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24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race 2022 | Bart's Bash 2022

November/December 2022

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NOV/DEC 2022



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NOV/DEC 2022



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NOV/DEC 2022



The Annual General Meeting 2022 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held last night at the WM Hotel. Given that I had contracted COVID -19 at the last minute I was unable to attend. The Vice Commodore, Rob Quinlivan, stepped up at short notice to act as Chairperson. This is the first AGM held under the new Articles of Association and, whilst the learning process was intense, the outcome proved to be fine. By now, you know that there are a few changes to General Committee (see new GenCom members on page 1 of this issue) and you will have read that the Club is in quite good shape given the challenges of the past year. The only issue is the length of the meeting which is, in my opinion, too long. A significant opportunity for improvement would be wirelessbased simultaneous translation. I will take this to GenCom to see what we can do. Preparing for and running an AGM is hard work which starts in June when many staff and members commence working on their reports and GenCom starts on the regulatory processes. I am always impressed by the efforts of staff and the committee and I express to you all both my pride and my thanks.


Major Sporting Events There were two popular events scheduled. The first was in early October and is called “Steering the Course" and is jointly arranged by the Club and Sailability Hong Kong in support of a World Sailing initiative to help increase participation by women and girls in the sport of sailing. It was extremely well received and participants had lot of fun. The second was the 24-Hour Charity Dinghy Race on 22 – 23 October 2022, which had very light winds but a fantastic party atmosphere. Both are reported in detail in this issue along with Bart’s Bash, the Port Shelter Regatta and the new Cruising Sailors of Hebe. Works matters Rob Quinlivan has given a comprehensive report setting out the achievements of the committee members and staff. This is Rob’s last report as he has chosen to step down. He has served on the General Committee as Honorary Treasure and ViceCommodore, and I express my appreciation to him for his contribution over the years. I repeat a comment made last month. A critical emerging issue is the renewal of the private recreational lease in 2027. For most clubs lease renewals take between 4 and 8 years and in our case the process starts in late 2025. On this occasion all Clubs will need to be ready to fund a waiver fee which is one-third of fair market value. There is no precedent for the valuation so the CSTB has offered to indicate a non-binding amount well before the renewal process starts in late 2025. It is incumbent on the Club to preserve its cash until the indicative waiver fee is known. Looking Forward … The festive season is upon us and the Club is arranging many events so that you can celebrate in style. In closing I offer my complements to you for the festive season.


2022年度股東大會 年度股東大會(AGM)昨晚於WM酒店舉行。遺憾我在最後一刻感染了新冠肺炎,無法 參加。副會長Rob Quinlivan 在接到通知後立即改為出任會議主持。 這是根據新的公司章程舉行的第一次年度股東大會,雖然學習過程很緊張,但結果證 明是正面的。到現在為止,您應該知道執行委員會成員有一些變化(請參閱本期第 1 頁 的新執行委員會成員表),以及遊艇會在過去充滿挑戰的一年中狀況表現良好。唯一 的問題是我認為會議時間太長了。另一重要的改善機會是關於線上同步翻譯。我會把 這個議題帶到執行委員會,討論我們能做些什麼。 準備和進行年度股東大會是一項艱鉅的工作,從 6 月開始,許多員工和執行委員會成 員開始編寫報告,並由執行委員會進行監管流程。員工和執行委員會的努力給我留下 了深刻的印象,我向你們所有人表示我的驕傲和感謝。 重大體育賽事 會所安排了兩個被受歡迎的活動。首先是在 10 月初,名為“Steering the Course”,由遊 艇會和香港帆船協會合辦,以支持一項世界帆船運動及幫助提升婦女和女孩對帆船運 動的參與度。然後是 2022 年 10 月 22 日至 23 日舉行的 24 小時慈善小艇賽,雖然風很 弱,但派對氣氛非常棒。本期將詳細報導這兩項活動以及 Bart's Bash,牛尾海帆船賽 和新組成的白沙灣悠閒航海之友。 工作匯報 Rob Quinlivan 給出了一份全面的報告,列出了委員會成員和​員工的成就。這是Rob決定 卸任副會長後的最後一份報告。他曾擔任總務委員會的榮譽司庫和副會長,我對他多 年來所作出的貢獻表示感謝。 我重複上個月發表的一篇評論。一個新出現的關鍵問題是 2027 年私人娛樂租約的續 約。大多數會所的租約續約需時約 4 到 8 年,在我們的案例中,該過程將於 2025 年底 開始。在這種情況下,所有遊艇會均需準備繳付為公平市場價值三分之一的費用。由於 估值沒有先例,因此 CSTB 已提出在 2025 年底續約過程開始之前表明一個不具約束力 的金額。遊艇會有責任保留其現金,直到獲得豁免費用的指示。 萬眾期待… 普天同慶的節日即將來臨,遊艇會正在安排一系列慶祝活動,讓您可以盡情地慶祝。 最後,我祝大家聖誕快樂,新年進步。



NOV/DEC 2022



We continue to progress with our key projects as set out in the Annual Report. The projects that are in progress are aimed at improving the Club for members and staff. Further, our projects are, in a large part, focused on getting the Club into a good position ahead of our lease renewal in 2027. Completed projects I am pleased that the changing rooms and General Office renovations are almost complete at the time of writing. I am confident that members will be pleased with the results of both renovations. The office renovation makes better use of the available space and includes a proper emergency exit. Also, the office now includes a much more functional entrance where members can collect their mail and purchase club-branded items including apparel, towels, reusable water bottles, cooler bags and more to come. The space also provides a mini-waiting room with a couple of chairs and a beautiful upcycled coffee table where visitors can make enquiries. I understand that the office staff are also very happy with their new brighter openplan environment.


The renovation of the changing rooms took a little longer than planned due to issues with the poor state of the concrete in both walls and ceiling, plus the need to upgrade fire safety features. I hope members appreciate the improved look and functionality of the changing rooms. After the male washrooms officially open, the temporary toilets and changing rooms will be moved to the boatyard to provide suitable facilities for staff. Garden Bar, Regatta Deck and Access Lift The investigation of the ground conditions in the Garden Bar is now complete and the results will be analysed by our engineering adviser. This analysis of the ground conditions will be an important part of the design of the access lift and proposed Regatta Deck. To remind you—the Regatta Deck is designed to provide a multi-purpose space to replace the former tent, which can be used for members’ functions, sailing activities and to provide space for our staff who are currently still in temporary office spaces. As part of the Regatta Deck and Access Lift development plan, we have requested to modify our private recreational lease to increase the area we are allowed to build on and increase the height of the structures on the site. We understand that the building height request is likely to be favourably received. However, we have been advised that because of the Hiram's Highway upgrade, further adjustments to our floor area will not be permitted for the time being. We believe that this situation will be manageable because the approved building area is already sufficient to construct the proposed Regatta Deck. We had sought the increase in area under the most recent modification request in order to provide some contingency in our current plans, however, we will manage with the area currently approved. We are proceeding with our plans to appoint an architect to design and prepare necessary government submissions for the Regatta Deck. Appointment of other consultants is planned to follow on from the appointment of the architect. We have had a few challenges in securing expressions of interest in relation to constructing the lift—given the relatively small scale of the project. However, after expanding the scope of the search for potential tenderers, we are now anticipating tenders to be returned to the Club in the near future for assessment by PWC. Boat rack safety walkway The work on the boat rack safety walkways is well underway. Upon building the first trial section of the new safety walkways (in bays one and two), the marine operations team identified some further design enhancements to help maximise the functionality and safety of the walkways. This design modification is now being finalised and the construction will carry on with the revised design.


As you will have seen, to enable the work to be performed, member's boats are moved to provide access for our contractor and to prevent damage to boats. This work will be carried out in stages and is estimated to be finished by the first quarter of 2023. Other projects Although not regularly reported, other projects which are ongoing include: • Marina pilings—analysis of options to replace the marina pilings is underway to develop potential solutions to be able to withstand higher storm surges. • Drainage—improving the design of drainage and sewerage connections • Power supply upgrade—discussions are ongoing with CLP regarding upgrading electrical transformers to meet the Club's electricity requirements. • Marina access—discussions with the Town Planning Board and Barrier Free Access in relation to enhancing access to the Marina for persons of all abilities are ongoing. To finish, some very important thanks As I look back at the last Planning and Works Committee report in the July edition, I am pleased to say that our projects are continuing to progress broadly in line with the timelines previously indicated. Firstly, to Inge Strompf Jepsen, Julie Mackenzie and Chris Tidball for their extra efforts this past month on the Regatta Deck design process including the significant time spent screening and assessing potential vendors. This work is critical to the success of the project. Secondly, thanks to Helmut Aberer and David Lam who have recently stepped down from the PWC—I thank you for your contributions to the Committee over many years. Thirdly, my thanks to the Club's staff, particularly both the project and the operations teams for all their efforts.

我們持續推行年報中所列的主要項目。這些進行中的項目目的是為會員及職員優化本 會。此外,我們的項目很大程度上集中於在 2027 年續租前讓本會處於一個良好的狀況。 已完成的項目 我很高興在執筆此時,更衣室與綜合辦公室的翻新工作已近乎完成。我相信一眾會員 會為翻新結果感到滿意。辦公室的翻新工程將有助更有效地利用空間,包括一個合適 的緊急出口。而且,辦公室現有一個更具功能性的入口,讓會員能收取信件,購買本會 品牌的產品,例如衣服、毛巾、可重用水瓶、冷卻袋等等。這個空間更提供了一個小型 的接待室,備有幾張椅子和漂亮的升級改造咖啡桌,讓訪客可以在此進行查詢。我知 道辦公室職員亦對全新、更為明亮的開放空間環境感到滿意。 由於牆壁及天花的石屎狀態不佳,加上需要升級消防安全設備,更衣室的翻新工程需 時較原定稍長。我希望會員們能欣賞更衣室改善後的外觀與功能。男洗手間正式開放 後,臨時洗手間和更衣室將遷至船塢,爲職員提供合適的設施。 花園酒吧、帆船甲板及升降機 花園酒吧的地面堪察工作現已完成,結果將交由我們的工程顧問進行分析。地面堪察 分析是升降機及擬定的帆船甲板設計工作重要的一環。提提你,帆船甲板設計目標是 為提供多功能空間以取代之前的帳篷,可用於會員活動、航海活動,及為現時正在使用 臨時辦公空間的職員工提供空間。 作為帆船甲板及升降機發展計劃的一部份,我們已就修改私人康樂場地租約提出申 請,以增加獲准興建的土地面積及場地的建築物高度。我們明白申請增加建築物高度 的申請很大機會獲許可。但我們亦得知,由於西貢公路的升級工程,調整建築面積的申



NOV/DEC 2022



請或暫時不獲許可。我們相信這種情況將可獲控制,因為獲批准的建築面積已經足夠 建造擬定的帆船甲板。我們曾根據最近的修改申請尋求增加建築面積,作為目前計劃 的應急方案。但是我們將於目前獲批的面積上進行原定計劃。 我們正按計劃委任一名建築師,設計帆船甲板及準備需要提交的政府文件。我們亦計 劃除建築師以外,委任其他顧問。 鑑於項目規模相對較小,我們在確保建造升降機意向書遇到一些挑戰。不過,在擴大 搜尋潛在投標者的範圍後,我們現在預計將會收到標書以供 PWC 評估。 船架安全人行道 船架安全人行道的工作正在順利進行。 在建造新的安全人行道的第一個試驗區(1 號灣及 2 號灣)時,海洋執行團隊找到設計 中可改進的地方,盡可能提升人行道的功能和安全性。這項設計修動現已完成,工程 將按照修訂的設計繼續進行。 如您所見,為讓工程能順利進行,會員的船隻已被移開,為我們的承建商讓出空間及 避免對船隻造成損壞。此項工程會分階段進行,預計會於 2023 年第一季度完成。



Vice Commodore

雖然並非定期報告,但進行中的其他項目包括: •

碼頭樁—目前正就替代碼頭樁的選項進行分析,為可承受更強烈的風暴潮尋找 潛在的解決方案。


電力供應升級—為應付本會的電力需求,目前正就升級電力變壓器與中電進行 討論。

碼頭通道—為方便傷 健 人士進入碼頭,目前正與城規會及無障礙設計進行討 論。

最後,需要向以下人士表達深切的謝意。 當我回顧上一份 7 月版本的規劃和工程委員會報告時,我很高興地宣布,我們的項目 正在按照之前指出的時間表大致上取得進展。 首先要感謝 Inge Strompf Jepsen、Julie Mackenzie 和 Chris Tidball,多得他們過去一 個月在帆船甲板設計的過程中付出的額外努力,包括花費大量時間對潛在供應商進行 篩選和評估。這項工作對項目的成功極為重要。 其次要感謝 Helmut Aberer 和 David Lam。他們最近自 PWC 離任,我在此感激您們多 年來對委員會的貢獻。 最後,我衷心鳴謝本會職員,特別是項目和運營團隊的一切努力。



NOV/DEC 2022



24 Hour Event The Government kindly eased restrictions on live performances on 6 October just in the nick of time for the 2022 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Event. A great weekend was had by all ashore with over 30 stalls F&B offering from Bones and Blades, Black Book and HHYC; various Charities; and a bouncy castle and face painting to help keep the little ones amused along with the on-site mini petting zoos—Catherine’s Puppies who manged to home all their pups in under an hour on Day One and Russel the crow making a special guest appearance in the boatyard. While the winds could have been better on Saturday for teams out the water—things did finally pick up a little on Sunday for the 43 boats that competed in the race. It was brilliant to see so many socially-distanced groups of 12 or less in the race village over the weekend. My thanks go to all the committee members, volunteers and staff who helped make the event the success it was.

PAUL C. ARKWRIGHT General Manager

Never-ending story… Turn around, look at what you see, yeah-eh… In her face, the mirror of your dreams, woa-oh… Make believe I'm everywhere, hidden in the lines Written on the pages is the answer to a never-ending story Never-ending story-eeeeeeeee… Aside from New Found Glory’s lyrics, a summary of a closer-to-home seemingly neverending story is as follows: 1. Max. per table: 12 pax 2. Max. per group for all activities:12 pax 3. Max. for banquets: 240 pax (with negative RAT test) 4. Live entertainment allowed again (with 1.5m social distancing from crowd) 5. Vaccine Pass now applicable to those aged 5+ 6. Family Vaccine Pass function on LHSApp (as five-year-olds are not in the habit of carrying mobile phones, except maybe to watch Peppa Pig, a new function has been added to the LHSApp that allows users to store their own Vaccine Pass and up to a maximum of eight accompanied persons at the same time. IT upgrades Tom Chung, our new IT Manager proved his mettle at the 24 HR event and did an amazing job of keeping 3 POS, 1 lap counting and multiple RFID registration counters functioning throughout despite hardware and software challenges. He is also currently working on upgrades to our club accounting system, and on upgrades to the club website and the launch of a members’ app—to provide greater functionality and ease of use for members. Clubhouse upgrades By the time you read this, we will have completed the refurbishment of male, female and accessible washrooms and the General Office. As well as enjoying super nice washroom facilities, there is now also a dedicated member’s area in the General Office to collect parcels or purchase items from the Hebe Shop. Our mini shop features a range of club merchandise including a plethora of T-shirts, long-sleeve rash vests, and our lush new super fluffy HHYC bath towels, available in grey, tan and navy for just $150. Coming online soon will be sunscreen, umbrellas and sailing gloves—let me know what else you’d like us to stock.


