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Sara Connell

"Your Calling to write that book or be on that stage IS the sign you are meant to do it"

No. 21 JUNE 2022

Global Connections Editor, Achievement and Communication Mastery

MARCIA MARTIN Guest Contributor Creative Business Solutions


Executive Editor The Healthy Home and Feng Shui


Juvee Perez -PA to Jenni

Jessica Taylor -VA to Jenni

Executive Editor Conscious Wealth Alignment


Executive Editor Energy Transformation


Contributing Editor Conscious Prosperity

Cover star and Premium Guest


Contributing Editor Manifestation Lifestyle KATE YURENDA

Contributing Editor Shining Wealth for heart-led wellness practitioners CHRISTINE WILLIAMS



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Meet The Founder... JENNI PARKER BROWN








potentialite, philosopher and genius activist. Her










cabaret artist, award-winning gastronomy chef, published author, media design, image consultant and visionary magazine editor. Her mission and passion are to ‘Raise the bar on transformation by merging the qualities of beauty, grace creativity and heart to help humanity rise’.


True to the New Renaissance that is currently happening in our time, Jenni has brought her multi-faceted skills to innovate an aesthetic and high-vibrational new approach to success and personal







enlightened epitomise

harmony of new thought, altruistic ideals, and blending science and spirituality in their service to the world.

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"A magazine for the New Earth. A wild and wonderful collection of wisdom from women who embody worthiness, wealth, and well-being. A mustread for the evolving, expansive and evolutionary individual who wants to be part of the next wave of light that will flood our future. Absolutely brilliant and finally- something fitting for our time." Lisa Roulette, Ascension Guide, Healer & Manifesting Mentor "This glorious, high-vibe platform for women who want to step up to their highest potential deserves every superlative! A must-have resource for every feminine impact-maker who won’t compromise on her most epic life!" Gina DeVee, Founder of Divine Living, author, accomplished speaker, self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur. "This new magazine is beautifully designed, elegant, well written, inspiring and the content is fabulous". Lynn Twist, founder of The Pachamama Alliance

"I look forward to receiving my monthly gift of timeless wisdom, beauty, inspiration and love from the brilliant Jennifer P. Her unique House of Preeminence showcases fascinating female influencers who are up to the business of creating an inclusive and flourishing world that works for everyone. Thank you Jenni P. for being such an inspired visionary and for your generosity in making your beautiful offering available to us all". Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times Bestselling Author, Master Teacher, and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist "The launch of your magazine is coming at such a pivotal point in history. this is all divine alignment. " Stevie Gayle, Scent Alchemist "It's the most gorgeous inspiring riveting uplifting and soul-soaring, frequency rising magazine I have ever seen in my life"! Spryte Loriano, Humanitarian, Founder of Awakening Giants TV


Femini ne Ene rgy M oodboa rd



JUNE POWER MANTRA WORDS Tune into the monthly sacred energy in your meditations and affirmations

Sacred Feminity, Joy, Creativity, Adoration, Rejuvenation, Good Fortune, Safety, Curiosity, Empathy, Love, Unity, Compassion Fertility, Excitement, Solstice What is your power Word for today?



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Our mission is to inspire, support and showcase, ambitious, visionary, mission-driven and ethical women entrepreneurs everywhere who are actively initiating change, for the greater good of all.









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MISTRESS OF CHANGE Genius, Grace and Greatness


The world will never be the same again. How's your Plan B? The world as we knew it. There is no going back. The only choice we have is to adapt, align or decline. But my intention is for you to do more than adapt and align. You are going to have to dazzle, baby! Yes, I invite you to shine so brilliantly that the world you dream of changing will need sunglasses. So here's the bone-chilling bottom line. In less than 2 years, the whole online entrepreneurial landscape has shifted on its own axis. What a few years ago was "guaranteed" as an 'Easy 6 figure business model' has metamorphosed before our CV-weary eyes. The parameters have changed. We are now swimming in a galaxy of service providers within a revolutionary new entrepreneurial cosmos. If we don't keep up, we're yesterday's leftovers. We're now challenged to do things we wouldn't have dreamed of when we started - social media mastery, innovative selling strategies, ubiquitous visibility, mission-inspired branding, sumptuous story-led copy, law of attraction skills, and connection skills.

And a billion moving parts to get our heads around! In a crowded, infinite galaxy of people, all with their own agendas and all trying to get your attention. But you know what happens in a galaxy? If you look up at the night sky, what will you see? Yes, the brightest damn stars, the ones that make gorgeous hues, the ones that make soul-scorching patterns, the ones that arc across the sky, are a symbol you cannot ignore. Every time you look up, there they are. You can't ignore them. Flickering incandescently bright, the first ones that appear in the evening and the last ones alight at dawn. They never leave the sky - they have their place. So who do you think will see YOU if you are not a positively neon constellation in your own firmament? (i.e. in your niche) Ok, let's not go there... But take heart! Your ability to shine with this much power cannot be bought with money. It cannot be learned in a program or researched in Google. It is innate within you. Your ability to shine this powerfully will be the difference between reaching your dreams of greatness and making a true impact or extinguishing your light. You might fall short of your heartfelt visions of the frustration with the complexity and enormity of navigating the entrepreneurial cosmos with a faulty GPS or lack of financial or energetic rocket fuel. And I don't want that for you.

Preeminence is a catalyst for your ultimate life and fulfilment, an invitation to your highest Many






strategies, and efficient money-making advice. And many of them teach you how to master your whole inner cosmos, energy, vibration, and soul purpose.

you use them together, mind, action, purpose, aligned on the trajectory of your heartfelt desires, re-calibrated day by day, you WILL claim your PREEMINENT place in the cosmic and actual marketplace. Then, other people will look up to you and make a wish.

your beautiful soul and your beautiful bank balance. Then you are graciously invited to use the House of Preeminence platform as never before! Preeminence is an ideal that is also a philosophy and a practice. A practice of your excellence and greatness.





ancient physics

wisdom, and


groundedness of practical action and classic selling skills. We take all of you - mind, body, soul and money and show you how they are exquisitely interwoven.

your glory. So within, so without... you shine, the world win. This issue is about you shining to a max. You cannot stay hidden in any way - not online, nor from life. The world needs you to express your message by BEING your message. Your life IS your message.

If you are committed to this evolution for


—a map to standing out in the galaxy in all

benefits. You make money. It's a win, win,

But not many experts really understand that if


self to play in the field of infinite possibilities

Every way you turn up for yourself and in public is an opportunity to share that great message.







leadership. These







experienced guidance, and inspiration to find your style, step up, and shine! Here's to your own stardom. Choose your trajectory, and be prepared to scintillate! Sparkling brightly from France

Jenni P Mistress of Change























EXCELLENCE PRINCIPLE "The way you do anything is the way you do everything"

Artwork by Kate Yurenda @dreamboldnetwork



JUNE 2022

The aspiration to excellence in everything you do, or even in just a few key areas of your life is like rehearsing for supreme achievement. Even honing one craft to excellent or exceptional, causes ‘the multiplier effect’ doing one thing excellently cascades over into all other parts of our life. Practise skill-sets that elicit positive results consistently. Raise your ‘normal’ to world-class as a daily habit, and watch world-class results unfold.

What new skill sets do you want/need to acquire this month? What are you doing to create space, energy and resources for them? What action step can you take today to start to master a new skill set?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how passionate are you about your current routine and prospects for the rest of the year? What would it take to make them both a 10? What will you do this week to start that momentum?

In the theme of the magazine Style, Shining and Showing Up, what actions can you take to improve your visibility? How can you review your day to be world class at what you do?





Start At The Top And Work Upwards. How to align yourself with your highest visions and be paid for your genius and superpowers.

Are you obsessed with creating the RIGHT products for attracting your SOUL CLIENTS effortlessly on an everturning treadmill of hoping for That Big Bold money making idea? Are you feeling like your messaging or content does not really communicate the value you really have to offer and wonder why you're a best-kept secret? Are you spinning your wheels re-inventing your brand regularly because it STILL doesn't feel 100 % like the real you and all your brilliance? Are you stuck about what kind of signature methodology could possibly take what you do and elevate it to stratospheric? Maybe you’re trying to implement a biz model that your mentor exemplifies and falling short, or you just don’t like marketing and selling because it feels somehow disconnected to your great mission!

These are all symptoms of being in the 'what and how' trap and trying to figure out how to move forward with the conscious mind, strategy and a lot of hard work. You probably haven't yet made your soul your CEO.

The words' soul-based '' business or 'soul-

So elevating your soul as CEO of your

led mission' have become the general

enterprise, is indispensable for change-

vocabulary for this generation of deeply


altruistic female entrepreneurs who desire to make their own fulfilment central to the

But who or what exactly is your soul? And

impact they bring.

why should you make her 'da boss lady' in all your marketing?

No longer content with just being a 'servicebased' business of commerce or consulting, soul-inspired business is synonymous with

When I refer to the soul in creating a

infusing our livelihoods with our passions,

Preeminent personal brand, we are talking



about the 'Real You', inside the beautiful

relationship with humanity, the earth and

shell of your physical body – the part that

even the cosmos from whence our souls

makes you truly human, with all your


incredible potential, and not just a femme




sapiens. It elevates our work with noble qualities

Your soul holds your history, energy, great

and a desire for feelings of fulfilment in

journey overview, links to your childhood

every part of our business model and

and maybe even past lives. It holds the


keys to manifestation - seeing the desires of your eternal self land in this 3D reality.







vocation and branding is even more potent

We lose our connection to that eternal self

than that.

at some time through childhood. After that, we tend to define ourselves on

Without your soul, you could have no

the roles we take on and the material


things we own, taking scores of our






progress by measuring ourselves against

connection would be broken.

others to see if we are similar (thereby

Without your soul, you could not dream

feeling normal).

your bold visions. Your body would simply be an automaton

Then, it is no wonder that after years of

going about the motions.

losing our sense of uniqueness and destiny,

And without your soul infusion, your

we wander lost amongst the gravestones of

brand, message and beautiful offerings will

our deepest aspirations. Even for a business

be as forgettable as most reels of people

that does not have 'soul' values, material

dancing on social media.

gain will lose its attraction at some point.

We are wired to seek growth and fulfilment, pleasure and expansion that is not just based on our ability to create revenue. And so, the more we can infuse soul values in every single part of our life and business, the more we will be nourished and able to nurture others. But there is a more scientific reason too. The






(patriarchal model) is based primarily on rational and linear, left-brained, struggle and strive. These are the 'vestiges' of traditional business which no longer motivate women. Visionaries, humanitarian

creatives, and






have difficulty adapting to this outdated approach in their visions and dreams. We need to bring our feelings into everything! Individual




management, the science of flow states, energy, alignment and optimising potential through wellness practices and the even subtle arts of esoterism are now mainstream business practices. Many years ago, I fulfilled one of my most precious dreams of dancing with horses - professionally! I was so dialled in to my soul at that time that I experienced a state of continued epiphany and set out on a quest to understand what it takes for us to create a life that feels like heaven on earth. What has that got to do with business and personal branding? Well, it's pretty radical, but I discovered that the traditional route to success graphically shown as a multi-layered pyramid of psychological needs by Abraham Maslow, was upside down.

Instead of starting at the bottom, ensuring we have all our basic needs met first and then climbing up towards the desired destination of self-actualisation (where we are soul expressed), New Thought and science supports the fact that a state of fulfilment FIRST is the thing that attracts all the other parts. The Law of Attraction phenomenon was built on this. Call it self-actualisation, flow state, peak experience, fulfilment, kundalini awakening, alignment or being in the highest vibration, all evidence points to the NEUROCHEMISTRY of our state being the catalyst for causing and experiencing the desires and outcomes we hold dear. Billionaire Titan John Assaraf's whole empire is built on these facts. As are so many other empires! You have to start at the top, make feeling good your default state and work upwards! There has been so much incredible research done to link neurobiology, energy and the science of high performance






consequence is a revolution in what it takes to create a world-class brand and peak achievement. Now let's get it real for you, lovely! Most entrepreneurs start or even scale with offers and a biz model that they decide on with their logical, conscious minds. They are in love with their ideas, often inflated with the conviction that because they are good at what they do and they are passionate, everyone is going to fall in love with what they're putting out and that it is enough to sweep them into a constant revenue stream. Wrong.

If you're a soul-led entrepreneur, you may well be motivated and leading with your purpose, your 'why', and if so, good for you! So many female entrepreneurs realise that their heart-brain connection and spiritual dimension must be central to their life and business. However, even if they - you- are connected to your 'why', you may still have a great deal of difficulty expressing your 'why' in your messaging effectively. It is not enough just to have a big vision of changing many people's lives! So many entrepreneurs don't even know what their message is, let alone express their soul in there. Yet it is key to communicating in the marketplace in a way that hooks their soul clients in. That's because what your soul wants is what you truly want, precisely what your client tunes into because it's what they want too! How do you recognise and harness the voice of your soul so you can express it? 1. When you do what you are naturally gifted or talented at, your soul will speak. 2. When you love what you do, your soul will speak. 3. When you do what you do best of all, your soul will speak When you combine your loves and your gifts and what fires your values, you use that to serve the clients you are called to help, you are right slap bang in the middle of fulfilling all of your human potential as well as creating a peerless and powerful message.

Harnessing this level of neurobiology in your actions is when your emotional intelligence (vibration) is the highest, and your








consciousness is opened. In





connected to and expressing your soul, the more time you spend in flow and peak states. This is when you unleash your genius and superpowers and step up from being another





credentials to a thousand other women in your 'niche' to the absolute goddess-given gift to someone's exact pain, struggle or blockage. Because when you listen to your soul through the voice of your heart, when you act on and express its wisdom, you become a true expression of Preeminence in your brand. Your offerings, products, services, posts, emails and funnels become exquisite, sacred messages to the people you are meant to serve. You came here to recognise and express your divine power through the sacred exchange of your gifts for abundance in entrepreneurship (there is no more holy work!). When you can identify and build your 'why' upon that, your 'what' and 'hows' will be as dazzlingly clear to your perfect clients as diamonds in the sunlight!

And that's the kind of sparkle that nobody can miss, even on Social Media! Your soul is always taking a reference point, impulsing you to follow your north star. You may think that listening to your intuition or highest self will help. But your soul IS your highest self, and you must know the correct language! That language is codified within you. You contain the codes of your message, your mission, and your most opulent biz model. My proprietary methodology, The Trinity Code™, allows you to access all their power, brilliance, flow and million dollar ideas and align them energetically with your dreams. It allows you to build your ideal life and biz FROM a place of fulfilment and high vibration, rather than trying to get TO IT. The Trinity Code™ is as ancient as time and as leading edge as quantum science. It's a beautiful perfect pattern that reflects the connection between our inner (macro ) world and the marketplace (micro) - soul and aligned action in perfect harmony! The phenomenal Trinity Code™ is founded in perfect cosmic order, reflected everywhere in nature, language, mythology, architecture, numbers, brain patterns, aestheticism There is nowhere it is NOT! When used as a blueprint for creating a Preeminent Personal Brand, where you get to be rewarded for your genius and for feeling the happiest you can imagine, it is simple and seamless.

Imagine the Trinity Code is a map to your deepest soul desires, and your soul being the compass. Now, what's all that got to do with your message? And how does it link to moolah? I'm glad you asked. It comes back to going deeper than just your 'what' and 'how' and even your 'why.' The Code connects you to your 'I Am' truth and then reveals the most optimum way you can express it in your brand to attract abundance and your soul clients.

