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Spring/Summer 2016 Vol. 11 No. 2


Proper Planning Prevents Disaster Happy Tails: Meet a One-Eyed Wonder Ask the Vet: Snipping Pet Overpopulation Pay it Foward: Planning Kindness


Our Mission The Haven was founded in 2000 by local veterinarian Dr. Teresa Marshall. Our 501(c)3 non-profit provides a shelter and finds adoptive homes for abused, neglected, and homeless animals while treating them with love, respect and medical care. Through education and volunteer programs, we promote community awareness of pet overpopulation and responsibility. The Haven is a sanctuary for animals that will be cared for regardless of how long it takes to find them loving homes.

The Impact of Your Donations 2016 Qtr 1 Haven Highlights 192 cats and dogs rescued and treated

V O L U M E 11

165 homeless animals placed in permanet homes

Contributing Writers: Liz Tetley Kyla Kelim, Esq. Sarah Toulson

159 spay/neuter surgeries performed 1,232 loads of laundry 2,650 pounds of dog/cat food

Copy Editor: Liz Tetley

1,312 volunteer hours

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Transfers* - 149 Owner Surrenders - 32 Returns - 11

9 Kittens

51 Cats

55 Dogs

77 Puppies

*Animals pulled from local municipal open-admission shelters

6,266 Total Pet Placements

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Halo is a publication of: The Haven No-Kill Adoption Guarantee Animal Shelter, PO Box 1063, Fairhope, Alabama 36533.

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Contributing Photographers: Kathie Ono Graphic Design: Michael Graham Chairman, Board of Directors: Stephanie Calhoun, LPC Executive Director: Michael Graham Front Cover: Meet Hansel and Gretel, the cutest 12 wk old Catahoula Leopard mix puppies in town. They are looking for their loving home.

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Proper Planning Prevents Disaster

by Liz Tetley

“This could be catastrophic,” the weatherman says, eyes wide. You turn to batten down the hatches, and find her looking up at you. She wags her tail and tilts her head, wondering why you look worried. If you already have a pet disaster plan, pat your dog and tell her you will take care of her. If you don’t have a plan, don’t panic. You have time now to create one. Nowadays, we can detect many disasters days before they happen. But don’t wait until something strikes to have a plan for you, your family and your pets. I suggest first taking care of things you only need to do once. Purchase an Emergency Pet Preparedness Bag from the Haven. This bag is certified waterproof, leak proof and durable. Have each pet microchipped. Keep a photo of your pet in your wallet or on your phone. Purchase a rescue alert sticker for any easily visible window of your home to notify rescue workers that pets live in that house too. Create a pet first aid kit. You can put this together once, but will need to replenish or update it as needed. Scout out potential safe places you and your pets can go if you need to evacuate. Next, there are a few things to maintain. Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations. Always have leashes, collars, tags and any pet medications ready to grab. Make sure everyone in the household or who might care for your pet when you’re away knows where those items are. Most veterinarian offices keep electronic records on their patients, but keep your pet’s most important papers somewhere where you can get them quickly if you need to. Make sure you have your vet’s phone number and other emergency numbers. Finally, there are a few things to take care of just prior to a disaster. Purchase for each pet at least a 3-day supply of food and water. Put food and water bowls with the food and water so you don’t forget them. Cats will also need a litter box and litter. Make sure your pet’s carrier or crate is clean and in working order. Comfort items and toys may help your pet cope. Disasters are stressful. Planning ahead is another way to be kind to your pet.

Alora This sweet and affectionate 4-month old Hound mix is full of happiness. She is adventurous and loves making new friends. If you like adventure, stop by and meet Alora.

Glenda This 1-year old multi-colored calico loves to travel. She was found hitching a ride underneath an 18-wheeler which resulted in her loosing one of her eyes. Glenda has recovered and has her eyesight on finding a loving home. Adopt her today!

Calypso Being beautiful is great, but receiving the award for the most affectionate kitty in town is even better. This 7-year old DSH was struck by a car at a young age, causing her to go blind. She doesn’t let that stop her as she greets all of The Haven visitors. Come and meet Calypso today!

Thumbelina Looking for a fun and loving pet. Meet your next BFF! She is 7-years old, very smart, gentle and a snuggler. She is ready for movienight at your place. Adopt her today!

Murphy After completing his skin rash treatment, Murphy was ready to get social. He loves puppies and staying active with outdoor activities. Murphy is a Terrier mix looking for a loving home. Trinity The glass is always half-full for Trinity as she is such a positive outlook. Despite her having a tumor removed and missing a limb, she is such a wonderful kitty who has plenty of love to give. Is this you? Come visit her today and take her home.

Happy Tails! - Captain’s New Harbor by Liz Tetley

Captain was picked up by an animal control officer and transferred to The Haven. No one knows why he’s missing an eye. Maybe he had a run in with a pirate. Maybe his crew mutinied. The mystery is as wide open as the sea. His personality, however, is no mystery. His sweetness won over The Haven’s staff and volunteers. He enjoyed The Haven’s cat community center, but he was just visiting that port. His voyage wasn’t over yet. Black animals are harder to find homes for, as are animals who are injured or not whole. But when Jackie looked at adoptable cats on The Haven’s website, she thought Captain was unique. Grieving the recent passing of her mom, Jackie said Captain looked like she felt: lost. When Captain arrived at her house, he immediately walked around inspecting the place. He must have found everything ship-shape because he made himself at home. Jackie said he gets around fine with only one eye, and she’s glad to have someone else in the house with her again. Captain’s new command post is a heated blanket beside Jackie’s favorite chair, the arm of that chair or in her lap. No more sailing the seas for this cat. He’s docked in his new harbor.

