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David Wong Nan Fay, Chairman, ASOCIO


Breaks new sales record for online sales in Malaysia

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Vol 3 No. 1

COVER STORY Taking ASOCIO to New Heights David Wong, the Chairman of ASOCIO (Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization Computing Industry Organisation), talks about the importance of the association and why PIKOM is highly regarded in the region.

Cover David Wong Nan Fay, Chairman, ASOCIO


ASOCIO-PIKOM Digital Summit & Awards 2019


Smart Outsourcing


PIKOM Academy Day


FPX #MYCYBERSALE Asia 2019 Appreciation Day


Hitachi Sunway’s Foray into Cloud


MPC: Accelerating SMEs to Embrace industry 4.0


NetApp: Transforming companies via hybrid cloud data and data management services.







TAKING ASOCIO TO NEW HEIGHTS David Wong, the Chairman of ASOCIO (Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization), talks about the importance of the association and why PIKOM is highly regarded in the region.

• By Sharmila Valli Narayanan Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. Besides his role in ASOCIO, David is a well-known figure in the IT industry as he has more than 35 years of track record and experience in the ICT, logistic, e-Commerce and retail services. In 2000, he founded and embarked on his new startup, SnT Global Sdn Bhd, of which he is the executive chairman. SnT’s core business are lead logistics management, warehousing, cross border freight and omnichannel fulfilment services.


avid Wong, the past chairman of PIKOM, has been the chairman of AsianOceanian Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO) since 2017. Each chairman serves for two years. David has been elected chairman twice, which makes him at present the longest-serving chairman of ASOCIO. ASOCIO is a grouping of IT industry associations representing economies in the Asia and Oceania region. It was established in 1984 with the objective to promote, encourage and foster relationships and trade



THE IMPORTANCE OF ASOCIO between its members, and to develop the computing industry in the region. ASOCIO comprises 24 members. Its mission is to be globally recognised as the champion for Asia and Oceania in the promotion and facilitation of ICT trade and development for its members. Today, ASOCIO’s members account for more than 10,000 ICT companies and represent about US$350 billion of ICT revenue in the region. The member countries of ASOCIO are Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New

ASOCIO celebrated its 35th anniversary with a grand dinner during the ASOCIO ICT Awards and Gala Dinner 2019 on 12th November 2019. The dinner closed the very successful ASOCIO-PIKOM Digital Summit 2019. On Dec 17, 2019, ASOCIO was awarded the Brandlaureate award. ASOCIO also signed an MOU with Brandlaureate to collaborate on cross border branding, talent and certification program. He also received the Business ICON award of the Decade. In this modern age, a country has to look beyond its domestic market

to the international market for its economy to thrive. This is where ASOCIO plays its part in this digital economy, explains David. “The Asia-Pacific rim is one of the fastest-growing areas in the world for many things, including cross border trade, smart cities, Internet and mobile penetration to name a few. ASOCIO is a powerful platform to bring national ICT organisations of 24 countries to share, communicate and collaborate the vision relating to the experience of digital transformation in the respective countries.” He outlines the three important areas where being part of ASOCIO helps member countries. They are: Knowledge sharing: Countries can learn about best practices and policies among the countries in ASOCIO. “The countries in ASOCIO range from developed countries like Japan and Australia to developing countries like Bhutan, Mongolia and Nepal. Developing countries can learn from others and vice versa,” says David.

• Collaboration helps with

growth: ASOCIO gives member countries many opportunities to have collaboration between government to government, government to industry and industry to industry. All these efforts go a long way in furthering cross border trade, says David. “More importantly, it will help achieve some of the digital visions and objectives of these countries faster than if they had to do it by themselves.”

• Expanding trade via contacts:

ASOCIO organises activities and programmes for countries to participate so that they can meet counterparts from other countries. “This gives a great opportunity for countries to network and expand their business by finding regional partners,” he explains.

to meet new partners. MTV is now one of the important activities at ASOCIO.”


PIKOM HELD IN HIGH ESTEEM BY ASOCIO ASOCIO represents powerful ICT voices from different countries. Malaysia is represented by PIKOM and it holds an influential position in the organisation. David is the third Malaysian to be the chairman of ASOCIO, the most by any country. Other countries look to Malaysia and PIKOM in admiration, says David. “PIKOM has been very successful as the voice of the tech industry in Malaysia. Other countries recognise us a model to look up to. PIKOM has also organised events that are very well-received. The leadership that we have provided through ASOCIO has been appreciated and has created a lot of impact.” He continues: “We have a strong continuity of leadership in PIKOM where the past chairman works with the present chairman. And PIKOM has created a strong bond between the old generation and the new generation coming in. I have often heard from other associations how amazed they are that PIKOM has created this intergenerational bond among its own members. “PIKOM is also admired because we organise many events that are successful and revenue-generating and we have pioneered some events that have gone on to be readapted by others. For example, the Multilateral Trade Visit (MTV) was initiated by PIKOM where members visit one host country to learn more about how the industry works there and to network

