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July 2019

Camp summer fun begins!


Facebook can keep Hermann Sons Life ‘top of mind’ ➤ Pgs. 3-4

Lodges report on Join Hands Day projects ➤ Pgs. 5-8

Home Office hosts Flag Day ceremony ➤ Pg. 11

The summer of 2019 is off to an exciting start at Hermann Sons Life Camp. The season was ushered in with a thunderstorm on the first night but that didn’t stop the fun. The campers are having a great time as evidenced by all the smiling faces in these photos and the ones on Pages 16 and 17. Check back in August for more Camp photos.

Dance registration now under way SAN ANTONIO – Registration for the 2019-2020 dance year is under way. Junior members ages 3 to 17 who live in the area around one of the 30 Schools of Dance should be receiving a registration brochure in the mail. The brochure provides detailed instructions on how to access the registration process through Class Juggler. Parents should note that if they created an account to register a camper, they will not have to create a new account to register a dancer. They will have to use the dance password that is provided in the brochure. Parents who did not register a camper will need to create

an account by following the instructions in the brochure. The brochure includes a list of the 30 Schools of Dance. Any junior member who meets the age requirement and whose life insurance premiums and dues are current can register for an hour of instruction in any school of their choosing. The schools are under the direction of the instructor(s) and two parent liaisons. Other parents can become involved by volunteering in various capacities including serving as class monitors, working on fund-raising and helping with the recital.

Each school collects a registration fee that is determined by the individual schools and is used to offset the cost of the recital and other expenses. The Home Office collects a $50 assessment fee to help cover the cost of the instructors and other expenses. Classes will start after Sept. 1 and registration will remain open until Oct. 1. Rici Chaney, a former student and instructor in the San Antonio School of Dance, has been hired to coordinate the Dance Program for the Home Office. She can be reached at 800-234-4124, ext. 241 or 210-226-9261, ext. 241.

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HERMANN SONS LIFE USPS 242200 Periodicals Postage Paid at San Antonio, Texas Published Monthly by HERMANN SONS LIFE 515 S. St. Mary’s St. San Antonio, Texas 78205 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941 San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 DIRECTORS Sandra Jones, Chair Mike Beam Suzanne Hildebrand David Noak Stan Steiger David Wolf OFFICERS President and CEO Eugene Zollinger Vice President of Operations and COO Samantha Schulmeier Vice President of Finance and CFO Harry Werland Vice President of Marketing Timothy P. Kolbe Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly Vice President of Information Technology Matt Walker LAWS COMMITTEE

Norma Bruns Tommy Daum Agnes Dreibrodt Lillian Franckowiak Debbie Gold Charles Knibbe David Lewis Jeanette Preuss

Robert Prewitt Tim Salge Steven Schellenberg Marlin Tanneberger Ronald Wiatrek Janet Zabransky Gerald Ziemnicki


Frank Brandon Shirley Faske Tammy Kelley

Bradley Klein Ed Kurtz Laura Thigpen


Elizabeth Byron Tammy Haecker Marsha Kocurek Sayra Martinka

Sherry Rakowitz Lisa Rozacky Irene Schwertner


Brad Dietrich Robert Herridge Tammy Jones Edward J. Muehlbrad

Doug Saathoff Laura Tiffin Lori Todd

President's Message We have a lot to celebrate as Americans At the time of the writing of this article we sit right in the middle between Flag Day and the Fourth of July . I was proud to be a part of my first Flag Day ceremony here at the Home Office on June 14 . We had a really nice program and I am grateful to be part of an organization that values our flag, freedom and patriotism! We have a lot to be grateful for as Americans, Texans and Hermann Sons Life members and this is one of those times of the year when we celebrate these values . I hope that each of you get a chance to celebrate safely with your loved ones over the Fourth of July weekend . Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportuni-

ty to attend several more lodge meetings, events and get to meet more members . This will be ongoing as I try to get around to all of the lodges as quickly as I can, but it will obviously take a

while as we have more than 120 active lodges! I have been focusing on attending as many pin presentations and other lodge events as possible . I was also excited to attend and to speak at my first Agents’ Awards Banquet held in San Marcos in May . I really appreciate all of our agents and the work and effort they put in every day to grow Hermann Sons Life! Please help and support your local agents by referring your family, friends and neighbors . You may have seen on our website or on our Facebook site that we have now opened up Hilltop and Riverside in Comfort to be rented out . I am very excited about the potential to

Lodge Reports Anton Wenzel . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Bandera County . . . . . . . . . .23 Bernardo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Bexar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Brenham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Brunhilde . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Cameron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Cibolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Columbus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Converse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Cuero Family . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Deanville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Dunlay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 El Campo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Fort Worth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 General Bee . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Giddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Harmonia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Helotes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Hochheim-Prairie . . . . . . . . .26 Hondo Victory . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30

Kerrville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Kirby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Lockhart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Louise Schuetze . . . . . . . . . .23 McGregor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Moulton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 New Braunfels . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Niederwald . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 Old Glory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Paige . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Pershing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Plum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Poth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 Prinz Solms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 Rosenberg-Richmond . . . .24 Round Top . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Rutersville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 San Marcos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Seguin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 Spring Branch . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Stockdale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Vineta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Womack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24

bring in additional revenue to help us not only maintain the Camp throughout the year but make improvements to both sites as well . These are fantastic facilities and we think that there is a lot of opportunity for them to be utilized by church and youth groups, Scouts and other groups for reunions and retreats . If you or someone you know is interested in renting them out just go to our website or give us a call for further information or questions . I want to thank each of you for not only being a Hermann Sons Life member but for everything you do to support our mission and values every day! – Eugene Zollinger President and CEO

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Camp season off and running Dance registration under way Scholarship recipients receive award Answers to puzzles on Pg . 32 Families enjoy day at Schlitterbahn Bandera County awards camperships Seguin hosts 56th recital North West Bexar dancers take stage Gonzales dancer performs Castroville dancers raise money Stockdale dancers hold recital Shining Stars

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Keeping Hermann Sons Life ‘front of mind’ By TIM KOLBE Vice President of Marketing I have an older house that needs the iron water piping replaced. Every so often I hear an ad on the radio about a plumbing company that specializes in re-piping houses. I’m usually driving at the time, and can’t write down the telephone number, so I recently called the radio station marketing department and inquired as to who the advertiser was. Do you know they couldn’t tell me? So, as an advertiser you spend thousands of dollars to advertise, and you hope the listener has the time and the ability to write down the number so you can potentially make a sale. As an advertiser selling a product, you have to connect with the potential customer at that

particular customer’s time of need, providing a clear and easy path to connect to your product or service. Media advertising is neither cheap nor guaranteed to sell a product. However, there is an ever-growing marketing tool that has proven itself in a relatively short amount of time. Most folks have a Facebook account. Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites in this country. Anyone with an Internet connection can join. Every second there are 20,000 people logging in to Facebook. This means within just 18 minutes there are 11 million users on Facebook. On average there are 486,183 users a minute accessing Facebook from their mobile devices.

That’s more than 29 million an hour! In fact, 79 percent of all users are accessing Facebook exclusively from their mobile devices. That equates to 745 million daily mobile users! Facebook is adding 7,246 people every 15 minutes or 8 per second. Every minute there are 150,000 messages sent. Every 15 minutes there are over 49 million posts, or approximately 3 million posts per minute. Here’s the kicker: Facebook generates $1.4 million in revenue every hour! That’s more than$12.6 billion a year in revenue! Companies can either pay for Facebook ads, or use posts and content to drive organic growth.

So, given these amazing statistics, how can our valued Hermann Sons Life customers help their organization grow? Easy, by leveraging the power of digital networking. Let me relate a digital success story. Recently, the mother of one of my high school classmates passed away. The services were being handled at a funeral home near my parents’ flower shop. The family went to plan for the funeral and had to make some decisions at a difficult time. Got the picture? Now some important facts. My classmate, her husband and I are friends on Facebook. My wife runs the family flower shop and uses a marketing guy to post floral pictures on the shop’s Facebook page. I, having

“liked” the page, get those posts of the pictures paired with some little sentiment and a quick link to the shop website. When I get those posts, I share them to my friends (around 600 and counting), which includes my classmate. See the connection? Back to my classmate at the funeral home. The funeral director asked about flowers. Given the stress, she was initially without any ideas about which florist to use until her husband, remembering my sharing of the flower pictures on almost a daily basis, said why not use Kolbe. We know Tim, and they’re close by. Bingo! Business earned, beautiful flowers made, and income for the business. Moreover, satisSee FACEBOOK, Pg. 4

Events JULY 4 – Deanville Lodge will host its annual Fourth of July

celebration at the historic lodge hall. Barbecue by the pound will be ready at 7 a.m. Barbecue sandwiches, potato salad and beans will be available starting at 11:30 a.m. Activities will include a Sweet Shop, games, silent and live auctions, a prize drawing and a dance from 1-5 p.m.

17 –

Vineta Lodge will hold its annual scholarship fund-raiser in the San Antonio Home Association Rathskeller. Tickets for the lunch are $5 each. Lunch will include sandwiches, ice cream and other desserts Prize drawing tickets will be for sale. Serving starts at 11:30 a.m. For tickets and more information, call 210602-5147.

27 – Pershing Lodge is hosting a country and western

dance in the San Antonio Home Association Ballroom from 6-10 p.m. Music will be by Bimbo and Borderline. Tickets are $10 and are available by calling Emily Wallace at 210-494-5561. Proceeds will benefit the lodge’s scholarship fund and help maintain the Home Association Building.

27 – Columbia Lodge in Dallas is joining forces with

the Dallas Songwriters Association and the Larry Tutso Jr. Toy Drive to raise money and collect helmets and

locks for bicycles that will be given to local children this Christmas through RL’s Blues Palace. The event runs from 7-11 p.m. in the Old Bowling Alley. See Page 19 for more details.

AUGUST 10 – Cuero Lodge will host a community dance at

the Cuero VFW Hall, 900 N. U.S. Hwy 183, from 8 p.m.midnight. There is no cost to attend. Donations will be accepted to help the lodge send care packages to troops serving overseas. Music will be by Total Entertainment.

17 – The Goodtime Polka and Waltz Club will host a dance at Eagles Hall, 257 E. South St., New Braunfels. The Czechaholics from Moravia will provide the dance music. Call 210-566-5864 or 210-800-3625 for more information. Or follow the club on Facebook @goodtimepolkaandwaltzclub. 28 – Moulton Lodge will host a Chicken Fried Pork

Steak Dinner from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Moulton American Legion Hall, Hwy. 95 North. Plates to go only are being sold for $9 each. The plate includes a chicken fried pork steak, giblet rice and corn. Proceeds will benefit the lodge’s scholarship fund and charitable giving.

If you would like to see your lodge’s event listed here and in the Events section of the Hermann Sons Life website, call Kathie Ninneman, 210-226-9261, ext. 273, or 1-800-234-4124, ext. 273, or email

Editor/Communications Director Kathie Ninneman 210-226-9261, ext. 273 email: Assistant Editor/Assistant Communications Director Elaine Soto 210-226-9261, ext. 279 email: Fax: 1-888-443-3377 or 210-892-0252 Website: All news articles and photographs should be mailed to: Editor, Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 or emailed to: Deadline for each monthly issue is the 10th of the month of publication. The Hermann Sons Life newspaper is an official publication of Hermann Sons Life. The management and editorial policy of the newspaper shall be in the hands of the President and CEO, and the President and CEO shall have the authority to appoint a member or members of Hermann Sons Life as editor and/or business manager thereof (Art. 38, Grand Lodge Laws).

