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Happy New Year, both for 2023 and for the Chinese New Year, which is early this year and will be upon us about the time you read this. As you will see from the front cover of this issue, 2023 marks the Club’s 60th Anniversary, and we will be putting on a suite of events later in the year to celebrate everything that is Hebe.

Year of achievements

As I look back on 2022, the year was certainly not without its challenges, but I am very happy to report that despite all the hurdles we have still made great progress at the Club. The various committees, management, staff and members have joined hands to make a lot happen. All the washrooms have now been fully refurbished and reopened, the restaurant aircon and kitchen extraction system replaced, the General Office renovated to incorporate a new proper reception area for members and to showcase the latest club merchandise. Safety has also been enhanced across the club, including the completed club-wide upgraded fire safety systems and the new safety walkways and fall-arrest systems installed on the boat racks— which will be nearing completion when you read this.

Greater diversity of social events

Over the festive period, members enjoyed a diverse range of social events including several visits by Santa, a gingerbread house workshop, Christmas wreath making workshop and the ever-popular Christmas Carols put on by the Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir, which even the odd downpour could not dampen the spirits of. And then to top off everything, a cracker of a New Year’s Eve Party with 60 partygoers strutting their stuff to the 80s vibes. Following that 1 January saw a flock of members converge on Cascade Beach for the New Year’s Day Sailaway with BBQ, Drinks and Games on the beach. Moving forwards in 2023, as well as traditional favourites, members can also look forward to joining even more family-oriented and younger-crowd events to help achieve a good mix of events that will appeal to a broad range of ages from 2 to 102.

The 13 January is also your chance to welcome new members to the Club and celebrate some of our long-term members too. With close to 100 already registered at the time of writing, this promises to be our biggest-ever welcome to Hebe event.


The Club is continuing its mission to enhance its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and the ESG Committee, chaired by Andy Brown, will be driving a number of initiatives to ensure things continue to move in the right direction.

Back to Sailing

The Kowloon Cup on 14 and 15 January marks the first sailing event of the New Year on the Club Calendar, and promises to be a great race, with a lot of boats already registered to compete. Check out the packed club sailing calendar for races and events on the water throughout the year.

Have a great 2023!


當您閱讀本文時無論是 2023 年新年還是農曆新年,祝你新年快樂。 正如您從本 期封面看到的那樣,2023 年是白沙灣遊艇會成立 60 週年,我們將在今年下旬舉 辦一系列活動來慶祝此特別時刻。

成就之年 回顧2022年,這一年肯定是充滿挑戰的,但我很高興地報告,儘管存在重重障 礙,我們仍然取得了長足進步。各個委員會、管理層、員工和成員攜手合作,取 得了很多成就。所有洗手間現已全面翻新並重新開放,更換了餐廳空調和廚房抽 氣系統,對總辦公室進行了翻新,為會員提供了一個新的接待處,並展示了最新 的會所商品。整個會所範圍的安全性也得到了加強,包括整個會所範圍內升級的 消防安全系統以及安裝在船架上的全新安全走道和防墜落系統—當您閱讀本文 時,它們將接近完成。


在節日期間,會員們享受了豐富多彩的社交活動,包括聖誕老人的多次造訪、薑 餅屋工作坊、聖誕花環製作工作坊,以及由香港威爾士男聲合唱團帶來的廣受歡 迎的聖誕頌歌,即使是傾盆大雨也澆不滅人們的興致。然後最重要的是,一個除 夕倒數派對,有60名參加派對的會員與家人在80年代的氛圍中狂歡慶祝。在那之 後的 1 月 1 日,一群會員聚集在Cascade沙灘,在沙灘上進行燒烤、暢飲和遊戲, 慶祝元旦航行。展望 2023 年,除了傳統的熱門賽事外,會員還可以期待參加更多 為家庭和年輕人預備的活動,以實現對2至102歲都具吸引力的活動的良好組合。 1月13日是您歡迎新會員加入白沙灣遊艇會和慶祝我們的一些長期會員的機會。 在撰寫本文時已有近100人註冊,這有望成為我們有史以來最盛大的Hebe活動。


會所正在繼續履行加強其環境、社會和治理 (ESG) 的使命,由Andrew Brown 擔 任主席的 EGS 委員會將推動一系列舉措,以確保事情繼續朝著正確的方向發展。


1 月 14 日至 15 日舉行的九龍杯是白沙灣遊艇會日曆上新一年的第一個帆船賽 事,並且有望成為一場盛大的比賽,許多船隻已經報名參加比賽。趕緊查看我們 緊湊的航海日曆,了解全年的水上比賽和活動。

祝你 2023 年事事順境!


I am delighted and privileged to serve the Club in my new role as Vice Commodore following the elections at the AGM in November 2022.

As the new Vice Commodore, I have taken over the reins as chair of the Club’s Planning & Works Committee (PWC) from Robert Quinlivan.

The immediate focus of the PWC is in obtaining a modification to the Club’s lease in order to permit the building of a permanent structure in the area formerly occupied by the ‘garden bar tent’. In this regard, the Town Planning Board has already given its consent for a two-story building (known as the “Regatta Deck”) and this forms the basis for an application made by the Club to the Lands Department on 7 September 2022 for a lease modification (the “LMA”).

The LMA also includes a request to retrospectively permit the erection of the existing boat racks and to permit the installation of new transformers and a low-voltage switch room to provide for future power requirements.

In the meantime, following a tender process, the Club has engaged an architectural firm (Matter) to commence concept design options for the Regatta Deck and we should be in a position to present options to members during the first quarter of 2023. I stress that the Club has by no means committed to the two-story option and cost constraints may well militate for a one-story option which perhaps permits further (upward) extension in the future.

Other than the projects covered by the LMA, the Club continues to explore options to replace (or supplement) the 20-year old existing marina piles in order to bring the marina up to current design standards. The feasibility of adopting the Seaflex® elastic mooring system (which eliminates the need for piles) was looked into, but rejected on the basis that cannot accommodate the tidal range between low water level and the current design surge level.

我很高興和榮幸在 2022 年 11 月的會員大會選舉後,能以副會長身份服務本會。 作為新任副會長,我已從 Robert Quinlivan 手中接過本會的規劃與工作委員會 (PWC) 主席之位。 PWC的首要目標是修改本會租約,以便取得許可,於原先由「花園酒吧帳篷」佔用的 區域建造永久建築物。在這方面,城市規劃委員會已同意我們建造一座兩層高建築 物 (亦稱為多用途活動大樓),這為本會於 2022 年 9 月 7 日向地政總署提交租賃修改 (LMA)提供了申請基礎。 LMA內亦有為現有船架補交安裝許可申請,以及申請新變壓站和低壓電錶房的安裝許 可,用以滿足未來的電力需求。 與此同時,經過招標程序後,本會已聘請一間建築公司 (Matter) 為多用途活動大樓設 計概念提交方案,而我們應能於 2023 年第一季向各會員提供方案選項。我在此強調, 本會絕不承諾進行兩層的方案,而成本限制亦可能會影響單層方案,將來或有可能容 許進一步(向上)擴展。 除了 LMA 涵蓋的項目以外,本會將繼續探索其他選項,以取代(或補充)已有 20 年歷 史的現有碼頭樁柱,以使碼頭符合現時的設計標準。我們研究了採用 Seaflex® 彈性繫 泊系統的可行性,但由於該系統無法適用於低水位和現有設計的湧浪水位之間的潮差 而被否決。

Initial Artist's Impression of the proposed Regatta Deck

11 多用途活動大樓的初步藝術草圖

Hebe festivities

To celebrate the festive season, the Club put together a diverse range of member events over the festive season including Christmas Quiz Night, The Welsh Male Voice Choir Christmas carols evening, Christmas Wreath workshop (with wine and cheese tasting), Gingerbread House workshop, Boxing Day Cruise and the New Year’s Eve Countdown Party.

There were celebrations of a different nature in early November, after the 2022 AGM was successfully held at the WM Hotel. As Don was self-quarantining; the then Vice Commodore, Robert Quinlivan Chaired the meeting that saw 63 members attend in person and 55 members voting by proxy. Your new General Committee can be found on the inside front cover.

There are even more celebrations to come, for the Chinese New Year. We’ve got the Lion Dance and the Lucky Lettuce Boat Blessing Ceremony lined up in January 2023 more details can be found on the Club events webpage. Thank you so much team Hebe for pulling all of that off – especially while I slunk off to see my kids in Australia for Christmas.

NEW: Shine & Dine, plus free parking

Besides celebrations and events, the free parking promotion is back by popular demand, and members can enjoy free parking every weekday during lunch hours upon minimum spending of HK$150.

Also, a brand new ‘Shine and Dine’ service was launched on 1 December 2022. Members are welcome to drop their car keys with security and Alfred (our cleaning supervisor) will wash and vacuum your car while you dine at the Restaurant, fix your boat, sail your boat, drive your vessel, or chill with a sundowner on the terrace. Timeslots can be pre booked online (see the QR code below) or just ask when you arrive (subject to availability).

REPAIRED: Kid’s stuff

The children’s playground has had its broken swing and the climbing frame repaired and the ground better levelled to reduce trip hazards.

RENOVATED: Washroom wishes

I am happy to report that Male, Female and Assessable washrooms are all now reopen after extensive renovations and have received very positive feedback.

NEW: HHYC History Website

Thanks to Mark Ashton for helping the Club collate historic snippets from Hebe’s past and will be uploading stories to a newly launched HHYC history website. The site will help those interested find previous Club Anniversary publications, three key timelines of key moments in the history of the Club and a wealth of other information on our club’s history.

We also plan to bring the Hebe history highlights together on a “History Wall” to be displayed at the Club in time for our 60th Anniversary on 7 June 2023.

NEW: Pak Sha Wan Centre Meeting Room

All club meetings have been moved over to Pak Sha Wan Centre starting from December 2022. The existing meeting room container has been relocated to allow more hardstand space and to help meet the club lease renewal requirements in preparation of the lengthy Club lease renewal process.

The space will also provide more room for sail training activities during poor weather conditions.


Keeping everyone safe – COVID Updates

The latest government update, issued on 13 December 2022, Covid-19 LeaveHomeSafe app is no longer needed to access restaurants and other businesses starting from 14 December 2022. The use of the Vaccine Pass, however, is still required to enter businesses.

Extended existing social distancing measures with a few minor updates:

1. The LeaveHomeSafe app now only issues two different codes – red for those infected with Covid-19, and blue for those not infected.

2. On 22 December 2022, the 240-headcount limit on banquets will be lifted. Proof of negative RAT / PCR test result will no longer be needed for banquet guests and bar patrons.

3. Maximum pax per table is 12.

4. You can take your mask off during photo-taking on stage at events held at catering premises and bars/pubs.

5. Group gatherings of more than 12 persons in public places is prohibited.

Let’s hope we continue to see restrictions being further eased, and I wish you good health, prosperity, fair winds, great sailing and kettle of rum or two in the year of the Rabbit.

2022 年的年度股東大會在 WM 酒店完滿結束後,我們亦在 11 月初舉行了 多個不同性質的慶祝活動。由於Don正值自我隔離;當時的副會長 Robert Quinlivan 主持了年度股東大會,總共有 63 位會員親自出席,另有 55 位 會員透過代理投票。您可以在本期封內頁找到新的總務委員會委員名單。 春節期間將為大家準備更多慶祝活動。我們將於 2023 年 1 月下旬舉行舞 獅表演和船隻祈福儀式,您可在本會活動網頁上查閱到更多詳情。非常感 謝白沙灣遊艇會的團隊完成了所有活動工作—特別是在我偷偷到澳洲與 我的孩子們共度聖誕節的時間裡。

最新事項:Shine & Dine,外加免費泊車 除了慶祝和活動,免費泊車優惠也按大家要求重新推出,會員只需於餐廳 消費滿港幣 150 元即可於每個平日的午餐時段免費泊車。 此外,全新的 Shine and Dine 服務已於 2022 年 12 月 1 日推出。會員可到 保安處交低車匙,Alfred(我們的清潔主管)將會在您於餐廳用餐、修理您 的船隻、當您出航或在露台上享用日落飲品的時候,為您進行洗車及吸塵 服務。您可在網上預約時段(詳見下方二維碼),或在您到達船會時查詢(視


確保各位的安全—新冠肺炎相關更新事項 政府於較早前宣布,由2022年12月29日起進一步放寬本地防疫措施,包括 取消疫苗通行證規定及撤銷某些社交距離措施—除了戴口罩更新如下:

1. 進入會所餐廳和陽台不再需要“Bing

白沙灣節日活動 爲慶祝佳節來臨,本會準備了精彩豐富的會員活動,包括聖誕競猜之夜、 威爾士男聲合唱團聖誕頌晚會、聖誕花環工作坊(另設美酒及芝士品嚐活 動)、薑餅屋工作坊、節禮日海上之旅及除夕倒數晚會。
乎是否有空餘時段)。 維修工作:兒童遊樂場 兒童遊樂場的壞鞦韆已經被拆掉了—很快將換上新的,攀爬架也修好了。 翻修工作:洗手間事項 我很高興向各位報告,男女洗手間和暢通易達洗手間在經過全面翻新後, 現已全部重新開放,並收到非常正面的反饋。 最新事項:白沙灣遊艇會歷史網站 感謝 Mark Ashton 協助本會整理白沙灣遊艇會過往的歷史片段,並將這 些資料上傳到新推出的白沙灣遊艇會歷史網站。此網站將為有興趣的人 士尋找先前的週年紀念出版物、本會歷史上三個關鍵時間表,以及大量本 會歷史上的其他資訊。 我們亦計劃於 2023 年 6 月 7 日,本會成立 60 週年之之時,將白沙灣遊艇 會的歷史亮點匯集在「歷史之牆」上。 最新事項:白沙灣中心會議室 由 2022 年 12 月起,所有本會會議將移師白沙灣中心進行。現有的會 議室貨櫃已經搬走以提供更多的硬地空間幫助滿足本會的土地續租要
求,為漫長的遊艇會續租過程作準備。 這些新增的空間還將能為惡劣天氣下的航海訓練活動提供合適的講課
生在出席所有課堂前出示快速檢測陰性結果(24 小時內)。 會所餐廳的兩個入口現已開放,方便會員進出。 我們希望限制能進一步放寬,並祝您在兔年身體健康,繁榮昌盛,出航 順利,順風順水,並能喝上一兩杯冧酒。 Scan here to have your car washed and vacuumed while you’re at the Club. 當您來到本會,可掃描此二維碼安排洗車和吸塵服務。
Bong”疫苗通行證。 2. 進出公共場所仍需佩戴口罩。 3. 撤銷所有對團體聚會和宴會活動的人數上限。 4. 宴會客人和酒吧顧客不再需要RAT / PCR檢測陰性證明。
每桌最多12人。 6. 在餐飲場所和酒吧/酒館舉辦的活動上台拍照時,可以摘下口罩。

wines & beers of the month


WHITE WINE $218/bottle $58/glass Lapostolle, Grand Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2021Central Valley, Chile (JS-92)



from Barossa Valley, Australia

WHITE WINE $210/bottle $55/glass Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc 2021 - Marlborough, New Zealand

Vivaciously crisp, it showcases gooseberry, lime and green tropical fruit flavours that linger through with an elegant and energetic finish.

