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Anytime is a good time to bring a tour to Holland, Michigan. Pick a season, any season, and your guests can delight in a parade, festival or scenic beauty.

Anytime is a good time to bring a tour to Holland, Michigan. Pick a season, any season, and your guests can delight in a parade, festival or scenic beauty.

Anytime is a good time to bring a tour to Holland, Michigan. Pick a season, any season, and your guests can delight in a parade, festival or scenic beauty.

Anytime is a good time to bring a tour to Holland, Michigan. Pick a season, any season, and your guests can delight in a parade, festival or scenic beauty.

Anytime is a good time to bring a tour to Holland, Michigan. Pick a season, any season, and your guests can delight in a parade, festival or scenic beauty.

Plus, Holland’s historic downtown is a year-round destination. Packed with over 100 unique boutiques, bistros and breweries, downtown has heated sidewalks leading to sumptuous eats, drinks and treasures to bring home.

Plus, Holland’s historic downtown is a year-round destination. Packed with over 100 unique boutiques, bistros and breweries, downtown has heated sidewalks leading to sumptuous eats, drinks and treasures to bring home.

Plus, Holland’s historic downtown is a year-round destination. Packed with over 100 unique boutiques, bistros and breweries, downtown has heated sidewalks leading to sumptuous eats, drinks and treasures to bring home.

Anytime is a good time to bring a tour to Holland, Michigan. Pick a season, any season, and your guests can delight in a parade, festival or scenic beauty. Plus, Holland’s historic downtown is year-round destination. Packed with over 100 unique boutiques, bistros and breweries, downtown has heated sidewalks leading to sumptuous eats, drinks and treasures to bring home.

Plus, Holland’s historic downtown year-round destination. Packed with over 100 unique boutiques, bistros and breweries, downtown has heated sidewalks leading to sumptuous eats, drinks and treasures to bring home.

Plus, Holland’s historic downtown is a year-round destination. Packed with over 100 unique boutiques, bistros and breweries, downtown has heated sidewalks leading to sumptuous eats, drinks and treasures to bring home.

Themed tours almost create themselves.

Themed tours almost create themselves.

Themed tours almost create themselves.

Themed tours almost create themselves.

Themed tours almost create themselves.

Themed tours almost create themselves. Combine an 1800’s cemetery tour with the Civil War Muster; a visit inside a 270-year-old windmill with the Holland Museum’s old world galleries; or an artisan fair with a Holland Bowl Mill antique machine demo.

Combine an 1800’s cemetery tour with the Civil War Muster; a visit inside a 270-year-old windmill with the Holland Museum’s old world galleries; or an artisan fair with a Holland Bowl Mill antique machine demo.

Combine an 1800’s cemetery tour with the Civil War Muster; a visit inside a 270-year-old windmill with the Holland Museum’s old world galleries; or an artisan fair with a Holland Bowl Mill antique machine demo.

Combine an 1800’s cemetery tour with the Civil War Muster; a visit inside a 270-year-old windmill with the Holland Museum’s old world galleries; or an artisan fair with a Holland Bowl Mill antique machine demo.

Combine an 1800’s cemetery tour with the Civil War Muster; a visit inside a 270-year-old windmill with the Holland Museum’s old world galleries; or an artisan fair with a Holland Bowl Mill antique machine demo.

Combine an 1800’s cemetery tour with the Civil War Muster; a visit inside a 270-year-old windmill with the Holland Museum’s old world galleries; or an artisan fair with a Holland Bowl Mill antique machine demo.

Call Wendy at 800.506.1299 to craft your next

Call Wendy at 800.506.1299 to craft your next sold-out tour.

Call Wendy at 800.506.1299 to craft your next sold-out tour.


Call Wendy at 800.506.1299 to craft your next sold-out tour. TULIP

Call Wendy at 800.506.1299 to craft your next sold-out tour.

Call Wendy at 800.506.1299 to craft your next sold-out tour.


May 6-14, 2023



May 6-14, 2023

ITINERARY ASSISTANCE 78 East 8th Street • Holland, MI • 800.506.1299 • ANNUAL TULIP TIME FESTIVAL Outdoor Events • Timed Ticketing • 5 Million Tulips
ITINERARY ASSISTANCE 78 East 8th Street • Holland, MI • 800.506.1299 • ANNUAL TULIP TIME FESTIVAL Outdoor Events • Timed Ticketing • 5 Million Tulips
May 6-14, 2023
ITINERARY ASSISTANCE 78 East 8th Street • Holland, MI • 800.506.1299 • ANNUAL TULIP TIME FESTIVAL Outdoor Events • Timed Ticketing • 5 Million Tulips DISCOVER HOLLAND MICHIGAN
May 6-14, 2023
ITINERARY ASSISTANCE 78 East 8th Street • Holland, MI • 800.506.1299 • ANNUAL TULIP TIME FESTIVAL Outdoor Events • Timed Ticketing • 5 Million Tulips DISCOVER HOLLAND MICHIGAN
2023 ITINERARY ASSISTANCE 78 East 8th Street • Holland, MI • 800.506.1299 • ANNUAL TULIP TIME FESTIVAL Outdoor Events • Timed Ticketing • 5 Million Tulips •
sold-out tour.
May 6-14, MagnificentMoments, UnforgettableExperiences. Faith&Heritage Culinary&Wine Sports&Adventure Relaxation&Wellness
2 August 2022 CONTENTS AUGUST 2022 | VOL. 35 NO. 3 GROUP TOUR DINNER THEATERS ADD SPARKLE AND FUN TO GROUP ITINERARIES Dinner and a show SPECIAL SECTION: FOOD + DRINK plus On the Cover Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, Johnstown, Colorado PHOTO BY THE CREATIVE AGENCY SPECIAL SECTION 99 Food + Drink 4 Publisher’s Note 6 Spotlight Champion Services Travel 8 News + Notes DEPARTMENTS Dinner theaters add sparkle and fun to group itineraries Dinner and a Show 14



18 Northern Ontario

Rugged natural beauty and thriving urban centers draw groups to Canada’s true north

Itineraries DeKalb County, Indiana Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Mansfield, Ohio


40 Baltimore Authentic group experiences await in Maryland’s largest city

Itineraries Happy Valley, Pennsylvania The Berkshires, Massachusetts Cooperstown, New York


60 Virginia Beach

Vibrant coastal city offers sand, sea and so much more

Itineraries Mobile, Alabama Daytona Beach, Florida Nashville, Tennessee




Colorado Unspoiled landscapes shine in the Centennial State

Itineraries Mesa, Arizona Sacramento, California Las Cruces, New Mexico

3 August 2022
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The Journey Ahead

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As the pandemic raged on, many industries endured ts and starts to their ability to reopen, while group tour planners and destination marketing organizations remained fully immersed in a nightmarish Zoomland waiting for groups to gather, employees to return, travel to resume and hotel occupancy rates to rise.

And yet here we are ... cautiously emerging from behind our masks wanting to believe that this time it’s for real. at we’ve made it — stronger, wiser, forever changed as individuals and organizations.

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4 August 2022
A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence.

Making Connections Champion Services Travel


ffers authentic cultural experiences

Being a parent adds multiple facets to our lives, and for Bernadette Champion, it was her children who inspired her career in group travel planning. Champion, founder of Champion Services Travel based in Fort Washington, Maryland, credits her children and her love of history with launching her business 25 years ago.

“When my children were school-aged, I wanted to teach them that the world was a big, diverse place and show how discovering it could be a wonderful adventure,” Champion said. “It worked. As they grew up, they looked forward to learning about new people and places, and they embraced cultures that were di erent from their own. eir excitement was one of the reasons I enrolled in travel school and formally entered the travel industry.”

Q. When you began Champion Services Travel, were you looking to fulfill a niche that was not being met?

A. Yes, as an African American, I saw a void in group travel that needed to be lled. In the mid-1990s, few group agents were targeting Black travelers or o ering authentic tours that allowed them to feel connected to the people, history and cultures in each destination, especially across the

African diaspora. Once I began to include a focus on the African diaspora, our itineraries became personal, and our groups began to grow! We tapped into the kind of authentic experiences that allowed travelers to discover new things while learning about their own history and culture in the process. Today, the gap has closed tremendously thanks largely to a new and growing community of young Black group-travel curators and entrepreneurs.

Q. What makes you proud of Champion Services Travel?

A. I am proud of our agency’s solid and growing reputation for the travel products we o er and the highly personalized service that we deliver.

I am grateful for the contingent of loyal and spirited travelers who have journeyed with us for 25 years. We call them the #championtravelers.

I am also humbled that my adult son and daughter are a part of the business — a er all, it began with them. ey were my spark.

Q. What group-tour planning trends have you seen emerge over the years?

A. I have seen the emergence of mostly niche and/or themed travel packages.

Q. How have you modified your offerings to meet these trends?

A. In some ways, I see them as catching up to what we have been doing for nearly three decades, especially when it comes to our focus on tours across the African diaspora. What’s important for me is staying in tune with what my clients want in their travel experiences. On every tour, our travelers have people-topeople experiences, in addition to their sightseeing itinerary. Also, leading up to their departure, I host brie ngs on everything from what to pack and fun cultural facts to destination information and more. It’s my way of keeping them informed, connected and excited.

Q. What is your favorite travel app?

A. I use several, per each travel destination, but my go-to app is Duolingo, a language translator.

Q. Share three words that describe why we should travel.

A. My motto is, “Traveling is learning.” e three words I choose are: ful llment, growth and living.

Bernadette Champion Champion Services Travel 301-686-0970 |

6 August 2022


Adventure Awaits

Minnesota is ready to welcome you to the land of 10,000 lakes. Tour legendary musician Prince’s home and recording studio or get up close and personal with American Eagles at the National Eagle Center. Shop with no sales tax on clothes at the iconic Mall of America, home of over 500 stores and 50 restaurants. To connect with the great outdoors, stop by Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior or take a paddlewheel boat cruise on the Mississippi River. Join us on a new adventure, only in Minnesota.


Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum opens Ford Island Control Tower

Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii, recently opened the doors of the historic Ford Island Control Tower, which had been closed for decades. A new guided tour, Top of the Tower Tour, includes access to the historic Operations Building, the Firehouse Exhibit and an elevator ride to the upper cab of the control tower — the pinnacle of the tour with 360-degree views of the Pearl Harbor aviation battle eld from 168 feet high. Historic videos and pictures in the upper cab show the impact and a ermath of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack.

e bottom of the Operations Building is anchored by the “Preserving our National Treasure” exhibit, researched and fabricated by U-Haul®, which explores the history of the building and tower in WWII and beyond.

e exhibit also shares the WWII story of U-Haul founders L.S. Ted and Anna Mary Cary Schoen.

Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights adds Ruston, Logansport

e Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights recently announced the addition of Ruston and Logansport as the two newest destinations along the trail. Christmas vacationers can now nd information about the holiday happenings in these two towns at the Holiday Trail of Lights website and on social media. e other cities on the trail are Shreveport-Bossier, Minden, Natchitoches, Alexandria-Pineville and Monroe-West Monroe, Louisiana.

“It’s very exciting to see the Holiday Trail of Lights continue to grow,” said Kelli West, board chairman for Holiday Trail of Lights and marketing director for Natchitoches Convention & Visitors Bureau. “ e addition of Ruston and Logansport to our Christmas marketing materials will make the trail even more accessible and compelling to locals and visitors alike.”

Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet® Ferry announces new name

Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet® Ferry, the most a ordable, longest-running ferry service to Mackinac Island, Michigan, recently announced plans to change its name to Mackinac Island Ferry Company and introduced a new logo for the new brand, which will be fully rolled out by the end of 2023. During this transition, the company will be referred to as Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry Company. e new name is designed to place all brand assets currently owned under the Mackinac Island Ferry Company umbrella of brands.

Mackinac Island Ferry Company owns the Star Line Mackinac Island Hydro-Jet® Ferry branded eet of ferries, the former Arnold Line Ferry eet and Mackinac Marine Services shipyard. e company is best known for its high-speed, hydro-jet rooster-tail boats, family-friendly atmosphere, and most frequent number of trips to and from Mackinac Island and underneath the Mackinac Bridge.

8 August 2022
News + Notes
Ford Island Control Tower, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum

Mall of America launches official tour program

Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota, recently launched its rst-ever, o cial tour program. Guests can now see what goes on behind the scenes of the nation’s largest retail and entertainment center. e exclusive tours, led by a team of mall experts, take guests on a 90-minute guided walk behind closed doors to see how the “magic of the mall” really happens while stories, facts and anecdotes are related at every turn. Highlights of the experience include insider access to hidden parts of the mall with special private photo opportunities. Tours are available for purchase to groups of all sizes as well as individuals.

e latest Economic Impact Report from the World Travel & Tourism Council reveals the U.S. travel and tourism sector is projected to contribute over $2.6 billion in gross domestic product to the U.S. economy over the next decade. By 2032, the U.S. travel and tourism sector is expected to make up 9.2% of the entire U.S. economy, based on an average annual growth rate of 3.9%.

“ e long-term recovery of the U.S. travel and tourism sector looks positive, bringing more than 6 million new jobs to the U.S. economy over the next 10 years,” said Julia Simpson, World Travel & Tourism Council president & CEO. “But the landscape is highly competitive, and the U.S. is losing out on international visitors.”

DuSable Museum

e DuSable Museum of African American History in Chicago, Illinois, has a new name: e DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center. e new name rea rms the organization’s commitment to educate all people about Black history, culture and experience, and to recognize the global connections and cultures of Black people across the diaspora. e new name includes a new logo, visual identity and iconography for e DuSable Museum. e organization unveiled the new name and new look with refreshed signs and banners around the museum property in the historic Washington Park neighborhood. A new brand campaign encourages people to explore e DuSable by turning “Du” into a call to action.

NTA picks Shreveport-Bossier for 2023 Travel Exchange

e National Tour Association’s Travel Exchange, set for Nov. 12–15, 2023, will be held in northwest Louisiana. Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau sta , tourism industry supporters and state government o cials recently gathered to make the announcement.

NTA’s membership includes tour operator companies — group, independent, inbound and outbound — and the destinations and suppliers that partner with them. About 500 to 700 people are expected to attend Travel Exchange, and the economic impact is predicted to be $1.7 million.

“Hosting this prestigious event a ords Shreveport-Bossier tremendous exposure to the travel industry, and we thank the Louisiana O ce of Tourism for helping to sponsor NTA,” said Stacy Brown, president/CEO of the Shreveport-Bossier Convention & Tourist Bureau. “While the economic bene t is certainly exciting, we are truly looking forward to the marketing exposure NTA will ultimately bring.”

9 August 2022 PHOTO MALL OF AMERICA News + Notes
Travel and tourism revenue make up almost 10% of US economy
unveils new name
Mall of America

Indianapolis exhibit focuses on Stephen Sprouse fashions

On view through April 2, 2023, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at New elds is “Stephen Sprouse: Rock | Art | Fashion.” e exhibition features more than 60 ensembles and 40 pairs of shoes and boots designed by Indiana native Stephen Sprouse (1953–2004).

e art museum acquired the Stephen Sprouse fashion collection and archives in 2019 through the generosity of Joanne and Bradford Sprouse (Stephen’s mother and brother). e donation included more than 10,000 pieces, including men’s and women’s garments, shoes, accessories, textile samples, fashion sketches, audiovisuals and Polaroids that are featured in the exhibition. Two portraits of Sprouse painted by Andy Warhol were also included in this signi cant gi . One is on view in the newly renovated Clowes Pavilion and the other is included in this exhibition.

National Harbor welcomes Spirit Park

Spirit Park at National Harbor, billed as a modern tribute to the soul and spirit of the American ag, is slated to open Sept. 11 at National Harbor in Maryland. irteen ceremonial ags circle the park to represent the 13 original colonies. e Spirit Park American ag measures 50 feet by 80 feet and is one of the largest ags on the East Coast. e agpole is 177.7 feet, a nod to June 14, 1777, the date the Continental Congress approved the design of a national ag. e park holds a series of sculptures, including American Bison, a hybrid metal art piece of three American bison by Jon Lopez of South Dakota.

Freeman to lead US Travel Association

Geo Freeman, an industry association veteran, rejoins the travel industry Sept. 1 as president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. He succeeds Roger Dow, who is stepping down a er 17 years as leader of the organization. In 2007, Freeman was named executive director of Discover America Partnership, one of three organizations that merged to become the U.S. Travel Association in 2009. Freeman’s strategic work at U.S. Travel led to the Travel Promotion Act of 2009 and the creation of Brand USA. He was chief operating o cer at U.S. Travel when he le in 2013 to become president and CEO of the American Gaming Association. Most recently, he was president and CEO of the Consumer Brands Association.

An American Story’ opens at Museum of Historic Annapolis

e Museum of Historic Annapolis in Annapolis, Maryland, recently debuted its new permanent exhibition, “Annapolis: An American Story.” e exhibit features an inspiring theater lm experience and three oors of dynamic exhibits spotlighting the chronological, diverse history of Maryland’s capital city across more than 400 years. It shares dramatic stories of Annapolis and its diverse people — revolutionaries, visionaries and champions in the United States’ continuing quest for liberty and justice — who helped shape the American story.

