Proclaimed the "The Stem Cell Guru" by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S. His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer's, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson's. He has worked with Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Gotham's, Donal Logue; and as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers. Connect with him via twitter @drcalapai or at www.drcal.net

February 2018



How toTell a Skincare Hero From a Zero Written by Dr. Margarita Lolis, M.D.

When it comes to skincare do you really get what you pay for? From the newest ingredients to the latest in-office procedures we connected with Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Margarita Lolis based in Northern New Jersey with her insights on how to tell a skincare zero from a hero. Here’s what is certain; there are no firming or tightening products whose results can duplicate what you derive from in office procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox, lasers, or cosmetic surgery. Dr. Lolis explains that while there are anti- aging products or ingredients that do perform significantly better than others and can make a profound difference in the skin’s appearance while others are simply “false hope in a jar.” Why don’t most products work the way they claim? Almost without exception, when you buy a product claiming to tighten skin, its effects, if any, are due to ingredients such as film-forming agents. Just like the name states, film-forming agents form a film on the skin, and that can make the skin “feel” tighter. The effect is temporary, and you won’t see noticeable lifting of sagging skin, but the sensation is often enough to convince women that the product is working. Dr. Lolis stresses that, “Skin just feeling tighter is different from making a real change for the better in the tone or laxity of your skin. Using what really works will get you closer to the results you want.”

THE HEROES 1. Sunscreen Dr. Lolis says, “Sunscreen of an SPF 30 or above is the best antiaging cream you can use. It prevents skin cancer as well as UVA rays that cause loss of collagen and wrinkles in the skin especially when reapplied every 2 hours. My favorite base sunscreens have titanium or zinc oxide in them as active ingredients.” 2. Retinoids & Glycolic Acid “Retinoids are the go-to option to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help boost collagen production,” says Dr. Lolis.” She adds, “Over the counter retinols are good, Neutrogena makes a good one, or prescriptions such as Retin- A.” Glycolic acid also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps fade pigmentary damage from the sun. “I often have patients alternate nights with retinoid and glycolic,” says Dr. Lolis. 3. Vitamin C Vitamin C is a great antioxidant which reduces free radical damage and is great for anti-aging and helps


brighten the skin. Dr. Lolis often recommends it in the morning, underneath sunblock, or at night if patients are too sensitive to tolerate retinoids and glycolic acid. 4. Ceramides Ceramides are a type of lipid found in the membrane of cells. Dr. Lolis states that, “They help hold skin cells together, forming a protective layer that plumps the skin and retains moisture. Ceramide levels decrease as we age which leads to loss of hydration, less skin turnover and dryer, more damaged skin. Replenishing the skin’s ceramide levels will help restore moisture and fortify the skin’s natural barrier, helping skin look and feel younger.” Lolis recommends using a moisturizer containing ceramide moisturizer for your whole body daily. 5. Hydroquinone Hydroquinone works to even out sun spots, blotches, and mottled skin. A little hydroquinone goes a long way. “It’s the most effective ingredient for bleaching skin,” says Dr. Lolis. Hydroquinone fades hyperpigmentation by blocking the enzyme that triggers melanin production in the skin. 6. Green Tea Extract Green tea extract is loaded with nutrients called polyphenols, which have been shown to fight free radicals. Studies have found that ingredients in green tea can reduce sun damage and may protect against skin cancer when applied topically. Dr. Lolis offers that, “Using green tea extract under sunscreen can provide an extra dose of protection. Polyphenols in creams and lotions may help slow signs of aging, reduce sagging skin and decrease wrinkles.”

THE ZEROES Most of anti-aging creams are still based on moisturizers such as mineral oil. Wrinkles look worse when they are dry, so any kind of moisturizer helps, but its only temporary and doesn’t address the root cause of the wrinkles such as collagen loss, free radical damage, sun damage and environmental factors. Don’t be fooled by the antiaging labels. Unless there is an actual “active ingredient” such as retinol, the benefit is just moisture but nothing else. 1. B Vitamins Many forms of vitamin B (like B12) can only be absorbed in the small intestine, so no matter how much is loaded into your moisturizer or serum, it’s not going to make a www.HighRiseLife.com

difference. “Vitamins like niacin can influence the skin’s texture and color, but your skin can’t absorb them,” Dr. Lolis explains. If you really want to tap into the power of vitamin B to improve your skin’s glow and appearance, stick to eating leafy greens like spinach, asparagus, beans, and peas. 2. Caffeine Much like a Starbucks latte for your brain, caffeine in skin creams can give a boost to your skin, too; until it wears off. “Caffeine can temporarily reduce puffiness, especially around your eyes,” explains Dr. Lolis. “But don’t expect permanent results.” 3. Botanical Extracts These are ingredients extracted from plants (flowers, roots, stems, trees, etc.) used in skin care for everything from healing blemishes to reducing fine wrinkles. They have been used for centuries and have anecdotal purposes in many cultures. Botanical extracts need to remain on your skin to work. Dr. Lolis explains that, “In cleansers, there is simply not enough contact time on your skin for any true antiaging benefit to take place. Another issue is that most botanical extracts are water soluble, which means that the moment you wet your skin and begin to wash your face, they’re watered down losing efficacy. 4. Collagen and Elastin “Collagen and elastin in skin-care products can serve as good water-binding agents, but they cannot fuse with your skin’s natural supply of these supportive elements,” explains Dr. Lolis. “In most cases, the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate the skin,” she adds. It’s very important to do your research because there’s a lot of packaging and a lot of hype. The best thing to do is visit your dermatologist and aesthetician who can develop a skin care regimen that works to address your skin concerns based on skin type. About the expert: Dr. Margarita Lolis, M.D. is a board-certified cosmetic, medical dermatologist and a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon with over 20 years of experience. In her practice, she addresses common skin concerns such as acne prevention and treatment in both teens and adults, sun-damage, skin discoloration, wrinkles, changes to skin texture and loss of volume. On the medical side, she is a trusted expert in melanoma and over-all skin health. Dr. Lolis prides herself in honoring facial symmetry to deliver a natural look to her clients. She always recommends a healthy skin care regimen plus lifestyle habits that are aligned with her holistic approach to beauty. Dr. Lolis is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, American College of Mohs Surgery, and the American Society of Anti-aging. Her practice, Skin, Laser, and Surgery Specialists is in New York City and Bergen Country, New Jersey.

