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Winner of the Last Literary Prize Ateneo de Sevilla 2012

David Tejera, was

born in Madrid in 1967. Since 1999 to 2011 he worked as reporter and news presenter in CNN+ and Cuatro. In 2011 he started to work for Tele5 and nowadays he is part of the MotoGP Team. He also writes scripts for televisión and with his first novel The path of the crazy people he was awarded the Young Ateneo Prize of Sevilla. DISPONIBLE EN

Pages: 488 ISBN 978-84-9877-816-8 ı 2962342 Publication date: 2012

SIX BLUE FISHES Estefano is a Greek crewmember of a ship under the command of Arnaldo Santos who is taking the boat to a ship cementery. The captain and the other crewmember are suspicious of Estefano because of his strange behavior, and because he has six crystal blue fishes hung by a cord over his bunk that crash against each other and tinkle with the movement of the sea, as the sailor whispers some words. When they get to the ship cementery, the captain and the crew let the ship run aground and leave but Estéfano decides to save the ship and go to Madagascar. Now, Estéfano is alone but after some days he suspects that there is somebody else in the ship. He finds a woman and she that speaks in a language he can not understand, pushes him desperately to the hold where there is a three year old child. The woman dies and Estefano takes care of the child. Andreas, precious stone dealer, lives in Amsterdam with Elka. Over one of her windows six blue crystal fishes hungby a cord are moving. Elka dislikes her boyfriend´s work, because she thinks that the man he works for, Nerón Staufmann, a materialistic, unpleasant, and out of self-interest guy, is taking advantage of him running a risk every time he travels to look for stones. When Andreas is convinced by his boss to go for the diamond, Jehangir, Elkar feels herself abandoned in Amsterdam, is pregnant and decides to have a miscarriage, and never contact with Andreas again.


David Tejera, was

Pages: 300 ISBN 978-84-8433-197-1 ı 2962428 Publication date: 2003

THE PATH OF THE CRAZY PEOPLE La senda de los locos is two novels in one. In the first part we see Miguel Ángel´s efforts in the Renaissance Florence to finish his great David. The narrator goes forward and backward in time to show us the beginnings of the most famous sculptor of all time: he recreates famous events as the creation of Pietà, and shows us the last years of the artist till his death in 1564 and the later move of the corpse. The second part starts 500 years later, in the dome of the Academy Galery under which David is exhibited. The main character is now another sculptor, the young greek Nikos Saliaki, awarded a sholarship in Florence and he also works occasionally as security guard. Nikos, talented and passionate, thinks of a way to emulate the artist´s work. And so he uses the restauration works of one of Buonarroti´s unfinished sculptures to finish it. By doing that not only does he lose the scholarship but also cause a huge stir in his town, and from being a genius he becomes a shame for everybody, even his father.

born in Madrid in 1967. Since 1999 to 2011 he worked as reporter and news presenter in CNN+ and Cuatro. In 2011 he started to work for Tele5 and nowadays he is part of the MotoGP Team. He also writes scripts for televisión and with his first novel The path of the crazy people he was awarded the Young Ateneo Prize of Sevilla.


Winner of the Last Literary Prize Young Writers Ateneo of Sevilla 2012

Fernando Otero,

Sevilla (1978). He studied journalism at the university of Sevilla. He works as a teacher. He has been awarded with several literary prizes and colaborates in several magazines. With La Sonanta he was awarded the University of Sevilla Prize in 2007.


Pages: 272 ISBN 978-84-9877-817-5 ı 2962343 Publication date: 2012

WHERE DEATH FINDS YOU In October 1967 the mythical Che Guevara survives painfully the siege of the Bolivian army together with his guerrilla. After his capture and execution, rumours start that deny the oficial versión. The disappearance of documents and the silence of witnesses and the Cuban goverment increase the rumours about betraying Che. Forty years later, the young Spanish investigator Ginés Maldonado, full of bravery and admiration for Guevera, travels to Cuba as the final part of his Phd about the death of the fighter. Based on true documents and direct testimonies, the reading of this novel will give a different and unique view of the mythical Che Guevara, a myth that was betrayed because he wanted to be faithful to himself and to the ideas that he defended.


Winner of the Last Literary Prize Historic Novel Ateneo de Sevilla 2011

Francisco Gallardo was born in

Sevilla. Tireless traveler and reader he has published several short tales and with his first novel The Feria Street Rock he was shortlisted the XXXI Tigre Juan Prize. With The last night he has been awarded the V Historical novel Ateneo Prize.


