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ila Ava

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36,000 sqft property, 4 Car Garage, Gorgeous Meticulous in the North Cliffs, Pool with 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, gourmet kitchen for the gourmet chef.



ila Ava

ila Ava

Elegant, custom built, perfect for entertaining. 7 Bedrooms, 6.5 Baths.

Stunning, one of a kind in North Cliffs 7 Bedrooms, 6 full and 3 half baths.

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November-December 2010


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Hi Class Living

November-December 2010



Hi Class Living

Contents Features 14 Seeking Shelter In Storm Saves Lives


18 Going Through A Divorce 20 Natural Pheromones Can Enhance Romance Fashion 24 Finding The Camel Connection 26 Luxe Be A Lady 30 Tailored Made 32 Going Gray: Top Menswear Trends

24 32

On the cover Monroe Oil on Canvas by John Payne Courtesy of Discovery Galleries, Ltd. 301-913-9199 November-December 2010


Carolann Tutera felt awful – and she didn’t know why. Her energy was gone, replaced by extra weight; she was soaking the sheets with night sweats, and a near-permanent bad mood had sucked the joy from her life. “I was miserably mean,” she says. But she chalked it up to the unpleasant effects of aging, thinking she had to live with the hand she was dealt. Then Carolann turned an ear to the buzz in the waiting room of her husband’s clinic. Working as an OB/GYN at the time, Dr. Gino Tutera was developing an impressive clientele. Women were flying in from all around the country, flocking to see Dr. Tutera – but it wasn’t just his bedside manner making him a well-known name. It was an innovative treatment called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and it was giving women their lives back. Listening to these women rave about the effects, Carolann decided she had nothing to lose by giving BHRT a try. It was a smart move; baseline labs revealed that Carolann had the hormonal levels of a woman far beyond her age. Soon, with the help of Dr. Tutera and his revolutionary hormone replacement therapy, Carolann’s life did a dramatic turnaround. She slept better, regained her usual high energy levels, felt happier, and lost the stubborn pounds she’d packed on. Even her skin looked smoother and brighter. ”People thought I’d had work done,” she says. Ever since then, Carolann has been one of the leading champions for her husband’s cause – and his SottoPelle® hormone pellet therapy has skyrocketed as increasingly more people, men and women alike, have learned of the amazing benefits it can offer. “My job is to help you improve your quality of life so you can enjoy your life,” says Dr. Tutera. An individualized dosage of natural, plant derived hormones restores levels to perfect equilibrium; the effective pellet delivery system ensures a steady stream of hormones is available when the body needs it most. The result is a return to an optimal, youthful balance – and, for people like Carolann, a return to their former, vibrant selves. “It absolutely changed my life, she says. “It has made such a huge impact in my life, and my relationships with others.” Now she enjoys watching others undergo the same thrilling transformation, and sharing their delight as they regain a vitality once thought to be gone forever. It’s as though SottoPelle® patients have found the proverbial Fountain of Youth – in convenient pellet form.


Hi Class Living

38 Lifestyle 36 Lifestyle Buzz 38 Unusual Laws To Watch Out For While On Vacation 40 Passionate Volunteers Accrue Health Benefits Holidays 42 Gorgeous Gourds 46 Holiday Eating Can Wreck Diet 50 Gifts


Home Decor 56 Pick A Rug That Will Floor You 60 A Sink Of Glass Adds Bathroom Class



November-December 2010


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Hi Class Living

62 Health And Fitness 62 Reducing Anger Can Make You Happy 64 Red Grape Antioxidant Is One Benefit Of Wine Careeres 68 Your Employees’ “Ordinary Greatness” Can Save Your Company


Travel 72 Simple Ideas To Organize Travel Plans 74 Cruising the Mediterranean On Azamara Quest 80 Maine’s Coastal Cities departments 84 NYC 86 News And Openings 88 Dining at Its Best


November-December 2010


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Alpine/Demarest Residential Estate Lots Available ALPINE - Quintessential Residence

This gated residence built in 2008 offers the ultimate from the Clive Christian kitchen to the beautiful pool and English gardens. Meticulously detailed this home offers amenities such as an exquisitely designed library with exotic woods executed by Manhattan Cabinetry with Chesney marble fireplace mantle and a state-of -the -art media center by JD Audio with dramatic onyx bar with custom birds eye maple cabinetry. The beautifully appointed family room with fireplace and media center, elegant formal living room with fireplace, luxurious master suite with fireplace, 2nd master suite and four additional bedroom suites, playroom with custom built-ins and professional gym allow for gracious entertaining and comfortable family living. A rare opportunity to own a home that is a masterpiece of design and impeccable beauty.

Closter - Architectural Masterpiece

This majestic brick and stone cast colonial was built in 2008 with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Set on approximately .75 acre of level property with circular drive and beautiful pool. This custom built residence offers over 10,000 sq. ft. of luxury with high ceilings, architectural moldings throughout, custom kitchen with separate turret shaped breakfast room, banquet-size dining room, two story family Room with fireplace, serene master suite with sitting room and dual fireplace. Plus 6 additional bedroom suites with designer baths, home theater, wine cellar and much more.

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Contributors: Rallie McAllister, M.D. Sarah Welch, Alicia Rockmore, Sharon Mosley, Connie Motz Dr. David Lipschitz, Mary Carol Garrity, Ed Del Grande Rachel Friedman , Dottie DeHart, Jane Rubin, Marius Rubin, Guy Raviv, Scripps Howard News.

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November-December 2010

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Hi Class Living

Seeking Shelter Saves


f your work or play takes you into the great outdoors, there’s a good chance that you may find yourself seeking shelter in a storm, and the lightning that accompanies it.

In the U.S., lightning is the second most common storm-related cause of death, exceeded only by floods. Lightning, defined as an atmospheric discharge of electricity, can travel from a thundercloud to the ground at speeds greater than 130,000 miles per hour. It can heat the air in its immediate vicinity to temperatures that are three times hotter than the surface of the sun. Lightning can zap vulnerable people and objects with millions

November-December 2010

of volts of electricity. That’s considerably more than the 110 volts supplied by the electrical outlets in your home. In spite of its awesome power, lightning isn’t always deadly. A flash can come and go in a millisecond, and this brief duration is what allows many of its victims to survive. People with minor lightning injuries are typically stunned and confused, and often don’t remember being struck. Headaches, weakness and temporary loss of vision or


In Storm Lives By Rallie McAllister, M.D.

hearing may linger afterward, but most victims recover fully. People who experience major lightning injuries suffer far more serious complications. The skin can be severely burned by melting metal and rubber from zippers and shoe soles, and by moisture from rainwater when it is instantly vaporized to steam. A lightning strike often causes the eardrums to rupture and may lead to the formation of cataracts on the eyes within days of the injury. Some victims suffer perma-


Hi Class Living

by squatting in a tucked position, with nent paralysis or brain damage. Lightning strikes can be devastating, but only the balls of your feet touching the the good news is that you can take steps ground. When lightning strikes, you may not to avoid being struck in the first place. It’s be the only one in danger. always best to stay indoors Although most lightning when a storm is brewing, fatalities involve a single but if you’re caught off You’ll know person, it’s not uncommon guard when you’re outside for several victims to be in the elements, you may that you’re in struck at once. need to take emergency If you’re unscathed when measures. grave danger others are injured, you can If you can hear thunder, be a lifesaver. If there’s a lighting is close enough to if you feel phone in your immediate strike you. The sound of vicinity, call 911. thunder should be your your hair Contrary to popular becue to immediately stop lief, lightning victims aren’t what you’re doing and standing on electrically charged, so they head for a safe shelter, don’t pose any threat to which includes a substanend, hear their rescuers. Although tial building or the inside of crackling it may seem counterintuian enclosed, metal-topped tive, you should first try to vehicle. noises or help anyone who appears As you dash to safety, to be dead, and start CPR drop any objects that may if objects (cardiopulmonary resusciserve as lightning rods, tation) if necessary. such as golf clubs, fishing around you After a lightning strike, poles and umbrellas. Once a person’s heart may stop you reach shelter, it’s wise appear to be beating and respiration to stay put for at least a half may cease, at least tempohour after you hear the last surrounded rarily. In many cases, the clap of thunder. heart will resume beating If you’re in the water by blue on its own in a matter of when a storm approaches, get out immediately and haloes. These moments. The ability to breathe move as far away as postakes much longer to resible. If you’re stranded are signs that turn, and without respirain an open area with no tory assistance, oxygen safe shelter in site, you can lightning deprivation may lead to reduce your risk of injury is about to death. When rescue breathby moving to the lowest ing is given until the victim point in the land and by strike. is able to breathe alone, the staying away from single chances of survival increase trees, towers or poles. dramatically. You’ll know that you’re Although it’s entirely possible to survive in grave danger if you feel your hair standing on end, hear crackling noises or lightning-related injuries, most people if objects around you appear to be sur- would agree that it’s far better to avoid rounded by blue haloes. These are signs them in the first place. Seeking shelter that lightning is about to strike, and it’s in a storm will reduce your risk of being struck by lightning, and it might even save time to hit the deck — now! You can make yourself less of a target your life. ∆ November-December 2010



Hi Class Living

Going Through


etting a divorce

can be one of the most difficult periods in anyone’s life. In addition to the heartbreaking end of a marriage, there are often difficult decisions that need to be made. Where do the kids live? Who gets the house? How do you divide up the assets?

November-December 2010


A Divorce

By Sarah Welch And Alicia Rockmore

It’s exhausting, emotionally and financially, and can make an already trying time seem almost unbearable. No matter how happy you are or secure you feel, it may happen to you. Here are the basics that everyone needs to know: Be your Own Finance Whiz You don’t have to love it, but you do have to learn it. Nobody should be without the basics of his or her particular financial situation. Don’t let one person handle everything. Set up a recurring “State of the Union” meeting once a year to discuss the entire financial picture with your spouse. It’s more than just the checking account. Find out about your life insurance, retirement accounts, college-savings accounts, etc. One-Stop Shopping Put together a binder or folder that functions as a one-stop spot for your most important information. Buttoned Up’s Life.Doc binder is a perfect example, but anything that keeps track of your account numbers, contact information, policy numbers and other vital information will work. It seems rather simple, since it’s really just a compilation of information such 34


Hi Class Living

Natural Pheromon Enhance Roma By Rallie McAllister, M.D.


nless you’ve ever observed a sow rooting for a truffle, you might not fully appreciate the power of pheromones. One tantalizing whiff of the truffle scent transforms a normally placid creature into a love-crazed maniac. In her frenzy to locate the object of her fascination, she will dig, root and wallow the earth -- apparently oblivious to the effort and personal discomfort involved. The truffle itself doesn’t appear to be exceptionally attractive -- and is probably November-December 2010

unworthy of any pig’s undying devotion. A German scientist, pondering the porcine passion for truffles, set out to determine the reason for all the fuss. He discovered that truffles contain high concentrations of androstenol, a hormone normally produced by boars. Interestingly, the hormone found in truffles and boars is remarkably similar to steroids produced by human males. Although the effects of the hormones don’t seem to be as potent in people as they are


es Can nce


Turn Your




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When the women were seated in rooms that had been sprayed with androstenol, they ranked men in photographs as being significantly more attractive.


