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August 2019

A time to play & heal


Top producers for second quarter recognized ➤ Pg. 4

Dance registration continues through first of October ➤ Pg. 9

Lots of smiling faces seen at Camp 2019 ➤ Pgs. 14-16

Camp provides retreat for grieving children COMFORT – They swam. They danced. They played GaGa. They built model rockets. And they laughed – a lot. But the most important thing the 83 children who attended the third Grief Support Camp did was what they came there to do – take another step on their path to healing their broken hearts. These children – ages 6 to 17 – came from different cities and different backgrounds but they all had one thing in common. They had all lost someone very close to them and they were having a hard time dealing with that. The Grief Support Camp was a place where they could share their feelings like they couldn’t anywhere else. They were surrounded by people who understood what they were going through because they were going through it themselves.

One of the therapists from the Children’s Bereavement Center (CBC) said that many of the children told her time and again, “I learned that I am not alone.” In between the volleyball, baseball, ceramics and the dance there was time set aside

“I learned that I am not alone.” multiple times a day to sit in what are called “healing circles” that are organized based on age. No one is allowed into the healing circles except the children and the therapists. But there was therapy going on in other

places as well. Bellin, a therapy dog, paid a visit. He has been there all three years. The children get to love on him while his handlers answer questions about death and dying. Every year each child brings a photo of their lost loved one with them and they talk See CAMP, Pg. 12

Page 2 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019

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Frank Brandon Shirley Faske Tammy Kelley

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Elizabeth Byron Tammy Haecker Marsha Kocurek Sayra Martinka

Sherry Rakowitz Lisa Rozacky Irene Schwertner


Brad Dietrich Robert Herridge Tammy Jones Edward J. Muehlbrad

Doug Saathoff Laura Tiffin Lori Todd


Every Friday Night! 7-9 p.m. • Rathskeller Bar 525 S. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio Come find out just how smart you really are! And bring your friends!

Lodge Reports Anton Wenzel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Austin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Bexar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Boerne . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Brenham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Cibolo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Columbia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 Comfort . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Corpus Christi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Coupland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Da Costa . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Dallas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Deanville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Fort Worth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Fredericksburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Gay Hill . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Giddings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Gulf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Harmonia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Helotes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26

Houston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Karnes City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Kerrville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Kirby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 La Vernia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Mission-Alamo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 New Braunfels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Niederwald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Paige . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Pershing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Plum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Poth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Prinz Solms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Round Top . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Rowena . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 San Marcos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Schulenburg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21 Siemering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Twin Sisters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Vineta . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

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Third Grief Support Camp held Moulton hosting Pork Steak Dinner Cuero Family Lodge hosting dance Friday nights are Trivia Nights Vineta Lodge supports Grief Camp

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Members ask to help recruit agentsl Recommenders listed Welcome our new 100% Families Top producers recognized Listing of agents

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Campers are all smiles in Comfort Dance registration under way Answers to puzzles on Pg . 28 Shining Stars

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August 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 3


Members asked to help recruit new agents By TIM KOLBE Vice President of Marketing Summer is finally here with a vengeance! Hot and dry in San Antonio for July, and August is usually no exception. For those of our readers who remember that I had shoulder replacement surgery in late May, I want to report that I was back in the office in late June, but having to be chauffeured everywhere. Thanks go to my wife Cheryl, daughter Katie, and Communications Director Kathie Ninneman for putting up with me. Finally cleared to drive on July 11, I felt like a 16-year-old just getting his license. Look out! I still have lots of rehab ahead, having to remember that it’s going to take longer for this almost 60-year-old to get back to normalcy. Things just take longer as

we get older. That leads me to discuss the aging workforce of agents/producers in the life insurance industry today. According to recent research, one quarter of insurance agents have reached retirement age in 2018. Being that the average age of a U.S. insurance agent is 59, it appears that the trend will only accelerate. Hermann Sons Life is no different, in that our current agent workforce is aging. I believe that the fraternal life business may be a bit different than the current industry standard in that our producers stay with us well into their 70s. These loyal and dedicated agents feel a sense of purpose and commitment to the fraternal model possibly not seen in the commercial sector. Make no mistake, we love our

legacy agents who see support of Hermann Sons Life as a true vocation, which aligns with our mission and values. But the fact is that we are losing our legacy agents to age, and our number of producers is dropping. Recruitment efforts have only blunted the loss rate, and we realize the need to recruit more agents to increase our availability in not only communities with lodges, but all over the State of Texas. Where fraternal organizations have an advantage in this issue is that we sell more than just life insurance, a typically sterile product which research indicates many younger folks feel is a boring business. Of course, we sell life insurance and annuity products, but it’s what comes with that which is uniquely different;

membership in an organization that values life and community, as much as financial security. That added value to members and community is constantly on display through our great benefits, and the wonderful work of our lodges in communities all across the state. Agents know that by selling our products we strengthen community, and with every member added we gain an opportunity to engage a new person in our mission. Whether it’s our camps, dance, retirement home, the grief camp, or our community service objectives, everyone has the ability to enrich lives and strengthen community. Our agents are no exception. We are working to enhance our marketing support system to provide ease of access to agents through technology. Digitized

applications and signatures, remote access to client information for efficient service and consultation, are just a sample of projects the Home Office has committed to onboarding; systems to attract more agents and members who are used to online support tools. We will always have a paper application process for clients who prefer that level of contact, a live person to talk to on the phone, or an agent who is ready to make a personal visit. Because we feel that the best agent is one who is already familiar with Hermann Sons Life, we want to offer to our members a new agent recommender program. Basically, the way it will work is that any Hermann Sons Life See PROGRAM, Pg. 4


It’s Trivia Night at the Rathskeller Bar in the San Antonio Home Association Building, 525 S. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio. The fun runs from 7-9 p.m. and there are great prizes for the winners.

Home Association Building, 525 S. St, Mary’s St., San Antonio. The show runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Everyone is welcome to come and view all of the baseball cards, autographed sports memorabilia and more. The bar will be open. The show is held on the third Sunday of every month.

28 – Moulton Lodge will host a Chicken Fried Pork AUGUST Steak Dinner from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Moulton 2 – The historic Dallas Hall hosts its monthly First Fri- American Legion Hall, Hwy. 95 North. Plates to go day celebration. There are drink specials and food specials and a different activity each month. The Hall is located at 3414 Elm St., Dallas.

10 –

Cuero Lodge will host a community dance at the Cuero VFW Hall, 900 N. U.S. Hwy 183, from 8 p.m.midnight. There is no cost to attend. Donations will be accepted to help the lodge send care packages to troops serving overseas. Music will be by Total Entertainment.

17 – The Goodtime Polka and Waltz Club will host a

dance at Eagles Hall, 257 E. South St., New Braunfels. The Czechaholics from Moravia will provide the dance music. Call 210-566-5864 or 210-800-3625 for more information. Or follow the club on Facebook @goodtimepolkaandwaltzclub.

25 –

The San Antonio Premier Sports Card Show will be held in the Rathskeller Bar of the San Antonio

only are being sold for $9 each. The plate includes a chicken fried pork steak, giblet rice, corn and dessert. Proceeds will benefit the lodge’s scholarship fund and charitable giving.

SEPTEMBER 21 – The Goodtime Polka and Waltz Club will host a

dance at Eagles Hall, 257 E. South St., New Braunfels. The Dujka Brothers from East Bernard/Brenham will provide the dance music. Call 210-566-5864 or 210800-3625 for more information. Or follow the club on Facebook @goodtimepolkaandwaltzclub.

OCTOBER 1 – Today is the last day to enroll in one of the 31 Schools of Dance. For more information, turn to Pg. 9.

If you would like to see your lodge’s event listed here and in the Events section of the Hermann Sons Life website, call Kathie Ninneman, 210-226-9261, ext. 273, or 1-800-234-4124, ext. 273, or email

Editor/Communications Director Kathie Ninneman 210-226-9261, ext. 273 email: Assistant Editor/Assistant Communications Director Elaine Soto 210-226-9261, ext. 279 email: Fax: 1-888-443-3377 or 210-892-0252 Website: All news articles and photographs should be mailed to: Editor, Hermann Sons Life, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941 or emailed to: Deadline for each monthly issue is the 10th of the month of publication. The Hermann Sons Life newspaper is an official publication of Hermann Sons Life. The management and editorial policy of the newspaper shall be in the hands of the President and CEO, and the President and CEO shall have the authority to appoint a member or members of Hermann Sons Life as editor and/or business manager thereof (Art. 38, Grand Lodge Laws).

Page 4 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019


Recommendations earn Top producers earn sales bonuses two members gift cards The Marketing Department is recognizing 40 recommenders for the month of June. This brings the total to 219 members recommending 300 new members to Hermann Sons Life in 2019. The winners of the $50 gift cards for June are Crystal Dawn Wehe of New Braunfels Lodge and Delores Gaskamp of Brenham Lodge. Congratulations to the following June recommenders: Recommender Ashton Lane Akin, Giddings Lodge River Morrison Balthrop, Brunhilde Lodge Michelle Dawn Barbee, Seguin Lodge Tracy S. Bratz, Prinz Solms Lodge (*) Brooklyn Devere, Prinz Solms Lodge Jackson Scott Faglie, Mission-Alamo Lodge Randell L. Fields, Columbia Lodge Stephen Flandro, Brunhilde Lodge Tessa Renee Fontenot, Helotes Lodge Cora L. Garfield, Seguin Lodge Delores Gaskamp, Brenham Lodge Christopher Gloria Jr., Fredericksburg Lodge Sebastian H. Godfrey, Helotes Lodge Kaylee A. Gonzalez, D’Hanis Lodge Olivia Gressett, Manchaca Lodge Zaileyana High, Prinz Solms Lodge Thomas J. Hruska, Ellinger Lodge Donna Rene Jones, Louise Schuetze Lodge Katelynn Marie Lamon, Castroville Lodge Victoria Elizabeth Lamon, Castroville Lodge Ashlyn Jade Lange, Castroville Lodge Addelyn Langston, Helotes Lodge (*) Cynthia Ledwig, Mission-Alamo Lodge (*) Karissa McGarity, La Vernia Lodge Jacquline J. Moreno, Nixon-Smiley Lodge (&) Christian S. Ortiz, Jourdanton Lodge (*) Jana A. Page, Castroville Lodge (^) Amber Dawn Pawlik, Helotes Lodge Reece C. Plake, Louise Schuetze Lodge Jessica Ann Recio, Lone Oak Lodge (*) Reif Coleman Richter, Harmonia Lodge (^) Katherine Stevens, New Braunfels Lodge (*) Travis Wayne Sullivan, Siemering Lodge (*) Katherine Sutherland, Bernardo Lodge (*) Jennifer Kay Swanson, Marion Lodge Gregory Van De Putte, Harmonia Lodge (^) Kenneth Wallace Jr., Pershing Lodge Emily Lavonn Wallace, Pershing Lodge Crystal Dawn Wehe, New Braunfels Lodge (*) Ryan Wommack, Kypfer-Salge Lodge (^)

Agent Loretta Chilek Carol Krauss Annette Roecker Rayna Sue Irwin Clifton Klabunde Roxy Pruski Gilbert Shelby Teresa Saathoff Rayna Sue Irwin Angela Netherton Gary Falkenberg Dennis Henke Carol Krauss Eulla Krueger Shirley Faske Teresa Saathoff Linda Mattocks Dan Boenig Eulla Krueger Eulla Krueger Glenford Boehme Rayna Sue Irwin Roxy Pruski Pamela Poulk Diana Moreno Elizabeth Cutsinger Glenford Boehme Wayne Tiffin Teresa Saathoff Roxy Pruski Teresa Saathoff Kathryn Green Doreen Tissler Terrel Maertz Lorene Bielke Shirley Faske Carol Krauss Carol Krauss Gloria Gass Tim Salge

(*) Recommended 2 new members (^) Recommended 3 new members (&) Recommended 4 new members

It pays to recommend new members!