Pages: 504 ISBN 978-84-9877-722-7 ı 2962689 Publication date: 2012

THE LAST NIGHT At the end of her life, in 1195, in the Christian calendar, and 589, in the Hijra calendar, Sarah Avensoar, the famous doctor Abu Marwan Avenzoar’s granddaughter, and also a doctor, remembers her childhood in Sevilla surrounded by books of poetry and medicine. There she meets her grandfather Abu Marwan, and the illustrious Averroes who give her the permission to take care of women and children. Some years after, Sarah will move to Marrakech and works as a doctor in the caliph’s harem, where she will be involved into the political intrigues between the almohads, and the almoravids and also into the not less dangerous intrigues among the women in the harem. Based on the historical character of Avenzoar’s granddaughter, The last night is a journey to Andalucía in the XII century and to the Almohad Dynasty that governed the two shores of the Mediterranean sea from Marrakech. A fascinating world where the magnificence of One thousand and one Nights is mixed with the technical and surgical development promoted by one of the first women that practiced medicine legally.

The Best seller at the Sevilla Book Fair May 2012 Top 10 in historical novel during 5 weeks 4 editions!


© MariTere Ucendo

Winner of the Last Literary Prize Ateneo of Valladolid 2011

María Zaragoza was

born n Madrid in 1982. She published her first book in 2000. In 2009 she published a graphic novel Cot of crows together with the illustrator Didac Pla. In 2010 she was awarded the prestigious XV Ateneo Joven of Sevilla Prize with the novel They say you are dead.

Pages: 320 ISBN 978-84-9877-560-0 ı 2962554 Publication date: 2012

GERMAN BLOW OFF THEIR HEADS FOR LOVE When Goethe published The disadventures of the young Goethe, the so called Wether’s fever widespred all around Germany, and almost two thousand readers committed suicide for love. Goethe always wondered about his responsability in those deaths, being aware that every decision has consequences, sometimes unpredictible, and the dilemma comes down to dying or killing. The characters of this novel will live something similar: they live in different countries, but they meet in La Plaza, a virtual space of an impossible architecture and changing buildings, where any conflict can be made and unmade. And they will play a game that lets them meet again in the real world. This is a novel about a way of living brought about by Internet and social networks, where in spite of the feeling of impunity and fiction we cannot help going back to reality, that space where love and revolutions are fostered and will later shake our lives. But unavoidably it is a book about desire and disappointment, the spirit of fighting, the mistreatment, dreams, love or masochism, that is, about everything that makes us human beings.

The best novel of the young writer María Zaragoza, by Angel María de Pablos


XV Literary Prize for Young Writers Ateneo of Sevilla Literary Prize Arroz negro BCN Week 2010

El Buscón at the XXX Poetic Conveny by the Literature Order Francisco de Quevedo de Villanueva de los Infantes 2010 I Edition scholarship for literature creation 2010


The revelation book of the year, by Cruzcampo Foundation

Félix G. Modroño


Pages: 402 ISBN 978-84-9877-751-2 ı 2962338 Publication date: 2012

THE CITY WITH GREY EYES After several years living in Paris, Alfredo Gastiasoro goes back to Bilbao when he gets to know that Izarbe has died. His return is a way of paying homage to the woman he loved, but it will soon turn into an investigation about the strange circumstances about her death. Alfredo will have to face his own past that will make him relive a love story that took place at a time when Bilbao from being an almost rural town turned into one of the most prosperous cities in the Old Continent. Greatly set at the beginning of the XX, and a mixture between the historical genre, a romantic tale and even a travel guide, The city with grey eyes is above all a beautiful thriller and story of love and nostalgia for a woman and a city.

3 editions in two months! 5th edition running More info

got a degree in Law from the University of Salamanca. Due to his love for photography, in 2002 he published a book about the town where his parents were born. An accident that made him be at home for almost two months was the reason that pushed him to start again writing. After been awarded several times, he started his first novel: The blood of the crucified. With The city with grey eyes Felix Modroño comes back to his roots. It took him two years to write it and according to him ”a whole life”.


