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The Man Behind The Badge Nick Beard

Producing Award Winning Videos for Chatham County Public Information Office

Chuck Morgan Pooler Recreation Spotlight

JULY/AUGUST 2018 Day Trippin' Off to Palmetto Bluff




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Kelly Harley is a writer and social media strategist. She believes everyone and every business has a story worth sharing and her sincere passion for her work was the driving force behind her social media management company, Social Creative. From her early days as a television news reporter to her time spent managing Gulfstream Aerospace’s social media, her experience in storytelling and social media spans nearly 16 years. Kelly lives in Bloomingdale with her husband and two children.

is an Effingham County native and Salzburg descendent. She has been married to her husband, and best friend, for 6 years. Between them, they have 9 children and 4 grandchildren. She started dabbling in photography when her kids were little and fell in love. When not with her family, she’s off somewhere, camera in hand looking for the next amazing shot!

Katrice Williams

Miranda Osborn-Sutphen

is a married mother of two. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Business Administration Degree. Interestingly enough, at the time, she also had an interest in writing. She and her family moved to Pooler in 2003 from the Atlanta Metro Area. She later decided to pursue her writing interests. Katrice appreciates The Lord Jesus Christ and the many blessings that He has bestowed upon her. She loves spending time with her family.

This Australian-born’s professional career started somewhere between journalism and fetching coffee before taking a happy turn to photography, graphic design and all things visually creative in-between. From newspaper photos to magazine shots, from product shoots to weddings, her photography has appeared in numerous nationwide catalogs, publications and has had the privilege to grace several magazine covers in Liberty County, GA.

Cindy Burbage

Nelson Laporte

is a native of Richmond Hill. She began writing in college and took a hiatus to raise her four beautiful children. Cindy enjoys traveling and is always ready for a road trip. She believes that faith is greater than fear.

New York native, Nelson Laporte exudes his passion for photography & finding the beauty in each moment with every photo he produces. In March 2016, Nelson moved to Savannah, Ga after serving 8 years in the United States Marine Corps to be closer to his “why”, his daughter, Elizabeth. You can truly understand love for photography as he captures the milestones of her & his clients’ lives.

Stephanie Cardozo is a Miami native and mother of two girls. She moved to Pooler in 2013 for a lifestyle change and personal growth. Her great passions in life are her children and the written word. Bringing stories to life is what kept her awake at night as a young girl and allowed her to dream big. Her girls give her the drive to live her dream as a writer and breathe life into the words she writes. Stephanie enjoys reading countless novels, poetry, and spending time with her loved ones.


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The Man Behind The Badge


Producing Award Winning Videos for Chatham County Public Information Office

Chief Ashley Brown

Nick Beard

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Pooler Recreation Spotlight Chuck Morgan

Day Trippin' A "Forever Place in the Lowcountry" Palmetto Bluff

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ow! It's hard to believe that we are more than halfway through 2018. All of us here at Independence Day Publishing hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer. I was out and about the other day and I do believe there is something new every time I ride through the city. The growth that Pooler has had is incredible. It seems like businesses are just lining up to be here. And it's not just businesses. People from all over are relocating to Pooler at an exponential pace. New businesses mean new job opportunities and this is definitely one of the many reasons for Julie Hales, PUBLISHER the population increase. But who would blame them? Where else can you have both a small town feel AND the convenience of urban amenities? I can't think of a more perfect time for our annual Business to Business Issue. Local businesses were given the opportunity to tell their stories in this special edition. We always love giving the businesses in our community a chance to have their stories told on our pages. With growth comes change, and unfortunately, an increase in crime. Well rest assured that the city of Pooler is in good hands. Pooler's new Chief of Police is Ashley Brown, and we are happy to introduce you to him on the pages of Pooler Magazine. Read all about the man behind the badge and how he is preparing the Pooler Police Department for growth. As you are all well aware, the 2018 Hurricane Season began on June 1 and will end on November 30. We have a resident here in Pooler that is part of the Chatham County Public Information Office. This guy gets around. He is an award winning video producer that produced a lot of the local videos we saw here in our area during Hurricane Irma. Meet Nick Beard...and read about how he transforms to CEMA when we are in an emergency status. He helps to keep us informed... thanks Nick. Read about all these fantastic businesses in our city...and pay them a visit. Tell them you saw their story in Pooler Magazine.


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The Man Behind The Badge Nick Beard

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Producing Award Winning Videos for Chatham County Public Information Office

Chuck Morgan Pooler Recreation Spotlight

Ashley Brown, a life-long resident of Pooler is now the man in charge of protecting our neighborhoods. As Pooler's new Chief of Police, Brown shares his vision of the future of the City of Pooler Police Department.

JULY/AUGUST 2018 Day Trippin' Off to Palmetto Bluff | July/August 2018 09

The Man Behind The Badge

CHIEF ASHLEY BROWN story by Kelly Harley

photos by Shelia Scott


he sleepy town of Pooler is no longer sleepy and without a doubt is growing, and we all know with growth comes change. One recent change the city has experienced is directly related to how its police department is run. There is a new chief in town and he has set out to make a big impact on his department and his community. The beauty behind it all is that Chief Ashley Brown is a Pooler native and has deep ties to the community in which he lives and serves. The Man Behind the Badge The average tenure of a police chief is less than five years. Pooler’s police chief, Ashley Brown, has plans to outlast that statistic. He also has big plans for the Pooler Police Department. March 26, 2018, marked Chief Brown’s first day on the job; however, before he was even sworn in, he was working. “I started coming in here every day and learning one or two things each day I was here,” says Chief Brown. “That was an advantage because on my first day in uniform, I had a list of things I wanted to start working on.” In a little less than four months, he has proven he is determined to take on the challenge. Chief Brown says one of the things about the department is that strong, continuous leadership helped make it what it is today. Butch Chan served as chief for more than 24 years before passing away while on vacation, and Mark Revenew was chief seven years before retiring and moving on to serve as Savannah Police Department’s interim police chief. “Things here didn’t need to be straightened out. I just have a way of doing things differently,” says Chief Brown. His different style is in one way related to where he came from. Chief Brown was with the Savannah Police Department for

24 years, serving on various departments such as Undercover Vice, Homicide and Patrol. While there, he was promoted to captain and was in command of patrol precincts as well as a variety of specialized units. He says much larger departments have more challenges both internally and externally. Having years of experience serving on a larger department has allowed him the unique opportunity to make preparations to avoid issues when largedepartment scenarios pop up in Pooler. “My last two precincts were bigger than this department. I have seen what this department is going to be,” says Chief Brown. “One of the things we are doing here is implementing a plan for growth. We don’t want to need an 80-person department and only have a 50-person department, so we will grow every year. We are preparing for scenarios that Pooler