February 2018



How to Get a Nose Job onYour Lunch Break Written by Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar Nose jobs are one of the most common plastic surgery procedures. But not every form of rhinoplasty is as involved – or as permanent – as you might guess. In fact, one type of nose job happens so quickly – in just 10 minutes – that you practically could do it over your lunch break before heading back to the office. Instead of surgery, this nose job involves an injection – and it’s an option that’s gaining in popularity, according to a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Some people don’t want to go under the knife and they aren’t after significant and permanent changes to their nose,” says Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar. A world-renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. “Instead, they are looking for subtle, temporary results.” Dugar specializes in the Scarless Nose (closed rhinoplasty) surgical technique, but he also performs many non-surgical procedures for the face and body, such as the 10-minute nose job that uses injections of hyaluronic-acidbased fillers. “These fillers are often used for lip and facial enhancement, but also can be used on your nose,” Dugar says. For anyone considering non-surgical (liquid) rhinoplasty, Dugar says there are a few things to keep in mind: • Fillers will only mask a bump and hide asymmetries. This procedure does not make your nose smaller or give you an overall

different shape. You’ll need surgical rhinoplasty to achieve that. “But you can fill around a bump to create an illusion of a straighter nose,” Dugar says. “Be aware, though, that using filler adds volume to the nose, so if your concern is that your nose is too big or crooked you would not be a good candidate.” On the other hand, this does help correct a droopy nose by lifting the tip slightly. • Choose your injector carefully. When it comes to the nose, technique is everything, Dugar says. Some areas of the nose should be off limits to the injections, he says, such as the alar rims, the bony sidewalls, and the glabella (the skin and underlying bone between the eyebrows, just above the nose). There can be serious consequences, he says, so you should carefully research the procedure and the person who will be doing it. • Do you want a temporary or permanent fix? This non-surgical approach has a relatively short shelf life to it, so don’t go into the procedure expecting to change your nose forever, Dugar says. The longevity of fillers can range from six to 12 months, but sometimes can stretch into as long as two years. In contrast, a surgical rhinoplasty is a permanent fix to your problem. “If you want to make changes to your nose, or any facial feature, you should weigh the pros and cons of a permanent solution vs. a temporary solution,” Dugar says. “You need to decide what it is you are really after and then determine if the procedure you’re considering will accomplish that.”

About Deepak Raj Dugar, M.D. Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar is a world-renowned, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Referred to as the “Celeb Scarless Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon” by E! News, has become famous for his Scarless Nose™ (closed rhinoplasty) technique and his non-surgical approach to the face and body. He has served as a medical contributor and advisor to E! News, Sirius XM Radio, Huffington Post, and ABC News regarding cosmetic procedures used by Hollywood celebrities. His research in the medical field has been published in peer-reviewed journals and he continues to lecture and teach at national medical conferences around the country.



February 2018


Margot McKinney necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, each piece is one-of-a-kind, honoring the ‘miracle of nature’ that the pearls and stones represent. To request pricing information contact hello@margotmckinney.com Perle Rose handbag is an exclusive lady bag revealing a feminine silhouette of a day-clutch pearl. Sister geometries in BON SACH signature quilted deer leather are complemented by 18-karat gold plated elements. www.bonsach.com William Henry is an American luxury brand for men, devoted to the vision of designing and crafting collections that integrate form and function into exquisite and unique pieces, including jewelry, award-winning pocketknives, writing instruments and money clips. www.williamhenry.com House of Sillage, a French made, California based fragrance company, is the official product of 20th Century Fox, The Greatest Showman. With its inspirational theme and award winning music, the House of Sillage, Greatest Showman fragrances are inspired the story of a visionary, who rose from nothing, to create a fascinating spectacle that became a world sensation. Sold exclusively at Bloomingdales. OnlyRoses is the first global luxury brand specialising in the World’s Finest Roses. www.only-roses.com




Bon Sach ELFE ONYX Clutch $3,500.00 Body of purist rectangular geometry crafted from python leather or crocodile leather with a flap which entirely covers the front of the bag. This bag with a soft calf leather-lined interior comes with a delicate long strap made out of leather, or with an exquisite 18-karat gold chain. Metalware: a splendid 18-karat gold jewelry enhanced by diamonds and other precious stones which has dual utility: as a logo ornament on the clutch, or as a spectacular pendant to be worn with an exquisite 18-karat golden chain. www.bonsach.com

February 2018



Photo by Mark Rutherford



Written by Erica Arrechea

I first met Patti back in 2011, when she became my mentor and introduced me to the matchmaking industry. We’ve kept in touch throughout the years and she’s always kept a fresh outlook on dating and relationship trends. For High Rise Life February issue, I wanted to offer readers content that encompasses everything that my job and the month of February represents: love and helping more people find it. We’re focusing in on the world of online dating and where it’s headed in the future. Are people completely over it? Has there been more success with finding love online throughout the years? According to a 2015 study conducted by eHarmony, a record of 40 percent of people online date. With a percentage like that, there’s a steady chance that people will continue to seek love through dating apps. Regardless of if you’re seeking love virtually or working with a matchmaker, quality photos are necessary. I always encourage my single friends to take the time and get some professional, good photos of themselves taken. This just shows that you’re serious and willing to put your best self out there when searching for a partner. You’ll thank us later. Here are Patti’s answers about the future of finding love online this Valentine’s season. Q: What are some online dating trends that you think will emerge in 2018?