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in pigs, they still exist to an impressive degree. Researchers tested the effects of these steroids on women volunteers. When the women were seated in rooms that had been sprayed with androstenol, they ranked men in photographs as being significantly more attractive than when they viewed the same photos in untreated rooms. As it turns out, the androstenol in truffles acts as a pheromone -- a hormonal substance secreted by animals and insects throughout the wild kingdom. These creatures use pheromones as chemical messengers to attract potential mates. The male silkworm moth, for example, can pinpoint an eligible bachelorette nearly seven miles away in response to a single molecule of her seductive scent. With this in mind, animal pheromones are commonly used as ingredients in perfumes and colognes. In its natural form, musk is derived from the male musk deer. A gland near the tail of the civet cat is the original source of a costly fragrance by the same name. Amber was initially isolated from whale intestines. Jasmine contains small concentrations of skatole and indole, compounds normally present in animal droppings. Until recently, it was widely accepted that humans were incapable of detecting or responding to pheromones. A few upstart scientists challenged this dogma, accumulating substantial scientific evidence to refute the long-held belief. The potency of pheromones was clearly demonstrated nearly a half-century ago by Dr. David Berliner, a scientist at the University of Utah. While working on experiments involving skin cells in his laboratory, he noticed that when vials containing the skin samples were open, the members of his staff underwent striking behavioral changes. Once prone to bouts of bickering, his colleagues displayed a new spirit of camaraderie and cohesiveness. When Berliner’s experiment ended and the vials were sealed, his associates returned to their former contentious ways. November-December 2010

When the vials were reopened, the positive changes reappeared. After years of additional work, Berliner succeeded in isolating the mood-altering substances, which he identified as pheromones. The compounds were remarkably similar to those produced by animals to attract potential mates. Berliner also identified the human organ responsible for pheromone perception -- the vomeronasal organ, or VNO. The VNO lies nestled in the membranes covering the nasal septum, with tiny, slitlike openings in each nostril. Although the VNO had been discovered years earlier, it was believed to be completely nonfunctional in men and women. More recently, researchers at Rockefeller University in New York discovered what appears to be a pheromone receptor gene in the olfactory tissue of humans. The gene, dubbed V1RL1, appears to be fully functional -- capable of receiving pheromone signals from other humans and triggering emotional and physical responses in the recipient. Although you can buy commercially produced pheromones, there’s really no reason to spend a dime of your hardearned money on expensive colognes. You’ll find plenty of pheromones right under your nose -- or under your armpits, to be more specific. Pheromones mix with perspiration from glands under the arms and other body parts. Evaporation facilitates their release into the surrounding air. With all that’s known about pheromones, it’s interesting to contemplate the rituals involved in modern-day dating. Men and women scrub themselves squeaky clean and then slather on synthetic scents. While perfumes and colognes are often used to attract potential partners, they’re probably not nearly as effective as natural pheromones. It’s hard to believe that abstaining from bathing could actually increase your allure, but there seems to be plenty of scientific evidence supporting this theory. If you’re looking for romance, it might be worth trying. ∆


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Hi Class Living

Finding The

The camel coat is a favorite fashion trend. This classic neutral is from East 5th. November-December 2010


Camel Connection

By Sharon Mosley


his season, you can lighten up! Get over the black hump and jump on board the camel craze. The buttery tan color has returned to become the most sophisticated neutral to hit the runways.

And the good news? Camel goes with everything! From denim to black to gray, a touch of camel will instantly take you out of the dry fashion zone and into a refreshing new oasis. Here’s how to make the camel connection: Find the perfect camel coat You know you’re tired of that black coat you’ve worn for the past five years. You’re thinking of replacing it with yet another black “go-with-everything” coat, but why not invest in a camel-colored topper? The camel coat has long been associated with elegant glamour -- a la Lauren Bacall, Lauren Hutton and the other Lauren, Ralph. So, you know you can’t go wrong. Here are lots of versions of the camel coat this season: long maxi wraps at Aquascutum, shiny leather coats at Prada, leather-trimmed lapels at Hermes and capes at Ferragamo. If a wool coat is too heavy, a camel-colored trench is another classic that never seems to go out of style;

it fits perfectly into the military trend commanding attention this season. Find a great camel blazer You can find cropped versions or longer versions. Layer it over a black pencil skirt and bow blouse for the office or over a black turtleneck and jeans for the weekend. Or be adventurous and toss it over a cocktail dress for a special evening out. Find an edgy camel suit Sometimes it pays to buy two pieces that “match.” Then you have an actual “suit” to wear to work, and you can easily “take apart” the pieces and mix and match them with other things in your wardrobe. Whether it’s a pantsuit or a skirt suit, the camel suit, especially with the belted jacket, is a fresh new way to put a modern spin on your professional work clothes. Find a great pair of pants Choose from two different styles: the flowing wide-leg trousers (think 28


Hi Class Living

Luxe Be A Lady By Sharon Mosley


esigners are taking a big bow with retro modern clothes and accessories that have the chic feel of the ‘50s — when full skirts were swinging, sweaters were fitted, and sharp-toe pumps were pointing the way to a glamorous era.

So if you’re not into being a military maven, then this updated take on vintage dressing with a feminine flair may be more of your cup of tea. Stir in a few of these “sugar and spice” trends into your closet and see just how much fun you can have too. Proper purses Yes, that’s a “purse,” girls. The structured look is in. Top-handle handbags hark back to days of Grace Kelly — famous for her iconic Hermes satchels. The boxy clutch is another favorite ladylike accessory this season. Think glamorous lizard-skin in a shimmering metallic. Pointy-toe shoes Whether they’re flats, kitten heels or sky-high stilettos, the sharp-toed shoe is the sexy footwear of choice for ladies who like to lunch as well as those who wield all the power in a boardroom. Add a pair of ankle socks for an edgy twist. This season’s red patent, leather pointy-toe pump with the black bow by Prada is my favorite. Watch for the ‘50s-style penny November-December 2010

loafer to make a return, too. The full skirt Remember circle skirts? Or were those poodle skirts? The skirts this fall are fuller and longer — mostly calf-length — no minis for these proper ladies. Pair with a fitted sweater, and you’ve got the look. For more inspiration, check out the looks in Marc Jacobs’ fall collection at Louis Vuitton (www. The knit top Fit and form go hand-in-hand here. Show off your curves in clingy cashmere sweaters or cardigans, which are the perfect complement to the fuller skirts. Top 00


Sienna Miller captures the ladylike mood of fall fashion at a British Fashion Council Awards ceremony with her box clutch in gold lizard skin --from the newly relaunched accessories division of French couture house, Jacques Fath.

A y e jse whe lar y


Fine contemporary jewelry designed and crafted on site

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Hi Class Living

them off with a little fur collar for even more retro inspiration. The bow blouse It’s the quintessential feminine staple in fall’s roundup of soft favorites. In silky prints or sheer chiffons, the bow is still the symbol of a sophisticated lady who isn’t afraid to show off her feminine side. The bow blouse looks elegant with man-tailored suits or teamed with pencil skirts. For a more casual approach, try pairing the tieneck blouse with a pair of wide-leg jeans. The belted jacket The peplum jacket is great to wear over slim skirts. Skinny belts cinch in the waist of this vintage look that is a flattering alternative to shapeless menswear jackets. The lace dress The frilly fabric is used in feminine

FINDING THE CAMEL — From Pg. 25 Katharine Hepburn) or the cropped, straight-leg styles (think Audrey Hepburn). These classic silhouettes are versatile enough to team with short jackets or longer coats. Shorts anyone? If you really want to stretch the fashion boundaries, then there are plenty of ways to “shorten” the road to standing out in camel. There are suede shorts galore from pricey ones at Ferragamo to less expensive ones at Kenneth Cole. Take your pick and pair with tights and knee-high boots. Find a fabulous camel sweater Another one of the season’s trends — the chunky knit sweater — gets even more appeal when it’s done in the latest neutral. Stella McCartney showed sexy, oversized, honey-colored button-front cardigans, and Michael Kors draped his models with huge cowl-neck camel sweaters. November-December 2010

frocks as well as in separates and accessories. Mix up all the sweetness with a touch of tough fashion love by tossing a leather jacket over a lace dress or a skirt. Statement jewelry How about a sparkling rhinestone brooch? An ornate pendant necklace or a wrist full of clinking charms? Or strands and strands of shiny pearls? Gloves, darling Gloves is another accessory that’s de rigueur for the lady of the house -- the longer the better. Elbow-length is the epitome of style, especially when worn with the classic sheath dress or threequarter sleeve coat. Wear your hair in a sleek up-do and add a pair of cat-eye glasses (in tortoise-print). Then channel the fashion spirit of Brigitte Bardot, ladies! Ooh la la! ∆

Find a gorgeous camel dress Little black dress, move over. Shift dresses in solid camel are the way to go. Wear them with bare legs and camel-colored heels or boots. Top them off with animalprint coats or matching camel capes. Complete the camel connection with accessories From nude pull-on ankle boots to chic slip-on caramel alligator loafers to luggage-colored clutches and hobo satchels, designers are making the camel connection with the finishing touches, too. Complete with gold jewelry accents: large cuffs, pendant necklaces and drop earrings. Add more color Since camel acts as a stylish neutral backdrop, you can wear it head-to-toe or add a punch of another neutral: gray is a favorite, denim always works, but red and animal prints are other ways to give this perennial classic even more glamour. ∆


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Hi Class Living

Tailored G

irls, it’s time to man up. This season, fashion designers have made it easy to wear the pants and the jackets and the suits. These are not uptight boardroom basics, either. Instead, think feminine sophistication with an elegant retro twist. Tailoring is back with a modern message. Here are some ways to tailor your wardrobe with redefined power looks:

Designer Pamella Roland softens the menswear look by layering a platinum charmeuse blouse under a black cashmere cardigan over black stretch, wool straight-leg pants. Photo courtesy of Pamella Roland.

November-December 2010


By Sharon Mosley

• Start with a matching pantsuit. Yes, that’s right. The “matching” suits are back. And what a relief! It doesn’t take the fun out of dressing; it just makes it easier. The silhouettes of the newest pantsuits are sleek and chic -- cut with precision. Big and baggy is not the look you want. Choose a sharp, architecturally inspired head-to-toe look.

holiday 2010


• Add a classic blazer. You don’t have to do the matchy-matchy pantsuit thing if you like a little more casual approach to tailoring. Just add a well-cut blazer to your wardrobe and team it with your favorite skirts or trousers. Cropped styles abound this year, but there are plenty of longer, belted styles that make the most of showing off your waistline. • Do it in tweed. We’re not talking mumsy Miss Marple here. Tweed has emerged from the mothballs and become a new fashion staple reinvented in colorful jackets, soft sweaters and chic cardigans. • Soften up with a blouse. A silky bow blouse may be one of your best investments this season. In a neutral solid, it’s a no-brainer, but in a funky geometric print, it can really liven up a suited look and give it tons of personality. • Stick to classics. The white shirt always provides the perfect complement to menswear tailoring. Whether you choose a traditional shirt style to wear under blazers and suit jackets or a tunic length to 35

arnold zimberg 7 for all mankind mason’s just a cheap shirt superdry james perse vince three dots colorfast theory splendid mills tailgate chaser la mosley tribes ag velvet men worn free hartford junk food original retro brand jacks & jokers

Society Men

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Going Gray: Top Menswear Trends By Sharon Mosley


uys, it’s OK to go gray this season... even if you’re not a mad man.

