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First New Condominium Project on Madison Avenue in 20 Years

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AUTOMOBILE | RIDE 12 Rolls-Royce Clients Seek

Solace in Bespoke Creativity

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Up to be Even Hotter than 2020

BUSINESS | SELF-DEVELOPMENT 30 Four Little Fixes to Kick-Start Your Digital Transformation




34 Barton G. Miami Beach a Bodacious Night Out by Merilee Kern

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ART | CULTURE 50 New Las Vegas Art Gallery

Exceeds Expectations Despite Pandemic Restrictions

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Dear reader, Welcome to our home & living issue. It only felt natural in a month with a big romantic holiday right in the middle to celebrate the love we have for our homes. the world's new obsession with home is beyond a trend. What we are experiencing is a total shift in thinking in a post pandemic world. On the cover, we celebrate an era of home as we explore The Benson, a new luxury condominium building on the famed Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side. The boutique condominium, will bring classically inspired residences to one of the world's most coveted avenues. Arriving at The Benson is like entering a chic yet romantic Parisian maison. We will also be talking about love as we approach Valentine’s Day. Enjoy a decadent dessert or create the perfect Valentine’s date from the comfort of your own home. I’m wishing you all a warm and safe month! Love,

Selcen Kavruklar Editor-in-chief selcen@highriselife.com



February 2021


CLASSIC FUSION TAKASHI MURAKAMI When a watch becomes a work of art: The Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black blurs the lines! For its first collaboration with a Japanese contemporary artist, Hublot has pushed at the boundaries of creation by developing a new dynamic on the theme of Murakami’s artistic emblem, the smiling flower.

Photo Courtesy of Hublot

The Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black takes up one of the most evocative Hublot signatures, the All Black! Invented by Hublot in 2006, it turns out that the “All Black” style is also one of Murakami’s artistic signatures. For an even more pronounced effect, the petals (456 brilliants) and face (107 brilliants) are here set with black diamonds. The watchmakers in Nyon have installed their manufacture Unico calibre in the case with its Classic Fusion emblematic design, a movement offering a 72-hour power reserve. As the first collaboration between Hublot and a Japanese artist, the Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black will quickly become a real collector’s item since it is limited to only 200 models. Hublot.com


Photos Courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Rolls-Royce Clients Seek Solace in Bespoke Creativity “The Bespoke Collective scaled new heights of greatness in 2020 – that they did so against the backdrop of numerous, unprecedented constraints and challenges makes their accomplishments even more impressive. Never before have we seen such levels of Bespoke detailing in each commission, demonstrating that Rolls-Royce clients around the world have sought solace in creativity – commissioning introspective items of luxury that will stand the test of time to become lasting and poignant legacies. I am proud to say that at a time when our industry is beset with widespread cutbacks, we have worked hard to safeguard every job. Protecting the artistry of our talented associates demonstrates a conscientious approach to craft; one that protects the precious skills found at Rolls-Royce and preserves them for the future.” Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars During 2020, an unprecedented year, the Rolls-Royce, craft and imagination. Almost every one of the motor cars created in 2020 was tailored by this Bespoke division, a notable achievement considering the backdrop of challenging and unforeseen headwinds. What follows is a snapshot of some of the finest examples of Bespoke design and craftsmanship completed by the luxury house throughout 2020. 12

Dusk in tokyo The ‘Dusk in Tokyo Collection’, comprising Phantom, Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan, celebrates Japan’s capital city. A complex, multi-faceted white paint, eponymously named ‘Dusk in Tokyo’, characterises the coastal metropolis’ high-rise glass and concrete buildings bathed in the warm light of early dusk. Containing aluminium and mica flakes, the refractive paint creates subtle tones in low light. Leading the transition from day to night is the Spirit of Ecstasy, presented in Rose Gold for the first time in Japan, representing the setting of the sun.

Phantom ‘Iridescent Opulence’ The Phantom’s hermetically sealed Gallery makes it possible to incorporate natural materials in a way never before possible in a motor car. In 2020, the Phantom ‘Iridescent Opulence’ took this approach to soaring new heights.Featuring a truly Bespoke artwork which debuted as a concept in 2017, ‘Iridescent Opulence’ was created in partnership with Swiss materials specialist Nature Squared. The result is inspired by nature; a Gallery that houses over 3,000 sustainably sourced iridescent tail feathers, each shaped individually to accentuate their sheen and rich hue. www.HighRiseLife.com

The steed phantom extended Complex Bespoke embroideries of a stallion embellish the interior rear doors of this elegant Phantom Extended. Signifying strength and an unremitting enthusiasm to progress, the embroidery of the steed was developed from a sketch, presented to the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design Collective, by a Chinese client with a very clear vision.

‘Neon Nights’ colour trilogy The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective developed a new and dynamic colour palette, named ‘Neon Nights’, in a limited run of just four of each colour. The three brightly coloured hues, each inspired by the natural world, consisted of Lime Rock Green, a near-luminous hue naturally found on the Australian green tree frog, Eagle Rock Red, which mimics the flowers of ‘hi‘a lehua, an evergreen tree native to Hawaii, and Mirabeau Blue which takes inspiration from Central and South America’s exotic butterfly, the Rhetus periander.

Wraith ‘inspired by earth’ Wraith ‘Inspired by Earth’ takes its design cues from the entire Solar System, and our own planet, as seen from space. The Royal Blue exterior references the water that covers 75% of the Earth’s surface while an air-brushed bonnet artwork depicts a satellite view of the Middle Eastern region centred on the United Arab Emirates. A hand-painted Emerald Green coachline incorporates the Sun and the eight planets of the Solar System.

Cullinan ‘spirit of russia’ collection

The Wraith Kryptos Collection is embellished with a cipher concealed in the Collection’s Bespoke detailing. Limited to just 50 motor cars, clients are invited to decode messages found within the Bespoke elements of the motor car’s interior and exterior.

Cullinan proved the perfect canvas for a series of four individual Bespoke commissions dedicated to legendary Russian mountains: ‘Elbrus’, ‘Krasnaya Polyana’, ‘Golden Mountains’ and ‘Klyuchevskaya Sopka’. The Iced Black Diamond, Iced Gunmetal Steel, Midnight Sapphire Blue and Premiere Silver exterior hues are inspired by frosty peaks and are complemented by darkened chrome exterior detailing on each of the Cullinans.

Ghost illuminated fascia

Dawn silver bullet collection

Wraith kryptos collection

The innovative ‘Illuminated Fascia’ of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost debuted following two years and more than 10,000 hours of development by the Bespoke Collective. The 850 stars echo the unique elegance of the Starlight Headliner.

The Mahlangu Phantom The Gallery in the Rolls-Royce Phantom presented a unique opportunity for a South African client to display a highly personal work of art from globally celebrated South African artist, Dr Esther Mahlangu. Dr Mahlangu, a national icon in Africa from the Ndebele region, was the first artist to create an artwork in this way and the motor car was named ‘The Mahlangu Phantom’ in her honour. February 2021

The Dawn Silver Bullet Collection cuts a dash with a unique Aero Cowling and ultra-metallic Brewster Silver Paint, in a vibrant nod to the epic Rolls-Royce trials cars of the past. Limited to just 50 examples worldwide, the Aero Cowling windbreak proudly displays the Silver Bullet name and silhouette.

Sportive collection A Collection of two Black Badge Dawns and nine Black Badge Wraiths were commissioned for the United Arab Emirates. Boasting bold colour combinations and technical fibre, the Sportive Collection encapsulates Black Badge’s expressive and unapologetic nature.

Arctic white and hotspur red phantom Commissioned by a Texan Rolls-Royce collector, this contemporary Phantom is finished in Arctic White with a double coachline and double pinstripe in Hotspur Red, indicative of the bold interior colourway. Inside, Hotspur Red paints an arresting scene as every surface, from the lambswool floor mats, privacy curtains to even the luggage compartment, is finished in this vibrant Bespoke colour. For more information, please visit www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com. 13



How to RefreshYour Home for a Brighter Start to 2021 14



s we settle into 2021 and look ahead to greener pastures, the pandemic has made one thing more evident than ever before: Our home environments matter, and in fact, they play a major role in the general productivity and satisfaction levels of our everyday lives.

In fact, according to a survey of 2,000 homeowners by online interior design company Modsy, the pandemic made 60% of respondents realize their homes were disorganized, and 77% were so stressed by their at-home surroundings that they undertook their own DIY home redesign projects. “There’s no better time than the dawn of a new year to make positive changes, so let the arrival of 2021 spur you to get organized and create a space you love to live in,” says Karina Lameraner, Creative Stylist at Modsy. Here are just a few of her tips to refresh your home for a brighter, fresher start to the new year.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint We have said it before, and we’ll say it again: a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a room. It’s one of those simple bedroom design upgrades that makes a huge difference. So, whether you want to jump on the bold colors trend or decorate with neutrals, simply giving your walls some fresh color can refresh your room and give you a new perspective on the space.

Do a Desk Refresh Like most of us, the ‘office’ corner of your home has probably gotten a lot of use this year, and frankly, it’s overdue for a refresh if you no longer look forward to sitting there. So, take everything off of your desk and go through every drawer to make your workspace feel like it’s getting a fresh start too. “I also hung some new wall art above my computer. It’s nothing fancy, but a few eclectic yet sophisticated wall hangings in the space give me a new view and spark of creativity,” says Lameraner.

Get Houseplants—Even If You’re Afraid Of Killing Them! Houseplants make any home feel alive, especially during these colorless winter months, and they help clean the indoor air. “For those who don’t have much of a green thumb, I recommend starting small with a jade (hard to kill!) and a fern, and setting a goal to have at least one plant in every room,” says Lameraner.

Assess Clutter Hotspots In addition to a mess of craft project supplies and copious amounts of kids’ toys, there are a few other types of clutter that quickly build-up (for example, hats, gloves, and masks in your entryway and toiletries on bathroom counters), and it’s likely there are similar spots in your home. “I recommend going one by one and finding a solution for each, like a wall-mounted basket for masks, a new shelf in your bathroom, or storage baskets that are stylish yet functional and can be elegantly hidden,” says Lameraner. “Make a list of the clutter magnets in your home. I know from experience that fine-tuning these small pain points will make everyday cleaning so much easier.”

