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MuzArt –

Crafting the Future of Young Leaders Daphne Teh, Founder and CEO of MuzArt International

Visit Malaysia 2020 to Stir Excitement in Retail Industry

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MIRF, A Runaway Success



Ceiling for Market Development Grant Increased to Support Exporters’ Market Access


MIRF, a Runaway Success

EVENTS / UPDATES 30 New Members

32 Bi-monthly Meetings


21 Platinum Business Awards 2019

4 MuzArt – Crafting the Future

22 Mah Sing Launches M Arisa’s

of Young Leaders

Art is for all. It helps develop fine motor skills, social and communication skills, emotional skills as well as cognitive development. Every child should benefit from fun art classes, says Daphne Teh, founder and CEO of MuzArt International.

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8 MIRF, a Runaway Success 11 Ceiling for Market Development Grant Increased to Support Exporters’ Market Access

12 Visit Malaysia 2020 to Stir

Excitement in Retail Industry

14 MCBC Targets A Better Year of Trade Relations

16 MRCA Foundation 18 Toppen Takes Centrestage in Johor

20 Asia Halal Brand Awards Daphne Teh, Founder and CEO of MuzArt International

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Gala Night

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23 Regional Mall for Kuala

Terengganu City Centre

24 Driving Digital Transformation in Malaysia through Hybrid Cloud & Interconnected Data Centres

25 Fudtec Launches smart vending 25 Ambank Launches Malaysia’s

First Online Debt Consolidation Platform

26 MR.D.I.Y.’s Wins Again at World Branding Awards 2019

27 UMR Strategic, a One-Stop Foreign Manpower Supply Centre

28 Southern Marina Residences,

a Jewel in the Crown of Puteri Harbour

29 MyeongDong Topokki Expands

to Indonesia Through Franchise Deal

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MuzArt – Crafting The Future of Young Leaders Art is for all. It helps develop fine motor skills, social and communication skills, emotional skills as well as cognitive development. Every child should benefit from fun art classes, Daphne Teh, founder and CEO of MuzArt International tells RACHAEL PHILIP.

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“We are working towards developing children’s creativity and innovative skills, and using the essence of art to inculcate good behaviour as well as values.” – Daphne Teh, Founder and CEO of MuzArt International

f there is one motto that Daphne Teh lives by it is a quote from Keith Weed, who in 2018 retired as the Chief Marketing and Communications Office after 35 years with Unilever. He said: “You cannot replace creativity of the human mind with a piece of tech”. Daphne, the founder and CEO of MuzArt International, explained that the intriguing nature of art itself helps draw the attention of children. Besides harnessing a variety of skills crucial for child development, art is seen to be involved in every aspect of our lives. “Art is all encompassing. When studying for exams, for instance, we use mind mapping skills to memorise important points. Mind maps is art. Realising this I pursued the field of education with an important mission, to build a happy community for our children to grow in. Without doubt art plays an extremely important role in it,” said Daphne.


SINGLE-MINDED PURSUIT Daphne stepped into the art education industry when she was only 16,

equipped with a passion for art and a desire to change the way art is taught in classes. It may sound inconsistent but when Daphne was growing up she used to hate going for art classes. “I felt it was too rigid, it had too many rules. My siblings felt the same way too. It made me think about what was wrong with the whole art education system. From here I had a strong desire to inject fun into the subject,” said Daphne who hails from Johor Bahru. She is the eldest of four girls, all of whom were raised with an appreciation for art and the piano. “When I was 16 I gave free art classes at home to my three cousins. Within a year I had close to 30 students. I was hungry to gain as much experience as I could and worked concurrently in eight art centres as a part-time teacher. I took this opportunity to gain valuable feedback from parents. “Subsequently I moved on to teaching preschoolers. I was keen to understand the development of young children. These experiences provided me the platform to analyse and understand the problems faced by teachers, students

and parents where art education is concerned. This eventually led to the development of MuzArt’s 5 DNAs. At this point I was ready to develop a syllabus. With the syllabus in hand, I opened my first MuzArt centre in 2009 at Impian Emas, Johor. Those early days saw us parked in half a shop lot with one table and eight chairs,” she smiled. Today MuzArt has matured into an institution with 27 locations in Malaysia, 10 in Singapore and two in the Philippines. It has plans to expand globally by franchising the business, tailor-making the programme to suit the market. For instance, MuzArt Singapore has a special programme targeting adults and parents.

LOOKING AHEAD With all that emphasis on STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths – are parents keen on art classes? Daphne said that research has shown the importance of art in the STEM subjects, thus the establishment of STEAM. “STEAM started gaining support in 2017 and has been widely practiced in

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first world countries ever since. MuzArt was the first art centre to implement STEAM learning in 2018. It is now a key element of the MuzArt learning system. Many students are benefitting from our STEAM system and our data shows increased student participation in the classroom. Parents, on the other hand, are now showing more interest in art education as it is well supported by research and they understand the benefits of integrating art into learning,” said Daphne. She added that MuzArt will remain true to its calling to develop art skills in children, and it will not branch out into music, drama, singing and the like. She falls back on research on the effects of art education and child development over the last 15 years. “We are working towards developing children’s creativity and innovative skills, and using the essence of art to inculcate good behaviour as well as values. MuzArt is confident with its way of teaching and approach towards moulding children into good leaders.”

BESPOKE EDUCATION While there are bespoke clothing and bespoke hotels, there now is bespoke education. MuzArt shines in this area with its carefully crafted syllabus. “Our syllabus stands out from regular art learning syllabus. Most art learning centres in Malaysia provide a syllabus which sees children with similar skills grouped together. MuzArt, however, is the first art centre to

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develop a milestone-based syllabus intricately designed to cater to students according to their age,” offered Daphne. The centre’s STEAM teaching and learning programme is also a key element of its brand differentiation. Besides integrating academic learning into their art syllabus, the company focuses on maturing children’s behaviour, morale and mental health. MuzArt has four different programmes, namely Creativity Meets Leadership (CML), Creative Personality Outstanding (CPO), Clay Art and Fine Art. Each of these programs have an extensive syllabus manual equipped with teaching guidelines, student development report and the MuzArt pedagogy. For instance, the CPO programme is an entrepreneurship programme using art to develop social projects, build entrepreneurship and leadership skills starting at a young age. All its syllabuses are updated every 18 months. Daphne said the MuzArt syllabuses have grown from MuzArt 1.0 to the current MuzArt 4.0 over the past 10 years incorporating major changes such as learning methods and the use of technology in its syllabuses. It is safe to say that MuzArt art is more than art. It is a tool to explore and learn other aspects of life. “Our STEAM learning and our five DNA, which includes integration of academic learning and subconscious music, speaks for itself. I believe no other art centre works on behaviour

modification, parent-child communication and morale development,” she said.

TEACHER TRAINING Staying true to its mission of providing top notch education and that element of fun in its programme involves rigorous training on the part of MuzArt teachers. All teachers undergo an extensive training course for three months before they start teaching. Art and skills teaching only takes up a minimum part of the training, said Daphne. Instead child psychology, behaviour assessment, classroom management and creative teaching are important tools MuzArt teachers pick up in the three-month training programme. The teachers are also responsible for planning STEAM activities, researching on the topic of the week and implementing their teaching plan in class. Besides the three-month training programme, the teachers are also equipped with other skills such as communications and leadership skills. The teachers at MuzArt are mostly diploma and degree holders. However, priority is given to those who show strong interest and dedication to teaching art. “Prior to the job interview, teachers will undergo a personality test. Those who show strong commitment and deep love for art and art education is taken in. Hereafter we believe our intensive syllabus and highly qualified corporate trainer will do their jobs to sharpen teachers’ skills but the

7 Cover Story

passion for children and education is an inherent attribute which cannot be taught,” she said. With a brand that is growing internationally, maintaining high teaching standards in all their establishments is crucial but Daphne takes it a step further. “We are focused on developing a high performance mentality in the company. The main three core values in MuzArt help with the process of achieving our key performance index, which is detailed. “We also hold meaningful programmes such as CEO Day. CEO Day involves me, the CEO of MuzArt, sharing direction and goals with the employees of MuzArt International. The CEO Day focuses on keeping all employees clear about company direction, appreciating well achieving employees and a half-day training for all employees based on various topics such as leadership, personality and work ethics,” said Daphne.

AWARD-WINNING COMPANY Clear direction, hard work and a singleminded pursuit – all top qualities of a brilliant CEO – pays off. The company has garnered a total of 39 awards to date, some of which are internationally known business awards such as the Star Outstanding Business Award, Top Nominee of the Ernst and Young EOY and the Parents Choice Award. “The Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians award is the closest to my heart. I have always looked up to the respectable past winners of the Award. The Junior Chamber International Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians award focuses on creativity, innovation and social responsibility, which are three priorities in my life. “The Parents Choice Award is also one of my most reputable awards. What more can we ask for than having happy parents who appreciate the work of MuzArt International. It is one of the greatest endorsements for us as an education platform.” When asked her secret to success, Daphne becomes philosophical and said that success itself has many definitions and can vary from one person to another. “To me, my success is the influence MuzArt has on the community in terms of the betterment of art education. I consider myself successful when I am able to inspire people to help one another without expecting anything in return.”

