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Vol 7 No 4 2019

IKEA Reinvents Retail with Toppen Arnoud Bakker, Head of Leasing, IKEA Southeast Asia & Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing for IKEA Southeast Asia’s shopping centres

Moving Towards New Retail with Cloud

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Lazada Malaysia Scores Big with Wecommerce 2019



Launch of Malaysia Cashless Day at the Quill Convention Centre.



4 IKEA Reinvents Retail with Toppen

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The soon-to-be-opened Toppen is a carefully thought out “meeting place” catering to the needs of all says Arnoud Bakker and Andrew Yeoh of IKEA Southeast Asia.

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9 E-wallets to Lend Women Retailers a Boost

10 KK Group of Companies:

Trailblazing in the Retail Market

12 Focus Point Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

14 Consumer Disloyalty, the New Normal

Arnoud Bakker, Head of Leasing, IKEA Southeast Asia, and Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing for IKEA Southeast Asia’s shopping centres. Photography: YC Chu

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16 Beletime Danga Bay – An

Unforgettable Marine-themed Lifestyle Experience

18 Lazada Malaysia Scores Big with Wecommerce 2019


Focus Point Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

22 Moving Towards New Retail with Cloud

24 Niro Ceramic Group Launches Creative Lab Showroom

26 Mah Sing’s M Oscar Phase 1

Fully Sold Over One Weekend

28 AmBank Group Wins Four

Awards at Alpha Southeast Asia Awards 2019

30 Windmill Upon Hills – PicturePerfect Lifestyle Experience

31 Towards An Ego-Less State of Leadership

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IKEA Reinvents

Retail with Toppen The soon-to-be-opened Toppen is a carefully thought out “meeting place” catering to the needs of all, Arnoud Bakker and Andrew Yeoh of IKEA Southeast Asia tell RACHAEL PHILIP.

irst thing’s first. It is no longer a shopping mall or a shopping centre but a meeting place. The term shopping mall is redundant and does not fit the description of the space anymore. Instead it is a place where communities gather, where people have agreed to meet either for a meal, for entertainment, yes, to shop, or a space to accomplish all of the above. These are the thoughts of Arnoud Bakker, Head of Leasing, IKEA Southeast Asia. Ikano Centres, the group of shopping centres anchored by IKEA Southeast Asia, opens its fourth retail space in Johor Bahru on November 13 in the presence of the Swedish Ambassador and Swedish Trade Commissioner. “Shopping centres are seeing this shift from being just a place to shop. Therefore our strategy is moving away from transactional shopping centres to relevant meeting places that offer a great day out. It is a place where people want to feel at home. Yes, they will spend their money but it is not their first reason for being there,” said Arnoud. “We are offering a platform where demand and offer comes together. And that demand may be for a pair of shoes, for children’s playground or a glass of wine.”


bookstores, getting ice cream and groceries – forces mall operators to standout and to be relevant. Arnoud agrees. “When creating a retail asset we can’t do too much copy and paste, instead we have to create a space that fits within the local context.” IKEA Southeast Asia, one of 12 IKEA franchisees around the world, owns and operates eight IKEA stores in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. In Malaysia and Thailand these stores are integrated with a unique retail space. IKEA Damansara has IPC, IKEA Cheras is anchored by MyTOWN, and IKEA Tebrau will soon have Toppen. IKEA Batu Kawan, meanwhile, will in December open its doors to the first phase of a shopping centre. According to Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing for IKEA Southeast Asia’s shopping centres, Toppen is expected

NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL While this may seem like a lesson in phraseology,it is also a valid study in localising the offering to maintain relevance. Malaysia’s malling culture – where on weekends families like to spend their time in malls browsing through

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

MyTOWN Kuala Lumpur.

to attract 15 million visitors a year. With three weeks to launch the four-level shopping centre has secured tenants for more than 90% of its 1.25 million sq ft of gross leasable area. “We have good lease rates, and our open rates will have to be good too. We are not having a soft opening but a grand opening just in time for the year end and new year celebrations. The goal is to hit the ground running,” said Arnoud. Toppen will have about 300 tenants with 26% filled by F&B, 27% for sports and fashion and 20% for entertainment. The Singaporean factor is expected to generate between 10-15% of revenue for the retailers. Like the IKEA brand which features Swedish influences in its design, Toppen will also see natural lighting, wood finishings, pastel colours, clean design and angles.

Cover Story


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

Cover Story


“We are offering a platform where demand and offer comes together. That demand may be for a pair of shoes, for children’s playground or for a glass of wine.”

“It all comes back to IKEA – our heritage. IKEA offers consumer-centric marketing. It is not necessarily about food or furniture but the experience and of creating memories.”

– Arnoud Bakker, Head of Leasing, IKEA Southeast Asia.

– Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing for IKEA Southeast Asia’s shopping centres.

“Form follows function. It is very practical and nice to look at. Simplicity and sustainability are important factors in our design. We have solar panels and we do rain harvesting,” said Andrew.

PLUS POINTS A sizeable entertainment section at its retail assets is playing out well for Ikano Centres. MyTOWN, for instance, which has numerous entertainment offerings, including cinema halls, karaoke, playgrounds, VR experiences, indoor extreme sports park and escape rooms, has seen visitation increase to close to 30 million this year. Another strength is its familyfriendly positioning. Throughout the retail space strong emphasis is placed on child-friendly areas. “The kids’ play area makes a lot of

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

sense. For example, after dinner it could be the difference between staying on for dessert or otherwise,” said Arnoud. But perhaps most important is relevance. “We want to appeal to people in the community so we localise our offerings and create loyal customers. We have conducted surveys and research to see what’s available in the market and what the people want. We want to offer something different than what is in the market. Megabangna, anchored by IKEA Bangna has hosted a Songkran festival and a popular New Year’s concert that drew more than 40,000 people from across the city. The event was so popular that Megabangna is now listed by Timeout Bangkok as one of the top 10 places to spend New Year’s.

Similarly we believe with Toppen we are offering a truly different experience. Almost 80% of our offerings are not available in Tebrau. This is our approach to all our centres.”

FIRST OF ITS KIND The rooftop The Topp, meanwhile, is the crown of Toppen. The First of its kind in Malaysia, it features over 30 food and beverages outlets and alfresco dining areas, a rooftop garden, multipurpose courts, skate parks, a spacious event piazza, kids’ playgrounds, the region’s first permanent rooftop free cinema, an e-sports arena and a water play area. “It all comes back to IKEA – our heritage. IKEA creates memorable marketing that connects with people. We have grown four successful IKEA

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IPC, Damansara

Megabangna Bangkok.

IPC RecyclingCentre.

Batu Kawan, Penang.

businesses in Malaysia. At the end of the day, it is not necessarily about furniture or food but the experience, and creating memories,” said Arnoud. “The IKEA brand is a good democratiser. It offers Scandinavian design at prices affordable to everyone. At this price point there is nothing else. Likewise our meeting place is also a democratiser. The activities on the rooftop are free and can be enjoyed by all,” added Andrew.