F&B Crew To further enhance the quality of service provided in the club Restaurant and reduce reliance on casual staff, we have been building up the full-time F&B team. Chris, who has been with the Club for over 16 years, has been promoted to Acting Senior Team Lead, while Eugene and Alicia—each with over 10 years of service for the Club—have been promoted to Acting Team Leads. Julie, Fanny and ‘Ah Kai’ have all been taken on in fulltime roles in the F&B team. New Garden Bar tent A movable, non-fixed tent has been installed in the Garden Bar area, which will help facilitate running more al fresco club events in the near future. Watch this space…

24 小時慈善小艇賽 政府於 10 月 6 日放鬆了對現場表演的限制,正好趕上 2022 年度 24 小時慈善小艇賽。遊艇會上演了一個充滿活力的周末,超過 30 個攤 位包括Bones and Blades、Black Book 和 HHYC 提供餐的飲服務, 慈 善機構,還有一座充氣城堡和臉部彩繪。孩子們與現場迷你寵物動 物園一起玩耍 -- Catherine’s Puppies的小狗在活動第一天不出一小 時都全部被領養了,還有烏鴉Russel the crow為船塢作特別嘉賓。 雖 然週六的風勢對於比賽的小艇稍弱,但於周日終於有所好轉,為比 賽的 43 艘小艇完賽作出鼓勵。 週末在慈善活動村見到大家都保持 社交距離 – 不多於 12 人一組真是太棒了。 我要感謝所有幫助使活 動取得成功的委員會成員、義工和工作人員。 永無止境的故事… 轉身,看看你所看到的,是的,嗯…… 在她的臉上,你夢中的鏡子,哇哦…… 相信我無處不在,隱藏在線條中 寫在書頁上的是一個永無止境的故事的答案 永無止境的故事 … 除了”New Found Glory” 的歌詞之外,一個看似永無止境的抗疫故事摘要如下: 1.







餐飲處所及酒吧/酒館內可進行現場表演及跳舞活動 (須與觀眾或顧客保持至少1.5米距離)




安心出行應用程式添加了一個新功能,允許用戶同時儲存自身及最多八名同行人士的疫苗通行證或康復紀錄二維碼。兒童或其家人亦可攜帶並出示印 有疫苗接種記錄二維碼的紙本記錄,或出示保存在手機中的二維碼照片,以作為疫苗通行證使用。

資訊科技升級 新加入我們的資訊科技部經理 Tom Chung 在 24 HR 活動中證明了他的毅力,儘管存在硬件和軟件方面的挑戰,但在保持 3 個 POS、1 個計圈和多個 RFID 註冊計數器正常運作行方面表現非常出色。 他目前還致力於升級我們會所的會計系統,升級網站並將推出會員應用程式――為會員提供更強大的功能和 易用性。 會所設施及商品升級 當您閱讀本文時,我們已完成男、女、無障礙洗手間和總辦公室的翻新工作。


區,您可以在Hebe Shop收集包裹或購買物品。 我們的迷你商店提供一系列會所商品,包括 T 卹、防曬長袖衫和我們全新的HHYC 浴巾 -- 有灰色、棕褐色 和海軍藍可供選擇,僅需 150元。 即將上架的有防曬霜、雨傘和航海手套――請讓我知道您還希望我們提供什麼商品。 餐飲服務員 為進一步提升會所餐廳的服務質素及減少對臨時員工的依賴,我們一直在致力建立全職餐飲團隊。 在會所餐廳服務超過 16 年的Chris已晉升為代理高級 團隊主管,而分別為在會所餐廳服務超過 10 年的Eugene和Alicia已晉升為代理團隊主管。 Julie、Fanny 和啊佳都在餐飲服務團隊中轉任為全職服務員。 新花園酒吧帳篷 花園酒吧最近安裝了一個可移動的非固定帳篷,這將有助於在不久的將來舉辦更多的會員戶外活動。 請關注此空間……




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24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race 2022



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F&B wines & beers of the month Wines of the Month November

Wines from Barossa Valley, Australia


Wines from Languedoc-Roussillon, France WHITE WINE

WHITE WINE $248/bottle $63/glass Auld Family Wines, 'Wilberforce' Riesling 2020

$230/bottle $60/glass

Laurent Miquel, Père et Fils Chardonnay 2020

Aromas of exotic fruits with a hint of aniseed. Medium Intense floral aromas coupled with hints of citrus

body, well balanced, buttery with a long finish.

on the nose. On the palate, there’s great depth, with notes of lime and clementine coming to the fore.


$248/bottle $63/glass

Auld Family Wines, 'Wilberforce' Cabernet Shiraz 2017


$248/bottle $63/glass

Laurent Miquel, Père et Fils Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Elevated blackcurrant, dark plum, liquorice and

An exceptional example of smooth silky tannins and bright

earthy herbs notes. Slightly dryish but fine grained

rich red fruit flavours. Very well balanced and shows depth

tannins with a spicy cedar laced aftertaste.

on the finish.

Beers of the Month November


San Miguel Beer

Coopers Pale Ale – Australia

Ship Store Price: $208 / 24 bottles


Ship Store Price: $488/case of 24 cans Ship Store Price: $128 / 6 cans




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24 HOUR CHARITY DINGHY RACE 2022 24 小時慈善小艇賽 There was a festive spirit – with an Hawaiian theme – around the Hebe haven Yacht Club over the weekend of the 22 and 23 October 2022 for the annual 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race. The event – first held in 2002 – was co-founded by Mark Houghton who was present this year and even earned the distinction of being one of the few to capsize! The 2003 and 2020 events were cancelled due to SARS and Covid-19, so this year was the 19th edition, attracting 43 entries (2021: 38) and sailed in the lightest conditions anyone could remember.

2022 年 10 月 22 日和 23 日週末,白沙灣遊艇會正因一年一 度的 24 小時慈善小艇賽而洋溢著夏威夷主題的節日氣氛。 這個於 2002 年首次舉辦的賽事由 Mark Houghton 共同創 辦。他今年亦有出席賽事,甚至獲得了爲數不多的翻船者頭 銜。2003 和 2020 年度的賽事分別因為 SARS 及 Covid-19 而 取消,所以今年為第 19 屆賽事,吸引了 43 隊(2021 年:38 隊)隊伍參與,並在記憶所及最溫和的環境下出航。罕見的 是,今年沒有來自香港仔遊艇會的船者參加。

The results of the race are based on two components, the first being the adjusted average corrected time per lap calculated from the number of laps completed and the dinghy’s rating. The second, the overall result, combines the average corrected lap time adjusted by a factor representing the level of funding raised by the dinghy’s team. With fund raising continuing until the 31 October 2022 only the winners of the four classes were recognized at the end of racing on the Sunday, along with the winners of the Interschool Challenge Cup and the Charity Cup. The overall awards will be presented on the 25th of November 2022 at a function where cheques will be presented to the charities supported by the event. These include the Children’s Cancer Fund, IDEAL, TREATS, Sailability Hong Kong and the Sai Kung District Community Centre. Since 2002 (or 19 years), over HK$12 million has been raised for these deserving causes.


比賽結果基於兩個部分,第一個部分是根據完成圈數和小艇 評分計算所得出的平均每圈修正時間。第二個部分則結合了 小艇所籌集資金水平的平均每圈修正時間為最終結果。 資金募集持續至 2022 年 10 月 31 日,只有 4 個組別的得 獎者,他們將與校際挑戰杯及慈善杯得獎者一同在星期日 比賽結束後獲頒授獎項。最終獎項將於 2022 年 11 月 25 日 的典禮上頒發,當日同時會向賽事支援的慈善團體送上支 票,當中包括兒童癌病基金會、勵志協進會、親切、航能 香港及西貢區社區中心。自 2002 年以來(或 19 年間),本會 已爲這些團體籌集超過 1,200 萬港元。

At 1400 on Saturday, the competitors were flagged off from the committee boat, Hebe One, across a start line between Hebe One and the dock. On board were a number of VIPs representing the local community, the sponsors, the charitable organizations, the club’s commodore and others. The competing dinghies were classified in four classes including nine RS Quests, 11 RS Fevas, eight Laser Picos and 15 Hansas.

星期六下午 2 時,參賽者從會船 Hebe One 出發,穿過 Hebe One 與碼頭之間的起步

The race track comprised sailing within four channels around four buoys, illuminated at night, weaving in and out of and avoiding the anchored vessels on a course of 0.81 nautical miles. The pontoons in front of the club were where boats docked for pit stops for teams to switch crew before heading off on further laps, and from where the safety team was based, controlling the numerous safety boats required to monitor the participants.


線。一些代表當地社區、贊助商、慈善團體、本會會長和其他團體的 VIP 亦會登上 船隻。參賽的小艇分為 4 組,包括 9 艘 RS Quest,11 艘 RS Feva,8 艘 Laser Pico 及 15 艘 Hansa。 賽道包括圍繞 4 個浮標在 4 個通道內航行,在夜間得到照明的 0.81 海里航程進出, 避開停泊的船隻。本會前方供船隻停泊的浮橋(亦是安全團隊所在的地點)讓隊伍 停下來為每圈賽事替換船員,同時掌控需要監察參賽者的多艘安全船隻。

散落各處的浮標雖有幫助,但記錄了兩個多小時的無數圈數。在某一階段,43 隊參 賽隊伍中只有 29 隊在兩個小時內越線。這或能歸咎於穿過香港以南前往越南的熱 帶氣旋。幸好沒有下雨影響這次賽事。有些隊伍甚至選擇停泊過夜,讓船員在天亮 時折返。其他隊伍甚至難以到達碼頭進行船員交替。唉! 然後在 19 小時後,9 時 15 分有 6 到 7 節的微風吹來。船隻在賽道一帶加速,以大 約 15 分鐘的圈速前進,然後再次放緩。但至少船隊在餘下的賽事中一直前進,直到 下午兩點終點線開放才結束。

The light northeasterly was just enough to start the race and keep the dinghies moving but, thereafter, conditions became fluky. Puffs here and there helped some but there were numerous laps of over two hours recorded. At one stage, just 29 of the 43 entries crossed the line in a twohour period. The tropical cyclone passing south of Hong Kong and heading for Vietnam was probably to blame. Fortunately no rain affected the event. Some teams even chose to park-up for the night with crews returning at day break. Others even struggled to make it to the dock for their crew changes. Oh dear.

水上評判記錄了各種犯規行爲,特別是抽水、搖晃、撞上浮標、不進行罰圈、以及 不按照賽道航行等。在適當的情況下作出處分。 與此同時,水上亦設立了多個攤位以出售各種產品,還有幾家提供小吃。 Catherine’s Puppies 成功爲超過 14 隻小狗覓得新家。來自海塑基金會的 Isabella 和團隊在現場就環境議題、一些以年輕人為目標的教育計劃及其他可持續發展項目 進行宣傳。 一如既往,充氣城堡深受年輕參加者歡迎。除了由 DJ Dougy 提供的音 樂,現場還有 The Red Stripes 和 Yeboo Drummers 等樂隊的演出。 在這 24 小時間,在 Karina 和 Lizzie 的監察下,由一輛停在起跑線/終點線附近的 船隻上的多位義工每 2 小時輪流值班記錄圈時。於下午兩時,終點線開放並記錄參

Then, after 19 hours, a 6- to 7-knot breeze kicked in at 0915. This saw the boats accelerate around the course, clocking laps of around 15 minutes, before again easing. But at least the fleet kept moving for the rest of the race until the 1400 opening of the finish line.

賽隊伍完成最後一圈的時間。 下午四時左右,在公佈賽果前,會長 Don Johnston 讚揚了為進行賽事所付出的巨大

Various offences were recorded by the on-water jury, in particular pumping, rocking, hitting marks and not taking a penalty turn and not sailing the course. Penalties were dished out where appropriate. Meanwhile ashore numerous stalls had been set up where a variety of items and produce were on sale along with several where refreshments were on offer. Catherine’s Puppies managed to find homes for over 14 puppies. Isabella and team from A Plastic Ocean Foundation were on hand to promote environmental issues and some of their educational programmes, targeted at youngsters, and other sustainability projects. As always the Bouncy Castle proved popular with the younger visitors. Musical entertainment was provided by DJ Dougy, along with various bands including The Red Stripes and the Yeebooo Drummers. During the 24 hours, lap times were recorded on a junk moored close to the start/finish line, manned by numerous volunteers, in two-hour shifts, under the watchful eyes of Karina and Lizzie. At 1400 the finish line was opened with times recorded, as teams finished their final laps. Marine East Division



NOV/DEC 2022





Just prior to the announcement of the results, scheduled around 1600, commodore Don Johnston acknowledged the tremendous effort that goes into making it all happen. He thanked the organizing committee, the sponsors, the 300 volunteers, the 700 sailors and all the Hebe Haven Yacht Club’s 100 fulland part-time staff. He looks forward to next year’s 20th anniversary event, which coincides with the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club.

努力。他感謝主辦單位、贊 助商、300 位義工、700 位航 員以及 100 位白沙灣遊艇會 的正職及兼職職員。他期待 明年賽事 20 周年,亦適逢白 沙灣遊艇會成立的 60 周年。 今次賽事的贊助商包括 Knight Frank、Honor Lane Shipping Limited、St James’s Place、Royal King International

MumJo's Stall


Sponsors of the event included Knight Frank, Honour Lane Shipping Limited, St James’ s Place, Royal King International Limited (Eikowada), Bon Café, CLP, Carlsberg, Spectra Technologies and SoFaBo Limited. Knight Frank entered two teams and were delighted with the benefits of their support. They have already committed to sponsor next year and attend further sailing courses as team building activities.

Bon Café、中電、嘉士伯、 Spectra Technologies 和 SoFaBo Limited。Knight Frank 參加了 兩支隊伍,並為他們的支持感 到高興。他們已承諾繼續贊助 明年賽事,及參加進一步的航 海課程作爲團隊活動。 最 後 公 佈 賽 事 結 果 , 在 RS Quest 組別 Boom Bangers(Q8)以 41 圈平均 修正時間 30 分 17 秒守住冠

When the results were finally announced in the RS Quest class Boom Bangers (Q8) retained their title with 41 laps averaging on corrected an average time of 30 minutes and 17 seconds (2001: 70 laps, average 00:17:45)

軍席位(2001:70 圈,平均 Cindy and her recycled products

時間 00:17:45) Hansa 組別中,Para Warrior 1 (H12) 以 28 分 55 秒的平均 修正單圈時間完成了 30 圈。 這也成為最快的平均單圈時

In the Hansa class, Para Warrior 1 (H12) completed 30 laps in an average corrected lap time of 28 minutes 55 seconds. This also represented the fastest average lap time. Last year’s winner completed 56 laps averaging 00:15:31.