Geoff Freeman
American Bison, Spirit Park at National Harbor
11 August 2022 STEVIE RAY’S COMEDY CABARET Just $28 Comedy Improv Variety Show Friday & Saturday Evenings NOW EXTENDED! SPECIAL GROUP PRICING “A Glorious Celebration!” – Star Tribune GroupTour_August2022.qxp_Layout 1 6/16/22 10:27 AM Page 1 • • • Contact us for a proposal today! GrandStay Loves Tour Groups!

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum announces next major exhibition

e Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, recently announced a new exhibition: “Western Edge: e Roots and Reverberations of Los Angeles Country-Rock.” e exhibit will examine the LA-based movement that transformed popular music and inspired future generations of country and Americana artists. It will be housed in the museum’s newly transformed 5,000-square-foot gallery and opens Sept. 30 for a nearly three-year run.

“Western Edge” will examine the close-knit communities of Los Angeles-based singers, songwriters and musicians who, from the 1960s through the 1980s, embraced country music, frequented local nightclubs, and created and shaped the musical fusion known as “country-rock” — ultimately making an indelible and lasting impact on popular music around the world.

e museum’s curatorial and creative teams have conducted more than 40 hours of lmed interviews and collected an array of signi cant artifacts from central gures in the musical movement for display in “Western Edge.” e exhibit will feature stage wear, instruments, original song manuscripts and more. Interactive elements will illustrate the connections between artists that made up the musical communities explored in the exhibit, allowing access to audio recordings, performance clips, original interview footage and historic photographs.

Eiteljorg Museum opens new Native American galleries

New Native American galleries opened in June at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Indianapolis, Indiana. e new galleries are a space for Native peoples to be the authority of their own stories. Previous Native galleries arranged artworks by geographic region. By contrast, the new galleries approach the presentation from a Native perspective and are organized around the themes of relation, continuation and innovation — concepts shared by many Native cultures.

Biltmore displays Leonardo’s genius

“Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius” is on view through Feb. 20, 2023, in Amherst at Deerpark, the exhibition and event space on the grounds of Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina.

e third installment of Biltmore’s Legends of Art & Innovation exhibition series, “Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius” explains and draws together all aspects of da Vinci’s life and times, his key achievements and how his talents, thoughts, innovations and inventions are still just as relevant today — 500 years later.

is immersive experience includes replicas of da Vinci’s large-scale machine inventions, many of which are interactive, and detailed reproductions of his masterpiece paintings, codices and drawings. Twenty models of the machines da Vinci designed are featured, each model constructed directly from the pages of da Vinci’s codices. Artisans who did the work used materials readily available in the 15th century, including wood, cotton, brass, iron and canvas.

12 August 2022 News + Notes
“Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius” Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
13 August 2022 Plan better trips with exciting destinations, thrilling itineraries, the latest travel trends, and group-friendly restaurants and lodging in every issue! Never miss an issue. ENJOY SEAMLESS DELIVERY VISIT scan to renew

Dinner anda show

14 August 2022
Dinner Theatre
theaters add sparkle and fun to group itineraries

Watching a live theatrical performance is — in a word — magical. Few forms of entertainment are as satisfying as the portrayal of a story by live actors. It’s the reason humans have been taking in live performances since ancient Greece.

Throw in an awesome meal, and it’s dinner theater, the perfect ending to a day of visiting attractions and touring museums. Dinner theaters are a popular addition to group tour itineraries because they are easy to plan and fun for all.

MUsicals at Toby’s

Take Toby’s Dinner eatre in Columbia, Maryland, for example, where award-winning Broadway and original musicals with bu et-style dinners are the order of the day. And have been for 40 years.

e professional theater o ers eight shows weekly with evening and matinee performances.

“From our customers’ rst contact with our group sales sta to watching our servers transform into glamorous, talented performers on stage, our commitment to our guests’ enjoyable Toby’s experience is rst and foremost,” said Cheryl ClemensEveridge, director of sales at Toby’s Dinner eatre.

“Toby’s unique venue, with amazing performances ‘in-theround,’ provides each guest with a dynamic, interactive experience and a great view, with no seat more than 30 feet from the stage,” she said. “Additionally, Toby’s is one of the few regional dinner theaters featuring a live orchestra.”

Toby’s gives visitors “an experience not many theaters can o er, being in a smaller venue in-the-round,” she said. “Groups o en remark that Toby’s was the highlight of their tour experience.”

Toby’s o ers pre-show performance opportunities for musical groups and talk-backs with cast/crew a er the show.

Toby’s Dinner Theatre

410-730-8311 |


Murry’s, since 1967

As one of the longest running dinner theaters in America, Murry’s Dinner Playhouse in Little Rock has been providing entertainment in Arkansas with “best of Broadway” shows for 55 years, said owner Ike Murry. “We are proud to o er a complete evening of food, fun and fabulous entertainment at one low price.”

Visitors can expect to laugh when they see a show at Murry’s. “All of our productions have a comedy base,” Murry said. “We don’t want to educate you. We want to entertain you.”

Murry’s can accommodate up to 280 guests.

Murry’s Dinner Playhouse 501-562-3131 |

15 August 2022
Toby’s Dinner Theatre Murry’s Dinner Playhouse
Dinner Playhouse OPPOSITE

Indianapolis’ Beef & Boards

Visitors to Beef & Boards Dinner eatre are treated to professional Broadway productions paired with a bu et dinner prepared by its executive chef. Beef & Boards is an easy stop for tours going to or through Indiana.

“Our theater is designed so that you’re never more than six rows from the stage, so it’s a more intimate atmosphere,” said Patricia Rettig, director of marketing and media relations at Beef & Boards. “We’re conveniently located o Interstate 465 on the northwest side of Indianapolis, so we’re easy to get to with ample parking for coaches and buses and with multiple hotels located in the vicinity.”

Matinee performances are convenient for groups passing through the area because they can stop and enjoy lunch and a show before continuing on, she added.

“Beef & Boards Dinner eatre is a family-owned business, and we strive to make our guests feel like they’re part of the family,” Rettig said. “Our group sales department is skilled at tailoring each group’s visit to suit their needs because we know two groups are never the same.”

Rettig said Beef & Boards o ers a memorable experience for group tours. “I always feel like we’ve been successful when they leave singing tunes from the show,” she said. e theater can accommodate 420 guests.

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre 317-876-0503 |

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Candlelight Dinner Playhouse

Colorado’s largest dinner theater

Candlelight Dinner Playhouse in Johnstown, Colorado, is the largest dinner theater in Colorado. Grammy Award-winning performers o en star in its shows. e 15th season begins in September.

e Candlelight is “a professional theater dedicated to preserving and cultivating the tradition of American musical theater while providing an extraordinary entertainment experience of unparalleled quality,” said Jalyn Courtenay Webb, director of sales and marketing at Candlelight Dinner Playhouse.

e Candlelight produces ve to six book musicals and/or nonmusical plays per year, she said. It also hosts several regional and national concerts every year.

“Our hope is that our groups want to return,” Webb said. “We have several groups that have been attending since the Candlelight opened, and we love when they come back and see us. We love that we have become a tradition for groups in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and points beyond.”

e theater can accommodate 300 people.

Candlelight Dinner Playhouse 970-744-3753 |

Effortless planning

Planning a stop at a dinner theater is easy because the theater handles all the details. And theaters are easy on the tour budget, offering group rates (minimums vary).

Dinner theaters o en offer comped tickets for the motorcoach driver and the tour leader as well as motorcoach parking.

Many offer a full meal, o en a buffet, with the performance. Some even theme the dinner to the show. Some include dessert, and most have bar service with a separate tab.

“Our groups love how seamless the process is from start to finish,” Webb said. “We strive to make bringing a group to the Candlelight easy.”

Murry sums up why groups should add his dinner theater to their itinerary: “One stop, complete evening for a great price.”

17 August 2022
Candlelight Dinner Playhouse
Candlelight Dinner Playhouse


Rugged natural beauty and thriving urban centers draw groups to Canada’s true north


In Northern Ontario, nature is the name of the game. Fresh air, clean water, photo-worthy backdrops and vast wilderness define the region’s 500,000 square miles. The area is bordered by the province of Manitoba to the west, Hudson Bay to the north, the province of Quebec to the east, and the states of Michigan and Minnesota to the south.

Located on the shores of two Great Lakes — Huron and Superior — Northern Ontario’s water activities are plentiful. Add to that, the region boasts over 200,000 lakes and rivers.

The expansive outdoor setting allows for almost endless itinerary options for tour groups, including a variety of popular attractions that have direct links to the great outdoors.

“To counter the thinking that we are just a big wilderness area, we concentrate on driving/touring routes that link our major cities as well as our unique attractions and experiences,” said Ian McMillan, international marketing specialist at Destination Northern Ontario. “These are good for group travel as well as those in a car or RV.”

With Northern Ontario covering such a large area, McMillan said one draw for visitors is that the region can o er so much but remain uncrowded.

“Being a not-crowded destination allows for social distancing for those still worried about COVID-19,” McMillan said. “But also, the rich history of the region lets people reconnect with the past while enjoying the current modern amenities. Our cities provide a great backdrop to contrast with the outdoors.”

Groups will nd diverse o erings in the cities and regions that make up Northern Ontario. under Bay, located in the northwestern part of the region, is known as “Canada’s Greatest Outdoor City.” It’s also an ideal home base for a group. e region’s biggest city, Sudbury, o ers fun festivals, outdoor adventure and the area’s biggest indoor attractions. Algoma Country’s beautiful landscapes are famous for inspiring the famous Group of Seven Canadian artists. Part of Algoma Country, the

city of Sault Ste. Marie, or “ e Soo” as it’s more a ectionately known, is located on the border between Canada and the U.S. e city welcomes groups with modern amenities and an old-fashioned feel.

“For a U.S.-based operator, I always ask them if they currently have Mackinac Island, Michigan, as part of their itinerary, as Northern Ontario/Sault Ste. Marie is only 45 miles farther north on Interstate 75,” McMillan said. “In such a short distance, they can hop over the border and get a very unique and memorable experience.”

Destination Northern Ontario has developed ve touring routes to help groups navigate the region.

“We have a great industry web portal,, that tour operators can visit, and it has all the information about the touring routes and accommodations, attractions and experiences,” McMillan said. “I can also assist them with any questions they may have.”

18 August 2022
Lake Superior


In Sault Ste. Marie, the Agawa Canyon Tour Train is a group favorite. Visitors journey on a 228-mile round trip along the shore of Lake Superior, through rugged Cambrian Shield to a wilderness park in an actual canyon.

e train operates from early June through mid-October.

“A two-hour stopover in the park allows riders to hike along the trails to three sets of beautiful waterfalls, and the dining car serves breakfast and lunch on the train,” McMillan said.

Also in Sault Ste. Marie, the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre is an airplane hangar that features dozens of historic planes, interactive exhibits and a 3D movie. Groups can explore at their leisure or can schedule guided tours. Located in the same building, Entomica is an interactive insectarium that showcases exotic insects from all over the world. Private group tours are available.

In under Bay, Fort William Historical Park is home to one of the largest living history sites in North America. Fort William was once the inland headquarters of the North West Company, the world’s largest fur trading enterprise. Groups witness the hustle and bustle of an active fur trading post, including artisans

building canoes, farmers tending to gardens and voyageurs loading furs. A nearby encampment shares the traditional lifestyle, culture and heritage of the region’s Indigenous people, the Anishinaabe.

Sudbury is home to Science North and Dynamic Earth, two interactive science experiences. Science North features an IMAX with laser theater, a digital planetarium, a butter y garden, a tech lab, science demonstrations and a special exhibit hall. Dynamic Earth is home to the iconic Big Nickel, an exact replica of the 1951 Canadian nickel, weighing 28,000 pounds. Visitors can walk around and under the coin for fun group photo ops.

e science center also features earth science and mining experiences, complete with a guided underground tour.

At Wiikwemikoong Unceded Territory on Manitoulin Island, groups can immerse in Indigenous experiences and First Nations culture. e territory is home to the largest Anishinabek community on Manitoulin Island.

“Hiking, canoeing, culinary and history are all part of the experience,” McMillan said.

Destination Northern Ontario 705-542-4142

19 August 2022
Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre
Agawa Canyon Tour Train Lake Superior Highway

DeKalb County INDIANA

ADMIRE Car lovers venture to Auburn and DeKalb County to experience rich automotive history. Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum is in the original international headquarters building of the Auburn Automobile Company. The art deco showroom holds Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg cars manufactured from 1925 to 1937.

Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum covers Ford history from 1932 through 1953.

National Auto & Truck Museum presents over 190 prewar and postwar cars and trucks, prototype vehicles, vintage gas pumps, and the rare GM Futurliner No. 10 (out of only 12 produced).

The International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame in Butler regularly features several monster trucks along with a great collection of monster truck memorabilia, photos, driver uniforms and crew shirts, and historic body panels.

SHOP Sechler’s Pickles has produced pickles — and relishes and salsas — for 100 years in St. Joe. Stop at the factory showroom for the complete product lineup, from old standards to spicy new combinations. Tours and samples are not currently offered.

DISCOVER The former Garrett State Bank building has been transformed into Garrett Museum of Art. The museum provides educational, cultural and recreational programs and showcases local and regional artists.

The history of dra animals in America comes into focus at DeKalb County Horsemen’s Association and Dra Animal Museum. The museum is open select Saturdays and Sundays from May to October and by appointment.


DeKalb County Visitors Bureau 260-446-6605 |

20 August 2022 Midwest Itinerary PHOTOS VISIT DEKALB.ORG
Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum
“Our niche is definitely the classic car scene, but as many discover while exploring our unique attractions, the whole county has a welcoming simplicity and essence of early childhood nostalgia.”
AMBER CACCAMO, executive director, DeKalb County Visitors Bureau

More to Love

Fort Wayne amps up its offerings BY DAVID

With solid attractions — and more on the way — Fort Wayne, Indiana, welcomes group tours with open arms. “Fort Wayne is excited to welcome groups back into our city,” said Nicolle Campbell, director of sales at Visit Fort Wayne. “With new attractions like Electric Works, Promenade Park and e Landing, on top of our signature experiences like e Genealogy Center and Sweetwater Sound, there is much that we look forward to showcasing in a group tour experience.”


A 39-acre former General Electric manufacturing campus is now a massive adaptive reuse project called Electric Works. Buildings where electric motors were manufactured are being renovated.

Coming to Electric Works in fall 2022, Union Street Market will be the region’s rst food hall/public market. Other additions include unique retail, dining and entertainment options. e former GE Club, built in 1927, will be the new home of a modernized gym and a bowling alley.


Promenade Park, which opened in 2019 on the bank of the St. Marys River, includes a pavilion, amphitheater, bandshell, artwork and a tree canopy trail. Groups can book a guided cruise on the rivers of Fort Wayne: the St Marys, Maumee and St. Joseph. Sweet Breeze, an authentic canal boat replica, o ers tours. Just south of Promenade Park is e Landing, a blocklong historic district with restaurants and shops.


e Allen County Public Library holds e Genealogy Center and the Rolland Center for Lincoln Research. e Rolland Center, which opened in January, is free and blends Lincoln historical materials with interactive technology to deliver an engaging experience.“Folks relate to the Lincoln family stories,” said Jessie Cortesi, Lincoln librarian.

Kiosks allow guests to create their own exhibit and take a deep dive into an area of Lincoln. With its 1 million-piece physical collection, access to all major databases and a talented team, e Genealogy Center helps people discover their family stories.

“We’re really jazzed about the power of story,” said Curt B. Witcher, director of special collections at e Genealogy Center. “We have seen more jaws drop than most librarians.”

Other downtown draws include Old Fort Wayne; Embassy eatre; Parkview Field, home of the minor-league TinCaps; the grand Allen County Courthouse; Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory; Fort Wayne Museum of Art and Arts Campus Fort Wayne.

Vera Bradley, the luggage and handbag company headquartered in Fort Wayne, has in uenced and continues to be a large part of the community. Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller founded the company 40 years ago.

“I love Fort Wayne,” Baekgaard said. “One of the reasons there is a Vera Bradley is because Fort Wayne got behind us.”

Baekgaard’s latest project is the city’s first boutique hotel, The Bradley, which opened in 2021. The downtown property features a restaurant, a rooftop bar, and 124 rooms, including nine individually designed suites.

22 August 2022 PHOTO VISIT FORT WAYNE Midwest
Hello Fort Wayne mural

The Bradley is a collaboration between Baekgaard and Provenance Hotels, headquartered in Portland, Oregon. roughout downtown, groups will see colorful murals and art-infused alleys. Art is Way is a volunteer-run organization that operates under the umbrella of the Fort Wayne Downtown Improvement District. e organization raises funds and acts as the liaison between property owners and artists to bring large-scale professional art installations — like murals — to Fort Wayne.


Groups can venture out of downtown to experience the animals that live on the 40 acres of the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. And at the Sweetwater music store campus, visitors learn the story of Chuck Surack, who used a portable recording service (a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a Volkswagen minibus) to launch a music technology and instrument retailing empire. On a 45-minute tour, see where the sales engineers work, check out the guitar repair shop and visit Sweetwater Studios. e massive music store is brimming with music equipment, guitars, pianos, a band and orchestra gallery, and fully loaded demo studios. e Downbeat Diner and Crescendo Cafe is open to employees and visitors.