As chairman, David has brought substantial changes to ASOCIO. One of the first things he did was to bring together members to change its vision and mission of the organisation. Together with his committee, he also came up with a three-year plan to drive the membership in the organisation, generate new revenue growth and to increase the awareness and branding of ASOCIO. He also got ASOCIO to focus on three areas to develop. These are: are: e-Commerce, Smart City and Policy. “We created a task force to look into these three areas that the organisation did not focus before,” explains David. “We also introduced the ASOCIO Awards because we felt that it was important to give recognition to those companies that have done well. There are four categories: Government/Agency, User, ICT Provider, Education and Organisation.” David is pleased that most of the objectives under the three year plan are on track. He is especially happy that the ASOCIO-PIKOM Digital Summit 2019 held in Kuala Lumpur was a great success. “The Summit was very successful and one of the things to be very proud of is that we launched our policy paper on data privacy called ASOCIO’s Policy Guidance on Data Privacy. ASOCIO wants to be the advocate of policies that will impact the digital transformation. This will be the first of the many policy papers that we will release,” he says. (For more on this see ASOCIO-PIKOM Digital Summit). ASOCIO is truly living up to its vision of being a “catalyst of Asia Pacific digital transformation and enablement”.





ASOCIO-PIKOM DIGITAL SUMMIT 2019 One of the most important events in the ASOCIO calendar is the annual ASOCIO Digital Summit. This year it was held in Kuala Lumpur and was packed with powerful and well-known speakers who touched on issues that will affect the ICT industry and society in the future.


his year’s ASOCIO-PIKOM Digital Summit 2019 was held from 11 to 13th November 2019 in Kuala Lumpur at Connexion Conference & Event Centre @ The Vertical Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. PIKOM won the rights to host the event in 2019. The highlight of the summit was the ASOCIO ICT Awards & Gala Dinner 2019 where the special guest was YB Dr Ong Kian Ming, the deputy minister from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The ASOCIO-PIKOM Digital Summit 2019 attracted more than 600 delegates from the technology industry in the Asia Pacific region. The theme for this year was “Defining the Future”. Almost 600 delegates attended the event including international delegates from the ASOCIO region, C-levels, ICT leaders, Government agencies, end-user groups and others. The opening gambit of the summit was truly spectacular: from a dancing robot which was billed as the first artificial intelligent humanoid service robot called Cruzr to a scintillating dance performance that used a wonderful combination of light, music and dance. This was followed by a series of welcome remarks by Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, the organising chair; Ganesh Kumar Bangah, PIKOM chairman and finally David Wong, ASOCIO Chairman. And then it was on to the summit proper. Many of the speakers at



the summit spoke of the future of technology and how with the advancement of technologies, the way businesses, governments and consumers interact will change. One of the most interesting speakers was Roger Collantes, an author and motivational speaker whose talk on ‘Futuristic Prediction: Are You In or Out’ had the audience enthralled as he spoke of a future where AI will eliminate jobs that

are repetitive and routine. To thrive in this future world, workers need to specialise in creative jobs which cannot be replaced by robots. Another highlight of the summit was the launch of the research report by PIKOM titled Digital Economy Strategic Outlook 2019/2020 Defining The Future. This 11th edition of the PIKOM publication has 12 chapters that touch on different topics such as the

David Wong, Chairman of ASOCIO, on the summit:

“The summit was very successful. Six hundred delegates from 15 countries came for the summit. During the summit we also celebrated the 35th anniversary of ASOCIO during the ASOCIO ICT Awards and Gala Dinner 2019 that was held on 12 November, after the summit. It is something to be proud of that the association is still going strong after all these years. Another historic event at this summit was that we launched our first policy paper on data privacy. We want to be an advocate for future policies. In order to do this, we have formed a policy task force which chaired by JISA (Japan Information Industry Association). We also managed to arrange 40 B2B meetings. We have collaborated with the Victoria State Government and they brought a large delegation and we had a very good response from them. This summit has also increased awareness of Malaysia and our country’s hospitality. It gave many delegates a good feel of what to expect when Malaysia hosts WCIT 2020. There will be many foreign delegates who will attend WCIT2020 and the majority of them will be from ASOCIO countries.”





outlook for the Malaysian economy in 2020, perspectives on digital transformation, women in tech and many more. After lunch, there were several breakout sessions where delegates could choose to attend topics that interested them. Some of the wellattended sessions were Marvel of the Women in Tech where the women panellists talked about how to help other women in tech, how to survive in a very competitive environment and how diversity in business and in the boardroom is actually good for the business. Another interesting session was exclusively for CIOs only. The session was aptly called CIO Session and the speaker for this session was Roger Collantes whose speech was titled ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ His talk centred on ways to deal with changes in one’s work and life. Concurrent to the summit, there was also an exhibition and business matching.