Once you have your Code, you have it forever. You will never have to wonder again how you should put yourself out there and what it looks like. The beautiful outcome is that you become attuned to your highest, abundance-attracting potential. When working from the zone of your Trinity Code, you cannot be OUT of alignment. Your Code allows you to start at the top and work upwards.

I help sovereign femme-preneurs go from best-kept-secret to highly sought after superleaders through personal branding and quantum coding work, so that they can magnify their message and channel more wealth into their souldriven movement.

Sara Connell

Imagine If… You knew exactly how to write, publish and share your story, mission and message with the world....

You Can & You Will


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Can a book save a life? According to the stunning Women Author’s Mentor, Sara Connell, not only a life but many lives. Sara’s own life was saved by a book she read during a dark time in her life. She decided to devote her life to creating books that could help other women radically transform their lives and empower women with powerful messages to become best-selling authors and speakers. Publishing and speaking are par excellence, the most impactful way female entrepreneurs can share their wisdom and be handsomely rewarded for their messages and stories. During the pandemic, Sara was inspired to take this publishing platform and show women how they can truly step into great financial freedom. At first reticent to write ‘yet another money book’, she was called to add to the legendary classic, The Science of Getting Rich written by Wallace Wattles in 1927, and re-write the topic from a woman’s perspective. And so, The Science of Getting Rich for Women, initiated by Sara and co-authored by several women millionaires, takes this historical favourite and is now published this month! Jenni and Sara explore how close women are to their most immense potential all the time if they can only recognise their brilliance and share it with the world. Sara encourages you to take up this quest and make your mark on the world through speaking and books.

Self-Doubt is an affirmation you are on the right path - Keep going...

When you see something you want to be/do/experience, instead of separating yourself, say "I am One with that"

Out June 14th Click here

Jealousy is an indicator of something we are but have not yet let ourselves be - it is a preview of "coming attractions" from the Universe


Sara Connell is a bestselling author and founder of Thought Leader Academy where she helps coaches, writers and

entrepreneurs become successful, published authors and indemand speakers. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, The View, FOX

Chicago, TEDx, The Today Show, and Katie Couric. Her writing has appeared in: The New York Times, Forbes, Good

Housekeeping, and Parenting. Her first book Bringing In Finn was nominated for ELLE magazine Book of the Year.

How can I help you take your next step?

Sara Connell

DISTINCTION PRINCIPLE You are a natural genius and warrioress of your own soul quest. The world awaits to behold your dazzling prowess

Artwork by Kate Yurenda @dreamboldnetwork



JUNE 2022

When we move towards excellence and leave any traces of mediocrity behind, we gain distinction. It may be with an accolade or an award, or simply by the power of our own convictions, passion and charisma. A state of preeminence is a natural way for us to stand out, be seen, heard, admired and paid.

What is your relationship with your voice? How can you make sure you are heard, without shouting or forcing? Speaking and presenting are a great skill. Join Marcia’s club and learn from one of the greatest in the world for $10 a month! Check out her article!

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Fall back in love with Social Media by showing up as your authentic self. Give your Live Presentations background a makeover that is coherent with your personality, branding and style.



...into your life and business

Y E LisLcapable O W of charming God... Vincent Van Gogh


If you Google 'Fashion Quotes about the colour black', you will find plenty! And as Audrey Hepburn and Jenni P agree.. “There is a shade of red for every woman". Even the colours blue and green turn up in Iconic Fashion Quotes. Such is not the same for yellow. Unlike brown, olive, navy, green and even purple, yellow has a hard job turning up on runways and is considered to be the trickiest colour to wear. That’s a little unfair to yellow when you understand its meaning and effect on people.

So leaving wasps, heavy metals, toxic lizards, warning and danger signs aside, the primary colour yellow




knowledge and the intellect. It is the colour which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain enhancing




perception of new ideas.


Maybe it’s because it’s evocative of sunshine, but yellow is infused with the energy of enthusiasm for

What lady business mogul couldn’t

life, opening optimism and confidence. All great

do with some of that?

reasons to wear it for communication and networking! Yellow shows up in reasoning skills, as the


scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision. Yellow is linked to the circus, the comic, the clown. It’s upbeat, stimulating and fun. Depending on the wearer and the shades you wear it with!

In my work as a Style Philsopher and Quantum Messaging Maven, I work closely with my clients to determine their energy and visionary woman archetypes. These are closely related to their energy as well as their mission and brand! Yellow can be a very client-and-opportunity-magnetic colour if used judiciously, with taste and moderation! Think about it: the colour of the solar plexus chakra, yellow is at the core of your being (in its healthy, balanced state!) From your solar plexus the "I am" shines out, the source of your strength, will and personal power. Symbolic of youth, new beginnings, birth and re-birth, this solar plexus is the fire that burns within you, that gives you power and energy to stand for yourself and to assert yourself; the source from where you find trust, self belief and inner worth. The place from where healing radiates through your core, into the world.

Yellow is non-emotional, coming from the head rather than the heart. Yellow depends on itself, reflecting a vibe that prefers not to get emotionally involved. Straightforward, powerful and independent, yellow is related to the ego and our sense of self worth, to how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others. Wearing it with taste and awareness can increase the charisma and power we radiate. The most highly visible to the naked eye of all the colours on the spectrum, imagine wearing yellow on stage as a speaker! All eyes on you! For branding design and business in general, it is best to use yellow as a highlight color - since too much of this shade can cause agitation and anxiety. We certainly don’t want that effect on people! So now you’re all fired up to fill your closet with yellow, here’s all the reasons why you shouldn’t!

Picking the wrong tones for our skin can make us look washed out and tired, even when we’re well rested. Yellow is an expert at that, highlighting your sallow skin, tired eyes and wrinkles too! So you must determine your skin tone, seasonal type and understand the difference between pure saturated colour, tones, shades and hues. Primary colour is saturated pure colour. Tone is a general term to describe the lightness or darkness of a basic color. If you add white to colour, you get a light tone, if you add black or grey, you get dark tone. If you mix colours of the spectrum and then add white or grey, you will have all the shades and tones and hues you could dream of.

So for example by adding brown to yellow and a little grey, you’ll have a warm mustard. If you add a tiny bit of red and white, you’ll be looking at warmer amber tones. Aha! Yes! The yellow spectrum is vast! Everyone has different undertones in their skin and it is important to determine if your colouring is cool, neutral or warm. If you're unsure of that, sit in front of a mirror in a room that has a lot of natural light. Is your skin pale with cool, pink undertones, or olive with warm ones? Bronze undertones or dark? Pure yellow nearly always looks wonderful against dark African or Asian origin skin tones, the contrast is striking and inviting.

But a zany, sunny personality of any skin type can be enhanced by using yellow somewhere in the outfit - a soft maize golden yellow chic top with jeans, a fresh lemon scarf to cheer up an otherwise drab suit, cheery beads and bangles with plain jumpsuit, a cute mustard yellow bandana tied up over a messy bun (Jenni P’s signature look!), a daisy-patterned boho-style, floaty tunic over some neutral leggings, an amber sporty hoodie and sneakers, a golden yellow satin blouse with some cream linen evening pants. Come on, aren’t you already in a better mood just reading this and looking at the pictures? So what about the office and business? Well, from what I’ve shared with you about the effect it can have on people who are being energised by the colour on you, I’d be starting to check the kind of yellow that would suit you and make your livestreams pop!

And if you’re not sure, don’t! I personally look dreadful in pure yellow, but toned down in gold and autumnal mustards, the colour is comforting to wear in the dark days of winter. Lastly, of course this doesn’t have to be plain colour; patterns would work well too, according to your body shape and personality. So make yellow your ally, not your foe and have fun putting some safran, pineapple, turmeric and curry-hued spice into your wardrobe or accessory box and take it out for mood boosts, research, writing books, livestreams and when you feel like making a statement or getting in touch with your shining ‘I AM”. Style is not about fashion but your values, natural charms, brilliance and energy. We can all use a little sunshine to boost all of those! And as Vincent Van Gogh said... " Yellow is capable of charming God...." So let's get some mellow yellow on, it's summer!

the dark truth about

The Little Black Dress

Jenni Parker Brown

Since Coco Chanel revolutionised the 1920s Fashion Scene with her then shocking monochrome outfits, the Little Black Dress, or LBD, has risen to iconic status as a paragon of versatility, sophistication and sexual allure.

Later, during the war, when textiles and fabrics were rationed, the simple black dress remained the outfit of choice, for elegance without breaking the bank. In Hollywood for practical reasons, the LBD popularity grew. Technicolor films became more common, and film-makers relied on little black dresses since other colours looked distorted on-screen often messing up the colouring process. Since then, designers have relied on its power in the fashion market as a reliable timeless fashion staple that makes women feel good and makes money. 'What's not to love?' I hear you say. For me, image, which includes our style, energy and values, goes way beyond fashion. I'm not a great fashion lover since the whole concept is to have women aspiring to be like someone else's idea of what they should be like! The designers and trendsetters determine the parameters year after year, and then women buy and wear clothes that look like everyone else's! When those are no longer fashionable, they discard them (worst pollution problem, on the planet) and go and stock up with a whole new lot of stuff so that they are seen to be following the fashion. Um excuse me? Can someone tell me this is a good idea for empowered women who want to stand out from the crowds and uphold values far above a follow the sheep mentality? What's more, black doesn't suit everyone! That's the ridiculous thing about fashion; just because the colour is trendy, everyone wants to wear it, regardless of whether it enhances their beauty and personality or not. Let's go deep on why that is. I believe that the popularity of black has enabled women to get lazy about finding their signature look and expressing their personality.

How can we be so fussy about our branding and websites and so unconcerned about our appearance? It's not coherent! Website, branding, our PR image - they should all be reflections of our purpose and values. They should reflect the right messages that you, as an entrepreneur, want to convey usually something along the lines of 'pick me!', 'buy me!', 'sign up!', 'join us!'. Remember that we are in this energetic universe? Where everything including your beauty, your, your vitality your business, your abundance, are all down to energy. Everything is energy. And so is style, fashion and Image. Colour, like sound, is one of the most powerful energies in the natural world! In the colour spectrum that makes up the frequency of light, black does not exist. It's a black hole, a void, a no-thing. And that's not all; black is linked to the unknown the occult, the unseen. That is typically associated with the negative. Authoritative and powerful, the colour black can evoke strong emotions, and too much black can be overwhelming. In heraldry, black is the symbol of grief. It is the colour of uniform, authority, religion and witchcraft. Black sends contradictory sensory messages. It is both severe and seductive, chaste & raven, posh & discreet, austere & chic, sinister and tantalising. In colour psychology, black symbolises power and control. It can be intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable because of the energy of power it exudes. It can prevent two-way communication because of its intimidation. The salesman wearing all black will make a lot of sales, but no friends!

Black implies self-control and discipline, independence, a strong will and the corporate environment. On the other hand, black absorbs negative energy. It is useful to carry something black with you to protect you from harm and negativity when travelling or when going about your usual daily activities outside your home. People who like black may be conventional, conservative and serious, or they may think of themselves as being sophisticated or very dignified. Usually, people wear black to hide - their body or their personality or maybe a secret. If you look at a woman dressed in colour, she will radiate in those colours. You will see the woman, her beauty, charm and personality. If you look at a woman wearing black, your eyes will be attracted to the black, not to the woman. It's the way that black works on the mind and our sight! If you go on a date dressed in black, the guy you're about to meet will not be able to tell anything about you (which might be a deliberate move on your part haha!) Anyway, beware the conflicting effect that black can have on people! And be honest, look at yourself in the mirror, does it actually suit you? The power of black usually effaces Spring Summer and Autumn palettes! Only Winters carry off black really well. It's one weird non-colour!

Black as a non-colour you see the outline of the dress and not the personality of the woman

Black as complimentary colour - enhancing the figure but leaving the seal blue to light the wearer's winter palette face

Now you might hate this article and be railing against me, thinking of all the LBDs you have hanging in your wardrobe, how convenient it is to throw black on, how you don't have to think about it, that 'it will do' anywhere and everywhere. If that is so, just reflect on what that says about the way you treat your Image! All of those thoughts about yourself, including your image, body, and clothes are truly creating your reality! So it's a good habit to check yourself and your mindset when dressing in the morning! Ok ok…I get it! You are very attached to black! So here are some caveats on how to make the LBD something entirely original, individual and still reflect your personality. Find out your colour palette. I recommend using the free app Color.Wise that I mentioned in the previous article. If you are on the scale of spring, summer or autumn colour palettes - give your black clothes away. Failing that try adding any of these items to black to diffuse its power and add some edge: A denim jean jacket or a neutral coloured, soft leather bomber. Both of these make statements that dominate the black! In fact, pairing with anything in neutral colours - a blazer, scarves, jewellery, accessories, black is always classier when it is paired with a neutral shade. That's what made Chanel famous! Neutral colours are the perfect way to sublimate black. Avoid saturated colours and black together—pink, yellow, green, orange, purple are no, no, nos. Blue can work; it's a combo that has been used by designers often. Apart from the beige family, blue can look sophisticated with black. Black and white patterns are very alluring, as Coco found out with her tweeds and her black and cream suits. However, as pure white is also a noncolour, avoid using them together in black and white blocks. Black and cream works!

Black + yellow and red Gentle, earthy, reassuring

Black + blue + yellow Fresh, inviting, magical

Black + red Regal, feminine,sensual

Avoid overdoing the jewellery with black, or you will be sending out a powerful signal that you may not want! Wear your favourite colour, or eye colour near your face, and black as a skirt, jeans or trousers. Mix black with unfussy monochrome patterns - that means simple designs that contain 2 or 3 max shades of the same colour. Finally, to find your very own classy, elegant version of the Little Black Dress, seek the BMD dress - the Big Me Dress. The one which expresses your preeminence, your unique charm, personality and charisma. Take your favourite colour from your palette and mix a little black into it (in your head!) What colour do you get? You should be imagining anything from deep copper, conker, mahogany, through burgundy and prune or aubergine, moving on to pine, deep moss, and ivy, to deepest jade, then abyss or midnight blue, indigo and dark violet to egg-plant or deep royal purple. These shades are all black with colour mixed in to them! These 'coloured blacks' have both light and energy. They will flatter your skin tone, hair and personality. They will also flatter your figure, and they carry the best symbolisms that black does! Seductive, posh, tantalising. With the frequency of colour, personality and communication infused into the darkness. Coco Chanel sublimated black by trimming and accessorising in cream - a neutral. If it had been any other colour, she may never have gone down in the history books as one the most visionary Fashion Icons of all time. You see, you can have your blacks and wear them too! We just had to get the dark truth out the way. Eat your heart out Coco.

Jenni P

RENOWN PRINCIPLE "People will not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel".



JUNE 2022

An impeccable know-like-and trust reputation will serve your highest visions. Swap the desire to just being ‘visible’ for showing up to serve with the prosperous presence of a hero, and adopt the etiquette of titans. Make integrity (including self-integrity) your foundation stone on which to build relationships that thrive on win-win-win ethics. Be known exclusively for your genuine virtues and endear people with your charm and ability to listen. Wear elegance, good taste, humour and style like a designer label, and be generous with your compliments to those who need them.

Commit to expressing yourself as your highest self, always. Practise talking to yourself in the mirror as her, then your loved ones, then everybody!

Review your BIO or credentials. Try out a new description of your services that excites you.

Commit to stop apologising to others when you find yourself judging yourself harshly.