Félix G. Modroño


Pages: 352 ISBN 978-84-7647-681-9 ı 2962631 Publication date: 2007



Zamora, 1682. Don Fernando de Zúñiga, that studied medicine in the University of Salamanca, goes to the bishop´s call. Monseñor Balmaseda asks him to find out the origin of the carving of a crucified Christ found in strange circumstances and that seems to be related to the tragic death of a blacksmith. Doctor Zuñiga will soon guess that the event hides a plot of terrible murders. The investigation will lead him to a voyage around the University of Salamanca and the Court in Madrid, and Sevilla. The crucified people´s blood is a historical thriller marvellouslly set in Spain at the end of the XVII century, whose characters intermingled with kings, religious people or artists. A novel that turns the artistic splendour of the Baroque and the political intrigues around the last Austrian King into an exciting adventure.

More info

got a degree in Law from the University of Salamanca. Due to his love for photography, in 2002 he published a book about the town where his parents were born. From then onwards, he has organized several expositions and has collaborated in the magazine Paisajes Landscapes. An accident that made him be at home for almost two months was the reason that pushed him to start again writing. After been awarded several times, he started his first novel: The blood of the crucified.


Félix G. Modroño


Pages: 344 ISBN 978-84-9877-206-7 ı 2762241 Publication date: 2009

SWEET DEATH Balmaseda, 1683. Pedro Urtiaga has just been poisoned. In his last days he writes to a friend, doctor Zuñiga, telling him of his imminent death and begging him revenge. Doctor Zuñiga will travel to the Basque country to guess the killer´s identity. Soon he will discover that his death is related to wine but also to a game of cards that is new: the mus. Ancient legends, women in love and false appearances are intermingled in this plot where the events happen relentlessly and the story is told in a clean and magnetic prose.

More info

got a degree in Law from the University of Salamanca. Due to his love for photography, in 2002 he published a book about the town where his parents were born. From then onwards, he has organized several expositions and has collaborated in the magazine Paisajes Landscapes. An accident that made him be at home for almost two months was the reason that pushed him to start again writing. After been awarded several times, he started his first novel: The blood of the crucified.


The revelation book at the Sevilla Book Fair 2012

Enrique Becerra,

well known restaurateur in Sevilla and vocational writer. With several published cooking books, he starts as a novelist with this novel that portrays the flavour of Sevilla in the middle of the last century.


Pages: 336 ISBN 978-84-9877-770-3 覺 296691 Publication date: 2012

THE PAINTER OF THE FACELESS WOMEN Rodrigo works as a social worker in an old people織s home and paints in his leisure time, drawing all the time mysterious paintings of faceless women. The sudden appearance of a real woman in his life will alter that monotony in which he had lived: a new life with doubts, hopes and anxieties but that will make old memories kept in his mind for too long come to the surface. Because there is something that Rodrigo never saw, even though it was in front of him. In this way The painter of faceless women is a passionate novel that shows us the magic and the mystery that life always hides, even though it may seem monotonous at first sight.


Not pubblished, 12.000 book reservations, and 2.000 ebook reservations!!!

Francisco Robles

(Sevilla 1963), is a writer and journalist. He has a degree in Spanish Philolophy and is a literature and language teacher at the university of Sevilla. He also collaborates as a journalist in radio, television and press. He has published several books and is the managing director of the magazine El libro Andaluz.

THE WATER SELLER OF SEVILLA James R. Silver, one of the best art restorers in the world, contacts Juan, a spanish art reviewer that wants to write a book. Silver proposes him to unmask the famous Spanish painter Velåzquez, whom he considers a forger. After different investigations they will reach the conclusion that the great painter of the Phillip the IV court used false documents to demonstrate a noble lineage that he did not have and could not be in that way worthy of the Santiago Order, and what he tried to do from the very beginning was to prosper in the court and for that he also used his paintings. Meanwhile an exhibition about Velazquez is being prepared both in London and also in Apsley House. Silver will appear and show a painting exactly the same as the jewel of the exhibition, The portrayal of Inocencio X, leaving everybody perplexed, and the ministers of both countries very furious. But nothing is what it seems and the London police interrogate Juan after the disappearance of Silver. The police that go after Silver, will try to make Juan confess all he knows about him because in Silver´s apartment there is a painting that stands out The Mirror Venus.


© Rafa Rivas

Winner of the Last International Literary Logroño Prize 2011

Pedro Ugarte (Bilbao,

1963) is the autor of several books. His short stories are in one volumen La expedición. In 2009 he was awarded the Julio Camba of journalism prize. His first two novels were published in Italy.