的平均成績完成了 56 圈。 法國國際學校(P1)完成了 35 圈,以平均修正時間 32 分 44 秒勝出 Laser Pico 組別 賽事(2021:50 圈,平均時

The French International School (P1) completed 35 laps averaging a corrected time lap of 32 minutes 44 seconds to win the Laser Pico class (2021: 50 laps average 00:22:49). As a result, they also claimed the Interschool Challenge Cup.

間 00:22:49)所以,他們還 勝出了校際挑戰杯。 Piloxing 白沙灣龍隊(Feva)隊伍(R5) 以 29 分 18 秒的時間完成了 38 圈,勝出了 RS Feva 組別 冠軍(2021:64 圈,平均時間

The Hebe Dragons (Feva) team (R5) claimed the RS Feva title completing 38 laps averaging 29 minutes 18 seconds (2021 : 64 laps average 00:17:19). The competition was particularly close with the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Sharks also completing 38 laps in a time of 29 minutes 19 seconds. The Charity Cup was won by Para Warrior 1 with Sat Sailor 1 2nd and Treats 3 3rd.


00:17:19)香港遊艇會 Sharks 亦 以 29 分 19 秒的成績完成 38 圈,比賽成績特別相近。 慈善盃由 Para Warrior 1 勝 出,Sat Sailr 1 位列第 2 以及 親切排名第 3。

A breakfast bite



NOV/DEC 2022





BART’S BASH 2022 Bart's Bash 帆船賽 2022

Congested mass start

Hebe Haven Yacht Club was a hive of activity on Saturday, the 17 September 2022, for Bart’s Bash Regatta 2022. This year the event comprised two components: the first, the traditional dinghy regatta which saw 140 sailors take to the water in 59 boats; the second, the inaugural Bart’s Bash Cruising Rally, designed to promote cruising in the club.

白沙灣遊艇會於 2022 年 9 月 17 日星期六為 Bart's Bash 帆船賽 2022 開展了一連串活動。今年的活動包 括兩大部分:其一是有 140 名航員乘坐 59 艘小帆參與 的傳統小帆賽事; 其二則是旨在推動本會巡航活動的 首屆 Bart's Bash 巡航拉力賽。

Sailing Centre manager, Rob Allen, held a race management briefing, whilst registration and fleet briefings were conducted in the Garden Bar.

航海訓練中心經理 Rob Allen 進行了賽事管理簡介,而 登記和船隊簡介則於花園酒吧進行。

Boats were launched at 1030 as young sailors (and some seniors) boarded their Optimists, Hanse 303s and 2.4mRs alongside the pontoons. Laser Picos and RS Quests were launched from the main ramp. Volunteers and staff totaling around 60, went out into Port Shelter in force.

船隻於10時半下水,青年航員(以及一些資深航員)在浮 橋旁登上他們的 Optimists、Hanse 303 和 2.4mR。Laser Pico 以及 RS Quest 亦從主斜坡下水。總共有大約 60 名 義工和職員出航至牛尾海。

As the warning signal for the first race approached, a number of stragglers among the 22 Optimist sailors were rounded up and towed hurriedly to the start line near the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. There Sailability’s recently donated Solaris 40 Mo Han was anchored, serving as the committee boat, with Leon Man race officer for the day. Conditions early in the day raised some concern but, as the morning drew on, a light sea breeze of 5-6 knots was just enough for a downwind start back to the finish line at the pontoons in front of the club.


隨著首場賽事的訊號臨近,22 名 Optimist 航員中的落 後者被圍截並快速拖往香港科技大學附近的起跑線。 航能最近捐出的 Solaris 40 無限號作爲會船停泊在該 處,且將由賽事官 Leon Man 負責當天賽事。 當天稍早時候的天氣狀況引起了憂慮,但隨著早晨來 到,5-6節的輕微海風足以讓船隻順風由起點前往遊艇 會前浮橋的終點。

Hebe Heaven, 3rd Hanse 303 (Double) 20th overall

Meanwhile, the coach boats did their best to encourage – or drag – any offending on-course-side boats back as the starting sequences began. However, being a fun event, a blind eye was turned to any offenders among the colourful fleet and, as scheduled, the start signal sounded at 1150.

A crowded rail on Happy King

同時,教練船亦於出發前盡力 鼓勵參賽隊伍,或把任何方向 錯誤的船隻拖回正軌。然而, 由於此賽事並非正規賽事,我 們對各色船隊的違規船隻稍佯 為不見,並按原定計劃於1150 響起出發訊號。 第一艘衝過終點的船隻是

First boat to cross the finish line was Tommy Wong’s Laser Standard MAS in an elapsed time of 20 minutes and 25 seconds to initially be awarded 2nd place overall, but subsequently amended to 5th Second across the line was Michael Anderson’s RS Quest three minutes later, but relegated to 16th on handicap.

Tommy Wong 的 Laser Standard MAS,所需時間為 20 分 25 秒;

Optimist sailor patrols the start line

最初獲綜合第 2 名,但其後更正 爲第 5 名。第 2 艘衝線的是 3 分鐘後抵達的 Michael Anderson 的 RSQuest,但該隊於障礙賽降 至第 16 名。 更正後的首4艘船隻均為

The first four boats on corrected were all Optimists with Chantal Henrickson finishing 3rd. Finishing 2nd on corrected, in a time of 17:52, was Cyrus Yung’s Optimist, which finished 21 seconds behind the overall winner in an elapsed time of 29 minutes sailed by William Yan correcting out at 17:40.

Optimist,Chantal Henrickson 是第 3 艘完成賽事的船隻。更正 後的第 2 名為需時 17 分 52 秒的 Cyrus Yung 的 Optimist,相比 由的 29 分鐘更正為 17 分 40 秒

Boarding an Optimist

的總冠軍 William Yan,它共落 後 21 秒。 一般而言,我們會以為勝出者將

Normally, the six 2.4mRs might have expected to be among the honours but, having had the distinction of sailing the course, unlike some others, Foo Yuen Wai’s The Kaplan finished 25th.

為 6 艘 2.4mR 之一,但和他人 不同、曾於此賽道上取得優異成 績的 Foo Yuen Wai 所乘坐的 The Kaplan 獲得了第 25 名。 Poon Tze Ming 的 Hanse 303

Poon Tze Ming’s Hanse 303 (Single) Matilda claimed 11th place whilst the Hanse 303 (Double) Anchors Away claimed 15th. Of the six Laser Picos competing, No.8 claimed the honours finishing in 46th place.

(Single) Matilda 獲得第 11 名, 而 Hanse 303(雙人)Anchors Away 則獲第 15 名。在參賽的 6 艘 Laser Pico 之中,No. 8 獲得 了第 46 名。 Sean from Sailing Team



NOV/DEC 2022





After burgers and chips in the Garden Bar, the sailors were counting down to boarding their craft to head out for the scheduled second race at 1530 when, at 1400, the heavens opened drenching everyone. Fortunately it did not last and the sailors again congregated for Race 2 in the vicinity of the University. Unfortunately, however, the squall had quashed the breeze so, although race two was started with all means of propulsion accepted, ie. paddling and feathering etc, it was soon abandoned. The sailors then cooled off with a capsize or a swim before being towed back for the awards presentation in the Garden Bar.


Meanwhile, after the start of the first dinghy race, Leon Man and his race management team on Mo Han motored over to nearby Cascade Bay to start the inaugural Bart’s Bash Cruising Rally. There, 13 cruising boats had assembled for a cruise to Yau Ley Restaurant and permitted to sail or motor. Club general manager, Paul C. Arkwright, joined the commodore, Don Johnston, on Cuchulain whilst other stalwarts, including Mark Newman, joined Stu Pryke on Sousa moi . Having had to wait for the finish line to open, the J/80, Jelik 7, was deemed first to finish under sail. After a seafood lunch and speeches, newly created burgees were presented to the participating skippers.


條之後,航員們為登上船隻出發 前往預定於下午3時半進行的第 2場賽事。可是,在下午2時卻下 起大雨,令所有人都濕透了。幸 好雨勢並未持續,航員們再次為 第2場賽事於大學附近集合。不 過,狂風已經將微風吹散,即使 第2場賽事開始時用盡了划槳和 讓船槳與水面平衡等一切方式推 進方式,但很快就宣告放棄。航 員們翻船或游泳以讓身體涼快一 點,然後就被拖回花園酒吧參加 頒獎儀式。

之後,Leon Man 和在無限號上的 賽事管理團隊駛往附近的糧船洲, 開始了首屆 Bart's Bash 巡航拉力 賽。在那裡的


出發巡航至有利海鮮餐廳,並獲 准以手動或機動形式航行。本會 總經理 Paul C. Arkwright 與會長 Don Johnston 登上 Cuchulain , 而包括 Mark Newman 在內的其他 中堅分子則與 Stu Pryke 一同登上 Sousa

X-Terminator leads Mystique off the line


展開,J/80 Jelik 7 被認為是首個完 成航程的船隻。在品嚐海鮮午餐且 聽一輪演講之後,參與的船長獲贈 全新製作的旗幟。

Meanwhile, back at the club, the prize-giving for the dinghy sailors was held where it was confirmed that the target amount of HK$50,000 had been raised on behalf of Sailability Hong Kong. Commenting on the event, Rob Allen said: “What a great day we had at Hebe Haven Yacht Club, sailing together and raising money for our club’s charity Sailability Hong Kong. Sailors of all ages and abilities took part, and it was another demonstration of the amazing people we have involved in the Hebe Sailing Team, PR Team and of course Sailability HK, to run such a quality event for everyone who took part in Bart’s Bash Regatta 2022.”

同時,大會在遊艇會為小帆航員 舉行了頒獎禮,並宣布為航能香 港籌集了50,000港元的目標金額。 Rob Allen 在評論此次賽事時表 示:「我們在白沙灣遊艇會度過 了十分美好的一天,一起出航 並為本會的慈善機構航能香港籌 款。不同年齡和能力的航員都有

Anchors Away, 1 st Hanse 303 (Double) 15th overall

參與,再次證明來自白沙灣航海 隊伍、公關團隊,當然還有航 能香港的一眾出色人士,為參加 Bart's Bash 帆船賽 2022的每個 人舉辦了一場極為優質的賽事活 動。」

Volunteers and staff were out in force totaling around 60, including the Sailability Hong Kong team.

* Bart’s Bash Regatta is held in memory of Olympic gold and silver medalist, Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, who tragically lost his life whilst training in 2013 for the America’s Cup 30

包括航能香港團隊在內的義工和 職員共有約60人。

*Bart's Bash 帆船賽的目的是為 了紀念奧運會金牌和銀牌得主 Andrew



2013 年美洲盃訓練期間不幸喪生

Slow progress before race abandoned


NOV/DEC 2022



CRUISING SAILORS OF HEBE 白沙灣巡航航員 (CSOH) Every September, The Club commits to one of the planet's largest global race days, all in the aid of selected charities, namely Bart's Bash. Unique to this year and Saturday September 17 was a Bart's Bash with a difference. Additional to the usual racing, the newly formed Cruising Sailors of Hebe sailed their first organised rally, from Cascade to Yau Ley in Rocky Harbour.

by Stu Pryke

每逢 9 月,本會都會參與由指定慈善團體協助舉辦的其中一個最大型國際比 賽,Bart's Bash。今年非常特別,於 9 月 17 日星期六進行的 Bart's Bash 有點 不同。除了一般的賽事之外,新成立的 CSOH 還進行了他們首次組織的拉力 賽,路線從小瀑布開始,到糧船灣海的有利海鮮漁村為止。 13艘船隻參與了其實稍為不正式的「賽事」,以使用各種配置的航行計劃經 過起點和委員會船(無限號、航能 Solaris 40);Genoa,沒有主帆;主帆,沒

Thirteen boats joined what can be said, was a pretty informal "race", with various configurations of sail plans running past the start pin and the Committee boat, (Mo Han, the Sailability Solaris 40); Genoa, no main; main, no genoa ; no main or genoa, and most with engines on the tick over. A few boats took an early start by a couple of hours and secured prime positions on the dubious anchor grounds of Rocky harbour and alongside the old fish farm platforms at Yau Ley.

有 Genoa;沒有主帆或 Genoa……而且大多數引擎都正在空轉……有幾艘船 隻提早了數小時出發,在糧船灣難以確認的錨地以及有利舊漁場平台旁邊確 保了有利位置。 到了下午 2 點,包括會長在內的所有職員都已經準備好享受賽後小點、冰涷 青島啤酒,以及最終的餐桌交流活動,並將 Barts Bash 安排在前往爆滿的 Simon 餐廳前。賽事管理團隊安排了頒獎台以及一幅 CSOH 橫額,重要的是, 向每位船長頒發了一面獨特有心思的全新 CSOH 旗幟,上方飾有 193 燈塔和 白灣沙灣龍隊圖案。193

By 1400, all crews, including The Commodore had settled into the routine of post race banter, ice cold Tsing Tao's and ultimately, the social parlez of table mixing and putting Barts Bash solidly to the front of Simon's bursting restaurant. The Race management team excelled by arranging a prize giving table, together with a CSOH banner and importantly, the award to each skipper, of a dedicated and unique, new burgee, the CSOH burgee with its 193 Lighthouse and Hebe Dragon embrace. The significance of the 193 is one that represents our passage out of Hebe Haven and our returns, all with the 193 light heralding our safe passage out and our safe passage in returning home. It was with great pride, that all boats, flew the CSOH off their starboard shrouds, amid toasts of Merlot, rums and beers....amen and ahoy!!!


都隨著 193 燈塔的預示讓我們安全出航和回歸。所有船隊以及下船的航員均 在 Merlot 的祝辭、交錯的冧酒杯和啤酒杯之間互相祝賀,令我們非常自豪。 Barts Bash 是為了紀念 Andrew "Bart" Simpson 短暫一生。他是美洲盃團隊 的一名船員,在 2013 年舊金山灣航行時因翻船訓練事故而喪生。Bart 致力 支持傷健人士與弱勢社群,努力為兩者提供登上甲板的機會,無論是小型、大 型、高速船抑或巡航船隻……事實上所有的船隻型號,以及白沙灣與傷健航 員的密切關係,讓我們為這次賽事指定航能為慈善機構。 那麼下年的 Bash 呢?讓我們將在 CSOH 一周年爭取更大的轉機,以及更多在 船上聚會的機會。讓我們繼續歡笑、享受美食,讓旗幟飄揚……為 193 歡呼!