Cook Down the Pantry & Detox Your Cleaning Supplies Earlier this year when cleaning supplies were a hot commodity, many people found themselves stuck buying products that they wouldn’t normally choose. Clean out your cleaning supplies to make finding what you need easier in the new year, recommends Lameraner. And when it comes to the kitchen pantry, there are all sorts of stuff lurking in the dark corners of most people’s cabinets, like a random gluten-free bread mix, dried white corn, and canned mussels. Make it a point to cook through some of it and strive to better organize the staples your family regularly uses. One thing Lameraner recommends is decanting the things that come in plastic bags into upcycled glass jars, so you can actually see everything you have and there are no clumsy bags taking up space.

Embrace New Year’s Cleaning “I’d like to propose that you add house cleaning to your list of to-dos. I always feel like what I do at the start of the year sets the tone for the months ahead, and I find that if I set a time for a deep cleaning and think about it as a positive action instead of a dreaded chore, the work is more satisfying. And there is truly nothing like the feeling of a clean house,” says Lameraner. For more tips and recommendations on how to refresh your home for 2021, visit www.modsy.com. February 2021


Photos Courtesy of 212 West 72nd Street



The Neighborhood’s Best Rental Building is Now the Neighborhood’s Best Condominium Building 18



enturion Property Investors has announced the launch of sales at 212 West 72nd Street, an iconic modern Upper West Side building noted for its signature curved glass façade and dramatic presence on one of the neighborhood’s most historic and picturesque corners, and currently undergoing a top-to-bottom transformation into condominium residences. Built in 2010 as the neighborhood’s premier rental building and formerly known as “The Corner,” 212 West 72nd Street now offers 126 condominium homes ranging from one- to five-bedroom layouts, with initial inventory priced from $1.25 million to $8.3 million. Top New York-based design firm CetraRuddy has led the elegant redesign of these residences, including upgraded and completely re-envisioned interiors and a new suite of amenities. The first completed model residences are now available to tour and experience, ahead of the building’s Spring 2021 opening to residents. Ideally located at the corner of 72nd and Broadway overlooking Verdi Square, 212 West 72nd Street represents a rare foray into modern architecture for this classic New York neighborhood. As a rental, 212 West 72nd Street commanded the highest rents on the Upper West Side thanks to its prime location, airy and light-filled residences and views of Central Park and surrounding landmarks. As a luxury condominium with the convenience of having Trader Joe’s and Duane Reade within the building and the 72nd Street Subway across the street, 212 West 72nd Street is well-positioned to set a new standard for ideal, modern living on the Upper West Side. “212 West 72nd Street is truly a one-of-a-kind project,” said John Tashjian, a managing partner at Centurion Property Investors. “As we were planning the redesign, we were overwhelmed by the number of inquiries we received from former renters who were interested in returning to the building as owners. They know first-hand about the building’s prime location in the heart of the Upper West Side and wanted to secure their spot in its next life as a luxury condominium. The new 212 West 72nd Street was designed with a modern New York lifestyle in mind, and we’re excited to launch sales and show people why this building has such a strong following.” 212 West 72nd Street’s residences range in size from 714 square feet to 3,070 square feet, with select homes also boasting spacious private terraces with cinematic Upper West Side vistas. Many of the residences feature open floor plans that take advantage of the building’s curved glass façade, a concept that provides abundant light and commanding vistas that is specifically unique to 212 West 72nd Street. “For 212 West 72nd Street’s next chapter, we wanted to reinterpret modern living on the Upper West Side,” said Nancy J. Ruddy, the founding principal of CetraRuddy. “The vast glass expanses that define the building’s architecture flood the interior spaces with light, air and a general feeling of serenity. We complemented the panoramic glass windows, not typically seen in many Westside buildings, with modern open floor plans that are not only welcoming, but incredibly useful for an elevated New York City lifestyle.” The furnished model residences showcase the lifestyle that buyers can experience at 212 West 72nd Street, including one- to four-bedroom layouts. In each of the 126 residences, the living and dining rooms are open, spacious and elevated by high-performance floor-to-ceiling windows that reduce noise and protect against glare, ultraviolet exposure and solar heat gain. The layouts also promote flexibility, supporting quality time at home as well as formal entertaining. “It was important to us that residents could easily adapt their homes to fit the needs of their individual lifestyles,” Nancy Ruddy said of the design.

February 2021


Giving attention to the details that matter most, CetraRuddy also took every opportunity to optimize storage, emphasize light and create flow throughout the residences. The firm selected a soft color palette of neutral tones, subtle metallic accents and unique textures to complement the light-filled interiors, and incorporated finishes such as white lacquer and quartzite in the kitchens, and white oak plank flooring throughout. In the custom kitchens, the cabinetry and countertops are not only designed for form, but also for function with plenty of storage spaces. In the master bathroom, luxurious materials and thoughtful details create a private sanctuary. Custom-designed vanities by CetraRuddy feature polished nickel accents and large, deep drawers clad in a leathered textile. Medicine cabinets offering abundant storage are framed by nickel, and sconces accented by handmade crystal shades cast a romantic light. Showers are crafted with fluted glass panels set in a polished nickel frame, and soaking tubs feature a custom marble surround. Floor-to-ceiling marble walls and honed marble floors complete a sophisticated environment. The transformation of 212 West 72nd Street includes all indoor and outdoor amenity spaces. Residents will arrive home to an elegantly redesigned lobby staffed with a full-time

concierge. The softly illuminated double-height space features walnut paneling, custom-finished walls and archways, and terrazzo flooring. On the building’s third floor, there is an all-new residents’ lounge that is designed to function as the building’s “great room” for city living, complete with seating areas and a landscaped outdoor terrace. Adjacent to the lounge is a children’s playroom, a lightfilled room, complete with reading nooks and colorful banquettes, to be used for play, arts and crafts, reading, or homework. The third floor’s windowed fitness center, curated by The Wright Fit, is a state-of-the-art offering. Outfitted with stationary bikes, treadmills and strength-training equipment, the space

features stunning wood paneling on the ceiling and oversized windows overlooking the landscaped outdoor fitness space. This area can be used for yoga, meditation or private training sessions. “We were very thoughtful about the design of the amenity spaces and who would use them, which is why we opted for a vibrant color palette,” said Nancy Ruddy. “The third-floor lounge is a modern interpretation of a great room, so we wanted it to feel welcoming for all ages.” An impressive landscaped private roof deck crowns the 20-story building. Residents enjoy a sundeck with lounges, private entertaining spaces, barbeques and a cozy gas fireplace. Additional amenities and services include a full-time doorman, concierge access for dining arrangements and move-in services, a live-in resident manager, cold storage, bicycle storage and private residents’ storage. Nestled between Central and Riverside Parks, 212 West 72nd Street is in the heart of the Upper West Side, a historic and cultured neighborhood beloved for its green spaces, fine dining, luxury shopping, gourmet local grocers and venerated museums and world-renowned performing arts. The area is an international destination, heralded as the home of some of New York’s most iconic institutions, such as the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, Beacon Theatre and the American Museum of Natural History. The building itself is home to a Trader Joe’s as well as a Duane Reade and is just steps from the 72nd Street subway station, providing easy access to the rest of the city. For more information, please visit www.212west72.com.





Photos by Hayes Davidson

First New Condominium Project on Madison Avenue in 20 Years




aftali Group, a leading privately held, global real estate development and investment firm, today announced the launch of sales for the first new luxury condominium building on famed Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side in more than 20 years. Named, The Benson, as a nod to Miki Naftali’s father Benjamin, the 19-story ground-up, boutique condominium, will bring 15 striking and classically inspired residences to one of the world’s most coveted avenues. Developed by Naftali Group, The Benson is located at 1045 Madison Avenue and East 79th Street on Manhattan’s famed Upper East Side. The Benson’s overall aesthetic draws its inspiration from the surrounding neighborhood and is reminiscent of the great historic apartment houses of the Upper East Side. The Benson’s captivating facade features hand-carved, hand-laid Indiana Limestone. The Benson has been thoughtfully designed inside and out by Peter Pennoyer Architects. A unique feature of the residences is the signature fireplaces with custom mantles that are the focus of the expansive living rooms. Generous ceiling heights with custom crown moldings and oversized divided light windows allow for an abundance of natural light. The Benson features a sophisticated suite of amenities, including a beautifully landscaped rooftop lounge with scenic Central Park views and a fire pit.

“The Benson represents an extraordinary opportunity to call one of New York City’s most famous avenues home. Our vision was to create a building beyond compare. Reminiscent of the great historic apartment houses, each home is custom crafted where every detail is considered,” said Miki Naftali, CEO and Chairman of Naftali Group. “Designed by a team of global visionaries, each who bring their unique style to the development, The Benson is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in one-of-akind private homes.” The Benson is located at 1045 Madison Avenue and East 79th Street on Manhattan’s famed Upper East Side. The Benson has been thoughtfully designed inside and out by AD100 designer, Peter Pennoyer Architects, best known for perfectly marrying both modern and classical architectural styles. The Benson’s overall aesthetic draws its inspiration from the surrounding neighborhood and is reminiscent

of the great historic apartment houses of the Upper East Side. “The Benson fits seamlessly into its Madison Avenue neighborhood with grand Beaux-Arts mansions, prominent galleries and storied hotels like the Carlyle and the Mark nearby. Above the street level the building sets back, following the pattern of the great apartment houses of Rosario Candela,” said Pennoyer, Founder and Principal. “The form of building, with its echelon of terraces set behind custom ironwork railings climbing to the freestanding tower, is shaped by the Art Deco-inspired chamfered corners carved in the same limestone that graces prominent jazz-age apartment houses on Park and Fifth Avenue. At night, the six-foot tall lanterns that mark the top of the Benson will add their soft glow to the skyline over Central Park.” The Benson’s captivating facade features hand-carved, hand-laid Indiana Limestone, a tribute to the architectural legacy of the neighborhood. With distinctive mullioned windows and a series of gracious set-back terraces that are detailed with intricate ironwork, each have been meticulously designed to accentuate the scenic views of Central Park and Manhattan’s famed skyline, as well as the historic Madison Avenue. Arriving at The Benson is like entering a chic Parisian Maison. Commanding a stately street side presence, sculpted Indiana limestone and detailed iron, double-set doors lead into the dramatic lobby. The divinely detailed façade embodies the Upper East Side.

