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January 2020


We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Changes made in structure of Marketung Department ➤ Pg. 4

Lodges strengthen community with donations, projects ➤ Pgs 5-8

Themes announced for this summer at Camp ➤ Pg. 17


Focused on growth in a new decade By TIM KOLBE Vice President of Sales When I was in second grade, it was apparent that I had some vision issues, but not enough to need glasses. The issue became officially significant when I applied for a driver’s permit at age 16. Off to Dr. Floyd Weber I went, local optometrist and a neighbor of the family flower shop. After the examination, it was found that I had one eye that was near-sighted and the other farsighted, which made glasses intolerable. I got a note relieving me of the requirement to wear corrective lenses. Ha, take that driver’s license lady! Years later I still had the same issue, but upon examination, an ophthalmologist friend remarked that pilots would kill to

have vision like mine. My brain uses one eye to see up close, and then switches over to the other to see far. This developed over time, and it happened without me thinking about it.

Unfortunately, with age I can’t function without reading glasses for close work. The ability to see up close, while looking into the distance, is a condition that most organi-

zations would love to master. By recognizing and understanding where one is now, while also having the vision to see where one wants to be in the future, is an attribute that makes for a successful journey. Hermann Sons Life is very similar, in that we must continuously take stock of our current condition with an eye on the future and where we want to be for the continued success of our organization. The up-close view of declining membership, decreased lodge meeting attendance, and fewer agents all are signs pointing to trends we cannot ignore. All fraternal, mutual and civic organizations are experiencing this same problem. Societal changes threaten to See 20-20, Pg. 3

Page 2 – Hermann Sons Life – Januar 2020

HERMANN SONS LIFE USPS 242200 Periodicals Postage Paid at San Antonio, Texas Published Monthly by HERMANN SONS LIFE 515 S. St. Mary’s St. San Antonio, Texas 78205 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941 San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 DIRECTORS Sandra Jones, Chair Mike Beam Suzanne Hildebrand David Noak Stan Steiger David Wolf OFFICERS President and CEO Eugene Zollinger Vice President of Operations and COO Samantha Schulmeier Vice President of Finance and CFO Harry Werland Vice President of Sales Timothy P. Kolbe Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly Vice President of Information Technology Matt Walker


Norma Bruns Tommy Daum Agnes Dreibrodt Lillian Franckowiak Debbie Gold Charles Knibbe David Lewis Jeanette Preuss

Robert Prewitt Tim Salge Steven Schellenberg Marlin Tanneberger Ronald Wiatrek Janet Zabransky Gerald Ziemnicki


Frank Brandon Shirley Faske Tammy Kelley

Bradley Klein Ed Kurtz Laura Thigpen


Elizabeth Byron Tammy Haecker Marsha Kocurek

Sherry Rakowitz Lisa Rozacky Irene Schwertner


Brad Dietrich Robert Herridge Tammy Jones Edward J. Muehlbrad

Doug Saathoff Laura Tiffin Lori Todd

President’s Message A new decade of growth, improvements I hope each of you and your families had a Merry Christmas and I also want to wish you a safe and Happy New Year! Not only will 2020 be a new year, it will be a new decade as well . As the calendar turns, I am very excited about all of the opportunities that await us at Hermann Sons Life for growth, change and improvement . Our slogan for 2020 is “20-20 Vision: Focus on Growth .” I think it makes perfect sense and it fits with where we have been working towards and are headed as an organization . As having 20-20 vision is perfect vision, we have a perfect vision of what we need to

do in order to grow, change and improve . I recently announced a structure change at the Home Office that splits the Marketing Department into Marketing and Sales . This was done in order to provide focus and clarity in these two extremely important parts of the organization and to help us achieve this vision for 2020 . We need to not only increase the awareness of Hermann Sons Life as an amazing organization but grow our membership through increased efforts in the sale of new policies and annuities and recruiting new agents . We are in the process of up-

grading systems and processes to improve service to our members and better support and tools for our agents . 2020 will be a very important year as we continue this important work, which will actually go into 2021 for full completion in some areas . I was able to get out to a few of the lodge Christmas parties and meet more members and I look forward to meeting many more of you over this coming year . I am grateful every day for the opportunity to be a part of Hermann Sons Life and work with you to make our organization even better in 2020 . – Eugene Zollinger, President/CEO

Lodge Reports Anton Wenzel . . . . . . . . 27 Austin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Bandera County . . . . . . 27 Bernardo . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Boerne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Brenham . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Brunhilde . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Cibolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 DaCosta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Dunlay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Edelweiss-Magnolia . . 19 Ellinger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Fort Worth . . . . . . . . . . . 30 General Bee . . . . . . . . . . 20 Giddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Gulf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Harmonia . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Jackson County . . . . . . 19 Kerrville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Kirby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Kypfer-Salge . . . . . . . . . 25

Laubach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Lockhart . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Louise Schuetze . . . . . . 22 McGregor . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Moulton . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 New Bielau . . . . . . . . . . . 29 New Braunfels . . . . . . . . 24 Niederwald . . . . . . . . . . 26 Old Glory . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Pershing . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Plum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Poth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Prinz Solms . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Richland . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Rosenberg-Richmond 24 Round Top . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Rutersville . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 San Marcos . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Seguin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Shelby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Stern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Twin Sisters . . . . . . . . . . 26 Vineta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30

Eugene Zollinger

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Sales & Marketing News

Focused on growth in 2020 Recommend an agent and earn cash Recommenders listed Sales, Marketing duties split Duncan retires Luensmann retires 100% Family Listing of agents

Youth in Action

Camp facilities getting upgrades Schulenburg dancers perform Santa visits Hochheim-Prairie dancers Hill Country dancers perform Bandera County dancers perform Answers to puzzles on Pg . 32 Shining Stars

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January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 3

Sales & Marketing

20-20 Vision: We can all do our part Cont’d. from Pg. 1 leave us in the past if we do not evolve to meet the needs of our current and potential membership base. With the current reality in mind, where do we as an organization want to be 10 or 20 years from now? The Hermann sons Life Sales Team is undergoing a transformation to achieve growth in agent numbers and provide the system platforms to make the sales process much more streamlined and efficient for the agent/producer through technology. We are restructuring the sales management system to provide for more sales education and agent support. The Information Technol-

ogy Department is leading the initiative for an upgrade of our policy administration system, the software platform which runs the day-today business of the organization. This is a two-year, all hands-on-deck process, but will result in improved business efficiency, member usability opportunities, and sales efficiencies that have been needed for some time, providing for a system which will meet our needs both now and in the future. So, as you can see (pun intended), the Home Office is working on the present with the long-range vision of continued success in mind. What can the lodges and members do to help us grow? Keep your insurance for life and

use it for its intended purpose, a tax-free death benefit for your beneficiaries. Help us grow by referring new members to our organization. If each current member recruits one additional member, we could realize about 135,000 members for Hermann Sons Life! Pass the word on about our great insurance products and living benefits to others using our New Member Recruitment Guide, available from the Home Office. Current members can further protect themselves by purchasing term and whole life or annuity products for the needs which increase as we progress through life - getting married, buying a home, raising children, final expenses, etc. Our agents

are ready to help you understand and gain the financial protection that many either do not have or do not have near enough of to meet the need. Lodges can greatly help in new member acquisition by holding events which draw public attention to our community service efforts with the goal of recruiting more members. Plan and publicize these activities so more will realize the work Hermann Sons Life members do for the benefit of our Texas communities. Let’s all look at our current situation, with an eye on the future and plan for success. 2020 is the beginning of a new decade of possibilities. Let’s plan for growth!

Recommend An Agent Recommend an agent prospect via phone, web form or email at marketing@ hermannsonslife.org. Include your name, address, telephone number and the contact information of the person(s) you wish to recommend. Please ensure the prospective agent knows that they are being recommended as a Hermann Sons Life agent. If the agent produces 10 applications and $4,000 in annualized premium income in the first six months of appointment, we will pay the recommender $250. Help bring in new agents to Hermann Sons Life and be rewarded for your efforts. Help the new agent succeed by referring new clients for life insurance, annuities and membership growth.


It’s Game Night every Thursday night at the Brenham Lodge Hall, 304 E. Germania, Brenham. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Games start at 7 p.m. Drinks and food available. Everyone is welcome. The phone number at the lodge hall is 979-836-2053.

MARCH 14 – A Western dance will be held at the DaCosta Lodge Hall from 8 p.m. to midnight.

13-14 – Retirement Home Chili and Bean Cook-off.


Start getting your team together now. Proceeds benefit the Home’s Scholarship Fund.


APRIL-JUNE Various Dates – Dance recitals will be held. Stay

It’s Game Night every Thursday night at Hochheim-Prairie Lodge-Turner Hall in Yoakum. Games start at 7:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome. For more information, call 361-293-5576 It’s Trivia Night at the Rathskeller Bar in the San Antonio Home Association Building, 525 S. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio. The fun runs from 7-9 p.m. and there are great prizes for the winners.

tuned for the schedule.

APRIL 8 – Camp Volunteer Work Day will be held. Stay tuned

for all the details.

JANUARY 18 – A Western dance will be held at the DaCosta MAY Lodge Hall from 8 p.m. to midnight. 2 – Join Hands Day will be observed. Lodges should start planning a project early in the year. FEBRUARY 22 – A Western dance will be held at the DaCosta JUNE Lodge Hall from 8 p.m. to midnight.

27 – Family Fun Day at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels.

If you would like to see your lodge’s event listed here and in the Events section of the Hermann Sons Life website, call Kathie Ninneman, 210-226-9261, ext. 273, or 1-800-234-4124, ext. 273, or email kathien@hermannsonslife.org.

Editor/Communications Director Kathie Ninneman 210-226-9261, ext. 273 email: kathien@hermannsonslife.org Assistant Editor/Assistant Communications Director Elaine Soto 210-226-9261, ext. 279 email: elaines@hermannsonslife.org Fax: 1-888-443-3377 or 210-892-0252 Website: www.hermannsonslife.org All news articles and photographs should be mailed to: Editor, Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 or emailed to: kathien@hermannsonslife.org Deadline for each monthly issue is the 10th of the month of publication. The Hermann Sons Life newspaper is an official publication of Hermann Sons Life. The management and editorial policy of the newspaper shall be in the hands of the President and CEO, and the President and CEO shall have the authority to appoint a member or members of Hermann Sons Life as editor and/or business manager thereof (Art. 38, Grand Lodge Laws).