Page 4 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019


Recommendations earn two members gift cards

Float available

The Marketing Department is recognizing 44 recommenders for the month of May. This brings the total to 179 members recommending 240 new members to Hermann Sons Life in 2019. The winners of the $50 gift cards for May are Annabelle Dirks from La Vernia Lodge and Matthew Zengerle from Cuero Family Lodge. Congratulations to the following May recommenders: Recommender Jaxon Boone Adams, Jourdanton Lodge (*) Tammy Jo Aldrich, Comfort Lodge (^) River Morrison Balthrop, Brunhilde Lodge Brigette Jean Bettice, Lone Oak Lodge Laura Brugger, Rutersville Lodge Henri Brumley, Anton Wenzel Lodge Jackson Gary Calle, Castroville Lodge Christian A. Chadwick, Giddings Lodge Wade Anderson Cloud, Siemering Lodge (*) Kara Beth Cross, Lone Oak Lodge Bonnie Mae Cypert, Pershing Lodge (*) Annabelle Ashley Dirks, (*) Christopher Elizondo, Castroville Lodge (*) Allen E. Faldyn Jr., Rutersville Lodge Abigail Ruth Gatlin, MacDona Lodge Victoria Gatlin, MacDona Lodge Suzanne M. Graska, Edelweiss-Magnolia (*) Stella Grace Head, Gulf Lodge (*) Stella Grace Head, Gulf Lodge Casey Houghton, Helotes Lodge (*) Zoey Ann Jenke, Giddings Lodge Katherine Kadrmas, La Vernia Lodge Elena Nicole Kunkle, Boerne Lodge Lyndon J. Leal, Gonzales Lodge Elysha Jami-Rose LeMaster, New Braunfels Caitlyn R. Lyssy, Mission-Alamo Lodge Morgan K. McKinney, General Bee Lodge Bill Wayne Miller III, La Vernia Lodge (*) Lennon Phoenix Morales, New Braunfels (*) Jacquline J. Moreno, Nixon-Smiley Lodge (*) Kaylee G. Morton, Vineta Lodge Colton C.Papp, Fort Worth Lodge Journey R. Parker, Biry Lodge (^) Kollin Norbet Pugh, Marion Lodge Jackson R. Richardson, Castroville Lodge Samantha Schulmeier, Kirby Lodge Jonathan M. Schulz II, Karnes City Lodge Karimie Richelle Scull, La Vernia Lodge Katherine Shackleford, Hondo Victory Lodge Gregory Van De Putte, Harmonia Lodge Rustin Mark Vick, Fredericksburg Lodge Joshua R. Voss, Comfort Lodge (*) Kaymi Elaine Wolff, Boerne Lodge Kate Daryl Wommack, Kypfer-Salge Lodge Matthew E. Zengerle, Cuero Family Lodge

Agent Teresa Saathoff Kathryn Green Carol Krauss Roxy Pruski Terrel Maertz Eulla Krueger Teresa Saathoff Loretta Chilek Lisa Rozacky Judy Schulmeier Carol Krauss Kathryn Green Glenford Boehme Linda Mattocks Eulla Krueger Eulla Krueger Gary Falkenberg Al Stryk Jennifer Garner Rayna Irwin Loretta Chilek Rayna Irwin Pam Poulk Bobbie Polasek Shirley Huebinger Roxy Pruski Charles Caron Marlin Tanneberger Shirley Huebinger Diana Moreno Ruth Bailey Shirley Faske Glenford Boehme Annette Roecker Eulla Krueger Judy Schulmeier Russell Swize Marlin Tanneberger Glenford Boehme Shirley Faske Dennis Henke Norma Bruns Marilyn S. Vogt Tim Salge Wayne Tiffin

(*) Recommended 2 new members (^) Recommended 3 new members

Lodges are reminded the Hermann Sons Life float is available to feature in your hometown parades. The float will be brought to your location and a truck and driver provided. The lodge provides volunteers for set up and riders. To reserve the float, call the Marketing Department at 877437-6266.

Facebook an effective marketing tool

Cont’d. from Pg 3

fied and appreciative customers who will refer more business by sharing posts and/or personal testimony to others in person or online. That’s organic growth. So, what are we asking you to do to help? Use the power of “click and share” to help us grow. If you are a Facebook user, find us by searching for Hermann Sons Life. Once you’ve found us, like our page, and you’ll get our posts. All of our posts are sharable, so share those posts with all of your friends. Ask them to share our posts with their friends, and so on. Hermann Sons Life lodges are also encouraged to have a Facebook page where they can post lodge and community service activities. Include pictures of the

event to make it more interesting and inform others. Ask our Home Office to share your event so all of our friends can see it. My lodge had a Cub Scout Pack come to post the colors at our June meeting. We posted pictures and a short description on our lodge Facebook page, so I asked our Communications folks to visit our page and share our lodge post. What was a 180-person post reach, reached several thousand at the click of a mouse! If those thousands share it, it becomes tens of thousands, and so on… The best part is that it’s free to get that kind of reach, and you get to let the public and other Hermann Son Life members know what kind of great things your lodge is doing. Don’t have a Facebook page? It’s easy to start one. Go to

Follow the prompts to get started on your page today! It’s that easy, and free exposure for a great organization which relies on members to refer others to our organization. This lets folks know about our great life insurance protection education pieces, our wonderful fraternal benefits, Home Office happenings, and wide-ranging community service efforts by our lodges. Keep in mind that Facebook requires every page to have an administrator who can manage the profile and assign roles to other administrators or contributors. But first you need to verify you actually exist and establish your personal Facebook profile. That information comes directly from Facebook. Keeping Hermann Sons Life “front of mind” can help us grow!

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Hermann Sons Life is looking for highly-motivated, service-oriented people to sell its whole life, term life and annuity products. If you have the commitment and determination to help Hermann Sons Life remain a vital and thriving part of the fraternal life insurance industry, you are invited to become part of an organization that has proudly served the families of Texas for more than 150 years. For more information, call the Hermann Sons Life Marketing Department at 877-437-6266 or 210-527-9113 or visit, click Contact Us, Employment

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 5

Join Hands Day

BEXAR – Bexar Lodge members volunteered to clean up the Lady Bird Johnson Park trail head at the back of the park. The city provided the gloves, bags and trash sticks. The volunteers said they enjoyed making the local park a better place to enjoy the wildlife and fauna. They had a chance to visit with people who were out for a walk. The junior members especially enjoyed the outing. Volunteers included Beverly Hutzler, Mark Wehmeyer, Mackenzie Wehmeyer, Larry Wehmeyer, Linda Wehmeyer, Cheyenne Stoddard, Sherrie Stoddard, Donnie Stoddard, Jessica Grof, Emma Grof and Carter Grof.

WEESATCHE – Weesatche Lodge partnered with the local 4-H Club to raise money for the local Relay for Life event with a bake sale held at a benefit stew supper. The event was held Feb. 10 at the Weesatche Community Center. All proceeds from the bake sale and meal went to the American Cancer Society. The bake sale alone netted $660.

Page 6 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Join Hands Day TWIN SISTERS – Twin Sisters Lodge joined the Blanco County Rotary Club to benefit residents of The Henry House assisted living facility and the Johnson City Nursing Home by conducting Brain Training and Refreshing Sessions. Members of both organizations would sit one-on-one with the residents who wanted to participate to enhance different areas of the brain.

HOUSTON – Houston Lodge members volunteered at the Houston Food Bank on May 26 where they sorted 11 pallets of dry goods. Half of those goods will be designated for hurricane relief. The rest will be distributed as part of the food bank’s regular food distribution programs. The Houston Lodge members were joined that day by Klein Oak High School students.

PAUL VOGT – Paul Vogt Lodge President Barbara Marquardt and Community Coordinator Mary Lou Zoeller visited the seniors at the Leon Springs nursing home. They spent time talking with the residents and handed out goody bags filled with useful items. The ladies report that the seniors seemed to enjoy the visit and appreciated the gifts. KIRBY – Kirby Lodge joined hands with Girl Scout Troop 164 to gather supplies and donate them to the St. Jude Ranch for Children. COUPLAND – Coupland Lodge made a donation to the Elgin Community Cupboard. Pictured are, from left, Ann Ryan, Richard Miller and Richard McCann from the Community Cupboard; Lodge President Lena Ging, Debby Alley from the Community Cupboard; Lodge SecretaryTreasurer Charlotte Albert; and Finance Committee members Jo Ann Prinz and Glenda Gebert.

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 7

Join Hands Day GIDDINGS – Giddings Lodge joined hands with the children at the Lee County Youth Center to present Mother’s Day cards to residents at two nursing homes and two assisted living homes. The children made 200 cards, right, and the lodge members delivered them.

NEW BRAUNFELS – New Braunfels Lodge made several donations. Members donated items to the Ronald McDonald House, above, and the lodge made a monetary donation to the SOS Food Bank, right. The lodge also made donations to the Grief Support Camp and the local Project Graduation program. SPRING BRANCH – Spring Branch Lodge made donations to two worthy causes. Members donated non-perishable food to the Provisions Food Bank, top photo, in Bulverde and food and pet supplies to the Bulverde Humane Society, bottom photo.

Page 8 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Join Hands Day

TAYLOR – Taylor Lodge continued its traditional “A Bushel and a Peck with a Hug Around the Neck” program this year. Members donate non-perishable food items at meetings held throughout the year. The items are placed in a bushel basket and peck-size container and delivered with a big hug to soup kitchens and local church ministries.

NEW BIELAU – New Bielau Lodge joined hands with members of the local SPJST Chapter and hosted a games party for residents at the Parkview Manor Nursing Home in Weimar. They also provided refreshments. Pictured are, seated from left, Rosie Shumbera, Becky Jarvis, Henrietta Veselka, back, from left, Earline Lorfing, Arlene Marshall, Edline Janik, Harlene Novak, Dorothy Chevalier and Judy Silva. Not pictured are Allen and Jeanette Hoelscher.

DEANVILLE – Deanville Lodge made several donations. They made monetary donations to Caldwell Christian Care, top, and the St. Joseph Manor Activity Fund, bottom, contributed to the Deanville Memorial Park “Little Library” and made a donation to the Healing Hearts Casino Night Fund-raiser for the Grief Support Camp.

LOUISE SCHUETZE – Louise Schuetze Lodge collected new and used children’s books for the San Antonio area Ronald McDonald House. Janet Abell, center, and Carol Grill, right, delivered the books.

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 9

Medical Notes dration differently. However, there are some common symptoms that indicate someone is dehydrated. These symptoms include thirst, less frequent urination, dry skin, fatigue, lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion, dry mouth and mucous membranes and increased heart rate and breathing. Children who are dehydrated may exhibit additional symptoms, including dry mouth and tongue; no tears and crying; no wet diapers for several

hours; sunken abdomen, eyes or cheeks; listlessness; irritability; and skin that does not flatten when pinched and released. How to prevent dehydration Drinking plenty of fluids when working or playing in the sun is one way to prevent dehydration. Being sure to take in more fluid than you are losing is another way to prevent dehydration. Anyone, and especially people who sweat a lot, should keep a close eye on fluid loss when spending time outdoors in the

summer. Sports drinks that help people maintain their electrolyte balance, such as Gatorade, can help prevent dehydration as well. Pedialyte is often recommended for sick infants or children who have experienced vomiting, as it can help restore electrolyte balance that was adversely affected when children became sick. The solution can be equally effective at restoring electrolyte balance that was thrown off during heat exposure.

A person’s desire to be outdoors can sometimes be at odds with the outdoors itself. Heat-related diseases like dehydration can put lives at risk. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, children and people over the age of 60 are particularly susceptible to dehydration. Understanding dehydration and how to prevent it is essential for anyone who plans to spend time outside during the summer. What is dehydration? The U.S. National Library of

Medicine notes that a dehydrated body does not have enough fluid and electrolytes to work properly. On an average day, the human body needs about three quarts of water. But the USNLM notes that anyone planning to spend time outside in the hot sun needs significantly more water than that to avoid dehydration. What are the signs of dehydration? Johns Hopkins Medicine notes that people experience dehy-

PRESTON T. ENGELKE Stern Lodge Died Aug. 5, 2015 • Age 91

LOLETA N. BARNHART Rowena Lodge Died Aug. 31, 2018 • Age 98

HELMER B. BOEHLE Dunlay Lodge Died March 11, 2019 • Age 92

ROBERT W. ATKINSON Kirby Lodge Died April 4, 2019 • Age 81

ALFRED H. REINHARD Seguin Lodge Died April 16, 2019 • Age 90

GLENN RAY PAPE New Braunfels Lodge Died Nov. 7, 2016 • Age 61

CAROL A. BIERSCHWALE Mission-Alamo Lodge Died Oct. 31, 2018 • Age 63

CHARLES E. STARK Bellville Lodge Died March 16, 2019 • Age 79

MARY D. NOAK Rutersville Lodge Died April 4, 2019 • Age 66

KAREN K. KORZEKWA Poth Lodge Died April 18, 2019 • Age 66

ALBERT TRAPPE Siemering Lodge Died Feb. 27, 2017 • Age 98

GLADYS K. EICHLER Houston Lodge Died Dec. 9, 2018 • Age 98

SHIRLEY M. SPACEK Rutersville Lodge Died March 18, 2019 • Age 70

SHIRLEY A. ALLERKAMP Comfort Lodge Died April 4, 2019 • Age 82

LARRY E. BOURQUIN Castroville Lodge Died April 18, 2019 • Age 78

GLADYS C. SANDERS Dunlay Lodge Died June 2, 2017 • Age 84

F. FRUEHOLZ JR. New Braunfels Lodge Died Dec. 23, 2018 • Age 91

DORIS LEE FRANKE Dallas Lodge Died March 21, 2019 • Age 97

EMIL J. KOEHL Ellinger Lodge Died April 5, 2019 • Age 73

R.W. HOWARD Priddy Lodge Died April 20, 2019 • Age 76

LATICIA ANN SHELTON New Braunfels Lodge Died July 18, 2017 • Age 74

LETHA MAE BORGFELD DaCosta Lodge Died Dec. 29, 2018 • Age 84

HANS F. MANGOLD Mission-Alamo Lodge Died March 21, 2019 • Age 89

HAZEL E. DITTFURTH Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died April 5, 2019 • Age 88

