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School of Dance registration opens July 1

Non-members can now participate!


Sons Life Schools of Dance registration opens July 1 and there are some exciting changes for the 2024-2025 season! The program continues to be offered at a discounted fee to our members (policyholders), but this coming year, non-members can also participate.

“We are excited to offer this wonderful benefit to all young people in the communities of our 18 schools of dance,” Vice President of Member Benefits

Cecily Kelly said. “During this difficult economy, we are happy to be able to provide a budgetfriendly dance program.”

The 2024-2025 dance program is available to youth 3 to 17 years of age as of Sept. 1, 2024.

Students may enroll in any one of the 18 schools of dance they choose.

Dance school locations and registration instructions are being mailed out to eligible Hermann Sons Life members, and school of dance enrollment for non-members will be advertised in the communities where dance schools are located.

Dance registration will be available online at hermannsonslife.org (scroll to bottom of the home page).

The schools of dance are designed to teach the art of dance in a wholesome atmosphere of fun, work, physical exercise and fellowship.

Each school of dance teaches varying degrees of tap, ballet and jazz. Each season ends with a dance recital.

For 2024-2025, the Home Office has changed how students pay for classes.

“With the economy in its current state, we felt it would be

best to spread out payments over nine months,” Cecily said.

“Members will be charged the new low, monthly fee of $35 per month.”

Non-members will be charged the same monthly fee; however, they will also be charged a $200 registration fee. On the second Friday of each month, tuition fees will be charged to the accounts provided at the beginning of the season.

“These fees will as always help each dance class pay for expenses dur ing the year and the Home Office cost for teacher salaries and any other expenses that are in curred,” Cecily said.

The deadline to register is Oct. 1. In most instances, the dance season follows the school cal endar.

Camp hosts Open House and Membership Picnic

Participants at the combined Open House and Membership Picnic took tours at both the Riverside and Hilltop sites, met staff, took part in several activities and were treated to lunch. See more photos of the Open House and Membership Picnic on Pg. 17. Camp

from the first sessions are on Pg. 18.

Lilly Sprouse, right, is excited about attending Hermann Sons Life Camp for the very first time this summer! She and her sister McKenzie attended the Camp Open House on June 8. They loved the pool, especially the diving boards! Both are members of Helotes Lodge.

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Kimberly Krueger, Chair

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David R. Noak

Stan Steiger

Laura Tiffin

Gerald Ziemnicki


President and CEO

Robin Czarnek

Vice President of Operations and COO

Samantha Schulmeier Kelley

Vice President of Member Benefits

Cecily Kelly

Vice President of Sales

Teresa Saathoff


Stephen Prewitt

Edward J. Muehlbrad

Agnes Dreibrodt

Elizabeth Byron

Mary Beam

Sherry Rakowitz

Tammy Jones


Eulla Krueger

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Cheryl Garcia


Judith Schulmeier

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Pat Klotz

Todd Marquardt Pat Bushman

Steven Schellenberg

Harry Schriber

Ronald Wiatrek

Annette Roecker

Arthur R. Pfefferkorn

Bradley Klein

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Robert Prewitt


Kerry Ginn

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Gary Falkenberg

David Lewis

President's Message

Surprise reunion renews mission to do good

I recently had the privilege of doing a Facebook live interview at the Wilson County News headquarters with Kristen Kolodziej Weaver and HSL’s own Vice President of Sales Teresa Saathoff Little did I know the interview would bring an unexpected blessing

Kristen told Teresa and I that she wanted to introduce us to a WCN team member, Pam, before we left When Pam walked up for the introduction, I realized it was my favorite teacher and a mentor to me, Pam Smith (She looked exactly the same after all this time!) Another unexpected blessing came when I asked how her daughter Taryn was and Mrs Smith called her in to say hello Taryn also works for Wilson County News Mrs . Smith

and Taryn were family to me in my high school days at East Central High School

She was the kind of teacher that wore many hats and would even pick up students and take us to countless UIL events and workshops for yearbook Mrs Smith’s dedication to excellence in teaching and commitment to her students is something I have always truly admired and appreciated more than I’ve ever been able to express to her When I shared my gratitude with her, she quipped that she wanted to win, that’s why she picked us up for events Some may believe it, but I know better . This is Mrs Smith's humility making light of her dedication and sacrifices for her students . She represented stability and a sense of belonging to so many There was a time when she went

Flag Day observed

The Home Office held the annual Flag Day ceremony on June 14. After the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and the pledge of allegiance, President and CEO Robin Czarnek read a proclamation from Gov. Greg Abbott commemorating Flag Day. Regional Manager John Pacini read a poem entitled, “The Best Flag.”

Lodge Reports

Vice President of Sales Teresa Saathoff, from left, and President and CEO Robin Czarnek were interviewed on a Facebook live by Kristen Kolodziej Weaver for Wilson County News on May 29. Teresa and Robin shared information on Hermann Sons Life's products, benefits and its mission of community service.

with a group of us to attend a fellow classmate and year booker’s funeral He had passed away tragically, and she was there to nurture and console each and every one of us despite her own grief Reminiscing on the impact of Mrs Smith on my life was a not-so-subtle reminder to me of the difference we can make in others’ lives by showing up, being present in the moment and encouraging each other to be our best selves no matter the circumstances With all the division and lack of empathy for each other (especially digitally where we can be keyboard warriors) people like Pam Smith

are quietly making their mark and impacting lives in such profound ways . Often, these quiet influencers can change the trajectory of someone’s life without even realizing the difference they’re making Today, I find myself renewed not only in working to further HSL’s mission to strengthen community, but my own mission to do good in the world There is so much work to do and it takes us all! I am so grateful for all the great work being done by our lodges and members to support our community and give back Keep up the great work and thank you for being the best part of Hermann Sons Life!

Family Fun Day held at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Home Office employee Lawanda Gibbons and her family enjoyed Family Fun Day at Fiesta Texas. Pictured are, from left, Jakorean, Dezmond Adams, Nica Greenwood, Chrysander, Sir Johnson, LaTrenda King, Lawanda and Donteyvin Adams. Lawanda’s grandchildren are Hermann Sons Life Shining Stars and members of Kirby Lodge.

Home Office emloyee presented 75-year pin

Longtime Hermann Sons Life Home Office employee Carol Swan, center, was presented her 75-year membership pin by Chair of the Board Kimberly Krueger, left, and President and CEO Robin Czarnek. Carol is an active member of MissionAlamo Lodge and has been a member since May 11, 1949. She resides in San Antonio.

Several Hermann Sons Life Camp staff members traveled to San Antonio to join the fun at Family Fun Day held June 22 at Six Flags


EVERY THURSDAY – It’s Game Night every Thursday night at Hochheim-Prairie Lodge-Turner Hall in Yoakum. Games start at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome. For more information, call 361-293-557.

EVERY THURSDAY – Bingo is held every Thursday night at Brenham Lodge. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., cards go on sale at 6:15 p.m. Games start at 7 p.m. and are usually over at 9:30 p.m. Open to public.

EVERY FRIDAY – Free live trivia at the San Antonio Home Association Rathskeller at 7 p.m. Get a team together or come solo. Prizes awarded.

JULY 27-28 – The Hermann Sons Life Statewide Bowling Tournament will be held at Cityview Lanes in Fort Worth. See Pgs. 10-11.

AUG. 13 – Seguin Lodge will hold the annual Summerfest at the lodge hall, 2918 W. Kingsbury St. in Seguin. A barbecue brisket meal will be served - brings sides and desserts. Call President Tim Kolbe to RSVP at 830-660-3713.

Editor/Communications Director

Elaine Hernandez Soto 210-226-9261, ext. 279 email: elaines@hermannsonslife.org

Assistant Editor/Assistant Communications Director

Hannah Ruiz-Gruver 210-226-9261, ext. 102 email: hannahrg@hermannsonslife.org

Website: www.hermannsonslife.org

All news articles and photographs should be mailed to: Editor, Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 or emailed to: elaines@hermannsonslife.org

Reports and photos can also be submitted online at hermannsonslife.org under Member Benefits, Officer Forms. The report deadline is the 10th of each month. For example, for the January issue, the deadline is Dec. 10.

The Hermann Sons Life newspaper is an official publication of Hermann Sons Life. The management and editorial policy of the newspaper shall be in the hands of the President and CEO, and the President and CEO shall have the authority to appoint a member or members of Hermann Sons Life as editor and/or business manager thereof.

Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly and husband John Kelly took part in the Fun Day festivities at Fiesta Texas. John, on left, made friends with Foghorn Leghorn!
Fiesta Texas.


Senior Adult Final Expense Plan offers security, tax-free benefit

While Hermann Sons Life has life insurance products to meet everyone’s needs, this month I want to spotlight the value of our Senior Adult Final Expense (SAFE) Plan. Our SAFE Plan can be an attractive insurance option for several reasons:

· Immediate coverage: Once the policy is approved, coverage begins immediately upon payment of the premium, ensuring financial protection for your beneficiaries.

· One-time payment: Paying a single premium upfront

eliminates the need for ongoing premium payments, which is convenient and reduces the hassle of monthly payments.

· Wealth transfer: It is an effective tool for transferring wealth to beneficiaries in a tax-efficient manner because there are no taxes incurred by beneficiaries named on a life insurance policy.

· No lapse risk: Since the premium is fully paid at the outset, there is no risk of the policy lapsing due to missed premium payments.

· Cash value accumulation: The SAFE Plan builds cash value over time.

· Death benefit increase: The SAFE Plan death benefit amount increases at 2%

annually. The longer you live, the higher the death benefit will be.

· Estate planning: The SAFE Plan can be a valuable tool for an estate plan, providing liquidity to cover estate taxes, debts or other expenses.

· Fixed premiums: The premium amount is fixed and paid one time, avoiding future increases due to changes in health or age.

· Modified underwriting: Although the SAFE Plan is not a guaranteed issue plan, it features modified underwriting requirements which can

accommodate some medical issues.

· Peace of mind: The SAFE Plan ensures that loved ones are financially protected without the worry of future premium payments.

· The SAFE Plan is available in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

· The SAFE Plan is available to anyone 50 through 90 years of age.

Overall, the single premium Senior Adult Final Expense Plan offers financial security and provides a tax-free benefit to your beneficiaries.

Saying goodbye to a special friend and member

I want to pay tribute to one of my favorite customers who recently passed away. Pauline Voss did not become a Hermann Sons Life member until 2013 at the age of 83. Our paths crossed when her husband asked me to come over to discuss paperwork involving his existing HSL policies.

While at this appointment, Mr. Voss showed me the various metal work in their home and explained to me very proudly that he personally had made and installed the metal railing on the beautiful and grand staircase in the lobby of the Hermann Sons Life Home Office.

Pauline was very quiet during the meeting, but as I was finishing up with her husband’s paperwork, she came over to the kitchen table with her checkbook in hand and asked if she could become a Hermann Sons Life member. Once I explained the products that she qualified for, she liked the idea of our SAFE Plan and how once she passed away her beneficiaries would receive the money tax free.

Little did I know that Pauline would not only become one of my customers, but a sweet and

dear friend from that day on. Pauline and Mr. Voss found each other late in life after they both suffered the loss of their spouses. They were the cutest couple and once when I dropped off paperwork at their home (and they knew I would be stopping by after lunch), Mr. Voss answered the door in his

pajamas, robe and house slippers. I immediately apologized and said I must have got my days mixed up. Pauline then entered the doorway dressed the same way and they both laughed and said they knew I was coming, but they had decided to have a pajama day. I told them that they reminded

me of Laura and Rob Petrie on the "Dick Van Dyke Show" because of how formal their pajamas and robes were. After that visit, I decided that we could all use more carefree pajama days in our lives.

They were just the happiest and sweetest couple and our visits always lasted at least two hours. After Mr. Voss passed away, I still visited with Pauline on numerous occasions. I would bring lunch, or we would go to her favorite restaurant, the 410 Diner on Broadway, where she would always order the vegetable platter.

Pauline was always interested in how my children were doing and loved keeping me up to date on her three beloved granddaughters, Amanda, Erin and Taylor. I told her that she reminded me of my grandmother, and she said she considered that a big compliment because she knew how much my Mema meant to me.

My life has been extra busy the last couple of years, and I did not realize that Pauline’s health was in decline, but I did notice that when I sent her a note this last Christmas that her address had changed. Pauline’s daughter, Paulette, called me a couple of weeks ago and ex-

plained that she had moved her mom into her home. Paulette explained that she still lived in her childhood home where Pauline had raised her family and lived with her first husband. It was sweet to hear that Pauline had actually gone back home and her daughter had taken care of her until the end. I immediately started reminiscing with Paulette and I told her how much I adored her mom and that she had sent me the nicest notes and cards over the past 11 years and how she always included a piece of Wrigley’s gum in the envelope. She laughed and said that they actually passed out Wrigley’s gum at Pauline’s funeral with her favorite bible verse wrapped around the gum package. I consider myself lucky to have received letters and cards from Pauline and I had no idea how many people she touched with her heartfelt notes, cards and pieces of gum.