February 2021


Drawing inspiration from the exquisite exterior design, Italian designer and architect Achille Salvagni created a jewel-box lobby. Creating an alluring progression of spaces, an elegant wood and stone entry vestibule leads into a grandly detailed lobby with fluted walls and a backlit onyx fireplace. Making a spectacular first impression once inside The Benson, the entry was inspired by great string instruments like the violin. Characterized by high quality craftsmanship, The Benson’s interiors offer one-of-a-kind homes, with a balance between comfort, beauty, and modernity. The arrival experience begins the moment one steps onto the private elevator landing leading into the custom-crafted homes. Offering half-floor, full-floor and duplex residences, ranging from three-to-seven-bedrooms, several homes feature gracious private outdoor space. Three soaring penthouses, each with secluded terraces, crown the top of the building, while the stunning townhouse residence overlooks an enchanting garden. Pennoyer has designed the Benson’s bespoke kitchens in partnership with Christopher Peacock, the leading luxury, fitted British cabinetry creator. Custom-designed, hand-painted millwork cabinetry with solid walnut interiors and polished nickel pulls will be complemented by Pietra Cardosa slab countertops and backsplashes. The custom kitchen island features rounded corners, Calacatta Gold countertops, and millwork hand-painted in a midnight blue. The Pennoyer-designed backlit fluted glass hoods are the centerpiece of the natural, light-filled kitchens, and the Miele and Sub-Zero suite of appliances add both function and beauty to the spaces. A unique feature of the residences is the signature fireplaces with custom mantles that

are the focus of the expansive living rooms. Generous ceiling heights with custom crown moldings and oversized divided light windows allow for an abundance of natural light. The master bathrooms feature an oversized window, which is placed above the soaking tub, a natural centerpiece, allowing the hand-laid stone floor to be warmed by natural daylight. The master bathroom also boasts a custom marble vanity with polished nickel hardware, large rain shower, and radiant heated floors to complete the master suite. Providing the ultimate lifestyle experience, The Benson features a sophisticated suite of amenities. The Benson’s collection of club-like spaces include: a beautifully landscaped rooftop lounge with scenic Central Park views and a fire pit; a private cinema; private spa with sauna and steam rooms; creative art studio for all ages; wood-paneled library with an adjoining landscaped garden; a half-basketball court and a state-of-the-art fitness center. The lobby at The Benson will be attended 24-hours a day with a doorman and concierge service. Additionally, a pet spa with washing station, bicycle storage, cold storage with room for fresh food and flower deliveries and private storage is available for purchase.

“Situated among the tree-lined streets in one of Manhattan’s most established neighborhoods, The Benson offers buyers an exceptional chance to live on one of the most desirable thoroughfares in the world,” said Compass Development Marketing Group’s Alexa Lambert, the building’s exclusive sales and marketing agent. “With so many amenities and so few apartments, this boutique development offers an unparalleled living experience. The Benson is nearby many things that make living in New York special: coveted green space at Central Park, amazing restaurants and hotels, shopping, and the special cultural institutions we all love.” The Benson is surrounded by the Upper East Side’s picturesque streets and beautiful townhouse blocks with pristinely preserved architecture. For those seeking either a quiet respite from the bustling city streets or an active day outdoors, residents will be moments away from New York’s iconic Central Park. Institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), The Guggenheim and Frick Museum are also nearby, as well as Madison and Fifth Avenue shopping destinations. With construction well underway and the first closings slated for the end of 2021, residences at The Benson start at $12.8 million. The Benson’s Sales and Design Atelier is located at 817 Madison Avenue. For additional information, please visit www.the-benson.com.




Photos Courtesy of The Souferian Group

Be DTLA First Residential Building in Southern California To Achieve the International Well Building Institute’s Well Health-Safety Rating The Souferian Group, a Los Angeles-based real estate development firm, founded and led by Behzad Souferian best known for developing innovative, value driven experiential projects where work, hospitality and life seamlessly blend, today announced the reimagination of a 606-unit residential project in downtown Los Angeles into a holistic rental community committed to wellness and fun in equal measure. Previously known as The Sofia, one of Los Angeles’ largest multifamily properties – worth more than a quarter of a billion dollars – has been renamed “Be DTLA by The Souferian Group” and is the first apartment building in Los Angeles and all of Southern California to achieve the International WELL Building Institute’s WELL Health-Safety Rating. “Even prior to COVID, my vision has been to provide a first-of-its-kind wellness apartment community that redefines residential living – a centrally-located environment that emphasizes healthy minds, bodies, 26

spirits and fun,” said Behzad Souferian, Founder & CEO of The Souferian Group. “The pandemic has only furthered our commitment to establish ourselves as the preeminent wellness-focused community across the industry and we are thrilled to be the first to successfully achieve the WELL Health-Safety Rating in Southern California showcasing our adherence to evidence-based best practices within 15 criteria that instill confidence in our residents that we support their sustained health.” The WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating designed to empower property owners to prioritize the health and safety of their residents, visitors and staff. Be DTLA achieved the rating through the execution of 15 criteria across five categories: cleaning and sanitization procedures; emergency preparedness programs; health service resources; air and water quality management; and stakeholder engagement and communications. www.HighRiseLife.com

“The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored how critically important it is to prioritize health and safety in the spaces where we live,” said Jessica Cooper, IWBI Chief Commercial Officer. “By achieving the WELL Health-Safety Rating, The Souferian Group and Be DTLA have demonstrated incredible leadership in directly supporting the health, safety and overall well-being of its residents, visitors and staff.” In addition to the WELL Health-Safety seal, Be DTLA is undergoing a multimillion-dollar revitalization, slated for completion by the end of the year. While the former community opened merely two years ago, the Be DTLA brand standards will bring innovation and a new-school aesthetic. Prior to the pandemic-era shift away from the office, The Souferian Group was already designing Be DTLA with a suite of leading remote work amenities, including a TikTok creative content studio, podcast recording rooms and a variety of work-from-home studios and lounges, now more relevant than ever. With renewed focus considering our current environment, Be DTLA is poised to offer a fresh approach to holistic health, from touchless products and features in the common areas to wellness programs that promote vitality in body, mind and spirit. “Be DTLA is delivering on the need and demand for healthy, resilient apartment living by providing exceptional environments for extraordinary experiences,” said Souferian. “Our health is our wealth, and I believe people are searching for something different than ornate or overly designed spaces. We focus on the logistics of wellness post-COVID but equally on developing beautiful and functional environments for people to be well, be centered and be home.” With the introduction of Be DTLA, The Souferian Group is revisioning the multi-family industry, raising today’s renter’s expectations with an all-encompassing collection of social, wellness and lifestyle offerings and a highly cohesive design ethos. As evidenced by a booming global wellness industry prior to and amid the coronavirus, consumers are reminded now more than ever that personal wellbeing is the most valuable investment. Be DTLA is a best-in-class apartment community that delivers a balanced lifestyle, with bespoke wellness programming and a commitment to social connectedness. The community represents the residential roll-out of the Be Brand, which The Souferian Group intends to expand to other markets across the country.

Be DTLA residents enjoy the unrivaled experience of two expansive roof tops with 360-degree views of Los Angeles, large apartments with functional floorplans, multiple outdoor courtyards, a top-of-the-line gym, yoga studio and complimentary classes. Beyond the top-notch facilities, the exclusive Be BENEFITS tenant program provides residents insider access and elite perks from a variety of local businesses, while Be DTLA’s robust digital community offers a range of online resident events. Other unique touchpoints include a speakeasy, a health care facility, one of Downtown Los Angeles’ few grocery stores, numerous food and beverage establishments and an in-building full-service Starbucks Coffee. Offering a variety of smartly configured studios and one-, two- and three-bedrooms units ranging in size from 489 to 1,385 square feet. The community offers contactless self-guided tours, a dedicated concierge staff with convenient no-contact communication and is professionally managed by the country’s’ leading institutional property management company. Be DTLA is situated on the west end of Downtown at 1120 West 6th Street, within proximity to Los Angeles’s entertainment hub, comprised of L.A. Live, Staples Center, The Nokia Theater, and a plethora of world-class dining, shopping and cultural institutions. With a Walk Score of 95 and a transit score of 100, the centralized location provides easy access to explore Downtown as well as the Greater Los Angeles Area. For more information, please visit www.BeDTLA.com.

February 2021



2021 Housing Market Shaping Up to be Even Hotter than 2020 Homebuyer demand is up 60%, as 13% fewer homes are being listed than this time last year The extreme pandemic-driven seller’s market is intensifying and will likely last through the first half of the year, according to a new report from Redfin, the technology-powered real estate brokerage.

28% from the same period last year. Fifty-five percent of homes that went under contract that week found a buyer in 14 days or less—the largest share to sell that quickly in at least nine years.

In the week ending January 24, home-sale prices soared 18% and pending sales grew

“The main thing going on is scarcity of homes for sale. There’s nothing there, so people want


it even more,” said Seattle Redfin real estate agent Scott Petrich. “Potential homebuyers who don’t have a good amount of savings are having a very hard time getting a house right now because the lack of supply is driving up prices, while low mortgage rates increase demand.” www.HighRiseLife.com

Both the number of homes for sale—down 36% from a year ago during the week ending January 24—and the rate that new homes are being listed for sale—down 13%—are falling from last year’s already-low levels. The average home spent just 34 days on the market before selling—20 days less than the same time a year ago and a record low for this time of year as far back as our data for this measure goes. “There will continue to be a lack of new listings in early 2021,” said Redfin chief economist Daryl Fairweather. “But rock-bottom mortgage rates will have buyers eager to purchase the few listings that do hit the market. So, I expect bidding wars, fast sales and double-digit price growth to continue. We are at a point in the pandemic where would-be sellers are expecting to be vaccinated in the next 6 months, so they may be waiting for that before selling. Once many more people are vaccinated for the coronavirus and more homeowners start to feel February 2021

comfortable listing their homes for sale, the current deadlock of housing supply should start to loosen. Mortgage rates could inch up at the same time, which could bring a slight chill to the scorching-hot seller’s market.”