Visit Fort Wayne 260-424-3700 |

Contact Todd Read for custom group itineraries at (812) 280-8082 or


Step into the heart of Amish Country and experience true Hoosier Hospitality at Das Dutchman Essenhaus

- family-style dining - five quaint, unique gift shops - Christmas tree tours - generously-sized guest rooms - deluxe hot breakfast - baggage handling

And experience all the cheer of the holiday season

- Christmas Cookie Making, Card Upcycling, and Wooden Snowman ornament fun

- NOEL equestrian holiday experience, festive light displays and Christmas theatre musicals

- Stocking Stu er Backroads Tour with local guide

Contact Sonya at 800.262.8161 to plan your group trip today!

23 August 2022
Learn more at
Found Only in SoIN
GroupToday SoIN Tourism 1_3 Page Ad Jan 2022.indd 1 6/13/22 4:24 PM

Made in Illinois

A er two of John Deere’s blacksmith shops burned down in Vermont, the young man decided to head west in 1837 to seek his fortune. He got as far as Grand Detour on the Rock River in Illinois where he chose to plant his roots as the community’s only skilled blacksmith.

“Grand Detour was settled by other Vermonters, including many that he already knew,” said Neil Dahlstrom, branded properties and heritage manager for John Deere. “Settlers tended to settle where they already knew people who had made the trip.”

Luckily for the new nation, Deere changed history with his invention of the rst steel self-scouring plow. Wood and cast-iron plows in use at the time were ill-suited for the prairie soil. Known as “the plow that broke the plains,” the polished steel plow had a unique shape that made it workable in the fertile, sticky-with-clay Midwestern soil.

Today, the John Deere Historic Site is a popular stop for group tours, where free attractions mark the spot where Deere invented his farming tool. e site near Dixon, Illinois, features an interpretive lm, a museum, blacksmithing demonstrations, a giant Deere statue, historical markers and an archaeological dig showing the remains of Deere’s original forge.

24 August 2022
PHOTO COURTESY OF JOHN DEERE HISTORIC SITE Blacksmithing demonstration, John Deere Historic Site Explore agricultural roots at John Deere Historic Site BY JACKIE SHECKLER FINCH John Deere Historic Site

“Tours are very interactive, from hearing stories from our knowledgeable tour guides to our blacksmith demonstrations,” Dahlstrom said. “An important part is also the business he built in Grand Detour over the next 10 years, as well as the relationships he built while here.”

In addition to guided tours, visitors can use a new mobile guide called “Visit John Deere,” which is available for both Apple and Android devices. e guide features audio tours, virtual reality experiences and additional stories about John Deere.

Group tours can be customized based on the size and type of group, Dahlstrom said. Visitors can stand in the spot where Deere created the rst commercially successful steel plow that changed the world of agriculture forever. Tours of the John Deere family home give a glimpse of family life in 1836. Tourgoers see how pioneers cooked, cleaned and spent their free time.

“Most of all,” Dahlstrom said, “groups love to walk the grounds and buildings that the Deere family actually walked.”

815-652-4551 |

25 August 2022
John Deere Historic Site

Chicago’s Front Porch

Navy Pier delights with attractions and skyline views BY JACKIE SHECKLER FINCH

Soar to nearly 200 feet in a climate-controlled gondola on the Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier where riders can marvel at the stunning Chicago skyline.

Take in a play at the Chicago Shakespeare eater. Stroll through Polk Bros Park, a 13-acre green space serving as Navy Pier’s gateway. Enjoy the park’s huge fountain with programmable jets mimicking movements of waves, schools of sh, ocks of birds and other fascinating scenes.

Savor a Chicago deep-dish pizza at Giordano’s. en head to the Original Rainbow Cone sweet shop for an almost century-old Chicago classic of a sugar cone piled high with ve avors of sliced ice cream.

“Navy Pier is Chicago’s front porch, where the legendary skyline meets beautiful Lake Michigan for the best views of the city,” said Nick Pullia, Navy Pier senior advisor. “Groups can make a day or week of it, with everything they need right on the pier — dinner cruises, architecture tours, fast-food and sit-down dining or private catering, amusement park rides and the new Sable Hotel.”

Navy Pier is home to 71 tenant businesses.

“With nearly a mile of amenities, including the spectacular and historic Aon Grand Ballroom, Navy Pier can host groups of almost any size from intimate parties to immense conventions,” Pullia said. “Discounts are

available for groups of 20 or more, and the Navy Pier team can help put together a unique itinerary tailored to your group.”

Stretching into Lake Michigan, the lakefront treasure known as “ e People’s Pier” o ers 50 acres of attractions

26 August 2022
PHOTO NAVY PIER Navy Pier Navy Pier


and experiences, plus history galore. Originally opened in 1916 as a shipping and recreation facility known as Municipal Pier, the facility was o cially renamed Navy Pier in 1927 as a tribute to the Navy personnel who were housed at the pier during World War I.

Since its reopening in 1995, Navy Pier has welcomed visitors from around the world.

“Guests are impressed by how much Navy Pier has evolved over the past several years,” Pullia said. “Navy Pier has a year-round schedule of free arts and entertainment programming, including concerts in the park.”

A top draw for groups is a lake cruise, Pullia said, including the must-see Chicago Architecture Tour featuring more than 50 skyscrapers, moveable bridges and historic sites. Navy Pier 800-595-7437 |

27 August 2022
SHAWFEST.COM | 1-800-511-SHAW Client: SHAW FESTIVAL Publication: Group Tour Magazine Insertion Date: August Issue Size: 2.25in x 4.75in Contact: BRUCE@KEYGORDON.COM - Key Gordon Communications Celebrate
season at
Ontario. Featuring Irving Berlin’s White Christmas and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol ON STAGE NOVEMBER 9 – DECEMBER 23 Mall of America® Central Park Commons FANTASTIC GROUP TOURS BEGIN IN EAGAN Home of the Minnesota Vikings & Twin Cities Premium Outlets® Top rated attractions • 20 incredible hotels 3% lodging tax • Near Mall of America® Visit or contact Denise Olsen for more information ENJOY EAGAN 866-324-2620 TAX-FREE SHOPPING on andclothes shoes! Twin Cities Premium Outlets® Navy Pier scan to subscribe YOUTH TRAVELplanne r
the holiday
The Shaw
beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake,

Sault Ste. Marie MICHIGAN

CRUISE Every year about 10,000 freighters go through the Soo Locks, which are located at the northern end of the St. Marys River connecting Lake Superior and Lake Huron. The locks make it possible for vessels of all sizes to traverse the 21-foot difference between the upper river and the lower river. “Locking through” is the opportunity to experience the tour boat raising, or lowering, with 22 million gallons of water fed by gravity (no pumps) into the Poe Lock. Famous Soo Locks Boat Tours and Original Soo Locks Boat Tours offer 90-minute-plus tours. Pass under the International Highway Bridge and see historic attractions.

VIEW Soo Locks Park offers great sightseeing. The observation deck peers over the MacArthur Lock and is as close to the Poe Lock as a person can possibly get.

EXPLORE At Tahquamenon Falls State Park, take a paved trail to the iconic waterfalls or hike a rustic trail at the river’s edge. Check out the brewpub, gi shop and outdoor fireplace.

TOUR River of History Museum’s 11 interactive galleries chronicle the 8,000-year history of the St. Marys River. The Museum Ship Valley Camp, a retired Great Lakes freighter, brings shipboard life into focus.

Rising 210 feet above Sault Ste. Marie, the Tower of History provides groups a 360-degree view of the entire Sault area from the Soo Locks and the St. Marys River to the Canadian wilderness. An express elevator takes guests to the top for a panoramic view of up to 1,200 square miles.

PLAY Head to Kewadin Casino for gaming and entertainment.


Sault Ste. Marie CVB 906-632-3366 |

“You have to see Sault Ste. Marie for yourself to truly believe all our city has to offer. From cruising along the St. Marys River to exploring Tahquamenon Falls, you’re guaranteed to make memories that last a lifetime. In the Soo, you can find manmade marvels and the wonders of Mother Nature all within a short distance of each other.”

28 August 2022 Midwest Itinerary
Upper Tahquamenon Falls Soo Locks Park FROM TOP AUBRY HEALY © 2021 STATE OF MICHIGAN, SAULT STE. MARIE CVB LINDA HOATH, executive director, Sault Ste. Marie CVB


Discover your place to getaway. To indulge and enjoy it all your way. This is your day of adventure. Your day to win. So come and go all-in. There’s delicious dining, king-size luxury, big-time winning and so much more at Michigan’s most exciting destination.

Enjoy the Journey

Slow down and relax aboard historic S.S. Badger BY JACKIE SHECKLER FINCH

Even folks who aren’t driving vehicles are walking onboard the S.S. Badger Lake Michigan Carferry just to enjoy the ride. Based in Ludington, Michigan, the Badge r carries passengers from Ludington to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and vice versa.

“Riding the Badger is much more than just getting you from point A to point B,” said Sara Spore, general manager for S.S. Badger Lake Michigan Carferry. “You are traveling on a National Historic Landmark.”

e relaxing four-hour, 60-mile cruise takes passengers, autos, RVs, tour buses, motorcycles, bicycles and commercial trucks across Lake Michigan. e S.S. Badger o ers group rates, special fees for group meals, itinerary assistance and host greeting.

“We have live entertainment, games, trivia and scavenger hunts as well as the gi shop, bars and food options,” Spore said. “We have had groups in the past that travel across where they meet a bus and continue their journey.”

e last coal- red passenger steamship in operation in the United States, the S.S. Badger rst entered service in 1953. e 410-foot vessel can accommodate 600 passengers and 180 vehicles.

Blending tradition and nostalgia with modern, state-ofthe-art equipment, the Badger also o ers staterooms and a movie lounge. Seating is available throughout both the interior and exterior.

ere is lots of open deck space with seating for those who just want to unwind,” Spore said. “Some passengers who travel without vehicles take a day trip and enjoy lunch in Manitowoc/Ludington or a trip to the candy store. Others book a rental or have a taxi pick them up and stay overnight.”

e Badger’s size allows passengers freedom of movement throughout public areas of the vessel. Passengers can enjoy two eateries, cocktail service, a museum with some maritime artifacts, a game room and kids’ playroom.

“Some passengers buy a one-way ticket seeing the ride as an experience that is much more relaxing than driving through Chicago tra c,” Spore said. “Others take the Badger as part of a lake ‘loop tour’ and drive home via Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.”

S.S. Badger Lake Michigan Carferry 888-227-2628 |

30 August 2022
S.S. Badger Lake Michigan Carferry
31 August 2022 TOUR THE MOST FAMOUS SURVIVING SUBMARINE OF WORLD WAR II GIVE YOUR GUESTS A UNIQUE HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE Tour Two Historic WWII Vessels Group Tours begin at $7.50 Free Bus Parking Indoor Lunch/Dinner Area Included MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN LOCATED ON LAKE MICHIGAN OPEN YEAR ROUND 7 DAYS A WEEK USS Silversides Submarine Muskegon, WWW.SILVERSIDESMUSEUM.ORG Give Your Guests a Unique Tour Two Historic Open Year Round, Group Tours begin at $7.50 Indoor Lunch/Dinner Area Included USS Silversides Submarine Museum Muskegon, MI WWW.SILVERSIDESMUSEUM.ORG Give Your Guests a Unique Historical Experience Tour Two Historic WWII Vessels Open Year Round, 7 Days a Week Group Tours begin at $7.50 Free Bus Parking, Indoor Lunch/Dinner Area Included, Located on Lake Michigan DETROIT LOVES GROUPS DETROIT: ALWAYS FUN FOR GROUPS PLAN NOW Detroit welcomes groups with wide smiles and open arms. Our people-powered city is ready to integrate your group into a unique social and cultural fabric for an adventure that’s authentic and unforgettable. We’ve got sample itineraries, group-friendly attractions, restaurants and more to help you experience the real Detroit. Let’s get started. PHOTO COURTESY HANDLEBAR DETROIT PEDAL BAR TOUR DMC1014X22 Fall 2022 Group Tour Print Ad 4-75x7-25 FINAL.indd 1 6/2/22 11:27 AM Turkeyville is the place for fun and great dinner theatre. BOOK NOW FOR 2023! (269) 781-4293 | Mar 16-15 I Do! I Do! May 4-Jun 10 Sex Please, We’re Sixty! Jun 29-Aug 5 The Great American Trailer Park Musical Aug 31-Oct 1 Forever Plaid Nov 2-Dec 17 Tinsel & Turkey: A Cornwell’s Holiday Spectacular! or by calling (313) 494-5808 Charles
H. Wright Museum of African American History: Honor History. Protect Culture


e Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, unveiled several enhancements to its 20-acre campus earlier this year. Two all-new retail stores, a greatly enhanced Experience Gallery and a new year-round event building will enrich a museum visit for motorcycle riders and non-riders alike.

Ever since the museum opened in 2008, it’s been attracting guests from around the world. Now the Harley-Davidson Museum aims to give tourgoers even more reasons to put Milwaukee on their “must-visit” list.

“For nearly 15 years, we have been thrilled to welcome guests from around the globe,” said Bill Davidson, great-grandson of one of Harley-Davidson’s four founders and vice president of the Harley-Davidson Museum. “This investment signifies our commitment to Milwaukee and the Menomonee Valley. With Milwaukee making its mark on the global stage, we’re excited to unveil these new additions to campus and welcome everyone to check them out in person.”


e rst new attraction to open was the new Harley-Davidson Shop. All the Harley-Davidson Museum-branded merchandise, authentic reproductions, accessories and

gi s have been moved across the street to the former Garage. is move allows the shop to more than triple its size and give guests even more options when it comes to bringing home a piece of Harley-Davidson history.

e Harley-Davidson Shop o ers more than 150 new products and many new unique experiences. And since customization has been a hallmark of Harley-Davidson for decades, purchasers will also have the opportunity to create their own one-of-a-kind items that stand out from the crowd.

Also open is a newly constructed year-round event space. is 8,000-square-foot Garage has ve 14-foot oor-to-ceiling glass doors that open up to the Harley-Davidson Museum’s park-like campus, views of downtown Milwaukee and waterfront views of the Menomonee River.

Additionally, the nal space visitors encounter is known as the Experience Gallery, and it is all new in ’22. Guests will still have the chance to throw a leg over a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

“ at’s something that elicits an ear-to-ear grin for all,” said Tim McCormick, public relations manager at the Harley-Davidson Museum. “But the new enhancements will provide a more exciting and multisensory experience than ever before.”

32 August 2022
H-D MUSEUM Midwest
continued on page 34
Rendering, Experience Gallery, Harley-Davidson Museum Harley-Davidson Museum updates its Milwaukee campus BY DAVID HOEKMAN


and discover stories and interactive exhibits that celebrate expression,

camaraderie and love for the sport.


B Y r G J e, W


to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, art, gardens and museums!

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, public art, gardens and museums!

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757



Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens

B Y r G J e, W

J e, W

Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

B Y r G J e, W

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, public art, gardens and museums!

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens


Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

B Y r G J e, W

Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Pictured: Rotary Botanical

Pictured: Rotary Botanical Gardens

B Y r G J e, W

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Pictured: Rotary adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, art, gardens and museums!

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Plan a group adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, special events, public art, gardens and museums!

Pictured: adventure to Janesville, Wisconsin, with themed itineraries, industry tours, art, gardens and museums!

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

Call the Janesville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: (800) 487-2757

33 August 2022
H-D or its affiliates. HARLEY-DAVIDSON, HARLEY, H-D, and the Bar and Shield Logo are among the trademarks of H-D U.S.A., LLC.
e, W B Y r G J
Rotary Botanical
J e, J e, W J e, W
B Y r G J e, W
Rotary Botanical Gardens B Y r G J e, W B Y r G J e, W
J e, W
B Y r G J e, W

continued from page 32

e former shop space has become Harley-Davidson’s rst — and only — Factory Shop. O ered for sale are discontinued Motorclothes products, including helmets, gloves, jackets and more — in limited quantities and sizes.

e Factory Shop and the new Harley-Davidson Shop will encompass more than 13,000 square feet of retail space.


Milwaukee has been the home of Harley-Davidson for almost 120 years.

“And our collection of artifacts, photographs and more from our history is unrivaled,” McCormick said. “ e stories, artifacts and exhibits tell the story of a uniquely American company and bring pop culture and history to life. From the 1942 WLA (‘the bike that won the war’) to Elvis Presley’s 1956 KH to modern-day marvels like Captain America’s motorcycle made famous on the silver screen, Harley-Davidson has been ingrained in the fabric of America. Guests leave with a deeper understanding of how this iconic brand began, endured depressions and

tough times, and thrived while building a special community of die-hard enthusiasts from around the globe.”

McCormick said two exhibits stand out and seem to resonate with guests long a er their visit. e rst is the oldest Harley-Davidson in existence, known as Serial No. 1.

“It captures our origin story and the amazing American ingenuity our founders exhibited when they were working out of a 10-by-15-foot shed on the near west side of Milwaukee,” he said.

The other memorable exhibition is the Tsunami bike — a very touching human-interest story about a bike that floated in a container across the Pacific Ocean after Japan was struck with an earthquake then tsunami.

Guided tours have returned to the museum and are all new in 2022. The guided-tour portfolio has been updated with new experiences and content. Choose from the Spotlight Tour, the Beyond the Gate Tour or the VIP Tour.