At the end of the day, I love it that Hermann Sons Life is not like the big commercial life insurance companies. Our members mean everything to us, and we love getting to know them personally and making them a part of our ever-growing Hermann Sons Life family.



Sales team welcomes agents Lara, Mendez


Sons Life welcomes Javier Lara, the Sales Department’s new Senior Financial Services Agent.

Javier, a resident of San Antonio, has 20 years’ experience in the life and health insurance industry.

His responsibilities will include selling whole life, term life and annuities. His coverage areas are San Antonio, Bulverde and Spring Branch.

When not working, Javier enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and watching sports.

“Javier has an extensive book of business and will draw upon

Recommender wins gift card

his many years of experience to sign up new Hermann Sons Life members,” Vice President of Sales Teresa Saathoff said.

The Sales team also welcomes new agent Luiz Torres Mendez. Luiz is a resident of San Antonio, and his coverage areas are San Antonio, Austin and New Braunfels.

He has sales experience in general life insurance, health plans, HMO, CMS and annuities. Luis likes to read when not busy working.

“We are excited to welcome Javier and Luiz to the Sales Team,” Teresa said.

The Sales Department is recognizing 33 more recommenders for the month of May. This brings the total to 113 members recommending and a total of 138 new members to Hermann Sons Life in 2024. The winner of a gift card for May is Kathleen Anderson of Houston Lodge. Congratulations to the following Recommenders:

Recommender Agent

Michael Stolte Jr., New Braunfels Shirley Huebinger

Anjelaka Stolte, New Braunfels Shirley Huebinger

Kathleen Anderson, Houston Gary Falkenberg

Jacquelyn Bendele, Hondo Victory Ana Vasquez

Jake Birkholz, Anton Wenzel

Haby Insurance Agency

Ken Carver, La Vernia Roxy Pruski

Kinsley Cox, New Braunfels (2) Shirley Huebinger

Ethan Dunaway, Mission-Alamo Roxy Pruski

McKenna Dunaway, Mission-Alamo Roxy Pruski

Candace Herring, Converse Dan Boenig

Addilyn Ibrom, Yorktown (2) Gladys Rowley

Jamie Jenkins, Fort Worth

Gladys Rowley

Rachel Johnson, Kypfer-Salge Roxy Pruski

Recommender Agent

Alan Mercer, Gonzales Annette Roecker

Gracie Mitchell, Austin Shirley Huebinger

Chyler Morris, New Braunfels Roxy Pruski

Annabella Nail, Helotes Gladys Rowley

Vivian Rues, Austin (3) Shirley Faske

Erik Schweers, La Vernia Roxy Pruski

Michael Selzer, Gonzales (2) David Guerrero

Kendall Taylor, Boerne Ana Vasquez

Jana Urbanczyk, Castroville Haby Insurance Agency

Edith Wedding, Bexar (2) Teri Walston

Kurt Wiedenfeld, Comfort Haby Insurance Agency

Gwynn Wigginton, El Campo John Pacini

Javier Lara Luiz Torres Mendez

Agents Directory


Roxy Pruski • 210-218-6204


Paula Gebert • 361-701-7527

Sheri McBryde • 361-876-6893


Eulla Krueger • 210-863-0546


Allen Caldwell • 830-237-3217

Brad Klein, FIC • 512-497-0678

Gloria A. Cerca • 210-274-3137

Juan M. Varela • 210-376-8611 or 210-445-2619

Luiz Torres Mendez • 470-962-1174

Sean Warren • 512-593-0393

Shannon Caldwell • 830-837-4535

Shirley Kuhen Faske • 512-789-3975


Terrel Maertz • 979-732-1727


Ana Vasquez, FIC • 210-569-4660

Darrell R. Steubing • 830-249-7745 or 830-446-9829

Pamela Poulk • 210-753-2626


Gary Falkenberg, FICF • 713-466-6069


Debbie Allen • 210-326-9753

Clif Klabunde, FIC • 210-219-6142

Javier Lara • 210-667-6889

John E. Moore Jr. • 210-621-7842


Glenford Boehme, FIC • 210-219-9792

Jacqulynn Herrmann • 210-275-0429

Laurie Steele • 210-414-4755

Michael Franke • 830-444-4877 or 361-290-3577

Reagan Haby Rogiers • 210-695-5588

Stephen Bonahoom • 210-695-5588


Judith Schulmeier, FIC • 210-667-1938

Tracy Campos • 210-388-2779


Sterling Goolsby • 254-709-5764


Ana Vasquez, FIC • 210-569-4660

Darrell R. Steubing • 830-249-7745 or 830-446-9829


Dan Boenig • 210-705-1815

Roxy Pruski • 210-218-6204

Corpus Christi

Paula Gebert • 361-701-7527

Sheri McBryde • 361-876-6893


Brad Klein, FIC • 512-497-0678


Laura Tiffin • 361-564-8141

Tracy Fuchs • 361-564-2250

Wayne Tiffin • 361-564-8144


Gilbert Shelby • 214-289-1815

Mark Mundy • 214-202-8442


Cynthia Sultenfuss, FIC • 210-219-6409

Laurie Steele • 210-414-4755

Robin Sultenfuss • 210-854-4443

El Campo

Hector Gutierrez • 979-543-2709


Linda Mattocks • 512-736-9988


Gladys Rowley, FIC • 210-219-6964

Lynn Wiede • 210-289-1378

Fort Worth

Sandra Jones, FIC • 817-781-7155


Todd Bierschwale • 830-997-2130


Teri Walston • 832-620-5405


Brad Klein, FIC • 512-497-0678

Sean Warren • 512-593-0393


Linda Mattocks • 512-736-9988


Tracy Fuchs • 361-550-2003


Bobbie Polasek • 830-672-6317


Rayna Sue Irwin • 210-710-7038

Reagan Haby Rogiers • 210-695-5588


Debbie Payne • 830-741-0642

Jacqulynn Herrmann • 210-275-0429

Laurie Steele • 210-414-4755

Stephen Bonahoom • 210-695-5588


Gary Falkenberg, FICF • 713-466-6069

Gerald Ziemnicki • 713-622-9001

Hector Gutierrez • 979-543-2709

Teri Walston • 832-620-5405

Terrel Maertz • 979-732-1727


Carol Lopez • 210-683-7241

Gladys Rowley, FIC • 210-219-6964

Laurie Steele • 210-414-4755


Terrel Maertz • 979-732-1727


Angela Netherton • 210-831-1293

La Grange

Linda Mattocks • 512-736-9988

Kyle Hartmann • 979-639-1439

La Vernia

Marlin Tanneberger, FIC • 210-827-7229

Roxy Pruski • 210-218-6204

League City

Teri Walston • 832-620-5405


Sean Warren • 512-593-0393


Janice Kuhen • 512-393-1431


Lorene Bielke, FIC • 830-420-2380

830-305-6900 (cell)