Police has never seen before. Our best strategy is to be waiting on it when it gets here.” Pooler’s Policing is Changing When it comes to growth, Chief Brown says Pooler is seeing more crime. He says they are investigating more shoplifting cases; more property crimes; more car break-ins and thefts; and more traffic accidents. Of course, that’s inevitable with additional residents, visitors and businesses. Per the 2010 United States Census Bureau, Pooler's total population was just over 19,000. Today, the census puts the population at nearly 24,000. If you drive down Pooler Parkway, you’ll notice that where every green space used to be is paved and a new store or restaurant sits on the once tree-filled area. The growth is making for a much larger area for officers to handle. One of the ways Chief Brown is handling the growth is by restructuring. “We are reconstructing our areas of responsibilities and zones (beats),” says Chief Brown. “We are also doing more special operations such as shoplifting intervention at the Tanger Outlets and identifying where there are the most traffic accidents in order to determine ways to get people to slow down.” Chief Brown says plans are also in place to increase the number of zones Pooler has. This will shrink the size of the area of responsibility for each officer. “The response time should be quicker because there will be less area to cover and officers will be able to ride through their areas more often,” says Chief Brown. | July/August 2018 11

Chief Brown says residents are already noticing some of the changes. Whether he’s at the grocery store or barber shop, people stop and talk to him. He is humbled when he hears that he is doing a great job and pleased that people can already see a difference. “I’ll have people ask me, ‘What have you told those officers of yours? Man, the word is out, don’t speed through Pooler,’” laughs Chief Brown. Style of Leadership Chief Brown recognizes that the department is a young department, which means leadership is even that much more important. Good leadership that is. “I’ve learned a lot from bad leadership because bad leaders stick. I told myself if I’m ever the boss, I’m never going to be like that,” says Chief Brown. He says he’s sticking to his word. Chief Brown is committed to having an informed department. Currently, there are 51 sworn officers and each morning Chief Brown can be found in the squad room, talking to officers and getting to know them and any issues or concerns they may be facing. He has also implemented bi-weekly command staff meetings. “One of the complaints

from officers is not knowing what is going on and what the plan is,” says Chief Brown. “I want the officers to help me run this department. I don’t want a yes-team. I want officers to always give me their opinions and let me know if there is a better way we could be doing things.” When asked about his style of leadership, Chief Brown calls himself a facilitator. As the chief, he creates the assignments and he comes to work each day and looks at his to-do list. Then he finds ways to reach the goals he has established. He also listens, a quality that many leaders often lack. “I listen to what my officers need to do a better job and try to provide it to them,” says Chief Brown. “I listen to the community and try to give them what they need to solve their problems. I’m really a simple person,” says Chief Brown. He says the best thing to do is to make it as simple as you can. For the Love of the Community Having essentially lived in Pooler his entire life, he graduated from Groves High School and Armstrong State University with a degree in Criminal Justice, Chief Brown knows what it’s like

12 July/August 2018 |

to love where you live and what it’s like to have a servant’s heart. Despite his law enforcement duties, he served on Pooler City Council as a councilmember for more than two years before having to vacate his position to accept his role as chief. “I learned a lot about how the city works. I was able to build relationships with all the key players, which has helped make things easier in my new role. I’m able to get the support I need to help grow this department,” says Chief Brown. Chief Brown recalls when he would drive home after his shift at Savannah Police Department. He says he would drive in from Interstate 16 and feel the relief when he was finally in Pooler. “If I hit the lottery and won millions of dollars, I’d still be here,” says Chief Brown. That says a lot about his commitment to his hometown and his new duties as the man in charge of the police department. “My goal is to stay here until I want to retire,” adds Chief Brown. As for those retirement plans, he says they haven’t even crossed his mind. Chief Brown is married to his wife Abby, who is an investigator with the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, and they have four children.

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Producing Award Winning Videos for Chatham County Public Information Office


story by Katie VandenHouten


he 2018 hurricane season has just begun, and if you’re like most people, you’ll appreciate any information that could help your family if a storm hits. With Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and then Hurricane Irma in its wake in 2017, the low country braced for impact and then

dealt with the aftermath of the storms. During storms and other emergencies, Chatham County’s Public Information Office is responsible for getting the latest information out to the community. Pooler resident, Nick Beard, is the PIO’s video producer who assists in that important task.

photos by Nelson LaPorte

Filming for the PIO is not just about hurricane footage. Beard works with all the departments in Chatham County, including Chatham County Police Department, Parks and Recreation, and CEMA (Chatham Emergency Management Agency.) It is his job to provide footage and relay

up-to-date information to the people of Chatham County, keeping them informed and safe. He also produces instructional videos, public service announcements and has started streaming live CEMA footage on social media so that the public can get first-hand information from CEMA instead of it being filtered through a third party news organization. Beard’s video footage for CEMA won two awards for its social media coverage during Hurricane Irma. It won second place in the Government Social Media Organization’s Crisis Communications category, second only to Las Vegas for their communications during the infamous mass shooting at Mandalay Bay. Facebook also awarded CEMA with the Facebook Favorite Award, which was presented at the GSMO Conference for the innovative live video footage posted throughout the storm. Winning awards was the farthest thing from Beard’s mind during Irma, but getting national recognition validates his work and his passion for film production. “Most of the time we’re producing these videos, it’s under pressure and we’re trying to get the information out and you want it to look good,” says Beard. “But it’s very humbling when you can come back seven or eight months later and you get recognition.” Beard got the idea for live CEMA coverage about a month before Hurricane