RED WINE $210/bottle $55/glass Doppio Passo Primitivo 2021 - Salento, Italy

Wines of the Month Beers of the Month

A fresh delivery of tangy gooseberry, guava and some white pepper that follow through to a crisp, bright palate with fresh acidity and an array of green fruit.

RED WINE $210/bottle $55/glass Lapostolle, Grand Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 - Central Valley, Chile (JS-92)

A bright nose of black cherries, redcurrants, plums and hints of coffee and spices. Very crunchy and juicy on the palate with a medium body and refined tannins.

100% Zinfandel. Aromas of dried fruit, cherry and raisin; balanced. Slightly off dry and round on the palate; easy drinking.


WHITE WINE $218/bottle $58/glass Thienpont, Pins des Dunes Blanc 2021 Bordeaux, France

This white wine is made out of vineyards located in the north of the Entre-Deux-Mers area. With such ambitious specifications we produce a white Bordeaux that fulfils our expectations. It possesses a great freshness, fruit and pleasure.

RED WINE $218/bottle $58/glass F. Thienpont, Causse Rouge 2016 Bordeaux, France (JS-90)

An exceptional example of smooth silky tannins and bright rich red fruit flavours. Very well balanced and shows depth on the finish.


San Miguel, Cerveza Blanca Ale $29 per bottle

Perfectly balances a harmony of spicy, smoky and fruity flavours, with a hint of citrus and a touch of mint.

Carlsberg Smooth draught $45 pint, $25 half pint

Golden straw color, frothy and bubbly white head, distinctive aroma of hops, extra Smooth and refreshing hoppy taste.

February March

Kirin Ichiban, Pale Lager $31 per bottle

100% malt, first press beer. Clean and rich taste. Inspired by Japanese heritage, brings out the purest of the ingredient's flavour.



2022 RACE 6

Like the previous Saturday, dark clouds greeted the competitors as they ventured out into Port Shelter for Race 6 of the Monsoon Winter Series 2022 but this time there was plenty of wind. Up to 12 knots coming from the north, or from 350 degrees to be more precise.

During the midday race management briefing on Saturday, the 3 December, there had been talk of various island courses such as 92, 95 and 101 but, in the end, race officer Rob Allen decided to wait until a wind reading had been made off Steep Island so he could make a final decision.

Hebe One set off from the Hebe Haven Yacht Club at 1230 and, about halfway across Port Shelter, circled for a while before dropping anchor in 17.3 metres of water. Again, to be precise, the exact position of the committee boat was N 22° 20.244’ E 114° 17.461’.

Wind reports began coming in from the support boats and the RO was able to make his decision on where the two divisions and one class would be sailing : Course 59 for the faster boats and Course 33 for HKPN and the J/80s.

The somewhat depleted IRC division–from five entries to two – consisted of Talkinghead and X-Terminator. They would sail around a Club Mark, Bluff Island, Steep Island, a Ma Tsai Pai Mark and Table Island, with a finish off Little Palm Beach. A support boat was sent to Steep to lay a mark and the E flag was raised on the committee boat, together with a green flag indicating that the mark should be passed to starboard. Distance for Course 59 is 13 nautical miles and the RO anticipated both IRC contenders would be home in two hours.

在 12 月 3 日(星期六)中午進行 的賽事管理簡報會中,大家談及 到 92、95 及 101 號等多條島嶼賽 道。但最終賽事官 Rob Allen 決定 待青洲的風勢讀數減低之時,再 作最後決定。

會船於 12:30 自白沙灣遊艇會出 發,於牛尾海的中段位置,在 17.3 米深的水域中盤旋了一會才 拋錨。同樣,準確地說,會船的 確切位置為 N 22° 20.244’ E 114° 17.461’。

風勢報告由輔助船出發出,RO 能決定兩個分組及一個級別的船 隻航行位置了。59號賽道為較快

6 th in HKPN, Mo Han
就如上星期六一樣,選手前往牛 尾海參加
No One Else, happy with 2 nd in HKPN
2022 年冬季系列賽第 6 場賽事時烏雲密佈,但這天還吹 著陣陣強風。自北方吹來高達 12 節的風勢,更準確地說,是350 度的強風。
回來。 為 14 艘 HKPN 船隻及 3 艘 J/80 船隻而設的 33 號賽道由沙塘口 山、牛尾海內標記、孖仔排和小 棕林海灘的終點組成。全長約 11 海里,「較慢」的船隻預計於兩 個多小時內完成賽事。 u MONSOON WINTER SERIES 2022
的船隻而設,而 33 號賽道則為 HKPN 及 J/80 而設。 IRC 組的參賽人數由 5 人減 至 2 人,並由 Talkinghead 及 X-Terminator組成。他們將圍 繞本會標記、沙塘口山、青洲、 孖仔排標記和平面洲航行,最後 在小棕林海灘完成賽事。一艘輔 助船獲派往青洲鋪設標記,並在 會船上升起了 E 字旗,並升起綠 色旗幟,指示應該向右舷通過標 記。59 號賽道長 13 海里,RO 預 計兩位 IRC 參賽者能在兩小時內

Course 33 for the 14 HKPN boats and three J/80s took in Bluff Island, an Inner Port Shelter Mark, Trio, Ma Tsai Pai and a finish at Little Palm Beach. With a distance of approximately 11 nautical miles, the ‘slower’ boats were expected to complete their racing in just over two hours.

At 1345, VHF Channel 27 crackled into life with the RO welcoming all yachts and announcing the courses for Day 4 of the Monsoon Winter Series. He pointed out that there would only be one start, a change from the usual two starts for the two divisions. A windward mark was laid in the direction of Sai Kung town and, at 300 metres distant, would provide a challenging beat before the boats headed out of Port Shelter in 10 knots of breeze.

At 1350, the orange flag was raised and, at 1355, the countdown began. At 1400, the fleet crossed the line, apart from Happy King which had issues, ending up trailing the others and, ultimately, being scored NSC (Not Sailed Course) and earning itself the sobriquet, Unhappy King!

Zoe, with its colourful hull graphics, did well around the windward mark but then had kite problems and went off in the direction of the University. Eventually, the crew got themselves together and the new Hanse 370 re-joined the fleet, finishing 11th on handicap at 16:43:09

Under grey and overcast skies, the competitors enjoyed good sailing with one or two soft spots. But, for most of the time, it was 10 knots and there was no need to shorten course. On station off Little Palm Beach, Hebe One gave line honours winner, Minnie the Moocher a horn for taking one hour, 49 minutes and 21 seconds to complete its course. On corrected in HKPN, Minnie the Moocher placed 3rd behind Coral Harbour and No One Else Jibulai – this time with a crew – finished 4th while newcomer, Adagio, was last home in fading light at 17:22:49.

The J/80s were won by Alex Chan and crew in Jelik 6, with Baring Asia 1 in 2nd and Jive, 3rd.

There was some doubt whether the two IRC boats had rounded the Steep mark correctly and X-Terminator protested. But it turned out that X-Terminator was actually in the wrong and, realizing its error, did the decent thing and retired. Thus, Talkinghead took line and handicap honours in the IRC division.

With Day 5 of the Monsoon Winter Series 2022 approaching, and after six races in the eight-race series, Talkinghead has an unassailable lead in IRC. Races 7 & 8 will decide the hotly contested J/80 class, while the top five places in HKPN are up for grabs – AmaZe, Ichiban, Bucephalus, Minnie the Moocher and Mo Han are the ones to watch!


開始。船隊在 14:00 越過終點線,只有


Minnie the Moocher 吹響了 號角,表揚它以 1 小時 49 分 21 秒的時間完成賽事。在 HKPN 修正成績後,Minnie 排行 第 3 位,落後於 Coral Harbour 及 No One Else。Jibulai ——今次帶上了一名船員——獲 得了第 4 名,而新來的 Adagio 在微弱的光線下以 17:22:49 時間成為最後一名回來的參 賽者。 J/80 賽事由 Alex Chan 與船員行駛的 Jelik 6 勝出,Baring Asia 1 獲得第 2 名,Jive 排名第 3。 對於兩艘IRC是否正確地繞過青州的標記的疑問,X-Terminator表示抗議。但事 實證明X-Terminator錯了,而當意識到出錯時,它選擇了體面地退出賽事。因 此,Talkinghead 在 IRC 分組獲得路線賽和障礙賽的冠軍。 隨著冬季系列賽 2022 第 5 天賽事臨近,在 8 場系列賽中的 6 場賽事後,Talkinghead 在 IRC 中擁有不可動搖的領先優勢。第 7 場和第 8 場賽事將為競爭激烈的 J/80 級別分出 勝負,而 HKPN 的前 5 名也勢將龍爭虎鬥——AmaZe、Ichiban、Bucephalus、Minnie 和 Mo Han 實在值得關注!

在 13:45,VHF
頻道響起,RO 歡迎所有遊艇來臨,並公佈冬季系列賽第 4
他指出,當天只有一次出發時間,與以往兩次出發安排不同。在離西貢市中心方向300 米遠的地方設置了迎風標,讓船隻於
11 位的排名。 在灰蒙蒙的天氣下,一眾參賽者享受著航行。但大部份時間,風速為 10 節,沒有必要 縮短賽道。在小棕林海灘附近的站點,會船為路線賽冠軍
committee boat
10 節微風之中駛離牛尾海,航向更具挑戰性。 橙色旗幟在 13:50
Happy King
NSC(未駛入賽道),使其冠上如此 慘淡的名號——Unhappy King! Zoe 的船身圖案五顏六色,在迎風標附近表現出色,但其後因風帆問題朝往大學的方 向駛去。最後,船員們振作起來,這艘新的 Hanse 370 重新加入了船隊,以 16:43:09 的成績獲得障礙賽第

In late November, HHYC Sailing Centre Staff took up residence at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Pattaya for the RYA Senior Instructor, training programme.

Lily, Yani, Mason and I flew to Thailand on the 21 November to complete our RYA Senior Instructor course. We took a taxi from the airport directly to The Royal Varuna Yacht Club, about an hour and a half travel time, costing 1,500 Thai baht. On arrival at the Club, I was shocked to see how simple the facilities and services were. With “Royal” in the title I was expecting a RHKYC experience, but it reminded me of Hebe Haven in the 00s when the Clear Water Bay Sailing Club was a few dinghies in the corner and one safety boat, very simple services, no boat lifts no pontoons no cranes just a winch for safety boats and man power for dinghies.

Upon checking in we were given our room keys and a guest membership for us to use whilst we were completing our course. The Membership could top up via reception to purchase Food and beverages at the Club. The menu covered a wide variety of nationality’s and was a daily challenge to choose what to have as it all delivered on taste and value (chefs recommendation go for the homemade pies).

The Club itself sits on the edge of a beach with facility’s built above the grass rigging area, there is the main club house which includes, reception, open restaurant, two meeting/conference rooms a beach bar and a junior sailor’s classroom, a massive shed for storage of members boats, maintenance shed and the boat boy house.

Accommodation was basic but served its purpose of our stay, rooms were clearly designed for larger groups with most rooms having a double bed and a bunkbed, the accommodation area consists of three buildings each with approximately 8 to 10 rooms per building surrounded by a grass area, which was transformed into a volleyball court on our last day in preparation for weekend activities.

Royal Varuna Yacht Club has a very active membership and all are based around sailing, ninety percent of the boats stored at the Club are membership owned and members could be seen sailing all week.

Overall, I was very pleased with the course and facility’s at Royal Varuna Yacht Club. HHYC members also have reciprocal signing rights at Royal Varuna.