Homebuying demand, which typically slows through the winter, is 60% above where it was last year. This is according to the Redfin Homebuyer Demand Index, which measures requests to Redfin agents for homebuying services such as home tours and making offers to purchase a home. “I don’t see the market slowing down at all in the next few months,” said Phoenix Redfin real estate agent Van Welborn. “People are confident in the market and people are buying homes. And it seems like nothing is holding them back: There was absolutely no slowdown for the holidays, the election did not affect

anything, and the attack on the Capitol didn’t register on the housing market at all.” While the hot market is largely only benefitting the few people, who are selling their homes this winter, there are many people who simply could not have afforded to buy a home within a short commute to work who are taking advantage of the flexibility of remote work and moving to where they can afford home prices and more space. “It used to be that homebuyers who were priced out of the closer-in suburbs would look farther out for a home they could afford and compete for,” said Petrich. “Thanks to remote work, there has been a huge shift in homebuying demand to the farther-out, less expensive suburbs. It was competitive before, but it has become much more intense now that people need more space.” To view the full report, including charts and methodology, please visit redfin. 29




Four Little Fixes to Kick-Start Your Digital Transformation Digital transformation can take months, even years. But for “legacy” brands just starting out on the journey, the little things you do up front will make an impact today. Howard Tiersky shares some insights on quick fixes The digital transformation of our world is roaring full steam ahead. Are you on the train? While disruptor companies are born ready to serve the needs of today’s digital customer, “legacy” organizations find reinventing their brand experience is a long, arduous journey. It can take years. But don’t despair Howard Tiersky, author of the new Wall Street Journal Bestseller Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance, says there are some small changes you can make right now that may not outright delight your customer but will at least minimize their aggravation. Some problems are tough to fix, but some are not. So, start with those. “These quick fixes may not get your customers to outright love your brand,” concedes Tiersky. “But, if you can identify some things you are doing that confuse, frustrate, or disappoint your customers that you can just stop, that’s a step in the right direction. “Taking these small steps might deliver quick, measurable, sustainable financial improvements, which can demonstrate to key executives that your overall transformation program is capable of driving tangible business impact,” says Tiersky. “This can help you garner funding. Second, you improve your customers’ experience, which improves brand perception and demonstrates progress.” The bottom line is that customers today have exceedingly high expectations, notes Tiersky. If you currently have a weak user experience, it pays to address it now rather than months or years into your digital transformation. Here are some tips for getting started.

February 2021

Ferret out experience glitches that might be turning off customers

Finally get out of your lane to fix the small stuff

Almost every company has these types of seemingly small digital glitches in user experience that add up over time to form an impression. This becomes even more problematic when a digital disruptor offers your customers a new, shiny, digital journey that has avoided these types of flaws.

“I worked with one giant retailer where all the executives agreed that the navigation menus on the $1 billion-plus e-commerce site were confusing,” says Tiersky. “Yet nothing was done to fix them because nobody considered it their job. One executive focused on merchandising, one on pricing and promotions, and one on checkout processes, but there was no clear owner of cross-site navigation. Nobody wanted to step on toes or go outside of their mandate. So, it stagnated, even though everybody’s bonus was tied to total sales, and the menus were clearly turning off some customers.”

Get your wording right HubSpot did a study of over 40,000 “call-to-action buttons for email sign-ups.” They found that if the text of a button read, “Click Here,” site visitors were three times more likely to click than if it read “Register.”1 Of course, that does not mean that every button on your site should be labeled “Click Here,” but merely points to the importance of getting the wording right.

Proof your website (or lose customers!) Give your website and any materials you send or publish a careful review. A few seemingly careless errors or inconsistencies can cause your potential customers to lose faith in you. “We worked with one client selling very expensive ‘six-figure’ B2B solutions that had a website that was good in many ways, but that had a variety of small glitches, formatting irregularities, inconsistent capitalization, and other seemingly minor anomalies,” says Tiersky. “The potential customers we interviewed in research sessions regularly zeroed-in on these small defects as details that made them question the quality of the company’s products and services. “While in truth, there was probably no direct connection between those two things, there was in the customer’s mind,” he notes. “Imagine losing a $100,000 or even $500,000 sale because of lost confidence resulting from a typo on your website.”

The lesson: When everyone agrees that there is a problem that negatively impacts the customer’s experience, step up and deal with it. First, ask who should oversee fixing it. If there is no obvious answer, form a new task force and get to work. Easy fixes should never be delayed. Relatively quick-and-easy fixes can go a long way. If you fix 100 things like these this quarter, and then 100 more next quarter, over time you can have a substantial impact. “Digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint,” says Tiersky. “The impactful changes you make now will add to your momentum down the road.” About the Author Howard Tiersky is the author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller Winning Digital Customers: The Antidote to Irrelevance. He has been named by IDG as one of the “Top 10 Digital Transformation Influencers to Follow Today.” As an entrepreneur, he has launched two successful companies that help large brands transform to thrive in the digital age: FROM, The Digital Transformation Agency and Innovation Loft. His dozens of Fortune 1000 clients have included Verizon, NBC, Viacom, Avis, Universal Studios, JPMC, Crayola, Morgan Stanley, Condé Nast, the NBA, Visa, and digital leaders like Facebook, Spotify, and Amazon.



Photos Courtesy of Caesars Entertainment, Inc.

Stadia Bar The all-new sports-watching mecca is set to open spring 2021 Caesars Palace is proud to announce the all-new Stadia Bar, anticipated to debut spring of 2021. Stadia will offer a next-level sports viewing experience with lavish amenities, numerous large HD TVs, a menu overflowing with high-end and unique cocktail selections and more. Guests can casually hang out or catch the big game in style with Stadia’s 32

rentable spaces to create an intimate viewing experience for small groups. “Caesars Palace has a long-standing history in sports from hosting iconic events like the first outdoor hockey game to legendary boxing matches,” said Caesars Entertainment Regional President Gary Selesner. “Stadia,

located at the busy Forum Shops entrance, is the embodiment of Caesars’ commitment to sports. It offers a comfortable yet luxe environment for fans to catch the action or wager on their favorite team or championship fight, as well as a state-of the-art, stylish lounge space to experience beyond the game.” www.HighRiseLife.com

The 120-seat bar and lounge will be a destination beyond game days, with its modern seating and craft cocktail menu. Stadia’s cocktail menu will feature an array of unique curated selections and an impressive list of highly allocated supreme spirits. These sought-after brands are so rare, they are only available for purchase once a year, with the entire state receiving less than a case. Some of these include Kentucky Owl 10 Year Rye, Pappy Van Winkle 13 Year Rye, Elmer T. Lee 100 Year Tribute and more. Stadia will also carry signature blends of whiskey that are purchased by the barrel, providing guests a one-of-a-kind flavor profile that can only be tasted at Caesars Palace. Food items will also be available via mobile ordering. Designed by the award-winning global architecture and design firm Rockwell Group, the all-new 2,186-square-foot sports hub will feature the excitement, drama and grandeur of being seated in a live sports arena. Guests can choose to rise above the frenzy and sit at the elevated bar or reserve one of the five VIP leather wrapped domes, exclusively designed for Stadia Bar. Each dome creates the feeling of sitting within a vintage leather football helmet and gives guests an intimate viewing area with their own LED screen. The domes are lined with a metal mesh and artwork by San Francisco-based public artist and mural painter, Apexer. Guests will also notice sports-inspired design details such as net-like chandeliers, sconces that look like deconstructed baseballs and glove-like leather banquettes. Rockwell Group has previously designed several Caesars Palace venues such as the first Nobu Hotel, one of the largest Nobu restaurants in the world, OMNIA Nightclub and Montecristo Cigar Bar. Replacing Slice Bar, Stadia will be located adjacent to the Forum Food Court and across from Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. Stadia will implement Caesars Entertainment, Inc.’s (“Caesars”) new health and safety protocols, which enhance its existing plans and practices in these areas. All Caesars properties are focused on the well-being of Team Members, guests and the community, and continue to work to create an environment with high standards of sanitization and physical distancing practices. Among the enhanced health and safety protocols include more frequent cleaning and sanitization. Caesars has also implemented a health screening program for all employees. Team Members and guests are required to wear masks, which the Company makes available, at all Caesars properties. For more information, please visit caesarspalace.com.

February 2021



Photos Courtesy of Barton G.

Barton G. Miami Beach a Bodacious Night Out Written by Merilee Kern, MBA

When one thinks of Miami, visions of sun-kissed surf, blue skies and warm sand indelibly (and rightfully) come to mind. Glorious year-round weather and top-ranked seashores aside, this cosmopolitan metropolis is also revered for its progressive culinary scene replete with world-class dining options. For my part, the more unorthodox the better; and that Miami also delivers in droves. 34

Case in point is Barton G. Miami Beach, which is indubitably one of the world’s most distinctive and unique hospitality brands. A restaurant hell-bent on delivering shock, awe and holistic sensory stimulation, a visit to Barton G.’s Miami—or its Los Angeles location—veritably assures a gastro-venture that will linger your heart and mind forevermore.

Driven by CEO and Founder Barton G. Weiss, the eponymous restaurant exemplifies innovative hospitality with the perfect mix of creativity, innovation, imagination, quality, talent and entertainment—the kind that does not just raise the bar but sets an entirely new standard. It is the kind that does not just celebrate the gourmet dining experience,


but life overall. With this, South Florida and Southern California are perfect locales for this visionary epicurean escapade. During my own most recent visit to Barton G. Miami Beach, an eatery that is beckoned both locals and tourists for nearly two decades, I was delighted to see some of my favorite dishes included on their prix fixe menu option that is gaining quick ground. According to Weiss, this full-size, three-course pre-set menu was instituted to address the difficulties experienced by the restaurant trade at large throughout 2020—enticing diners, especially “first timers,” to visit. The play has paid off. Aptly coined “Go Big or Go Home,” for $90 guests can enjoy one of three pre-set appetizers: Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp, Strike Out Sliders or Vito’s Caesar Salad; one of four entrees: Samurai Salmon (one of my all-time fav’s), Jerked & Grilled Half Chicken, Boo G. Pasta or the Shell Shocked BBQ Short Ribs; and one of the famed Barton G. desserts like two of my top picks: the “Marie Antoinette’s Head – Let Them Eat Cake” cotton candy extravaganza and the decadent “Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all” chocolate ganache tart. At this eatery, run-of-the-mill does not apply. Whether your order the prix fixe or venture onto the full menu, fabulosity will surely ensue relative to both dish presentation and preparation. While menu conception, food quality and flawless execution are certainly paramount for any luxury dining establishment, Weiss underscores that the buck does not stop there. “Like always, we think up creative ways to present food that appeals to all the senses,” he said. “We know that guests also eat with their eyes, so we have fun ways to plate up our cuisine. All our dishes come with playful presentations like no other that are visually creative and, for some, come with audio, too. They’re all perfect to share and tout on social media.”