The Greatness Codes™ by Jenni Parker Brown Swapping the Hustle of Visibility to the Flow of Unforgetability Millions of entrepreneurs online..and then there's you. And all we hear at the moment is this 'Visibility' word bandied around. Promises abound everywhere of positioning you to stand out, establishing you as an authority in your topic with an online presence that will magically magnetise droves of your perfect clients to you, with branding that will make people's eyes stand out on stalks. PR people swear by the effectiveness of you being leapt on by the Press, becoming a best-selling author, and being invited onto summits, stages, and podcasts galore. As long as you're always visible and have a vast following. Then there is the lure of being in elite business ranking systems or well-known media organisations. It's usually the first thing we see on a website… 'As Seen On…' followed by a whole ream of logos which make you feel like the person is significant and visible. And it probably makes you feel tiny, invisible or smitten by FOMO! Marketing gurus add on the pressure - forecasting dire consequences for you if you're not 'out there' constantly being seen for the sake of it. But visibility doesn't come from any of those things. And what's more, who cares if you ARE visible? You're just taking up more bandwidth in people's attention. People don't have a lot of bandwidth right now. Less than ever before, in fact. So what's it going to take to get people's attention?

Real, durable win win win relationships. Authentic, intelligent, respectful and collaborative. Relationships aren't just to grow your Facebook group and get close to influencers. They are what sustainable business is made of. There was a time when being seen all over Social Media impressed people. Likes and Follows were currency. But that time is changing! Metrics about how having tens of thousands of people in your audience to sell to are old news. Social Media platforms change with dizzying speed, and so do people's attention spans. Just try this out for a moment. Think of at least a dozen people you used to hang out with on Facebook 3 to 4 years ago - people you quite liked or had a good relationship with. Where are they now? What are they doing? Do they contact you? Are you working together? Collaborating? How do your tribe interact with you? The souls who have subscribed to your email list? So for changemakers who may be seeing everyone they meet as a potential client (I know lots like this!) I invite you to give your relationship skills a little makeover. The 'Know, Like and Trust' factor is not just a strategy; it's an art form. Reputation is gold. When people know you and talk about you in the highest terms, that is the best' visibility' of all! When you stay uppermost in people's minds, you know you are on the way to creating a solid foundation for your brand. In my work, I talk about aligning your Mission, Message and Presence. Your presence is made up of your image, style, energy and genuine love of people even if they are not your 'niche'. This is about giving yourself a world-class brand persona and energy so that you are aligned with a world-class business and a world-class lifestyle.

Jenni P on the set of the award-wining Branding TV Reality show 'Fix My Brand' where after a first season, she was invited onto the team as Brand Message assistant, Stylist and Mind-set Mentor for season 2. Jenni took many of the candiates through the Trinity Code™ process to deepen their brand and clarify their business model.

So what does it take? It takes class. Preeminence. What does that look like? Give other people the attention you crave. Swap the Me Me Me virus to 'Good to meet you…who are you, what makes you tick, and how can I rock your world for the better?' If anyone said that to me, I would definitely never forget them. Swap Vanilla for Pepper. In everything you do, be and say. Stop being a jelly-mould, carbon copy of a million coaches and service providers who are all hustling to survive. Same website vibe, same repetitive 'pitch', same boring conversation. Stop blah, generic social media posts, bland engagement questions, turning up on zoom un-polished AF. Stop writing mediocre copy. Stop following the crowd and start leading a movement. Stop being a wannabe, and start being an action ninja with moves so fast, you'd make Neo in Matrix look slow. No one could forget you. Start putting all of your secret superhero self into everything you present to the world. Give yourself permission to be outrageously you. Speak from your soul. Tell your story with panache and humour. Dress up for your lives. Learn 3 new skills this week and teach 3 other people how to do it too. Swap scrolling reels for giving some love on a dozen feeds a day. Wear perfume on your lives. Review your offers and ask yourself how you can make them irresistible. Start a podcast and invite all your friends. Wear jewellery on your podcast. Give some $ from each sale to a good cause. No one will forget you. Serve the influencers you admire without any expectation of reciprocity. That doesn't mean following them around or fawning over them. It means buying from them, recommending them and finding ways you can be instrumental in helping them achieve something THEY want. When you serve selflessly at a high level, people will remember you.

Everything that you want to achieve in life depends on your ability to connect with, inspire, influence and motivate others, but you must be instantly recognised as not just an authority on your topic but absolute Mistress of it! You do that not by swaggering your boss-babe, bitch-diva entrepreneur shadow archetype around social media (there are lots of them out there!), claiming you were the first one to have discovered the Law of Attraction, but by showing up in your greatest potential as a unique Gorgeous, Genius and Greatness Upriser.

Client attraction is not just about clever pitches, swanky websites, designer fonts, Instagram genius and a titan social media agenda; it's a Holistic, Inside and Outside Messaging job. It takes class, vision, social grace, social etiquette, and mastery in your area of expertise. It takes charisma, confidence, courage and relentless dedication to your dreams. It takes ensuring your visual and verbal communication are impeccable. Present your craft to the world with the style and energy of a celebrity, athlete or maestro. People will not forget you. They cannot forget you. You will become a reference for a specific value, and you will stay in people's minds. When you stay in people's minds, you will be peerlessly unforgettable - far more powerful and desirable than simply being 'visible'. The 9 Graces of Preeminence are an elegant and simple blueprint to grow your business using all these virtues. In the Guild of Preeminence, as an Ambassador, you can reveal all of your class and mastery and get support on whatever stage of your journey you are working on.

The Guild of Preeminence is the beautiful new container where you can have VIP support for creating your highest life, lifestyle, and business whilst enjoying many benefits. We are innovating a brand new, feminine business and success model. One where you can: Benefit from exposure and influence within our acclaimed magazine and distribution to hundreds of thousands of women readers! Learn and uplevel yourself with relevant, leading-edge tools to thrive as a femme changemaker in this new paradigm! Collaborate with other purpose-driven women entrepreneurs Enjoy discounts on our products and courses Receive accountability on your journey to Preeminence! Be able to use the magazine as a lead magnet! Be able to use the gold logo on your website and copy! Access our vast resource base and private access to our Rolodex of experts and more! What's this got to do with Visibility and Unforgetability? Think of the Guild as part Feminine Holistic Success Academy, part PR opportunity, part heart-centred support sisterhood, part resource library, part training with world-class leaders, part enlightened networking group in short, the perfect place to build relationships and become Visible as well as Unforgettable! The guidance I give in the 9 Graces will help you step straight away into Preeminence, for as little as $37 a month! What to do next? Check out the whole juicy details here I am taking applications for the next wave of women dedicated to creating their highest life. Join us! Jenni P

Walking my own talk... Founder of the House of Preeminence, Jenni Parker Brown is a visionary multi-potentialite. Her eclectic careers range from fashion retailing, the performing arts, fitness instructor, equestrian cabaret artist, award-winning gastronomy chef, published author, style and image consultant, magazine editor and Genius Activist. In 2017 she was chosen by the award-winning TV Reality Show, ‘Fix My Brand With Ali Craig’ as candidate and subsequently was invited onto the program as Mindset Expert and Assistant Image Stylist for seasons 2 and 3. Jenni is a renowned Thought Leader who has developed world class tools and experiences for women with dreams as big as their hearts. Her quantum success business model is transforming the lives of many women. Following your heart is Jenni's principle inspiration. Her work is backed up by solid neuroscience, quantum physics, a passion for well-being and fulfilment, with a whole lot of creative muse and a mission to reveal to as many people as she can reach, the magic of basing their life on their genius and super-powers. Jenni's mission is to raise the bar on Personal Transformation through sharing the incredible and proven power of The Trinity Code™, a ground-breaking, quantum success model for the 21st century. Her proudest achievements include becoming a professional dancer at the age of 41 (after birthing two daughters born 18 years apart!) creating her own equestrian cabaret (yes horses!) under a circus big top, and within two years, turning a bankrupt, down-trodden hiking hostel into a 6 figure, fine-dining tourist attraction in the Pyrenees Mountains, France, where she lives. Oh and creating the House of Preeminence. Connect with me on Facebook but please send a message first :-)

PEERLESSNESS "PRINCIPLE "There is no-one in the world like you. Rejoice in your glory. You are a natural genius and the world awaits to behold your dazzling prowess".



JUNE 2022

Find your genius Believe in your super-powers Conduct yourself like nobility Be fascinated by others Keep a beginner's mind Wear your heart on your sleeve Avoid crowds Think before speaking Breathe integrity Cultivate charm Choose your own values Avoid wearing black Practice playfulness Ooze fabulousness

What do you want people to say about you in the professional arena?

If you were bold enough, what would you do this year that you’ve been dreaming of?

Does that reflect in your image?

Tell 3 people you’re going to do it and start.

Get some help changing your copy language and vocabulary so that it really sounds like you and not cookie-cutter marketing.





36O° HAT GUIDE Katherine Carey


#1 It’s a natural conversation starter. Once that door is open, it’s an opportunity for you to engage and communicate what you do with ease.

ucket B n r e Mod d e r o l i The Ta in Coffee

#2 It’s a confidence booster.

The C l a s s i c FM i n i m a l i s t edora in Sage

You’ll walk with better posture when you have a hat on, naturally.

#3 It makes you approachable. People who wear hats have an ease about them. If you are in business, being approachable is key for closing the deals.

#4 Never have a bad hair day again! Okay, this is universal rather than entrepreneurial-led, but heck, we are our businesses, and sometimes our hair is not on the job as it should be. A hat takes ALL the pressure off.

#5 Airport grace! Long flight to your next speaking gig or conference... pop your hat on when leaving the plane and you’ll look 100% more refreshed than your plane mates. Who knows what conversations you might strike up at baggage claim.

#6 Always polished. Polished is a key to great business. Being put together is easy when you add a hat. It’s an instant Polish Uplevel.

#7 Weather. This, again, is universal. Whether it’s sun protection you need in warmer climates or coziness in cooler temperatures, hats have you covered. And I’m not talking about the frumpy cloth bucket hat that is now worn and faded shoved on your closet shelf. One stylish hat per season can take you elegantly through whatever weather your climate brings.

#8 Compliment Attracter. Feel great about yourself! Hats magnetize compliments your way—every single time. From random strangers to your BFFs, if you feel a little low that day, wear your hat and watch your mood shift to a high vibe.

#9 Like a great bag, a great hat goes with everything! A fabulous hat is the easiest, most statement-worthy accessory in the style game, from jeans to dresses.

#10 Social Media Attention Getter!

F ed or a ic ss la C ed or il a T e Th in W h ea t

Want to have eyes on your next “Live”? It’s easy to pass on watching yet another “Live” from the same person. Grab the attention by wearing your hat. It’s what makes someone pause and listen instead of scrolling.

How to find the right hat for you. 2. Try hats on. Go to your local hat shop and try on

different shapes and styles. Ask for the

shop’s expertise, but trust your judgment.

The Tailored Wide Brim in Blush There are three ways to do this. 1. Come to me! You have a top-notch global millinery

designer at your fingertips! If you want the real deal and utter confidence in finding your perfect hat, I’m here for you. Your experience will include:

. A 1:1 consultation via Zoom where I help you find the perfect style for you, and we measure your head together.

. We view color charts and make the design

decisions together for a completely bespoke look.

. I check in with you after you have your hat to see that everything is excellent.

. If you ever have a problem, you can reach out to me. My clients have confidence

because they know I am here to help them if they are caught in the rain or need a repair.

You’ll know what makes you go. “Damn! I look hot!” That’s the hat for you.

3. Buy online. (Read the reviews before buying!) Using

your head size for reference, you can make wise decisions. In general:

Wide face - You’ll look great in a decentsized brim (3” or more) and you favor a square crown (not narrow or pointy)

Narrow face - Hats are easy for you. You can wear pretty universal with brims and crowns.

Small face - Try a narrow crown and not too wide of a brim, 4” max.

Tall - brims are your friend. 3”+. I wouldn’t recommend a cloche hat unless it has a brim.

Medium height - you can wear anything brim-width.

Petite - 4” max on brims. This gives you the look of a wider brim without a mushroom effect. You are perfect for cloches. For

fedoras, you will likely feel perfect in a 3” brim.

Vital details when looking for a hat. . Measure your head. Watch this 3 min. video on how to do this HERE. Once you know your size, write the number down and keep it in your wallet or on your phone. This is an essential item when shopping online. Most quality hat shops will have their sizes listed with details in inches, centimeters, or classic hat sizing. See the hat chart below. For a store that says: S, M, L, XL in general, it’s usually the following: S 22” M 22 1/4”- 22 1/2” L 22 3/4” XL 23” If a size says “one size or one size fits all”, it’s likely 22 1/4”. Knowing your head size means you can make wise choices.

Hat: The Rancher

Shown: The Minimalist Modern Bucket in Citron

Here’s what I tell my clients: . For sun protection You want at least a 3” brim. This protects your entire face from UV rays. Protect your gorgeous looks, people! Excellent self-care is a calling card for your business. . When it rains Hats aren't there to keep the rain off you unless you have a beaver felt hat or a plastic rain hat. When you are out, and the heavens decide to pour their blessings in water form, I dip into the first shop I see and ask for a shopping bag. I pop my hat in there and put up my umbrella. . What do you do if you get caught sans umbrella, with no extra bag, and your hat gets soaked? Gently, from the inside, try to reshape the crown (where your head fits inside the hat). Just try to get the general shape of what you originally had. Place your wet hat on a table. Usually, you just need to let it dry. If your brim is a flipped-up style, you can try to take a rolled-up towel and place it under and around the brim. Just enough to nudge it back to its shape. If your brim is downturned in its original style, you can use your fingers to nudge it back into shape. ** Mostly, just let it dry before you do too much.

Brim e d i W t nimalis in Sky i M e h T

The Metallic Rooster Wide Brim in Rust

The Min imalist W in Bone ide Brim

If you are thinking... "I can't wear hats!", trust me, you can! It's all about finding the right shape for you and growing your confidence in stepping outside with a hat on. I suggest starting with a classic fedora with a simple band. This style looks chic on everyone.

e d i W t n a s hea igo P d e r o l i a The T Brim in Ind

The main thing to remember is that standing out in the crowd is one of the best tools in your business kit. So give it a try and then begin to notice the difference in your day-today interactions. Reach out anytime. I'd be happy to help you.

The Signature Double Bow Bucke t in Sand

e n i r e h t a K xo,


EVERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS BENEFITS FROM AN INFUSION OF CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION! Hi! I'm Katherine Carey Creative Business Strategist | Hat Designer I am an idea generator. It's how I am wired. I think far outside of the box and color way outside of the lines. I am a designer. My DNA is innovation. Style with substance is always my goal. I am effective. I have a way of seeing through roadblocks and shining a light on innovative ways to showcase both products and services from creatives to coaches and experts in their field. Think of me as your Personal Pop-Up Ideator!

Mid-Year June Reset

INFUSED BUSINESS POPS for $220 USD (save $280 during the month of June) 90 minute/ 1:1 Creative Strategy Session & After-Chat Infused Action Plan

Book Your POP! What's Working Right Now

See What Else Is Possible

Creative Brainstorming

Ideas Into Income

DREAM BOLD NETWORK A Co n s c i o us Me di a Pl a t f o r m


Style, Shining and Showing up

Dream Bold Network Art

Shiny Vibes The energy that you radiate is your choice—and it determines how things are showing up in your life! Our personalities create our personal realities so we must be conscious about our energy. When we choose positive thoughts and emotions, it makes our vibration more magnetic and shiny. When we surround ourselves with uplifting experiences, people and media we radiate a higher frequency. Have fun experimenting with modulating the energy you embody and emit to those around you. Everyone will start to notice if you raise your energy and radiate love, joy and peace. What is your inner narrative? Do you consciously activate life force energy? Do you do what lights your soul up? How can you become more shiny energetically? When you do the inner work you become unstoppable and powerful!