Page 4 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020

Sales & Marketing

Recommendations earn two members gift cards The Marketing Department is recognizing 20 recommenders for the month of November. This brings the total to 426 members recommending 559 new members to Hermann Sons Life in 2019. The winners of the $50 gift cards for November are Julia Kristin Miesse from Lone Oak Lodge and Taylor Grace Vasquez from Jackson County Lodge. Congratulations to the following November recommenders: Recommender Agent Brynn Faith Bubela, Schulenberg Lodge Mary K. Seifert Lena Elise Deharde, Marion Lodge Lorene Bielke Jennifer Downing, New Braunfels Lodge Donnie Blinka Royal Smith Flanagan, Austin Lodge Shirley Faske Shara Marie Graves, El Campo Lodge Dennis Wigginton Barbara Jane Griffin, Louise Schuetze Lodge Ruth Bailey Linda Kay Harris, El Campo Lodge (&) Dennis Wigginton Linda Kay Harris, El Campo Lodge (*) Dennis Wigginton Kimberly Krueger, Stockdale Lodge Ronald Wiatrek Carmen Leija, Mission-Alamo Lodge Marlin Tanneberger Deneen Massey, Fort Worth Lodge (^) Sandra Jones Julia Kristin Miesse, Lone Oak Lodge Roxy Pruski Linda Muehlstein, Louise Schuetze Lodge (*) Judy Schulmeier Jo Bess Nicodemus, Columbia Lodge Gilbert Shelby Violet Fay Santana, Castroville Lodge Glenford Boehme Robert Edward Slagle, Poth Lodge Elizabeth Cutsinger Brinley Marie Swonke, Giddings Lodge Loretta Chilek Khloe Nikole Thompson, Lone Oak Lodge Roxy Pruski Taylor Grace Vasquez, Jackson County Lodge Eulla Krueger Michal E Waechter, San Marcos Lodge Janice Kuhen Annmarie Wilson, Columbia Lodge Gilbert Shelby (*) Recommended 2 new members (^) Recommended 3 new members (&) Recommnded 4 new members

Sales, Marketing duties split SAN ANTONIO – President Eugene Zollinger has announced changes in the staff at the Home Office. Effective Dec. 1, Tim Kolbe is the Vice President of Sales and Letricia Rodriguez is the Marketing Manager, a newly created position. Tim’s title had previously been Vice President of Marketing. In the past, Marketing and Sales operated together under the Marketing title. Eugene said, “The time has come to split these two functions into separate departments. Doing this will allow Tim to focus on working with agents to increase sales while Letricia focuses on marketing our organization to potential new clients. These two areas are vital to the success and growth of Hermann Sons Life.” Tim has been with Hermann Sons Life for 20 years. He started as a field agent and then became a special representative. He has spent the last six years as the Vice President of Marketing. Letricia has been with Her-

Letricia Rodriguez is the new Marketing Manager for Hermann Sons Life. Tim Kolbe’s title has been changed to Vice President of Sales allowing him more time to focus on working with agents to increase sales. mann Sons Life for more than two years serving as the administrative assistant to the President and CEO. She was previously with Univision as an account executive where she helped small and medium size businesses with their media, radio, television and other advertising needs. She also has previous marketing experience as a small business

owner. Both will report directly to Eugene. “Tim and Letricia are excited about their new roles and the opportunities to help Hermann Sons Life be the best fraternal life insurance and annuity organization in Texas,” Eugene said. “Please join me in supporting them in their new roles.”

Duncan retires Sandra Duncan has retired after 33 years of service as an agent for Hermann Sons Life. She was recognized at the joint Prinz Solms/Spring Branch Christmas party by Prinz Solms Lodge President Clif Klabunde, left, and Vice President of Finance Harry Werland. Sandra served as president of Spring Branch Lodge for many years before retiring at the end of 2018.

Hermann Sons Life welcomes a 100% Family 100% Family Hinson Family Russell James Jennifer Rae Naomi Ruth Russell James II

City Castroville

Lodge Castroville

Agent Glenford Boehme

Luensmann retires as agent Dorothy Luensmann has retired after 29 years of service as an agent for Hermann Sons Life. She was recognized by Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe at the Seguin Lodge Christmas party. Dorothy also received her 60-year membership pin. She has been a member since Aug. 19, 1959.

We Strengthen Community

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 5

Humanitarian Awards

Columbia Lodge President Bobby Wilbanks, right, presented the Humanitarian Award to Ranger Randell Fields.

Lockhart Lodge Vice President Ann Schroeder, left, awarded Nicky Duewall with the lodge’s 2019 Humanitarian Award.

Shelby Lodge President Roy Pieper, left, and Director David Noak presented the Humanitarian Award to Patricia Rabb during the lodge’s holiday party.

Schulenburg Lodge presented the Humanitarian Award during its Christmas party. Pictured are, from left, Emma Nitschke, chair of the Selection Committee, Vice President of Finance Harry Werland, recipient Frank J. Bohlmann and lodge President Ed Moeller.

Jourdanton Lodge President Rusty Prasifka, left, presented the lodge’s Humanitarian Award to Joey Riggs.

Mission-Alamo Lodge President Sylvia Schulmeier, Twin Sisters Lodge President Phil Hartmann preright, presented the Humanitarian Award to Debra sented the Humanitarian Award to Gertrude HartPike during the lodge’s holiday party. mann during the lodge’s Christmas party.

The Hondo Victory Lodge Humanitarian Award was presented to Bobby Tschirhart, left, by Agent Richard Muennink during the lodge’s Christmas party.

Bandera County Lodge presented the Humanitarian Award to Kathryn Ivy, center. She is pictured with Youth Coordinator Stephanie Brown, left, and President Eileen Heath.

Page 6 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020

We Strengthen Community

Humanitarian Awards

Gulf Lodge President Al Stryk presented the Humanitarian Award to Eva Scales during the Christmas party held Dec. 1. Eva is an officer of the lodge.

Prinz Solms Lodge President Clifton Klabunde presented the Humanitarian Award to Weslea Miller during the lodge’s Christmas party.

McGregor Lodge President Doris Mooney presented the Humanitarian Award to Kevin Houchin during the Dec. 4 meeting.

Poth Lodge Humanitarian Award recipient Betty Ortmann is pictured with her family during the lodge’s Christmas party. Laubach Lodge presented the Humanitarian Award during its Christmas party. Pictured are, from left, Director Suzanne Hildebrand, recipient Patti Siltmann and Recording Secretary Deanne Engelke.

San Marcos Lodge presented the Humanitarian Award during its Christmas party. Pictured are, from left, lodge President Agnes Dreibrodt, President Eugene Zollinger and recipients, Mary Jane and Marshall Smith.

Betty Ortmann was presented the Humanitarian Award during the Poth Lodge Christmas party. She is pictured with Vice President of Finance Harry Werland, center, and lodge President Paul Hosek.

We Strengthen Community

Richland Lodge held its Make a Difference Day project in December. Toiletries were collected for Circle of Hope which assists families in need in the Pflugerville area.

Coupland Lodge presented a check to the Coupland Volunteer Fire Department in the amount of $3,907.47. The lodge held a Make a Difference Day drawing on Oct. 26 to raise funds for the fire department. The event also included a bake sale and silent auction. As a Matching Funds event, the Home Office donated an additional $500.

Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge members helped with the Channel 13 food drive. Pictured are, from left, Fred Maynard, Michael Kassey, Rosalie Byrd, Anne Juergen, Margaret Maynard, Evelyn Kassey, Marjorie Engelhardt, Lloyd Engelhardt and William Benton.

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 7

The Yorktown School of Dance held a canned food drive for the Yorktown Assistance Ministry. The dancers collected 250 items and were able to make the donation in time for Thanksgiving.

Gonzales Lodge hosted a “Back to School Haircut and Supply Drive” on Aug. 12. The event was a joint effort of Studio Envy and Come and Fade It and included four barbers and three stylists. The group provided 90 haircuts and gave out 200 hot dogs, 75 backpacks and school supplies. Pershing Lodge collected gifts for St. PJ’s Children’s Home. Pictured are, from left, lodge Vice President Alice Golla, Ray Acosta, vice president of programs at St. PJ’s Children’s Home, and lodge President Beth Warne.

Page 8 – Hermann Sons Life –January 2020

We Strengthen Community

Columbia Lodge member Lin Been presented a check to Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue in Quinlan. Texas Best Choices is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs and puppies, that is completely funded by donations and adoption fees.

Members of Hochheim-Prairie Lodge visited Stevens Nursing Home and played games with the residents. Pictured are Joyce Word, Carol Jungman, Daisy Shows, Assistant Activity Director Marc Hughes, Carolyn Hoepfl, Roberta Wenzel, Tommy Wenzel, Charlie Hoepfl and, in front, Mrs. Drexler and Bob Jungman.

In the spirit of the season, Columbia Lodge presented its annual contribution to the North Texas Food Bank. Member Donna Wright, right, presents a check to Diana Kao. Ellinger Lodge presented a donation to the Ellinger Volunteer Fire Department. Pictured are President Elaine Koehl presenting the check to Bruce Kubena of the Ellinger VFD.

Cibolo Lodge presented Donna Lancaster from TruLight127 Ministries with donations of $804 and $500. The $804 represented the proceeds from the lodge’s rummage sale. The $500 is the Matching Funds provided by the Home Office. Trulight127 was also presented with canned goods collected for its pantry. Pictured are, from left, lodge President John Gray, Donna Lancaster of TruLight127 Ministries and Chair of the Board Sandra Jones.

Bandera County Lodge made several Christmas donations. One of those was a new game set for Cedar Creek Nursing Home. Members Gary and Kathleen Reile presented the gift.

Mission-Alamo Lodge collected toys for the Children’s Center. Pictured are, from left, Bernice Vogel, Sylvia Schulmeier and Diane Cline presenting the toys to India Chumney.

75 Years

LIONEL T. GREGORY JR. Siemering Lodge

70 Years



Pioneers JANICE L. BILBERRY Paige Lodge

VERLYNE J. HOSEA La Grange Lodge




ANTON RABEL New Bielau Lodge


50 Years



EWALD R. HAAS Marion Lodge




CLINTON G. STEINDORFF Corpus Christi Lodge

NANCY R. MONTGOMERY Kypfer-Salge Lodge



January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 9



Shirley Cox has received her 70year membership pin. She lives in Salado and is a member of Vineta Lodge. She has been a member since Jan. 25, 1949.


George A. Schramek has received his 60-year membership pin. He lives in Victoria and is a member of DaCosta Lodge. He has been a member since July 10, 1959.



Larry Prieve has received his 60year membership pin. He lives in Caldwell and is a member of Deanville Lodge. He has been a member since Nov. 3, 1959.

Wilfred W. Wohlfahrt Jr. has received his 60-year membership pin. He lives in Meadows Place and is a member of Harmonia Lodge. He has been a member since Nov. 1, 1959.

Page 10 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020

Horace Henry Langfeld has received his 70-year membership pin. He is a member of D’Hanis Lodge and has been a member since April 24, 1949. James Allen Otto was presented his 70-year membership pin. He is a member of Harmonia Lodge. Pictured are, from left, James, President Eugene Zollinger and lodge President Matt Kraus. James has been a member since Feb. 17, 1949.

Alan Wayne Cobb was presented his 70-year membership pin. He is a member of Harmonia Lodge. Pictured are, from left, Alan, President Eugene Zollinger and lodge President Matt Kraus. Alan has been a member since April 5, 1949.

Authur Kloth has received his 70-year membership pin. He is a member of Jourdanton Lodge and has been a member since Nov. 1, 1949.


Kate Mangold has received her 60-year membership pin. She is a member of Prinz Solms Lodge and has been a member since Feb. 6, 1959.

Louis J. Vontur Jr. has received his 70-year membership pin. He lives in San Antonio and is a member of Poth Lodge. He has been a member since Sept. 23, 1949.

Michael Rabe has received his 60year membership pin. He lives in Caldwell and is a member of Anton Wenzel Lodge. He has been a member since Oct. 14, 1959.

Jim McNeel was presented his 60-year membership pin. He is a member of Harmonia Lodge. Pictured are, from left, President Eugene Zollinger, Jim and lodge President Matt Kraus. Jim has been a member since Aug. 3, 1959.

Earlene Acrey received her 60year membership pin from President Eugene Zollinger. She is a member of San Marcos Lodge and has been a member since May 7, 1959.

Pioneers Janet Triesch, center, accepts her 60-year membership pin from Cibolo Lodge President John Gray and Chair of the Board Sandra Jones. Janet is a member of Cibolo Lodge and has been a member since Oct. 1, 1959.

Kerrville Lodge member David Wheat receives his 60-year membership pin from Chair of the Board Sandra Jones. He has been a member since Oct. 13, 1959.

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 11

Marilyn Habermann, center, received her 70-year membership pin from President Beth Warne and Director Stan Steiger. Marilyn is a member of Pershing Lodge and has been a member since Jan. 6, 1949.

Brenham Lodge member Lisa Marie Franz McDade receives her 50year membership pin from Special Representative Gary Falkenberg. She has been a member since Nov. 12, 1969.

Vice President of Information Technology Matt Walker presented a 75-year membership pin to Velma Marek of Gonzales Lodge. She has been a member since Aug. 15, 1944. Orange Grove Lodge member Waldyne Nesloney has received her 60-year membership pin. Pictured are, from left, Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly, Waldyne and lodge President Lucille Klaevemann. Waldyne has been a member since Nov. 2, 1959.