Lily、Yani、Mason 和我於 11 月 21 日飛往泰國,完成我 們的 RYA 高級講師課程。我們乘坐的士由機場出發直達 Royal Varuna 遊艇會,用時約 1 個半小時,花了 1,500 泰 銖。抵達遊艇會時,我為當地的設施和服務如此簡單而 感到驚訝。名字中的「Royal」(皇家)字樣,讓我原本預 期會得到如白沙灣遊艇會一樣的體驗,但這裡讓我回憶 起 2000 年的白沙灣遊艇會。當時清水灣遊艇會的角落 只有幾艘小艇和一艘安全船,提供的服務非常簡要,沒 有升降機,沒有浮橋,亦沒有起重機,只有為安全船而 設的絞車和人力移動小艇。

登記入住後,我們得到了房間鎖匙和客席會員卡,讓 我們開展課程時使用。我們可於前台增值會籍,用以 購買遊艇會內的食物和飲品。菜單涵蓋多國美食,每 天點餐時選擇吃甚麼亦是一個挑戰,因為每款餐點都 味超所值 (大廚推薦自製的餡餅)。

11 月下旬,HHYC 帆船中心在芭堤雅皇家 Varuna 遊艇俱 樂部舉辦 RYA 高級教練培訓課程。
室、沙灘酒吧、一間初級航員教室、一個用於存放會 員船隻及用作維修棚的巨型的棚屋,以及船童屋。 住宿雖然很基本,但符合我們入住的目的。房間顯然是 為人數較多的團體而設,大部份房間設有雙人牀和雙層 牀。住宿區由三棟建築物組成,每棟建築物有大約 8 至 10 個房間,周圍有草地圍繞,並在我們逗留的最後一天 變成了排球場,爲週末的活動作準備。 Royal Varuna 遊艇會擁有非常活躍的會員,所有會 員都以航海為主,於遊艇會中存放的 90% 船隻都屬 於會員,整個星期都可看見有會員出航。 總括而言,我對Royal Varuna遊艇會的課程和設施都非 常滿意。白沙灣遊艇會的會員在Royal Varuna 遊艇會擁 有簽賬權。 白沙灣遊艇會高級教練培訓 HHYC SI TRAINING Part 1—arriving in Pattaya 第一篇 抵達 泰國芭堤雅
遊艇會位於沙灘邊緣,設施建於草坪的索具區之上, 主要的遊艇會會所包含前台、開放式餐廳、兩間會議


Day 1

Our first morning started off with introductions. Nigel, Yani, Mason and I met Nic and Ed, our instructors, as well as the other Dinghy Instructors (DI) participating in the course (11 of us in total). It was great to see a mix of DI’s coming from HK, China, Thailand and Wales. Following the introductions we had a chat about what to expect from the course. This included reminders about teaching methods, running some DI and Sailing Instructor(SI) sessions and of course, as much sailing as possible. After our morning discussion and reminders about what makes a good briefing/debriefing, we had a relaxing afternoon going out for a sail. It was great to get on the water in the dinghies as it is not something instructors have the chance of doing as often. We used a variety of boats including Fusions, RS Visions and a RS Venture. Our afternoon consisted of triangle courses, sailing backwards and using the spinnaker. We switched boats around enabling us all the chance to go single and double handed.

Day 2/3

The following two days were run by the Dinghy Instructors, with Nic and Ed taking a step back encouraging our group to improve our scheduling and organisation. We were split into Group A and Group 1; (Yes, Group A and 1. Nic didn’t believe in favouritism). Group A was in charge of creating the plan for Day 2, Group 1 did the same for Day 3. Each person over the two days would have to run a 20 minute discussion followed by some quick feedback from our assessors. We were all given a few choices as to what our topics would be, this included: Daily Risk Assessments, Assistant Instructor training and sailability etc.

第 1 日 我們的第一個上午由介紹開始。Nigel、Yani、Mason 和我與我們的教練 Nic 和 Ed 見面,再加上其他參加課程的小艇教練 (DI)(我們一共 11 人)。很高興看 到來自香港、中國、泰國和威爾斯的 DI 聚在一起。自我介紹之後,我們聊了一 下對課程的期望。當中包括教學方法、開展一些 DI 及航海教練課程,當然還有 盡可能多地出航。上午討論過何謂好的簡報或匯報後,我們便出海航行,享受 了一個輕鬆的下午。能駕駛小艇出海是非常棒的事,因為教練不常有機會這樣 做。我們使用了多種不同的船隻,包括 Fusions、RS Visions 和 RS Venture。我 們的下午課程包括三角航道、向後航行,以及使用球型帆;我們亦互相交換船 隻,讓大家都有機會進行單人及雙人航行。 第 2/3 日 接下來的兩天由小艇教練負責,Nic 和 Ed 退一步鼓勵我們的小組改進日程安排 和組織。我們分為 A 組及 1 組;(是的,A 組和 1 組。Nic 不喜歡偏袒任何一 方)。A 組負責制定第 2 天的日間計劃,而 1 組則負責制定第 3 天的日間計劃。 在這兩天期間,每個人都要進行 20 分鐘的討論,並由我們的評估人員提供一 些快速的反饋。有不同的討論的主題可供選擇,當中包括:日常風險評估,助 理教練培訓和航海能力等。 Sunset view at beach view of the Club

Over the two days we would also have to run a Senior Instructor session. This took the most time but was very important as it is such a large role of the SI. As a SI, we were responsible for holding a briefing in which we assigned our two Dinghy Instructors’s a skilled session. Skills ranged from: Follow my leader, reefing to race starts and backwards sailing. Once our DI’s had completed their lessons we would gather as a group to observe the SI’s debrief of the instructors. Our sessions with feedback from the group and most importantly Nic and Ed about how our debrief went. I personally really enjoyed this format as everyone was given the chance to be a student/sailor, DI and SI. The surprise element was we would not be told who the DI’s were until the start of each session so everyone had to be prepared to teach any of the skills.

The weather over the two days saw some stronger winds and thunderstorms during the morning and early afternoon of the third day which lead to back up plans being used. However by late afternoon the weather had cleared up we had a wonderful session.

Day 4

Our final morning started off with anyone who wanted to practice their SI sessions one more time followed with an early lunch. The afternoon saw us taking a quick quiz from Nic and what to expect with a centre inspection from Ed, finally finishing the course with a recap of our week and our one on one reviews.

We celebrated the 11 new RYA Senior Instructors with a trip to the Go Kart Track where we were clearly better sailors, though still very competitive. Overtaking Kart keep clear!

在這兩天裏,我們還必 須舉辦一次高級教練培 訓。這花費了最多時 間,但由於是 SI 的關鍵 部份,故此非常重要。 作爲一名SI,我們負責 主持簡報會,並在會上 指定兩名 DI 進行技能課 程。技能包括:跟隨領 袖航行、收帆以開始賽 事和向後航行。當我們 的 DI 完成了他們的課 程,我們將以小組形式 觀察 SI 對教練進行的匯 報。最後以小組的反饋 結束我們的課程,最重 要的是 Nic 和 Ed 亦就 我們的匯報進行反饋。 我個人非常喜歡這種形 式,因爲每個人都有機 會成爲學生或船員、DI 和 SI。當中亦有一個驚 喜的元素,那就是在課 程開始之前不獲告知誰 是DI,所以每個人都必須 準備好教授任何技能。

兩天以來,第3天的上午和 下午出現了強風和雷暴, 故需採用後備方案。然而 直到下午稍後的時間,天 氣已經轉晴,而我們也進 行了一節精彩的課程。

第 4 日 最後一個上午由希望再次 練習 SI 課程的成員開始, 之後我們享用了一頓早午 餐。我們於下午接受了 Nic 的一個快速小測試, 以及由 Ed 分享有關中心 檢察時會發生的情況,最 後以這一週的回顧和一對 一的評估結束整個課程。

我們出發前往卡丁車之旅 為11 位新的 RYA 高級教練 慶祝,雖然卡丁車賽場競 爭依然激烈,但顯然我們 還是更適合當船員。超越 卡丁車時,請快快讓路!

Nigel and Lily in group discussion Four Hebe instructors–Yani, Manson, Nigel, Lily Nic and Ed planning View of grassed area outside accommodation

In November 2022, HKSF Council member Kevin Lewis presented the first ever Keelboat Training Centre Certificate to Hebe Haven Yacht Club. Allowing recognised centres to run and award keelboat certificates from the HKSF Keelboat Scheme, Kevin explained that “small keelboats are a natural progression for many dinghy sailors, and also provide new opportunities for those who may not want to start their sailing journey in a small dinghy”.

“The HKSF will grant Keelboat recognition after application and inspection, but courses must run out of an existing recognised sailing centre. This ensures good shore-based facilities and suitable on-water safety back up” he further explained. “It’s so encouraging to see Hebe Haven take this step, which not only leads the way for this new recognition, but also gives sailors the opportunity to get a nationally recognised certificate”.

The HKSF Keelboat Scheme is a three-stage addition to the existing dinghy training programme, and includes a beginner “Keelboat 1”, together with a Keelboat 2 “Competent Crew” course that allows direct entry for those who have already passed a beginner dinghy course. The final, more advanced course leads to a “Day Skipper” qualification aimed at giving participants the skills to be in charge of a small keelboat in coastal areas during daylight hours.

正式獲得龍骨船培訓中心認可 香港帆船運動總會 (HKSF) 委員會成員 Kevin Lewis 於 2022 年 11 月向白沙灣遊艇會頒發了首張龍骨船訓練中心認可證 書。認可中心營運並頒發 HKSF 人口龍骨帆計劃的龍骨船證 書,Kevin解釋道:「小型龍骨船是許多玩帆船的人的踏腳 石,也為那些不想小帆船作為航海起步點的人提供了新的 機會」。 「HKSF將於收到申請和進行審核後頒發龍骨船訓練中心 認可證書,但有關課程必須在現有認可的帆船教學中心進 行。這可確保課程有良好的岸上設施和合適的水上安全支 援。」他進一步解釋。看到白沙灣遊艇會邁出這一步,不 僅為新的認可開闢了前路,更可為航海人士提供獲得國家 級認證的機會。」 HKSF 龍骨船計劃基於現有的帆船訓練計劃加入三個補充階 段,當中包括初級「龍骨船1」,以及讓已通過初級帆船課 程的人士直接參與的龍骨船2「合資格學員」課程。最後 一個更高級的課程將獲頒「日間船長」資格,讓參加者掌 握於日間時段在沿海地區掌控小型龍骨船的技能。 HHYC OFFICIALLY RECOGNISED AS KEELBOAT TRAINING CENTRE


Our last article for the Hebe Jebes described a cruise on our catamaran ATÉ from Pangkor in Malaysia to Phuket and the return to Langkawi, just before the great Covid lockdown of March 2020.

We then spent six weeks in Langkawi, during which time a succession of Movement Control Orders, aka MCO’s, came to dominate life and to determine our timetable to haul ATÉ out of the water and return to home in Hong Kong. At this time, we had no idea when Malaysia would reopen to tourism or when we would be able to return to the boat. This article picks up on that story over 18 months later in December 2021, when changes to Malaysian travel (to Langkawi) were finally announced. In retrospect, our time away from ATÉ had a dreamlike quality, as we didn’t know and couldn’t predict, what would happen next. We had left Hong Kong for the UK summer in July ‘21 with the promise of a “new” Q system, predicated on a vaccine antibody test. The promised Q scheme for Hong Kong however was scrapped soon after we departed. In the UK, we dutifully observed the home quarantine arrangement, which was lifted by the UK Government about halfway through and thus we found ourselves free and sailing again on our slightly ancient 26’ Telstar trimaran.

We enjoyed a summer of delightful sailing in Poole and Solent waters. There we also met up with Club stalwarts and past Commodore Jan and Gerry Daughton, for a cruise from Cowes to the Beaulieu River and lot of chat about times past at Hebe. This was to be the first of many hook ups with Hebe members destined for the year ahead.

The UK summer eventually burnt its short candle and with no sign of Q arrangements improving in either Hong Kong or Malaysia, we were at a quandary as to where next?

Hebe is a great Club and the friendships made there are quite special, and so it was that two Hebe friends came to answer that question. The first were Babs and Rene Appel, whom invited us to join Momentum, their Hallberg Rassey 46. We spent six weeks walking the spectacular mountains on the Atlantic island of Madeira, followed by a passage down to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.

我們在蘭卡威待了6個星期,期間一連片的出行限令(即 MCO)控制了我們的生活,並左右了我們乘坐ATE出海返回香 港的計劃。當時我們不知道馬來西亞甚麼時候可以重新開放旅 遊,亦無法得知我們可於甚麼時候回到船上。在 18 個月後的 2021 年 12 月,亦是就馬來西亞旅遊(至蘭卡威)所作的變更 終獲公佈的時候,這片文章再次講述這個故事。回想起來,我 們離開ATÉ 的那段時間就如做夢一樣,我們不知道,亦無法預 測接下來會發生甚麼事。2021年7月,我們離開香港前往英國 度過夏季,當時承諾會推出一個以疫苗抗體測試為前提的全新

34 HEBE JEBES JAN/FEB 2023 u FEATURES 疫情籠罩下的瘋狂出航年與白沙灣會員於海外相見
我們為 Hebe Jebes 撰寫的上一篇文章,描述了於 2020 年 3 月新冠肺炎封關之前乘坐我們的雙體船 ATÉ 由馬來西亞的邦 咯島至普吉島,再返回蘭卡威的旅程。
隔離政策。然而,先前承諾的香港隔離政策卻在我們離開不久 後作廢!在英國,我們盡職盡責地遵循了當地居家隔離安排, 而這項政策大約在中途獲英國政府解除。我們再次獲得自由, 並再次乘坐我們稍為殘舊的26' Telstar 三體船出航。 我們在普爾和索倫特的水域度過了一個愉快的航海之夏。 我們還在那裡與遊艇會的忠實支持者及前會長 Jan 和 Gerry Daughton 見面,自考斯航行至博利厄河,並聊及了很多於白 沙灣度過的昔日時光。以這次相聚為起點,後來一年間我們 又與眾多白沙灣遊艇會會員相見。 英國的夏天過得很快,但香港與馬來西亞都沒有改變隔離政 策的跡象,我們陷入了苦惱之中,不知何去何從。 白沙灣遊艇會非常棒,在這裡建立的友誼更為特別,兩位來 自白沙灣的朋友為這道難題帶來了答案。首先是邀請我們加 入他們的 Hallberg Rassey 46 Momentum 的 Babs 和 Rene Appel。我們花了 6 星期穿越大西洋馬德拉島上壯麗的山脈, 然後往下來到加那利群島的蘭薩羅特島。 With Past Commodore Gerry and Jan Daughton Aboard Momentum enroute to Lanzarote, The Canary Islands

We had visited Madeira in 1987 on the outbound leg of a transatlantic circuit aboard our 46’ Wharram catamaran Pelijo. We enjoyed the trip back down memory lane and the two day passage down to La Graciosa immediately north of Lanzarote where we had also made landfall some 35 years before. The increase in the number of cruising yachts was apparent, but the bays and marinas were still much as we remembered them. Our second invitation came from Bob and Lesley ( XTerminator) to see the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Arriving in late November, we enjoyed the tail end of the sun and swimming season and spent some time visiting the numerous historical sights, mountains and wineries. Juliet sailed as crew with Lesley in one of the Paphos International Sailing Club (PISC) dinghy races and we soon understood that Cyprus is now the home of a few old Hebe hands who remember the early days of the Club. In mid November, two things happened which changed life considerably. First, Malaysia announced a Q free tourist scheme for Langkawi and second our son Rory announced that he was expecting to become a father in late February!