"Be the frequency of shiny vibrations"

Styled Living

Stylish Flow When we are present, mindful and aware— we access the flow state. To surrender resistance and flow through life is the most fulfilling way to live. Nature flows so our natural state is to be in the flow. This requires conscious effort, dedication and spiritual awareness. Show up and do the work!

The flow state is your state of power and this is the ideal vibration to be in for receiving abundance and divine guidance. Have fun experimenting with daily affirmations and positive self-talk that reminds you to be in the flow state. The flow state will help you restyle your life so you can be your best self!

Dream Bold Network Art

Styled Energy As women we know how to style our wardrobes but how often do we style our energy. Guess which one is more imperative to your level of happiness, confidence and success? Our energy needs to be restyled daily. By choosing to wear positivity, self-love and compassion—your energetic signature radiates with magnetism. Your frequency influences everything that shows up—so show up lit up!

"You are a goddess with the ability to style your energy"

Styled Instincts We are all born with instincts but we often suppress and ignore our innate abilities. When we invest time and energy to enhance our instincts, we restyle our lives. Trust what you body is communicating to you because the more you listen, the louder it gets. When we master our innate gifts—we master our lives. How stylish is that?

Style your energy and show up with shiny vibes

Dream Bold Network Art

Protect your energetic field and style your life consciously

Dream Bold Network Art

Showing up Affirmations I am grateful for my ability to show up in my power. I am a magnet for support to help me shine my brightest. I am in alignment with my divine glow and magnetism. I am always showing up as an evolved version of myself. l am so proud of my commitment to my shiny energy. I am consciously styling myself to be energetically fierce. I am in the frequency of divine light and inspiration. I am in love with exploring my ability to consistently shine. I am an attractor beam for shiny energy that heals others.

"I always show up as my best self"

Dream Bold Network Art

Styled Mindset Style your mind to be in alignment with your dreams, desires and divinity What are your dreams? What do you desire? Are you aligned with your divine essence? When we consciously rewire our mindset we are able to change our lives. The first step is to observe your thoughts and evaluate if they are in harmony with your dreams and desires. Try not to judge or resist your thoughts, just notice. The next step is to reprogram your mind by inundating yourself with positive messages, uplifting inner dialogue and elevated environments. We become what we surround ourselves with so protect your personal space and social network. Make your dreams and desires your priority because that's your soul's calling. Through hypnosis, conscious repetition, guided meditations and a variety of healing modalities you can restyle your mind. Your mind is a computer that requires constant upgrading. Ask yourself in any situation if you are behaving, thinking and emoting in alignment with what you want to attract. This process requires dedication, commitment and consistent effort—and it's totally worth it. Style your mindset the way that you style your

When you recalibrate your mind and energy, you will

wardrobe. The frequency

notice that everything in your life shows up differently. The

that we emit matters

more you do these constant upgrades—the more magnetic

significantly more than the clothing that we wear. Your mindset styles the reality that you attract!

you will become. This is the law of attraction and the universe is responding to every thought, emotion and action you have. Your energetic signature is creating your reality so have fun co-creating more consciously.

Styled Vision Style your vision to inspire others to be their best self. When we are divinely lit up we radiate a frequency that lights up everyone around us!

NEXT STEPS Visit Dream Bold Network and enjoy our conscious media platform

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Kate Yurenda, Founder of Dream Bold Network Dream Bold Network is a company that I started to share conscious media that empowers humanity. It’s a platform that showcases my greatest passions, including graphic art, interviews, Qi Gong, my books, conscious products, spoken word and inspiring writing. Dream Bold Network consists of thought-leaders, artists, filmmakers, authors, mindset coaches, healing practitioners and bold visionaries. We are all dedicated to the art and science of intentional magnetism, ancient healing modalities, quantum creation and unity consciousness. I became interested in this because of my own personal healing journey and the more I learned about ancient healing, the more I knew the world needed someone to translate it— with a bold and innovative approach. It was a calling that I am so grateful I answered. Dream Bold Network is on a mission to empower humanity and to reconnect us to our innate abilities. Our intention is to tap us back into superhuman consciousness so that we can make a quantum shift in the direction of world peace. Our plan is to teach this wisdom in a playful, sensual, artistic and entertaining way. We are conducting a global energy experiment and truly believe that we just need enough of us to vibrate high enough to nullify the lower frequencies that are holding humanity back. Our vision is to teach the world how to heal and create on a quantum level so that we can manifest freedom, equality, harmony and spiritual evolution. We are all motivated to build a bridge back to divine source energy so that we can reconnect with infinite intelligence and consciously create a better world for our children.

Self-love Qi Gong Routine: Be sure to check out Kate's e-book, Spiritual Foreplay— available at




JUNE 2022

Our Preeminent Self is the one who intuitively knows that all the secrets, all the answers, all the breakthroughs you seek, are already within you. You need nothing else except the code to access them. To decipher the code is to truly know your full power as the creator of your own legacy. You came here for greatness. You came here to express your genius. Genius lies in the intersection between your gifts, your bliss and your values and is the most powerful attractor of abundance.

Join our Facebook Group and the free event Get Paid To Be The Change which opens an opportunity to create passive income whatever your revenue (comes down soon!).

Prestige is not just about material gain, but opening to all kinds of abundance. Freedom and nature are the currency of abundance. How can you bring in more of these?

Have a look around at those 5 people you most spend time with. How many of themae pulling you upwards?


Karen Baines How to figure out Money so that you can have more of it...

Money. We love it and sometimes hate it (or resent it).

We live for it, work for it, obsess about it; some

of us forget it, scratch for it, look for it, spend

too much of it, try to figure it out, dream of it,

avoid it, spread it around, and swap it. But whatever we do with it, money has a pretty

central place in our lives. Like oxygen. Can we do without it? Maybe…but why?

Whatever our relationship with it, money is a pretty awesome tool that moves the whole world onwards every day. Money





Before you have it or spend it, money aligns itself naturally to the vibrations of responsibility

and power. It's creational energy. And it's creational energy because human beings are

designed to create. They create through the process of choice and consequence. So when

you make a choice, the choice has an energy underneath it that the universe reacts and responds to, reads, reacts and responds to by

saying, yes, here you are, have some more. And it then drops in a consequence that

matches the original frequency of the original choice. Choice and consequence - that is how human beings create. So that is why money is creational energy.

designed money and created money so that

It's very close friends with freedom because

We assign value with our money to that which

- being able to choose whatever it is you want

we could exchange it for that which we value. we want.

Value is energy as everything is energy, including money, of course.

My work is with the space of energy, and predominantly




freedom IS choice. To have choice is freedom to do.

Many people are a long way from freedom

because they are a long way from money. What does that look like? Well, it might look something like this kind of self-talk:

everything we do. Now, money is no different to

"I've got a really lousy relationship with money.

as everything is; we're all connected, and

"I've got money blocks. It doesn't hang around

anything else. Money is energy, just the same money's no different.

Human beings designed money and created

money so that we could exchange it for that which we value. We assign value with our money to that which we want.

It just doesn't like me.' long'.

"I don't like money. All it seems to do is cause me problems".

"It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel

like I'm materialistic or greedy or whatever. I'm not really interested in any of that stuff."

But there is something that I do say to these

So human beings designed coins so that we

perspective on money. And once we've had

value. And what that meant was that we

people that hopefully will give them a different that conversation, my intention is that they see money in this different light. And they actually see it for the very spiritual energy that

it actually is. Because it gives us the freedom to do what we want. Human beings designed

money so that we could exchange it for that which we value. So



could give cash, we could give money to people who had the goods that we valued

that we wanted, but we didn't actually want to spend








That meant that we didn't have to get up at was





bartering. I'll swap my sheep for three of your

chickens. Or I'm going to swap my chicken for

half a dozen of your turnips and a bunch of carrots. That's how we operated, which was I would imagine, quite cumbersome, quite hard work.

We'd have to raise the chickens that we were

going to exchange for the sheep. Livestock

requires care and attention. Growing food

and vegetables requires care and attention. We are not all designed to be gardeners and grow our own vegetables.

We're not all designed to get up at 4:00 AM

and go down to the cow shed and milk the cow. I certainly am not one of those. I love a

bit of gardening, but I'm not interested in vegetables. I like flowers, and you can't really eat flowers.

could exchange them for that which we

four, or five o'clock in the morning. We could stay in bed.

That meant that, instead of going out and doing the harvesting or instead of going out and making sure that the vegetables were

free from slugs and snails, we could actually do







something that we were designed to do, one of our own gifts.

So having coins gave us power and freedom.

And we called the coins 'currency' - another form of energy! Having






exchange money to do what we wanted to do. Spend time doing that which we value.

And what we spend our money on tends to be our own divine self-expression. That really hasn't changed a bit for oodles of centuries.

The things that we really want to spend our

money on that bring us joy and light us up are expressions of our divine self. Money

enables us to do that. Life is so much easier when we've got money to allow space for our divine self-expression. This is why money really is a very spiritual thing.

That is also why when you assign value with

your time to your divine gifts, you vibrate at a frequency that creates money. So that you

can choose to spend more time doing your

divine gift, which vibrates naturally at a high frequency, which in turn creates money so

that you can spend more time doing your divine self-expression. Expressing yourself

divinely in the world is what we came here to do, and money is a channel for that.

How can something that represents freedom, choice, divine self-expression, and creation, possibly be anything but freaking awesome.

There is no room anywhere in your lives to have anything but love and gratitude for money.

So, anyone that comes to me and tells me

that they've got a strange relationship with money or that they're not friends with money,

or they don't like money because they don't

like it, they know it doesn't want to stick

around and all of that - it's all rubbish as far as






nothing. Make friends with your money

because it wants nothing more than to be friends with you. And you do that by recognising the freedom that it does give you and being grateful for that.

Does that resonate with you? It is simply

impossible to grow more money if you consider

money as anything less than the most sacred and powerful tool we have - along the same lines as love!

In fact, money does resonate with the frequency of love. It's humans who have appropriated too

much control and power over money who have warped our idea that money is anything less than divine.

So if you are in any zone of discomfort around

money, for example, it's hard to get, and it doesn't want to hang around, or if money shows up as not your friend and you are avoiding it,

and it doesn't seem to want to be around you, that's not because of money. That's because of you.

When you've got more money, you've got more choices - which is how you create through choice and consequence. Choice equals Power and Responsibility.

Once you have that awareness, and you put

those two together in a congruent way, you will

be able to make aligned choices that will create more abundance.

For business owners, what that looks like is revenue. So your choices and consequences are always going to show up in your business. Let's take Power first.

You must ensure that your expenses are aligned to the energy of Power Expenditure.

When you spend your money, what energy are you assigning value to?

For example, when you buy something, you must be sure that it resonates with what you want to create more of, energetically!

Maybe it's to experience more joy or perhaps

"The energy beneath that choice creates a consequence that resonates to the original choice".


So if you're assigning value to joy or freedom with money, you're going to create more of that energy.

through your business? What is the energetic

representation of that? Is it Joy and Freedom, expansion, exhilaration, or something else?

Whatever it is, that's the energy underneath

your expenditure intention; I call it your Target Energy.


purchases possible.










your as

Here's one of my fundamental principles with that:

got to make choices that resonate with

freedom, thereby becoming a vibrational match for freedom.

And since money is one of the ways that we assign value to things, we must then make

sure that our expenditure resonates with freedom.

Your Target Energy is what you desire more of your

freedom because that's what's underneath

your intention. To create freedom, you've

What do you ultimately want to create


Let's say, for example, your target energy is

And that creates power - the money you have absolute choice over.

So, as a Conscious Creator, you must be mindful of how to spend that money that resonates with your target energy.

For example, when you assign value with money to joy, you're saying, "I want joy in my life. I value joy so much in my life that I will pay for it." And the universe does its part. It responds with, "yes."

That is your power. Your power is in your choices. You have a choice about how you use that power, but keep in mind that you will create more in your world of whatever energy you spend it on.

Take an audit of your expenses. Make sure that what you are spending your money on resonates with what you want to create. You've got to make sure that it's aligned and that you are purchasing stuff you really, really value energetically, not just physically.

Take some time to consider how you could indeed be making misaligned choices with your money without realising it.

Money resonates with Power and Responsibility before you spend it. When you spend it, you realign it.

Because ultimately, the universe doesn't compartmentalise. It's all energy. So give money some love, gratitude and freedom. Show it you're grateful, joyful and free, in full power and responsibility.

Love, love, love, Karen

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“ Realign the things you can’t see, to get the results you can see.”

Karen Baines Karen Baines is a Conscious Wealth Creation Mentor and loves to work with passionate, ambitious entrepreneurs by showing them how to master their own creational process, particularly around their business and finances. I’ve been learning and teaching the language of money for some years now, having previously run my own successful bookkeeping business. Running quietly parallel to this was a life-long interest in personal development. A whole new level of money wisdom was introduced to me when I discovered Universal Law and energy, soon after that the defining moment when these two worlds suddenly collided. Previously, I had been attempting to compartmentalise them, the irony being that I now teach how you simply cannot compartmentalise energy. A vital component of running a business is your finances – your income - money. Understanding your own alignment and the energetics of money gives you a priceless opportunity to unlock and reach that illusive next income level, as in a nutshell, Money is just a very happy by-product of Alignment, and the best definition of Alignment is YOU Do YOU!

Dawn Grossart Conscious Capitalism & Co-Creative Wealth

"Wealthy Women Leaders Will Change the World" It is Leadership will make the difference.

In an evolved version of the famous Dalai Lama quote,

A USA Study (in a business context, but still applies)

imagine what would be possible if millions of conscious

showed that a 300% increase in achieving outcomes

women leaders were committed to living their fullest

could be created by people just keeping their word.

potential AND fully manifesting tremendous change in the world.

As a conscious, feminine change maker, LEADING your own practice to build cast iron self-esteem is what will

Maybe we would significantly shift the trajectory on

pave the way to your impact in the world… and I know

world poverty, hunger, health, food availability, wildlife

you're here for that.

conservation, and so much more - establishing greater freedoms and heart-centred living.

The Inside-Out-Impact of Self-Leadership means that when you master your mind and build healthy

Whilst "leadership" has many interpretations, living a

confidence and self-esteem, you will be more willing to

happy, successful life (whatever that looks like to you)

be "out there" in the world, attracting more wealth and

begins with self-leadership. Being Mistress of your ego

abundance, and being an active force for positive








limitations that might otherwise hold you back so that you can live up to your fullest potential and expression.

There is tremendous power in the hands of women as wealthy conscious capitalists. This is why we need









women like you to be a strong, affluent feminine

expressions of leadership.


My favourite - and often most challenging aspect of

I learned a long time ago that when you establish

self-leadership is Self Integrity, aka keeping your word

wealth, it also brings influence.

to yourself. It's the fastest way to close the gap in almost any area of your life. Whether it's weight, health,

Becoming wealthy is not about the money, though; it's

money, business or relationships, self-integrity is how

about who you become. The stretches out of your

you will achieve your highest goals and outcomes. It's

comfort zone that are required to create wealth and

the core aspect of commitment, boundaries, self-esteem

abundance, mean you must overcome your comfort

and self-trust. Without it, it's a slippery slope to feeling

zone and build your inner world to be courageous,

pretty rubbish on a consistent basis.

resilient and unshakeable.