Judith Schulmeier, FIC • 210-667-1938

New Braunfels

Becki Lucas • 361-550-9358

Brenda Heulitt • 830-832-1674

Britney Cross • 281-450-6291

Carol Lopez • 210-683-7241

Clif Klabunde, FIC • 210-219-6142

Garrett Czarnek • 210-315-8152

Gloria A. Cerca • 210-274-3137

Krystal Wilson • 623-698-8348

Juan M. Varela • 210-376-8611 or 210-445-2619

Luiz Torres Mendez • 470-962-1174

Shirley Huebinger • 830-822-1942


Shirley Kuhen Faske • 512-789-3975

Orange Grove

Paula Gebert • 361-701-7527


Linda Mattocks • 512-736-9988

Port Lavaca

Nancy Annette Walraven • 361-237-1757


Gary Falkenberg, FICF • 713-466-6069

Round Top

Linda Mattocks • 512-736-9988


Kyle Hartmann • 979-639-1439

Linda Mattocks • 512-736-9988

San Antonio

Ana Vasquez, FIC • 210-569-4660

Angela Netherton • 210-831-1293

Carol Lopez • 210-683-7241

Chris Naughton • 210-365-2009

Clif Klabunde, FIC • 210-219-6142

Darrell R. Steubing • 830-249-7745 or 830-446-9829

David Guerrero Jr. • 210-800-6758

Debbie Allen • 210-326-9753

Gladys Rowley, FIC • 210-219-6964

Gloria A. Cerca • 210-274-3137

Henry Rodriguez • 210-548-2292

Isabel Diaz Servin • 210-394-4120

Javier Lara • 210-667-6889

John E. Moore Jr. • 210-621-7842

Juan M. Varela • 210-376-8611 or 210-445-2619

Luiz Torres Mendez • 470-962-1174

Rayna Sue Irwin • 210-710-7038

Roxy Pruski • 210-218-6204

Suzanne Saenz • 210-838-2711

Sylvia Zapata • 210-426-4481

San Marcos

Allen Caldwell • 830-237-3217

Janice Kuhen • 512-393-1431

Krystal Wilson • 623-698-8348

Shannon Caldwell • 830-837-4535

Shirley Kuhen Faske • 512-789-3975


Kyle Hartmann • 979-639-1439


Annette D. Roecker • 830-832-0724

Roxy Pruski • 210-218-6204


Jillian Leigh McDonald • 361-594-2500

Spring Branch

Debbie Allen • 210-326-9753

Javier Lara • 210-667-6889

John E. Moore Jr. • 210-621-7842


Ronald Wiatrek • 210-771-4354


Jason Hybner • 361-652-6924

Linda Dlugosch • 361-935-5715


Mark Mundy • 214-202-8442


Allen Caldwell • 830-237-3217

Shannon Caldwell • 830-837-4535


Judy Wolf • 361-564-2452



Rutersville Lodge

Died Jan. 22, 2016 • Age 88


Hondo Victory Lodge

Died Nov. 4, 2019 • Age 97


El Campo Lodge

Died March 7, 2020 • Age 92


Rutersville Lodge

Died Sept. 5, 2020 • Age 69


Seguin Lodge Died Dec. 3, 2020 • Age 90


Harmonia Lodge

Died Jan. 3, 2021 • Age 85


Hondo Lodge

Died May 3, 2021 • Age 56


Hondo Victory Lodge

Died Sept. 17, 2023 • Age 78


Pershing Lodge Died Oct. 19, 2023 • Age 95


Comfort Lodge

Died Nov. 7, 2023 • Age 96

In Memoriam of Our Deceased Members


Cibolo Lodge

Died Nov. 11, 2023 • Age 80


Yorktown Lodge

Died Nov. 23, 2023 • Age 94


La Vernia Lodge

Died Dec. 10, 2023 • Age 48


Paul Vogt Lodge

Died Jan. 1, 2024 • Age 90


Yorktown Lodge

Died Jan. 7, 2024 • Age 93


Austin Lodge

Died Jan. 15, 2024 • Age 64


Cuero Family Lodge

Died Jan. 17, 2024 • Age 94


Sealy Lodge

Died Jan. 17, 2024 • Age 86


Brenham Lodge

Died Jan. 24, 2024 • Age 91


Nordheim Lodge

Died Feb. 9, 2024 • Age 89


Harmonia Lodge

Died Feb. 15, 2024 • Age 90


Houston Lodge

Died March 8, 2024 • Age 88


Harmonia Lodge

Died March 12, 2024 • Age 74


McGregor Lodge

Died March 12, 2024 • Age 82


Bellville Lodge

Died March 27, 2024 • Age 69


Austin Lodge

Died March 28, 2024 • Age 88


Cuero Family Lodge

Died March 29, 2024 • Age 93


Pershing Lodge

Died March 30, 2024 • Age 74


Greater Texas Lodge

Died March 30, 2024 • Age 67


Old Glory Lodge

Died April 1, 2024 • Age 71



Moulton Lodge

Died April 2, 2024 • Age 78


Burton Lodge

Died April 3, 2024 • Age 61


Pershing Lodge

Died April 3, 2024 • Age 74


Hondo Victory Lodge

Died April 4, 2024 • Age 94


Waco-Robinson Lodge

Died April 9, 2024 • Age 61


Seguin Lodge

Died April 10, 2024 • Age 89


Schulenburg Lodge

Died April 16, 2024 • Age 93


Womack Lodge

Died April 17, 2024 • Age 81


Greater Texas Lodge Died April 17, 2024 • Age 74


Jourdanton Lodge

Died April 18, 2024 • Age 68


Siemering Lodge

Died April 18, 2024 • Age 85


Schulenburg Lodge

Died April 18, 2024 • Age 97


Schulenburg Lodge

Died April 20, 2024 • Age 90


Fredericksburg Lodge

Died April 22, 2024 • Age 85


Seguin Lodge

Died April 23, 2024 • Age 53


Paul Vogt Lodge

Died April 28, 2024 • Age 65


Twin Sisters Lodge

Died April 28, 2024 • Age 94


Lockhart Lodge

Died April 30, 2024 • Age 81


Nordheim Lodge Died May 2, 2024 • Age 91


Brenham Lodge

Died May 9, 2024 • Age 95

75 Years


Anton Wenzel Lodge

ROYCE W. BERGER Da Costa Lodge


NANCY M. HOBBINS Deanville Lodge

KAREN A. RUST Marion Lodge


HAROLD I. SMASAL Pershing Lodge


NANCY J. WILLEFORD Weesatche Lodge

JAMES F. COX Siemering Lodge


MELVIN J. ZERCHER JR. Spring Branch Lodge

70 Years



GORDON W. GOEBEL SR. Cat Spring Lodge


HELEN R. WAHL Comfort Lodge

RICHARD L. VISOSKY Corpus Christi Lodge


GARY R. LOTH Fredericksburg Lodge


SHELDON E. KENNE Gruenau Lodge





JAN A. SCHWARZ Helotes Lodge

ERIN M. STRAUSS Jourdanton Lodge




DIANN W. WHITE Niederwald Lodge

ALMA J. GOEHRING Nordheim Lodge

PAUL F. MCCOMB Pershing Lodge

JAMES L. POWER Piney Woods Lodge




JOYCE M. LUX Prinz Solms Lodge


RANDY G. SCHULTE San Marcos Lodge


JOHN R. SYBERT Schwertner Lodge

GARRY D. GOEBEL Shelby Lodge



PHYLLIS Y. RITTER Spring Branch Lodge


DOROTHY L. RICE Vineta Lodge

CHARLES R. EVANS Waco-Robinson Lodge

JOE L. HILL Womack Lodge

CYNTHIA A. DUBOSE Yorktown Lodge



Anton Wenzel Lodge


Bellville Lodge


MARY ANN W. CALDERON Cuero Family Lodge



JERRY W. SEBESTA Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge

KAREN K. RAVEN Fredericksburg Lodge



ZANE L. KRAUSE Harmonia Lodge

LINDA J. STAPPER Jourdanton Lodge


ROSALIE L. LYLE Lousie Schuetze Lodge


BOBETTE WILLIAMS New Braunfels Lodge






DARRYL G. GUENTERT Schulenburg Lodge



CONNIE D. WIENCEK Waco-Robinson Lodge

Sharon Elias has received her 70-year membership pin. A member of Rutersville Lodge, she has been a member since 1954. She resides in La Grange.

50 Years

LUZIN J. LECAMU JR. Brenham Lodge


KELLEY E. LEUR Da Costa Lodge

JOHN E. ROTHE D'Hanis Lodge

LARRY G. BARCLAY Fort Worth Lodge

KEVIN J. STYRA Gruenau Lodge



SUZANNE K. TONNE Hondo Victory Lodge

LYNETTE L. GRAY La Vernia Lodge

William T. Smith Jr. has received his 70-year membership pin. A member of Anton Wenzel Lodge, he has been a member since 1954. He resides in San Marcos.


JANICE R. MCBRIDE Lousie Schuetze Lodge


MARY N. WILLIAMS Mission-Alamo Lodge


THOMAS F. GEBERT Richland Lodge

DALE L. PHIPPS Roscoe Lodge

DENNIS H. ZBRANEK JR. Rosenberg Richmond Lodge

LILLIE I. HARDT Schulenburg Lodge

MICHELLE L. HEWITT Siemering Lodge

JAY A. SHEPARD II Waco-Robinson Lodge

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Community Spotlight

CASA gives abused, neglected children a voice

SAN ANTONIO – Child Advocates San Antonio, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, recruits, develops, and leads volunteers to speak on behalf of abused and neglected children in foster care. CASA is part of a nationwide organization of Court Appointed Special Advocates with more than 900 local chapters in 49 states, and 97,000 volunteers, helping 234,000 children find a safe and permanent home last year. Locally, CASA was established by the San Antonio chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women in 1984 and has now been serving the children of Bexar County for 40 years.

A Child Advocate is appointed by a judge to be an independent voice in court for an abused and/or neglected child. The Advocate provides the judge with a carefully researched background of the child to help the court make a

sound decision about the child’s future. The Advocate must determine if it is in the best interest of the child to live with the parent(s) or legal guardian, remain in foster care, or be freed for permanent adoption. The Advocate makes a recommendation about placement to the court and follows through until the case is permanently resolved. Advocates work closely with, but independent of, Child Protective Services (CPS) and attorneys.

Employee Spotlight

Mutchler works in Sales

SAN ANTONIO – Kathryn Mutchler has been employed at the Hermann Sons Life Home Office since Sept. 1, 2021, as the Sales Department administrative assistant.

Kathryn maintains agent files, runs background checks, appoints agents, processes monthly commission statements and other reports, runs IPR and term conversions and ensures marketing sales materials are up to date.

She attended Del Mar College and is a licensed property and casualty and life and health insurance agent. Kathryn previously was an executive administrative assistant at Allstate (corporate) for 14 years and was an office manager at a Nationwide insurance agency for 14 years.

“I enjoy educating and/or explaining insurance to members so they understand what they

The role of the Advocate is:

• To be a factfinder for the judge.

• To speak for the child in court, representing the child’s best interest.

• To continue to act as a ‘watchdog’ for the child during the life of the case, ensuring that the child’s needs are met, and the case is resolved swiftly and appropriately.

What is the commitment?

• Minimum 12-month commitment

• Complete new volunteer training

• Visit child(ren) once per month (An average of 15 hours time commitment per month)

• Maintain confidentiality What are the requirements to become an advocate?

• Be at least 21 years old.

• Have a valid Texas driver’s license.

• Have access to a vehicle and

have, be it with us or another company,” Kathryn said.

A San Antonio resident, Kathryn enjoys yard work and gardening, DIY around the house, refinishing and restoring antiques. Next, she would like to learn wood turning.

proof of insurance.

• Complete criminal and CPS background checks

• No previous experience or education is required. All training and support provided.

To become a CASA volunteer, first attend an information session. Visit casa-satx.org for session dates and to register or call 210-225-7070

Monetary donations are accepted on the website. The local office is located at 1956 S. WW White Road, San Antonio CASA Mission:

The mission of Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) is to recruit, develop, and lead highly impactful court-appointed volunteer Advocates who provide constancy and support for children and youth who have experienced abuse and neglect.

We achieve our mission through advocacy for services, supportive connections, and

permanency, while emphasizing family reunification when possible.

CASA Vision:

Our vision is to be a leading positive and influential force in the child welfare community, while serving children who have experienced abuse and neglect in Bexar County. Children come into State care not by their own fault but because of the acts and/or negligence of their parents and caregivers. Through our community volunteers, we provide critical advocacy and services to these vulnerable, atrisk youth, ensuring that their needs and best interests are addressed. No other agency provides this unique, critical service in Bexar County.

– Information from casa-satx. org

Email Community Spotlight recommendations to elaines@ hermannsonslife.org

Former HSL employee passes

Shirley Jewel (Poland) Ruedrich, a former Hermann Sons Life employee, died May 21, 2024, at her home in San Antonio at the age of 96. She coordinated summer camp and dance class registrations at the Home Office for 17 years. A member of Vineta Lodge, she had been a Hermann Sons Life member since Oct. 6, 1960.

Shirley was born Dec. 11, 1927, and spent most of her life in the Denver Heights and Highland Park areas of southeast San Antonio.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Annie Jewel (Jones) Poland and Guy Carlton Poland, brothers Carlton Derwood Poland and Samuel “Sammy” Guy Poland and her loving husband of 62 years, Louis Paul Ruedrich Jr.

Shirley came from a diverse religious background having been raised Baptist, converted to Catholic upon marriage

and later in life joined Highland Park Lutheran Church. She is survived by her daughters Louann Vanlandingham (Charles) and Lori Zambrano (Gerard); grandchildren, Wesley Vanlandingham (Alicia), Shannon Westmoreland, Keith Vanlandingham (Loryn) and Angelica Zambrano; great-grandchildren, Cohen Vanlandingham, Ethan Vanlandingham, Whitten

Vanlandingham, Kadance Westmoreland and Lane Westmoreland.

Shirley attended Brackenridge High School and graduated in 1945.

She worked as a secretary at Western Electric, did quality control at Bernard Altman Sweater Factory and then worked for Hermann Sons Life.

In their younger days, she, and Louis “Big Lou” enjoyed motorcycle rides, square dancing, bowling and traveling in their RV. Shirley also enjoyed sewing, crochet, bridge, bunco, cards, dominos, drawing, painting and playing the organ.

Visitation was held June 6 and a religious service, a luncheon and entombment were held June 7, all at Sunset Funeral Home in San Antonio. Donations may be made to the St Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

Shirley Jewel (Poland) Ruedrich

Hermann Sons Life bowling league ends season

SAN ANTONIO – The Hermann Sons Life double league bowling teams wrapped up the 2024 season this spring. The Home Office employees and friends competed weekly at the Bowlero bowling alley in San Antonio. Results for this year’s league play were Robin Czarnek and James Smith, first place; Carol Swan and Candace Scheibe, second place; Rebecca Henley and Fannie Davis, third place; Monelle Trammell and Cecily Kelly, fourth place; Beth Williams and Bruce Alvarez, fifth place; John Kelly and Amber Johnson, sixth place; Elaine Soto and Dana Henderson, seventh place; and Katie Via and Jimmy Scheibe, eighth place. Patricia Potts was a substitute player. League play will resume in January 2025.

Robin Czarnek and James Smith - first place
Carol Swan and Candace Scheibe - second place
Rebecca Henley and Fannie Davis - third place
Cecily Kelly and Monelle Trammell - fourth place
Bruce Alvarez and Beth Williams - fifth place
Amber Johnson and John Kelly - sixth place
Dana Henderson and Elaine Soto - seventh place
Jimmy Schiebe and Pat Potts, sub for Katie Via - eighth place

Howie’s Happenings

Hot weather keeps pups and their antics indoors


– Our boys have been staying inside more with the heat, but they are still as mischievous as ever. Beau has taken to playing fetch up and down stairs…or even running across the couch and our laps if we happen to be in his path. He doesn’t mind using flesh to bank off from when he’s in play mode, so we definitely have to pay attention when he’s ready to play. Howie has developed a new greeting for me when I get home from work. Out of the blue, he’s begun howling for me the minute I walk through the door. I guess he wants to

make sure I know he’s there.

Howie has not appreciated the heat much and he has done his best to nap through it and stay cool, but still manages to find the time to track down toys that have been missing for months.

We’re convinced they have a hiding place somewhere that holds a bounty of their toys, bones, etc.

Dave has also been trying to get the boys used to being brushed and despite his best efforts, they’re still not having it. They pretty much hate grooming of any kind and would just as soon stay looking unkempt.

Howie and Beau wanted you

The Czarnek’s neighbor saves little ribeye pieces for Howie and Beau and they love them! Pictured is Dave feeding the happy boys.

Has Hermann Sons Life made a difference in your life? Members are invited to share their stories! Email elaines@hermannsonslife.org or call 800-234-4124, ext. 279

to meet their friend, Blossom. This sweet girl is about six months old and loves to play fetch and gets the most adorable, bouncy zoomies. She is a total love and has the cutest, waggiest little tail with a curl in it. She loves attention and would love to cuddle up with you and get belly rubs.

If you’re interested in meeting Blossom or any of the pups at HOTK9 or for more information, please email: hotk9rescue@yahoo.com to schedule a time to meet them. For more information and to view all of the amazing dogs available for adoption, please check out Heart of Texas SPCA / HOTK9 Rescue on Facebook

Howie says it’s much too hot to be outside, but that doesn’t stop the mischievous antics indoors. Naps are a good way to stay cool and comfortable until “mama” Robin gets home.

or at www.heartoftexasspca. com. You’ll also be able to see their adoption events where you can meet many of their

precious pups. Keep in mind that Heart of Texas SPCA/HOT K9 Rescue is a volunteer run organization, so email is best.

Blossom, above and on left, is about six months old and loves attention, cuddles and belly rubs. She’s well taken care of at HOTK9 but is longing for a home of her own.

Greater Texas to award camperships in 2025

SAN ANTONIO – Greater Texas Lodge will meet on Zoom Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 6:30 p.m. Meeting links will be provided prior to the meeting.