As clothing for men continues to take a cue from the TV series “Mad Men,” the color palette of gray is perfect for a season “focused on understated luxury,” says Tom Julian, fashion industry expert and author of the recently released “Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Everyday Dressing.” Julian sees a return of the “power suit” emerging this season in men’s wardrobes. “The ideal power suit should be a twobutton version with cuffless flat front pants,” he says. “Designers continue to shave a few inches off to make the suit seem slimmer — taking maybe an inch in at the shoulder and an inch up in length, creating narrower lapels for a leaner appearance.” Gray in all its many shades works wonders in a man’s wardrobe, according to Julian. Gray wool, gray flannel, gray cashmere, gray blends — all mix together in a light silver to dark charcoal. The fall 2010 runways showed many looks that utilized the color gray fashioned into head-to-toe monochromatic silhouettes.

November-December 2010

“These colors allow a business executive to build his wardrobe beyond navy and black,” says Julian, who notes that gray is one of the most versatile neutrals found in a man’s wardrobe. Rich chocolate brown is a very sophisticated color to team with this season’s gray hues. “If there is one tip I would give men for going gray this season,” Julian says, “it’s using chocolate brown as a rich accent or twist on the classic gray. Think gray suit, white shirt, chocolate brown tie and chocolate suede wing tip.” For the more creative or contemporary dresser, Julian suggests pairing gray with some of fall’s richer hues like plum and eggplant. Gray also works well with other seasonal items that are staples in most men’s wardrobes, especially denim. “Dark denim jeans teamed with a heather gray crewneck or turtleneck sweater and navy blazer offers just the right mix in tone and texture,” says Julian. With so many men embracing V-neck T-shirts, the U-shaped T-shirt is emerging


Gray is one of the season’s best color palettes for men. Suit by Calibrate, available at Nordstrom.


Hi Class Living

as an updated must-have for guys, adds Julian. “This U-shape is all about muted and neutral colors of gray, stone and heathered finishes. These T-shirts work well when worn under a cardigan sweater or layered under zip jackets.” Gray has a rich heritage in the menswear world, too. As brands like Levi’s, Gant, Burberry and Lacoste look to their pasts for design inspiration, the style worlds of American work wear and Ivy League prep come to life in classics reborn for today’s men. Look for iconic items — from trench coats to oxford shirts — in grays that range

from washed and worn hues to vintage and rugged. Knitwear also goes with gray this season in jackets, blazers and cardigans, bringing softer dressing to the forefront, according to Julian. “Adventurous types may gravitate toward short-belted knit coats,” he says. “And more traditional men may like the double-knit zip-front jacket to pull together a tailored look with shirts, tie and trousers.” In other words, guys, you can’t go wrong with going gray. “Gray is a foolproof addition to the closet,” says Julian. ∆

GOING THROUGH — From Pg. 19 as bank names, account numbers, contacts and their numbers, but it’s a lifesaver if ever needed.

Divorce adds a lot of pressure to already busy lives, so be prepared in advance with the right support system.

Shore Up Your Support This is not the time to be a martyr and go it alone. If you do find yourself in divorce proceedings, you are going to need lots of advice. This isn’t just about your best friend’s shoulder to cry on (though you’ll certainly need that, too), but it’s about finding the right lawyer, talking to the right real-estate professionals, etc. Ask family and friends who may have gone through a divorce for their advice on seeking the right counsel. You’ll also need support in other ways, so see if you can get your best friend to watch the kids while you schedule your conference with the lawyer.

Divorce File If you thought your paperwork pile was out of control before, a divorce makes it much worse. It is a serious undertaking with plenty of legal documents, correspondence, meeting notes and other papers. It can be tempting to throw everything in a box, but we recommend getting a binder or accordion folder to keep everything organized. That way, you’ll know you have everything you need when and where you need to access it, and won’t waste precious time looking for a piece of paper you know you have but just can’t put your finger on. ∆

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TAILORED MADE — From Pg. 31 wear under vests, this is one fashion basic no closet should be without. “Stretch” fabrics are your best bet. • Go for full-legged trousers. There’s something very modern about wearing wide-legged trousers a la Katharine Hepburn with structured jackets and soft blouses. The high-waist pants are making a comeback cinched in with skinny belts. Just make sure you wear them with a formfitting top or jacket. • The pencil skirt. Another tailored basic that gives jackets a classic edge. The pinstriped version is an all-time favorite. Leave the fuller skirts behind when you go to work.

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• Get vested. One of the best layering pieces you can own, the vest instantly gives you a polished finish when worn under jackets or over tunics, dresses and sweaters. This menswear-inspired outfit also looks great this season in longer lengths worn over leggings or skinny jeans. • Invest in power accessories. Tailored looks demand structured accessories. We’re talking pointy-toe pumps, lace-up oxford shoes, boxy top-handle handbags or horn-rimmed glasses. For a modern edge to your menswear look, pair over-the-knee boots with your pencil skirts. • Keep it minimal. Less is more when it comes to this season’s tailored looks. Pare down to a streamlined silhouette and don’t let “fussy” jewelry get in your way. Fit is the key to the newest tailored separates and suits. Get the proportion right: volume on top, slim on the bottom, or vice-versa. • Use color wisely. There are lots of stylish neutrals around — camel, gray, black — but if you want to wear color with your tailored classics, do it in small touches. One bright pop of red, orange or purple is all you need. ∆


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SPF 55 Sun Protection from Hampton Sun Hampton Sun has added a new SPF 55 continuous mist sunscreen to their “Smart Serious Sunbathing” line. www.hamptonsuncare. com.

November-December 2010

Christofle has introduced two new silver plated under-plates with designs by Jean Cocteau and Man Ray. The limited edition set, part of the “Les Assiettes d’Artistes” collection, is available at Christofle boutique at 680 Madison Ave., NY. 212-308-9390.


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Monticello Motor Club

Davek Umbrellas

Davek features umbrellas that are stylish, strong and engineered for maximum functionality. The umbrellas come with a lifetime guarantee. Available at better stores and online at

Monticello Motor Club, in Monticello NY, is a country club that offers a 4.1-mile track for driving enthusiasts who love to race cars. Call 877-578-7223 or visit www.


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Unusual Laws To While On


he last thing travelers want to feel on vacation is the long arm of the law, but with many destinations across the globe beginning to clamp down more strictly on tourists who do not obey local regulations, it pays be ‘in the know’ before arriving abroad.

Earlier this month, Italy introduced more than 150 ‘public security’ laws, many of which were met with surprise by both the Italian press and tourists alike due to their curious nature. One such law implemented in Vigevano, near Milan, bans people from sitting in the shade at the foot of a local monument – much to the surprise of a local couple who were promptly fined US$270 each for taking a moment out of the hot afternoon sun., a leading travel search site, takes a closer look at some of the most bizarre and unusual laws around the world November-December 2010

to help tourists stay out of hot water while on vacation. London, England If you’re writing postcards to send back home, be careful how you place the stamp. If the stamp shows an image of the Queen, it could be considered an act of treason if you and stick it on upside down. Paris, France While riding the Metro might be the easiest way to get around, don’t get carried away with the romance of the city and give your partner a kiss because it’s illegal to do


Watch Out For Vacation

by Connie Motz

so on any railway in France. Hong Kong Be sure to steer clear of any lover’s quarrels while visiting this cosmopolitan city. It’s completely legal for a betrayed wife to kill her husband but only by using her bare hands; however, if she decides to go after her husband’s mistress, she may kill her using any manner she chooses. Yikes! Dubai, UAE Dubai’s luxurious resorts and stunning beaches may seem like the ideal place to spend a romantic holiday, but don’t get

too affectionate - kissing in public here is illegal, and many tourists have fallen foul of this law in recent years. Rome, Italy Even though the act of ‘adjusting’ themselves may seem to be a common practice by many men, in Italy it is illegal for males to touch their genitals through their clothing in public. Formerly thought to be a way of warding off bad luck, grabbing the crotch has been illegal since 2008.


Mexico If you’re riding a bicycle in Mexico,


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Passionate Vo Accrue Health


t is easy to see how maintaining an active social life is good for your health, but new studies reveal that staying connected through volunteering can actually reduce the effects of aging.

November-December 2010



lunteers Benefits

Now Is the Time to

Buy • Sell • Rent

By Dr. David Lipschitz

Advantage Plus 601 S. Federal Hwy Boca Raton FL, 33432

Elly & Ed Lepselter

By specifically improving self-esteem and self-confidence, volunteering can help reduce heart rates and blood pressure, increase endorphin production and enhance the immune system. Volunteering has also been shown to alleviate stress, lessen insomnia and hasten surgery recovery time. Studies show that helping others results in an overall heightened sense of well-being, which has countless positive effects on health. Psychologist Bruce Linton believes that the benefits of volunteering should be obvious since we are such social beings; it makes sense that meaningful relationships, being productive and keeping active are vital to healthy aging. “By volunteering and helping others, we’re able to enjoy the greatest of all human pleasures: caring for others and being cared about,” Linton says. By allowing ourselves to experience close interpersonal relationships, volunteering can help strengthen our own sense of identity and enhance our social support network. People with these strong social bonds have lower premature death rates, less heart disease and lower risks of a multitude of illnesses. With all these health benefits, it is an easy step to see how volunteer work can increase longevity. Researchers at the University of Michigan found a remarkable 44


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November-December 2010


Gorgeous Gourds By Mary Carol Garrity


ourds, pumpkins and squashes are fabulous accents for your Thanksgivings table.

Some love gourds with traditional shapes and colors of red, buttery yellow and persimmon orange. Others are intrigued by those with unusual shapes and hues, like ghostly white and eerie green-gray. Harvest your favorites and try some of these ideas. CLUSTER BY COLOR One way to create displays loaded with drama is to only use gourds and pumpkins that are the same color. For instance, for a fresh and fun Thanksgivings dining-table display, gather a passel of white pumpkins and gourds, and wed them with green accents. Start with a table topper that sports a white-and-green floral or stripe pattern. Then layer a white dinner plate with a green salad plate topped with a white mini-pumpkin nestled in a soup bowl. For a super-simple centerpiece, fill a green urn with white gourds. Or make a bouquet of green hypericum berry sprays, then tumble white gourds and pumpkins around the base of the urn. Or for a white-pumpkin-inspired table that’s a bit more elegant, start with a black-and-white damask tablecloth. Use silver trays as chargers below gold- or silver-rimmed china. Place a black iron

urn at the table’s center filled with twigs, gold-misted grape leaves and clusters, and white gourds. Then create an interesting multilevel tableau out of mercury glass candlesticks and silver trophy cups, all topped with white gourds. For another wonderful look for your fall table, group together gourds and pumpkins in traditional harvest colors of orange, red and yellow. Use a table topper of burlap, burgundy or amber. For a centerpiece, fill a tall olive vessel with branches, fall florals and pumpkin vines. Then find interesting ways to add gourds and pumpkins to your table and buffet: Load a three-tiered server with an assortment of gourds, or place a small pumpkin on a wicker cake plate under a glass cloche. MIX IT UP I admire the way Mother Nature mixes colors willy-nilly. You can do the same in your fall tableaus by tossing together a variety of gourds. Create a memorable display on a side table by filling a decorative wheelbarrow with a harvest of pumpkins. Or place a large pumpkin, fall statue or gazing ball in the center of a concrete mini-birdbath and surround it with a passel of gourds. To add grace to your buffet or console


Hi Class Living

TRY SOMETHING NEW Enlist gourds and pumpkins to serve at your next party. Once, I hollowed out gourds to use as soup bowls at a fall fete

in my garden. To keep the soup warm in the chilly autumn air, I served the gourd bowls on small concrete risers topped with glass cloches. Hollow out a tall pumpkin and fill it with fresh veggies like asparagus spears or carrot sticks. Try the same trick with a short pumpkin, filling it with dip. Shave off the top of a squat pumpkin to make it level, then use it to hold a serving tray filled with seasonal fruits or cups of steaming cider. Place candles in small, hollowed-out gourds or use mini-pumpkins as placecard holders. ∆

PASSIONATE VOLUNTEERS — From Pg. 41 link between volunteering and longevity by surveying more than 1,200 adults over age 65 in 1986 and reassessing them six years later. Those who volunteered at least 40 hours each year to a single cause were 40 percent more likely to be alive at the end of the study. More recent studies have shown that those who volunteer a minimum of 14 hours a week live five years longer than those who do not. Interestingly, volunteers who spread their time among several organizations did not gain an advantage in longevity. This could indicate that there is a health benefit to having a singular passion and commitment to a specific cause. The recession has led to a marked reduction in donations to many charities, and the need for volunteers is greater than ever. Though reduced financial security may mean that baby boomers will work longer and be less available for charitable work, research done by AARP shows that working individuals are just as likely to volunteer for the same or more hours than retirees. As baby boomers reach retirement age and beyond, this generation has the potential to become a huge force for community endeavors. Fully half of all baby boomers already volunteer and give money to charitable causes, most frequently to Alzheimer’s disease, social services, the environment and the military.

