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Want to encourage your practice to thrive as well?

Since the early beginnings, Gymna® has been synonym for top quality products, offering a wide range of functionalities, intelligent solutions, user-friendly interfaces combined with outstanding product design. This is what we are known for.

Perhaps less known: Gymna products are developed and manufactured in Europe. We work with local suppliers and partners. This has always been a key strength of our brand. This strategy proved to be the right approach, not only for the health professionals using our products, but also for our business partners and Gymna® representatives worldwide.

That’s why Gymna® - as an independent player on the physiotherapy market – has been able to remain a reliable partner and reliable brand.

Important advantage of working locally is that we can immediately react to any change in customer demand and are able to increase our production capacity when necessary. This guarantees short and reliable delivery times in all 78 countries we export to worldwide. Result? Satisfied customers and business partners worldwide.

This is just one part of the strategy matching our vision of a long-term sustainable business partner. Other clear choices are those of participating primarily in local exhibitions and investing in online trainings and webinars. Together with our local partners, it is our objective to remain close to our business partners and to remain a great company to do business with.

It is equally important to listen to what physiotherapists have to say, to understand their needs and to develop solutions in response to their challenges. That is what Gymna® stands for: a reliable partner and the preferred choice for physical therapists around the globe. Top quality and sustainability: Now and in the future!

Thank you for being our valued Gymna customer, it is our pleasure to work for you.

History 6 The Gymna values 8 Innovation as a driving force 10 Software development 14 Gymna near you 16 Gymna on YouTube 18 The best for your practice 20 A global partner 24 Service and support 26 The people behind Gymna 27 Conferences and trade fairs 29 Training is key 30 GUIDE PRODUCTS FOR YOUR PRACTICE p. 35 Treatment tables Shockwave therapy Electrolysis Cryotherapy TECAR & Diathermy Physio Care Electrotherapy Active Motion p. 78 p. 95 89 p. 112 105 p. 128 p. 120 p.9 p.24 p.16 p.15p.34 p.29 GUIDEGYMNA INSPIRATION MAGAZINE 4 5

Gymna products have meanwhile evolved spectacularly. In search of continuous improvement and innovation, Gymna seeks to support and inspire the day-to-day work of the professional therapist to the utmost. Every therapist is an expert professional with unique wishes for their practice. Gymna seeks a solution for every professional, so that the physical therapist can concentrate on what is most essential: the treatment of his patients.

Once upon a time…

he origins of Gymna go back to the passion of one Belgian physical therapist He worked as a gym teacher in the 1960s and in his free time, he developed wooden gymnastics equipment together with his father. Additional manpower was soon needed and they opened their own carpentry workshop. Metalworking was quickly added and the first Gymna treatment tables became a

reality. Various showrooms then opened in Belgium and the export of Gymna products soon followed. In order to round out the expertise, a decision was taken in 1997 to work together with the Dutch company Uniphy, which had made a name for itself thanks to its high quality electrotherapy equipment. Nowadays, Gymna has a varied product range which is marketed worldwide.



Four core values are at the heart of everything Gymna does, which is always focused on the physical therapist and his patient.

The latest insights and techniques lead to smart solutions.



With Gymna products, top quality is guaranteed. 100% craftsmanship. Developed by physical therapists for physical therapists

The Gymna label is a guarantee of refreshing, innovative design. An inspiring, pleasant workspace makes all the difference.

Making your work intuitive and efficient with an eye for the patient. That is what we do!

At Gymna we always try to add something unique. Intelligent solutions integrated into our products or our software with the aim of adding value to your practice.




gymna.PRO: Your table. Your choice


ymna has more than fifty years of experience in the development of treatment tables for physical therapy Out of this passion and experience, the new gymna.PRO treatment tables have been created. The mapping of the entire concept was done for and with physical therapists who recognise the importance of professionalism. Apart from a functional and modern design, the gymna.PRO treatment table also has a number of intelligent and ground-breaking features that make day-

Constant Patient Position

The 3-section table facilitates lying down, sitting as well as kyphosis, without the patient having to turn.




"One-Click" Arm Supports

The two supports can be easily and simultaneously lowered using the "OneClick" system.

Safe Motion Detection

Fully automatic system, designed to limit the risk of people being trapped inside the height adjustment mechanism of the table, particularly in non-supervised situations.

Safe Motion Detection


With a wide range of models, finishes and options, gymna.PRO offers you the flexibility to configure a table that meets your professional needs and personal taste. So you put together your unique treatment table yourself!

Other striking innovations of gymna.PRO

Ergomax face opening 1 , Gymna

Stability Profile 2 , lateral supports 3 and wireless cushion heating 4 ,

information about Gymna treatment tables, please see page 41
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Gymna ShockMaster: from beginner to expert

t Gymna. we want to constantly improve our products. To a significant extent, this applies to the software at the heart of our products. Our goal is to make our products easier and easier to use and to make sure that physical thera pists can choose the best customised treatment for each patient. For example, we recently took a close look at the design of the ShockMaster handpiece. Clear improvements were made and, in the area of ergonomics, a whole step forward was taken.

Ergonomic handpiece

Gymna Mobile 400: everything in its place


During the design process for the new handpiece, physical therapists were involved to ensure that the improved shape would also provide ergonomic advantages. The light weight, the soft material and the balanced design ensure that the handpiece rests even better in your hand.

The result is a new, improved handpiece with a wide energy range for more effective treatments.

New applicators

In addition to the well-known applicators, the new handpiece also provides the opportunity to work with new applicators. The new range of applicators starts from 0.3 bar. These make it possible to treat more patients with varied and new pathologies.

mproving ease of use does not come exclusively from our products. Sometimes it is also the supporting solu tions and services that can significantly improve the user-friendliness. This is the case with the Gymna Mobile 400: the handy solution to make the day-to-day use of electrotherapy easier. The Gymna Mobile 400 is a clever, mobile storage system

Vacuum cups, holder and cables Laser probes Ultrasound treatment heads Gymna Vaco 400 Tissue box Electrodes and electrode cables


Speedy updates of treatment software in accordance with the most up-to-date clinical insights and expertise.


Each form of therapy is represented by a different colour. So it can be recognised at a glance.

GTS helps and guides fledgling physical therapists to choose the appropriate therapy for each patient. More experienced therapists find the user-friendliness and flexibility of the system a great support.


Speedy software updates based on the latest clinical insights and expertise.

The intelligent patient Guided Therapy System will automatically adapt the treatment to the specific condition of your patient.



Through we want, in the first place, to introduce as many physical therapists as possible to the solutions that Gymna has to offer.


Welcome to the Gymna Club

Once you are in possession of a Gymna product, we are pleased to guarantee the top quality of our products and services to you. We therefore invite you to sign up to our Gymna Club. This puts you into direct contact with us and you are kept informed of the most up-to-date developments to our products.


hrough the use of a clear structure and visual presentation, the therapist is able to experience what Gymna can do for his practice. The examples appeal to the imagination and inspire! If you have any questions, please contact us via or use the Gymna chat.



Discover our products through a clear structure. Our dealer network is always ready to give you thorough advice.

Follow us and stay informed about the latest product news and the development of our services.


Via our chat, we are always at your disposal to answer your questions.

The world of Gymna

At Gymna, in the first instance, we want to pro vide the physical therapists with ideas for offering patients the best possible experience during treat ment. Go have a look at and let yourself be inspired. Discover what Gymna solutions can mean for your practice.

As a therapist you have your own identity and that also shines forth from your practice. At Gymna we want to do everything we can to help you achieve this!

With regard to software updates, you will be proactively informed by us. Via a link, we will refer you to the latest download version. In this way, you are assured of the most recent clinical insights and expertise. When you purchase a Gymna product, you can be confident that it will always be up-to-date in the future.





They can easily be found



Shockwave therapy

Discover the specific features


Discover the Gymna Guided Therapy System and what it can do for you


So richten Sie Ihr Acure-Gerät ein


Then follow us on these social media channels for regular updates:


videos have
the communication tool par excellence for sharing information and giving explanations. Gymna develops
publishes both product videos and treatment videos.
on the Gymna YouTube channel.
Treatment of Jumper's Knee




ecause patients are increasingly being regarded as customers, the total experience, the environment and the design of the practice are becoming ever more important. With Gymna you choose the most modern equipment that enhances the professional image of your practice.



A modern and efficient practice contributes strongly to your ability to work in a pleasant way and helps your patients feel good.

Gymna products fit perfectly within this philosophy. Your Gymna adviser will be happy to brainstorm with you on how you can achieve this and how you can get your practice to grow.



ymna products are used by physical therapists all around the world. Because our customer is key, we are constantly on the lookout for the best local business partners. We are now working with more than 200 Gymna dealers across more than 80 countries.

We set the bar high when choosing our partners. They are selected based on their focus on customers and service, technical skills and reputation. Only the very best are good enough.

This is why we constantly keep our chosen business partners in top condition. They are the Gymna calling cards and receive all necessary support for this. Using a set of professional communication modes, we ensure that our business partners can always clearly let you know about the added value of the Gymna solutions. In addition to this, training courses and continuous retraining for our representatives are important factors for success. That is why we support our Gymna experts with local training courses and we organise international training events so that your Gymna adviser is always up-to -date.

Gymna near you

You don’t make decisions about your practice without considering all the pros and cons. That is why our experienced, expert Gymna dealers are ready and happy to help and advise you!

Are you looking for a new product for your practice? You can find a dealer near you by visiting


+ 32
510 532


Our local partners have been picked and trained to guarantee an optimal level of service and support. Gymna only works together with professionals who can meet your specific wishes and needs.

Gymna delivery service

Our top-quality products require meticulous delivery. The products must be packaged in the proper packaging to be delivered to your door in good condition. Larger products such as an old treatment table, for example, can be returned if desired. Electronic and shockwave equipment will be delivered to you and installed by our local partners, so that you can start working immediately.

Despite the high quality requirements that Gymna places on its products, occasionally a device or treatment table still needs to be repaired. There’s never a good time for a malfunction. Good service and support are incredibly important for the continuity of your service provision. Our trained support department and service technicians aim to get you up and running as soon as possible!

Service and Support team


It is Gymna’s employees who make the company what it is. We are a team of dedicated people, experienced professionals with an international mindset. Expertise is exercised with a passion at Gymna.

Gymna Service

We make high quality demands on the development and finishing of our products. However, should you still have a problem, you can rely on a team of authorised service staff near you. In addition to this, our staff provide a thorough explanation of the equipment purchased.

Gymna Support

How can we help you? For us, service goes beyond just delivering a top-quality product.


he highly qualified technical staff in our Customer Support Centre are focused on the customer. This means that they provide dealers in the global network with technical support from the headquarters in Belgium. If the end-user has a technical problem or needs advice about how to cor rectly use a product, the Gymna service team will be ready to assist you!

But our service provision goes much further than this. It is in the customers’ interests that they be helped quickly, thoroughly and pref erably locally.

That is why Gymna makes it a priority to train the dealers’ technical staff. Gymna invites the technical staff of our partners to an intensive, international training course each year. They receive information about the new technical developments in the Gymna products and practise and refine their technical skills.

In order to support the local experts even more, Gymna has assembled an extensive technical library. This online tool offers the professionals tips and tricks to facilitate their everyday work.


No matter where in the world they are, at any time of the day or night, they can access the FAQs, technical drawings, instructional videos and images.


Gymna has been an expert in physical therapy for more than 50 years. Our employees apply themselves every day to the ultimate goal of improving the quality of care provided by the physical therapists.

Our people discover, develop and give sub stance to our products and services. Together with our global partners, we make sure that they reach the physical therapist, thereby giving his working day sparkle and making it more efficient.