The recipients of the lodge scholarships will be announced in early August. A maximum of three $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to qualifying members. A discussion was held on the possibility of scholarships for students already enrolled in college. Further

discussion is planned. Members voted to initiate a campership program for the 2025 camp season. Application and qualification details will be announced next year as the season approaches.

President John Pacini suggested the lodge provide dancerships to juniors enrolling in the Hermann Sons Life Schools of Dance. He will discuss the idea with the Home Office and report back.

Members were reminded of upcoming events such as the Statewide Bowling Tournament in July and an upcoming cemetery cleanup day in San Antonio. John is working on setting up online games for members to play together on Zoom following meetings.

For more information and meeting details for the lodge, email johnp@hermannsonslife.org. – Reporter

Congratulations Hermann Sons Life Graduates!

VINCENT BEHNKE, a member of Greater Texas Lodge, graduated from St. Matilda Academy. He will attend South Plains College and then Texas Tech University to major in kinesiology. In high school, he was active in football, weight training and Small Business Development. Vincent was on the All-Star Football Team his sophomore year and All-Star Football Honorary Team his senior year. He was voted Homecoming King and has started his own landscaping and lawn business. Vincent is the son of Adam and April Behnke and the grandson of Leroy and Pat Behnke, Barbara St. Croix, Jim Phiffer and David and Jesse Martin.

HANNAH BENTLEY, a member of Seguin Lodge, graduated from Seguin High School. She will attend Texas Lutheran University and major in business. In high school, she was in the marching band for four years, flute section leader and drum major, was in the National Honor Society for two years, region band and orchestra. She earned the National School Marching Award and was in the top 10% of her graduating class. Hannah was a 15-year Hermann Sons Life dancer, was a five-year camper, two-year CIT and was a counselor for one year. She is the daughter of Robert and Cynthia Bentley and the granddaughter of Roy Merz and Evelyn Bentley.

GEMMA CLAIRE BROGLIE, a member of Prinz Solms Lodge, graduated from Blanco High School and was class valedictorian. She will attend Texas State University’s McCoy School of Business to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting. Gemma was a member of the Leo Club, CoAPT, National Honor Society, FCCLA, Lucky Leaf 4-H, Physics Club, Crochet Club, UIL academics and Student Council. She served as vice president of her class throughout high school. She also participated in powerlifting and the Blanco County Stock Show and was awarded the 2024 Senior Sweepstakes Champion of the Exhibit Hall. Gemma is the daughter of Ryan and Stephanie Broglie.

ReANNAH CASTILLO, a member of New Braunfels Lodge, graduated from New Braunfels High School. She will attend Texas State University and major in business and participate in the Bobcat Marching Band. She participated in the NBHS drumline and dance team. ReAnnah earned a Green Cord Community Service Award, Unicorn Achievement of Excellence, was a member of the Sandy Fieldstein National Percussion Festival and was a two-time recipient of a gold medal at UIL state solo and ensemble competition. She is the daughter of Alice Bayona and Ro Castillo.

COURTLAND RYAN CURLEE, a member of Da Costa Lodge, graduated from Calhoun High School. He will attend Blinn College for the dental hygienist program. He participated in band, track, football and soccer in high school. He also participated in the work program and was in the National Honor Society. Courtland was awarded All Academic All-State Team and all district honors linebacker for second team in football. He is the son of Misty and Bill Curlee.

KIMBALL CURNUTT, a member of Columbia Lodge, graduated from Wimberley High School. He will attend Texas Tech University and major in mechanical engineering. Kimball played high school football, attended Hermann Sons Life Camp for eight years, including this summer as a counselor and lifeguard. He works at the YMCA in Dripping Springs as a lifeguard. Kimball volunteers for the Wimberley Lions and Mini Equine 2 You (Me2U) therapy horses’ program. He is the son of Mindy and Chris Curnutt.

Congratulations Hermann Sons Life Graduates!

NOAH DE LUNA, a member of Boerne Lodge, graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word with a Business Administration Degree. He played all four years on the UIW men’s tennis team. Noah was a member of the Southland Conference Championship team in 2022 and earned an All-Southland Conference Singles first team title in 2023. In 2024, he earned an All-Conference First Team title in doubles and his team was the regular season Southland Conference Championship team. He also finished his senior year on the first team All-Academic Team. Noah is the son of Joe and Tanya De Luna.

JAVIER FALKENBERG, a member of Brenham Lodge, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business. He plans to begin a career in finance. Javier studied one semester at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong, China. Javier earned honors every semester and participated in the Chess Club and the Texas Cycling Club. He is the son of Craig and Marcela Falkenberg and the grandson of Gary and Doris Falkenberg.

KRISSIE FELLER, a member of Spring Branch Lodge, graduated from Canyon Lake High School. She will attend West Texas A&M University and major in animal science with a focus on ruminant digestion. In high school, she participated in the FFA, varsity volleyball, varsity track, National Honor Society, Comal 4-H, Texas Youth and Agriculture Livestock Ambassador, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo and was a rodeo school tour guide. She earned first place individual Area VII FFA Dairy Cattle Contest; Defensive MVP and Academic All StateVolleyball; Hawk Rising Award-Top Junior Girl; second and fifth place team State FFA Dairy Cattle Contest; top placings at jackpot shows and major shows. Krissie is the daughter of Christopher and Michelle Feller and the granddaughter of Sandra and the late Donnie Duncan and Roy and Ann Feller.

CONNOR GOBIN, a member of Cibolo Lodge, graduated from Samuel Clemens High School. He will attend Texas State University. In high school, he was in the National Honor Society, Law Enforcement Club and the Schertz Young Leaders Program. He is the son of Stacey and Jason Doyal.

KATELYN GOBIN, a member of Cibolo Lodge, graduated from Samuel Clemens High School. She will attend Texas A&M University at College Station. In high school, she was in the National Honor Society, was a varsity cheerleader, participated in Health Care Occupation Students of America, Distributive Education Clubs of America and advanced to state. She is the daughter of Stacey and Jason Doyal.

JOHN HOMER HANEY, a member of Kirby Lodge, graduated from Idea Eastside College Prep. He will attend the University of Texas at San Antonio to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree and then plans to continue his studies in dentistry. In high school, John was an AP Scholar, an A and A/B honor roll student and an AP World History top performer. He participated in various volunteer service activities including the local food bank and community gardening. John is the son of Matthew and Priscilla Haney and the grandson of Homer and Sandra Guitron and Regina Haney.

Congratulations Hermann Sons Life Graduates!

KENNETH L. JUNGMAN JR., a member of Castroville Lodge, graduated from Medina Valley High School in Castroville. Kenneth plans to do trade skills training in construction and welding. In high school, he participated in FFA AG Mechanical and Metal Technologies and CTE Construction, OSHA. He is the son of Autumn and Kenneth Jungman.

TREYTON CHANNING KALLIES, a member of Siemering Lodge, graduated from Davenport High School of San Antonio. He will attend the Texas State University Business Program with an emphasis in finance. In high school, Treyton participated in football, basketball, baseball and tennis. He is the son of Brandon and Kelly Kallies.

JAKE McANELLY, a member of Prinz Solms Lodge, graduated from Smithson Valley High School in Spring Branch/Bulverde. He will attend Texas A&M University in College Station and major in political science. In high school, he was a National Honor Society officer, a Boys State Statesman and was varsity tennis team captain. He is the son of Jay and Jessica McAnelly.

JADEN MERTZ, a member of Gay Hill Lodge, graduated from Burton High School. He will attend Blinn College and will major in theater. An honor roll student, he was active in bowling, FFA and theater. He earned bowling awards and UIL awards for bowling and theater and achieved perfect attendance through the tenth grade. Jaden is the son of Jessica Mertz and Kevin Mertz and the grandson of Gerald Wehring, Laurie Wehring, Vicky Balcerek, Cindy Shirley, Darwin and Patty Mertz.

EVAN NATHANIEL MUNN, a member of Paul Vogt Lodge, graduated from BoerneSamuel V. Champion High School. He plans to attend either San Angelo University, UTSA or Schreiner University. Evan is the son of Renee and Mark Munn and the grandson of Pamela Poulk.

KATHRYN (KATIE) PALITZA, a member of Poth Lodge, received her high school diploma from the Judson Early College Academy (JECA) and earned an associate degree from Northwest Vista College. She will attend Texas A&M University at San Antonio and plans to attend medical school. She was a Student Council member and was Key Club editor. Katie earned the Jaguar Promise at Texas A&M University at San Antonio Scholarship. She is the daughter of Daniel Palitza with Heather and Scott Johnson and the granddaughter of Alvin and Shirley Palitza and Paul and Kathy Aiken.

Congratulations Hermann Sons Life Graduates!

EMMA PIENIAZEK, a member of Cibolo Lodge, graduated from East Central High School summa cum laude. She ranked 15th out of the class of 718. She will attend Texas A&M at College Station majoring in early childhood education. In high school, she was colonel of the Honeybee Varsity Dance Team, was in the National Honor Society and is a member of the Texas Association of Future Educators. Emma was active at St. Jerome’s Catholic Church serving on the Teen Acts Retreat team. She plans to attend and serve at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in College Station. Emma is the daughter of Adrian and DeAnn Pieniazek.

ELLI SUE PLUMMER, a member of Marion Lodge, graduated from Davenport High School-Comal ISD. She will attend Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi in the fall. In high school, Elli was the Class Spirit Officer. She participated in volleyball, softball and was an officer for the FFA chapter and was on numerous speaking and judging teams. She showed swine in FFA and currently holds a Lonestar Degree and received the Star Lone Star award her junior year. Elli was also an athletic trainer for football and baseball. She danced with Hermann Sons Life when she was younger and attended camp for many years. She is the daughter of Tracy and Randy Plummer.

KAYCIE QUINN, a member of Da Costa Lodge, graduated from Victoria College with a degree in respiratory therapy. She is the daughter of Kevin and Wendy Quinn.

CLAIRE BETH SCHAEFERKOETER, is a member of Spring Branch Lodge. She graduated from Smithson Valley High School. She will attend Honors College at Texas State University and major in agricultural communications with a minor in soil science. In high school, she was active in FFA, Comal County 4-H, National Honor Society, Rowdy Row, the Smithson Valley Shooting Sports Team, St. Paul Lutheran Church youth group and the Fischer 9-Pin Junior Bowling Team. Claire exhibited goats, steers and heifers from the local to national level. She also served at the 2022-2023 Comal County Fair Duchess. As a current Texas Youth Livestock Ambassador, she advocates for agriculture through educational programs across the state. She is a member of the 2023 Texas 4-H State Champion Soil Judging Team and placed first at state with her 4-H record book. Her FFA Milk Judging Team recently won the State Championship. She is the daughter of Chad and Elizabeth Schaeferkoeter and the granddaughter Benny and Phyliss Havens.

BROOKE REININGER, a member of Seguin Lodge, graduated from Marion High School. She will attend Texas Tech University to pursue a degree in animal science. She was ranked eighth in her graduating class. Brooke was named a Marion ISD - Top Dog, Student of the Month, was Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen. She exhibited steers, hogs and turkeys at the county and state level through 4-H and served as FFA president; was in the National Honor Society and Marion FFA Chapter; served as secretary for the New Berlin 4-H Club, Student Council and the Class of 2024. She serves as an ambassador for the Texas Pork Producers Association, Texas Youth Livestock and Agriculture and was a Healthy Texas Youth Ambassador. As a member of the Marion FFA, she participated on the Livestock Judging Team, Wool Judging Team, Ag Issues Team, Chapter Conducting Team, Radio Broadcasting Team, Senior Prepared Public Speaking and was the Greenhand and Senior Creed Speaker. As a member of the Guadalupe County 4-H, she participated on the Livestock Judging team, Leaders4Life Team, Food Challenge Team and Duds to Dazzle Team. A member of Redeemer United Church, she is the daughter of Brent and Dana Reininger.

Congratulations Hermann Sons Life Graduates!

BROMLI WATSON, a member of Cuero Lodge, graduated as class valedictorian from Cuero High School. She attended Hermann Sons Life Camp five years. In high school, she was a four-year letterman in both volleyball and softball for the Cuero Lady Gobblers. They were both District and Bi-District champions in both volleyball and softball in 2024. Senior volleyball awards include AllDistrict first team Outstanding Setter of the Year, first team All-Area Utility player, TGCA All-State team, THSCA first team Academic All-State and Victoria Advocate Varsity Cup Award for Academic Achievement. Bromli was secretary of the National Honor Society and treasurer of the Cuero FFA and Chamber of Commerce Citizen of Tomorrow nominee. She was a 4-H Healthy South Texas Youth Ambassador and 10-year member of Lone Star 4-H Club. She showed pigs and won Grand Champion and Reserve Champion titles at the Cuero Livestock Shows. Bromli was a member of the Cuero FFA Nursery Landscaping Team and advanced to the State contest the past three years. She accumulated more than 250 community service/volunteer hours and is a member of First Baptist Church Cuero. She is the daughter of Trent and Jami Watson and the granddaughter of Tommy and Carol Watson of Cuero and Robert and Rhonda Porter of Henderson.