Barts Bash is a celebration of the short life of Andrew "Bart" Simpson, a crew member of the Americas Cup team who died in a capsize training accident in 2013, whilst sailing in San Fransisco Bay. Bart was a solid supporter of both the less abled and the underprivileged, striving to see both party's on the decks of yachts, small, large, fast and cruising. Infact all varieties and with Hebe being so closely aligned to less abled sailors, it is only right that our designated charity for this event, is Sailability. So, what of next years Bash? Let's strive for a larger turn out of what will then be the first anniversary of the CSOH and a few more rallies under our keels. Keep the banter, the grog and the burgees flying. AHOY to the 193!!!! Bart's Bash Cruising Rally 2022



2719 8300


NOV/DEC 2022




What a day Wednesday, the 5 October, turned out to be. Following last year’s inaugural ‘Steering the Course Women’s Sailing Festival’, the Hebe Haven Yacht Club again joined World Sailing’s global initiative to encourage more female participation in all aspects of sailing. These include race management, governance and on-water activities, in both recreational and competitive racing.

10 月 5 日星期三真是美好的 一天。

This year’s programme runs from the 30 September to the 9 October 2022 and includes various programmes throughout the period by Sailability Hong Kong, along with Women on the Water Wednesday (5 Oct 22) and Port Shelter Regatta (8-9 Oct 22).

今年的活動從 2022 年 9 月 30 日

Not just confined to Hebe Haven Yacht Club members, Women on the Water Wednesday (WOW) was special in that it was open to the public. Many of Hong Kong’s introductory Level 1 and 2 dinghy sailing courses are fully booked for months ahead, so this event provided an ideal opportunity for a taster programme particularly, for newbies.


The morning commenced with photo taking and a ribbon cutting ceremony, involving representatives from the festival steering committee and from the sponsors, BeCandle and The Property Shop.



繼去年「引航女性航海節」之後, 白沙灣遊艇會再次加入世界帆船運 動的全球倡議,鼓勵更多女性參與 帆船運動的各領域。包括娛樂和競 技比賽中的比賽管理、治理和水上 活動。

持續到 10 月 9 日,包括香港航能 在此期間的各種活動,以及星期三

Women sailing Jelik 6

(2022 年10 月 5日) 水上女性和牛尾 海帆船賽 (2022 年10 月 8-9 日)。

上女性星期三(WOW)更開放公眾參 加。香港許多入門 1 級和 2 級小艇航 行課程在未來數月內都已訂滿,因 此本次活動為體驗者計劃提供了一 個理想的機會,尤其對新手而言。

幕,電影節指導委員會和贊助商 BeCandle 和 The Property Shop 的 代表均前往參與。

Jazz, Team WOB

Inge Strompf and Bonnie Cheng held an introductory seminar on race management, explaining to the enrollees the basic rules when starting a race – something they were able to put into practice later in the morning.

Inge Strompf 和 Bonnie Cheng 舉辦

Meanwhile, three teams had assembled, with their qualified instructors, to sail on the club’s J/80s and, having learnt how to rig their boats, they motored out into Port Shelter and assembled near the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.


There they found Strompf, Cheng and their assistants on the committee boat, Hebe One, setting up the course for a short windward / leeward race. With the fleet widely scattered, the first race start attempt was aborted, but provided a useful experience for the budding race assistants to better understand their roles, in time keeping, hoisting flags and recording!


一場關於比賽管理的介紹研討會, 向參賽者說明開始比賽時的基本規 則,他們能夠在上午稍候開始實行。



帆船,在熟悉船隻操控技巧後駛入 牛尾海,並在香港科技大學附近集 合。

員會 Hebe One 上為短程迎風//背風 比賽規劃路線。由於船隊分散,第一

Catherine Giblin and Cecilia Fu - Sponsors

次嘗試起帆失敗,卻讓初次參賽的助 手更了解自己的角色、保持時間、升 帆和記錄! 東風在 10 到 13 節之間出現變化。因

The easterly breeze was varying between 10 and 13 knots, so, with the fleet all in the approximate area of the start, the five-minute warning signal was sounded again. In the final countdown, Jelik 7 approached the line at speed, close to Hebe One, blocking Baring Asia 2’s wind as it accelerated away. With just one lap to complete, Jelik 7 led the fleet across the finish line, pursued by Baring Asia 2 and Jelik 6.

此,當船隊到達出發的大致區域,五 分鐘的警告信號再次響起。在最後的 倒計時中,Jelik 7 快速接近線路,靠 近 Hebe One,擋住 Baring Asia 2 加 速離去的風。就在最後一圈,Jelik 7 帶領船隊衝過終點線,Baring Asia 2

Women sailing Jelik 6

和 Jelik 6 緊追不捨。 隨後在同一賽道上進行兩場比

Two further races followed on the same course with Jelik 6 getting their act together in Race 2 to cross the finish line ahead of Baring Asia 2 and Jelik 7. In the final race it was the turn of Baring Asia 2 to cross first ahead of Jelik 7 and Jelik 6. Consequently all were winners on the day with Baring Asia 2 taking the series with Jelik 7 in 2nd and Jelik 6 in 3rd.

賽,Jelik 6 在第2場比賽更齊心努力, 在Baring Asia 2 和 Jelik 7 之前越過終 點線。在最後一場比賽中,由 Baring Asia 2 率先超越 Jelik 7 及Jelik 6 衝過 終點線。結果,當日所有人都是贏 家,Baring Asia 2 獲得第一名而Jelik 7 獲得第 2 名,Jelik 6 獲得第 3 名。

Jelik 6, winners of Race 2

Cecilia, Xavier from Be Candle, Catherine from The Property Shop and Kay from Sailability

Footloose in combined start



NOV/DEC 2022



Jelik 7 leads the fleet home

It was then time for lunch back at the club, before the afternoon’s WOW activities commenced. Several of the assistant race management team opted to stay on and join in.

在下午的WOW活動開始之前先回俱樂部午餐。 幾名助理賽事管理團隊選擇留下並加入。 同時在上午的時候,香港航能的全新Solaris 40

Meanwhile, in the morning, Sailability Hong Kong’s new Solaris 40 Mo Han took a number of disabled sailors, who, with an emphasis on safety, were accompanied by able-bodied volunteers, out into Port Shelter to experience the joys of keelboat sailing. A new batch followed for the afternoon session.

Mo Han帶領多位殘障水手,在健全志願者注重 安全的陪同下,到牛尾海體驗龍骨船航行的樂 趣。下午的賽事有一批新船隊緊隨其後。 這一次,J/80、Jelik 6、Jelik 7和 Baring Asia 2 加

This time, four J/80s, Jelik 6, Jelik 7 and Baring Asia 2 were joined by Jazz, and re-rigged by the new teams before heading out. There, under the watchful eye of senior Instructor, Lilly Reid, they were sent not on a race, but on a training exercise around Shelter Island in the 15-16 knot breeze and choppy seas. Team camaraderie was built up with, for example, the Jazz team renaming themselves the WOBs, ‘Women on Board’ and establishing new friendships.

入 Jazz 隊 ,並在出發前由新團隊重新裝配。在 那裡,在資深教練 Lilly Reid 的監督下,他們不 是參加比賽,而是在 15-16 節的微風和波濤洶湧 的大海中在庇護島周圍進行訓練。例如,Jazz 隊將自己重新命名為 WOB,即「船上的女性」 並建立新的友誼,進而締結團結精神。 這一天在花園酒吧結束 WOW 的慶祝活動同時

The day concluded back at the Garden Bar with more photos and a celebration of WOW. Drinks, by the way, weren’t beers but pink champagne – this should definitely encourage greater female participation in sailing!


拍攝更多照片。順帶一提,飲料不是啤酒而 是粉紅香檳–這絕對應該鼓勵更多的女性參 與帆船運動!


NOV/DEC 2022



X-Terminator takes Temujin on the inside

PORT SHELTER REGATTA 2022 牛尾海小帆賽 2022

Conditions were fluky inside Port Shelter on Sunday, the 9th of October, for Day 2 of the Port Shelter Regatta 2022. This forced race officer, Howie Suen, and his assistant, Bonnie Cheng, to go in search of more consistent breezes beyond Shelter Island. There they found a 7- to 9-knot easterly, oscillating between 95 and 106 degrees.

10 月 9 日,即 牛尾海小帆賽 2022 的

Having headed out further than intended, they hoisted the AP postponement flag and began setting up the course for the first of two geometric races, at the same time allowing the slower boats to arrive.


第 2 日賽事,牛尾海的狀況欠佳。競 賽官 Howie Suen 和他的助手 Bonnie Cheng


找有更穩定的風勢的賽場。他們在該 處發現了一段 7 到 9 節的東風,擺動 角度介乎 95 到 106 度之間。

他們升起了 AP 的延期旗幟,開始爲 兩個幾何級別的首個賽事設置賽道, 同時讓速度較慢的船隻先行到達。 賽事較原訂時間正午遲了 27 分鐘開

Some 27 minutes after their scheduled midday start, seven IRC boats slipped away on Race 2. In a clear start and 8-knot breeze, they headed for a black windward mark, laid at a distance of 0.9 nautical miles at 95 degrees, passing through a leeward gate.

始,7 艘 IRC 船隻為第 2 場賽事出發。 他們在 8 節的風速中俐落地出發,穿 過下風閘道,向距離岸上 0.9 海里及 95 度方向的黑色的迎風標航行。 7 艘 Sportsboats 包括 2 艘 VX One、 Serendipity 及 FAB,以及 5 艘 Magic

The seven Sportsboats, comprising two VX Ones, Serendipity and FAB, and five Magic 25s, followed five minutes later, on the same course.

在5 分鐘後出發駛向同一條航道。 6 艘 J/80 及 8 艘 HKPN A 組船隻於 中 午12時37分出發進行同樣 2 圈賽事,

Six J/80s and eight HKPN A Division boats started at 1237, also on two laps, but on a shorter course around a windward orange buoy at 0.8nm. Meanwhile, the breeze had eased slightly, swinging more southeasterly. The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.3, Scintilla, and the GP26, Havoc, were both on-courseside (OCS) and, despite calls by race management, took some time to return. By the time Scintilla did come back, the start line had already closed...

但航行於 0.8 海里處的橙色迎風標 一帶的較短路線。


稍為緩和並吹向東南方。Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40.3 Scintilla以及 GP26 Havoc 同樣脫離了航道 (OCS),即使 受賽事管理團隊召喚,仍需要一些時 間才返回航道。等到 Scintilla 回來之 時,起跑線已經關閉。 最後到 5 艘 HKPN B 組船隻,同樣

Finally it was the turn of the five HKPN B boats, also on two laps of the shorter course. Mystique was OCS. 38

是在較短的航道上進行了兩圈賽事。 Mystique 亦脫離了航道 (OCS)。

Around the course there was plenty of action, particularly at the leeward gate. Several boats, including Blu and Victoria in IRC and the J/80, Jive, left it late or struggled to douse their kites and washing them in the process.

在航道一帶發生了小事故,特別是在下風閘道一帶。包括 IRC 賽事中

Race 3, the final, got underway at 1355 in the same start sequence. The RO had considered extending the courses but, fortunately, left them unchanged. A wise call, given that the breeze eased to 4 knots around 1445, before recovering some 15 minutes later.

最後的第 3 場賽事在下午1時55分 以同一個出發順序開始。競賽官考

的 Blu 及 Victoria,J/80 的 Jive 的幾艘船隻晚了駛離下風閘道,或是潑 濕或浸濕了船帆而爭扎一番。

慮過延長航道,但幸好最後未有變動。鑑於微風在下午2時45 左右減 弱到 4 節,然後在大約 15 分鐘後恢復,這是一個明智的決定。 當天在最後的 IRC 賽事中,Grand Soleil 44 Wild Card 於第 2 場賽事

At the end of the day, in IRC the Grand Soleil 44, Wild Card, took line honours in Race 2 finishing 4th on handicap. Kiasu took line honours in Race 3 and 2nd on handicap. The Archambault 35, Dexter II, claimed handicap honours in both to also take overall. Kiasu, Wild Card and Talkinghead were all tied on 9 points overall with the tie broken by the results of the last race – Kiasu 2nd and Wild Card 3rd.

勝出,並於障礙賽中排名第 4。Kiasu 在第 3 場路線賽中勝出,並於 障礙賽中取得第2名。Archambault 35 Dexter II在兩場障礙賽中獲 勝,並獲得了總冠軍。Kiasu、Wild Card 和 Talkinghead 以 9 分的成 績打平手,最後一場賽事打破了平局,由 Kiasu 取得第 2 名,Wild Card 排名第 3。 Sportsboat 賽事中,星期日的賽事大部分由 VX One Serendipity 領先

In Sportsboats, the VX One Serendipity appeared to be leading FAB for most of Sunday’s races but FAB still managed to take line honours and handicap honours in both. The Magic 25, Hotwired, finished 3rd in Race 2 with Gnarwhal 3rd in Race 3. FAB’s skipper, Russ Parker, was also happy to claim overall, even with four-year-old sails compared with Serendipity’s newer ones. Gnarwhal finished 3rd. Baring Asia 2 claimed two wins in the J/80 Class with Baring Asia 1 2nd in Race 2 and the Hebe Dragons on Jelik 7, 3rd. In Race 3, Jazz finished 2nd with Jelik 6, 3rd. With Baring Asia 2 having retired from Saturday’s islands race, it finished 2nd overall, losing out to Jazz and Baring Asia 1.

FAB,但 FAB 最終依然奪得了路線賽與障礙賽的殊榮。 Magic 25 Hotwired 於第 2 場賽事中排名第 3,Gnarwhal 於第 3 場賽 事取得第 3。即使要跟較新型的 Serendipity 的帆船比賽,能以擁有四 年航齡的帆船出賽,FAB 的船長 Russ Parker 很高興仍能贏取賽事總 冠軍。Gnarwhal 以第 3 名結束。J/80 級別賽事由 Baring Asia 2 取得兩 勝,第2場賽事由 Baring Asia 1 取得第 2 名及白沙灣龍隊的 Jelik 7 取得 第 3。 第 3 場賽事由 Jazz 以第 2 名及 Jelik 6 第3名完結。由於 Baring Asia 2 自星期六的島嶼賽退出,它以總成績第 2 名完成賽事,輸給了 Jazz 和 Baring Asia 1。

The Swan 53, Athena, took line honours in both HKPN A races, finishing 5th on corrected in both. Temujin won handicap honours in Race 2 and finished 2nd in Race 3, to claim the overall title. Harpseal finished 2nd in Race 2 and won Race 3 to finish 2nd overall. X-Terminator and Jibulai finished 3rd in Races 2 and 3 respectively, with X-Terminator 3rd overall.

Swan 53 Athena 在兩場 HKPN A 組賽事勝出了路線賽,修正成績為兩 場賽事的第 5 位。Temujin 取得第 2 場障礙賽的冠軍,並於第 3 場賽事 取得第 2 名,取得總冠軍。Harpseal 在第 2 場賽事中獲得第 2 名.並勝 出了第 3 場賽事,取得總成績第 2 名。X-Terminator 和 Jibulai 分別在 第 2 場和第 3 場賽事獲得第 3 名,X-Terminator 總成績體排名第 3。

In HKPN B, Amaze claimed line honours in both races, finishing 1st in Race 2 and 2nd in Race 3 on handicap. Delight won Race 3, but it was No One Else with a 2nd and 3rd and 2nd place in Race 1 that took overall. Amaze finished 2nd overall and Delight 3rd.