vegan, dog lover, runner, hiker - anything that holds your interest, there will be a site or online community where you can meet other singles. However, the problem with the community has been lack of presentation. People don’t put much effort into their photos or write anything in their profile to let the user know who they are, then they complain that they can’t get a date. In the old days of the online digital community, we had profiles with statistics on height, location, income, etc. Millennials don’t really give it much thought, though the average online consumer is 46; as we age we want much more information about who we are dating, and we don’t want to go to Instagram or Facebook to find out. We demand they give us that information up front or we won’t pop on to that community anymore. I’m horrified by men's pictures on their online profiles. Men just don’t care - some of their images look like mugshots, but women are taking pride in their appearance not only with Botox and a stunning wardrobe, though they're following the Kardashian system and taking beautiful selfies. I think people need to become better photographers or take a professional shot to get ahead of the curve. I also believe matchmakers will not go away. I think they are in a time of reestablishing their brand because high-end wealthy singles often get overwhelmed by sitting online and going through a thousand photos a day and not getting anywhere. Matchmakers will begin creating their own individual maps with their own databases to cater to their highend clientele.

I think the online dating industry is going to become even more popular with niche sites. For example, if you are a

February 2018


Q: What is some online dating advice you would offer women? Because we live in such a dangerous time, as in the Craigslist Killer, it’s important to use apps such as Spokeo and Intelius to perform background checks. Not just before you meet them though before entering a serious relationship. I don’t think catfishing is the biggest problem anymore. People take words at face value and that’s dangerous. I tell my girls to use the apps to check them out. You can always use Facebook, check his business website, look at Instagram, everything. Every Instagram tells a story. One other thing I recommend is taking a car service such as Uber or Lyft to protect yourself because sometimes dates go wrong and you need to get out of there fast. Always meet in a public place, make sure your friends know where you are. Q: What is some advice you would give men who online date? For men, it’s a different story: always offer to pick up the woman, though, again, she will probably meet you in a public place and drive herself on the first date. The biggest problem with men is that once they start chatting online they don’t ask for the girl's number right away. So, I always tell them you can ask for their number as well as give your own (assuming you are comfortable). Don’t hesitate, make a date. Women loathe texting and chatting back and forth. Women cannot fall in love unless they hear your voice - it’s biologically impossible. They do not get invested as they fall in love between the ears. So, if you don’t call, you are screwed. She will go MIA and ghost you unless you take the time to pick up the phone rather than text her all the time. Q: For my successful and single friends, where do you recommend they find their next date? A lot of people refuse to get out of the house and believe online dating is the only way. That should only be 25 percent of your search. You still need to mix it up by attending social events, charity events, going to private clubs and then 6th degree it with friends. Go to opposite-sex parties. Go with your male friends to the gym if you are a woman and vice versa. If you don’t like someone, but think they are a good match, pay it forward and give a referral. If you fix up a friend, have them set you up. Keep 6th degree’ing it and everything will pan out. It’s the law of averages and all it takes is one. Q: How can I help my friend find a good match? To be a good matchmaker the secret is to give the person what they really want. And that doesn’t mean only friends and family. It could


Photo by Randee St. Nicholas


Photo by Mark Rutherford be a stranger. Figuring out their type is key, then start fixing them up. Don’t get involved once you fix them up - let it ride. Once they thank you and take you to dinner you’ll know they are dating. It can be anyone from your Doctor to Lawyer to a co-worker to a friend. Look up and look around; there’s someone for everyone. Q: How do I get back into dating after getting out of a long-term relationship? The hardest part about getting back into dating after a long-term relationship is to be open. Don’t try to recreate the ex in the new guy or girl because you'll be looking for a needle in a haystack. The first line of defense is to stay productive. Dopamine and endorphins make the body feel relaxed and will help you feel confident; you might even lose a few pounds in the process. The next step would be to tell

February 2018

friends and family you are open to meeting new people. I'd also suggest going to social events and lastly, getting online. Start picking out who you are interested in, give a like, and let men or women pick you. Open your social circle and get away from the same people you always hang out with because that'll only lead you to a dead end. Make new friends and they will lead you to the one.

About Author: Erica Arrechea, Lead Matchmaker and Co-Founder of Cinqe.com Matching Singles in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Orange County, Los Angeles, and VIP clients across the US



Sweet Date Written by Jennifer Gonzales Every year, we all celebrate Valentine’s day in many unique ways. We have the traditional “I Love You” cards, flowers, dinner and a movie. However, this Valentine’s day, why not take that special someone on a date to a place that’s unforgettable? One that they can have a memorable and fun experience; this year, book your table at the Sugar Factory.

Photos by Carlos Larios The Sugar Factory is known worldwide with locations in major cities, such as Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago, Miami, and Orlando. The Sugar Factory is famous for its couture pops that has turned into the latest fashion accessory for celebrities. This place is popular among loyal superstars such as James Harden, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, Jonathan Scott, Drake, Katy Perry, Brittany Spears and Jay Sean. This isn’t just your typical sweet spot to hang out and eat ice-cream cones all day. They’ve found a way to put a spin on things and have turned sweets into the newest must-have.



The Goblets: The Goblets are the Sugar Factory’s Signature drink, with 14 different flavors to choose from, the top four are The Lollipop, White Gummi, Ocean Blue, and Mai Tai. It’s all about presentation and these Goblets are camera ready. They are served in a large 32 oz. glass that requires both hands to hold and has candy on top. Once the drink is poured into the empty glass, rays of smoke comes out from all around as the dry ice reacts to the drink. This Valentine’s Day try their limited-edition Bubbly Smooch Goblet.

The Martini: The Martinis at the Sugar Factory are none like you have ever tried before. With 16 different flavors to choose from, the top four are: Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan, Sour Apple Lolly, Bubba Bubba Gum and Watermelon Burst. However, they know that people love trying new things, which is why they also have Chocolate Martinis, with flavors starting with S’mores, White Chocolate, Banana Chunk, Caramel Truffle and many more. This Valentine’s Day try their limited- edition Smooch Martini.