Pages: 320 ISBN 978-84-9877-726-0 ı 2962532 Publication date: 2012

THE COUNTRY WITH MONEY Jorge lives with his mother in the old family house, and earns his living with a precarious job. Inside him his feeling of belonging to the middle class is mixed with the social feeling of being a wage-earner. One night he gets drunk and his friend, Simón López de Chavarri, a posh guy with airs, introduces him to Sharon, but when he tries to contact her again, Simón tells him that she will destroy him. Jorge will be fascinated with her. She has a humble background, and though sometimes she looks like a femme fatale, other times she seems to be an extremely fragile and vulnerable being. With The country with money, Pedro Ugarte makes an alegory of the real state boom that has lead to the current economic crisis through an intelligent, touching and symbolic story that was awarded the V Logroño Literary Prize.


He has been awarded several literary prizes in different genres: poetry, novels, theatre and comics

Ximo Cerdà

He has being working as Telecommunication Engineer since 1999. Even though he has always been involved in the literary field in different ways, his career as a writer was launched in 2006 with the publication of L´incomparable Bredford Bannings. The second part of the novel En Bredford Bannings i els diamants de Bontawa was published in 2008.

Pages: 584 ISBN 978-84-9877-637-9 ı 2962332 Publication date: 2011

GOD´S HAND The quiet life in the city of Xativa is interrupted when the corpses of a couple appeared cruelly murdered in strange circumstances. The crime is shocking not only for the brutality with which it was carried out but also for the ritual involved in the murder. The doctor Laura Solís, expert at Scientific Police, will arrive the town to be in charge of the case. A second assassination of similar features, confirms her worst suspicions: they are following the track of a serial killer, crazy and ruthless that shows an obsession both for a ruined small church at the outskirts of the city and for the restorer of the local musem, Mario Beltrán. Full of characters with the best and the worst of their lives, God´s hand is not only an enthralling thriller but also a reflection about friendship, dreams, unforessen events, and above all, a way of exalting life, the small dairy achievements, and that invisible happiness that we often scorn.


XI International Literary Prize «Emilio Alarcos Llorach» in 2011

Ramón Pernas

(Vivero, Lugo 1952). Journalist, publisher and scriptwriter his work has always been linked to culture. He has collaborated as literary critic and columnist in several magazines. He was the managing director of Espasa Calpe for eight years. In 1999 he was awarded the Sevilla Ateneo Prize with his novel Paso a dos, with which he was also shortlisted for the National literature Prize Pages: 264 ISBN 978-84-9877-636-2 ı 2962331 Publication date: 2011

IN THE STILL LIGHT During the holidays of 1967 a fifteen year old couple fall in love in a small seaside town in Galicia: a summer love that will lead to a passion as futile as recurrent, as their lifes are shaken by the circumstances of destiny and the political changes that affect the country. The still light could be considered a romantic novel, a thriller or even a historical novel, but it is above all a chant to youth, friendship, and the nostalgic recreation of an unrequited love with which Ramón Pernás tries to show us the latest history in Spain.

Nowadays he runs Ámbito Cultural and collaborates as columnist in several publications.


Shortlisted for of Fernando Lara Literary Prize 2012 and the Ateneo of Sevilla 2012

Eloy M. Cebrián,

(Albacete 1963). He started his career as a writer with “Memorias de Bucéfalo” (1998-2001). As a writer he has written books and tales for youngsters and adults. His work includes historical novels, and thrillers with an overtone of black humor and satire


MADRID 1605 Erasmo López de Mendoza is a retired literature teacher, bibliophile, and a bit excentric He gets a book that is the story told by Gonzalo de Córdoba about his relation with Miguel de Cervantes. The bad conditions of the document makes the reading very difficult, even impossible and so Erasmo decides to look for Pilar, one of his old students, brilliant and expert at paleography. Pilar accepts and after a careful reading they will find out that in those pages the gestation of the Quijote is written. After reading the pages, Erasmo and Pilar decide to look for the missing pages. From now onwards an adventure around bookshops and libraries starts. Each step they take is a danger but also a door that takes them to the true story of Don Quijote.

Francisco Mendoza Díaz Maroto He lives in Albacete and has a Phd in Hispanic Philolopy. He is the autor of the first book published in Spanish about bibliophile.


Pedro de Paz, has

been very successful among the public and critics, both in Spain and abroad, especially in English speaking countries whit the book “The man who killed Durruti”.

Pages: 360 ISBN 978-84-9877-675-1 ı 2962334 Publication date: 2011

THE PLOTTED PATH Alfonso Heredia is a photojournalist who is not going through a good economic and personal time. By chance, while hiding from one of the many people whom he owes money, he came into a bookshop of ancient texts. There he finds an old book with a few sentences written in Gothic characters.

