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Embrace your blue mind If the crystal-blue waters of the ocean are calling you, and you find peace when you’re drawn to lakes or the sea, you could be experiencing the power of ‘blue mind’ Writing | Fiona Thomas


hen I’m stressed I get snappy. On one such day several years ago, I’d been standing on the precipice of a bad spell (I’ve lived with varying degrees of depression and anxiety most of my adult life), but I was determined to stay on solid ground. I made a list of the things that might make me feel better, and asked my husband to help me do the most important one: make a visit to the beach. The next day we packed the car and buckled up. I was emotionally drained, but hopeful that seeing the choppy, sparkling North Sea would bring me back to life. But when my husband tried to start the car, my beachside resuscitation was cancelled. The battery was dead.

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