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MIRF, a Runaway Success he 5th edition of the Malaysia International Retail and Franchise Fair (MIRF) 2020 will see an expansion of booth space by 50 per cent and will occupy four halls at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Organised by MRCA, the expo, themed “Franchise Forward 2.0”, will be held from 16th to 18 July and is the largest retail and franchise exhibition in the country. More importantly, MIRF has set Malaysia as the ideal international retail and franchise hub to seek potential investors and business partners. This is in line with the government’s plan for the franchise industry to contribute 9.4% to gross domestic product by 2020 and as the region. Last year, MIRF saw the largest number of exhibitors taking up 380 booths and kiosks compared to the 230 booths in the first edition – a clear indication of the tremendous confidence of the retailers in the association. It also attracted participants from 15 countries such as China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, the US, Australia, Germany and Poland. MIRF 2019 transacted over RM80 million business revenue with over 11,000 visitors. Organising Chairman Raymond Woo adds that the theme for this year


Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

signifies the exhibition as a catalyst of growth for retail and franchise businesses “to expand in terms of revenue as well as shape and cultivate new business model and innovation strategy”. The success of the Hatchery, introduced at MIRF 2019, will be also be included in the upcoming expo, says Raymond. “The success as industry catalyst from our Hatchery will be continued. “As further recognition to synergise NGOs, this year, we shall be more active in offering complimentary booths to them,” says Raymond who took over as the OC from Datuk Liew Bin in 2018. The Hatchery was launched last year by the Minister of Entrepreneur Development Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof. The Hatchery is an incubator program by MRCA to assist in the establishment and development of new retail businesses. The dedicated zone serves as a multi-purpose platform providing an avenue for start-ups to showcase their products and services. It is also an avenue for the retail industry to grow, develop further to meet consumers’ needs by presenting innovative ideas, services and products. Corporate Lounges will also be provided to enable select exhibitors

and their clients and potential investors to meet in more comfortable and private suites for uninterrupted productive conversation. “For MIRF 2020, we foresee nothing but growth,” adds Raymond. The inaugural MIRF was held in 2016 at Mid-Valley Exhibition Centre and proved to be a big success. The increase in the number of exhibitors and booths also saw the exhibition moving venue to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Raymond credits MIRF’s success to the MRCA and its strong secretariat team and cohesive council. “The thenOrganising Chairman, Datuk Liew Bin and the immediate Past Presidents, Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang and Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok had laid a firm foundation for the expo. Furthermore, MRCA President Datuk Seri Garry Chua, with his good connections, has made the journey effortlessly smooth.” Franchising has been promoted and supported by the government and according to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, there are 877 franchises in Malaysia and about 65% are Malaysian companies while 35% are foreign franchisors. About 570 of the Malaysian companies have expanded to 65 countries, opening 4,200 outlets of Malaysian brand overseas. Among the sectors that top the list are food and beverage, retailing, education and beauty and health. The franchise industry is expected to rake in RM35 billion to the country’s GDP in 2020, in line with the government’s plan to make Malaysia the franchise hub for ASEAN. The retail sector too is one of the main contributors to the country’s GDP, with wholesale and retail sales recording RM110.8 billion in May last year.

9 Feature

MIRF, Looking Back An interview with MIRF Advisor and MRCA Vice President, Datuk Liew Bin.

he Malaysia International Retail & Franchise Exhibition (MIRF) was formed as an initiative of past presidents Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok. At that time, Dato’ Liaw was the Association’s president and Datuk Seri Nelson was the Association’s immediate past president. It was with their encouragement that I came into the picture. MIRF has become a successful event today because of: 1. Encouragement of MRCA President Council 2. MRCA’s strong, and supportive network There needs to also be some courage behind every successful event. The Association knows, deep in our hearts, that this is an impactful event… What we’re doing is important for our retail industry, for Malaysia as a whole, and it represents MRCA’s image and reputation. Part of MIRF’s success can be attributed to a well-defined end goal. With the opportunity of being able to do something good for our nation, we realised the significance straight away. When the time came, I was given the task of running the MIRF. I told myself that I cannot let down those great people who have placed their trust in me. So I was driven to go all out to make the event a success. I believe that the success or failure of any particular industry lies with the exhibitions. You have only to look at our furniture industry as an example


of a success story. The crowd-pulling exhibitions we have seen over the years gave character to how vibrant the industry really is. Looking at the retail industry, there’s a tendency for the public to perceive that franchising and retail isn’t very popular in Malaysia, even though the retail, branding, and franchising has been an inveterate contributor to our nation’s GDP. I believe the weak impressions are true only because there is a general lack of good platforms. Our responsibilities as the organisers of MIRF is to provide THAT platform. MIRF has grown to be the biggest franchise exhibition in Malaysia. And I think it’s fair to acknowledge that we have faced lots challenges along the way, because this is something very new for the retail people, and for Malaysia as a whole. How do we tell everybody about MIRF? How can we get them to participate? The first of the two challenges involve the exhibitors… where, and how can we find them? We are aware of the risks involved

too. A key philosophy at MRCA, and the MIRF organising committee in particular, was that, if the first time was not well-organised, there will be no second chance. So, we went all-out. In our first MIRF, we had about 230 exhibitors. It was a good year and it was a win! Considering that we’ve managed to get off to a good start in comparison to our peers in China and Taiwan, which had an average of around 120-200, and 100 plus booths, respectively. The best support came from our MRCA members, even those not in the franchising business, who took part in the exhibition. The MRCA President Council was also very encouraging throughout. Our relationship with Taiwan counterparts also gave their invaluable support. Of course, the media was also there to support us. Another challenge was getting visitors to come to the exhibition. MIRF is indeed something new for the Malaysian crowd. Establishing an exhibition like this as a norm meant that our Association had to invest in media and communication – and we

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spent quite a lot of money on media coverage. During our exhibitions, we’ve had tremendous support from the major newspapers and radio stations featuring the event almost every day. Their support made it easier to publicise the event every year. I remember Dato’ Liaw and Datuk Seri Nelson telling me to “not worry about losing money the first time”. True enough, we spared no expense, the event was launched and it ended on a high note. To us, the inaugural MIRF demonstrated a supportive tone at the top, and the enthusiasm of MRCA members, associates, and all parties involved. We are now in the 5th year of the MIRF, and this year, we are planning to have more than 400 booths. We are a young nation in the international franchising expo scene compared with Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia in terms of the number of exhibitors. We are catching up fast.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

That said, we have plans to have an ASEAN franchise show. We are talking to some parties in Indonesia and Thailand, and this exhibition is set to happen within 2 to 3 years. One of the major challenges in making sure that the show can be bolder and bigger is we must maintain our loyal customers, past exhibitors, and also draw in exhibitors from all over the world. Exhibitions are also about content, and good content encourages people to participate. An exhibition like ours is also the goto platform for creative and enterprising Malaysians with good ideas, good food, good products, and who have a vision to market and share the heritage of their offerings. To put it simply, if you have a good product, we have a good place for you to market it. A lot of investors with deep pockets come to MIRF seeking to invest in good products and business models. A platform like ours matchmakes

investors and franchisors, providing something for both parties to benefit and create an enriching partnership. How do we make sure that MIRF gets more new exhibitors locally, and from all over the world? Apart from the exhibition, it is very important for MRCA to recognise that it has an educator’s role to play. We are in a unique and credible position to share pointers with our communities on how to behave and think like a franchisor. Before one participates, it is essential that they have the necessary understanding of franchising to appreciate the bigger picture of what they’re doing. MRCA’s training programmes promotes the professionalism of the franchising/branding/retail fraternity, and such continuous learning opportunities provided by MRCA is something that we must promote in order to maintain a healthy interest in the MIRF, as well as other MRCA exhibitions in the future.”

The Market Development Grant (MDG) ceiling by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) has been raised from RM200,000 to RM300,000 per company effective 1st January 2020. RCA has sent a circular to all its members informing them of the incentives offered by MATRADE through MDG. The increase was part of the Budget 2020 announcement in October 2019. The financial facilitation is open to all Malaysian SMEs, Professional Service Providers, Trade and Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Bodies and trade-related Co-operatives. The new ceiling amount is also applicable to those that have maximised the RM200,000 set previously. In addition, under the MDG, the


Who is eligible for MDG? • Small And Medium Enterprises (SMES) • Professional Service Providers (Sole Proprietor Or Partnership) • Trade & Industry Associations, Chambers Of Commerce or Professional Bodies • Co-Operatives

Activities eligible for MDG • Participation in International Trade Fairs or Exhibitions: – International Trade Fairs or Exhibitions held in Malaysia – International Trade Fairs or Exhibitions held overseas • Participation in Trade & Investment Missions (TIM) or Export Acceleration Missions (EAM) • Participation in International Conferences held overseas • Listing fees for Made in Malaysia products in supermarkets or hypermarkets or retail centres or boutique outlets located overseas

claimed expenses for participation in international trade fairs held overseas have also been revised to RM25,000 from RM15,000. The MDG is an export facilitation facility in the form of a reimbursable grant introduced in 2002. Its objective is to facilitate Malaysian exporters’ core expenses in promoting Malaysian made products or services globally. Over the years, the MDG has benefitted 8,607 Malaysian exporters from all over Malaysia. To be eligible for the MDG, SMEs, Professional Service Providers, Trade and Industry

Expenses eligible for MDG • Participation fee or booth rental • Booth construction or enhancement • Air fare • Public land transportation - bus, taxi or train from Malaysia to an ASEAN country destination only. (Does not include ground/ intercity transportation within that ASEAN country destination). • Accommodation • Listing fees

Requirements for MDG Application • Must be registered as a MATRADE member • At least 60% equity is owned by Malaysian • Exporting Made in Malaysia product & services • Active in business more than one year in operation and able to provide Audited financial statement Information from MATRADE website http://www.matrade.gov.my

Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Bodies and trade-related Cooperatives must register as a MATRADE member on www.matrade. gov.my. For more information or clarification, contact MATRADE at 03-6207 7593 or email mdg@matrade.gov.my

CEO of MATRADE Dato’ Wan Latiff Wan Musa.