在 HKPN B 組賽事中,Amaze 勝出了兩場路線賽,並於第 2 場賽事中 獲得第 1 名及第 3 場障礙賽的第 2 名。Delight 勝出了第 3 場賽事,但 最後由於第 1 場賽事中獲得第 2、第 3 和第 2 名的 No One Else 獲得了 總成績第 1 名。Amaze 取得總成績第 2 名,Delight 排名第 3。

Meanwhile, the last event in this year’s HHYC’s Steering the Course Women’s Sailing Festival was incorporated into the regatta with the Women On Water (WOW) Ladies Helm 2022. This applied only on Sunday to the J/80 and HKPN classes all of whom sailed the same course in Races 2 and 3 of the regatta. Lesley Anderson, helming X-Terminator, claimed overall honours with a win in the first race of the day and a 4th in the second, out of the 11 participating women.

與此同時,今年白沙灣遊艇會 Steering the Course 女子帆船運動節的 最後一個項目被納入至 Women On Water(WOW)女子舵手賽 2022 的帆船賽之中。這僅用於星期日的 J/80 和 HKPN 級別賽中,於第 2 場 和第 3 場賽事中航行於相同的航道的參賽者。在 11 位女參加者中,掌 舵 X-Terminator 的 Lesley Anderson 勝出了當天的第 1 場賽事,並於第 2 場賽事中取得第 4 名。

Bonnie Yung’s DEA II, with a 5th in the first and a 1st in the second race, finished 2nd overall. Three women, Chin Hoi Hon, helming Jibulai, Sandrine Bourrier helming Baring Asia 2, and Bridget Chan on Minnie the Moocher, tied on 9 points for 3rd place. Chin Hoi Hon’s 3rd place in the second race broke the tie for 3rd overall.

Bonnie Yung 的 DEA II 在第 1 場賽事中取得第 5 名,並在第 2 場賽事 中獲得第 1 名,總成績排名第 2。三名女士,掌舵 Jibulai 的 Chin Hoi Hon、掌舵 Baring Asia 2 的 Sandrine Bourrier 和 Minnie the Moocher 的 Bridget Chan,以 9 分並列第 3。Chin Hoi Hon 於第 2 場賽事以第 3 位

The awards presentation was held back in the Garden Bar and was well attended with a constant supply of canapés and sponsored gwei-lo beer. Henry Atkinson, representing the sponsor, was on hand to present the awards.

的成績打破平局,取得總成績第 3 名。 頒獎典禮於花園酒吧舉行,大家均踴躍參與,現場更提供源源不斷 的小吃和獲贊助的 鬼佬牌 啤酒。代表贊助方的 Henry Atkins 為大

With an encouraging 40 of 43 entries out on the water on Sunday, a semblance of normality appears to be returning to Hong Kong’s sailing scene. Perhaps more encouraging was that over 40% of the combined J/80 and HKPN fleets were helmed by women. No matter the results, all were rewarded with a glorious day, both on and off the water, in balmy conditions and the idyllic backdrop of Port Shelter.

會頒發獎項。 星期日在 43 艘船隻中,有 40 隻船隻出航,香港的航海活動似乎逐漸 回復正常。更令人鼓舞的是有超過 40% 的 J/80 和 HKPN 混合船隊由 女士負責掌舵。無論賽果如何、身處海上還是岸上,在溫暖的天氣和 牛尾海如詩的美景中,大家都度過了精彩的一天。



NOV/DEC 2022



TASTE OF THE ORIENT QUIZ NIGHT 24 HOUR FUND RAISER Taste of The Orient—24 小時慈善小艇比賽籌款活動

by Tina Campbell 提到 Taste of the Orient 的問答 遊戲晚會,大家都會說這是一個 值得記念的晚上。 當日一 眾 來 賓以 開心 享用 H e b e Breeze 雞尾酒、Fragrant Haven 無酒精雞尾酒,又或是 鬼佬啤酒 (Gweilo


幕。餐廳 裡 座 無 虛 席,大家聚在 一 起 欣 賞 美 麗 的 裝 飾 和 佈 置優 雅的餐桌。 活 動 得 到 24小 時 賽 事 的 主 要 贊 助商萊坊(Knight Frank)的支持 而 得以 順 利進行。此外,我們還 邀請兒童癌病基金會(Children’s Cancer

foundation) 及西貢區

社區中心 (Sai Community Lizzie Sharp & Tina Campbell

“An evening to remember '' are the words one would use to describe the Taste of the Orient Quiz night. The evening began with either a Hebe Breeze cocktail, Fragrant Haven mocktail or Gweilo Beer to the delight of the guests. The restaurant was abuzz with people mingling and admiring the decorations and the elegantly set tables.




以 及24 小 時 賽 事 主 席 F ra n c e s Hurley 女士來臨參與。 就 連出色 的問答比 賽 節目主 持 人 Stu Pryke 亦好不容易在大 家興奮 無比的心情 稍為 平 復 下 才能讓晚會順利開始,氣氛猶如 24小時賽事活動已經開始。鐘聲

The event was well attend with the 24 Hour Race main sponsor Knight Frank showing their support. There were also representatives from the Children’s Cancer foundation, Sai Kung District Community Centre and the Chairperson of the 24 Hour Race Ms Frances Hurley.

響 起,活 動 終 於 開 始,大 家各自

Our quizmaster extraordinaire Mr Stu Pryke had difficulty getting the evening started due to the excitement and general hubbub. It felt as though the 24 Hour Race had already begun. Ringing of the small bell finally got the proceedings under way and everyone settled in for an interesting evening of trivia.

主 廚 D e n nis 在 當 晚 活 動 負 責 人

就 坐 並 共 度 了一 個 有 趣 的 遊 戲 之夜。

Tina Campbell 和 Lizzie Sharp 的指 示下,為大家準備了令人 垂 涎三尺的東方菜餚。由這幾位女

Head Chef Dennis had prepared a mouth-watering Oriental menu under the guidance of Tina Campbell and Lizzie Sharp the evening’s coordinators. The theme for the evening was visible in the exquisite decor designed by these ladies. The table settings, much admired by all, were hand crafted by Lizzie.


士精心設計的裝飾讓當晚活動的 主題更顯突出。備受大家讚賞的 餐桌佈置全都出自Lizzie之巧手。

Knight Frank

CCF & Sai Kung District Community Centre

Guests were entertained by Quiz Master Stu who, as usual added his personal knowledge and flair. The questions were thoughtfully put together by Sarah Cook and Prof. Andy Miller.

問答比賽節目主持人 Stu 一如既往展

The inner restaurant was set up as a silent auction room with generous donations by Catherine Lumsden, Stu Pryke, David Campbell, Mike and Lizzie Sharp, Le Magasin Sai Kung, Good Laque - Stanley, Louise Hill Design and Lisa Fletcher. The auction raised over $6000 for the 24 Hour Race Fund.

餐 廳 內 部 設 為 絕 密 競 投 的 拍 賣 場,

露他的才智,讓一眾來賓盡 慶而歸。 這些問題都是由 Sarah Cook 和 Andy Miller 教授精心準備。




Pryke、David Campbell、Mike 和 Lizzie Sharp、Le Magasin Sai Kung、Good Laque-Stanley、Louise Hill Design 和 Lisa Fletcher 慷慨捐出。是次拍賣 為 24小時賽事基金籌集了超過 6,000 美元的善款。

The evening was wound up with the announcement of the winners of the quiz.


Sophie Cherrington’s Hong Kong Academy team won an impressive print by Keith Fletcher, Gallery Sai Kung and a fitness voucher from Sally G. Piloxing.

Sophie Cherrington 的香港學堂團

Second place went to long time quiz masters Jane Steer. Her team winning a bottle of Gin and a shirt by Gweilo Beer. Third place was a tie between our 24Hour Race sponsors Knight Frank and Catherine Giblin’s ‘Not So Dim Sum’ team. They both received bottles of wine from Big Fish restaurant, Louise Hill greeting cards and a Sally G. Piloxing voucher respectively. In reality every team was a winner with bottles of wine kindly donated by Big Fish restaurant and Baccos’ Bar Sai Kung.

第 2 名由問答比賽的長勝將軍 Jane

Nobody wanted to leave, it was such a wonderful night and the spirit of the 24 Hour Race was well and truly ignited. Oriental Quiz Fundraiser for the 24 Hour Race 7 October.

如此美滿的晚上,大家都感受到24 小



Justin and Sophie Cherrington and friends


Sai Kung 的精美印刷品以及 Sally G. Piloxing 的健身禮券。

Steer奪得。她的團隊嬴得了由 Gweilo Beer提 供的一瓶氈酒以 及一 件 襯 衣。24 小時賽事贊助商 Knight Frank 與 Catherine Giblin 的「Not So Dim Sum」團隊並列第3名。他們都分別獲 得 Big Fish 餐廳送出的多瓶美酒、Louise Hill 賀卡和 Sally G. Piloxing 禮券。其實每 個團隊都是大贏家,大家均獲得由 Big Fish 餐廳以及 Baccos' Bar Sai Kung 送 出的多瓶美酒。

時賽事的熾熱精神,所有人都樂而忘 返。為 10 月 7 日的24 小時賽事活動 而舉辦的東方問答遊戲籌款比賽。

Ian and Jane Steer and Shauna Dalton



NOV/DEC 2022




by Stu Pryke

Last year, in an effort to bring Hebe matters into the interest orbits of our younger members, we introduced a page of short narratives, anecdotes and crosswords. Sadly, Covid played its part and contributions for material dwindled to less than a trickle. So, in an attempt to revitalise what could now be described as a narrative based, literary podcast, brimming to the very top with all things nautical, I commend you to come up to this weighty smorgusboard, select your choice and digest in the comfort of a homely read. All comments, critique and otherwise will be warmly accepted and we encourage readers to support this page as a general point of interest so it can become part of the foundation and fidelity for our Club Magazine.

去年,為了讓我們年輕的會員有興 趣了解白沙灣事務,我

NEW PRODUCT Now, if you're anything like me, or at least the "cruising" me and either need to charge the boats smaller items, ( USB products, battery packs, Icom VHF and phones etc), with cranking up the generator, kick starting the Yanmar or relying on the inverter, there is a new kid on the block that is sold right here in Hong Kong. It's effectively a portable power station capable of storing an amazing amount of capacity with a 1260Wh punch. It has a raft of 4, three pin sockets, ( It is made in the UK), 6 USB outlets and a 13.6v car cigarette socket. Recharge of the station from zero takes less than 2 hours and all the power data is digitised in a sexy blue screen at one of the sides. Percentage power remaining ,stands in large font on the screen and in essence, THE ECO DELTA FLOW will support an ac powered average size TV for up to 16 hours...now thats a pretty impressive remit with a unit that is entirely portable at a mass of less than 14kg or 30 lbs in the old money... yes, its not a throw in the back pack unit but will stand portability around the boat with comparative ease. I have my recently purchased ECO close to the ship's inverter plug for re charge and tethered to a work top bulk head, in case of heeeling. All in all, a little mid product belter of a unit that can be recharged from virtually any source, including solar. Further details via the manufacturer:hampshiregenerators.co.uk and HK Purchasing at:shop.outletexpress.com.hk


Current price HKD 9850. If you like to be frugal with the diesel, now standing at nearly 20HKD a litre and more at the retail pumps, I feel this is a great way to top up the sundry electrics and save on some of the rotables in both engine and genset, leaving these larger power units to attend to the more robust electrical demands onboard.

現售 HKD 9,850。如您想要使用柴油機來


們推出了一 個 專頁,內含小故 事、軼事 和 填字 遊 戲。可惜 由於肺炎 疫情,為此投 入的努力未有取得太大成效。所以 為了重新復興這個現在可被視為以航海相關內容為中心、 以故事為基礎的文學播客,我建議您看一下這個極具份量 的合集,挑選對您來說易於消化的讀物。我們歡迎任何評 論、批評以及等的其他內容,並鼓勵讀者支持這個作為共 同興趣的專頁,使它能成為本會雜誌的基礎和忠誠的一部 分。

現在,如果您和我(至少是出航中的我)一樣,需要在船隻 為小型裝置充電的話(USB 產品、尿袋、Icom VHF 和電話 等),除了啟動發電機,啟動洋馬或依賴變壓器,您在香港 可以買到一個新產品。它其實是一個便攜式發電站,能夠 以 1260Wh 儲存極大電量。它設有一排 4 個的三腳插座( 英國製造)、6 個 USB 插座和一個 13.6v 汽車點煙器插座。 即使由零開始,要充滿這個充電器只需不到 2 小時,所有 電源數據都在其中一側的藍色螢幕上以數碼形式顯示。剩 餘電量百分比以大字體顯示在螢幕上,實際上 ECO DELTA FLOW


16 小時……現在同價更能買到有教人非常滿意、重量不到 14 公斤或 30 磅的便携機體……是的,它並不是能放在背 包內的東西,但可以相對上可以輕鬆用於船上。我將最 近 購買的 ECO 放在靠近船舶的變壓器插頭以用來充電,並 將其綁在工作枱頂部的隔板以免傾斜。總括而言它是一個 可以從幾乎任何電源(包括太陽能)充電的中型裝置。 您可向生產商了解更多相關細節:hampshiregenerators. co.uk 本港銷售點:shop.outletexpress.com.hk

省錢,現在它的零售價格升至每升至少 HKD20 ,我覺得 這會是一個為各種電子設備充電,並能省去發動機和發電 機組中的一些旋轉零件的好方法,讓這些更大的電力裝置 能應付船上更大的電力需求。



NOV/DEC 2022



QUIZ TIME A chance to test the veritable grey matter that has hitherto lain vestigial in the bilges of that nautical brain, here you go... and just to make it easy, deriving from the header of this very article; 1. 2.

What is Flotsam and Jetsam? With Boris Johnson threatening to return the UK to imperial weights and measures, (and can you recall, assuming you are of vintage age.. stones, yards, statute miles, dynes and foot pounds), what is a CABLE as a definition of distance? 3. If your ship is BENEAPED, what condition or status might it be in? 4. A simple one here, especially for the budding navigators or students of orbital science. MERIDIAN. 5. Following on from a meridian and theres the hint. what is a QUINTANT? 6. We often use the word FATHOM to describe a method of understanding. "I couldn't quite fathom that out". What is a FATHOM though and further, how was it established? 7. QUICKWORK. as applied to a boat? 8. Where and what is a PRAO? 9. The nautical term, RETARD, and the stress is on..Nautical please!! 10. And last but not least and probably quite apt since this is being authored on a Friday, what might a TOT be, and what size is it?

Caption this! Email your funniest caption to win a 6 pack and a Club cooler bag. Entries close 15 December email captions to pr_mgr@hhyc.org. hk


測試時間 現在 有機會測試一下到目前為止在 您的航 海大 腦中留下了甚麼 碎片……來吧……讓它簡單一點,來自這篇文章的標題; 1.