HERBERT RUDOLPH OTT Helotes Lodge Died April 21, 2019 • Age 93

SEAN MICHAEL WAGNER Schulenburg Lodge Died Aug. 9, 2017 • Age 47

ELENA D. GUERRERO Pershing Lodge Died Feb. 9, 2019 • Age 93

DOROTHY TSCHATSCHULA Paige Lodge Died March 24, 2019 • Age 84

DOROTHY C. PANKRATZ Comfort Lodge Died April 5, 2019 • Age 90

PATRICIA A. ENGELKE Pershing Lodge Died April 22, 2019 • Age 87

ELBERTHA M. HOHLT New Bielau Lodge Died Sept. 25, 2017 • Age 96

J.E. STEINBACH Brenham Lodge Died Feb. 14, 2019 • Age 88

RICHARD L. LAMBERT Anton Wenzel Lodge Died March 29, 2019 • Age 96

ANNIE MAE SUMBERA Gulf Lodge Died April 7, 2019 • Age 96

JUSTA J. HELM Schulenburg Lodge Died April 23, 2019 • Age 80

CLAIRE H. HOWELL Austin Lodge Died Jan. 17, 2018 • Age 94

LESLIE H. BROWN Vineta Lodge Died Feb. 14, 2019 • Age 78

PAT REGINAL CREWS Karnes City Lodge Died March 31, 2019 • Age 83

MARY M. KOLBE Seguin Lodge Died April 8, 2019 • Age 87

RAYMOND BLUM Brenham Lodge Died April 26, 2019 • Age 92

ROYCE H. MEINERS Rutersville Lodge Died Feb. 11, 2018 • Age 79

FRITZ J. OBERHOFF Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge Died Feb. 14, 2019 • Age 90

DOROTHY F. FETTERS New Braunfels Lodge Died April 1, 2019 • Age 92

RONALD J. DEMMER Siemering Lodge Died April 10, 2019 • Age 80

LARRY A. MARESH Deanville Lodge Died April 26, 2019 • Age 79

MARY L. LAWSON Louise Schuetze Lodge Died July 13, 2018 • Age 96

AARON B. KOWALIK Harmonia Lodge Died Feb. 26, 2019 • Age 43

BETTE LYNN CLUTTS Fort Worth Lodge Died April 1, 2019 • Age 76

DELPHINE M. SMITH Louise Schuetze Lodge Died April 10, 2019 • Age 88

EUGENIA A. ABERNATHY Fort Worth Lodge Died April 29, 2019 • Age 91

ELIZABETH J. TRAUGOTT Louise Schuetze Lodge Died July 25, 2018 • Age 103

JOAN B. CRIDER Bexar Lodge Died March 10, 2019 • Age 71

VIRGINIA I. FRANKLIN Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died April 2, 2019 • Age 76

HARVEY L. KUNZE La Coste Lodge Died April 10, 2019 • Age 88

HELMUT KASISKE Richland Lodge Died May 3, 2019 • Age 95

In Memoriam of Our Deceased Members

The names of deceased members are listed on this page only after a death claim has been filed.

Page 10 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Retirement Home

Residents show off their Scholarship Store COMFORT – The Retirement Home and its residents welcomed several visitors recently. Julie Sheldon, Seguin, and Michelle Sheldon, Victoria, visited their father and grandfather, Roland Naumann. Stan and Margaret Paradowski, Abilene, and Rodney and Janet Tedford, Cameron, visited Margaret’s and Janet’s mother, Rosie Franklin. Lisa Widner, Bandera, and Mike Widner, Helotes, visited John and Helen Widner. Rick and Vanessa Boring, Roswell, N.M., visited Chief and Trudy Boring. Randy and Karen Locke, Montgomery, and Carol Sweeney, Friendswood, were guests at the Home. Carol Sweeney visited the Home in May. She is a member of Gonzales Lodge. She enjoyed homemade ice cream with the residents under the shaded pavilion and stayed a few nights to experience what living at the Home would be like. While here, she shopped Our Scholarship Store. Our store offers handmade items at reasonable prices because we use donated supplies whenever possible and the items are made by residents and friends. All proceeds benefit the Retirement Home Scholarship Fund that awards five $1,500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are Hermann Sons Life members. Our store is open all year. Come visit the Home to see one of your Hermann Sons Life benefits in action and do some shopping while you are here. Mothers’ Day was celebrated on May 12 with a noon meal of ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and angel food cake with fresh strawberries prepared by Connie Schladoer and Manager Brenda Gunnink. Comfort Lodge met at the Home on May 13. The lodge

Carol Sweeney from Gonzales Lodge visited the Home recently. She stayed a few nights and did some shopping in Our Scholarship Store while she was there.

Beverly Anderson had a belated Mother’s Day visit from daughter Sheila Winstead, grandson Cody and great-grandson Bryson. That’s four generations of Hermann Sons Life members. Cody’s girlfriend, Isabella, came with them. provided a catered meal from Bill Miller for the residents and lodge members. The Home was decorated with red, white and blue for Memorial Day. The flags were lowered in honor of those who gave their all for our freedom. Chapel service and Holy Communion were conducted by Anglican Priest David Guthrie on May 27 with Ross Murphy assisting. Residents welcome Diana Johnston as a new resident. May she find comfort and contentment in her new home. Resident Billie DeSalme

enjoyed a wonderful trip to Alaska with her family. They saw sights in Anchorage, Seward, Homer and Denali. Some of their adventures were an all-day cruise to see wildlife in the water, rafting 14 miles along the Kenai River, attending the Mermaid Festival, visiting the Alaska Sea Life Center, a bus ride through the Denali National State Park and a train ride on the Alaska Railways. “Awesome is the only word I can use to describe this wonderful trip,” Billie said. – Helen Widner

Resident Billie DeSalme and family had this picture taken during their Alaskan adventure. Pictured are, back, from left, grandson Brian DeSalme, daughter-in-law Magda DeSalme; son Darrell DeSalme, front, from left, daughter Sissi Ormsby, granddaughter Danielle DeSalme and Billie.

Birthday cake and ice cream were served at the noon meal on May 29. Jean Merchant was the honoree.

Residents Vernell Homilius and Ross and Betty Murphy made a road trip on May 18 to Victoria to visit former resident Al Schroeder. Vernell reports, “A nice trip was had by all.”

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 11

Cameron Lodge members celebrate anniversaries, birthdays

Celebrating their recent marriage at the June meeting of Cameron Lodge were Alyssa and Clayton Gann. Members voted to make a donation in memory of Edith Banzhaf.

Two couples were celebrating anniversaries when Cameron Lodge met in June. They are, from left, David and Susan Ehler and June and Douglas Buck. The lodge will sponsor Nanette Wells in the State Bowling Tournament.

Home Office host Flag Day ceremony

Celebrating birthdays at the June meeting of Cameron Lodge were, from left, Heather Ehler, Shirlynn Buck, Alyssa Gann and Chad Ehler. The meeting was held at El Charro Restaurant in Cameron.

Donations Donations to the Retirement Home in Memory of: MARY KOLBE MARY NOAK Donor: Stockdale Lodge FRANCES P. GERLICH Donor: Dallas Lodge ANGELA BOEHM Donor: Karnes City Lodge

The Home Office held its annual Flag Day Ceremony on June 14. After patriotic music and the Pledge, President and CEO Eugene Zollinger read a Flag Day proclamation from Gov. Greg Abbott’s office and employee Letty Fragoso read a Flag Day poem, “Freedom’s Standard.” Officers and employees then enjoyed refreshments to conclude the celebration.


Camp Camp Scholarship Fund

Retirement Home Scholarship Fund

Grief Support Session at Camp to go to: Name: Address:

Please print


Please print

City, State, Zip: Date:

THOMAS EDWARD DAW Donor: Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge

Donations to the Retirement Home Scholarship Fund in Memory of:

Donations to the Youth Activity Fund in Memory of: DORIS M. BOYD Donor: Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge

TROY TUBBS Donors: Sam & Sandra Jones

Donors to the Grief Support Camp:

City, State, Zip: Donor:


ELLYN D. STYRK Donor: New Bielau Lodge

Please print

Acknowledgement from Retirement Home

LEROY MUEHLSTEIN Donor: Columbus Lodge


Amount: $ Clip and mail with your memorial contribution to: Hermann Sons Home Office, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941.


Page 12 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

75 Years

WILBERT H. KLOSE Haskell Lodge

70 Years GEORGE J. WEBER Anton Wenzel Lodge


GINGER K. COOKSEY Schwertner Lodge


JAMES F. COX Siemering Lodge

ENOMIE M. REAL Converse Lodge



60 Years



HARVEY B. WUEST Prinz Solms Lodge


LILLIAN K. HEISE Brenham Lodge

JOSEPH E. HALTMAR Washington Lodge




MARVIN H. GOHLKE JR. Yorktown Lodge








KATHLEEN D. KELLEY Louise Schuetze Lodge





Carol Swan, center, an employee in the Member Services Department at the Home Office, received her 70-year membership pin in May. President and CEO Eugene Zollinger and Chair of the Board Sandra Jones presented Carol with her pin. Carol is a member of Mission-Alamo Lodge. Sandra recalled that she presented Carol’s daughter Shannon with her 50-year pin in 2018.




70-year pin presented


Siblings receive pins Walter C. Rhodes III and Diane Rhodes Seaman, originally from Karnes City, recently received their 60-year membership pins. The brother and sister both joined in 1958. Diane says her fondest memory of Hermann Sons is attending Camp in the late 1950s.

Is your beneficiary information up to date? The form for changing your beneficary - and other forms can be found on our website at Go to Contact Us and then Forms.

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 13

Youth in Action

Bandera County awards camp scholarships Bandera County Lodge presented six Hermann Sons Life Camp scholarships for the summer of 2019. The recipients are, from left, Carlye Niccum, Journee Davis, Karlee Hamilton, Madelyn Laine, Ryleigh Laine and Tru Davis.

Members enjoy Family Fun Day at Schlitterbahn Waterpark More than 300 members attended the annual Family Fun Day at Schlitterbahn on Saturday, June 22, in New Braunfels. After visiting the sign-in table, all members were treated to breakfast before enjoying some waterpark fun. All junior members 17 and under who are registered Shining Stars get a personal invitation to this annual event and attend free of charge. Shining Stars are featured on the back of the Hermann Sons Life newspaper each month. There you can also find the registration form to become a Shining Star or visit the website and go to Member Benefits. All Hermann Sons Life members also are invited to the Family Fun Day at a discounted rate. Andrea Tondre shared this photo of juniors Ayla, Jillian, Kabree and Kaecen at the waterpark. They are all thirdgeneration Hermann Sons Life members.

Retirement Home awards scholarship Kailey Zoch is the recipient of one of five Hermann Sons Life Retirement Home Scholarships. Kailey’s grandmother, Agent Linda Mattocks, left, presented her with the award. Linda also serves as vice president of Round Top Lodge where Kailey is a member. Kailey’s father Kevin Zoch also is pictured. Kailey’s great-grandparents, Kermit and Ora May Renck, also were members of Round Top Lodge. Kailey will attend Texas A&M University in the fall where she will major in education.

Answers for puzzles on Pg. 32

Lentz earns two scholarships Hondo High School graduating senior, Kolten Lentz, received two Hermann Sons Life Scholarships at his May 28 Class Night. He received a $1,000 scholarship from Hondo Lodge and a $1,500 scholarship from the Hermann Sons Life Retirement Home. Presenting the awards to Kolten was Matt Tschirhart, left, from the lodge. Kolten is a member of Hondo Lodge.

Trainer awarded schlolarship Austin Michael Trainer is a recipient of one of five Hermann Sons Life Retirement Home Scholarships presented this year. Austin received his award from Mission-Alamo Lodge President Sylvia Schulmeier. Austin is a member of Mission-Alamo Lodge.

Page 14 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Youth in Action Seguin School of Dance holds recital SEGUIN – The Seguin School of Dance held its 56th Annual Recital Sunday, June 9, at Texas Lutheran University’s Jackson Auditorium. The theme was “Broadway.” Mistress of Ceremonies for the recital was Vernelle Jones. Representing the Home Office was Brad Klein, a member of the Member Benefits Committee. He expressed gratitude to the teachers, dancers and parents for the successful dance season

and encouraged everyone to learn more about Hermann Sons Life, its products and benefits. The 2018-2019 school of dance teachers were Aimee Miller, Caitlyn Stratton and Hannah Jordan and serving as Parent Liaison was Tracy Brucks. Recipients of the Bethany Bertling 2019 Scholarship were Abigail Frets and Miyah Bonilla presented in honor of their outstanding performance and dedication.