ASOCIO’s Policy Guidance on Data Privacy The policy paper titled “ASOCIO’s Policy Guidance on Data Privacy: Preserving Privacy while Enhancing Access to Personal Data with Greater Trust in Asian-Oceanian Region” was the result of the participation of several countries from the organisation such as Australia, Bangladesh, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand in developing this policy paper. According to ASOCIO’s website, the “document has been prepared to provide guidance on issues and policy to ASOCIO members and other interested stakeholders on current and proposed approaches to preserve privacy while enabling and enhancing trusted access to personal data. It can be used as a general background for the development of policy by ASOCIO members and for discussions with government officials and policy influencers.” The website further states that ASOCIO’s approach reflects ‘good’ practices adopted in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI) and within APEC’s Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR), based on three principles: Risk-based, where protection requirements are relative to scale, data type/sensitivity, and transfer frequency;



• Accountability, where there is mutual recognition

of, and interoperability with, existing/planned data governance certification to avoid duplication, delay or fragmentation (as embodied in the GDPR and CBPR); Inclusive, where frequent, open consultations with data protection specialists, businesses, lawmakers and consumer groups occur transparently. These raise consumer trust, reduce compliance costs and minimise legal complexity. ASOCIO “urges all privacy and data protection stakeholders to examine and adopt this principlebased approach, drawing on good models and frameworks already developed and, in some cases, operating. Adopting the approach will promote freer, safeguarded data flows that enable regional economic growth and closer cooperation across the region.” David Wong, chairman of ASOCIO said that ASOCIO and its national member associations stood ready to work with governments and industries, as well as regional inter-governmental organisations such as ASEAN, APEC and EAF (East Asia Forum) to enable the development of coordinated and harmonized national laws.







2019 ASOCIO Award Recipients Association

Outstanding ICT Company Award

Outstanding User Organization Award

Digital Government Award

ICT Education Award

The Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI)

Summit Computer Co. Ltd, Thailand

Betagro Public Company Ltd. Thailand

Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand

School of Information Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand

The ICT Industry Association of Bangladesh (BCS)

DATASOFT Manufacturing & Assembly Inc. Ltd, Bangladesh

eGeneration, Bangladesh

Innovation Design & Entrepreneurship Academy (iDEA), Bangladesh

Axtronics Inc, Taiwan ROC

Elitegroup Computer Systems Co.Ltd, Taiwan ROC Korea Institute of BIT Academy Center, Science and Technology Korea Information (KISTI), Korea

Information Service Industry Association of Taiwan (CISA) The Federation of Korean Information Industries (FKII)

Summit Computer Co. Ltd, Thailand

Ulsan Port Authority, Korea

Information Service Industry Association of Japan (JISA)

DataSolutions Inc., Korea

NEC Platforms Ltd, Japan

Myanmar Computer Industry Association (MCIA)

MBC Software Development Center, Myanmar

Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Myanmar

PIKOM, The National Tech Association of Malaysia

Glocomp (M) Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Serba Dinamik Holdings Berhad, Malaysia

Vietnam Software and IT Services (VINASA)

CMC Corporation, Vietnam

Vietnam Airlines JSC, Vietnam

YOUTH International College, Myanmar

Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

Malaysian Global Digital Icon 2019 • Aerodyne Group • Soft Space Sdn Bhd • GHL Systems Bhd • Macro Kiosk Berhad • Forest Interactive Sdn Bhd • MDT Innovations Sdn Bhd

• Securemetric Bhd • Inmagine Group • iPay88 (M) Sdn Bhd • Daythree Business Services Sdn Bhd • EKTECH Communications Sdn Bhd • MYKRIS International Berhad

iTrain (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

VNUHCM-University of Science, Vietnam

ASOCIO 35th Anniversary Special Award Harres Tan

ASOCIO Honorary Award Looi Kien Long






10 MY•IT

From Chairman & Council Members of ASOCIO MY•IT




SMART SOURCING SUMMIT 2019 The annual summit organised by OM looks at the developments taking place in the Global Business Services (GBS). WHAT Smart Sourcing Summit 2019 WHERE Royale Chulan, The Curve WHEN 28 November 2019


t is the most important event in the OM calendar that brings together many top presenters and speakers who are involved with the Global Business Services (GBS) industry. The Smart Sourcing Summit 2019, themed Don’t Wait: Take A Leap”, is the 10th edition of this popular event which kicked off its first summit in 2010. It has since become a not-to-be-missed event for the GBS industry as the latest developments and strategies in the industry are discussed and talked about. This year’s summit, jointly hosted by PIKOM and OM, did not disappoint as the organisers had taken the effort to invite interesting

12 MY•IT

speakers and had arranged plenary sessions with thought-provoking topics. Like many other industries facing disruptions due to the vast changes taking place thanks to digitalisation and automation, among others, the GBS industry is also undergoing many changes in line with the digital transformation due to IR4.0, AI etc.