MDG 2020 highlights

• Ceiling MDG increased from RM200,000 to RM300,000. • Eligible expenses for participation in International Trade Fair held overseas had been revised from RM15,000 to RM25,000. • Eligible criteria for MDG – to include Co-operatives (trade related), incorporated under Cooperatives Societies Act 1993. • The Government has allocate RM50 million to encourage SMEs to engage in more export promotion activities.

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Ceiling for Market Development Grant Increased to Support Exporters’ Market Access




Visit Malaysia 2020 To Stir Excitement In Retail Industry The much-awaited Visit Malaysia 2020 has arrived. The campaign, a key engine for retail growth, was launched on New Year’s eve by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with the theme Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020. alaysia is eyeing 30 million tourist arrivals under the VM2020 campaign, with a targeted income of RM100 billion. Last year the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture had a target of 28.1 million tourists and aimed collect RM92.2 billion worth of tourist receipts. In conjunction with the campaign the government, via Budget 2020, announced an allocation of RM90 million,


Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

to raise awareness of the campaign, to promote and launch programmes. Meanwhile promotion on VM2020 began as early as 2017. Another laudable effort from the government is to grant more visa-free access to tourists from the two most populous countries in the world – China and India – throughout the campaign. Tourists from China and India are among the top 10 contributors to tourist arrivals in Malaysia with nearly three million arrivals combined as of September last year. This is in line with Malaysian Retail Chain Association president Datuk Seri Garry Chua request urging the government to continue to draw in foreign tourists, especially those from China. He said Chinese tourists should not be overlooked because they were the biggest spenders and also the largest in terms of consumers’ numbers. “Last year, 130 million Chinese tourists spent about US$260bil (RM1.08tril) worldwide,” he was quoted in an article in The Star. The arrival of foreign tourists will not only have a direct impact on the retail sector but will provide a big multiplying effect to the sector. VM2020 revamped website features beautiful scenes that promote our natural and man-made attractions but equally important are what can be categorised as sub-attractions, namely retail stores offering products and services as well as restaurants. As much as the retail sector is counting on the tourism industry to boost its earnings, the tourism sector is also counting on the retail sector, a vital sub-attraction, to bring in holiday-goers. Tourism shopping is not only about souvenirs but also includes dining and shopping where locals shop. This is what brings tourists into shopping malls where they will be able to dine at restaurant chains popular


Better and Stronger

This is the fifth campaign of Visit Malaysia Year. It uses a logo inspired by Malaysian batik which highlighted various national icons such as the hornbill, hibiscus, wild ferns and the colours of the national flag. The Visit Malaysia Year campaign was first held in 1990 with the theme Fascinating Malaysia followed by the second edition in 1994 themed Fascinating Malaysia – Naturally More and the third edition in 2007 themed Celebrating 50 Years of Nationhood while the fourth was launched in 2014 with the slogan Celebrating 1Malaysia Truly Asia.

How Tourism Malaysia Promoted VM2020 • Participated in the 38th ASEAN

among Malaysians and shop for local brand products. Retailers took the opportunity in 2019 to launch more outlets and to open more stores in order to increase visibility and presence among shoppers. While the outlook for Malaysia’s retail market this year is positive, much will depend on the growth of tourist arrivals spurred by the VM2020 campaign as well as the proactive role played by retailers.

Tourism Forum in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, in January 2019. This opened various opportunities with international travel agents and offered a good platform to promote VM2020. • Took on the official Partner Country at the ITB Berlin held in March 2019. to promote Malaysia’s culture and nature. This provided publicity opportunities globally and reached out to key decision makers and top industry players. • This year Malaysia will host a series of international meetings, namely APEC, WCIT and CHOGM, which will bring the country into the limelight. • Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd collaborated with international airlines and tour operators to increase connectivity and develop attractive holiday packages to Malaysia. • Japanese multinational electronics giant Sharp will utilise its network of 200,000 display panels across China, Japan, Taiwan, India and ASEAN to feature Tourism Malaysia’s video content. • Local carries have partners Tourism Malaysia for promotional events such as roadshows, digital marketing and familiarisation trips. Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Firefly and Malindo Air will use VM2020 livery on 34 aircraft bodies as well as interior advertising and promotions. • An additional six entry points throughout Malaysia will offer visaon-arrival facility for China and India nationals to provide ease of entry into the country. This brings the total to 13 entry points with VOA for China and India nationals.

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MCBC Targets A Better Year Of Trade Relations YB Tan Kok Wai as Malaysia Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China and Chairman of Malaysia-China Business Council shares some of the council’s plan to enhance trade and investment in 2020. rade between China and Malaysia hit several new highs last year. One of them was the inaugural export of frozen whole durians from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Zhengzhou Airport in Henan Province, China, in August last year. Following this Malaysian exporters received the green light to export raw unclean bird’s nest after many years of negotiations. The first flights saw the


product arriving in Qinzhou in November 2019 and to Xiamen the following year. China allows three entry ports for raw unclean bird’s nest with a fixed annual quota, namely to Qinzhou port (150 tonnes), Xiamen port (250 tonnes) and Dalian port (120 tonnes). This year, despite the global economic slowdown, looks promising, said YB Tan Kok Wai as Malaysia Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China. “Chinese tourists arrivals is likely to breach the four million mark partly spurred by the Malaysia-China Tourism and Cultural Year 2020 for which a series of activities have been planned. MCBC managed to arrange a pool of tourism agents from Liaoning and Anhui Province to Belt and Road Forum in Sabah as many of them are not familiar with Malaysian tourist destinations.”

SOLVING ISSUES The MCBC’s main role is to provide business information and advisory services to Malaysia entrepreneurs in China as well as Chinese entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

“The Council also helps to identify issues and problems faced by the business community in order to find solutions acceptable to all parties. We provide business information and help to explore opportunities for Malaysian entrepreneurs. Also we help Chinese investors to better understand Malaysia’s conducive business environment and investment potentials,” said Tan who took on the role of special envoy on August 2018. He is also the Chairman of MCBC. He said the establishment of the Council dates back to 2001 when the China-Malaysia Joint Business Council (JBC) was set up between China’s Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and a Malaysian entity. This was witnessed by Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad and the Visiting Vice President of PR China, HE Hu Jintao. MCBC was subsequently incorporated formally to strengthen trade and investment between both countries by promoting a better understanding and closer coordination among enterprises and individuals.

BUSY YEAR AHEAD Over the years the Council has stayed true to its calling. This year it expects a busy year as it is a special year in tourism for both countries. To kick off the year, council members will attend the Malaysia (Sabah)-China Belt and Road Economic Cooperation

“We provide business information and help to explore opportunities for Malaysian entrepreneurs. Also we help Chinese investors to better understand Malaysia’s conducive business environment and investment potentials.” – YB Tan Kok Wai, Chairman of MCBC

Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

It was a busy year for as numerous meetings and courtesy calls were made between leaders and senior officials of China and the business community. Some of the key events were:

Forum in Sutera Harbour Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, in February. The following month, the Council looks forward to an official visit to the Liaoning Province at the invitation of Liaoning leaders. In April the MCBC will lead a delegation to the Henan Province Investment Forum in Zhengzhou City. This is followed by an official visit to the Guiyang province at the invitation of Guizhou Provincial leaders. The Second Malaysia (Sabah)-China Belt and Road Economic Cooperation Forum will take place on July/ August in Kuala Lumpur while the Malaysia(Sarawak)- China Belt and Road Economic Cooperation Forum will happen on August/September in Kuching, Sarawak. The much-awaited event, the Joint Business Council meeting between MCBC and CCPIT will happen in Kuala Lumpur in September 2020. “The MCBC will be honoured to be among the pioneers in the creation of ICDPASO (International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organisation with the appointment of MCBC Chairman as the first Vice Chairman of ICDPASO. ICDPASO is expected to be launched by end of first quarter of the year,” said Tan. “ICDPASO as a safety net for Chinese investors will likely accelerate investment from China to Malaysia especially for those who are not familiar with the Asean region He added that a Malaysian Centre will be set up in Zhengzhou City,

• Lunar New Year luncheon at the Shangri-La hotel where, for the first time, three China banks in Malaysia and local business leaders joined forces as co-organisers. About 1,000 Chinese entrepreneurs based in Malaysia were invited as a symbol of the strong ties between Malaysia and China.

Henan, to facilitate entrepreneurs dealing in business and investment between Malaysia and China in view of the immense growth potential of Zhengzhou as an important land transport and aviation hub of China. Tan said these events have been carefully studied and planned in order to promote trade between the two countries. “The Malaysia-China Belt and Road Forum, for example, aims at tapping into the opportunities created by the Belt and Road Initiative projects for Malaysia entrepreneurs in term of infrastructure works, enticing manufacturing sectors relocation to Malaysia, increasing tourist receipts from Chinese tourists, accelerating cross border trades especially on perishable goods export to China, industrial revolution 4.0, and so on. “The enhanced bilateral ties between Malaysia and China will in turn nurture an added advantage over our Asean neighbours in term of attracting more trade and investment from China to the region as a whole.”

• Participate in the Second Belt and Road Cooperation Forum in Beijing. As part of Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s delegation, YB Tan Kok Wai as Malaysia’s Special Envoy to the People’s Republic of China, met President XI Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. Tan presented a keynote address at the people-to-people concurrent session on the 1st day of the forum. • Organised the MalaysiaChina Belt and Road Economic Cooperation Forum 2019 in Kuala Lumpur. About 750 participants, including 150 Chinese entrepreneurs, attended the event. • Led a delegation of 100 Malaysians comprising MCBC directors, members and Malaysian entrepreneurs to the Annual Joint Business Council meeting between MCBC and CCPIT (China Council for Promotion of International Trade) in Zhengzhou, China. Issues such as cross border trade, tourism and financial service collaboration, among others, were discussed. • Signed an MOU with the Henan Provincial Commerce Department in Zhengzhou, China. • Launched the second edition of “Guide on Malaysian Investment and Trade Laws”.