Recognized for five years of dance were Jordyn Brucks, Amelia Wells, Sarah Jones, Karlee Melancon, Addison Bujnoch, Autumn Beicker, Meadow Hagan, Kylie Villanueva and Miyah Bonilla. Ten-year dancers recognized were Hannah Bentley, Karlie Schneider, Kelsie Jolley and Emily Burt. High school senior dancers were Keaghan Holt and Kelsie Jolley. They each performed a solo.

Monday at 4:30 p.m. class – back, from left, Seda Knudson, Julianna Shuler, Raelynn VanMeter, Aubrey Schievelbein, Sophia Torres, front, from left, Brynlee Hurt, Corabella Retano, Nevaeh AlbertPayne, Abbigale Eichler and Giuliana Garcia.

Thursday at 4:30 class – back, from left, Kate Erlanson, Alexander Schwerdtfeger, August Day, Keanna Van Loggerenberg, front, from left, Kaylen Hernandez, Krista Swanson, Katherine Schwerdtfeger and Madilynn Castillo.

Monday at 5:15 p.m. class – back, from left, Savannah Klaehn, Alexis McInnis, Amelia Wells, Sophia Hardage, Jazzlyn Albert-Payne, front, from left, Ryleigh Hulett, Raelee Adams, Anabella Leal and Audrina Cardenas.

Thursday at 5:15 p.m. class – back, from left, Sarah Jones, Karlee Melancon, Braylee Lawson, Natalee Dean, front, from left, Ella Maierhofer, Iliana Avalos and Isabella Avalos.

Monday at 6:15 p.m. class – back, from left, Aliannah Shearrow, Autumn Beicker, Braeylyn Saur, Addison Bujnoch, Kailey Barbee, front, from left, Kenslie McFadden, Emma Hamilton, Kylie Villanueva, Vida Hernandez, Abigail Frets and Kylee Soefje.

Thursday at 6:15 p.m. class – back, from left, Jenesis Rivera, Meadow Hagan, Rya Mercado, front, from left, Leighton Dworaczyk, Miyah Bonilla, Taylor Hill and Kaelea Gilmer.

Monday at 7:15 p.m. class – back, from left, Abigail Smith, Malerie Martinez, Abigail Burt, and, front, Lilka Retano.

Thursday at 7:15 p.m. class – from left, Brooke Reininger, Jordyn Brucks, Karlie Schneider and Madalynn Gilmer.

Monday at 8:15 p.m. class – from left, Katalina Adams, Madison Cardenas, Brooke Wieland, Emily Burt and, not pictured, Emily Cunningham.

Thursday at 8:15 p.m. class – back, from left, Morgandy Babel, Kelsie Jolley, middle, from left, Hannah Bentley, Crystal Passante, Hailey Hulett, front, from left, Keaghan Holt and Shelby Passante.

Youth in Action

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 15

North West School of Dance recital Students from the North West Bexar School of Dance are pictured above and below on stage at their recital.

Stockdale School of Dance hosts ‘A Night at the Movies’

“A Night at the Movies” was the theme for the Stockdale School of Dance recital on May 18. Dance instructor Skylar Spain choreographed an array of tap and ballet performances to “I’m Still Standing,” “Bad to the Bone,” “Bare Necessities,” “Route 66,” “Splish Splash,” “Full Metal Jacket” and “Car Wash.” The finale was “What a Feeling.” Two solos were performed to “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Eye of the Tiger.” Skylar complimented the girls on an incredible year. The students performed at other times during the year including the rodeo and at a local nursing home. They also gave a Christmas recital.

Castroville School donates to Make a Wish Foundation Gonzales Dancer takes the stage Elliott Dawn Hill was a student in the Gonzales School of Dance this year. Mother Brittany Hill and uncle Dr. Lance Montgomery were both Hermann Sons Life campers in their youth.

Castroville dancers raise funds for Make a Wish Foundation The Castroville School of Dance held its recital June 1 at the Medina Valley ISD Performing Arts Center. The “Dance a Wish” theme was a hit with both dancers and spectators. The recital was dedicated to the Central-South Texas Make a Wish Foundation whose mission statement is “together, we create life changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.” Dancers collected a total of $977.73 in donations from the audience and backstage volunteers made up the difference to allow the school of dance to make a $1,000 donation to the Central-South Texas Make a Wish Foundation.

Page 16 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Campers enjoy summer fun at Riverside

June 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 17

Hilltop camp fun under way!

Page 18 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Mission-Alamo honors mothers at May meeting

SAN ANTONIO – Mothers were honored at the May meeting of Mission-Alamo Lodge. Each lady was presented with a small rosebush. Volunteers were recognized and thanked for their help in parking cars during Fiesta Week. Denise Wright reported that the income for the week was the best ever. Discussion was held concerning an end of summer event that would bring children and adults together for a big celebration. Ideas tossed around included a carnival-type event with a petting zoo, a rockclimbing wall and a moon bouncer or a swimming party. More discussion will take place at the June meeting. Austin Michael Trainer, a member of the lodge, was selected to receive one of the $1,500 Retirement Home scholarships. Austin is a recent

All of the mothers attending the May meeting of Mission-Alamo Lodge received a small rosebush.

Don and Sylvia Schulmeier, from left, celebrated their wedding anniversary in May. Bernice Vogel celebrated her birthday in May. They are all members of Mission-Alamo Lodge.

graduate of East Central High School. The lodge welcomed new members. They are Charles Smith, a transfer from Harmonia Lodge, and junior members Cooper Riley, Stella Riley, Mazen Macedo, Jessie Salazar, Lou

member for 11 years; and Hans Mangold, age 88 and a member for 72 years. The attendance award winner would have been Leslie Arevalo. He was not present to accept the cash so the amount of the drawing will increase to

Ann Villarreal, Michael Engallina, Joe Holguin Jr., Brady Bulla, Blake Stewart, Noah Robles and Shaylin Bulla. Members mourn the passing of Carol Bierschwale, age 62 and a member for 62 years; Walter Dickerson, age 94 and a

$90 in June. The split-the-pot winner was Elizabeth Cline. The meal featured fried chicken and the side dishes prepared by members. Banana pudding was served for dessert. –Georgia Hall

Spring Branch will hold pin presentations July 21 BULVERDE – Spring Branch Lodge will meet at the Knibbe Ranch on July 21 at 2:30 p.m. Pins will be presented. The May meeting was held at the Bulverde Community Center. The lodge welcomed two new junior members. Correspondence from the Home Office included a thank you card for the lodge’s contribution to the Retirement Home in Comfort in memory of Leroy Muehlstein and a thank you letter for the lodge’s sponsorship of a table at the Healing Hearts Casino Night fund-raiser. In observance of Join Hands Project, members collected and

delivered items for the Provisions Food Bank in Bulverde and the Bulverde Humane Society.   Sandra Duncan reported she attended the Hill Country School of Dance recital.    Her granddaughter, Amber Stade, performed a solo. Amber has been dancing for 10 years. Attendance prizes were won by Ben Havens, Gloria Gass, Mildred Bartels, Phyllis Havens, Ty Schaeferkoeter, Jane Wanke, Alverne Halloran and Claire Schaeferkoeter. Gloria Gass, Mildred Bartels and Alverne Halloran prepared the food. – Jane Wanke

Spring Branch Lodge President Sharon Knibbe, right, presented Phyllis Havens with a birthday gift from the lodge at the May meeting. Also celebrating a May birthday was Karen Woody.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary in May were Ben and Phyllis Havens. They are members of Spring Branch Lodge and have been married for 54 years.

Harmonia Lodge will celebrate anniversary on July 11 SAN ANTONIO – Harmonia Lodge will celebrate its 158th anniversary on July 11. If you plan to attend, but did not sign the list at the June meeting, call 210-386-2029 and leave a message. Steve Prewitt prepared the brisket for the May meeting.

Albert Ranzau helped with the serving. Members provided the side dishes and desserts. The recent passing of members was mourned. That includes Vincent Clarence Swientek, age 86 and a member since 1978; and Melvin F. Golla, age 79 and a member since

1974. Home Association representative Bill Richard reported that the money raised parking cars during Fiesta will be used to pay property taxes. Other donations were made through the “Big Give” program. And additional funds

were to be raised during the Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament held June 15. The details of the annual Tee It Up For A Cause Golf Tournament have not been determined. A planning meeting will be held soon. A clean-up at the Harmonia

Cemetery was planned for May 25. Celebrating a May birthday was John Hoog. The attendance prizes were won by Roger Buley and Brad Dietrich and the split-the-pot was won by Robert Peters. – Reporter

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 19

Columbia to host special visitors DALLAS – Columbia Lodge will welcome special visitors on Saturday, July 27. Santa and Mrs. Claus are coming to Texas during the hottest part of the summer to share some Christmas cheer with the Dallas Songwriters Association. DSA is working in conjunction with The Larry Tutson Jr. Toy Drive, founded by local blues man Gregg A. Smith, to gather up good things to give to the children of low-income families in South Dallas at Christmas. The primary focus this season

is raising funds and collecting helmets and locks for bicycles that will be given in December, through RL’s Blues Palace. This will be a fun way to get a jump-start on the heavy lifting that takes place later in the year. The party gets started at 7 p.m. and will run until 11 p.m. Gregg A. Smith’s Blues Revue Band will lay down the groove so be sure to wear your dancing shoes. Supper will be pot luck with the meat provided by Columbia Lodge. Bring your favorite

salads, sides and other dishes to share. Minimum suggested donation is $10 with all of the proceeds benefiting this yuletide focus for the South Dallas Youth Community. You can shop for helmets and locks for the bicycles yourself or just bring your donations and someone else will do the rest. There will be fun and festivities for all so come on down! Yule be glad you did. – Anni Howe

Santa and Mrs. Claus will make a summer visit to the Dallas Lodge Hall on July 27 for a show benefitting the Larry Tutson Jr. Toy Drive.

Giddings Lodge makes donations

Giddings Lodge recently presented a donation toward a scholarship for the Trail Life U.S.A. Troop 143 summer camp.

GIDDINGS – Giddings Lodge was represented at the Lee County School of Dance recital by Loretta Chilek and Pat Abell. They reported it was a good performance. Thanks go to teacher Laura “McKalie” Chadwick for all the work put into the performance and also to the parents who worked so hard to make it a success. Some members joined the

Brunhilde awards prizes at meeting Brunhilde Lodge met June 17 with members enjoying a pulled pork meal provided by the Nordlands.  Members voted to support the Pershing Lodge Western Dance fund-raiser by donating silent auction and prize drawing items. The highlight of each meeting are the door prizes. The June winners were, clockwise from upper left, Carol Krauss, Sharon Solanik, Jim Stacks, Rosemary Rosenberg and Josh Platz and Else Gottschalk.

First National Bank Walk for Life team. Pat Abell, Sam Harmon, Cecilia Martinez and Julian DeLaRosa distributed Mother’s Day cards to two nursing homes and Bec’s Blessing Assisted Living Home. LaVerne Urban took cards to Bec’s Blessing in Serbin. There were a few remaining cards so Pat Abell gave them to mothers entering Brookshire’s store.