The next morning, while reading about the pope’s death he realizes that in the old book everything was already written.

2 printed editions sold in one month!!

He then realizes the book is a terrific obituary of important people from different social and economic conditions, a prediction of deaths that have not yet occurred along the current year.

5 editions, and still running!

Once he gets home, his girlfriend, a would-be painter leaves him and the old book is his only consolation.

This makes him read the book to see who will be the next death, perhaps a famous person, whose picture at the moment of his/her death can help him economically ... or maybe his mission is to save these people. From now onwards he will always be at the right time making photos of famous people’s death, which makes his life change radically. The death of a recognized artist in the book is announced, but only at the end he realizes that the book is talking about the woman he is in love with. Will he prevent her death?

Rights sold in Italy and Brasil.


© Guillermo Carrión

Rights sold to Italy and France. Just published in France by Editions First

Gregorio León was

born in Balsicas (Murcia) and works as a radio journalist in a local radio station. He has published several titles including novels and essays.

Pages: 456 ISBN 978-84-9877-458-0 ı 2962676 Publication date: 2010

FRIDA K´S SECRET Daniela Ackerman, a private investigator, receives a phone call from her boss because she has to go to Mexico to find a painting of Frida Kahlo. Her life is not as beautiful as it seems. She still has to keep going to the analyst due to a love affair with a Mexican lawyer who broke her heart. But the work for her is the most important thing, and to look for missing paintings is her specialty. Meanwhile, a journalist named Freddy, is brutally beaten by a group of strangers. The only sin he may have done, was to write about the Mexican Mafia. But he is also the most knowledgeable of the painter, Frida Kahlo. And probably after Diego Rivera and Trotsky, it is him who loves her the most. As Daniela Ackerman follows the path of the famous painting, the mutilated bodies of several dancers appear in an old refinery and all of them have the tattooed image of La Santa Muerte, a religious sect, on their left breast. At the same time the altars of this sect are attacked. The author of the attacks simply leaves a note: “under the name of God”


Rights sold to Italy and Netherlands. 6 editions!!

Alfonso Domingo

is a multidisciplinary author and journalist. But also he has directed more than one hundred short films. In the literary world he is an specialist in the Spanish Civil War.


Pages: 480 ISBN 978-84-9877-685-0 ı 2962683 Publication date: 2011

THE BLACK MIRROR In The Black Mirror there are four different stories that will connect at the end of the book. Jeronimo Diaz is a young painter, anarchist that needs to get exiled after the Spanish Civil War. After spending some time in the refugee camp in Argeles-sur-Mer, near the border between Spain and France he manages to be sent to Paris, where he had lived years before to study painting. Once there, he comes in contact with the organization he had been part of while he was living in Spain. They will offer him different ways to work and survive. Thanks to them, he contacts with Santiago Mainger, an enigmatic man that traffics with art and makes him the proposal to move to Amsterdam and work as a painter. Mainger has created an organization dedicated to forging works of art to sell them to the Germans, as original ones. In this way, according to Mainger they will keep hidden the original works of important painters that belonged to Jews. Jeronimo receives the task of copying an enigmatic painting by El Bosco, Jonas and the whale, a work that emerges and disappears mysteriously across the centuries. Over 60 years later, Javier Carreño, a specialist in the work of El Bosco, is the Commissioner in charge of an exhibition to be held at the Prado Museum. During the preparation of the work, he meets a young Japanese woman, Himiko (of a Japanese mother and Spanish father). Both of them will fall in love, but she is a mysterious woman and the granddaughter of Jerónimo Diaz. And nothing seems to be as it looks.


A thriller very well documented about the art’s world and the sales of works in the black market, located in Paris, Venice, Madrid and Amsterdam. At the same time is a path along the most recent history of Europe and terrors pussy. The book is also a story of love and betrayal, full of feelings. The characters in the novel are very well manufactured and are credible to the reader. The constant flashbacks between the present and the past and the presence of real historical elements known to the reader, and references to the art world, make this novel a thriller full of pleasant reading. The writing is very fluid and the author knows how to maintain a very high level of attention.


4 editions and still to go!

© Iván Martínez

Rights sold to Italy.