It is not just a job. It is a responsibility.

Each day afresh.

Els Thomas, Head of Marketing


ith a clear vision in mind, we at Gymna are working on the future. Just like our physical therapist customers, we are spurred on by passion

for our job and our pursuit of profession alism. That is how we are working today on solutions for the physical therapy practice of today and tomorrow.



For the physical therapy professional, various trade fairs and conferences are organised around the world. In order to be close to our customers on a regular basis, we endeavour to be present at these conferences as much as possible. We believe in the importance of dialogue with our end-users in order to gain even more insight

into the requirements and needs of physical therapists. Conferences offer the opportunity to meet each other and exchange news of innovations. The international trade fairs are a good opportunity to convey our values to the customer. Take an opportunity to visit us sometime!




raining and education play a key role in our organ isation. That is why, at Gymna, we are developing various educational tools and regularly organising training sessions for our global partners. We also provide training sessions for our end-users in the various countries, so as to share product knowledge and demonstrate the ease of use.

Our aim is to teach our partners the ins and outs of our products and their applications from both a clinical perspective and a user perspective. For the end-users, this is mainly about combining product training and clinical insights according to the latest research. This gives them the best support to make optimal use of our products.


Benjamin Franklin Founding Father of the United States

Training by our product managers in a medical centre in Japan International Gymna Training for dealers in Amsterdam Product training at the Gymna France headquarters in Roubaix



How to choose the right treatment table for your physiotherapy practice

If you are starting up your own practice or looking for a new treatment table for your existing practice, the many options may make it hard to see the wood for the trees. Don't worry: this blog will get rid of the stress of having too much choice in just 10 minutes.

electricity, but you will have to make a physical effort to raise the table. With an electrical system, you save yourself this effort. If you want it even easier, there is a treatment table with programmable memory settings on the market.


face cushion is available. Comfort and hygiene for the patient, without hindering you in your activities.



A treatment table comes in many varieties and with different functions. Below you can read which functions there are and when to choose which function. Just to be complete, the options are discussed from different perspectives: you as a practitioner, your patients, your practice and, of course, your budget. Take a pen and paper and write down the functions you need and the options you want in two columns. After reading this article all you have to do is make the actual purchase.


The table plays a central and indispens able role in the treatment. Quality and comfort for yourself and, if applicable, for your colleagues will make your job so much more enjoyable. Therefore, first consider who will be using the treatment table: just you or your colleagues too? And what specialisations are involved? A geriatric physiotherapist may like to work with a wide table, whereas a manual therapist may prefer a narrow treatment table. Or do you go for the convenience of a (wider) table with retractable lateral supports to accommodate multiple specialisations?


Treatment tables consist of two, three or four sections and can therefore be set up in different positions. Which options would you like? Postural drainage position? Flexion position for the knees?

Supported long sitting where the feet do not have to rest on the head end?

Almost anything is possible today, also when it comes to table control: manual or electric, in one place or anywhere around the table. Manual control is not necessarily difficult or straining, but the load on the table section to be adjusted should be relatively minor. If you do not want to make things unnecessarily difficult for the patient, electric control is the right choice. In addition, a control that is accessible from all sides makes handling even easier.


For the purpose of ergonomics, the table should be height-adjustable. Two aspects are important here. First: exactly how low and how high should it be able to go? It is not only about your or your colleagues’ height, but also about the treatment techniques you intend to use. Second: do you want to adjust the height of the table manually (hydrau lically) or electrically? With a hydraulic pump system you are not dependent on

Do you want a treatment table with or without casters? Casters make rearrang ing or cleaning the treatment room a lot easier, but at the same time they may affect the table's stability. If casters have added value for you, be sure to check how the stability of the frame is ensured. And finally, how solid should your treatment surface be? Do you select a soft upholstered top, for example, for a comfortable oedema therapy session? Or should the top be more solid, for chiropractic manipulations? If you have come to realise by now that the require ments for the various specialisations or treatment disciplines are too diverse, you still have the option of purchasing several tables.


The treatment table should not only be functional and comfortable for you, but also for the patient. In terms of function ality the main thing to consider is if it has a low, easy access position for elderly or disabled patients. Make sure not to consider your own needs only when choosing a height-adjustable table. In terms of comfort, the upholstered top does not necessarily have to be soft, as there are other ways to make a firm top more comfortable. You can choose a table with integrated heating elements, or maybe adjustable armrests for a relaxed prone position. In the latter case, a face support (face recess) is also a welcome option. Can you hear your patients’ objections echo in your head, about how uncomfortable that hole is? No worries: a removable, disinfectable

When looking for the right treatment table, also consider the characteris tics of the practice. Perhaps a large treatment table simply does not fit in your treatment room. Or maybe you don't have a socket in the floor and you are unable to keep the cable out of sight under the table. Choose a table with a hydraulic pump or a battery-operated table. In any case, avoid having a cable from the table to the wall. It is not only unsafe but also looks messy, and a professional and inviting appearance is an absolute requirement now that there is a practice on almost every street corner.

Patients are critical and articulate. A positive overall experience is important for their final assessment of the practice. A neat and elegant table is an absolute must. You should also think carefully about the colour of the top and the colour and material of the frame. If you want to have a table with a little extra, you could select a model with an LED pack under the frame. You are sure to stand out among your competitors.


Last but not least: the budget. If your budget is not (yet) that big, keep in mind that the saying 'quality pays' actually means something. For affordable (top) quality, you should look for the optimal price-quality ratio. Make sure you have reliable information about the lifespan of the treatment table, pay attention to the duration of the warranty period and preferably choose a provider with an after-sales service. If you don't, and a component breaks or the table wears

unexpectedly fast, you're on your own. This also applies if you choose a secondhand treatment table from a quality brand. After all, nothing is wear-resistant. Make sure you know how old the table is and how intensively it has been used. But even with that information, a secondhand purchase is and remains a risk.

Finally, remember that if your table does not work properly, or if the upholstered top is in a bad state and/ or uncomfortable, this will detract from your professionalism and the positive reputation you want to establish. The patient's confidence in you and your practice contributes to the effect of your treatment. The less confidence, the less result and satisfaction. The last thing you want is to lose patients. Maybe it won’t be that bad, but do you really want to put it to the test?


If everything is right, you should now have your list of all the necessary and optional functions you want for your treatment table. And now is the time to buy your treatment table.

40 41 Treatment tablesTreatment tables

Expand your imagination

42 43 Treatment tablesTreatment tables

patient to lie on a table that feels fresh and hygienic.


The intelligent foot-operated height adjustment system for easy, accurate and safe height adjustment. Offering two operation modes, for continuous and pulsed adjustments.

Our imagination shapes everything we do.

It helps expressing ourselves, unveiling whom we really are. Both your practice as your treatment table should reflect the real you. Immerse yourself into the gymna.ONE universe; dare to dream big and awake that imagination in your practice.

Lateral supports

Allowing you even more freedom of movement while maintaining the ideal, ergonomically correct working position. They facilitate working close to the patient, without causing stress on shoulders or back.

Remote cushion heating

gymna.ONE is equipped with our remote cushion heating. The heating pads within the cushions gen erate a comfortable warmth level suited to your patient’s individual needs.

Arm supports

Long arm supports provide ample space to let the arms rest completely. Making your patients feel secure and totally relaxed.

Body-shaped cushions

The body-shaped cushions add extra stability for your patients. Offering them a pleasant and comfortable treatment experience.

44 45 Treatment tablesTreatment tables

gymna.ONE - T7




i-Control height adjustment

Lateral supports

Cushion heating

Item no. gymna.ONE - Q8 160.484
face support A seamless, washable, soft, ergonomically shaped face cushion for a relaxed, hygienic feel.
The Easymove wheel-lifting mechanism makes it possible to move the table easily and safely from either side, without pedal recoil.
Choose one of the five colours that give your professionalism an image and create the right atmosphere in your practice. gymna.ONE - Q8 200KG TEMPERATURE LEVELS Item no. gymna.ONE - T7 160.374 Optional electrical pli adjustment 150.304 middle section
Intelligent foot-operated system that can be reached from all four sides of the table. Facilitates an easy, accurate height adjustment.
These supports make it possible to maintain an ergonomic position. You are able to work close to the patient without tension in the shoulders and back.
Use the integrated cushion heating with wireless control to increase the comfort of your patients.
• i-Control • Easymove • Ergomax • Lateral supports • Cushion heating • i-Control • Easymove • Ergomax • Lateral supports • Cushion heating • 7 functional cushions • Arm supports • Easily adjustable middle section (Pli adjustment) • Standby key switch • 8 functional cushions • Arm supports • Easily adjustable middle section (Pli adjustment) • Standby key switch 200KG TEMPERATURE LEVELS 67 105 46 - 54 67 50 - 69 46 - 40 Treatment tables Treatment tables 4746
gymna.ONE - Carbon Black • i-Control • Easymove • Ergomax • Lateral supports • Cushion heating • Arm supports • Standby key switch • Models: T7 and Q8 Item no. gymna.ONE - Q8 Carbon Black 160.486 gymna.ONE - T7 Carbon Black 160.376 T7 Option: Optional electrical height 150.304 adjustment middle section Cushions in Carbon The gymna.ONE Carbon Black has carbon-coloured cushions giving your practice a timeless, stylish appearance. Closed base The closed base is finished with a black satin top layer. A dust-free solution that covers over all technical components. Sustainable, natural materials The use of natural, sustainable materials, such as wood and aluminium, makes the gymna.ONE unique. 200KG 3 TEMPERATURE LEVELS 49 67 50 - 69 46 - 40 Treatment tables Treatment tables 48

What kind of

Are you more of a doer or a thinker? Do you like art or sports, or both?

Undoubtedly you are unique. Yet you have something in common with other physical therapists: your professionalism.

With gymna.PRO you can assemble your unique treatment table yourself. The choice is yours.

Treatment tables Treatment tables 50 51


The heart of your physical therapy practice


Maximise comfort and hygiene

Equipped with a heart-shaped opening that leaves eyes and mouth free. The Ergomax face support is soft, seamless, water-resistant and washable.

Gymna Stability Profile

Minimum bending and movement under load

Solid and stable construction, so that during treatment, the manipulative force maintains the same intensity without energy loss.

"One-Click" Arm Supports

"One-Click" system for easy operation

The two supports are simultaneously lowered and raised, tilted for a more relaxed neck and shoulder area in the prone position.


Constant Patient Position Safe Motion Detection Memory

Avoids awkward turning of patients

Allows lying, sitting and kyphosis without the patient having to turn. Better hygiene because the feet are not resting on the main surface of the 3-section table.

Fully automatic safety system

Designed to limit the risk of people being trapped inside the height adjustment mechanism of the table, particularly in non-supervised situations..

Automatic height adjustment to preset positions

Simple and efficient setting at the desired height. Bluetooth, wireless remote control.

with gymna.PRO and gymna.ONE
with gymna.PRO Stable construction Available with gymna.PRO Available with gymna.PRO Available with
Treatment tablesTreatment tables 52 53


gymna.PRO combines Gymna's years of experience in the development of treatment tables with the experience of professionals who use these products every day. Every physical therapist requires certain features for the proper treatment of patients.

This resulted in a series of Premium Essentials.

The Henry van de Velde Awards are the biggest design awards in Belgium. These design awards are given to honour good design in all its shapes and forms. They emphasise the excellence of the products, services and projects that are designed and made in Belgium.


Enhances mobile use of gymna.PRO

Fully integrated into the frame with a plug-in removable cable. The battery is charged when the table is reconnected.