You could win a $50 gift card!

SAN ANTONIO – The Marketing Department has announced the names of the top producing agents for the second quarter of 2019. Agents must meet minimum requirements for number of applications written and amount of premium income generated to qualify for quarterly bonuses. In the applications written category, Becki Carley of New Braunfels Lodge and Roxy Pruski of Mission-Alamo Lodge finished in a first-place tie statewide with 19 applications each. They were followed in third place by Wayne Tiffin of Cuero Family Lodge with 10 applications. Jerry Ziemnicki of Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge finished in first place in Region 1 with six applications. Becki Carley also finished in first place in Region 2. In second place was Irene Schwertner of Schwertner Lodge with six applications. In Region 3, Lisa Rozacky of Bexar Lodge finished in first place with seven applications. In Region 4, Wayne Tiffin finished first. In Region 5, Roxy Pruski finished in first place and Judith Schulmeier from Kirby Lodge finished in second place with eight applications. In the premium income category, Judith Schulmeier finished in first place statewide with $10,962. She was followed in second place by Jerry Ziemnicki with $7,437 and Roxy Pruski finished in third with $6,997. In Region 1, Jerry Ziemnicki finished in first.

In Region 2, Becki Carley finished in first place with $4,961 and Irene Schwertner was second with $4,640. In Region 3, Lisa Rozacky was first with $5,042, In Region 4, Wayne Tiffin finished in first place with $4,272. In Region 5, Judith Schulmeier finished in first place and Roxy Pruski finished in second place with $6,997. Special representatives do not qualify for these awards. Agents receiving special recognition in the applications written category were Special Representative Teresa Saathoff, 56; Kathryn Green of New Braunfels Lodge, 18; Special Representative Eulla Krueger, 15; Glenford Boehme from Castroville Lodge, 14; and Shirley Faske from San Marcos Lodge, Carol Krauss from Pershing Lodge and Diana Moreno from Nixon-Smiley Lodge, all with 10. Special recognition in the premium income category goes to Ruth Bailey of Vineta Lodge, $11,729; Special Representative Teresa Saathoff, $11,542; Terrel Maertz of Bernardo Lodge, $9,583; Special Representative Eulla Krueger, $5,451; Special Representative Gary Falkenberg, $5,005; Stacy Saathoff of Hondo Victory Lodge, $3,755; Linda Mattocks from Round Top Lodge, $3,242; and Richard Muennink from Hondo Lodge, $3,068.

Hermann Sons Life welcomes 100% Families 100% Family Rizzo Family Brian Monica

City Spring Branch

Lodge Prinz Solms

Agent Teresa Saathoff

100% Family Simmons Family Ronald Decandice Keshawne Yulie’ Anna

City Corpus Christi

Lodge Corpus Christi

Agent Troylyn SisnerosGonzales

Program will reward agent recruiters Cont’d. from Pg. 3 member can recommend a person who they believe will make a great agent. Some of the attributes of a good agent are a person who has great interpersonal skills, is self-motivated, and is committed to helping our organization grow in relevance in today’s society. We seek agents

who not only will be active in their lodges, but lead or take part in community service activities which is the essence of our mission. Members who recommend new agents will be compensated after the agent is appointed, trained and reaches minimum sales goals in a specified period. To receive the finder fee, the

recommender is encouraged to assist the new agent by helping them find new prospective members through life insurance or annuity products. Once we have the details set and published, we will notify our lodges and members in the newspaper, Insider and on our website. Stay tuned and be thinking about who you will recommend.

80 Years



ROGER DALE BIPPERT Castroville Lodge

STEPHANIE A. GOWAN Katy-Bear Creek Lodge







ANNA L. BRANDT Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge


75 Years



LEOLA M. GOURLEY San Marcos Lodge



MYRTLE SUE FERRO Deanville Lodge


70 Years


August 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 5


60 Years







LYNN DAVID TALAFUSE Jackson County Lodge



50 Years


GARY THOMAS HEARD Anton Wenzel Lodge






HAROLD DAN NIEMANN Corpus Christi Lodge






MICHAEL C. HARDIN General Bee Lodge



Page 6 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019







Join Hands Day




Donations Donations to the Retirement Home in Memory of: FRED HENRY SANDER Donor: Brenham Lodge LONIE MICHAELIS Donor: Cat Spring Lodge

VINETA LODGE – Vineta Lodge members are pictured with the games and puzzles that they donated to the Grief Support Camp.


MILTON H. PFEIFER Donor: Da Costa Lodge

Donations to the Retirement Home Scholarship Fund in Memory of: PAULINE POSEY Donors: Jack & Dianne Larned

EDITH MARIE BANZHAF Donor: Cameron Lodge

KATHLEEN BENDER Donors: Ross & Betty Murphy Myrtle Kirchhoff


Donations to the Camp in Memory of:


Please print

Acknowledgement from Retirement Home Retirement Home Scholarship Fund

Camp Camp Scholarship Fund Grief Support Session at Camp

to go to: Name: City, State, Zip: Donor: City, State, Zip: Date:

Donations to the Camp Scholarship Fund in Memory of: CHARLES D. LOEFFLER Donors: Rob & Shirley Lowrie

ALFRED MARSHALL Donor: New Bielau Lodge

Donations to the Grief Support Camp:

Please print


KATHY HAJEK Donors: Jack & Aline Harbort

LEROY MUEHLSTEIN Donors: Gary & Doris Falkenberg

Please print



Amount: $ Clip and mail with your memorial contribution to: Hermann Sons Life Home Office, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297-1941.


Medical Notes that gluten may not be to blame for sensitivity, which may be a result of fermentable, poorly absorbed, short-chain carbohydrates (FODMAPs), like grains, beans, dairy and some fruits. By removing the grain (gluten included), affected individuals feel better, thinking gluten is to blame. Those with no reason to avoid gluten could be putting their health at risk by skipping wheat and other grains. A recent study from Harvard Medical School says those who avoid gluten may be harming their heart health. The study, which tracked the eating habits of 64,714 women and 45,303 men over a period of 26 years, found that long-term avoidance of gluten in adults sometimes caused

August 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 7

the reduced consumption of heart-healthy whole grains that affect cardiovascular risk. Study leader Andrew Chan said that individuals who consumed the lowest levels of dietary gluten had a 15 percent higher risk of heart disease. The study concluded that the promotion of gluten-free diets among people for whom it is deemed medically unnecessary to avoid gluten should not be encouraged. There may be other reasons to continue to eat gluten. A study published in The British Journal of Nutrition, titled, “Effects of a gluten-free diet on gut microbiota and immune function in healthy adult human subjects,” found a gluten-free diet may adversely affect gut flora and immune function.

This potentially puts people at risk for an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in their intestinal biome. Another study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry found that gluten may boost immune function. After roughly a week on added gluten protein, subjects experienced increased natural killer cell activity, which could be helpful in improving the body’s ability to fight viral infections and cancer. A gluten-free diet isn’t necessarily a healthy one. While such a diet may be necessary for those with Celiac disease, unless a doctor has determined a person needs to avoid gluten, it is wise to include whole grains in a balanced diet.

If the number of glutenfree products stocking store shelves and appearing on restaurant menus are any indication, then the general public has embraced gluten-free living. Many people eat gluten-free diets despite not having Celiac disease, which is a condition that requires people to avoid gluten. However, a voluntary gluten censorship may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Less than 1 percent of Americans are gluten-intolerant or afflicted with Celiac disease. Despite this, the popularity of gluten-free diets tripled between 2013 and 2014, according to reports from The Kitchn. Although people who are sensitive to gluten may feel better avoiding it, Dr. Daniel A.

Leffler, director of clinical research at the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, has said others will derive no significant benefit from gluten avoidance and will simply waste money buying the more expensive gluten-free alternatives. People with perceived gluten sensitivities may not have aversions to gluten at all. According to a study conducted by Monash University and published in 2013, people with self-reported non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten only caused negative symptoms when subjects knew they were eating it. When they believed the food to be something else, participants experienced no symptoms. Other medical experts say