Milkshakes: The Milkshakes at the Sugar Factory are fabulous. It’s even harder when there are 10 delicious options to choose from, such as: Nutella Banana Milkshake, Dulce De Leche, Tie Dye, Giggles Snickers, and Chocolate Road. If you’re a huge chocolate lover, then you must try their Campfire Spiked S’mores Milkshake, which has chocolate and coffee ice cream with espresso, toasted marshmallow syrup, Virginia Black Whiskey, topped with an Insane 7 Layer S'mores cookie served inside a dark chocolate covered mug with Gold Graham Cracker cookie pieces, this milkshake contains alcohol and is perfect for any occasion. This Valentine’s Day try their limited-edition Naughty or Nice Insane Milkshake.

Vegas Valentine Prix Fixe Menu: The Sugar Factory has placed together the perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner for two. The Vegas Valentine Prix Fixe Menu offers a choice of one cocktail, bruschetta, starters with three options to choose from such as lobster bisque, burrata and tomato, and shrimp cocktail. Your main entrée offers an option of pan roasted salmon, black angus filet, mushroom asparagus rigatoni, or brick chicken. Alongside your choice of one desert red velvet fondue or chocolate covered strawberries.

The Chocolate Gold Fondue: You can’t go wrong with the Chocolate Gold Fondue, this really sets the bar for the “Perfect Valentine’s Date.” This amazingly gorgeous dessert comes with gold dusted gummy bears, chocolate gold studded strawberries, gold leaf chocolate cupcakes, gold dusted home-made chocolate bars, and gold coated dark chocolate truffles melted tableside. Are you feeling intrigued yet? This dessert also comes with two very special beverages: a bottle of 2002 Dom Perignon and a glass of Hardy Noces D’or 50-year aged Cognac to choose from. This top of the line dessert should be on the top of your “To Do List” this year, and guaranteed to be one to remember. This Valentine’s Day take your date to the Sugar Factory, explore their luxurious candy store, and pick up a bling couture pop. You can even dine-in and try some of their great entrees or visit their Chocolate Lounge located on the upper level. February 2018



Photo credit La Divine Comédie

The Perfect Romantic Getaway

La Divine Comédie La Divine Comédie, is an exquisite luxury property located in the most treasured setting within Southern France. The hotel resort La Divine Comédie is a 19th century mansion, comprised of 5 spectacular suites. Each suite has its own unique style, inspired by Gilles Jauffret the renowned French interior designer as well as one of the properties owners. He has meticulously thought of every detail throughout the entire compound.

swimming pool. The hotel also has the largest private garden directly centered in the middle of Avignon, with over 100 varieties of trees and plants. The owners Amaury and Gilles wanted to create a true haven of calm and tranquility in the heart of the city. Yet the hotel is just footsteps away from the Pope’s Palace, restaurants, shopping and all the other attractions offered in one of France’s most historic romantic cities.

There are some places which seem to have an eternal soul, transmitted through the ages, from one occupier to another. Certain individuals have the gift of giving free rein to the spirit present within these walls, and of respecting the building’s unique character. Listening to the echoes of its past and reading the lines of its own story. This is true of the lucky occupiers of La Divine Comédie, who have devoted themselves, heart and soul, to breathing life into one of Avignon’s most particular private residences, using their creative talents and impeccable artistic taste to bring out the very best in every inch of the 2,600 m2 space.

La Divine Comédie is, primarily, a garden to be found behind high walls. Catch your first glimpse from the outside as the gentle breeze stirs the leaves of the ancient plane trees, hinting at this oasis of calm right in the city center. The light and airy house can be seen through the open gate, inviting, and casting a spell over its visitors, who can all too easily fall in love with its mysterious, mesmerizing charm. The garden and the house come together to tell an enchanting, enticing tale of discovery and pleasure. Pass through the open doors to enjoy the hedonistic pleasures of La Divine Comédie, a dreamlike, but very real, paradise.

The grounds of the hotel contain a spa & wellness center as well as a large outdoor


For more information, please visit www.la-divine-comedie.com


February 2018



12 Haute European Destinations to Visit in 2018

Monaco, France

Written by Ingrid Levin

Since, we all survived the bitter arctic conditions, fires, mudslides, or hurricanes why not treat yourself and book a trip to one of these 12 Haute Destinations to visit in 2018 for some well-deserved vitamin D, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Porto Cervo, Sardinia

Ibiza, Spain

Rated as one of my top three destinations to travel in the summer, its romantic in every way. Try the freshly peach blended Bellini at Cala di Volpe hotel. The lunch scene at the hotel is Vogue in 3D. As you eat, you will witness good-looking men and women with their sun-kissed Mediterranean tan followed by a sea of yachts.

This marvelous Spanish island is known for more than just clubbing. It can be deliciously romantic. For day-time lounge by the pool while you relax and sip on a Sangria with Cava be sure to stay at Destino, or Ibiza Gran Hotel. Both places offer soothing deep house sounds that will melt your troubles away.

St. Tropez, France Pure glamour, natural beauty, excellent dining experiences as well as nightlife tops this place on the list of European places to visit. Everyone is so friendly and hospitable. As you walk along the velvet white sandy beaches be sure to visit Bagatelle St. Tropez or Club 55.


Mykonos, Greece This dreamy cosmopolitan island on the Aegean Sea offers a variety of activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, or Jet Skiing. If you prefer a hedonistic moment and dance the night away be sure to check out Cavo Paradiso, which hosts the biggest international DJ’s while you see the sun come up. Another smaller hip spot is Guzel bar and lounge. www.HighRiseLife.com

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Located in the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is charming with the limestone streets and baroque buildings. It has been the setting for King’s Landing in the HBO show Game of Thrones. No visit to Dubrovnik would be complete without a walk around the spectacular city walls, the finest in the world and the city’s central claim to fame. From the top, the view over the old town and the shimmering Adriatic is sublime.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Capri, Italy

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Located on the stunning Bay of Naples and only accessible by ferry (private yacht, or helicopter), Capri’s streets offer panoramic views straight out of a postcard. Its exclusive unspoiled island gives you an opportunity to refresh your state of mind. To get the real feel for this place, I recommend renting a villa through Airbnb. However, if you really want a taste of luxury, stay at the 5-star Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel.