Irma. “It would be nice if we could go live and actually show people in the community what’s going on without having to call the news stations to come out here to cover it,” he says. “This is what CEMA representatives are actually saying, not the news interpreting what we’re saying.” Though Beard serves all county agencies, whenever there is a hurricane, CEMA takes over and becomes the PIO’s number one priority. What made the task more daunting during Irma was that the category five storm was originally projected to hit the Georgia coast. This put CEMA officials into action early. While citizens were anxiously watching the news for updates, Beard and others at CEMA and the PIO were brainstorming in preparation. Keep in mind, the widespread power outages and downed trees were substantial in the wake of Matthew, which was only a tropical depression. A direct hit would have been devastating for the Georgia coast. “We got pretty lucky this time, because the storm was projected to come straight here, but it veered off course and went away. Thank God,” says Beard. During Irma, Beard worked tirelessly with CEMA’s Community Outreach Specialist, Chelsea Sawyer, to put out informational videos on social media regarding how to get ready for the storm. The instructional videos focused on how to keep a water supply and other safety tips to

help the community prepare for the worst. Thankfully, our area was spared a direct hit, but many residents were upset that they were told to evacuate in the first place. In cases like these, Beard advises everyone in the community to take CEMA’s advice. “Don’t just watch the news. Go to CEMA’s website and get information and see what they’re recommending,” he says. “I know a lot of people hate to evacuate, especially if a storm shifts, but it’s better to evacuate going off the predictions that we have than to be here and you can’t get out.” Though hurricanes are a major focus for CEMA and the PIO this time of year, Beard must be ready for any disaster, be it a natural disaster or man-made. Most recently, Beard responded to the deadly military plane crash on Highway 21 in May. “You have to be professional and get through it as best you can,” he says. “It can be overwhelming, but you just have to realize it’s your job.” Not everyone can handle the everchanging, fast-paced environment at the PIO, but Beard loves the challenge. He knew he was in the right place as soon as he started. “My second day working this position there was a tornado that dropped down, and I had to go out with CEMA and the National Weather Service, which was an experience in itself,” he recalls. “You always hear about the National Weather Service, but to go out with these people to an event was absolutely amazing.”

From natural disasters to shootings, car accidents and plane crashes, Beard has seen and captured it all. Even though he may cover fearful situations, he wants people to know that the PIO has lots of positive information for the community as well. He films two 30-minute shows bimonthly for Chatham County’s government channel that focus on local events and must-see places in the area: The Chat with Chatham and Chatham County Parks and Recreation. “There’s just so much that’s available in Chatham County,” Beard explains. The shows feature various parks, museums, festivals, activities and other community events the county has to offer. Beard writes the scripts, shoots the video, and does the editing for both shows. And if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, he also makes training videos for various county departments. “The best part is there are no two days that are the same,” he says. “Today, for instance, I was out with the police department with new recruits. We started the day with the civil rights museum, and we ended the day under the bridge at a homeless camp so the new recruits could get awareness of the diversity of what goes on in our community.” No matter which department he’s with, Beard pours his passion for film into every production. He has been known to spend hours listening to music in search for the best background track, and he is meticulous when it comes to scripting and planning shots for his videos. “I take it as a challenge to make anything that we put out, video-wise, to make sure it looks professional, to make sure it’s in focus, it’s high definition, and the video is smooth,” he says. “That’s what they expect of me. I try to always make sure I’m ready and all my equipment is ready to do what I need to do, regardless of what the situation is.” Beard, along with the staff of the PIO, CEMA, Police Department and other emergency services, all make sacrifices to ensure the safety of the community. When they take the job, they know they will be at the forefront of risky situations. But even though the job comes with the element of risk, Beard says the county and the PIO do their best to make sure their families are safe. “It’s hard to concentrate on doing this job at this level if you’re worried about the safety of your own relatives,” he explains. “But the county does a really good job of making sure that our families are taken care of so that we can do our jobs.”

His ultimate goal is to eventually transition into doing major motion pictures. Film crews are flocking to the Savannah area, and Beard would love to join them one day. His current “big screen” production can be seen in the form of a thirty-second CEMA promo that plays before the main feature at Pooler Stadium. “I haven’t gone to the movies in a while, but people have told me that they’ve seen it on the big screen and that they enjoyed it,” he says. For now, he loves serving his community with the PIO and wants to get more involved with Pooler, in particular.

18 July/August 2018 |

“My wife and I absolutely love Pooler,” he says. He plans to become more active in Pooler government meetings and get more involved in his community as well. Nick Beard is the talented PIO video producer who puts his heart and soul into every production. And while the community loves to see CEMA winning awards, perhaps they wouldn’t mind if his videos weren’t in the running this year for the crisis category. But if a crisis does strike, the community can rest assured that our emergency services workers are doing their best to keep them informed and safe.

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story by Cindy Burbage

he late Billy Graham stated, “A coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime.” Imagine the influence a person can make coaching young people over a span of twelve years. Meet long time Pooler resident of twenty-seven years, Chuck Morgan who has been coaching at the Pooler Recreation Department since 2006. He and his wife, Allison have been married for nineteen years; they have a sixteen-year-old son, Ashton, along with two Siberian Huskies, Zeus and Hera. Chuck began coaching when his son, Ashton, began playing T-ball. “And I have not looked back,” he gleamed. As a child, the west Chatham native played football for Port Wentworth and soccer for Groves while in high school. He is currently coaching football and baseball for the Pooler Recreation Department and will possibly change up his game next season. “Football is still undecided at this time. As for baseball, I am currently one of the coaches for the 12U Pooler Allstar team and our season is still going on. My plan for next baseball season is to move down to an 8U team and move up with the kids each year. This way I can hopefully work with

photos by Nelson LaPorte

some of the same kids where I can help build that character and confidence the players need on and off the field,” the coach revealed. With twelve years of coaching an array of ages under his belt, there are sure to be a few epic noteworthy

22 July/August 2018 |

nostalgias. Although he does not have one unforgettable moment, Coach Chuck proudly reminisced, “I don't have one specific memorable moment because there are too many. However, I do have a memorable season. In 2013, my son moved up to 12-U football and from the beginning, there were many changes. This year would be the first that the football program would split a group by age. There was an all 11-yearold team and the other was an all 12 year old team. As a coach, when you see your new team for the first time, you always look to the older players to take on that leadership role and show the younger ones the rope. This particular year, we didn't have that. While most of the players had played for several years, this would be their first year playing in the 12-U league. Myself and other coaches were worried about the age and size of our team. Here we were, an all 11-year-old team, about to play against kids that were a year or more older than them. Going into this season, we had to start fresh on all positions as most of these players had never played together. So, our expectations were not very high; our goal was to stay safe and play our hardest. It was very clear after our first game that this team was here to win and did not want to be defined by their

age. Long story short, we went on to win all of our games but one, and we won the 12-U CAA championship.” Continuing to coach and be a part of the rec department even after your child has moved on takes dedication and passion. Those that display these characteristics are proven good role models for their players and peers. What is Chuck Morgan’s drive to remain part of the team? He humbly responded, “I am asked this question every season because my son is too old for rec ball. And my answer is simple, I do it for the children. Every child needs someone they can look up to, someone who will encourage them every time they walk on a field. Each player, no matter what sport, needs to build character and confidence and I hope that I am building some of that. A lot of children have the ability to play some kind of sport. A parent and the child will not know if he or she is good at it, will they like it or will they have fun until they try it. As parents, we need to encourage our children to get out of the house and try something new. Whether that be a sport, a club at school or a volunteer at a local organization. These are all positive building blocks for the future of the next generation. So, get involved and play hard!”