Harley-Davidson Museum 414-287-2799 |

34 August 2022
Rendering, Museum Shop, Harley-Davidson Museum

Destination Lake Winnebago Region

Check out the inspiring itinerary ideas from across the region. From the endearing charm of Wisconsin supper clubs to eld-to-table experiences, your escape from the ordinary starts in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and the Lake Winnebago Region. e area is “group tour approved” by tour operators around the country. Make the “Foot of the Lake” your destination for that one-of-a-kind tour that is sure to please. Contact Liz Engh (, director of group tour sales, for more information. 920-923-3010,

Lake Geneva Cruise Line

A boat tour with Lake Geneva Cruise Line is the ultimate Lake Geneva experience! Take a trip back in time as your group cruises the lake in comfort, hearing a narrated history of the lake and the beautiful estates that line its shores. From its Luncheon Cruise to its famous U.S. Mailboat Tour, Lake Geneva Cruise Line has the perfect boat tour for your tour group! For more information about booking a cruise, contact Susan Schindler (, group tour sales. 262-248-5642,

Grohmann Museum

e Grohmann Museum, located on the campus of Milwaukee School of Engineering, has become a Milwaukee must-see for both locals and visitors alike. Nowhere else can you experience such a collection dedicated to the art of industry and human achievement. e museum welcomes visitors to three oors of gallery space where the permanent collection is displayed along with special feature exhibitions. e museum also has a spectacular roo op sculpture garden, library and conference facilities. 414-277-2300,

Rotary Lights Inc.

Nearly 130,000 visitors per year enjoy this holiday tradition with over 3 million lights by driving, walking or taking a carriage ride through Riverside Park in La Crosse. e annual holiday display opens the day a er anksgiving and runs through New Year’s Eve. e event includes local entertainment, a skating rink, Santa and reindeer, and free s’mores. Admission is free but a voluntary contribution of cash or nonperishable food items is appreciated. 608-784-9993,


Mansfield OHIO

ADMIRE Kingwood Center Gardens, the historic estate of Charles Kelley King, is now open year-round. A new visitor center features terraces, a gi shop, an exhibit gallery and display greenhouses. The grounds are full of brilliant floral displays, while the French Provincial mansion contains many rooms decorated with King’s original furnishings. A variety of guided and self-guided tours is available for groups, as well as dining options.

EXPLORE BibleWalk now has seven tours. The newest is the Museum of Woodcarving, which has the largest collection of woodcarvings in the world created by one man. It took Joseph Barta 30 years to carve his vision of Bible stories into 100 life-size figures. Barta spent over 4½ years completing his life-size carving of The Last Supper, spending two years on the face of Jesus. This collection also features over 400 miniature carvings of wildlife, pets and livestock.

Walk the same halls as infamous prisoners while touring the Historic Ohio State Reformatory, used as a prison from 1886 until 1990. At the Shawshank Museum, be immersed in props, costumes and other treasures from The Shawshank Redemption, the 1994 movie that used the reformatory as a filming site.

See more than 30 species of native songbirds and raptors at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. Stroll along the brick walkways to view live bird displays and visit the songbird aviary to feed birds. Arrange a guided tour, a raptor program or both.

DO Take a spin on the first new handcarved wooden carrousel to be built and operated in the United States since the early 1930s at Richland Carrousel Park. The carousel offers flexible morning hours for groups as well as box lunches.


Destination Mansfield-Richland County 800-642-8282

SNAVELY, project director, Destination Mansfield-Richland County

36 August 2022 Midwest Itinerary
kayak or
For the adventurous, book a canoe,
ra trip on the Mohican River with Mohican Adventures Canoe & Fun Center
BibleWalk Museum of Woodcarving
Shawshank Redemption Museum
“Whether your group enjoys following the famous Shawshank Trail, dining among blueberry fields, playing outdoors or exploring the area’s collection of eclectic attractions, groups will be pleasantly surprised with all that Mansfield-Richland County has to offer!”

Join the group travel show that works! Heartland Travel Showcase 2023 will be held in the Cincy Region, (Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky) March 10-12. With destinations and sellable group ideas in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Ontario, Heartland Travel Showcase is unmatched. Discover innovative tour experiences, learn new sales tactics, and meet with excited, unique suppliers focused on helping you get business.

Join the group travel show that works! Heartland Travel Showcase 2023 will be held in the Cincy Region, (Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky) March 10-12. With destinations and sellable group ideas in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Ontario, Heartland Travel Showcase is unmatched. Discover innovative tour experiences, learn new sales tactics, and meet with excited, unique suppliers focused on helping you get business.



Heartland Travel Showcase

Heartland Travel Showcase

March 10-12, 2023 • Cincy Region

March 10-12, 2023 • Cincy Region

Don’t miss out! Register for the 2023 Heartland Travel Showcase today. Contact or visit to learn more.

37 August 2022
Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky – Photo by Newport Aquarium The Beast Roller Coaster at Kings Island, Mason, Ohio – Photo by Kings Island National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati, Ohio – Photo by Mark Bealer Northern Kentucky Skyline with Roebling Suspension Bridge – Photo by Liz Dufour Ark Encounter, Williamstown, Kentucky – Photo by Ark Encounter
Don’t miss out! Register for the 2023 Heartland Travel Showcase today. Contact or visit to learn more.
Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky – Photo by Newport Aquarium Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio – Photo by Robert Webber The Beast Roller Coaster at Kings Island, Mason, Ohio – Photo by Kings Island National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati, Ohio – Photo by Mark Bealer Northern Kentucky Skyline with Roebling Suspension Bridge – Photo by Liz Dufour Ark Encounter, Williamstown, Kentucky – Photo by Ark Encounter

Flying Treasures

First used by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1945, the plane nicknamed “ e Sacred Cow” had a one-of-a-kind, battery-powered elevator installed at the rear of the aircra so Roosevelt could board it easily in his wheelchair.

Stricken with polio in 1921 when he was 39 years old, Roosevelt was elected president in 1932 to the rst of four terms. Roosevelt is renowned for steering America through the Great Depression and World War II — although he took great pains never to be seen in a wheelchair.

e Douglas Skymaster that Roosevelt used is one of the ying treasures that visitors can see at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio.

“‘ e Sacred Cow’ is one of 10 former presidential aircra located in our popular Presidential Gallery,” said Lisa M. Riley, public a airs specialist at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. “It is unique because it is the rst aircra purpose-built to accommodate the special needs required to y the president of the United States and included uncommon luxuries in 1945 such as an electric refrigerator in the galley.”

e famous aircra is particularly signi cant because President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 while on board.

“ e act established the U.S. Air Force as an independent service, making ‘ e Sacred Cow’ the birthplace of the U.S. Air Force,” Riley said. “Its name is a reference to the high security surrounding the aircra and its special status.”

Opened to the public in 1954, the National Museum of the United States Air Force is the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world, with more than 360 aircra and missiles on display.

“Visitors can get a rsthand look at U.S. Air Force and aviation history starting with the Wright 1909 Military Flyer through modern air and space cra ,” Riley said. “Climb aboard a space shuttle exhibit, walk through presidential aircra and sit in a jet cockpit while you are here.”

Admission and parking are always free; a large parking lot accommodates buses.

National Museum of the United States Air Force 937-255-3286 |

38 August 2022
PHOTO COURTESY OF THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE National Museum of the United States Air Force soars with aviation history BY JACKIE SHECKLER FINCH National Museum of the United States Air Force
39 August 2022 Miami ty LIFT YOUR SPIRITS IN Cou | 800-348-8993 Plan your group tour at | Bring your group to enjoy tours & tastings at our breweries, wineries & distilleries. Get a taste of Miami County through our ciders, wines, whiskeys & craft beers. Lehman’s is the place for family entertainment and great shopping all year long! With thousands of new products and our 200-square-foot tiny house, there’s so much to do and see when you visit Lehman’s in Kidron, OH. FOR A SIMPLER LIFE LEHMANS.COM • 800-438-5346 • TOURS 877-975-3171 GROUP RATES | TRAM TOURS | CAFÉ GIFT SHOP | FREE MOTORCOACH PARKING | 888-957-1580 1000 East Beltline Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 Historic Zoar Viage Dennison | Dover | New Philadelphia | Newcomerstown | Sugarcreek | Zoar Experience the Other Side of Amish Country Tuscarawas County, Ohio Gain 24/7 access to exclusive group travel resources!


Authentic group experiences await in Maryland’s largest city


With world-class museums, busy seafood restaurants and markets, and an international harbor loaded with attractions, Baltimore, Maryland, is welcoming tour groups in ever-increasing numbers.

While the city embraces many kinds of tours, groups composed of seniors, students and family reunions are among the most numerous, said Eric Masterton, director of tourism for Visit Baltimore.

“Baltimore is growing in a big way, and there’s a lot of development occurring along the waterfront and in our neighborhoods,” he said. “Baltimore’s food scene is really growing, and the waterfront is becoming more accessible.”

e most iconic attraction in town may well be Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, operated by the National Park Service. Famous for its successful defense of the city during the Battle of Baltimore, it inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem that became “ e Star-Spangled Banner.” e fort’s green grounds are open to the public free of charge and host a slate of events, including re-enactments. ere is a charge for entry to the fort, where exhibits document soldierly life in 1814, the bombardment of Fort McHenry, and other interesting elements of the fort’s history, including hospitals and taverns. “It’s a jewel of the East Coast, an amazing symbol of hardship and triumph, and a cornerstone of U.S. history,” Masterton said.

ON THE WATERFRONT Food, especially seafood, has been another draw in Baltimore, literally for centuries. Lexington Market,

which opened in 1782, has undergone recent renovations. It is a top choice for sampling Maryland’s famous crab cakes and steamed blue crab at Faidley’s Seafood, one of nearly 40 food stalls.

“Blue crabs are beautiful animals, but you have to get a local to show you how to open them like puzzle boxes,” Masterton said.

In or near the Inner Harbor, boats ranging from mega-ships to water taxis show visitors the city waterfront’s transformation. Cruise ship passengers from Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises also take day tours in Baltimore before departing to locations including the Canadian Maritimes, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the wider Caribbean.


Tour groups frequently take in games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country, where behind-the-scenes group tours are offered during the off-season.

40 August 2022
Inner Harbor

Masterton said tour groups frequently use Baltimore as a base for visiting the many museums of Washington, D.C., about 50 miles away. Family reunion groups use less expensive accommodations in Baltimore, “and they can get on Amtrak and be at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in 30 minutes,” he added.


Tour groups visiting Baltimore o en target the city’s many famous museums, including the Baltimore Museum of Art, which houses the largest collection in the world of artworks by Henri Matisse.

At the Maryland Zoo, groups nd dozens of photogenic animals, but the South African penguins may be the most distinctive. At Penguin Coast, the endangered animals waddle and dive in North America’s largest African penguin colony. Masterton said the fairly new exhibit is a really cool way for groups to see the penguins underwater and above ground. ere’s also the B&O Railroad Museum, with the world’s largest collection of 19th-century locomotives, and the wildly eclectic American Visionary Art Museum, lled with unique artworks by self-taught artists. “ ere’s no other place like it,” Masterton said. “Where else can you nd a model of the ship Lusitania made entirely of toothpicks or the world’s largest ball made entirely of bras?”

Nowhere else, indeed.

“We’re a town that’s authentic and shows its skin to visitors,” Masterton said. “When you get here and really experience it, you will never forget it, and Baltimoreans are the rst people in the world who’d like to show you ‘their town.’”

Visit Baltimore 410-659-7090

41 August 2022
Lexington Market Artscape Festival Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine FROM TOP JOHN LEHR, JUSTIN TSUCALAS, VISIT BALTIMORE


SIP The Central PA Tasting Trail leads to 13 award-winning breweries, wineries, cideries and distilleries.

EXPLORE Head to Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park for a boat ride tour through America’s only all-water cavern and farm-nature-wildlife park.

TOUR Check out the Columbus Chapel at the Boal Mansion Museum, where visitors can view artifacts and learn about 200 years of Boal family history and the Christopher Columbus connection. Group tours are by appointment only. The Pennsylvania Military Museum is located near Boal Mansion. Exhibits honor Pennsylvania’s citizen-soldiers. Tour the grounds and learn the history behind each of the monuments within the 28th Infantry Division National Shrine.

ADMIRE The H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens and other parts of The Arboretum at Penn State are open, and docent-led tours can be scheduled. Bellefonte in the Nittany Valley has architecture to admire, walking tours and lots of antique stores. Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County showcases and sells works by local artists and shows art from around the world and the local community.

STROLL provides private and custom group historical walking tours in central Pennsylvania from April through October.


The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau 814-231-1401, ext. 309

“Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, has always been a popular day trip stop for tour groups, but we are extending the welcome mat to say, hey, spend a few days here to fully enjoy our abundant outdoor recreation, our popular craft beverage trail, unique attractions and museums, history and shopping. Happy Valley is a dynamic, affordable and friendly getaway.”

42 August 2022 Northeast Itinerary PHOTOS HAPPYVALLEY.COM
Boal Mansion Museum Pennsylvania Military Museum Penn’s Cave DAVE GERDES, vice president, sales and marketing, The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau




Happy Valley is loaded with thrilling attractions just minutes apart, from the wonder of Penn’s Cave in Penn’s Valley to the bustling downtown vibes of State College and the excitement of Bellefonte in Nittany Valley

Around here, group tours are just a little more spectacular. All in a place that’s easy to get to and more affordable than you’d expect

Plan your next adventure at

Make your next tour an HAPPYVALLEY.COM/Tour

Scenic Adventures

Stroll along the 624-foot-long Kinzua Sky Walk in Kinzua Bridge State Park and enjoy one of the top 10 most beautiful skywalks and scenic vistas in the world. An engineering marvel known as “Tracks Across the Sky,” Kinzua Sky Walk in Bradford, Pennsylvania, features a partial glass floor.

“ e Kinzua Sky Walk is the reinvention of the six towers of the original Kinzua Viaduct le standing following a tornado in 2003, in which 11 of the original towers were toppled by a tornado,” said Linda Devlin, executive director of the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

“When the Kinzua Viaduct was rst constructed in 1882, it was the highest and longest railroad viaduct in the world,” Devlin said. “ e Kinzua Visitors Center has two oors of interactive exhibits, including a replica train car where one can experience what it was like to travel across the original Kinzua Viaduct.”

Tour groups can request a variety of complimentary programs o ered by the park’s interpretive sta . For overnights in Bradford, groups can visit the Zippo/ Case Museum (a popular stop that celebrates two iconic

American-made products — Zippo lighters and Case knives), Marilyn Horne Museum (famous opera star born in Bradford) and Penn Brad Oil Museum (learn about the rst billion-dollar oil eld in the world). In nearby Ludlow, tour and dine at Olmsted Manor.

“Two of the museums — Zippo/Case and Marilyn Horne Museum — o er ‘Nights at the Museum,’” Devlin said. “ is is an exclusive tour of these facilities arranged just for group tours and they both include refreshments. At the Marilyn Horne Museum, group tours have the option of creating a Venetian mask to take with them as part of the program.”

At the Allegheny National Forest, established in 1923, groups can enjoy beautiful scenic drives of the only national forest in Pennsylvania.

“It features 514,029 acres of public access lands located in northwestern Pennsylvania,” Devlin said. “It was established to bring new concepts in forest management and is known as ‘ e Land of Many Uses.’”

Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau 800-473-9370 |

44 August 2022
Kinzua Sky Walk, Kinzua Bridge State Park Roam Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest region BY JACKIE SHECKLER FINCH
45 August 2022 THE ATTRACTIONS THE LINKS THE HARBOR THE OUTLETS THE WINNINGS THE OUTDOORS THE WINERIES THE MUSEUMS Visit to book your next visit. Experience Prince George’s for Extraordinary Times! Affordable, Accessible and Authentic. Three top reasons that make Prince George’s County, MD an exceptional destination to explore. 520DublinRdPerkasiePA18944 215-249-0100| ExperiencePearlS.Buck'sinspiringstoryandlegacy. NobelandPulitzerPrize-winningauthorof Humanitarian|Activist ThePearlS.BuckHouse NationalHistoricLandmarkMuseum

Discover Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s central location on the East Coast — just 90 miles from New York City and 135 miles from Washington, D.C. — makes it a top pick for group planners. ere, groups can explore the nation’s most historic square mile at Independence National Historical Park, marvel at Philadelphia’s unparalleled collection of public art — including more than 4,000 colorful murals — view groundbreaking exhibitions at iconic museums, and enjoy waterfront vistas, community parks and miles of trails in one of the largest city-owned urban park systems in the nation.

A UNESCO World Heritage City, Philadelphia is one of only three U.S. destinations — and one of only eight destinations around the globe — to make Condé Nast Traveler’ s 2021 Gold List, thanks in part to the city’s 2,000-plus-acre Fairmount Park system, a bustling Chinatown and the shimmering mosaics that fill Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens.

Steeped in history, Philadelphia continues to add new attractions, restaurants and museums. From the newly unveiled, 90,000-square-foot Frank Gehry-designed public and exhibition space at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the updated and expanded Reading Terminal (voted the best public market in the nation in 2022 by USA Today 10Best), there is something for everyone.

As one of the most walkable cities in the U.S., everything is just steps away in Philadelphia. And now with the addition of six new hotels and the recently renovated Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia’s extensive portfolio of hotel options o ers unique settings for groups to base their stay while also providing convenient access to the city.