QUALITY RETAILERS In drawing quality retailers, landlords seek good brands and solid partnerships. Toppen is also looking for brands that are constantly trying to reinvent themselves, challenging the old methods of doing things. Some brands are reluctant to do this, said Arnoud, but others are excited and want to jump on the bandwagon. “We are seeing a lot of cross overs or hybrid versions of retail outlets. You

have fashion outlets with eateries or kids’ play area, for example. If before the boundaries were very strict, not anymore. “We also want to see innovation, we constantly challenge our tenants and take a genuine interest in their concepts. Some brands are appreciative of the interest my team has in them. At the end of the day we want retailers that are relevant to consumers,” said Andrew. Commerciality and marketing, he

Toppen, Johor Bahru.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

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IS BRICK AND MORTAR STILL RELEVANT? said, go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. “From operators and retailers to marketing strategies and campaigns, all have the same goals.”

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Ikano Centres leverages on AI for data and insights. At IPC, The Mood Menu app allows shoppers to connect their moods via their Spotify playlist which recommends which foods to eat based on their moods. To close the loop it gives out vouchers. Another effort in data analytics is the CRM-based loyalty app that will be offered by Toppen. The company also uses location analytics based on WiFi triangulation to track their customers as they walk around in the centre. “This way we can gauge hot or cold zones. This can help retailers improve their positioning. We can show them the data and insights into customer behaviour. It is helpful in training of staff. Adjacencies can create cross promotional vouchers, we can see which brands pull people. Toppen will have most of these integrations,” said Andrew. “We are always growing.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

There is ongoing research. We also want to work with our existing retail spaces and make them better, constantly adding and changing things,” said Arnoud. They must be doing something right. All Ikano Centres are 90% leased. The Malaysia market average is 84%. Ikano Centres expects double digit growth year-on-year on visitations at all its retail spaces. “We are constantly looking at upgrading our meeting places. Even with Toppen, its launch is just the beginning. We hope to constantly innovate so as to stay relevant to our shoppers,” said Arnoud.

One would think that online shopping would cause a snag in Ikano Centres’ growth plans. Shopping centres are seeing a drop in visitations and are attributing this to the popularity and convenience of e-commerce. “This is about being truly consumer centric. We are not afraid of e-commerce but have embraced it. Take 11.11 last year, we offered the world’s first offline 11.11 Shopping Carnival. The results were amazing,” said Andrew. “We had pureplay online players such as Shopee, Aliexpress and Klook keen to engage with customers. At the same time we took our tenants and gave them an online platform by creating a 11.11 microsite. Some of our best performing partners were Harvey Norman, BEST, Popular and even IKEA. People want to buy big ticket items on 11.11 and we were happy to find these players online. “You must embrace it. Consumers expect it. So we don’t shy away from facilitating it.”

e-wallet App from The Play Store



E-wallets to lend women retailers a Boost. ust like credit cards not too long ago, e-wallets today are almost indispensable. They have changed how we pay for goods and services, and expanded into bringing easy access to our lifestyles with apps and opportunities to fit everyone’s needs. Homegrown Boost is currently at the forefront of driving the digital payment agenda in Malaysia. Today, it is the leading lifestyle e-wallet in the country with over 3.8 million users and more than 65,000 merchant touch points, according to an article in the Star. Boost has revolutionised the way consumers transact on a daily basis. One of the company’s key goals is to solve consumer pain points such as the hassle of paying for parking, bills and utilities, prepaid top-ups, queuing for movie tickets and buying tickets for public transport. A less talked-about fact is how Boost can be a powerful tool for women’s economic empowerment, particularly from a business perspective, through the e-wallet ecosystem – a combination of consumers as well as merchants. Following a simple process, merchants can sign up to easily accept payments from Boost users, digitising their cash-based businesses, and even introduce data analytics to better manage their enterprises, reported the Star. From the early stages of developing its e-wallet, one of Boost’s objectives is to help the financial sector’s underserved and unbanked segment step into the digital economy. While Malaysia boasts a high level of financial inclusivity, in which 92% of the adult population has a bank account, the reality is that women make up more than half of the unbanked population and are still largely under-served by financial institutions. Zooming in on one of these underserved segments are women stall


owners. Take, for instance, this makcik selling nasi lemak at a roadside stall in KL Sentral. During the construction of the MRT in the area, she was forced to close shop, and perhaps consider moving into a nearby shop lot. But she did not have working capital and no access to credit. Obtaining a bank loan would prove difficult without documentation. Eventually she did find another corner to set up her stall for her business but this story highlights just one of the many examples of women who have no access to financial solutions from banking institutions. In this light, Boost plans to introduce micro-financing for hardworking entrepreneurs like the nasi lemak makcik. As a Boost merchant, the makcik would not only have access to a cashless payment system and funds to expand her business but, more importantly, she would now be part of Boost’s credit scoring system that is easy to access and would give underserved women some form of formal access to a financial system. Hopefully, micro-financing through Boost will give women the ability to pursue self-employment opportunities, and help existing women-owned microenterprises grow and expand. Adopting a cashless payment option is essential in this day and age to grow. The provision of multiple payment options, especially a cashless one,

opens up opportunities for customers to buy more as they are no longer limited to cash in hand. Another benefit of adopting Boost, for men and women, is personal safety. Petty theft can be avoided as there is less cash in hand. This eliminates robbery intransit when daily takings are en route to a cash deposit machine or bank. It also saves money on transaction fees that card-based payment providers usually charge. It reduces the circulation of counterfeit money, provides realtime data on your transactions and improves customers’ experience with a convenient, fast and secure payment method. Women are key decision-makers and play a central role in financing home and community needs. The 2016 Census on Women-Owned Businesses by the Malaysian Department of Statistics study showed that women-owned businesses contributed RM39.6 billion to the country’s GDP. Boost hopes to help contribute to this and play an active role in stimulating the digital ecosystem, by accelerating access to financial services for under-served women entrepreneurs. It will become the entry point into a formal financial system and drive the adoption of digital payments, thus becoming a catalyst to greater economic empowerment and participation, as well as greater asset accumulation among women who are propelling our economy to higher levels.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 3



Trailblazing in the Retail Market Having celebrated its 18th anniversary recently and with 400 stores across Malaysia and overseas, the KK Group of companies continues to chart a steady journey of business growth and success, while building an inspiring legacy of charity and goodwill.

he KK Group hosted its 18th anniversary dinner at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre with pomp and splendour. More than 1,000 guests comprising business partners, suppliers, contractors as well as employees attended the event to commemorate the collective efforts contributed towards the business. The highlight of the evening was when more than 100 staff were presented with appreciation awards to acknowledge their long service ranging from 5 to 18 years. Datuk Seri KK Chai, Founder and Chairman of KK Group of companies, attributed his success to his team of experienced and loyal staff, management, bankers, distributors and suppliers. “This event is our way of thanking and appreciating the people who have been with us since day one. It means a lot that you are here to celebrate this important milestone. It is with your dedication that KK SUPER MART is able to achieve what we have