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Day Trippin' - A “Forever Place in the Lowcountry”

Palmetto Bluff story by Miranda Osborn


here’s a certain calm to the two-plus miles of oak-tree lined entryway to a sheltered hamlet in the Lowcountry and its 20,000 acre community called Palmetto Bluff. One of South Carolina’s best kept secrets – the Montage at Palmetto Bluff is a luxury getaway like no other. It draws you in, brings you home, and centers upon its guests and residents peace and tranquility. It is home to a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, an inn, Wilson’s Boat Landing, a shooting club, stables and more. Then, of course, there’s the exceptional spa and employees of unsurpassed quality and steadfastness.

photos by Miranda Osborn and D. Paul Graham

From the doorman who greets you by name, to those who remember how you like everything from the way the table is set up, how you like your martinis, to what city you are visiting from. It’s like walking into a set of Cheers mixed with The Vanderbilt mansion. That the staff is like no other is no exaggeration – all come from different walks of life at different times, with smiles that stretch from ear to ear and never leave. Vino and culinary treats abound and the hospitality is second to none. But it’s more than that. It’s a place to be free, to relax, to unwind and pass time playing games of old like Monopoly or Clue in the

26 July/August 2018 |

library in front of a gently flaming hearth on a rainy day. It’s also wending vistas of beauty along which to take a stroll or bike ride down the red brick paths that line the property in as many directions as the eye can see. There is peace and tranquility here like no other place many have experienced, let alone seen, and many choose this location to marry, take a family vacation, or simply escape from the ordinary – or other parts of the world (most of them snowy!) No pretense awaits you at The Montage, or Buffalos, a delightful restaurant on the main strip serving signature casual Lowcountry fare with fabulous cuisine.

Pimento cheese biscuits during a Sunday brunch are worth the price of admission alone. A giant, resplendent tree house is enough to keep the kids occupied for hours while parents can relax in the hammocks underneath, play bocce or watch the beautiful egrets and herons that call this place home go about their daily routines. Chef Anthony and his team create culinary masterpieces for their guests on a daily basis. From the most amazing pork chop anyone will ever have – braised in tea of all things – to the May river oysters the staff cook outside for guests to enjoy in season during happy hour. Take a kayak down the river, go to Wilson’s Landing, or find yourself on a charted adventure to anywhere, even if it’s just to watch the dolphins at sunset.

This slice of Lowcountry luxury at its finest, nestled along the May River with its gaslight- lined walkways have watched many a couple take a stroll and unwind, and witnessed parents with their littlest ones riding ahead making lazy circles on bikes for years. It’s a dog friendly establishment, and it’s a shortsand-flipflops kind of place all the way to floor-length dresses and suits and ties as well. Whatever persona you prefer to elicit during your stay – even if it’s just for lunch – it’s quite all right. The staff will treat you exactly the same way and the experience will be just as memorable. There is just something so incredibly special the minute you drive through the gates and step foot on the exquisite grounds, and it’s an incredible latitude to find oneself. | July/August 2018 27

Sam Snead’s Oak Grill & Tavern

7 Sylvester C. Formey Dr Savannah, GA 31408 912-963-0797

Omelette Cafe

410 S Columbia Ave, Rincon 10070 Ford Ave, Richmond Hill 325 SE Hwy 80

Wasabi Fusion

950 C Morgan’s Corner Pooler, Georgia 31322 912-450-0887 or 912-450-0885 8 Locations to serve you!

Open from 6AM - 9PM 7 days a week 405 S. Columbia Ave

(in the Goody’s Plaza on Hwy 21)

~ Remember We Have Take Out Available ~

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950 C Morgans Corner Pooler, GA 31322 912-450-0887

nal Mortgage tgage Company… dest Mortgage Company… International Mortgage oN THE $8000 TAx Mortgage CREDIT International Mortgage International Mortgage Family Owned And Operated nal Mortgage CELEBRATING $8000 TAx CREDIT28 YEARS Effingham County’s Oldest Mortgage Company… Effingham County’s Oldest Mortgage Company…

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Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee#5748 Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee#5748

Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee#5748

(912) 826-5386 • Fax: (912) 826-4556 Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee#5748 505 McCall • Rincon, (912)Road 826-5386 • GA Fax: (912) 826-4556 McCall • Rincon, GA ingham County, surrounding areas Road & Road all of••Georgia 55055505 McCall Road Rincon, GA 5505 McCall Rincon, GA Serving Effingham County, surrounding areas & all of Georgia

Residentialsurrounding Mortgage Licensee#5748areas & all of Georgia Serving Effingham EffinghamGeorgia County, Serving County, surrounding areas & all of Georgia

GRMA#26250 GRMA#26250

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Savannah’s premier group of ear, nose, and throat professionals, specializing in total care of head and neck disorders.

Main Office: 5201 Frederick Street, Savannah Satellite Offices: Pooler, Richmond Hill, Rincon, Statesboro, Southside Savannah


1017 HWY 80E • POOLER



We accept Medicare Part D and Insurance Prescription Cards

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Monday - Friday 8:30-5:00 • Saturday 8:30-12:00

Appointment: 912-351-3030

Being a woman gives you a lifetime of reasons to stay healthy.

Benton Blvd.

Welcoming New Patients At every phase of her life, a woman needs specialized, personal care. No matter your age, and

means staying healthy. So whether your whole life’s

Wa y

Pooler Pkwy.


to help you make the most of every minute. That


w To

Tra d

no matter what stage of life you’re in, we’re here





n Ce

ahead of you or you have a lifetime of memories, you can count on us for the focused, individualized care you need.