甚麼是 Flotsam 和 Jetsam?




量衡,(您還記得嗎,假設您回到遠古年代,石頭、碼、法定 英里、達因和英尺磅……),電纜長度作 為距離的定義是甚 麼? 3.



簡單的一 題,特別為新手 航員或 軌道科學的學生而設…… 子午線 (MERIDIAN) 是甚麼?


給 您 一 個 小 貼 士,這 一 題 與 子 午 線 有 關,甚 麼 是 五 分 儀 (QUINTANT)?


我們經常用 FATHOM 這個詞來描述一種理解方式,「我無 法完全理解 (fathom)」。甚麼是 FATHOM,而它又是如何被 創造出來?


甚麼是應用於船的 QUICKWORK?


甚麼是 PRAO 以及它在哪裡可以找到?


航海用語 RETARD,請留意是航海用語!


最後一題,在星期五提出的這一題或許非常合適,TOT會是 甚麼,以及它的大小如何?

SCUTTLEBUT By the time this gets to print, we shall be in the middle of what we all used to call, "Typhoon Season", that anxious sailing period falling twixt May and October. Sadly, with climate change this is now a fractious window that can see deep tropical depressions developing as early as April and then as late as December. The obvious weather impact for most of us is that of wind, its gusts and its average sustained speeds over long periods of time. Check out the Beaufort scale and pick yourself up when you note that so called Hurricane strength wind ( read Typhoon for us on the South China Sea), is a feisty 64 knots and more. Thats a shed load of pressure on moorings, hulls, bridge decks, sails and awnings. Marina berths, swing moorings and even boat racks all need extra attention with cordage, straps, fenders, warps and mooring lines. So, here are a couple of reminders and tips from the nautical locker: •

Ensure shackles are clean, swivel and doubled up as necessary. Wire lock the mooring line eye pieces to the shackle and double up the lines with appropriate cordage. Strength and integrity of your mooring system lies at both ends of your mooring protocol. Yes, that float has to be robust and well shackled but where does one attach the secondary and possibly tertiary lines to the structure of the boat? Primary winches after those stronger cleats are robust anchor points, together with mid ship cleats. On a power boat, you may have little choice other than to use cleats, backed up by the warping head or wildcat of the windlass. I have known smaller power boats to wear a bridle, onto which a secondary line or sacrificial line is attached. Vessels in marina berths need at least to double up dock cordage and fenders..on BOTH sides. Awnings and sails should be removed and that includes furled sails. Insurers now do NOT accept claims on sails destroyed on foils in T8 and above. Remove loose deck items such as emergency equipment and essential, valuable cabin items including personal items, ( sextant??!!, Hand held radios, EPIRB etc). Close sea cocks and ensure ALL hatches locked. Lastly, take a photo of your vessel after its prepared for storm conditions and include the area surrounding it. Other boats may not be well prepared so pictorial evidence may be key in any claims and or contest.

在準 備 印刷出版 之 時,我們應 正在 進 行被 稱 為「 颱風盃」的賽事,該賽事的不穩出航時間一般於5 月至10月之間。可惜,隨著氣候轉變,我們可以看 到現時早於4月或最晚12月出現深層熱帶低氣壓, 帶 來不 穩 狀 態。對 我們大部份人 而 言,較為 明 顯 的天氣影 響是 風,陣風及 其平均持 續 速 度 將會維 持 一 段長 時間。您 可 查 看 蒲 福氏 風 級,當 您留 意 到颶 風 強 度的風(在中南海 被 視 為 颱 風 )來 到時 可要打起精神,因為其風速可高達 64 節或以上。 那將對繫泊處、船身、橋面、風帆和遮陽篷施加壓 力。碼頭泊位,單點繫泊處,甚至船架 都需要特別 注意繩索,繫帶,擋泥板,經線和繫泊索。所以,以 下是一些針對航海儲物櫃的提醒和小貼示: •

確 保 卸 扣 清 潔 並 扭 好,在 需 要 時 可 多 加 一 個。以鋼絲將繫泊索眼片鎖到卸扣上,用合適 的繩索為繫泊索加倍防 護。您的繫泊系統的 強度和完整 性 取 決於 繫泊點的兩端。是的, 浮子必須堅固且於卸扣上繫好,但是第 2 條 和第 3 條繫泊索應該連接到船身何處哪裏 呢?在那些更 堅固的羊角纜栓後的主絞 盤 是 堅 固 的 錨 點,與 船 中羊角纜 栓 一 起。如 您在 快艇上,則可能沒有太多選擇,只能使用羊角 纜 栓,並以經線 頭或錨機 的嵌 鏈 輪作 支撐。 我知道 有些較小型的快 艇 綁上繮繩,並 繫 於 副繩 或祭繩之 上。停泊在碼頭的船隻 至少需 要 把碼頭的繩索和擋泥板加倍,兩側都 不例 外。

遮 陽 篷和船 帆需要 拆 除,包括捲 起的船 帆。 保險公司現不接受 8 號風球或以上對船帆板 損壞作賠償。

將甲板 上的零散物品拿走,例如應 急設備 和 重 要 昂貴 的 艙內物 品,包 括 個 人物 品( 六分 儀??手提無線電機、EPIRB 等)。關好船閥, 確保鎖好所有艙門。

最後,請在為您的船做 好迎 接風 暴的準備 後 拍張照,並包含拍下它的四周環境。其他船隻 或 未做 好準備工作,所以 照片將成 為所有索 償與紛爭的關鍵證據。

But its not just the wind that factors into all this potential mayhem but ambient pressure as well. After all, if you look at the dynamics of a storm's creation, it is all about pressure..LOW pressure. The lowest to date, recorded pressure was 870 Hpa or millibars in the old language, that was October 1979 off the Japanese coast. Where the sea level datum is approximately 1013Hpa, thats some drop in pressure and with that drop, comes a massive rise in local sea levels..or surge. Very high tides that become amplified with wave action and swell. A mooring chain, from its block to float is a finite length and this length, a few years ago in Hebe Haven and Port Shelter, was seen to be way too short for storm purpose. Is you riser chain long enough? Don't leave it to fate so pop into the marine office and check both the integrity of your mooring, when the block and chain were last inspected and how suitable it is for your boat, its swing arc and predicted tidal surge heights..you may be suprised!

但是潛在的破壞因素不只有風,還有環境壓力。如 果您看看風暴能產生的動力,那都是與壓力……低 氣壓有關。至今有記錄以來的最低氣壓是 870Hpa 或毫巴,即 1979 年 10 月在日本海岸外錄得的紀 錄。當海平面基準為大約 1013Hpa 時,氣壓下降, 隨之而來的是當地海平面將大幅上升或暴漲。非常 高的潮汐隨著波 浪作會放大並 膨脹。幾年前在白 沙灣及牛尾海的一條繫泊鏈由繫泊點到浮標的有 限長度,被認為對應付風暴來說實在太短。您的立 管鏈夠長嗎?不要聽天由命,快到海事辦公室確認 您的繫泊系統是否完好、上一次檢查船體和鏈條的 日期,以 及 對您的船隻和其擺 動弧 度以 及 預計的 潮汐浪高是否合適。您可能會嚇一跳!



NOV/DEC 2022



CLEAN PAK SHA WAN DAY 2022 白沙灣清潔日 2022

If there’s one thing that can be said about the Hebe Haven Yacht Club, it’s that community spirit is given high priority. Practically every day of the week there is something happening on the dock, in the Garden Bar, on the hardstand and, of course, out on the water. And here’s the thing : it’s not just for members. There is outside participation and people come from far and wide to get involved in what the club is doing. And it works, like it did on Sunday, the 25 September 2022.

提 到白沙灣 遊 艇會,不得 不 說 其對社區精神的重 視。這 星 期幾 乎 每 一天,在 無論碼 頭、花園酒吧、硬地,以及水 上都有活動進行。值得留意 的是,這 些 活動都 不只限 於 會員參加。外來 的參加者 和 遠道而來的各方人士均參與 了遊 艇會的活動,使 其有如 2022 年 9 月 25 日,星期日時 一樣成功。 16年前由前會長Mark

Set up some 16 years ago by former commodore, Mark Houghton, the Clean Pak Sha Wan Day has become so popular that a limit of 100 volunteers has been imposed. Last year the same, although because of a typhoon there was a late change of date, and fewer people turned up. As if to make up for this, 2022 saw more people arriving through the day, asking if they could take part, unaware of the limit.

Houghton成 立 的白沙灣 清

Clearly, the club is doing something right. In fact, one commentator on the club’s facebook page suggests that the clean up should be monthly.

本 會 的活動方針正確,顯 而


潔日成 為炙手可熱的活動, 需要 設 上1 0 0 名上 限 的 義 工 人 數。即 使 受 颱 風 影 響 以 致 活 動延後,並 只有 較 少人 參 與 活 動,去 年 活 動 仍 如 常 進行。為了彌 補 去年 的遺 憾,2022年 有 更多人 前 來, 無 視 人 數限制,照樣詢問能 否加入活動。

易見。事實上,本會Facebook 上的其中一個留言者建議將 清潔工作改為每月一次。

Of course, there is one other big attraction: the buffet. After a hard day’s work in the sun, along Pak Sha Wan’s shorelines, who wouldn’t want to be rewarded with a delicious plate of tuna spaghetti, chow faan, samosas or spring rolls?

當然,這個活動另一個吸引之處 便 是 自 助 餐。經 過 一 整 天在 烈 日下沿白沙灣海岸帶辛勞工作, 美味的吞拿魚意粉、炒飯、三角 餃 和 春 卷自然 是 犒 賞自己 的 最 佳晚餐!

Over the years, the clean up has gained increasing support from government and, importantly, the village kai fong. Local kaito services are utilized and, according to the club General Manager Paul C. Arkwright, the ratio of participating non-members to members has risen to about 40 : 60. “The cost for us to stage these clean ups is very little and the longterm advantages are enormous,” he said. Clean Pak Sha Wan Day 2022 started with a briefing in the Garden Bar with Rob Allen stressing the need for everyone to stay “hydrated. It’s hot out there,” he warned, “so drink plenty of water.”

多年來的淨灘工作得到政府和村 中街坊的支持。據本會經理 Paul C. Arkwright 所指,使用本地街 渡服務的非會員及會員的比例上 升至約 40: 60。他指出:「我們進 行這些清潔工作的成本很低,卻 能帶來極大的長遠益處。」 白沙灣清潔日 2022 以Rob Allen 於花園酒吧的簡介開始,強調大 家必須「喝夠水,因為外面非常 炎熱。」他提醒大家:「一定要多 喝水。」

The volunteers were arranged in six groups and told what they should do. They would head for Ma Lam Wat, Scout Beach, Trio Beach, Nam Wai, Campsite Bay and outside into Port Shelter and Lo Fu Ngam. Black bags, baskets, garden gloves, tongs and water dispensers were loaded onto a kaito and the first group left for Ma Lam Wat just after 1100. The other groups followed in succession and, by midday, the shores of Pak Sha Wan were receiving the attention of more than 100 enthusiastic volunteers, young and old, happy to do their part for a cleaner environment.

義工分成6個小組 並 按指示行 動。他們分別前往麻籃芴、童軍 總會一帶海灘、三星灣泳灘、南 圍、露營灣及牛尾海與老虎岩一 帶。將垃 圾 袋、籃 子、手 套、夾 子和灑水器載上街渡,第一組於 11:00率先出發前往麻籃芴,其他 組 別緊隨其後。到中午時分,白 沙灣聚集了過百位熱心的義工, 無論男女老少,都積極爲清潔環 境盡一份力。

The good news this year was that there was less rubbish collected than last; fortunately there haven’t been many typhoons but there is no room for complacency. Even an exceptionally high tide can bring litter to our shorelines and Pak Sha Wan seems to suffer disproportionately – who can forget the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut (September 2018) when Little Trio Beach was knee deep in polystyrene?

好消 息 是今 年收集 到的垃 圾 量 比去年少;幸好並未遇上太多颱 風,但也不能自滿。即使潮水高 漲 亦 會 將 垃 圾 帶 進 海 岸 線,而 白沙灣 的 污 染 程 度似乎 特別 嚴 重——大家一定記得 2018 年 9 月颱風山竹的影響,令當時小三 星 灣 泳 灘 深 陷 於高 至 及 膝 的發 泡膠污染。

Bags and baskets full of lap sap were brought back to the club and left at the end of the dock for collection by the Marine Department. Happy to have done their part, the volunteers then made their way to the Garden Bar to tuck into the buffet, tell stories and make new friends. Led once again by the Hebe Haven Yacht Club, environmental awareness has been raised and Pak Sha Wan is now a cleaner place!

裝滿垃圾的膠袋和籃子被帶回本 會碼頭,並由海事處收走。 義工為一天的工作感到滿足,並 回到花園酒吧品嘗自助美食,互 相 交 談 認 識 新 朋 友。白 沙 灣 遊 艇 會 再 一 次 帶 領 大 家,提 高 環 境 意 識 並 讓白沙灣成 為更 潔 淨 的地方!



NOV/DEC 2022



CLEAN PAK SHA WAN DAY 2022 Volunteer's Perspective

By Carol Biddell

The annual HHYC Clean Pak Sha Wan Day took place on Sunday 25 September. It was an extremely successful day with around 140 volunteers taking part.

一年一度的「白沙灣清潔日」在9 月 25 日舉行,活動反

The weather gods were kind to us and held off the rain. Volunteers were ferried to various beaches (see map) by sampan and a Hebe rib. The tide was high to begin with, but as it receded volunteers were able to make their way along the coast collecting rubbish that had been washed up and trapped in the rocks, bushes and mangroves.


應熱烈,獲得大約 140 名義工參與。

舨 及快 艇出發前往不同海灘(見 地圖)。潮水一 開始 甚為高漲,但隨着潮水退去,義工可沿着海岸前進, 一邊收集被海浪沖上岸上卡在岩石、樹叢和紅樹林中 的垃圾。

The rubbish was bagged and brought back to Hebe for collection by MarDep, who also helped to collect a wrecked inflatable dinghy (full of trash), abandoned on the Nam Wai beach.

這些垃圾被裝袋並帶回白沙灣遊艇會,交由海事處收 集,他們亦協助收集了一艘被丟棄在南圍海灘的破損( 並裝滿垃圾)的小艇。

A Bit of History - HHYC held its very first clean-up, organised by Mark Houghton, many many years ago (Does anyone remember the exact year?). That first time volunteers brought back a massive amount of trash and an interesting collection of items that had somehow found their way to the beaches – including a cement mixer and a tractor tire.

一點歷史—白沙灣遊艇會在很多很多年前(有人記得 確切年份嗎?)由 Mark Houton 籌辦了首個淨灘活動。 該次活動的義工帶回了大量垃圾和一些不知如何流落 至海灘的有趣物品 — 包括一架水泥車和拖拉機輪呔。

In 2015 HHYC decided to make it a regular event and has have been holding an annual Clean Pak Sha Wan Day every year since.