In his welcoming speech, OM chairman Cheah Kok Hoong urged organisations “to make a leadership decision to either move up the value chain or stay behind. It’s time for organisations to evaluate and assess if their current processes and systems allow them the flexibility to provide a seamless digitalised customer experience. Each organisation must keep its customer engagement and customer experience plans intact”. He reminded delegates that frequent reinvention was required in order to build and grow the business around its customers’ needs. Raymond Devadass, the Summit Chair, took the stage to give an outline of what to expect at the summit. “Our keynote speakers will be sharing with us the key drivers of the digital economy and the



MODERATOR: Jacinta Vythilingam, managing director, Spinmeister Communications PANELLISTS: Francesca Chia, Co-founder GoGet, Neeti Mahajan, managing director GSC HSBC (Malaysia) and Munirah Looi, Founder/ President & CEO, Brandt International

MODERATOR: Leigh Howard, board member AustCham ASEAN, Deputy Commissioner for Southeast Asia, Victoria State Government PANELLISTS: Nancy Cassiere, director & business service centre head, GSK Business Service Centre, Kenneth Ho, location leader, Global Shared Services (GBS) and Ravi Ranganathan, managing director, Next Direction Optimization (NGO), RBC Investor and Treasury Services (I&TS)


Women delegates to the summit were happy that there was one session that talked about the role of women in tech. It is a well-known fact that when women are economically empowered, it boosts productivity, increases economic diversification and income equality. While everyone knows what needs to be done – to increase female economic participation – how to go about delivering on this commitment, especially in capturing the power of digitalisation still remains debatable.


The coming IR4.0 and digitalisation is causing alarm in the GBS industry, especially when it concerns employee experience. Many fear they will be made redundant. Skills expectation by the industry is a multi-faceted, highly specialised and niche, therefore the importance of digital literacy is an essential requirement in the workplace of tomorrow. This session explores the readiness of the industry together with the academia in preparing the future workforce with the needed skill sets.

strategies firms and countries should put in place to stay ahead of the wave.”

THE SUMMIT There were four keynote addresses and five plenary sessions where over 20 key industry influencers shared their thoughts. A few are highlighted below: KEYNOTE 1: Get Smart: Analytics and Insight by Ng Wei Keong, general manager, enterprise solutions & developments, Fusionex Ng spoke about how the GBS industry has undergone change thanks to business analytics and insight which give the companies an opportunity to offer more consultative support to business customers. The GBS landscape is moving away from transactional work towards insightdriven knowledge-based offerings. “By 2020 80% of businesses will have adopted AI to enhance their decision making process,” he said.

MY•IT 13



PIKOM ACADEMY DAY PIKOM Academy Day gave an opportunity for people interested in taking up courses with the PIKOM Academy to hear about some of the courses from the training providers, familiarise themselves with some of the courses offered.


esides being the voice of the tech industry, PIKOM also offers important courses in ICT, management etc for workers to upskill themselves via the PIKOM Academy, “Your preferred tech learning partner.” On 13 December 2019 PIKOM held the PIKOM Academy Day which was an opportunity for people to find out more about PIKOM Academy, the trainers and the kind of materials that they present for the upskilling and the enhancing of workers’ skills. The event was held at the PIKOM Training Centre @ Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana. The event started off with the welcoming remarks from PIKOM chairman, Danny Lee and was followed by a short presentation on the benefits of joining PIKOM. The theme for PIKOM Academy Day 2019 was ‘Empowering Your

14 MY•IT

People Towards IR4.0’. In line with its theme, four training companies presented their companies’ training courses that impart skill, knowledge and best practices for successful digital transformation as well as business and IT integration. The speakers were Aditya Chavan from PERSOLKELLY Consulting, Aaron Tan Dani from ATD Solution Sdn Bhd, Erik Moltgen from iTrain Asia and Malini Vijaya Rajah from Promeritus Sdn Bhd. The presentation of ATD Solution and ITrain Asia focused on the fastchanging technology and the need for workers to equip themselves with the skills needed to survive in this era of digital disruption. Promeritus, another training company, focused on the importance of self-management for workers to succeed in the company. Selfmanagement and self-awareness

become very important factors in the success of a worker in their career. The audience learned during the presentation that 75% of the longterm job success comes from soft skill mastery while only 25% comes from technical skill.