DANIEL JOE NIEMEYER Brenham Lodge Died Sept. 28, 2014 • Age 60

JOHN C. LANGENDORFF New Braunfels Lodge Died Jan. 28, 2019 • Age 82

ELSIE MAY ABERNATHY Pershing Lodge Died March 30, 2019 • Age 85

PLES BING YARBROUGH Siemering Lodge Died May 3, 2019 • Age 76

GABE W. STRYBOS JR. Beaumont Lodge Died May 10, 2019 • Age 89

MARK P. HEALTON Anton Wenzel Lodge Died April 17, 2018 • Age 65

LA ROY H. OGDEN JR. Pershing Lodge Died Feb 3, 2019 • Age 53

CLETA F. CORDRAY Wichita Falls Lodge Died April 7, 2019 • Age 82

IRENE K. WEBER Pershing Lodge Died May 3, 2019 • Age 93

RUTH LYTLE Prinz Solms Lodge Died May 12, 2019 • Age 91

ALTON J. SCHUBERT Harmonia Lodge Died May 17, 2018 • Age 89

JAMES LYNN CUFF Harmonia Lodge Died Feb. 8, 2019 • Age 72

IRENE MARIE BRIEDEN Gruenau Lodge Died April 12, 2019 • Age 71

EMIL L. HOHMANN Fredericksburg Lodge Died May 5, 2019 • Age 88

MARILYN I. NIESNER Da Costa Lodge Died May 15, 2019 • Age 84

DARLENE MOORE New Braunfels Lodge Died May 31, 2018 • Age 80

THELMA BLOCKER BROWN Bryan Lodge Died Feb. 8, 2019 • Age 88

HELEN E. LEHRMANN Old Glory Lodge Died April 14, 2019 • Age 90

RYAN JAY BIELKE Marion Lodge Died May 5, 2019 • Age 24

CLARA BELL HENGST Gruenau Lodge Died May 19, 2019 • Age 89

JOHN A. BRANDESKY Castroville Lodge Died Oct. 9, 2018 • Age 41

EDWARD R. TAGLIABUE Da Costa Lodge Died Feb. 12, 2019 • Age 99

SHIRLEY MAE PETRI Prinz Solms Lodge Died April 21, 2019 • Age 75

IRENE ALICE SCHOLZ Prinz Solms Lodge Died May 5, 2019 • Age 90

JOY GEORGIA CHRISTIAN Da Costa Lodge Died May 20, 2019 • Age 90

HILMAR ROEHR Harmonia Lodge Died Dec. 23, 2018 • Age 94

PATSY JEAN SCHUMANN Prinz Solms Lodge Died Feb. 18, 2019 • Age 87

VIRGINIA L. VALENTA Louise Schuetze Lodge Died April 24, 2019 • Age 88

FLORIENE G. THOMPSON Louise Schuetze Lodge Died May 6, 2019 • Age 91

ELLYN D. STRYK New Bielau Lodge Died May 23, 2019 • Age 100

LESTER E. KOERLIN Siemering Lodge Died Jan. 5, 2019 • Age 94

VIOLA HAGENS Hochheim-Prairie Lodge Died March 14, 2019 • Age 97

SUSAN E. MCCARTY Pershing Lodge Died April 24, 2019 • Age 55

ANNIE LEE TERRILL Fort Worth Lodge Died May 6, 2019 • Age 90

ELIZABETH ANN MORYL Stern Lodge Died May 28, 2019 • Age 7 8

LUCILLE C. SHELTON Fort Worth Lodge Died Jan. 20, 2019 • Age 92

RUBY LEE ULBRICHT Spring Branch Lodge Died March 15, 2019 • Age 95

JUDY L. MILLER Gonzales Lodge Died April 28, 2019 • Age 76

DORIS M. BOYD Rosenberg-Richmond Lodge Died May 7, 2019 • Age 89

The names of deceased members are listed on this page only after a death claim has been filed.

In Memoriam of Our Deceased Members

EDITH MARIE BANZHAF Cameron Lodge Died March 29, 2019 • Age 77

GERALD M. EVANS Edelweiss-Magnolia Lodge Died May 8, 2019 • Age 79

Page 8 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019

Retirement Home Cabinet determined to be work of former resident COMFORT – Guests to the Home in June were Carol and Kenneth Sweeney, Friendswood, Gonzales Lodge; Wilhelm Tell; Stan and Margaret Paradowski; Jene and Bryon Howard; Helen Boehme, Hondo Victory Lodge; Mary Frances Massena, Hondo; Dee Jenkins, Devine; Cathy Paradowski; Ralph Treiber and James Allerkamp. Both the United States and Texas flags are flown at the Home every day of the year. New flags were flying high for Flag Day on June 14. Red, white, and blue decorations adorned the doors and halls all month long. Many Home residents choose to wear blue on the first Friday of each month to honor first responders and wear red on the other Fridays in honor of the military. Eyrline Allerkamp Behrends visited the Home on June 22. She brought with her a keepsake box, handcrafted by former Altenheim resident Mister Schmidt. She did not know his first name. Management and residents had reason to believe he also crafted an old cabinet being used in the storage facility at the Home. Eyrline solved the mystery that Manager Brenda Gunnink, the beloved late Assistant Manager Brenda Treiber and this reporter (Helen Widner) had been wondering about for years. According to Eyrline’s notes and memories from her mother, Mr. Schmidt was the resident who created these woodworking masterpieces with a pocket knife and glue at his work table in the recreation room. Considering the timeframe and old records, it was concluded that Mr. Schmidt was August Schmidt who came to the Home in 1950 from El Paso and died in 1960. He is buried in the Home cemetery next to his wife. Brenda asked current resident John Widner if he could make repairs, replace missing mosaic pieces and restore the old cabinet. He did and Brenda made a display place in the alcove out-

Eyrline Allerkamp Behrends, daughter of former Home managers Leo and Paula Allerkamp, is pictured with her keepsake box made by a former resident. She is standing next to a cabinet that it has been determined he also made. John Widner is standing next to the restored and refinished cabinet that now has a new home inside the Retirement Home. It was originally created by former resident August Schmidt.

John Widner celebrated his 88th birthday and Father’s Day with son Jeff and granddaughter Jennifer and their golden retrievers in Bandera. side the office for it. The cabinet will be used as a storage place for historical information about the Home. Residents and guests are invited to take time to learn about it. Birthday cake and ice cream were served for the noon meal dessert on June 27 to honor Martha Willems, John Widner and Darrell Kaminski. Condolences are extended to the family of former resident Kathy Bender. She passed away June 19. She was buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery on June 26. – Helen Widner

Residents were treated to an Ice Cream Social and visited with Hermann Sons Life Camp leaders in the front yard on June 9.

Martha Willems received birthday flowers from relatives. She celebrates her birthday in June.

Darrell Kaminski was all smiles as the residents sang “Happy Birthday” to him at breakfast.

August 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 9

Dance registration continues through Oct. 1 SAN ANTONIO – Registration for the 2019-2020 dance year is under way and will continue until Oct. 1. Junior members ages 3 to 17 who live in the area around one of the 31 Schools of Dance should have received a registration brochure in the mail. The brochure provides detailed instructions on how to

access the registration process through Class Juggler. Parents should note that if they created an account to register a camper, they will not have to create a new account to register a dancer. They will have to use the dance password that is provided in the brochure. Parents who did not register a camper will need to create an account by following

the instructions in the brochure. The brochure includes a list of the 31 Schools of Dance. Any junior member who meets the age requirement and whose life insurance premiums and dues are current can register for an hour of instruction per week in any school of their choosing. The schools are under the direction of the instructor(s) and

two parent liaisons. Other parents can become involved by volunteering in various capacities including serving as class monitors, working on fund-raising and helping with the recital. Each school collects a registration fee that is determined by the individual schools and is used to offset the cost of the recital and other expenses. The Home Of-

fice collects a $50 assessment fee to help cover the cost of the instructors and other expenses. Classes will start after Sept. 1. Rici Chaney, a former student and instructor in the San Antonio School of Dance, coordinates the Dance Program for the Home Office. She can be reached at 800-234-4124, ext. 241, or 210226-9261, ext. 241.

First Fridays are fun Fridays at historic Dallas Hall DALLAS – There is a tradition in Dallas of Columbia Lodge, Dallas Lodge and the Home Association coming together on the first Friday of each month to enjoy a special night of fun for members and prospective members. A committee has been considering what makes a great night out at the Hall and there is good news! First Fridays will now feature $2 draft Shiner Bock beer and $2 alternating featured foods (such as a slice of pizza, a bratwurst, a dish of nachos or something similar) all night long. Members and guests alike may partake of this special pricing. Each First Friday will feature a fun activity to enjoy, often focusing on the regular events that make the treasured Hall such a bustling community center. The four regular events will form the foundation of the First Friday calendar. Ranger Randell’s Electric Campfire Acoustic Jam has been featured already, bringing out Thursday’s fun-loving, musicmaking crowd. Several live-music

Answers to Pg. 28 puzzles Word scramble 1. Beach 2. Ice cream 3. Swimming 4. Picnic 5. Vacation 6. Watermelon 7. Sandcastle 8. Heat 9. Boating 10. Pool

events have been hosted on First Friday, showcasing opportunities for music appreciation, which has been a hallmark of this venue on weekend nights for many years. Karaoke nights will be a regular party with Cliff Martinez bringing out his rig for a fun night of belting out the tunes with friends. Swing Dance is sure to be a crowd-pleaser on a Friday night, as it always is on its usual Wednesdays, with Jerry and Kathy Warwick hosting swing dance lessons. In addition to these established opportunities for fun, there have been a Movie Night, with a special screening of the story of Hermann (Arminius), as well as a Family Game Night, where members got together to play Ladder Ball, Trivial Pursuit, Pente, Checkers, Corn Hole, Farkle, Aggravation and more! To round out the overall ambiance and create a welcoming atmosphere to newcomers and prospective members, it is hoped that at least one agent will be present on First Fridays to initiate mem-

bership applications and inquiries, and to meet with people in the process of becoming members. In this way, agents will be available to follow up with details on a regularly scheduled basis. Everyone is encouraged to come out on First Fridays and partake of the agents’ special knowledge and assistance, the festivities, and the special pricing, including featured foods. Speaking of special pricing there is even more good news this month for members. The Home Association has voted to establish special pricing for ALL Hermann Sons Life members at the lodge’s regular events. This means that members both local and visiting, will receive $2 off on Wednesday night’s Swing Dance lessons and $5 off Hermann Sons Life produced live music concerts and shows! This is a great incentive to come out and enjoy the Hall in all of its glory. Happy Hour is from 5-8 p.m. every night that the bar is open. At the July meeting of Colum-

Crossword Across 4. Barbecue 7. Lemonade 9. June 10. Fourth of July 11. Swim 12. Hot Down 1. Watermelon 2. Sandcastle 3. Sunglasses 5. Vacations 6. Camping 8. August Word scramble 1. Beach 2. Ice cream 3. Swimming 4. Picnic

Aggravation is one of the popular games played on First Fridays at the historic Dallas Hall. bia Hall, it was agreed that the upcoming November elections would be best served by a series of preparatory measures. It is recommended that anyone wishing to run for office in November make a declaration in September of their interest in running, and then in October the candidates will have a chance to explain their platform and to prepare voters to support them, and the voters will have a chance to hear what each candidate intends to bring to the

job that they are being elected to do. Declarations and platform announcements will be made at the monthly meetings. The lodge will sponsor a float in the State Fair Parade again this year. This is a very fun event and there is talk of an exceptionally festive float this year. The parade will happen on Friday, Sept. 27, with load in at 10 a.m. If you want to be on the float, schedule accordingly. Hope to see you there. – Anni Howe

Ellinger welcomes new member Barrett Leopold Schulmeier is the newest member of Ellinger Lodge. Barrett is the son of Nathan and Krysten Schulmeier, also members of Ellinger Lodge. He is the grandson of Irvin and Judy Schulmeier and the nephew of Vice President of Operations Samantha Schulmeier. Cross Word Across 4. Barbecue 7. Lemonade 9. June

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Dallas plans September gathering

Celebrating anniversaries in June from Brenham Lodge were, from left, Aubrey and Evelyn Harmel, 60 years, and Lynn and Alton Ehler, 20 years.