Stockdale School of Dance holds recital

The Hermann Sons Life Stockdale School of Dance spring recital was held May 11 at the Stockdale Junior High. The theme was “Girls on The Go.” Dance and tap performances by The Sailors, The Riders, The Conductors and The Traveler took the audience to places by train, car, a yellow submarine, rowboats, air balloons and even silver wings. The finale was performed by all to “Country Roads Take Me Home.”  Traveling along with the girls made for an enjoyable evening.

FALLON GAIL WHITT, a member of Cuero Family Lodge, graduated cum laude from Cuero High School. She will attend Texas A&M at Corpus Christi to pursue a degree in psychology to become a child psychologist. In high school, she was assistant head cheerleader, Miss Cuero 2022, prom queen and a member of the Homecoming Court. Fallon was a member of the National Honor Society and involved in FFA, 4-H, Student Council and Anchor Club. She participated in the FFA Milk Quality judging team and the Public Relations team through FFA. She also served as the Lone Star 4-H Club vice president all four years of high school. Fallon was awarded a Cuero Lodge scholarship. She is the daughter of Farley and Melissa Whitt.

Families enjoy Camp fun at Open House & Membership Picnic

Juniors enjoy camp in Comfort!

ASHTON DEIKE is a member of Helotes Lodge.

His favorite foods are chocolate, strawberries and grapes. Ashton’s favorite TV shows are “Paw Patrol” and “Blippi.”

Ashton enjoys running, playing with cars and throwing a ball. He has dogs, a cat and chickens.

Shining Stars

Summer word search Sudoko

Registration Form

Become a Shining Star! Send us a photo of your Hermann Sons Life junior member, fill out this form and mail to: Member Benefits, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297. More information and this fillable form are also available online at hermannsonslife.org Shining Stars are featured in our newspaper and on our website.




2. ___, white and blue.

4. Land that I love.

10. I would rather have this than death.

11. Land of the ____.

12. Grilling time.

14. They light up the sky.

16. A gift from France.

1. Home of the _____.

3. In short, the United States of America.

5. Not being ruled by another.

6. The Declaration of Independence was adopted this day.

7. You can wish upon them.

8. There are 13 of them.

9. Some would like to let it ring.

13. The color of marshmallows.

15. Old Glory.

17. The color of the sky.

It is OK with my parents that I am featured as a “Shining Star” in the Hermann Sons Life newspaper, website and any other advertising publications.

Parent’s Signature:

I am a member of Lodge Certificate No._______________________________________________________

Some apples are this color [4] Land that I love [10] I would rather have this than death [11] Land of the ...... [12] Grilling time

[14] They light up the sky

[16] A gift from France

[1] Home of the

In short, the United States of America [5] Not being ruled by another [6] The Declaration of Independence was adopted this day

[7] You can wish upon them

[8] There are 13 of them

Join Hands Day

Schwertner Lodge

Schwertner Lodge held a food drive for Join Hands Day to benefit Neighbors Serving Neighbors in Bartlett.  Pictured are, from left, Randy Schwertner, Darrell Marek, Carolyn Kaderka, D’Ann Gotcher, Cheryl Grote, Ginger Krueger, Margaret Jones, Irene Schwertner, Shirley Fischer, Susan Honeycutt, Jeanne Dillard and Sally Gray.

Spring Branch Lodge collected food items for Provisions food pantry in Bulverde for Join Hands Day. Pictured with the donations are Darrel Woody, Mary Woody and Sharon Knibbe. Spring Branch Lodge

Margaret Jones, right, delivered food items to Stephanie Myers, facilitator for Neighbors Serving Neighbors in Bartlett. Schwertner Lodge members collected the items in observance of Join Hands Day.

Plum Lodge

Plum Lodge donated $300 to the La Grange Fire Department for Join Hands Day. The lodge also donated $300 to the Hermann Sons Life Texas Wildfire Relief Fund. Linda Poncik presented the check to La Grange Fire Chief Frank Menefee.

Columbia Lodge

In observance of Join Hands Day, Columbia Lodge joined with Youth First, a youth group affiliated with The Resource Center, on May 11. The volunteers helped paint big “B” and “G” letters as part of the city of Dallas’ “BIG Things Happen Here” marketing program. The Resource Center is on the city’s map as a photo op with people posing as the “I.”

Corpus Christi Lodge distributed hygiene bags to the homeless in May for Join Hands Day. Pictured are members Kerry Ginn and David Garcia distributing the bags.
Corpus Christi Lodge

Join Hands Day

Fort Worth Lodge

For Join Hands Day, Fort Worth Lodge donated to Feed the Need and Mended Little Hearts Bravery Bags. Pictured is Elsa Baker, left, presenting a check to Savannah and Aubree Owens. At the June meeting, guest speaker Jennifer Owens explained how the donations are used and displayed posters. Food donations are sent overseas, and the bravery bags are distributed to the families of children undergoing heart surgery. Jennifer’s daughters, Savannah and Aubree both had heart surgery when they were infants.

Cibolo Lodge

For Join Hands Day, Cibolo Lodge members helped serve at St. John’s Lutheran Church’s turkey dinner fundraiser held in Marion. Pictured are volunteers Jerry Rakowitz, Ernie Kropp, Dena Warneke, Evelyn Kropp, Layla De Luca and Adrian Aguayo.

Cibolo Lodge hosted the annual Flag Day celebration at the Cibolo City Hall on June 14.

Cibolo holds annual Flag Day ceremony at city hall

CIBOLO – Cibolo Lodge will meet Thursday, Aug. 1, at 7 p.m. at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Universal City. Fried chicken will be served, and games will follow the meeting. Come and join the wonderful fellowship. An officers’ meeting will be held in July, the date to be determined. Emails will be sent.

The lodge welcomes new

junior member Elowyn Mae Schweers.

The annual Flag Day celebration was held at Cibolo City Hall on Friday, June 14.

A thank-you note was received from the Home Office for the lodge’s donation to the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund.

For Join Hands Day in May, members volunteered at the Saint John’s Lutheran Church’s

turkey dinner fundraiser on Sunday, May 19.

The adult attendance-prize winners were Fay Fey and John Gray, and junior winner was Jameson Rakowitz.

Congratulations to Evelyn and Ernie Kropp. They celebrated their 61st anniversary in June.

Wishes for a speedy recovery went to members Dorothy Schneider and Joy Brown.

Tracy Campos’ creamed corn casserole was voted the best side dish and Evelyn Kropp’s strawberry cheesecake pie was voted best dessert.

Meeting reminders will be emailed. If you would like to receive a reminder for meetings, email tracycampos78108@ gmail.com to be added to the list.

– Tracy Campos

Cibolo Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants Evelyn and Ernie Kropp at the June meeting. They celebrated 61 years.

Kirby Lodge will hold next meeting Aug. 5

KIRBY – Kirby Lodge will meet Monday, Aug. 5, at 7 p.m. The main dish will be provided, and members are asked to bring sides and dessert. There will not be a July meeting due to the July 4th holiday.

There was a wonderful turnout for the annual Senior Bingo held Sunday, June 2. Thank you to the Senior Citizen Center volunteers who made sandwiches for the guests.

Members were reminded dance registration will begin soon. The program is for juniors ages 3 to 17. If you know of anyone interested, have them contact agents Judy Schulmeier or Angela Netherton.

Good luck to Candace and Jimmy Scheibe who will travel to Fort Worth to participate in the Hermann Sons Life Statewide Bowling Tournament July 27-28.

A thank-you letter was read from the Home Office for the lodge’s generous donation to the Hermann Sons Life Wildfire Relief Fund. The lodge also received a certificate from the Kirby Crime Control Prevention Team for the lodge’s help with the Blue Santa program in December.

Members extended condolences and prayers to the family of Tommy Weisner on his passing. He was an active member

of the lodge and was always ready to help. He will be greatly missed.

Happy birthday to celebrants Andra Fore, Jimmy Scheibe, Kylie McQuatters and Jonathon Kelley and happy anniversary to James and Carol McQuatters, 41 years.

B.J. Voight was the May attendance-prize winner of $30. Judy Schulmeier won the $75 quarterly attendance prize, and the split-the-pot winners were Jimmy Scheibe, three times, Keary Lambrecht and Lillian Brietze. Door-prize winners were Carolynn McQuatters, Linda Lambrecht, Carolyn Worsham and B.J. Voight. Come join us and

Round Top to assist with fundraiser

ROUND TOP – Round Top Lodge will meet July 25 at 6:30 p.m.

At the May meeting, a discussion was held on recouping members. Community Coordinator Melanie Rauch reported cards had been sent out to all members.

A moment of silent prayer was observed for Edwin Gau, Leona Wagner and the brother-in-law of Charlene Stork.

Congratulations to Mallory Krause who was valedictorian of her graduating class at Round Top-Carmine High School and to her sister Megan who graduated from dental hygiene college.

The lodge’s Join Hands Day project will be held in September benefiting the Ledbetter Fire Department’s fund-raising event. More flowerpots are needed for the plant sale.

Congratulations to Cordell Levien who celebrated his 90th birthday.

Dwight Nitsche and Pearlie Wagner at the May meeting.

you can be a winner too. Remember to let others know about Hermann Sons Life insurance and annuities. Hermann

plans. Ask your agents for more information.

Pershing Lodge will meet July 3

Anniversary celebrants, on left, John and Betty Opiela, 23 years, and Kenneth and Emily Wallace, 57 years, were recognized at the Pershing Lodge June meeting. Carol Krauss won the $35 attendance prize, and Beth Warne won the split-the-pot drawing. Members who recently passed away were Kathryn Mae Harris, age 92, Robert W. Lampkin, 74, Albert E. Morrison, 74 and Loyd Barfell, 98. The lodge will meet July 3 at 7 p.m. in the Rathskeller. The lodge will serve hot dogs, chips, apple pie and ice cream. Bingo will follow the meeting.

A big thank you to Linda and

Happy birthday was sung to the May birthday celebrants, Pearlie Wagner, Dwight Nitsche, Lila Garlin and Amy Hooge. Attendance-prize winners were Lila Garlin, Jeanette Hancock, Floyd Braun, Mary Rauch and Pearlie Wagner.

Earl for bringing vegetables to share.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch, refreshments and fellowship.

The next meeting was scheduled for June 27.

– Reporter

Plum Lodge donates to fire department

WEST POINT – Plum Lodge will meet Aug. 12 at 5 p.m. at the Prairie Valley Schoolhouse. Dinner will be provided. Please join us for fun and fellowship.

In May, the lodge donated $300 to the La Grange Fire De-

partment for Join Hands Day. Members also voted to donate $300 to the Hermann Sons Life Texas Wildfire Relief Fund. Members recognized birthday celebrant Jackie Wessels. Gloria Raschke won the attendance award.

Members enjoyed grilled hamburgers after the meeting. Agent Kyle Hartmann was in attendance.

– Pam Matula

Columbus Lodge to meet on Aug. 12 at Schobel’s

COLUMBUS – Columbus Lodge will meet Aug. 12 at 6 p.m. at Schobel’s Restaurant. The lodge welcomes transfer member August H. Jones Jr.

At the June meeting, members voted to send a memorial donation to the Retirement Home in honor of the late Virginia Lilie.

Get-well cards were sent to Ronnie Huebel and Karen Albert Flores, and a sympathy card was sent to Douglas Lilie and family.

Celebrating birthdays in May were Diane Williams, Clayton Holub, Duane Hammack, Jennifer Dimas, Andrew Lattimore, Monica Hollman and Elena Holub. June birthday celebrants were Grace Sebesta, Deborah Bennett, Roger Wienken, Kathryn Haluska, John Holub Jr., Sandy Meyer, Kristy Wienken and Owight Mazac. Derek and Jackie Fritsch and John and Elena Holub celebrated anniversaries in June.

– Reporter

Sons Life now offers Medicare
– Andra Fore
It was a good turnout for the Kirby Lodge annual Senior Bingo held in June.
Round Top Lodge recognized birthday celebrants Lila Garlin,

Spring Branch plans pin presentation for July 14

BULVERDE – Spring Branch Lodge will meet at Knibbe Ranch on July 14. Pins will be presented.

There were 23 members and one guest in attendance at the May meeting.

A thank-you note was received from the Bulverde Community Center for the lodge’s donation of an H-E-B gift card. Members voted to donate $100 to the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund.