Find a physician or schedule an appointment today. 912-450-0957

1000 Towne Center Blvd Ste. 604B Pooler, GA 31322









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Pressure Washing Services

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Dr. Kurt Kang delivers health care with hope


r. Kurt Kang knows a lot about health care. But he’s learned that none of it matters unless his patients are ready to get well. “If you’re confused about the treatment plan or unsure about certain aspects of it, it simply won’t work,” he says. “Part of my job as a physician is to help you understand what’s going on in your body and what we can do to heal it or manage your symptoms.” Kang, who specializes in internal (adult) medicine at Memorial Health University Physicians’ Adult Primary Care Pooler office, knows that informed patients are the most successful at living healthy, active lives. It helps him deliver the kind of care he trained to practice. “I was drawn to internal medicine for two reasons,” he says. “First, I like the idea of helping someone who’s been diagnosed with an illness or a chronic disease learn to overcome the challenges of that condition. “For example, diabetes diagnoses occur pretty regularly these days, but if you’re the one being diagnosed, it can be quite devastating. I see that in patients’ faces when I have to deliver that news.” But that look changes when Kang puts things in perspective. “You see their relief when I outline a plan of attack and they know there is hope,” he says. His second reason for choosing to practice primary care is “the material.” “Internal medicine is a broad specialty,” he says. “We see such a variety of cases and that keeps it interesting.” As a primary care physician, Kang also likes getting to know his patients, developing a relationship with them and watching them enjoy the benefits of routine health care as they get older. A native of Fayetteville, Kang earned his medical degree from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. He graduated from Emory University with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. He completed his residency in internal medicine at Memorial Health University Medical Center. He is board certified in

internal medicine. Kang says two of the most important health conditions he treats are hypertension, or high blood pressure, and diabetes. “These two conditions contribute so much to illness and death in the United States and around the world,” he notes. “Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S., and hypertension and diabetes are major contributors.” Kang says early intervention is the key to preventing or lessening the effects of these two problems. “With medication and lifestyle changes, you can avoid or at least delay many of

the complications that result from high blood pressure and diabetes. This can have a big impact on your quality of life and healthcare costs as you age.” Kang’s own quality of life has improved since he and his wife Jessica, who is also a physician, became parents to daughter Stella, now 3. They enjoy vacationing in the North Georgia mountains or just “staycationing” in Savannah. You might even catch him playing guitar on occasion. Dr. Kurt Kang is now accepting new patients, aged 18 and older. To make an appointment, go to or call 912350-6000.

101 W. Mulberry Blvd., Suite 100, Pooler, GA 912-350-6000 Appointments available 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. 34 July/August 2018 |

Doctors Near You. The Benefits of a Network.

Put the resources of Memorial Health to work for you. We have locations near your home or work, and offer the timely care you deserve. Adult Primary Care - Pooler Breast Care - Pooler Heart Care - Pooler Surgical & Bariatric Care - Pooler Women’s Care - Pooler 101 W. Mulberry Blvd., Suite 100, Pooler, GA Memorial Health Outpatient Rehab 101 W. Mulberry Blvd., Suite 210, Pooler, GA | (912) 273-1000

To make an online appointment with a member of our team, go to:

Personal Injury Attorney: Derek E. Horne


story by Kelly Harley

s bigger really better? According to personal injury attorney, Derek Horne, the answer is no. In August of 2017, Horne opened The Horne Law Firm in Pooler, a personal injury firm that’s truly personal. “We choose to limit the number of clients we represent because this model allows us to address opportunities unique to each case and truly cater to the individual needs of our clients. Some clients need that, and we’d rather do too much, than care too little,” says Horne. Prior to opening his own law firm, Horne spent several years as the managing attorney of a large state-wide personal injury firm based in Savannah. While he appreciates the experience he gained supervising more than a dozen attorneys, he realized that a volume-based personal injury model wasn’t his style. After serious reflection and prayer, he decided to pursue an alternative route, one that has offered him a different way to practice personal injury. “At a larger firm, things can get overlooked and missed,” says Horne. “There is pressure not to go to court and you don’t always get to know your clients.” Getting to know his clients is one of the promises he makes. “I meet with every client who comes through my door. We flush out the details of what happened,

photos by Shelia Scott

their history and the particulars of the injury claim,” says Horne. “I really like to have a personal connection and all the facts when I determine where the client wants to go and what they need.” Horne’s practice areas include serious injury and wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, premise liability cases, and more. If Horne represents you, there’s one thing you can be sure of. “I create a detailed and customized strategy for each client. I also have the time and willingness to go to court. If insurance companies think you aren’t willing to go to court on a case, they have no fear,” says Horne. He says he approaches each case from a litigation posture. While he says sometimes going to court isn’t appropriate, Horne and his staff use their preparation and willingness to go to court as leverage in settlement negotiations. “Litigation is another tool in my toolkit,” adds Horne. Another tool is the personal touch his firm uses. “I get to know each client, and let them get comfortable with me as well,” says Horne. “I talk to my clients frequently and they have my cell phone number and my paralegal’s cell phone number.” Many of his clients are still his friends today. One client, in particular, is an advocate for Horne’s work. She received $400,000 after she was in a motorcycle accident. She invested her money in a dump truck business. “It’s really a great feeling seeing my clients succeed in life and having a personal relationship that continues beyond the case,” says Horne. As passionate as Horne is about advocating for his clients, he is also passionate about the community in which he lives and works. Horne recently launched the Bridgebuilder Program, a program that offers honorariums to minority youth who work to improve relations between law enforcement and their communities. Through the initiative, youth and police officers come together and have a conversation about the tensions between minority communities and police. “The goal is that each party walk away with


36 July/August 2018 |

a better understanding and ways they can improve relationships and essentially build a bridge,” says Horne. Horne also has a passion for public policy and prior to his personal injury law career, Horne was heavily involved in advocating for and influencing public policy. He served as Vice-Consul for Policy and Management in the Atlanta British Consulate, attorney-advisor to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and as a legislative correspondent to U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander. He is particularly proud of his work on the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act and legal research he performed that helped in the restoration of voting rights to non-violent felons who had completed their sentences. Throughout his years of work and experience, Horne has shown a passion for serving. As a personal injury attorney, his service is dedicated to helping those who come to him seeking legal advice and financial help in times of crisis. “I know there is a real opportunity to help people if you actually care,” says Horne. Horne is a graduate of Tulane Law School and a member of the American Bar Association, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association and the American Association for Justice.