June birthday celebrants from Brenham Lodge were, from left, Raymond Walker, Gloria Hanath and Ben Meyer.

Brenham elects new financial trustee BRENHAM – At the June meeting of Brenham Lodge, Shirley K. Moehlmann was elected financial trustee to replace the late Glenwood Hertel. Members were reminded of the dance on June 28 with music by Chris Rybak. Bring snacks for the intermission. The Cheer Committee mailed sympathy cards to the families of Phyliss Sutterby, Glenwood Hertel, Donna Kaltwasser and Fred Hy. Sander. Get-well cards were mailed to Richard Hanath and Hilbert and Lena Mae Goessler. President James Hyvl presented a goody basket to the oldest father in attendance,

Milton Haack, 95 years old. He also read a poem in honor of Flag Day and Father’s Day. Thanks go to Raymond Walker for providing the meal and drinks in honor of his 93rd birthday. Thanks also were extended to Gerald Wehring, Janet Wehring, Nina Runge, Shirley Ganske, Pearlie Hanath and Nora Kettler for preparing the food and drinks and to all members who provided a dessert. Kenneth and Nora Kettler provided hotdogs for the July meeting and Marvin Marburger provided ice cream for dessert. – Lena Mae Goessler

Brenham Lodge members Milton and Evelyn Haack celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary in May.

Cibolo hosts Flag Day ceremony Cibolo Lodge hosted its annual Flag Day ceremony at Cibolo City Hall on June 14. Following the ceremony, refreshments were served. The next meeting will be held Thursday, Aug. 1, at 7 p.m. All members are welcome!

DALLAS – Dallas Lodge will meet Sunday, Sept. 22, at 1 p.m. at the Hall. Plans for an October Make a Difference Day project will be discussed. Members are reminded that the lodge will not meet in August or October. The lodge has received its Certificate of Achievement for participating in Join Hands Day by making a donation to the City Square Food Pantry. Highlights from the June 25 Home Association meeting include a thank-you to Bob Sullivan and David Pippin from the Texas Dance Hall Preservation Society for helping with the recent Asleep at the Wheel show. The Home Association belongs to the TDHPS. This non-profit organization’s goal is the preservation of historic dance halls all over Texas. Representatives of the organization enjoyed the show and a chance to see the Dallas Hall. The old insulation in the ballroom attic has been replaced with a more effective spray-foam insulation. This should save money on the utility bill and help the air conditioners perform better. Storms with high winds blew off the outside attic metal door. The hinges were replaced. Two rotted windows will be replaced soon. The updated fire alarm system is ready for the final inspection. The new chairs and tables are still back ordered. The inventory of historical hall items is still progressing. First Friday events will feature Shiner draft for $2 at the downstairs bar only. Pizza is $2 a slice on First Friday. The admission for swing dance nights has been reduced by $2 for members. And the cost for members to attend Home Association produced shows has been reduced by $5. Hopefully these discounts will encourage members to attend more events. Directors welcome comments, suggestions and support as they work to improve the Hall. – Reporter

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Hot dogs on menu for Austin Lodge

New Braunfels Lodge members celebrating July birthdays included, from left, Violet Tanneberger, Alfred Stremmel, Michael Huebinger, Sandra Guenther and Virginia Vetter.

New Braunfels welcomes 21 new members in July

NEW BRAUNFELS – New Braunfels Lodge will meet Sunday, Aug. 4. A pot luck supper, hosted by Tommy Daum, will be served. Members are asked to bring side dishes and desserts. The lodge will furnish the meat. The hall was decorated in red, white and blue for the July 7 meeting. Twenty-one new members were welcomed. Members were reminded that dance registration is being han-

dled online. The lodge received its Certificate of Achievement for its Join Hands Day participation. Get-well cards were signed for Dorella Colbert and Dorothy Moose. Twelve members went home with attendance prizes. A picnic sandwich supper followed games and refreshments. Ice cream sundaes were served for dessert. – Reporter

AUSTIN – Austin Lodge will meet on Sunday, Aug. 4, at 2 p.m. Junior members and parents will prepare hot dogs for the meeting. Members are asked to bring chips, dips and desserts. At the July meeting, Claire Adison Barnes was welcomed as a new member. President Ed Kurtz read correspondence from the Home Office thanking the lodge for its participation in Join Hands Day. The lodge received a Black Level certificate. Everyone was reminded of the upcoming State Bowling Tournament that will be held in Austin July 27-28 and Aug. 3-4. Austin Lodge members will

Celebrating July birthdays from Austin Lodge were, from left, Buster Schaffer, Gay Stark and Jane Harrell. be helping with the tournament. Gay Stark won the attendance

award and Ed Kurtz won the “kitty.” – Reporter

Paige will serve grilled hamburgers PAIGE – Paige Lodge will meet Aug. 11 with grilled hamburgers on the menu. Members and guests are asked to bring chips, dips and desserts. Members and guests enjoyed an early Father’s Day lunch on Sunday, June 9, at Meyers BBQ in Elgin. In attendance were La Verne Mattiza, George Gutierrez, Frank and Janice Bilberry,

Milton and Linda Ihlo, Mary Ann Triesch, Roy Pietsch, Ronnie and Debbie Harmon, Troy, Ann and Waylon Kunkel and Jimmy and Sandy Botkin. Get-well wishes go out to Bernice Basward who was ill that day and unable to attend. Also missed were the Michael and Chelle Dube family, Charlie and the Brigette Burttschell family

and Ethel Kunkel. An invitation is extended to all lodge members and guests to attend meetings and enjoy food and fellowship the second Sunday of each month at the lodge hall unless otherwise scheduled. Congratulations to Mark, Pam, Katy and Holly Heber on their family vacation to Germany. – Sandy Botkin

Vineta will meet Aug. 1

Celebrating special occasions at the July meeting of Gay Hill Lodge were, from left, David and Delores Roehling, an anniversary; Elvera Drews and Mary Jo Klekar, birthdays; and Mary Jo Klekar and Stanley Klekar, an anniversary.

Gay Hill meets in October GAY HILL – Gay Hill Lodge will meet Oct. 3 at Guadalajara at 6 p.m. Members are reminded to bring their donations of new socks and lap blankets for nursing home residents and food do-

nations for the local food pantry. At the July 11 meeting, the Cheer Committee reported sending cards to Jennifer Lorenz, Lucille Kelm, Ruth Ganske and the family of Jerry Lauter. – Reporter

Coupland places flags in cemetery

To celebrate National Flag Day, volunteers from Coupland Lodge gathered Friday, June 14, at the historical Mager Cemetery to place flags. The cemetery is about five miles east of Coupland.

SAN ANTONIO – Vineta Lodge will meet Aug 1. The lodge will provide the meat. Members are asked to bring a covered dish. A meeting and games will follow. Members are asked to bring school supplies for donation to a Children’s Shelter. Members will gather at 10:30 a.m. for bunco and a surprise lunch for the social on Aug. 21. The lodge will celebrate its 118th anniversary on Sept. 5. Call 210-602-5147 no later than Aug. 31 if you plan to attend. Thanks go to Irene Kace for furnishing the salad and fruit plate for the June social and to Cecilia Padalecki for furnishing the cake in honor of Irene’s birthday. Beth Byron brought the lasagna. – Reporter

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Camp session helps grieving children heal Cont’d. from Pg 1 about that person and decorate a frame for the picture. All of the photos are displayed together and at the end of the session, the children get to take home their photo in the frame. This year the children decorated large puzzle pieces. They wrote about their feelings about losing someone and how they are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. Tami Logsdon from the CBC has been at Grief Support Camp all three years. She used words like “wonderful” and “super amazing” to describe this year’s session. She talked about how the two organizations – Hermann Sons Life Camp and the CBC – work so well together to make the session happen. “We are good at the counseling part, but we don’t know much about putting on a successful camp program and the staff here is just the best,” she said referring to Executive Camp Director Ian Brassett and his staff.

Vice President of Member Benefits Cecily Kelly spent all four days at the Camp. She wanted to thank everyone who made it possible for the children to attend free of charge (except for a $50 application fee). “The Healing Hearts Casino Night and the other donations we receive from our lodges all year long are what made this session possible,” she said. “I am so proud to be associated with an organization that will do this for these children.” President and CEO Eugene Zollinger paid a visit on Wednesday morning as the session was winding down. He too thanked everyone who played a part in making the program a success. If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of next year’s Grief Support Camp, go to, click Member Benefits then Community Service, or mail your donation to Hermann Sons Life, Attn: Jacqueline Klein, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, Texas 782971941.

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A time for healing and having fun

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Camp days filled with summer fun!

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Activities keep campers on the go!

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Making friends, making memories!

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Kirby awards scholarship to Riedel KIRBY – Kirby Lodge will meet Aug. 5 at 7 p.m. at the lodge hall in Kirby. Brisket is on the menu. The lodge has awarded a $500 scholarship to Cameron Riedel, a graduate of East Central High School. Cameron plans to attend Blinn College in Bryan and study nursing. Members of the lodge who are in high school are reminded to apply for the lodge’s scholarship in their senior year. Scholarships up to $1,000 are awarded. At the July meeting, members voted to start making a $15 donation to the lodge’ scholarship fund each time someone in the lodge passes away. The family will be notified when this occurs. The lodge received a Gold Level Certificate for its participation in Join Hands Day. The lodge made a donation to the Healing Hearts Casino Night to benefit the Grief Support Camp Kirby Lodge held its annual Flag Day ceremony on June 14 at the Kirby Fire Station.

Karnes City Lodge has presented a $150 donation to the Karnes County Tots Back to School Supply Giveaway. Daisy Villanueva, left, representative for the Giveaway, accepted the donation from lodge Secretary/Treasurer Henrietta Fenner. Anyone wishing to make a donation should contact Daisy Villanueva, 830-780-4373, or Monica Quintanilla, 830-780-2320.

Cameron Riedel has received a $500 scholarship from Kirby Lodge. winner of the $25 attendance prize. Split-the-pot winners were David Eardley, Bob Scheel, Janie Leonhardt, James McQuatters and Candace Scheibe. – Reporter

Giddings honors stipend recipients GIDDINGS – Giddings Lodge hosted its scholarship recipients at the July meeting. They are Mercedes Flores, Madison Goodson and Samuel Schimank. Daniel Perez was unable to attend. A dinner of chicken spaghetti and sides was served. The lodge welcomes two new members, Zoey Ann Jenke and Rayden Will Lange. They and their families are invited to meetings held the second Thursday of each month. Meetings start at 7 p.m. and are held at the Silos off Hwy. 77 by the water tower. Birthday cards were sent to Glenroy Ebner, Jean Herzik, Larry and Carol Bittner, Lisa Sillivan and Mike Maas. A condolence card was given to Gladys Amador in memory of her grandson, Bylar Lehmann.