Leticia Sánchez Ruiz has a degree in

communication, and works with different media as commentator and literary critic. Writer of novels where the characters are great players, in her latest novel, the author has found her literary maturity. DISPONIBLE EN

Pages: 416 ISBN 978-84-9877-686-7 ı 2962684 Publication date: 2011

THE GREAT GAME The novel is written in third person. The daughter of the main character, a little girl, tells her family history. The second main character Jorge Perotti, is a mysterious man, very quiet and taciturn. Everyone in town tells that he inherited a great fortune, and goes to the bar every day like many others. The bar is managed by the family of the little girl, and she usually spends her time, around the tables and the kitchen waiting until the end of the day to go back home. Jorge Perotti usually sits at the same table and on the same chair, alone, and although everybody talks about his story, nobody really knows him at the bar. He has only a friend, a ten year old girl, daughter of the owners of the bar, friendly named by him, the biscuit. Both of them stay together everyday. When he approaches his death, the only words he says are: “The only thing I want is to go back to the Great Game”. And this will be the legacy to his young friend, who will discover what the game is about with the help of her brother, Cosme. Cosme and his sister, “the biscuit”, will start a great adventure, and like in the old books written by Enid Blyton they will investigate to find out what is indicated in the notes that “biscuit” finds around her world: in her house, in her school-bag, or where she usually sits at the family bar. A game that helps them to discover life, but told with the voice of a child, and the mind of a child. Eventually, Cosmo and “biscuit” will discover the purpose of the game, and the motivations that led Jorge Perotti to leave a legacy to the child. The Great Game is a novel of adventures, where the reader can find Gules Verne or Lewis Carol influences.


© Iván Martínez

IX International literary prize “Emilio Alarcos Llorach” 2009.

Leticia Sánchez Ruiz has a degree in

communication, and works with different media as commentator and literary critic. Writer of novels where the characters are great players, in her latest novel, the author has found her literary maturity.

Pages: 488 ISBN 978-84-9877-256-2 ı 2962251 Publication date: 2009

THE FIREFLY BOOKS A library catches fire in the middle of the night. Fifty years later, the great Ulises Font starts an unusual search. Felipe that has spent his life waiting for things to happen, goes back to his town for the strange burial of his grandma. Lucia, a writer that does not publish, lives locked in a red bricked house and writes tales for Pian, that is her world and teacher. These stories intermingle in the novel through a mysterious plot that in each chapter arises new questions and strange games.


© MariTere Ucendo

Young Ateneo of Sevilla Prize 2010

María Zaragoza was

born n Madrid in 1982. She published her first book in 2000. In 2009 she published a graphic novel Cot of crows together with the illustrator Didac Pla. In 2010 she was awarded the prestigious XV Ateneo Joven of Sevilla Prize with the novel They say you are dead.


Pages: 448 ISBN 978-84-9877-480-1 ı 2962495 Publication date: 2010

THEY SAY YOU ARE DEAD In the streets of Madrid, one Tuesday a young woman dressed in a strange way is killed with a small kitchen knife. The killer could be anyone but the dead is not anybody, she is unique, a victim that could be accidental or not. In this story dressed up as a thriller, the characters try to look for the murderer, know who he or she is, get to know his/her reasons and in that way they get to know that mysterious woman a bit more and also themselves, because in each man a beast and a potential victim live, and sometimes it is necessary to be one or another. They say you are dead is a laberynth of passions, mixed feelings, misteries, characters that in a magic and black Madrid move like minotaurs in the Minos. The Madritauros of the story sometimes have to choose between their human and wild animal part, even though it is difficult to choose between one and another.


XX International Literary Prize Luis Berenguer

Rights sold to Italy 6 editions!

Álvaro Bermejo

has a degree in History and Anthropology from the University of Barcelona, and is an expert in oriental trade routes. He has won numerous literary awards and has been published abroad. He also works diligently as a cultural commentator in different newspapers and participates as a director and collaborator of many cultural events. Pages: 580 ISBN 978-84-9877-465-8 ı 2962513 Publication date: 2010

THE ATLANTIS’S MAZE This novel is, above all, an archaeological thriller set in Crete, different European cities, and the United States with a double story placed during the Third Reich. What was the German army looking for in Crete during the Second World War? Why did the legendary Oricalco atlases disappear? Did the radius of Poseidon, a catalyst that caused the end of Atlantis really existed? These are the main issues that will get answered by reading this novel. The protagonist of the today story (set in the Seventies), is Alvaro, the son of a wealthy Spanish family that lives in the U.S. and has been just dropped by his last girlfriend. Still in a confusion situation he receives a manuscript by a strange man. Initially reluctant, he throws it in the first bucket, but finally he decides to take it home and read it. The story that is written will change his life. It seems that in the text are clues to find a lost civilization. A civilization already described by Platoon in his there dialogues, a highly developed and immensely powerful civilization. Who owns the Lightning destructive weapon of Poseidon?