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MRCA Branding Education Charity Foundation Datuk Albert Chiang, Chairman of the MRCA Branding Education Charity Foundation will be stepping down from his position in May 2020, he reflects on his term as the head of the Foundation since taking office in 2018. ith the setting of the Branding Education Charity Foundation by Malaysia Retail Chain Association in 2010 under the leadership of Dato’ Tay Sim Kim who was the President of the association from 2010 to 2012, MRCA began its corporate social responsibility programmes. Among the Foundation’s objectives are to provide financial assistance and relief to the poor and needy as well as render education assistance to the needy and the most deserving students each year.


Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

The Foundation is funded primarily through public MRCA events – Charity Golf, Charity Run, CNY Dinner and VIP Karaoke, among others. Datuk Albert believes that the Foundation is a good cause for MRCA. “Since taking office almost three years ago, we have been doing the charity visitations four time a year – for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas. We’ve visited many charitable homes, regardless of race and religion, in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, and have donated in cash and kind to the needy. We’ve even made a few

charity visits to the emergency wards in hospitals,” said Datuk Albert. In 2018 and 2019, a total of RM282,000 was donated by the Foundation for charitable causes. This also includes a donation of RM100,000 to Tabung Harapan Malaysia. Another objective of the Foundation is to provide education assistance to the needy and most deserving students each year. In showing their support for education and their employees, the MRCA Foundation recognises the academic excellence demonstrated by their staff’s children who have achieved excellent results at the UPSR, PT3, SPM and STPM examinations. In 2018 (for exams set in 2017) and in 2019 (for exams set in 2018), a total of RM38,400 was given to 88 recipients. Datuk Albert added that although he will be stepping down from his position as Chairman of the Foundation, he will nevertheless continue to support the cause, be it through monetary support or his undivided time and attention. Since the inception of the foundation in 2010, a total sum of RM1.7 million has been donated. The Foundation and its charitable events are, without doubt, among


The MRCA Foundation was set under the initiatives and leadership of Dato’ Tay Sim Kim, who was the President from 2008-2010. It was also during his tenure that he successfully raised RM1.33 million for the Foundation which together with MRCA’s founder President Dato’ Eddie Choon and other honorary past presidents. The foundation is a channel through which the association conducts its corporate social responsibility programmes, for educational and charitable purposes. It was also during his presidency that Dato’ Tay successfully raised RM1.33 million for the MRCA Branding Education Charity Foundation.

MRCA’s most important activities. “It is worth noting that all new Presidents should make it their duty to strengthen and continue the work of the Foundation, to contribute back to society. “After all, it isn’t only the Presidents’ Council, but also all the members of the Association as well who have poured their hearts into in the various projects,” he added. On the well-received festive CNY Karaoke tradition, Datuk Albert recollects the all-generous audience who have donated in denominations of hundreds and tens of thousands, for the treat of clapping and singing along to live vocals by the VIPs and VVIPs of MRCA, in the name of good oldfashioned philanthropy. “While our VIPs were on the stage singing, there was a lot of action going

A firm believer in charitable causes he initiated, and successfully organised the Association’s first visitation to the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society. During the visit, members donated basic necessities and cash to the Society’s orphans and old folks in conjunction with Chinese New Year. As education is the key to ensuring the success of MRCA, Dato’ Tay got the association to collaborate with University Tunku Abdul Rahman to allow students to be placed at MRCA members’ outlet for industry training, as part of the student’ course studies. By providing industry training to young students, these students will not only gain practical experience but also cultivate an interest to give back to MRCA and society.

on in the background. Members of the audience, the President’s Council, members, including myself, Big Bosses as well as the ordinary members all chipped-in. Collectively, MRCA Foundation was able to raise between RM60,000 and RM70,000 in that single night. I think there was, o one occasion, where the number reached 6-figures! Through good governance, accountability, and many successful events later, what started out 10 years ago during Datuk Tay’s chairmanship at a fiscal position of RM1.3 million, is today RM1.6 million and counting – after distributions! “Our reserves have gone up by about RM300,000 despite challenging times for the economy. When it comes to charity, you’ll find the kind hearts shining through in everyone involved.”


• Receive and administer funds for medical, educational and charitable purposes. • Provide medical and surgical facilities and services. • Organise, carry out and support schemes for the relief of human suffering and treatment of sicknesses and diseases. • Assist, aid and give relief and to render financial assistance to the poor and needy. • Provide education assistance to the needy and the most deserving students.

TRUSTEES OF MRCA FOUNDATION Foundation Founder Chairman Dato’ Tay Sim Kim Foundation Chairman 2018 - 2020 Datuk Albert Chiang Trustees Dato’ Eddie Choon Datuk Lee Hwa Cheng Datuk Seri Nelson Kwok Dato’ Liaw Choon Liang

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Toppen Takes Centrestage in Johor Featuring a unique and inspiring lifestyle experience in Tebrau, the 1.25 million square feet shopping centre officially opened its doors in November, attracting large numbers of visitors from Southern Malaysia and Singapore. alaysia’s southern economic corridor of Johor recently welcomed a brand new 1.25 million square feet shopping centre. Toppen Shopping Centre in Tebrau, provides an exciting range of lifestyle offerings that include recreation, retail and food & beverage. Owned and operated by Ikano Centres, part of IKEA Southeast Asia, Toppen is located just 15 minutes away from Johor Bahru’s city centre and other major neighbouring townships. With 90% occupancy, Toppen houses a total of 300 retail outlets across four floors, including a wide array of international retail brands and popular household names such as Harvey Norman, Ben’s Independent Grocer, TGV Cinemas, Sports Direct, Burger King, and Marrybrown. In addition, Toppen also presents more than 80% new-to-Johor brands which include The Pantheon with its second e-sports arena in Malaysia, 9to9 a Hush Puppies O2O brand, Concept Haus and other change to exciting retailers. Expressing his vision for Toppen, Christian Roejkjaer, Managing Director of IKEA Southeast Asia said the opening of the shopping centre will become a driver for Johor’s economic growth. “Together, we are creating thousands of jobs, including many spinoff opportunities for people who will provide services here. With Tebrau and Johor continuing to be a thriving community, we see a high demand for a one-stop destination that is convenient, family-friendly for shopping, leisure, dining, and overall to have a great day out with one another. A true meeting place for those in the region.” Toppen’s opening also kicked-off with a month long festival for the community which started from the launch day itself. A key highlight of the festival was a live performance of the


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#JelesEk anthem by Johorean stars, Joe Flizzow and Joyce Chu who created a special music video for Toppen. The song was central to Toppen’s #JelesEk TikTok challenge, which has been recognised by the social platform as one of their most successful branded campaigns in Southeast Asia to date with close to 30 million views and over 40,000 submissions. There were also fun-filled and familyfriendly activities such as art workshops, yoga for children, face painting, and family Zumba. Local skateboard, parkour and dance groups also held workshops and competitions as well. Joakim Hogsander, General Manager Toppen Shopping Centre explained, “To truly be community-centric, we wanted to introduce Toppen in a hyperlocal manner, tapping into their slang and

interest. #JelesEk is a festival that celebrates Johoreans and honours their talents by welcoming them to celebrate the grand opening of Toppen.” As part of the partnership with TikTok, visitors also enjoyed TikTok-able spots through the shopping centre, which also hosted the annual TikTok Creators Day, where 80 of the platform’s top influencers across Malaysia and Singapore, gathered to create fun and creative content around Toppen. This brand new shopping centre has an exciting pipeline of activities in the upcoming months such as competitions, food fares, fashion, games, and much more. Inspired by its Scandinavian roots, Toppen aims to deliver an unparalleled experience that capitalises on natural sunlight, lush greenery, vast open spaces and an integrated lifestyle experience.



Designed to bring communities together and create an integrated lifestyle experience, Toppen’s crown jewel rooftop called The Topp, features interactive outdoor spaces with 30 F&B specialities and alfresco outlets, a rooftop garden, multipurpose courts, skate parks, a spacious event piazza, kids’ playgrounds, a permanent outdoor cinema, an e-sports arena and even a water play area. The active zone presents a skate park, parkour zone and wall climbing arena – the ultimate experience for thrill-seekers especially youths. In creating a strong retail destination that offers a great day out for everyone, Toppen features 4,600 parking bays spread across two floors. Roejkjaer explained that in making

Toppen a reality, the aim was not to build just another shopping centre but to create a meeting place that contributes positively to the surrounding neighbourhoods. “Together with the help of local authorities and groups, we have all put a conscious effort in celebrating what makes Johor unique. We are proud to house both local and international brands, while creating a hub where home-grown Johorean talents and communities can come together to share and create,” he added. The shopping centre is the third outlet anchored by IKEA in Malaysia and the fifth in Southeast Asia. The entire Ikano Centres portfolio will welcome more than 100 million visitors in 2020.