Although the need for volunteers has never been so great, the quality of the volunteering is equally important. Volunteering should be a meaningful and valuable experience. Baby boomers are not likely to settle for licking stamps or answering phones. Rather, the experience, expertise and attitude of baby boomers make them valuable contributors to any organization. Remember that all of us — irrespective of our financial status, sex or ethnicity — will require help at some point of our lives. Today, you may be the one with the time and skills, but tomorrow you may be the beneficiary of someone else’s volunteer efforts. Put your assets to work by tutoring at a public school, working at a food bank or campaigning for a cause. Choose activities and groups that fit your health and schedule, and most importantly, volunteer for an organization with a cause you are passionate about. If you have the time to spare, someone can use your talents. So often we remind young people of the importance of volunteering, but there is no age requirement for community involvement. It is never too early or too late to become a meaningful volunteer. Not only will it provide you an unparalleled outlet for community support, but it can also have an amazing effect on your health. ∆

table, put blue-and-white Asian ginger jars on opposite sides, then fill them with fall foliage and gourds, resting additional gourds and pumpkins at the base. Freshen up your mantel with an undulating phalanx of pumpkins and gourds of different sizes, shapes and colors. Give a few gourds added height atop candlesticks or votive cups.

November-December 2010


UNUSUAL LAWS — From Pg. 39 it’s illegal to lift your feet from the pedals since it could cause you to crash. But if you do crash, don’t start shouting profanities in public because this is illegal as well. South-East Asia The durian, a fruit native to Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, has a smell so incredibly strong that it is banned from many public places in South-East Asia. While not strictly a law, it’s probably best to avoid bringing a durian back to the hotel for everyone’s sake. Amsterdam, Netherlands A curious loophole in the law means that smoking tobacco in a public place such as a coffee shop in Amsterdam is banned, while puffing away on pure cannabis –in designated “coffee shops”, as they are known, is entirely legal. Switzerland The Swiss must have excellent postdinner bladder control - flushing the toilet in apartment here after 10pm is actually illegal. It is also against the law for a man to relieve himself whilst standing up after 10pm, although we’re not sure how this particular charge would stand up in court. Singapore In a bid to keep the streets of this superefficient city clean, the authorities in Singapore decided in 1992 to ban chewing gum completely. Stick to a mint to freshen up after dinner. ∆


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Holiday Eating Can Wreck Diet By Rallie McAllister, M.D.


olidays are just around the corner, and chances are that you’ll be picking up a few extra pounds and inches. Like most Americans, you plan to slim down in the New Year. Most of us know from experience that it’s easier said than done. Recent research suggests that the more decadent foods we consume over the holidays, the harder it is to get back into our normal routines of exercising and eating a nutritious diet. One reason for this phenomenon is that overindulgence in foods that are rich in fat and sugar leads to changes in brain receptors. Scientists at Johns Hopkins University reported that bingeing on a high-fat, highsugar diet increases opioid receptor levels in areas of the brain that control food intake. Drugs that target opioid receptors in the brain, including heroin and morphine, are known to elicit feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Opioids produced naturally in the body have similar effects. Most athletes are familiar with the addictive power of natural opioids: They often experience a phenomenon known as “runner’s high” after strenuous workouts. Overconsumption of highly palatable foods appears to trigger the same response, producing a type of “binger’s bliss” that entices people to continue overeating long after the holiday season is over. In a study at Scripps Research Institute, November-December 2010

scientists found that pleasure centers in the brains of rats became progressively less responsive when the animals were given unlimited access to fatty foods such as sausage, chocolate and cheesecake. As these changes occurred, the rats had to eat more to achieve pleasurable sensations. As a result, the animals developed compulsive eating habits and became obese. The rats continued to overeat even when they had to endure an unpleasant consequence, such as a mild foot shock, in order to keep eating. The results of previous studies suggest there’s another reason we may find it difficult to resume our customary dietary habits after brief periods of overeating. Our brains appear to become less sensitive to the effects of a “stop eating” hormone that normally signals us to put down our forks and step away from the table. The hormone, known as cholecystokinin (CCK), is released by cells in the gut when fat or protein is eaten. Penn State scientists found that rats on a high-fat diet were significantly less sensitive to the effects of this hormone than rats on a low-fat diet. After the rats were given doses of 66



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Pick A Rug That


hile I love the charm of wood floors, I confess that I think of them as a blank canvas just waiting to be dressed up with the right area rug.

November-December 2010


Will Floor You

By Mary Carol Garrity

Areas rugs are a key component of a well-designed room. They must be the right size to anchor the room’s furnishings and the right style to complement the room’s decor. Plus they must be tough enough to withstand lots of abuse and still look lovely. Picking a rug that can accom

plish all that is not an easy feat. If you’re on a quest for a new rug, read on for tips on how to pick a rug you’ll love. I think of area rugs as artwork. They bring loads of color, texture, style and personality to a space. So when I’m on the


Hi Class Living

hunt for a new area rug, I only consider those that capture my heart. Don’t ever purchase an area rug just because it has the right colors for your room or is the right size. Rugs can be very expensive, so chances are you’ll be living with your choice for many years. Hold out for a rug that captivates you and complements the room. I love quality Persian rug reproductions particularly classic beauties that look just like the old Persian rugs I fawn over in antiques stores but can’t afford. I also like natural-fiber rugs. They look great with just about any decorating style, from traditional to modern. Their subtle texture and subdued color work with any color scheme. They wear like iron so they are family-friendly. And they are so affordable you don’t feel like you’re making a lifetime commitment when you purchase one. If you’re considering a natural-fiber rug for your home, here’s a quick look at three popular types: Sisal, my favorite, is made from the same cactus plant used to make tequila. The pulp is spun into ropes, which are then woven into mats. With its clean, bright appearance, sisal is a great choice for those who want a transitional or contemporary feel. Seagrass rugs are made from a reed that grows in marshy areas. As a result, the grass has a natural coating that allows it to easily moisture and be wiped up easily. Dragongrass is simply seagrass that’s grown in more arid soil, giving it a slightly darker color. Often, dragongrass rugs are available in a wider variety of patterns, some of which have a more refined appearance, making them a better pick for formal rooms. Coir rugs are made from coconut husks and are the roughest of the vegetable-fiber rugs. It’s best to use them for walk-off mats by your door or on a screened porch. While these are some of the most common vegetable-fiber rugs, you can also find rugs November-December 2010

made of hemp, jute, bamboo and even woven paper. You’ll also need to pick how the edges of your new rug will be finished: surged or bound in cotton tape. I’m a fan of cotton tape, but picking the right color can be tricky. Light-colored tapes look marvelous and are so versatile you can move them from room to room. However, they will show dirt more readily. Dark-colored tape hides dirt, but when you pick a distinct color, like navy or red, you limit your design options. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to purchase an area rug that is too small for the space. This cost-saving measure usually doesn’t pay off in the long run because an incorrectly sized rug can throw off the look of the entire room, even if the furnishings are fabulous. To determine what size you’ll need, decide where your furnishings will be placed. If the furniture will rim the room, your area rug should measure a foot or two smaller than the room’s perimeter. If your furniture grouping will float in the center of the room, perhaps in front of a fireplace, the area rug should be large enough so that the front legs of your furniture can rest upon it. Similarly, in your dining room, don’t make the common mistake of getting a rug that’s the same size as your tabletop. Add 18 inches to each side to accommodate your chairs. Once you invest in a gorgeous rug, treat it right so it will look lovely for years to come. Start by putting a high-quality pad under the rug because the right pad can double the lifespan of a rug, especially if the rug is in a high-traffic area. Sunlight can slowly leach the color out of a rug, so if your rug is in a sunny room, close the window shades when the sun is beating down directly on the rug. In addition, be sure to rotate your rug on a regular basis to even out factors like sun exposure and wear. When cleaning a wool rug, sweep or vacuum on low suction and never vacuum against the nap of the rug. Check with 66


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November-December 2010


A Sink Of Glass Adds Bathroom Class By Ed Del Grande


lass lavatory sinks can be a spectacular choice for any high-end bathroom.

Glass is becoming a very popular choice because of its beauty and versatility. Most of the beauty comes from the wide variety of colors and textures that we all know glass can offer. The versatility comes from the thick spun-glass construction made from soda-lime glass. The extra-thick glass walls are designed to withstand rapid changes in water temperature, and can be strong enough to support several different mounting styles, of which you’ll have three basic styles to choose from: • Surface mount: Where the sink itself acts like a vanity top and the bowl is a seamless depression in the all-glass top. • Under mount: Where the all-glass sink sits below a natural stone or manmade countertop. • Or the most well-known of the glass sink styles, a vessel sink: Where the sink looks like a glass bowl sitting on top of a counter or vanity. Usually, the faucets for glass sinks will be wall or countertopmounted. So, when you add that up with the extra care needed for the installation of the glass bowl itself, your labor costs can be on the high end. Bottom line: Glass sinks are a beautiful, strong, long-lasting choice for your new bathroom. ∆


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Reducing Anger Can Make You Happy by Rachel Friedman


ou make me mad!” It’s a phrase that has crept into our daily conversations, but it’s actually a misnomer, according to one expert.