To this I can attest. Just check out the #BartonG hashtag on Instagram or Barton G’s own Instagram page for stellar examples of patrons living their best lives there. I should also note that the beverage and food presentations are not the only grandiose attribute of Barton G, as the dish portions are ample. From upscale twists on New American favorites like the “Let’s Get Fried Chicken,” to dishes with international flare like their Moroccan Spiced Turkey Meatballs and “Miss Thai Gone” Fried Red Snapper, rest assured you will not be leaving hungry. As for Weiss’s own personal favorite menu item? “The Truffle Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese—it’s the perfect combination of nostalgic and upscale,” he says. Quite the logical choice in my estimation, as I would say the same about Barton G. restaurants at large. When you’re at either Barton G. location, don’t be surprised if you’re seated next to a celebrity, as the restaurant attracts stars of every sort. During my own visit to the Los Angeles venue, I was sitting just a few tables away from the legendary singer/songwriter Rod Stewart. Just one Google search will reveal a litany of A-listers that have patronized Barton G like Mariah Carey, Katy Perry and Janet Jackson. BRAVO-TV’s The Real Housewives of New York City also famously filmed a scene there. With so much history and expectation, particularly among regular patrons and those privy to the litany of social posts, I asked Weiss how the restaurant will continue to maintain, and even elevate, its image. He indicated the team is always researching new ways to be over-the-top with its cuisine and, of course, the inspired presentations. “We want to have something new and exciting for our returning guests, offering them never-before-seen items to try,” he said. Relative to Weiss’s future goals for the restaurant, despite the pandemic-driven industry downturn growth is clearly top-of-mind. He noted, “We want to continue expanding to other cities so that more and more people can experience our one-of-a-kind dining experience.”

February 2021

Diversification seems to also be priority for Weiss. “We also are an event production company and do things beyond just the restaurant,” he pointed out. “We put together weddings for clients and events for corporations such as the NFL, Van Cleef & Arpels, Louis Vuitton, BMW and more.” Whatever the future plans are for the group, it’s certain that Barton G. will continue to push limits and revolutionize within a hospitality category it actually created—one melding ingenuity, artistic license and culinary prowess. Indeed, as the originator of “experiential fun-dining,” the culinary road ahead will surely be as dramatic as it is delightful.

About the Author FForbes Business Council Member Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist who reports on noteworthy industry change makers, movers, shakers and innovators across all categories, both B2C and B2B. This includes field experts and thought leaders, brands, products, services, destinations and events. Merilee is Founder, Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List” as well as Host of the nationally syndicated “Savvy Living” TV show. As a prolific consumer and business trends, lifestyle and leisure industry voice of authority and tastemaker, she keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points, from the affordable to the extreme. Her work reaches multimillions worldwide via broadcast TV (her own shows and copious others on which she appears) as well as a myriad of print and online publications. Connect with her at www.TheLuxeList.com and www.SavvyLiving.tv.





Make this Valentine’s Day


Written by Jennifer Gonzales

Before quarantine took place, Valentine’s Day used to be a time where you would take a love one out and celebrate how much they mean to you. Now, with limited options on places to go and places to eat, what better way to show your love one how much they truly mean to you, right from your home

Set the Mood Pick a spot in your home that allows you to get creative. Maybe, one that has a table that you can place a tablecloth over and has enough space for you to light some candles placed and use them as a center piece. If you do not care for candles you can always switch it up and use flowers as a centerpiece. Eye appeal is everything, try and color coordinate tablecloths to plates to balance the color coordination.

Pick the Right Bottle of Wine Valentine’s Day offers a large variety of chocolates. When selecting the right chocolate, it is best to find the right wine to pair it with. If you choose a red wine, pair it with anything that is of dark chocolate. If you are choosing milk chocolate, it is best to pair it with a sparkling wine. Once, you have mastered this you can master anything.

3-Course Meal If you really want to impress your love one, provide a three-course meal. Gather the best of both worlds and add an appetizer that you both will love followed by the perfect entrée. Create a menu that is not your typical norm, but one that you guys both will enjoy very much. In the end, it is the thought that counts. Make this Valentine’s day a memorable and unique one.

February 2021



Photo Courtesy of Culinary.net

The Perfect Pancake for

Your Valentine

Finding something unique and special to do on Valentine’s Day for your significant other can be a challenge. Every year, the day to celebrate love rolls around and every year it may seem like you’re out of ideas. Many people feel the same way.

and flip. Let it cook for 1 additional minute.

However, with just a couple bowls, a cookie cutter and a skillet, your Valentine’s Day could start off a lot sweeter.

Kids also love the fun shape and color of this breakfast. It’s a neat way to have them help in the kitchen and make a meal for the whole family.

Try these Red Velvet Heart Pancakes, which are one of a kind and a delicious way to spend your morning with your loved one. Celebrating the day of love has never been easier. Start by combining flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large mixing bowl. In another bowl, whisk an egg and add buttermilk, butter, vanilla extract and a few drops of red food coloring. Whisk everything together and pour it into the first bowl of dry ingredients. Prepare a skillet and grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Pour a small amount of batter into the cookie cutter in the skillet, let it cook for 2 minutes then remove the cookie cutter 38

Add your favorite pancake toppings like butter, syrup, powdered sugar or raspberries. In the end, you will have yourself a scrumptious breakfast, made with love and as sweet as can be.

Valentine’s Day is a big reason to celebrate. You don’t have to stick to the same flowers and chocolates as last year. Mix it up with this delectable recipe meant to spread some love on a significant day.

Red Velvet Heart Pancakes 1 cup flour 1/4 cup sugar 3 tablespoons cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 egg 1 cup buttermilk 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, plus additional for garnish

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 30-40 drops red food coloring nonstick cooking spray syrup, for garnish powdered sugar, for garnish raspberries, for garnish In large bowl, whisk flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In medium bowl, whisk egg. Add buttermilk, 2 tablespoons butter, vanilla extract and food coloring; whisk until combined. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir to combine. Spray heart-shaped cookie cutter with nonstick cooking spray and place in skillet. Add enough batter to fill heart. Cook 2 minutes. Remove heart cutter. Flip pancake and cook 1 minute. Serve with butter, syrup, powdered sugar and raspberries. Note: If mixture is too thick, add water until desired consistency is reached. Find more breakfast recipes and sweet treat ideas at Culinary.net. Courtesy of Family Features. www.HighRiseLife.com


Photos Courtesy of Sands Resorts Macao

The Londoner Macao

The Londoner Macao, Sands China Ltd.’s bold British-themed reimagining of the Sands Cotai Central integrated resort, will launch its first phase, offering the best of British history and culture alongside a traditional yet contemporary hospitality experience British-themed integrated resort The Londoner Macao will launch progressively in 2021, offering the best of British history and culture alongside a traditional yet contemporary hospitality experience. Sands Resorts Macao global ambassador David Beckham has brought the elements of London that he loves to The Londoner Macao. Windsor Suites offer spacious, elegant accommodation with an upscale British feel, incorporating beautifully appointed fabrics and furnishings. The Residence is an exclusive club for The Londoner Hotel guests. Representing an investment of approximately US$2 billion (MOP 16 billion), The Londoner Macao will open progressively throughout 2021. With two new all-suite hotels, guests 40

now have a choice of five leading luxury brands, eclectic dining options, enhanced retail and MICE space including a 6,000-seat arena, themed entertainment and attractions. As part of the first phase Sands China Ltd. will unveil the all-suite The Londoner Hotel, the spectacular ‘wow’ Crystal Palace atrium, new dining options and interactive London-themed attractions in Q1 2021. The official ceremony will be held in early February 2021. Robert Goldstein, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sands China Ltd.’s majority shareholder, Las Vegas Sands, said: “Our investment in The Londoner Macao is a clear signal that we believe Macao’s future as one of the world’s most important leisure and business destinations remains on course. With spectacular London-themed accommodation, dining, shopping, entertainment and landmarks,

The Londoner Macao will offer our guests another new and exciting experience while further illustrating our commitment to Macao and the expansion of its tourism offerings.” Dr. Wilfred Wong, President of Sands China Ltd., said: “Sands China Ltd. has a successful track record of creating themed properties in Macao, and The Londoner Macao joins The Venetian® Macao and The Parisian Macao as Asia’s top destinations for both the leisure and MICE markets. London is an iconic city, and we anticipate this addition will further raise the profile of Macao while increasing the number of visitors as our other flagship properties have done.” The Londoner Macao also represents the latest collaboration with Sands Resorts Macao global ambassador David Beckham. The www.HighRiseLife.com

international businessman and British icon played a central role in the promotion of the integrated resort leading up to its opening with his participation in the eye-catching campaign ‘Bringing the Best of London to Macao’. The partnership took on even greater significance when he worked with leading London interior design firm David Collins Studio to create the exclusive Suites by David Beckham, Macao’s first celebrity-designed suites, and Mr. Beckham’s first globally. David Beckham commented: “I am so excited for the launch of the first phase of The Londoner Macao and I hope guests will enjoy the London elements that are close to me. It has been amazing working with the Sands team to create the first-ever Suites by David Beckham, a project that brings together my passion for interior design with everything I love about London. These suites will present a unique experience, enhanced with personal touches from my life. We hope the Suites by David Beckham will bring guests a luxury stay while they enjoy everything The Londoner Macao has to offer.”

Suite Sensations at The Londoner Macao Exuding classic British luxury, The Londoner Macao incorporates five world-class hotel brands with over 6,000 guestrooms: the two new all-suite hotels The Londoner Hotel and Londoner Court (opening later in 2021), alongside existing properties Conrad Macao, Sheraton Grand Macao and The St. Regis Macao.