Remote cushion heating

Two heating pads inside cushions

These provide comfortable warmth for the wellbeing of your patient and for a pleasant working environment.

LED pack

Creating a pleasant atmosphere in your practice

The LED pack creates pleasant and atmospheric lighting under the frame and provides functional support. Works with a special IR remote control with an ON and OFF button.

Cushions and their versions

Choose the version that suits your preferences and needs

Choose the density, colour, material and stitching, width and heating of your cushions yourself.

gymna.PRO wins a Henry van de Velde Award
Treatment tablesTreatment tables 54 55




Maximise comfort and hygiene

Equipped with a heart-shaped opening that leaves eyes and mouth free. The Ergomax face support is soft, seamless, waterproof and washable. Doublesided and therefore suitable for patients of any size.

Lateral supports

Allowing even more freedom of movement for the therapist

These supports make it possible to maintain an ideal working posture, close to the patient, without tension in your shoulders or back.


Intelligent foot-operated height adjustment system

For easy, accurate and safe height adjustment, from anywhere around the table.

Extra motors

Effortless adjustment by the therapist

The gymna.PRO can be equipped with additional motors. To adjust the cushions, simply push a button. This option offers comfort both for the patient, who does not have to stretch, and for the therapist.

Treatment tablesTreatment tables 56 57


Safe Motion Detection

Constant Patient Position

Prevents cumbersome rotation of patients

Our 3-section table allows lying, sitting and kyphosis without the patient having to be turned. Better hygiene because the feet are not resting on the main surface of the 3-section table.

Safe Motion Detection

Fully automatic safety system

Designed to limit the risk of people being trapped inside the height adjustment mechanism of the table, particularly in nonsupervised situations.

protected zone

"One-Click" system

"One-Click" system for easy operation


goes down


Gymna Stability Profile

Minimum flex and movement under load

The two supports are simultaneously lowered and slightly tilted for a more relaxed neck and shoulder area in the prone position.

Solid and stable construction, so that during the treatment the manipulation force maintains the same intensity without energy loss.

1 2 43 SMD
(in blue) Table
System detects person and
Table goes up slightly Treatment tablesTreatment tables 58 59

Four-section treatment table with three motors for optimum sup port and ease of use. The Q8 model is equipped with "One-Click" arm supports and lateral supports to maintain an ideal position for therapist and patient.

Item no.

gymna.PRO Q8 with i-Control 180.880 gymna.PRO Q8 with foot switch 180.882

As an extra, the Q6 model is equipped with "One-Click" arm supports for relaxed treatment in prone position.

Item no.

gymna.PRO – Q6 with i-Control 180.860 gymna.PRO – Q6 with foot switch 180.862

Four-section treatment table with three motors for optimum support and ease of use. Perfect for treatments in a sitting position. Thanks to the adjustable lower leg section, it is also ideal for lymph drainage.

Item no.

gymna.PRO Q4 with i-Control 180.840 gymna.PRO Q4 with foot switch 180.842

Apart from the "One-Click" arm supports, the T7 model is also equipped with lateral supports for an ideal working posture during your mobilisations.

Item no.

gymna.PRO T7 with i-Control 180.700 gymna.PRO – T7 with foot switch 180.702 gymna.PRO – T7 hydraulic 180.704

gymna.PRO - Q8 gymna.PRO - Q4 gymna.PRO - T7 gymna.PRO - Q6 2-section tables 3-section tables 4-section tablesD segment - 2 sections T segment - 3 sections Q segment - 4 sections gymna.PRO Your table. Your choice 10 different configurations and even more options to create the gymna.PRO that best suits your taste and needs. 200KG3 YEAR GUARANTEE D1 D2 D4 D6 T3 Q4T5 Q6T7 Q8
YEARS 49 cm 49 cm 49 cm 49 cm 40 cm 40 cm 40 cm 40 cm 50 cm 50 cm 50 cm67 cm 67 cm 67 cm 117 cm 67 cm 67 cm 67 cm 67 cm Treatment tablesTreatment tables 60 61

As an extra, the T5 is equipped with "One-Click" arm supports for relaxed treatment in the prone position.

gymna.PRO – T5 with i-Control 180.500 gymna.PRO – T5 with foot switch 180.502 gymna.PRO – T5 hydraulic 180.504

gymna.PRO - D1gymna.PRO - T3

Three-section treatment table for treatments in sitting and lying postures, combined with kyphosis adjustment for back mobilisations. Optionally with manual or electrical adjustments.

Item no.

Item no.

gymna.PRO – T3 with i-Control 180.300 gymna.PRO – T3 with foot switch 180.302 gymna.PRO – T3 hydraulic 180.304

gymna.PRO - D2gymna.PRO - T5 gymna.PRO - D6 gymna.PRO - D4

Two-piece table with easily adjustable head section so that it will mainly be used for treatments in the lying position.

Item no. gymna.PRO – D2 with i-Control 180.120 gymna.PRO – D2 with foot switch 180.122 gymna.PRO – D2 hydraulic 180.124

Cushions and their versions

Efficient two-piece treatment table with manually adjustable back section. Perfect for general applications inside and outside physical therapy.

Item no.

gymna.PRO – D1 with i-Control 180.110 gymna.PRO – D1 with foot switch 180.112 gymna.PRO – D1 hydraulic 180.114

By adding the lateral supports, you get closer to the patient, while maintaining a correct working posture. This model is ideal for use in osteopathy.

Item no.

gymna.PRO – D6 with i-Control 180.160 gymna.PRO – D6 with foot switch 180.162 gymna.PRO – D6 hydraulic 180.164

As an extra, the D4 is equipped with "One-Click" arm supports, increasing the range of use for massage.

Item no.

gymna.PRO – D4 with i-Control 180.140 gymna.PRO – D4 with foot switch 180.142 gymna.PRO – D4 hydraulic 180.144

Choose the version that suits your preferences and needs. Choose the density, colour, material and stitching, width and heating of your cushions yourself.

Classique (PVC) Premium (Polyurethane)

• Progressive resistance

• Ideal for manual therapy

• Saddle stitch

89 cm 40 cm49 cm49 cm 40 cm40 cm 40 cm 40 cm 117 cm 166 cm 117 cm117 cm 166 cm 166 cm 67 cm67 cm 67 cm 67 cm 67 cm 67 cm
Sahara Violet Navy Titanium Apricot Grey Blue Green Coffee
Sky Pistacio Cherry Pink
Ink Black Ash Black Ruby Red Midnight Blue Warm taupe Dark
Caramel Latte Ivory White
Treatment tablesTreatment tables 62 63

Quality in its purest form

Treatment tablesTreatment tables 6564

Adjustable head and back sections

Head and back sections are all supported by highquality gas springs for easy, safe and comfortable positioning of your patients.

Proven quality

The recognisable Gymna frame is always robot welded and finished with an attractive semi-gloss powder coating for extra strong and durable protection.

Arm supports

During treatments in prone position, the neck and shoulder muscles are relieved. A relaxed patient contributes to a comfortable and optimal treat ment.


Basically perfect

The no-frills solution for your daily practice, with all the essential elements you need. The high-quality entry-level treatment table now within reach of every therapist.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment is essential to accommodate your patients and to ease your workload during daily practice. That is the reason the gymna.GO comes with a standard height-adjustment function.


Intelligent foot-operated system for easy, accurate and safe height adjustment from anywhere around the table.

H ydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump makes the gymna.GO totally independent of electricity, it can be used anytime and anywhere.

Ergomax face support

The unique Gymna Ergomax face support is waterproof and washable for maximum hygiene, protecting your patients from germs.

Safety switch

Safety first. gymna.GO can be equipped with an integrated safety switch to deactivate the motor during your absence.


In your practice, hygiene is a top priority. The wheels option is a good choice to easily move the table when cleaning your practice.

Gynaecological leg supports

The gynaecological leg supports are individually adjustable in width and height.

Paper roll holders

Easy to mount paper roll support. Choose between 50 cm or 60 cm width roll support.

Traction extension frame

For use in combination with our gymna.GO traction table.

Basically perfect Treatment tablesTreatment tables 6766

Three-section treatment table with arm supports.

universal solution with extra comfort in prone position.

Art. nr. gymna.GO - T5x with i-Control 165.510 gymna.GO - T5x with foot switch 165.512 gymna.GO - T5x hydraulic 165.514

gymna.GO T3X

Three-section treatment table.


gymna.GO T5x gymna.GO D4 gymna.GO D2

Two-section treatment table with adjustable headrest and

supports. Perfect for treatments in prone position.

Art. nr. gymna.GO - D4 with i-Control 165.240 gymna.GO - D4 with foot switch 165.242 gymna.GO - D4 hydraulic 165.244

Art. nr.

gymna.GO - T3x with i-Control 165.310 gymna.GO - T3x with foot switch 165.312 gymna.GO - T3x hydraulic 165.314


gymna.GO - D2 with i-Control 165.210 gymna.GO - D2 with foot switch 165.212 gymna.GO - D2 hydraulic 165.214

Gymna.GO D1e

Two-section treatment table with backrest (flexion and extension).

applicable table thanks to the extension position of the backrest.

Art. nr.

gymna.GO - D1e with i-Control 165.120 gymna.GO - D1e with foot switch 165.122 gymna.GO - D1e hydraulic 165.124

Gymna.GO D1

Two-section treatment table with adjustable backrest. Ideal for treatments in seated position.

Art. nr. gymna.GO - D1 with i-Control 165.110 gymna.GO - D1 with foot switch 165.112 gymna.GO - D1 hydraulic 165.114


gymna.GO is available in 15 colours*, from classical and timeless, to bright and cheerful, choose the colour you like most from our Classique upholstery line.

gymna.GO Traction

Two-section treatment table for traction therapy with sliding surface for frictionless traction therapy.

Art. nr.

gymna.GO - Traction with i-Control 165.130 gymna.GO - Traction with foot switch 165.132 gymna.GO - Traction hydraulic 165.134

Two-section treatment table with adjustable headrest. Especially suitable for treatments and massage in lying position.
Versatile in use for lying and sitting
46,5 cm 69,5 cm 87 cm 67 cm 46,5 cm 69,5 cm 87 cm 67 cm 46,5 cm 157,5 cm 67 cm 46,5 cm 157,5 cm 67 cm
87 cm 117 cm 67 cm 87 cm 117 cm 67 cm 87 cm 117 cm 67 cm Anthracite Coffee
Cherry Green Navy Cashmere Blue Violet Pistachio Grey Sahara Sky Apricot Pink * Colors for illustration only
Treatment tablesTreatment tables 6968

The Bobath method:

a world of difference.

Until halfway through the last century, the approach to brain damage was mostly orthopaedic. But after the Second World War, Dr. Karl Bobath (paediatrician) and his wife Berta Bobath (physiotherapist) caused a true revolution in the treatment of children and adults with brain damage. The combination of her fascination with movement and his medical knowledge resulted in the NDTBobath method. To this day, it remains the most commonly used method globally for the treatment of patients with brain damage, says Tara Hanssen, physiotherapist.

“The Bobath method has been a game changer in neurological rehabilitation”, Tara Hanssen confirms. Tara has a master’s degree in paediatric rehabilita tion but now works at the department of neurological rehabilitation for adults at the specialist Sint-Ursula rehabilitation centre, which is part of the Jessa Hospital in Hasselt. “The method starts with obser vations. How does the patient move, how do they organise themselves? We then set out to find an inclusive, individual approach for each patient.”


It may sound logical, but according to Tara the NDT-Bobath approach was far from it in traditional physiotherapy. “It requires a highly individualised approach that goes well beyond the affected limbs. The therapist is required to question everything all the time: your treatment, your own actions, the entire framework surrounding the patient. Contrary to what the textbooks claimed for a long time, there is no such thing as a standard haemiplegic motor profile. As a result,

standard treatment is impossible. All the more interesting for the therapist!