Page 12 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020


Director David Noak presents a 70-year membership pin to New Bielau Lodge member Arlene Marshall. She has been a member since July 26, 1949.

Director David Noak presents a 70-year membership pin to New Bielau Lodge member Debbie Morrill. She has been a member since March 9, 1959.

Vice President of Finance Harry Werland, far right, presented 60-year membership pins to Schulenburg Lodge members, from left, Elmer and Arline Ulrich, both members since March 1, 1959; Eugene Mache, a member since Oct. 16, 1959; Darlene Quiring, a member since Oct. 6, 1959; and Mary Carlton, a member since Aug. 8, 1959.

Vice President of Finance Harry Werland, center, presented 60-year membership pins to Poth Lodge members, from left, Betty Ortmann, a member since May 3, 1959; Paul Hosek, a member since Jan. 8, 1959; and David Haverlah, a member since Oct. 22, 1959.

Plum Lodge member Edward L. Freudenberg, right, received his 70-year membership pin from Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe. Edward has been a member since Sept. 3, 1949.

Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly and lodge President Tim Salge, from left, presented membership pins to Kypfer-Salge Lodge members Oran Oscar Koepp, 70 years, a member since Aug. 11, 1949; Kevin Schriewer, 60 years, a member since Aug. 12, 1959; Kery Noble, 60 years, a member since May 7, 1959; Geraldine Wesch, 60 years, a member since Oct. 2, 1959; and Tina Triesch, 60 years, a member since May 12, 1959.

Pioneers Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe presented a 60-year membership pin to Seguin Lodge member Dorrene Henk. She has been a member since Nov. 25, 1959.

Two members of Ellinger Lodge received their pins at the Christmas party. Pictured are, from left, lodge President Elaine Koehl; Alfred Beyer, a 75-year member since Sept. 24, 1944; Karen Knickerbocker, a 70-year member since April 25, 1949; and Vice President of Operations Samantha Schulmeier.

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 13

Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe presented a 60-year membership pin to Seguin Lodge member Lorrie Corley. She has been a member since March 30, 1959.

Vice President of Operations Samantha Schulmeier, far right, and President Elaine Koehl, back, left, presented 60-year membership pins to Ellinger Lodge members, from left, Helen Wied, a member since April 12, 1959; Mary Hatfield, a member since Oct. 2, 1959; Bill Ilse, a member since Sept. 22, 1959; and Diane Marusik, a member since Sept. 22, 1959.

Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe, far right, presented membership pins to New Braunfels Lodge members, from left, Sandra Guenther, 70 years, a member since April 1, 1949; Grace Dreyer, 70 years, a member since Aug. 14, 1949; Melvin Nolte, 60 years, a member since Oct. 22, 1959; and Edith and Harvey Soechting, both 60 years and members since Nov. 2, 1959.

Fifty-year membership pins were presented to Ellinger Lodge members at the December Christmas party. Pictured are, from left, lodge President Elaine Koehl; Ruth Noska, a member since March 10, 1969; and Wayne Kocian, a member since April 3, 1969.

Page 14 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020



Donations to the Retirement Home in Memory of: BILLY GENE ROSE Donor: Roscoe Lodge

Bandera County Lodge member Jack Trenkelbach received his 60-year membership pin from, left, Business Operations Committee Member Lori Todd and lodge President Eileen Heath.

JOYCE LIBERATO Donors: Myrtle Kirchoff Betty & Ross Murphy ROYCE HITZFELDER Donor: La Coste Lodge

LAURA ATKINS Donor: Lockhart Lodge THOMAS B. ATKINS Donor: Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge

MARY C. KEAHEY Donor: Dallas Lodge

HELMUT KASISKE Donor: Richland Lodge

Donations to the Retirement Home Scholarship Fund in Memory of: JOYCE LIBERATO Donors: Edward & Sylvia Albrecht

Paul Vogt Lodge member Robert L. Keller Sr., center, received his 60-year membership pin from Vice President of Finance Harry Werland surrounded by his children and grandchildren. Robert has been a member since Aug. 7, 1957.

HILMAR SALGE JR. Donor: New Braunfels Lodge


Donations to the Camp Fund in Memory of: EMMA LOUISE SCHLEY Donor: Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge

Donors to Grief Support Camp: McGREGOR LODGE


HERMANN SONS LIFE – PRIVACY NOTICE HERMANN SONS LIFE recognizes that protecting the privacy and security of the personal information we obtain about our customers is an important responsibility. We are proud of the trust our members have placed in us since 1890 to transact business honestly, with our members’ best interest as a top priority. The United States Congress passed a law called the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which requires that we notify our customers annually about how we collect, use and safeguard their personal information. This Privacy Notice generally describes how we treat that information. This notice refers to HERMANN SONS LIFE using the terms “we,” “us” and “our.” How we obtain information. We obtain most of the information we need directly from you on your application or other forms you complete, or from those you have authorized to provide information to us in connection with providing you insurance or administering claims. We also obtain information in the course of

processing and recording your transactions with us and processing your claims for benefits. Information we may obtain. The type of information we obtain depends on the product or service we are providing. The types of information we may obtain fall into the following three categories: Customer Information. Customer information includes identifying information such as your name, address, telephone number and demographic data about you. It also includes information about your transactions with us such as the type and value of our insurance products that you own and the amount of insurance premiums you pay to us. Financial Information. Financial information may include information such as your credit history, income, assets, type and value of other insurance products you own or for which you have applied and the amount of insurance premiums you pay to other insurance companies.

Health Information. Health information includes information about your health and medical history and your insurance underwriting risk factors. How we use the information we obtain. We use information about you for business purposes such as evaluating your request for insurance or other products or services, evaluating your claim for benefits, administering our products and services and processing your transactions with us. We may also use information about you to offer you other products and services we provide. Disclosure of information. There are no affiliated financial institutions or third party non-affiliates which have access to your nonpublic personal information, except pursuant to your written authorization. We never sell information about you to others. We may disclose any information about you when necessary to administer products or services we provide or when required by law, such as in response to a subpoena.

How we protect customer information. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect all the information we have obtained from you. Information is accessed by our employees only when it is necessary, such as to administer our products or services, and is always treated in a confidential manner. Our policy of protecting nonpublic personal information also extends to former customers who no longer have insurance with us. Changes to our Privacy Notice. Our policy about obtaining and disclosing information may change from time to time. We will provide you with notice of any material change to this policy before we implement the change. If you have questions regarding our privacy policy, you may reach us toll free at 800-234-4124. Or you may write us at P.O. Box 1941, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, 78297-1941.

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In Memoriam of Our Deceased Members ELEANOR K. KIRCHER Vineta Lodge Died Aug. 11, 1994 • Age 89

GLADYS MONTGOMERY Louise Schuetze Lodge Died April 12, 2009 • Age 95

NELSON H. JOCHEN Schulenberg Lodge Died Jan. 31, 2018 • Age 88

OLIVIA ANN WILLIAMS Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died Aug. 29, 2019 • Age 95

PEARLIE TUMIS Rutersville Lodge Died Oct. 7, 2019 • Age 94

C.G. STIDHAM JR. Mission-Alamo Lodge Died May 26, 1995 • Age 63

ERICH C. MARQUARDT Anton Wenzel Lodge Died Nov. 2, 2009 • Age 90

HERMAN SCHOENEMANN JR. Burton Lodge Died Sept. 20, 2018 • Age 88

ANDREW AARON FRITZ Seguin Lodge Died Sept. 2, 2019 • Age 41

CHARLES H. DAHLSTROM Fredericksburg Lodge Died Oct. 9, 2019 • Age 94

WALTER E. ELLIS Harmonia Lodge Died Jan. 23, 1996 • Age 76

NORMAN DEAN FORD Twin Sisters Lodge Died March 1, 2010 • Age 59

MARY FRANCES BURROSS Dallas Lodge Died Nov. 24, 2018 • Age 72

BERNICE R. SLIVA Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge Died Sept. 15, 2019 • Age 88

NICOLE D. MAYBERRY Prinz Solms Lodge Died Oct. 13, 2019 • Age 41

HAZEL M. GULLEY Louise Schuetze Lodge Died Feb. 12, 1998 • Age 84

WILLIAM CORY HUTH Harmonia Lodge Died April 23, 2010 • Age 51

WALTER L. BARTOSH Austin Lodge Died Dec. 16, 2018 • Age 94

DELMUS T. SPITZER Womack Lodge Died Sept. 16, 2019 • Age 93

SHIRLEY M. MICHALCZAK Helotes Lodge Died Oct. 15, 2019 • Age 91

AUGUST W. PETERING JR. Shiner Lodge Died May 8, 2001 • Age 84

WAYLAND A. SAUER Ellinger Lodge Died May 15, 2011 • Age 89

GERTRUDE S. RIFF Hondo Victory Lodge Died Feb. 3, 2019 • Age 91

LILLIAN L. FAUST Deanville Lodge Died Sept. 20, 2019 • Age 86

NITA JO HOLCEK Pershing Lodge Died Oct. 15, 2019 • Age 65

J. M. STAUTZENBERGER Louise Schuetze Lodge Died Feb. 2, 2002 • Age 83

JAMES A. LENOIR Waco-Robinson Lodge Died Oct. 8, 2011 • Age 61

ROBERT W. JONES JR. Siemering Lodge Died April 17, 2019 • Age 93

DORA LEE SCHULTE DaCosta Lodge Died Sept. 25, 2019 • Age 97

MARY A. NEGRETE Kirby Lodge Died Oct. 16, 2019 • Age 92

ALBERT A. MILLER JR. Corpus Christi Lodge Died June 23, 2003 • Age 70

WALERIE A. APPLETON General Bee Lodge Died March 10, 2014 • Age 41

ROY A. LETZ Old Glory Lodge Died June 12, 2019 • Age 89

ALICE O. JOCHEN Schulenburg Lodge Died Sept. 25, 2019 • Age 87

GRIFF LANE STOCK Harmonia Lodge Died Oct. 19, 2019 • Age 72

ANNA L. HELLSTEN Hondo Victory Lodge Died May 26, 2004 • Age 55

LEE NELL BOENIG DaCosta Lodge Died July 17, 2014 • Age 85

MILDRED N. JOSTES General Bee Lodge Died June 19, 2019 • Age 88

ROBERT G. ROZNOVSKY Moulton Lodge Died Sept. 26, 2019 • Age 63

PHIL LEE CALETKA Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died Oct. 19, 2019 • Age 67

BARNEY K. MCCALL Harmonia Lodge Died April 28, 2006 • Age 84

CLARENCE JOHN BACA Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died Nov. 30, 2015 • Age 96

KAY FOWLER Seguin Lodge Died July 25, 2019 • Age 75

ROSEMARY DEWITT Louise Schuetze Lodge Died Sept. 26, 2019 • Age 87

ANNIE S. DOMANN Yorktown Lodge Died Oct. 21, 2019 • Age 91

JAMES C. GRAY Hondo Lodge Died Jan. 4, 2007 • Age 90

CHARLENE A. JENNINGS San Marcos Lodge Died April 3, 2016 • Age 92

GERALDINE A. BULGERIN Laubach Lodge Died July 29, 2019 • Age 89

ROBERT B. BUCHANAN Houston Lodge Died Sept. 26, 2019 • Age 72

MARY BERNHARD Fredericksburg Lodge Died Oct. 23, 2019 • Age 89

RALPH C. BEANE Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died May 19, 2007 • Age 83

ETHEL MARIE BRUENING Beaumont Lodge Died July 4, 2016 • Age 87

RUBY LEE KAREN Twin Sisters Lodge Died July 31, 2019 • Age 77

MILDRED L. RADTKE La Vernia Lodge Died Sept. 28, 2019 • Age 99

LEE ROY NAUERT Old Glory Lodge Died Oct. 23, 2019 • Age 89

BEVERLY J. PROBST Rowena Lodge Died Nov. 23, 2007 • Age 80

RONALD LEE PORTER Houston Lodge Died Nov. 19, 2016 • Age 54

LAVERNE M. WAGNER Moulton Lodge Died Aug. 5, 2019 • Age 72

THOMAS M. FINGER Shiner Lodge Died Sept. 29, 2019 • Age 66

ELEANOR RALEY WHITE Pershing Lodge Died Oct. 24, 2019 • Age 91

DAVID C. HOLZHAUS Anton Wenzel Lodge Died July 11, 2008 • Age 58

VIVIAN M. TRAUGOTT Vineta Lodge Died March 1, 2017 • Age 88

C.G. SCHWERWITZ Waco-Robinson Lodge Died Aug. 14, 2019 • Age 95

TIMOTHY DWAYNE WELKER Corpus Christi Lodge Died Oct. 1, 2019 • Age 42

KENNETH G. FERGUSON Siemering Lodge Died Oct. 28, 2019 • Age 85

The names of deceased members are listed on this page only after a death claim on the member's life insurance certificate has been filed.