“A novel of great value where each page invites you to continue reading”  RICARDO SENABRE “A fantasy and impeccable knowledge very well developed”  ANTONIO BANOS, MAGAZINE QUÉ LEER

“One of the only few writers of fiction today that still wakes up my interest in reading”   FERNANDO SÁNCHEZ DRAGÓ


Kurt Meyerhoff

was born in Leipzig. He has a degree in Spanish literature. After German unification he lives between Portugal, Andalusia and his hometown. He has written numerous articles and essays on Spanish history. Pages: 360 ISBN 978-84-9877-699-7 ı 2962686 Publication date: 2011

GOD’S POISON During the last crusade of Luis IX against Islam in 1270, jew Baruj Zohar offers the sultan Al Mustansir a weapon that will beat the enemy without a fight, a strenght only the chosen by Yahvé can have. Few hours late Luis IX dies of what everybody thinks is an epidemic as most of his army. In 1940 the German troops fail when they try to invade England. Himmler has a meeting with SS staff officers to inform them that it is time to use a secret weapon that the Jews used in the past: The Ark of Convenant that has a supernatural power that will make the town that owns it unbeatable. And to find it and reveal all the secrets they will have a couple of Jews help: Aarón Sobieski, a polish cabalist and a biblical arqueologist Helga Silbermann. God´s poison is an archeological thriller about one of the most misterious objects in the history of Humanity: The Ark of Convenant.

Rights sold to Italy


Vicenta Márquez de la Plata. She

was born in Madrid. She is a historian specialized in medieval subjects, and has also a degree in genealogy. She has published several books about history, and some of them have been recommended by the Cervantes Institute.


Pages: 600 ISBN 978-84-9877-210-4 ı 2962244 Publication date: 2009

THE VALIDA Doña Leonor López de Córdoba, Maestre of Calatrava´s daughter and princess doña Constanza´s goddaughter, lived since she was born with the king of Castilla, Pedro the Cruel, and his family, enjoying the same privileges. When the king died, murdered by his bastard brother, Enrique of Trastamara, Leonor´s family falls in disgrace: her family died in the most dishonored way, and she, her brother and her husband are jailed in the Atarazanas in Sevilla. When she was freed, she got her patrimony again, and she managed to get to the highest position in Court, becoming one of the greatest characters in the Middle Ages.


© PIlar Écija

Winner of the Literature Prize Ateneo of Sevilla 2010.

Vanessa Montfort,

comes from New York and Madrid, even if she has lived in Madrid since she was a child. Novelist and playwright is the author of numerous theatrical texts with which she toured both Spain and London. She has participated in collective publications, and has won several literary awards.


Pages: 448 ISBN 978-84-9877-521-1 ı 2962498 Publication date: 2010

MYTHOLOGY OF NEW YORK “I ask you only one chance. This is a bet on one hand. If I win, if I can convince the time, you will not read even one page of this book. But let me play all my cards with my rules”. This is how Daniel Rogers begins his story, a player infiltrated by the police in New York in the world of illegal gambling to investigate the gruesome murder of The Children of Chance, a murderous organization that plays with the lives of their victims at cards. But events give an unexpected turn when Laura crosses his path, an unsuccessful painter wich arrives to New York from Europe with the need for an adventure to change her life forever. A strange attraction arises between them when they realize that their destinies are joined. The mythology of New York, is a novel of murders that seem to be playing in the real world. Through this mysterious book and with the help of a number of fascinating characters, a race starts to find out the identity of the murderers. A dangerous game, where the boundaries between fiction and reality threaten to break forever.


A clever thriller never read before!   BY VICTOR CLAUDÍN FROM 


A newyorker novel written by one of the authors with more capacity to do so. Just simple, a great novel to read.



Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature

© Javier de Agustín­­

Rights sold to: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Letonia.

Raquel MartínezGómez (1973) was born


Pages: 328 ISBN 978-84-9877-531-0 ı 2962326 Publication date: 2010

SHADOWS OF THE UNICORN Claudia is a journalist who was born in Oviedo but brought up in Argentina. She returns to Spain, hoping to make a new start in life, and the first job she gets is in a Madrid cocktail bar, The Unicorn. She meets Edgar there, who also has a traumatic past. Claudia and Edgar dwell in an ambiguous space where imagination and desires roam, and travel between what they would like to be and what they really are. An encounter with the unicorn gives them an opportunity to find themselves, an opportunity that is no less wonderful for being unexpected. Sombras de unicornio is an invitation to come closer to yourself and take flight without ever lifting your feet off the ground.

in Albacete. She has a PhD in Communications Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MA in Modern and Contemporary Literature, Culture and Thought from the University of Sussex, UK. Her short stories and poetry have received much recognition, and she has already finished another novel since the EUPL: The Hollow of Memory.