Karnes City donates to Giveaway

and partnered with a local Girl Scout Troop in support of the St. Jude Ranch for Children. Members approved a $50 donation to the St. Jude Ranch for Children to help with a party that took place July 28. Judy Schulmeier reminded members items will be collected for Boysville at the October meeting and not the December meeting. Judy also reminded everyone that an agent can help members update their policies and help them determine if they have enough coverage. Just make an appointment with one of them. Forms are available online also. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Dennis Ray Baumann who passed away in May. “Happy Birthday” was sung to Linda Lambrecht and Carolina McQuatters. Scherlyn Gleitz was the lucky

Giddings Lodge recognized its scholarship recipients at the July meeting. They are, from left, Madison Goodson, Samuel Schimank and Mercedes Flores. Daniel Perez was unable to attend. A donation was made to the First Assembly of God Church for its back to school project that will provide school supplies, backpacks, haircuts and more for children starting back

to school in the fall. Winners of the $5 drawing were Sam Schimank, Delores Flores, Patty Goodson, Mercedes Flores and Belle DeLaRosa. – Reporter

La Vernia will present pins in August LA VERNIA – La Vernia Lodge members will gather Sunday, Aug. 18, at 4 p.m. for a business meeting and presentation of membership pins. Those receiving 50-year pins have received theirs by mail.

Bring it with you to the meeting to be recognized. Those receiving their 60-year and 70-year pins will receive theirs at the meeting. If you cannot be at the meeting, the pin will be mailed to you.

The lodge hall is located at 122 Bluebonnet (FM 775) La Vernia. For more information, contact lodge President Charles Stork at 210-748-4030 or lodge Secretary Jeanie Walpole at 830-779-2253. – Reporter

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Deanville celebration helps fund dance hall upkeep DEANVILLE – The 106th annual Deanville Lodge Fourth of July celebration was a success thanks to the community of Deanville and the surrounding area. The success of this Burleson County Fourth of July tradition is due to the hard work of members and non-members. The lodge members are appreciative to all who helped with the event as well as those who came out to support it. An appreciation dinner will be held at noon on Sunday, July 28, for all the volunteers. The main event of the day is the selling of the famous Deanville barbecue beginning at 7 a.m. The annual celebration is also the main fund-raiser for the upkeep of the lodge’s historical dance hall. While preparations for this annual event were taking place, the community was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of a lifetime resident of Deanville, Loretta Laffere. Loretta was the wife of lodge member Marvin Laffere and mother of lodge member Bridgette Ofczarzak. Sympathy is extended to the entire family. She will be greatly missed in the Deanville community.

Games were played at the Deanville Lodge Fourth of July celebration. Lodge President Donnie Blinka, right, was the caller. Members of the Deanville community came out early on the morning of the Fourth of July to get their barbecue.

Guests take to the dance floor inside the Deanville Lodge hall on the Fourth of July. The event has been a part of the Deanville community for more than 100 years.

Deanville Lodge President Donnie Blinka addresses the crowd attending the lodge’s annual Fourth of July celebration in the famous lodge hall.

Sympathy is also extended to lodge member Roger Coble on the loss of his father. At the June meeting, a thankyou card was read from the

tion made in memory of Leroy Muehlstein and the sponsor of the Caldwell Middle School “One Day Event” for volunteering the lodge grounds to be a

board of Caldwell Christian Care for the recent donation received from the lodge, as well as thank you cards from Linda Muehlstein for the dona-

Da Costa Lodge to hold summer social Aug. 18 DA COSTA – Plans for the Aug. 18 Summer Social were finalized when Da Costa Lodge met July 9. The doors will open at 12 noon. A meal featuring roast beef and the trimmings with dessert will be served at 1 p.m. The meal will be free for members and their immediate family. Any non-member guest is welcome to come and eat for $10 per person. For reservations, contact LaVerne Hajek at 361-575-1712 no later than Aug. 12. Members are welcome to bring canned goods that will be donated to Victoria Chris-

tian Assistance Ministry. Members receiving their 50year, 60-year and 70-year pins will be recognized. A representative from the Home Office will be there to present the pins. A silent auction will be held with proceeds benefitting the lodge’s scholarship fund. Each year the lodge presents three $750 scholarships to graduating high school senior members in good standing. Everyone is welcome to donate and/ or bid on the items. Also at the July meeting, discussion was held about the hall management position that is open.

Members decided to hire a third-party company to seek out prospective hall managers in addition to posting the job vacancy on the lodge’s Facebook page and with the Texas Workforce Commission. Numerous sympathy, getwell and congratulatory cards were sent to members during the past few months. Members should contact Geraldine Venglar at 361-573-3941 or LaVerne Hajek at 361-5751712 if they know of someone to whom a card should be sent. Door prize winners were Cole Campbell and Beatrice Neisser. Here is the schedule of upcoming events at the hall that

are open to the public. Aug. 10 - DaCosta Hall Raisers hosting dance, performance by the Red Ravens from 8 p.m.midnight Aug. 17 - Amelia Strong Benefit, doors open at 11:45 a.m. For information call 361-5644986 or 361-433-2690 Sept. 14 - DaCosta Hall Raisers hosting dance, performance by Charles and the Fabulous Four from 8 p.m.- midnight Oct. 5 - DaCosta Hall Raisers hosting dance, performance by Nathan Colt Young from 8 p.m.- midnight The next lodge meeting Is scheduled for Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. – Sayra Martinka

job site for the students taking part in the event. Prize drawings and refreshments followed the meeting. – Reporter

Rowena donates ROWENA – Rowena Lodge members approved two donations during the May meeting. A $100 donation was made to the Grief Support Camp and a $200 sponsorship was approved for a junior member to attend Hermann Sons Life Camp. A report was given on the sale of funnel cakes at the recent Ballinger Ethnic Festival. The event was a success with 283 funnel cakes being sold. – Kay Halfmann

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Twin Sisters Lodge presents membership pins TWIN SISTERS – Twin Sisters Lodge will meet Sunday, Aug. 4. The menu will include cool foods. Herman Weber will provide the cold cuts, Jerry Gass will bring bread and Helen M. Knoll will bring the veggies and condiments. The Knolls will bring chips and dips; Georgia Hartmann is in charge of desserts; and Kent Weber will bring the watermelon. At the June 2 meeting, the lodge welcomed President and CEO Eugene Zollinger and wife Alison, Sherri Thrailkill, Cliff Fuerber and Duan Tomlinson as guests President Zollinger extended greetings from the Home Office and presented 60-year membership pins to Corrie Craig Fuerber of Johnson City, a member since March 8, 1959, and Karen Steiger

and Kent Weber, both of Blanco and both members since July 15, 1959. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Cecil A. Wagner. President Phil Hartmann read a thank-you letter from the Home Office for the lodge’s donation of items for the Grief Support Camp. The lodge is scheduled to feature the Hermann Sons Life float in the Blanco County Parade on Aug. 17. Jerry Gass gave a brief report on the Join Hands Day project done in coordination with the Blanco County Rotary Club to benefit residents of the Henry House in Blanco and the LBJ Nursing Home in Johnson City. Members present celebrating

birthdays in June and July were Tamra Morash, Helen M. Knoll, Corrine Gass, 95, and Karen Steiger. Steve and Georgia Hartmann celebrated their 52nd anniversary on July 15. Kaden Morash drew names for the door prizes. The winners were Alvin Knoll and Gertrude Hartmann. Gertrude donated her prize to the Building Fund. Following the meeting, members enjoyed a fish fry. Thanks go to Steve Hartmann, Guy Hartmann and Cale Hartmann for frying and to all those who prepared side dishes and desserts. Thanks also go to Jerry Gass and Stan Steiger for cleaning the grounds. – Reporter

Membership pins were presented at the June meeting of Twin Sisters Lodge. Pictured are, from left, lodge President Phil Hartmann, 60-year pin recipients, Kent Weber, Karen Steiger and Corrie Fuerber, and President and CEO Eugene Zollinger who presented the pins.

Bexar members make a splash at park BEXAR – Bexar Lodge held a summer splash party Saturday, June 29, at Fischer Park in New Braunfels. It was a hot day, but everyone had a lot of fun, especially the children who enjoyed the splash pad. There were lots of other activities for the children including games with prizes and a piñata. Adults played games for

prizes. There also was a watermelon contest and MacKenzie Wehmeyer was the winner. Thanks go to Larry Wehmeyer who stood out in the heat grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. Thanks go to all who helped. The quarterly meeting was held Sunday, July 7. A discussion was held about this year’s

Members of Bexar Lodge gathered at Fischer Park in New Braunfels for a summer splash party on June 29.

Christmas party. A birthday celebration with pizza and cake was held for all the celebrants in July, August and September. Amanda Metzger won the attendance prize. The lodge mourns the loss of member Keith (Skeeter) Stanford who died May 30. He served as president of the

lodge for many years and did so much for the organization. He will be greatly missed. A memorial donation will be made to the Camp Grief Support Session in his name. Also, Katie Torres and her family will make a $50 donation to the Grief Support Session. – Linda Wehmeyer

The Bexar Lodge summer splash party in June included a watermelon contest. Mackenzie Wehmeyer was the winner.

Larry Wehmeyer braved the heat to grill burgers and hotdogs for the Bexar Lodge summer splash party at Fischer Park.

Houston will meet Aug. 12; pantry work continues HOUSTON – Houston Lodge will meet Monday, Aug. 12, at Sokol Hall, 1314 W. Patton, Houston. The lodge will provide the meal. At the June meeting, a report

was given on the Join Hands Day project held at the Houston Food Bank in May. James Ellison, Lavina Patterson, Jackie Bushman and Pat Bushman used unsorted dry

disaster items to make disaster boxes. They completed 11 pallets. Another volunteer day at the Food Bank was planned for July 14.

Fathers were recognized. They included Gary Falkenberg, James Ellison, Reuben Heldberg and Jack Manchack. Winners in the monthly atten-

dance drawing were Emily Falkenberg, James Ellison, Reuben Heldberg, Jackie Bushman and Doris Falkenberg. – Catherine Manchack

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Schulenburg presents flag; conducts memorial service SCHULENBURG – Schulenburg Lodge meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Schulenburg Community Center. Refreshments are served at 6:30 p.m. and dinner and the meeting follow at 7 p.m. The Aug. 14 meeting will feature pulled pork sandwiches and desserts provided by Kitty Dittrich, Mary Schroeder and Jennifer Moeller.

Rylie Lux, right, receives her $500 Schulenburg Lodge scholarship from Agent Mary K. Seifert during the lodge’s June meeting.

Kenneth and Debbie Behlen celebrated their anniversary in July. They are members of Schulenburg Lodge.