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Retirement Home

Residents participate in Comfort Christmas event COMFORT – Guests at the Home during November were Thomas and Lori Naumann from San Antonio to visit resident Roland Naumann; James Thedford, Boerne; Eddie Holcomb, Kaufman; Charlotte Hartley, Garland; Bill Widner from New York and Dana Widner from Boerne to visit residents John and Helen Widner; Eddie Butts, San Marcos; and Ed Edwards and Margie Krause from Kerrville to have Thanksgiving dinner with residents Frank Edwards and Elaine Keating. Cake and ice cream were served at the noon meal on Nov. 21 to honor the birthdays of Roland Collier and Elaine Keating. Chapel service and Holy Communion were conducted by Anglican Priest David Guthrie on Nov. 25. Ross Murphy assisted. Frank Hedges played hymns on his flute. Residents Ross and Betty Mur-

phy donated the fee so the residents could have a booth at the annual Christmas in Comfort event. All proceeds benefitted the Home’s Scholarship Fund. Each year five Hermann Sons Life graduating high school seniors are awarded at $1,500 scholaship. Betty extends “thanks to all who contributed, who made and donated items, and who manned the booth.” She sends special thanks to Frank Edwards, who helped set up and take down the booth and did lots of errand running; to Ross Murphy, who drove the delivery and pick-up vehicle; to Jane Haberman, who made beautiful Christmas jewelry and stayed to sell it; to Annette Shaw, who stayed all day selling merchandise and kept everybody laughing; to Vernell Homilius, who sold chances for the quilt and other items; to Diana Johnston,

The Comfort Middle School Concert Band, directed by Chris Mullinix, came on Nov. 8 to play patriotic music for the veterans and residents. who helped out and gave lots of encouragement; and to Cheryl Collier, whose merchandise arrangement expertise resulted in a sales increase. We welcome our new night watchman, Robert Nowlin. Condolences are extended to the loved ones of former resident Robert Raab. He died Nov. 14. Burial services were held at Fort Sam Houston Cemetery. – Helen Widner

Assistant Manager Barbara Kisselburg, from left, kitchen helper Ruby Rees and maintenance man John Kisselburg were the staff members who made the Thanksgiving Day feast at the Home.

Residents feasted on a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal.

Roland Collier celebrated his birthday in November.

Resident Ross Murphy was one of the people who helped with the scholarship fund booth during Christmas in Comfort.

Home Christmas Fund The following lodges made donations to the Retirement Home Christmas Fund between Nov. 10 and Dec. 10:

Elaine Keating celebrated her birthday in November.

Nagel Lodge Brenham Lodge Giddings Lodge Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge Seguin Lodge Cuero Family Lodge Marion Lodge Donations are used to buy a gift that all residents can enjoy.

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Youth in Action

Executive director shares update on Youth Camp By IAN BRASSETT Executive Camp Director As we speed forward into 2020, it will not be long before pre-camp workers arrive in Camp and the final touches are being put together for an excellent summer for your campers. I hope this article helps keep you in the loop. UPDATES ON FACILITIES The Board of Directors, President Eugene Zollinger and Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly have been great in helping me get what we need to run an exceptional camp for our campers. This is just a partial list of the improvements we have made and will be making this year before Camp begins. This is certainly not a complete list. • Fort Worth Lodge donated money to help improve the Riverside campus. • Clay is currently in the process of hanging curtains in the Riverside Dining Hall and many of the dorms at Riverside. The curtains will certainly help with privacy in the dorms, and they will hopefully help prevent the AC units from over-heating. • Clay is near the end of hanging all new bulletin boards in the dorms on Riverside. • Clay has also begun building two new GAGA pits. • We have already purchased two new salad bars and two new milk coolers for Riverside and one new milk cooler for Hilltop. • There will be new AC units for the Hilltop Dining Hall and the Eagles Nest and maybe Mosquito and Jack Rabbit. • The great news for Riverside is that a new septic system will be in place before the summer begins. Hope-

fully, we will be able to correct some of the drainage issues we currently have on Riverside at the same time. • We are almost certainly going to knock the walls down at Rattlesnake and create a more appealing pavilion. In addition we will be adding two new large fans in the pavilion on Riverside. • Clay, John and Bryce have been putting the finishing touches to the Riverside Office. • For Hilltop, there will be an additional cage and more clubs for the golf activity. • Clay will be building a small wall for court hockey for the Hilltop Camp. I will discuss more specific program changes in next month’s article. VOLUNTEER WORK DAY APRIL 18, 2020 In order to help us be prepared for our campers, last year we had about 25-30 Hermann Sons Life members come up to Camp and volunteer their time to help us get ready for the staff and campers. I would love to see more members and staff attend this day. Painting and cleaning will be the main bill of fare. The event will also allow our members looking for community service hours the opportunity to get eight hours. We will meet at Hilltop at 7:45 a.m. and get to work from there. To thank everyone in attendance we will also be having a barbecue dinner with live music. I truly hope you can attend. THEMES FOR 2020 The themes for the Game Nights and Dances have been set for the summer of 2020.

Week One – Disney/Marvel Week Two – Neon Mini-Camp – The 80s Week Three – Red, White and Blue Week Four – Hawaiian Week Five – Christmas in July Week Six – Halloween OVER-ARCHING CAMP THEME IN 2018 the theme was Be Kind. IN 2019 the theme was Be the Nice Kid. IN 2020 – Do you have any suggestions on what the theme should be? I will announce the chosen theme at the end of January. Please email me any suggestions you may have at ianb@hermannsonslife.org. VISITING THE LODGES I have had the pleasure of visiting with many lodges to discuss Camp and our plans for the summer. I hope to visit with many more lodges through the winter and spring. PLEASE INVITE ME. I would like to attend your meetings to discuss the Camp Program and why Camp is such a special and important part of Hermann Sons Life. RENTING THE FACILITY We have begun renting the Hilltop and Riverside facilities. We have a wonderful facility, ideal for weddings, family reunions, church youth groups, vacation Bible school, Girl Scouts, youth camps and so much more. Please reach out to me at ianb@hermannsonslife.org or 830-995-3223. We have hosted Camp C.A.M.P, the Girl Scouts and the Golden Age Center of Comfort this year for very varied usage and look forward to serving your groups’ needs. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

Schulenburg School of Dance holds recital The Schulenburg School of Dance students held a Christmas dance recital in December. Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett attended along with agents Mary K. Seifert and Robin Maertz.

Hochheim-Prairie Dancers visit with Santa Students from the Hochheim-Prairie School of Dance got to meet Santa after they performed on Dec. 7 for their parents, grandparents and other guests at Turner Hall. They each received a gift from the lodge. Dance instructor is Loretta Camarillo. Refreshments were served.

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Youth in Action Hill Country Dancers entertain The Hill Country School of Dance classes performed at the joint Prinz Solms/Spring Branch Christmas party. They are pictured down the left side, to the left and below.

Bandera County dancers perform at Christmas party The Bandera County School of Dance students performed at the lodge’s Christmas party. The party was an ice cream social. Santa stopped by with gifts for the dancers and their siblings.

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Harmonia Lodge plans chili, tamale meal for Jan. 9 SAN ANTONIO – Harmonia Lodge will meet Jan. 9 with chili and tamales on the menu. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert. The lodge’s 2020 officers will be installed. Membership pins were presented at the November meeting following the annual Thanksgiving holiday meal catered by Snoga’s. President Eugene Zollinger presented pins to James Otto and Alan Wayne Cobb, both 70-year members; and James Edward McNeel, a 60-year member. Members mourned the passing of other members. Glenn Marvin Schlather passed away on Sept. 16, 2018, at the age

of 73. He had been a member since 1962. Roman Broll passed away on Aug. 19, 2019, at the age of 76. He had been a member since 1967. J.W. White passed away on Nov. 6, 2019, at the age of 93. He had been a member since 1968. J.W. served as lodge president and attended meetings with wife Margaret on a regular basis. His son, Jake, currently serves as an officer. Celebrating November birthdays were Virginia Bernhard, wife of member Bill Bernhard, Stan Steiger, Jim McNeel, Mike Gumpp and Dena Warneke, wife of treasurer Mike Warneke. – John Hoog

Harmonia Lodge President Matt Kraus, center, presents the attendance prizes to Rene Kraus, left, and John Gianotti during the November meeting.

Larry Stavinoha, left, was the split-the-pot winner at the November meeting of Harmonia Lodge. President Matt Kraus presented him with his winnings.

Dunlay Lodge to install officers Feb. 18

Celebrating birthdays at the Dunlay Lodge meeting were, from left, Dale Tondre, Lynette Stewart and Ronnie Kriewald.

DUNLAY - Dunlay Lodge will not meet in January. The next meeting is set for Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. The 2020 officers will be installed. Several members were celebrating birthdays at the November meeting. Dale Tondre and Lynette Stewart celebrated theirs in October and Ronnie Kriewald was another year older in November. Dale has been a member since Aug. 25, 1982, and recently transferred to Dunlay Lodge. Lynette joined on Oct. 19, 1976. Her parents, Matt and Wilfreen Saathoff, were active members of Dunlay Lodge. Ronnie has been a member of the lodge since Nov. 17, 1965. His brother, David, and father Marvin also are members. – Reporter

Richland Lodge will meet on Jan. 5 RICHLAND – Richland Lodge held its annual memorial service in November and celebrated Christmas in December. The annual memorial service was held in November to honor Helmut Kaiske. In December, the lodge conducted its Make A Difference

Day project of collecting and delivering toiletries to Circle of Hope. These items will benefit local children and their families. The 2020 officers were elected and will include Tammy Kelley, president; Darryl Hodde, vice president; Annabelle Paladino, corresponding

secretary; and Harvey Hodde, financial secretary. Director Mike Beam and wife Mary attended the Christmas party. The next meeting is set for Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020, at Richland Hall beginning at noon with a potluck meal. – Reporter

Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge will meet Jan. 21 Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge elected its 2020 officers at its Nov. 19 meeting. Gerald Ziemnicki, left, is the new president. Michael Wirtz, right, will serve as vice president and Anna Larie Keith, center, will be the secretary-treasurer. Carl W. Sontag was appointed historianambassador in recognition of his many years of service to the lodge. Members were updated on the lodge’s recent community service initiatives. A meal from Raising Cane’s was enjoyed followed by games. The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 21, 2020.

Jackson County elects officers EDNA – The 2020 officers were elected at the Dec. 5 meeting of Jackson County Lodge. They are James Fait, president; Sam Matlock, vice president; Janice Fait, financial secretary; and Robert Fait, Nathan Besler and Brook Belicek, financial trustees. Appointed officers will be James Fait, communications coordinator; Brook Belicek, youth coordi-

nator; and Sam Matlock, membership coordinator. Letters were read from five Jackson County Fair exhibitors expressing their thanks to the lodge for its donation. Members were pleased to hear that dance classes are going well and look forward to the spring recital. – Reporter

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Moulton Lodge honors veterans Moulton Lodge honored its members who served in the military during the November meeting. In attendance were Jerry and Alphonso Fojtik, Oscar Tousek, Chuck Tomsk, James Freytag and Ray Baca.