Though the Bobath method is gaining in popularity, Tara emphasises that there is no such thing as the Bobath therapy.

“There is no standard treatment. There are no treatments or tools where, if you use them, you can call yourself a true Bobath therapist. That is not how it works. The Bobath concept offers a framework for the analysis and recovery of functional movement. It requires a different perspective than the one taught in basic physiotherapy training. You learn to look more deeply.”


During her internship as a physio therapist, Tara almost immediately encountered the Bobath method. “I learned about all the different conditions during my physiotherapy training, but it wasn’t until my internships that I learned how to work with them. It struck me how often people would say: “This is

a technique based on the Bobath method.” Or: “I learned this during my Bobath training.” I realised that I was missing something. I knew what brain paralysis was and what hypertonia was. But how does a paralysed arm affect the entire torso, the entire motion pattern?

When I ended up at my current place of work, the Sint-Ursula rehabilitation centre for adults, I got exposed to the Bobath method for adults. witnessed how my colleagues took further training and realised that the method goes much deeper than the basic knowledge of neurology taught at the university. It was the missing link to optimise my treatment. That is when decided to start the course.”

course focuses on teaching us how to change our perspective of the patient. You learn to break down a functional movement until you reach a hypothesis as to why a patient moves the way they do. This is then linked to the current scientific knowledge from neuro(phys io)logy. It is an intense full-time, three weeks course that emphasises clinical reasoning, observation and refining your treatment skills.”

There is another important difference between the two courses, Tara explains: “Upon successful completion of the Bobath therapy for children course, you may call yourself a Bobath therapist for children. With the course for adults, this is not the case. After your basic three-week training, you need to take two advanced


Tara explains that the Bobath method for children and the method for adults are very different and thus require very different training. “The paediatric course is an intense half-time post-graduate course of one academic year. It strongly emphasises the neurological cohesion of the motor development of babies and children. In layman’s terms: why does a baby need to learn to lie on its back and belly before it can learn other movements? This is then translated to pathology: if certain parts of the brain are damaged, how does that affect motor development and how do we approach it as therapists?

“The Bobath therapist for adults training

courses within a certain period of time. For both courses, a refresher course is required within five years in order to keep your title.”


What patients can expect from Bobath treatment depends very much on each individual situation, according to Tara. “Adult patients all have different expecta tions. Some want to be able to comfortably walk over from their sofa to the kitchen, others want to be able to use their bicycle again or take

"It requires a highly individualised approach that goes well beyond the affected limbs"
70 71 Treatment tablesTreatment tables

their children to Scouting. Of course, we hope to get as close as possible to that objective. But when you're dealing with neurological damage, you never have a crystal ball. One important factor is a person’s motivation. Our emotions regulate our movements and therefore also our recovery. This may sound a bit out there, but it has been scientifi cally proven that the part of the brain that regulates our emotions plays an important part in initiating movements. Of course, enthusiasm alone does not suffice and every case of neurological damage is different. It often takes a lot of hard work without any guaranteed success. It usually involves long rehabili tation times with many ups and downs. But no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, we are often surprised by our patients. We’ve had people at the reha bilitation centre who were completely unable to move against gravity but still managed to learn how to walk, with or without an aid. These cases are, of course, warming to the therapist’s heart! (smiles)”


Treating patients with non-congenital brain damage can be very difficult for Tara as well. “I find my patients and their environment at a very emotional intersection in their lives. You see them three to five times a week, sometimes even more. You talk to them and their environment, including about other elements of their lives. These are very intense, borderline intimate moments. After all, you share the same goal which is of immense importance to the rest of their lives. A very emotional process indeed.”

However, as Tara explains, their treatment can be physically demanding as well. “The patient is the one who works the hardest, of course, but the Bobath method requires quite a lot of physical labour of the therapist as well. You can’t just let go of the patient because this is

likely to result in a falling incident. And especially in the early stages of rehabilita tion, it takes some physically demanding

suited to have patients stand besides it. My patients' first steps are usually taken next to a Bobath treatment table. This puts quite a lot of pressure on one side of the table, but the table is made to handle it.”


techniques to ensure the safety of your patient. In the case of an old lady weighing 45 kilograms, it's not so bad. But this becomes a very different story when you’re dealing with a 120-kilogram adult.” (laughs)


Luckily, a neurological therapist can rely on various aids such as stools, passive lifts, etc. According to Tara, the most important aid in therapy by far is the unique Bobath treatment table. “A Bobath table is almost the same size as a king-size bed, offering a lot of space to work. This allows the therapist to sit all around the patient to apply the right techniques with minimum strain on your back. But it is also much safer for the patient. When some patients are on their back and an arm falls off the table, this may be enough to make them roll. With a regular treatment table, the patient will end up on the floor. A Bobath table is large enough to guarantee safety in these situations. It is also very useful for babies. It eliminates the need to do your exercises with the baby on a mat on the floor, which would require you to bend forward while sitting on your knees. Instead, you can place the baby on the Bobath treatment table while you sit on a stool in front of the baby. The Bobath table offers a comfortable, stable workstation with more than enough room to do your job.”

In addition to treating her patients lying down on the Bobath treatment table, she also has them sit on the edge or positions them standing next to the table. “Being stable as it is as well as height-adjustable, the table is perfectly

Despite the high mental and physical load of her job, Tara would not trade it for the world. “My job is extremely satisfying. To help someone go from being passive and suffering back to being an active, participating individual is a very special experience every single time. Some people you will carry with you for the rest of your life. This spontaneously reminds me of a man who was perhaps sixty years older than me, but with whom I connected very well. He loved Roy Orbison. So, every time we had a therapy session I proceeded to put on some Roy Orbison. He would light up and his posture would improve right away! (laughs). But I also recall people who were the same age as me, or those who remind me of my parents, relatives or friends. The only difference is that these people really drew the wrong straw and became severely dependent from one moment to the next. If I can apply the Bobath method to help them regain part of their life... These are moments and people you will carry in your heart for the rest of your life.”

72 73 Treatment tablesTreatment tables

gymna.GO - Bobath 1-section gymna.GO - Bobath 2-section



Size and stability


Integrated safety switch


extremely stable working area

For extra safety an integrated key




practice, hygiene

Ergomax face support

Foot switch operation

Height adjustment




Item no. gymna.GO - Bobath 1-section 346.810 Item no. gymna.GO - Bobath 2-section 345.820
have an
with more than enough workspace and ample ground clearance to safely place a patient lift under the table.
A seamless, washable, soft, ergonomically shaped face cushion for a relaxed, hygienic feel.
is a top priority. The wheels option is a good choice to easily move the table when cleaning your practice.
with the powerful electric motor is easy and foot controlled through the efficient and easy to operate foot switch.
switch turns off
operation. Protecting
table from moving up or down due to accidental contacts with the foot switch.
are upholstered with biocompatible and phthalatefree artificial leather. This feels soft and natural, is easy to clean or disinfect, and is fireretardant
• Electric
adjustment with foot switch • Linear cushion finish • Width 120 cm • Adjustable back section (up and down) • Safety switch for foot or hand control • Electric
adjustment with foot switch • Linear cushion finish • Width 120 cm • Adjustable back section (up and down) • Safety switch for foot or hand control 120 cm/ 100 cm 205 cm 120 cm/ 100 cm 205 cm Treatment tablesTreatment tables 7574

Gymna Saddle Stool

This is the ideal ergonomic seat for daily use by the medical professional. Due to the saddle shape, the user sits in a more open hip angle so that the pelvis tilts forward and the spine will assume the natural S-shape. The pelvic tilt can also be adjusted separately.

• Active and improved sitting position, lowering back strain.

• Improved mobility while sitting.

Gymna Stool

The round and flat seat with a 35 cm diameter gives the stool a universal character. The Gymna Stool is suited for use by patients as well. Height adjustment is easy due to the 360° lever that is always accessible from all sides.


The seats are elegantly finished with quality details in durable, phthalatefree and biocompatible synthetic leather: Classique or Premium. Gymna Stools are available in the same colours as the gymna.PRO series.

your seat

Gymna Stools and Saddle Stools perfectly match with Gymna treatment tables. Together they enhance the professional image of your practice.

Height adjustment

Gymna Stools Wheels

The stools are adjustable in height by means of a reliable gas spring. The stools are best suited for people between 160 - 185 cm. The maximum load is 150 kg.

5-star base

The aluminum 5-star base is coated with a scratchresistant white powder and has a diameter of 50 cm. This is sufficient to guarantee stability yet small enough to be used effectively near the treatment table.

The five self-locking casters contribute to safety in practice. The stool will not suddenly slip when you sit down. The stool rolls easily as soon as you take a seat. The wheels have a soft tread, making them especially suitable for hard surfaces, commonly used in most practices.

Saddle Stool: Width 42 cm, with adjustable pelvic tilt

Stool: Diameter 35 cm, with 360° lever for easy adjustment

Upholstery: Classique (PVC) 8 colours Premium (PU) 6 colours

Height: Gymna Stool 54-73 cm Gymna Saddle Stool 56-75 cm

Max. load: 150 kg

Base: Aluminium with white powder coating

Wheels: Self-locking casters, soft tread for harder surfaces




Anthracite Sahara Violet Navy Titanium Apricot Grey Blue Green Coffee Cashmere Sky Pistacio Cherry Pink Ink Black Ash Black Ruby Red Midnight Blue Warm taupe Dark ChocolateCaramel Latte Ivory White
Treatment tablesTreatment tables 7776



78 79 Treatment tablesTreatment tables

Gymna Ergomax

In the Product Manager’s own words

Adjustable treatment tables have become a natural sight in physical therapy, and rightly so because they are fantastic ergonomic tools that can be used practically every day.

client lies face down with his/her face in an opening of the face support. You obviously know that patients do not like this. The opening is not exactly comfort able and - no matter what you do - they will always doubt the hygiene. Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue to work without all these 'side effects'? A relaxed patient, unconsciously working together with you, makes the treatment more pleasant and more effective on your part too.

The technological devel opments for treatment tables have made incredible progress in recent decades.

Stronger, quieter motors, gas springs, ingenious operating systems, reliable components and attractive structures are now all a given. This is as it should be, because the first generations of treatment tables were 'tools' which weren’t ergonomic and were not easy to use.

According to Piet Wijnmaalen, Product Manager, Treatment tables:

now, we have been shifting the focus to the core of our business: the patient. In the end, the patient is what it’s all about: no patient, no practice. It's as simple as that. And the patient has clearly changed


The technical progress has been primarily focused on the operating comfort of the table. This is important because you must be able to work comfortably and efficiently with it every day. We at Gymna have also always given this aspect a great deal of attention. Just think back to the first peripheral switches in the early 1990s and the lateral supports on our Osteoflex.

When developing the operating comfort, we have made sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, but for some time

throughout the years too. Of course not physiologically, but they are becoming more articulate, making more demands and will make choices themselves. This is why Gymna looks for solutions that will positively influence the patient when choosing your practice. The cushion heating obviously contributes to the patient’s comfort, but it is often the most subtle changes that will optimise the treatment table even more. The best invention is one that makes people think: Wow, that’s a good idea, why didn’t somebody think of it sooner?

We have taken an important step forward with precisely such an apparently obvious innovation. Treatments during which the patient has to lie face down are necessary but not always a pleasant experience for the patient. In order to relax the cervical musculature, the

After brainstorming with users and designers, my task was clear: develop a removable face support without the traditional seams that is soft and comfortable, and above all easy to clean. We tested various hand-cut foam models in different shapes. This resulted in a 3D print prototype that was then further developed with physical therapy practices. In all of this, finding the right material was still the greatest challenge. In the end, we opted for an extremely soft variation of polyurethane memory foam with a closed surface. The results were great: the Ergomax face support.