“Most of us believe that other people or situations have the ability to make us angry. This is a big misconception,” said Janet Pfeiffer, violence counselor, motivational speaker, and author of The Secret Side of Anger. “No individual or event has the power to make you mad. Anger is actually a choice, one that occurs depending on that person’s perception (thought). What we choose to think about an experience we’re having or the person we’re involved with determines how we feel. For instance, if someone criticizes you, November-December 2010

you can think “She’s so mean!” Or, you can choose, ‘How unfortunate someone could be so insensitive.’ The former evokes anger, the latter, sadness. The truth behind her actions matters little. You only need to concern yourself with how you choose to perceive her and allow her behavior to affect you.” Pfeiffer, asserts that anger is not inherently negative. It is an important and useful emotion that can be used as a motivating force to bring about positive change. If I witness an injustice in society, my anger can serve as a propellant to cre-


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ate new laws. Anger becomes a negative force when it is used in a destructive manner, either to hurt one’s self, another or to damage property. Unresolved anger leads to resentment and bitterness and can damage one’s relationships, health, careers, and overall enjoyment of life. Anger, by definition, is a feeling of distress brought about by feelings of helplessness or powerlessness. People create their own feelings of being victimized because they feel as though others are controlling them. We need to understand that power and control come from within. 83


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Red Grape Is One Benefit By Dr. David Lipschitz

he evidence is compelling that red wine can be very beneficial to your health. In scientific tests on fungi, fish and mice, the compound resveratrol, which is found in red wine, has been shown to improve overall health and substantially prolong life. Resveratrol is a phytoalexin found in high concentrations in the skin of red grapes, which helps fight infections by fungi and certain bacteria. The molecule is thought to be an antioxidant, helping to prevent cell damage from powerful oxidants produced during normal metabolism. Although it is already touted as an “anti-aging” drug, the mechanism by which it prolongs life in animals is unknown. Alcohol in moderation seems to have health benefits beyond just its “anti-aging” qualities. More than 60 research studies have shown that moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of a heart attack. The benefits occur only if no more than one or two drinks are consumed daily -exceeding the limit increases risks of heart attacks and death. Much of the initial information regarding wine and health comes from the intriguing observation that the French, despite consuming a diet high in saturated fat, have 50 percent fewer heart attacks than Americans. This reduced risk cannot November-December 2010

be explained by lower cholesterol, more exercise, less stress or less obesity among the French; rather, careful analysis of all factors that could explain the difference pointed to the increased consumption of alcohol and red wine. Resveratrol is not the only compound in wine with health benefits. Antioxidants called polyphenols are found in high concentrations in grape skin and are believed to reduce the risk of heart attacks. The highest amounts of polyphenols are in Cabernet grapes and in French wine. Fats that become oxidized are much more likely to accumulate in the wall of arteries, leading to plaques. Not only do polyphenols prevent fat deposition, but they also prevent blood clotting by impairing the ability of platelets to stick to damaged arteries. These antioxidants also appear to reduce inflammation in blood vessels, decreasing cholesterol deposition and the risk of spasm if an artery becomes partly blocked. Recently, a substance called saponin, also found in red wine, has been shown to raise



Of Wine


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the good or HDL cholesterol and modestly reduce the bad or LDL cholesterol. Saponin binds cholesterol and prevents its absorption into the bloodstream from the bowel. Some maintain that saponin is the most potent agent in red wine. Its concentration is highest in California zinfandels. Whenever a dietary effect is found to exert a health benefit, the compounds thought to be responsible are purified and offered in health food stores in massive doses. This goes along with the common misconception that “if a little is good, a lot must be better.” Already, Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard researcher, recommends taking large doses of resveratrol in tablet form in the hope of reducing the risk of heart attacks, improving health and prolonging life. His rationale is based on the fact that the doses of resveratrol required to prolong life in mice were a thousandfold higher than that found in two glasses of red wine. While research studies are under way to determine whether resveratrol in varying

doses prolongs life or prevents disease, no benefits of large doses have been reported in man. And it is still too early to know whether massive, man-made doses of the compound are truly safe. Recent history has shown that while a little vitamin C, A and E in natural foods has health benefits, mega doses in tablet form do the exact opposite. Rather than improving health, they increase the risk of heart attack, cancer and Alzheimer’s and shorten life expectancy. These vitamins are also antioxidants with a similar mechanism of action to resveratrol. Ask any wine enthusiasts and they will strongly recommend moderation and emphasize the importance of truly enjoying a good wine. The evidence is compelling that drinking two glasses of wine with a meal has significant health benefits. But remember to be prudent. While compounds in wine may be of value, it does not hold true that massive doses of a substance like resveratrol will indeed be the elusive fountain of youth. ∆

PICK A RUG — From Pg. 58 the manufacturer for recommendations on how to treat stains. But when accidents happen, you should clean the stain immediately, before it has a chance to set in, working from the outside of the stain in to avoid the stain spreading. While vegetable-fiber rugs are very durable, they are not indestructible. Like any

natural product, they can break down under wear and weathering. Keep the rugs away from moisture and treat them with stain protector to prevent spills and dirt from absorbing into the fibers. For day-to-day maintenance, use a high-suction vacuum cleaner, but don’t ever engage the beater bars as they can tear up the fibers. ∆

HOLIDAY EATING — From Pg. 46 CCK, those on the low-fat diet ate less of a tasty, fat-laden treat. The rats on the highfat diet, however, didn’t adjust their food intake downward in response to doses of the hormone. Human studies have produced similar results. Although people consuming high-fat diets have higher blood levels of CCK, they tend to be less responsive to its effects. Because they’re less likely to experience feelings of satiety and fullness after meals

and snacks, they tend to eat more food and gain more weight. Unrestrained eating during the holidays may also impair weight loss by making exercise more difficult. The results of a recent study revealed that eating a highfat diet for brief periods can dramatically reduce exercise tolerance and physical endurance. For the study, investigators at Oxford University switched rats from their standard, low-fat rations to a high-fat diet.

November-December 2010


ine est” Magaz he JbMonthly ion t f N t eo ca “on o W

After just nine days, the rats on the high-fat diet were able to run only half as far on a treadmill as the rats that continued to receive the standard low-fat feed. The scientists also found that in little more than a week, the high-fat diet appeared to make the heart much less efficient. After eating a high-fat diet and running on the treadmill, the rats’ hearts became significantly bigger in order to pump sufficient blood and oxygen to working muscles. The results of these studies confirm what most of us have experienced firsthand. After a few weeks of throwing dietary discretion to the wind, resuming our normal, preholiday eating and exercising behaviors can be challenging. With this in mind, it might be wise to decline that second helping of stuffing or an extra slice of pumpkin pie. Eating our favorite foods in moderation during the holidays will make it easier for us to get back on track. ∆




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Your Employees’ “Ordinary Greatness” Can Save Your Company


Dottie DeHart

he recession has settled in for the long haul, and if your company is like most, you’re definitely feeling it. Revenues are down. Customer demands are up. Employees seem frozen in place with anxiety. And their fearless leader (that would be you) is not living up to the title. More than you care to admit, you find yourself wishing that some business superhero would sweep in and rescue you from the recession. But rather than seeking outside help, you might try looking a bit closer to home. “Everything you need to be successful already exists in your workforce,” notes Pam Bilbrey, coauthor along with Brian Jones of Ordinary Greatness: It’s Where You Least Expect It... Everywhere. “You’re just not using it.

November-December 2010



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Organizations like to say, ‘People are our “Don’t force your employees to guess most valuable asset,’ but they simply do where the organization is headed and what not capitalize on their human resource they should be focused on right now,” says asset. Very few leaders fully leverage the Bilbrey. “They will guess wrong. The fear, knowledge, ideas, and talents of their anxiety, and frustrations the workforce are people to drive business results. If they experiencing will not disappear entirely, started doing so, they could rescue them- but a sense of comfort and trust will deselves from the recession.” velop when leadership provides clarity Your employees are a storehouse of around the strategies and actions needed to passion, energy, skills, and commitment move past existing challenges and take adjust waiting to be tapped, say vantage of opportunities. It’s the authors. By recognizing the road map that will point and reinforcing their “ordito where you are going.” nary greatness,” you help The men them bring their unrealized Inspire ownership by inpotential to the surface. Not and women volving employees in major only will this benefit your decisions. company right away, it will who work Are your employees rentgenerate more of the same. ers or owners? If they’re the “Organizations that are with you former, they treat the company able to access and harness the much like they might a hotel already ordinary greatness of their bathroom (they leave wet people align themselves for possess the towels piled on the floor) or a greatness—even in challengrental car (they turn it in with a ing economic times,” adds skills, the bug-splattered windshield). If Jones. they’re the latter, they actively Here are a few strategies knowledge, look out for the company’s that will help yours achieve best interests and its bottom its own brand of ordinary and the line. Leaders inspire ownergreatness: ship by involving employinsights to ees at all levels in resolving Make sure employees problems and pinpointing are absolutely clear on pull your opportunities. where your organization is “We all make decisions company headed. about how much we are willRemember the Cheshire ing to commit to an organizaout of its Cat from Alice in Wondertion,” says Jones. “The most land? His words of wisdom successful companies are the slump. seem prophetic: “If you don’t ones that have figured out know where you are going, that employee ownership is any road will get you there.” the magic ingredient that can In times when we are re-evaluating and propel an organization to success. That’s redefining everything we know as “nor- especially true in the middle of a recession, mal,” the importance of a clear vision when your very survival likely depends on and a clear direction for the future is ever engaging staff and getting their best ideas more important. If leaders are fuzzy on on the table.” the details (which is a common problem), it’s time to buckle down and get focused. Don’t hide the (scary) truth. Then, make certain to communicate your Transparency is a hallmark of good plan to the entire company. November-December 2010


leadership. This is even truer in times of shortcomings. Now, of course, it’s a whole uncertainty. Ironically, that’s when lead- different ballgame. Work to solve these ers display a natural tendency to “hunker structural problems and you’ll find that down” and communicate only the posi- your employees’ ordinary greatness can tive aspects of the situation with employ- finally shine through.” ees. Sure, you’re trying to protect your workforce—but what you’re really doing is Make sure leaders are well trained in undermining their trust. Employees know, creating desirable workplaces. or at least suspect, the company is facing Ordinary greatness thrives in compaserious issues, and without accurate infornies with strong leadership. mation from you, they will In fact, a recent survey of “fill in the gaps” themselves. workplaces found that Assumptions and rumors Employees federal the quality of an organizawill run rampant. tion’s senior leadership is the “ L e a d e r s m u s t b re a k know, or important element in building through the rhetoric and tell a great place to work — comit like it is,” asserts Bilbrey. at least ing in even above pay and “Communicate with employees in a way that is timely, suspect, the benefits. “The Washington Post arunderstandable, meaningticle that reported the study company ful, and inspirational. Open, mentioned that employees frequent communication will value bosses who communiis facing generate the commitment cate well and provide workers and energy needed to rally serious with sufficient training and the organization with a sense opportunities,” notes Bilbrey. of ownership that says, ‘We issues, and “So perhaps the most imporcan do this.’” tant thing you can do to make without sure you get a positive return Identify faulty systems on your ‘human investment’ and processes. accurate is making sure all leaders are Finger-pointing can be a trained in these information thoroughly hallmark of stressful times. precepts and tools.” Leaders may be tempted to Ultimately, say the authors, from you, suggest that employees are committing to these strategies at fault for lackluster results, will go a long way in reducthey will missed deadlines, and low ing the elevated absenteeism, morale. While this may be lack of focus, conflict among “fill in the true in some instances, Jones coworkers, and general feeling says leaders must never rush of apathy that are often presgaps.” to judgment. Instead, they ent in challenging times. should examine the systems “Don’t just pay lip service and processes that dictate how work gets to the idea, but actually prove that your done. Frankly, they may be the culprits people are your ‘most valuable asset’ by who are holding employees back. recognizing, promoting, and cultivat“Many companies have existed for ing the ordinary greatness that is right years with broken systems or misaligned before your eyes,” Jones urges. “You will processes or both,” Jones says. “But, per- be shocked by the difference it makes. If haps, back when customers were beating you’re seeking rescue from the recession, down the door and money was flowing, the men and women who come to work they were able to succeed in spite of these every day are your last, best hope.” ∆


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Simple Ideas To Travel Plans By Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore


hether you’re packing the car or boarding the plane, travel planning requires some work. You’ll never be able to control the long line at airport security, but if you follow some general guidelines, you will be able to shape your next trip. Here are tips for trouble-free travel: Set a Budget

not fall on one person’s shoulders. If you have children, rest assured that kids can help pack, too. Just give them a list and let them check off the items. Make sure you take a glance, just to be sure your 4-yearold hasn’t packed just pajama bottoms and no tops.