The Londoner Hotel The Londoner Hotel is an all-suite tower with interiors by Hong Kong-based Steve Leung Design Group. The hotel features approximately 600 luxury suites: the 75 square meter Louis Suites and Victoria Suites and 113 square meter Windsor Suites. Entering the suites, guests are greeted with a gallery-like foyer, for a fresh and fun first impression. Separate living room and bedroom reinforce the upscale British vibe with a neutral color palette, marble nightstands, plush fabric headboards and custom beds. An elegant chesterfield sofa and high-backed leather armchair are complemented by lively paintings and photography that give the space a bright, contemporary vibe. Bedrooms are warm and welcoming, featuring luxurious linens, while double sliding doors reveal bathrooms beautifully appointed with separate shower and Victorian-style bathtub. Frosted glass, pattern mirrors and crystal wall sconces make the space light and airy. Bathroom amenities from Aromatherapy Associates and an in-suite spa service provide revival and relaxation. The Londoner Hotel’s top two floors incorporate 14 exclusive Suites by David Beckham which will be launched later in 2021. Presenting guests with a unique luxury experience, the suites are designed by Sands Resorts Macao global ambassador David Beckham in collaboration with leading London interior design firm David Collins Studio. Ranging from 113 to 298 square meters, the Suites by David Beckham reflect the best of British design as well as Mr. Beckham’s own discerning style and sophistication. Calming and luxurious, colors are soothing yet contemporary, with all decorative elements individual and bespoke. Each suite provides warmth and charm, capturing the essence of a high-end London homestead.

February 2021


Guests will enjoy The Londoner Hotel’s fun and playful style, typified by statues of seven quintessentially British figures, or Greeters at the hotel’s lift lobbies. They include a Bobby (Victorian-era policeman), Punk, Knight, Queen’s Guard, Shakespeare, Beefeater (Tower of London guard) and Bowler-Hatted London Gentleman. This playful approach also continues into The Residence, The Londoner Hotel’s exclusive club concept.

The Residence – Exclusive Club for The Londoner Hotel The Residence is a British-style exclusive club for The Londoner Hotel guests. At over 1,100 square meters, its ultra-residential interiors, exceptional services and premium food and beverage capture a

sophisticated and luxurious London lifestyle. Created by Hong Kong’s Alan Chan Design Company, The Residence is divided into a series of rooms inspired by classic London houses and the homes of British celebrities and famous figures. Near the reception is main dining area The Green Room, inspired by the musicals of famous British composers, and a reference to the lounge in theatres where actors relax between performances. On display in the Green Room is theatre-related paraphernalia, and the background music is based on West End musicals. Part of the restaurant area is inspired by Victorian-era interior design and style and features two glass cabinets containing 442 classic British bone chinaware items. Next to the Green Room is The Lounge, a vibrant art gallery-themed room inspired by London’s contemporary art scene. Meanwhile The Bar is inspired by the classic style of famous British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It incorporates a billiard room, balcony and outdoor terrace with topiary based on characters from Alice in Wonderland by writer Lewis Carroll. The Residence serves an international buffet breakfast with signature dim sum, light refreshments including afternoon tea, all-day snacks and drinks and evening cocktails.

‘Unveiling The Londoner Macao’ Hotel Package The Londoner Hotel has launched ‘Unveiling The Londoner Macao’ hotel package to mark its opening, and welcome guests on a unique journey of bespoke experiences. The opening package starts from MOP 2,398*, and includes 42


one-night luxurious Louis Suite accommodation for two with all-day access to The Residence. The booking period is from Dec. 15, 2020, for a stay period from Jan. 22, 2021 onwards. Guests can enjoy all-day access to The Residence, including breakfast buffet, afternoon tea and selected evening cocktails. The Residence’s all-in-one reception counter service offers check-in and check-out privileges as well as other services.

Amazing Landmarks and Entertainment Guests enter The Londoner Macao through the magnificent glass-canopied Porte Cochere designed after historic Victoria Station, before arriving at the Crystal Palace, a spectacular space at the heart of the integrated resort. This light-filled, palatial atrium, highlighting superb Victorian design and construction in glass and iron is an impressive 33-meters tall and boasts an intricate ceiling immersed in rich marble finishes. Visitors will also be able to admire the full-scale Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain with Anteros, the Greek god of selfless love on its pinnacle. The Crystal Palace also stages the six-minute Changing of The Guard, a colorful display of British pageantry performed several times every day by over 20 talented artists, which will sweep visitors away to London, marking the start of their amazing journey at The Londoner Macao. Featuring The Londoner Macao’s Scots Guards and Heralding Trumpeters, the stunning spectacle adds special effects and music to recreate the London classic with a modern twist across multiple levels, utilizing spectacular LED screens with magical guard huts that appear from nowhere. Changing of The Guard will launch later in 2021. Guests can also discover Londoner Moments throughout the integrated resort, with numerous fun and interactive Instagram installations for guests to enjoy. • London Calling is a 5.2-metre red telephone box where visitors are welcomed to The Londoner Macao by the Queen’s beloved corgi Londi. • Black Cab Escape is an adventure inside an iconic London taxi with David Beckham on a fun trip around the capital’s streets, visiting the British star’s favorite spots. • It’s Teatime features giant tea cups and high tea ladies dressed in tea party fashion with flowing hats and gowns for unique selfie opportunities. February 2021

Coming attractions later in 2021 include the imposing Houses of Parliament facade and life-size 96-metre Elizabeth Tower (commonly known as ‘Big Ben’) featuring a replica of the famous clock face, which will welcome guests from far and wide with its accurate rendition of the classic bell chimes. As night falls over The Londoner Macao the beautiful architecture will come to life with captivating twice-hourly light shows across the entire building. Seasonal themes will feature specially created lighting, music and multimedia content.

Gastronomic Paradise The Londoner Macao also presents an eclectic range of British, Asian and international dining experiences, from London-inspired restaurants to celebrity chef dining outlets, and favourites widely popularized on the internet. • North Palace presents the northern Chinese cuisine of Shandong, Beijing and Inner Mongolia, providing an elevated dining experience. The restaurant’s dramatic open fire pit, rotisserie grill, duck oven and signature roasted whole Mongolian lamb and Beijing duck creates a feast for the senses. • Churchill’s Table is inspired by a classic Victorian food hall. It offers an international breakfast, all-day Mediterranean lunch and dinner, themed signature afternoon tea, entertaining evening dessert and cocktail experiences and an extensive retail area, featuring Churchill’s Table’s own branded chocolate, biscuits, cakes, sweets, bakery and pastry items, jams, honey and more. • The Mews is an authentic converted mews house (a quintessential London house) where guests can enjoy the bar’s uniquefarrier themed environment and extensive drinks menu, before experiencing the restaurant’s fine Thai cuisine. The Mews will open later in 2021.

• Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill is the celebrity chef’s authentic British gastropub with an attractive bar and lounge, array of draught beers, cocktails and classic British cuisine. This includes his signature beef wellington, shepherd’s pie, ale-battered fish and chips and some of the best steaks in town. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill will open later in 2021. • The St. Regis Bar at The St. Regis Macao has confirmed its position as Macao’s premier venue with an exquisite redesign, complete with enhanced cocktail and dining offerings. The St. Regis X Royal Albert 100 Years Afternoon Tea offers guests an impeccable selection of fine teas and refreshments in collaboration with famed British fine bone china brand, Royal Albert. The bar offers a unique jazz vibe, complete with live music as the sun sets in the evening.

Retail Heaven The rebranded and expanded Shoppes at Londoner retail mall incorporates over 150 fashion and lifestyle boutiques and stores, from high street to haute couture. The moment visitors step foot on the sunlit retail district of The Londoner Macao, they will feel transported to London’s classic shopping streets: chic boutiques at Bond Street, Mayfair and Savile Row, and quaint stores in Soho and Covent Garden. Already well underway, Shoppes at Londoner will be completed throughout 2021. The Londoner Macao will complement The Venetian Macao and The Parisian Macao as Macao’s must-see destinations. Visitors can enjoy moments of surprise and delight in the luxurious comfort of Macao’s dynamic new themed integrated resort, which sets benchmarks for design, guest experience and service. For more information, please visit www.londonermacao.com. 43


Photos Courtesy of Seabourn

Seabourn Sets the Scene for Adventures in Wellness Design by Adam D. Tihany and wellness offerings by Dr. Andrew Weil create a destination for guests to relax and unwind while on adventures at sea Seabourn, the ultra-luxury ocean travel experience, is building expectations for wellness, pampering and relaxation with the release of details and imagery of Spa & Wellness aboard the line’s new ultraluxury purpose-built expedition ships. Occupying a space all its own on Deck 7, Spa & Wellness has been designed by Adam. D. Tihany and will offer many opportunities for guests to enhance their expedition with physical, social, environmental and spiritual wellbeing through its onboard Mindful Living Program: Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil. “Spa & Wellness is sure to be a standout space for our guests to embrace feelings of wellbeing in the midst of adventure on expeditions to the wonders of the world on our expedition ships,” noted Josh Leibowitz, president of Seabourn. “Over the past year, wellness has grown in importance in many people’s personal lives, and our highly trained staff will be devoted to providing a robust series of mind 44

and body programs and rejuvenating treatments developed in collaboration with Dr. Weil to ensure travelers can relax, reconnect, and recharge during their time on board.” As conceived by Tihany, who is fashioning the design of interior and exterior guest areas throughout the ships, Spa & Wellness is at once sleek, serene, and inviting. The 3,700-square-foot space integrates the concept of a contemporary ‘floating forest,’ with details including a textured tree-inspired art mural, light wood-and-bronze material palette, and live wood features to usher guests into the reception area. Striking natural stone flooring plays off muted sage and orange accent colors found throughout the spa, while the branches of the ‘floating forest’ spread like delicate fingers into four tranquil treatment rooms, each arrayed with neutral, textured wall coverings, light wood, and bronze accents. www.HighRiseLife.com