No more pressure marks, very easy to clean and change after every treatment. In short: relaxed patients. In my opinion, the Ergomax is a typical Gymna innovation that has proven its worth in everyday practice.

Ergomax advantages


• Soft, ergonomic shape

• Seamless finish with no pressure marks on the face


• Easy to clean

• Removable for a relaxed, hygienic feel for every new patient

80 81 Treatment tablesTreatment tables


Specially developed for all gymna.PRO treatment tables with a standard width of 67cm

Gymna Disinfectable protective table cover

The easy to use, disinfectable protective cover is made of polyutherane and protects the cushions of your treatment table. It can be cleaned and disinfected in no time and contributes to extra hygiene.


Specially developed for all Gymna treatment tables with a standard width of 67cm and classic face opening

Clip fixation

Optional clips for optimal fixation of the protective cover.

Ergomax Face opening

Specifically made to fit the Ergomax face support in gymna.PRO tables

Easy to clean and disinfect

Cleaning with multiple types of disinfection products.

The disinfectable protective cover is made of a durable hypoallergenic and breathable material that is waterproof and suitable for washing programmes up to 95°C (ISO 5077).

Unique properties:

• Antibacterial - resistant to mould and bacteria, including MRSA

• Hydrostatic – impermeable to water or body fluids, making cleaning and disinfection easy and suitable for multiple applications: from sprays to disinfectant fluids.

• Fire retardant (Crib5) - can withstand an ignition source such as a small open flame

By embedding unique properties in the material, Gymna disinfectable protective treatment table covers retain all of these from first to last use.

Ergomax face support unique on Gymna treatment tables

When it comes to hygiene a face support area has to endure the most. This area is exposed to bodily fluids, such as sweat, saliva or mucus, which often contain germs. The comfortable Ergomax face support is made of polyutherane (PU) and the advantages are multiple.

The Ergomax face support is:

• Easily replaceable; a used one can be replaced by a clean one in no time

• Waterproof and easy to clean and disinfect

• Resistant to often-aggressive agents and sparing the lining around the facial opening, which now has to be treated less frequently

82 83 Treatment tablesTreatment tables






the state of the evidence

Old manuscripts have shown that the court physician to the Roman Emperor Claudius, Scribonius Largus, used the electrical stimuli from electric rays to treat headaches and gout. While the first therapeutic applications with electrical devices only started appearing in the 18th century, it still took until the early 1900s before methods were discovered to utilise these techniques in physical therapy (which was still in the early stages).

At the beginning of the previous century, the science was barely there and electro therapy was only founded on empirical evidence. Very little was known at that time about its correct application. The


lack of knowledge and rules meant that the techniques were applied quite nonchalantly for years, which resulted in significantly varied therapeutic results. However, after 1990, the demand for reliable scientific research began to increase. For the last fifteen years, this has provided well-founded scientific evidence for many of the physical effects of electrical currents. It can now be said with absolute scientific certainty that electrotherapy techniques result in three physical effects in general: symptomatic pain reduction, cellular repair effects, and diagnostic/therapeutic muscle stimula tion.

Symptomatic pain reduction

The group of scientists associated with Kathleen Sluka have been publishing respectable scientific results since 2002 concerning the pain-reduction effects of TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). In Using TENS for pain control: the state of the evidence (2014), they comprehensively introduce the neuro physiological mechanisms involved in pain reduction. Moreover, the therapist is asked to pay specific attention to a subtle, well-considered interaction with the parameter settings. Otherwise, the treatment becomes ineffective and it goes without saying that this is highly unethical with regard to the patient.

400 Series
200 Series
100 Series 2
ElectrotherapyElectrotherapy 84 85


Power your practice

Mobile 400

Elegant solution for your practice

An easily accessible and clever mobile storage system for accessories and cables.

Colour-guided therapy

Recognition at a single glance

Each treatment has its own colour for recognition in a blink of an eye.

Guided Therapy System

Our expertise, your gain Helps the novice therapist to choose the most appropriate treatment and supports the experienced therapist through ease of use and flexibility.




Intuitive software Efficiency first


Function keys for immediate access to the settings for the therapy, feature or parameters.


Cellular effects

Effective and flexible

Effective stimulation of cellular effects to enhance healing through the use of both microcurrent and ultrasound or combined therapy.

Available for Gymna 400

Easy access

Function keys for immediate access to the settings for the therapy, feature or parameters.

Available for Gymna

for Gymna 400
for Gymna 200 and 400
200 Available for Gymna 400 GUIDED THERAPY SYSTEM
ElectrotherapyElectrotherapy 86 87

One giant leap forward

The new generation of the Guided Therapy System (GTS) allows Gymna to demonstrate once again that it is a leader in the physical therapy sector. This version comes with additional features, offers more treatments and is fully integrated into the 400 Series.

Medical E-book

Easily and clearly share your expertise with your patient! The medical E-book is a complete reference work that has been integrated into the device. Using medical images and explanatory texts, you can give your patients an easy-tounderstand explanation of the injury/illness and the treatment. You have access to the medical information at all times so that you can also provide the most recent information, even while treating the patient.






User-friendly navigation

A logical navigation process with a fast touchscreen means that you have more time for your patient!

The GTS allows you to browse effortlessly and quickly through the various menu components, from direct therapy keys to selections per body part. Every therapist can find the ideal program for every patient in just a few seconds. A single touch of the finger is enough to start the treatment!

Evidence-based therapy

Gymna closely follows the newest international scientific developments. All pre-programmed pro tocols have therefore been created by leading universities and experts.

Combi 400V

Medical E-book

You can easily and clearly share your expertise with your patient.

User-friendly navigation

Thanks to the logical navigation process and a functional touchscreen, you have more time for your patients.

Evidence-based therapy

All treatments are based on the latest studies. You can easily add new protocols in the future using the USB port.

device with electrotherapy, ultrasound and laser therapy

Design and colour

Guided Therapy System

GYMNA 400 SERIES Combination
(optional). Vacuum unit included • 2-channel electrotherapy ultrasound, laser • Vacuum unit • Laser therapy (laser probe optional) • Guided Therapy System Item no. Combi 400V white 360.414 Combi 400V black 360.614
Available in both black and white versions.
GTS combines a medical E-book with user-friendly navigation and therapy suggestions. Vacuum unit Vacuum unit with 2 independent channels.
ElectrotherapyElectrotherapy 88 89

Gymna 400 ViP



Vaco 400

Combi 400 Combination device with electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser (optional) Item no. Combi 400 white 360.410 Combi 400 black 360.610 Duo 400V Electrotherapy device for pain reduction, muscle stimulation and cellular effects. Vacuum unit included. Item no. Duo 400V white 360.424 Duo 400V black 360.624 Duo 400 Electrotherapy device for pain reduction, muscle stimulation and cellular effects. Item no. Duo 400 white 360.420 Duo 400 black 360.620 Pulson 400 Device for ultrasound applications, including 2 multi-frequency treatment heads (1 MHz and 3 MHz), 1 cm² and 4 cm² Item no. Pulson 400 white 360.450 Pulson 400 black 360.650 GUIDED THERAPY SYSTEM GUIDED THERAPY SYSTEM GUIDED THERAPY SYSTEM GUIDED THERAPY SYSTEM • Storage system for accessories • Includes a Gymna 400 electrotherapy unit • Includes a Gymna Mobile 400 • With vacuum unit • Clever and mobile Item no. Combi 400 ViP white 360.418 Combi 400 ViP black 360.618 Duo 400 ViP white 360.428 Duo 400 ViP black 360.628 Vaco 400 white Item no. 360.480 Vaco 400 black Item no. 360.680
Stable, strong and efficient, packaged in a beautiful design, those are the features of the Gymna 400 ViP.
Vacuum unit with 2 independent channels: 2-pole or 4-pole. Electronic vacuum control and integrated massage function. Controlled via Combi 400 or Duo 400.
ready for use With the Mobile 400, we have the best way to easily store accessories and cables, always ready for use.
ElectrotherapyElectrotherapy 90 91


Rapidly responsive touchscreen

Design and Colour

New design: ultrasound head More efficient due to greater efficacy. Improved absorption of ultrasound waves without heat loss. Real-time feedback: visual and auditory.
Simple operation so you can get started immediately. Smooth accompanying of your clinical reasoning ensures more efficient, faster treatment.
Available in both black and white versions.
200 Combination device for 2-channel electrotherapy, 2-pole and 4-pole. Diagnostics, ultrasound, simultaneous and combination therapy. Item no. Combi 200 white 320.210 Combi 200 black 320.310 Duo 200 2-channel electrotherapy, 2-pole and 4-pole. TENS stimulation and interferential stimulation. Diagnostic programs. Item no. Duo 200 white 320.220 Duo 200 black 320.320 Combi 200L Combination device for 2-channel electrotherapy, 2-pole and 4-pole. Diagnostics, ultrasound, simultaneous and combination therapy. Laser therapy optional. Item no. Combi 200L white 320.260 Combi 200L black 320.360 Pulson 200 Device for multi-frequency ultrasound therapy. Continuous and pulsed delivery. Ergonomically shaped multi-frequency treatment head. Item no. Pulson 200 white 320.250 Pulson 200 black 320.350 Gymna 200 Series Power your practice With the Gymna 200, electrotherapy reaches a new level. Efficiency first! Electrotherapy 92 93



Vaco 200 2-channel vacuum unit, 2-pole or 4-pole. Continuous or pulsed. Can be combined with the Combi 200L, Combi 200, Duo 200 and Myo 200. Item no. Vaco 200 white 320.280 Vaco 200 black 320.380
100 User-friendly basic model for ultrasound therapy. Visual and acoustic contact control ensures maximum output. 22 pre-set indications and 1 free mode. Item no. Pulson 100 white 320.200 Myo 200 2-channel Myo feedback with electrostimulation. EMG and electrotherapy in one device Effective treatments customised for the patient Extensive treatment guide. Extensive range of probes. Item no. Myo 200 white 320.290 Myo 200 black 320.390 Myo set white 320.298 Myo set black 320.398 Trolley with two shelves and a drawer. Fitted with one bottle holder and a bracket for storing cables and vacuum cups. Matches the Gymna 200 series perfectly. Item no. Gymna Mobile 320.804
3 Electrolysis Gymna Acure 250 Electrotherapy 94 95

Electrolysis in practice

Ultrasound-guided galvanic electrolysis (USGET) is a technique most commonly used on chronically affected tissue. A galvanic current flows through an acupuncture needle producing an inflammatory reaction in the tissue. The inflammatory reaction will trigger a host of biological processes in the body. These will ultimately start the generation of new immature collagen fibres. The fibres become mature by means of eccentric stimulus.

The technique shows good results on tendons in the chronic phase1 2 and may be used for injuries, such as long-standing muscle injury and treatment of myofascial pain syndrome and trigger points.

Dr. Ferran Abat is a trauma specialist and orthopeadic surgeon with a specialisation in tendon and muscle injuries. In his ReSport Clinic in Barcelona he uses the technique of Echoguided Electrolysus (USGET) for many years now.

“When treating with electrolysis, we are not trying to simply remove the inflammation from the tissue, which is the effect that many therapies want to achieve in the tendon. What we want is to obtain a biological change in the tissue treated and for it to become healthy and mature over time and through exercise.