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

today,” he said and added that KK MART was on course to achieve its target of 500 stores next year. Recognising the demand for convenience, fair price and variety in the retail segment, Datuk Seri KK Chai together with his brother started the 24-hour KK SUPER MART chain in 2001 at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park in Kuala Lumpur. It was a natural progression for Datuk Seri KK Chai as his grandfather and father had operated a sundry shop in Kuching, Sarawak, in the early days. Founded on the principles of Convenience, Fair Price and Variety, Datuk Seri Chai’s main focus was to cater to the needs of the masses and offer customers very competitive prices. Since then, the company has grown with its attractive selling propositions which include 24-hour accessibility and conveniently located with ample parking spaces. The chain of stores now has presences across Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Seremban, Malacca and Kuching as well as in Kathmandu,

Nepal. Today, KK SUPER MART employs more than 1,200 employees with each outlet manned by between six and eight personnel. Having tasted success, Datuk Seri Chai has expanded his business interest spanning F&B, beauty and hair care, surveillance systems, property development and construction, fresh food mart, home deco, manufacturing, automobile upgrade services, property and investment, fashion, hotel and sports complex. In June 2019, Datuk Seri Chai launched the 400th KK SUPER MART outlet, and plans to expand the chain stores to 500 outlets in 2020. Recently, he launched the KK Concept Store in Kuala Lumpur, which offers customers an engaging environment beyond just grocery shopping. With 100 types of ready-to-eat food and beverages, customers can dine-in at a café-style environment with modern interior decoration and indoor plants. Those who prefer healthier meal options can personalise their meal with



a range of fresh ingredients to choose from at the Sandwich & Salad bar. There is also a wide variety of bakery items such as buns, cakes, cookies and muffins, which are sold at all hours of the day. Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai said that the KK Concept Store is a game changer for the company and also for the convenience store market in Malaysia. He added that 40 more KK Concept Stores are expected to be opened by 2020 and each of the outlets will be strategically placed in both residential and high traffic areas. “We will also continue to redefine our concept and offering to meet the demands of our consumers,� he added. As he forges ahead, Datuk Seri Chai is excited about the future and hopes to chart many new frontiers.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4



Focus Point Celebrates its 30th Anniversary The optical retail chain company celebrates the occasion at a grand Gala Annual dinner on July 25th at the One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya.

ore than 1,000 guests dressed in their fineries, graced the occasion held at the Imperial Ballroom of the hotel. Among them were MRCA President Datuk Seri Garry Chua, MRCA President Council members, Dato’ Eddie Choon, Datuk Albert Chiang, Dato’ Tay Sim Kim, Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok, Datuk Lee Hwa Cheng, MRCA council members Dato’ Syed Kamarulzaman Dato’Syed Zainol and Datin Flora Tan, other VIPs, business partners, suppliers, Focus Point’s loyal customers and influencers, as well as hundreds of Focus Point employees from all over the country Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang, President & CEO of Focus Point Holdings Berhad, said, “It’s been 30 years since the establishment of Focus Point Vision Care Group. There have been many challenges and rewards that we have learned from, and I appreciate them all. “Our continued success comes from our two biggest assets, our customers and employees. We are immensely grateful for that trust and we will strive to continue to be the trusted optical and vision care provider,” he said. Focus Point now has 190 outlets nationwide and more than 230 eye care professionals to serve the community. In 2012, Focus Point ventured into the F&B sector with the fruition of “Komugi”, a Japanese bakery that offers delicious,


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4



authentic handmade premium Japanese breads, cakes and confectionaries. Last year, Focus point achieved strong operating and financial results, and managed to achieve new heights with RM179.3 million, a 9% increase compared to 2017. The evening also saw local singer, Geraldine Gan, who entertained the attendees with the theme song for the well-known local movie, “The Journey�. Focus Point has been officially recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest optical retail chain store in Malaysia. In conjunction with its 30th anniversary celebration, Focus Point is running a campaign to thank their loyal customers for their support by giving away exclusive and attractive prizes to 30 lucky winners every month.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

Consumer Disloyalty, the New Normal

Only 9% of Malaysian consumers consider themselves to be committed loyalists when it comes to their favourite brands, according to a global consumer study conducted by global measurement company, Nielsen. This figure is in-line with the global average of 8%. he study demonstrates that consumers are actively on the lookout for new grocery and household brands as the gamble of buying new products is de-risked by levers such as rising income levels in developing markets. In Malaysia, 44% of consumers say they love trying new things and 47% can be moved to experiment. Consumers in Asia-Pacific have the highest brand-switching propensity, with 47% willing to switch brands or try different products, closely followed by Africa and the Middle East (45%) and Latin America (42%). Consumers in North America and Europe are less likely to switch brands, at 36% and 33%, respectively.


ACTIVE EXPLORERS ADDING MORE BRANDS TO THEIR REPERTOIRE While 44% Malaysian consumers are now more likely to try brands that they’ve never tried before compared to five years ago, another 22% say that they now have a larger set of brands in their repertoire, but still prefer to stick to brand names they know. Only a third

(31%) say that they still continue to buy their favourite brands every time they shop, as they did half a decade ago. “Brand owners need to get accustomed to this new normal, where the overwhelming majority of consumers are actively or passively open to playing the field when it comes to brands,” says Luca De Nard, Managing Director of Nielsen Malaysia. He attributes part of this it to the so-called “Amazon effect”, which has expanded consumers’ choice and enables price awareness more than ever before. However, he says there are multiple factors working in tandem to create disloyalty among consumers.

purchasing decisions; on average, 42% of consumers say enhanced or superior quality is their key consideration while 40% are influenced by value for money. However, value for money stands out as the key influencer of brand choice in Africa and the Middle East (44%), North America (38%), Latin America (37%) and Europe (35%). De Nard says, “Brands should capitalise on the ability to generate personal dialogues with consumers through social media while also allowing prospects the opportunity to provide feedback. These efforts will go a long way in fostering consumer acquisition and retention.”



For Malaysians monetary factors are the main influences for switching brands, with nearly half of them (49%) saying that they are always swayed if a product demonstrates value for money, while 47% will switch for price reductions or promotions. Only a third (35%) are influenced by the fact that a brand is well known and trusted. Asia Pacific is the only region where value for money does not rank as the top factor influencing brand

Malaysian consumers take brands into consideration, but still switch across a various names. When it comes to personal care products, Malaysians are brand loyal with 46% saying they only choose from one or two shampoo and hair conditioner brands, and 45% choose from one or two skincare brands (body lotion, moisturisers and body wash).

Malaysians Are Open To Trying And Switching To New Brands

Malaysians Are Considering More Brands Than They Were 5 Years Ago



% Malaysian Consumers 47 42

Tend to have favourite brands every time I shop I have a larger set of brands but prefer to stick to brands I’ve tried

49 44






More likely to try new brands I have never tried before




Did not shop for groceries and household products 5 years ago Love Trying New Things Source: Nielsen Global Consumer Loyalty Survey (Q1, 2019) Q40. Thinking about how you shop for groceries and household products now compared to 5 years ago, please select the one statement that you think best describes you

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

Sometimes Buy New Brands and Products

Seldom Try New Things




2x Second Prize 9x Quarterly Prize 330x Monthly Prize 165x Branch Prize

RM100,000 Cash RM50,000 Cash RM1,000 Cash 50" Sharp LED TV

Terms and conditions: 1. Campaign period: 1 September 2019 – 31 August 2020.