Madeira, Portugal Madeira, Portugal ensures every European comfort with almost every tropical luxury. One of the most scenic is Levada do Caldeirao Verde, which meanders four miles past leafy glades and plunging ocean views before emerging into a clearing sprinkled by a 300-foot (91 meters) waterfall. Look down from above the clouds at Pico do Arieiro, Madiera’s third-largest peak. Madeira also produces Madeira, a fortified wine, so have a glass and enjoy the sunset.

Sveti Stefan is a fortified island village connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, its photogenic jumble of 15th-century stone villas overlooking an excellent pink-sand beach and tempting turquoise waters. The island was nationalized in the 1950s and is now part of – and owned by – the luxurious Aman resort, meaning it’s off-limits to all but paying guests. Have a drink at Hotel Adrovic and watch the breathtaking sunset.

Ashford Castle, Cong, Ireland Ever wanted to feel and live like a Royal, family member? Then visit Cong, Ireland to get the full experience by staying at Ashford Castle, an actual Medieval castle formerly owned by the Guinness family (known for their beer), that has now been transformed into a 5-star hotel. A regular host to royalty, dignitaries, and celebs, it was even voted one of the best hotels in the world for celebrity sightings by Travel + Leisure.

Lake Como, Italy Surrounded by elegant old villas—and the scenic towns surrounding the lake are exquisite. The best place to stay is Casa Ville de Este. Rent a boat and take a tour around the lake. Then stop by Harry’s Bar and Restaurant for a refreshing Bellini.

Monaco, France The sexy French Riviera is not just a host of Formula 1, but it offers an opportunity to gamble, or cruise across the Mediterranean. Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, but it makes up for its size in glamour.

Zurich, Switzerland Not just for bankers and Hedgies it also has some of the most important artworks in the world. They are displayed in the Kunsthaus and the Rietberg Museum. Spend a day shopping on Bahnhofstrasse, one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping areas or go swimming with the swans on the clear Lake Zurich, while surrounded by stunning views of the Swiss Alps.

February 2018

Zurich, Switzerland

Mykonos, Greece

About Author

Award-winning blogger and lifestyle, travel, and beauty expert, Ingrid Levin, is the creator and founder of the new, sleek, glamorous and high-end blog, INGRID MADISON AVE Photo credit Benjo Arwas



February 7-24, 2018 Diana Ross: Endless Memories – Encore Theatre at Wynn, Las Vegas, Nv. For nine performances Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Diana Ross will perform a collection of her timeless songs. To make the night even more unforgettable, Wynn and Encore have crafted a dinner experience with menus exclusive for the night’s entertainment. Every ticket that is sold, $1 will be donated to the Diana Ross Charitable Foundation.

February 8-11, 2018 Dam Short Film Festival – The Boulder Theatre, Boulder City, Nv. Founded in 2003 by Lee and Anita Lanier, the Dam Short Film Festival, a non-profit organization, started at the American Legion Hall in Boulder City. In 2008 it moved into the 400 seat Boulder Theatre which was purchased and restored by Desi Arnaz Jr. and his wife in 1999. Short films around the


world are submitted for the festival in which the audience decides the winner in several categories culminating to the Best of the Fest.

Baby”, “Do you Love Me?”, and “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life”. This performance contains mature themes.

February 9-11, 2018

February 16-23, 2018

Dirty Dancing in San Diego – San Diego Civic Theatre, san Diego, Ca.

Amrita Silent Retreat Immersion – M.A. Center, Castro Valley, Ca.

Chef William Wongso, Celebrity Chef and Author of "Flavors of Indonesia, William Wongso's Culinary Wonders" has chosen the melting pot of Los Angeles to introduce Indonesia's bold, authentic flavors. Find out that not all Indonesian food is spicy.

February 9 - 13, 2018

In this day and age, we are extremely busy and are in constant connection with technologies. Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) has developed this Silent Retreat to get away from the hustle and grind of today’s society to reconnect with our spiritual selves. The vow of silence that takes place is from the use of electronic devices so that you can have clarity of mind. The retreat is for seven days which includes, three vegetarian meals and refreshments each day.

Flavors of Indonesia – Blu Jam Cafe, Los Angeles, Ca. The 1987 sleeper hit starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey has become a sensation on the stage with five shows for three days. Featured songs include “Hungry Eyes”, “Hey


February 15-19, 2018

February 22 - 25, 2018

February 25, 2018

La Bachata Festival – Westin Hotel LAX, Los Angeles, Ca.

Photofairs – Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.

Whether you are a beginner dancer or an experienced one, the 9th Annual LA Bachata Festival will have something for everyone. There will be Bachata Bootcamps, Social Dancing Events and over 80 Workshops that will teach Bachata, Salsa, Zouk, Kizomba, Hip Hop, Jazz and more.

Opening night is a benifit for the photography program at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art where cocktails can be enjoyed and participants get the First Look at the photography on display. The event will be open to the public on the 25th where cutting edge contemporary art can be discovered.

Luxury Wedding Show – Doubletree by Hilton Wine Country, Rohnert Park, Ca.

February 17-18, 2018

February 24, 2018

Long Beach Comic Expo – long Beach Convention center, Long Beach, Ca.

LV Pizza & Beer Festival – Henderson Pavilion, Henderson, Nv.

Ever wanted to live out your fantasy of dressing up as your favorite superhero besides having to wait until Halloween. Well, comic conventions are the answer to that desire and the Long Beach comic Expo is no exception. Now you can attend as your favorite hero or villain with like-minded individuals while meeting influential artist and creators of unforgettable characters and storylines that keep the childhood imagination alive in all of us.