131 Canal Street, Ste C, Pooler, GA


Southward Bound: Sip, Savor, Stay For a Lifetime


story and photos by Miranda Osborn-Sutphen

en years ago Pam Southard moved to a sleepy little town called Pooler, Georgia from her home state of Maryland. She and her husband wanted warmer weather and NO snow. She got a “very” part time job with the Pooler Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Inc., working 15 hours a week as the office assistant. Seven years later - of which Southard has been Executive Director for five - and her Chamber career is still going strong, helped along with a team of four other amazing individuals. “I never would have thought that I would end up in this position,” reminisces Southard, “but here I am full time and loving every minute of it.” Between them, the ladies that take care of the public, visitors, problem solving, and just about everything that the Chamber has at its doorstep have a combined 50-plus years of experience. “There’s somebody here that’s going to be able to figure it out, no matter what the problem,” Southard explains. When Southard started, the Chamber had 90 members. Today, that tally stands at 420. “That shows you not only the growth of Pooler, but the hard work of everyone from the Chamber, to the Board of Directors to Ambassadors. They’re all such an important part of this,” she adds. The Pooler Chamber is committed to responsible development that will enrich the city of Pooler for future generations, and has been presenting new opportunities for their members, as well as the residents of Pooler since it’s inception eight years ago. It serves to provide the platform of growth necessary for the area to truly flourish. From its humble beginnings as a little railroad town, Pooler has now become a destination city and home to those that want the small town feel, southern charm and the convenience of urban amenities and with countless events planned and community driven projects in the works, the future seems brighter than ever. “Our goal is to bring more tourist

opportunities to Pooler,” Southard explains. “We were not a destination city three years ago. We are now. We’ve got four new hotels coming down the pipe... that’s just amazing!” The Chamber achieves this by supporting the community and its members every way it can. Events throughout the year increase the networking potential for all members, and also provides community involvement. Annual events such as the Chamber’s Hearts for Heroes Gala, St. Patrick’s Celebration shuttle service, Tastes of Pooler, Sip and Savor and Business After Hours continue to put the focus on Pooler, their members and the Chamber. “Look where we were when I moved here 10 years ago and look where we are now!” Southard exclaims. “Tanger, restaurants, movie theatres… everything at our doorstep. I just love being involved with the businesses as they come to the area.” When folks or corporate calls come into the Chamber, it’s Southard and her team’s responsibility to entice them to “get in while the getting’s good. Land is going to be short one day, it’s getting that way now,” Southard continues, “especially if you look at the development on Pooler Parkway. It was all one side, now it’s expanding by Savannah Quarters near I-16 and we have a micro hospital coming… that just blows my mind.” Southard’s job isn’t all roses, however, and the team does get their share of complaints as well. From residents asking “when are they going



to stop?” or “where are the trees going?” But Southard’s responses are always concise and thoughtful. “How often do you go to Tanger?” she may ask, instead of having to go downtown. Or when your families come in where do they stay? They have to look at both sides, and I respect both sides,” Southard continues, and “taxes are kept low because of the growth in Pooler, so it’s a win-win, you just have to take a step back and look at it from both perspectives.” For Southard, however, what has had the most impact on her career and time with the Chamber is seeing the growth of Pooler and working with the girls that are part of the team. Their mission is to promote Pooler as a tourist destination whilst promoting a positive business environment by supporting economic development through networking, teamwork, and innovative thinking. And for the foreseeable future the organization will continue to do just that; with their dedication to aggressively market Pooler’s assets, maximizing economic impact while providing excellent visitors services.

PO Box 708, Pooler, GA

(912) 748-0110 | July/August 2018 37

Get to know


Homes WHAT CAN OUR TEAM DO FOR YOU? As you move through the exciting process of buying a Landmark home, our awardwinning group of realtors are pros at making your dreams a reality. Their personalized, honest service is aimed at finding the right fit, one you can afford and enjoy. With a high focus on customer service, our realty team concentrates on your needs. WHAT ABOUT AFTER THE SALE? For those who decide to build a new home with us, you will have access to a design consultation with our Interior

The Area’s Largest Hometown Homebuilder our heart, we are a team. In 2009, local builders Jerry C. Wardlaw, Jack Wardlaw and Steve Hall combined forces to form Landmark 24, leading the market in New Home Construction. Their years of homebuilding experience bring quality, affordability and true southern beauty to all our communities.

Designer in our inspiring Design Gallery. We are always thinking about your budget and help with decisions structured on your financing and lifestyle needs. Landmark offers amazing design packages that cover what most people want included in their new home. These packages have many choices to help personalize your new home - from modern finishes like lighting, stainless-steel appliances and even wooden barn doors - you can truly make your wishes come to life. Popular options also include a choice wood flooring, granite countertops and 42 inch tall cabinets. All of the these options brought together with the floor plan of your choice, help make your new home a masterpiece. While your house is being built, our Customer Care Coordinator will make sure you have access to the homeowner Client Portal. Here you will find photos of your home during construction. As construction progresses, our team is behind the scenes periodically updating images while it is being

built. No worries, if your home is complete or if construction has already begun, you still get the same pictures. As a Landmark 24 customer, you never have to wonder about the quality of construction in your home, because you will have access to the photo record of it during construction. When your home is near completion, our Closing Coordinator will assist you through your new home purchase. Typically, there are lots of questions that crop up the home

WHY ARE WE THE BEST? Our team doesn’t leave after the sale. We are still here with a focus on customer satisfaction. That’s why we were voted “The Best Home Builder in the Coastal Empire for 2018”. Landmark 24 Homes is the top choice for a new home in the Pooler area. Contact us today or come by one of our five Pooler area sales models and speak with any of our knowledgeable new home specialist. We look forward to meeting you, call (912) 353-1275 or visit us

get closer to being finished. This valuable team member can stay on top of any concerns and help you understand the process and paperwork. WHAT IS AVAILABLE IN FAST-GROWING POOLER? In Pooler, Landmark 24 has quite a few choices for your new home needs. Conveniently located at the junction of I-16 and Pooler Parkway, you may choose the maintenance-free townhomes of Berkeley Walk, with irrigation, landscaping and yard work handled by the community association. The peaceful, easy living of Landmark’s Harmony Community is a bit more off the beaten path, but you will still find easy access to Pooler’s amenities. This sustainably-built neighborhood has a picturesque pond, a children’s playground and plenty of open space. For an upscale, gated community experience, Landmark offers beautiful Forest Lakes. You can relax by the resort-style pool, play a game of tennis or attend events at the elegant community clubhouse.

“At our heart, we are a team.”

In the heart of Pooler, this vibrant neighborhood is close to everything.