6. Minimum month-end balance of RM300 to be maintained to be eligible for all prize categories.

2. Applicable to all AmWafeeq Savings Account-i Primary Accountholders only.

7. Entries will be doubled with: a) Opening of Savings/Current/Term Deposit Account. b) Application for Credit Card/Auto Financing/Term Financing-i secured by ASB certificate. c) Subscription for Bancatakaful General/Family policy. d) Registration for AmOnline/DuitNow.

3. Entries will be computed based on customer's Monthly Average Balance (MAB). MAB = Sum of daily balances Total days in the month 4. Every MAB of RM100 is entitled to 1 (one) Entry. 5. For MAB of RM5,000 and above, the number of Entries earned will be doubled.

03-2178 8888 | ambank.com.my/amjutawan

8. For full terms and conditions, visit www.ambank.com.my/amjutawan

A PIDM Member. Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

AmBank Islamic Berhad (295576-U)

worth of prizes to be won with AmWafeeq



Beletime Danga Bay - An Unforgettable Marine-themed Lifestyle Experience Beletime Danga Bay by Country Garden Group promises a unique marine-themed shopping and lifestyle experience that connects visitors with the beauty of nature in a contemporary setting. et to open its doors to the public in December 2019, Beletime Danga Bay is a commercial shopping hub that is set to host an unbeatable array of lifestyle options. Poised to break traditional shopping experiences, Beletime Danga Bay presents an educational and recreational retail mall that blends living, dining and entertainment for both adults and children. Aside from hosting world-renowned brands, also in the pipeline are amazing attractions using original and interactive IP statues complemented by a marine theme, to offer shoppers a unique and surreal experience. Through its innovative business model, Beletime Danga Bay is set to


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

establish strategic partnerships with popular brands and resources in Johor Bahru. Reputable Chinese brands such as WOMEI 3D Cinema and LOVEYOYO, an indoor snow park will also be introduced. Sporting creative scenes and original marine spaces, popular Japanese supermarket AEON is set to open its doors in Beletime Danga Bay. Todate, Beletime Danga Bay has inked partnerships with international and local brands such as OC, PUMA, DAISO, DIY, TOYWORLD, HLA, HAN’S and K-MALL. To keep pace with the demands of consumers, Beletime Danga Bay is committed to aligning itself with market trends, gaining insights into consumer behavior patterns and creating an unforgettable shopping experience, to

become a unique and unparalleled icon in Johor Bahru. The company will provide one-to-one services for the stores and support them by collecting and analysing consumer data to enhance service and product offerings. In addition, it will integrate the exclusive “marketing culture� of Country Garden by organising special activities throughout the year, attracting customers through multiple channels and offering shuttle services to and from the CIQ. Beletime Danga Bay is not only a shopping center but a vibrant lifestyle experience that creates harmony between urbanisation and natural settings. For leasing and sales of Beletime Danga Bay retail stores, contact +60127060995.



Lazada Malaysia Scores Big with Wecommerce 2019 The leading eCommerce platform in Malaysia reports a 97% growth in new sellers on the platform since its last seller conference in 2019. azada Malaysia’s annual flagship seller summit, WECOMMERCE 2019, returned this year as the nation’s leading eCommerce platform reported a staggering 97% growth in new sellers on the platform since its last seller conference in 2019. The highest growth were from Kelantan (137%), Labuan (121%) and Kedah (116%). The one-day summit, themed “Reinventing eCommerce” was about creating sustainability and futureproofing the digital economy. The event, officiated by Pierre Poignant, Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Group, was attended by over 2,000 participants, It brought together retail and eCommerce experts, global traders, sellers and entrepreneurs around the region to share best practices, upskill


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

themselves through analytic tools and training, network for business matching opportunities and discover New Retail concepts to stay ahead of the everevolving consumer demands. Participants met traders and suppliers from ASEAN, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand to discuss their business needs, saw sneak peeks

“We believe that by creating opportunities and reducing barriers for businesses to flourish, we can build a robust eCommerce ecosystem for the future.” – Leo Chow, Chief Executive Officer, Lazada Malaysia



Tapping into Lazada’s extensive global cross-border network, Lazada is able to connect Malaysian entrepreneurs with traders and manufacturers. • This helps sellers become more competitive and decreases product saturation in the market by offering consumers more assortment and value for their ringgit. • Direct access to traders creates more diversity in price points as cost is reduced by removing intermediaries. • Allows sellers to build their own brands by getting unique products of their own design made by manufacturers. • As more relationships are built, a community is formed, and creates networks teeming with opportunities along the supply chain for eCommerce industries.

of upcoming outfits from Malaysian designers, previewed make-up through Augmented Reality mirrors, and also shopped for their favourite snacks at a futuristic cashless mart among other activities. As a lead up to WECOMMERCE and to support the fast-growing number of sellers who were taking their first steps into the changing retail landscape, Lazada provided over 530 hours of face-to-face seller training across 132 sessions that were attended by over 7,000 sellers in the past year. Leo Chow, Chief Executive Officer, Lazada Malaysia, said, “We believe that by creating opportunities and reducing barriers for businesses to flourish, we can build a robust eCommerce ecosystem for the future.


WECOMMERCE 2019 showcased concepts of what selling and shopping could look like in the future, enabled by Lazada through its Alibaba-backed tech capabilities. • New retail provides new ways for sellers to engage with audience, through integrated offline to online capabilities to create new experiences for customers. • eCommerce should not be seen as a threat to brick-and-mortar, but bring both worlds together through Shoppertainment and cashless solutions. • New Retail also explores more tangible ways for consumers to “experience” products and therefore giving them greater confidence and information to make their purchase. • This also helps build loyalty towards brands and sellers as “firsthand” experience creates trust.

“Good partnerships and technological innovations are often the catalysts of successful businesses and retail trends, which is why we are introducing Business Matching to boost resources available to Malaysian digital entrepreneurs, as well as showcasing Lazada’s capabilities in tech for a glimpse into the future of eCommerce selling and buying.” In building a conducive and diverse seller community across the nation, Lazada developed an official seller community on Facebook which saw close to 80% more members joining since September last year. As the number of sellers continued to multiply, along with new eCommerce features and initiatives, the Facebook group had become almost self-sufficient

with sellers exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge and best practices and becoming less dependent on the eCommerce platform’s community managers, as they spearheaded their own expansion into the local eCommerce space. “With a reduction in enquiries directed towards Lazada, the seller community exemplifies the growing empowerment that we have enabled, as sellers embrace our platform and pave their own successful journey on the backbone of our industry-leading logistics, payments and fulfilment solutions,” said Leo Chow. Lazada Malaysia also entered a partnership with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA) in August this year that will see a rollout of new trade activities and training programs to increase the adoption of eCommerce amongst local SMEs, and support the Government’s “Buy Malaysian” campaign.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4