We were hopeful that Australia would open up its travel restrictions by the time of the new arrival, but in the meantime it was all haste to ATÉ, to see how she has survived her long equatorial slumber in Langkawi. We arrived in KLIA oblivious to the near U turn of the new tourist scheme which had occurred whilst we were airborne. Once landed and connected to WiFi, the long string of WhatsApp messages from the designated travel agent told the story. The Omicron variant was causing flutters, but fortunately nerves held (in Malaysia). It felt quite surreal to be in the heavy tropical air again, perspiring gently in the dazzle of late afternoon, as we sipped cold beers and waited for the small ferry to the resort island of Rebak.

The new travel scheme required a three day stay in a hotel (but without any restrictions on movement). This was a blessing, because it provided air conditioned comfort and a resort swimming pool to recover from the rigors which lay ahead. Dealing with the depredations of the climate on an unused boat was something which we hadn’t given too much thought.

We soon discovered that ATÉ was in a shocking state, with green decks, white mould on woodwork and black mould on the vinyl. It seemed that virtually all her moving parts had seized up. We were very despondent initially and appreciated the friendship and encouragement from other cruisers. It was a case of “shirt sleeves up” and on with it. to be continued...

我們曾在1987年乘坐 46' Wharram 雙體船 Pelijo,在跨越大西洋的航線的出港航程中途徑過馬德拉 島。我們很享受這一段喚起舊日回憶的旅程,並前往緊靠蘭薩羅特北部的拉格拉西奧薩航行了兩 天,我們也曾於 35 年前登陸此處。出航的遊艇數量明顯增加不少,但海灣和碼頭依然和我們記憶 的一樣。下一個邀約來自 Bob 和 Lesley (XTerminator) ,出發觀賞地中海東部的塞浦路斯島。我們 在 11 月下旬到達,享受了陽光和游泳季節的尾聲,並花了些時間參觀了許多歷史景點、山脈和酒 莊。Juliet 作為航員與 Lesley 一起參加了 Paphos International Sailing Club (PISC) 的一場小艇賽事。 我們很快就意識到,塞浦路斯現已成為一些舊日白沙灣遊艇會老手的家。在 11 月中旬,發生了兩件 事,生活發生了極大的改變。首先是馬來西亞公佈了蘭卡威的免隔離旅遊政策;其次是我們的兒子 Rory 宣佈他即將在 2 月下旬成為爸爸! 我們希望澳洲能在寶寶誕生時開放旅遊限制,但與此同時一切都取決於 ATÉ 在經歷了位於赤道附 近的蘭卡威的長期停滯後是否能適應出航。在我們到達吉隆坡國際機場時,我們對在空中時發生 的旅遊計劃的急劇轉變一無所知。當我著陸並連接上 WiFi 時,來自指定旅行社的一連串長長的 Whatsapp 訊息告知了我們相關狀況。Omicron 變種病毒引起騷動,但所幸的是(在馬來西亞)保持 了鎮定。在傍晚時分,我們一邊喝著冰冷的啤酒,一邊等待著前往度假勝地雷巴克島的小船之時, 再次置身於濃厚的熱帶空氣之中,流著點點汗水,感覺非常超現實。 新的旅遊措施要求在酒店留觀 3 天(但未限制行動)。十分幸運的是酒店提供了舒適的空調並配備 了一個度假村游泳池,讓我們為之後的艱苦行程稍作休息。在一艘閒置的船上,面對來自氣候的破 壞是我們未有想過的事…… 我們不久之後發現 ATÉ 的狀況令人震驚:綠色的甲板、木製品上出現的白色霉印,以及乙烯基上的 黑色霉印。幾乎所有活動部件都無法活動。我們起初非常沮喪,但感激來自其他巡航員的友誼和鼓 勵。這是一個我們需要捲起衣袖動手處理的情況。 待續...
Neighbours Andy and Kylie Kellow at Rebak Marina Langkawi Sailing again. Eagle anchorage Tanjung Rhu


If you were looking for snow then there was no need to venture to the US or UK for the extreme conditions experienced there on Boxing Day the 26 December 2022. Instead, all you needed to do was sign-up for the Hebe Haven Yacht Club’ s Boxing Day Fun Cruise & Treasure Hunt 2022.

Conditions were glorious with blue skies and an 8- to 10-knot easterly when the boats headed out from Hebe Haven into Port Shelter in their own time for what is intended as a fun cruise and treasure hunt, organised in conjunction with the Cruising Sailors of Hebe.

Given the co-ordinates of the first mark, off Trio Beach, there they found a letter of a four letter word, together with the co-ordinates of the next mark off the northwest shore of Shelter Island. There they would find another letter and coordinates to the third mark and another letter near Cascade Bay. From that point they were directed to the fourth mark, through choppy seas off the bottom of Jinn Island, to the last mark – and final letter – north of Bay Islet.

It was then into a finish line at the entrance to Leung Shuen Wan, before anchoring and heading ashore for a long lunch and prize-giving at High Island (Yau Ley) Seafood Restaurant. Fortunately, or unfortunately, no one actually found SNOW as the letter ‘N’ had gone missing from the second mark off Shelter Island!

The instructions indicated that the finish would be between 1230 and 1300 at High Island, however, given the conditions, five of the official eight entries, or nine if you include Sarah, which tagged along for fun, arrived before 1230 and could not resist the temptation of seafood and drinks, so recorded a DNF. First of these was Jannati, 2nd Wooligan, 3rd Baring Asia 2, 4th Dragonfly and 5th Happy King

如你想尋雪探幽,則無需要前往英美等地,因為在 2022 年 12 月 26 日節禮日 (Boxing
個字母文字的其中一個字母,以及位於牛尾洲西北岸的下一 標記坐標。他們會找到下一字母、第三個標記的坐標,以及 在 Cascade Bay 附近的另一字母。由此,他們將被引導至第 四個標記,穿過吊鐘洲底部波濤洶湧的大海,到達匙洲以北 尋找最後一個標記和字母。 然後,在糧船灣入口處駛過終點,泊好船並上岸,再前往糧 船灣(有利)海鮮漁村享用一頓豐盛的午餐,並進行頒獎儀 式。是幸或不幸,沒有人發現雪,因爲字母「N」從牛尾洲的 的第二個標記上消失了! 跟據指示,賽事應於 12:30 至 13:00 於糧船灣完成,但考慮 到相關條件,八隊參賽隊伍(如果包括Sarah則有九隊) 中有五隊因無法抗拒海鮮和飲料的誘惑在12:30前到達, 所以記錄為未完成賽事。第一艘是Jannati,其後順序為 Wooligan、Baring Asia 2、Dragonfly 和 Happy King。 節禮日歷險之旅
件非常惡劣。相反,你僅需要報名參加白沙灣遊艇會的節禮 日樂悠遊和尋寶遊戲 2022。 當帆船從白沙灣出發前往牛尾海時,天空湛藍,空中吹送着 8- 至 10- 節微風,狀況相當美好,而船隻也作好準備以參與 本會與 Hebe Sailors of Hebe 一同舉辦的有趣航遊和尋寶活 動。 由於已獲得首個標記的坐標,他們由三星灣出航,發現了四

With the blue flag hoisted on Hebe One, the race officer, Chris Howarth, opened the finish line at 1230 with his assistant, Arick Chan, recording the catamaran Abiders, which appeared to have sailed all the way, with line honours at 1240. The J/80, Jelik 6, also sailed across the line in 2nd place with Sousa Moi 3rd, followed by the unregistered Sarah

Meanwhile, the guests on Hebe One, who joined the cruise, were dispatched to the restaurant.

Once ashore the crews and guests tucked into the delicious seafood, washed down with various libations.

In addition to the award for first boat across the finish line, five other awards were made. The first was for best result in the 20-question quiz. Hebe One and Jannita tied on 12 points with the tie breaker in favour of Hebe One. The next award was for re-writing a Christmas carol and singing it before the presentations. Happy King came 4th while Sousa Moi ’s version of ‘Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ was adapted to suit Kismet—the dog who joined in with the choralists. Again, it was close between Dragonfly which took the prize despite Jannita’s wonderful version of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ adapted to ‘The 12 days of Covid-19’. Fortunately, they stopped after the sixth day.

Ensuring the awards were fairly distributed amongst the participants, Happy King received the award for Best Dressed Boat while Jannita received the Best Dressed Crew award.

The final award was for Best Dressed Fender in the Festive Theme. The three entries were from Jannita, Dragonfly and Sousa Moi, the last two both highly commended, with Sousa Moi ’s ‘Offending Fender’ claiming the honours.

With the awards and lunch over, the crews re-embarked on their vessels with some reconvening back at Hebe for further libations, where two committee members agreed it was a wonderful day on the water particularly in promoting good fellowship and club spirit.

在懸掛了藍旗的 Hebe One 上,賽事主任 Chris

Howarth 於 12:30 與助

手 Arick Chan 一同展 開終點綫,記錄了似乎 一直在航行的雙體船 Abiders 在12時40分獲 得殊榮。J/80 帆船 Jelik 6 以第二名的姿態衝過 終點,Sousa Moi 緊其 後成為第三名,然後是 未有報名的 Sarah。

另外,乘坐 Hebe One 參加巡航的貴賓也被帶 餐廳用餐。

上岸後,船員和賓客就 能一同品嚐美味海鮮, 並享用各種酒類。 除頒奬予第一艘穿過終 點線的船隻外,本會還 頒發了另外五個獎項。

則非常切合加入了合唱團的小狗 Kismet。儘管 Jannita 把《The 12 Days of Christmas( 聖誕節 12 天)》改篇為《The 12 days of Covid-19》可謂神來之筆,但 Dragonfly 仍以 輕微差距取得大獎。可幸的是,他們在第六日後便停下了。 為確保獎項能公平分配予參賽者,Happy King 獲得了最佳船隻裝飾大獎,而 Jannita 則 獲得最佳船員穿著大獎。

第一項是在 20 條問題的測驗中取最佳成績的隊伍。Hebe One 和 Jannita 以12分平手, 其後 Hebe One 則在決勝局取得勝利。下一個獎項是為了重新撰寫聖誕頌歌,並在簡報
前將其唱出而設。Happy King 取得第四名,而 Sousa Moi 版本的《紅鼻子馴鹿魯道夫》
最後一個獎項是以節日爲主題的最佳護舷裝飾大奬。三件參賽作品分別來自 Jannita、Dragonfly 和 Sousa Moi,後兩者均受高度讚揚,而 Sousa Moi 的「Offending Fender」則取得殊榮。 在頒獎儀式和午餐結束後,船員們重新開始踏上船隻,並在白沙灣遊艇會重新集合,再喝一點酒,兩位委 員會成員均同意,這是一個美妙的水上之日,特別是在促進良好友誼和本會精神方面帶來了深刻回憶。


Slipping moorings a few weeks ago for a precious excursion into 18 knots of a South Easter abeam Shelter Island, I couldn't help but marvel over how clean the inner waterway of Hebe Haven had become. Indeed, the water visibility was beyond two metres and with mullet breaching on a regular basis, our water's health could not appear to be better.

Turning a soft left at the 193 light and what was a clean wake, rapidly became a brown and turbid mess. The bow refused to produce its normally clear breaking primary wave and instead, cut into a chocolate coloured mass of turgidity. Welcome to a Hong Kong red tide. Throttling back in an effort to avoid the thicker mass of this watery red cumulus, I was hit by the odour of what could only be a combination of rotting fish and nullah overflow. Yes, it was putrid to say the least.

So, what actually is this phenomena, this Red Tide? In essence, (no pun intended), it is a natural occurring event triggered by a massive bloom of densely concentrated algae and a variety of plankton species. There is debate over how much of this tide is owed to human interventions, such as poor land water runoff management, nitrates and sewerage spills, but one thing is key: water salinity, oxygen levels and positions of the thermocline all contribute to potential and massive fish die offs. Whilst a red tide may start as a nontoxic event, it can rapidly, and within hours, become a super toxic soup. Swim—I think not, and certainly if you have a wet labrador, keep the hound dry until the tide is reduced to better turbidity or has disappeared entirely. This process may take a few days but what is often left is a body of water devoid of live fish, including airborne mullet and a substantial foamy rust coloured tide line.

Hong Kong experiences an average of 14 Red Tide events each year and normally these occur in spring, as the colder thermoclines rise towards the surface. Current behaviour, global warming and variations in the great ocean gyres will all contribute to what we see as localised red tide formations, so it’s not all about locality per se. Typically and before the Stonecutters sewerage project took effect, human waste mixed with landfill by product catalysed the effects of red tides such that fish die offs and subsequent decomposition, sucked the very oxygen heart out of the water, bad for filter feeding marine animals, (bivalves etc.) and our fish farms. A trip to Yau Ley for scallops and chilli prawns may prudently be delayed until a red tide has substantially cleared.

So, if these tidal blooms occur in spring, why then are we seeing this happen in November? Global warming? Landfill dumping at sea. And as to who is doing this—a clue here is to take a look at the labelling of the trash often seen on the surface of a red tide. It may surprise you! Or simply a variation in the biocycles of algae growth in the South China Sea?