Counter Fitters: A Family Owned Solution, Close to Home


or over 25 years, Barry Brennan and his team at Counter Fitters have worked hard to go the extra mile for their customers. From the moment a customer walks into their showroom, their main objective is to ensure that the customer has a seamless experience until the job is completed. Brennan purchased Counter Fitters in the late ’90’s. At the time, there were only two employees and they have grown to almost 20 employees since then. “We have a lot of great employees here that have helped us get to where we are now,” Brennan says. With the quippy tag line, “Ask our customers and they will tell you that ‘We are Tops,'” Counter Fitters is one of the most renowned locally-owned companies, installing quality custom countertops in Savannah and the surrounding areas for more than two and a half decades. Counter Fitters has been voted Best Countertop Company in the Savannah area for the last 4 years. “We are certified fabricators and installers of granite, quartz, marble and solid surface countertops. Whether it is a commercial project, new construction or a remodel of your current home, our team of experts can guide you through an array of products to find the perfect countertop for your project,” comments owner Brennan.

story and photos by Miranda Osborn-Sutphen The company has worked on everything from residential properties to dinner boats, jets and to their favorite project, a 190+ft mega yacht. The company also spends a good portion of their time giving back to charity. Brennan’s wife was past president of the Ronald McDonald Foundation and his daughter was on the Foundation’s teen board. pictured left to right: Kim Waters, Barry Brennan, Bailey Hicks Counter Fitters is also heavily committed to St. directing customers to what’s current in Jude’s and has worked with them several the marketplace,” Waters adds. times in the past on houses where they “We hire good people that want to work have donated and installed their products with other good people,” adds Brennan. for charity. “We’re very involved and like “Several of our employees have been with to give back to the community whenever Counter Fitters for over 18 years. We try we can,” Brennan elaborates. to make it at a fun place to work, because Everything is done in-house, and when you’re happy at work, you’re happy that’s one of Counter Fitter’s biggest with your customers, and your customers selling points. “That’s the first question can see that.” a lot of people ask,” comments sales But what sets Counter Fitters apart representative Kim Waters. “We handle is their number one commitment to everything in-house, from template to customer satisfaction. “We’re very installation,” she adds. knowledgeable. Everyone on staff here “We work really hard to go the extra has been doing this for extended periods mile for our customers. We want to make of time,” adds Waters. “Most of our sure everyone has a employees have 10-20-year’s-experience great experience,” adds in cabinets and countertops, so we have Waters. “From the a wealth of knowledge to draw from. minute you enter our It’s a real team effort on every job. We showroom, you can brainstorm together and come up with see that we work hard the best solution for our customers," to be very professional Waters continues. “Making patterns and well organized. flow correctly, making sure seams are as We ensure that our unnoticeable as possible… it takes a lot of showroom samples technical knowledge and we definitely have are up to date so that that. We’re not just order takers, we help customers are seeing the customer to make sure the finished the latest and greatest product is going to be exactly what they of products available on had in mind, and we have a wide variety of the market. We try to products at different price points to help stay on top of industry them attain the look they want AND meet trends so that we’re their budget.”

1026 Lynes Ave, Savannah (912) 231-0103 Monday-Friday - 8:00am to 5:00pm 40 July/August 2018 |

Criminal Defense Attorney: Sneh Patel


riminal defense attorney Sneh Patel has an edge when it comes to representing his clients in court. Not only does he have more than four years of criminal defense experience, he is a former public defender for Liberty County and former assistant district attorney for Chatham County. “Reputation and good standing with the courts goes a long way and is always an intangible asset which my clients benefit from by hiring me,” says Patel. “Having practiced both as a prosecutor and defense attorney has allowed me to build a good reputation among my peers and in front of the courts.” In 2014, Patel opened The Patel Law Firm and is a sole practitioner. He focuses on criminal defense, representing clients facing misdemeanors and felonies. He handles driving under the influence (DUI) cases, traffic violations, drug possession charges and other criminal cases. Patel recognizes that when someone is charged with a crime, they stand a lot to lose. He says it’s imperative to hire a seasoned lawyer to represent you. “In some cases, your liberty is at stake and you could be facing significant jail or prison time, your financial freedom might be at stake and you could be facing hefty fines,” says Patel. “You simply can’t afford to hire a novice that is not experienced enough or has not had enough exposure to the legal system to defend you.” Patel is passionate when it comes to defending his clients. He says there are a lot of grey areas in the law and it depends on which perspective you are seeing things from and often times no matter what perspective you look from, it’s wrong. “My best comes out in me when I see something that is genuinely objectively unfair. I feel most passionate when I get to point out this wrong and fight to make it right,” says Patel. This is particularly true when it comes to DUI cases. Patel defends many clients who are facing the consequences of

story by Kelly Harley driving drunk. His years as a prosecutor in state court have a tremendous impact on the DUI defense strategies he prepares for clients. As a prosecutor, his primary duties were to handle misdemeanor cases and most of the trials he was involved in were DUI trials. He worked closely with police officers to build cases against the accused. “I learned what officers do, how they do it and how they are supposed to do things,” says Patel. “This knowledge, combined with multiple seminars I attend on cutting-edge issues regarding DUI laws, gives me the expertise to handle any DUI case.” Patel is a member of the National College for DUI Defense and has taken the DUI alcohol detection course that cadets take and has attended Drug Recognition Expert courses, courses that specially trained officers take to recognize someone who may be driving under the influence of drugs. “DUI laws and procedures are very technical and it takes someone who has dedicated significant time in learning this area of the law to be proficient in defending such cases,” says Patel. No matter the case, Patel says his clients’ needs always come first. “First and foremost, I’m actually the person you talk to when you call the office,” says Patel. “The truth is many attorneys

have a secretary or staff member who screens calls before you even get to talk to the attorney.” Patel chose to practice differently. When you hire Patel, you get Patel. “I will be your contact person from the beginning of your case to the end of your case. It gives me an opportunity to really get to know you and your case while giving you an opportunity to see me and understand the progress of your case,” says Patel. Patel says that is the part he enjoys most; being able to work with clients and explain complex legal issues in a way that they will understand and relate to. Patel also says he is honest with his clients and that genuine quality is what sets him apart from others. “I will tell you the truth about your case and whether or not you have one. I am blunt and straightforward. I’m as equally hardworking and ready to fight for you and your rights to the fullest extent possible,” says Patel. “I will always have your best interests at heart.” Patel is a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Georgia Bar Association. The Patel Law Firm offers free consultations.