Tihany’s design touches continue into the spa’s yoga and fitness areas, both of which feature an open wall of windows for guests to soak up floor-to-ceiling views of the sparkling seas and coastal panoramas gliding by outside. The spa’s sauna will also offer floor-to-ceiling windows, a new design amenity for Seabourn and unique to the expedition ships. Integral to the Spa & Wellness experience on board will be the popular Mindful Living Program, developed by Dr. Andrew Weil and currently available across the Seabourn fleet. Led by a specially trained Mindful Living Coach, the program will comprise a holistic mind-and-body approach to wellbeing, offering complimentary yoga and guided meditation sessions, as well as illuminating seminars on topics ranging from integrative medicine to nutrition, pain management to creative aging, and more. Skilled therapists will offer massage for the face and body, as well as detox, cleansing and wrap services. The fitness center within the spa will be outfitted with a range of cardio and strength equipment, with a Fitness Director on hand to offer spot-on assessments and train guests in various fitness regimes. A full-service salon will also be part of the scene, with hair styling, facials, manicures and pedicures available for women and men. Seabourn Venture is scheduled to launch in December 2021, with the second yet-to-be-named sister ship slated to launch in 2022. Seabourn Venture will sail on a series of 10- to 14-day Norwegian Winter voyages during her inaugural season between December 2021 and April 2022. Both ships will be designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards and will include a plethora of modern hardware and technology that will extend the ships global deployment and capabilities. A new and exciting offering will be two custom-built submarines carried onboard, providing an unforgettable view of the world beneath the ocean’s surface. The ships will also be designed to carry expedition kayaks and 24 Zodiacs that can accommodate all onboard guests at once, which will allow for a truly immersive experience. Both expedition vessels will feature an onboard crew that will include outstanding and well-traveled February 2021

expedition teams comprised of highly regarded wilderness experts, scientists, historians and naturalists. These fascinating, accomplished experts are also part of the Seabourn Conversations program, providing in-depth insights into the history, ecology, and culture of the places they visit. Each ship will feature 132 luxurious oceanfront suites with furnished verandas. More details about public spaces and suites on the new expedition ships will continue to be revealed in the coming months. Guests of Seabourn experience extraordinary offerings and programs, including partnerships with leading entertainers, dining, personal health and wellbeing, and engaging speakers. For reservations or more details, please visit www.seabourn.com. 45


Photos Courtesy of Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel Miami Celebrates 95th Anniversary Written by Merilee Kern, MBA

What do Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, Presidents Clinton, Eisenhower and Joe Biden and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor have in common? They have all stayed at the historic Biltmore Hotel in the exclusive Coral Gables area of Miami, Florida. As the esteemed and storied property recently celebrated its 95th Anniversary—having impressively been in operation since 1926—I thought it was fine time to check in with this hospitality powerhouse that has endured decade after decade ... even weathering the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 that sent the industry at large into a tailspin.


A South Florida national historic landmark, The Biltmore Hotel features spectacular Mediterranean architecture with classic Italian, Moorish and Spanish influences over 150 acres of tropical landscape. The recently renovated property, which is a member of Preferred Hotels and Resorts, offers 271 guest rooms, including 174 suites, ranging from junior to executive. The luxurious new rooms boast views of the hotel’s unique pool and superb golf course, as well as the magnificent city skyline beyond.

Here, guests can immerse themselves in luxury and endless amenities, including a world-renowned European Spa and Salon; a spectacular swimming pool featuring private poolside cabanas; ten lighted tennis courts; the recently restored 18-hole Donald Ross Championship Golf Course (home of the Jim Mclean Golf Academy); a choice of four restaurants; and an Educational Culinary Academy. Speaking of restaurants, The Biltmore Hotel offers various sophisticated dining experiences.


The property treats guests to myriad of award-winning culinary options in a stunning historic setting with indoor, outdoor, formal and casual dining available. The Biltmore also notably features a classic afternoon tea service accompanied by live music. Plus, the geo-location is outstanding. The Biltmore Hotel is situated within minutes of downtown Coral Gables and the illustrious Miracle Mile, where a large variety of renowned restaurants, boutiques and businesses are located. The hotel is also a short drive away from downtown Miami and Miami Beach, among other major area attractions. Understanding (with hope) that travel in 2021 will kick back into gear in a big way, and with Miami enduring as a key destination for both leisure and business travelers, The Biltmore Hotel is seemingly a key area asset that can help bolster the region’s tourism sector at large. This, especially amid its ability to host large corporate, conference, meeting and event groups. With all of this in mind, I connected recently with The Biltmore Hotel’s Director of Marketing, Sam Francois, who was understandably eager to highlight the strength, stamina and uniqueness of this luxury resort; February 2021

what it is offering for 2021; and plans for its future beyond. Here is what he had to say. How did The Biltmore persevere amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020? The Biltmore has survived the difficulties of 2020 because of the resilience of our team: our deep devotion to service, guests and the community. As well, the Coral Gables community has steadfastly supported the hotel along with our Biltmore resort members. We are a national historic landmark and we have worked to stay true to our roots as the icon of the Coral Gables. How will The Biltmore be conducting business in 2021 to assure guest health and safety—and confidence related thereto? The Biltmore team has innovated in the areas of health and safety with multiple items. We conducted multiple deep cleanings of the entire hotel during the COVID-19 period and we have placed hands free door openers at bathrooms. There are strict, consistent cleaning protocols throughout the property. We have used CDC guidelines and consulted with health professionals on the best methodologies to employ for physical distancing of restaurant tables, retail areas, outside areas—including the pool deck and our golf course. We are consistently checking CDC guidelines to ensure we are following up-to-date protocols. 47

What packages are you promoting for Spring and Summer 2021? What we have found is that guests want flexibility in last minute stays. We now provide a last-minute offer where guests can get 10 percent off their stay if booking within a seven-day window. Health and wellness is a core concern, so on Mondays the Spa provides nearly 30 percent off select treatments. Biltmore members save an additional 20 percent off all of our outlets, golf and spa. How would you sum up The Biltmore’s current approach to hospitality? Our approach to hospitality is centered on service and flexibility. We wants guests staying here to enjoy the luxury, amenities and the overall area surrounding our hotel. Our staff goes through a rigorous training to ensure that they are providing unparalleled service throughout the property. When guests approach our front desk, they can be confident in knowing that they will be greeted with warmth and hospitality. What qualities set this hotel apart from other luxury accommodation options in the Miami area? There are not many places in Miami where you get the advantage of having a golf course, fitness center, pool, tennis courts, multiple restaurants, retail shops, cabanas, business center and conference rooms all in one location. We even have a small theater adjacent to the property that held various off-Broadway type plays. That is currently suspended now due to COVID-19 but, the point remains that all anyone can want in terms of entertainment and luxury is here. What might people NOT know about the hotel, but should? The Biltmore Hotel has stayed true to its design and heritage, including Mediterranean and Spanish influences. Physical changes to the hotel need to be approved by a board so, unlike other hotels, we strive to adhere to local regulations, as well as national historic


landmark specifications for our hotel. When we completed our $35 million renovation in 2018, we modernized several aspects of the hotel, but also kept all of the original designs and specifications. So, while the rooms are new, our windows meet all code guidelines. Our common areas are revamped, but we have maintained a lot of the original influences in the design. In fact, if you look at pictures from 30 to 40 years ago, you still see similar design and architecture with hints of updates throughout. The hotel has been a community staple for decades. What are some of the newer goals for the destination? The newer goals for the destination include highlighting our Jim McLean Golf School. It is a world-class golf destination with extensive technical, computer-aided tools to help golf patrons. Despite the extensive room upgrades, we are constantly adding new features to our rooms. COVID-19 has made us look at ways to improve health and safety throughout the property even after the pandemic has subsided. How will The Biltmore continue to maintain and or elevate its image? The Biltmore maintains and elevates its image by not only staying true to its designation as a national historic landmark, but by innovating and responding to guests evolving preferences. Guests love our golf course, our technologically advanced Jim McLean Golf School, our world-class business center and conference rooms. This is coupled with numerous events planned throughout the year that not only employ social distancing and safety, but also spectacle—these speak to the strength of our brand and image.

What is your personal favorite aspect of the property? There are so many aspects of the property that are too numerous to name. But a personal favorite is that there is never a lack of things to do. Every day there’s an activity planned from spin classes, to tennis lessons, to Sunday Brunch, to lunch overlooking the golf course the list is endless. As a guest or a visitor, you can come here and never experience all that it has to offer. Any celebrities you can publicly cite by name that have stayed at the location? Biltmore is a staple for many politicians. Visits from the likes of Marco Rubio, Steve Bovo, Daniella Levine, Cava, model Karolina Kurkova, Luis Fonsi, NBA players and NFL players—to name a few. With all of this, it’s no surprise that The Biltmore Hotel is one of South Florida’s preferred destinations for leisure and business travel, as well as the perfect location for an incredible destination wedding. I, for one, will remain eager to be on-site celebrating this historic hotel’s relatively imminent Centennial.

About the Author Forbes Business Council Member Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist. As a prolific branding and marketplace trends pundit, Merilee reports on titans of industry: change makers, movers, shakers and innovators across all categories, both B2C and B2B. Merilee’s cross-media platform work reaches an audience in the multiple millions each month through an array of broadcast TV programs, print and online publications as well as terrestrial radio. Connect with her at TheLuxeList.com and SavvyLiving.tv | Instagram @LuxeListReports | Twitter @LuxeListReports | Facebook: Facebook.com/LuxeListReports | LinkedIN: LinkedIn.com/in/MerileeKern.



Photos by Amanda Nowak Photography

New Las Vegas Art Gallery Exceeds Expectations Despite Pandemic Restrictions The new Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery at Caesars Palace is seeing strong sales and attendance from travelers wanting to experience art in person 50


Opening a new business venture during COVID-19 can be a risky proposition. However, the owners of Las Vegas’ newest art museum and gallery are thrilled with the response they’ve seen since moving to the Las Vegas Strip. When the Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery opened in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in late December, the management team had no way to know if locals and tourists would be interested in visiting an art museum with the city’s COVID restrictions in place.

The free-to-the-public Park West Fine Art & Museum offers guests over 7,000-square-feet of art to explore. More than half of the location is dedicated to their museum collection, which presents a curated selection of masterworks from some of the greatest artists in history. Guests can find works that have appeared in museum exhibitions around the world from legendary artists like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Toulouse-Lautrec, among others.

“With the current occupancy limits, we had very modest expectations,” said Albert Scaglione, Founder and CEO of Park West Gallery, the world’s largest art dealer. “We knew wanted to be in Las Vegas and we knew that people were still traveling to Vegas, but we didn’t know if those travelers would seek out a new art museum with everything that’s going on. On the contrary, almost immediately, we realized that the chance to experience art in person was exactly what a lot of these people were looking for.”

The remaining space at the new Park West Vegas location is dedicated to artists from their gallery collection—these are works of art that are available to purchase for interested guests. There is art available for every level of collector from many of today’s most popular artists such as Peter Max, Michael Godard, Nano Lopez, and Mark Kostabi, to name a few. “While we’ve been excited to see how much people are loving our museum space, we’re equally happy to see how strong our art sales have been,” said Block. “I think there’s something really special about collecting art, particularly during the times we’re living in right now. It’s a very tactile, emotional, and physical experience, and it’s fantastic seeing people light up because they know they can take this new painting or new sculpture home with them.”