Moving Towards New Retail with Cloud Is Malaysia ready for ‘New Retail’? The concept, which Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma first spoke about two years ago, is where online and offline retail are integrated. Ooi Boon Sheng, CEO of Web Bytes Sdn Bhd, gives an insight into what it entails and how a cloudbased retail management system can bridge the gap between the digital and physical. ike Amazon, Alibaba has its beginnings online as an e-commerce platform but in recent years have been actively buying up offline retailers, as well as offering services to traditional retailers to go online. Alibaba’s Hema Supermarket chain was a key testing ground for the ‘New Retail’ concept. Besides the usual online grocery orders, customers can visit any store and use Hema’s mobile app to find out more information of the product just by scanning the item’s barcodes. They can then pay for their purchases at the self-checkout kiosks by scanning their phones with Alipay or by facial recognition. Alibaba subsequently leverages big data, analytics and artificial intelligence to create value from the data generated, to improve retail operations, help optimise the supply chain of merchants and enhance customer experience. Coming back to our home ground


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

Malaysia, some hypermarkets have started having self-checkout counters in some of their outlets. A large fastfood chain’s self-service kiosks debuted in Malaysia two years ago and some cinemas have introduced self-service kiosks. All these companies have also been offering online ordering for years. But is this ‘New Retail’? The key difference lies in whether the offline and online systems are integrated and whether data can be harnessed to further improve and tailor business operations. In order for retailers to be able to offer personalised customer experiences, data has to be processed securely and analysed realtime, in sync with all other purchasing platforms (online or mobile app) that the retailer has. To put it simply, with ‘New Retail’, a retailer will be able to know what we have bought previously (be it from the retailer’s website or through the app) even though we are now at the payment

counter or checkout kiosks of the physical store. To do this, retailers need to leverage cloud commerce and a cloud-based point-of-sale system as transaction data must be updated real time, in sync with their order management system and inventory data. Likewise, the digital e-commerce information must be processed simultaneously with its physical location information in real-time. This is where retailers who are still relying on server-based traditional pointof-sale systems, will find it challenging. Most traditional retail systems are not able to provide them with the information prompt enough to allow them to respond with accurate decisions as the data is not real-time and their point-of-sale systems are often not integrated with their inventory system. And in an omni-store environment, with both online, mobile and physical retail platforms, it becomes even more difficult for them to have an up-to-date

comprehensive understanding of their customer’s transaction history. As long as the retail systems or platforms are operating in isolation, it will not be able to achieve ‘New Retail’ and bridge the gap between the digital and physical. But a cloud-based retail management system can change that. Not only will a cloud-based retail management system allow retailers to calculate their stock information live, instead of just indicating the quantity they want to purchase, they can also perform stock forecasting based on sales histories and other common criteria. In addition, they will have realtime insights as to which product is more saleable and in which location. Food and beverage operators and retail chains will see a more urgent need to utilise cloud retail management systems due to the rapid changes in their line of business. Cloud-based system gives them the flexibility to scale easily according to their business size, regardless of the number of outlets and where they are moving or expanding to. Data analytics and artificial intelligence can also be used to improve


“A cloud-based retail management system can bridge the gap between the digital and physical retail systems or platforms.” ~ Ooi Boon Sheng, CEO of Web Bytes Sdn Bhd customer experience by providing a real-time understanding of customers’ requirements, including product information, order requirements, traffic data, weather conditions and delivery deployment. This coordination gives retailers an unprecedented level of data captured both online and offline, and, as a result, retailers can then tailor physical experiences uniquely to each customer. Other software applications or hardware devices that can be utilised within the creation of ‘New Retail’ experiences include e-wallets, delivery services and in-store pick up.

The future with ‘New Retail’ will see a marketplace that is very connected with services. For example, a person can order and pay for his food via his phone while he is still at the office, before going to the restaurant. Or he can buy his daily groceries, and have it sent to him, while he is still on his way home from work. These connected services are already being introduced everywhere. Combining and integrating these services with a cloud-based retail solution, will deliver real value to retailers and their customers.

SHOPLINE Launches Malaysia Operations Asia’s biggest smart commerce platform will help merchants to set up online stores and offer a wide selection of shop designs, payment gateways and shipping carriers tailored to the needs of local and cross-border merchants. ts offering in Malaysia will include its range of online to offline (O2O) solutions which enable merchants to connect across channels and optimise the customer’s shopping experience. Services will include the SHOPLINE Kiosk, a CRM tool that allows users to sign up for membership with a mobile number or email in seconds, and the SHOPLINE Broadcast Centre, a marketing automation tool enabling merchants to reach customers via Facebook’s chatbot, SMS and email, among others. The start-up, which was founded in Hong Kong, has helped more than 150,000 entrepreneurs, SMEs and large enterprises such as Durex, Bee Cheng Hiang and Hiwalk go digital. In 2018, its merchants reached over 200 million customers.


SHOPLINE will also look to introducing its cloud-based pointof-sale (POS) system tailored for retailers enabling them to keep an accurate record of store transactions, track and manage store inventories, generate real-time sales performance reports, track staff performance, manage payroll, memberships, and more – creating a unified omni-channel solution over multiple store locations. Tony Wong, co-founder and CEO, said, “As we further expand our Malaysia footprint and introduce our wider range of solutions such as O2O and POS, our mission is to therefore help brands expand their omnichannel presence and ensure seamless movement from online to offline to ultimately retain customers for the long-term.”

Tony Wong, CEO and co-founder, and Fiona Lau, COO and co-founder of SHOPLINE at the launch.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4



Niro Ceramic Group Launches Creative Lab Showroom The new retail concept for tiles and sanitary ware aims to provide a hassle free shopping experience for its customers ith the grand opening of showroom at Paramount Gardens, Petaling Jaya, last year, Niro Ceramic Group now has more than 20 Creative Lab showrooms throughout Malaysia. Over the years, Niro Ceramic Group analysed the customer behaviour and identified the challenges faced by home owners when shopping for tiles in a showroom. Among the challenges were difficulties in visualising how the tiles would look after installation, selecting and deciding the right tiles they needed and uncertainty about whether the tile design would match their style, among others. “With Creative Lab’s new retail concept, we envisage that these challenges can be lessened or overcome,” said Bong Kuan Shin, Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group. Creative Lab showroom is designed in the most efficient manner, and is well organised making it easy for customers to select and make their choices. One of its features is the ‘Top Picks’ wall that displays the best sellers with different colour tones, sizes and surfaces that allows home owners to narrow down their selection and choices. Using state of the art design software, well trained


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

Creative Lab Designers are there to help home owners develop 3D designs that meet every aspect of their requirements such as functionality, appeal and style as well as the home owners’ financial considerations. This “work together concept” also facilitates home owners’ participation so that the final outcome is derived from their own choice and desire. Once the tile selection is done by home owners, Creative Lab Designers will incorporate images of the selected tile into the software and the 3D design can be created almost instantly. This 3D design is of high quality and would enable home owners to visualise their home with the tiles and sanitary wares that they have selected. Before making their final purchase decision, home owners

can refer to the actual samples that are available at Creative Lab showroom. All these can be done within a shorter period of time which eliminates the long waiting time faced by home owners. Ultimately, Creative Lab will bring tile shopping experience to the next level, enabling home owners to bring their ideas to life. “As a market leader in product quality and services, we at Niro Ceramic Group are most happy to launch a new retail experience, our Creative Lab showrooms. We want customers to be able to take home their ideas and we will have more Creative Lab showrooms in the future,” added Bong Kuan Shin. To make appointment to experience free instant 3D design, visit www. askcreativelab.com.