It will continue to mature for seven months, ten months or even a year. The treatment therefore does not produce an instant result. It is a long-term remedy that ensures the tendinopathy does not return, provided that the precautionary measures continue to be taken.

“What we want is to obtain a biological change in the tissue treated and for it to become healthy and mature over time and through exercise.”

Therefore, while the treatment is going to restrict patients and requires them to visit our clinic for two and a half to three months, they need to continue the exercise plan later, either at home or in the gym, because the tissue will take a lot longer to mature.

We also always recommend that patients are able to see the tendinopathy on the ultrasound. This way, they understand what kind of injury they have and see the changes that electrolysis and exercise are producing in the injury.

Sports OrthopaedicSpecialist in tendon and muscle injuries

Patients therefore not only feel the progress made, it is also clearly visible in numerical form, through the functional assessment questionnaires they fill in and on the ultrasound. This brings about extra motivation. They are feeling progress without having to wait a long time and have the ability to see the evolution at relatively short intervals.”


Electrolysis treatment triggers the inflammatory process. It is recommended to combine electrolysis with other treatments. Eccentric, inertial exercises work very well for these injuries and are a very useful way to stimulate tissue. Combining the biological phase, which is the electrolysis stimulation, with the mechanical phase and subsequent mechanotransduction of the tissues will be achieved through exercise.

The electrolysis treatment produces pain that normally lasts 48 to 72 hours. This pain is mild, and the patient can usually handle it by taking paracetamol. It is nonetheless always advisable, after electrolysis treatment, to apply TECAR therapy and lower that perception of pain while stimulating the tissue at the same time.

The application of USGET should be limited to trained professionals and under ultrasound guidance3

USGET and anti-inflammatory techniques

The aim of the inflammatory process is to bring the patient’s injury from a chronic to an acute phase. The use of anti-in flammatory techniques is not recommended during the first 72 hrs after treatment, as they would limit the effectiveness of the treatment in the initial phase.

Abat F, et al. Randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of the ultrasound-guided galvanic electrolysis technique (USGET) versus conventional electro-physiotherapeutic treatment on patellar tendinopathy. J Exp Orthop. 2016 Dec;3(1):34. Abat F, et al. Clinical results after ultrasound-guided intratissue percutaneous electrolysis and eccentric exercise in the treatment of patellar tendinopathy. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2015 Apr;23(4):1046-52. Abat F, et al. Current trends in tendinopathy: consensus of the ESSKA basic science committee. Part II: treatment options. Exp Orthop. 2018 Sep 24;5(1):38.
Electrolysis Electrolysis
96 97

The quality solution

Smart handpiece

Intelligence first

Wired remote control with an ergonomic modern design, ingenious and safe needle grip mechanism

Effective treatment

Handpiece holder

Ideal support

Slightly magnetic mounting grip for secure storage and specifically designed to avoid accidental needle punctures


Visual feedback Coloured LED-ring

Correct operation Attention required Failure modes

Table-top control unit

Quick and easy

Mains power and rechargeable li-ion operation with smart battery management system

Mobile and efficient


Wider application

Direct continuous current without fluctuations and done channel for both USGET and dry needling

Intuitive user interface

Easy to use

The full colour capacitive touchscreen has an intuitive graphical user interface and self-explanatory therapy screens

Knowledge and experience

Optimum results

Electrolysis Electrolysis
98 99

Intuitive user interface

Table-top control unit

Gymna ShockMaster 500 Gymna ShockMaster 300 The quality solution for electrolysis • Table top control unit • Full colour 7 inch capacitive touchscreen Item no. Gymna Acure 250 342.300 LED ring for visual feedback during treatment.
The full colour 7 inch capacitive touchscreen has an intuitive graphical user interface and selfexplanatory therapy screens.
Easy to transport, thanks to mains power and rechargeable li-ion operation. Gymna Acure 250 Electrolysis Shockwave therapy 101100

Renato Ferrara, three times winner of the Italian national title

Tibiales anterior treatment and shockwave therapy

ShockMaster treatment with fascia applicators

We are talking to Renato Ferrara, a professional K1 kickboxing fighter from Eboli, in the Salerno region in Southern Italy and to his physiotherapist and osteopath Dr. Michele Luongo, also from Eboli. Renato is 29 years old and is active in K1 fighting since 2015. He starts out as an amateur and joins the Italian national amateur team in 2017. He is a three times winner of the Italian national title in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2017, he also wins the world title in his category. After winning his third consecutive Italian title, he became a professional athlete.

Michele is 37 years old and studied Physiotherapy at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome. He graduates summa cum laude in 2006 and specialises in the treatment of patients with post-traumatic musculoskeletal pathologies, in both acute and chronic phases. To further specialise, he studies Osteopathy at the A.T. Still Academy in Bari and graduates in 2014. He treats his patients from his private practice in Eboli since 11 years.


Manual and osteopathic techniques are those that I use most in my practice, says Michele Luongo, however in addition, to help and complete my treatments, I use electromedical equipment. These can be physiotechniques such as shockwave, tecar, ultrasound therapy or others. It is obvious for me that every treatment I carry out is patient-specific and that I use and combine all means I have available to help my patients.


Being a K1 Pro athlete means constantly putting my body to the test with very

intense workouts, says Renato. To perform these workouts in the best way and not to incur injuries I must take good care of my body. My nutritionist Dr. Gerardina Ferrara supports me with nutrition advice, my physiotherapist/ osteopath, Dr. Michele Luongo, with periodic checks and treatments.


Renato also tells that the problems that emerge often are related to the kicks and injuries that fighters incur during the fight. Besides that, many muscle issues occur, such as in the thigh flexors, quadriceps and spine. For him, in particular, the tibiales anterior create most difficulties.


Based on what Renato told him about his tibiales anterior problems and his knowledge about Renato’s condition, Michele proposed treatment with shockwave therapy. He mentions that his experience with athletes and sportspeople in general shows that they usually react well to shockwave

therapy. The therapy allows better, and in time, longer lasting results. His shockwave interventions and protocols have further improved thanks to the use of this therapy with the specific fascia applicators. Their adaptability to various anatomical areas allow for very precise treatments, as part of a traditional shockwave therapy treatment or as well as a standalone therapy.

“I believe that it is right to treat the anatomic area in its completeness and complexity. That is why thought of a 4-step treatment in both passive and active modes.”


The protocol Michele used to treat Renato’s Tibialis anterior consist of four sequences:

First sequence:

Applicator: Knuckle

Pressure: 2,5 bar

Frequency: 12 Hz

Number of shocks: 1 500

Michele works on the whole muscle belly reaching all the way down to the ankle, however without working on the tendon. During the treatment he asks Renato to bend the tip of his foot up and down from time to time. In this way he can work on a deep and a more shallow level of the muscle bundles. According to Michele this brings completer results compared to a passive treatment only. He tries to avoid working directly on the tibial crest as the protocol foresees a specific direct treatment to desensitize the tibial crest.

Michele leans directly on the tibial crest to work exactly on the tibial insertion. While he continues to work along the tibial crest with the scoop to relieve the area (a light) hyperaemia is appearing. This shows that the fascia is starting to react to the treatment.

Third sequence:

Applicator: Sphere

Pressure: 2 bar

Frequency: 15 Hz

Number of shocks: 500

Fourth sequence:

Applicator: V-Actor

Pressure: 2 bar

Frequency: 31 Hz

Number of shocks: 3 000

This is the release or relaxation phase to obtain lymphatic and vascular discharge/ drainage of the area using the V-Actor. Michele works along the entire length of the tibialis anterior, to activate the reabsorp tion processes.

Michele carried this treatment protocol out on Renato during six sessions. To get the desired results he recommends to perform this treatment during six to eight sessions. Contrary to manual fascia therapy, treatments based on this stand-alone fascia protocol are repro ducible and allow constant pressure and frequency, they are less demanding on the hands.


For me the treatment is not very painful, says Renato, on a level between 1 and 10 I would rank it 3. Taking into account the sport I practice my pain tolerance is obviously high. What is very important, is that the improvement is apparent almost immediately. Only a few hours after the treatment I am in the gym working out again, a result I never achieved with other treatment techniques. After the treatment, the pain is just less intense and I can train without any problems. This improvement allows me to speed up my recovery times and have a more prolonged benefit over time, perfect for me!


I can tell my colleagues that the use of shockwave therapy has quickly become vast and versatile. It may now be considered as one of the fundamen tal electromedical therapies in our daily practice. If you then think that you can now also address fascial treatments with these specific fascia applicators, you can well imagine that shockwave therapy can be used in almost all of your treatments. That is good, isn’t it?

Second sequence:

Applicator: Scoop

Pressure: 2 bar

Frequency: 12 Hz

Number of shocks: 1 000

The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes and is giving the therapist the freedom to further use exercise or manual therapy for an even completer treatment. For Renato the treatment has brought the relieve he needed, for Michele the fascia applicators bring an extra dimension to his treatments.

Shockwave therapy 102 Shockwave therapy 103

Shockwave therapy

Optimizing your shockwave experience

Intuitive user interface

Quick and easy

Guides and supports the therapist quickly and easily to the desired treatment.


Dynamic protocol

Intelligence first

The ShockMaster patient Guided Therapy System adjusts the treatment level to the condition of the patient.

Ergonomic handpiece

Wider energy range

The light weight, the soft material and the balanced design ensure that the handpiece rests even better in your hand.

Satisfied patients

Effective treatment

Fascia and spine applicators User-friendliness

Wider application

Fascia and spine applicators make it possible to treat more patients with different and new pathologies.

Optimum results

Always up-to-date

Up-to-date software

New indications constantly added with their appropriate treatment protocols.

Knowledge and experience

Ideal support Ergonomically shaped trolley, with all accessories within reach.

Mobile and efficient

Shockwave therapyShockwave therapy 104 105


Maximum results

Knowledge and expertise

Treat under the best possible conditions • Fast software updates via USB port • Intelligent User Interface • Silent oil compressor, no vibrations, easily accessible Item no. Gymna ShockMaster 500 342.500
Orderly storage of accessories due to preformed drawer dividers Intuitive user interface Actual treatment photos with treatment parameters for support. Broader range of use Always up to date: new protocols are constantly being added, made possible via our Gymna Club. Gymna ShockMaster 500 SHOCKWAVE THERAPY Radial Shockwave Therapy - anytime, anywhere • Indications with treatment protocols • Mobility thanks to its compact format • Silent, maintenance-free built-in compressor Item no. Gymna ShockMaster 300 342.300
6-8 treatment sessions; a 10-minute treatment session has an 80% chance of success.
Current indications list based on therapeutic expertise and evidence-based results. Custom-made carrying case Easy to take along with you. e.g. to a patient’s home, to a sports match, sports club, hospital, etc. Gymna ShockMaster 300 Shockwave therapyShockwave therapy 106 107

Comparison of the Gymna




Regular applicators


Beam / classic 15 mm

Pain therapy in tendon disorders, calcified shoulder, heel spur etc.

0 - 40 mm ++ +

Deep impact 15 mm

Low pressure: skin-deep injuries. High pressure: deep seated locations and for high energy requirements.

0 - 60 mm +++ +

Focus lens 15 mm

Close to surface pain areas, fascial muscles, neck, head, individual triggers. 0 - 20 mm +

Acupuncture 6 mm Acupuncture shockwave therapy. 0 - 40 mm + +

D-actor 20 mm 20 mm

Myofascial trigger therapy, muscle- and connective tissue, dissolution of fibrosis, treatment of deepseated muscles.

0 - 50 mm +++ +

D-actor 35 mm 35 mm

Myofascial trigger therapy, muscle- and connective tissue, back muscle, skin elasticity, trigger-diagnose, dissolution of fibrosis, treatment of deep-seated muscles.