Brunhilde Lodge hosts Thanksgiving celebration Brunhilde Lodge’s November meeting was a Thanksgiving celebration. Turkey, dressing and all the trimmings were provided by the lodge. Several members of the Home Association Board attended and were treated to harmonica music and door prizes.

Gulf Lodge presents Humanitarian Award Celebrating birthdays at the December meeting of General Bee Lodge were Bryan Stridde and Cathy Carlson. Not pictured are Cora Laechelin and Dea Lohse.

General Bee re-elects officers BEEVILLE – General Bee Lodge met Dec. 1 at the Dairy Queen in Beeville. Concerns were expressed for members with any health problems. A thank you was read for the

donation to the Retirement Home. The 2019 officers were reelected to serve in 2020. Door prizes were given away.

LEAGUE CITY – Gulf Lodge held its Christmas party and quarterly meeting on Dec. 1 at Spring Creek BBQ in League City. The Humanitarian Award was presented to Eva Scales. Eva is always helping and giving to others in the community and holds an officer position in the

lodge. Santa and Mrs. Claus also came by for a visit with Christmas cheer and gifts for members. In observance of Make A Difference Day, members donated toys and items needed by the Ronald McDonald House in Galveston.

– Reporter

DaCosta will meet on Jan. 14 DACOSTA – New year, new visions. All members of DaCosta Lodge are encouraged to attend the first meeting of 2020 on Tuesday, Jan. 14, at 6 p.m. at the DaCosta Hall. The agenda includes the installation of officers, new hall management, hall commit-

tees, setting the annual events calendar, fund-raising for hall Improvements and much more. Western dances will be held at the hall on Jan. 18, Feb. 22 and March 14. Dances start at 8 p.m. and end at midnight. – Reporter

Santa Claus visited the Gulf Lodge Christmas party on Dec. 1. He visited with the children and brought gifts.

A team member from the Ronald McDonald House, Jeff Lawhorne, attended the lodge’s September quarterly meeting and shared with members how they help families as children undergo treatment for serious illnesses. – Reporter

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Prinz Solms party features dancers, Santa Claus visit BULVERDE – Prinz Solms and Spring Branch lodges held a joint Christmas party on Dec. 8. A total of 143 members and guests were present along with students from the Hill Country School of Dance. A meal of turkey with all the trimmings was served. The Humanitarian Award for Prinz Solms Lodge was presented to Weslea Miller, director of the Provisions Food Bank in Bulverde. The food pantry is located in “old” Bulverde. Prinz Solms Lodge has donated to the food pantry and its back to school drive. Students from the Hill Country School of Dance performed to music from “The Grinch” under the direction of Monica Rizzo. The children all did a great job and showed off their skills with different types of dance.

Santa Claus, aka Doug Saathoff, stopped by to visit with the children who attended the Prinz Solms/Spring Branch Christmas party. Most of the children were happy to see him with one notable exception. Vice President of Finance Harry Werland brought Christmas greetings from the Home Office. He presented a certificate

to Sandra Duncan. She recently retired after 23 years of service as an agent. – Reporter

Leroy Schmidt, left, was presented with a copy of the photo that was taken when his 80-year membership pin was presented earlier this year. Prinz Solms Lodge President Clif Klabunde presented the framed photo at the lodge’s Christmas party.

Round Top re-elects officers for 2020 ROUND TOP – Round Top Lodge elected the 2020 officers by acclamation at the Nov. 21 meeting. They all had agreed to serve another year. It was noted that a great picture of the lodge’s CASA donation had been posted to Face-

book. Community Coordinator Melanie Rauch reviewed the list of cards sent. Members were updated on the news of those on the recovery list and expressed sympathy to those who had lost family members.

Thanks go to Leonard and Myrt Meinkowsky for the pulled pork sandwiches and everyone else for the trimmings and desserts. Thanks go to Linda Mattocks for the social hour extra recipe. – Reporter

The 2020 officers for Round Top Lodge will be, from left, Secretary Jeanette Schoenst, President Lila Garlin, Treasurer Mary Rauch, Vice President Linda Mattocks, Finance Committee Member Jocie Braun, Community Coordinator Melanie Rauch and Finance Committee Member Barton Garlin. Not pictured is Finance Committee Member Margie Stardig.

Boerne Lodge holds Christmas celebration Attendance and door prize winners at the November meeting of Round Top Lodge included, from left, Leonard Meinkowsky, Floyd and Jocie Braun, Virgie Hall and Mary and Sophie Rauch.

Boerne Lodge held its Christmas social, dinner and dance on Dec. 6 at Kronkosky Place. Some of the guests present were, from left, Harvey Vogt, Bobby Kunz, Esther Faecher, Marilyn Vogt, Jack Faecher, Sam Franklin, Kathy Kunz, Max Schwarz, Norma and R.D. Tyler, Viva Mae Schwarz and Barbara and Don D’Spain.

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Cibolo presents pin, donations at holiday party CIBOLO – Cibolo Lodge held its annual Christmas party on Sunday, Dec. 8, at St. John’s Lutheran Church Hall in Marion. Chair of the Board Sandra Jones joined lodge President John Gray in presenting Janet Triesch with her 60-year membership pin. They also presented Donna Lancaster from TruLight127 Ministries with donations of $804 and $500. The $804 represents the proceeds from the lodge’s rummage sale. The $500 is the Matching Funds provided by the Home Office. Trulight127 was also presented with the canned goods collected for its pantry. The junior members received $2 for each meeting they attended throughout the year. Santa, Mrs. Claus and puppy Claus stopped by to visit to the

delight of all the children. Everyone lined up and told Santa what they wanted for Christmas and received their gifts and had their picture taken. Dinner was steak, grilled chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and salad from Next Door Catering. Members filled two large tables with an assortment of desserts including cheesecakes (including peppermint cheesecake), cupcakes, assorted cookies, cakes and pies. More than $260 was raised in the 50/50 drawing. The lodge’s half went to the scholarship fund. The adults enjoyed a casino night while the children were having fun at the activity tables creating their own Christmas cards. – Tracy Campos

Cibolo Lodge junior members received $2 for each lodge meeting they attended in 2019. Pictured are, from left, Barrett Kuhlman, lodge President John Gray, Brenley and Maezey Bierstedt, Cheyenne Kuhlman and Emmaline Rakowitz, with mom Sheri Rakowitz.

Courtney Davis collects her winnings from the casino night held as part of the Cibolo Lodge Christmas party.

McGregor presents Humanitarian Award to Houchin McGREGOR – McGregor Lodge held its Christmas meeting on Dec. 4 at the Charlie Griffith Center. Members and guests enjoyed the meal, fellowship and gift giving. Thanks go to Teresa Sneed, Regenia Arseneaux, Betty Johnson, Leona Hendrickson and Doris Mooney for preparing the meal. Thanks also go to Leona Hendrickson for getting

all the gifts and prizes. President Doris Mooney presented the 2019 Humanitarian Award to Kevin Houchin. Mr. Houchin has been in McGregor for a long time as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent. He has volunteered with many other organizations including The Exchange Board of Direc-

tors, the McGregor Economic Development Corporation, the Rhett Revolution, the McGregor Food Pantry, Central Bosque Water Supply, the Region 12 Education Service Center Technology Foundation, St Paul Lutheran Church in The Grove and the girls’ summer league program. Congratulations go to Monica Wolf on her 50 years of member-

ship. She became a member on Dec. 3, 1969. Betty Johnson won the gift guessing game. Winners of the numbers drawing game were Teresa Sneed, Betty Johnson, Charles McAnelly, El Nora Lawton, Regenia Arseneaux and Al Wolf. Gift cards were given to members and guests.

Happy Birthday wishes go to all members and friends who share a December and January birthday. El Nora Lawton and Jerome Weinstrom were in attendance. The lodge will not meet in January. The next meeting will be held Feb. 5, 2020, at 6 p.m. at Luigi’s on Main Street in McGregor. – Doris Mooney

Louise Schuetze will hold memorial service on Jan. 13 SAN ANTONIO – Louise Schuetze Lodge will meet Jan. 13 in the Rathskeller. The lodge will provide the meal. The annual memorial service will be held. The lodge celebrated Christmas on Dec. 9 in the Rathskeller. Everyone brought a favorite Christmas dish and a gift to exchange. The lodge celebrated Thanksgiving on Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11, in the Rathskeller. President Lisa Robalin thanked the veterans attending the meeting for their service. She welcomed Ed Shadrock, Donald O’Connor, Chris Naughton, Mark Lee and Lesley

Bettice from Siemering Lodge, Irvin Schulmeier from Ellinger Lodge and Phil Abell from Harmonia Lodge. Some members could not make the meeting because of the bad weather. They were missed. Split-the-pot was won by Jo Ann Massengale. There was no winner of the attendance prize. A Thanksgiving dinner was served in the Rathskeller with turkey and all the trimmings. Thank you to all the members and guests who really know how to cook and make desserts. – Reporter

Members of Louise Schuetze Lodge show off the gifts they received during the gift exchange held as part of the December Christmas party and meeting. They are, from left, Carol Grill, Janet Abell, Lisa Robalin, Lori Todd, Mary Therese Trujillo, Judy Schulmeier, Jo Ann Massengale and Elizabeth Markell.

Louise Schuetze Lodge members brought their favorite holiday foods to the Christmas party. Pictured are, from left, Mary Therese Trujillo, Lori Todd and Judy Schulmeier.

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 23

Columbia increases commitment to charitable giving DALLAS – Columbia Lodge increased its commitment to charitable giving at the December meeting. The overall financial commitment was raised from $1,200 to $1,800, with the Larry Tutson Christmas Toy Drive and the North Texas Food Bank remaining high on the list of recipients at $500 and $400, respectively. Three organizations will receive $300 each. They are Hope’s Door New Beginning Center, Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue and the Genesis Women’s Shelter. Dec. 3 was Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is a national movement that started in 2011 at the beginning of the Christmas season, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, as a different approach to the commercial consumer push to purchase that gears up around Black Friday. In the spirit of the season, Colum-

bia Lodge presented its annual contribution to the North Texas Food Bank. Member Lin Been presented a check to Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue in Quinlan. Texas Best Choices is a non-profit, nokill animal shelter dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs and puppies, that is completely funded by donations and adoption fees. Ranger Randell Fields was presented the Humanitarian Award this year for his tireless efforts to provide support to lodge members and facilitate lodge functions throughout the years. Ranger Randell has been a member for many years and his ideas and hard work have contributed continuously to the fun and success of the lodge and the hall. December’s steak dinner was a lot of fun! The steaks were grilled

to perfection by Bobby out back, and the old oven did a perfect job on the crispy-skinned jacket potatoes. Side dishes included Stanley’s famous eggs, a brussels sprout and gruyere casserole, mac and cheese, mushrooms and onions, kale salad and more. Thanks go to everyone who brought food and to those who stayed to clean up. The Home Association has hired a professional CPA, who will take over some of the more pressing duties associated with the changing direction of business at the Hall. With the professional efforts of the new general manager, the business side is expected to continue to increase revenues and activities. The responsibilities associated with a more robust business, including payroll, tax issues and a whole host of other important challenges, warrant this kind of

a change in structure. As the result of a year full of successful events highlighting Dallas’ best artists and musicians and the recognition of the Texas Dancehall Preservation Society as an historic dance hall, the lodge is looking forward to the new year with the funds and plans to make repairs and improvements to the historic Hall. The damaged windows and window frames in the upstairs ballroom on the front side of the building facing the street are currently being assessed for rescue. There are six windows that need some work, with some of those being on the current critical list. The grant from the Texas Dancehall Preservation Society is in the amount of $2,500 to go toward the repair of these windows. Each window is expected to require between $1,500 and $2,500 to repair on average. The

Home Association is currently comparing bids for this work. It’s time to lean into our New Year’s resolutions, and the agents suggest that we look at making “Sons-centric” resolutions to benefit the lodges and their communities by bringing these together in more creative and abundant ways. You might like to bring your neighbors and friends to the Hall and encourage them to become members. Conversely, you might take lodge members out to the places in your community where you like to get involved and make some introductions. You could suggest and organize some fun events that bring people together in this way or simply make a point of attending the regularly scheduled meetings and events and bringing along some visitors. – Anni Howe

Pershing to meet again on Feb. 5

Laubach Lodge holds Christmas celebration Darryl Engelke, a member of Laubach Lodge, visits with Director Suzanne Hildebrand and Willow during the lodge’s Christmas party.