Destination experts are ready to help you plan the perfect itinerary for your group. Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, 215-636-3405,


The Barnes Foundation

Visit one of the world’s great collections of modern European paintings, with 181 Renoirs, 69 Cézannes, 59 Matisses, 46 Picassos and seven Van Goghs on view. ere’s also African art, Native American pottery, Pennsylvania German furniture, old master paintings, global antiquities and decorative ironwork. Book a group visit for 10 or more during the “Modigliani Up Close” exhibition (Oct. 16, 2022–Jan. 29, 2023) and enjoy a 10% discount at the Barnes Shop, Garden Restaurant and Re ections Café. Contact Colleen Delaney (, sales manager, for more information. 215-278-7220,

Museum of Illusions Philadelphia National Constitution Center

Museum of Illusions is a one-of-a-kind edutainment destination where you can immerse your groups in the wonderful world of illusions! Groups of all ages will enjoy more than 60 sensory, visual and educational exhibits featuring holograms, stereograms, optical illusions and immersive rooms that are designed to tease the senses, trick the mind and puzzle perceptions. Shake up your next group visit to Philadelphia with mind-bending fun and plenty of laughs to go around with a stop at Museum of Illusions!,

e National Constitution Center brings together people of all ages and perspectives to learn about, debate and celebrate the greatest vision of human freedom in history, the U.S. Constitution. At the National Constitution Center, explore historic milestones in American history and discover how the U.S. Constitution is as important today as it was in 1787. e center’s mustsee exhibits and live performances bring the Constitution to life for visitors of all ages. For more information, contact Gina Romanelli (, director of group sales. 215-409-6695,

Philadelphia Flower ShowFaith and Liberty Discovery Center

From March 4–12, 2023, the Philadelphia Flower Show, produced by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, will once again welcome guests to experience the rst taste of spring indoors at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. For rst-time visitors and longtime Flower Show fans alike, this return indoors will o er a beautiful respite a er a lengthy winter. e 2023 show will reveal the exciting, energetic and passionate side of owers, gardens and horticulture. Group reservations are available in fall 2022. Contact Michelle Ullman (, associate director of sales, CTIS, CTP, to learn more. 215-988-8871,

Discover the inspiration behind key changemakers in America from the founding through today as you explore the relationship between faith and liberty in our nation, right on historic Independence Mall. You’ll see history in a whole new light as you immerse yourself in this award-winning museum with interactive elements and a 360-degree theater where you will build Colonial Philadelphia based on William Penn’s vision of religious freedom. e museum is open Monday–Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Contact Lisa Arrell (, senior manager of sales and marketing, to learn more. 215-309-0316,

Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum

e Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum houses over 75 of the world’s greatest racing cars, their evolved cra smanship made possible through the spirit of competition. Come for the Bugattis, Alfa Romeos and Ferraris. Stay for the unique experience of embarking on a historic rally around the globe and through time. Crave more? e museum dusts o the engines twice monthly during Demo Days for an extra special opportunity to see, hear and smell these beautiful machines in action. Contact Nicole Coombe (, director of events, to learn more. 215-365-7233,



HIKE Old Baldy Wildlife Sanctuary in Otis is a 154-acre property nestled within a larger area of about 2,000 acres of conserved land. A short but steep trail to the summit rewards hikers with a 360-degree vista of the surrounding sugar maple, white ash and basswood forests.

In Pittsfield, a new section of the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail is open from Crane Avenue to the Berkshire Mall, adding 3 miles to the existing trail.

Trails at Mass Audubon’s Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Lenox include the Yokun/Beaver Lodge Trails Loop. This easy one-hour walk provides views of beaver ponds and the Lenox Mountain ridge.

LEARN Tamarack Hollow Nature & Cultural Center offers naturalist-led environmental education, such as hikes and treks throughout western Massachusetts, nature awareness and appreciation programs, and programs on edible and medicinal plants and trees.

ENJOY Private group tours at Berkshire Botanical Garden in Stockbridge focus on seasonal highlights and the display gardens. The season runs from May 1 through Columbus Day.

Jacob’s Pillow dance festival in Becket celebrated its 90th anniversary season in summer 2022.

Visitors can explore the grounds at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, year-round, free of charge. Group tickets are available for concerts and events.

Chesterwood, the historic home, studio and gardens of 20th-century sculptor Daniel Chester French, is open from spring through fall. This season, the main residence cannot be toured due to a rehabilitation project.

TOUR The Berkshires are full of visual art. Set up tours at MASS MoCA (the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art), The Clark Art Institute and the Norman Rockwell Museum.

ASK 1Berkshire | 413-499-1600

“The Berkshires are one of the most group-friendly destinations in the world!

Less than three hours from New York City and Boston, we have no traffic and parking is abundant, not to mention the views from your coach are spectacular. Outdoor excursions, world-class culture, an array of lodging options and a deeply rooted food culture set this region apart.”

LINDSEY SCHMID, senior vice president of tourism and marketing, 1Berkshire

48 August 2022 Northeast Itinerary
Norman Rockwell Museum Ashuwillticook Rail Trail
The ALL-New Concord Museum It’s Revolutionary! 49 August 2022

Perfect Mix

When J. Seward Johnson opened Grounds for Sculpture in 1992, his dream was to o er visitors an opportunity to enjoy art in a lovely natural setting. He certainly succeeded.

“ ere are around 300 sculptures on display year-round throughout Grounds for Sculpture’s 42 acres,” said Lauren Collalto at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey. “ irty-three sculptures by Seward Johnson are currently on view.”

Founded on the site of the former New Jersey State Fairgrounds, Grounds for Sculpture now includes a cafe, gi shop, six indoor galleries, and Rat’s Restaurant — named for the fascinating character in Kenneth Grahame’s beloved book, e Wind in the Willows

“Audiences enjoy accessing our sculptures, art exhibitions and gardens in a relaxed setting,” Collalto said. “ e goal is to make contemporary art accessible to all.”

Johnson began his career as an oil painter and later changed to sculpture. He is best known for sculptures that honor America. One of his most popular works is titled Unconditional Surrender and features a 25-foot sculpture of the famous Times Square V-J Day moment when a sailor kissed a nurse. Johnson died March 10, 2020. He was 89.

e grounds are an excellent display venue for viewing and appreciating the outdoor sculptures.

“ ere’s an opportunity for a natural interplay between the sculptures and an ever-changing landscape, which includes both formal and informal design elements,” Collalto said.

As a garden and arboretum, Grounds for Sculpture features paved terraces, pergolas and courtyards, along with natural woodlands, ponds and groves of bamboo. Sculptures on display were created by both well-known and emerging contemporary artists. Group tours are o ered for groups of 15 or more people.

“ ere’s an opportunity to enjoy over 2,000 trees, which include over 100 species and cultivars,” Collalto said. “Visitors can come at any time of year and encounter art and nature, providing them with unique and exciting ways to engage with both in every season.”

Dining options are available at Rat’s Restaurant and Van Gogh Café. Group visit requests should be made at least two weeks in advance.

Grounds for Sculpture 609-586-0616 |

50 August 2022
William T. Wiley, To Marcel Duchamp, 1887-1968, Artist, Tool and Die Maker’, 1968, stainless steel, 84 x 112 x 90 inches, Grounds For Sculpture, Gi of The Seward Johnson Atelier, Original Gi of Mr. and Mrs. Sabol, © Artist’s Estate New Jersey’s Grounds for Sculpture blends art and nature BY JACKIE SHECKLER FINCH


A world of entertaining and unique experiences awaits your arrival in Atlantic City. Enjoy tax-free shopping, the world-famous Boardwalk, award-winning dining for every taste, exhilarating gaming action, and live entertainment. It’s all back better than ever! Create a casino package with deluxe accommodations today for the ultimate getaway at the shore.

Atlantic City expert Heather Colache is available at 609-318-6097 or to make sure you enjoy Atlantic City as it was meant to be experienced.

Meet AC received funding through a grant from the New Jersey Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism.

Stamp of Approval

National Postal Museum portrays American history through unique lens BY KATHIE SUTIN

Every museum has a story to tell, and some of the most fascinating stories — those paralleling the history of the United States — are displayed at the National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

e museum is part of the Smithsonian Institution and is conveniently located next to Union Station.

e National Postal Museum portrays stories of American history through the unique lens of the postal service’s own history and through the lens of the stamps required to send mail through the decades.

On exhibit at the museum is the largest and most comprehensive collection of stamps and philatelic material in the world. Exhibits highlight postal stationery, vehicles used to transport the mail, mailboxes, meters, cards and letters, and postal materials that predate the use of stamps. Also of interest are John Lennon’s childhood stamp collection, mail documents from the Hindenburg crash and an Amelia Earhart exhibit.

Scholars, philatelists, collectors and visitors from around the world can access the postal service’s rich history through the museum exhibits.

“It’s a great place for people of all ages and is one of the highest-rated museums in all of Washington, D.C.,” said Marshall F. Emery, manager, public relations and internet a airs, Smithsonian Institution, National Postal Museum.

National Postal Museum National Postal Museum

Exhibits favored by tour groups include “the highly interactive William H. Gross Stamp Gallery, the largest in the world,” Emery said. Groups also enjoy seeing the airplanes, trains, stagecoaches and other vehicles that have delivered mail for almost 250 years, he added.

e museum o ers self-guided and docent-led tours. All tours are free.

While the museum can accommodate any number of visitors, tours typically accommodate 20 visitors each. Groups of 10 or more require reservations, which can be made by contacting the visitor services department of the museum at

Motorcoach parking is available at Union Station next to the museum.

National Postal Museum 202-633-5555 |

Marketplace is an appointment-based show using innovative methods and technologies for a more individualistic experience, resulting in the greatest ROI to grow your business.

In a city of great inventions like the auto industry, moving assemply line and paved roads, Marketplace in Detroit will establish a new way to move forward and conduct business for the group tour industry.

53 August 2022 PHOTO NATIONAL POSTAL MUSEUM Bring your groups to Washington DC’s most interactive museum. Solve a crime in our Take the Case exhibit or work as a dispatcher in our 911 Emergency Ops. 444 E Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 For more information contact ABA’S MARKETPLACE 2023 FEB 4-7 DETROIT, MI
National Postal Museum

Spectacular Scenery

Train bu s, history bu s and those who just enjoy riding the rails nd a trip on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad is an exciting adventure.

e nonpro t railroad in Cumberland, Maryland, o ers “a unique experience visitors won’t get anywhere else,” said Charles Brotemarkle, passenger services manager at Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

With an almost 17-mile climb up along the ridges of “Mountain Maryland,” the railroad’s Frostburg Flyer o ers spectacular views, said Wesley Heinz, executive director at Western Maryland Scenic Railroad.

“We have some of the most wonderful scenery in America,” Brotemarkle said. “We go through the Allegheny Mountains following a super scenic trail between Cumberland and Frostburg.”

e Western Maryland Scenic Railroad recently added the restored steam locomotive No. 1309, the world’s largest operating mallet steam locomotive, to its lineup. e 1309 is now the line’s centerpiece.

“It’s de nitely our top crowd pleaser,” Brotemarkle said. “Just watching the historic machine is magic.”

On ursdays, historic diesel engines pull vintage passenger cars, but Friday through Sunday, the No. 1309 is the star of the show.

e 1309, built in 1949, is the largest engine of its type still operating in the world and the largest operating steam locomotive in the East, Heinz said.

For an additional fee, groups can charter the 1309 on days it does not normally operate.

Trains stop in Frostburg, where passengers have 1½ hours to explore the downtown. On select dates, visitors can enjoy Evening Dinner Trains, including Murder Mystery Dinner Trains or Moonlight on the Mountain trips. Daytime trains take 4½ hours, while dinner and evening trains take about 3½ hours.

Groups of 15 or more get a 10% discount. Coach seating, deluxe dome car and lounge seating are available. Box lunches may be ordered in advance. Free motorcoach parking is available at the station.

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 301-759-4400 |

54 August 2022
Ride through the mountains with Western Maryland Scenic Railroad BY KATHIE SUTIN Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Frederick County’s African American community shaped the history of our region. Your group is invited to tour the new Museum of the Iron Worker located at the Catoctin Furnace. Come faceto-face with some of the furnace’s earliest workers and discover harrowing and heroic stories forged in fire. • 800-999-3613

55 August 2022
FACE TO FACE WITH HISTORY The UNDERGROUND RAILROADin Hagerstown WWW.VISITHAGERSTOWN.COM 301-991-2863 | VISITHAGERSTOWN.CO M Travel on national historic roads & bridges – Enjoy our variety of historic transportation attractions. Visit the C&O Canal on the Network to Freedom Trail – Contact us today!

Cooperstown NEW YORK

SHOP Main Street Cooperstown holds a variety of baseball-themed gi shops, boutiques, and arts and cra s shops. Don’t miss fresh finds at the Cooperstown Farmers Market.

SIP Cooperstown Distillery just completed a major expansion. The Cooperstown Distillery Beverage Exchange features a tasting room, shop and lounge.

TASTE Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard has a historic, water-powered mill and offers many group experiences, including group menus. Groups need to book meals in advance. The mill o en has lots of samples out and its marketplace is full of snack items and cooking supplies. In addition, the mill sells its own line of cheeses, homemade fudge and baked goods.

Cooperstown Cheese Company works with group planners to design a custom experience. Choose a tour, tasting, wine pairing or all the above.

EXPLORE Make a group pilgrimage to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to pay homage to the heroes of the game. The museum not only presents baseball’s history but also explores diversity in the game, records and record holders, and baseball art and photography. Tours can be customized.

Fenimore Art Museum has a wide-ranging collection of American art, including folk art, important American 18th- and 19th-century landscape, genre and portrait paintings, and the renowned Eugene and Clare Thaw Collection of American Indian Art.

From April through October, head to The Farmers’ Museum. The living history museum aims to cultivate an understanding of the rural heritage that shaped America. Special guided tours are available.

DO Take the 12-mile round trip along the Susquehanna River via a Rail Explorers railbike equipped with electric pedal assist, which makes this fresh-air experience more accessible.


Cooperstown/Otsego County Tourism 607-322-4046 |

“People hear


and equate it with baseball, and we have plenty for fans of the sport. But there are also incredible culinary and outdoor adventures to be found both in the village itself and in surrounding Otsego County. Come for the baseball, but stay for the delicious food, rich history and beautiful surroundings.”

56 August 2022 Northeast Itinerary PHOTOS THISISCOOPERSTOWN.COM
National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard
CASSANDRA HARRINGTON, executive director, Cooperstown/Otsego County Tourism

Stories of the Underground Railroad are rich in Montgomery County, Maryland. The multitude of historic sites and experiences make it a choice destination for groups looking to understand the trials, tribulations, and heroism of the freedom seekers.

57 August 2022
Door to Washington, DC

Horticultural Haven

Inspired by an 1888 visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens near London, eminent botanists Nathaniel Lord Britton and his wife, Elizabeth Knight Britton, decided that New York City needed such a beautiful attraction.

“ e Brittons believed New York should have a great botanical garden to advance understanding of plants, be a repository of rare and valuable specimens, and lead original research in botanical science,” said Nicholas Leshi, senior director of communications for e New York Botanical Garden.

Established in 1891, the 250-acre garden — the largest in any city in the United States — is now a National Historic Landmark.

“Because of its picturesque terrain, freshwater Bronx River, rock-cut gorge and 50 acres of old-growth forest, the garden was situated on the northern half of Bronx Park,” Leshi said.

In addition to the natural attributes that attracted the Brittons, e New York Botanical Garden encompasses 50 specialty gardens and collections comprising more than 1 million plants. It also includes the Nolen Greenhouses for Living Collections and the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, the nation’s preeminent Victorian-style glasshouse.

“Highlights include the award-winning Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, the Native Plant Garden celebrating the diversity of Northeastern North American plants and 30,000 distinguished trees, many more than 200 years old,” Leshi said.

Groups receive bene ts such as discount tickets, tours led by expert sta , tours of the entire 250 acres on the Garden Tram and dining options. Tourgoers can enjoy a box lunch, bu et, or elegant plated meal in one of the garden’s unique venues like the historic 1840 Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill. All dining packages include admission and a guided tour.

An important goal of the garden is to be an advocate for the plant world, Leshi said.

“ e garden pursues its mission through its role as a museum of living plant collections arranged in gardens and landscapes across its site, through its comprehensive education programs in horticulture and plant science, and through the wide-ranging research programs of the International Plant Science Center,” Leshi said.

The New York Botanical Garden 718-817-8687 |

58 August 2022
The Palms Gallery, The New York Botanical Garden The New York Botanical Garden advocates for plants BY JACKIE SHECKLER FINCH

Sip and Sample

Taste intricate New Hampshire flavors at Hermit Woods Winery BY

A unique tasting experience awaits visitors at Hermit Woods Winery on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee.

e winery has been cra ing ne wine, mead and cider from locally sourced fruit — other than grapes — for over a decade. e Meredith, New Hampshire-based cellar and tasting room welcomes 12,000 to 15,000 visitors a year and is equipped to entertain and educate groups of all sizes.

Wine tastings are a fun, signature experience at Hermit Woods Winery. Group tour visitors select six or seven wines from a curated list.

“Each wine is poured and described in detail, from how the wine is made to what the experience of drinking that wine might be like,” said Bob Manley, one of the co-founders of Hermit Woods Winery.

Visitors can sample avors like the complex, rosé-like Strawberry Rhubarb or the Petite Blue, produced from wild blueberries, which is reminiscent of a pinot noir.