Nothing is really hard and fast from the perspective of sound science with red tides but one thing is certain. They are here to stay and have become less predictable in our spring calendar.

If, like me, you end up in the kernel of a thick, red tide, then it’s suggested, you throttle back to reduce the through flow over your filters but then once in clearer waters, increase the revs to purge. That’s always good for the injectors and the heat exchanger and may even dislodge trash and decomposed material from the seacock inlets. But don't ask me to get wet to check them.

片朱古力色的洶湧浪潮之中。歡迎體驗香港的紅潮。爲了 避開這片紅色的浮積物,我減慢了速度,鼻子傳來腐爛的 魚腥味和溝渠溢出的惡臭。是的,實在非常難聞。 所以,到底紅潮是甚麼現象?從本質來說,這是一個由 大量密集繁殖的藻類和各種浮游生物引發的自然現象。 對於紅潮的成因有多少是屬於人爲干預,例如土溢出地 徑流管理不善、硝酸鹽和污水,一直存在爭議。但關鍵 的一點是水的鹽度、氧氣水平和溫躍層的位置都會造成 潛在和大規模魚類死亡。雖然紅潮起始之時可能是無毒 的事件,但它會在數小時內迅速演變成充滿劇毒的湯一 樣。游泳。我建議不要,而如果您有一隻濕的拉布拉多 犬,盡量讓牠保持乾爽直至紅潮的混濁度減輕或完全消 失。這或需時數天,但一般不剩任何活魚,包括跳躍的 鯔魚,水域只留下大量泡沫狀的鐵鏽色潮汐線。 香港平均每年經歷 14 次紅潮,通常發生在春季,因為 較冷的溫躍層上升至水面。水流的活動、全球暖化和大 洋環流的變化都會引致我們所見的局部紅潮形成,因此 這不只與本地的因素有關。一般來說,在昂船洲污水渠 計劃實施之前,人類產生的廢物會與垃圾堆填區的副產 品混合,催化了紅潮的影響,導致魚類死亡及隨後的分 解,抽走了水中的氧氣,對濾食海洋動物(雙殼類等)

浮游廢物 紅潮 我在數星期前進入繫泊處,以 18 節風勢航行進入東南方 橫斷牛尾洲時,不禁為白沙灣的內水道變得如此乾淨而 驚歎。事實上,水中能見度超過 2 米,加上鯔魚不時破 浪而出,我們的水質現時似乎再好不過了。 在 193 號燈處輕輕往左轉,原來乾淨的水面很快變成棕色 混濁的一團糟。船頭原應駛進清澈的浪頭,但卻切進了一
及我們的魚場產生壞影響。為了謹慎起見,想要品嚐有 利的扇貝和辣椒蝦的旅程或需延後至紅潮大幅消退之 後。 那麼,如果這些紅潮發生在春季,爲甚麼我們會在 11 月 看到這些情況發生呢?全球暖化?堆填物倒入海中。邊 境那邊的朋友經常這樣做,給您一個小提示,看看紅潮 表面常見的垃圾標籤。或許會讓您大吃一驚!又或只是 南中國海藻類生物循環的變化? 從紅潮的科學角度來看,並非有跡可循,但有一點是肯 定的。它們會持續出現,並且會在春季變得更加難以預 測。 如果您像我一樣陷入了一個厚厚的紅潮核心,那麼建議 您減慢速度,以減低過濾器的通流量。而一旦進入清澈 的水域,就可以增加轉速來進行淨化。這對噴射船和熱 交換器來說總有好處,甚至可由旋塞清除垃圾和分解物 質……但別叫我入水檢查! FLOTSAM AND JETSAM

Reference for chart plotting must be in the first instance to the updated Admiralty paper charts 3489 and larger. eSeaGo and Navionics via MFD chart plotters etc. (On my boat, I use B and G equipment and all its macro capability is good for this passage. I understand that Raymarine and Garmin are as good, if not better).

Food and Beverage

The Club will endeavour to provide ship's stores and food takeaways for all boats for self-pick up. Beer and water, stored under cabin sole floor boards make for ideal buoyancy and easy access if access to fridges and lockers might become difficult. I use old 5 litre water containers to reuse and store under the galley sole.

存在船艙底地板下的啤酒和水,在難以使用冰箱和儲物櫃 時,提供理想的浮力之餘又方便取用。(我重複使用舊的 5 公升容器,並將其存放於廚房底部。)

即使短期航行亦需注意航員道德。一段恰當的的航員簡報、即 使是一個安全設備的位置的在簡介,以及一個乾糧零食盒,亦 是能讓您的航員承認您的領導地位,並安靜地回顧他們在船上 擔當的職務。爲過夜的航員分配獨立的儲物櫃和牀鋪同樣是關 鍵。取得航員家人的電話號碼,並記錄於日誌之中。

確保水箱和燃料足以行駛 41 海哩以及額外 30% 的應急額 度。(這並非一場賽事,船隻的環繞賽表現對行駛航道並不重 要) 現在就是檢查引擎效能詳情的好時機;在基本的 70% 動 力設定下的燃料流量會是多少?(Yanmar 非渦輪 100hp 發動 機在 70% 設定運行時速度約為每小時 2.5 升。) 以量油尺檢 查燃油位,並由後方發動機加油點檢查變速箱油位。檢查交

白沙灣悠閒航海之友巡航日指南 繪製海圖時,需首先參考最新的海軍文件海圖3489及以 上。eSeaGo 和 navionics 通過 MFD 海圖繪圖儀等。(我的船 上使用 B 和 G 設備,它的所有宏觀功能都適合這段的行程。 我知道 Ray marine 和 Garmin 同樣出眾,甚至更好)。 餐飲活動 本會將致力為所有船隻提供自取的船上用品和外帶餐點。儲
規劃航道 規劃航道與賽事不同,需要確定動態。無需多講,一般的鑽 機開口銷完整性、鋼絲鎖、卸扣形狀、運行索具等等檢查 必須進行。包括您對收起主帆的熟練程度。收起主帆的工作 需要練習,如果您對此不熟悉,那就要把船駛出海練習將所 有三個帆收進主帆之中。卷帆系統一般都簡單直接,但是決 定是否需要縮帆則需要提前準備並與您的航員進行詳細的簡 報。如果有疑問的話必定有問題。如當天預報是 F4 到 F5(11 至 16 節,17 至 21節),您的航行計劃將接近第一個收帆的要 求。延誤了縮帆時間或會造成問題,特別是不習慣在強風和 巨浪情況下收帆的航員。 老手給的建議:保持引擎艙清潔。乾淨的引擎地板會顯示多樣 的動態。漏油、皮帶磨損、進水甚至例如交流發電機緊固螺栓 和喉箍等的引擎零件脫落。如果您打算拋錨,請檢查您的起錨 機是否運作正常;鏈條出入,以及錨轉環、鏈條和附加範圍的 狀況。您的電池是否可以支援導航燈、錨燈和早上啓動引擎? 您或需要一個錨杆緩衝器與錨球。檢查您的錨適合哪一種地 面;Rocna在大多數地面都能抓得很好,但Danforth在沙地上表 現欠佳。在南丫發電站灣或熨波洲,您預計會遇上哪種地型? CRUISING SAILORS OF HEBE GUIDELINES FOR CRUISING DAYS

Even a short passage needs attention to crew moral. A proper crew brief, location of safety equipment, even if it’s a review and a snack box with dry stores, will be good agency for your crew to acknowledge your leadership and quietly review their own roles aboard. Allocation of individual locker stowage and bunk space for those overnighting is also key. Take phone numbers for crew's shore based family and inscribe in the logbook.

Ensure water tanks and fuel will be sufficient for a 41 nm passage plus contingency of 30%. (This is NOT a race and sailing performance for round the can racing, is not core to passage sailing). Now will be a good time to check with your engine performance details; what fuel flows will be at a nominal 70% power setting? (A Yanmar non turbo 100hp engine at 70% runs at about 2.5 Litres/hr.) Check oil levels via the dip stick and gear box oil via the aft engine access filler point. Alternator belts and coolant check for tightness and quantity.

Passage Planning

Passage planning, unlike racing per se, requires identifying trends. The usual rig checks for split pin integrity, wire locks, shackle shape, running rigging etc., goes without saying. This includes your familiarity in reefing your mainsail. Slab reefing systems need practice and if you are rusty in this area, then take the boat out to practice putting ALL three reefs into your main. Furling systems are straight forward generally but the decision to reef needs early intervention and a thorough briefing with your crew. If there is doubt then there is no doubt. If on the day, predictions are F4 to F5 (11 to 16, 17 to 21 knots), your sail plan will be close to a first reef requirement. Late shortening of sail can prove problematic, especially with crew who are not used to reefing in strong wind and wave conditions.

A good tip given by an old salt: clean your engine bay. A clean engine floor will show up a wealth of trends. Oil leaks, belt wear, water ingress and even engine parts shedding, such as alternator tightening bolts and jubilee clips. If you are planning to anchor then check your windlass for efficacy; chain out and returned, together with condition of the anchor swivel, chain and additional scope. Will your batteries be good for navigational lights, anchor light and morning engine start? You might need an anchor snubber and anchor ball. Check what sort of ground your anchor prefers; a Rocna will be good on most holdings but a Danforth poor on sand. What water terrain will you expect at Lamma Power station bay or Middle Island?

Ensure you are happy with passage

navigation protocols. Navigation table clear of non-navigation material. Log book accessible. Will you plot your position on passage every hour? Watch system? AIS alerts and Man Overboard protocols, (MOB; check you are familiar with this by marking a MOB event on your Chart plotter).

確保您滿意航程導航程序。讓導航表不含非導航資料。可存取的日誌。 您會每小時標誌您在航道上的位置嗎?手錶系統?AIS警報和人員落海程 序,(MOB;通過在海圖繪圖儀上標記 MOB 事件來檢查您對此是否熟悉)。 安全 安全第一始於引擎發動之前。一個詳細的航員簡報,配合安全設備的位 置,通過簡短的問答確保在需要時能夠快速取得安全設備。這將包括 MOB 設備、手動艙底泵、急救箱、安全帶和插孔線的位置。96 和 16 頻道 上的 VHF雙頻手錶。看看您的航員是否對無線電的使用和信號感到滿意, 並在駛出繫泊處之前,檢查你的無線電。手機系統最終會脫離接收範 圍,但或可接收緊急服務沿海區域的信號。在香港水域,16頻道經常被用 作聊天頻道,因此發生緊急情況時,必須根據事件需要與PAN或 MAYDAY 一同進行。 如您的廚房是以燃氣驅動,請確保所有船員都懂得如何使用燃氣系統。 使用後程序以及消防設備的位置,一氧化碳檢測器和氣體泄漏系統。 如您的遊艇上配備救生筏,檢查其最大容量,該最大容量不應超過您的 船員人數。允許航員評估救生筏的使用與否、釋出和登上救生筏的最佳 地點。 處於超過 2 米、F5 及以上的海面時,如需於駕駛艙外工作,必須使用 PLJ 及 MOB 裝置和安全帶。


Safety begins before the engine start. A thorough crew briefing with location of safety equipment, via a post brief questioning should ensure rapid access to safety gear when needed. This will include location of MOB equipment, manual bilge pumps, first aid box, safety harnesses and jack lines. VHF dual watch on channels 96 and 16. Check who in your crew is happy with radio usage and signal check your radio prior to slipping moorings. Mobile phone systems will eventually fall from range but coastal coverage for emergency services may be accessible. In HK waters, CH 16 is often used as a chat channel, so attention getting in an emergency MUST be accompanied with a PAN or a MAYDAY as required by the event.

If your galley is gas powered then ensure ALL crew know how to use the gas system. After use protocols and location of firefighting equipment, Carbon Monoxide detectors and gas leak systems.

If your yacht carries a life raft, then check its service dates and that its maximum capacity is not exceed by your crew compliment. Allow the crew to assess its use, its release and best point to board should it be needed.

In sea swells over two metres and F5 and above, mandate the use of personal life jackets, MOB devices and safety harnesses if working outside the cockpit

This is a good opportunity to check your spares locker for essentials. belts, impellers, jubilee clips, shackles, engine oil and filters and ensure the crew know location of essential tools and gear. (I have a ship's plan sketched to show safety gear location, sea cocks, and quick access equipment).

Most passage vessels with mixed crews will have a set of Standard Operating Procedure, (SOP's). These will include what you as Skipper expect from your crew and will be a reference, (admittedly for longer passages than under 50 nm) for them and additional to your briefing. It may include use of alcohol when under way, smoking and vaping, use of mobile phones when under way, watch keeping measures etc).

Safety briefings are not exclusive and as Skipper you have to assume that the knowledge base of your crew should be at least equivalent to a RYA competent crew certificate. The briefing should never be rushed and allow time at the end for both questioning and discussion. This will allow you to place measure to your crew both in understanding their abilities and how you appoint a watch buddy system. To complete the briefing and to re affirm the overall system that your crew will work with, i.e., your boat as a total dynamic, then take them through the boat, above and below decks; this will be the last "soft" review they will have before you make way.

Remember, as some wag stated. "A bad day sailing is 100 times better than a good day at work"

Clean bilge, safe sailing and a smooth wake to all.