223 W. York Street Savannah, GA 31401 912-662-5498

Experience Bella Salon and Spa’s relaxation without going far!


ince 2007 Sharon Lucas, owner of Bella Salon and Spa has been a staple of Pooler’s Canal Street shopping center. “Our objective is to provide a place where you can come in and relax as you are pampered. Have a cup of coffee, a soda, or water while we help you relieve the everyday stresses as we provide services such as massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and all hair services for you and your family,” says Lucas. “We will listen to your concerns and help you feel better about yourself when you leave.” Bella caters to men and women who want to be pampered with a variety of unique services offered by her three certified professional staff in beautiful, relaxing surroundings. The salon specializes in colors and cuts, but also offers a plethora of other services; perms, special occasion hair, facials, manicures, pedicures and massage, as well as a revolutionary breakthrough in hair straightening technology by J. Beverly Hills - the Smooth Realignment System - that literally realigns the structure of the hair giving smoother, straighter results without the need for harmful and damaging ingredients. “Our goal is that our clients be offered

story and photos by Miranda Osborn-Sutphen

a full line of pampering services and recognize Bella as the spot to relax and rejuvenate the body and renew the spirit,” Lucas comments. “Our special services are affordable and convenient. Clients can come to one local place, spend a few hours and receive the special attention they deserve.” With hectic work schedules, stressful

42 July/August 2018 |

deadlines, busy children’s schedules and other commitments, Lucas hopes Bella’s clients will find a way to enjoy their time away from the office or home without fighting traffic and driving to a destination resort spa. Bella Salon and Spa is a dedicated J. Beverly Hills Concept Salon – the only one in the area – and Lucas picked the boutique line of products because, amongst other reasons, you can’t get them anywhere else. “They have a range of 28 botanical and essential oil-based formulations which deliver unsurpassable hair care maintenance and a styling system that repairs, hydrates, tames, and nourishes all hair types, improves manageability and restores natural vibrance, luster and shine,” Lucas explains. “J. Beverly Hills is a product that I really like,” Lucas continues. “I like the concept behind it. It’s not a product you can find anywhere on local store shelves. It’s a product that we can recommend that you should use to get the results that you want. When people go to the store they just pick out something random and really don’t have any idea of what is in the product. We have the ability to recommend -- just like a doctor recommends what prescriptions you need -- we can explain what you need to help have your hair do what you want it to do. If you ever wonder why your hair doesn’t look as good as when you leave the salon, maybe it's because you're not using the same products (shampoo, conditioner,

and styling products) at home that we use in the salon. Products can make a big difference. It’s an exclusive line and it doesn’t have a lot of stuff in it that’s not good for you, and I like that too. I wanted to be a little bit different and have a boutique line rather than what everybody else in the area has.” J. Beverly Hills was created by Juan Juan, celebrity stylist and founder of the Juan Juan Salon – a Beverly Hills landmark – with the vision for their concept salons to rise above the ordinary and help obtain their true potential both artistically and financially. The company’s color line has been on the market for around seven years, making it a new up-and-comer in the industry. With that newness the color line is a lot more advanced technologically than some of the other color lines, and Lucas maintains that it keeps her customer’s hair in better condition than when they came in for their color service. All of the J Beverly Hills products are made with botanicals and help to keep the hair healthy. In tandem with keeping her clients' hair in great condition, Lucas is also on a mission to “take back healthy” and would love her clients to join her on that journey.

“I like to encourage people to eat healthier, get exercise and drink lots of water,” she explains. “People want to know why their hair is falling out or why their hair isn’t shiny. It’s all related to the foods you eat, exercise and water intake. These factors all determine how your body functions,

and if your hair is not healthy it means your body’s not healthy. My goal is to help people look and feel beautiful on the inside and out.” And the all-important question? Why choose Pooler’s Bella Salon and Spa? Lucas has an answer for that too. “We offer a friendly professional atmosphere where you can come in, relax and be treated special, and we do have an exclusive line of products that we use. Our goal is to take care of your hair and keep your hair as healthy as possible when you leave.” So stop in, relax and be pampered! Get a new hair style, try Bella’s new relaxing facials, or dress up your nails with a welldeserved manicure and pedicure. Bella, which means beautiful in Spanish and Italian, and the reason Lucas named her salon for the word in the first place, has a friendly and professional atmosphere and the amazing staff treat every one of their clients with extra special care. You can find Bella Salon and Spa on the web at, Facebook @bellasalonandspapooler, at 115 Canal Street, Ste 301, Pooler, and by phone at 912.450.7701. Tuesday and Thursday opening hours are: 10:00am - 7:00pm, Wednesday and Friday: 10:00am 5:30pm, and Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm.

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essica Sauls has always been a enthusiast of fashion and beauty. Originally from Beaufort, South Carolina, she moved to Savannah with her family in 2000. Growing up, she traveled often with her family, getting a taste of diversity which tapped into her creative side. This, combined with her passion of fashion and beauty, would pave the way for her career. Through the years, Jessica did various things working in the hospitality industry. It wasn't until she was about 35, however, that she decided to take a leap of faith and conquer her dream of becoming a stylist. Jessica worked at a salon as an apprentice for some time, learning as much as she could. It was there that Debbie Harlow

took Jessica under her wing and helped her along her journey. "She really took a chance on me, " Jessica says with great gratitude. Keeping her head in the game, Jessica attended cosmetology school and earned her license. "I took on a part time job doing eyelashes because I love eyelashes!" She expressed with a laugh. This helped her build her clientele and she just knew it was time to move on and focus on opening her own salon full time. She explains with great pride, "Once I got my clients up I was ready to go. I began collecting pieces of furniture from my family and picking up items from little shops. I would store them in my attic until I opened up my salon." Within one year of obtaining her license, Jessica opened her salon! By Jessica & Co. Beauty Lounge has been open since 2016. This proved to be a difficult year for Jessica as she had lost her mother on top of taking on the challenges of being a brand new shop owner. She says her faith and her wonderful staff are what got her through. "God really got me through that time," she says. Referring

to her staff, Jessica states, "I love my girls. I'd be lost without them!" Jessica has another motivator, actually two to be exact. She has two sons, ages 17 and 20, whom she is very proud of. "They are what push me, for sure." Clients will be pleased to know that Jessica's salon works with an organic color line. "I love making people feel beautiful, it's my favorite part. They really feel like my family," she says. Jessica is proof that with hard work, dedication, patience and a lot of faith, that you can achieve what you are most passionate about.

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A Testimonial from Jacinta “When an SUV knocked me off my motorcycle, I broke my leg and three bones in my hand. The $400,000 settlement helped me get back on my feet and start my dream business, but that is not why I tell everyone they should use Derek as their attorney. Derek called me every single week he had my case, and never failed to fully explain each step of the process. My case was in 2015, and he still calls to check on me. He cares, and it shows.”

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS | SERIOUS INJURY & WRONGFUL DEATH HEARING LOSS & TINNITUS | TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES “We will never forget that every client that comes to us is seeking shelter from a sudden and unexpected storm. Physical pain, emotional trauma, financial pressure and fear of the unknown could leave any of us broken, desperate and lost. We are hired to fight injustice, redress wrongs and ameliorate loss, but it is more than just our job or profession. It is our chance to improve lives, serve those in need and the highest of privileges.”

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