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UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY. PROFESSIONAL FEATURES. 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. HH Simonsen’s first product was launched in 2003. But the love for haircare and -styling that made three Danish friends and hair stylists join forces and found HH Simonsen back then is still stronger than ever. And the same can be said of our ambition to offer the absolute best products for hairdressers, stylists and consumers all over Europe. Today HH Simonsen’s range includes everything from electrical appliances and scissors to brushes and hair products – and every single detail bears the mark of more than 30 years of professional hands-on experience from Danish salons and international shows. HH Simonsen is privately owned and run by the owners and founders. And every day we take pride in being a strong, accountable and trustworthy partner.

Claus Nissen

Lisbet Simonsen

Hans Schmidt


Stig Jensen

WHEN BEAUTY MEETS SCIENCE Ever since HH Simonsen was founded we have been evolving and improving our products. New technology and ever-changing trends keep offering new opportunities and we are constantly looking for ways to make our products smarter and easier to use. Our production facility is state of the art and we work alongside acclaimed scientists and engineers to create purposeful technological breakthroughs. Because beauty takes brains. It’s pretty words, but they mean something when they make a difference on an ordinary Tuesday at the salon or at home in the bathroom. When we can help make life easier and hair stronger and more beautiful. That is why we exist.

THE TOOLS TO SUCCEED Behind every blow dryer, styling iron and clipper in our range lies an ambitious goal: To develop professional electrical appliances that follow the trends of the hair industry – and to sell them at an affordable price. Our tools are equipped with the newest cutting edge technology that protects and cares for the hair and unchains your creativity. It takes devotion to improve the air flow of a blow-dryer while limiting the noise. It takes research to develop the ultimate surface for a styling iron. And it takes clever technology to turn positively charged ions in the air into negatively charged ions and thereby reducing the hair’s electricity when styling.


THE TOOLS TO SUCCEED We are dedicated to functionality, durability and safety. Our unrivaled level of product quality is due to our unwavering ambitions and the countless number of tests that every product goes through. When you buy a HH Simonsen tool, we want you to be able to rely on it for a long time.

A NEW STANDARD FOR SHAMPOO LINES That was the criteria for success when we started developing the HH Simonsen Wetline. We wanted to create a shampoo line that would exceed our own demands as professionals. And a shampoo line that would make a real difference for you and your hair – whatever your hair type might be.



A NEW STANDARD FOR SHAMPOO LINES The HH Simonsen Wetline is a wide range of exclusive, effective and paraben-free shampoos, conditioners and masks for all hair types and all needs. We’ve carefully chosen and combined ingredients that make every single product as effective as possible, regardless of whether you need care and protection for thin, colored, damaged, dry or greasy hair. Common to every product is a unique use of keratin for a healthier and stronger hair and natural oils that add moisture and flexibility, making every single shampoo, conditioner and mask something truly out of the ordinary.









FOR CARING AND CREATING Look, feel and care are equally important when we evolve and develop our assortment of hair products – from beach spray to wax, from styling oil to paste. Because you want your hair to look good, feel good and be healthy, all at the same time. That’s why we continuously improve our products. We test them over and over again and add just a little bit more of the good stuff. The Brazilian nut oil in our Mud Wax that will nourish and protect the hair while making it wonderfully soft. The argan and jojoba in our Styling Oil that combats frizz and adds immediate shine. The delicious honey extract in our Blowdry Cream that makes it easy to re-style. Or in short: The perfect products for the perfect look.

A BRUSH IS NOT JUST A BRUSH And we have the brushes to prove it! At HH Simonsen we have our own range of specially designed brushes for styling, detangling, drying or just maintaining throughout the day. That’s the only way we can control the quality in every detail. Every brush is designed specifically for certain hair types or certain tasks – and our standards of quality, durability and ergonomics are beyond compare.

THIS IS CUTTING-EDGE HH Simonsen has a strong partnership with the renowned scissor brand Excellent Edges™, who create high quality handmade scissors based on the art of Japanese bladesmithing. The product range features a variety of scissors to meet the individual needs of every single hairdresser and the specific requirements of every task. In addition to Excellent Edges™ we also offer scissors from the exclusive brands Hikari, Fuji and Yamato.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY As a company we leave footprints on our planet. And this is the only planet we’ve got. So whenever possible we try our best to care for nature and the people around us. ·W hen we fell, we plant. So, every tree we use – for instance the fast-growing Asian beech wood used for our Turn Brush – is replaced by a new one.

·W e’ve donated XXX€ to marginalised Danish kids by selling specially designed salon capes featuring drawings that the kids themselves made. · F or years we’ve been supporting Danish charity “Familier med kræftramte børn” (Families affected by childhood cancer).

·W e deliver used scissors and styling tools to a hairdressing school in Ghana, limiting spillage and giving the students there a chance to work with much better equipment.

. O ur packaging for our tools is becoming more sustainable! We use less ink, no silver and gold foil, and less or no UV lacquer on the new packaging. We avoid magnets and use a thinner type of cardboard to reduce paper waste.

· O ver the last 3 years we’ve donated more than 100.000€ to the Danish Cancer Society’s fight against breast cancer.

The boxes are designed in a new and innovative way, making them easier to fold and thus taking up less space.