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Asia Halal Brand Awards Gala Night Fifty eight companies from several Asian countries received recognitions at the 2019 Asia Halal Brand Awards Gala Night organised by Armani Media Sdn Bhd, the publisher of Entrepreneur Insight. he regional awards this year received 488 nominations from Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines. Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof, Minister of Entrepreneurship Development, the Guest-of-Honour, applauded Armani Media for its continued efforts to help raise the awareness for halal brands and its high-quality standards through its regional award. “The Ministry of Entrepreneurship Development has been mandated by the government to spearhead the development of the halal industry for the global halal market. And for that, I wish to congratulate all the winners of Asia Halal Brand Awards on this impressive achievement,” he said. Also present at the event were Ministry of Entrepreneur Development Secretary-general Datuk Wan Suraya


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Wan Mohd Radzi, Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), Malaysia Halal Council Secretariat Director Datuk Dr Sirajuddin Suhaimee and MRCA President Datuk Seri Garry Chua. Founder of Armani Media, Datuk KK Chua said the event was a platform to recognise Malaysia as a halal hub for the region. The event saw a 40 per cent increase in the number of participants compared with last year. He added that the halal industry was worth more than USD3 trillion. “The best differentiation is through branding. Without proper branding, your company will cease to stand out. We are happy to be working with JAKIM, HIDC, MED and other related bodies to promote the growth of the halal industry and its brands not only in Malaysia but also globally.” Datuk Sirajuddin said the organisation of the event was seen as one of the initiatives by the corporate

body to promote the halal concept more widely and to motivate entrepreneurs to boost the quality of their products. To maintain the high standards of judging for AHBA 2019, its panel of judges comprised industry practitioners such as celebrity chef Dato’ Redzuawan Ismail (Chef Wan), Mohd Asri bin Abdullah, Principal Assistant Director of JAKIM, Hj. Muhamad Amin Fahmi Bin Solahuddin, Head of International Relations and Trade Bureau, Malaysian Islamic Chamber of Commerce (MICC), Hairol Ariffein Sahari, CEO of Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), Dr. H. Sapta Nirwandar from Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center and Dr. Muhamad Shirwan Abdullah Sani, Head of Laboratory, MICC.



Platinum Business Awards 2019

Seventy award winners were feted in grand style at the Platinum Business Awards 2019 Presentation and Gala Night organised by the SME Association of Malaysia. ore than 1,000 guests from the business sector, Government agencies, major chambers of commerce, trade associations and foreign embassies attended the event which was held at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Also among the guests was MRCA President Datuk Seri Garry Chua. Guest-of-Honour Minister of Entrepreneur Development Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan bin Yusof presented trophies and certificates to the winners. The 18th edition of the PBA2019, themed “The Next SMEs”, saw 80% of new winners who demonstrated excellent performance in their respective fields. There was also more participation from Bumiputera SMEs. The President of SME Association of Malaysia Datuk Michael Kang, in his speech, urged SMEs to contribute productively to nation-building. He encouraged the SMEs to utilise various initiatives provided by the Government, to encourage SMEs to embrace Industry 4.0 and to boost SME contribution to the GDP from the present 38% to 50% by 2030.


He pointed out that Industry 4.0 was not an IT agenda but a business agenda for SMEs to compete with manufacturers from other countries. “Through the adoption of technology and automation of machinery, we hope more Malaysian manufacturers will compete in the international arena by producing premier quality of products, instead of competing in term of low pricing,” he stated. Datuk Michael also elaborated on the role of the Association as a delivery partner in the implementation of strategic government policies relating to SMEs, serving as a link between SME grassroots and the Government to

effectively channel policy deliverables to targeted beneficiaries. The PBA2019 Organising Chairman, Alan Tan, urged the award recipients not to underrate the hidden power within, but to uncover their ability and talents. He believed that Malaysian SMEs could offer a great deal to the world. He also added that the higher number of participation from Bumiputera SMEs affirmed the principle of the Platinum Business Awards – a celebration of the diversity of SMEs in Malaysia that exhibit entrepreneurial excellence. The awards programme is noted for its stringent selection process and carries the tagline ‘Legacy and Integrity,’ garnering a strong following among SMEs and the business community. All nominees were judged on five core criteria: business; company philosophies; products, services and markets; operations and technologies; and financial performance. The results were independently audited by Kreston John & Gan. The final list of winners was examined and approved by the Board of Selection, which was chaired by Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Michael Yeoh.

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Mah Sing Launches M Arisa’s Sales Gallery Its second affordable residential development in Sentul features the first 2-acre multi-level Sky Garden and priced from RM299,000. he opening of M Arisa’s sales gallery was officiated by Mah Sing’s Founder & Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum; Mah Sing’s Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ho Hon Sang; Mah Sing’s General Manager for Sales & Marketing, Chris Chen along with the senior management team of the Group. Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum said that as a market-driven developer, its focus was in acquiring prime lands at strategic locations “to allow us to plan our residential products to be affordable without compromising the quality and facilities to further enhance the lives of home buyers”. Sentul, he said is an ideal location for home seekers due to its strategic position with ready access to lifestyle amenities and infrastructure as it is located within the matured neighbourhoods of Batu Caves, Gombak, Kepong, Segambut, and Setapak. “M Arisa is our second project in Sentul, following our previous successful project, M Centura, which garnered overwhelming response with over 90% take-up rate, two years after its launch. Driven by its attractive pricing points and quality lifestyle offerings, we are confident that M Arisa will be well received in the market,” he added. M Arisa, which sits on 3.31acres of land in Sentul will have an estimated gross development value (GDV) of about RM652 million. The project consists of 1 to 4 bedrooms with the most affordable units indicatively priced from RM299,000. Mah Sing’s Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ho Hon Sang elaborated, “With various amenities such as the multilevel sky garden and urban forest concept, residents will be able to make living and working in the city centre a pleasant and enjoyable experience. He added that M Arisa’s design


Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

The official opening of M Arisa Sales Gallery. From left: Mah Sing’s Guests; Mah Sing’s Chief Project Officer, William Ow; Mah Sing’s Executive Director, Datuk Leong Yuet Mei; Mah Sing’s Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ho Hon Sang; Mah Sing’s Founder & Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum; Mah Sing’s Vice President of Corporate Admin, Puan Sri Datin Sri Sulvian Leong; Mah Sing’s Executive Director, Dato’ Steven Ng; Mah Sing’s General Manager for Sales & Marketing, Chris Chen; FLP Realty’s Founder, Fallon Loo). Mah Sing’s General Manager for Sales & Marketing, Chris Chen presenting the key unique selling points of M Arisa. From left: Mah Sing’s Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ho Hon Sang; Mah Sing’s General Manager for Sales & Marketing, Chris Chen; Mah Sing’s Founder & Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum).

concept and features are in line with the current market trends. M Arisa is targeted mainly for first-time homebuyers and upgraders as well as young families. The development is designed to provide residents a contemporary and quality lifestyle with complete facilities for an optimised living experience. The 2-acre multi-level “Urban Forest” themed sky garden, will provide residents with the urban amenity forest concept that encompasses the landscape or vegetation of a city, which is aimed at providing an improved and quality environment. M Arisa will have various Green Features such as Centralised Garbage

Disposal System; Rainwater Harvesting System; EV Charging Station and Multilevel Gardens as well as other lifestyle features such as a 50m Olympic Length Pool, Co-Working Spaces, Games room, KTV Room and a Sky Gym. The Sales Gallery is located at the ground floor of Maxim Citylights in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, merely 500m from the project site. It also features 2 fully furnished show units with 2 and 3 bedrooms respectively. M Arisa is well connected with strategic access routes and ready surrounding amenities such as schools, shopping malls, medical centre and hospital.



Regional Mall for Kuala Terengganu City Centre Scheduled to open in January 2020, KTCC MALL is poised to be the first and largest regional shopping mall landmark at Kuala Terengganu city and Terengganu state. s part of an integrated seafront development project, KTCC MALL has been designed with a one-stop shopping concept in mind. Its primary catchment market covers Kuala Terengganu City Centre and Kuala Nerus City (with a population base totalling 569,461 as at 2018). Mall of Malaysia Group and KTCC MALL Sdn Bhd executive director William Tang remarks, “It is the first regional full-fledged mall offering prime retail space with a seafront view in the heart of Kuala Terengganu, amassing with four-storey retail levels and a net lettable area of 570,000 sq. ft., it is looking at achieving six million footfall in its first year of operation and currently enjoys close to 80% tenant occupancy.” The mall is strategically sited in Muara Selatan and located at the intersection between the new Kuala Terengganu Drawbridge and Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin. It has a total gross built-up area of 1,939,728sq ft and represents phase one of the RM1 billion integrated commercial project. Future phases include a four-star business hotel and two blocks of business suites that sit on top of its seven-storey retail podium. Tang adds, “The mall is split into


four wings: north, south, east and west, with its 240 retail lots laid out in a race course circuit design, thus ensuring visibility for all the tenants’ shop lots, which share a common corridor walkway. One of its unique selling points (USPs) is our 250-metre waterfront promenade walk with an infinity view overlooking the beautiful and serene South China Sea view. In addition, the mall’s restaurant alfresco areas at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 offer a full panoramic view of the South China Sea.” KTCC MALL’s lower ground, fourth and fifth floors, dedicated mainly for the parking facility, offer 1,760 car park bays with 15 allocated for the handicapped. Its ground floor will house supermarket anchor tenant Marketplace by Pacific, national and international retail brand outlets and cafés. Pacific Departmental Store and SenQ will be the anchor tenant on its first floor, which will also have a few distinguished local brand retailers and various restaurants, casual dining and quick-service food and beverage (F&B) operators. Mini anchors such as KTCC Digital City and the 10-screen Paragon Cinemas will take up its second floor. The mall’s third floor will include an indoor family entertainment centre operated by Pacific Funland, two children’s playgrounds for different age groups and a food court

with a tropical garden theme, comprising 18 stalls. A 9,000 sq.ft. thematic area selling local handicrafts, batik, souvenirs, and delicacies section and a dedicated space for car showroom for new model launches, will also be created here. Drive-up ramps are available for display vehicles’ easy access. International F&B brands such as Baskin Robbins 31, Black Canyon Coffee, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers Roasters, KFC, Pizza Hut, Texas Chicken, Johnny Steamboat, Seoul Garden and Mr Dakgalbi from Korea will be among the first to make their entry here. Major key retailers will include 7-Eleven, Al-Ikhsan Sports, Daiso, Gintell, Original Classic, Swatch, Habib Jewels, Maxis, F.O.S, Fitness Concept, Skechers, The Body Shop, Tealive, Trio, Gene Martino, Kasut You, Yubiso, Young Hearts, Watson, Guardian, Hummer & Pierre Cardin (leather goods), Mr DIY, SMO Bookstores and many more. “KTCC MALL is poised to be a new icon in Kuala Terengganu offering a totally new community lifestyle experiences for the locals and tourists to indulge in dining, shopping and entertainment. The mall will play an important role in giving back to the local communities we served in,” Tang enthuses.