Mah Sing’s M Oscar Phase 1 Fully Sold Over One Weekend Mah Sing Group Bhd’s new high-rise residential project M Oscar saw good take-up during its launch weekend, where its first phase comprising 200 units were fully sold in early October. n October 5 and 6 large crowds thronged the M Oscar sales gallery, which houses two fully furnished show units featuring two and threebedroom layouts. The development comprises four unit types, namely the two bedrooms (priced from RM428,000), three bedrooms, four bedroom and dual-key ranging from 708 to 1,198 sq ft. This covers the needs of different groups including individual first-time homebuyers to young families who are looking to upgrade to a home with better security and lifestyle. The sales gallery, located at the lower ground of Seri Gembira Avenue, is only 1.25km from the actual project site, allowing visitors an accurate visualisation of the neighbourhood. Scale and landscape models displayed at the sales gallery also help visitors better appreciate the project. Mah Sing’s Director of Group Strategy and Operations, Lionel Leong said he was heartened with positive feedback from visitors. “We put a lot of thought into the modern design and practical layout. Befitting the project name of M Oscar and the tagline of “A Jewel Amongst the Stars”, we created a unique experience of luxurious life celebration via the interplay of ambient light settings and creative utilisation of colonnade elements. Visitors also liked the concept elements, namely the grand lobby, 35 features and facilities and its strategic location.” M Oscar also comes with a huge array of facilities which help forge strong bonds within the community. The 2.7-acre facility deck is designed into multiple zones including The Star Light Walk, The Fun Zone, The Energy Zone, The Chill Area and more, which would allow the community to de-stress by making time for themselves and others.


Malaysia Retailer Vol 7 No 4

M Oscar is strategically located off Kuchai Lama, within the vicinity of the matured neighbourhood of Happy Garden and Sri Petaling. Access into the project is available via Jalan 2/149 and Mah Sing will be building a direct access from the existing road to the new development to enhance the accessibility. The project straddles wellestablished neighbourhoods of Old Klang Road, Sri Petaling, Bukit Jalil and Salak South, and is within a 10km radius of KLCC, Cheras, Ampang, Petaling Jaya and Seri Kembangan. The project’s grand opening was recently held in commemoration with Mah Sing’s Silver Jubilee, marking its 25th year anniversary as a leading property developer in Malaysia. The event was officiated by Malaysia’s Special Envoy to China, YB Tan Kok Wai. Also present were Mah Sing Founder

and Group Managing Director Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum, Chief Executive Officer Datuk Ho Hon Sang as well as Lionel Leong. At the opening ceremony, YB Tan said Mah Sing has always been committed to building affordably priced quality homes with ample facilities to support the government’s effort in promoting home ownership. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong, meanwhile, said that M Oscar is the first project from its 2019 land acquisition trail. “To date, we have sold more than 41,000 units. In line with our tagline, Reinvent Spaces. Enhance Life, we will continue to roll-out products that fit the current needs of the market.” Datuk Ho said M Oscar’s the project’s concept and features were designed through a thorough design-thinking process “where we analysed the current market situation and understand the buyers trend in order to ensure our final product fits the needs of our targeted home buyers”. To meet growing demand, Mah Sing is extending its sales gallery opening hours to 10am-8pm daily and launching an additional 200 units, which will be entitled to an early bird rebate of 2%. Interested buyers can call 03-9212 0423 to find out more about the project and early bird incentives.



AmBank Group Wins Four Awards at Alpha Southeast Asia Awards 2019 mBank Group was recognised as the Best FX Bank for Corporates and Financial Institutions for the eighth consecutive time and Best FX Bank for Structured Products: Commodities, Credit, Equity, FX and Multi-Assets for FX & Treasury segment. AmInvestment Bank’s fund management arm, AmInvest, was also named Malaysia’s Best Overall Asset & Fund Manager and Malaysia’s Best Asset Manager for Money Market Funds under the Fund Management category. The awards ceremony was held in September 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. Jamzidi Khalid, Deputy Managing Director, Wholesale Banking and Head,


Group Treasury & Markets, AmBank Group said the recognition reaffirmed the bank’s capability to leverage on its position as a leading FX house. “Our inaugural win in the Best FX Bank for Structured Products category demonstrates our commitment to deliver innovative financial solutions for our esteemed clients especially in this exciting and challenging era.” Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir, Group Chief Executive Officer, AmBank Group, said it was an honour and privilege to be recognised as Malaysia’s Best Overall Asset & Fund Manager and Malaysia’s Best Asset Manager for Money Market Funds. “AmInvest has been managing funds for the past 38 years and we are

L-R: Valerie Low Lai Kin, Head, Retail & Retirement Funds, AmInvest, Yasotha Kandasamy, Senior Vice President, Institutional Sales, AmInvest, Wong Yew Joe, Chief Investment Officer, AmFunds Management Berhad, Goh Wee Peng, Chief Executive Officer, AmInvest and Raymond Lew, Head of Fixed Income, AmInvest.

grateful for the trust our investors have in our capabilities and expertise.” Alpha Southeast Asia is a Hong Kongbased regional institutional investment publication. It has a readership following among pension funds, asset managers as well as institutional investors across Asia, Europe and the United States.

AmBank Group Teams Up with Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort and MYDIN To Offer JomPAY Electronic Payments mBank Group has teamed up with Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort and MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Berhad to offer JomPAY electronic payments which enable payments via internet banking, mobile banking and ATMs of banks in Malaysia. This will provide added convenience, accessibility and flexibility to customers. Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort and MYDIN’s participation in JomPAY is powered by AmBank Group’s Transaction Banking, which provides a one-stop wholesale banking solution in cash management, trade finance and remittances. Through this partnership with AmBank and PayNet, members of Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort can make their monthly membership fee payment electronically. Meanwhile, the tenants of Mydin Mall can make their rental payment via online banking or ATM making the collection process seamless and reconciliation hassle-free


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for MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Berhad with JomPAY. JomPAY is Malaysia’s national bill payment scheme established and operated by PayNet, with the participation of banks and a growing

From left – Raja Teh Maimunah Raja Abdul Aziz, Managing Director, Wholesale Banking, AmBank Group, Datuk Wira Dr. Haji Ameer Ali Mydin, Managing Director, MYDIN Mohamed Holdings Berhad, Jagjit Kaur, Executive Vice President, Head, Transaction Banking, AmBank Group, Hisham Razali, Manager, Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort and Peter Schiesser, Group Chief Executive Officer, PayNet at the JomPAY Customer Appreciation Dinner.

number of 5,587 billers as of September 2019. At a recent JomPAY Customer Appreciation Dinner, Raja Teh Maimunah Raja Abdul Aziz, Managing Director, Wholesale Banking, AmBank Group, thanked its JomPAY biller partners for partnering and making AmBank their collection bank. The event, organised by AmBank Group saw the Top Ten AmBank JomPAY Billers being presented with appreciation plaques. “We are fully committed to providing efficient and convenient banking platform for our customers’ needs, while at the same time doing our part to accelerate the migration to e-payments,” added Raja Teh Maimunah. AmBank recently won the Outstanding Contributions to JomPAY and Outstanding Contributions to MyDebit awards for the third consecutive year at the annually held Malaysia e-Payment Excellence Awards (MEEA).