Ask the Vet: Snipping Pet Overpopulation in the Bud by Sarah Toulson


Pay it Forward: Planning Kindness by Kyla Kelim, Esq.

o many of us do not have “pets,” we have “children.” As hard as it is to imagine life going on without us, n the fence about having your pet spayed or neutered? most of us make plans in advance that We asked Dr. Schindler of include a safe haven for our human Eastern Shore Pet Hospital some children, but very few include plans questions regarding this vital pet for our furry dependents.


health topic. Here’s what he had to say:

Just as we personally ensure that everyone is kind to our Spot or Why is it so important to have Princess, it is human nature to your pet spayed or neutered? That informally assign someone we question has a long, long answer. It improves the health and behavior of your pet in a number of ways. In females, it believe will be just as kind when we can reduce the instance of pyometra, a potentially life-threatening are gone. Once that is done, the rest of the planning uterine infection. In males, it reduces incidences of prostate stops. Worse yet, many believe they will outlive their loved diseases. ones, and make no contingency plans. What are some top misconceptions pet owners have about spaying/neutering, and how would you respond to them? The first misconception I hear regarding both females and males is that the procedure will make the pet fat. I urge pet owners to remember that while they will have to adjust the amount of food their pet eats after surgery, any weight gain a pet experiences would be due to overeating. The second misconception is regarding male dogs. While pet owners also have the same misconception about the weight of their male dogs, many believe that neutering leaves a male dog “fat and lazy.” This is pure misconception. Again, a pet’s diet is the owner’s responsibility, and their diet will need to be adjusted after surgery.

Join us for The Haven’s free estate planning seminar on Friday, May 6 at noon at The Brennity at Daphne, located at 27440 County Road 13, Daphne, AL 36526. Mary Anne’s Deli of Fairhope is providing a free lunch, so please rsvp by calling 251-929-2494 today. In addition to discussing the best way to protect your beloved pets, and protect your special needs pets, some of the topics include updates to estate planning laws, charitable giving and tips to make your plans work. There are some new and drastic changes to the law that may affect your planning. Prepare to attend to make sure your plans will still be viable.

What are some of the effects spaying/neutering has on animal behavior? In males, neutering eliminates almost all instances of objectionable Be kind and provide a bright future for your furry friends! activity, such as mounting other pets. The procedure also calms male dogs’ sexually driven behaviors, though it will not usually change a dog’s personality. An active, high-energy dog will still be an active, high-energy dog after surgery. In both female and male animals, the procedure reduces a pet’s desire to wander or roam. If a pet owner is interested in having his/her pet spayed or neutered, what would you suggest he/she do to get moving? Make an appointment to discuss it with their vet. Getting your pet spayed/neutered is an important way to be kind to him or her. Your pet will have better health, allowing you many more years to make memories together. The Haven’s policy of spaying/neutering all intakes before they are adopted has prevented countless animals from being added to an already overpopulated area. Ninety percent of the animals The Haven takes in are unaltered.

559 S . S e c t i o n St . P. O. B ox 10 6 3 Fa i r h o p e, A L 3 6 5 3 3 2 51-9 2 9- 398 0

Non Profit Organization U. S. Postage PAID Fairhope, AL Permit No. 25 Shelter Adoption Hours

10:00 am - 4:00 pm Mon - Tues Closed Wednesday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Thurs - Fri 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 4th Sat of each month Closed Sunday

THE HAVEN CALENDAR OF EVENTS APRIL 2016 Sat., Apr 2 Sat., Apr 9 Apr 10-11 Sat., Apr 11 Sat., Apr 23 Thurs., Apr 28

11am=3pm – Pet Supermarket Adoption, Daphne 11am-3pm – PetSmart Adoption, Eastern Shore Shopping Plaza, Spanish Fort Volunteer Appreciation Week 11am-3pm – PetCo Adoption, Jubilee Square, Daphne 8am-1pm – ReSale Shop Spring Yard Sale, 357 Morphy Ave, Fairhope 3pm-6pm – Fairhope Farmer’s Market Adoption, Fairhope

MAY 2016 Thurs., May 5-26 3pm-6pm – Fairhope Farmer’s Market Adoption, Fairhope Fri., May 6 12pm-1pm – Free Estate Planning Seminar, Brennity at Daphne, Daphne Sat., May 7 11am-3pm – Pet Supermarket Adoption, Daphne Sat., May 14 11am-3pm – PetSmart Adoption, Eastern Shore Shopping Plaza, Spanish Fort Sat., May 21 11am-3pm – PetCo Adoption, Jubilee Square, Daphne

JUNE 2016 Thurs., June 2-30 Sat., June 4 Sat., June 11 Sat., June 18 

3pm-6pm – Fairhope Farmer’s Market Adoption, Fairhope 11am-3pm – PetCo Adoption, Jubilee Square, Daphne 11am-3pm – PetSmart Adoption, Eastern Shore Shopping Plaza, Spanish Fort 11am-3pm – Pet Supermarket Adoption, Daphne

JULY 2016 Sat., July 2 11am-3pm – PetCo Adoption, Jubilee Square, Daphne Thurs., July 7 3pm-6pm – Fairhope Farmer’s Market Adoption, Fairhope Sat., July 9 11am-3pm – PetSmart Adoption, Eastern Shore Shopping Plaza, Spanish Fort Sat., July 16 11am-3pm – Pet Supermarket Adoption, Daphne   @havenforanimals Stay connected with us!   thehavenforanimals

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Haven Halo Spring/Summer 2016 Volume 11 No 2  

Haven Halo Spring/Summer 2016 Volume 11 No 2  


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