According to John Block, Park West’s Executive Vice President, the new museum exceeded all their attendance and sales expectations within the first week and that trend has only continued to grow. “Every week, it just gets better and better. Vegas is embracing us in a way that we never could have anticipated,” said Block. “We’re strict about our COVID protocols but people keep thanking us for providing this expansive space where they can browse art and really get up close to see the brushstrokes and the textures. People are hungry for in-person experiences right now and we’re happy that we can provide something beautiful and interesting that’s meeting that need.”

The owners of the new Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery are also quick to point out how generous the Las Vegas community has been ever since they opened. “From day one, Las Vegas has been wonderful to us,” said Scaglione. “The people at Caesars have been exceptionally welcoming and our neighbors at the Forum Shops have told us how happy they are to have us there. It’s great to see art and fellowship thriving as we’re all struggling to overcome this pandemic.” Park West has big plans to keep expanding their presence in Las Vegas. In the coming weeks, they have plans to have some of their top artists make special appearances at the Vegas Museum & Gallery and they’re also exploring how the Park West Foundation, the company’s charitable arm, can begin contributing to local arts education efforts. “Las Vegas has shown us that they’re a city that loves and appreciates art,” said Block. “We’re looking forward to showing Vegas that we love them too.” The Park West Fine Art Museum & Gallery is located at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. For more information, please visit www.parkwestvegas.com.

February 2021





For Adults with Acne Clear-Skin Options Can Be Antibiotic-Free Dermatologist Suzanne Friedler, MD with Advanced Dermatology PC, Shares Tips on Treating Adult Acne Without Using Antibiotics In ancient Rome, the physician Theodosius advised those suffering from acne to view a falling star: Pimples, he said, would fall away, too. “Like us, the ancients contended with problem skin,” notes Dr. Suzanne Friedler, a dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology PC. “Now we have ways to treat acne, which can be especially vexing for adults. And as our understanding of this common skin condition increases, so do effective therapies that do not involve antibiotics.”

5 Tips for Treating Adult Acne Without Antibiotics

Acne is the number one skin problem in the United States, affecting as many as 50 million people, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. “It’s not simply a problem of adolescence,” explains Dr. Friedler. “Increasingly, we’re seeing adults battling acne, in particular women, fifteen percent of whom are trying to resolve breakout-prone skin.”

2. Consider a non-antibiotic Rx: “Your dermatologist’s medicine cabinet,” advises Dr. Friedler, “holds effective treatments that avoid antibiotics. These include prescription topical creams and washes, as well as both topical and oral retinoids. The oral retinoid Isotretinoin has unmatched success against severe, stubborn acne. Make sure that you discuss any potential side effects. Isotretinoin, for example, requires careful monitoring.”

The pimples that often pop up on teenagers’ faces – as many as eighty-five percent experience acne – can persist into adulthood. And, in some cases, individuals who were spared problem skin during adolescence may experience first-time breakouts as adults. “Untreated, acne can leave scars, both visible and psychological,” emphasizes Dr. Friedler. “It is implicated in social anxiety and depression, causing major repercussions in patients’ lives. Research shows that, unaddressed, this toll is even greater for adults.” A pimple is the result of converging factors. Genetics can play a role in triggering inflammation and overproduction of the skin oil sebum, which leads to plugged hair follicles: skin pores clogged with dead skin cells and the namesake skin bacteria p. acnes.

3. Out-patient procedures can help too: “Lasers, chemical peels and come done extraction can help speed resolution of the acne. While lasers, peels and micro needling can help with discoloration and acne scarring,” Dr. Friedler lists. “Your skin care specialist can use a number of techniques to address both acne lesions and the scarring and discoloration acne can leave behind.”

“Research,” observes Dr. Friedler, “has given us a more nuanced understanding of the complex interactions that are at play, with the body’s immune and endocrine systems governing inflammatory processes and the sebaceous glands that produce sebum.” Traditionally, the arsenal of acne treatments has included antibiotics, both in topical and oral form. “Antibiotics,” explains Dr. Friedler, “can tackle the p. acnes bacteria. But they also can lead to bacterial resistance and create problems with maintaining our body’s good bacteria.” With that in mind, Dr. Friedler has the following tips for treating adult acne without relying on antibiotics. February 2021

1. Break the breakout cycle with hormonal treatment: “Androgens,” says Dr. Friedler, “are hormones that can trigger excess sebum. For women, excess androgens can be regulated with combination oral contraceptives and androgen blockers like Spironolactone. This treatment can break the breakout cycle.”

4. Maintenance matters: “Treating acne is the first step,” states Dr. Friedler. “Next, patients want to work with their skin-care specialist to keep their skin clear. This means sticking with effective preventative medication. For less severe acne products like benzoyl peroxide, sodium sulfacetamide and salicylic acid can play a role. Developing an everyday skincare routine is also essential: gentle, non-soap cleansing – no scrubbing; regular moisturizing to prevent overproduction of sebum; and careful choice of products – labels with ‘non-comedogenic’ signal that the product won’t clog pores.” 5. Stay tuned for new treatments: “There are trials underway for new ways to disrupt the system misfires that trigger acne,” notes Dr. Friedler. “Work with a dermatologist who stays aware of breakthroughs in the field to make the most of new options.” “Adult acne is a serious condition,” concludes Dr. Friedler. “Fortunately, we have increasing on-the-ground treatments that do not always include antibiotics.” 53


Los Angeles

Long Beach

Las Vegas


February 2021

ALLURE LAS VEGAS 200 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102

PALMS PLACE 4381 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

SKY LAS VEGAS 2700 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

TURNBERRY TOWERS 222 Karen Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

WALDORF ASTORIA LAS VEGAS 3750 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89158

PANORAMA TOWERS 4525 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103

SOHO LOFTS 900 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

VDARA 2600 W Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89158

METROPOLIS 360 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

PARK HOUSE 8925 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147

THE OGDEN 150 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

VEER TOWERS 3722 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

MGM SIGNATURE 145 E Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109

PARK TOWERS 1 Hughes Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89169

ONE LAS VEGAS 8255 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89123

TRUMP LAS VEGAS 2000 Fashion Show Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

NEWPORT LOFTS 200 Hoover Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

PLATINUM 211 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

JUHL LAS VEGAS 353 E Bonneville Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

LOFT 5 2715 W Pebble Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89123

ONE QUEENSRIDGE PLACE 9103 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145

REGENCY TOWERS 3111 Bel Air Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

TURNBERRY PLACE 2747 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

AQUA 388 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

WEST OCEAN TOWERS 411 West Seaside Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

QUEENS SURF 1750 Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

ST REGIS 1030 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

COOPER ARMS 455 Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

LAFAYETTE BUILDING 140 Linden Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE ROYAL PALMS 100 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE VERSAILLES 2601 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90803

HARBOR PLACE TOWER 525 East Seaside Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

OCEAN CLUB 1310 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802

THE ROYAL PALMS 100 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802

GALAXY TOWER 2999 East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90803

1100 WILSHIRE 1100 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017

METROPOLIS CONDOS 899 Francisco Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017

THE CENTURY 1 Century Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90067

THE CALIFORNIAN 10800 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

PERLA ON BROADWAY 359 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

RITZ-CARLTON 900 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

THE MERCURY 3810 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90005

WILSHIRE REGENT 10501 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

EASTERN COLUMBIA LOFTS 849 Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

SIERRA TOWERS 9255 Doheny Road, Los Angeles, CA 90069

THE REMINGTON 10727 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024

EVO CONDOS 1155 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

SKYLOFTS 801 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017

THE WILSHIRE COMSTOCK THE LINE LOFTS 1737 N Las Palmas Ave, 865 Comstock Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Los Angeles, CA 90024

LOS FELIZ TOWERS 4411 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Feliz, CA 90027

TEN50 CONDOS 1050 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

W HOLLYWOOD 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028

WALDORF ASTORIA BEVERLY HILLS 9850 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

CROWN TOWERS 10701 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024



San Jose

San Francisco

San Diego



ACQUA VISTA CONDOS 425 West Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92101

THE GRANDE 1199 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101

THE MARK 800 The Mark Lane, San Diego, CA 92101

RENAISSANCE 645 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101


1325 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101

HARBOR CLUB 100-200 Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

MERIDIAN 700 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

TREO 1240 India Street, San Diego, CA 92101

CITYFRONT TERRACE 500 West Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

HORIZONS 555 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

THE METROPOLITAN 165 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

SMART CORNER 1080 Park Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101

DISCOVERY AT CORTEZ HILL ICON 850 Beech Street, 321 Tenth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 San Diego, CA 92101

CORTEZ BLU 801 Ash, San Diego, CA 92101

ALTA CONDOS 575 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

ELECTRA 700 W E Street, San Diego, CA 92101

LA VITA 300 West Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92101

PINNACLE TOWER 550 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

ARIA CONDOS 1441 9th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

829 FOLSOM 829 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

ARTERRA CONDOS 300 Berry Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

ONE MISSION BAY Channel St. & 3rd St. San Francisco, CA 94158

THE BRANNAN 219-239 Branna Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

170 OFF THIRD 170 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

181 FREMONT 181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

ONE RINCON HILL 425 1st Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE HAMILTON 631 Ofarrell Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

333 BUSH STREET CONDOS 300 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

CATHEDRAL HILL TOWER 1200 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

ONE HAWTHORNE 1 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE HARRISON 401 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94105


BRIDGEVIEW 400 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

ROCKWELL CONDOS 1688 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94109


750 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 69 CLEMENTINA 69 Clementina Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

ONE HAWTHORNE 1 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

SOMA GRAND CONDOS 1160 Mision Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

THE SUMMIT 999 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

888 SEVENTH STREET 888 Seventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

MONTGOMERY WASHINGTON TOWER 611 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

ST. REGIS RESIDENCIES 188 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

THE WATERMARK 501 Beale Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

ARDEN CONDOS 738 Long Bridge Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

72 TOWNSEND 72 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

FOUR SEASONS RESIDENCES 765 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

GRAMERCY TOWERS 1177 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

THE 88 CONDOS 88 East San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA 95113

MONTEBELLO CONDOS 20488 Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA 95014

CITY HEIGHTS 175 W Saint James St, San Jose, CA 95110

PLANT 51 88 Bush St. San Jose, CA 95126


ONYX CONDOS 912 Campisi Way, Campbell, CA 95008

RYLAND MEWS 400 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95112

PARK TOWNSEND 46 West Julian Street, San Jose, CA 95110

38 North Almaden Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95110

88 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107