Budget 2020 Underpins Resilient Growth he 2020 national budget not only reflected the Government’s commitment to propel robust and equitable growth for the nation but also unveiled several measures addressing financing challenges and low adoption of technology aid, Dato’ Sulaiman Mohd Tahir, Group CEO, AMMB Holdings Berhad “Specifically, the 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 to increase digitalisation of operations for SMEs will improve access to financing,” he said. He added that in addition, the allocation of RM50 million to encourage SMEs to engage in more export promotion activities as well as the smart automation matching grant of up to RM2 million for 1,000 local manufacturers and 1,000 services companies to automate business processes, are key incentives


to facilitate SME development by contributing to ease of doing business, leveraging opportunities in new areas including green economy and faster adoption of IR 4.0. Improved public-private partnership (PPP) will further support the SMEs in unlocking their potential. “This dovetails very well into AmBank’s focus on empowering SMEs. Our commitment is clearly reflected by the fact that AmBank’s SME portfolio stood at more than RM20 billion in FY2019, comprising approximately onefifth of our total loan book. Ensuring a conducive ecosystem to boost SME growth will subsequently help to drive the nation’s development,” he said. As part of the Government’s policies to improve the welfare of lower income segments, he stated that initiatives such as the Fund for Affordable Homes



and the Home Ownership Campaign are indeed laudable. “The introduction of the Rent to Own financing scheme will see up to RM10 billion provided by financial institutions, with support from the Government via a 30% or RM3 billion guarantee. This scheme is certainly a welcome addition to help facilitate home ownership,” added Dato’ Sulaiman.

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Windmill Upon Hills – A PicturePerfect Lifestyle Experience Experience the best of urban living and a highlands ambience, with amazing landscapes and breath-taking views. he world-renowned Genting Highlands is poised to welcome a sterling serviced apartment development called Windmill Upon Hills. Set against a picturesque backdrop of green vistas, undulating terrain and cool highland breezes, the development presents a refreshing and inspiring lifestyle proposition complemented by excellent amenities. Offering the best of urban conveniences and a highlands resortstyled atmosphere, Windmill Upon Hills is an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city living as well as the stresses of modern life. A signature development by OSK Property, Windmill Upon Hills is easily accessible to major cities and township such as Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Spread across 5.5 acres in one of Genting Highlands’ elevated locations, the development presents a piece of heaven with its stunning façade and thoughtfully designed interiors.


VERSATILE LIVING SPACES The development features an exciting blend of innovative layout designs and fully furnished units for hassle-free occupancy and maintenance of the residences. Windmill Upon Hills offers a

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choice of 2-bedroom serviced apartments with built-up sizes ranging from 688 sq ft to 783 sq ft, and dual key units ranging from 818 sq ft to 1,523 sq ft comprising 2 to 4 bedrooms. Another option is the double dual key units with 3 bedrooms and built-up sizes of 1,370 sq ft and 1,489 sq ft. Savour the ambience of duplex units 1 + 1 bedrooms and a built-up size of 962 sq ft. Studio units offer compact yet highly functional units with 1 bedrooms and versatile built-up sizes of 362 sq ft and 726 sq ft. Limited units are available now, such as the Dual Key Sky Villa and the exclusive penthouses.

CONTEMPORARY FACILITIES Surrounded by scenic garden spaces, water features and tree-lined pathways, Windmill Upon Hills promises a pictureperfect experience within a highland setting. Residents get to enjoy a panoramic view of the highlands and its surroundings from their living rooms and balconies. The homes are tastefully designed to include cosy bedrooms, well-defined family spaces and a seamless concept that blends the contemporary indoors with the scenic outdoors. Harmonise with

nature and take in the sights and sounds of country living at Windmill Upon Hills. The development features multiple facilities, landscaped terraces and gardens, outdoor podiums and breathtaking sky decks. Outdoor cabanas offer exclusive spaces for relaxation, while hammock swings in the garden provide an opportunity for an idyllic experience. Amidst the cool highland air, bask in the heated splash pool or catch up with friends and family at the Tea and Party Garden. The Celebration Alcove at the rooftop is an ideal venue for weddings, birthday parties, and private functions. The development also hosts an array of recreational facilities that include tennis and squash courts and jogging tracks, among others. Another innovative approach to owning Windmill Upon Hills is the chance to have residential units managed by the highly-acclaimed hospitality group, Swiss Garden International.

EXCELLENT LOCALITY Windmill Upon Hills is located adjacent to Gohtong Jaya and is just a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur and 30-minute drive from Gombak. The Highlands International Boarding Schools is just 30 minutes away. Other exciting amenities within a few minutes’ drive include Genting Highlands famous 20th Century Fox World Theme Park, Genting Highlands Premium Outlet and Genting Highlands Resort. For more information on Windmill Upon Hills, contact 016 500 0598 or visit www.windmilluponhills.com.

Towards an Ego-Less State of Leadership he world will be a more harmonious and productive place if people are less egoistic. Ego is simply the conscious identity one considers of self and the degree of self-importance one places. While it is difficult for people to be egoless, we can do better in our relationship with others if we have less ego in the way we conduct ourselves. In my over 25 years in developing corporate leaders, including senior management and Heads of Department), I had shared some insights on how we can become better leaders by sizing down our egos and placing higher regards for others. Here are some of my insights to keep our egos in check so that they do not get in the way of things.

Many leaders give themselves too much credit. They get carried away by the praises subordinates heap over their achievements. In addition, there are institutions that give all types of awards to corporate leaders. While it is alright for marketing and branding purpose, leaders should not let these accolades get to their heads and become arrogant and egoistic. Whatever ability we have, we are just “lucky” that we have been blessed with such talent or the capacity to develop such skill. One does not become good or great all by oneself; many others had played a part. Sir Isaac Newton, a great mathematician, said, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulder of giants.” To be ego-less is not about thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. Give more credit to others, shift the placement of importance to them and watch how much more receptive they are towards our leadership.


No matter how intelligent, experienced or talented one is, one is not flawless. It has been proven that the so-called “experts” over a period of time because






of their egos and arrogance, begin to develop blind spots, have outdated assumptions, become complacent, possess unproductive habits and have an adverse attitude towards change. The corporate world is full of leaders who have fallen from grace due to their big egos. The way to prevent such mishaps is to reduce our egos, have an open mind, engage in active listening and encourage feedback from others. As experts or leaders, we need to reckon that we do not know it all. To avoid costly mistakes, we need to put aside our egos, engage others to provide good advice to enable us to stay on the right path.