這是檢查您的備用儲物櫃、皮帶、葉輪、喉箍,扣環,機油和過濾器 的好機會,並確保航員知道基本工具和齒輪的位置。(我有一份船舶平 面圖,顯示了安全設備的位置、旋塞和快速存取設備)。 大部份由不同的船員組成的航程都有一套標準操作程序(SOP)。當中包 括您作爲船長對航員的期望,並讓他們仍為您簡報的參考 (無可否認 指的是超過50海哩或更長的航程)。當中或可包括航行時煙酒、使用手 機,和值班措施等內容)。 安全簡報非排他性的,而作為船長,您必須假設您的航員的知識至少 應相當於 RYA 主管船員證書的程度。簡報不應倉促進行,應於最後 騰出時間進行提問和討論。這有助您了解航員的能力以及如何推行監 察伙伴系統方面,為航員進行安排。完成簡報並再次與您的船員確認 將會使用到的整個系統,即以您的船隻作爲一個整體的動力系統,帶 他們整艘船和甲板上下;這將是他們在您離開前進行的最後一次「軟 性」審查。 請記住,正如一則笑話所說:「糟糕的航行日比一個好的工作日好上 百倍」 祝大家有清潔的艙底、安全的航行和順利的旅程。



1. Where would you find a "yard” to drink from at HHYC? 2. The RS Quest Sailing Dinghy had its design genesis in: UK, Australia, Canada, USA or Fiji? 3. The optimist sailing dinghy was created from two large sheets of marine plywood; but in what year?

4. Hebe One, Hebe Haven’s Committee boat is a design based on a: catamaran, trimaran, or cathedral hull. 5. HHYC celebrates its 60th Anniversary in what year? 6. The Commodore (Mr Don Johnston) sails a restored sailing / racing sloop. What is her name? 7. What is a "Zapcat"? 8. When will you find a Spring Tide occurring and how many times each month? 9. Where would you find the Bulwarks on a boat? 10. Where would you find a Midshipman on a boat: in the fog locker, in the ship's mess or at the packing gland near the prop?


4 5 6

3 Across 1. Small starter dinghy with 35sqft sail 2. A old navel term for Rum 6. Name of Captain Bligh’s ship 7. A large cartilaginous, sometimes threatening fish 8. A ship's kitchen 10. A dolphin fish


7 8 9 10

Down 3. A crustacean with a nasty pinch 4. This would cause visibility less than 1 km 5. Hong Kong name for a hurricane 7. The very front of the bow 9. A horizontal wooden arm from a mast sailing schooner

Answers on page 61 Answers on page 61

Email your funniest caption to win a 6 pack and a Club cooler bag. email captions to pr_mgr@hhyc.org. hk

Caption this! Caption this!

This year marks the 19th Anniversary of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race. The Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) has been honourably chosen as the beneficiary organisation. Since 2002, more than HK$8.6 million has been raised from the race supporting our works, and 88 patients have benefited from this event.

We are very grateful to HHYC for sponsoring the Pico training for our survivors. Since 2011, the Club has been providing five-day free Pico sailing training for more than 70 childhood cancer survivors to prepare them to participate in the 24HR Charity Dinghy Race, leading to the establishment of the CCF Sunshine Team. This opportunity has opened up a whole new world for our survivors, all of whom have gone through life-threatening illnesses as a child, and some were even told that they could never play sports again due to their physical impairment such as loss of limb, loss of vision, loss of coordination, loss of balance, etc., rendered from the late effect of their treatments or illnesses. The training provided by the Club has strengthened them not only physically but also psychologically. It enhances their self-esteem and helps them to learn more about their physical ability.

As a long-time partner, CCF always feels the event like a big family gathering, allowing our patients and families to have two days of fun at the carnival, sailing for a great sense of accomplishment, and cheering for their sons and daughters. Once again, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable support that the Hebe

860 萬港元的善款,受惠 患者多達 88 人。

我們感謝白沙灣遊艇會贊助康復者參 與 Pico 航海訓練。自 2011 年起,白沙 灣遊艇會為超過 70 名兒童癌症康復者 提供為期 5 天的免費 Pico 航海訓練, 讓他們為參與 24 小時慈善小艇賽作準 備,及後更成立了兒童癌病基金陽光 隊。這個機會為我們的康復者打開了一 個全新的世界。他們自兒時開始經歷危 及生命的疾病,部份甚至獲告知由於如 失去肢體、視力、協調或平衡能力等因 治療或疾病引致的後遺症及身體殘障, 將再也無法參與任何運動。由遊艇會提 供的訓練活動不只強化了他們的身體, 亦讓他們的心智變得更強大。既加強了 他們的自信心,亦有助他們更了解自己 的身體能力。 作為長期合作夥伴,兒童癌病基金始終 認為這個賽事就像一場盛大的家庭聚 會,讓我們的患者和家屬在兩天的嘉年 華中盡興,為揚帆出航感受滿滿的成就 感,讓他們為兒女加油打氣。我們在此 再次向白沙灣遊艇會多年來為兒童癌病

小時慈善小艇 賽的第19周年。兒童癌病基金
有 幸獲選為受惠機構。自
2002 年起,賽
24 HOUR CHARITY DINGHY RACE 2022 THANK YOU NOTES Children’s Cancer Foundation 兒童癌病基金

On behalf of IDEAL. The Intellectually Disabled Education & Advocacy League, I would like to extend our congratulations on the success of the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race this year. This charity event, as in the past years, has brought forth the outstanding winners, as well as considerable charity funds to help the under privileged. Ideal was delighted to be part of this great event—setting up a booth at the village fair and totally absorbed in the amiable atmosphere, as well as the exciting moments to greet the sailors. Above all, we are grateful to be one of the beneficiaries of the charity-funds which will help us to move forward in our future planning. A Big Thank-You to HHYC!

2022 年 12 月 白沙灣遊艇會24小時慈善小艇賽 2022——勵智協進會的感謝信 代表勵智協進會撰文。勵智協進會在此祝賀今年的 24 小時慈善小艇賽完滿結束。今次慈善活動與往年一樣,除誕 生了一眾優秀的得獎者之外,也為弱勢社群籌集了可觀的善款。勵智協進會很高興能參與今次盛大的活動—在屋村 市集設立攤位,融入了親切和樂的氣氛當中,更享受與一眾航員相見的興奮時刻。最重要的是我們很高興成為善款 的受益人之一,這筆善款將有助我們推動未來的計劃。再次衷心感謝白沙灣遊艇會! 李宋小萍 2022年24小時慈善小艇賽感謝信 IDEAL 勵智協進會
Katherine Li Chair

TREATS is grateful to have Hebe Haven Yacht Club as our partner who shares the same belief and vision to build an inclusive society for all children in Hong Kong. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the donation raised from the Hebe Haven Club 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race 2022.

With the donation, we can make a difference for the teenagers with disabilities to unleash their potential through inclusive sailing experience. Moreover, the donation also enables the potential one to join the advanced sailing training and empower them to participate in local or international sailing races to broaden their horizon and further actualize their potential. The inclusive sailing experience will create new experience and social exposure for our beneficiaries to build confidence, social skills and problem-solving skills and break social barriers for people with all abilities and backgrounds.

作夥伴,我們雙方抱有相同的信念 和願景,為香港所有兒童建立共融 的社會。我們衷心感謝白沙灣遊艇 會 24 小時慈善小艇賽 2022 為我們 所籌得的善款。 有了這筆善款,我們可為殘障青少 年帶來更多改變,讓他們能通過共 融的航海體驗活動展現潛能。此 外,是次籌得的款項亦能讓有潛質 的航員參與進階的航海訓練,並有 機會參與本地或國際航海賽事,擴 闊他們的視野,讓他們發揮潛能。 共融的航海體驗會為我們的受助帶 來新的體驗,並與社會接觸,可以 為他們建立自信、掌握社交技巧及 解決問題的能力,更可為不同體能 與背景的人士打破隔膜。 TREATS 親切


很高興又一年作為受 Bishi Mizuiki

Another year of great fun at Hebe Haven Yacht Club’s 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race! This year we have some of our member to experience the dinghy race for the first time! And they were all having great times.

Thanks for this great opportunity to let more parties know about our social services and conservation project in Sai Kung. Thanks again for the continuous supports from Hebe Haven Yacht Club. See you next year!

Charity sailing, sailing Charity—fundraising for Charity was a primary goal for all of us at the 24 Hour event. We’ve been in the race from the very beginning and always raised a reasonable amount. Somehow we stopped for a while as we drained with ways to raise more money every year.

Then back in 2019 one of our teammate took up the task as the “Money Man” to do the push for fundraising. He targeted different sponsors from his business and private connection and the result was overwhelming. Our team been the top fundraiser in three consecutive events & raised more than half a million.

Our success is very much team work. We’re having around 10 skeleton team members responsible for different roles plus we add new members every year as a catalyst with new sources to raise more money.

的「金融家」,承擔了這個要推動更多募捐活 動的任務。他從自己的業務和私人關係中對準 了不同的目標贊助商,並且獲得了非常驚人的 成果。我們於連續3屆賽事中成爲了籌款最多 的隊伍,所得善款超過 50 萬元。 Sai Kung District Community Centre 水木橋

Every event we are having around 30 members with 24 to race (2 members/2 hours shift) and the rest as on shore support. Thanks to the support from yacht Groovy (高 飛) we’ve been using as our basecamp to provide F&B and resting place for the crews.

We also designed team T shirts for the event with logo from our major sponsors. Some people were teasing as it looked like billboard. We care less as it’s all about charity.

惠機構伙伴參與白沙 灣遊艇會舉辦的24小 時慈善小艇賽!今年 更加第一次讓中心會 員落場體驗小艇賽感 覺,非常好玩! 感謝這個難得機會讓 更多人認識中心在西 貢的社會服務以及保 育項目。亦再次感謝 白沙灣遊艇會的持續 支持。下年見! 為慈善揚帆出航,宣揚施比受更有福 — 爲慈 善機構籌款是我們這次 24 小時慈善賽的唯一 重點。我們在很早期已經參與比賽,亦經常籌 募到尚算滿意的善款。我們中途曾暫停了一段 時間,目的是為了要想出更多方法於每年籌得 更多善款。 然後回到 2019 年,我們其中一位隊友作為當中
Not sure if we will continue in the coming one as our ‘Money Man’ said he has used up his quota to raise more money. Never say never, who knows as in our Chinese Saying'大肚姑娘 醉酒老'- Pregnant woman drunken man. Let see! 我們的成功全歸功於團隊間的合作。我們有大 約 10名骨幹成員負責不同的工作,加上我們每 年都會加入新的成員,並以此作為催化劑,以 利用新資源來籌募更多金錢。 每次賽事我們都有大約 30 位隊員參加,當中 24 位會直接參與比賽 (每 2 位隊員每 2 小時 輪班一次),其餘隊員則留在岸上隨時提供支 援。感謝遊艇 Groovy (高飛)的支持,我們一 直以其作爲我們的大本營,爲隊員提供飲食與 休息地方。 我們亦為賽事設計了印有我們主要贊助商標誌 的隊衣。有些人取笑它看起來像一個廣告牌。 我們對此不以為意,因為這全是為了慈善。 由於我們的「金融家」表示他已用光了他的目 標贊助商人情牌,因此我們不肯定來屆是否會 繼續參與。雖然口裡說不,但正如一個諺語所 形容:「大肚姑娘醉酒老」,誰知道我們會如 何呢?就看看吧!
50 24 時慈善 艇 事 白沙灣遊艇 西貢公 10 半 白沙灣 西貢 香港 2022 年 12 1 大 好 178,000 本 此 感謝 位 2022 年 11 25 行的 24 時慈善 艇 的支票 晚 捐 178,000 港元。 如 往,捐 款 驚喜。 航 香港的全 白到爲了 利 這次 事所 的龐大 力,故此籌 和遊艇 門職 在值得恭 。 年的 事 事主題十 成功,我們 見許多 過了 充 的週末。 善款 大大支 少的航 航 ;我們 進 步 入 社區內的弱 社 ,讓 們 機 白沙灣遊艇 航海的 。 這場 24 時慈善 艇 , 作 我們航 船隊 次 事的航 來 是 。 的 ; 健航 和 們的 、SEN 學校, 和晨輝學校 東 院徐展 學校、 善 學 校的星期六航 、Scallywag 劃的航 、少數 社區的青少年、 業航 、長 航 和我 們 色的 、教 、 師 安全艇船 。 再次感謝 位的慷慨捐 , 我們全 來的支 。 此 91/15775 24 時慈善 艇 事 白沙灣遊艇 西貢公 10 半 白沙灣 西貢 香港 2022 年 12 1 大 好 178,000 本 此 感謝 位 2022 年 11 25 行的 24 時慈善 艇 的支票 晚 捐 178,000 港元。 如 往,捐 款 驚喜。 航 香港的全 白到爲了 利 這次 事所 的龐大 力,故此籌 和遊艇 門職 在值得恭 。 年的 事 事主題十 成功,我們 見許多 過了 充 的週末。 善款 大大支 少的航 航 ;我們 進 步 入 社區內的弱 社 ,讓 們 機 白沙灣遊艇 航海的 。 這場 24 時慈善 艇 , 作 我們航 船隊 次 事的航 來 是 。 的 ; 健航 和 們的 、SEN 學校, 和晨輝學校 東 院徐展 學校、 善 學 劃的航 、少數 社區的青少年、 業航 、長 航 和我


It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Jacqueline Ariez Rowan Vachha on 25 November 2022.

Never one to seek praise, Jackie has been one of those dedicated, quiet achievers for Hebe Haven Yacht Club over many years.

In the early days of Youth Sail Training at the Club, Jackie played an integral role in helping to establish dinghy sailing opportunities for younger members. Her sons Darayus and Rohinton were active sailors at the club in their youth.

Jackie, together with her husband Ariez, were key race management officials & volunteers for all Club Events & Regattas over many years. In recognition of her tireless, volunteer work towards the success of the 24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race, Jackie was presented with a Club award in 2008. Her passion for this event was inspiring for so many co-supporters.

Needless to say, Jackie jumped at the opportunity to play a key role in the establishment of Sailability Hong Kong. Her talents extended to designing the first ever logbook and certificates for sailors with disabilities and Jackie was always there to lend a hand with the sailors on the water.

Jackie touched the hearts of many people with her selfless care and compassion for others. She will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved her. Our thoughts are with Ariez, Darayus and Rohinton at this sad time.