MY•IT 15



FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019 APPRECIATION DAY The results are in, and FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA hits an all-time record in terms of sale!


hat started out as an event in 2014 to establish and then accelerate Malaysia’s e-Commerce ecosystem has grown to become one of the most looked for event by online shoppers in Malaysia. FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019 created a record by hitting a record RM392 million in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV). The amount in online banking transactions stood at RM2.8 billion! There were other records that were made too. For instance, the sale saw a growth of 20% in terms

16 MY•IT

of registered merchants (there were 1,510 merchants who participated in the sale). This was also the first sale that saw the participation from a regional country, Taiwan, thus making it the first-ever Country Participant for the #MYCYBERSALE series. To show appreciation for the top merchants and to announce the winners of the lucky draw consolation and grand prize winners, a special event was held at the PIKOM office. FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019 was fully-funded by the industry. PIKOM received strong support from the community partners such as PrestoMall, One Utama, Shopback, Boost and many others including 29 participating banks through PayNet’s network. The special guest for the Appreciation Day was Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, COO, MDEC. Other partners who attended included Pinnacle Partners Commerce Asia and Fusionex; Premier Partners CJ Century, Unifi; Gold Partner Malaysia Productivity Council (MPC) and Regional Partner Commerce Development Research Institute Taiwan (CDRI). The event was kicked-off by Danny Lee, chairman of PIKOM, who in his welcoming speech proudly announced that this edition of #MYCYBERSALE was the biggest online e-Commerce event that PIKOM had put together. He also revealed that the export GMV has grown by 38%, which was

and digitalisation taking place contributed from transactions from in the marketplace, revenue and the travel, fashion and entertainment export value generation, and categories serving 35 countries. This participation from both consumers figure shows that local merchants are and merchants. With the National realising the importance of crosse-Commerce Strategic Roadmap border e-Commerce. (NESR) now coming to its fifth Chair of PIKOM’s e-Commerce year, Malaysia is on track to take Chapter and PIKOM Immediate Past its place as one of Southeast Asia’s Chairman, Ganesh Kumar Bangah e-Commerce capitals.” said the influencer marketing which After the speeches and was introduced for the first time presentation, awards were presented in the event worked very well with to the top merchants for the FPX the top marketing channels being #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019. Finally, Instagram, Google and Facebook. it was the announcement of the “Partnering with FPX has proved winners of the lucky draw. There very fruitful. The lucky draw also were 10 consolation prizes of helped to drive the sales during e-vouchers worth RM5,000. Two #MYCYBERSALE,” he said. Grand Prize winners walked away Dato’ Ng Wan Peng during her with Proton X70 cars! speech said, “The remarkable achievements of this year’s #MYCYBERSALE further GRAND PRIZE WINNER reinforced the fact that Malaysia’s e-Commerce has NURHASMIZA HASRI “I am still in deep shock. I can’t believe gone very far on all fronts. This I won this beautiful car. I only shop for includes major innovations food online because I very rarely cook. When I got a text message CONSOLATION PRIZE notifying me that I won WINNER LEE KOK KING the lucky draw, I did “I normally buy car parts online. I’m always not believe it. This was looking for new car gadgets or good offers. followed by an email. During FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019 I I still did not believe did not purposely spend extra. I just bought until I got the call. I feel what I needed. When I first got the news like I am in a dream! I am that I won the consolation prize, I thought so happy. I never knew it was a scam. I made a few calls before I that shopping online finally realised I had won. RM5,000 voucher would get me such a for online shopping! My wife will make use beautiful car!” of the bulk of it. Maybe she will give 10% to me to do my own online shopping.”

MY•IT 17



FPX #MYCYBERSALE ASIA 2019’s Top Merchants and Lucky Draw winners TOP MERCHANTS CATEGORY


Top Local GMV

Malaysia Airlines Berhad

Top Export GMV


Top Merchant By Category : Baby & Kids

Bunny & Duchess Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Beauty & Wellness Services

My Healthland (HQ) Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Books & Media

Popular Book Co (M) Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Education

ITS Educational Supplies Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Electronics

Shashinki Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Electronics Accessories

Atoz Computer Media Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Entertainment

WW Online Spree Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Fashion

Rayyan Haya Resources Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Food & Beverages

Eatnovation Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Groceries

Jocom Mshopping Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Health & Beauty

Hermo Creative (M) Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Home & Living