Map it Out

Live the Trip Before you Get There

Sit down ahead of time and determine what fits your budget. Nothing spoils a great trip more than flying blind and then getting the bill. Knowing your budget helps keep you in line while dining out and hitting up gift shops. If you’re just planning a visit to parents or other family members, then you won’t need as much planning, but figure out everything you need ahead of time and then make the reservations accordingly. Flying? How will you get to and from the airport? Travel planning beyond picking a hotel. Make a master list of all of your needs.


Figure out what can be delegated, whether it’s making dinner reservations or packing suitcases, and then do it. All the planning and organization should November-December 2010

Sketch out the trip in your mind. What do you want to do while you’re there? What can’t be missed? This will help you figure out what needs to be booked ahead of time, and it will also help with packing.

Charge Everything

Nothing is worse than seeing a blinking no-battery light just when you found the perfect photo op. Charge your electronics before the trip and then include all cords and devices in a large Ziploc bag so you won’t be caught midway through the trip with no power.



Document Folder

Get a large folder or envelope where you will store all travel-related documents, from passports to reservation confirmations. You don’t want to have to rifle through your purse with a security agent glaring at you, so having it all together in one spot can be a lifesaver.


If you take prescription medicines, pack them in their original bottles; it’s comforting to know that you have all of the pertinent information. You don’t need to bring the contents of your medicine cabinet, but it helps to have a small supply of medicines (Imodium, Tylenol, etc).


It’s tempting to pack every favorite pair of shoes and every one of of your favorite outfits. But you can’t take it all, especially with today’s ever-growing charges for bag

gage. Typically, you wear the same basics (khakis, shorts, walking shoes) every day. Pare down and create as many different outfits from two basic pants/shorts/skirts and two or three shirts.

Happy Kids = Happy Parents

If you have children going along, don’t let them take every stuffed animal. That said, it is important to have a stash of toys, games or books that will keep them entertained while traveling. A small coloring book and crayons for the plane or a portable DVD with never-before-seen movies should keep them calm and relaxed.

Pack for the Kids

We don’t mean that cute sailor dress for your toddler, either. We’re talking car seats, strollers and other gear. Just focus on the essentials, but you’ll need to know whether you’re taking the car seat or renting one from the car-rental agency. ∆


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Cruising The On

by Jane and Ma


n ancient Phoenician proverb are not deducted from

Had the Phoenicians sailed on the Azamara Quest, and not on their oar-powered galleys, they would have counted every sea day as at least a week added to one’s life. We recently sailed from Venice to Barcelona on the Azamara Quest, a beautiful ship owned by Azamara Club Cruises, a boutique cruise company that specializes in relaxed and sophisticated voyages for upscale travelers. The Azamara Quest is intimate and luxurious, reminiscent of an upscale country club. Its elegantly furbished interiors are accented with artwork by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and other known artists.

November-December 2010

We stayed in a “Club Continent Suite,” a spacious, elegantly appointed room with a floor-to-ceiling glass door that opened onto a large private veranda. Amenities included a flat screen TV, Frette robes, Elemis toiletries, bottles of Absolut Vodka and Dewar’s Scotch, and a mini fridge packed with complimentary water and soda. The best amenity, however, was our butler who served in-suite breakfasts, afternoon tea with pastries and savories, dinner on the veranda, and catered to all our needs. Cruising is not just about relaxing in the room, sipping cocktails and watching sunsets. The ship features a plethora of on


Mediterranean Azamara Quest

arius Rubin

says that days spent at sea one’s allotted lifespan. board activities, fine dining and entertainment. Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage at the Astral Spa, sweat your toxins away in the steam room, exercise in the modern fitness center, take yoga and pilates classes, and soak in the rejuvenating thalassotherapy pool. The spa also offers acupuncture, teeth whitening, and consultations with an herbalist. In addition, you can take computer classes, improve your bridge game, listen to stimulating guest lecturers, try your luck in the casino, and shop the boutiques. Arguably, dining is the favorite onboard activity. The breakfast spread includes as-

sorted smoked fish, omelettes and waffle stations, meats, cheeses, delicious pastries, breads, and fresh fruit. Lunch is served a la carte in the Discoveries dining room, or buffet style at Windows CafĂŠ on the upper deck. There are soups, made to order Caesar and green salads, daily specials, cooked to order pasta, pizzas, mouth watering desserts, and complimentary red and white wines. Dinner, the main culinary event, is served in several venues to satisfy every mood and appetite: A lavish buffet with sushi and sashimi at Windows CafĂŠ, a la carte fine dining in the main restaurant, and intimate, gourmet cuisine at the


Hi Class Living

specialty restaurants Aqualina and Prime C. These restaurants, by reservation only, are complimentary for suite guests and are available for others at a nominal fee. Aqualina is a Mediterranean style seafood restaurant serving superbly prepared and presented dishes. Don’t miss the beet salad, the Chilean sea bass, or the Asian inspired Ahi tuna. Prime C specializes in prime meats, served in an elegant club-like atmosphere. Their mushroom soup is second to none and their juicy steaks, accompanied by flavorful sauces, are cooked-to-perfection . Complimentary red and white house wines complete the dining experience. Another popular venue is Mosaic, a European style café, that delights guests with cappuccinos, lattes, and espresso as well as daily selections of pastries, mini sandwiches and tapas. There’s nightly entertainment including harp music, singers, and bands that perform at various lounges throughout the ship. In addition, guest performers offer nightly shows in the Cabaret Lounge. During our voyage, we enjoyed a concert by powerhouse pianist Elliot Finkel, and a standing ovation performance by British singing star Emma Sinclair. Other entertainment included a “Dancing with the Stripes” show, a “White Night” party under the stars, and disco nights. Azamara offers an unhurried sailing experience, often staying in ports late in the evening or overnight to allow guests more time to explore each destination. Their service is personalized and hands on. Officers and senior staff were always around and in contact with the guests. For example, at the “Officers Lunch” every food station was manned by a senior officer who actually served the passengers. The cruise director made tacos and tortiClub Continent Suite Beet salad, sea bass, and dessert The fitness center Officers Lunch, and our butler at work November-December 2010


llas, the hotel director carved a suckling pig, and the food and beverage director flipped crepes. In Italy, the officers welcomed us with cold towels and champagne flutes, while the entertainment crew performed Italian love songs. Itinerary The cruise started with an overnight stay in Venice. What hasn’t been said about this magical city? Piazza San Marco with its resident pigeons and romantic cafes is as inviting as ever. The Rialto Bridge is still poetic and beautiful, and the narrow winding canals are still alluring. We took a water taxi for a sail along the Grand Canal amidst fairy tale villas and majestic palazzos. No matter how many times you’ve been to Venice, you’ll always want to return. In the morning we docked in Zadar, a Croatian port dating back to the Roman empire. Zadar’s main attraction is the old medieval town surrounded by ancient fortifications. We walked along the narrow alleys, passed by medieval buildings and by remnants of the Roman forum. We relaxed on the waterfront listening to the eerie sounds of the “Organ of the Sea,” an underwater instrument activated by the waves’ movements. The next morning we sailed along the towering mountains of the Dalmatian coast towards Dubrovnik, an “Adriatic pearl” surrounded by picturesque islands and sheer cliffs. We climbed Dubrovnik’s fortified walls and took in the sweeping vistas of red-tile roofs and blue seas. We walked the marble-paved narrow streets and browsed the eclectic shops and boutiques. The following day, the Azamara Quest sailed into the bay of Kotor in Montenegro, a long, fjord-like inlet surrounded by steep limestone mountains. The ship docked Rialto Bridge in Venice Venice’s Grand Canal Aerial view of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik’s main street


Hi Class Living

practically across the road from the gate to the old city. Kotor is considered by many to be one of Europe’s best preserved cities of the Medieval and Renaissance eras. We walked along the narrow alleys, explored centuries old churches, visited the Prince’s Palace, and stopped for coffee and local pastry at an outdoor café. The cruise continued around Italy’s boot, crossing the Straits of Messina, toward the tiny island of Mt. Stromboli, a pyramid shaped active volcano rising from the calm sea. The ship slowed to a crawl and we could almost touch the small village precariously nestled at the base of the smoking crater. Our first port on the Italian coast was Sorrento, a city perched high on a bluff on the Mediterranean Sea. Sorrento is also the starting point for excursions to Pompeii, Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Portofino, and Capri. The following day we docked in Civitavecchia, Rome’s port city. The ship offered a large selection of shore excursions including a private train to St. Peter’s Station, tours of the Vatican, the Roman Forum and the Coliseum. We explored the fascinating city, tossed coins in the Trevi Fountain, visited iconic sites such as Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Venezia and Piazza Popolo, and, of course, sampled the famous Italian gelato. The following port was La Spezia, a lovely city with a waterfront boardwalk and a pedestrian center with shops and restaurants. La Spezia is also the gateway to Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, and the Liguria region. We boarded a ferryboat to Portovenere, a charming village in the Golf of Poets. We strolled along the medieval streets and browsed the shops that sell olive oil,

The Bay of Kotor The Azamara Quest in Kotor St. Stromboli island Positano’s skyline November-December 2010


homemade pesto, limoncello, and other local specialties. From a high vantage point we took in the rugged coastline and surrounding islands and villages. The ship continued to Monte Carlo and docked at a pier in the center of town, overlooking the glittering city, and a neverending parade of super yachts. The tiny principality is home to the Prince’s Palace, the Grand Casino, an Oceanographic Museum, and beautiful Botanical Gardens. From Monte Carlo you can also visit the French Riviera including the cities of Nice, Eze, and Cannes. Next, we anchored overnight in St. Tropez, a hip French town dotted with designer shops, local boutiques, galleries and restaurants. Its bustling marina is home to some of the biggest and most luxurious yachts in the world. We explored the winding streets, checked the resident artists along the waterfront, and stopped at the artisan and farmers market. We booked a shore excursion to neighboring Ramatuelle and Gasin, two enchanting hilltop villages dating back to medieval times. We passed by the rolling hills of the wine region, and made a brief stop at Pampelonne, one of St. Tropez’s famous beaches. This beach, once the landing site of Allied troops in1944, is a favorite hangout of the international glitterati and jet setters. The Azamara Quest completed its fascinating voyage in Barcelona, the city of Gaudi’s architecture and unfinished church, Picasso and Miro Museums, and Las Ramblas pedestrian hub. By the end of our cruise we felt that the Phoenicians were right: our twelve day sail added at least that many days to our lifespans. So book a cruise, it is one the oldest anti aging secrets. Bon Voyage...