Being a heart-centred force for change is necessary if

The 4 Levels of Potent Feminine Leadership

we are to turn around the decline occurring in so many ways on the planet.

1) Loss of Ego and Owning Self Responsibility and Self Determination

In the recent Get Paid to Be the Change event, we touched on the need to affirm powerful messaging and

2) Willingness to get Uncomfortable and be a personal

self-image, be responsible with money to a higher

cause of change - the butterfly emergence.

degree, and RECEIVING. A leadership mindset to levelup self-worth is at the root of being a cause of socio-


economic impact and creating a ripple effect of wealth







sharing. 4) Activating others and facilitating progress in the world Wealth in the hands of Feminine Leaders is key to the next phase of advancing the new earth and the

The healing of humanity begins with each of us doing

creation of the world we want to live in.

the self-healing work to release trauma and our wounded inner child. Then we must be bold in

Let's look at the shifts to navigate to be an influential,

courageously bringing forth the love for ourselves as a

wealthy feminine leader:

source of love in the world.

Unity consciousness as the bedrock - the recognition that "what I do to you, I do to myself." Forbes 2019, commented on the rise in women-led businesses creating meaningful community impact." Companies like Patagonia are seeing the payoff in terms of both sales growth and brand loyalty, as Patagonia's revenue quadrupled in the last ten years under CEO Rose Marcario. "Doing good work for the planet," Marcario says, "creates new markets and makes [us] more money." Patagonia founder Chouinard has seen such a success in his values-based approach, he delivered a more direct mission: "Patagonia is in business to save our home planet."

"When values are at the heart of a business, suddenly capitalism acts and feels completely different. It feeds our starving souls and makes us realize we want and deserve something more for our dollars than we have been sold in the past". G. Fox Living and creating from your values , and being a stand for service and contribution results in an enriched life. What is your view on self-leadership and being a cause for change and transformation in the world? Here are some questions to journal on the very topical Grace of Leadership: 1. Where in my own self-leadership is there scope for development? 2. What inspires me to go beyond my comfort zone and develop my leadership both personally and globally? 3. What would I do or create as a leader if anything were possible? 4. What currently stops me from being in my fullest power as a leader? 5. What would be your most significant impact or passion project?

We live in extraordinary times, and not only are there

The world will be changed by wealthy Women







opportunities. When the potency of feminine leadership is blended with community and abundant wealth

Join us, and let's create a ripple of impact across

creation, the ideas and visions of significant scale

the planet.

impact become a real possibility. Disclaimer: This content does not constitute or As we begin an exciting adventure with the Pre-

replace professional financial advice This article

eminence Ripple Wealth Community, you are invited to

is a personal opinion by the author, and the

expand your own personal leadership, and be amongst

Ripple Wealth Project is an entrepreneurial and

the pioneering women who share this vision.

educational opportunty open to any person of any status, anywhere.

We are preparing to gain new wealth guidance and financial advantage by allowing the tried, tested and

Request more details by emailing

proven wealth mechanisms to support the mission to with the words

be a change maker.

"Money Healing" and explore the financial healing for the prosperous new earth.

Dawn See overleaf on how to take the next step.

Dawn Grossart FCIM, Chartered Marketer and Transformational Coach Transformational Business Coach & Women’s Financial Freedom Mentor After a career in a global corporate industry launching and leading projects of over £50m, Dawn has spent 15 years empowering women’s freedom and fulfilment as a personal empowerment coach, business coach and leadership mentor. She has helped thousands of women to create change and establish a path to financial independence. Her greatest passion now, is helping others to create their best life - especially helping them build confidence, self-esteem AND become financially generative with ease. Her unique blend of skills and experience help women change their relationship with time, money and themselves and pave the way to happiness and success on the path of their choosing. She has hosted many successful thought leaders and world authorities from the personal development world in her online events and is committed to leading women to new heights in personal and financial freedom. With over a decade in the corporate world as a senior marketing professional, managing £multi-million global brands and projects, she brings both business acumen and transformational leadership skills together to support women entrepreneurs in creating impactful marketing and a resilient, success-oriented mindset. Her greatest passion is helping women (and men) to establish new ways to generate 100% passive income in a post-Covid economy, which facilitates greater personal autonomy and true time freedom.

We are all facing a NEW world paradigm that requires a NEW solution to our financial security, generational wealth creation and global wealth redistribution. In order to make this a reality we require an IDENTITY SHIFT that can manifest abundance in our lives without burn-out, hustle or the outdated hamster-wheel model. We have been calling in something NEW and something DIFFERENT for a long, long time! Something steeped in humanitarian values, leverage and prosperity for everyone. Leaving no one behind. We have the 3 STEP BLUEPRINT and we will be unleashing the clear pathway to true, lasting wealth creation - the key is to align your Mission, Money and Mechanism. n order to create a new vision for prosperity and financial sovereignty - made simple, we need to BECOME the new version of ourselves…AND, it’ll be so worth it in order to receive during the greatest distribution of wealth the world has ever seen! We require an IDENTITY SHIFT that allows us to let go of the OLD ways of creating wealth and income so that we can step into a new version that allows for aligned simplicity. When you align your Mission, Money and Mechanism - you are on the path to Getting Paid To Be The Change. Now, there is something incredible happening in the world. It is now possible for ALL women of any income level to access the resources they need to uplevel their own lives and create Legacy Wealth. Come and join us on the Ripple Wealth Creation Movement for all information and registration details. Click here and also contact Jenni P at or Dawn at



Take Back The Mic!

'You are invited to the 40+ Female Singers' Toolkit. From Monday 13th June, hosted by singer and vocal coach Carol Jack, together with 16 amazing experts who will give you tools and strategies to navigate this ever-changing world and to - according to one of my guests - TAKE BACK THE MiC!! Just some of the valuable tools Carol, myself and guests will be sharing: Reinventing yourself – finding the energy and the support Presenting your authentic self to the world confidently Telling your story – your voice deserves to be heard! Dealing with vocal changes as the voice matures Managing emotional issues and limiting beliefs Reaching out to the community – knowing you are not alone It's your time - join us and step powerfully into your future. Also for speakers and would be speakers! Register here for FREE!

Carol Jack

Jenni P How to find your voice's true calling Friday 17th June.

TRANSCENDENCE PRINCIPLE "Believe in the possible, Trust in the infinite, Reside in the limitless"

Artwork by Kate Yurenda @dreamboldnetwork



JUNE 2022

Struggle, confusion, overwhelm and obstacles are exquisite opportunities to declare that we have turned away from our heart's desires. But they are also exquisite signposts inviting you to turn back. The journey of a thousand miles...begins, not just with the first step, but with putting the right shoes on. Make them preeminently, resolutely gorgeous. And durable. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved by giving up. When the going gets tough, move on to the next Grace.

Prodigious productivity requires prodigious attention to our personal mastery, rituals, routines, habits and how we spend our most precious currency - time. Are there any projects you could delay until the autumn? Will your deadlines keep you alive?

Is there something you could outsource (even something simple like car washing or cleaning?)

Are you shifting to more fresh, nourishing foods and supplements as the season changes?


Be Grateful for The Power of Language By Marcia Martin

Language is the fabric of reality. You live today, in







understood this, they would be more careful

Was that magic? Or does language have something to do with creating reality?

with what comes out of their mouths. The old

I choose to think it does. The power of sound,

Words don't really matter to most people. We

an ancient science!

saying 'Talk is cheap' is valid for so many. talk as if it's just words.

But consider that our words were designing the future into which we are stepping as our

next experience of life. What if what we say, actually is creating our future. Perhaps, if we

looked at it that way, then we might be careful opening our mouths and take our words more seriously. We






interpretations. Our interpretations show up in language.






transforming the current interpreted reality into

language and emotion have been proven. It's

Here's the thing. People say the worst things

about who they are and where they are headed, such as: "I can't do this!" or "I'm such a

loser!" "I don't think this is going to work out the

way I want." or commonly, "I can't…. (fill in your personal blank!)."

I am reminding you that we are equipped with the power to create our future and all that we desire, consciously. The primary ingredient in

that creation is through the language we think and speak.

a newly designed future with new possibilities

A 'declaration' is a kind of speech; an action

I remember learning this when I was a

We live in a world where all is possible. The

the Pep Club President lead a school rally, I

imagination. When we declare something in

for new actions and better results.

Sophomore in High School. Once, when I saw

told myself, "When I'm a Senior, I'm going to be the Pep Club President! That's my dream." To

my joy, in my Senior year, I found myself leading the Pep Rally as the new Pep Club President.

that brings a possibility into existence.

way we master that possibility lives in our language – when we speak as if "This is so!", then that creates a 'possibility'.

As a rule, human beings automatically act into

So when we communicate with each other,

our circumstances through the veil of the


the possibilities they create, because we view possibility that we create through language. Next,







there are several language 'distinctions' Offers




'distinctions' generate action; in other words, your board game moves!

corroborate what we created as a possibility.

If you want a particular outcome to happen,

possibility into existence in the material world.

or a Promise. If there is no action happening

We start with 'language', and then act that Within time, we are living in a real future we had earlier created as just a possibility.

Be careful with your language. Be aware of what you think. Be mindful of what you say.

Pretend you are creating your future with your

actual thoughts and words, because you are. That should wake you up!

Life is like a board game made up of the 'moves' we make. Our moves are in our

language. There are 'distinctions' in language,

so it behoves you to know and understand these distinctions.

Just as you may have a hammer and a saw in your tool kit, you also have 'tools' (moves in the game)






language has a different job to do, just like a hammer and a saw.

Let's go deeper into this because if you are

aware of how to make the right moves, you

have an advantage over most of the people on the planet.

and all of us do, then make a Request, an Offer

as a result of that communication, then there are no requests, offers or promises on the

table. It's important to know that a request, offer or promise must be made if you want

action to happen. If you think that just your opinions are going to produce action, then you are in trouble. Assessments




People exist in this world in two ways – who they truly are (which only they know), and as an 'Identity' – as in, the way they show up for

others. Your identity exists in the assessments that others have of you. If you assess that I am lazy, then that is my identity (for you) and how I show up (for you).

Assessments are based on interpretations -

the meaning we attribute to actions we see in the world. Say we're sitting together, you and I.

If you frown, I might say to myself, "She is unhappy". Of course, I can't know if you are unhappy. You might actually be very happy but have a headache, or even be confused about something. In doing this, I am adding my own meaning to the action you are taking (a frown). Once I make my

assessment (based on the action I see you take), then that is who you are to me – that is the 'Identity' that shows up for me.

We all operate and collaborate in a subjective world, in which the identity of the person is not the

REAL person. So it is essential to know that assessments are forming the Identities – caused by our interpretations, which may be accurate - or not.

The 'distinction' that creates a possibility is called a 'declaration'. It is when you say something as if it

were so. The following statements are all common 'declarations' that many of us make: 'I can't do this'. 'This will be the death of me'. 'I'm going to win this'.

And 'possibility' is how a future exists. All futures exist as a possibility. So when you create a

possibility, you are actually creating a future. Then you act into it… and pretty soon it is real. Next, you are living in it. As I said, you live today in the reality you spoke of last year.

Dreams are a form of language. You are thinking and feeling and imagining your dreams, and that

is language. Your dreaming is actually the first step in creating your future. So when you take your

'thinking' kind of language, and make it even more real as a stated word that you express out loud, then you are making that possibility even more probable as a future in which you will eventually live.

So for sure, it is essential to understand that 'declarations' create possibilities. Since a future exists as

a possibility, then it would serve us to know that declaring something is the foundation of a future in which we might live someday.

Now, we've looked at the dynamics, let's build in the astonishing power of gratitude. When we declare things for which we are grateful, then we are creating possibilities for more of the same: "I am so grateful that I'm healthy".

"I am so grateful I have friends that love me". "I am so grateful I have this lesson in my life, by which I can learn and grow".

Gratitude is the most powerful of all declarations because it not only is creating a possibility for a new future, but being grateful keeps us in the present time - the here and now.

Staying in a state of gratitude keeps us from blaming others or worrying about our complaints and

trauma. Gratitude is a super-powerful force that keeps us on the path of expansion, contribution, and love.

Gratitude keeps our vibration at a high level. Since we attract opportunities and circumstances of the same vibration as the vibration at which we operate, then gratitude keeps us in the force field of attracting health, wealth, happiness, and good fortune.

Watch your language. Stay in gratitude. Talk is not cheap. It is the fabric of reality, and as you speak, so shall you create your own future.

n i t r a M Marcia

Do you love the idea of being paid for who you are?

Do you wish your current life included your passions, unique gifts and talents? There has never been a better time! Why not make a list of all those things you loved as a child or young adult, but which have been hidden away because life got too busy. Journal or meditate on this and see what comes up. As the world opens up again, it’s an invitation to reinvent ourselves in this new Renaissance era. As I said, the problems of the world need solving with new approaches. What can you imagine when you think about your ideal world? You too can have a diverse and rich lifestyle! Come and be part of the Brave New World by joining my Membership Club! It’s full of resources gleaned from all my above adventures, and the skillsets needed to create your own magical life. I can’t wait to see you in there!


Global speaker, corporate executive coach, transformational thought leader, and changemaker extraordinaire, Marcia Martin has trained over 300,000 people around the globe how to look in a very direct way at the prison they have created in life that limits them from reaching their full potential. Dame Marcia (knighted in 2008) spends her time consulting entrepreneurial and corporate companies in leadership, communication, collaboration and championship performance including Capital One, Hard Rock International, Warner Bros., InterContinental Hotels, McCain Foods, and Evian Water. As one of the Founding Members and Sr. Vice President of Erhard Seminars Training est - (later known as Landmark Forum), Marcia Martin was personally mentored by innovative academic thinker Werner Erhard for 10 years in the art and technology of Self Transformation and Human Development, and helped take the est organization from inception to millions of graduates worldwide. She has consulted, trained or coached some of the greatest thought leaders and authors of our time including Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Lynne Twist, T. Harv Ecker, and Robert T. Kiyosaki. Her programs teach all aspects of The Golden Triangle of Personal Power Communication Mastery, Relationship Competence, and Enrollment Prowess.


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JUNE 2022

To set our personal north star as the only guideline for our journey, and to set our ‘life sails’ in that direction, will cause others to want to do the same. Hold the space for others to rise by expecting the best from them. Be the change you want to see in every part of your world. Stand for your highest values and don’t stand anything less than being treated with respect and integrity.

Highly recommended reading: The Hero's Manifesto by Robin Sharma. Jenni says: Robin will remind you of your innate greatness and duty to live each day as your highest self. One of the most inspiring and heart-uplifting books I have ever read. How can you share your story with the world to inspire others, more?

Write yourself a promise to live each day in full, passionate aliveness. If necessary put this where you can see it every day and read it each morning.

Humility, courage and conviction are all traits of leaders. How can you show more of them this month?



s m a i l l i W e n i t s i r h C

Hey sweet sister, let's talk about Leadership and how owning your power will not

only help you create more cash and abundance in your business, but it will also

empower others as you model stepping into your dreams and shine your brilliance out in the world.

I love paradigms. As a matter of fact, I have 12 empowered leadership paradigms that my clients take on inside my Activate Abundance Academy.

Paradigms are not just affirmations. They are a way of BE-ING and how you choose to see the world. As you know, in the quantum world, your beliefs create

your feelings, and your feelings are the attractors that call in abundance to you. Your feelings create action, inaction, or reaction, leading to your results. Yes- there

is a DOING in order to create. But that doing comes from a belief and the way of BEING you decide to take on.