A leader should consider the position given to him or her, be it general manager, manager, head of department or a supervisor, as a special privilege with very important obligations to fulfil. Often employees work very hard to move up in their career and once they achieve a high ranking position they stop serving others. Many tend to order people around and expect others to serve them at the snap of a finger. They behave like this due to their ego. All egos may be driven by a sense of inferiority. Such leaders may feel insecure and doubt the acceptance of others of their new positions. A promotion is more than just about a title or status. A good way to check our egos is to constantly remind ourselves that we have not been promoted to become a master but to be a humble servant with a greater opportunity to serve others better from a position of higher influence.

Leaders who think highly of themselves to the exclusion of others have a misplaced sense of their importance. In my recent corporate training, everyone seated had a name tag with their names on it and the initial V.I.P. I asked them what they thought V.I.P. stood for. Almost everyone said it stood for Very Important Person. I corrected them and said it stood for Very Important Participant. I told them they could keep that VIP title as long as they continued to participate and contribute to the class, otherwise the VIP title would be taken away from them. It certainly helped generate lots of participation. Let us not become egoistic about titles and positions. We are not indispensable. We are only as valuable and important as our contribution and performance in organisations.


A prima donna has a big ego. He or she has to dominate all conversations and have the last say. He or she has to be the solo player and the hero. To be effective, we cannot be prima donnas. We need to put aside our egos, and work as a team. As leaders, we can only be as successful as the people who work with us. Without their cooperation and commitment, we would not be able to achieve the company’s goals. The most effective way for us to lead a team is to move away from fulfilling our ego needs to that of the team. Dr Victor SL Tan is the CEO of KL Strategic Change Consulting Group. He undertakes change management consulting and training for companies. He is also the author of 10 management books. His latest book is on Leading Positive And Profitable Change. For more info, contact him at victorsltan@klscc.com or at 012- 390 3168.

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Monthly Meeting


15th AUGUST 2019 Venue: Hap Seng Star Kinrara Pre-owned Centre at Bandar Kinrara Industrial Park

More than 150 members attended the August meeting which was an opportunity for them to network and socialise with fellow retailers and business partners and keep abreast with current events in MRCA. MRCA President Datuk Seri Garry Chua welcomed the members and briefed them about the activities and events that took place in the previous months. He added that the response from members attending the meetings has been very encouraging. Datuk Seri Garry and his council members later presented new members with their Certificate of Membership. Sean Lee, Corporate Sales Manager of Hap Seng Star which was the host for the event, was presented with a Token of Appreciation. The event also saw business presentations by Hap Seng Star, Horizon L&L Property, RHB Bank and Tropicana Corporation. Later, the members celebrated the birthday of those born in August, followed by dinner and networking session.


Ordinary OGN Group Sdn Bhd MBE Business Corporation Sdn Bhd Visionary Solutions Sdn Bhd Elitetrax Marketing Sdn Bhd Koperasi Wawasan Malaysia Berhad Courts (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd RHB Bank Berhad Getha Bedding (M) Sdn Bhd Gerbang Alaf Restaurants Sdn Bhd Associate MM2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd KK Straits International Education Sdn Bhd Wise Ai Sdn Bhd Rack Master Industries Sdn Bhd OSB International Marketing Sdn Bhd Wild Brains Sdn Bhd Affiliate Direct Selling Association of Malaysia

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15th OCT 2019 Venue: Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd at KL Eco City, Kuala Lumpur

The October meeting saw more than 150 members attending the event which kicked off with a welcome address by MRCA President Datuk Seri Garry Chua who said that he had been busy attending and presenting keynote speech at some of the seminars and conferences. “This shows that MRCA is being recognised as one of the leading associations in the country. And I am pleased to inform you that we now have more than 521 members.” The event also saw a short presentation by Dato’ Alex Wong, OC of MRCA Charity Golf 2019, encouraging members to participate in the event which will be held on 19th November at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. Meanwhile, Jordan Ng, the OC for the MRCA Charity Run 2019, also encouraged more members to participate in the run which will be held on Dec 14th at Summit USJ, Subang Jaya. Later, Datuk Garry Chua and his council members presented the new members with their Certificate of Membership. Jimmy Tan, Vice President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd, the host for the meeting, was presented with a Token of Appreciation. Members born in October and who attended the meeting had a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate their birthday. There were also business presentations by Samsung, Maxis Berhad, Zenapp Sdn Bhd, Naza Corporation Holdings and Star Media Group Bhd. Special business rates were also offered to MRCA members who attended the meeting.


Ordinary PKNS Real Estate Sdn Bhd Lein Hing Holdings Sdn Bhd Chatime Malaysia Sdn Bhd Kamdar Sdn Bhd Pusat Borong Matahari (Shah Alam) Sdn Bhd Seven Castle Children Playground Sdn Bhd Associate Members AppPay Sdn Bhd Pinnacle Concepts Sdn Bhd SS Productions & Marketing Sdn Bhd Think About Sdn Bhd Displaymax (M) Sdn Bhd Restoran Mandalika Sdn Bhd KEB Auto Sdn Bhd E-Beauty Group Sdn Bhd Armani Media Sdn Bhd IFV Group Sdn Bhd Country Garden Development Sdn Bhd Macro Kiosk Berhad Gourmet Menu Sdn Bhd Perk Idea Sdn Bhd ES Exhibition Services Sdn Bhd

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President’s Activities and Officiating Members’ Events 1. Attending the Malaysian Gift and Premium Association’s 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner. 2. Launch of World Sight Day at Focus Point. 3. Attending the grand launch of Malaysia Cashless Day at the Quill Convention Centre launched by Dr Mohd Hatta Ramli Deputy Minister of Entrepreneur Development. 4. At the launch of the Malaysian Pavilion at the China Franchise Expo in Shanghai with YB Chong Cheng Jen, Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia (KPDNHEP). 5. At the ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2019.

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Retailer Volchange. 7 No 4 * DateMalaysia and venue subject to

35 Feature

Serba Dinamik PIKOM Unicorn Tech Awards 2019

ore than 1,200 people from the tech industry attended the event held recently at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Guests included PIKOM council members, PIKOM members, representatives from government agencies, corporate leaders and captains of the industry. The guest-of-honour was Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of awards to honour and recognise individuals and organisations in eight categories – Technology Organisation Excellence Award, CIO Excellence Award, Technopreneur Excellence Award, Member Excellence Award, GBS Company of the Year, Regional Tech Company of the Year, Special Recognition Award and Tech Personality of the Year. Each year PIKOM recognises excellence in the tech industry.

Profile for Harini Management Services Sdn Bhd

Malaysia Retailer|Vol 7|No 4|2019|IKEA  

Malaysia Retailer, the official magazine of the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), is a one of a kind retailing, franchising and bran...

Malaysia Retailer|Vol 7|No 4|2019|IKEA  

Malaysia Retailer, the official magazine of the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), is a one of a kind retailing, franchising and bran...