On 20 November Sailiablity’s flagship Mo Han took part in the Hong Kong Around the Island Race (ATIR) for the first time, amazingly finishing 8th position overall. Fred Vaudaine, a Sailability volunteer, was onboard for the race and writes about that memorable day.

ATIR is one of the most prestigious races in Hong Kong, so after receiving Mo Han, our 40 foot Solaris boat donated in July 2022 by the Li Ka Shing foundation, we agreed at an early stage that we wanted to try to get her to the starting line for the ATIR.

As Sailability volunteers, we always strive to show the best of our para sailors sailing skills and just being able to compete with all those big boats from the HK sailing community would be a great milestone. After some training, and a small number of race regattas, we felt ready to try.

So, what does a Sailability crew on Mo Han look like?

Our objective is to have the boat fully manoeuvred by our para sailors, so at the helm was Foo, Yuen Wai who participated to the ATIR few years back in a 2.4 mR. The jib was trimmed by Sylvia Leung, Yuk Chun, and the main sail by Puk Chi Yeung, both very experienced sailors of 2.4 mR’s.

無限號首次參與 ATIR 賽事 11 月 20 日,航能的旗艦船無限號首次參與帆船香港環島大賽 (ATIR),意外獲得總成績第 8 名。航能的義工 Fred Vaudaine 參加了賽事,並用文字記錄了這個值得紀念的日子。 ATIR是香港最負盛名的賽事之一,因此在獲得李嘉誠基金 會於 2022 年 7 月捐贈的 40 英尺 Solaris 帆船無限號之後, 我們一早就同意讓其參與 ATIR 賽事。 作為航能的義工,我們一直致力展示傷健航員最優秀的航 海技能,而能夠與來自香港帆船界的所有大將一同爭勝已 是一個偉大的里程碑。經過一定的訓練和數次帆船賽事, 我們做好準備,決心嘗試。 在無限號上的航能船員怎樣分工呢? 我們的目標是要讓傷健航員能完全操控這艘船,所以由幾 年前曾以 2.4 mR 參加過 ATIR 賽事的 Foo, Yuen Wai 擔任 舵手。前帆交由 Sylvia Leung 和 Yuk Chun 負責,而主帆 則由 Puk Chi Yeung 操控,他們都是有豐富的 2.4 mR 經 驗的航員。 MO HAN’S MAIDEN ATIR

As we have only had the boat for four months, we haven’t yet found a solution to enable the para sailors to trim the headsails. But, except for the foredeck and head sail trimmers, the boat was in the hands of our para sailors.

As there were so many boats in HK taking part in the race, we could not get a mooring at RHKYC and therefore we had to sail from HHYC to the start line on the morning of the race. A big thank you to HHYC who allowed us to dock at the pontoon overnight before the race so we could get away early.

Most of the crew slept at Kay’s house or on board Mo Han or in their cars waiting for the early alarm to begin our very long day!

At 5am we all met at HHYC and were ready to go. After 45 minutes we had a “nice” surprise as our propeller became blocked near Shelter Island. Of course, we could not allow a piece of ocean pollution to stop our quest so one of us dived into the fresh morning water - enjoying the sunrise from underneath the boat – to remove a plastic bag so we could restart our journey.

Once in HK Harbour, we hoisted the sails and warmed up for the start, enjoying the crowd and preparing for the start of the race. Class flag, P flag up, P flag down, class flag down, “beeeep” and we were off! Mo Han started her maiden ATIR.

由於我們收到船後只有 4 個月的時間,我們還末找到讓航員調整 前帆的解決方案。但除了前甲板和前帆微調器,這艘船已在我們 的航員掌握之中。 由於香港參加賽事的船隻太多,我們無法在香港遊艇會繫泊, 因此不得不在比賽當天早上由白沙灣遊艇會駛往起點線。非常 感謝白沙灣遊艇會准許我們在賽事前一夜停泊在浮橋,讓我們 能盡早離開。 大部份航員在Kay的家、無限號船上或車裡過夜,等待早上的鬧 鐘喚醒我們開始漫長的一天! 我們所有人在凌晨5點於白沙灣遊艇會集合出發。45分鐘後,螺 旋槳在牛尾洲附近受阻,這讓我們大吃一驚。我們當然不能讓一 塊海上的污染物阻擋我們的航程,所以我們當中一位航員跳進清 晨的海水中(從船底欣賞日出)並清除了一個塑膠袋,我們得以重 新出發。 一到達港灣,我們就揚起船帆準備熱身,享受人群帶來的熱鬧氣 氛,為賽事開始作準備。組別旗升起,P 旗升起,P旗落下,組別旗 落下。「嗶」一聲,我們就出發!無限號開始了首個 ATIR 賽事。

Thanks to some perfect teamwork we were just about first to cross the line. A decent wind took us to Lei Yue Mun quickly and only then did we realise that we were among the very first boats in the race.

From Cape Colinson to Shek O, the wind shifts urged us to change our head sails, from jib, to code 0, to G2, back to jib and G2. The teamwork and training kicked in and all went smoothly.

We passed Cape D’Aguillar easily then from Tai Tam Bay we started to be overtaken by the racing boats, TP52, the Flying Sun Hung Kai Scallywag trimaran.

Near Cyberport, Blu, a 48 feet Solaris overtook us in a friendly way and encouraged us to keep pushing the boat.

Although our initial objective for the day was simply to participate, to show that a boat manoeuvred by para sailors can compete, we all got the feeling that we could be more aggressive while racing. After passing the last mark near Green Island we headed upwind to the finish line, being cautious about the Star Ferries and other boats criss-crossing the harbour.

Reaching the finish line was a wonderful moment. As the finish came into sight, we counted down the last metres together. The crew of Mo Han’s sister ship, Blu, which had crossed the line a few minutes before us were watching and cheering us on. It was an unforgettable moment, in such a prestigious race, and such a wonderful harbour. On board Mo Han I looked at everyone’s’ faces, especially our para sailors, and it was one of the best moments I have ever had in live sport, and this is what Sailability is all about.

全賴完美的團隊合作, 我們差點以首名衝過起 點線。一陣順風很快地 將我們帶到鯉魚門,那 時我們才發現我們置身 於賽事中的的領先船隻 之中。 從歌連臣角至石澳,風 向變化促使我們調整前 帆,從三角帆到代碼
賽艇 Flying
Scallywag的三體帆船 TP52
力。在經過青洲附近的最 後一個標記後,我們一邊 留意在港口穿梭的天星小 輪和其他船隻,一邊逆風 駛往終點線。 到達終點線的一刻十分美 妙。當終點出現在眼前 時,我們一起為最後幾米 作倒數。無限號的姊妹船 Blu 的航員早於我們幾分 鐘衝過終點線,一邊觀看 並為我們加油。 身處如 此著名的賽事和如此美麗 的港口之中,那一刻實在 令人難忘。在無限號上, 我看著每位的臉,特別是 我們的傷健航員,是我在 現場運動中經歷過最美好 的時刻之一,亦是航能的 意義所在。
0, 到 G2,再回到三角帆和 G2。合作與訓練發揮作 用,一切都十分順暢。 我們輕鬆地穿過鶴咀, 然後在大潭灣開始被
Sun 新鴻基
48英尺的 Solaris Blu 以 友善的的方式超越了我 們,鼓勵我們繼續推動 船隻前進。 雖然我們當日的最初目標 只是參與,以證明由傷健 航員駕駛的船亦能參與賽 事,但我們都覺得我們可 以在賽事中發揮更強競爭

More than crossing the line in a decent position for our first time (overall HKPN 8th out of 88), we were happy that in 4 months we have built a team that can overcome disabilities, overcome language issues as some of our crew do not speak English, and developed our communications because most of us previously sailed solo in 2.4mR’s, which does not require communicating and teamwork.

ATIR 2022 was not only at great day, but definitely another milestone in our inclusive sailing journey.

We are now preparing for other events, to show more sailing wheelchairs in Hong Kong waters!

不只以 HKPN 總排名第 8 名(共計 88 名)的優秀成績完成首個賽事,我們很 高興還在 4 個月內打造了一支可以克服 殘障和部份航員不會英語的語言問題; 而因為我們大部份人此前都是獨自行駛 2.4mR,缺少溝通和團隊合作,我們這 次亦發展出自己的溝通方式。

ATIR 2022 不只是美好的一天,而且絕 對是我們共融航程中的一個里程碑。

我們現正為其他賽事作準備,在香港 水域展現更多能航海的輪椅手!

The Race Around the Island Race is something my teammates and I have been longing to participate in. We are infinity excited to be able to board Mo Han to participate in this event. Regardless of how early we have to wake up or how late we get home, we are willing to devote ourselves to it; although it might be an exhausting experience, we are happy and will enjoy it.

My name is Puk Chi Yeung, and I am honored to represent Sailability HK onboard the Infinity as part of the Sun Hung Kai & Co. Ltd Race Around the Island on November 20, 2022. I am very excited and happy about it. I am the sailor in charge of the mainsail. Thanks to the full cooperation from the captain, coaches, volunteers and three sailors with disabilities, the race started at 8:50 am and we crossed the finishing line at 2:47:16 pm, ranking second in the group. I am extremely proud about it. Previously, I mainly sailed small sailing boats such as the single-person 2.4mR and the Hansa 303. This time I sailed the 12-person Mo Han in the race, an experience which helped me understand the importance of discussing strategy before the race, team communication, cooperation, physical fitness and tacit understanding. I hope to do even better in the future.

Mo Han is a sailing team that values teamwork. The Race Around the Island left us with a deep impression. When the race started, Mo Han was riding the waves towards the goal, and before we knew it, we had passed most of the boats. When I looked back, the sight was very impressive, as if all the other ships were behind us. Fortunately, a professional photographer captured this scene and left us with an excellent photo to remind us of this wonderful memory by. I really do love this photo (see opposite page).

環島賽是隊友們一直渴望的事; 能夠登上「無限」參與這賽事, 心情是「無限」的興奮; 無論早起晚歸都樂意投身其中; 整個過程雖累卻開心着。 我是畢熾揚 Puk chi yeung 有幸代 表航能上無限參加2022年11月20日 舉行的帆船香港環島大賽的一員, 非常興奮和高興。我負責主帆的水 手,在船長、教練、義工再加上 我們三位傷健帆船運動員的通力合 作,於上午8:50開賽,下午2時47 分16秒衝線,在組別排名第二感到 光榮。之前我主力玩單人 2.4 mR 和Hansa303小帆船,這次在12人 嘅無限大船作賽,感受到在賽前商 討策略,隊員溝通、配合、體能、 默契嘅重要性。希望以後日子能有 更好的表現。

無限是注重團隊合作精神的帆船 隊。在環島賽留下深刻印象,當比 賽開步後,無限號成風破浪向着目標 前進,不知不覺中,原來無限號已經 超越大部分船隻,回頭向後望,那 個畫面非常震撼,彷彿所有船隻都 在我們的背後;而這個畫面幸好被 專業攝影師拍攝下來,待我們留下 美好回憶,而這照片我十分喜愛。


My daughter Fiona has been diagnosed with autism, and most of the time lives in her own world. We wanted her to join some outdoor activities and training hoping to broaden her horizons, and found, out that she likes swimming. When she is in the water she feels like a mermaid. I was introduced to Sailability one year ago when chatting with a parent of Fiona’s classmate. At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t know whether she would be capable of sailing, however, I also didn’t want to limit her so, we decided to let her try.

In my previous experience, sailing is for the rich. It is not a common activity such as swimming, cycling or a ball game, where you can get a swimsuit, bicycle, or a ball at an affordable price and just get started. As an average family, we had little knowledge of sailing. On our first day at Sailability, I was a little anxious, but the instructors and volunteers were very friendly, and we were made to feel very welcome from the minute we arrived.

Fiona settled herself in at Sailability a lot quicker than I expected. She is not good at communicating with strangers but at Sailability she is relaxed and feels at home, and I too feel the same way. Fiona now looks forward to going to Saturday Sailing every weekend.

Fiona is learning step by step and is improving in her ability to sail. She has also learnt how to cooperate with other people and listen to the instructions from the coaches. Most importantly, she has gradually learnt to communicate with others. She used to find building relationships hard, but we are delighted to hear that she has become best friends with Alexandra in Sailability, and always talks about her at home. She enjoys the feeling of freedom and adventuring on the sea, but what she enjoys most is to be able to sail with her friend Alexandra.

Fiona has an elder sister studying in Australia. She is hardworking but gets upset easily when she doesn’t perform well. On the other hand, Fiona is very easygoing and the smallest achievement can make her very happy. Sailability provides that to her as she progresses week by week.

母親與女兒 我的女兒 Fiona 被診斷出患有自閉症,大部分時間她都活在自己的世界之中。我們希 望她能參與一些戶外活動和訓練以拓展視野,並發掘了她對游泳的喜愛。她在水裡感 覺自己像美人魚一樣。一年前,我在與 Fiona 的一位同學家長聊天時聽說了航能。一 開始我也很猶豫,不知道她是否能航海,但我也不想為她加諸限制,所以決定放手讓 她試試看看。 以我過往的經驗,航海是有錢人的玩意。這並非像游泳、單車或球類運動那樣常見,只 需以平易的價錢購買泳衣、單車或球類就能開始的活動。作為一般家庭,我們對航海的 認識不深。在我們到航能的首天,我有點緊張,但導師與義工都非常友善,讓我們從踏 進去的瞬間開始感到賓至如歸。 Fiona在航能適應的速度比我預期要快得多。她並不擅長與陌生人作交流,但在航能 她感到放鬆,仿佛在家一樣,而我也有同感。Fiona現在每個週末都期待參與逢週六 的航海活動。 Fiona一步步學習,航海技能不斷進步。她亦學習到如何與他人合作,聆聽教練的指 導。最重要的是她逐漸學會與人交流。以往的她很難建立人際關係,但我們很高興聽 到她在航能與 Alexandra 成為最好的朋友,而且總是在家裡提及她。她享受在海上自 由自在和歷險的感覺,但最享受的還是能和她的朋友 Alexandra 一起出航。 MOTHER AND DAUGHTER

I am a nurse. Taking care of patients is my duty, and I sometimes find it hard to take care of elderly patients who are not listening to instructions; every member of Sailability has a special need, so I can appreciate the hard work needed to take care of every single one of them, the kindness, the patience, everything.