One of the 12 is "Leaders take 100% responsibility 100% of the time, without blame or guilt."

This is my personal favorite paradigm because it puts all the power and control for

outcomes for what I desire in my hands and is not dependent on anyone else or any other "circumstance."

Generating any result you desire in your life, or your business requires taking 100% responsibility for those results. It requires becoming the owner of your life and taking a deep look at where you might be outsourcing the responsibility for your results and either giving away your power or being in "victim" mode.

Our critter brains are masterful at conjuring up excuses, laying blame and judgment on ourselves and others to keep us safe and in the comfort zone.

But as empowered leaders, we know that letting go of blame,

guilt, complaining and excuses are the place where we truly connect to our power. Amazing things happen when we

consciously STOP fighting for our limitations, stop looking for what's wrong and instead shift into abundance and possibilities that are ALL around us.

Let's look at where we might be operating, creating your current

results. Take a look below at the Critter brain and circle all the ones you can see yourself saying to yourself. Critter Brain (Victim Mindset) • Believes life is happening to me

Views failure as evidence of being "not enough"

• Makes decisions by imagining the worst case scenario and choosing based on

the least amount of risk

• Thinks "I should" or "I have to" focuses on the problem • Believes in scarcity and lack

• Believes others have the power to hurt me

• Believes that our circumstances create how we feel.

• Believes that results are created by strategy and action alone • Believes that time creates money (hours for dollars model) • Compares self to others and believes "I'm not enough."

• Sets prices too low and has a hard time charging for the value they provide.

• Wants to "get through" an experience Blames, complains and makes excuses for results

HIGHER SELF (Ownership Mindset) • Believes life is happening FOR me, even if things are not going as planned.

• Sees failure as a natural part of the learning

process and embraces it as forward motion and an opportunity for growth.

• Makes decisions by imagining BEST possible outcome, and makes decisions

quickly and powerfully believing whatever decision is made, she will make it right.

• Thinks "I get to" and focuses on the solutions

• Believes in abundance and the whole bakery as available for everyone, not just a piece of the pie.

• Knows that our most dominant thoughts and beliefs are what determine how we feel, not people or circumstances.

• Knows that our results will always align with our dominant thoughts and beliefs that we think 51% of the time.

• Believes that generating VALUE is what creates money

• Chooses to create partnerships that attract clients by serving generously

• Believes" I am inherently worthy" of all desires without needing to prove

enoughness. I am enough already.

• Trusts that their ideal clients will gladly exchange money for the value received

• Asks, "How can I make this experience a 10?" • Takes 100% responsibility for results without blaming others or guilting herself.

You get to CHOOSE what you focus on, so decide here

and now that you will start rewiring the critter brain with POSSIBILITIES instead of lack, blame and excuses.

Let's now take a look at what has been holding you back from creating what you desire in your business.

List out the reasons you haven't yet achieved the results

you desire. Don't filter, just be honest about what's currently happening. MONEY Goal : What's slowing you down from the results you desire? Now, let's separate the facts from the story. The facts

could be proven true in a court of law, and they are completely neutral, although they may not feel that way to you.

The story you tell about the facts refers to your thoughts and feelings about the facts. Circle JUST the

Facts above about what is slowing you down from the results you desire.

Then underline the parts of the story that are excuses, complaining, judging or fighting for your limitations.

It's not easy to look at where we may be playing the victim and haven't taken full responsibility, but it's incredibly powerful. For each desire you have- YOU

have 100% the power to create it. As a matter of fact, YOU are the only person who can.

Getting there means giving up blame, excuses and

complaining and taking complete ownership of your results.

Your results will always be in direct alignment with how you're thinking about yourself, others and the circumstances.

To shift and recalibrate our thoughts, beliefs and results to abundance, we need to get clear here.

When we blame others, judge ourselves, or complain about our circumstances, we block the

flow of abundance because our focus is locked on lack and scarcity.

When we shift our focus to owning our results and our responsibility, we shift back into alignment with

Let's now CHOOSE your STATE of BE-ING, so the action you take is inspired and aligned. I AM...... Let’s now set your money goal for her next 30 days is $________________

From an "already having it" place, write what you FEEL when you have this outcome fulfilled?

What does this future version of me who already has it think about herself?

coming up with the solution.

The reason WHY it's important that I reach this goal

We are in a place to powerfully co-create with the


universe and to receive.

Write down 5 empowering beliefs that you can

think as an empowered feminine leader who creates money easily. Some examples are:

I can totally figure this out.

Money comes to me exactly when I need it.











Now that we are in alignment with abundance and have let go of scarcity, we must take aligned action. Belief without action is actually UNBELIEF.

As an empowered feminine leader who is 100% capable and responsible for

creating her desires, answer the questions below.

trust that there will always be enough.

Money Goal: _______________________

I am a powerful creator

money? Then choose your top 5 ways I can make

I can do things that feel challenging

The answer is in the room; I just haven't seen it YET.

What are 25 ways I could create this amount of this amount of money?

I can choose how I want to feel by choosing my


everywhere, and it's on its way to me.


thoughts and what I focus on Abundance is




Choose 1- to take action on within 24 hours. __________________ What’s the next right action to move me forward? What resources do I need to move forward? Who do I need to ask?

If I don't take action, what will it cost me? By when will I take this next step?

What do you need to let go of to step into your most empowered version of you? Write out 3-5 beliefs that will allow you to believe this Money goal is possible to be fulfilled. 1.




5. For the next 30 days, I commit to BEING the empowered version of myself who is 100% responsible and is following through with her commitments to achieve her money goal. If any road block gets in the way, I will RE-ALIGN to my most powerful version, and remember that I am 100% responsible for my results and just take the next right step.

You've got this, my friend. The more you build the muscle of 'being' abundance in thoughts, feelings and inspired actions, the quicker you will see them come true. To your ultimate wealth, joy and abundance,


Christine learned the long way what it takes to scale a wellness practice to multiple 6 figures. Now shares her totally relevant and effective model with heart-centred, wellness entrepreneurs desiring to transcend stuckness and under-achieving. Both essentially feminine, but also grounded in what works, Christine takes her clients on a journey to ‘Shine Abundance’ with no compromise to their soul values. Join them in this valuable exchange with Jenni P, and take heart that you are absolutely capable of thriving at any level of abundance while you serve others with your gifts. * Instant upgrades - Why you do not have to compromise your heart values, well-being and femininity to lay the foundations of a solid business model. * The secret to sales as a wellness service provider - it's not by undercharging and giving your services away! * Start where you are - when you have the right Pillars on which to build, stuckness will be a thing of the past. Click on the gem, below, to access this exclusive interview!

Christine Williams is the owner and founder of Shine Wellness LLC. A 7 figure business dedicated to empowering women wellness entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners to

create soul-led and heart-centered 6 figure business, without the hustle and sales tactics that feel so out of alignment for many women. She is known for cultivating community, connections, and collaborations that inspire and create WIN WINS for everyone. As part of her Soulful Abundance System™, She weaves the abundance

mindset and soul-fueled strategy along with a simple system to create consistent income without sacrificing your family, values, or integrity.

She teaches you to keep things simple and focus on the power of ONE, let go of self-

doubt, become infinitely more confident, believe in yourself and how powerful and capable you really are, value your unique brilliance, and then take inspired action so you can create a magnificent life you love while being well paid by serving others.

Work with Christine There is this cultural entrainment that in order to make

an income you have to STRIVE, PUSH and HUSTLE. It’s a

very masculine way of working harder to get ahead. I know, I’ve been there too. And I’ve learned that it’s just not true.

“I’ll teach you a simple heart-centered strategy and the mindset shifts you need to finally break out of old

patterns of scarcity and feel abundant, empowered,

confident, and excited about creating that 6 figure

income and time freedom you desire, while making an impact in the world as a soulful feminine leader.

Increase your IMPACT, WEALTH, JOY and FREEDOM as you

attract an over-flow of ‘READY YES’ clients and elevate into the empowered feminine leader you were born to BE. Redefine what it means to be an abundant and

empowered woman who creates the income + impact that changes (y)our world.

It’s time to SHIFT from exhausting hustle and DOING. ALL.

THE. THINGS. To clarity, focus and flow in your business (and beyond) so you can break free of limitations, rise into empowered action, and create soulful abundance in the way that most lights you up. When







abundantly + lead soulfully and authentically. You can

tune into your purpose and passion and make the income doing what you love. Shine Abundance Now!

Be A Silent Rebel and Lead the Way Yvette Taylor Leadership isn't always about titles, heroic acts,


headlines and big tribes of followers. Would you be in this role, niche, job or industry It's someone who is quietly going about the

even if you never got paid? Is it ‘your thing you

business of transformation as a kind of silent

know in your head that you’re here to do? Being

rebel - no big deal but so much power.

on purpose is a powerful way to lead others because the purpose of your leading is that you

A person who IS going about creating change in

are naturally heading in that direction anyway,


instead of building and leading a community for






presence alone, their energy, words & emotions

financial return alone?

SECONDLY in their lives & family, their values &


communication What are you or what do you do to awaken that THIRD in their work, creating new paradigm

fire or energy within other people? So many


people in the world feel lost simply because they






changing the systems from within

have lost connection with their source within. What do you do to help them rediscover that for

They are not shouting from the rooftops or

themselves, so they are EMPOWERED instead

pointing fingers about what is wrong without

of needing ‘you’ or anyone else to do it for them?

doing something about it and taking aligned action which is congruent on every level with


what they want to see! Allow things around you to be as simple as For me, there are so many qualities in a true

possible to enable or empower those around you

leader. Primarily that they can lead themselves.

to succeed in life or work. Whatever you can do

Let’s explore some of the key traits of a new wave

to ease, speed things up and simplify means

leader on this planet.

that others can step more easily into their leadership roles and take themselves and their


vision forwards.

While no one expects us to be an angle, it’s


crucial that we are congruent and live by what we


teach; we are a walking embodiment of the work we share with others.

The ultimate way to empower others is to teach, and give them the knowledge and processes to recreate or shortcut the journey as much as possible.





knowledge along


of the

practical, actionable steps and techniques is essential.

BE ABOUT CHANGE No one wants to stay stuck in the same stories; where do you want to lead people within themselves or in life. What do you stand for? What are you changing? What new world or paradigm are you creating? And what aligned action are you taking to make that happen. These are just SOME of the many skills needed in a new paradigm leader. Essential it falls to you being on purpose and generous with your knowledge, empowering others and being fully in alignment within yourself, your life and your work (or at least as much as you possibly can!) JOURNAL THESE QUESTIONS Where do you need to step more into leadership in your life? What habits, challenges, and stories do you need to be free from to lead your life? What team or support do you need to bring in so that you can be in your creativity? Which core values do I need to embody more deeply to be able to? What do you see in the world that needs to change for the benefit of humanity? What are you able to do/facilitate or create around that? What fears, thoughts, doubts, or limitations pop up for you as you answer these questions? HOW TO USE EAM IN THIS Using energy healing or EAM, we can release anything in your energy field that contradicts what you are creating. What we vibrate will create every single time. So looking at the answers to the last question, you can use the steps of EAM to free yourself from those doubts, thoughts or beliefs so that you can be in alignment with and create your vision with more ease than ever before.

WHAT IS THE ENERGY ALIGNMENT METHOD EAM? This ‘Everything Is Energy’ understanding is key to EAM - The Energy Alignment Method ®. EAM is an accredited modality that bridges science & spirituality, grounded in 20+ years of teaching energy medicine. It’s a quick, simple transformational 5 step self-help technique you can use to release resistant or negative energy, thoughts and emotions, then reprogram yourself to create a flow state around anything you face in life. Here’s a simple insight into the 5 STEPS Step 1 - You Ask Tap into our subconscious to ask a question Step 2 - You Move Your energy field will respond Step 3 - You Experience Get clear how it affects your energy Step 4 - You Transform Release what stands in your way Step 5 - You Manifest Create a new thought, belief, pattern, emotion or experience Let me guide you through steps 3, 4 & 5, so you can step into your LIFE OF MIRACLES AND MAGIC. You can work through this individually for each of these archetypes the mother, the maiden, the queen, the huntress, the sage, the mystic, and the lover.


EXPERIENCE Close your eyes, and feel into the energy of your chosen archetype. What do you notice about her? What does she feel like? What emotions she is experiencing, and what beliefs she has. Where do you notice any stuck or resistant energy which prevents you from embodying her empowered energy? Even if you see or feel nothing follow steps 4 & 5 anyway.


TRANSFORM Take what you found at step 3 and insert it into this statement below. ‘I AM ready to release (these feelings of fear, this heaviness in my heart when I step into the lover archetype). I release it from my energy in all forms, on all levels, and at all points in time.’ Repeat AT LEAST 3 times, in repetitions of three; you may have to do this once or twice when you feel the release, move onto step 5.


MANIFEST Now we have fun reprogramming our energy and creating something new. Ideally, hold your hands above your head, palms facing up and repeat three times. ‘I AM ready to allow (e.g. myself to embody this empowered lover energy, I am open to connecting and receiving all the good in the world, I share love wherever I go, whoever I am with. I connect). I allow this into my energy in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time.’ TUNE IN DAILY Spend time sitting with your business, every day exploring some of the other aspects of the business energy with EAM, and if you’d love more support or guidance to take your business exactly where it needs to be with energy healing, reach out and get in touch. Are you ready?

Yvette Taylor Yvette Taylor is one of the most sought-after transformational teachers in our current paradigm. She’s famous for being the Creator of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method®, a powerful 5 step self-help process to shift energy, thoughts, beliefs & emotions so you can change your life. Yvette is an inspirational speaker, best-selling author, coach, energy healer, guide, and mentor who has shared her message with 50,000+ worldwide. She is an entrepreneur and change-maker by heart, who has run multiple six- and sevenfigure businesses. She is a huge advocate for change and shifting the world to a new paradigm.

Follow EAM

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Change your energy, change your life!

ENDURANCE PRINCIPLE "Endurance is not suffering, it's persistence and consistency in energetic balance".



JUNE 2022

Struggle, confusion, overwhelm and obstacles are exquisite opportunities to declare that we have turned away from our heart's desires. But they are also exquisite signposts inviting you to turn back. The journey of a thousand miles...begins, not just with the first step, but with putting the right shoes on. Make them preeminently, resolutely gorgeous. And durable. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved by giving up. When the going gets tough, move on to the next Grace.

Prodigious productivity requires prodigious attention to our personal mastery, rituals, routines, habits and how we spend our most precious currency - time. Are there any projects you could delay until the autumn? Will your deadlines keep you alive?

Is there something you could outsource (even something simple like car washing or cleaning?)

Are you shifting to more fresh, nourishing foods and supplements as the season changes?


Listen to Your Home What Is It Telling You? Gina Lazenby

Your home is always talking to you …. maybe

Sure enough, when we sat down and

not in a voice that you hear with your ears,

discussed what was going on, one of the

but everything about your home has the

main problems was a lack of opportunities, a

potential to message you. It can give you

need to change direction in life with a new

clues and feedback about what is happening

job but a difficulty in being noticed and

in your life.

receiving offers. If any of that resonates with you, go check your front entrance now.

That is a fundamental part of Feng Shui, the ability to read patterns and messages in

Think of your house as being able to attract

your home, to be in a conscious dialogue

what you need in life. Consider your frontage

with where you live. Let me give you some



opportunity coming down your street (or







apartment corridor) and being able to find Let’s start with your front door.

you, and then finding the right way in and flowing easily into your door.