Spring Branch Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants Ben and Phyllis Havens at the May meeting.

Correspondence from the Home Office included information about the Camp Open House and Membership Picnic in Comfort on June 8. The Hermann Sons Life Statewide Bowling Tournament will be held July 27-28 at Cityview Lanes in Ft. Worth. Information and the registration form are available in the HSL newspaper.

President Sharon Knibbe shared some lodge memorabilia she found in the archives. It was very interesting.

The lodge donated baby

Timmie Angell and Benard Bosco provided the meal for the Spring Branch Lodge May meeting.

items for Provisions in Bulverde for its Join Hands Day Project. Phyllis Havens and Karen Woody celebrated birthdays, and Ben and Phyllis celebrated an anniversary.

Spring Branch Lodge birthday celebrants, from left, Phyllis

and Karen Woody received a cash birthday gift from President Sharon Knibbe at the May meeting.

Attendance-prize winners were Sandra Duncan, Alverne Halloran, Gloria Gass, Darrell Woody, Benarad Bosco, Sharon Knibbe, Phyllis Havens, Karen

McGregor Lodge presents senior scholarships

McGREGOR – McGregor Lodge will meet Aug. 6 at 5 p.m. at The Feed Mill in Gatesville. A meeting will not be held in July.

Members met at Rancher’s Steakhouse in Gatesville on June 4 and enjoyed hearing about the Sneed’s recent trip and the many interesting historical places visited.

Congratulations to Kirsten Galle, graduate of McGregor

High School and Jaxon Sneed, graduate of Whitney High School. They each were presented with a lodge scholarship. Additional information will be provided in a future article. Condolences go out to the family of Joyce Wiethorn who passed away on May 14. She passed just 14 days shy of her 70th membership anniversary, May 28, 1954. Her daughter,

Cindy Wiethorn King, received her 70-year membership pin. She has been a member since May 17, 1954. A memorial donation will be sent to the McGregor Food Pantry in memory of Joyce.

May anniversary wishes went to Kerry and Regenia Arseneaux and to Jerome and Diane Weinstrom. They are wished many more happy and healthy years

Brenham Lodge will meet on July 12

BRENHAM – Brenham Lodge will meet on Friday, July 12, at 6:30 p.m. Hamburgers will be served, and members are asked to provide desserts. The next meeting is Aug. 9.

At the June meeting, Agent Gary Falkenberg gave information on making name changes to

Brenham Lodge members work at the drive-through dinner held in June.


President James Hyvl reported the drive-through dinner held June 2 was a great success with 600 meals sold.

Will Blakemore and Gloria Hanath celebrated birthdays in June, and anniversary celebrants were Will and Sheryl Blakemore, 57

years and Aubrey and Evelyn Harmel, 65 years.

Carol Stamfort was the attendance-prize winner.

Everyone enjoyed a great meal of fajjitas, prepared by the 006 cooking team, beans, rice and desserts.

– Reporter


Happy birthday to all friends and members who celebrated in May, June and July, especially to members in attendance, Regenia Arseneaux, Kerry Arseneaux and John Sneed.

The lucky door-prize winners were Diane and Jerome Weinstrom and Doris Mooney. Have a nice and safe summer.  – Doris Mooney

Woody and Chuck Knibbe. Timmie Angell and Benard Bosco provided the meal.

Jane Wanke

Schwertner Lodge will meet Aug. 12

SCHWERTNER – Schwertner Lodge will meet on Aug. 12. contact Darrell Marek at 254760-8329 for more details. For Join Hands Day, the lodge held a food drive for Neighbors Serving Neighbors in Bartlett. Margaret Jones delivered the food items. – Reporter

June birthday celebrants at Brenham Lodge were Will Blakemore and Gloria Hanath.

Brenham Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants, from left, Will and Sheryl Blakemore and Evelryn and Aubrey Harmel.

Fort Worth presents donations for Join Hands Day

FORT WORTH – Fort Worth Lodge will meet Sept. 8 at the Rio Bravo Restaurant in Burleson. At the June meeting, the lodge welcomed several guests, presented the Join Hands Day donations, heard a presentation from Jennifer Owens on how the donations are used and held a pin presentation.

Guest speaker Jennifer had posters to show members how donations to Feed the Need are used to purchase food for overseas. Her daughter Savannah helped package the food. She also had a poster for the Mended Little Hearts Bravery Bags and explained the bags are distributed to the families of children who are having heart surgery. Her two daughters, Savannah and Aubree, both had heart surgery, Savannah when she was a day old and Aubree when she was a week old. Jennifer’s hus-

band, Chad was also in attendance. During the meeting, Elsa Baker presented the donation check for Mended Little Hearts Bravery Bags to Savannah and Aubree. Members were happy to support these projects for Join Hands Day.

Officer Sandra Jones presented her daughter, President Shannon Jones, a 50-year membership pin. Larry Barclay has received his 50-year membership pin. He has been a member since July 7, 1974. Congratulations to both.

The lodge welcomes new junior members Jolene and Robert Smith. They and all junior members who attended camp this year are invited to attend the September meeting and share their camp stories.

Members voted to help support the Hermann Sons Life Statewide Bowling Tournament by donating two gift cards for

Lockhart Lodge will meet at Smitty’s Market Aug. 4

LOCKHART – Lockhart Lodge will meet Aug. 4 at 4:30 p.m. at Smitty’s Market. The lodge will not meet in July.

At the June meeting, President Nicky Duewall introduced members Layrie and Nathan Waldock from Manchaca Lodge that has now merged with Lockhart Lodge.

A moment of silence was observed for Dorothy Nell Sandler who died May 29, 2024, at the age of 91. Dorothy was a Hermann Sons Life member since September 1970.

Nicky announced the lodge earned a Black Level Certificate from the Home Office for its Join Hands Day Project.

Treasurer Ray Pfefferkorn read a thank-you letter from the Home Office for the lodge’s generous contribution to the Hermann Sons Life Texas Wildfire Relief Fund.

Ann Schroeder and family traveled to Corpus Christi to watch her granddaughters perform in the Corpus Christi School of Dance recital. Debbie Pfefferkorn reported they traveled to Devine to watch their

the prize drawings. Anyone interested in helping with checkin, selling raffle tickets or who just want to see the players bowl should contact Sandra at 817781-7155.

Members extended their prayers to the family of Jo Ann Bullock.

Happy 42nd anniversary to July celebrants Red and Nancy Kelly.

Members were happy to see Barbara and Keith Hartgraves at the meeting. Barbara has been a member for more than 60 years. Birthday wishes go out to Kit Behringer, Laura Creed, Cathy Freeman, Olenna Hatcher, Brantley Hughes, Makayla Hughes, Stephanie McBroom, Ernest Kelly, Deneen Castor, Dana Miller, Fred Murphy, Cheryl NelsonTaylor, Cathy Simmank and Blake Walters.

– Reporter

Lockhart Lodge member Debbie Pfefferkorn traveled to Devine to watch granddaughter, Ivy, perform in the Devine School of Dance Recital held in May.

granddaughter, Ivy, perform in the “Once Upon a Time” Devine School of Dance Recital held in May.

Celebrating July birthdays were Kristi Visage and Bethany Visage. Anniversary celebrants were Billy Ray and Karen Buckner and Steve and Kristi Visage. Door-prize winners were Darrell Hess, Nancy Hess and Lil Pfefferkorn. – Reporter

Boerne hosts regional sales manager

BOERNE – Boerne Lodge will meet Friday, July 5, at The Center at Kronkosky Place.

The lodge met on June 7 and guests present from the Home Office were Regional Manager David Guerrero Jr. and Senior Financial Services Agent Javier Lara. David introduced himself to the lodge and spoke about Medicare. He is licensed to sell Medicare and said he would like to help members obtain Medicare coverage if needed. He is also available to help with any questions, concerns or difficul-

ties with Medicare claims on current policies.

The lodge welcomes new junior members Berkeley and London Wentworth, Ainsley Gembler, Londyn Matt, Lincoln and Sloan Seewald and Paislee Scheele.

Marilyn Vogt read correspondence from the Home Office thanking the lodge for the donations to the Grief Support Camp in memory of Joseph Meyers and to the Hermann Sons Life Wildfire Relief Fund.

Best wishes to Max “Bud’

Schwarz on his June birthday. Get-well wishes go out to Lloyd Markell.

The men received a treat bag in recognition of Father’s Day and appreciation was expressed to all the fathers with this little verse, “A father is a source of strength, a teacher and a guide, The one his family looks up to with loving trust and pride… a father is a helper with a willing hand to lend, a partner and adviser, and the finest kind of friend.” Happy Father’s Day! – Reporter

New Braunfels has seven new members

NEW BRAUNFELS – New Braunfels Lodge will meet Aug. 4 with Tommy Daum as host. The meat will be furnished, and members are asked to bring sides and or desserts. A July meeting will not be held.

For the June meeting, the hall was decorated in red, white and blue. The lodge welcomed seven new members and one transfer member.

A resolution of respect was read for Lucille Karcher.

Rennie and Sandra Guenther

celebrated their 62nd anniversary in June.

Attendance-prize winners were Shirley and Michael Huebinger, Jerome Vetter, D.J. and B.J. Schneider, Martha Rehler, Leroy Brotze, Phillip and Janice Neff, Connie Krause, Leola Stolte and Delbert Tanneberger.

A potluck supper, hosted by Phillip and Janice Neff, was served after games and refreshments.

– Reporter

New Braunfels Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants Sandra and Rennie Guenther at the June meeting.

Fort Worth Lodge officer Sandra Jones, left, presented a 50-year membership pin to her daughter, President Shannon Jones during the June meeting.

Prinz Solms presents two senior scholarships

BULVERDE – Prinz Solms Lodge will meet on Sunday, July 14, at 5 p.m. at the Bulverde Community Center.

Youth Coordinator Audrey Klabunde recognized the lodge’s 2024 scholarship recipients. Jack Schrader will attend Texas A&M University and study pre-med. Martin Gutierrez will attend Cooper Union College in New York to study architecture. Martin was a Hermann Sons Life Camp counselor. Congratulations to the recipients.

Lodge juniors had a great time selling donated baked goods to benefit the Bulverde Community Center at its Chicken Festival.

Everlyn Teague announced the lodge received a certificate from the Home Office for its Join Hands Day project. The lodge donated to Glory Reborn, a nonprofit organization that provides maternity care to marginalized moms and babies in Cebu City, Philippines. Groups go to the Philippines to help deliver ba-

Prinz Solms 2024 scholarship recipient Martin Gutierrez is pictured with, from left, Durquia Guillen, parent Mario Gutierrez and Youth Coordinator Audrey Klabunde at the June meeting.

bies. The lodge has donated receiving blankets, baby wash cloths and hygiene kits to send with the mission groups.

Jackie Oldfield announced the July STAGE presentation is “The Marvelous Wonderettes.” Contact Jackie for ticket information. Members enjoyed bingo and the opportunity to visit. – Reporter

Celebrating May birthdays at Prinz Solms Lodge were Jackie Oldfield and Dorothy Laubach.

Hochheim-Prairie will meet on Aug. 11

YOAKUM – Hochheim-Prairie Lodge will meet Sunday, Aug. 11. A meeting will not be held in July.

The lodge scholarship was awarded to Delanie Dominguez. President Janet Zabranski presented the scholarship in May at the Yoakum High School award ceremony. Delanie, the daughter of Connie Gomez, will attend Texas State University in San Marcos to pursue a degree in education.

Charlie and Carolyn Hoepfl, Janet Zabransky and Wilburn Pargmann attended the Memorial Day service held at the Yoakum Fire Station.

The lodge received a thankyou note from the Yoakum Volunteer Fire Department for the recent Join Hands Day donation.

Roberta Wenzel reported sending a sympathy card to the Mary Pargmann family. A silent prayer was observed in her memory.

Debbie Zinke was the doorprize winner, and Roberta Wenzel was the July birthday honoree.

– Reporter

Hochheim-Prarie Lodge members, Janet Zabransky, Carolyn Hoepfl and Wilburn Pargmann attended a Memorial Day service held at the Yoakum Fire Station.

Jack Schrader from Youth Coordinator Audrey

Paige plans barbecue lunch

PAIGE – Paige Lodge will meet Sunday, July 14, at noon at the hall.

The lodge will furnish barbecue and all the trimmings for lunch. Come and enjoy the food, fun and fellowship. For more

Hochheim-Prairie Lodge awarded a scholarship to member Delanie Dominguez. She graduated from Yoakum High School and is the daughter of Connie Gomez. She will attend Texas State University to study education.

information, call Milton Ihlo at 512-444-2287. In May, the lodge met at the Texas Grill in Bastrop for the annual Mother and Father’s Day dinner.