The lodge made a donation to the Lexington Grad Bash and made a donation toward a scholarship for the Trail Life U.S.A. Troop 143 summer camp. Birthday cards were presented to Lori Diez, Bill Hinkson, Ruby Lehmann and Julia DeLaRosa. The meeting closed with a prayer and a meal of pizza from Reba’s Restaurant. – Reporter

Columbus to meet Aug. 12 COLUMBUS – The next meeting of Columbus Lodge is set for Aug. 12 at 7 p.m. At the June 10 meeting, Secretary/Treasurer Elena Holub read thank-you cards from the Home Office and the Leroy Muehlstein family for the donations made to the Retirement Home in Leroy’s name. Elsie Kahlden of the Cheer Committee reported sending a get-well card to Helen Hammack. President Douglas Lilie read correspondence from the Home Office concerning the Camp season and the availability of the Hermann Sons Life float for parades. Agent Robin Maertz handed out literature about Hermann Sons Life. She stressed to members to keep beneficiary information up to date. If you want to know more about

Hermann Sons Life and its products, call Robin at 979732-4463 or 979-732-1687 (cell). Birthday celebrants in May were Diane Williams, Clayton Holub, Duane Hammack, Andrew Lattimore, Jennifer Dimas, Monica Hollmann and Elena Holub. June celebrants were Jerry Mikeska, Carolyn Poenitzsch, Grace Sebesta, Deborah Bennett, Kathryn Haluska, John Holub Jr., Sandy Meyer, Kristy Wienken and Dwight Mazac. Dustin and Ruth Lattimore celebrated a wedding anniversary in May. Anniversary celebrants in June were Derek and Jackie Fritsch, Kevin and Tracy Lilie and John and Elena Holub. After the entertainment led by John and Elena Holub, everyone enjoyed refreshments. – Reporter

Page 20 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

San Marcos Family Picnic is July 13 SAN MARCOS – San Marcos Lodge will hold its annual Family Picnic on Saturday, July 13, at the Zorn Bowling Club located on Hwy. 123 just past Zorn towards Seguin. The picnic begins at 2:30 p.m. Sausage and wieners will be served and members are asked to bring dishes to compliment the meats being prepared by Clifford and Betty Rust and John and Betty Schawe. Members also are asked to

bring items for the Hays County Food Bank. Reservations need to be made no later than July 5. A count is needed of how many children 12 and under will be attending. The June 3 meeting was held at La Vista Club House. Fathers were honored. Winners of the Father’s Day prize drawing were Billy Preuss, Larry Moreau and Clifford Rust. The Cheer Committee re-

ported sending a get-well card to Leola Gourley and Esther Schmidt. Sympathy cards were sent to the John Faseler family and to the Janice Kuhen family following the loss of family members. A Join Hands Day report was made by Lillian Cargil, project coordinator. A total of 33 members participated by donating items, making monetary donations to purchase supplies and placing items inside the bags

prepared for the Grief Support Camp. Freddie Dreibrodt celebrated his 80th birthday on June 27. Janet Boehringer was thanked for bringing the fried chicken as the main dish for the meal. Winner of the most Bunco games was Betty Rust, most Buncos winner was Bruce Moreau and winner of the least games was Larry Moreau. – Janice Kuhen

Mary Lou and Billy Preuss celebrated 65 years of marriage in June. They are members of San Marcos Lodge.

Dunlay Lodge presents pins at annual picnic DUNLAY – Dunlay Lodge held its annual picnic and pin presentation on June 2 at the lodge hall in Dunlay. Members and guests enjoyed a meal of brisket prepared by Clyde and Kathy Muennink, beans prepared by David Kriewald and potato salad. For dessert there was Key Lime and chocolate pies.    Guests included members of La Coste and Hondo lodges. Vice President of Finance Harry Werland conducted the pin presentation ceremony.  Seven members earned their 60-year and 70-year pins but were unable to attend.  Curtis Tondre accepted sister Elaine Legrand’s 70-year pin. Elaine has been a member

Members and guests enjoy the Dunlay Lodge picnic held June 2 at the lodge hall. The picnic is an annual event for the lodge. since Aug. 15, 1949. The lodge would like to thank everyone was worked hard to make the day so special.

The next monthly meeting will be held July 16 at 7 p.m. at Vice President of Finance Harry Werland, left, and Ronnie Kriewald the lodge hall. present Curtis Tondre with sister Elaine Legrand’s 70-year member– Reporter      ship pin.

Bexar Lodge will hold quarterly meeting on July 7 SAN ANTONIO – Bexar Lodge will hold its quarterly meeting July 7 at the North West Dancers Studio at 2 p.m. Plans for the Christmas party will be discussed. Members with suggestions are encouraged to attend. Members attended the North West Bexar School of Dance recital on June 1. It was great seeing all the children on stage – they were terrific. Thanks go to all the members and friends who attended. The lodge presented the school of dance with a check for $150. The lodge appreciates the use of the studio for its meetings. – Linda Wehmeyer

Bexar Lodge President Sherrie Stoddard and some of the dancers presented a donation to the North West Bexar Dance Studio in appreciation for the use of the dance studio for lodge meetings. The donation was presented at the North West Bexar School of Dance recital.

Members of Bexar Lodge attended the North West Bexar School of Dance recital on June 1.

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 21

Moulton Lodge presents scholarships, donates books

Brandon Ramirez is the recipient of the Moulton Lodge scholarship for 2019. Allyne Chapman presented the award on behalf of the lodge. Brandon is the son of Vel and Mandy Ramirez.

Three bags of books were donated to the Moulton Library by Moulton Lodge. Pictured are, from left, April Simper, Allyne Chapman and Debbie Novosad.

Members attending the May meeting of Moulton Lodge who were celebrating birthdays included, from left, Kathy Koch, Irvin Schulmeier and Judith Schulmeier.

Judith Schulmeier brought five shopping bags filled with books to the May meeting of Moulton Lodge. Pictured at the meeting are, from left, Lindsay Orsak, Allyne Chapman, Amanda Orsak, Kathy and John Koch, Eugene Anderle, Gladys Seifert, Barbara Anderle, Joyce Pavlicek, Irvin Schulmeier and Dylan Orsak. The books were donated to two local libraries.

Moulton Lodge donated two bags of books to the Vysehrad School. Three couples from Moulton Lodge celebrated wedding anniversa- Librarian Cindy Svetlik accepted ries in May. They are, from left, Eugene and Barbara Anderle, Kathy the donation from Dylan and and John Koch and Judith and Irvin Schulmeier. Lindsay Orsak.

Vineta to hold fund-raiser July 17 McGregor Lodge to meet SAN ANTONIO – Vineta Lodge will hold its annual scholarship fund-raiser July 17 beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the Home Association Rathskeller. A donation of $5 is asked for sandwiches, ice cream and lots of desserts. There will be attendance prizes. For tickets and more information call 210-602-5147. Everyone is invited to attend and support a worthy cause. Lillian Unger, a past scholarship recipient, has graduated from the University of North Texas. She will be teaching elementary music in Spring. The July 4 meeting has been canceled because of the holiday. Thanks go to Yvonne Anderson for fixing the meal for the May social in honor of her birthday.

Aug. 7 at Griffith Center

Celebrating a birthday at the June meeting of Vineta Lodge were, from left, Ron Roberts, Irene Kace and Jerome Kraus. Members are asked to bring school supplies to meetings now through August. These will be donated to the Children’s Shelter. Split-the-pot winner was Debbie Jordan. The lodge mourns the passing

of Lonez Dzierzanowski, a member for 52 years; Carol Ann Peterson, a member for 54 years; Gisela Marcinowski, a member for 55 years; and Dorinda Sue Stanush, a member for 55 years. – Reporter

McGREGOR – McGregor Lodge will not meet in July. The next meeting is set for Aug. 7 at 6 p.m. at the Charlie Griffith Center at the McGregor Housing Center on Johnson Drive. The lodge welcomed a new member, Larami Sneed, at the June 5 meeting. Congratulations are extended to Carol Wiethorn on her 60 years of membership. She became a member June 9, 1959. Leona Hendrickson read a thank you letter from the Home Office for the lodge’s monthly donation to the Grief Support Camp. The lodge sends get well wishes and prayers to Janet

Schmalriede and continued get well wishes to Milton and Yvonne Schmalriede and Vivian Lange. Happy June and July birthdays to all friends and members including Kerry and Regenia Arseneaux, Hermine Wolf and Leona Hendrickson who attended the meeting.  Gifts were given to the fathers in observance of Father’s Day and to the mothers who were unable to attend the May meeting due to the bad weather.  President Doris Mooney asked everyone to fly the American flag on Flag Day, June 14, and on July 4th. – Reporter 

Page 22 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Bernardo Lodge holds annual summer barbecue BERNARDO – Bernardo Lodge held its annual summer barbecue and social on June 8 at the Bernardo Volunteer Fire Department meeting room. R.W. Maertz, Joe Trojacek, Billy Hagen and Terrel Maertz prepared the barbecue pork and members provided the side dishes. The Columbus Boy Scouts gave a Flag Day presentation about the American flag and the state flag. Members enjoyed fellowship, a meal and door prizes of five United States flags donated by the lodge. Three new members were welcomed at the May 15 meeting. They are Coraline Jane Garcia Behlen, Daxton Bradley Moffett and Mylee Jane Moffett. Members approved the transfer of Sarah Behlen to Bernardo Lodge from New Ulm Lodge. Agents Terrel and Robin Maertz attended a workshop presented by Gary Falkenberg at Schobel’s Restaurant on April 23. The workshop updated them on the information covered at the March workshop held in San Antonio that they were unable to

Ronny Frank, center, received his 60-year membership pin at the June summer picnic hosted by Bernardo Lodge. Presenting the pin were lodge President Terrel Maertz, left, and President and CEO Eugene Zollinger. Ronny has been a member since Nov. 26, 1959. attend. The Cheer Committee reported sending Joe Trojacek a getwell card. The lodge received a thank you note from the Home Office for the monetary donation the lodge made to the Healing Hearts Casino Night that benefitted the Grief Support Camp.

Joann Weishuhn received her 60-year membership pin at the June summer picnic hosted by Bernardo Lodge. Presenting the pin were President and CEO Eugene Zollinger, left, and lodge President Terrel Maertz. Members who participated in the Flag Day ceremony at the Bernardo Lodge summer picnic were, from left, Noah Lujan, Jack Pryor and Jarrett Pryor. They are members of the Columbus Boy Scout Troop.

Happy Birthday wishes were extended to R.W. Maertz on his 80th and Ruby Bell Henneke on her 90th. Door prize winners were R.W. Maertz and Joe Trojacek. Members are encouraged to attend lodge meetings held the third Wednesday of each month. – Reporter

Deanville to host July 4th celebration

Craig Duewall celebrates a July birthday. He is a member of Lockhart Lodge.

Door prize winners at the June Lockhart Lodge meeting were Carol Schulke, Dickie Rutherford and Janet Schaefer.

Lockhart will meet Aug. 4 LOCKHART – Lockhart Lodge will not meet in July. The next meeting is set for Aug. 4. The June 2 meeting was held at Chisholm Trail BBQ. Ann Schroeder reported that she and Rudy had been to Cor-

pus Christi to watch two of their granddaughters in the Corpus Christi School of Dance recital. Craig Duewall will celebrate a birthday in July. – Reporter

DEANVILLE – Deanville Lodge will host its annual Fourth of July celebration. The day will start early with pit barbecue for sale beginning at 7 a.m. There will be pork, beef, chicken and homemade pork and beef sausage. Barbecue sandwiches, potato salad and beans will be available beginning at 11:30 a.m. Other activities will include games, silent and live auctions, a Sweet Shop, bounce house for the children, prize drawings, a free dance from 1-5 p.m. and plenty of cold drinks. Ed Kopecky will provide the dancing music. At the May meeting, members extended their sympathy to the families of longtime lodge members Larry Maresh who passed away April 26 and J.D. Lambrecht who passed away May 17. Larry had been a member since Oct. 6, 1949, and J.D.

Deanville Lodge held its annual Flag Day celebration on Friday, June 14. Refreshments were provided. had been a member since June 7, 1951. Larry and J.D. were active members of the lodge and will be greatly missed. A fund-raiser was held at the hall on May 24. Approximately 250 people were in attendance

for the Deanville Heritage Foundation fund-raiser. The lodge is always proud to provide its facility for the benefit of other organizations in the Deanville community. – Reporter

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 23

Helotes to meet Sept. 10 HELOTES – Helotes Lodge will hold its next quarterly meeting on Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. at Braun Hall. Dinner and dessert will be provided. Pins will be presented to the lodge’s 60-year, 70-year,

75-year and 80-year members. Everyone will have a chance to win a cash door prize at the end of the meeting – Letty Fragoso

Stockdale Lodge visits residents Stockdale Lodge members met at the Stockdale Nursing Center on June 12 to deliver goody bags of candy and cookies to the male residents in honor of Father’s Day. Pictured are resident Michael Kelm, seated, with lodge members, from left, L.H. and Maureen West, Chad Wiatrek, Barbara and Ron Wiatrek and Dustin and Kim Krueger. Members said they enjoyed delivering the packages and visiting with the residents who seemed very appreciative.

New Braunfels picnic set for July 7 NEW BRAUNFELS – A picnic supper will be served at the July 7 meeting of New Braunfels Lodge. Dorella Colbert will serve as the hostess. Members are asked to bring sandwiches, side salads and desserts. Chips and dips will be furnished. The lodge hall was decorated in a patriotic theme for the June meeting in honor of Flag Day. Twenty new members were welcomed. Agent Shirley Huebinger was honored at the annual Agents’ Awards Banquet held May 18 in San Marcos. In observance of Join Hands Day, the lodge made donations to the Grief Camp, Project Graduation and the SOS Food Bank.  Virginia McKinney, board member of the Friends of

Members of New Braunfels Lodge celebrating anniversaries at the June meeting included, from left, Rennie and Sandra Guenther, James and Leola Stolte and Jo and Harvey Heideman. A pizza meal hosted by the the Ronald McDonald House Charities, was a guest speaker. Stoltes was served after games Members brought items from a and refreshments.  Ice cream “wish list” for her to take to one sundaes were served for dessert.  – Reporter of the houses in San Antonio. 