Celebrating November birthdays at the Pershing Lodge meeting were, from left, Robin Mittwede, Carrie Burnett and Janilla Kilborn. Not pictured is Santos Estrada.

Director Suzanne Hildebrand visited with the Laubach Lodge Humanitarian Award recipient and her granddaughter during the lodge’s Christmas party. Pictured are, from left, Suzanne, Sadie and Patti Siltmann.

Celebrating December birthdays at the Pershing Lodge meeting were, from left, Mary Ann Keller, Beth Warne, Monnie Nordland and David Johnson. Mary Ann, Beth and David went home with the birthday cash.

SAN ANTONIO – The next meeting of Pershing Lodge is set for Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. in the meeting room at the Home Association Building. A potluck meal is planned. No meeting will be held in January due to the New Year’s Day holiday. Director Stan Steiger and wife Karen attended the December meeting. Stan presented Marilyn Habermann with her 70-year membership pin. She became a member Jan. 6, 1949. Ray Acosta, vice president of programs at St. PJ’s Children’s Home, accepted the donations of gifts for the children served by the home. Chaplain Tony Valek reported on the passing of Imagen Clements, Dorothy M. Fisher, Nita Jo Holcek, Avis Marie Mittwede and David G. Smasal. Ron Plouch won the $35 attendance prize and Mary Ann Keller won the split-the pot-drawing. – Dorothy Pawlik

Page 24 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020

Soup, salad on the menu

Austin will install officers on Jan. 5

November and December birthdays were celebrated by several people attending the Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge meeting. They are, from left, Kevin Engelhardt, William Benton, Isabel Medina, Delbert Wendt, Joyce Lamensky, Calvin Lamensky, Cipriana Negrete, Joe Thomason, Raymond Negrete and Lupe Palacio.

AUSTIN – Austin Lodge will install officers at the Sunday, Jan. 5, meeting. It begins at 2 p.m. Members are asked to bring their favorite pot of soup, salads and desserts. Games will be played. If you want to participate you are asked to bring a nice gift.

The Christmas party was held Sunday, Dec. 8. Roarke Thompson Flanagan was welcomed as a new member. A sympathy card was sent to the family of longtime member Stanley Buerger who recently passed away.

Buster Schaefer took home the “kitty” award and the attendance award went to Howard Anderson. After the meeting, members enjoyed a catered meal and desserts followed by a Christmas gift exchange. – Betty Kurtz

Rosenberg-Richmond sets next meeting for Feb. 10 ROSENBERG – RosenbergRichmond Lodge celebrated Christmas with a game night after the Dec. 9 meeting held at the Rosenberg Civic Center with 64 members and guests in attendance. A catered meal of turkey and dressing and dessert was provided by the lodge. John and Shirley Pavlock were in charge of the kitchen. Margie Krenek gave the blessing. Membership Coordinator Rosalie Byrd reported that a sympathy card was sent to Lynette Atkins. Get-well cards were sent to Judy Macura and Dan Gregory. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Tom Atkins. The $50 drawing was won by Raymond Schmidt. The next meeting is set for

Celebrating December birthdays at the Austin Lodge meeting were Rose Hampton and William Several Austin Lodge members won poinsettias at the Christmas party held Dec. 8. Albert.

New Braunfels celebrates holidays Celebrating a December anniversary from Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge were Barbie and William Benton. Feb. 10. Enchilada casserole will be served. Members are asked to bring desserts. – Loyce Anderson

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NEW BRAUNFELS – New Braunfels Lodge celebrated Christmas at the Dec. 1 meeting. The hall looked festive with a Christmas tree, decorations and candy. Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe presented pins. Edith and Harvey Soechting and Mel-

vin Nolte received their 60-year pins. Grace Dreyer and Sandra Guenther received their 70-year pins. Tim spoke about the upgrade to the computer system at the Home Office Attendance prizes went to Karen Harborth, Virginia Vetter, Phil-

lip Neff, Violet Tanneberger, Jo Heideman, Harvey Heideman, Jolene Meuret, Dorothy Moose, Sandra Guenther, Cheryl Kolbe, Sharon Suchy and Melvin Nolte. A Christmas carol sing-along, games and refreshments preceded a catered turkey supper. – Reporter

Celebrating birthdays at the December New Braunfels Lodge meeting were, from left, Shirley Huebinger, Dorella Colbert and Cheryl Kolbe.

Celebrating a December wedding anniversary were New Braunfels Lodge members Michael and Shirley Huebinger.

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 25

Seguin holds Christmas celebration

Rutersville Lodge will meet Jan. 8 Rutersville Lodge will meet Jan. 8 due to the New Year’s Day holiday. Beef stew will be served. Members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert. Chicken noodle soup and sandwiches along with desserts were served at the Dec. 4 meeeting. Myrna Kay Altwein was welcomed as a new member. Attendance prize winners were Harvey Dippel, James Svrcek, Cheryl Kuhn , Allen Faldyn and Margie Svrcek. Celebrating December birthdays were, from left, Delores Schmitt, Carol Jenkins, Ricky Kuhn, Lynda Wheeler and Larry Shimek.

Lockhart Lodge will meet Jan. 12 at Chisholm Trail LOCKHART- Lockhart Lodge will meet Sunday, Jan.12, at Chisholm Trail Bar-B-Q. The Christmas party was held Sunday Dec. 1, at Smitty’s Market. Agent Janice Kuhen brought Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings from the Home Office. Vice President Ann Schroeder awarded Nicky Duewall with

the lodge’s 2019 Humanitarian Award. Celebrating December birthdays were Nancy Hess, Janice Kuhen and John Hyland. Celebrating a December anniversary were Rudy and Ann Schroeder. Members enjoyed a fun-filled gift exchange. – Reporter

SEGUIN – Approximately 90 Seguin Lodge members and guests celebrated the season at the lodge Christmas party on Sunday, Dec. 8. President Allen Gescheidle and officers welcomed everyone to the event. Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe presented 60-year membership pins to three long-time members. Dorothy Luensmann received her 60-year pin as well as special recognition for her 29 years of service as a Hermann Sons Life agent. Dorrene Henk and Lorrie Corley also received their 60year pins. A Honey baked ham was served along with the side dishes and desserts provided by members and guests. Two (Monday) Seguin School of Dance classes performed holiday routines. The Thursday dance class made handmade paper snowflake props. Appreciation goes to assistant dance teacher, Stephanie Treviño, and parent liaiso. Krystal

The Seguin School of Dance Monday classes performed at the Seguin Lodge Christmas party. Schwerdtfeger, for their assistance with the dancers and performance. Santa Claus stopped by to hand out treat bags to the children. Door prizes were won by Cheryl Gescheidle, Tammy Beutnagel, Paul Gescheidle, Randy Roecker, Vernelle Jones, Roy Merz, Shayne Salge, Dottie Kallies, Mary Seedorf, Lexi Lopez, Cynthia Bentley,

Renee Billings, Robert Bentley, Pierce Law, Isabella Carmean, Raelee Adams, Christie and Brynlee Hunt, Alexis and Shellie Mc Innis and Grayson Maierhofer. Member David Zunker’s name was called for the progressive pot but he was not present to win. Another member’s name will be called at the Wednesday, Jan. 15, meeting. – Reporter

Kypfer-Salge plans tamale meal for Jan. 3 CLEAR SPRINGS – KypferSalge Lodge will meet Jan. 3. The lodge will furnish tamales and chili. Members are asked to bring a side dish that goes with chili or a dessert. Sandwiches, snacks and desserts were served at the Dec. 6 meeting. The $50 monthly donation went to the Salvation Army. Harold Friederick was reported to be in the hospital and members were updated on Jeanette Constance and how she is doing.

Let Nelrose Koepp know if someone is sick or has passed away so she can send a card. Members voted to give all of the Originations the same amount as last year. The 2020 officers were elected by acclamation. The current officers will serve again with one exception. Kery Noble will take Jim Sureddin’s place as a trustee. Attendance prizes went to Dennis Koepp, Nelrose Koepp. Oran Koepp, Danny Lammert and Tammy Seiter. – Darline Preiss

Charlie and Tammy Seiter celebrated their anniversary in December. They are members of Kypfer-Salge Lodge.

Bernardo Lodge re-elects officers for 2020

The young people attending the Lockhart Lodge Christmas party enjoyed tasty treats.

BERNARDO – Bernardo Lodge welcomed a new member by way of transfer at the November meeting. He is George W. Krause. The current slate of officers was re-elected with one exception. Anita Zaskoda is a new trustee.

Agents Terrel and Robin Maertz reported on the statewide rally they attended in October in Seguin. Arlene and Joe Trojacek attended as well. The lodge delivered a poinsettia to Milton Nelson who is a resident in a local nursing home.

“Happy Birthday” was sung to Billy Hagen and Arlene Trojacek. Happy 64th Anniversary wishes were extended to Joe and Arlene Trojacek. Attendance door prizes went to Arlene Trojacek and Anita Zaskoda. – Reporter

Page 26 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020

Kirby presents gifts to children at holiday party KIRBY – Kirby Lodge will meet Jan. 6 at 7 p.m. The lodge will provide the chicken. Members are asked to bring side dishes and desserts. The February meeting will be held Feb. 3 at 7 p.m. The lodge will again provide the chicken. Members are asked to bring side dishes and desserts. A catered meal of pork steaks, baked potatoes and green beans was served at the lodge Christmas party. The children received gifts from the lodge and everyone played games. The winners were Juanita Luensmann, Lillian Brietzke, Cindy Quintanilla, Irvin Schulmeier, Wanda Uecker, Henrietta Lowak, Ann Halamuda, Gabby

Twin Sisters will meet on Feb. 2 Twin Sisters Lodge members and guests played games during the Christmas party. Travis Tomlinson was the caller while Karen Steiger and her helper arranged the gifts for the winners. The lodge’s next meeting will be held Sunday, Feb. 2.

Members, young and not-so-young, played games at the Kirby Lodge Christmas party. McQuatters, Lillian Katzur, Jason Bundick, James Lowak, Keary Lambrecht, Carolina McQuatters, Abby Netherton, Juely Hedrick, Glenda Bayar, Keri Roberts, Tammy Haecker, Marvin Boeck and Candace Blietz.

Door prize winners were Sandra Bundick, Judy Hedrick, Lillian Brietzke, Glenda Bayar, Jun McQuatters, and Linda Muehlstein. New lodge calendars will be available in January 2020. – Andra Fore

The little ones attending the Kirby Lodge Christms party each received a gift from the lodge.

Plum Lodge holds Christmas party The Plum Lodge officers are pictured with Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe at the Christmas party. They are, from left, Jackie Wessels, secretary-treasurer; Wilbert Hoffmann, president; Tim; and Wallace Hobratschk, vice president.

Niederwald will meet on Jan. 14 Above - Niederwald Lodge celebrated Christmas at the December meeting. Members wore their Christmas sweaters to the party. The next meeting will be held Jan. 14 Members are asked to wear black. The 2020 officers will be installed. Left - Door prize winners at the December meeting of Niederwald Lodge were Nancy Smith and Jerry Wisian.