– Milton Ihlo

Bernardo will meet on July 17

CAT SPRING – Bernardo Lodge will meet Wednesday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m.

At the May meeting, President and Agent Terrel Maertz reminded members camp season is under way. Contact him for more information. Monetary donations were provided to campers from the lodge to

help toward registration fees. Happy birthday wishes were sung to R.W. Maertz Jr. who celebrated 85 years.

The door-prize winners were Billy Hagen and Arlene Trojacek.

A summer social was held for the June meeting.

– Reporter

Johnny and Geraldine Peiffer accepted a lodge scholarship on behalf of their grandson
Klabunde at the June meeting.
Prinz Solms Lodge adult and junior members helped sell baked goods at the Bulverde Community Center’s Chicken Festival held on April 28.

Twin Sisters will meet Aug. 4

TWIN SISTERS – Twin Sisters Lodge will meet Sunday, Aug. 4. Hamburgers with all the trimmings, chips and ice cream will be served.

Board Director Stan Steiger presented a 75-year membership pin to Frankie R. Bindseil during the June meeting.

For Join Hands Day, the lodge invited the community to a Blanco Cemetery clean-up day on June 8.

Appreciation was extended to Jerry Gass for mowing the grounds and to Stan for trimming around the stairs and doorways.

Karen Steiger celebrates a birthday in July, and Marilyn and Rick Weidman celebrated an anniversary in June.

Kaden and Ethan Morash helped draw names for door prizes. The names of Stephen Hartmann and Helen Knoll were drawn, but they were both absent.

Members enjoyed a delicious barbecue meal donated by Stan and prepared by Kent Weber. Thank you to all who contributed to the meal.

– Karen Steiger

Dallas pioneer receives 75-year pin

DALLAS – Dallas Lodge will meet July 28 at 1 p.m. at the hall. Members are encouraged to attend. Food and drinks will be served.

The lodge held an appreciation luncheon for members at El Fenix Restaurant in May. Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly was in attendance and presented a 75-year membership pin to Neva Cecil. Neva reminded members Cecily had presented her 70-year pin five years ago and said she was pleased Cecily was there again to do the same. Neva was accompanied by her husband Randy and was happy to see long-time friend Margaret “Schatzie” Owens. Congratulations Neva.

The lodge appreciates Cecily for her service to the members and Hermann Sons Life and

thanked her and husband John for driving in to attend the luncheon.

Thank you to all who attend-

Norman Schultz, left, was presented a 70-year membership pin from Board Director David Noak and President and CEO

Robin Czarnek at the Rutersville Lodge member appreciation fish fry held in June.

Rutersville Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants C.D. and Carol Jean Jenkins and Weldon and Lee Hartmann (not pictured) at the June meeting.

ed this special event.   God bless you and your family and keep you safe and healthy. – Andy Schellenberg

Rutersville will meet on Aug. 7

LA GRANGE – Rutersville Lodge will meet Aug. 7 at the lodge hall at 7 p.m.

New members, Daniel “Danny” and Sherrie Terronez were welcomed at the June meeting.

A game night is planned for Thursday, July 25.

The “Dancing Under the Stars” fundraiser for Lutherhill Ministries will be held Saturday, July 20, starting at 5 p.m. There will be a meal, silent auction and dance. All are welcome.

A moment of silence was observed for deceased member Linda Kleiber.

The annual fish fry was held June 15 and included pin presentations. Norman Schultz received a 70-year membership pin.

Anniversary celebrants were C.D. and Carol Jean Jenkins and Weldon and Lee Hartmann. Attendance-prize winners were Chad Tietjen, Theresa Garlin, Sherry Noak, Lynda Wheeler and Larry Tietjen.

– Reporter

Board Director Stan Steiger, left, and Vice President Marilyn Weidman presented a 75-year membership pin to Frankie R. Bindseil during the June meeting of Twin Sisters Lodge.
Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly, left, and Dallas Lodge President Andy Schellenberg presented a 75-year membership pin to Neva Cecil during a member appreciation luncheon held in May.
Jourdanton Lodge President Valerie Craig presented a $200 donation to Cafe Chris owners Erica Lopez and Mary Rodriguez to help with rebuilding after a devastating fire closed the restaurant in March.
Jourdanton presents donation to cafe owners

Hondo Victory Lodge presents scholarship

Hondo Victory Lodge President Aurline Tschirhart, right, presented Breanna Slaughter with the 2024 lodge scholarship. Breanna plans on attending Texas State University.

Niederwald Lodge will meet on Aug. 6

Niederwald Lodge members wore red, white and blue in observance of Flag Day at the June meeting. A moment of silence was observed for deceased member Clarance Schulle, 84. The lodge will meet Aug. 6. A meeting will not be held in July.

Betty Moczygemba and Joe Hennig won door prizes at the Niederwald Lodge June meeting.

Stockdale Lodge President Ronald Wiatrek presented a lodge scholarship to Calynn Johnson during the school’s awards program in May.

Stockdale Lodge President Ronald Wiatrek presented a lodge scholarship to McKenzie McGuffin during the school’s awards program in May.

Stockdale awards two scholarships

STOCKDALE – Stockdale Lodge

President Ronald Wiatrek presented two scholarships to graduating seniors at the high school awards banquet on May 16. Caylynn Johnson will attend Texas A&M University and major in agriculture leadership. McKenzie McGuffin will attend

Palo Alto College and Angelo State University majoring in agriculture education.

Both girls explained in their essays how Hermann Sons Life dance classes impacted their lives. They said the classes brought the students together and they made lifelong friends.

The classes helped them become responsible, dedicated and patient individuals, they said. Members congratulated them on their achievements and wished them well in their next steps toward obtaining their degrees.

– Reporter

Houston Lodge will meet at Don Jose’s

HOUSTON – Houston Lodge will meet July 8 at Don Jose’s Restaurant, 5305 Antoine Dr. in Houston. The social hour begins at 6 p.m. and dinner will be ordered at 6:15 p.m.

Niederwald Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants Connie and Harry Schriber at the June meeting.

The lodge welcomes new member Caleb Robert Howell and transfer members Betty Marie Dawkins, Trevor James Weikel, Wesley Gage Palmer, Kade Edward Weikel, Diane and Larry Weikel.

Visitors at the May meeting held at Don Jose’s were Zoey and Zane Coleman. There were 21 members in attendance.

For Join Hands Day, Patricia Bushman, Samantha Thoma-

son, Keira Thomason, Catherine Manchack, Becky Rabon and James Ellison volunteered at the Houston Food Bank in May. Pat worked on the carousel. Eight pallets were loaded with 7,020 lbs. of items for 5,850 meals.

Samantha, Keira and Catherine’s group filled 495 senior boxes filling 11 pallets totaling 15,395 lbs. for 12,828 meals. Becky and James’ group bagged 5,000 lbs. of cucumbers and apples for 4,163 meals.

Agent Gary Falkenberg reported that camp registration will continue through July 14. Information is available on the

Deanville plans July 4th celebration

DEANVILLE – Deanville Lodge will meet June 30 at 2 p.m.

Members met May 26 to discuss plans for the annual Fourth of July Celebration on July 4. Barbecue plates will be sold from 11 a.m. until sold out. A silent auction, live auction, bingo and a raffle will be

held and to end the day there will be a free dance from 6-8 p.m.

On June 14, members gathered at the hall for a brief ceremony in observance of Flag Day.

May everyone enjoy a safe and happy Independence Day!

– Reporter

Hermann Sons Life website, hermannsonslife.org.  Catherine Manchack, Darlene Ellison and Samantha Thomason were on the sick list.

Suggestions for games to play at the annual picnic were discussed.

Mother’s Day gifts were presented to 11 mothers.

Happy Birthday wishes were sung to May celebrant Jack Manchack.

For questions about the Houston Lodge, please contact Catherine Manchack, secretary, at 832-443-0469 or email cnmanchack@gmail.com – Reporter

Gay Hill Lodge will meet on Tuesday, Aug. 6,  at

Burton Short Stop at 6 p.m.

Kypfer-Salge plans bunco night

NEW BRAUNFELS – Kypfer-Salge Lodge will meet on Friday, Aug. 2. The lodge will provide meat, cheese and vegetable trays. Members are asked to bring a dessert.

There will not be a meeting held in July, but a bunco night will be held on July 19. Doors open at 6 p.m. with games starting at 7 p.m. RSVP to Molly Koepp at 830-624-9891. There is a $5 entry fee, and participants are asked to bring a snack and drinks.

At the June meeting, it was reported the May bunco night was well attended with 20 members, family and friends enjoying the fun. The $5 entry fee was used for prizes and $1 from each entry was set aside for a non-profit organization. It was decided that once $100 is raised, members will vote on a non-profit to receive the donation.

Kypfer-Salge Lodge recognized 13-year-old birthday celebrant Raelee Saur at the June meeting.

A card was passed around at the meeting for Nelrose Koepp who was on the sick list.

July birthday celebrant Raelee Saur was recognized. She will be turning 13 years old. Art and

Kypfer-Salge Lodge recognized anniversary celebrants Merry and Art Brinkkoeter at the June meeting.

Merry Brinkkoeter are celebrating 46 years of marriage in July. The attendance-prize winners were Molly Koepp, Nelrose Koepp, Sara Saur, Lee Zillman and Kathy Noble.

– Reporter

Anton Wenzel will meet on July 2

Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly presented a 75-year membership pin to Eugene G. Kellner at the Anton Wenzel Lodge June meeting. Eugene has been a member since Jan. 24, 1949. Members enjoyed a meal of brisket and trimmings. The next meeting is July 2. Hot dogs will be served, and members are asked to bring sides. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

Siemering members place flags on fallen soldiers’ graves

SAN ANTONIO – Members of Siemering Lodge recently embarked on a heartfelt mission to honor our nation’s heroes by placing flags on the graves of fallen soldiers. This initiative included Fort Sam National Cemetery, Hermann Sons Cemetery and the final resting place of August Siemering.

Member Joe Luna, a stalwart of this initiative, played a pivotal role in the effort to adorn every headstone at Fort Sam National Cemetery with a flag. His commitment and tireless efforts ensured that the sacrifices of countless servicemen and women were honored in a

touching and respectful manner.

At Hermann Sons Cemetery, a dedicated team comprised of Jeff Turner, Donald O’Connor, and the Lee family, Mark, Cherry and Christian, undertook the solemn task of placing flags on the graves of veterans. One grave of particular interest belongs to John Sonnen, a figure whose military journey is both complex and fascinating. Sonnen served the Confederacy as a private early in the Civil War, defected mid-war and returned as a lieutenant in the First Texas Cavalry Union.

The Lee family’s dedication

extended beyond the Hermann Sons Cemetery. They also visited the grave of their lodge’s namesake, August Siemering, a distinguished figure who contributed significantly to both our country and the state of Texas. By edging and maintaining the Siemering plot and leaving flags to commemorate his service, the Lee family exemplified the lodge’s respect and admiration for Siemering’s legacy.

This recent flag-placing initiative is a prime example of the lodge’s commitment to honoring veterans and ensuring their sacrifices are never forgotten.

– Christian Lee

Siemering Lodge members honored fallen soldiers by placing flags on their graves. Participants included Joe Luna, Jeff Turner, Donald O’Connor and Mark, Cherry and Christian Lee.

Cemetery clean-up day

Siemering Lodge members invite all Hermann Sons Life lodges in the San Antonio area to join them for a Hermann Sons Cemetery clean-up day.

It will be held Saturday, July 20, from 7:30 a.m. to noon. Hermann Sons Cemetery is located at 401 S. New Braunfels St. (between Dakota and Nevada streets).   For more information, contact Christian Lee at cksfrecords@gmail. com or call 210-374-3165.

Seguin to hold annual Summerfest

SEGUIN – Seguin Lodge will hold the annual Summerfest on Sunday, Aug. 11, at the lodge hall, 2918 W. Kingsbury St. Doors open at noon for happy hour and a brisket and sausage lunch will be served at 1 p.m. Bring sides and desserts to share.

The event will include bingo, a split-the-pot drawing, fellowship and a progressive Seguinmember only drawing for $85. The lodge will invite members of all Guadalupe County lodges, same as last year, to foster community and communication with the neighboring lodges. Contact President Tim Kolbe to RSVP and for more details at 830-660-3713.

The lodge will host a vendor market on Saturday, Sept. 7, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Vendor prices are $30 for outside and $25 for inside. The bar will be open for beverages and snacks, and food trucks will be on site.

At the May meeting, Tim presented Agent Annette Roecker with a certificate for being named a runner-up for the 2023 Leroy Muehlstein Memorial Award for Agent Fraternalist of the Year.