Kirby plans brisket meal for July 1 KIRBY – Kirby Lodge will meet Monday, July 1, at 7 p.m. The lodge will provide brisket. Members are asked to bring side dishes and/or desserts. The August meeting will be held Monday, Aug. 6, at 7 p.m. The lodge will provide spaghetti and members are asked to bring side dishes and/or desserts. Senior Games Day was held June 2 at the lodge hall. Sandwiches, chips, and salad were served along with desserts. The regular lodge meeting was held June 3 with sandwiches provided for members and guests. Thanks go to all who showed up early on June 2 to help prepare the ham and

chicken salad sandwiches for both occasions. Jonathon Kelley was welcomed as a new member. Members were reminded about the June 14 Flag Day celebration at the Kirby Fire Department station located on Ackermann Road. Angela Netherton delivered the items donated to the St. Jude Ranch for Children. Thanks go to everyone who participated in this Join Hands Day event. The local Girl Scout troop helped with this project. Members were also reminded to sign up their junior members for Camp. Hilltop Camp is full for the summer, but spaces remain at Riverside. Contact

agents Angela Netherton or Judy Schulmeier if you have any questions. Celebrating June birthdays were Andra Fore, Jimmy Scheibe, Jonathon Kelley and Donna Scheel. Celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary were Sandra and Gerald Bundick. Attendance prize winner of $30 was Carroll Gloor. Splitthe-pot winners were Keary Lambrecht (who won twice) and Glenda Bayer. Door prize winners were Andra Fore, Linda Lambrecht, Lillian Brietzke and Jonathon Kelley. Lodge calendars are available at the meetings. – Reporter

Bandera County to meet on July 20 Louise Schuetze honors celebrants Louise Schuetze Lodge held its June meeting at La Fonda restaurant in Alamo Heights. Honored at the meeting were ladies celebrating June and July birthdays including, standing, from left, Mary Louise Trujillo, Carol Grill, Mandy Turner and, seated, Mary Naughton and Alice Naughton, who will turn 105 on July 9.

BANDERA – Bandera County Lodge will meet July 20 at 3 p.m. at the home of Gary and Kathleen Reile. The lodge observed Join Hands Day on May 18 at Cedar Creek Nursing Home in Bandera. Members played games with many of the residents. Prizes were given to the win-

ners and lots of snacks were enjoyed by all. Other lodge members visited with residents who could not come down to the rec room. They were given snacks and red white and blue flowers in celebration of Memorial Day. Members then enjoyed a meal at Brick’s.

The Bandera County School of Dance recital was held the same day at 3 p.m. at Bandera High School. There were 18 dancers and they did several dances. Gary and Kathleen Reile remarked that the costumes and dances were beautiful. – Susan Hillje

Page 24 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Rosenberg-Richmond to meet Aug. 12

Converse Lodge presents pins at picnic Lodge President Marvin Boeck, standing left, and President and CEO Eugene Zollinger, standing right, presented pins at the June 9 picnic hosted by Converse Lodge. Pin recipients were, standing left, Kenneth Kneupper and Robert Kneupper, both 60-year members since Sept. 11, 1959; and, seated, Enomie Real, a 70-year member since July 28, 1949. Converse Lodge held its annual picnic June 9 at the GRASP building in Converse. Members enjoyed an afternoon of socializing and playing games. The meal included barbecue, beans, potato salad, cole slaw and desserts. Waylon Viator held the flag while members recited the Pledge of Allegiance in observance of Flag Day.

Members of Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge celebrating May and June birthdays were, from left, Melvin Blahuta, Florence Orsak, Margie Klobedans, Loyce Anderson, Eppie Kostak and Johnnie Zak.

Celebrating anniversaries at the June meeting of Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge were, from left, Shirley and John Pavlock, Loyce Anderson, Frank and Janice Pryor, Cipriana Negrete and Michael and Everlyn Kassey.

ROSENBERG – RosenbergRichmond Lodge will meet Aug. 12. Ice cream will be served, and it will be game night. A catered meal was served at the June 10 meeting held at the Rosenberg Civic Center with 57 members and guests in attendance. A meal of  chicken fried chicken and chicken fried steak, potatoes, green beans and salad was served.  Members brought desserts.  Margie Krenek was in charge of serving and gave the blessing. Membership Coordinator Rosalie Byrd reported that a getwell card was sent to Evelyn Schmidt.  Sympathy cards were sent to Bill Boyd, Robbie Hartfiel and Larry Loesch. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Doris Boyd and Thomas Daw.   Community Coordinator William Benton reported that the City of Rosenberg is hosting a fireworks display on the Fourth of July. Door prizes were donated by W. Lee and Barbara Schmidt, John and Shirley Pavlock and Otto and LaVerne Tiemann.   Attendance prizes were won by John Pavlock, Lloyd Engelhardt, Janice Pryor, Kevin Engelhardt and Delbert Wendt. – Reporter

Seguin Lodge awards prizes Door prize winners at the May meeting of Seguin Lodge were, back, from left, Allen Gescheidle, Tammy Beutnagel, Tom Allison, Pauline Rappmund, Vernelle Jones, front, from left, Velma Huebner, Ann Huebner and Evelyn Neumann.

Womack holds Flag Day presentation Hondo Victory Lodge presents awards Hondo Victory Lodge recently presented cash awards to two graduates of Hondo High School. Tessa Mangold will attend Tarleton State University in Stephenville. Danielle Zinsmeyer will major in kinesiology and special education at Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

WOMACK – David Conrad and Calvin Rueter began the Womack Lodge June 2 meeting with a Flag Day presentation. Plans were finalized for the June 29 Fish Fry Fund-raiser to benefit the Clifton Volunteer Fire Department. Serving time

is scheduled from 5-7 p.m. at Womack Hall. Tickets are $12. Lots of help will be needed. The grass on the hall property has responded well to the rain and the lawnmowing volunteers have been overwhelmed with keeping it trimmed. They

are appreciated and will be rewarded for their work. John Rueter was the lucky winner of the 50/50 drawing. David Conrad won the attendance prize. John and Beverly Rueter hosted the evening meeting. – Nadine Rueter

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 25

Anton Wenzel Lodge plans casino trip for July 21 SAN ANTONIO – Anton Wenzel Lodge is planning another trip to the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. The trip is set for Sunday, July 21. Everyone is asked to meet in the parking lot of the San Antonio Home Association at 7:30 a.m. The bus will leave at 8 a.m. and will return at 8 p.m. Contact Merlinda Elizondo at 210-815-3468 as soon as possible to make your reservation. Cost is $35 per person. The casi-

no will add $15 to each person’s player’s card. Members will visit the Retirement Home on July 14 to have lunch and play games with the residents. Plan to be there by 11:30 a.m. Lunch will be served at 12 noon at a cost of $5. Monetary donations are needed for game prizes and volunteers are needed to help with the event. Hot dogs and chili will be served at the July 2 meeting. Ev-

eryone is asked to bring a side dish and/or dessert. The name of Matthew Pommerening was selected in the June membership drawing. He was not there to claim the prize of $90 so his name went back in the barrel. Members are reminded that Emma Moya needs eggshells for cascarones that she will sell during Fiesta to benefit the lodge. – Elizabeth Dorrell

Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly presented Eugene Kellner with his 70-year membership pin at the June meeting of Anton Wenzel Lodge. Eugene has been a member since Jan. 24, 2949.

Henry Moya, right, was the split-the-pot winner at the June meeting of Anton Wenzel Lodge. President Edward Elizondo presented him with his winnings.

Salina Barrientes, left, and Paula Reid from Anton Wenzel Lodge celebrated their birthdays in June. They are pictured with President Edward Elizondo.

Pershing will serve hot dogs July 3 the meal. In June, Levi Terry Blankenship was welcomed as a new member. Corresponding Secretary Dorothy Pawlik reported on the passing of Elsie May Abernathy, Patricia A. Engelke, Rotraud R. Hodge, Bernie Moore, Berta Parker, Susan E. McCarty and

Irene K. Weber. James Lay had cataract surgery and is doing well. Janilla Kilborn won the $35 attendance prize and Patricia Spaeth won the split-the-pot drawing. Let’s have more members at the next meeting. – Dorothy Pawlik

Celebrating June anniversaries from Pershing Lodge were, from left, Kenneth and Emily Wallace, 52 years; John and Betty Opiela, 17 years; and Rosie and Robert and Hollingsworth, 23 years.

Celebrating a June birthday was Elizabeth Spaeth from Pershing Lodge.

SAN ANTONIO – Pershing Lodge will meet July 3 in the Rathskeller beginning at 7 p.m. Members are asked to wear their patriotic colors. The lodge will provide the hot dogs, chips and all the condiments. Members are asked to bring their favorite side dish or dessert. Games will follow after

There was a large group of mothers attending the June meeting of Anton Wenzel Lodge. A photo was taken in honor of Mother’s Day.

Fathers attending the June meeting of Anton Wenzel Lodge gathered for a photo.

Page 26 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Hochheim-Prairie honors veterans Hochheim-Prairie Lodge provided the refreshments for a Memorial Day ceremony held at the Yoakum Fire Station. The ceremony honored all veterans. The lodge will not meet in July. The next meeting is scheduled for August.

Dallas Lodge will meet on July 28 DALLAS – Dallas Lodge will meet Sunday, July 28, at 1 p.m. at the hall. All members are encouraged to participate. Eva Day reported that the Join Hands Day event at City Square on May 4 was cancelled due to a lack of staff. Steve Schellenberg and Eva Lloyd suggested the lodge make a monetary donation to City Square. Others agreed and a generous donation was approved. Terri Holmes reported on the lodge’s partnership with Columbia Lodge on its Join Hands Day project. Members attended the Park Lane  Jewelry party  and purchased some jewelry to donate to the Genesis Women’s Shelter. This will help boost the morale of the  women when they interview for jobs. A meeting, pin ceremony and luncheon were held May 19 at El Fenix restaurant.

Neva Cecil, second from left, received her 70-year membership at Dallas Lodge’s May meeting. Taking part in the ceremony were, from left, President Clint Holmes, Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly and Vice President Andy Schellenberg. Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly and her family were guests from the Home Office. Cecily presented Neva Cecil her 70-year membership pin. Neva’s family was in attendance. Neva has been a member since June 22, 1949.

Neva was glad to visit with her friend, Margaret (Schatzie) Owens. Members were glad to see Jean Ernst as well. President Clint Holmes thanked all who attended this special event that honors and appreciates all lodge members. – Reporter

Paige invites members to potluck July 14 Hochheim-Prairie Lodge President Janet Zabransky, center, presented Yoakum High School seniors Melissa Jimenez, left, and Ashlyn Dicke with lodge scholarships at the school’s awards ceremony on May 20. Each will receive $500.

Plum to serve pizza July 8 PLUM – Plum Lodge will meet July 8. The lodge will provide the pizza. The May 13 meeting was held at the La Marina restaurant in La Grange. In observance of Join Hands Day, members voted to donate $100 to Meals on Wheels. Members were saddened to hear that Donald Hagemann had a stroke.  Jackie Wessels had celebrated an April birthday and she won the $25 door prize.  Other door prize winners were Genelda Stahmer, Wallace and Verlene Hobratschk and Wilbert Hoffmann. The June meeting was held at the Prairie Valley Schoolhouse.  President Wilbert Hoffmann

brought the chili cheese dogs. Linda Poncik cooked and donated the chili.  Other members donated chips, dips and desserts.  Ruth Wessels and Verlene Hobratschk celebrated birthdays in June and Jackie and Bob Wessels celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary. Door prizes were won by Myrtle Harbers, Linda Mattocks, Linda Poncik and Jackie Wessels.  Membership Coordinator Linda Poncik reported sending get-well cards to Gilbert Freudenberg, Donald Hagemann and William and Rosalie Hunger.  A sympathy card was sent to Director David Noak following the passing of his wife.      – Reporter

PAIGE – Paige Lodge members are invited to a sandwich potluck lunch and meeting on July 14 at the lodge hall. Members and guests enjoyed a belated Mother’s Day lunch on Sunday, May 19, at the Sirloin Stockade Restaurant in Taylor. Several members were not able to attend due to illness. Get-well wishes were extended to Chelle Dube and LaVerne Mattiza for a speedy recovery. The group also missed Sadie Raschke. Those in attendance enjoyed the outing and the food. Congratulations to Paige Burttschell for graduating kindergarten at Giddings Elemen-

Paige Lodge members gathered at Sirloin Stockade Restaurant in Taylor on May 19 for a Mother’s Day celebration. Pictured are, back, from left, Ronnie Harmon, Jimmy Botkin, Frank and Janice Bilberry, Milton Ihlo, front from left, Debbie Harmon, Sandy Botkin, Paige Burttschell, Bernice Basward, Linda Ihlo, Brigette Burttschell holding Cassidy Burttschell and Charlie Burttschell. tary. Paige is the daughter of Charlie and Brigette Burttschell and granddaughter of Jimmy and Sandy Botkin, Da-

vid and Paula Burttschell and Wayne and Josette Weber. – Sandy Botkin

Poth welcomes new member

Marlin Tanneberger celebrated his birthday in May. He was a guest at the Poth Lodge meeting.