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Driving Digital Transformation in Malaysia

Through Hybrid Cloud & Interconnected Data Centres By Chiew Kok Hin, CEO, AIMS Data Centre

igital transformation is no longer a thing of the future. In this increasingly digital marketplace, data is the key strategic asset for businesses to remain agile and effective. To do so, more and more organisations are launching various digital transformation initiatives such as data analytics, machine learning, robotics, and artificial intelligence to boost their business’ returns and efficiency. Such efforts are already seeing measurable returns, according to 58% of C-Level executives in Malaysia in a study by Workday in partnership with IDC Asia Pacific . Investing in the right technologies is crucial, and one area that businesses should look into is co-location and hybrid cloud computing.


COMPETITIVE EDGE With all the buzz surrounding cloud computing today, public cloud services have become a popular option among organisations. More businesses are migrating their services and application development to the cloud to take advantage of its cost efficiency, flexibility, scalability, and collaboration efficiency. However, some local organisations may still be reluctant to migrate to the cloud. Among the key challenges that hinder them from adopting cloud in their day-to-day business operations include lack of awareness of the cost benefits and the cloud migration process as well as cybersecurity issues. Cybersecurity is also an issue if the organisation’s applications use highly confidential data that can’t be stored off-premise. Public cloud services also have their fair share of concerns, such as performance, control, regulatory, compliance, and security threats. The existence of legacy monolith apps or systems may also prevent an organisation from making the migration.

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To address these challenges, many organisations are adopting hybrid cloud computing. In essence, a hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines both public and private cloud. Part of the organisation’s IT capabilities and data are moved to the cloud (public) while certain elements remain hosted in a single-tenant environment (private). Migrating to a full cloud environment without proper planning has its risks and pitfalls. A hybrid cloud model allows an organisation to streamline its day-today functionality without interrupting its core services. Hybrid cloud computing also offers a degree of flexibility and scalability since businesses can take advantage of the computing power of a public cloud when necessary while keeping essential business functions securely separated. Furthermore, the computing workload of an organisation’s day-today operations will usually fluctuate depending on demand, making massive capital expenditures to handle short-term resource spikes costly and ineffective. Hybrid cloud computing with a direct connection to a global cloud service providers (CSP) would allow organisations to offload to a public cloud when required, so organisations only have to pay for the additional storage and compute resources they have ‘rented’ temporarily.

SELECTING THE RIGHT HYBRID CLOUD DEPLOYMENT The adoption of hybrid cloud technology has become increasingly important, however choosing the right data centre is also vital for any business strategy. Organisations need data centres that provide comprehensive global points of presence and connectivity. AIMS Data Centre, a leading cloud infrastructure services provider in Malaysia, offers direct access to multiple global CSPs. Instead of multiple connections, a single connection is all that is required

to connect to global CSPs, simplifying IT infrastructure management. The connection also bypasses the public Internet, which enables better latency and enhanced security and consistency when accessing cloud services. By co-locating with AIMS, businesses can be linked to its dynamic ecosystem for faster, more optimised performance. As one of the most interconnected data centres in the region, AIMS Data Centre can help to accelerate your company’s digital transformation and deliver greater value to customers and stakeholders.

IMPROVING BUSINESS EFFICIENCY THROUGH INTERCONNECTED DATA CENTRES In the past, businesses had to allocate resources to maintain a server room with its own specialist team to manage and maintain individual servers. Today, businesses can greatly reduce their operational expenditures by co-locating in dedicated interconnected data centres, which are instrumental in connecting, supporting, and safeguarding an international business network thanks to their larger bandwidth and capability to connect to multiple transit providers. As the point of connection for local and international Internet Service Providers as well as content providers, a business co-locating at AIMS Data Centre will enjoy direct peering privileges, which means optimised traffic and services at a lower cost. Data centres like AIMS also offer a host of benefits that organisations may not have the time and resources to set up, such as specialised cooling containment technology, customisable rack solutions, uninterruptible power supply systems, and 24/7 round-theclock security, monitoring, and support. This means an organisation’s IT team can focus on their core business and maximise its potential, while AIMS takes care of the rest.

ÜDTEC (M) Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Zeal Group of Companies, recently launched its smart vending machines that offer wholesome healthy meals in handy packages – ideal for those who are on the go. Items on the menu include a variety of rice and chicken dishes, pasta dishes, stew, soups, salads, desserts and drinks. The launch was held at Oval Damansara, Menara Permata Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. Providing healthy, wholesome meals is the company’s way of cultivating a nutritious eating lifestyle in a simple way but focused on technologies and supports. Artificial Intelligence technology is incorporated in its smart vending machines. The smart vending machine called FuDROID is a cashless payment system that uses a computerised menu display for customer’s convenience. It uses a cloud-based sales and inventory system to remotely manage sales and cost.


Its solutions include Eats365 (iOS), JuzOrder (iOS) and JuzBayar (Window & Android), and Orty (Android). Zeal Group specialises in providing customisable and user-friendly Point-ofSale (POS) Systems, Self-Service Kiosk, Smart Vending Machine for customers in retail and F&B, among others. With a full suite of services that includes hardware, software, on-site support, project management and consultancy services, it is essentially a one-stop centre for all retail business needs.

Ambank Launches Malaysia’s First Online Debt Consolidation Platform mBank recently launched ‘AmMoneyLine/-i’, an online debt consolidation capability on AmOnline, its consumer digital banking platform. As part of its transformation journey, AmBank continues to innovate in providing seamless banking experience for its valued customer via digital banking. AmMoneyLine/-i Debt Consolidation Plan is the first online banking solution


Datuk Iswaraan, Group Chief Operations Officer, AmBank Group.

in Malaysia that helps customers manage their debt burdens better. Whether the goal is to consolidate expensive card and non-card debt into a single and attractive rate or restructure debt over a longer period to manage their monthly outflow burden, AmMoneyLine/-i has a planning feature to help customers construct various repayment tenures and understand their repayments better. The product is easily accessible online with quick approval turnaround time AmMoneyLine/-i Cash Out Plan on the other hand, offers a simple and hassle free personal loan application. AmMoneyLine/-i loan applications are processed within three working days, subject to complete documentation submissions. The approved loan amount is accessible right within AmOnline. “We are constantly improving and enhancing our Quick Apply feature on

AmOnline. We design experiences that meet the financial objectives of our customers across different life stages,” said Aaron Loo, Managing Director, Retail Banking, AmBank (M) Berhad. “The AmMoneyLine/-i online debt consolidation comes at an appropriate time when things are getting tougher. Clients can consolidate their loans and reduce their cash flow burden either with reduced interest rates or by stretching their repayment period,” he added. Datuk Iswaraan Suppiah, Group Chief Operations Officer, AmBank Group, said the AmOnline offers as easy online experience for both personal lending as well as debt consolidation to our customers. “In understanding the financing needs of Malaysian customers, we detected the latter was not being addressed adequately,” he said.

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Healthy, Hearty & Handy Meals




MR.D.I.Y.’s Wins Again at World Branding Awards 2019 Homegrown enterprise wins in the Retailer – Home Improvement Category for the second consecutive year, cementing its position as a leading national-tier brand in the home improvement retail space.

he event, held at the prestigious 2019 World Branding Awards in Kensington Palace, London recently, was organised by the World Branding Forum, a global non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing branding standards for the good of the branding community as well as. Winners are judged through three streams: Brand Valuation, Consumer Market Research, and Public Online Voting. MR.D.I.Y. Marketing Vice President, Andy Chin, who accepted the award on behalf of the company, said the win was a testament not only of the company’s work over the past year but also its consistency and drive to keep pushing the boundaries of what it can offer its customers. “This reinforces the position of MR.D.I.Y. as being the best home improvement retailer which raises the confidence of our business partners and customers as we strive to broaden our footprint in Asia.” The company has 13,000 employees across 200 cities in eight countries who helped build a winning brand, he stated. “We will continue to steadfastly serve our 187 million loyal customers annually by offering them good quality and affordable products at ‘Always Low Prices’,” added Andy Chin. MR.D.I.Y. was lauded by judges for its business commitment of putting the customer first by offering high quality and affordable goods and providing one-stop solutions for the home improvement needs of the brand’s customers. World Branding Forum Director, Julian Andersen, said that while the world is full of brands, a truly exceptional brand has to ensure that people know what they stand for. “Being a winner at the Awards is very competitive. Brands that win show that they have set the


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standard for what is expected of other brands to be at the top of their game.” Meanwhile, MR.TOY, a subsidiary of MR.D.I.Y. Group (M) Berhad, celebrated its 10th store opening at Toppen Shopping Centre in Taman Desa Tebrau, Johor. The country’s first home-grown

toy store chain opened its first outlet in Tesco hypermarket, Rawang, Selangor, in May 2019. With a product offering spanning nine categories –Vehicles & Remote Control; Pretend Play & Costumes; Craft & Activities; Sports & Outdoor Play; Action & Adventure; Building Sets & Blocks; Learning, Fun & Games; Party Supplies; and Infant & Dolls – there’s something for everyone, especially for children under 15 years old. Andy Chin stated that the company plans to open 15 stores by the end of the year.

ne of Malaysia’s leading foreign manpower consultancies, UMR Strategic Sdn Bhd, since its inception in 2001 years, has been making a positive impact in the industry having supplied more than 30,000 skilled and unskilled foreign workers to various categories of industries in the country. What makes UMR one of the leading foreign manpower consultancies is its commitment to recruiting not just any people, but the right people for its clients’ business and industry. UMR ensures this by having a pre-selection process where candidates are first screened and shortlist before being sent to the client for interview. The one-stop A-to-Z foreign manpower supply consultancy takes


care of everything for its clients, from recruitment and orientation to approval and documentation. As such, it is not surprising that UMR has become the preferred choice of many public-listed companies and MNCs as well as the F&B and hotel industry. This is evident in that 85% of UMR’s clients choose to recruit their foreign workers again from them, and of that number, 65% are public-listed and multinational corporations. In its commitment to providing good services and unparalleled attention to each of their client, UMR has eight training consultants to assist clients in communicating with the workers efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, UMR also provides workers’ orientation and training for sectors such as hotel, manufacturing and restaurants.