I highly recommend Sailability to anyone with special needs. If you are a parent thinking of whether to take your child to Sailability, I would say it’s definitely worth it.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all the instructors and volunteers of Sailability.

Fiona 有一個在澳洲唸書的姐姐。她非常 勤奮,但當表現不好時很容易失落。而另 一方面,Fiona 是非常隨和的人,即使是 很小的成就亦能讓她感到十分高興。航能 每星期的訓練為她帶來這樣的改變。 我是一名護士。照顧病人是我的職責,而 我有時亦在照顧不聽從指示的年長患者時 感到困難;每一位航能的會員都有特殊需 要,所以我更能明白與欣賞為照顧他們所 付出的心力、關愛、耐性等等。 我向所有有特殊需要的人士強烈推薦航 能。如果您正為是否帶您的子女參加航能 作考慮的話,我會說這絕對十分值得。 最後,我希望藉此機會向所有航能的導師 與義工表示感謝。


The new General Committee has been elected, and I am very happy to continue to serve all members in the new year. This year's Sailing Committee (SailCom) not only retained the members of last year, but also added some members who love sailing and racing. Thank you to all of the new and old committee members.

In the coming year we hope to actively encourage more members and sailors to participate in recreational sailing, racing and other sailing activities to attract more sailing members.

In the past, the Club has put significiant efforts into sail training (especially on dinghies), Hebe Dragons team training and keelboat racing. With an increase of activities and participants, the load of the Sailing Center is also increasing, which has posed great challenges in terms of staff, spaces and boat and sail maintenance. There are voices among the members who want to introduce sports membership to attract more sailing members. There are also voices that Hebe Haven may be too focused on sail training and the Club has become a sailing center. This year SailCom and the Sailing Development Committee (SDC) will sit down together to discuss the Club’s future on sailing development. Ultimately GenCom will determine the direction of the Club. Looking forward we are celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Hebe Haven Yacht Club and hope the Club can develop in a healthy direction.

There will have several highlights on yacht sailing this year:

1. Introduction of Club ORC

We will study the feasibility of promoting Club ORC to HKPN boats. Maybe you don’t know, Hebe Haven Yacht Club (HHYC) boats mainly race in the HKPN division. The racing events we organize can be said the largest regular competition on HKPN division in Hong Kong. Unlike HKPN which adjust boats ratings based on the boats performance after each race, ORC decides a boats rating based on complete boat measurement. ORC has two certificates: ORC International certificate and ORC Club Certificate. ORC Club is designed for Club-level racing that can go up to national championship and its rating is determined according to self-declared measurements. We hope the introduction of the Club ORC for HKPN boats can increase the competitiveness of racing.

2. Promote Keelboat racing

We hope to organize more programs, so that J/80 students or new sailors can have the opportunity to learn racing under the leadership of experienced sailors. This will help to increase their sailing skills and their understanding of the racing rules and racing tactics, allowing them to enjoy racing and get involved.

3. Match racing nationals

Last year J/80 Match Racing Nationals was postponed due to the relaxation of COVID rules and many sailors left Hong Kong. This year the Match Racing Nationals are scheduled to be held in April. We hope to take this opportunity to introduce this sports to more regular Hebe keelboat sailors and participate in it.

4. Cruising Sailors of Hebe (CSOH)

CSOH was established in September last year. We will continue to organize more activities and encourage more non-racing members to sail out to enjoy leisure sailing.

All the above need volunteers to support. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer to support our events, please email racing@hhyc.org.hk or sign up on our website as volunteers.



過去,俱樂部更側重於航海訓練(尤其是小艇)、龍隊訓練和龍骨船比賽。 隨著 活動和參與者的增加,航海中心的負荷也越來越大,這對人員、空間和船隻維修 方面帶來了巨大的挑戰。會員中也有一些迴響,希望引入運動會員制,以吸引更 多的航海會員。也有人認為,白沙灣過於專注航海訓練,遊艇會已儼然成為一個 航海中心。今年,Sailcom 和航海發展委員會 (SDC) 將坐下來討論遊艇會在未來 航海方面的發展方向。最終,Gencom將決定遊艇會的發展方向。我們即將慶祝 白沙灣遊艇會成立 60 週年,希望遊艇會能夠朝著健康的方向發展。


1. 引入 ORC 認證 我們將研究把 ORC 認證推廣到 HKPN 船隻的可行性。也許您不知道,白沙 灣遊艇會 (HHYC) 的船隻主要參加 HKPN 組別的競賽。我們舉辦的賽事可 以說是香港HKPN組別規模最大的常規賽事。與HKPN根據每場比賽後的 船隻性能調整船隻評級不同,ORC根據完整的船隻測量值來決定船隻評 級。ORC有兩種證書:ORC 國際證書和 ORC 遊艇會證書。ORC 遊艇會專為 遊艇會賽事乃至全港錦標賽而設,其等級根據自行申報的測量值確定。 我 們希望將 ORC 認證引入 HKPN 船隻,藉此增加賽事的競爭力。

2. 推廣龍骨船賽事

我們希望舉辦更多的賽事,讓J/80的學員或新船員有機會在老手的帶領下 學習。這將有助於提高其航海技能,加深對比賽規則和比賽戰術的理解,讓 他們享受比賽並參與其中。

3. 全港對抗賽

去年的 J/80 全港對抗賽由於 COVID 政策的放寬而被推遲,許多船員離開了 香港。今年的全港對抗賽計劃於4月舉行。我們希望藉此機會將這項運動介 紹給更多的白沙灣龍骨船常規船員,並讓更多人參與其中。 4. 白沙灣悠閒航海之友 (CSOH) CSOH於去年九月成立。我們將繼續舉辦更多的活動,鼓勵更多的非競賽會 員出海,享受休閒航海的樂趣。 以上都需要義工的支援。如果您有興趣成為義工支援我們的活動,請發送電郵至 racing@hhyc.org.hk 或在我們的網站上註冊成為義工。


0109 0.9 1900 2.1

15 WED 16 THU

1633 2.1 0234 0.8 1722 2.2 0115 0.6 1819 2.3 0202 0.5 1953 2.4 0244 0.3 2101 2.5 0324 0.3 2155 2.6 0403 0.3 2244 2.5 0440 0.4 2329 2.4 0514 0.6 1211 1.8 0013 2.2 0547 0.7 0057 1.9 0615 0.9 1334 1.9 1846 0.9 0638 1.0 1420 1.9 1513 1.9 2110 1.0 1615 1.9

1 WED 2 THU 3 FRI 4 SAT 5 SUN 6 MON 7 TUE 8 WED 9 THU 10 FRI 11 SAT 12 SUN 13 MON 14 TUE
0150 0.7 1949 2.2 0229 0.6 2034 2.2 0306 0.5 2116 2.2 0340 0.5 2154 2.3 0410 0.5 2229 2.3 0438 0.5 2303 2.2 0506 0.6 2336 2.2 0535 0.6 1221 1.6 0011 2.1 0604 0.7 0049 1.9 0635 0.8 0705 0.9 1411 1.8 0736 1.1 1456 1.8 1544 1.9 2203 1.0 新一屆總務委員會委員已經選舉誕生,很高興在新的一年繼續為全體會員服務。 今年的航海委員會(Sailcom)不僅保留了去年的成員,還新增了一些熱愛航海和
FRI 18 SAT 19 SUN 20 MON 21 TUE 22 WED 23 THU 24 FRI 25 SAT 26 SUN

Rear Commodore—Operations

Very glad to be able to continue my role as Rear Commodore—Operations and continue to work alongside the team in Marine Operations. Stepping into 2023, I will continue to focus on maintenance and safety in the Club as well as manage to develop more boat spaces.

The installation of the safety walkways on the boat racks is continuing and should be completed on time. Over the past two months we have also taken the time to replace or repair the wooden fenders that run along the edge of the pontoons.

Following the completion of our men's and women's washroom rennovations, the temporary toilet will be relocated to the marine yard. The existing meeting room will become the maintenance teams’ new office. The Marine Office will also be relocated to the end of the boat yard which will free up more space for storage of boats and vehicles.

The Marine staff are actively cooperating with the Sailing Centre to free up space and give competitors vehicles parking at preferential prices on race days. Please contact the Marine Office for further details.

In terms of safety, Hebe Haven Yacht Club continues to work with the Marine Department to remove illegally moored vessels in the area surrounding us.

Lastly, I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.

很高興能參與今屆海事執行團 隊的工作。踏入2023年,我會 繼續專注於保養及安全工作, 並致力開發更多可使的空間。

會議室將成為工程部的新辦公 室。海事部辦公室會被移至船 廠位置,為存放船隻和車輛騰 出更多空間。 海事人員亦積極配合航海中心 騰出空間,於賽事日以優惠價 讓參賽者停泊車輛。如欲了解 更多詳情,請與辦公室聯絡。 在安全方面,白沙灣遊艇會繼 續與海事處合作清理周邊地區 的違法繫泊船隻。 最後在此祝大家新年快樂。 New safety boat rack walkways
我們的船架安全人行道仍在建 設中,期待即將按時完成。過去 兩個月我們亦忙於更換浮穚外 圍的的木質護舷。 在翻新了男女男衣室及洗衣間 後,臨時更衣室及洗衣間將移 至海事部船廠位置。而現時的


1. Above the main bar. It’s a glass yard of 36 inches or 3 feet in length and will normally hold 2.5 imperial pints or 1.4 litres.

2. UK (Cornwall). 3. 1947. 4. Catamaran. 5. 2023. 6. Cuchulain. 7. An inflatable catamaran racing boat. 8. Twice a month when the moon and sun are in line with the earth. They cause the highest and lowest tides of the month. 9. On the sides of the boat above the main deck. 10. In the ship's mess.

Winner's caption: (last HebeJebes Nov/Dec) Who said there was no wind out there.

17 FRI 18 SAT 19 SUN 20 MON 21 TUE 22 WED 23 THU 24 FRI 25 SAT 26 SUN


Congratulations to our winner, David Cowle!

Your six pack in a HHYC cooler bag is waiting for you in the General Office reception.

0148 0.7 1703 2.2 0102 0.6 1819 2.2 0139 0.5 1947 2.3 0218 0.4 2049 2.4 0255 0.4 2141 2.3 0331 0.5 2227 2.3 0406 0.6 1613 0.6 2311 2.1 1134 2.1 1658 0.6 1210 2.1 1743 0.7 1274 2.1 1829 0.8 1324 2.1 1923 0.9 1401 2.0 2050 0.9 1437 1.9 2336 0.8 1521 1.9 0021 0.7 1614 1.9

61 Answers
1 WED 2 THU 3 FRI 4 SAT 5 SUN 6 MON 7 TUE 8 WED 9 THU 10 FRI 11 SAT 12 SUN 13 MON 14 TUE 15 WED 16 THU 30
0057 0.7 1720 1.9 0101 0.8 1823 2.0 0136 0.7 1923 2.0 0210 0.6 2013 2.1 0242 0.6 2056 2.1 0311 0.6 2133 2.1 0337 0.6 2208 2.2 0403 0.6 2242 2.1 0429 0.7 2317 2.1 0457 0.7 2355 2.0 0525 0.8 1213 1.9 1250 1.9 1822 0.9 1329 2.0 1914 0.9 1413 2.0 2018 0.9 1503 2.1 0120 0.8 1601 2.1 31


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Tel: (852) 6012 2585 Email: events_mgr@hhyc.org.hk

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Sales – Service – Restoration

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Why not let Carrera Classics find the Porsche for you or fi nd a new partner for your cherished Porsche

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Reasonably priced quality wines from Europe to your door.





Reasonably priced quality wines from Europe to your door.

As supplied by Halewood Vineyards to Sainsbury's and Waitrose we now have in stock;

Reasonably priced quality wines from Europe to your door.

Reasonably priced quality wines from Europe to your door.

Reasonably priced quality wines from Europe to your door.

Special Reserve Pinot Noir, Special Reserve Feteasca Neagra, Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and Colina Pinot Noir Rose.

As supplied by Halewood Vineyards to Sainsbury's and Waitrose we now have in stock; Special Reserve Pinot Noir, Special Reserve Feteasca Neagra, Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and Colina Pinot Noir Rose.

As supplied by Halewood Vineyards to Sainsbury's and Waitrose we now have in stock; Special Reserve Pinot Noir, Special Reserve Feteasca Neagra, Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and Colina Pinot Noir Rose.

As supplied by Halewood Vineyards to Sainsbury's and Waitrose we now have in stock; Special Reserve Pinot Noir, Special Reserve Feteasca Neagra, Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and Colina Pinot Noir Rose.

As supplied by Halewood Vineyards to Sainsbury's and Waitrose we now have in stock; Special Reserve Pinot Noir, Special Reserve Feteasca Neagra, Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and Colina Pinot Noir Rose.

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Costs are highly reasonable and cases are delivered free for 6 bottles or more. Contact us today and visit our webpages. Based in Sai Kung for Sai Kung.

Costs are highly reasonable and cases are delivered free for 6 bottles or more. Contact us today and visit our webpages. Based in Sai Kung for Sai Kung.

Costs are highly reasonable and cases are delivered free for 6 bottles or more. Contact us today and visit our webpages. Based in Sai Kung for Sai Kung.

Costs are highly reasonable and cases are delivered free for 6 bottles or more. Contact us today and visit our webpages. Based in Sai Kung for Sai Kung.

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