A big thank you to everyone who made the day a success, including: • All the Volunteers and Hebe Staff • FEHD for supplying the bags and gloves • MarDep for collecting the rubbish from Hebe


Beaches we cleaned








NOV/DEC 2022



HEBE DRAGONS LASER CAPTAIN REPORT 白沙灣龍隊 Laser 船長報告 My last update was done from Portugal where Daniel Chan, Peter Jessop and I were participating in the ILCA 4.7 Youth Worlds Championships in Vilamoura.

我上一次更新近況是在葡萄 牙:Daniel



和我當時正在參加於維拉摩拉 (Vilamoura) 舉辦的 ILCA 4.7 型青少 年世界錦標賽。

Vilamoura is situated in the Algarve in the South of Portugal so we were sailing on the Atlantic Ocean which gave us different circumstances again with tide, waves and different wind conditions. We were also able to train with the Greek National team and compete with the best sailors in the world. This gave us so much opportunity to learn and become better sailors.

維拉摩拉位於葡萄牙南部的阿爾加 維(Algarve),因此我們在大西洋航 行,並再次面對截然不同的環境:包 括潮汐、海浪和不同的風況。除此之 外,我們還能夠與希臘國家隊一起訓 練,與世界頂尖的水手競爭。這為我 們成 為更傑出水手提供了許多學習 機會。 更難能可貴的是,我們可以藉此認識

Not to mention meeting a lot of like minded new and old friends – sailors we met last year during the Optimists Worlds or from our other regatta’s this summer.

很多志同道合的新舊朋友,比如去年 的樂觀主義世界錦標賽又或是今年 夏天的其他帆船賽所認識的水手。 賽事為期六天,每天有兩場比賽,但

The event was 6 days with 2 races per day however 2 days were cancelled as there was no wind. There were close to 300 sailors in the 4.7 boys championships from all over the world.

有兩天的比 賽因無 風而 取 消。有將 近 三百名來自世界各地的水手 參加 了 4.7 男子錦標賽。 我們都覺得這次的經驗實在棒極了! 回想當時,我們 不但 締 造了許 多 美

It was such a great experience and we look back with such good memories and learning which we can now share with the other Laser Hebe Dragons. One of the main learnings is that we need to be incredibly fit for Laser sailing: we need weight, stamina and strength to be able to hike out long, complete the races and really be on our best for the entire race. Our focus will now shift more towards fitness and cycling to built up to that level.


好回憶,也學習了不少知識,因此我 們現在才能夠與我們 Hebe Dragons 隊伍內的其他雷射型帆船水手分享。 我們其中一個最深切的體會是,我們 需要有極其強健的身體素質以進行 雷射型帆船運動:我們需要一定的體 重、耐力及力量,才能長期航行及完 成比賽,且在整個賽事中都保持最佳 狀態,做到最好。為達到上述所提及 的身體素質水準,我們現在將會把訓 練重點放到健身及騎自行車上。

by Seb Van Ommeren

Luckily we did have some time off to spend sitting on the beach after dinner with friends and we had a long lunch on our day off at a farm under an old olive tree with a chicken who sat next to us on the bench and tried to steal our food. On our way from Lisbon to Vilamoura I did see some really dramatic coast lines


The Dragons are now preparing for the 24Hour Race where we will compete against the other teams and try to get the most rounds in and off course try to get people to sponsor us to sail fast for a good cause! So please sponsor the Hebe Dragons.


The next big event in HK will be the Sun Hung Kai & CO HK Race week in 2023 where the Dragons will aim for the top spots in the 4.7 ILCA class.

香港的下一個大型活動是在 2023 年

Whilst writing this, Peter, Daniel and myself are packing for Greece as we will train during autumn break with the Greek team in Vouliagmeni. For who does not know where this is (neither did we until 4 days ago when quarantine was lifted and we could travel freely again), Vouliagmeni is about 20km south of Athens on the Greek Riviera. We are very excited to train in Greece with the same coach who coached us in Vilamoura and during the weekend, we can sail with the Greek sailors and experience different circumstances again.


Next stop will be the Asian Championships at the Royal Varuna in Pattaya in Thailand in December so we have some intense training coming our way!

下一 站 將 會 是 十二 月 在 泰 國 芭 堤 雅

See you all during the 24 Hour Race!


休息時間,能與朋友們坐在海灘 上度 過。在休息日,我們在農場的老橄欖樹 下 享受了悠閒自在的午 餐時光,那時 有一隻 雞坐在我們旁邊的長椅上,試 圖偷走我們的食物。從 里斯本到維拉 摩拉的途中,我看到令人印象深刻的 美麗海岸線。

小時耐力賽而努力準備中,我們將會 與 其他隊伍 競爭,並拼盡全力在 更多 比賽中晉級,當然也是為了隊伍能夠「 快速航行」而爭取贊助的充分理由!所 以請贊助我們 Hebe Dragons!

的新鴻基公司香港帆船賽周,屆時隊 伍將力爭在 4.7 ILCA 級別比賽中取得 優異成績。



訓 練,因 此 在 寫 這 篇 文 章 的 同 時,Peter、Daniel


希臘的行李。給不知道沃 里亞戈米尼 在哪裡的讀者一些小資訊(本來我們 也 不太清楚,直到四天前解除隔離檢 疫,我們可再次自由地旅行):它位於 雅典以南二十公里 處的沿海地區。我 們十分高興能在希臘跟隨同一位教練 的訓練,他於在維拉摩拉也曾指導我 們。而在周末,我們可以與希臘水手一 同航行,體驗不同環境。



舉 辦的亞洲錦標賽,因此我們將為此 嚴格訓練! Day one of pre-world championships event



NOV/DEC 2022





by Kay Rawbone

The weather over the past few months continued to be very hot with some heavy rain and thankfully it did not keep our sailors and maintenance team away as you will read below.


Sailability continues to open up many opportunities within our community and one we are very proud of is the development of a number of our SEN /ASD youth sailors, who joined previous Scallywag Foundation Training, are now coming along on a regular basis and are training to be Assistant Instructors. This has provided them with a new interest, increased learning, helping others, increased communication and social skills whilst being more independent in all they do.

航 能 持 續 為 我 們 的 社 區 開 放 大 量 機 會,其 中 一

Scallyway Foundation Saw a variety of new sailors joining, Taster Days and/or 5 day training programmes we run sponsored by Sun Hung Kai. Some highlights of groups joining:

Scallywag 基金

Christian Action with sailors from low-income families and living in sub divided flats. What a difference it makes during the 5 weeks of training to see them develop and become more confident on the water. Another group of sailors who never thought they would have this opportunity.

基督教勵行會來自低收 入家庭 及劏房戶的航員。

Tutor Chan Centre brings along students from a volunteer led homework programme they provide, again for youth from the underrepresented within the community. Many of them don’t have the opportunity to join an outside activity which our sailing provides to them.


Ethnic Community youth who previously joined a few days of sailing which was funded by Home Affairs Department have just completed their Scallywag Course whilst also sailing in Barts Bash and sailing on Sailability’s Enterprise. This experience has also developed an interest in boating within their families with two fathers recently completing their PVOL qualification and looking to attend safety boats courses and HKSFLevel1&2 for their children.


Yan Chau Church in Tsuen Mun joined a taster day for a group of 14 new sailors. It was a great day for these youth who had become very insular and introverted during the COVID restrictions in Hong Kong. Social Workers accompanying them on the day commented on the huge difference and the increased well-being this day had made for the group of ages 12 – 16yrs, who showed their happiness and pleasure to have an introduction to something new and fun. When this activity was posted by this church centre 70 youth signed up! Hopefully the remaining ‘wannabee sailors’ will join us soon.

屯門 Yan Chau Church 的 14 名新航員參加了體驗


所 述,幸 好天氣並 沒有令 我們的航員及維修團隊 停步。

項 令 我 們 非 常 自 豪 的,就 是 有 部 份 曾 參 與 過 往 Scallywag 基金訓練的 SEN/ASD 青年航員現在正定 期出席,並正接受培訓成為助理教練。 這讓他們產 生新的興趣,加倍學習,幫助他人,並加強了溝通與 社交技巧,亦同時讓他們在處事更為獨立。

由新鴻基資助的體驗日及/或 5 天訓練計劃有來自 各界的新航員加入。 部份重點加入團體:

為 期 5星 期 的 訓 練 期見 證了他們 成長,並 在 海 上 變 得 更 有 自 信。是 另 一 群 未 曾 想 過 會 有 此 機 會 的航員。

功課輔助計劃的學生,同樣為社區內代表性不足的 青少年。他們大都從未有機會參加此類航海計劃般 的校外活動。

數族裔青年,他們剛完成了 Scallywag 課程,而且 還曾登上航能的 Enterprise 在 Barts Bash 出航。這 次經驗培養出他們家庭中對航海的興趣,兩位父親 最近取得了PVOL


友參加安全船課程以及 HKSFLevel1&2。

日。對於因本港肺炎限制而變得孤立內向的年青人 來說,這是美好的一天。當天陪同出席的社工亦表 示,該日活動令這些 12 至 16 歲的參加者出現巨大 轉變,活力大增,因接觸到充滿樂趣的新事物,而顯 得十分快樂和享受。教會刊登這個活動時候,有 70 位青少年報名!希望其他想出航的航員將來亦會有 機會加入我們。

Hong Kong Club Foundation Volunteer Training

Hong Kong Club Foundation Volunteer Training

Hong Kong Society for the Deaf (HKSD) joined a day of sailing with 6 young ladies who had previous watersport experience but had never sailed. This was the second group of hearing impaired youth to join our programme and it has now sparked an interest by the HKSD to take them further in the sport, with the aspiration to form Hong Kong’s first Sailing Team for the Deaf. We will undertake some training for our staff in sign language and with assistance from the HKSD and other organisations around the world, we will support them achieve their dream. Sign language is not universal so we will need to learn some basic HK signing whilst also learning specialized international signing as they look to show their skills on the regional/international stage in the future. If anyone is interested in supporting this project please let us know.

香港聾人福利促進會 (HKSD) 帶了 6 位年輕女生來參加一天

Hong Kong Club Foundation Senior Sailing year 2, has now started. We have 15 new sailors currently being supported and trained as volunteers by last year’s group alongside our now very experienced Instructors and Safety Boat Drivers. This programme will also see sailors from Elderly Centres and organisations supporting the elderly joining Sailability’s Snr Sailing ‘Wet and Dry’ sessions. Wet sessions for those who want to try sailing and dry sessions for those who can help on shore with registration, assistance with supporting others to the boats, acting as safety boat crew whilst others help us to prepare some crafts for sale at the 24hr Dinghy Race and our Christmas Giving Trees.


Bart’s Bash 2022 was once again an amazing event with Hebe Haven Yacht Club and Sailability working together to put on one of the best shows globally whilst raising funds to support Sailability’s sailors with their many life challenges. Following the change of date from 10th to 17th September (agreed with the global Bart’s Bash organisers) due to the Autumn Festival falling on the previous weekend, we were able to reach our goal of raising HK$50,000. It really was a great sight for the eyes with 60+ dinghies sailing (22 were Sailability boats) and the launch of a new HHYC Cruiser Rally group on the day, with 12 boats participating. Sailability’s new inclusive, accessible, therapeutic sailing yacht, as the Committee Boat for the event and what a picture that was with all the dinghies around her waiting for the start of the racing. With an inclusive Race Management Team onboard we again showed how we can all work together in the world of sailing.


們是第二組參與我們計劃的聽覺障礙青少年,此次活動更激 發出 HKSD 對航海的興趣,令他們想在這項運動中走得更遠, 並期望日後組建香港第一支聾人航海團隊。


進行手語訓練,而在 HKSD 和世界各地組織的協助之下,我們 定會支持他們實現夢想。由於手語並非全球統一,日後當他 們在地區或國際舞台上展現技能,我們亦需學習基本香港手 語,亦要學習特定的國際手語。任何人士如有興趣參與支援 此計劃,請與我們聯絡。

正獲去年參與的團體支援,而我們經驗豐富的導師及安全船 駕駛員亦有予以支援,進行義工訓練。此外,計劃亦有來自老 人中心,及支持長者參與航能 Snr 航海「Wet and Dry 」課程的 多個組織的航員參與。Wet課程專為想嘗試航海的人士而設, 而Dry課程的對象則是那些於岸上處理登記事宜、協助其他人 士登船、擔任安全船員的人士,同時亦適合那些會於24小時小 艇賽或聖誕樹活動期間幫忙準備義賣手工藝品的人士參與。

Bart’s Bash 2022 再次與白沙 灣 遊 艇會及 航 能 携 手 舉 辦了 精彩 的活動,以世上數一數 二 的優 秀的表 演,為時 刻面臨 挑 戰的航 能 航員籌款 打氣。因上 個 週 末 為中秋節,我們將日期 從 9 月 10 日更改為 17 日(獲全 球的 Bart's Bash 主辦單位一 致同意),並 順利實 現目標,籌 得 50,000 港元。當天可看到 60 多艘小艇(當中22艘為航能的船 隻)及全新 HHYC 巡洋艦拉力 賽 的12艘 船隻出航,實 在 是 壯 觀的景象。作為賽事的司令船, 航能全新的無障礙共融治療帆 船,以 及四周的小艇 一 同等 待 賽 事開始。隨著共融賽 事管 理 團隊 上任,我們再次 展現出航 海世界協力合作的能力。

Bart's Bash



NOV/DEC 2022



Bart's Bash

A huge thank you to Hebe Haven Yacht Club and the Sail Training Team, to all the sailors who participated, volunteers who joined as sailors and support staff during the day and for the donations received. A special thank you to our own volunteers who took on so many roles during the day and loved being part of it. This combined Hebe Haven, Sailability Event epitomizes an inclusive club and really puts Hong Kong on the global map!

非常感謝白沙灣遊 艇會及 航 海訓練團隊、所有參與的航

Sailability’s Maintenance Team has evolved from a small group of longstanding volunteers who have supported and trained other Senior Sailors. Many to these retirees have amazing talents and are now providing ongoing maintenance which is very much needed due to the continual usage of our fleets. Mercedes-Benz have provided funds for 2 years towards the maintenance of our 2.4mR fleet whilst Simpson Marine have provided sponsorship which includes funds towards maintenance of our Hansa Fleet. A huge thank you to this group and our sponsors who keep us AFLOAT!!!


員、當天同時擔任航員和支援人員的義工,亦感謝各位慷慨 解囊助我們籌集善款。特別感謝我們的義工,他們當天承擔 了很多工作,而且樂於參與其中。這個由白沙灣遊艇會和航 能合辦的活動展現出本遊艇會的共融特質,讓香港登上國 際舞台!