0 - 50 mm +++

Atlas 15 mm Treatment of highly sensitive regions, like trigger points in the cervical spine muscles and mobilization of the cervical facet joints.

D-actor 20 mm 20 mm Treatment for professional athletes and high-energy applications 0 - 50 mm ++++ +

Ceramic 15 mm Pain therapy in any type of enthesopathy 0 - 30 mm ++++ +

Trigger 10mm 10 mm

Specific treatment of Trigger Points or deeplying enthesopathy. 0 - 40 mm +++++

Dimensions (H x D x W in cm) 18 x 38 x 42 102 x 58 x 57 Weight (kg) 11 64.5 Mobility Portable Integrated trolley Compressor Built-in (Air) In Trolley (Oil) Connections 1 2 USER INTERFACE Free Mode Plug and play Plug and play Indications list Pre-programmed settings Pre-programmed settings Body Part Quick Start Quick Start Patient Database 2,500 Patients Back-Up System Patient database GTS Medical E-book Preset Counter Supported by illuminated bar Supported by illuminated bar Software Update Via USB Port Via USB Port
Max. Frequency 17 Hz 21 Hz Max. Frequency with V-Actor 31 Hz 35 Hz Max. Pressure 4 bar 5 bar
On/off Function Electronic Electronic Weight (kg) 0.45 0.45 Ergonomics Soft rubber protection Soft rubber protection V-Actor Vibration Therapy Yes Yes Revision Kit 4 Revisions 4 Revisions Applicators 15-mm applicator 15-mm applicator Beam applicator Beam applicator D-Actor applicator (20 mm, S) D-Actor applicator (20 mm, S) Deep Impact Applicator Deep Impact Applicator Spine Applicator Spine Applicator Fascia Applicator 'Knuckle' Fascia Applicator 'Knuckle' Fascia Applicator 'Scoop' Fascia Applicator 'Scoop' Fascia Applicator 'Sphere' Fascia Applicator 'Sphere' Fascia Applicator 'Scraper' Fascia Applicator 'Scraper' MARKETING MATERIALS Poster Poster Certificate Certificate
ShockMaster 300 and 500
applicators are compatible with all handpieces, except for the V-actor handpiece.
Name Diameter Application Penetration depth Intensity Energy bundle
Shockwave therapy 108 Shockwave therapy 109

V-actor handpiece and applicators

V-actor applicators are only compatible with the V-actor handpiece.

Name Diameter Application




Relaxation of muscles and connective tissue, improving blood circulation, and stimulation of metabolic activity.


Relaxation of muscles and connective tissue, improving blood circulation, and stimulation of metabolic activity.

Specialty applicators

Specialty applicators are only compatible with the short handpiece.


Name Diameter Application

Fascia “knuckle”

Fascia “sphere”

Fascia “scoop”

Fascia “scraper”

Spine applicators 20 mm 27,5 mm 35 mm

Treatment of all medium and big fasciae (back fascia, plantar fascia, trigger bands, fascia in the shoulder and neck area)

Punctual treatment of the fasciae (cervical muscles, plantar fascia, arch of the foot, back of the hand, trigger points)

Treatment on or below the bone edges (pelvis from the front, Tibial crest, elbow crest)

Treatment of all fasciae of the locomotor system (fascia thoracolumbalis, crural fascia, Fascia lata, trigger bands)

Treatment of the vertebral joints of the entire spinal column in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas (paravertebral muscles, dysfunctions of the entire spinal column, muscular imbalances, pain conditions, trigger points)

Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT
Cryotherapy 111 Shockwave therapy 110

Optimal temperature regulation


Cold has been used in the world of medicine for centuries. These effects have also been scientifically demonstrated. The following results can be achieved with

At a higher skin temperature, there is no result or a lesser result. Then again, a lower temperature increases the risk of burns and nerve damage. The majority of therapists still use an ice cube or


We selected 11 subjects (6 women, 5 men) for the test. In order to cool down the temperature of their skin, we apply friction with ice cubes to the left arm. Every 30 seconds, for a total of 10 minutes, we measure the skin temperature. We then cool down the right arm for 10 minutes using the cold air from the Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT. The M. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis tendon insertion serves as a reference point on both the left and right sides.

What happens to the skin temperature during a 10-minute treatment session?

Advantages of the Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT

Unique IR feedback system:

Pain reduction Anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling Muscle relaxation

The most important conditions for maximising these results are:

Reduction of the skin temperature to 12°C

Reduction of the skin temperature within 1 minute


an ice pack but there is still doubt as to whether this achieves the desired result. We have tested it for you. Which application achieves the desired skin temperature of 12°C the fastest: an ice cube or a stream of cold air from the Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT? We also looked at how the skin temperature continues to change during a 10-minute treatment session, in order to detail the potential risks or any reduction in the result.


Using the Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT, a skin temperature of 12°C was already achieved after 48 seconds on average. This took an average of 6 minutes using an ice cube (see Figure 1). We also note that the temperature of the skin can be kept at a constant 12°C using the Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT. The IR feedback system automatically adjusts the flow of air.

Figure 1 shows that the ice cube therapy results in a continually dropping skin temperature. The skin temperature in 54% of the test subjects dropped to 10°C or lower in 10 minutes. The Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT can keep the skin temperature (12°C) steady for 10 minutes.

• Constant measurement of the skin temperature by the infrared sensor

• The air flow is automatically adjusted to reach and maintain the desired temperature

Powerful air flow:

• The skin temperature drops to 12°C within 1 minute so the metabolic reactions required are initiated immediately

• The compression effect provides additional applications, such as lymphatic drainage by a combi nation of MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) and compression


Using the Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT, we reach the desired skin temperature more quickly than with an ice cube. The temperature was kept at the optimum level during treatment using the unique IR feedback system. The skin temperature drops further when using ice cubes, with risks of burns and nerve damage.

Short treatment duration because the desired temperature is reached very rapidly

35 ice cube cryoflow 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 0 30 sec 48 sec 60 sec 6 min 10 min CryotherapyCryotherapy 113112


Cryotherapy with infrared feedback system for optimal temperature control

Infrared feedback system

Optimal temperature control

Continuous measurement of the skin temperature by means of an infrared sensor for optimal temperature control.

Unique feedback system

Powerful air flow

To 12°C within 1 minute

Powerful air flow for a quick drop to the desired temperature.

Shorter therapy duration

3 different attachments

Accurate treatment Different attachments based on the area to be treated. From local cooling to trigger point cooling.

Multiple applications


Flexible arm Two treatment methods

Simple and efficient Hands-free working thanks to ergonomic treatment arm.

Maximum reach

Additional treatment applications 35 pre-programmed settings based on indications or goals.

Easy to use

User-friendly 2 different treatment methods, static and hands-free or dynamic and manual

More efficient treatment

CryotherapyCryotherapy 114 115
Unique Infrared feedback system Cryotherapy with infrared feedback system for optimal temperature control • Continuous measurement of the skin temperature by infrared sensor • Air flow automatically adjusted to maintain the desired temperature • Maximum result: avoidance of temperatures that are too high or too low • Hands-free working thanks to ergonomic treatment arm Item no. Cryoflow ICE-CT 343.002 Powerful air flow of up to 1,000 L/min The desired metabolic reactions can be initiated immediately. User-friendly The Cryoflow ICE-CT does not require refilling. 2 treatment methods Static and hands-free, or dynamic and manual. Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT SKINTEMPERATURE 116 Cryotherapy

Diathermy an effective complement to Manual therapy

The basic principle of diathermy, generating deep heat in the body, dates back to sometime around 1925. As is often done in physical therapy, the method and indications have been applied through the years based on experience alone. In the past 15 years, sound scientific research has been conducted into these techniques.

A striking study by David Draper in 2014 may be cited out of a series of publications in the past decade. In his publication, Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy and Joint Mobilizations for Achieving Normal Elbow Range of Motion After Injury or Surgery With Implanted Metal, Draper studied to what extent treatment using a 27 MHz shortwave contributed to repairing the range of motion of the elbow joint. Patients with a prior history of ulna and/or radial fractures were included in the abovementioned study. All of them were left with an active extension restriction because of this. The functional consequences of this are known: difficulty in reaching an object, throwing it, etc.


A great deal of the literature shows that combined heat therapy and joint mobilisations have a positive effect. As a matter of fact, modern shortwave devices can easily heat up a joint, such as an elbow, to above 40°C. This is ideal for improving the viscoelastic properties of the collagen. With this information in the back of his mind, the author wrote up a treatment protocol that consisted

of 20 minutes of pulsed shortwave diathermy (800 Hz, 400 µs, 40-48 W) immediately followed by 7 to 8 minutes of manual therapy (Maitland level III and IV), followed by a 30-minute cool-down.

The study demonstrated good results related to the physical effect of diathermy and the point at which the method must be included in the treatment plan. Similar studies demonstrated parallel results and Kaltenborn et al. (2002), one of the pioneers of manual therapy, even emphasises the importance of diathermy in order to reach the deeper tissue.

Gymna Care 300 Gymna Thermo 500+ TECAR & Diathermy 6 118 TECAR & Diathermy 119

Diathermy - Endogenous healing heat

What is TECAR therapy?

For more than 100 years, the effects of high-frequen cy alternating current have been used in medicine. These currents heat up tissues. This method is known by the name Diathermy. In comparison with other heat therapies (conduction or infrared), this method has several advantages

• Deep penetration in the tissues

• No electrolytic effects

• No excitomotor effect due to the high frequency

A recent innovation within the high-frequency alternating current domain for medical use has led to the development of TECAR technology. In addition to short wave and microwave, this therapy provides additional benefits in the treatment of patients with musculoskeletal system diseases. TECAR stands for Transfer of Energy via Capacitive and Resistive electrodes.

Gymna’s TECAR therapy device, the Gymna Care 300 uses an electromagnetic field to create radio frequency waves within the patient’s tissue in a non-invasive manner to obtain the intended therapeutic effects.

The Gymna Care 300 causes a ‘transfer of energy via capacitive and resistive electrodes’.

In practice, therapy involves the use of moving electrodes that generate a localised transfer of energy. This creates an electric field (capacitive treatment) or an electromagnetic field (resistive treatment).

The capacitive application method has the most effect in tissues with low electrical resistance, such as the skin and subcutaneous tissue, blood vessels and muscles. The resistive application method is mainly used for the treatment of tissues, such as tendons and ligaments with higher electrical resistance.

Biological effects of TECAR therapy

The application of a capacitor on tissue creates a localised current due to attractive and repulsive charges. This influences the relationship between the cells and micro-vicinity (the so-called non-spe cific Pischinger tissue).

The vibration activated by the localised current exercises it favourably, working on all parts of the affected tissue (i.e. venous, arterial and lymphatic micro-circulation, cell matrix and membrane, etc.).

Therapeutic effects of TECAR therapy:

The following effects have been attributed to the transfer of electromagnetic energy in a capacitive and resistive manner:

• Improved permeability of cell membranes

• Increased intracellular and extracellular movement of ions

• Restoration of chemical and electric balance in the cell

• Stimulation of mitochondria to generate more ATP

• Generation of endogenous heat in the tissues (diathermy)

• Vasodilation

Stimulation of the lymph system

Endorphin release

The beneficial effects of TECAR therapy are mostly used in physical therapy, rehabilitation and pain management, such as for:

Bruises and sprains

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Sports traumas

Muscle and tendon disorders


Scar tissue

Spine and peripheral joint disorders

Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Vascular and lymphatic system disorders

Orthopaedic disorders of the peripheral nervous system

Acute and chronic pain

TECAR & DiathermyTECAR & Diathermy 120 121

TECAR & Diathermy

Heat that penetrates deep into the skin

Quick recovery

Heat generation

Vasodilation increases the exchange of substances and accelerates natural recovery.