“When we founded the winery, rather than ght Mother Nature, we looked at New Hampshire’s terroir and the fruits local to the region,” Manley said. “Our wines are designed and built to be styled classically, comparable to other wines visitors might enjoy.”

Larger groups can enjoy learning about the art of bringing these avors to life through the Wine Tasting Experience. Held in the winery’s lo event space, this one-hour tasting can accommodate up to 60 guests.

“Visitors sample wine while enjoying a guided slideshow and video tour that includes the founding of the winery and its evolution as well as how the wines that are being tasted are made.” Manley said.

Connoisseurs and the curious alike may also arrange an intimate cellar tour. Visitors see the equipment used in the winemaking process. Guests learn how the fruits are pressed, crushed and de-stemmed before being transferred to barrels for aging. e knowledgeable guides also explain how the wines are packed and racked over the course of the year.

Before departing, guests can purchase a bottle or two of their favorite wines from the fully stocked storefront.

Hermit Woods Winery is open seven days a week, year-round, making it perfect to pair with other seasonal activities.

Hermit Woods Winery 603-253-7968 |

59 August 2022


Vibrant coastal city offers sand, sea and so much more


Home to 35 miles of sandy beaches, Virginia Beach, Virginia, draws visitors with the promise of sun and sand. The bustling coastal city is located where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean and rewards tourgoers with a lively boardwalk, water adventures, maritime history, and oceanfront festivals and entertainment. But the lure of the city doesn’t end at the coast.

“Yes, we are home to beautiful beaches, but there is so much more to experience,” said Jim Coggin, tourism sales manager at Virginia Beach CVB. “We have a flourishing culinary and cra beer scene, rich history, a variety of arts and entertainment, and attractions that keep groups entertained yearround. There is so much to see and do that you can’t do anywhere else.”

For those seeking the quintessential beach vacation, Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront District is the place to be. It’s the hub of hotels, dining and entertainment, and home to the famous 3-mile boardwalk.

Wide, sandy beaches allow for ample sunbathing, while the ocean waves are ideal for surfers. Outdoor cafes o er ocean views, and vendors sell snacks like hot dogs and snow cones for those on the go. e majestic King Neptune statue, located at 31st Street and Atlantic Avenue, stands 26 feet tall and is popular for group photo ops.

At Rudee Inlet, groups will nd shing charters and opportunities for parasailing, kayaking and jet skiing. Rudee Tours, one of several out tters, maintains a eet of boats for water excursions including shing, dolphin and whale watching, and specialty tours.

Just south of Rudee Inlet, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center holds over 800,000 gallons of aquatic fun. e aquarium features thousands of animals representing over 300 species, displayed in state-of-theart, educational habitats.

Groups can participate in behindthe-scenes tours of the aquarium, and dolphin and whale watching tours with marine educators.


At the Miliary Aviation Museum, groups discover one of the largest private collections of World War I- and World War II-era military aircra in the world. Most of the planes on display are airworthy and showcase their grandeur during ight demonstrations and air shows. For those seeking a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, aircra rides allow visitors to soar in the sky in a completely restored WWII airplane.

Another stop on a history-related tour, Cape Henry Lighthouse is a beacon of the past. It was the first federally funded public works project of the newly formed United States government and is situated near the “First Landing” site where English settlers first set foot on their way to settle in Jamestown. The lighthouse guided sea travelers to safety for almost 100 years before being replaced by the new Cape Henry Lighthouse nearby.

60 August 2022
Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Today, the old Cape Henry Lighthouse is accessible to visitors who wish to climb the historic tower for beautiful Chesapeake Bay views.

For a deeper look at Virginia Beach’s coastal and maritime heritage, the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum is the place to be. Located on the boardwalk, the museum building, a former U.S. Life Saving Station, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Exhibits cover topics like local sur ng legends and lifeguards, superstorms that have hit Virginia Beach and shipwrecks.


Groups visiting Virginia Beach can participate in exclusive, curated experiences designed to make tourgoers feel like VIPs. Called Live the Life Adventures, these experiences provide behind-the-scenes access to attractions and venues.

e adventures are separated into di erent categories, based on popular visitor interests.

e Mind, Body, Spirit Adventures include wellness programs o ered by Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment. Edgar Cayce, known as the Father of Holistic Medicine, founded the association in 1931.

“Cayce was a clairvoyant who claimed to channel from his higher self while asleep in a trance-like state,” Coggin said.

Experiences include dream and holistic healing workshops, exercises to improve immune system health and spa services.

Other Live the Life Adventure topics include arts and culture, agriculture, history and eco-adventures.

e Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau can assist tour operators with itinerary planning and logistics, meet and greets, maps, guides, motorcoach parking, and destination videos and images.

Virginia Beach CVB 757-385-6642

More to Love

Known for its ocean-minded fare, Waterman’s Surfside Grille can host groups of 40 to 150 in its private event space, The Attic at Waterman’s. Waterman’s is the place to go for Virginia Beach’s favorite drink — The Orange Crush.

Feeling festive? Plan a group itinerary around one of Virginia Beach’s many festivals. Popular options include Boardwalk Holiday Lights (Nov. 18, 2022–Jan. 1, 2023), Rockin’ the Boardwalk (Oct. 3–6, 2023) and Virginia International Tattoo (April 20–23, 2023).

61 August 2022
Cape Henry Lighthouse Military Aviation Museum
King Neptune statue


STROLL Guides at Secret History Tours make history come alive during a downtown walking tour of Mobile. Tours unlock the story of the first French city on the Gulf Coast. The company can create custom tours for groups.

CRUISE Take a fun airboat ride and learn about the wildlife of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta on an airboat tour. Two companies, Airboat Adventures and Airboat Express, offer the tours.

ENJOY Head to Theodore to tour Bellingrath Gardens and Home .

Groups can visit throughout the year. Something is always blooming in the 65 acres of gardens. All of Bessie and Walter Bellingrath’s original furnishings are on display in the home.

Groups can request a guided tour at Mobile Botanical Gardens, which has the largest collection of plants on the Gulf Coast.

EXPLORE Journey into America’s military past at USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park. Tour the WWII battleship, nicknamed the “Mighty A,” which earned nine battle stars. Tours are also available of the USS Drum, the oldest American submarine on public display. A group visit can be enhanced by arranging for a catered lunch in the wardroom or fantail aboard the battleship, or in the Aircra Pavilion. Several meal packages are available.

GulfQuest/National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico tailors each visit to fit the group’s schedule, interests and budget. Over 90 interactive maritime-themed exhibits are housed on eight decks of a life-size replica of a container ship. Check out views of the Mobile River and the Port of Mobile.

Discover Mobile’s history as the birthplace of Mardi Gras at Mobile Carnival

Museum. The museum’s 14 galleries, pictorial hallway and interactive float area are in a restored historic mansion.


Visit Mobile 251-208-2000 |

“In Mobile, you will discover a charming city boasting one-of-a-kind experiences, surprising scenery, convenient walkability, delectable cuisine and a city always ready to be your gracious host. After all, Mobile was ‘born to celebrate’ … we know how to have a good time.”

62 August 2022 Southeast Itinerary
USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park Bellingrath Gardens and Home PATTY KIEFFER, vice president of convention and leisure sales, Visit Mobile
63 August 2022 OPEN DAILY I-10 to Exit 15A 20 miles SW of Mobile, Alabama 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road Theodore, AL 36582 GROUP TOUR OFFICE 251.459.8986 Inspired Planning! Every edition of Group Tour magazine features: • Knowledge from travel industry experts • Content focused on group-friendly attractions and destinations • Sample itinerary builders for headache-free planning Never miss an issue. scan to subcribe

Southern Charm

Columbus, the second-largest city in Georgia, is anchored by the winding Chattahoochee River and Columbus State University. is college town o ers a vibrant arts scene of music, theater, opera, an Art Walk and more. Stroll Uptown, lled with boutiques and gourmet restaurants, a perfect destination for groups of all sizes.

Start along the Chattahoochee RiverWalk, Columbus’ landmark attraction, which runs 15 miles along the river. Kayak or ra down the world’s largest urban whitewater course described as “wild as the Colorado River, and warm as Costa Rica.” Walk, bike or picnic under a canopy of trees.

Take ight at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center and discover Georgia’s largest collection of NASA space shuttle artifacts and interactive exhibits. Try the ight simulators and hands-on exhibits for an educational, challenging experience.

Visit the Columbus Museum, which celebrates art as well as history. e museum o ers a range of modern, contemporary and classic works.

On the grounds of Fort Benning lies the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. Visitors learn about the history of the military from the Revolutionary War until the present. rough interactive exhibits and galleries,

groups come away impressed with all the U.S. armed forces have accomplished in the name of freedom.

Step back in time to 19th-century Columbus at Historic Westville, a living history museum. Visit the 17 restored buildings, homes and churches. Costumed interpreters and artisans, such as blacksmiths, cooks and druggists, demonstrate their trades.

“When you visit Columbus, Georgia, you’ll experience hundreds of events and 46 major attractions,” said Peter Bowden, Visit Columbus, GA president/CEO.

“Columbus, Georgia, is a real Southern town with fascinating history at every turn. It’s an arts center for the region as well as home to national museums. From barbecue to banjos and from Bach to bluegrass, when it comes to being a standout destination, our visitors are all-out impressed!”

e Columbus Civic Center and Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center are also available for meetings and conferences.

Visit Columbus, GA 800-999-1613 |

64 August 2022
National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center Discover Columbus, Georgia, for extraordinary group experiences BY MIRA TEMKIN

A movement arted

8085 The stories of the Civil Rights Movement that are found at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute are at once both solemn and celebratory. From the lessons of our past to the hopes for tomorrow, we’re serving up one meaningful experience to groups from all over. Right here at The Dinner Table of the South.

Relaxing Retreat

A National Historic Landmark, Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, is a relaxing setting where groups can see creativity in bloom. e 9,127-acre property includes a 250-acre botanical garden adorned with over 2,000 works of sculpture by 425 artists. It’s home to the largest and most signi cant collection of American gurative sculpture in the country.

Brookgreen Gardens was founded in 1931 by American sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington and her husband Archer Huntington. e institution also focuses on conserving the low country’s natural ora, fauna and Indigenous animals in the Lowcountry Zoo, and historic preservation through educational programming and art workshops.

“Brookgreen o ers a relaxing, educational and peaceful setting to enjoy our sculptures, plants, history and animals,” said Anna Lovell, manager of weddings and private events at Brookgreen Gardens. “When visiting the Grand Strand, we provide a creative addition to visitors’ time at the beach.”

Lovell recommends groups spend at least three hours at Brookgreen Gardens, which would allow enough time to see the three main areas of the property: the sculpture gardens, the Lowcountry Center and the Lowcountry Zoo.

“If there’s time, the Huntington Sculpture Garden tour is a wonderful way to learn about the history of this spectacular institution,” Lovell said.

Guided tours take groups through the gardens while sharing Brookgreen’s history, the sculptures of Anna Hyatt Huntington and works from other sculptors. Other tour topics include horticulture and history.

Another group option is the Creek Excursion boat ride (available March through November). Groups board a 48-foot pontoon boat to explore the tidal creeks, surrounding land and signi cant history of the Colonial rice plantations that once made up Brookgreen Gardens.

“Groups love the attention they receive from our sta ,” Lovell said. “Upon arrival, I will step on the bus and welcome the group and run through their itinerary. Also, a large group with a busy itinerary will have a host or hostess that stays with them the entirety of their visit to ensure schedules are kept.”

Brookgreen Gardens’ food and beverage department o ers box lunches for groups that include a sandwich, chips, a fresh baked cookie and a bottle of water. Box lunches can be enjoyed in the picnic area or during a planned presentation

66 August 2022
PHOTO The Fountain of the Muses by Carl Milles, Brookgreen Gardens American sculpture meets low country history at Brookgreen Gardens BY COURTNEY BIRCHMEIER

at the Lowcountry Center. e on-site restaurant, Harvest, can take reservations for small groups.

“Brookgreen Gardens is a wonderful gem in the heart of the low country,” Lovell said. “We love seeing the faces of our guests when they rst arrive and see the sculptures and gardens for the rst time. We appreciate tour operators and planners including us in the busy itineraries for their groups and hope they return year a er year.”

Earlier this year, Brookgreen Gardens announced its rst capital campaign in 25 years, the “Campaign for the Next Generation.” e campaign will expand Brookgreen in four key areas — a new contemporary conservatory, new art facilities, expanded low country history exhibits and a new exhibit in the Lowcountry Zoo.

Brookgreen Gardens 843-235-6017 |

68 August 2022
Fighting Stallions by Anna Hyatt Huntington, Brookgreen Gardens Don Quixote by Anna Hyatt Huntington and Sancho Panza by C. Paul Jennewein, Brookgreen Gardens
69 August 2022 170 ITEM SEAFOOD BUFFET Pasta Station – Hibachi Grill Kids Buffet – Full Service Bar Chocolate Fountain 9597 N. Kings Hwy. • Myrtle Beach, SC 843.839.2292 MOTORCOACH PARKING • MEET & GREET PROGRAM FOR INFORMATION OR RESERVATIONS CALL: Only 3 miles from Alabama Theater & 7 miles from Broadway At The Beach Discover Youth Travel Planner‘s curated collection of adolescent-friendly itineraries and destinations. Gain insight into the latest educational trends, group-friendly restaurants and lodging. Never miss an issue. Set your sights on student travel SCAN OR VISIT YOUTH TRAVELplanne r

Daytona Beach Area FLORIDA

SEE Daytona International Speedway , known as the World Center of Racing, has several tour options. The tram ride includes the infield, the 31-degree banks, garages and Pit Road. All tours conclude with access to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America and a close-up look at the winning Daytona 500 car.

Check out cars, archival photos, engines, helmets and other artifacts at Living Legends of Auto Racing Museum

ENJOY ONE DAYTONA is an entertainment center located across from Daytona International Speedway that features dining, shopping, and entertainment and lodging experiences.

Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens features the ruins of a 19th-century sugar factory surrounded by botanical gardens, native trees, a butterfly garden and collections of bromeliads, ginger and cacti.

TOUR Head to The Casements, the former winter home of oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller. Groups are asked to call for a reservation.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Museum offers guided group tours as well as private and a er-hours options. Climb just over 200 steps to the top of the 1887 lighthouse for views of the Atlantic Ocean, Ponce Inlet and the Halifax River.

The Smithsonian-affiliated Museum of Arts and Sciences is on the same campus as the Cici & Hyatt Brown Museum of Art

STROLL The Daytona Beach Boardwalk & Pier features Ocean Walk Shoppes and the Daytona Beach Bandshell, where the Summer Concert Series presents tribute concerts every weekend, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Daytona Beach Area CVB 386-255-0415 |

Daytona Beach Pier
Southeast Itinerary
Motorsports Hall of Fame of America
“We can provide assistance securing hotel rates for FIT and group travel, custom itineraries, destination training and assets, and more to help you create memorable group travel experiences.”
LINDA MCMAHON, director of group sales, Daytona Beach Area
71 August 2022 Representing Cabell & Wayne Counties, West Virginia HUNTINGTON AREA CVB 800.635.6329 | Art For a vibrant experience that fuses history and art, take a factory tour of Blenko Glass and watch as talented artisans demonstrate the skill of glassblowing. Make sure to stop by Inspire miles of smiles for your tour group with hundreds of unique attractions conveniently located in one beautiful mountain town. Stunning views, shows, Dollywood, down-home cooking, arts, crafts and much more make us a destination to remember. 1-800-285-7557 ACTUALLY, YOU CAN PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. PFT004153_Mrr_GroupTravelLeader_8x4.5.indd 1 12/14/21 3:33 PM Inspire miles of smiles for your tour group with hundreds of unique attractions conveniently located in one beautiful mountain town. Stunning views, shows, Dollywood, down-home cooking, arts, crafts and much more make us a destination to remember. 1-800-285-7557 ACTUALLY, YOU CAN PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. PFT004153_Mrr_GroupTravelLeader_8x4.5.indd 1 12/14/21 3:33 PM

Missouri Icon Reimagined


ere’s a new option for group tours at the Kansas City Museum in Missouri. e museum celebrated its grand re-opening in October 2021, following a $22 million renovation that began in 2017. e four-story museum is housed in Corinthian Hall, a glittering beaux-arts mansion built in 1910 by Gilded Age lumber baron Robert A. Long. e building itself, especially the exterior and grand welcoming space of the rst oor, is a big part of the museum’s draw. Entering the Great Hall, visitors encounter a brilliant white marble staircase and a meticulously restored original chandelier surrounded by ornate architectural detailing. A refurbished billiard room also provides a gathering place for educational and public programs.

e museum’s mission is to share the local and regional history from the Kansas City, Missouri, area and especially untold stories, said Paul Gutiérrez, director of visitor experience and public programming at the museum. e museum experience is usually self-guided, but sta welcome tour groups and are prepared to o er guided tours to groups as large as 25 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. e second oor of the building houses galleries and exhibits chronologically, from the 1870s to the 1990s.

ird- oor exhibits cover more contemporary decades and feature “Our City, Our Stories,” where visitors encounter photos and summarized stories of 21 Kansas City residents from interesting backgrounds and representing many ethnicities.

“My favorite artifact on the third oor is a 3-foot-tall mirror ball that opens the door to tell the story of the city’s nightlife and fashions,” Gutiérrez said.