UMR’s Services

• Human resource planning and recruitment – interview, selection, orientation and placement of foreign workers. • Securing approval from relevant authorities. • Complete administration work getting certified true copy from notary public & endorsement of approval by the Commissioner of Oath. • Clearance of workers at the airport & transporting them the worksite • Providing counselling and solving workers’ social related problems. • Deploy quality human resources to fulfil clients’ needs. • Undertake the pre-selection process such as screening candidates before short-listing and selection by clients. • Health-check in country of source before sending the workers overseas. • For contracts with over 50 workers, customers are provided with flight and accommodation in source countries, for workers’ review, selection and recruitment purposes.

FOREIGN MANPOWER RESOURCES Our foreign manpower solution extends your company’s resources

UMR Corporate Identity Pantone & process colour guide

Main Office UMR Strategic Sdn. Bhd.(833791-U) 25, Jalan USJ 9/5N, Subang Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor. Hunting Line : 603-5632 1111 Fax : 603 - 5638 8806 Email : umr@umr.com.my Website : www.umr.com.my

Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1


UMR Strategic, A OneStop Foreign Manpower Supply Centre




Southern Marina Residences

A Jewel in the Crown of Puteri Harbour Puteri Harbour in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor, presents an exceptional waterfront development with a spectacular view of the sparkling Straits of Tebrau.

et against the picturesque backdrop of Puteri Harbour in the Southern tip of Johor, the brand new Southern Marina Residences promises a luxurious lifestyle proposition. The 12.5-acre master planned integrated development promises graceful and stylish living within a multiple awardwinning locality, Puteri Harbour – a world-class lifestyle precinct, which was awarded the Masterplan Award 2009 by FIABCI Malaysia and FIABCI Prix d’Excellence 2010. Southern Marina boasts 2 blocks of seafront serviced apartments comprising a good selection of contemporary layout designs. The


Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

residences offer 1+1, 2+1, 3+1-bedroom units as well as units with private terraces, and penthouses. Functional and practical layout designs are the highlight of the residences complemented by spacious built-up sizes ranging from 769 sq ft to 3,317 sq ft, with 12 distinguished layout options. With unique design elements and strategic angles, every unit promises a commanding view of either the sea or the marina. With only 8 units per floor, the low-density development consists of 456 units spread across 2 tower blocks comprising 32 and 34 storeys respectively. Each unit is fitted with top-quality fittings such as Europeanbranded kitchen cabinets, hood and hob, refrigerator, airconditioning, oven and hot water systems. Imported sanitary ware adorn the bathrooms. With each unit allotted minimum 2 parking bays, Southern Marina is all about convenience, luxury living and accessibility. The development boasts an exhilarating array of facilities and amenities. Residents can enjoy both

land and water activities, as well as urban conveniences surrounding the development. Among the facilities include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis court and 11 breath-taking sky gardens, among others. Puteri Harbour International Ferry Terminal (CIQP) and its ferry services is within walking distance, while the upcoming ONE°15 Marina Puteri Harbour and a Convention Centre are just adjacent to the development. A comprehensive promenade with a wide array of amenities adds to the classy lifestyle of the waterfront residences. Southern Marina Residences is strategically located mid-point between the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway and the Second Malaysia-Singapore Link highway. The development is within several minutes’ drive from Iskandar Malaysia’s key developments such as the state administrative centre of Kota Iskandar, EduCity which hosts international universities, top notch healthcare centres such as Gleneagles Medini and Columbia Asia Hospital, the 64-acre Legoland theme park and the 30-hectare Iskandar Malaysia Studios, the largest independent integrated studio facility in Southeast Asia. Priced from RM1million to RM4.47million, this signature development is a joint-venture by PPB Group Berhad, Kuok Brothers and Khazanah Nasional.

yeongDong Topokki, a Malaysian Korean street food brand has spread its wing to Indonesia through a master franchise deal. It recently signed the Master Franchise Agreement with PT Prima Utama Rasa to open MyeongDong Topokki outlets in Jabodetabek in Greater Jakarta. The agreement was signed by MyeongDong Topokki Chief Executive Officer Vincent Lua and PT Prima Utama Rasa Founder Andi Anthoni in Kuala Lumpur recently. Witnessing the event were Shamshuzaman Sulaiman, Director, Franchise Development Division, Ministery of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Mohamad Shukri Salleh, Secretary-general, Malaysian Franchise Association and Mohd Najib Hassan Besiri, Head, Southern Regional Office, Perbadanan Nasional Bhd. Vincent Lua that the agreement


a significant milestone as MyeongDong Topokki had wanted to carry the brand to the international level since its inception in 2014. “To kick-start this partnership, we have a very strong team for the Indonesian market research and professional personnel to advise on further collaboration and co-innovation. “We also have tremendous support from the government in making this collaboration a success. I am confident that this international partnership will create a new wave of international-level developments in the food and beverage industry,” he said. Andi Anthoni said that the Korean trend “is still going strong globally and Indonesia is no exception. People, especially the millennials, are not only into K-pop and fashion but also the

variety of food that the trend brings. The authentic taste of MyeongDong Topokki will certainly create waves in Jabodetabek,” he said. MyeongDong Topokki has a total of 30 outlets in Malaysia and has plans to expand into Thailand next year.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1


Local Korean Street Food Brand Expands To Indonesia Through Franchise Deal




EMBUN ELIT SDN BHD Embun Elit Sdn Bhd, a home-grown company, is the sole importer and distributor of the highly popular Himalaya Wellness products in Malaysia as well the marketing consultant for the brand. Himalaya’s range of products are made from 100% herbal actives and are widely available in many shops. Embin Elit became a member of MRCA as it is a dynamic and influential retail organisation in the country. “It is an avenue for us to exchange ideas, gain exposure, get more information about the industry and explore business opportunities locally and overseas,” said Ho Soo Ling, Head of Retail. He added that joining MRCA will also provide opportunities to forge close ties and network so that the retail industry grows as well as stays relevant.

PUSAT BORONG MATAHARI (SHAH ALAM) SDN BHD Owned and operated by Pusat Borong Matahari (Shah Alam) Sdn Bhd, Matahari, is a wholesaler supermarket chain in Klang Valley. Incorporated in 1998, it offers primary household needs including fresh and frozen poultry, seafood, fresh vegetables, fruits as well as wet and dry grocery products. With its headquarters and first outlet in Shah Alam, it has outlets in PJS, Klang, Pandan Indah and USJ with future expansion covering Denai Alam, Nilai and Wangsa Maju. Matahari is well-known and trusted for offering value for money products, and is popular among the Malay hawkers and restaurants that need to buy fresh items as well as rice, flour and cooking oil in bulk. “We also offer a full range of household OEM products under our own trade names, “Matahari” brand for premium grades and “Gmart” brand for affordable ranges,” said Justin Chong Zhao Yang, Director. He added, “Matahari strives to provide a comfortable all-inone shopping experience in a clean and neat environment, and at affordable pricing. Please visit us to feel the difference!”

Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1


VISIONARY SOLUTIONS SDN BHD Visionary Solutions is the sole distributor for highly effective, premium quality products, and is committed to providing distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service in all aspects of its business. The company established a name for itself as the premier home solutions company by providing innovative products. Among the brands the company markets are: Dyson Airblade for commercial use, Laurastar Ironing Systems, Blueair Air Purifiers, Bluewater Water Purifiers, Hizero Bionic Floor Cleaner, Dafni Ceramic Hair Brush (straightens and curls), Yale Digital Door Lock & Fire Safe, FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System and Sousvide Supreme. “We pledge to provide distinctive quality products and unparalleled customer service to maintain ongoing respect and trust of our customers and suppliers by providing ease of mind,” said Executive Director, Lim Pei Yan. By joining MRCA, Lim said that it provided networking opportunities for businesses to expand as well as to learn from others.

IFV GROUP SDN BHD MyLaksa was inspired by the rich flavours of Malaysia’s very own “Street Food Paradise”, Penang and to ensure that everyone can have a taste of Penang wherever they are, IFV Group introduced the iconic Penang Asam Laksa as its Signature dish. “Being true to our “Lagi Kaw, Lagi Best!” attitude, we strive to create the most KAW KAW experience for our customers by serving fast, delicious, affordable Penang Asam Laksa in a casual environment. More importantly, all our ingredients are 100% Halal certified,” said Daniel Ong, Managing Director. Looking to the future, the company’s plans include rapid outlet expansion and various seasonal products while continuously improving its service and product quality. Ultimately, it aims to make MyLaksa a Malaysian brand that stands for the taste of unity.