Love pizza and beer? If so, the LV Pizza & Beer fest is where you will want to be. In addition to unlimited tastings there will be live entertainment and art vendors. With your ticket purchase you will receive a Commemorative Tasting Glass, which you will use to fill up on all the beer you want. This event is for 21 years of age and older.

February 2018

The Luxury Wedding Show takes the bridal show to a new level with their Mock Wedding Fashion Shows, one at 1:30pm and another at 3:00pm. In addition to the mock wedding, there is wine tasting, cake tasting, Bride-toBe bouquet toss, prize giveaways and much more. Come out to the wine country to experience what your dream wedding can be like.



HIGH RISE LIFE HOLIDAY MASQUERADE PARTY High Rise Life Magazine celebrated the holiday season with a spectacular event at Hyde inside the Bellagio. Invited guests donned their best and masked their faces for the classy masquerade party as Parsa Men revealed their newest innovations for men’s skincare. Violinist Crystal Yuan made an amazing solo appearance and entertained guests. An intoxicating selection of fine drinks was available from Don Julio, VO/CO and Hug Wine that helped craft an alluring night to remember.

Hyde at Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV December 15, 2018 Photos by Seyfo Sirinoglu & AN&D Studios



February 2018




AREAA RED INSTALLATION GALA AREAA held an extravagant installation gala in celebration of new chapter president. Amongst the guests were former Chapter President Steve Lee, newly appointed President Shane Nguyen, Randy Char AREAA National President, Commissioner Steve Sisolak, and Miss Nevada USA Shelby Kanani.

Dragonridge Country Club, Henderson, NV January 12, 2018 Photo credit AREAA

February 2018


SKY LAS VEGAS HOLIDAY PARTY Sky Las Vegas, a SILVER WINNER FOR BEST CONDOS IN LAS VEGAS FOR 2017, celebrated the Holiday Season on a very high note. As residents gathered together at Sky Holiday Party, merriment and excitement were evident throughout the evening. Great food, drinks, music, and happy memories were shared by all in attendance. This very enjoyable evening brought Sky Las Vegas community closer together, as the much energized crowd was enthusiastic about many more future events yet to come.

Sky Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV December 15, 2018 Photos contributed by Social Commitee Sky Las Vegas



MARIO BASNER’S WORLD HERITAGE COLLECTION Mario Basner art gallery celebrated its one-year anniversary. The event featured the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation and raised awareness for the foundation all week with giveaways & raffle tickets.

Mario Basner’s Art Gallery - Tivoli Village, Las Vegas, NV January 17, 2018 Photos contributed by Mario Basner's Art Gallery

February 2018


THE KING SYMPHONIC “The King Symphonic� was a symphonic celebration of the music of Elvis Presley on his 82nd birthday memorial. Performed by the electrifying entertainer, Shea Arender along with the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra. The concert made its USA debut with 2,000 attendants (a full house) for this historic event.

Green Valley Ranch Event Center, Las Vegas, NV January 6, 2018 Photos by Hassett Gravois




Photo credit Angels Landing Partners

Tallest Building in Western US to be Built by 100% Minority Group’s $1.2B Development After Unanimous Selection by LA City Council Angels Landing Partners LLC, a 100% minority-owned team comprised of the Peebles Corporation, MacFarlane Partners, and Claridge Properties, has been selected by the City Council of the City of Los Angeles, California to manage development of the coveted Angels Landing Site, and will build the tallest building in the Western US as part of the plan.



“Our team is inspired by the great opportunity to transform the Los Angeles skyline with our iconic building, enhance residential life downtown, and forever change how large buildings are built in Los Angeles by ensuring that all residents and businesses receive equal access to career and business opportunities. We look forward to working with the City of Los Angeles and their team, Council member Jose Huizar and the Chief Legislative Analyst, Oscar Lxco,” said Don Peebles, Chairman and CEO of the Peebles Corporation. Following a unanimous approval from the City of Los Angeles Economic Development Committee, the full City Council approved the approach by the team to develop the 2.24acre site at Fourth and Hill Streets. The estimated budget, including acquisition, is $1.2 billion with a construction phase expected to run for 41 months with completion due in late 2024. “We join our partners in thanking the City of Los Angeles for their support of our team and our plan,” said Victor MacFarlane, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of MacFarlane Partners. “Having invested in properties in downtown Los Angeles for the past 15 years, we are firm believers in DTLA and enjoy a valuable working relationship with Councilmember Jose Huizar. Angels Landing gives us an exciting opportunity to broaden the transformational work we are doing nearby in developing the Park Fifth residential project and supporting the Pershing Square Renew effort.” Ricardo Pagan of Claridge Properties commented on the award, “We are honored and thank the city of Los Angeles, council member Jose Huizar, the CLAs office and the selection committee for supporting and entrusting us with the future of Angels Landing. We will remain committed to bringing forward a world class asset to the city and provide opportunity and growth for Angelenos. Today’s vote marks an important day in the future growth of this city, our team is grateful for being a big part of it.”

The winning plan aims to increase pedestrian flow and activity, engage the public, and activate the site and surrounding neighborhood. The proposed transit-oriented development will provide a better experience for Pershing Square Metro Station commuters as well as pedestrians by increasing accessibility to the site—currently, one of the major issues affecting the difficult hill-like structure. In addition to building two towers, one of which will be the tallest residential building in the Western US standing at 1,000 feet, the master plan for the mixed-used development will deliver approximately: Two Hotels operated by SBE (192-key SLS hotel; 289-key Mondrian hotel) 425 apartments, including affordable housing units 250 condominiums Nearly 45,000 SF of restaurant and retail space An elementary charter school serving K through Grade 5 +50,000 SF of publicly accessible open space, including a 25,000 SF central outdoor gathering space for year-round events called “Angels Terrace” A mini food hall which will incorporate local businesses The design team is led by Handel Architects and OLIN, two global design firms recognized for their excellence and distinguished projects. Handel which will oversee the design, recently completed one of the most critically-acclaimed high rises in Los Angeles, Ten Thousand Santa Monica. OLIN, best known for The Plaza at Santa Monica and ONE Beverly Hills, will handle the landscaping.