Crafted in 1918, the ball was an iconic symbol of Kansas City nightlife, which hung above concertgoers at El Torreon, a ballroom later converted into an ambitious roller rink. It later morphed into the Cowtown Ballroom, a music venue that featured musicians like Frank Zappa, Charlie Daniels and Kenny Loggins before finally closing in 1974.

Also on the third oor is a 42-seat theater, which serves as a venue for lms, lectures and cultural presentations. e museum is well known in the community for hosting seasonal events open to the public that include a holiday fairy princess event, a Kentucky Derby party and Day of the Dead celebrations.

Set on 3 acres, the 35,000-square-foot museum has more renovations on the horizon that will host future public programs in the Carriage House and other on-site buildings. e museum is part of a rich family of Kansas City museums available to tour operators, including the National World War I Museum and Memorial, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Arabia Steamboat Museum, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and Science City at Union Station. Motorcoach parking is available on Gladstone Avenue.

The Kansas City Museum is operated as a nonprofit organization through a cooperative agreement with the City of Kansas City and Missouri’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Kansas City Museum 816-702-7700 |

72 August 2022
“Our City, Our Stories” exhibit, Kansas City Museum City Museum celebrates grand re-opening BY MARK SHUMAN
Home to 14 unique 12 annual festivals, architecture on Register of Historic thriving arts and Home to 14 12 annual architecture Register of thriving arts Home to 14 unique museums, 12 annual festivals, amazing architecture on the National Explore mo’ Jo! Home to 14 unique museums, 12 annual festivals, amazing architecture on the National Register of Historic Places, and a thriving arts and music scene. at Home to 14 unique museums, amazing architecture on the We Cover All the Bases Team Up and Save Book Your G roup groupsa l es @slu gg er m us eum. co m 502.58 8.72 27 Join the Group Tour magazine VIPs group on Facebook. Connect and discuss business ideas, and learn about the best practices in group travel planning. Network among industry colleAgues! scan to Join find us on facebook! Follow Group Tour on Facebook to keep up with the latest group experiences and ideas. “like” @grouptourmagazine

Back in Time

Welcoming more than 65,000 visitors a year, Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a main tourism draw in the state. e site shares the history, culture and natural resources of the Native Americans, Acadians, Creoles and peoples of African descent in the Attakapas region (now known as Acadiana) through the end of the 1800s.

e living history museum and park is part of Bayou Vermilion District, which exists to improve water quality and aesthetics of the Bayou Vermilion. e district o ers educational opportunities and recreational outlets, like paddling trails and shing.

“A visit to our venue is a perfect ‘ rst stop’ in Lafayette,” said Ellen Fucich, marketing director at Vermilionville. “A group tour to Bayou Vermilion District and Vermilionville provides a unique opportunity to experience living history in a literal sense, essential to understanding and enjoying the rich culture of Acadiana, but also ties in environmental concerns and recreation, contemporary arts, music, foodways and fun!”

Vermilionville’s sprawling campus spans 23 acres along the banks of the Bayou Vermilion. e cultural institution consists of 19 attractions, including nine original, restored homes lled with more than 3,000 artifacts. More than 20 local artisans dressed in period attire provide demonstrations

and interpret a variety of authentic elements of folklife culture in both English and French.

“Vermilionville is one of the utmost primary sources of Louisiana’s culture and heritage,” Fucich said. “The pinnacle of everything that we are today is rooted in what we find at Vermilionville. We endeavor to engage the world in one of the most fabulous pieces of history that exists in modern times.

“We have created, in our own backyard, a living, breathing history book,” Fucich added. “To squander it could be a detriment not only to the region but also the world.”

A group visit to Vermilionville includes a tour of the village, which could last up to two hours. Visitors can interact with artisans stationed in the houses and buildings, demonstrating cra s and other aspects of early life in Acadiana. Demonstrations include medicinal gardening, weaving, basketmaking and blacksmithing. Self-guided tours are available, but guided tours are encouraged. Add-on enhancements are available too — cooking demonstrations, dance lessons and tours of the Bayou Vermilion District’s “Watershed” exhibit. Group dining is available at the on-site restaurant, La Cuisine de Maman.

“We hope visitors become more appreciative of the contributions of the diverse cultural groups who settled here and have a clearer understanding of the vital part the

74 August 2022 PHOTO VERMILIONVILLE Southeast
Bayou Vermilion Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park shares 18th-century Acadian life BY COURTNEY BIRCHMEIER

elements of history continue to play in the modern culture of the area,” Fucich said. “We also hope our guests enjoy themselves. If nothing else, our people know how to have fun!”

Annually, Vermilionville hosts more than 100 events that educate guests about aspects that make Lafayette unique, like language, music and dance, traditional arts, architecture, customs, cuisine and traditional holidays.

“Our Culture Days highlight each of the peoples who merged to make this region the richly diverse and interesting place it is today,” Fucich said.

e living history experience at Vermilionville is ever-changing. Fucich said a microbrewery could be coming to the premises, brewing beers reminiscent of historical recipes.

Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park 337-233-4077

75 August 2022 7th Annual The Festival of Tulips runs Mon-Sat 10-4, Sunday 12-4 during March* The American Village 3727 Hwy. 119 Montevallo, Alabama (205) 665-3535 Pick your own from a field of 100,000 TULIPS GroupTour_AVthird_Tulips.qxp_Layout 1 5/23/22 1 PHOTO VERMILIONVILLE


DISCOVER Head to Nashville’s newest museum, the National Museum of African American Music, located downtown inside the new Fi h + Broadway — a shopping, dining, culture and entertainment center.

EAT Have lunch at Assembly Food Hall, located at Fi h + Broadway. Or, the group can enjoy a homestyle barbecue buffet and line-dancing lesson at the famous Wildhorse Saloon

SEE The Frist Art Museum offers the finest visual art from local, regional, national and international sources.

Nashville is known as the Athens of the South. Find out why at The Parthenon, the world’s only full-scale replica of the ancient Greek temple.

TOUR Journey back in time at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, Home of the People’s President. Several experiences are available for group tours.

EXPLORE Be a star for a day. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum brings it all together in a unique package. Begin with a tour and group recording session at Historic RCA Studio B, where music legends such as Elvis and Dolly Parton recorded timeless songs. Then visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for a self-guided tour.

Head backstage at the “Mother Church of Country Music,” the Ryman Auditorium

ENJOY Catch a show at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville’s must-see attraction and the world’s longest-running live radio show. Cap off the experience with an Opry Backstage Tour


“Nashville has welcomed group tours with open arms for many years, with a focus on authentic hospitality and a creative spirit that makes Music City worth visiting time and time again. With personalized, group-focused programs and new group-friendly attractions, our team is excited and honored to welcome groups back to our wonderful city.”

Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. 800-657-6910 | FROM

LOUANNA HENTON, director, tourism sales, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.

76 August 2022 Southeast Itinerary
National Museum of African American Music The Parthenon

Group booking ensures no waiting in line, no cover charge, private reserved seating and dedicated servers. A minimum of 20 people required for a group booking. Advanced reservations required, based on availability.

Located on historic 2nd Avenue in the heart of downtown.


Originally constructed in 1875, one fourteen at the Wildhorse offers over 11,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting and event space. Featuring original exposed brick, hardwood floors, private board room, a giant skylight on the third floor, nostalgic decor and incredible views of the Cumberland River, one fourteen at the Wildhorse is the perfect venue for your retreat, reception or special event.

77 August 2022
120 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201 BOOK YOUR NEXT EVENT WITH US! GROUP

A New Look

e North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, North Carolina, is currently undergoing some major changes. e museum is in the middle of a reinstallation, entitled “ e People’s Collection: Reimagined.”

e People’s Collection is how the museum refers to its vast collection of art spanning thousands of years. e collection is housed in several buildings, as well as the Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park. e 160-acre park displays many pieces of art and provides unique walking and biking trails on the edges of Raleigh that connect to many of the metropolitan spaces in the city.

e museum was started in 1924 through a collaboration of the state of North Carolina and the North Carolina State Art Society.

“From our roots, the museum recognizes that the State Art Society wanted to build a museum and art collection that spoke to the local North Carolina community,” said

Miles Hall, tour administrator of the North Carolina Museum of Art. “It has grown to incorporate a global perspective.” is is part of the reason for the reinstallation. e existing menu of tours the museum o ers will change. Several new and many reimagined tours will be o ered. One of the new tours will be a deep dive into North Carolina artists and art forms. is tour will showcase the di erent personalities, topics and representations of what it means to be from North Carolina. Another new tour will be Becoming the NCMA: Ten Decades of Collecting, a highlight of how the museum’s permanent collection has been built from the 1920s to 2020s.

One of the big changes is a switch from chronologically organized tours to thematic tours. Artwork will be displayed together based on theme or art form to show similarities and di erences across large spans of time.

78 August 2022
continued on page 80
North Carolina Museum of Art
North Carolina Museum of Art reinstalls collection BY DANIELLE DEVOTA

Centrally located in North Carolina, Winston-Salem is easy to get to and even easier to navigate. Enjoy touring our vibrant nightlife, historical museums, heirloom gardens, a Moravian Culinary Trail, art, culture, shopping, and more—all within a walkable city center. And with 5, hotel rooms—including 1,200 downtown—our citywelcomes groups of all sizes. Come see why we were named as one of the “South’s Best Cities on the Rise” by Southern Living.

SIP & SAVOR Yadkin Va ey Wineries

TOUR Hist ic H es & Gardens

Kay Calzolari, CTIS
We’ve Been Planning Your Tour Since 1753
DISCOVER M avian Culinary Trail For Details and Group Itineraries, Contact: Kay@VisitWinstonSalem.com336.728.4237

continued from page 78 e museum will o cially roll out the reinstallation on Oct. 7, with the new tours beginning Oct. 21.

“Our vision is to be a vital cultural resource for the entire state and a national leader in creating a welcoming experience of belonging and joy,” Hall said. “You don’t necessarily have to be a resident of Raleigh to come to the North Carolina Museum of Art and feel at home. You can

be from anywhere and still nd something that speaks to you. e People’s Collection is for all people, and we want to encourage everyone to make their way to Raleigh, North Carolina, visit our museum, see the works of art that we have and be inspired.”

North Carolina Museum of Art 919-839-6262 |

80 August 2022
MASSANUTTEN A FOUR SEASON RESORT DESTINATION MASSRESORT.COM/GROUPS Accommodations • Meeting & Event Venues Teambuilding Activities • Indoor WaterPark • Golf Catering • Pools & Parks • Hiking • Escape Rooms Southeast

Bring your friends and family to see a powerful story of hope unfold at the Billy Graham Library. You’ll see exciting changes including multimedia enhancements, updated exhibits, and new technology. Come discover how God used a dairy farmer’s son to tell the world about His love—and see for yourself how this never-changing message changes everything.

Bring your friends and family to see a powerful story of hope unfold at the Billy Graham Library. You’ll see exciting changes including multimedia enhancements, updated exhibits, and new technology. Come discover how God used a dairy farmer’s son to tell the world about His love—and see for yourself how this never-changing message changes everything.

REOPENING SOON Experience it for yourself.
FREE ADMISSION Mon.–Sat., 9:30–5:00 | | 704.401.3200 | 4330 Westmont Drive, Charlotte, NC ©2022 BGEA A MINISTRY OF BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION
Los Angeles Crusade display at the Billy Graham Library
REOPENING SOON Experience it for yourself.
FREE ADMISSION Mon.–Sat., 9:30–5:00 | | 704.401.3200 | 4330 Westmont Drive, Charlotte, NC
Los Angeles Crusade display at the Billy Graham Library


Unspoiled landscapes shine in the Centennial State


Colorado’s scenic beauty has long drawn travelers who want to enjoy outdoor adventures. The state is full of natural landscapes, no matter what area you’re exploring. Gorgeous mountains, pristine water, and hundreds of animal or bird species create an expansive wonderland. Travel through incomparable beauty on an old-fashioned cog railway train, view fields of thriving wildflowers, and watch bald eagles soar, or catch a glimpse of elk, bighorn sheep and nighthawks while hiking amid ancient rocks. Then admire an endless carpet of stars a er nightfall. Here are five gorgeous, group-friendly spots to visit in the Centennial State.

West of Cañon City

Marvel at the nation’s highest suspension bridge, located inside Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 1929 structure features 4,100 steel cables and more than 1,200 wooden planks. e breathtaking footbridge extends 1,260 feet across and 956 feet above the roaring Arkansas River. Excitement rules on the seated Cloudscraper Zip Line, where guests travel 2,350 feet with a vertical drop of 136 feet, and speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Named the “World’s Scariest” among nearly 90 skycoasters from across the globe, Royal Rush Skycoaster provides more big adrenaline rushes. For a less intense park experience, book a guided Via Ferrata climbing tour. 719-276-8320 |


Outside of Aspen

Soaring above 14,000 feet, these bell-shaped, wine-colored peaks create a classic alpine scene. e 300-million-year-old jagged stone

ranks among the most photographed North American mountain areas.

In addition, glacial Maroon Creek Valley encompasses various natural habitats that groups can easily access via six pet-friendly hiking trails or bike trails. At several campsites, pitch tents, park RVs, or rent one rustic 1930s cabin. en visit the glossy and gorgeous Maroon Lake, sitting at 9,850 feet, or choose a perfect picnic spot among brilliant wild owers. Because of the elevation, do check for road closures, especially related to weather conditions.

970-925-1940 |


Colorado Springs area

Travel winding, climbing roadways while admiring thousands of pine trees plus stunning snow-capped peaks along the 19-mile drive to the summit or book the shuttle. Stretch your legs while crossing boulder-strewn landscape where bighorn sheep and

82 August 2022
Royal Gorge Bridge


From the breathtaking views of our mountains to new discoveries sprinkled throughout the city, Colorado is where everything SHINES A LITTLE BRIGHTER Start planning your next adventure today.


yellow-bellied marmots reside. Catch a sh or grab a snack at the visitor center. For incomparable views, ride the world’s highest cog railway. is 9-mile journey reaches 14,115 feet in altitude, while providing sweeping 360-degree views. With a stop at the top, trips run about 3½ hours. 800-525-2250 | 719-685-5401 |


Near Estes Park and Grand Lake

Among the nation’s highest national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park’s elevations range from 7,860 to 14,259 feet. is legendary destination covers 415 square miles, with meadows and glistening lakes, plus more than 300 miles of hiking trails and multiple camping sites. Experience incredible wildlife views, including bighorn sheep, moose and mountain lions, as well as deer, coyotes and black bears. Redheaded woodpeckers, nighthawks, great horned owls and majestic bald eagles are several of more than 250 bird species here. Send photos to friends and family via free Wi-Fi at the visitor centers, but cell service is not dependable beyond park entrances. Spring and summertime draw enormous crowds. 970-586-1206 |

84 August 2022
West Complimentary airport shuttle, breakfast and WiFi Contact: Kimberly Johnson – Phone: 303-576-9640 or 303-371-9400
The Broadmoor Manitou & Pikes Peak Cog Railway
extra! Extra! Visit for online-exclusive stories and inspiration.
Denver Airport


From a Grand Mesa to rock monoliths and canyons, many consider this 20,000-acre semidesert one of the American West’s most inspiring landscapes. e monument is also part of the greater Colorado Plateau, which incorporates Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Arches national parks. For gorgeous views of the Colorado River, travel 23 miles full of twists and turns, along Rim Rock Drive. Highland trails provide fascinating geological and wildlife views too, from pinyon pines and juniper trees to bighorn sheep, coyotes and multiple bird species. Part of the National Park Service, Colorado National Monument also o ers an 80-site campground, with reservations taken March through October. 970-858-2800 |

86 August 2022
West book now at 1-877-890-2737 America’s most historic scenic railroad Elevate your travel experience! Climb aboard the historic Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, for a
train ride
Elevate your travel experience as you venture
cross gorges
Competitive group
and elevate your experience aboard! GreenspingMedia_Elevated_7.25x4.75.indd 1 7/7/22 9:43 AM Just cross that bridge WHEN YOU GET THERE Visitors have been walking across the Royal Gorge for over 90 years. But we bet you’ve never flown across it How will you conquer the Royal Gorge?
Colorado National Monument, near Grand Junction
Rocky Mountain West.
highest mountain
reached by
in North America,
on trestles,
blast through tunnels. Depart from Antonito, CO or Chama, NM.
available. Book a group trip today,
87 August 2022 27 GRANDCIRCLE.ORG coloRado coloRado 27 GRANDCIRCLE.ORG coloRado

Fresh Foodie Trail MESA, ARIZONA

TOUR True Garden Urban Farm is a 5,000-square-foot vertical urban farm. Private tours are available for groups of 10 or more. Learn how True Garden Urban Farm grows plants without soil.

DO New to Mesa is Proof Bread, a bakery offering classes with heritage Arizona-grown grains. Specializing in sourdough pastries and chunky loaves, its signature style of old-world baking traditions is a welcome nosh spot in downtown. Sign up for sourdough breadmaking classes that switch out each season. Bakers Jon and Amanda share their techniques and tips for mastering this hard-to-master style of baking.

SHOP Steadfast Farm is Mesa’s newest addition to the Fresh Foodie Trail. This 2-acre bio-intensive market farm grows fruits, vegetables and flowers, and it raises pastured poultry for eggs year-round. Products are for sale at the Steadfast Farm store and farmers markets. Steadfast Farm’s on-site coffee shop is famous for its breakfast tacos.