Welcomed as new members at the July meeting were Palmer Clayre Janecka and Ava Jean Peck. Get well cards had been sent to Carolyn Tobala and Bill Michalke. Arline Ulrich visited with Bill Bohlmann at the nursing home and brought him a birthday gift. See SCHULENBURG, Pg. 21

Melissa Shepard lights a candle in memory of her sister, Sheryl Kaase Young, during the Schulenburg Lodge memorial service held in June. Also pictured are Mary Schroeder and Ed Moeller.

Celebrating birthdays at the July meeting of Schulenburg Lodge were, from left, Arline Ulrich, Dorothy Ellebracht and Nathan Loth.

Schulenburg Lodge celebrated Flag Day in its traditional way by donating a flag. The Frank J. Bohlmann family donated the flagpole that was erected at the Old High Hill Cemetery and the lodge provided the flag that was raised. Pictured are Becky Bohlmann, Sharon Baker, Jim Baumgarten, Stan and Darlene Quiring, Jennifer Moeller, Grace Baylor, Chelsea Moeller, Sandra Medley, Linda Clark, Ed Moeller, Frank Bohlmann and Gene Clark. Junette Rodecap was behind the camera.

Celebrating June birthdays from Schulenburg Lodge Celebrating anniversaries at the June meeting of Schul- were, from left, Frank Bohlmann, Clinton Ellebracht, Paul Linda Wagner lights a candle in memory of husband Kenenburg Lodge were, from left, Alton and Verdell Hafer, Dittrich, Jennifer Moeller, Junette Rodecap and Melissa neth during the Schulenburg Lodge memorial service in Brad and Terah Lux and Barry and Melissa Shepard. June. Also pictured are Mary Schroeder and Ed Moeller. Shepard.

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Corpus Christi meets Sept. 3 Celebrating July and August birthdays from Corpus Christi Lodge are Rick Robertson, Joel Mcpheeters, Hunter Buitron, Ray Garcia and Goldie Beal.

Shelly and Dewayne Hunt from Corpus Christi Lodge celebrated 13 years of marriage in May.

Ray and Cheryl Garcia celebrated six years of marriage in June. They are members of Corpus Christi Lodge. The lodge’s next meeting will be held Sept. 3 at Nolan’s in Ca- Joel and Brittny Mcpheeters celebrated four years of marlallen. riage in July. They are members of Corpus Christi Lodge.

Door prize winners at the July Corpus Christi Lodge meeting were, back, from left, Pearl Hunt, Troylyn Gonzalez, front, from left, Hunter Buitron and David Garcia. Ray Garcia was the 50/50 winner. The lodge welcomed a new adult member, Keshawne M. Simmons.

Schulenburg Lodge presents scholarship

Plum meets Sept. 9

Cont’d. from Pg. 20

PLUM – Plum Lodge will meet Sept. 9. The lodge will provide the cold cuts, sandwiches and fruit platters. Members are asked to bring chips, dips or desserts. The lodge will not meet in August. Wallace Hobratschk provided the Domino’s pizza for the July 8 meeting. Agent Linda Mattocks reminded everyone to be sure that their address, name and beneficiaries are up to date on their policies. She also spoke about the youth camp and asked for names of possible new members. Recognized early for their August birthdays were Gloria Raschke and Charlene Meinen. Winning the lodge’s quarterly door prize was Gene Wessels. Other $5 door prize winners were Myrtle Harbers, Wallace Hobratschk, Verlene Hobratschk and Wilbert Hoffmann. – Reporter

Curtis Baca thanked the lodge and Frank Bohlmann for the installation of the flagpole. A thank you note was read from Verlene Hoffmann. A thank you letter from the Old High Hill Cemetery Association was read and also a thank you letter from the American Cancer Society was read. The Behlens were thanked for the great meal as well as those who helped in the kitchen. Rylie Lux received her scholarship at the June meeting. She talked about her plans for college.

Membership Coordinator Mary Schroeder conductd a memorial service for Frank Castello, Justa Helm, Beth Milson, Julia Pesak, Kenneth Wagner and Sheryl Kaase Young. Members of their families were present. Layne Catherine Besetzny was welcomed as a new member. Agent Seifert reported on the Agents’ Awards Banquet she had attended in San Marcos. She was named to the Executive Club based on her production in 2018. Registration is under way for the 2019-2020 Schulenburg School of Dance.

The Hermann Sons Life float will appear in the Fayette County parade over the Labor Day weekend and members from different lodges will be able to ride. The lodge plans to enter the float in the Schulenburg Festival Parade. Frank Bohlmann will take care of the registration. Mary K. Seifert will contact the School of Dance about having children ride the float. Bill and Delores Michalke made a donation to the scholarship fund in memory of Alvin J. Besetzny. Arline Ulrich reported she took a birthday gift to Verlene Hoffmann who is in the nursing home. – Junette Rodecap

Page 22 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019

Siemering members enjoy night of baseball

Melrose Bendele and son Ron and Deborah Martin and Liz and Lloyd Markell and four generations of family attended the Missions game with Siemering Lodge.

David Garcia, from left, Mary Buffington and Augusta Fite Perales were among the Siemering Lodge members and guests attending the Missions game in June.

Jayden and Harvey Rehfeld and Paul and Katherine Hess were among the Siemering Lodge members and guests attending the Missions game in June.

Siemering Lodge members and guests attending the Missions game in June included Mark, Kenneth, Cherry and Christian Lee, Sally Hertzberg and Sharon Fite.

Fort Worth campers receive T-shirts FORT WORTH – The next meeting of Fort Worth Lodge is set for Sept. 8 at 3 p.m. at Westcreek Lanes. A thank you goes out to the Youth Committee for getting Tshirts for the lodge’s junior members attending Camp. Hope those who ordered shirts will send in a picture and enjoy wearing their shirt. The lodge recognizes three members who reached milestones in July. On July 21, Janet Wharton became a 70-year member. July 6,1969, is the date Bill Cotton joined and is now a 50-year member. Joining Bill with 50 years of membership on July 7 was Teresa Reagan. The lodge still has time to meet its new member goal for the year. Recommending a member could win you a gift card, but more im-

portantly it can help someone who needs insurance to provide for their family when they are gone. Asking someone, “Do you have insurance? Do you have enough insurance?” is all it takes to know if you can help them. The next step is if they answer “no” to either question, contact your agent, Sandra Jones, or the Home Office. In the end, you are doing them a favor and helping Hermann Sons Life to grow. Call Sandra Jones at 817-781-7155 or the Home Office. Don’t forget the Hermann Sons Life State Bowling Tournament taking place the last weekend of July and the first weekend of August. Fort Worth teams will be bowling in August and would love for members to come out and support the team. The tournament is being held at Dart Bowl in Austin.

Also, on the lanes that weekend will be friends from Dallas. This is always a fun weekend when these lodge members get together. If you did not bowl this year, but would like to bowl in the tournament next year, call a bowling center near you and join a league in September. The lodge extends sympathy to the family of Annie Lee Terrill. She joined the lodge in October 1975. Happy 36th Anniversary wishes go to Red and Nancy Kelly on July 9. Happy Birthday wishes go to Cathy Freeman, John Hilcher, Makayla Jones, Stephanie McBroom, Ernest Kelly, Norman Kneschk, Madison Lewallen, Tammy Lewallen, Deneen Castor, Fred Murphy, Cathy Simmank, Blake Walters and Kristene Willis. – Reporter

Jaci Wallace wore her Fort Worth Lodge T-shirt while she was at Camp this summer. She said she had the best week and was so excited to see the friends she made last year.

SAN ANTONIO – Summer is a time for vacation and a time to rejuvenate for members of Siemering Lodge. To celebrate Father’s Day members and their families attended a San Antonio Missions baseball game at Wolfe Stadium. Because it was a $2 Tuesday game, hot dogs, chips and sodas were part of the package. Some enjoyed a wide variety of others ballpark treats. Everyone enjoyed watching the Missions beat the team from Reno 19 to 1. Christian Lee was celebrating a birthday. The lodge did not meet in July. A memorial service will be part of the August meeting. During the break, Augusta Fite married Alex Perales in a small family ceremony, Frances Bara continued her treatments, Ron Bara enjoyed playing the drums with the Beethoven Band and Paul Hess went traveling with wife Katherine. Members are reminded that the lodge meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. for fellowship and the good feeling that comes from helping the community. – Reporter

Fredericksburg plans sandwich supper Aug. 6 FREDERICKSBURG – Fredericksburg Lodge will hold a sandwich supper Aug. 6. Members and guests are asked to bring a dozen sandwiches (labeled) and a side dish. For more information contact Hans Enderlin at 830-895-1343 or Windy Duecker at 830997-2983. A hot dog meal was served at the July meeting. Welcomed as new members were Colton Lane Smith, Kinley Grace Smith, Christopher Todd and Beau Edwin Brooks Attendance prizes were awarded to Katherine Cornehl and Elgin Tatsch. – Reporter

August 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 23

Anton Wenzel members win tickets

Celebrating July anniversaries from Anton Wenzel Lodgfe were, from left, Edward and Paula Reid, 12 years ; and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kellner, 59 years. Walter L. Werlbacher’s name was drawn for the membership prize of $100 but he was not in attendance to claim the cash.

Winners of tickets to the Vineta Lodge ice cream social at the July Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting were, back, from left, Marie E. Dorrell, Diane Jaramillo, Paula Reid, Doris Aichner and, in front, Arturo and Andres Del Angel.

Rene Kraus, right, was the winner of the split-the-pot cash at the June meeting of Harmonia Lodge. Presenting him with his winnings is lodge President Matt Kraus.

Harmonia sets date for tourney Winners of tickets to the Pershing Lodge country western dance at the July Anton Wenzel Lodge meeting were, from left, Edward Reid, Emma Moya and Blandina Mendez.

Elida Silva, seated, was the winner of the split-the-pot drawing at the July meeting of Anton Wenzel Lodge. Doris Aichner presented her with her winnings. The lodge’s next meeting is set for Aug. 6. Pizza is on the menu. Members are asked to bring a side dish and/or dessert.

Poth welcomes three POTH – Poth Lodge welcomed three new members at the July 7 meeting. They are Larson Adrian Dziuk, Logan Vincent Dziuk and David Giovanni Tofani-Garcia. Virginia Maha reported sending a get-well card to Lucille Novak letting her know that her fellow members are thinking of her after her cancer surgery. She is now at the Regency Nursing Home in rehab. She should be home soon. Beth Cutsinger and Marlin

Tanneberger won the door prizes. Three names were drawn for the kitty but none of them were in attendance to accept the cash prize. They are Jenny Lynn Keller, Erika Arnold and Shelli Richter Pruski. The prize amount will increase for the next meeting. Members enjoyed hamburgers with chips and cookies followed by games. – Beth Cutsinger

Niederwald to meet Sept. 10 Niederwald Lodge will meet again on Sept. 10. Members are asked to wear black in honor of 911 and POWs/MIAs. The door prize winners at the July meeting were Nancy Smith, left, and Catherine Blackard. Members wore red, white and blue in celebration of the Fourth of July. They stood for a moment of silence in memory of Margaret Ann Wackerhagen. She had been a member since 1945. There will not be a meeting in August.