ABOUT THE PEEBLES CORPORATION The Peebles Corporation is a privately held, national real estate investment and development company specializing in residential, hospitality, retail, and mixed-use commercial properties. For further information, please visit www.peeblescorp.com. ABOUT MACFARLANE PARTNERS MacFarlane Partners has provided real estate investment management services to institutional investors since 1987, building an impressive record of accomplishment that spans multiple market cycles and a broad range of investment strategies, property sectors and capital structures. For more information, please visit www.macfarlanepartners.com. ABOUT CLARIDGE PROPERTIES Ricardo Pagan is the founder of Claridge Properties, a 100% minority owned real estate investment and development firm. For more details, please visit www.claridgeprop.com.

Angels Landing Partners is a synergistic collaboration between two of the leading minority-owned national real estate development firms in the country and a local minority-owned real estate developer. The team is committed to a transformative inclusionary process by providing contracting opportunities for the project to minority and women-owned businesses. Their goal is to exceed the M/WBE requirements and generate significant employment opportunities, with a focus on strengthening the middle class.

February 2018



Photos by Evan Dion

Nobu ResidencesToronto Wins Prestigious IIDA Global Excellence Award for its Acclaimed Presentation Gallery



The highly anticipated high-rise anchoring Canada's first Nobu Hotel and Nobu Restaurant was honored with a prestigious International Interior Design Association Award for its remarkable presentation gallery. The IIDA Global Excellence Awards honor and celebrate outstanding originality and excellence in the creation of international Interior Design/ Interior Architecture projects from around the globe. Venerable interior design firm Studio Munge, which envisioned the space and is overseeing the interior design for the integrated residences, hotel and restaurant, and principals from developer Madison Group were recognized for their vision during a ceremony that took place on January 20, 2018 in Paris, France. North America's first integrated Nobu Residences, Nobu Hotel and Nobu Restaurant was announced last summer at a media event in the presentation gallery attended by Nobu Hospitality founders, Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Academy Award winner Robert De Niro and Hollywood producer Meir Teper. The gallery is a design marvel – with the team electing to control the natural light to maintain the luxury brand's exclusivity and transporting visitors into a modern oasis representative of the Nobu lifestyle. The interplay between the ethereal living elements and the lack of natural light allows guests to absorb themselves in the tranquil atmosphere, evoking a desirable cadence for one's residential life. "Unlike most presentation centers, the Nobu Gallery is a completely immersive experience that allows visitors to suspend

February 2018

outside influences," said Josh Zagdanski, Vice President, Hi-Rise, Madison Group. "When we first discussed concepts with the visionary team at Studio Munge, they understood that the Nobu lifestyle is not only the embodiment of sophisticated materials that will enhance the building, but that the space must capture a specific sensibility that people identify with. The Nobu Gallery is a very special environment and perfectly heightens that feeling. We are immensely proud that it is being recognized globally." Embodying the elements of a Japanese reflection pond, guests enter a long corridor by a symmetrical water feature. The many delicate streams of water flow downwards from the ceiling, gathering in a curved pool which is integrated into the jet-black stone floor. The rhythm of the water is a metronome of tranquility as guests emerge into the open space amongst interior walls shaped with blonde, vertical wood slats reminiscent of the Japanese Hinoki wood. Absent of all-natural light, the space transforms into an intimate succession of lounge seating illuminated by soft, ambient lighting. Oversized black and white portraits autographed by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Robert De Niro welcome guests into the model suite. A model kitchen and living room invite guests to experience the brand's offerings through elegant marble surfaces and refined modern furnishings while suspending the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan downtown experience outside the presentation gallery's boundaries.

ABOUT MADISON GROUP For 55 years, Toronto-based Madison Group is a widely diversified real estate development company with extensive experience in creating master planned communities, award winning high-rise and low-rise residential projects, and a substantial portfolio of office and commercial properties in Toronto and New York City. Madison Group is defined by the talent, dedication, and passion of its team; focused on setting the standard for value, design, and customer satisfaction. www.madisongroup.ca ABOUT NOBU HOSPITALITY Named one of luxury's 25 Most Innovative Brands by Robb Report, Nobu Hospitality is ranked among an elite selection of global luxury brands. The natural growth of Nobu hospitality, built on service, image, and reputation, offers the complete spectrum of hotel, restaurant, and residence management for unique projects around the world. www.nobuhospitality.com ABOUT STUDIO MUNGE Fueled by Principal Alessandro Munge's singular vision to create unforgettable experiences, Studio Munge is a multidisciplinary design firm bringing spaces to life for some of the world's most iconic hospitality brands and top-tier global developers. www.studiomunge.com SOURCE Nobu Residences Toronto

Construction for Nobu Residences Toronto is expected to begin in 2018.



Real Estate MarketTrends

Written by Yelena Brezhneva

2018 Real Estate Trends Real estate market is continuing the same pattern that began in 2017.

Let’s look at the HPI* Housing Price Index, according to Federal Housing Finance Agency

Las Vegas on January 2016 began with a median price for a single-family home from $229,768. In January 2017, the average price ranged at $237,932 and ended 2017 with an average price of $264,027.

Annual Change (%) Nevada NV Nevada NV

2015 2016

9.38 9.32

Annual Change (%) California CA California CA

2015 2016

5.35 7.72

If we look at the average price per square foot in a single family market January 2016 it was $118, January 2017 $128 and January 2018 - $140. In December 2017, we had 1.6-month supply available. There is currently shortage of supply when we look at properties 250k and less. It is still the sellers market and they control the prices in lower price segments. If you are looking for a property within this price range, you should be ready to act fast and be ready to complete purchase within hours. The entire MLS has 6,141 homes for sale combining single family residential, condominium, and townhomes in every price range. Dollar volume of all sales in January 2016 was 8,444 billion, January 2017 it was 9,507 and December 2017 it was 11,261 billion.