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 27

Bandera County presents pin, award during party BANDERA – Bandera County Lodge meet Nov. 17 to plan the annual Christmas party and take care of other business. Welcomed as new members were Emily Lopez, Kazleigh Denise Stubblefield, Kaitlynn Marie Babbitt, Benjamin Wyatt Hamilton, Kyleigh Ann Gleason and Kiersten M, Gleason. Members voted to make $50 Christmas donations to seven organizations, Boys and Girls Club of Bandera, the Retirement Home, Lakehills United Methodist Church Bread of Life, Medina Children’s Home,

Medina Lake Volunteer Fire Department and the Silver Sage Senior Activity Center. The lodge also bought a new game set for the Cedar Creek Nursing Home. The Christmas party was an ice cream social held Dec. 8 at Lakehills United Methodist Church Hall. The 23 Bandera County School of Dance students performed. Santa showed up and handed out gifts to the dancers and their siblings. Ice cream with toppings, cookies, punch and coffee

were enjoyed by all. Special guest from the Home Office was Lori Todd, a member of the Business Operations Committee. She helped President Eileen Heath present Jack Trenkelbach with his 60-year membership pin. The Humanitarian Award was presented to long time Lakehills resident Kathryn Ivy. She is active in the community as well as Lakehills United Methodist Church and her children’s schools. – Susan Hillje

The Bandera County Lodge officers are pictured at the Christmas party. They are, from left, Jack Trenkelbach, Eileen Heath, Joe Gagliardi, Beverly Gagliardi, Paul Heath, Lee Fields and Ken Hillje.

Anton Wenzel plans memorial service

Ellinger Lodge holds Christmas party The children attending the Ellinger Lodge Christmas party each received a gift from the lodge. They are pictured with Vice President of Operations Samantha Schulmeier who is holding her nephew, Barrett Schulmeier.

Shelby Lodge presents Humanitarian Award SHELBY – The next meeting of Shelby Lodge is scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 12, at 5 p.m. at Harmonie Hall in Shelby. A light meal will be served. Members are asked to bring a snack or dessert to share. Meetings are held the second Sunday of the month except in May due to Mother’s Day. The Humanitarian Award was presented to Patricia Rabb at the Dec. 8 meeting.

Patsy volunteers at St. Paul Lutheran Church where she serves communion and assists with various WELCA activities. She is a member of the West End Community Water Board and delivers Meals on Wheels to those in need in Austin County. A ham meal was served and enjoyed by the members and guests present. – Reporter

Anton Wenzel Lodge celebrated Christmas at the Dec. 2 meeting. Members played a gift exchange game.

Anton Wenzel Lodge recognized birthday celebrant Mia Murray in December.

Elizabeth Barrientes won the split-the-pot drawing at the December meeting of Anton Wenzel Lodge.

SAN ANTONIO – Anton Wenzel Lodge will hold a memorial service at the Jan. 7 meeting. Members enjoyed the holiday dinner held Dec. 2. The meal included tamales, beans and rice. Thanks go to everyone who brought side dishes and desserts and to Merlinda Elizondo for decorating. The membership drawing was held but the winner was not in attendance to claim the prize. The prize for January is now $160. The more members who attend the meeting, the better chance for someone to win. – Elizabeth Dorrell

Houston Lodge to meet on Jan. 13 HOUSTON – Houston Lodge will meet at Sokol Hall on Monday, Jan. 13. The lodge will furnish brisket sandwiches. The Home Office thanked the lodge for its donation to the VA Fisher House in observance of Make a Difference Day. Craig Falkenberg, Danielle Falkenberg, Deidre Falkenberg, Emily Falkenberg, Jason Falkenberg, Javier Falkenberg and Justin Falkenberg have transferred to Brennan lodge. Special Reported Gary Falkenberg reported that he and Doris attended the statewide rally in Seguin in October. Doris Falkenberg reported that she sent a sympathy card to Robert Buchanan’s daughter. – Reporter

Page 28 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020

San Marcos will meet Feb. 3 at Golden Corral

SAN MARCOS – San Marcos Lodge will meet Monday, Feb. 3, at 10:45 a.m. at Golden Corral in New Braunfels. Members are encouraged to wear red in honor of Heart Awareness Month and Valentine’s Day. The lodge’s Christmas party was held Sunday, Dec. 8, at the Zorn Bowling Club. The afternoon festivities began with members playing guessing games and other games for poinsettia plants and gold dollar coins. President Agnes Dreibrodt welcomed President Eugene Zollinger. He and Agnes presented Mary Jane and Marshall Smith with the Humanitarian award. Eugene also presented Earlene Acrey with her 60-year membership pin. Finley Glenn Waechter was welcomed as a new member. Winners of the guessing games prepared by Evelyn Moreau were Mary Lou Preuss, Lillian Cargil and Bob Robbins. Youth Director Laura Ramirez presented the junior members with arts and crafts and gifts from the lodge. The 2020 officers were elected and will be President Agnes Dreibrodt, Vice President Shirley Faske and Financial Trustees Larry Moreau, Janet Magin and Mary Lou Preuss. The appointed officers will be Membership Coordinator Janet Magin, Communication Coordinator Shirley and Benhard Faske, Youth Co-

Celebrating December birthdays at the San Marcos Lodge Christmas party were, from left, Billy Preuss, Janice Kuhen, Kayla Schermerhorn and Bob Robbins. ordinators Jennifer Lewis and Laura Ramirez and Community Coordinator Lillian Cargil. Leola Gourley and Mary Lou Preuss will serve as the Cheer Committee and Irene Bierstedt will be the historian. The Cheer Committee reported sympathy cards had been sent to the York Linebarger family. A get-well card was sent to Mary Jane Smith. Members were informed that Stacey Goros had a baby boy on Dec. 3. President Dreibrodt thanked everyone for coming and those who helped with decorating. She thanked Evelyn Moreau for the guessing games and Laura Ramirez for getting the children’s games and gifts. She

thanked Janice Kuhen for calling the games and Mary Jane Smith for helping Janice with the poinsettias and all other items needed for a successful afternoon. She thanked Marshall Smith and Mary Lou Preuss for preparing the coffee and Janet Magin for taking care of the dessert table. Thanks went to Janet Magin for contacting The Grain Bin to cater the turkey dinner. Also, thanks were extended to Bob and Yvonne Robbins for helping at the registration table. Thanks also go to members for bringing the canned food donations that were delivered to the Hays County Food Bank. – Reporter

Poth Lodge honors President Hosek POTH - Poth Lodge honored long-time president Paul Hosek at the Dec. 1 Christmas party and meeting. Paul was received joyously as he was wheeled into the lodge hall by his daughter, Yvonne, and grandson, Caleb. He was escorted to the front table to resume his role as president. He introduced Vice President of Finance Harry Werland who was there to present membership pins. Youth Coordinator Cloe Bostick offered up the invocation after which members and guests

enjoyed a meal of turkey and all the trimmings catered by Kevin Malcher The Humanitarian Award was presented to Betty Ortmann. Linda Cavalier, Betty’s daughter, read her mother’s bio, which moved her to tears, Trustee Lawrence Maha and Harry Werland presented President Hosek with a plaque in recognition of his multiple years of service to Hermann Sons Life. Paul and Harry presented 60year membership pinsto Betty Ortmann and David Haverlah and Harry presented Paul with

Waiting for gifts from Santa at the San Marcos Lodge Christmas party are, from left, Sutton Doane, Camden Doane, Bayleigh Lewis, James Schermerhorn, Kayla Schermerhorn and Braydon Schermerhorn.

Celebrating a December anniversary at the San Marcos Lodge Christmas party were, from left, Loretta and Larry Sanders (not pictured) his 60-year pin. and Betty and Clifford Rust. Paul then adjourned a Poth Lodge meeting for the last time. Members then played games with the table decorations, turkey plates and money serving as the prizes. – Beth Cutsinger

President Paul Hosek, seated, was honored at the Poth Lodge Christmas party and meeting. He was presented with a plaque in recognition of his many years of service to the lodge and Hermann Sons Life. He is pictured with his family and Trustee Lawrence Maha.

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 29

Brenham Lodge honors veterans Stern Lodge will meet Jan. 5, 2020 Stern Lodge members gathered for a Christmas party on Dec. 1 at the American Legion Hall in Seguin. Everyone enjoyed a catered meal and holiday desserts. Thanks go to Brandi May and Lindsay May for ordering the food, decorating and making sure the young members all had a gift from Santa. The next meeting is set for Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020.

New Bielau presents pioneer pins NEW BIELAU – New Bielau Lodge will meet Jan. 27, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. at the New Bielau Community Center. Membership pins were presented at the Nov. 25 meeting held at the Oakridge Smokehouse in Schulenburg. Special guest was Director David Noak. He presented the pins, spoke on Hermann Sons Life happenings and brought gifts that were used as door prizes.

David presented a 70-year membership pin to Arlene Marshall and a 60-year membership pin to Debbie Morrill. Three other members, Robert Abell, Robert Berger and Darrell Sander, could not be there to receive their pins. Agent Mary K. Seifert was also in attendance and talked about the upcoming dance recital and the Camp season. The lodge made a donation to

the Weimar Food Pantry in observance of Make a Difference Day. The officers for 2020 will be president, Dorothy Chevalier; vice president, Franklin Addicks; secretary-treasurer, Harlene Novak; and financial trustee, Arlene Marshall. Everyone enjoyed a meal prior to the meeting. – Harlene Novak

BRENHAM – Brenham Lodge elected officers for 2020 at the Nov. 8 meeting. Several transfer members were welcomed to the lodge. They are Craig, Marcela, Javier, Danielle, Jason, Deidra, Justin and Emily Falkenberg from Houston Lodge. Special Representative Gary Falkenberg read a poem in honor of Veteran’s Day and reminded members to recruit new members. The Cheer Committee mailed sympathy cards to Ricky Bosse following the passing of his

uncle, Bill Bosse; to Alfred and Esther Lampe following the passing of his brother, Donald Lampe; and to Dorothy Joswiak following the passing of her brother, Chester Lucherk. A thank you note was received from the Home Office for the Fisher House donation. A note was received from Milton and Evelyn Haack who are now at Kruse Village. The meal included deep fried turkey and the trimmings. There were 33 members and 10 officers in attendance. – Lena Mae Goessler

Giddings welcomes two new members GIDDINGS – Giddings Lodge welcomed two new members at the November meeting. They are Jabari Jackson and Rylee Jackson. All current officers were reelected by acclamation. They are president, Pat Abell; vice president, Loretta Chilek; secretary, Belle DeLaRosa; treasurer, Cecilia Martinez; trustee, Olivia Mize; and Finance Committee member, LaVerne Urban.

The Humanitarian Award will be presented to Donna Orsag for all the work she has done for the Lee County Youth Program over the years. The award was to be presented at the Dec. 12 Christmas party. She will also be presented a donation for the new Youth Center that will be finished next summer. Birthday cards were sent to Johnny Herzik, Edmundo DeLaR-

osa and Reagie Ebner. The $5 drawing winners were Kalaya Stone, LaVerne Urban and Pat Abell. Everyone enjoyed a chicken and dressing casserole made by the Deep Roots Restaurant in Giddings. A reminder that meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at The Silos of 77 in Giddings. – Reporter

Brenham Lodge recognized veterans at the November meeting. Pictured are, from left, front, Hilbert Goessler, Robert Preuss, Bennie Hanath, Harold Meinecke, back, from left, Richard Hanath, Elwood Jaster, Kenneth Kettler, Bill Rowan, Ben J. Meyer, Gary Falkenberg and James Hyvl.

Old Glory has soup on menu for January OLD GLORY - Several members attended the monthly meeting of Old Glory Lodge on a cold windy afternoon. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Virgil Vahlenkamp of Denton. Kraig Kupatt of Sagerton, a member since Dec. 2, 1959, and Laurl Jones of Beeville, a member since Nov. 6, 1959, both received their 60-year

pins. Robert Carpenter of Gray, a member since Jan. 6, 1969; Kathleen Miller of Stamford, a member since Oct. 5, 1969; and Ronnie Fred Teichelman from Amarillo, a member since Nov. 2, 1969, received 50-year pins. Winning the prizes donated by the Home Office were Brenda Vahlenkamp and Clara Richards. Gladys Vahlenkamp won the door prize.