POTH – Poth Lodge welcomed a new member at the May meeting. His name is Hudson Dean Nichols. Pictures were circulated of the finished “bunnies” that were made for the students in the Floresville-Poth School of Dance. Everyone was proud of their accomplishments. Members were informed of the recital held the

previous day. Cloe Bostick served as mistress of ceremonies. Beth Cutsinger and Sharon Tanneberger were the door prize winners and Paul Hosek was the winner of the $25 kitty. Members enjoyed Frito pies and cookies after the meeting and then played games. – Reporter

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 27

Prinz Solms Lodge presents scholarship in June BULVERDE – Prinz Solms Lodge will meet July 14 at 5 p.m. at the Bulverde Community Center. The lodge presented its 2019 scholarship at the June 9 meeting. This year’s recipient is Molly Pfeiffer. Youth Coordinator Audrey Klabunde presented Molly with the $1,000 scholarship. She is a 2019 graduate of A&M Consolidated High School in College Station. Molly plans to attend Blinn College. John Knotts and Lori Seitz gave a presentation on Equitherpay at Fine Print Farms. Horses are used in therapy for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. They teach horses to work with people and people to work with horses. John related several success stories. Community Coordinator Jackie Oldfield asked for volunteers for

Prinz Solms Lodge honored all of its graduates at the June meeting. They included, from left, Kate Gourley, a kindergarten graduate from Wilderness Oak Elementary; Molly Pfeiffer, a graduate of A&M Consolidated High School in College Station; and Brooke Gourley, a graduate of Lopez Middle School. a community service project at the St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery on June 18. Volunteers helped clean up the cemetery and straighten flags after the recent high winds. A moment of silence was

observed in memory of Ruth Lylte, Irene Scholz and Patsy Jean Schumann. A donation will be made in their name to the Bulverde-Spring Branch Activity Center in Bulverde. – Reporter

Molly Pfeiffer, left, receives the 2019 Prinz Solms Lodge Scholarship from Audrey Klabunde during the June meeting.

Rutersville holds annual fish fry RUTERSVILLE – Rutersville Lodge held its annual summer fish fry on June 22. Everyone enjoyed a meal of fried fish along with the side dishes, appetizers and desserts provided by members. A silent auction was also held. The monthly meeting was held June 5 with pizza on the menu. Members provided the side dishes and desserts. Welcomed as a new member was Larry Shimek. Attendance awards were won by Delores Schmitt, Sherry Noak, Kyle Hartmann, Kirby Keilers, and Albert Loehr. – Reporter Celebrating June anniversaries from Rutersville Lodge were, from left, Richard and Cheryl Kuhn, C.D. and Carol Jenkins and Weldon and Lee Ann Hartmann.

Celebrating June birthdays from Rutersville Lodge were, from left, Kyle Hartmann and Alan Faldyn.

Leroy Schmidt, seated, is pictured with his 100% Hermann Sons Life Family at the June meeting of Spring Branch Lodge. Family members include, from left, Johnnie, Molly, Geraldine, Katie, Ellie, Addie and Brent Pfeiffer.

Members of Rutersville Lodge celebrating special occasions in May included, from left, Delores Bayer, a birthday, and Bob and Delores Schmitt, an anniversary.

Page 28 – Hermann Sons Life –July 2019

Cuero Family will hold community dance Aug. 10

CUERO – Cuero Famiy Lodge has been busy these past few months. The lodge presented a $500 donation to Jode and Gina Zavesky from the Dewitt County Cares program. This organization sends care packages to military personnel. Since the donation was made, four shipments have been sent to men and women serving overseas. Members volunteered in the Christmas in the Park donation house. The volunteers included Holly Peters, David Peters, Allison Tiffin and Wayne and Laura Tiffin. June Guenther was honored after her many years of service as financial secretary of the lodge. Officers were installed at the February meeting and the 10 members who passed away in 2018 were remembered. Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett was the guest speaker at the March meeting. Members agreed to sponsor a 12-13-year-old softball team – the Hermann Sons Life Rangers. Members celebrating 50 years of membership in March were Michael Stubbs, a member since March 5, 1969; and Christopher Crain, a member since March 19, 1969. At the April meeting, Agent Wayne Tiffin reported that he and Laura had attended a workshop for agents in San Antonio and had a chance to meet new President Eugent Zollinger. Eugene requested every lodge do a community service project to show the community what good work Hermann Sons Life does. The lodge’s service project will be a free dance for the community that will be held the second Saturday in August. This is an annual event for the lodge. The Tiffins had attended the Little League opening ceremonies and were excited that several children playing Little League are Hermann Sons Life members. The 50-year members in April were Melissa Whitt, a member since April 2, 1969; Mitchell Holverson and Lillian Coover, both members since April 6, 1969; Thomas Pieper, a member since

Juanita Peters has been a member of Cuero Family Lodge for 75 years. The lodge honored her in May and she will receive her pin in August.

Cuero Family Lodge made a donation to Dewitt County Cares. Accepting the donation were Jode and Gina Zavesky.

Kensly Ley is one of two recipients of a scholarship from Cuero Family Lodge.

Kerstyn Saenz received one of Cuero Family Lodge’s scholarship this year.

April 7, 1969; and Janet Daniel, a member since April 13, 1969. Ben Prause is receiving his 70year pin. He has been a member since April 3, 1949. The May meeting was held at Jalisco Restaurant in Cuero. In observance of Join Hands Day, the lodge donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Dewitt County. This organization uses this money to put on various plays and programs for the public during the year. Juanita Peters celebrated 75 years of membership in May. Juanita is more than 90 years old and continues to come to monthly meetings and attends the community dance in August. She has held many offices and served on several committees over the years. She has been a member since May 7, 1944. The 2019 scholarships were presented to Kerstyn Saenz and Kensly Ley. Both girls participat-

ed in Hermann Sons Life benefit programs. At the June meeting, President Laura Tiffin reported that she and Wayne attended almost all of the Little League games that the lodge sponsored. These girls, coaches and parents really appreciated the sponsor showing up and supporting the team. They gave each girl and coach an insulated cup. Members are reminded that the lodge will not meet in July and about the dance to be held Aug. 10. The third annual community dance will be held at the Cuero VFW Hall, 900 N. U.S. Hwy. 183, from 8 p.m. to midnight. Everyone is welcome to attend this free event. Music will be by Total Entertainment. Donations will be accepted for the lodge’s Make a Difference Day project to send care packages to troops serving overseas. – Reporter

Members of the Hermann Sons Life Rangers softball team sponsored by Cuero Family Lodge were, back from left, Kylie Murphy, Tatianna Bonds, Hannah Dolan, J.D. Cooper, Kylie Saenz, Sienna Rios, front from left, Jadianna Bonds, Arrisa Carbonara, Carly Pullin, Paisley Janssen and Mykala Stubbs.

Cibolo plans project

Each member of the Hermann Sons Life Rangers softball team received this insulated cup. The team was sponsored by Cuero Family Lodge.

CIBOLO – Cibolo Lodge will discuss its Make a Difference Day project at the next meeting. In honor of Father’s Day in June, the lodge held an informal game night gathering. Bill Miller Barbecue was served. The winning side dish was the creamed corn by Cory Rakowitz and the winning dessert was the banana pudding by Bonnie Wyrich. The attendance prize winners included Alvin Schulz and Cliff Shepherd. Maezey Bierstedt was the junior winner. The special drawing winner for June was Brenley Bierstedt. Plans were made for the lodge’s Flag Day ceremony June 14. A correction needs to be made on the caption from one of the pictures published in June. Gail Gray presented the Mother’s Day gift to Fay Fey. – Reporter

July 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 29

El Campo Lodge to meet at Golden Phoenix Aug. 2 EL CAMPO – El Campo Lodge will meet Aug. 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the Golden Phoenix restaurant in El Campo. The June 7 meeting was held at Mr. Gatti’s in El Campo. This year’s scholarships were awarded to three El Campo High School graduates. Shakerra Ellis and Julian Fonseca each received a $300 scholarship and Jaliyah Levi received a $250 scholarship. Two new junior members were welcomed. They are Jessica Petmecky and Jacob Petmecky of Richmond. The lodge would like to recognize two of its junior members. Hailey Rickman of Yoakum just completed her sophomore year

at Yoakum High School cheering on the Yoakum Bulldogs as a member of the band. This year Hailey made All-Region Band and scored a one on her solo. Hailey is currently the first chair tuba player. She served as secretary for the Teens Advisory Club in 2018-2019.   She was also inducted into the National Honor Society and plans to graduate with honors in the spring of 2021. Currently, Hailey is interested in studying criminal justice with plans to become a district attorney. Shelby Witcher of Richmond just completed the seventh grade at Reading Junior High. Shelby is a member of the Reading Junior High Band and was a

member of the Reading Junior High Longhorns basketball team this year.   She scored a one on her solo in band and her junior varsity B basketball team won district champ honors. Shelby is also a member of the Victory Vipers Onyx Obsessions cheer team that has participated and won several contests this year. Shelby was recognized in April for recommending Jessica and Jacob Petmecky as new junior members. If your child is a junior member of El Campo Lodge, sends details on what they have been doing this year so the lodge can recognize them. Members celebrating recent birthdays included Amy Witcher

Hailey Rickman

Shelby Witcher

in May and Justin Harris in June. Celebrating anniversaries were Wendel and Amy Witcher, 13 years on June 8, and Willie and JoAnn Bender, 25 years on June

28. Each member and guest received door prizes of sweet treats. – Reporter

Brenham will hold dance on June 28

Niederwald Lodge to meet July 9 Niederwald Lodge will meet July 9 with members asked to wear patriotic colors in honor of the Fourth of July. Members brought pictures of their fathers to the June meeting in honor of Father’s Day. LEFT - Door prize winners were Nancy Smith and Connie Schriber. RIGHT - Connie and Harry Schriber celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 14.

Kerrville to provide supplies KERRVILLE – Kerrville Lodge will meet again on Aug. 7 at the Acapulco Restaurant at 6:30 p.m. The June 5 meeting was held at Wells Fargo Bank with members enjoying a barbecue potluck meal . Members voted to purchase school supplies for the Ingram and Center Point elementary schools. Etta Blankenship will reach out to Ingram and Tony Straube will reach out to Center Point to determine what supplies will most benefit the students in need. A limit of $150 per school was

set. Anyone wanting to make a donation can drop it off with Juanice Grona at Wells Fargo Bank, 301 Junction Highway, Kerrville. As secretary/treasurer, it will be her responsibility to keep a record of all donations made and inform the team that will be making the purchases. The lodge’s other meeting this year will be held Oct. 2 at Wells Fargo Bank. The Christmas party will be held Dec. 6. Check the monthly newspaper articles for any changes to upcoming meetings. – Reporter

BRENHAM – Brenham Lodge will hold an appreciation dance for members and guests on June 28 from 7-10 p.m. with music by Chris Rybak. Bring snacks to be served at intermission. At the May meeting, the lodge welcomed new junior member Sophia Angela Preuss. She is the granddaughter of Robert and Jeanette Preuss. Milton and Evelyn Haack celebrated 75 years of marriage. Special Representative Gary Falkenberg gave a short history of Hermann Sons Life. He reminded members to recommend new members so the lodge can meet its goal of eight new members in 2019. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Raymond Blum, Jimmy Fisher and Jesse Trevino. Delores Gaskamp has a new great-granddaughter, Emmelynn Steely, and Ben and Delores

Brenham Lodge members Dorine Stoelke, left, and Delores Meyer celebrated birthdays in May. Meyer were blessed with a greatgrandson. A letter of thanks was received from Ethen Weatherby for sponsoring him to the American Legion Boys State. He will be at the July meeting to give a report. The Cheer Committee reported mailing sympathy cards to the

families of Raymond and Fred Blum. The brothers passed away within 48 hours of each other. President Hyvl thanked Jeanette Preuss, Shirley Ganske, Nina Runge, Betty Schramm and Pearlie Hanath for setting up the food and preparing the tea. – Lena Mae Goessler

General Bee celebrates Flag Day at June meeting BEEVILLE – General Bee Lodge celebrated Flag Day at the June meeting. President Marvin Crutchfield read “I Am Your Flag.” It was noted that several members are dealing with health issues. The Tynan Fire Department received the lodge’s doTwo sisters were celebrating birthdays at the June meeting of General Bee Lodge. They are, nation and expressed thanks. – Reporter Verna Mae Laechelin, left, and Melba Stridde.