SAN ANTONIO – Harmonia Lodge will once again host the Tee It Up For a Cause Golf Tournament benefitting Camp Discovery and The 100 Club of San Antonio. This year’s tournament will be held Sept. 18 at The Republic Golf Course. More details will be available soon. Members are reminded that volunteers will be needed to make the tournament run smoothly. That announcement was made at the lodge’s June meeting which began with pizza, cheese sticks and salad along with the treats that members provided. A report was given on the Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament held to benefit the San Antonio Home Association. Bill Richard, Albert Ranzau and Brad Dietrich attended the event. It is estimated that $3,000 was raised. Celebrating June birthdays were Ron Roberts and Mike Beam. The attendance prizes were won by Charles Kretzschmar and Harry Werland and splitthe-pot was won by Rene Kraus. – John Hoog

Page 24 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019

Round Top makes donation to VFD

Celebrating July anniversaries from Pershing Lodge were, from left, Gilbert and Mary Ann Keller, 57 years; and Pat and Ron Plouch, 32 years.

ROUND TOP – Round Top Lodge presented the proceeds from its Country Store fund-raiser to the Round Top-Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department at the June 27 meeting. This was the lodge’s Matching Funds Project for the year so the donation included $500 from the Home Office. Fire Chief Frankie Srubar accepted the check and talked about the evacuation plans that the department has in place for disasters and mass evacuations. This incorporates service from all the surrounding fire departments as might be needed. He volunteered to be a speaker at another meeting and bring the new fire truck so everyone can see the extras that have been added. The lodge will make monetary contributions to the Carmine and Ledbetter fire departments for their feasts. Thank you letters and cards

were read from the St. John Church of Christ in Burton, Gardenia Animal Shelter in La Grange, Vickie Neutzler and the Andy Gluck family. Agent Linda Mattocks reported that dance registration information has been mailed to junior members living in the Giddings and Schulenburg areas. She said she attended the Rutersville Lodge meeting and met President and CEO Eugene Zollinger with his wife and five children. A moment of silence was observed in memory of Nola Goehring who passed away May 25 at the age of almost 100. She was always an active member. A memorial donation will be sent to the Round Top Church in her memory. Get-well cards were sent to Branch Neutzler, Shirley Neumann, Melvin Schoenst, Doris Georges, Jocie Braun and Wanda Borgstedt who is now at

Monument Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Congratulations were extended to Ted and Margie Stardig who celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary on June 18. Everyone was pleased to see Ted in better health. Margie Stardig, Jeanette Schoenst, Lila Garlin, Barton Garlin and Linda Mattocks won attendance prizes. Thanks go to the outgoing serving committee of Ted and Margie Stardig, Barton and Lila Garlin, Kay VonMinden, Randy Wied and Cordell Levien for the dinner of grilled sausage, sauce, beans, potato and saurkraut salad and all the extras provided by the membership. The serving committee for July and August includes Mary and Melanie Rauch, Bob and Betty Porter and Sedalia Ullrich. The next meeting was scheduled for July 25. – Reporter

Three members of Pershing Lodge celebrated July birthdays. They are, from left, Gilbert Kellr, Kris Lay an Lillian Franckowiak.

Pershing to meet Aug. 7 PERSHING – Pershing Lodge will meet Aug. 7 at 7 p.m. in the Home Association Meeting Room. A memorial service will be held to honor those members who have passed away in the last year. Members are asked to bring salads and desserts. At the July meeting, the $35 attendance prize winner was Tony Valek and the split-the-pot winner was Lillian Franckowiak. – Dorothy Pawlik

Fire Chief Frankie Srubar accepts a donation for the Round Top- Sophie Rauch celebrated her 15th Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department from Round Top Lodge Presi- birthday in June. She is a member of Round Top Lodge. dent Lila Garlin.

Pershing Lodge member Louise Mulhern celebrated her 100th birthday on July 17.

Kerrville sets next meeting KERRVILLE – Kerrville Lodge will meet Wednesday, Aug. 7, at Acapulco Restaurant, 1718 Sidney Baker St., Kerrville, beginning at 6:30 pm. This is a social gathering. Each person will be responsible for their own meal. Final plans are being made to shop for school supplies in August.

At the Oct. 2 meeting, plans for the Dec. 6 Christmas party will be finalized. The October meeting will be held at Wells Fargo Bank, 301 Junction Highway, Kerrville, Check the monthly newspaper articles for any changes to this schedule. – Juanice Grona

Gulf presents 12 scholarships Gulf Lodge is presenting 12 scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each to students who are pursuing a higher education. The first of the scholarships were presented at the June 23 meeting held at Kelley’s Country Cookin in La Marque. The recipients are pictured with lodge Vice President Ben Diaz, left, and lodge President Al Stryk, right. They are, from left, Jonathan Brumbelow, Jacob Brumbelow, Jalan Dixon, Delaney Loosemore, Piccalo Payne, Grayson Smaistrla and Neil Smith. Not pictured are Natalie Henson, Charles Maldonado, Nicole Rizzo, Kristi Stakes and Clayton Spencer.

August 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 25

Prinz Solms hears from gardener

The fathers attending the June meeting of Mission-Alamo Lodge each received a gift card. They are, Kirby Cline, J.R. Kneupper, Don Schulmeier, John Hall and Lee Vogel.

BULVERDE – Prinz Solms Lodge will meet Sunday, Aug. 11, at 5 p.m. at the Bulverde Community Center. Comal County Master Gardener Keith Tunnell gave a presentation on spring and fall vegetable gardening at the July 14 meeting. Keith offered tips on raised bed gardening with pointers on soil mixtures, pest control and watering. Keith builds his own

trellises and raised bed frames. The Comal Master Gardener program has published a guide for proper planting time and maturity of the vegetables. The important thing is to find vegetables you like and experiment with other vegetables. Youth Coordinator Audrey Klabunde asked the group to help the Provisions Food Pantry with its back to school program

to provide backpacks and school supplies to children in need. Community Coordinator Jackie Oldfield reported a successful cleanup was held at the St. Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery on June 18. Volunteers helped clean up the cemetery after the recent high winds and did general cleaning and straightened flags. – Reporter

Membership Coordinator Doug Klabunde visits with Comal County Master Gardener Keith Tunnell at the July meeting of Prinz Solms Lodge.

Celebrating a July birthday from Prinz Solms Lodge was Russell Boss.

Campers will share stories at Mission-Alamo meeting SAN ANTONIO – Mission-Alamo Lodge is inviting its campers and their families to the August meeting. The campers will be asked to talk about their summer experience at Hermann Sons Life Camp. Fathers were honored at the June meeting. Each man present was presented with a Dairy Queen gift card as a way of thanking them for their kindness. Welcomed as new members were Morgan Breiten, Kaley Stewart, Leanne Lyssy, Jacob Previtire, Zoe Townsend, Paxton Lubianski, Peyton Lubianski and Catherine Bohlke. Get well wishes were extended to Jack Larned and Shannon Swan. The attendance award winner would have been Lily Rae Stanford. She was not present to accept the $90 award so the amount of the drawing will increase to $95 in July. The splitthe-pot winner was Joyce Kneupper. In support of Vineta Lodge’s Ice Cream Social, five tickets were purchased and awarded as door prizes. The lodge furnished the barbecue and members brought the side dishes. For dessert there

Celebrating June birthdays from Mission-Alamo Lodge were, from left, Avery Pike, Diane Cline and Hayden Martinez.

Boerne welcomes six new juniors

Joyce and J.R. Kneupper celebrated their anniversary in June. They are members of MissionAlamo Lodge. was peach cobbler, cookies and brownies. – Georgia Hall

Comfort to meet Aug. 12 COMFORT – Comfort Lodge will meet Monday, Aug. 12, at the VFW Hall in Comfort. The social will begin at 4:30 p.m. The lodge will provide the meal that will be served at 6

p.m. The business meeting will follow. For the most up-to-date news follow and like Hermann Sons Life Comfort on Facebook. – Reporter

BOERNE – Boerne Lodge will meet Friday, Aug. 2, at 12 noon at Kronkosky Place. Lunch reservations must be made in advance by calling the Rainbow Senior Center at 830-249-2114 by 9 a.m. the day of the meeting. The June 7 meeting was cancelled because several of the lodge members could not attend. The lodge met on July 12 and welcomed six new junior members. They are Harper Baggett, Kasie Hoyland, Tripp and Kendall Meadows and Wasson and Trinity Cloud. Correspondence was received from the Home Office thanking the lodge for its participation in Join Hands Day for the benefit of Grief Support Camp. The lodge received a Black Level Certificate for its efforts. Congratulations are extended

to Marilyn Vogt, lodge member and agent, who qualified for the Executive Club based on her sales production in 2018. The Boerne School of Dance held its annual recital on May 19 in the Boerne Middle School North Auditorium. The theme was ”The Soundtrack of Life.” Rici Chaney was the dance instructor and her parent liaison was Julia Niemeier. Representing the Home Office was Board Chair Sandra Jones. The lodge was represented by Marilyn Vogt and Barbara D’Spain. The dance students put in many long hours of practice for the recital which was a hit with both the dancers and spectators. Registration for the 20192020 dance year is currently under way. Marilyn Vogt attended the Boerne High School Scholarship

Night on May 30 and presented four qualifying seniors with scholarships. Congratulations are extended to Isiah Bishop, Ruben Martinez, Madison Nevels and Liana Polito. Scholarships also were awarded to Katherine Graham and Garrison Kelly. In honor of Father’s Day, Jack Faecher was awarded a free meal ticket to the Rainbow Senior Center for future use. Members attending the July meeting were encouraged to be thinking of whom they would like to nominate for the Humanitarian of the Year and possible Make A Difference Day projects. Happy Belated Birthday wishes are extended to Sam Franklin who celebrated his birthday on July 7. Kathy Kunz was the lucky winner of the game prize. – Barbara D’Spain

Page 26 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019

San Marcos will meet at Mamacita’s on Sept. 9 SAN MARCOS – The next meeting of San Marcos Lodge is set for Monday, Sept. 9, at 6:30 p.m. at Mamacita’s Restaurant. Members are asked to bring the name of at least one prospective new member with them to the meeting. Four more new members are needed so the lodge can meet its goal for the year and earn recognition from the Home Office. A Nominating Committee and the 2020 Calendar Committee will be appointed. If you would like to serve on either a committee or make some suggestions, call Agnes Dreibrodt at 830-379-3870 or Janice Kuhen at 512-393-1431. The lodge’s family picnic was held Saturday, July 13, at Zorn Bowling Club. Afternoon activates began with the junior members holding a United States flag while the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by everyone. Games played for “The Gold and Silver” were enjoyed with just about everyone winning one or the other. Guessing games were prepared by Evelyn Moreau. Winners were Beverly Stoffel, Marshall McQuaig and Mary Lou Preuss. Children enjoyed the coloring books and coloring pens they received along with a bag of goodies. Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe and wife Cheryl represented the Home Office. Tim enlightened the membership on things to come and encouraged everyone to recommend a member. Tim then presented five membership pins. Leola Gourley received her 70year pin. She has been a member since Aug. 13, 1949. Betty Rust, David Gourley, Dennis Krackau and Agnes Dreibrodt received their 60-year pins. Betty has been a member since Oct. 13, 1959. David joined on Sept. 4, 1959. Dennis has been a member since Feb. 2, 1959. Agnes joined on Dec. 7, 1959. Receiving their 60-year pins by mail will be Lorraine Younger, a member since Jan. 5, 1959; Glen York Linebarger, a member since Aug. 13, 1959; Roger Dale Linebarger, a member since Sept. 14, 1959; Earlene Acrey, a member

Leola Gourley received her 70-year membership pin at the San Marcos Lodge family picnic. Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe made the presentation.