Trevi Fountain in Rome Portovenere’s waterfront Monte Carlo St. Tropez


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Portland Portland, is a vibrant city with a bustling waterfront, a charming downtown, world class museums, and fine restaurants. Start your exploration on the waterfront along the gentrified port area. Stop at the pier and book a two-hour sail on a wooden windjammer, and enjoy Maine’s scenic islands, and panoramic views of the city. ( Stroll along Portland’s historic cobblestone streets and browse art galleries, funky boutiques, and souvenir shops. Visit the Portland Museum of Art, home to fine and decorative arts from the 18th century to the present. View the Winslow Homer collection, works by Church, Kent, Bellows, and N.C. Wyeth, as well as paintPortland’s waterfront.

November-December 2010

ings by European impressionists. (www. Step back in time at Victoria Mansion, ( an outstanding example of nineteenth-century American architecture and design with intact original interiors and decorations. For dinner, try Walters, a popular downtown restaurant. Sample Chef Jeff Buerhaus’ excellent regional cuisine and their fine wines. ( The area offers a myriad of accommodations including the Inn by the Sea, a luxurious resort in Cape Elizabeth, minutes from downtown Portland. The Inn by the Sea features 57 airy rooms and suites in different sizes and configurations.

Portland Head Light lighthouse.


Coastal Cities

By Jane and Marius Rubin


aine’s picturesque coast is defined by never ending vistas of blue sea, scenic coves, craggy shores, remote islands, and historic lighthouses. The cities of Portland and Rockland are ideal gateways to the waterfront.

The upscale ‘spa suites’ are on twolevels with a large living room, kitchenette, bedroom and an oversized marble bath. Most rooms have terraces overlooking the sweeping landscapes and ocean. Start your morning with an outdoor Yoga class on the front lawn, and continue with a leisurely walk through the protected bird and wildlife sanctuary towards a pristine beach. Indulge in a soothing 90 minute massage or a rejuvenating facial at the stateof-the-art spa. All spa treatments are performed with natural products derived from marine-based peptides and pure essential oils. Make sure to dine at Sea Glass, where chef Mitchell Kaldrovich (of James Beard

acclaim) has created a menu that uses fresh ingredients from local farms and fisheries. Try the seafood & lobster paella or the pan seared jumbo scallops, and complement your meal with their award winning wines. The Inn by the Sea is a “green” property, has received numerous accolades, and is kid and pet friendly. (www.innbythesea. com, 207-799-3134).

Rockland Rockland, also known as the lobster capital of the world, is located about 2 hours north of Portland. It is a picturesque coastal city dotted with art galleries, museums, restaurants, resorts and historic inns. 00

Inn by the Sea.

Paella at Sea Glass.


Hi Class Living

Stroll along the waterfront and take in the panoramic harbor views and the parade of boats crisscrossing the blue waters. Stop at the Maine Lighthouse Museum where you’ll find one of the largest collections of lighthouse artifacts in the nation. The exhibits bring to life the solitary, harsh and often heroic lives of the lighthouse keepers. Sail aboard Captain Jack Lobster Adventure, an active lobster boat, and learn about lobstermen and their grueling work. (207-542-6852). Visit the Farnsworth Art Museum, currently showing paintings by Alex Katz and works by three generations of the prolific Wyeth family (through December, 2010). Don’t miss the Owls Head Transportation Museum, home to an impressive collection of antique automobiles and early aircraft, mostly still in working condition. Rockland offers a variety of good restaurants. Try Amalfi or The Pearl for seaside dining, Lily Bistro for homestyle cooking, and Rustica for Italian favorites. Rockland features several types of accommodations including a consortium of historic inns ( We stayed at LimeRock Inn, a charming bed and breakfast owned by Frank Isganitis and PJ Walter, former Bergen County residents. Nestled on a quiet side street amidst flowering gardens, the inn is a fine example of Victorian architecture. All rooms are beautifully decorated with period furniture and accents. Your gracious hosts will serve you a gourmet breakfast and will assist you with travel plans and dinner reservations. (, and 207-594-2257). ∆

Lobster boat.

LimeRock Inn.

Room at the LimeRock Inn. Owls Head Transportation Museum.

November-December 2010


REDUCING ANGER From Pg. 63 Each individual is responsible for choosing their own thoughts. No one else controls that. From there, everything else flows: thoughts generate emotion and we act out what we feel. Everything in this equation is about personal responsibility. A victim is one without power. Regaining our personal power eliminates feelings of helplessness and anger. Others no longer have the ability to push our buttons and make us mad. Her tips on reducing anger include: • Put everything into perspective. Ask yourself if the situation is worth getting upset about. If not, let it go. If it is important, identify what needs to change and create a plan to accomplish that. Switch your focus (thought) from the problem (negative) to the solution (positive). • The moment you feel anger well up inside you, remember SWaT: Stop, Walk and Talk. Stop what you are doing. This prevents the situation from escalating. Next, Walk away. Creating distance allows you to calm down and cool off. “Out of sight, out of mind”. Third: Talk yourself calm. Discuss your feelings and situation with a neutral party, seeking deeper understanding and guidance. If no one is available, talk to yourself. Repeat calming statements such as “I am fine. I am calm. I can handle this is an intelligent and rational manner.” • Create a “Peace Plan”: daily activities to engage in that will naturally reduce your levels of anger. Some of my favorites are aerobic exercise, prayer, meditation, music, nature and my dogs. Each of these naturally replaces stress and anger with feelings of peace and serenity. • Even a simple act such as deep breathing or smiling will help alleviate anger. “Some believe that if you have your health you have everything. I believe when you have inner peace you have it all.” ∆


Hi Class Living

NYC Eataly Offers a Taste of Italy Eataly, a high end Italian food marketplace, opened at 200 Fifth Ave. (at 23rd St.) The 50,000 sq. ft. complex, created by culinary megastars Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, and Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, features restaurants, cafés, as well as groceries, produce, cheeses, meets, wines, and even books, and cookware. 646-398-5100.

Limelight Marketplace in the Flatiron District Limelight Marketplace is a new threestory hip shopping center located in the landmark Episcopal Church building at 656 Avenue of the Americas (at 20th St.). Limelight’s eclectic boutiques feature fashion, home design, art, beauty, food, and more. 212-359-5600 and

Houdini Art and Magic at the Jewish Museum The Jewish Museum presents the first major art museum exhibit that examines Houdini’s life, legend, and enduring influence. The exhibit will also include some of his “magic apparatus” and two of his private diaries. Through March 27. 212-423-3200 and

November-December 2010


French Designer Patrick Jouin at the Museum of Arts and Design Museum of Arts and Design presents Patrick Jouin: From Kitchen to Table, the first solo exhibition at an American museum of the work of this prolific French designer. The show will include 22 of his landmark designs and a multimedia installation. Through February 6, 2011. 212-299-7777 and

Kittichai Thai Restaurant Kittichai is a hip and trendy Thai restaurant at 60 Thompson St. in SOHO. Its new executive chef, Ty Bellington, is a master of complex exotic dishes that combine tantalizing flavors, textures, and colors. For the best sampling of his cuisine, order the chef’s multi course tasting menu, pair it with wines, and enjoy a memorable gourmet dinner. 212-219-2000 and www.

Brain: The Inside Story at the American Museum of Natural History Brain: The Inside Story is a journey through the human brain, the command center that enables each person to think, feel, and learn. This intriguing exhibition gives visitors insight into their own brains through a sensory feast of imaginative art, vivid brain scan imaging, and thrilling interactive exhibits. November 20, 2010 - August 14, 2011. 212-769-5100 and


Hi Class Living



Blowwout Salon in Fort Lee Pasquale Benasillo, formerly of Pasquale Salon and Spa in Fort Lee and Salon Rocks in Englewood, is back with his new hair studio Blowwout at 1635 Lemoine Ave. His vision was to create a smaller, more affordable, and more personal hair salon with a hand picked talented staff. They offer Keratin treatments for $195 and blow outs for $25 for any length hair. 201-482-8520.

Koyama Moves to Edgewater After 81/2 years in Cliffside Park, Koyama has moved to a larger location at 1034 River Road in Edgewater. They still offer the same authentic cuisine that made them one of the favorite Japanese restaurants in the area. Their celebrated sushi chef has been practicing his art for over 35 years. In addition to sushi and sashimi, there is a wide variety of authentic dishes to please any palate. Lunch Tues-Fri, Dinner Tues-Sun. Free parking after 6pm at the adjoining municipal lot. 201-969-0202.

Ché Paul Salon Has Moved Ché Paul Salon has moved to 722 Anderson Ave. in Cliffside Park. Owner Paul Descalzi has been serving the community for over 25 years. He prides himself on offering the latest in styling and techniques and uses top of the line hair care products and accessories. The salon is friendly and informal and Paul invites both men and women to “become new clients.” 201-941-0005.

Robert Oppenheimer Selected as Realtor® of The Year The Eastern Bergen County Board of REALTORS® (EBCBOR) recently announced that Robert Oppenheimer, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Fortune Properties in Englewood Cliffs, has been selected as the 2010 REALTOR® of the Year. Mr. Oppenheimer was recognized for his leadership and service in civic, community and charitable causes, as well as his activity in the REALTOR® Association. 201-816-8889. November-December 2010


Openings Saddle River Gallery in Englewood Saddle River Gallery has recently relocated from Upper Saddle River to a beautiful new space at 10 Grand Avenue, Englewood. Saddle River Gallery has been providing Bergen County residents with Fine Art for more than 10 years. They offer a unique selection of original oil paintings by well known Impressionist and Modern artists of the late 19th and 20th century. They pride themselves on their professionalism, quality, integrity, and client satisfaction. They work with individual collectors and design professionals., 201-871-8787.

Advanced Hormone Solutions in Paramus Advanced Hormone Solutions, a licensed SottoPelle® Wellness Center, has recently opened at 122 E. Ridgewood Avenue in Paramus. They offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a wellness product in use for over 30 years. Susan Matos-Cloke, the center’s doctor, is under the guidance of Dr. Gino Tutera, the founder of SottoPelle®. Dr Tutera has created SottoPelle therapy to help relieve hormonal symptoms such as night sweats, lethargy, and weak muscles. Visit www., or Dr Tutera’s website at: Free Consultations. 201-225-2525.

First Class Upholstery in Fort Lee First Class Upholstery has opened at 2431 Lemoine Ave. in Fort Lee. They specialize in custom upholstery, furniture repairs, fabric wall panels, wood re-finishing, custom made sofas, chairs, love seats, slip covers, recanning, window treatments, and more. 201-944-2282 or 201-220-6347.

5 Salon & Spa Completes Renovation 5 Salon & Spa at 1643 Schlosser St. in Fort Lee, has completed an extensive renovation of their salon. 5 Salon & Spa is bigger and better than ever and their well trained staff is ready to welcome you with the highest level of expertise and professionalism. 201-944-8011.


Hi Class Living

Celebrate the Holidays at

’s osito

Esp PARK CAFE Classic American Cuisine with Italian Accents

Dining at Its Best American Esposito’s Park Café – 790 Anderson Ave., Cliffside Park, the original location of the first Villa Amalfi. The Esposito family has completely renovated the space, turning it into a modern, comfortable restaurant. The first floor features a full bar surrounded by tables and high tops. The upstairs dining room is decorated in a Mediterranean motif with a stunning wall mural of the Italian coast and impressive lighting fixtures. The menu offers a large variety of American and Italian favorites including salads, brick-oven pizza, pasta and more. This is the perfect spot for dining with friends or family. Lunch Mon-Fri, Dinner Mon-Sun. Sunday Brunch. Parking on

Lunch Mon-Fri, Dinner Mon-Sun Sunday Brunch


790 Anderson Ave. Cliffside Park

premises. 201-313-2441.