I have arrived at a client’s home before now through the front door, and the first thing I

When the front door is in the centre of the

have noticed was the lack of a house name

front of the house, as opposed to being on

or number. So the place was unnecessarily

the left-hand side or the right, it aligns with

difficult to find. Then I have seen the clutter

your career and path in life. So if you want

piled up behind the door so that it had not

new offers, new clients and more business,

opened fully, at least not with ease. The

that is such an important area to pay

client tells me the porch light is broken.

attention to.

I think you get the idea .. a lot is going on, or

Keep it clear, and well maintained with

NOT going on, right there in what we call the

everything working like the doorbell and

mouth of the house. What that means is that

porch light, and make sure there is free

the occupant is hidden away and not easy to

access to welcome in the flow of new

find by not having a visible house number.

energy. I have seen a client’s house hidden

Add to that the lack of a working light, and

behind an overgrown hedge and then been

the client is likely to have problems with

told that the client is lonely and wants

visibility in life.

community and friends, but they have cut themselves off.

Quite literally, they cannot be seen. The minute that hedge gets cut back, the house and entrance way is revealed; that is when the social life will pick up. Consider whether you have some impediment somewhere hiding you from the world. Make sure your front door is smart, appealing and clear. Balance the look of it with neat, attractive and matching plant containers outside the door. Pay attention to the path that brings energy in. What do folks have to walk past to get to the door? What is getting in the way of energy, good fortune and money being able to reach you? Walk out of your home and approach it with fresh eyes to check. Once inside the front door, make sure that the first things that are seen are inspiring and restful. You don’t want to be agitated by jobs not yet done. When you come in and out every day, you might stop noticing the piling up of clutter and disorder. In fact, you might choose to turn a blind eye and stop noticing it all, but …. your unconscious mind never stops clocking it. So while your mind is on what is for dinner or who is at home as you remove your coat, there is still part of you that looks at the pile of opened mail and thinks, “I must get that invoice paid”. Or you see the stack of old magazines and think, “I must take those to the recycling”.

You get the drift. I know it is hard to have the


whole house clutter-free; trust me, that is the Holy







Grail I always hold out for and rarely achieve. But at least make your entrance one that is as clear

Your home is an extension of who you are: you

and pristine as possible. You went to be able to

have chosen it, decorated it, and whether or not

come in after a day of hassle and exertion

you realise it, you have filled it with things that

elsewhere and drop your shoulders and think. :

have special meaning for you. This is a highly

"Ah, lovely peace and calm .. how nice it is to be

personal process, just like choosing the clothes


to wear. Our homes become metaphors for our lives and simply reflect the issues we face.

Now I have got you thinking about what your house is trying to tell you, let’s talk about art and

Our homes are full of symbols, and whether you

ornaments. They are all symbols of something ….

know it or not, they constantly affect your

and symbols are an important part of our

energy. The art hanging on the walls can be a

everyday lives; they help us make sense of the

potent source of inspiration. Hanging abstract

world. They are the language of the unconscious

art where you want clarity and focus could leave

mind, and they are used very powerfully by the


modern media to inform and persuade us. Fables,

Similarly, on a negative note, people who

parables and stories have been used for millennia

sometimes feel lonely will often have surrounded

to help us understand ourselves, while icons,

themselves with stark landscape paintings

totems, talismans and lucky charms all potentially

populated only by solitary figures. You should

hold a special power or message.

think twice before you hang that clever etching





of a hillside in the driving rain; consider that you They






unconsciously, so the more you understand them, the more control you have.

may well end up having to spend the money you are saving for a rainy day.

Art choices are personal and should mean something

Take a look at your home from a maintenance point

to the one who has purchased it.

of view.

Yet, I have consulted with people who have lived with

Water leaking away through broken pipes or damp

art they have not chosen and not given any conscious

patches will probably show up as red ink on your bank

thought to. When I have highlighted what the image

statements. Any doors to rooms or cupboards that

might be saying, they had not really noticed until that

require extra effort to open will signify some level of

moment when I pointed out the picture’s negative

struggle in your life. Conversely, if cracks are starting

message: the sad clown, the old man laden with heavy

to appear in your relationships, take a look at the walls

bags struggling home, the man pushing a rock up the

and ceilings in your bedroom. It is incredible how much

hill, the ship being tossed on an angry sea moving

your energy is drained by looking at something broken

towards rocks; a forlorn looking girl alone.

every day and saying to yourself, “I must get that fixed”... and then not doing anything about it.

These are not happy, tranquil images. They suggest sadness, difficulty and danger, and it is not wise to

So I recommend that you step back and be curious

have them living in your space. Every day your

about your home. Ask yourself, “If my home is trying to

unconscious mind will register the image and think,

tell me something, what could it be?” If you were a

“OK, that’s how the world is … lonely, difficult,

stranger walking in, what message would they get

dangerous.” Choose your art very mindfully. Actively

about you ? If you have ever read Malcolm Gladwell’s

seek out images that reflect your passions, your

book ‘Blink’, you will recall how strangers taken into

desired future and what you want to have in your life.

student dorm rooms could accurately read all about

Every time you look at them, you’ll be reminded of the

the missing occupant .. just from the state of their

goals and dreams you have associated with them.

room. So check around your home today .. bring in some fresh thinking. Look for cables around your desk

What you repeatedly focus on will attract energy. It


will become a catalyst for synchronicity, drawing in the





events and people necessary to make things happen in

projects. Spot those dark, unlit corners which might

your life. Hang pictures of places you would like to visit

correspond to aspects of your life or self that are more

in the future, not just the places you have been to in

difficult to understand. Look at your chosen art and

the past. Watch out for the coincidences between

ask, “Is this what I want for my life?” and if the answer

when you place the picture and when you actually

is “Yes!” then well done on using your home to

book the trip there.

manifest the life you want.







be your

Work with Gina

Gina Lazenby Healthy Living Activist, Feng Shui Expert Gina’s beautiful hilltop home in the Yorkshire Dales, featured on many TV programmes and the inspiration for her Healthy Home book, is now let as a retreat house to facilitators of yoga, transformation work and wellness. It’s also a special place to hire for family gatherings and celebrations. She has always understood the management and care of a home as a highly feminine skill set. Her work in the last twenty years has been in the exploration of the changing nature of gender roles and the value of home-making in our lives. Her feng shui skill set enabled her to teach hundreds of students the value of aligning your home for success and wellness. She has also produced and presented a radio series called ‘The Rise of the Feminine’ exploring the shift in values in the world and the unique contribution of women. Gina is a veteran conference speaker and has led gatherings for women entrepreneurs all over the globe. Most recently, she has taken on the role of global host for Conscious Café, a consciousnessraising initiative, and hosts the northern community group based in Skipton. Gina is a born organiser and has created thousands of events since she was a small child and led birthday parties for her reluctant toddler brother. You can join her online or in-person at one of the many gatherings she creates around her passions of conscious conversation, feminine leadership, wholefood cooking, Feng Shui, living well and wisdom. Her Healthy Home podcast is about to be launched from the Retreat House with tips for making your home the foundation of your abundance and health.

Photo credit: Henry Archer

The Healthy Home: Creating The Foundation For Your Abundance For the Book CLICK HERE

Visit the Real Healthy Home: Watch the beautiful video! Click here:

Gina has spent most of her life at the leading edge of new ideas. She started out in the world of hospitality and her groundbreaking work in tourism marketing was recognised with a number of industry awards. Responding to her own life crisis took Gina into the emerging human potential movement and in the early 1990s, she again broke new ground by launching London’s first centre for personal transformation. Her passion for self-care and living well at home became the seed for her interest in feng shui and she was instrumental in creating the popularity of this eastern philosophy in the west. In 1995 she created the world’s first professional training program in feng shui going on to write three bestselling books. Gina has circled back to her hospitality roots and now offers her home that inspired her books as the Healthy Home Retreat. The 750-year-old original property near Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales has been restored and extended according to the principles she expounds. She often leads programs there herself for women around the themes of wellness (personal nourishment) and wisdom (handling life transition). Watch the video and see how beautiful this venue could be for your own gathering or retreat in nature.




JUNE 2022

Rest, recuperation and releasing are crucial to keeping our holy preeminence grails at least half-full to overflowing with vitality and abundance. It is ok to not be ok, but it is even better to let balance, detachment, neutrality and silence, be the ingredients for the balm of our questing soul. To be applied daily and as often as needed to feel the stir of excellence rise again

Turn your screens to night mode in the evening and quit all screens 1 hour before bed. Take a day of silence and solitude.

Buy 3 inspiring new books that are rather out of your comfort zone and change your horizons!

Can you book yourself extra time off for the last quarter of the year? And if not, why not?


The Benefits of Heart Brain Coherence And how it will help you shine as you do your great work in the world. By Sandra Biskind

What words come to mind when you think about your experiences over the past two years? Chaos, anger, fear, anxiety, uncertainty… It’s time to put the negativity of the past behind and focus on how you want your future to look and feel. What do you really want for yourself? Peace, Love, Happiness, Health, Joy, Unity, Success, Abundance… There is a way you can have all of that.

When you develop heart brain coherence, you will literally begin to experience the world in a completely different way.

Our heart possesses a network of 40,000 neurons called “sensory neurites” which provide a direct line of communication to the brain. According to neuroscientist, Sarah Garfinkel, every time the heart projects blood, it pings pressure-sensitive receptors that send signals to the head. “The brain essentially flashes each time the heart beats,” she says, “and the degree of signal in the brain corresponds to how fast and how hard the heart is beating, so the brain is in dynamic, constant communication with the heart,” From your early days in middle school health class, you probably remember that your brain tells your heart and other organs to perform… But what could your heart possibly have to tell your brain? The answer is… EVERYTHING! Your are reflected in your heart rhythm patterns. When you’re feeling the lowByemotions Claudia Alves frequency codes of stress, fear, frustration, or other types of negativity, your heart rhythm Photographer patterns look chaotic. Scientists call this an “incoherent heart rhythm pattern”

HEART BRAIN COHERENCE You may have noticed that when you experience these low-frequency feelings, your creative thinking is impaired, you have trouble sleeping, your immune system gets disturbed, sometimes you even feel sick. Your heart is now controlling your mental and physical processes. However, when you’re living in the high frequency of your soul’s 8 superpowers… Peace, Love, Awareness, Trust, Integrity, Neutrality, Unity and Mindfulness – PLATINUM – you’re creating a state of coherence (“coherent heart rhythm pattern”). Your heart rhythm patterns look smooth, ordered and stable. Your heart is happy, healthy and telling your body’s systems to synchronize and work better. It enhances your ability to think clearly, learn, remember, reason and make optimal decisions. Heart Brain Coherence means you’re living in peak performance! Stress is reduced (reduction of level of cortisol). Your immune system is elevated Anti-aging hormones are released (DHEA) Nervous and digestive systems are at peak performance Sleep quality improves Energy levels increase Focus and concentration improves Improvement in problem-solving skills. Increased resilience – it will be easier to overcome difficult situations and get back to a high frequency state of love, gratitude and forgiveness. Heart Brain Coherence also enhances one of the most important things you need in your daily life: your intuition. You’ll be able to make wiser decisions. It’s time you learned how to intentionally experience these positive emotions that affect your heart rhythms and your overall well-being.

Creating Heart Brain Coherence Feedback signals between the heart and the brain create a level of coherence that can calm and center us, or add to a feeling of fear, chaos, and instability. By learning how to center our hearts and breathe deeply, we can teach ourselves how to stay connected to a center of compassion and openness. Breathe deeply, take your time and continue to focus on your heart center, filling it with light as you experience this meditation journey. Don’t rush or force it but do try to keep your awareness on your heart. As you inhale, take in wholeness, love, joy and a Calm your heart & enter a state of relaxation, growth, creative thought, and peaceful connection to the world around you with this Heart Brain Coherence Meditation e

sense of happiness, support and comfort. If it helps, you can think of a person or event that evoked these emotions and allow it to expand your heart. Continue filling your heart with light and tell yourself that you are safe, you are loved and you are love.

Expanding Heart Brain Coherence One thing I’ve learned in all my years as a spiritual mentor and healer is that you cannot separate the MIND and BODY. Mental and Emotional stressors change your body's bio-chemistry and affect your ability to maintain Heart Brain Coherence. Meditation is essential, however, the most powerful tool I've discovered to achieve and maintain this state of mind, body connection is the LifeWave photobiomodulation high frequency, drug free, patch technology.

You cannot separate the MIND from the BODY The LifeWave Phototherapy Energy Patch System has developed the X39 patch that elevates the peptide GHK-Cu for the activation of stem cells, resulting in improved cognition and heart health. In addition, in January of this year, LifeWave launched the stem cell reverse aging patch X49 that elevates the peptide AHK-Cu and improves cognitive function and heart health. Using both X39 and X49 simultaneously unlock their synergistic benefits for both heart and brain coherence with many added benefits such as resetting over one third of your genes back to a stronger, healthier, younger state. Clinical studies show a dramatic change in the brain after only 3 weeks of X39 with even bigger results after six weeks.

Experience Heart Brain Coherence If you’re ready to intentionally experience the positive emotions that affect your heart rhythms and your overall well-being, begin by using the meditation we’ve provided here and then adding the X39 and X49 combination to see expanded results. You’ll feel the difference in your mental and emotional state as well as in your energy levels. Although everyone experiences the results at a different rate, numerous past studies as well as some in the works right now show strong evidence that utilizing these patches will help you experience a more coherent heart rhythm pattern and greatly increased cognitive function. In other words a more elevated, high-frequency state of Heart Brain coherence. For more information about these incredible phototherapy patches, join me every Tuesday for an informal zoom meeting where you can ask questions about how you and your family can benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from LifeWave! Contact Jenni for details on how to start having greater heart, brain coherence with Lifewave at


Dame Sandra Biskind is a global spiritual teacher, key note speaker and co author of 4 international #1 best selling books including CODEBREAKER: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version of You and the CODEBREAKER Journal A global award-winning business woman, Sandra inspires, enlightens and empowers people to fulfill their extraordinary human potential so they can be more prosperous, fulfilled, and have a greater impact in the world. Knighted in 2017 for her work to help end suffering, she is known as a profound energy master and transformational leaders’ leaders. Sandra has the ability to access the human emotional field on a quantum level to reveal your core soul issues and delete their dysfunctional impact on your life. For the past 40 years Sandra has attuned people to the enlightenment frequency of unconditional love which changes brain state — facilitating higher levels of awareness and success “Sandra is the real deal…I highly recommend her and her work…she has an amazing ability to shift energy and remove blocks on very deep levels. If you get the opportunity, RUN don't walk to one of her events!” ~ Jack Canfield, featured teacher in the film The Secret and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles.

Sandra’s passion for being of service to humanity and helping to end suffering on the deepest levels has led her into becoming a LifeWave Presidential Director. This company is the future of healing and longevity using frequency and light. Sandra’s dream of being able to help millions is now a reality with a patch system that is bio available, drug and chemical free and uses our body’s own energy and intelligence to heal and reverse the aging process. Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: LifeWave: LIVE LifeWave Q&A:

As beauty, grace and vitality go hand in hand with peak performance and achievement, I was an instant "yes", especially when I realised we were harnessing the power of light! What I was not prepared for was the way my body started to metamorphose - my face just lifted! The heightened energy, endurance in my training, improved memory and concentration and even libido make Lifewave patches my BFF in my quest to stay young and vibrant for a long time. My partner's achy knees healed completely and we are like a couple of spring chickens!