工發展而來。這些退休人士有不少都擁有驚人才能,目前正 為日常維修工作出一分力,由於我們的船隊會不斷使用,因 此這些維修對船隊來說十分重要。

平治為我們的 2.4mR

船隊的維修提供了 2 年資助,而 Simpson Marine 提供的贊 助則包括我們 Hansa 船隊的維修資金。非常感謝這團體及 我們的贊助商,全靠有您們支持,我們才能繼續出航!

Maintenance Team


Mo Han 4 Bays Rally

Sailability’s Mo Han participated in its first COA event, the 4 Bays Rally on 20th August. With a team of 8 which included 3 Para Sailors, Puk, Sylvia and Eric we gained a 2nd place and will collect our prize on 30 September. What an amazing result. As we reached the finish point, we were told we were 5th. Everyone onboard was so happy at this result, so you can imagine the jubilation after corrected time, of coming 2nd! Thank you to Tai our Skipper, Para Coach Ed and our amazing volunteers and sailors who joined us and supported this achievement.



事—8 月 20 日的 4 Bays Rally。當中 一個 8 人團隊包括了 3 位傷健航員— Puk、Sylvia 和 Eric 的,該團隊最終奪 得了第 2 名,並將於 9 月 30 日接受我 們的獎項,真是成績驕人。我們到達 終點時,我們獲告知為第 5 名。船上 的所有人都為此成績感到高興,所以 您能想像到,我們得知排名會更正為 第 2 名時,大家多麼興奮狂熱。 感謝 我們的舵手 Tai,傷健教練 Ted 和我 們的義工及航員,全靠大家參與和協 助,我們才能取得如此佳績。

Mo Han Skipper and Crew Training is now underway with lots of new learning for all. If you are interested in joining our inclusive training programmes please let us know. Also look out for Mo Han at the World Sailing’s Steering the Course Women’s Festival 2022 where she will be supporting the event on 5 October and also competing in the Port Shelter Regatta and Ladies Helm over the weekend of 8-9 October.

Mo Han 4 Bays Rally

Mo Han Training

無限號舵手和航員訓練習益良多。如 果您有興趣加入我們的共融訓練計 劃,請與我們聯絡。此外,更要留意無 限號將於 World Sailing's Steering the Course Women's Festival 2022 登場, 為 10 月 5 日的賽事進行支援,以及於 10 月 8 及 9 日的週末出戰牛尾海帆船 賽及女舵手賽。 Mo Han Training

Mo Han Training



NOV/DEC 2022




by Andrew Sheard

HHYC member and Sailability volunteer Andrew Sheard writes about Candy Tse, an instructor with Sailability.

白沙灣 遊 艇會 會員 及 航 能 義工

About eight years ago at the beginning of her sailing life Candy went on a course at a government sailing centre where one day she saw a tall guy, teaching a kid sail an Optimist, get hit on the side of his head by a boom. Candy is quite small and she suddenly realised that her stature would be an advantage for her if she could teach kids to sail someday, so she set herself a goal of becoming a trained instructor. Since then, she has trained as a Power Boat driver and in first aid, as well as sailing instruction. In fact, it was whilst training on a Power Boat course at HHYC that she first came across Sailability.


Sometimes Candy takes part in Sailability activities as a sailor, sometimes she is a volunteer, and most often she’s an Instructor. This gives her an inclusive all-round experience of what Sailability offers.

Ca n d y 有 時 會以 航 員和 義 工 身 份

She loves sailing a 2.4mR and often joins training with the para sailing team. As a result of sailing with disabled people she has become friendly with some of them, meeting outside of sailing for meals and other activities. She hugely admires people with disabilities and how they overcome the challenges in their lives. “They are so tough, so strong in their minds,” she said. She loves being part of Sailability where she can talk and share about sailing. She added, “Knowledge, tips, and just fun things, they are all part of the experience”.

她喜愛登上 2.4mR 出航,並不時參


Andrew Sheard 就於航能擔任導師 的 Candy Tse 撰文。 8年前,Candy


剛 開 始,她 有 天 在 政 府 航 海 中 心 的 課 堂 上,目 睹 教 授小 朋 友 乘 航 Optimist 的高個子男生的頭側被 雷打中。由於 Candy 身型細小,那 一 刻 她 突 然 意 識 到以後 教 導 小朋 友航海的話,身型對她來說將會是 優勢,因此以成為一位訓練有素的 教練為目標。自那時起,她 接 受快 艇航員和急救訓練,以及航海指導 的訓練。事實 上,她 與航 能的初次 交集由參與快艇課程開始。

參與航能活動,但大部分時間她都 擔任導師的角色。此讓她在航能經 歷了全方位的體驗。

與傷健航員團隊的訓練。與傷健人 士出航的經歷讓她與一些航員成為 了朋友,除航海以外會相約用膳或 進行其他活動。她非常欣賞傷健人 士克服自身挑戰的努力。「他們無比 堅強,內心非常強大。」她說道。她 樂於成為航能的一分子,讓她能與 大家分享 與航 海 有關的一切:「知 識、貼士,甚至有趣的小事情,全都 是經驗的一部分。」

One of the most successful Sailability programmes of the last 2 years is the Golden Age programme which is funded by The Hong Kong Club Foundation. Candy is one of the lead instructors on the programme. Its goals are to give seniors, defined as people aged 55 and over, the opportunity to try sailing for the first time. It was started during the COVID period and has thrived throughout.

航能在過去 2 年最成功的 一 個 計 劃,是 由 香 港 會 基 金支助的



劃。Candy是計劃的首席導 師。計劃以為長者—即55歲 或以上人士提供航海體驗為 目標。計劃於新冠肺炎期間 開始,並一直進行。 最初的活動為 2021 年 4 月進 行的「學習航海」2天課程。

The initial programme in April 2021 was a two-day “learn about sailing” course. As people heard about the opportunity to go sailing more and more people signed up. As of June 2022, around 130 people have completed the course, nearly all sailing for the first time in their lives, and about half of these have gone on to learn more either as a sailor or as a volunteer with Sailability. The participants are nearly always retired and in good health, so they have both the time and inclination to contribute their skills. “They contribute the skills they have acquired during their lives, at their work,” said Candy. Many of them are now part of the Sailability “maintenance team” led by Ernest Cheung fixing boats and making minor repairs caused by the usual wear and tear of sailing. “The group display maturity and initiative,” said Kay Rawbone, CEO of Sailability HK, “they organise themselves”. The Golden Age volunteers were a huge support during last year’s 24 Hour Race when they staffed the Sailability stand throughout the two-day event and in addition raised HK$ 100K in donations. Candy agreed it was a magnificent effort from the Golden Age volunteers saying, “I simply produced a form for people to use to sign up, and it all went from there, word spread and so many people were keen to join the event.”

越來越多人聽聞這個航海的 機會,不斷 吸引更多人報名 參加。截至 2022 年 6月,大 約有 130 位人士完成課程, 大部分都是第一次航海。當 中約一半更以航員或航能義 工身份繼續學習更多相關知 識。參加者大部分為身體健 康的退休人士,有時間和意 向貢 獻自己的 技 能。「他們 以人生中習得的技能投入於 工作之中。」Candy說道。多 位參加者成為航能維修團隊 的一員,由 Ernest Cheung 帶領,維修航隻或因日常使 用 及 出 航 所 做 成 的 微小 故 障和損 毀。「團隊展現出成 熟 與主 動的 一 面,」航 能香 港的 CEO Kay Rawbone 表 示:「他們 都 親力親 為 籌 備 一切。」Golden Age 義工提 供了去年24小時賽事的主要 支 援,在 爲 期2天 的 活 動 期 間 擔 任 航 能 攤 位 的 工作人 員,並籌集了10萬港元的捐 款。Candy 認同 Golden Age 義工的重大貢獻,表示:「我 只是製作了一個報名表格, 消息傳開來,讓 很多人積極 參與了這個活動。」 Candy想要鼓勵大家出

Candy wants to encourage everyone to sail—women and girls, people of every age, and every level of fitness. “I treasure every day I can go sailing and teach others how to sail too,” said Candy. She is 100% committed to the vision of Sailability “making sailing accessible to EVERYONE”.

航 — 女 士 或 女 孩,不 論 歲 數,亦 不 論 健 全 與 否。「 我 珍惜能夠出航 和教導他人 航 海 的 每 一 天!」她 說。她 投下 了 1 0 0 % 的 心力,完 成 航 能 為 每 一 個 人帶 來 航 行 機會的願景。



NOV/DEC 2022



After a busy summer, the Sailing Centre finally has time to pack and the staff can take a break to prepare for several big events in October : Port Shelter Regatta, Women’s Sailing Festival and 24Hour Charity Dinghy Race. Port Shelter Regatta (8 and 9 October) is our Club’s traditional 2 days keelboat regatta and also one of our Club’s two HKSF accredited national events. Another national event is the Typhoon Series. As this year’s Port Shelter Regatta was incorporated into the Women’s Sailing Festival, we decided to present awards to the winners of the ladies helm in the J80 and HKPN divisions. This year’s Steering the Course Women’s Sailing Festival (30 September to 9 October) is the second year of the Club to support the World Sailing initiative to help increase participation by women and girls in the sport of sailing. This year’s main event is Women on Water Wednesday on 5 October, including race management workshop, water sports tasting, J80 sailing and Sailability Mo Han Cruise.

BRIDGET CHAN Rear Commodore—Sailing

Match Racing Nationals was scheduled to be run on early October. Unfortunately due to the quarantine measures many good match racing sailors were out of town, resulting in a lack of sufficient entries, and we had to reluctantly postpone it to other dates in future. We hope to attract more Hebe sailors to know more about this sports and get involved before the rerun. This year, the Sailing Committee has focused more on cruising with the launch the Cruising Sailors of Hebe (CSOH) which is keen to organize more cruising activities to non-racing sailors and members. A CSOH burgee has also been designed for this purpose. On 17 September the first event organized by CSOH, the Cruising Rally drew 14 boats with more than 90 sailors to sail out to High Island and lunched at Yau Ley Restaurant. The eldest participant was our member’s mother at 104! During lunch we had our Commodore, Don Johnston announced the formation of CSOH and gave away CSOH burgee to every participating boat. Of course, as part of the Bart’s Bash event, we did not forget to raise money for Sailiability. After the event we have received many inquiries about on next cruising. We are planning to organize a 2 days blue water cruise to Dangang possible and spend the night at a beach in Lamma Island in November. In addition to this, we are thinking to transform our traditional Boxing Day Treasure Hunt to attract more cruising members to join. Stay tuned. With the recent easing of quarantine measure, we hope get back to normal day very soon.


忙碌了一個夏天後,帆船中心終於有時間收拾,工作人員可以休息一下,為 10 月 份的幾項大型活動做準備:牛尾海帆船賽、女性航海節以及24小時慈善小艇賽。 牛尾海帆船賽(10月 8-9 日)是我們俱樂部傳統的龍骨帆船賽,也是我們俱樂部 的兩個


是 颱 風盃帆船系列賽。由於 今年牛尾海帆船賽聯乘 女性 航 海節共同舉行,我們 決定頒獎予 J80 和 HKPN 部門的女掌舵。 今年的引航女性航海節(9 月 30 日至 10 月 9 日)是俱樂部第二年支持世界帆船 倡議,以幫助增加婦女和女孩參與帆船運動。 今年的主要活動是 10 月 5 日星期三的水上女性,包括賽事管理工作坊、水上運 動體驗、龍骨船競技和香港航能「無限」乘風破浪。 全港對抗賽錦標賽原定於10月初舉行。很可惜由於隔離措施,許多優秀的比賽水 手不在香港,導致沒有足夠的參賽人數,我們只能不情不願地將它推遲到未來的 其他日期。我們希望能吸引更多的白艇會水手更了解這項運動,並在復賽前參與。 今年,帆船運動委員會更加注重巡航,推出了白沙灣悠閒航海之友,希望為非水 手和非會員組織更多的巡航活動。為此還設計了一片CSOH燕尾旗。在9月17日,由 CSOH 組織的首場活動,Cruising Rally 吸引了 14 艘船和 90 多名水手駛向糧船灣, 並在有利海鮮漁村享用午餐。最年長的參加者為其中一位會員的104歲母親!午餐 時,由我們的準將,Don Johnston宣布成立 CSOH,並向每艘參與的船贈送 CSOH 燕 尾旗。當然,作為 Barts' Bash 活動的一部分,我們沒有忘記為香港航能籌集資金。 活動結束後,我們收到了很多關於下一次巡航的諮詢。我們計劃於 11 月組織一次 前往擔杆的 2 日藍海游船,並在南丫島的海灘過夜。除此之外,我們正在考慮改 變傳統的節禮日尋寶活動,以吸引更多的遊輪會員加入。請繼續留意我們。 最近防疫政策有所放鬆,我們希望很快一切可以恢復正常。


NOV/DEC 2022



EDDY LO Rear Commodore—Operations

Our construction to add a safety walkway to the boat racks is well under way and is expected to completed by the end of December. During construction, we would like to thank the members of the affected moored vessels for their understanding, and our colleagues in the Marine Department for their coordination efforts. 我們的船 架 增加安 全 走 道 工程已 經順利展開,預計將會於12月底前 全面完成工作。在工程 期間,感謝 受影響停泊船隻的會員體諒,亦感 謝海事部各同事辛勞工作。

To ensure that everyone is aware of the operating rules and safety of different areas, including the speed of vessels, the Club has updated and set up more signs in the hope of reminding everyone. 為確保大家清楚知道不同區域的使用規則及安全,包括船隻航行速度。會方已經更新 及設立更多的告示牌,希望能夠提醒大家。



Article from Stu Pryke (page 44) Quiz results: 1. Flotsam: Cargo that is jettisoned in to the sea that floats. Jetsam; Jettisoned cargo that does not float so sinks. 2. Cable: 608 feet or a tenth of a nautical mile. 3. Beneaped: A vessel left aground from spring tides and cant be refloated until next spring tide. 4. Meridian: An imaginary great circle line, that passes through both poles. 5. Quintant: a sextant like instrument used for measuring heavenly bodies but with an arc of only72 degrees or 1/5th of a circle. 6. Fathom: the distance between the outstretched arms of a large man as measured between his middle fingers, now measured as 6 feet. 7. Quickwork: part of a vessels hull that becomes submerged or wetted when it is loaded. 8. Prao: a native trading boat originally from the Celebes region with one or two outriggers and a bipod mast. 9. Retard: interval between the transit of the moon at which a tide originates and the appearance of the actual tide itself. 10. Tot: A drinking cup of smaller capacity than half a pint (0.237 litre), in which a spirit is served..usually rum.

勿覆蓋浮泡上字樣。 分印有HHYC字樣及編號。質料不容易破損船隻,所以大家無需使用浮泡套,并請切 船會所有的浮泡及配件已經于9月份全部更新更換完成。新設計的橡膠浮泡在頂部

All the buoys and fittings of the Club have been upgraded and replaced in September. The new design of the rubber buoys have “HHYC” and the serial number printed on the top, and the material will not cause damage to the vessels, so buoy covers are not necessary. Please do not cover the writing on the buoys.


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