Sonno Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Home Appliances

SNF Online

Top Merchant By Category : Home Improvement

ATKC Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Lifestyle

Travis Hegel Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Services

Lucyhong Network Enterprise

Top Merchant By Category : Sport Equipment

Jonlivia Sdn Bhd

Top Merchant By Category : Travel

Malaysia Airlines Berhad

LUCKY DRAW CAMPAIGN’S WINNERS 2 GRAND PRIZES: PROTON X70 1. Nurhasmiza Binti Hasri 2. Nik Muhammad Asyraf

18 MY•IT

CONSOLATION PRIZE RM5,000 SHOPEE SHOPPING VOUCHER 1. Muhamad Syafizul Bin Mathir 2. Ahmad Azam Bin Ismail 3. Norsazuin Binti Abu Bakar 4. Soliha Binti Mohd Sabri 5. Muhammad Amin Bin Ahamad Sabri

6. Chee Yen Lu 7. Hidayah Binti Abdul Rahim 8. Lee Kok King 9. Tan Hsiao Fong 10. Cynthia Pilis Malim


HITACHI SUNWAY’S FORAY INTO CLOUD Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (“Hitachi Sunway”), a leading ICT Services Integrator in ASEAN is consolidating its cloud offerings, and enhancing them to meet the hybrid cloud needs of their customers. ENTERPRISE IT NEWS | CAT YONG


he organisation’s new eXcelCLOUD solution is a much more comprehensive offering, thanks to strategic technology partnerships with prominent cloud infrastructure principals and Hitachi Sunway’s immense experience in data centre management and ICT operations. After years of being in and executing operations in this space, the organisation today, collectively has a lot to offer their customers. That includes having a strong value propositions and clear unique differentiators from other players in the market. This realisation brought about an organisation-wide effort to further innovate their products and services offerings with a more streamlined branding – which includes a streamlined go-to-market strategy, and proactively promoting what Hitachi Sunway can offer to the market. This was also an opportunity to move up the value chain, as the organisation saw the need to transform from being a traditional data centre service provider to being a cloud service provider. Overall, this led to more managed services being wrapped around their cloud infrastructure.

EXPECTATIONS Customers can expect a more flexible solution with eXcelCLOUD. For one, it can help businesses embarking upon a cloud journey, to work around many regulatory restrictions that are usually present when they

work with MNC cloud providers. An observation is that, public clouds sell by t-shirt size, disallowing more granular requirements when it comes to buying computing, storage and networking resources. Operational resources and costs are also the common challenges to most enterprise customers. Because of this, these businesses may not have option to go the hybrid cloud approach with these MNC cloud providers. This is because global public clouds cannot operate the way that Hitachi Sunway is able to. Hitachi Sunway’s cloud offering is based on a hybrid concept, whereby it can embrace on-premise deployment or private cloud (build and transfer or build and operate), and also offer a multi-tenanted offpremise, in-country managed cloud to their customers. The eXcelCLOUD is hosted in Hitachi Sunway’s own data centre, and is equivalent to a public cloud but is much more flexible operationally. It also claims to be more cost effective and one of their goals is to deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership to their customers. This aligns with their overall objective to be a managed enterprise cloud. It is possible because of a network service provider (NSP) licensed subsidiary. This means they are able to manage cloud delivery end-to-end including managing connectivity requirements. This has contributed to a 99.98-percent availability which is higher than the


99.95-percent availability other public clouds operate at.

BRANDING FOR EXCELLENCE When it came to the branding exercise, they had wanted to create an image that truly represents Hitachi Sunway. After mulling upon the organisation’s core internal values, they settled upon the value of “Excellence”. Excellence according to them is wanting to continue being innovative, to exceed expectations and to stay ahead of the competition. So, in a way it is a reminder for themselves to always strive for excellence. With the “eXcel” moniker, they are now ready to go-to-market with a consolidated messaging. The eXcel brand is a continuous effort which will prevail with all their other products, services and offerings moving forward. For example, in two months time, a cybersecurity offering would be launched that is called eXcelSECURE. Also in the works are a blockchain-based storage solution and authentication software which would also brandish the “eXcel” moniker in their respective branding as eXcelDRIVE and eXcelKEY. Going to market with this brand name, represents a promise when it comes to delivery of services and upholding SLAs. Over time, the hope is that when the market looks at or hears the brand, it will translate to the level of confidence that they can have in Hitachi Sunway. Consolidating all these offerings under that moniker also represents the evolution Hitachi Sunway has made towards becoming the valued one-stop partner that the industry needs. Hitachi Sunway aims to complement what businesses do not have, and assist them in achieving their digital transformation goals. Source URL: https://www. enterpriseitnews.com.my/hitachisunways-foray-into-cloud/

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ACCELERATING SMES TO EMBRACE INDUSTRY 4.0 SMEs that want to accelerate the adoption of digitalisation for Industry 4.0 can now apply for grants from the Industry Digitisation Transformation Fund by the Malaysia Development Bank (BPMB).

The Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB) was launched in May 2017 to boost national productivity level. To fulfil the ambitious plan of MPB, the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) was appointed as the Delivery Management Office (DMO). MPC has been tasked as the secretariat and facilitator to ensure the cooperation between the public and private sector go seamlessly to ensure the objectives of MPB are met. In line with this, the Directory of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Incentives and grants for SMEs Phase 1 has been introduced to provide information on the available incentives and Grants related to ICTs and technologies for Malaysian SMEs. The purpose of these grants is to promote greater utilisation and adoption of ICT by SMEs. One such scheme for SMEs is the Industry Digitalisation Transformation Fund by the Malaysia Development Bank (BPMB). Below is the information on this fund.



Digitalisation for SMEs means these companies will have to adopt digitalisation measures such as electronic-point-of-sales system (e-POS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic payroll systems. In an effort to make more SMEs digitalise and to build more digital companies, the Government announced some generous measures in Budget 2020, which was announced in October 2019. Some of these measures are: Government to provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company subscription to digitalisation measures mentioned above. This grant will be limited to the first 100,000 SMEs applying to upgrade their systems. Government to allocate RM550 million to provide smart automation matching grants to 1,000 manufacturing and 1,000 services companies to automate their business process. This grant will be given on a matching base of up to RM2 million per company. These grants will hopefully bring our SMEs to the next level and give them better accessibility to foreign markets. This in turn will boost the profitability of the SMEs, which in turn will also give a healthy push for the country’s economy. SMEs should not miss out on this golden opportunity to remodel their companies to face the new digital economy.

Type: Soft loan Grant Limit: RM 3.0 billion The purpose of this fund:

To accelerate industry adoption of Industry 4.0 related •technologies, thereby increasing the contribution of the manufacturing sector to the national economy Fund the transformation of Malaysia’s industrial capabilities by supporting the It is hoped right ecosystem for Industry 4.0 to make that more SMEs Malaysia a preferred high technology will apply for this manufacturing location grant and transform Support the adoption of digital themselves into transformation across the Bank’s industries worthy of mandated sectors to develop digitalthe Industry 4.0 economy for the nation.

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“Memacu Produktiviti Negara” | “Driving Productivity of the Nation” www.mpc.gov.my




Malaysia Productivity Corporation


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For application criteria, procedures and flow chart, please visit the website http://www.bpmb.com.my 20 MY•IT


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THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS: HYBRID CLOUD DATA SERVICES AND DATA MANAGEMENT NetApp helps to transform companies via its hybrid cloud data and data management services.


etApp, a company in the United States, which was founded in 1992, is the data authority for hybrid cloud. This Fortune 500 company counts Ducati and Dreamworks as part of its illustrious customers for whom it manages their data. NetApp started as a traditional storage company but has now transformed itself to become one of the leading data management services company with solutions for on-premise, hybrid and multicloud environments. Recently My.IT met up with Fredy Cheung, NetApp Vice President of Greater China, ASEAN and Korea and Azrin Abdul Shukor, Country Manager for Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines to talk about how it is essential for businesses, particularly SMEs to modernize their data-center architectures to keep up with the service demands to meet the increasing challenges in the current business environment.

NETAPP’S OWN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY Fredy: NetApp started in the early 1990s as a data storage company. We provided servers and data centers for a wide range of customers in North America before eventually expanding around the world. When cloud services were introduced in the late 2000s, industry players and experts predicted the end of NetApp as they believed that our products would become obsolete. But the company undertook our own digital transformation journey and evolved

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our business strategy from being a pure hardware and storage company to investing into cloud data services. We introduced our Data Fabric strategy to the market, providing customers with cloud-based storage and data management solutions that will allow our customers to innovate, create new customer touchpoints and develop efficient operating models. Along the way, we partnered with Microsoft, Amazon and Google, emerging as the only company in the market that provides solutions that support these three public cloud hyperscalers.

HELPING SMES WITH DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Fredy: We live in the age of digital disruption. Companies have to transform the way they do business if they want to survive the Industry 4.0 era. From our experience, the way a company transforms its business model depends on how data-driven

they are, particularly how capable they are in leveraging the cloud and modernizing their IT infrastructure. Azrin: We advise companies, bot big or small, on the ways they can become a data-driven organization. One of the key questions that needs to be addressed is what data they should put in the cloud and what should be kept on their on-premise data storage facilities. Our Data Fabric approach solves this conundrum by simplifying data integration and orchestration for applications and analytics in the clouds. This allows for better data access and control as well as data protection and security. Fredy: In the past, smaller companies could not use sophisticated hardware because it was too expensive for them. But with the advent of new technology like the All Flash FAS (AFF) and Hybrid Flash systems, they can prioritize their investments between hardware and cloud solutions. We provide them with the cloud-architected infrastructure to manage data and services as one integrated resource. Our end-toend solutions ensure that they have access to critical business data at all times. This can be scalable and rapidly deployed regardless of where the data resides or in what format.