IFV Group Sdn Bhd decided to join MRCA as a member as it strongly believes in the power of networking. “This is a great opportunity for us to expand our network in the retail industry and increase our brand exposure, not just locally but abroad as well. We want to meet new people, learn about their experiences, share and build ideas and essentially grow together. Looking forward to what’s to come!” stated Daniel Ong.

Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

Monthly Meeting


MRCA November Meeting he MRCA November meeting was held at the Niro Ceramic Group attended by about 100 members and guests. Datuk Seri Garry Chua, in his welcoming address thanks the attendees and thanked the host of the event, Niro Ceremic Group. He also congratulated all the recipients of the MRCA Encouragement Fund for UPSR, PT3, SPM and STPM. This fund is given annually to MRCA members’ children who excelled in the examinations. MRCA Secretary General’s Ken Phua in his presentation highlighted the various events attended by MRCA members. They include World Top Gourmet & World Top Tourism Award Night, ARFF, ASEAN Outstanding Business Award AOBA Night, The 30th World Hakka Conference, Big Onion, Liang Sandwich & Penang Chendul F&B Trio, MRCA Academy: Recruitment Social Media, MRCA Deepavali Charity Visitation, Malaysia Business Events


Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1

Awards Night 2019, New Retail with MPC, Mesyuarat Lembaga Penasihat Francais, Maxis Business Spark Summit 2019, VIETRF Expo 2019, MRCA 27th Anniversary 2019, SOBA 10th Anniversary Dinner, Malaysia-China Trade Expo 2019, Art of Time by Star Media Group, SEBA Award 2019, ASOCIO Conference and Award Gala Dinner, Asia Women Entrepreneurs Leadership Award Night, Golden Eagle Award 2019, MRCA Charity Run 2019 Press Conference and MRCA Charity Golf 2019. As of November 2019, there were a total of 502 members. All the new members received their certificate of membership from Datuk Seri Garry and MRCA Council members. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the annual MRCA Encouragement Fund for UPSR, PT3, SPM and STPM recipients. There was also a short presentation of the Pre-Countdown Charity Run 2020 by MRCA Assistant General Manager

Simon Wong. He also shared some information regarding the Christmas Charity Celebration 2019 where 60 children from a few charity homes invited to join he celebration. Datuk Winnie Lim, the Organising Chairman of the MRCA Chinese New Year banquet, shared some information regarding the event which will be held on 13th February at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya. Later, Raymond Woo, the Organising Chairman of MIRF 2020 also gave a brief status on the event which will be held from 16 to 18 July 2020 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Representatives from Niro Ceramic, HRDF, Ruyi Holdings, Mpay and GenYouth also gave a brief presentation of their respective companies. Later, a Token of Appreciation was presented to Bong Kuan Shin, Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group. The evening ended with the cutting of a cake for members born in November, followed by a buffet dinner.


Ordinary Cravito Group Sdn Bhd Pusat Latihan Perkembangan Xaris Woodpeckers Group Sdn Bhd Logistics Worldwide Express (M) Sdn Bhd Embun Elit Sdn Bhd XOX Mobile Sdn Bhd Store and Send Logistics Sdn Bhd Hairstory Capital Sdn Bhd Romantika Sdn Bhd Associate Members BHS Book Printing Sdn Bhd Ironhorse Asia Sdn Bhd Members Update Category Total Ordinary 268 Associate 216 Affiliate 18 Total 502

MRCA ENCOURAGEMENT FUND FOR UPSR, PT3, SPM & STPM 2018 UPSR 2018 MRCA MEMBER APPLICANT Sinma Jewellery Centre Sdn Bhd Gan Yu En Universal Traveller Shop Sdn Bhd Leong Shi Wei Popular Book Co. (M) Sdn Bhd Lim Chuan Jian Bonia Corporation Berhad Tay Venn Xuen Malaysian Healthcare Sdn Bhd Phang Jia Wern Fiffy Sdn Bhd Goh Shu Min LBS Bina Holdings Sdn Bhd Carol Chong Kai Rou Toshiba TEC Malaysia Sdn Bhd Kirthissha a/p Nagesh Rao Fella Design Sdn Bhd Sangeethaa Chandrasegaran Fella Design Sdn Bhd Yap Huey Thung LBS Bina Holdings Sdn Bhd Yonindra a/l Kumar SPM 2018 MRCA MEMBER APPLICANT City-Link Express (M) Sdn Bhd Jeanette Anak Richard Engkasan City-Link Express (M) Sdn Bhd Goh Shu Qing City-Link Express (M) Sdn Bhd Koo Jia En Bonia Corporation Berhad Lim Zhi Ying Malaysian Healthcare Sdn Bhd Chin Xu Xuan Magicboo Beauty Sdn Bhd Chang Kah Yee One-AP Design Agency Sdn Bhd Wan Zi Xuan Popular Book Co. (M) Sdn Bhd Lim Chong Chen Universal Traveller Shop Sdn Bhd Wong Zi Jian C.K.L Holdings Sdn Bhd Reeneshaa a/p Lingan onCloud Technologies Sdn Bhd Sara Hoh Wen Hui Toshiba TEC Malaysia Sdn Bhd Hemahwathy a/p Elamaran Poh Kong Holdings Berhad Teh Jie Ting The Store Corporation Berhad Loo Shi Qin Poh Kong Holdings Berhad Ng Zhi Min Poh Kong Holdings Berhad Wong Zhan Hong Poh Kong Holdings Berhad Ong Chi Hung Fella Design Sdn Bhd Siti Nur Fatehah Binti Hassanal STPM 2018 MRCA MEMBER Applicant Poh Kong Holdings Berhad Teh You Han 2 The Store Corporation Berhad Teow Chee Soon 3 LYC Mall Sdn Bhd Tan Sue Yee 4 KK Supermart & Superstore Sdn Bhd Edward Lee Way Yang

Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1


President’s Activities and Officiating Members’ Events 1. Press Conferance for MRCA Charity Run 2019. 2 & 2A. Launching of Xiao Longkan Chinese Fondue Restaurant. 3 & 3A. Celebrating Chinese New Year and tossing of yee sang with some MRCA members.








Improving ties with the media industry

ON TOP OF THE WORLD “No substitute for hard work”


Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Leong Hoy Kum, Group Managing Director, Mah Sing Group Berhad


WM RM9 / EM RM11

“We Build A Lifestyle”

Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai, Chairman and Founder of Top Glove Group of Companies

How Consumer Trends Affect the Industry

MRCA-KPDNKK Charity Run 2016 Budget 2017’S SME Goodies



ManagePay Systems Bhd Group Managing Director & CEO Dato’ Chew Chee Seng

MRCA Turns 25 CEO Night Teaser A Masterclass In Transformation

Sunway Malls Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Awarding Excellence & Value Creators

Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, Founder and CEO of Fusionex

Eversendai’s Tan Sri AK Nathan Stars in CEO Night Opportunities in Cambodia & Vietnam MRCA’s Strong Foothold in Johor

TARGET MARKET Business community interested in the retail, franchising and branding industry. DISTRIBUTION • More than 450 Members Companies & Associates in Malaysian and abroad. • Top Management of companies. • Relevant Government Ministries & Agencies, including the Malaysian Overseas Trade Office. • Relevant Business Organisations & Major Shopping Malls. • MRCA Events. • Sold in all leading bookstores nationwide.

Turning 25 with Pomp & Grandeur


PAVING THE WAY FOR INDUSTRY 4.0 Dato’ Vignaesvaran Jeyandran, Chief Executive of HRDF

MRCA Cover_Vick.indd 1

The new and improved MALAYSIA RETAILER highlights, informs and introduces readers to trends and strategies within the retail, franchising and branding disciplines. The quarterly magazine also features a mix of articles, including personality and company profiles, success stories, and general reports relevant to the three disciplines.

Learn From The Best at The MRCA Retail Conference 2017

HR Training & Development: A National Agenda

Turning 25 with Pomp & Grandeur


Exciting Week at MIRF 2017


MK Curtain Berhad Founder and Group Managing Director Dato’ Calvin Khiu

Vol 5 No 4 2017

SITTING AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE Dato’ Goh Cheh Yak, Founder and Group Managing Director of

WM RM9 / EM RM11


A Runaway Success


Dato’ Garry Chua, New President of MRCA Shares His Aspirations For The Association

MRCA 24th Anniversary & Crown Awards Winners

Vol 5 No 4 2017

WM RM9 / EM RM11

Establishing a Southern Chapter & Realising Expansion Plans

MIRF 2016

Vol 5 No 3 2017

Vol 5 No 3 2017

WM RM9 / EM RM11


Challenges of Globalisation & Technology and Impact On Businesses

Vol 5 No 2 2017

WM RM9 / EM RM11


Vol 5 No 1 2017

WM RM9 / EM RM11

Vol 4 No 2 2016

WM RM9 / EM RM11

Vol 4 No 1 2016

WM RM9 / EM RM11



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JULY 16-18 MIRF 2020








MAY 19








DECEMBER 16 CHRISTMAS CHARITY VISITATION; COUNCIL CHRISTMAS & YEAR-END GATHERING * Date & venue subject to change. Malaysia Retailer Vol 8 No 1


Profile for Harini Management Services Sdn Bhd

Malaysia Retailer|Vol 8|No 1|2020|MuzArt  

Malaysia Retailer, the official magazine of the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), is a one of a kind retailing, franchising and bran...

Malaysia Retailer|Vol 8|No 1|2020|MuzArt  

Malaysia Retailer, the official magazine of the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), is a one of a kind retailing, franchising and bran...