Don and Pat Pyron were the only couple present celebrating a December anniversary. Following the meeting, the group enjoyed games and a meal of ham and all the trimmings. For the January meeting, soup is on the menu with members asked to bring desserts. – Anita Dozier

Celebrating birthdays in November from Brenham Lodge were, from left, Elwood Jaster, Joyce Marburger, Elaine Lorenz, Lena Mae Goessler and Duane Schwettmann.

Page 30 – Hermann Sons Life – January 2020

Dallas Lodge will install 2020 officers on Jan. 26

DALLAS – Dallas Lodge will meet Sunday, Jan. 26, at 1 p.m. at the Hall. Lunch will be provided. The 2020 elected and appointed officers will be installed. The officers were elected at the Nov. 17 meeting and include president, Clint Holmes; vice president, Andy Schellenberg; secretary/treasurer, Terri Holmes; and financial trustees, Eva Day and Clint and Terri Holmes. The appointed officers will be communications, Clint Holmes; youth, Eva Lloyd; membership, Terri Holmes; community, Eva Day, and historian, Margaret

(Schatzie) Owens. The Hall Home Association directors for Dallas Lodge will be Eva Day, Clint and Terri Holmes, Eva Lloyd, Brigette Robinson and Andy Schellenberg. Special recognition is extended to Steve Schellenberg for outstanding service as the secretary/treasurer and membership coordinator the last five years. Steve reported on the passing of Mary Keahey on Oct. 24 after a brief illness. She was 65 years old and resided in Greenville. Condolences are extended to her sisters, Kay Roberts, Paula Ryan and family. A donation was made to the Retire-

ment Home in her memory. Members approved donations of $100 to CitySquare and $250 for bicycles and gifts for children in need. Bobby Wilbanks purchased and delivered them. This was the lodge’s Christmas project in partnership with Columbia Lodge. Members thank Clint and Terri Holmes, Eva Day, Debra Hundley and Bobby Wilbanks for the meal. Clint Holmes won the attendance prize. His mother, Terri, and members surprised him with a 31st birthday party after the meeting. – Reporter

Clint Holmes was surprised with a birthday party following the November meeting of Dallas Lodge.

Fort Worth to hold drawing for Camp fee refund FORT WORTH – Thanks go to all who attended the Fort Worth Lodge meeting and Christmas party. Members re-elected all the officers. Linda Balmos will fill the community coordinator position. The lodge welcomes John Emshoff and his father Wilfred Emshoff as transfer members from Brenham Lodge. Hope to see them at meetings. John will be

working with Linda on community service projects. Thank-you letters were read from the Home Office for the lodge’s donations to the Retirement Home Christmas Fund, the Camp and the Fisher House Make a Difference Day project. The lodge welcomes three new members, Eli Beck, Logan Castor and Jaiden Osborn. They are the grandchildren of Deneen and

Jesse Castor. The Youth Committee will again do t-shirts and a drawing for a partial Camp fee refund for all junior lodge members attending Camp. Parents are asked to be on the lookout for a letter in January and be sure to send it back with their child’s size if they will be attending Camp. Congratulations to Beth Fenwick for reaching her 50-year

Vineta plans meeting, social SAN ANTONIO – It doesn’t seem possible that another year has passed but 2019 is almost history. Vineta Lodge celebrated 118 years as a lodge. All of the fund-raisers and gatherings would not have been accomplished without the help of officers and members. Thanks to everyone for being a member. The lodge will begin the new year on Jan. 2 with chili and tamales. A social is planned for Jan 15. Members will play bunco and share a potluck lunch. Thanks go to Cecilia Padalecki for furnishing the meal for the November social and Irene Kace for furnishing the dessert. In December members en-

joyed a ham dinner and the covered dishes they had prepared. Thanks go to all for making this a good time. The split-the-pot winner in December was Irene Kace. Several poinsettias were given away as door prizes. Members mourn the passing of Phyllis M, Coons, a member for 18 years. Applications for the lodge’s scholarship for 2020 are available by calling Ruth Bailey at 210-602-5147. She will mail the application that is due in the office by March 15. Applicants are required to show proof of 20 hours of community service. – Reporter

Vineta Lodge President Debbie Jordan, right, presents Betty Thomas a birthday gift from the lodge.

membership milestone. She became a member on Dec. 16, 1969. The next meeting will be March 1. Watch the newspaper for the meeting place. The bowling center has closed, so the lodge is looking for a new meeting place. If you have any suggestions, let an officer know. Happy Birthday wishes go to Linda Balmos, Larry Barclay, El-

don Bell, Michael Burton, Gracie Castor, Bill Cotton, David Dornberg, Wilfred Emshoff, Christopher Hanna, Johnna Hilcher, Peggy Hurst, Kenneth Miller, Maci Minter, Sherry Ozmun, Michael Rojas, Shelbie Stephenson, Brennen Tousley, William Tousley and Kinslee Wallace. – Reporter

Kerrville Lodge welcomes chair of the board at party KERRVILLE – Kerrville Lodge held its annual Christmas party on Friday, Dec. 6, at Buzzies BBQ. The lodge’s special guests were Chair of the Board Sandra Jones and husband Sam. Lodge President Tony Straube welcomed everyone. Vice President Scott Shoemaker offered a prayer and then everyone enjoyed the barbecue meal. Sandra spoke briefly and then presented a 60-year membership pin to David Wheat. There were door prize drawings. A birthday cake was served to honor Sallie McGrew and

Tony Straube Meeting cards will go out in January as a reminder for the meetings in 2020. Chili, beans and cornbread will be served at the Feb. 5 meeting. Other meetings will be held on April 1, June 3, Aug. 5 and Oct. 7. The Christmas party will be held Dec. 4. All meetings will be held in the board room at Wells Fargo Bank, 301 Junction Highway, Kerrville, unless otherwise noted. Check the monthly newspaper articles for any changes to this schedule. – Juanice Grona

January 2020 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 31

Agents Directory (alphabetized by area) La Vernia Sharon Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-0526

Adkins Roxy Pruski 210-218-6204

Corpus Christi Pearl Hunt 361-960-0276

Georgetown Brad Klein, FIC 512-497-0678

Austin Shirley Kuhen Faske 512-789-3975

Troylyn SisnerosGonzalez 361-232-7413

Giddings Loretta Chilek, FIC 979-542-2806

Bandera Stephanie Brown 210-621-3891

Cuero Laura Tiffin Wayne Tiffin 361-275-8421

Gonzales Bobbie Polasek 830-672-6317

Lubbock April Behnke 806-797-3585

Graham/Wichita Falls David Wolf 940-550-5202

Marion Lorene Bielke, FIC 830-420-2380

Cecilia Phillips 214-982-8905

Hondo Richard Muennink 210-827-0053

New Braunfels Becki Carley 361-550-9358

Terrel Maertz 979-732-1727

Gilbert Shelby 214-289-1815

Stacy Saathoff 830-444-9160

Kathryn Green 830-463-9455

Blanco Joni Kirkwood Moore 512-922-8283

Del Rio Pat Fritz, FIC 432-292-4483

Shirley Huebinger 830-629-1196

Boerne/San Antonio Pamela Poulk 210-753-2626

Devine Cynthia Sultenfuss 210-219-6409

Houston Gary Falkenberg, FICF 713-466-6069 or 713-899-4138

Boerne Lisa Rozacky 210-838-3306

El Campo Dennis Wigginton 832-278-9636

Marilyn Vogt, FICF 210-630-9874

Floresville/Poth Beth Cutsinger 210-325-6667

Bellville Robert Herridge 979-865-3222 Bernardo/Columbus Robin Maertz 979-732-1687

Caldwell Donnie Blinka 979-596-1309 Castroville Glenford Boehme, FIC 210-219-9792 Cibolo/Schertz Tracy Campos 210-388-2779 Judith Schulmeier, FIC 210-667-1938 Doreen Tissler 210-519-7859 Comfort Norma Bruns, FIC 830-995-3980

Dallas Helen Tyson Brown 214-796-0668

Floresville Lynn Wiede 830-393-4660 Fort Worth Sandra Jones, FIC 817-295-2666 Fredericksburg Todd Bierschwale 830-997-2130 George West Tracy Caron 361-449-0348

Jennifer Stryk Garner 832-596-9425 Al Stryk, FICF, LUTCF 281-485-4095 Gerald Ziemnicki 713-622-9001 Jourdanton Valerie M. Vick 210-748-5598 Karnes City Abigail Fenner 830-534-6982 Russell Swize 830-780-4053 Kirby Angela Netherton 210-831-1293 La Coste Elaine “Lainey” Franklin 210-789-1649 La Grange Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Marlin Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-7229

Tim Salge 830-625-4816 Laura Ann Timmermann 830-556-7527 Nixon-Smiley Diana P. Moreno 830-379-2244 (office) 830-534-4989 (cell) Orange Grove Paula Gebert 361-384-2375 Pflugerville Julius Dubcak 512-272-8393 Port Lavaca Nancy Annette Walraven 361-552-9403 Needville /Rosenberg Chris Stoeltje 979-559-6127 Round Top/Rutersville Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Sales Department Staff

210-527-9113 • 877-437-6266 • 888-839-7667 Vice President of Sales Tim Kolbe timk@hermannsonslife.org Marketing Analyst Ana Vasquez, FLMI, AIRC, FIC anav@hermannsonslife.org Administrative Assistant Gladys Rowley gladysr@hermannsonslife.org Special Representatives: Dan Boenig - 210-705-1815 danb@hermannsonslife.org Eulla May Krueger - 210-863-0546 • 830-985-3643 eullak@hermannsonslife.org Teresa Saathoff - 210-422-6996 teresaasaathoff@gmail.com

San Antonio Ruth Bailey 210-602-5147

Seguin Annette D. Roecker 830-832-0724

Darlene Irwin 210-392-2649

Tina B. Ynfante 210-859-1973

Rayna Sue Irwin 210-710-7038

Diane Terp 830-305-3564

Clif Klabunde, FIC 210-219-6142

Spring Branch Gloria Gass 830-885-4405

Lauren Brehm-Long 210-643-9836 San Marcos/Lockhart Janice Kuhen 512-393-1431 Schulenburg/Weimar Mary K. Seifert 979-743-0312 Schwertner Irene Schwertner 254-527-4470 Seguin/San Antonio Carol Krauss, FIC 210-725-4106

Stockdale Ronald Wiatrek 210-771-4354 Victoria Jason Hybner 361-652-6924 Victoria Laura Thigpen 361-676-8307 Yorktown Judy Wolf 361-564-2452

Page 32 – Hermann Sons Life –January 2020

Shining Stars Winter word search

MIA MOLINET is a member of New Braunfels Lodge. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese and her favorite TV show is “Paw Patrol.” Mia enjoys reading books at the library and playing at the splash pad and the Jumpy Place.

Sign up to be a Shining Star! Members 17 and younger can become Shining Stars! Shining Stars are featured in Hermann Sons Life each month and on our website and receive a fun packet in the mail. Shining Stars and their families are invited to a

special event each year. The past few years, Shining Stars have been treated to a day at Schlitterbahn. Fill out the form on this page or go to the website, www.hermannsonslife.org, Member Benefits - Shining Stars.

Shining Star Registration Form Become a Shining Star! Just send us a photo of yourself (that we can keep) and fill out this form and send to: Tammi Sutherland, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297. The form is also available online at hermannsonslife.org. Photos of our Shining Stars also are featured online. Name:

























Maze fun Help the boy find his coat.

Birthday: Home Phone: Daytime Phone: Address: City:


E-mail Address: Grade in school: Favorite food: Pets: Favorite TV show: Activities: It is OK with my parents that I am featured as a “Shining Star” in the Hermann Sons Life newspaper, website and any other advertising publications.

Color the photo.

Parent’s Signature: I am a member of

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, Jan. 20


Certificate No._______________________________________________________ Puzzle answers on Pg. 18.