Celebrating July birthdays at the San Marcos Lodge family picnic were, from left, Ora Lee Benton, Laura Ramirez holding Braydon Schermerhorn and Bob Stoffel. since May 7, 1959; Monty Strohmeyer, a member since July 2, 1959; O.D. Scott, a member since Dec. 7, 1959; Nancy Ann Hutzler, a member since Sept. 10, 1959; Teresa Gail Gressett, a member since Oct. 8, 1959; Thomas Beecroft, a member since Sept. 4, 1959; Betty Jo Delarosa, a member since Oct. 5, 1959; Clifford Noble, a member since May 7, 1959; and Cynthia Stephens, a member since Feb. 2, 1959. President Dreibrodt presented Shirley Faske with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of her service to the lodge as Youth Director/Coordinator. The Cheer Committee reports that Patty Tristan had shoulder

surgery. Members voted to have the Grain Bin in Geronimo cater the Christmas dinner. Sausage and wieners with chili was served for supper along with the salads, vegetables and desserts members provided. President Dreibrodt thanked everyone for making the event such a success and for bringing items to donate to the Hays County Food Bank. Co-hosts were Betty and Clifford Rust who prepared the sausage and John and Betty Schawe . Yvonne and Bob Robbins manned the registration table. Evelyn Moreau put together the guessing games. Bruce Moreau

Four members of San Marcos Lodge received their 60-year membership pins at the family picnic. Pictured are, from left, recipients David Gourley, Betty Rust, Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe, Agnes Dreibrodt and Dennis Krackau.

The San Marcos Lodge family picnic began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Junior members, from left, Kayla Schermerhorn, James Schermerhorn, Bayleigh Lewis and Braydon Schermerhorn, showed their patriotism by waving small American flags. co-coordinated the gathering of the food for the food bank, Laura and Jennifer Lewis took care of the youth activities. She also thanked Jonathan Davis for his services and Janice

Kuhen for bringing all the supplies, for the email reminders and for submitting the photos and articles to the Hermann Sons Life newspaper. – Reporter

Helotes to meet Sept. 10 HELOTES – Helotes Lodge will hold its next quarterly meeting on Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. at Braun Hall. Dinner and dessert will be provided. Pins will be presented to the lodge’s 60-year, 70-year,

75-year and 80-year members. Everyone will have a chance to win a cash door prize at the end of the meeting – Letty Fragoso

August 2019 – Hermann Sons Life – Page 27

Agents Directory (alphabetized by area) Adkins Roxy Pruski 210-218-6204

Corpus Christi Becki Carley 361-550-9358

Georgetown Brad Klein, FIC 512-497-0678

Austin Shirley Kuhen Faske 512-789-3975

Pearl Hunt 361-960-0276

Giddings Loretta Chilek, FIC 979-542-2806

Bandera Stephanie Brown 210-621-3891

Troylyn SisnerosGonzalez 361-232-7413

La Vernia Sharon Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-0526 Marlin Tanneberger, FIC 210-827-7229

Gonzales Bobbie Polasek 830-672-6317

Lubbock April Behnke 806-797-3585

Graham/Wichita Falls David Wolf 940-550-5202

Marion Lorene Bielke, FIC 830-420-2380

Bellville Robert Herridge 979-865-3222

Cuero Laura Tiffin Wayne Tiffin 361-275-8421

Bernardo/Columbus Robin Maertz 979-732-1687

Dallas Helen Tyson Brown 214-796-0668

Hondo Richard Muennink 210-827-0053

New Braunfels Becki Carley 361-550-9358

Terrel Maertz 979-732-1727

Cecilia Phillips 214-982-8905

Stacy Saathoff 830-444-9160

Kathryn Green 830-463-9455

Boerne/San Antonio Pamela Poulk 210-753-2626

Gilbert Shelby 214-289-1815

Houston Jennifer Stryk Garner 832-596-9425

Shirley Huebinger 830-629-1196

Boerne Lisa Rozacky 210-838-3306

Del Rio Pat Fritz, FIC 432-292-4483

Marilyn Vogt, FICF 210-630-9874

Devine Cynthia Sultenfuss 210-219-6409

Caldwell Donnie Blinka 979-596-1309

El Campo Dennis Wigginton 832-278-9636

Castroville Glenford Boehme, FIC 210-219-9792

Floresville/Poth Beth Cutsinger 210-325-6667

Cibolo/Schertz Tracy Campos 210-860-6675

Floresville Lynn Wiede 830-393-4660

Ashley Pfeil 830-534-2571

Fort Worth Sandra Jones, FIC 817-295-2666

Judith Schulmeier, FIC 210-667-1938 Doreen Tisler 210-519-7859 Comfort Norma Bruns, FIC 830-995-3980

Fredericksburg Todd Bierschwale 830-997-2130 George West Tracy Caron 361-449-0348

Al Stryk, FICF, LUTCF 281-485-4095

Tim Salge 830-625-4816

Gerald Ziemnicki 713-622-9001

Laura Ann Timmermann 830-556-7527

Jourdanton Valerie M. Vick 210-748-5598

Nixon-Smiley Diana P. Moreno 830-379-2244

Katrina Wiatrek 210-326-9505 Karnes City Abigail Fenner 830-534-6982 Russell Swize 830-780-4053 Kirby Angela Netherton 210-831-1293 La Coste Elaine “Lainey” Franklin 210-789-1649 La Grange Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Orange Grove Paula Gebert 361-384-2375 Pflugerville Julius Dubcak 512-272-8393 Port Lavaca Nancy Annette Walraven 361-552-9403 Needville /Rosenberg Chris Stoeltje 979-559-6127 Round Top/Rutersville Linda Mattocks 512-736-9988

Marketing Department Staff

210-527-9113 • 877-437-6266 • 888-839-7667 Vice President of Marketing Tim Kolbe Marketing Analyst Ana Vasquez, FLMI, AIRC, FIC Administrative Assistant Gladys Rowley Special Representatives: Dan Boenig - 210-705-1815 Gary Falkenberg, FICF - 713-466-6069 • 713-899-4138 Eulla May Krueger - 210-863-0546 • 830-985-3643 Teresa Saathoff - 210-276-0361 • 210-422-6996

San Antonio Philip A. Abell 210-771-1213

Seguin Annette D. Roecker 830-832-0724

Ruth Bailey 210-602-5147

Tina B. Ynfante 210-859-1973

Darlene Irwin 210-392-2649

Diane Terp 830-305-3564

Rayna Sue Irwin 210-710-7038

Spring Branch Gloria Gass 830-885-4405

Clif Klabunde, FIC 210-219-6142 Jim McNeel 210-601-2097 San Marcos/Lockhart Janice Kuhen 512-393-1431 Schulenburg/Weimar Mary K. Seifert 979-743-0312 Schwertner Irene Schwertner 254-527-4470 Seguin/San Antonio Carol Krauss, FIC 210-725-4106

Stockdale Ronald Wiatrek 210-771-4354 Victoria Jason Hybner 361-652-6924 Victoria Laura Thigpen 361-676-8307 Yorktown Judy Wolf 361-564-2452

Page 28 – Hermann Sons Life – August 2019

Shining Stars Summer Crossword Puzzle

GABRIELLA COUNTS is a member of Cibolo Lodge. She is in fifth grade. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite TV show is “Big Brother.” Gabriella has a pet dog, Baxter. Her activities include volleyball and drawing.

KAYCEE LYNN KAISER is a member of Jourdanton Lodge. She is in second grade. Her favorite food is Fruit Loops cereal and her favorite TV show is “Just Roll with It.” Kaycee has a pet dog, Gus, guinea pig, Pumpkin, and two rabbits, Victoria and Victor. Her activities include dance, softball, Girl Scouts, art and she is “Little Miss Poteet.”

Shining Star Registration Form Just send us a photo of yourself (that we can keep) and fill out this form and send to: Tammi Sutherland, P.O. Box 1941, San Antonio, TX 78297. The form is also available online at Photos of our Shining Stars also are featured online.

ACROSS 4. To cook outdoors on a grill 7. Beverage made of lemon 9. The month at the beginning of summer 10. Independence Day 11. What you can do in water 12. Opposite of cold

DOWN 1. A big fruit you can eat in summer 2. What you can make at the beach with sand 3. Protective eyewear 5. Time off from school 6. Sleeping in a tent 8. The month at the end of summer

Summer Word Scramble Unscramble the summer words:

Name: Birthday:

1. Becha


6. Romewatenl __________________

Home Phone:

2. Cie ecram ___________________

7. Scesntdaal ___________________

Daytime Phone:

3. Nmgiswim ___________________

8. Htae _______________________

4. Pciicn ______________________

9. Boigatn _____________________

5. Nvctioaa ____________________

10. Polo _______________________

Address: City:


Word Search

E-mail Address: Grade in school: Favorite food: Pets: Favorite TV show: Activities: It is OK with my parents that I am featured as a “Shining Star” in the Hermann Sons Life newspaper, website and any other advertising publications.

Summer Pool Swimming Camping Fun Sun Grass Outside Hot Sprinkler

Picnic Road trip Shorts Vacation Watermelon Play Fruit Hiking Popsicle Lemonade

Parent’s Signature: I am a member of


Certificate No._______________________________________________________

Puzzle answers on Pg. 9