Jenni P Email me at for details

Jenni P Jenni P has spent a lifetime devoted to the art of manifestation through wellness, even before she knew what she was doing! A former dancer, equestrian cabaret artist, certified fitness instructor, award-winning Healthy Gastronomy Chef, and highperformance junkie, Jenni is always on the leading edge of fulfilling potential.

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As mission_led change-makers, so many women have yet to own their power and sovereignty in business. Not to mention unleashing their genius, creativity and feminine glory on a world that needs it so badly. Lofty words, but we still have daily reality to cope with including its full array of messy challenges. All the more reason to be led and inspired daily by a vision so great, it cannot be relegated to less than the petty minutiae of habits and routines that dull our spark of greatness to the point of extinction. To-do lists should never prevent us from touching daily moments of grace. In this online marketing jungle, messengers crave to get their voice heard so badly and to be able to be effective in making a difference. But the truth is many women don’t actually do anything of great consequence, because they are disconnected from their true identity, their real message, their genius and their ability to create vitality, freedom and abundance. Preeminence is an unashamedly idealistic vocational lifestyle ethos that embraces our deep desire for fulfilment, but also our need for sisterhood and planetary healing. . But we are in an age where ideals must not just be raised but implemented. For that, you need a rock-solid foundational structure and support system. Preferably an inspiring, fun and profitable one! Welcome to the Guild of Preeminence where you are invited to step into a radical commitment to your limitless feminine potential, whilst being an activist for change.

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'Doing The Work' The Importance of Taking Action On The Messages We Receive


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remove past conditioning, and heal the fears and doubts that have been put on them."

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Of the ones you don't use regularly, what is the reason for this?

What THREE actions can you take to connect to the guidance and messages you receive?

Action Steps 1. 2. 3.

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"My mission is dedicated to a life in service to Mother Earth and all her children, supporting raising the frequency of the planet through the sharing of the powerful healing frequencies encoded within my voice, as well as guiding others into conscious connection with the powerful magic encoded within their own."

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"If you struggle to find peace in your relationships, watch my video that explains the structure of the drama triangle so you can move beyond this toxic energy dynamic and free yourself from the drama!"


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My top 5 lesser known benefits of Pilates.


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Welcome to your Preeminence Monthly Planner ACHIEVEMENT BY DESIGN- EARN AS YOU LEARN The Preeminence Workbook™ is the perfect balance of goal-setting, strategy and aligned action-taking, with the vital inner work, mindscape and well-being practise, of a holistic success lifestyle.

The 9 Graces of Preeminence is a practice to help you design, envision, embody, and take action on your highest vision of life and business. 'Achievement By Design' means YOU are always in the

driver's seat, charting the course of this great journey into the unique expression of you, having the most fun, growing, and getting to express your greatness while you make both impact and income.

And all this, adapting to and transcending whatever is happening in the world.

RESULTS HAPPEN DAY BY DAY Use in conjunction with the 9 Graces of Preeminence™ in the main issue, and you will leverage powerful universal principles into your action and personal habit mastery.

You will organise your months from the perspective of your greatest,

unique self, fulfilling all of your potential. You can include all the details you love - wellness, style, biz goals! This is like planning your dreams into being, month by month.

When you operate FROM your highest life rather than trying to GET To it, you focus on the action needed to move you forward from that higher perspective.

This is like having your Success BFF, mentor and your soul at your fingertips. To

enjoy the full preeminence luxury experience, we

recommend using a PDF Reader (ex. Foxit, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.) Upload the workbook PDF into the application, and then you

can fill it out as you wish, straight from your device. You can write, edit, annotate and even doodle! Enjoy!

P Jenni

PREEMINENCE PLANNER AND WORKBOOK USER GUIDE The Preeminence Planner is designed to help you envision and take action on your highest vision of life and business. Using the 9 Principles of Preeminence ™, it engages universal principles in your goal setting and personal mastery, by helping you organise your month from the perspective of your greatest, unique self, fulfilling all of your potential. Part vision board, part journal, part habit tracker, you can plan your month and week according to the 9 principles and helps you keep yourself accountable. It helps you focus on the action needed to move you forward but keeps you moving always from that higher perspective. With powerful inspiration prompts for every month, the Preeminence Planner 'holds the space' for your biggest dreams to come true.

MONTHLY INTENTION Every dream first needs a vision and an intention, so the first two pages of every month are for you to brainstorm the details of what you want to feel, be, achieve and earn.


Every choice you make influences the outcome of the month. Bring them into mindful awareness.

CHANGES With awareness you are empowered to know what changes to implement.

COMMITMENTS Then it comes down to your motivation and self discipline. This is the place to let the planner of what is going on with you.

PREEMINENCE NEEDLE CHANGERS This is where you get clear on what action and attutide will give you altitude. Think boldly!

SOCIAL CONNECTION AND NETWORKING There is you and there is the world. Meetings, clients, connections, outreach. Plan it so it happens.

STYLE AND SELF CARE NOTES Exquisite self care is a declaration to your body, the universe and your community, that you are serious about your success.

HABITS AND WELL-BEING TRACKER Habit tracking is a powerful way of focusing on your progress and continued growth.

EXCELLENCE The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Bring excellence into all parts of your daily world. Aim to be the best you can be, whatever is going on. if we don't aim, we don't fire.

DISTINCTION Stand out as an authority in your field or topic by bringing all your authenticity to your presence. Align your image, behaviour and appearance with this uniqueness so that you are a magnet for opportunity and fortune. Showing up as world class will help you get world class results.

RENOWN Your know, like and trust factor must be impeccable. Be recognised as an influencer using the media and your connections so that your reputation is serving your highest interests. Be very discerning about how you appear in public.

PRESTIGE Acknowledge, learn from and serve those in a more powerful place than you. Study their craft, their wisdom and experience. Choose your role models wisely. Emulate the practices of those you admire in your own way. Upgrade your peers, your education, and draw near to the decision makers, movers and shakers. Even better, make yourself indispensable to those whose favour could forward your projects.

PEERLESSNESS Make your genius your CEO so that you have no competition. Behave with integrity, nobility, confidence, generosity and innovation. Continually reassess your place in the market and use your own personality and ingenuity to adapt, so that you put yourself in a league of your own.

LEADERSHIP Be the change you want to see in the world and your bank account. Set an example that people will be inspired to follow. Follow your truth with the devotion of a hero.

TRANSCENDENCE Do whatever it takes to develop unshakeable self-belief. Do whatever it takes to overcome any imagined or real limitations. Get over your BS. Don't complain. Uplift yourself and others with the most inspiring conversation. Become versed in consciousness and universal laws so that you always maintain the highest perspectives, and refuse all debate and dogma.

+ENDURANCE This principle doesn't actually come up in the thesaurus as being a version of Preeminence. Nevertheless, none of the above can be achieved without flexing your endurance muscles. Tenacity and repetition remain the mother of mastery. We can never reach our preeminent potential without endurance.

RENEWAL The final Principle in the cycle - after Endurance and all the active steps towards your goals as outlined above it is vital to stop, rest, recuperate, reflect and renew. Altruistic change-makers find it hard to stop and surrender, but this phase in the cycle is as important as the active one! It is in this phase that we start to feel the pull of our dreams once again ad set off on another cycle of Preeminence.


We are on the edge of a new paradigm where mindset, social strategy, old tactics, hustle and grind networking no longer work. We are also in an era where the world of consciousness and the worlds of financial success, have collided. Human potential has never been greater. You truly are limitless and you will experience an expanded and brilliant version of your life if you follow your heart, stand in your truth and act with PREEMINENCE. Happy planning!

Hello gorgeous changemaker! Meet Your High Vibe Month! Desktop Calendar Download your month of Preeminence and have it right on your desktop. Keep this workbook handy on the flower placement right under the calendar so you can use it over the month! Click right:

Get Inspired! All parts of your life and business benefit from change. Here are a few suggestions! june POWER MOVES



High Performance Prompts




All parts of your life and business benefit from change. Here are a few suggestions!


PREEMINENCE The Well'thy Way







June, the 6th month of the year, radiates sunshine and positive energy It is the undisputed month for wedding ceremonies. Perhaps this is because June gets its name from a Roman Goddess, Juno. June’s reigning flower is indisputably the Rose. Greeks tell us that the Goddess of flowers created this marvellous bloom. It is said that she took a lifeless nymph and made it into a flower. Aphrodite gave the blossom beauty while Dionysus gave it a sweet scent. Known as the Queen of Flowers, Roses have the greatest number of applications both mundanely and magically vs. other blossoms. The Rose is sacred to Eros and Aphrodite. Dabbing rosewater on your clothes provides protection. It’s customary to add rose petals to amulets that safeguard the bearer from the evil eye. Rose is a prevalent component to love rituals, spells and incense. Made into beads, rose bring good fortune, particularly in relationships. June’s Gemini energy is playful, sill, harmonious and very active. People tend to be “up and going” during the Gemini cycle. Use your magic for tapping into Gemini’s creativity, versatility, artistic aptitude and mental prowess. Rose oil also has one of the highest frequencies of any essential oil. At an impressive 320 MHz (compared to the human body, which is approximately 66 MHz)….well, you can just imagine how much of a divine intervention a single drop of Rose oil will put into your energy field!

JIn numerology the number 6 is considered sacred - a complete number representing beauty and mindful living. Pythagoras spoke of 6 as a perfect number. Math tells us a perfect number is when all the divisors add up to that number (leaving out the number itself). Such numbers aren’t common but include 28 and 496. Six is ruled by both Venus and Uranus. In the Higher Arcana of the Tarot, it is the card of Lovers. Six promotes responsibility, safety, healing, truthfulness, curiosity, empathy and grace, just to name a few attributes. When you want to free yourself from too much dependence on worldly things, consider timing the effort during the waning moon of June. 6 relates to the Mother aspect of the Sacred Feminine. There is deep nurturing energy here. The power of service, love and caring that asks nothing in return is the Gift of the number 6. People whose birth number is 6 are providers who seek harmony for those they love. There is no question of right and wrong in this individual. Trust them to speak plainly and honestly. The principal June colour that links to the Zodiac signs of this month is yellow The colour of Gemini, yellow is welcoming – it draws people in and amplifies communicative abilities. Bright yellow grabs our attention easily. Sunny yellow appeals to children and the child at heart, but needs to be metered. Overusing yellow around kids tends to create distraction and challenging behaviours. However, when used wisely can improve self-esteem and bolsters courage. In gemmotherapy, practitioners use yellow crystals to make clear decisions and decrease anxiety.

"Why wear one string of pearls when you can wear two?" - Coco Chanel

How to harness the power of lemons and pearls to boost your frequency in your highperformance life and business! Ancient civilizations believed that the lemon has the power to ward off poisons and recent scientific research supported this view, but has revealed so much more! Specifically, a study done at University California Davis found the biological activity of citrus, bioflavonoids were effective in anti-cancer activity in the body.

l e m o n

This cheery citrus fruit has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties and provides a significant friend to the immune system. It is highly effective in fighting infection thanks to its levels of vitamin C, bioflavonoids, citric acid, calcium, magnesium, pectin, and limonene. Here are a multitude of ways that lemons can optimise our bauty and raise our vibe! Lemons help improve our mood. The refreshing smell of citrus fruit can help boost our concentratin, productivity, lessen low moods while increasing energy levels. Lemons help us breathe better and breath is the key to mindfulness and flow, as well as glow! Detoxer par excellence! Lemon juice flushes out toxins and bacteria thanks to its diuretic properties. The reduction in toxins helps to reduce inflammation in the joints. When it comes to beauty - lemons are superb for oral health. They can help with infected and bleeding gums and can reduce tooth pain and not-so-preeminent breath. The citric acid in a lemon helps to balance our body’s pH which will aid in destroying the bacteria in the mouth. Lemons naturally exfoliate and lighten. Rubbing a lemon directly on chapped and dry skin will aid in the removal of dead skin. Mix into a little yoghurt and use as a face or body mask to reduce sun spots, pimples and blemishes. Jenni P - "I make my own skin toner of simple organic green tea and add a few drops of Young Living lemon essential oil. It keeps for months in the fridge and is a gorgeous face refresher after my morning runs, before I apply my usual creams and serums."

“Pearls are always appropriate.” Jackie Kennedy: The style icon was famous for her impeccable fashion sense, which often included strands of pearls around her neck, regardless of the occasion.

Pearls have a special magnetism for those who live with the spiritual realm very present in their daily lives. In Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, the “flaming pearl” symbolizes our inner wisdom and strengthens our connection with the cosmos’ divine energies. Pearls are an introspective gem, encouraging us to really discover our true selves and our true purpose here on Earth.

p e a r l s


The most common meaning of pearls is that of wisdom and wealth. Therefore, they attract wisdom, wealth and good fortune. But they were also often used for protection. Jewelry made of pearls can affect the wearer, filling you with peace and calmness, but also a heightened sense of femininity and power. Since pearls are rare, precious and exquisitely beautiful, you cannot put a preeminent foot wrong by bringing pearls into your life!

Ok so they don't have to be all real... because the soft, curvy irridescence of pearls - even faux - is enchanting. The Queen of England, Coco Chanel and our cover star Liana Chaouli all wear them with timeless elegance. Even two tiny drop earrings will take anywhere in the world in your highest life.


As jewellery, pearls should be one of your Preeminent musthaves. They are intemporal ( they never date!) and they go with anything and everything - from a Cannes Red Carpet ballgown Invite to jeans and blazer on the plane to all those new horizons. From draping over a sexy denim top on a summer eve aperitif party, to a demure bracelet on a new date, pearls are the language of CLASS AND SOPHISTICATION! Oh and the designer of 'The Pearly Gates' can't be worng!

JENNI'S PEARL LOVES: Mother of pearl anything is always in my radar. The rainbows that reflect from the inside of oyster shells is nothing short of a hypnotic miracle. But one caveat for both pearls and mother of pearls - If you're looking to purchase pearls or mother of pearl in an environmentally friendly way, be sure to seek out companies that ensure safe, ecologically sustainable ways of collecting their material. Wearing nature is only high vibe as long as it's high vibe for the planet too! Vintage and reproduction are preferable to exploitation of our resources.

Set Your Preeminent Goals Move the needle on your experience and results this month, aiming for the 4 cornerstones of holistic success, Mind, Body, Soul and Money. What sensations and feelings do I want to experience?

What financial growth do I desire to see?

What is my non negotiable must-do business goal this month?

What is my body

What is my soul

yearning for?

yearning for?

What is my non negotiable must-do wellness goal this month?

Monthly overview "The most powerful thing we can ever achieve is to understand that whatever is happening in our life is all our own ‘seeing’. - Jenni P





PREEMINENT DUE DILIGENCE: Grade your priorities

Month at a glance MONTH:

OVERVIEW Action Steps:


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. SUN







'FABULOUS ME' STYLE INSPIRATION "How can I up-level my whole dressing and morning self-care routine?"









"Love, gratitude and clarity are energetic vitamins to be taken daily without moderation." MENUS - MEAL PLANNING - REMINDERS








HIGHEST SELF WELLNESS PLAN "Energy is as precious a commodity as money. We need wealth reserves to function in the world and exchange value. Such as it is with our 'WELLth' reserves."


















1. 2. 3. 4. APPOINTMENTS

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 INTENTION







End Of The Week Check-in and Review WINS, LEARNINGS, GRATITUDE

Pause and reflect on your progress this past week. What did you learn? How did you feel? What can you preeminently shift next week?



n ctio



Act ion

tio Ac




Ac n


c t io n


Action Notes:



Want to collaborate? please email jenni

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