Page 30 – Hermann Sons Life – July 2019

Fort Worth to meet Sept. 8 FORT WORTH – Fort Worth Lodge treated members to an indoor picnic on June 2. The gathering was held at The BRiCk in Burleson. The lodge furnished the meal and the ladies of the lodge brought great desserts. An added benefit for the younger members was they got to swim while the meeting was being held. A letter was read form Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly thanking the lodge for its donation to the Healing Hearts Casino Night. The lodge sponsored one of the Texas Hold ‘Em tables. President Shannon Jones presented a 50-year membership pin to Cathy Simmank. Cathy joined the lodge on May 4, 1969. This was a great honor for Shan-

non since Cathy is her Godmother. The lodge is six new members short of its 2019 goal, so spread the word about Hermann Sons Life to all your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. Tell them to talk to an agent or to the Home Office about the benefits of life insurance. They can call Sandra Jones at 817-781-7155 or the Home Office. The Youth Committee has ordered t-shirts for the junior members attending Camp who sent in their letters. Be on the lookout for your shirt to arrive by mail. If you ordered a shirt and do not receive it, contact Ronnie Jones at 817-229-5722. Those who asked for a shirt will be put in a drawing. The winners will be refunded part of their Camp fee.

Don’t forget the Hermann Sons Life State Bowling Tournament is accepting entries. If you or someone you know wants to bowl, but does not have a team, contact Sandra Jones. She is always looking for bowlers. Happy 48th Anniversary to Ronnie and Darlene Jones. Happy 28th Anniversary to Larry and Karen Barclay. Birthday wishes go to Jaci Wallace, Sawyer Rhodes, Linda Harlin, Cindy Davis, Isla Bohnert, Ryan Schaule, Trey Schaule, Martha Walker, Jesse Caster, Laura Reyes, Anabel Tousley, Alexis Castor, Linda Arnold, Scott Jones, Marianne Gibson and Aro Terrell. The next meeting will be Sept. 8 at 3 p.m. at Westcreek Lanes. – Reporter

Fort Worth Lodge President Shannon Jones, right, presents Cathy Simmank with her 50-year membership pin during the lodge’s summer picnic.

Round Top to host volunteer firefighters ROUND TOP – Round Top Lodge will meet June 27. A dinner will be held with members of the Round Top-Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department as special guests. The May 23 meeting was held at the American Legion Hall in Round Top. Agent Linda Mattocks was honored at the agents’ awards banquet held in San Marcos on Saturday, May 18. She was named to the President’s Club. Back at home members were

contributing and volunteering at the Country Store for the Round Top-Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department fund-raiser in observance of Join Hands Day. Sales totaled more than $600. With Matching Fundsof $500 from the Home Office, the lodge will be able to make a nice donation to the fire department. Congratulations are extended to Kailey Zoch as she received the Hermann Sons Retirement Home Scholarship worth

$1,500. Her plans are to attend Texas A&M this fall. Members voted for the lodge to start its own scholarship program. The committee of Barton Garlin, Bob Porter and Linda Mattocks will work out the details. Members also decided to send a monetary get-well card to Vickie Neutzler as she continues to mend at home in Carmine. Congratulations to Sophie Rauch on her eighth grade promotion at Festival Hill.

Old Glory hall gets new paint job OLD GLORY - A large group of members gathered at the Old Glory Lodge Hall on a wet Sunday afternoon after receiving two inches of rain that morning.  Everyone commented on the new paint job and how nice the hall looked. Appreciation was extended to Keith Corzine and  Diane Smith for being responsible for getting the paint and  hiring the men to paint the building. Appreciation also was extended to Marvin and Brenda  Vahlenkamp, Keith and Lou Corzine and Doug and Deb-

bie Vahlenkamp for cleaning up after the painters got through with their work. Thank go to Terry Letz for spraying the weeds on the grounds around the lodge building.  A bee problem around the kitchen was dealt with. Members voted not to meet in July and August. Members celebrating summer birthdays included Clara Richards in June, Verlene Corzine and  Anita Dozier in July and Gladys Vahlenkamp and Chub Richard in August. 

Anniversary couples included Chub and Clara Richards and Dale and Carm Letz.  Carm Letz won the door prize. Gary Teichelman was reported on the sick list.  Following the meeting the group enjoyed games and a meal of sandwiches with all the trimmings and desserts. The next meeting will be Sunday, Sept. 1, beginning at 4 p.m. Fried chicken will be furnished and members are asked to bring a vegetable and dessert for the evening meal.  – Anita Dozier

Attendance prizes were won by Bob Porter, Jeanette Schoenst, Leonard Meinkowsky and Margie and Ted Stardig. Door prizes were won by Barton and Lila Garlin, Betty Porter and Jocie Braun. A delicious lunch, refreshments and fellowship followed. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Lila Garlin. Other lodge members celebrating in May include Kailey Zoch, Kevin Zoch and Nelvira Wolff. – Reporter

Round Top Lodge member Lila Garlin celebrated a May birthday.

Houston will meet July 8 HOUSTON – Houston Lodge will meet Sunday, July 8, at Sokol Hall, 1314 W. Patton, Houston. The social hour begins at 6 p.m. followed by a potluck dinner and the meeting. The May meeting was held at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant. The lodge’s newest member, J.R. Coleman, was in attendance. It was reported that Doris Falkenberg was back at home after a stay in the hospital. President Jack Manchack is

on the mend. Join Hands Day was observed at the Houston Food Bank on Sunday, May 26. The Christmas party will be held Sunday, Dec. 1, from 4-7 p.m. at Logan’s Roadhouse. Mothers in attendance were Jackie Bushman, Darlene Ellison, Lavina Patterson, Shelia Lee, Pat Bushman, Diane Weikel, Ethelene Marshall and Catherine Manchack. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Jack Manchack. – Reporter

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Agents Directory (alphabetized by area) Adkins Roxy Pruski 210-218-6204

Corpus Christi Becki Carley 361-550-9358

Georgetown Brad Klein, FIC 512-497-0678

Austin Shirley Kuhen Faske 512-789-3975

Pearl Hunt 361-960-0276

Giddings Loretta Chilek, FIC 979-542-2806

Bandera Stephanie Brown 210-621-3891

Troylyn SisnerosGonzalez 361-232-7413

La Vernia Sharon Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-0526 Marlin Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-7229

Gonzales Bobbie Polasek 830-672-6317

Lubbock April Behnke 806-797-3585

Graham/Wichita Falls David Wolf 940-550-5202

Marion Lorene Bielke, FIC 830-420-2380

Bastrop William Hinkston 512-284-1684

Cuero Laura Tiffin Wayne Tiffin 361-275-8421

Bellville Robert Herridge 979-865-3222

Dallas Helen Tyson Brown 214-796-0668

Hondo Richard Muennink 210-827-0053

New Braunfels Becki Carley 361-550-9358

Bernardo/Columbus Robin Maertz 979-732-1687

Cecilia Phillips 214-982-8905

Stacy Saathoff 830-444-9160

Kathryn Green 830-463-9455

Gilbert Shelby 214-289-1815

Houston Jennifer Stryk Garner 832-596-9425

Shirley Huebinger 830-629-1196

Terrel Maertz 979-732-1727 Boerne/San Antonio Pamela Poulk 210-753-2626 Boerne Lisa Rozacky 210-838-3306

Del Rio Pat Fritz, FIC 432-292-4483 Devine Cynthia Sultenfuss 210-219-6409

Marilyn Vogt, FICF 210-630-9874

El Campo Dennis Wigginton 832-278-9636

Caldwell Donnie Blinka 979-596-1309

Floresville/Poth Beth Cutsinger 210-325-6667

Castroville Glenford Boehme, FIC 210-219-9792

Floresville Lynn Wiede 830-393-4660

Cibolo/Schertz Tracy Campos 210-860-6675

Fort Worth Sandra Jones, FIC 817-295-2666

Ashley Pfeil 830-534-2571

Fredericksburg Todd Bierschwale 830-997-2130

Judith Schulmeier, FIC 210-667-1938 Doreen Tisler 210-519-7859 Comfort Norma Bruns, FIC 830-995-3980

Dennis Henke 830-997-5290 George West Tracy Caron 361-449-0348

Al Stryk, FICF, LUTCF 281-485-4095

Tim Salge 830-625-4816

Gerald Ziemnicki 713-622-9001

Laura Ann Timmermann 830-556-7527

Jourdanton Valerie M. Vick 210-748-5598

Nixon-Smiley Diana P. Moreno 830-379-2244

Katrina Wiatrek 210-326-9505 Karnes City Abigail Fenner 830-534-6982 Russell Swize 830-780-4053 Kirby Angela Netherton 210-831-1293 La Coste Elaine “Lainey” Franklin 210-789-1649 La Grange Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Orange Grove Paula Gebert 361-384-2375 Paige RaChelle Dube 512-740-3518 Pflugerville Julius Dubcak 512-272-8393 Port Lavaca Nancy Annette Walraven 361-552-9403 Needville /Rosenberg Chris Stoeltje 979-559-6127 Round Top/Rutersville Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Marketing Department Staff

210-527-9113 • 877-437-6266 • 888-839-7667 Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe Marketing Analyst Ana Vasquez, FLMI, AIRC, FIC Administrative Assistant Gladys Rowley Special Representatives: Dan Boenig - 210-705-1815 Gary Falkenberg, FICF - 713-466-6069 • 713-899-4138 Eulla May Krueger - 210-863-0546 • 830-985-3643 Teresa Saathoff - 210-276-0361 • 210-422-6996

San Antonio Philip A. Abell 210-771-1213

Seguin Annette D. Roecker 830-832-0724

Ruth Bailey 210-602-5147

Tina B. Ynfante 210-859-1973

Darlene Irwin 210-392-2649

Diane Terp 830-305-3564

Rayna Sue Irwin 210-710-7038

Spring Branch Gloria Gass 830-885-4405

Clif Klabunde, FIC 210-219-6142 Jim McNeel 210-601-2097 San Marcos/Lockhart Janice Kuhen 512-393-1431 Schulenburg/Weimar Mary K. Seifert 979-743-0312 Schwertner Irene Schwertner 254-527-4470 Seguin/San Antonio Carol Krauss, FIC 210-725-4106

Stockdale Ronald Wiatrek 210-771-4354 Victoria Jason Hybner 361-652-6924 Victoria Laura Thigpen 361-676-8307 Yorktown Judy Wolf 361-564-2452

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Shining Stars

ELIZABETH ‘LIBBY’ CLAIRE HOLLIDAY is a member of Da Costa Lodge. She is in kindergarten. Her favorite foods are hot dogs and pizza and her favorite TV show is “Full House.” Elizabeth has a pet dog, cats, hermit crabs, chickens and a pig. Her activities include baseball, Girl Scouts and 4-H Clover Kids.

KENDALL BLISS HOLLIDAY is a member of Da Costa Lodge. She is in third grade. Her favorite food is pizza and she enjoys watching YouTube Kids videos. Kendall has a pet dog, cats, hermit crabs, chickens and a pig. Her activities include dance, 4-H and Girl Scouts.

KIRRA RUSHING is a member of Cuero Lodge. She is in sixth grade. Her favorite food is ice cream and her favorite TV show is “Nailed It.” Kirra has a pet named Garfunkel. Her activities include gymnastics.

MADYSON LANDERS is a member of Prinz Solms Lodge. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite show is “Spirit.” Madyson has a pet horse, Pepper. Her activities include riding horses.

SOPHIA VINSON is a member of Prinz Solms Lodge. She will be in first grade. Her favorite foods are pizza and chicken nuggets and two of her favorite shows are “Spy Kids” and Doc McStuffins.” Sophia has a pet cat, Buddy. Her activities include dance, art and swimming.

Sign up to be a Shining Star! Members 17 and younger can become Shining Stars! Shining Stars are featured in Hermann Sons Life each month and on our website and receive a fun packet in the mail. Registered Shining Stars are treated to a Family Fun Day at Schlitterbahn each summer. To register, just fill out the form on this page or go to the website, www.hermannsonslife. org, Member Benefits - Shining Stars and fill out the online form. Be sure to include a photo!

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Shining Star Registration Form Just send us a photo of yourself (that we can keep) and fill out this form and send to: Tammi Sutherland, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297. The form is also available online at Photos of our Shining Stars also are featured online. Name: Birthday: Home Phone:

America Blue Britain Celebrate Declaration Fireworks Flag Fourth Freedom Holiday Independence

July White Liberty Parade Picnic Red Sparklers Stars Stripes Summer United

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E-mail Address:

Fourth of July Maze

Grade in school: Favorite food: Pets:

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Favorite TV show: Activities: It is OK with my parents that I am featured as a “Shining Star” in the Hermann Sons Life newspaper, website and any other advertising publications. Parent’s Signature: I am a member of


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