2018, will continue with interest rates going up as our market gets stronger. Tax reform signed on January 2, 2018 suggests a possibility of migration from California to states with better taxation structure like Nevada. Our economy is definitely on the rise and interest rates will continue to climb. If you were thinking of purchasing the property now is still the right time. Make sure to get your finances right and look for a professional lender with extensive experience to get the best rates and service. All statistics are referenced from glvar.stats.showingtime.com


LAS VEGAS HI-RISE MARKET REPORT November 2016 / November 2017 Zip Code

2016 Sales

2016 Price

2016 $ Sqft

2017 Sales

2017 Price

2017 $ Sqft

$ Sqft Change









































































All information is based on public records. It is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed.

Hi-Rise Dollar Per Sqft






















*The HPI is a broad measure of the movement of single-family house prices in the United States. The HPI is a weighted, repeat-sales index, meaning that it measures average price changes in repeat sales or refinancing on the same properties. This information is obtained by reviewing repeat mortgage transactions on single-family properties whose mortgages have been purchased or securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac since January 1975. Would you like to find out the value of YOUR home? Send me an email and I will be happy to check the value of your home for you. Sign up for my newsletter, please e-mail: Yelena@synergysir.com and you will receive real estate market report and other useful information. February 2018



Los Angeles

Long Beach

Las Vegas


February 2018

ALLURE LAS VEGAS 200 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

PALMS PLACE 4381 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

SKY LAS VEGAS 2700 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

TURNBERRY PLACE 2747 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


PANORAMA TOWERS 4525 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

SOHO LOFTS 900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

TURNBERRY TOWERS 222 Karen Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

METROPOLIS 360 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

PARK HOUSE 8925 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147

THE MARTIN 4471 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

VDARA 2600 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89158

MGM SIGNATURE 145 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

PARK TOWERS 1 Hughes Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89169

THE OGDEN 150 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

VEER TOWERS 3722 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

NEWPORT LOFTS 200 Hoover Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

PLATINUM 211 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

ONE LAS VEGAS 8255 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123

TRUMP LAS VEGAS 2000 Fashion Show Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

ONE QUEENSRIDGE PLACE 9103 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145

REGENCY TOWERS 3111 Bel Air Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

AQUA 388 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

LAFAYETTE BUILDING 140 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

INTERNATIONAL TOWER 700 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE ROYAL PALMS 100 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

COOPER ARMS 455 Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

OCEAN CLUB 1310 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

QUEENS SURF 1750 Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

1100 WILSHIRE 1100 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017

LOS FELIZ TOWERS 4411 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Feliz, CA 90027

SKYLOFTS 801 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017

THE REMINGTON 10727 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

BUNKER HILL TOWER 800 West 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

METROPOLIS CONDOS 899 Francisco Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

TEN50 CONDOS 1050 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

THE WILSHIRE COMSTOCK 865 Comstock Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024

EASTERN COLUMBIA LOFTS 849 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

RITZ-CARLTON 900 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

THE CENTURY 1 Century Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90067

W HOLLYWOOD 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

EVO CONDOS 1155 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

SIERRA TOWERS 9255 Doheny Road, Los Angeles, CA 90069

THE MERCURY 3810 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90005

HARBOR PLACE TOWER 525 East Seaside Way, Long Beach, CA 90802



San Jose

San Francisco

San Diego



ACQUA VISTA CONDOS 425 West Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92101

DISCOVERY AT CORTEZ HILL 850 Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92101

ICON 321 Tenth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

PARK LAUREL 2500 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

ALTA CONDOS 575 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

ELECTRA 700 W E Street, San Diego, CA 92101

LA VITA 300 West Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92101

PARK PLACE 700 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

ARIA CONDOS 1441 9th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

THE GRANDE 1199 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101

THE MARK 800 The Mark Lane, San Diego, CA 92101

PINNACLE TOWER 550 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101


1325 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101

HARBOR CLUB 100-200 Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

MERIDIAN 700 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

RENAISSANCE 645 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

CITYFRONT TERRACE 500 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

HORIZONS 555 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

THE METROPOLITAN 165 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

TREO 1240 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101

829 FOLSOM 829 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

ARDEN CONDOS 738 Long Bridge Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

MILLENNIUM TOWER 301 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

SOMA GRAND CONDOS 1160 Mision Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

170 OFF THIRD 170 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

ARTERRA CONDOS 300 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA 94158


611 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

ST. REGIS RESIDENCIES 188 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

LUXE CONDOS 1650 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

BAYCREST TOWERS 201 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

ONE MISSION BAY Channel St. & 3rd St. San Francisco, CA 94158

THE BRANNAN 219-239 Branna Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

333 BUSH STREET CONDOS 300 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

BLANC CONDOS 1080 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

ONE RINCON HILL 425 1st Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE HAMILTON 631 Ofarrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94109


2006 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

BLU CONDOS 631 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107


690 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE HARRISON 401 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

69 CLEMENTINA 69 Clementina Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

BRIDGEVIEW 400 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

ROCKWELL CONDOS 1688 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

THE HAYES 55 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

888 SEVENTH STREET 888 Seventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

LUMINA CONDOS 201 Folsom, San Francisco, CA 94105

ROYAL TOWERS 1750 Taylor, San Francisco, CA 94133

THE SUMMIT 999 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

360 RESIDENCES 360 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113

MONTEBELLO CONDOS 20488 Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA 95014

PASEO PLAZA & VILLAS 130 East San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA 95112

PLANT 51 88 Bush St. San Jose, CA 95126


ONYX CONDOS 912 Campisi Way, Campbell, CA 95008

RYLAND MEWS 400 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95112

PARK TOWNSEND 46 West Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110

38 North Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95110 CANNERY SQUARE

809 Auzerais Ave. San Jose, CA 95126 www.HighRiseLife.com

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