THE FUTURE IS HYBRID IT MODEL The optimization of data management services and infrastructure is critical to the success of the hybrid IT model, which involves on and off-premise technology. In fact, in the coming

years, it is estimated that 90 percent of organizations will have adopted a hybrid infrastructure management strategy. Fredy: Businesses don’t want to manage the physical data centers anymore. They want to focus on their products and business without having to worry about their IT solutions. That’s where we come in. Our Data Fabric approach to data management enables organizations to have a seamless experience that allows for the freedom of choice between cloud and on-premise. This ensures that the architecture is future proof. As a result, it will be easier to incorporate new capabilities, achieve the highest level of operational efficiency and even enhance data protection measures to minimize risks from cyberattacks. We also offer flexibility for companies that want to add an additional layer of their own security features to our solutions architecture. Furthermore, some businesses may not want to be tied down to one cloud service. They may want to adopt a multi-cloud strategy by signing different contracts with other cloud management services. This is something that we can also provide, being the only player in the market with partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba to offer hybrid cloud data services. This is how we at NetApp envision the future of business - flexible, yet efficient. Building a data-driven organization can be challenging in a world where data is becoming more distributed across multiple sources, dynamically changing and being used to support diverse technologies such as analytics, AI and machine learning. Having a solutions partner that is flexible and scalable with the ability to simplify and automate tasks is the key to accelerating digital transformation among businesses in Malaysia.


HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD BE A PIKOM MEMBER: It’s a platform to grow your business through PIKOM’s affiliation with local and global networks

Here are reasons why being a PIKOM corporate member is one of the best decisions you’ll be making for your company.

Networking opportunities and & B2B related events (to meet end users [CIO Chapter] and potential partners) Participate in PIKOM’s Chapters and SIGs to collectively grow the respective area of focus

PIKOM, formed in 1986, has become the organisation that has emerged as the ‘Voice of the Tech’ industry. PIKOM, the national industry association for the ICT and the Tech industry in Malaysia has around 1,000 members comprising of companies involved in a whole spectrum of tech products and services that command 80% of the total tech trade in Malaysia. As the ‘Voice of the Tech Industry’ PIKOM continues to 1. Drive high impact advocacy in representing the industry to government stakeholders to create a conducive environment promoting further growth of the industry. 2. Expand and enhance more tangible benefits to its membership base.

HIGH IMPACT ADVOCACY 1. Represented on more than 40 Government councils, boards, committees, task forces 2. Annual memoranda at key dialogues including MoF, MITI and BNM etc 3. Opinions regularly sought by key stakeholders in Government e.g. Customs on SST 4. Notable past success • Removal of import duty and sales tax on ICT equipments and introduction of ADA for ICT products • Tax incentives for purchases of PCs, Internet access • Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 • Guidelines on service tax on IT services

Enjoy subsidised complementary rates to our special learning events, training courses and workshops Priority for marketing and promotion opportunities through PIKOM’s initiatives and events Access to PIKOM’s Research Reports (ICT Strategic Review and ICT Job Market Outlook in Malaysia) and other publications Use of PIKOM Logo to enhance member’s events

Tangible benefits with savings valued up to RM20,000 Flagship Event Delegate Passes PIKOM Leadership Summit PIKOM Cybersecurity Conference Smart Sourcing Summit Worth RM3,760

Airline Corporate Program

Use of PIKOM Logo

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Tech Facilities Cloud Credit

Cinema Corporate Package

PIKOM Academy PLS Training Course

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Publication ICT Job Market Outlook ICT Strategic Review MY.IT Magazine

PIKOM Facilities Training Centre Boardroom Renting

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For more information please contact: 603-7622 0079 603-7622 4879 membership@pikom.org.my www.pikom.org.my MY•IT 23

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my.IT|Vol 3|No 1|2020|ASOCIO  

MY.IT is the official publication of PIKOM which was formed in 1986. PIKOM plays a vital role to steer the ICT industry in Malaysia in the r...

my.IT|Vol 3|No 1|2020|ASOCIO  

MY.IT is the official publication of PIKOM which was formed in 1986. PIKOM plays a vital role to steer the ICT industry in Malaysia in the r...