Parking on Premises

Greek Taverna Mykonos — 238 Broadway (Rt. 4E.) Elmwood Park - The atmosphere and décor in this newly opened restaurant in reminiscent of a typical taverna. Rated ★★★ by the Record, Taverna Mykonos specializes in Hellenic cuisine, a melting of Greek and Mediterranean influences. The menu features healthy and seasonal selections including fresh fish, the highest quality meat and sun-loving fruits and vegetables. Greek products such as cheese, olive oil, herbs and spices highlight the cuisine. The full bar offers wines from Greece and the US. On-site parking. Serving lunch and dinner. 201-703-9200. www.

The Finest in Seafood, Chops, Prime Steaks, Pastas Open Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve

Italian Amarone Ristorate – 63 Cedar Lane, Teaneck. Rated Excellent by Zagat and in the “Top 5” for Atmosphere by the Record. Amarone Ristorante is serving distinctive Northern Italian specialties such as Osso Buco, Roasted Duck and many varieties of homemade pasta. The menu also features fresh fish, poultry, and

lunch, dinner, sunday brunch, closed monday live music & dancing fri & sat, banquet room up to 250, valet parking

201.886.8626 • 793 Palisade Avenue, Cliffside Park • November-December 2010



Hi Class Living

Dining at Its beef. Owner Nick uses the highest quality ingredients and all dishes are made to order. The atmosphere is warm and hospitable and prices are moderate. Full bar service, ample parking. Open for lunch Mon-Fri and dinner daily. 201-833-1897

Turkish - Middle Eastern Restaurant

Café Italiano — 14 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs. The restaurant occupies the historic home of flamboyant 1920s NYC mayor, Jimmy Walker. The turn of the century architecture, combined with the fine Italian cuisine makes for a memorable dining experience. The menu features great selections, large portions and affordable prices. From the hot and cold appetizers, to the pastas, risottos, chicken, veal, seafood, beef and lamb entrees, you will find every item uniquely prepared and presented. End your meal with a cappuccino or sinful desert. A wine list at fair prices is now offered. Open 7 days for lunch and dinner. Available for private parties for up to 100 people. Ample Parking. Call 201-461-5041.

4 Course. Early Bird 1995 (mon -fri) Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Private Room • Bar Catering • Delivery • Take Out


178 Piermont Rd. Cresskill

Make Your Holiday Season Special at

Cafe Italiano & ristorante

Il Mulino — 132 Veterans Plaza, Dumont. “You don’t have to break the bank for top notch Italian fare at this charming Dumont eatery.” All regular dinner entrées cost under $20 and Mondays thru Thursdays from 5 to 6pm the “Sunset Dinner” includes an appetizer, choice of soup or salad, entrée, fresh fruit and coffee or tea for $1395 - $1795. BYOB. Owner Jimmy, formerly of Cafe Italiano, will take care of you. Open 7 days for lunch and dinner. Party room up to 120. 201-384-7767. www.njdiningguide. com/ilmulino.


Uncompromising Quality Generous Portions at Great Prices Private Party Rooms Available to Fit Any Budget ­— Call Danny TOP 10

“Among the Best in New Jersey”

by The Record 2002

Villa Amalfi – 793 Palisade Ave. Cliffside Park. The elegantly appointed dining rooms are ideal for business, private occasions or intimate dining. The extensive menu features seafood, chops, prime steaks and pasta and is complimented by wines from France, Italy and California. Dance to live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. A private banquet room accommodates up to 250

— Zagat Survey


Readers’ Choice Award NJ Savvy Living

Daily Sunset Dinner

Four Course Prix Fixe $1395-$1995 Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm • Sun 1pm-3pm

201-461-5041 • Open 7 days 14 Sylvan Ave. • Englewood Cliffs November-December 2010



★★★ — the Record

people. Lunch Tue-Fri, dinner Tue-Sun and brunch on Sun. Valet parking. Reservations suggested. Call 201-886-8626.

Japanese Kaname ­— 783 Palisade Ave., Cliffside Park. Rated ★★★ by the Record, Kaname is a favorite spot for Japanese food lovers, offering an extensive menu of traditional dishes and unique sushi & sashimi specialties. Sit at the Sushi bar and watch your host George create the most imaginative items using the freshest ingredients. If you haven’t tried Sushi before, George will assist you with your order. Portions are generous, the staff helpful and friendly. Cocktails, wine and beer are available. Ample parking in rear. Lunch Tue-Fri, dinner Tue-Sun. 201-886-0080. Koyama — 1034 River Road, Edgewater. After 81/2 years in Cliffside Park, Koyama has moved to a larger location in Edgewater. The restaurant is a favorite of those who love authentic Japanese cuisine. In addition to many selections of sushi and sashimi, the menu features traditional favorites such as shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, and an assortment of noodle dishes, all creatively prepared with the freshest ingredients. They offer pick up and drop off service for customers who don’t wish to drive. (available in Fort Lee, Edgewater, Cliffside Park). Lunch Tues-Fri and Dinner Tues-Sun. Local food delivery service. 201-969-0202.

Seafood Oceanos Oyster Bar and Sea Grill — 2-27 Saddle River Rd. Fair Lawn (1 block off Rt 4W). Manhattan comes to NJ. Oceanos, features raw bar selections, whole Mediterranean fish and steakhouse specialties. There is a sit-down bar offering a list of sophisticated cocktails and an inviting patio for outdoor dining. Open for lunch Sun-Fri, dinner MonSun, and the kitchen stays open late. www. 201-796-0546.


Hi Class Living



Authentic Italian homestyle cooking with the finest ingredients. “Excellent” HHH — The Record

Best Value....

Even during these economic times, you Can Afford to Dine at Il Mulino! Join us for our Famous Sunset Dinner 4-Course Meal $ 1395 -$1795 Mon-Thurs 5-6 pm Sun 1-3pm

Spanish Meson Madrid — 343 Bergen Blvd., Palisades Park. Casual elegance and exquisite cuisine from the heart of Spain for over 27 years. This highly rated restaurant specializes in exceptional paellas, mariscadas, as well as superbly prepared selections of lobster, seafood, veal and poultry. Lunch specials from $695. Available for private parties and corporate events. Full bar. Open Sun-Fri 1130am-1030pm, Sat 1130am-1130pm. 201-947-1038

Jim Lulani,

formerly of Cafe Italiano, celebrates 10 years at Il Mulino

Book Your Holiday Party

#1 Italian Early #1 Best Prices #1 BYOB #1 Family Friendly Readers Choice

Bergen Health & Life 2009

Steaks and Seafood Open 7 days

BYOB Restaurant

Italian Restaurant

Spring 2008


Assembly Steak House — 495 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs. Assembly Steak House is a favorite local dining spot among those who recognize and expect fine food, service, and ambience. The Assembly prides itself on serving prime beef, fresh seafood, fish


Beautifully Renovated 132 Veterans Plaza, Dumont


New Jersey’s Premier Steakhouse Introduces the NEW Assembly SUSHI BAR

4 Course Prix Fixe Menu Mon thru Fri 3-6pm. Live Entertainment • Outdoor Dining Tuesday & Thursday Karaoke • Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet

201-568-2616 • 495 Sylvan Ave. • Englewood Cliffs On and Off Premises Catering • Party Room • November-December 2010


at Its Best and daily specials. Enjoy a 16oz. Rib Eye Steak with baked potato, and soup or salad for only $1995. You can also order traditional Sushi dishes in the main dining room, or at the new Sushi Bar. Champagne Sunday Brunch and Sunday Pasta Nights. Happy hour 4-7pm Mon-Thu, and 4-9pm Fri., with complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Sun-Fri 11:30am-10pm; Sat 5-10p. Outdoor dining. Party room. (larger groups accommodated at Assembly East Hill). Off premises catering. 201-568-2616.

★★★ — the Record

KANAME Authentic Japanese Cuisine & Fabulous Sushi Bar


783 Palisade Ave., Cliffside Park (Across from Winston Towers)

open Tue.-Sun. — Take-Out available

ZAGAT Rated — Excellent The Record — Top 5 for Atmosphere

Turkish - Middle Eastern Samdan — 178 Piermont Rd., Cresskill. This casual, elegant restaurant has won the hearts of area residents and food critics alike. Samdan offers mouth-watering appetizers, kebabs, a large selection of Turkish delights along with regional delicacies and daily specials. Lunch Specials Mon-Sat $990, Early Bird Special Mon-Fri 4-6, 4 courses plus coffee $1995. Open 7 days. Sun-Thurs noon-10pm, Fri-Sat noon-10:30. Party Room for 80-100 persons. www.samdanrestaurant. com. 201-816-7343.

Distinctive Northern Italian Cuisine Open On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day Open 7 Days


Ample Parking

63 Cedar Lane, Teaneck

GRAND OPENING of our new location!

Takeout Local Deliveries

Lunch Tue-Fri, Dinner Tue-Sun

201-969-0202 1034 River Road • Edgewater (opposite Admiral Walk)


Hi Class Living


Zhana Nussbaum


Michael Garbuz


Elite Realty i n t ernational


301 Bridge Plaza North Fort Lee, NJ 07024

The Bluffs Area — Gorgeous New Construction, Center Hall Colonial with approx. 7,500 sf of absolute Luxury! Brick and Precast exterior, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, library, finished basement, 3 marble fireplaces, fine custom kitchen by Brookhaven with Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances, parquet floors, crown moldings, 20 ft ceiling foyer and family room, master bath with Jacuzzi and heated floor, sauna, exercise room, 2 car attached garage. Truly a masterpiece! Completion Spring 2011. Offered at $2,695,000.


Fort Lee, NJ ‘Modern Elegance’’| .... best describes this oneof-a-kind apartment. Occupying the entire Southeast corner with approximately 2100 SF, this apartment was created by combining a deluxe corner two bedroom with an adjacent junior o n e b e d ro o m . The result is spectacular. Spacious, bright, sun-filled rooms with wallto-wall windows. Modern kitchen and bathrooms with distinctive style. An incredible master suite with gym and custom master bath. Vast closet space. Two terraces with custom decking. This low floor setting provides beautiful and tranquil green treetop vistas and seasonal views of the Hudson River and New York City.

Offered at $450,000

Nelson Chen

The Chen Agency, Realtors

201.346.8888 November-December 2010

1392 Palisade Avenue • Fort Lee, NJ 07024




properties & associates


Stunning colonial nestled on a secluded East Hill acre is accessed via a circular driveway. A gracious living room with fireplace and formal dining room adjoin an updated gourmet kitchen with dining area and access to deck and back yard. An exquisite first floor master suite boasts a fireplace and private loft. The upper level features 3 family bedrooms, 2 baths and a cozy sitting area. The lower level is beautifully finished and includes a family room GREAT ESTATES with a wet bar, an office and sophisticated media room (see photo).







Cresskill 95


River Vale


Englewood Cliffs Hi Class Living

M.N.R. Promotions Inc. 120 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 201-363-0200

Presorted Standard Mail U.S. Postage PAID Permit #5377 Denver, CO

Nov-Dec 2010  

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