5 different frequencies

Five different frequencies and autoscan mode to treat an extensive number of pathologies.

Treatment in the acute phase


Gymna Care 300 works at high power without a large temperature increase, ideal for acute injury.

Most suitable treatment

Pulsed mode

User-friendly and complete Safe

Everything you need in one App

For the first time, an App checks and communicates with the device via Bluetooth for a better user experience.

Wireless communication

Patient comfort


The therapeutic heat penetrates deep into the tissue and patients experience a pleasant warm feeling.

Pleasant and efficient

Passes the toughest tests

Fully shielded electronics and lowvoltage capacity electrodes are goldcoated (1 micron) to limit “aerial” effects.

Suitable for home treatment

TECAR & DiathermyTECAR & Diathermy

Thermal applications


Athermal applications


Gymna Care 300




Electromagnetic energy allows the heat to penetrate deep into the tissues, while the skin barely registers any tangible heat. • 27-MHz shortwave diathermy device • Free memory space for patient database or personalised programmes • Two independent channels Item no. Gymna Thermo 500+ 348.007
repetitive pulsation combined with longer pulsations can create a thermal effect for treating chronic complaints.
Pulsed shortwave therapy is applied athermally for acute complaints: burns, post-traumatic injuries, etc.
Special thermoplodes for optimum infiltration depth. Gymna Thermo 500+ 38 Various indications TECAR therapy is a form of combined contact diathermy and electrotherapy. It is a medical treatment that applies electromagnetic energy to biological tissue. • Treatment is at a wavelength spectrum between 300 kHz and 1 MHz • Everything you need in a single App • OLED display and rotating encoder with multi-functional button Item no. Gymna Care 300 349.008
Thanks to the features of the Gymna Care 300, the therapy can be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the patient for customised treatment.
The Gymna Care 300 passes the most stringent electrical safety tests and eliminates the risk of electric shock and accidental burns.
The Gymna Care 300 guarantees high perfor mance and unlimited treatment options.
TECAR & DiathermyTECAR & Diathermy 124 125

Active Motion

Paramedic Centre Heksenwiel introduces the Gymna W-Move

“In order to increase my practice’s profits, I was looking for an option to train target groups simultaneously. With the Gymna W-Move, I have introduced a circuit training option that allows even people with extremely low load-bearing capacity to exercise safely and effectively.” Speaking is Mark van Zanten, owner of Paramedic Centre Heksenwiel.

"Getting patients/clients to exercise and to keep exercising is a key point within my practice. Thanks to the Gymna W-Move, I can train my patients with a focus on their target groups, and continue to work


on their general fitness. This allows me to maintain contact with my clients and they train in a way that is both safe and fun. The elderly, patients with COPD or rheumatism, post-operative patients, and even healthy clients who want to exercise under my expert guidance, all find their way now to my paramedic centre. We have seen that group training sessions using the Gymna W-Move have increased patient satisfaction, which means that they continue to exercise for longer,” states Mark. The Gymna W-Move hydraulic system ensures that movements are much more intuitive and smoother than when exercise

is done on ordinary resistance equipment. This is a relief for the seniors and all patient groups. The Gymna W-Move has created added value for my practice because it has expanded my entrepreneurship. The W-Move concept also consists of a set of ready-to-use marketing materials that can use to attract more patients in a professional manner without incurring extra costs. In our society, in which more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of exercise, we physical therapists can use the Gymna W-Move to offer a safe, effective and pleasant solution!

Gymna W-Move 7
“An asset for my physical therapy practice” Mark van Zanten
Active MotionActive Motion 127126

Active Motion

A good move for your patients and your practice

Expanding your offer

Address a new target group

People with divergent needs and complaints can come to you. Extra flexibility, muscle strength and rehabilitation.

Complete exercise concept

Turn patients into clients

From now on, patients no longer need to go to a traditional fitness centre to continue exercising after treatment.

Customer loyalty

Respond to new needs Regularly exercising is a way for the growing group of older people to stay fit longer.

Little space needed Easy to handle

Less than 20 m2

In their ideal set-up the Gymna W-Move devices occupy less than 20 m2


Unprecedented ease of use

The user takes a seat in the device and how to exercise is obvious. This way you have more time to personally supervise your patients.

Easy to reposition

When developing the Gymna W-Move, attention was also paid to smooth handling. The design is compact, the devices easy to set up.

Abdominal Back

Back Extension


Gymna W-Move: a smart move for your practice



complete exercise concept


W-Move makes it possible for



Gymna W-Move
is a
where different types of exercises can be performed to increase the flexibility, physical strength, fitness and well-being
combine prevention and care effectively. Item no. Gymna W-Move complete set 350.020 Remedial therapy as focused individual rehabilitation Small circuit training for specific target groups Full circuit training for rehabilitation centres, home care, hospitals, etc.
Exercising abdominal and back muscles Muscle groups involved Rectus abdominis Obliquus externus
Exercising abdominal and back muscles Muscle groups involved Rectus abdominis Erector spinae
Exercising abdominal and back muscles Muscle groups involved • Erector spinae (Back extensor muscles) Abdominal Back 350.108 Twisting 350.207 Back Extension 350.130 Item no. Item no. Item no.  Expanding your range with targeted group exercise  Specially developed for physical therapy  Compact devices that take up very little room  High-quality choice of materials and finish  Hydraulic exercise Why choose Gymna W-Move? Active MotionActive Motion 130 131


Shoulder Press/Lat Pulldown

Leg Extension/Leg Curl

Abductor/Hip Adductor


Pec Dec/Fly

Leg press

Exercising upper limbs Muscle groups involved Triceps brachii (Triceps) Pectoralis major Biceps brachii (Biceps)
Exercising upper limbs Muscle groups involved • Pectoralis major • Triceps brachii (Triceps) • Deltoideus (Deltoid muscle)
Exercising upper limbs Muscle groups involved • Deltoideus (Deltoid muscle) • Triceps brachii (Triceps) • Biceps brachii (Biceps)
Exercising upper limbs Muscle groups involved Biceps brachii (Biceps) Triceps brachii (Triceps) Chest/Back 350.152 Biceps/Triceps 350.141 Shoulder Press/Lat Pulldown 350.196 Pec Dec/Fly 350.185 Item no. Item no. Item no. Item no.
Lower body exercise Muscle groups involved Quadriceps Hamstrings
Lower body exercise Muscle groups involved • Tensor fasciae latae (TFL or thigh muscle) • Adductor magnus • Gluteus maximus
Lower body exercise Muscle groups involved Quadriceps Gluteus maximus Gastrocnemius • Tibialis Anterior • Soleus Leg Extension/Leg Curl 350.163 Leg press 350.174 Item no. Item no. Item no. Abductor/Hip Adductor 350.119 Active MotionActive Motion 132 133

Physio Care

Discover the secret to a good massage product

Physio Care

Massage is a much-used treatment in physical therapy. Have you ever wondered if you were using the right massage products? You are applying mechanical pressure to your patient’s skin during a massage. It is therefore important that the lotion ensures a very smooth glide. Moreover, the emulsion must be absorbed well in order to hydrate and protect, so that the skin remains intact and in optimal balance. The composition of any product being used is essential in order to obtain the desired therapeutic effect. Some massage products are based on oil-in-water emulsions in which the oil is distributed as fine droplets within the watery component. Products like this won’t make the skin sticky and are fairly easy to remove. However, the downside is that you cannot massage with them for long. Then there is also the option of a water-in-oil emulsion in which, by contrast, the water is distributed as fine droplets within the oily component. A water-in-oil emulsion leaves a greasy film on the skin which allows you to massage well, but the skin becomes sticky and the product is difficult to clean off. Science has come up with a solution to combine

the properties of oil-in-water emulsions and water-in-oil emulsions. They have discovered that when the emulsion is contained in an intermediary substance such as liquid crystals, the benefits of oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions are united. This means: good lubrication without blocking the skin, hydration that makes the skin soft, and a clean, dry result after the massage. Gymna has developed the Physio Care line based on this principle. Our lotions are made using high-quality ingredients, contained in a liquid crystal emulsion. The active ingre dients can penetrate deep into the skin, where they start working

Physio CarePhysio Care 135134



and effectively support the massage.

Because Physio Care products are paraben-free, have a neutral pH and are also hypoallergenic, they are highly suited for any skin type. The product scents have been kept neutral, so that all patients experience them as nice.

of the patient’s skin determine which product you need to use. On the following pages, you can read about which product is best used and when.

Physio Care is made using high-quality ingredients contained in a liquid crystal emulsion.

The difference between the products is primarily in the oil content. This means that you only need a few products in order to offer a complete range of treatments. The length, type of treatment and also the condition

Physio Care Physio Care 136 137

Physio Care

Top-quality massage lotions for professionals

Beneficial and effective

Indispensable for every practice

Optimal care for your hands. Can be easily rinsed off with water.

Liquid crystal technology

Unique in physical therapy

Liquid crystal combines the advantages of an 'oil-in-water' with a 'water-in-oil' emulsion.

Top-quality ingredients

For professionals

The skin is efficiently protected and the lotion is well absorbed.


pH neutral

Stimulates the natural recovery of the skin. Good hydration in the short and long term.




Ideal for any kind of treatment

Excellent gliding and spreading properties.

Economical in use.

Dermatologically tested

Quality foremost

The skin is protected against mechanical stress. After the treatment, the skin is smooth and soft.

Physio CarePhysio Care 138 139

Gymna Physio Care

High-quality massage lotions for professionals

• Ensure an easy gliding and spreading capability

• Protect the skin against mechanical stress

• Care for the skin of the therapist and the patient

• Ensure dry and flexible skin after treatment

Beneficial and effective

Optimal care for your hands. Economical in use. Can be easily rinsed off with water.

Hydration of the skin Protection of the skin

High-quality ingredients

pH neutral, paraben-free. Skin-friendly due to moisturising compounds. Valuable oils make the skin soft.

A treat for your patients

Stimulates the natural recovery of the skin. The lotion is well absorbed, after the treatment the skin is flexible and soft.

Gymna Essential

Indispensable for every practice

Pleasant texture

Long-lasting hydration and protection

• Restores the natural balance of the skin

• Soft and dry after use

Item no.

Gymna Essential 500 ml 341.000

Gymna Essential 5l 341.011

Gymna Pure

The polyvalent solution

Perfect instant gliding and spreading properties

Restores the natural balance of the skin

Soft and dry after use

Long-lasting hydration and protection

Item no.

Gymna Pure 500 ml 341.044

Gymna Pure 5l 341.055

Gymna Intense

For longer and intense massages

• Very rich in oil

• Excellent gliding and spreading properties

• Long-lasting hydration and protection of

• Restores the natural

Item no.

Gymna Intense 500 ml 341.022

Gymna Intense 5 341.033

Gymna Thermo

Heating effect

• Warming massage lotion

• Perfect gliding and spreading properties

• Ideal for extensive warming massages

Item no.

Gymna Thermo 500 ml 341.066

Gymna Thermo 5l 341.077

the skin
balance of the skin
Oil content and treatment time Oil content and treatment time Oil content and treatment time UNIQUEIN PHYSIOTHERAPY LIQUID CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY Physio CarePhysio Care 140 141

Gymna Contact

Neutral hydrogel Excellent gliding movement Optimal absorption of ultrasound waves • pH neutral • Optimal conduction for electrotherapy and shockwave therapy Item no. Gymna Contact 500 ml 341.088 Gymna Contact 5 l 341.099 Contactgel Physio Care 142