© Eduardo M. Conde


Rafael MartínezSimancas is a journalist

and writer who works in different medias. He has published several novels and has won several awards as journalist.

Pages: 312 ISBN 978-84-9877-638-6 ı 2962333 Publication date: 2011

TWELVE CANNON BALLS Julio Fernandez is a mature actor of soap operas, cocky and seductive, who is offered a starring role in a film about The Annual’s Disaster. He plays the role of the heroic Commander Julio Benitez Benitez. Through the film the events that took place in July 1921 during the assault on the position of Igueriben are relived. Fernandez must perform his best playing to reproduce the moral integrity of the commander Benitez who in those days without water, with little ammunition and no help will try to save his troops.


Francisco Galv獺n

was born in Madrid in 1958. He holds a University degree in Information Sciences and currently works in the department of digital content of a news agency. He has published several thrillers and also historical novels. DISPONIBLE EN

Pages: 480 ISBN 978-84-9877-145-9 覺 2962515 Publication date: 2008

MEMORIES OF THE PARTISAN WITH TWO HEADS The novel offers a vigorous and exciting story that covers ten relevant years of the Spanish History, from the Revolutionary War to the insurgent movements that gave rise to the Mexican emancipation. With this novel the author presents key characters in both events, as Navarre Xavier Mina, now considered a hero both in Spain and in Mexico.


Jose Antonio Ramírez Lozano

(Nogales, Badajoz 1950) holds a degree in Philosophy and is a teacher of secondary education. Author of more than 50 works, most of them awarded with significant prizes.

Pages: 280 ISBN 978-84-9877-297-5 ı 2962671 Publication date: 2009

APPLES OF ERASMUS Valerio de Sandoval, a disciple of Fray Luis de León, who loves botanic studies, is the prefect of the liturgy at the cathedral of Seville. After buying a silver reliquary, he realizes that there is a dark sediment that could be the blood of a martyr. But when he arrives home, he realizes that it is actually a seed and at the foot of the reliquary the words Semen mali are written, which means “the seed of evil.”


Álvaro Bermejo was


Pages: 400 ISBN 978-84-9877-134-3 ı 2962446 Publication date: 2008

THE GOSPEL FROM TIBET Did Jesus of Nazareth die on the cross? What was the Resurrection? Who was this white Buddha, son of a god and a virgin, who went to the Himalayas from the West in the early first century? In The gospel from Tibet Alvaro Bermejo has combined fifty years of amazing discoveries to compose a religious novel that can be read like a popular book, or perhaps a complete essay on mysticism and religiosity or like an adventure story. The novel tells the geographical and spiritual journey of a Spanish palaeographer from the Qumran Scrolls in Palestine to the door of Mulbek in Indian Tibet, and from the many versions of the life of Jesus of Nazareth to the various reincarnated Buddhas. A succession of amazing religious revelations in the border regions of Tibet shaken by struggles against China.

born in San Sebastian in 1959. He has a degree in History and Anthropology and he is an indefatigable traveller, an expert at Eastern routes. As a writer he has won numerous fiction prizes, and as a journalist his articles appear regularly in the Basque newspapers.


Arsenio Moreno

is professor of History of Art in the University of Pablo of Olavide in Sevilla. Researcher and professor, he has published more than twenty books, all of them related to History of Art and Culture in general.

Pages: 344 ISBN 978-84-9877-238-8 ı 2962247 Publication date: 2009

THE INDETERMINATE KNIGHT In 1617 the twenty eight year old nun, Magdalena Muñoz, turns into a man unexpectedly as a result of an accident. She is not the only Spanish soldier nun in Spain in the SXVII. But this is the surprising case of an hermaphrodite that wrote her own biography. From that moment on, her life will suffer from a similar metamorphosis that will take her from the walls of Santa Maria Coronada of Úbeda convent to the war campaigns in Naples and Flandes under the kingdom of Philip III. Using all the documents about this surprising case, Arsenio Moreno has written a fascinating novel with the background of the opulent and decadent Golden Century.


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