Louise Schuetze will celebrate anniversary

San Antonio – Louise Schuetze Lodge will celebrate its anniversary at the Sept. 9 meeting. More details to come.

Members who have received 50-, 60-, 70- or 75-year membership pins are invited to attend. Please contact Janet Abell at 210-363-4022. The lodge will not meet in July and August due to the heat and vacations.

The annual dinner meeting was held on June 10 at Sabor Cocinabar Mexican Restaurant on McCullough Ave. It was great food and service.

The lodge recognized Mary Theresa Trujillo, June birthday celebrant and Susan Rabel, July celebrant.

– Reporter

Prize winners at the Seguin Lodge May meeting were, Hattie Gerdes, Allen Gescheidle, Annette Roecker, Dorothy Schneider, Valerie Hartman, Benda Schrank, Jeff Kallies and Howard Huebner.

It was reported the April Shoot for Scholarship sporting clays event was successful. It was held at Moyesway Shooting Sports and raised approximately $4,200. Three $500 scholarships were awarded to the top-shooting male, female and a general drawing winner. The lodge thanks sponsors Kathy Hartmann, Vapetastic, CK Designs, First United Bank and the Gescheidle family as well as event volunteers Annette, Tim, Kathy Hartmann and Allen Gescheidle.

Next year’s Shoot for Scholarship event will be Saturday, April 12, 2025.

Dorothy Schneider of Cibolo Lodge came by to visit. Celebrating a birthday was Mona Kallies Ulbricht.

Howard Huebner won splitthe-pot. Names drawn for the progressive pot were Addison Donaho and Kristine Moeller Edwards, but neither were present to win. The $5 attendance-prize winners were Allen, Annette, Benda Schrank, Valerie Hartman and Jeff Kallies. The bundt cake winners were Dorothy Schneider and Hattie Gerdes.

– Reporter

Louise Schuetze members gathered at Sabor Cocinabar Mexican Restaurant in June for the annual dinner-out meeting.

Schuetze Lodge President Lisa McCorquodale-Robalin, right, presents a birthday gift to celebrant Mary Theresa Trujillo at the June meeting.

Vineta Lodge President Debbie Jordan, center, presented birthday greetings to Irene Kace and Ron Roberts at the June meeting.

Vineta will donate school supplies

SAN ANTONIO – Vineta Lodge will meet on Aug. 1. Members are asked to bring school supplies for St. PJ’s Children’s Home. A potluck meal will be served. A July meeting will not be held due to the July Fourth holiday.

The lodge will celebrate its 123rd anniversary in September. Pioneers and past presidents will be honored. Members who have received membership pins in the mail are invited

to attend for a membership pin presentation. Pioneer members are the ones who have made Hermann Sons Life what it is today. Please RSVP by Aug. 27 for meal arrangements by calling 210-707-3652.

At the June meeting, Debbie Jordan won the split-the-pot drawing, and the attendanceprize winners were Genny Kraus, Cecilia Padalecki, Irene Kace and Debbie Jordan.

– Reporter

Columbia will meet on July 7

DALLAS – Columbia Lodge will meet July 7 at 3 p.m. at the hall.

Besides the lodge’s continued community service with The Resource Center and bingo in Dallas, the lodge will host two great upcoming events.

The Christmas in July and Toy Drive will be held Saturday, July 20, at the hall at 6 p.m.

This is a community event to collect toys for the Larry Tutson Jr. Foundation which sponsors an annual toy giveaway every Christmas to more than 500 children in the Fair Park area of Dallas. The foundation provides holiday happiness to families in need.

Brisket will be provided. Members are asked to bring their favorite sides. There will be lots of great local music. Don’t forget to bring a toy or two, bicycles are especially needed. Monetary donations will also be accepted.

The SonsStock Music and Arts Gathering will be held Saturday, Aug.17. This is an all-day event.

Doors open at 10 a.m. and the music begins at 11 a.m. and will continue through midnight.

Booths are available for a small fee to anyone wanting to show off their creative talents. There will be a recommended donation required at the door which will be donated to a local charity in December.

Upcoming meeting dates are Aug. 4, Sept. 8, Oct. 6, Nov. 3 (followed by a Thanksgiving potluck) and Dec. 8 (followed by the lodge Christmas party).

Upcoming lodge events include Oktoberfest on Oct. 12, Make A Difference Day, TBD and the Larry Tutson, Jr. Toy Giveaway in December, TBD. Ongoing community service is held every third Saturday at the S4 nightclub to set up and/ or assist with bingo for The Resource Center.

Don your favorite Christmas threads and let’s show some holiday enchantment at Christmas in July!


Helotes to discuss fundraiser at Sept. 10 meeting

Members of Helotes Lodge attended the annual Flag Day ceremony held at the Hermann Sons Life Home Office in San Antonio on June 14. Pictured are, from left, Ashley N. Deike, Ashton Deike, Rebecca T. Henley, Alexander Deike, Annabella Nail and Letty Fragoso.

Rosenberg Richmond to meet July 8

ROSENBERG – Rosenberg Richmond Lodge will meet July 8 for a membership appreciation dinner at Golden Corral at 6:30 p.m. The next meeting will be held Aug. 12. Ice cream will be served, and a game night will be held.

At the June meeting, Jeannette Matthews spoke to members about the Lunches of Love organization that provides meals to children in Fort Bend County. The lodge presented a $1,000 donation.

Bill Benton reported that Channel 13 will hold a drive for school supplies in July.

Door prizes were donated by Malcolm and Elaine Krause and Michael and Evelyn Kassey.

Attendance-prize winners were W. Lee Hedt, Jane Maynard, Otto Tiemann, Annie Zak and LaVerne


A catered meal was served to 37 members and guests in attendance. W. Lee and Sharon Hedt

and Michael and Evelyn Kassey were in charge of serving. Margie Krenek gave the blessing.

– Loyce Anderson

HELOTES – Helotes Lodge will meet on Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. at Braun Hall. A discussion will be held on the fall fundraiser.

In June, members enjoyed a hearty meal from Golden Corral hosted by President Rebecca T. Henley. Special guest was President and CEO Robin Czarnek who fielded questions from members.

A discussion was held on hosting a community workshop to educate interested individuals about Medicare options. A sales representative would be on hand to address inquiries. If anyone is interested in this type of information, email rebecca.t.henley@ gmail.com.

The historic Braun Hall is available to rent for special events. – Reporter

Da Costa Lodge will hold annual social on Aug. 24

DA COSTA – Da Costa Lodge will meet Tuesday, July 9, at 6 p.m. at the hall.

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every other month. Upcoming meeting dates are Sept. 10 and Nov. 12.

Member involvement is needed to keep the organization successful, going and growing.

The annual summer family social will be held Aug. 24. A silent auction will be held to benefit the Senior Scholarship Fund. Donations are needed. A membership pin presentation will also be held. Those who have received pins should bring them to the social to be recognized.

The event will also include a meal and dance featuring the Blue Denim Band. There is no fee for members. The cost for guests/nonmembers is $20 per person and includes the meal and dance. RSVP by emailing  dacostahall77905@ gmail.com, call Pam Elkins at 361-578-5556 and leave a message or call or text

Lodge President Sayra Elkins at 361-676-6947.

The DaCosta Volunteer Fire Department held its annual fundraiser in June at Da Costa Hall. There was a great turnout for the meal, live auction, silent auction and cake walk. Members helped with desserts for the meal and cake walk as well as helping with set up and clean up.

Upcoming public events: July 13 - public dance with Nathan Colt Young, $15 per person, 8 p.m. to midnight; July 27 - public dance with Pat Matula and The Lone Star Playboys, $15 per person, 8 p.m. to midnight. On Aug. 3 a benefit meal, auction and dance will be held for Richard Bludau, pork steak or tenderloin meal from 4 to 6 p.m., live auction at 6 p.m., silent auction ends at 7 p.m., dance with the Rick Evans Band at 8 p.m. Cost of the dance and meal pre-sale or dance only is $15.

The lodge hopes to continue seeing more members at meetings, dances and activities. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

– Sayra Elkins

Helotes Lodge Braun Hall hosted the Helotes Humane Society’s recent trivia night fundraiser. Pictured are volunteers Lauryn Smith, Rebecca T. Henley, Karen Rothman and Letty Fragoso. (Courtesy photo)
Cathy Winsor presented a $1,000 check from Rosenberg Richmond Lodge to Jeannette Matthews of Lunches of Loves.
Celebrating anniversaries at Rosenberg Richmond Lodge were Raymond and Cipriana Negrette, Michael and Evelyn Kassey and Larry and Sharon Vyvial.
Celebrating birthdays in May and June at Rosenberg Richmond Lodge were Margie Klobedans and Loyce Anderson.

San Marcos Lodge to hold annual picnic July 13

SAN MARCOS – San Marcos Lodge will hold the annual family picnic on Saturday, July 13, at Zorn Bowling Club, Hwy. 123, just past Zorn towards Seguin. The picnic begins at 2 p.m. with Sloppy Joes on the menu. Host and hostess for the event will be Dennis Krackau and Agnes Dreibrodt. Members are asked to bring vegetables or salad and dessert and to dress in a Hawaiian theme.

Please RSVP by Monday, July 8, to Janice Kuhen, at jmkuhen@ outlook.com and also let her know how many children 12 and under will be attending. Campers and graduates will be honored, and a group photo of lodge officers and members will be taken.

At the June meeting, Vice President Agnes Dreibrodt presented information on missions in San

ringer, Janice Kuhen and Agnes Dreibrodt.

Antonio and Goliad. The lodge plans to set a date later in the year to visit the missions.

Happy anniversary wishes were extended to Mary Lou and Billy

Preuss, 70 years, and Mary Jane and Marshall Smith, 51 years. Happy Birthday wishes were sung to the June celebrants.

President Shirley Faske asked

Harmonia to celebrate anniversary July 11

SAN ANTONIO – Harmonia Lodge will celebrate the lodge’s 163rd anniversary at the July 11 meeting in the ballroom. A catered meal will be provided, and members are asked to bring desserts. Please RSVP by emailing HsHarmonia01@yahoo.com

Volunteers are needed to help fix the fence that is down at Harmonia Cemetery. Those interested can sign-up at the July meeting. In May, a few members volunteered to clean-up Harmonia Cemetery located on the corner of N. Palmetto Ave. and Paso Hondo St.

Those who would like to receive the Harmonia Virtual Newsletter with lodge updates and pictures, please email HSHarmonia01@yahoo.com to be included on the email list. The newsletter is an addition to what is already sent to the newspaper. A website link to the Hermann Sons Life newspaper will be included in the email.

June birthdays celebrants were Mike Beam and Ron Roberts.

Everyone enjoyed pizza and salad provided by the lodge and desserts provided by the members.

– Reporter

Harmonia Lodge President Matthew Kraus presented the splitthe-pot prize to Dena Warneke at the June

Harmonia Lodge President Matthew Kraus, center, presented Bill Witteman,

and Thomas Kraus their attendance-prize winnings at the June meeting.

members to bring ideas to the next meeting for a Make a Difference Day project in October.

Attendance prizes were given to all the men in atendance and

Shirley expressed appreciation to them all.

Bunco games were then played. – Reporter

Cameron Lodge will meet Sept. 17

Cameron Lodge members celebrating birthdays at the June meeting were Alyssa Gann, Shirlynn Buck, Chad Ehler and Teresa Duffy. A fish fry with all the trimmings was held at Circle S in Cameron. The lodge will meet Sept. 17 at the Dairy Queen in Cameron.

Members played bunco at the San Marcos Lodge June meeting. Pictured are Janet Magin, MaryLou Preuss, Janet Boeh-
San Marcos Lodge held a bunco game night in June. Pictured are Billy Preuss, Betty Rust, Howard Magin and Ben Faske.
Harmonia Lodge held a clean-up day at Harmonia Cemetery in May. Volunteers included President Matthew Kraus, Rene Kraus, Brad Dietrich, Jake White, Bert Ranzau, Steve Prewitt, Ernie Dewinne and Ed Shadrock.
Cameron Lodge members celebrating anniversaries at the June meeting were Anissa Gann, Aimee and Chad Ehler, Susan and David Ehler and June and Douglas Buck. Members voted to give a donation to the Hermann Sons Life Texas Wildfire Relief Fund.

Senior Adult Final Expense Plan

A life insurance plan with a death benefit that continues to grow leaving more tax-free money

• The face amount of the death benefit increases at 2% annually.

• A single premium plan, which means you pay once and then don’t pay again.

• Although not a guaranteed issue plan, the SAFE Plan features modified underwriting requirements which can accommodate some medical issues.

• Available in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

• Available to anyone 50 through 90 years of age.

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