Enjoy seasonal U-pick produce at Vertuccio Farms. Stop at the neighboring roadside farm stand to enjoy fresh goods and purchase additional Arizona food items to take home. A giant corn maze is part of a Cooler Days In The Corn Maze event held in October.

EAT Offering spacious outdoor seating (perfect for groups), Jalapeño Bucks is a barbecue-meets-Southwest roadside diner with spacious outdoor seating. The flavor profiles are described as “new wave Mexican soul food.”

Agritopia in Gilbert includes a residential community and an urban organic farm. Joe’s Farm Grill uses products grown on the farm. Barnone, a maker community, includes several food and drink makers and sells produce from the farm.

TASTE Queen Creek Olive Mill is Arizona’s only family-owned and -operated working olive mill and farm, where olives are grown and pressed to produce high-quality extra-virgin olive oil. Take the Olive Oil 101 tour and enjoy complimentary tastings of oils, olives, vinegars and more. Stock up in the marketplace and eat in the cafe or bistro and bar.

DISCOVER Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek is a fourth-generation working family farm that welcomes tours. The U-pick garden is full of vegetables, and Schnepf Farms has been growing peaches for over 50 years. Shop at the bakery and country store.

ASK Visit Mesa 480-682-3646

88 August 2022 PHOTOS VISIT MESA
West Itinerary
True Garden Urban Farm Proof Bread


Discover the wide-open spaces of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Wonders Region. Perfect for a group outing, reignite your sense of adventure with a variety of exciting excursions. Climb aboard the historic Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway, enjoy an authentic old-timey western experience at the Flying W Ranch and discover your inner champion on an inspirational tour of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum. Whether your group is looking for leisurely activities or exciting adventures, Colorado Springs has the activities they’re looking for.

Learn more at

89 August 2022
CHERYL MCCULLOUGH Senior Director | 719.685.7642

Ship to Shore

New Galveston immigration museum immerses visitors in real stories BY

Discover the stories of immigration history at Galveston Historical Foundation’s Galveston Historic Seaport. During the mid-19th century, Galveston, Texas, emerged as an international city, with immigrants coming from around the world, entering the U.S. through the busy port, “the Ellis Island of the West.”

In 2021, the Ship To Shore experience opened, allowing visitors to follow in the footsteps of the early immigrants. rough interactive technology, visitors see everything the immigrants endured, from the long voyage across the ocean to arriving in the 1880s in Galveston and how they made a new life for themselves and their families.

“Ship To Shore captures the reality of travel to Galveston in the late 19th and early 20th centuries,” said Dwayne Jones, executive director of the Galveston Historical Foundation. “It brings to life the experiences of real people with raw human stories of survival and challenges that has not been captured before now.”

Ship To Shore uses a combination of video, animation and graphic novel-style panels to tell the narrative. With hands-on, interactive learning, guests will discover that

some of these people survived the trip to America, while others did not. Many settled in Galveston, while others moved to di erent parts of the country. But all are based on authentic and documented personal stories of those who landed in Galveston. A digital membership card is used to personalize each tour, so a guest receives a new, authentic story every time they visit.

Visitors may look for ancestors via a computer database containing the names of more than 133,000 immigrants who entered the U.S. through Galveston.

e seaport is also home to the historic 1877 tall ship Elissa, a oating National Historic Landmark and one of America’s treasures. e o cial “Tall Ship of Texas” is only one of three ships of its kind still actively sailing. When visitors come to the museum, they can walk onto the ship and explore the decks at no additional charge.

Discounted rates are available for groups of 20 or more. Museum galleries are wheelchair-accessible.

Galveston Historical Foundation 409-765-7834 |

90 August 2022
PHOTO COURTESY OF SHIP TO SHORE Galveston’s 19th-century streets, Ship To Shore experience, Galveston Historic Seaport

Be inspired by the light of the Aurora Borealis. Renew your energy under the Midnight Sun. Experience the warmth of Fairbanks—Alaska’s Golden Heart—and the gateway to Denali, Interior and Arctic Alaska.

Call 1-877-551-1728 x3783 or visit for free group tour information, itinerary assistance, visitor guides and maps.



STROLL Explore the Old Sacramento Waterfront, a 28-acre National Historic Landmark District and State Historic Park along the Sacramento River. See early Gold Rush-era commercial buildings. Wooden sidewalks, horse-drawn carriages and living history characters provide a peek into 19th-century life. Discover shopping, dining and entertainment options.

TOUR The California Museum, the official state history museum, relates California’s history, arts, diversity and influence in the world. Guided tours, private group visits and box lunches can be arranged.

The California State Railroad Museum tells the story of the transcontinental railroad and the heyday of rail travel with walk-through vintage train cars, engines and interactive exhibits. Guided tours are not currently available.

EXPLORE The R Street Corridor is now a vibrant entertainment district. The area was California’s first railroad and industrial corridor. Instead of warehouses and industrial shops, R Street’s historic buildings hold the city’s top bars, restaurants, art and design. R Street encapsulates Sacramento’s historic beginnings, creativity, ingenuity and newness. Find murals, custom bike racks and the now iconic R Street Archway.

CRUISE Board a City Cruises by Hornblower vessel in the Old Sacramento Waterfront and take in scenic views of the city from the Sacramento River during a cruise. Several sightseeing and dining cruises are available.

DINE The Delta King, a 285-foot paddlewheel riverboat built in 1927, has been restored and converted into a boutique hotel with dining and meeting facilities. The Delta King is located on the

Old Sacramento Waterfront and makes a good option for a group dinner to end the day of touring the city.


Visit Sacramento 916-808-7777

equity and inclusion, Visit Sacramento

92 August 2022 West Itinerary
FROM TOP KELLY B. HUSTON, VISIT SACRAMENTO R Street Corridor California State Railroad Museum
“We promise that you’ll leave Sacramento pleased and delighted with your visit. It’s a city that surprises people with its easy mixture of history and modern experiences.”
BRADLEY, chief of diversity,
93 August 2022 /CodyYellowstone /CodyYellowstone GUIDED BY ADVENTURE DRIVEN BY DISCOVERY Your Great American Adventure awaits at CodyYellowstone.Org or 1-800-393-CODY. CDY300-75-Group-Tour-Magazine-3.indd 1 2022-07-22 12:55 PM 10-5pm Wed-Sat | 1-5pm Sun (785) 887-6148 | Impact future leaders through travel!

Lasting Legacy

Scandinavian Heritage Park celebrates Nordic culture BY

A sea of colors representing the ags of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland y proudly above the Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot, North Dakota. e cultural heritage park honors and preserves authentic Nordic culture and traditions.

Groups can marvel at intricately carved wooden steeples, towering statues and replicas at over 15 attractions throughout the park. e Scandinavian Heritage Association created the park in 1990. e Nordic heritage-focused destination commemorates and honors the legacy and in uence of Scandinavian immigrants who endured challenging journeys across the Atlantic Ocean to this region of North Dakota in the late 1800s. Groups can take docent-led or self-guided tours to view various interpretive sites within the park.

“Tour planners can call ahead to schedule docent-led tours, which lead groups throughout the park to see displays and artifacts from five Scandinavian countries,” said Marilyn Wagner, a tour guide at the Scandinavian Heritage Park. “Groups can see everything from a log cabin, called e Sigdal House, which was built in Norway in the 1700s and shipped to the park over land and sea; to various statues of prominent figures from Nordic history, including explorer Leif Erikson and winter Olympian Casper Oimoen.”

e Edward T. and Leona B. Larson Visitors Center hosts a variety of information for groups and tour planners to make the most of their visit. In addition to the Scandinavian gi shop, the building also houses the Norsk Høstfest Association, the o cial hosts of North America’s largest Scandinavian festival: the Norsk Høstfest. Held every October, Norsk Høstfest features educational cultural programs and entertainment for the public, including food and drink, artisan goods and music.

Other building replicas give groups a glimpse of Nordic tradition, architecture and ways of living. Replicas include a stabbur, a storehouse from a farm near Telemark, Norway; a full-size replica of Norway’s Gol Stave Church; a Danish windmill; a 30-foot-tall Dala horse, which is the national symbol of Sweden; and an authentic Finnish sauna.

“ e Scandinavian Heritage Park is unique, and our region is known as a home for Scandinavians who came to this region and continue to pass on their legacy to future generations today,” Wagner said.

Groups should call ahead to schedule docent-led tours. Free motorcoach parking is available.

Scandinavian Heritage Park 701-852-9161 |

Stave Church and Gate House, Scandinavian Heritage Park

The North Dakota roads are calling, inviting your tour group to experience our fabulous parks and trails, events and attractions, downtowns and main streets. Discover how much there is to see and do. Visit us online to plan your group tour.
Be Delighted.


SIP Enjoy a variety of award-winning wines from the oldest wine-producing region in the nation. Whether sampling red or white wines, groups will find flavors to suit every taste in Las Cruces. Tour vineyards, sip by the glass or plan a tasting to discover the longstanding tradition of New Mexico wine.

EXPLORE Home to national monuments and state parks with hiking and biking trails for all skill levels, Las Cruces has a moderate climate perfect for year-round outdoor recreation. Take in the scenic views and get back to nature on one of the area’s many trails. Be sure to plan a day trip to nearby White Sands National Park to see the bucket list-worthy sights of the gypsum dunes.

TASTE Acclaimed by foodies across the globe, Las Cruces is known for its famed red and green chiles. Add a little spice to your palate and try local New Mexican favorites like chile rellenos, posole, green chile cheeseburgers and enchiladas.

In addition to New Mexican dishes, enjoy traditional Mexican food, farm-totable concepts, French pastries, Greek cuisine and everything in between. The mouthwatering flavors don’t end with food. Treat yourself at local craft breweries, distilleries and coffee roasters.

TOUR Las Cruces is the place for space and the official host city of Spaceport America — the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. With tours leaving from Las Cruces, plan an “out of this world” excursion for your group.


Visit Las Cruces 575-541-2444

“Unique, local flavors abound in Las Cruces. Known as the ‘Chile Capital of the World,’ Las Cruces is a foodie’s paradise with a long history of agricultural traditions. For the outdoor lovers in the group, Las Cruces is home to sprawling wide-open spaces and extensive hiking and biking trails. We invite your group to come explore, experience and discover Las Cruces.”

96 August 2022 West Itinerary
PHOTOS VISIT LAS CRUCES Spaceport America Outdoor recreation Rio Grande Winery ROCHELLE MILLER-HERNANDEZ , director, Visit Las Cruces

One Stop, Many Attractions

Culture, nature, science and entertainment collide at Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Originally known as “City Park” but later renamed for Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa, the 1,200-acre property provides experiences and entertainment for groups no matter their size or interests.

e park’s history as the site of the 1915–16 PanamaCalifornia Exposition, which commemorated the opening of the Panama Canal, set the foundation for the park’s infrastructure and vision today. Groups can tour and experience museums, exhibits and programming throughout many of the original Spanish Renaissance-style buildings constructed speci cally for the exposition.

Today, the park is home to a variety of performing arts venues, public gardens, walking trails and museums preserving and honoring the history of local and regional stories from past and present. More than 17 museums and cultural buildings and over a dozen unique gardens can be found on-site. From the San Diego Zoo to history in aviation and transportation to prominent arts and culture exhibits, the park boasts a diversity of collections and attractions.

“We have all di erent kinds of groups who come to Balboa Park — everything from small private tours to large school groups from around the state and country,” said Jordan White, visitor services manager at Balboa Park Visitors Center. “We o er 60- to 90-minute walking tours of the park’s grounds, sharing stories about its history and origin, and information about our gardens, horticulture and architecture found throughout the park.”

Some of the most popular destinations at the park include the San Diego Natural History Museum; the Chicano, Mexican, Indigenous and Latino art and cultural exhibits at Centro Cultural de la Raza; the historical and

contemporary folk art, cra and design exhibits at the Mingei International Museum; and the Women’s Museum of California, which inspires present and future generations about the contributions by many diverse and prominent women in history.

Groups from around the world travel to Balboa Park to view its array of pristine and lush gardens. Colorful roses, old-growth trees and an abundance of green space lled with prickly cactus, seasonal blooms, lotus blossoms, orchids and water lilies decorate the landscape throughout the park. Groups can book a variety of docent-led tours within the more than a dozen gardens, simply set up a picnic or enjoy a self-guided walking tour.

General admission to Balboa Park and the Botanical Building is free. Admission prices for the cultural attractions and museums vary, and, in most cases, are managed by nonpro t organizations supporting the attractions.

“In partnership with the nonpro t group Forever Balboa Park, the city of San Diego, cultural organizations and the park itself work in collaboration to educate the public and provide maintenance and care for the park,” White said. “Our goal is to help community members understand that Balboa Park is more than just buildings — it’s a representation of our community’s longstanding relationship with the park and its importance as a resource we hope continues to thrive for as long as possible.”

To learn more about pricing, programming and scheduling tours in advance, group tour planners should contact the Balboa Park Visitors Center.

Discounts are available for groups of 15 or more.

Balboa Park 619-239-0512 |

97 August 2022
Sculpture Garden, Balboa Park
Find culture, science and nature within San Diego’s iconic Balboa Park



This Northern California hideaway is simply bursting with notes of of freshness that pairs well with friends. Start making your plans to

This Northern California hideaway is simply bursting with notes of of freshness that pairs well with friends. Start making your plans to

savor the unexpected in fairfield.

savor the unexpected in fairfield.

98 August 2022

Food + Drink

99 August 2022
Savor Delicious Destinations Across the US
PHOTO ELIZABETH GRANGER Lobster meal, Freeport, Maine


Pack an itinerary with unique, local flavors By

Food tourism is an ultra-popular way to experience a region. No matter where you’re traveling throughout the country, you’re bound to find delicious, yet decidedly different, regional flavors.


Peaches in Texas

Peaches? Texas? De nitely.

Welcome to Gillespie County and its decadeslong love a air with the golden summertime fruit.

Tourgoers will nd peaches at orchards and farmers markets, as well as in pies, cobblers and other delectable dishes at local restaurants. ere’s even an annual Peach JAMboree and Rodeo in Stonewall each June.

ere’s peach ice cream at Engel Orchards or Gold Orchards, peach cobbler at Vogel Orchard or Clear River Ice Cream and Bakery.

Das Peach Haus has not only jams and jellies but also a cooking school with all things peach.

ese delectable stops lead peach a cionados down back roads near Fredericksburg and Stonewall.

3.5 million annual visitors. ere’s L.L. Bean’s agship store as well as a host of other shops both local and national. And, there is seafood, and lots of it, with lobster being the most familiar menu item.

Freeport, with so much to see and do, begs multiple-day visits and multiple lobster stops.

Granholm’s favorite, Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster, is still there.


Lobster in Maine

In Maine, Sue Granholm clearly remembers riding down to the town dock on her pink bike with the banana seat. “I’m not 12 anymore,” said the information center manager for Visit Freeport, “but I’ll still get a clam cake or lobster roll.”

Granholm shares her town of about 1,500 residents with more than

Downtown, nd Linda Bean’s (she’s the granddaughter of L.L. Bean), the Lobster Cooker, Wolfe’s Neck Farm Café and — new this year — Freeport Oyster Bar. It’s grab-and-go at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster Roll. And for something fancier yet family-friendly, try the Broad Arrow Tavern at the upscale Harraseeket Inn.

Visit Freeport Maine 207-865-1212 |

100 August 2022
Fredericksburg Convention & Visitor Bureau 830-997-6523
Elizabeth Granger
Food + Drink Food trails
Fischer & Wieser peach truck, Fredericksburg, Texas

SOUTH Seafood along Alabama/Florida Coast

Seafood of a di erent nature satis es the palates along the Gulf Coast of Alabama/Florida. Outdoors, there’s e Gulf in Orange Beach, Alabama. is is a casual stand-in-line-to-order place made from shipping containers that o ers seaside options in both eating (fried grouper sandwich, snapper salad, grilled cobia tacos) and dining (waterfront tables as well as couch seating).

e Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores, Alabama, (likely the best family-friendly waterfront seafood restaurant there) seems to o er just about anything from the water — alligator and crab to shrimp and oysters. ere’s the upscale Fisher’s (seared jumbo scallops, fresh sh of the day) or Cobalt, e Restaurant (fresh oysters) or Flora-Bama Yacht Club (chargrilled oysters, blackened trigger sh).

In Pensacola, Florida, the draw is Joe Patti’s sh market. “Anyone who goes into the Panhandle goes to Joe Patti’s,” said Karen Coron, who lives in Michigan but winters in Orange Beach. “‘Old Joe’ sits in a lifeguard’s chair. He’s old, and he’s crabby. He calls you up by your number, and if you don’t raise your hand immediately, he’ll say, ‘Come now or don’t come at all.’ He is hilarious.”

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism 800-745-7263 |


Pasties in Michigan

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, groups will see many signs advertising the pasty (pronounced pass´-tee). e meat pie-type delicacy is found from the western end of the U.P. in Ironwood (Joe’s) to the eastern edge in Sault Ste. Marie (Penny’s Kitchen) and to the south in St. Ignace (Lehto’s). Pasties arrived with Cornish miners hired to teach locals how to work the underground iron ore mines. Long favored in miners’ lunch buckets, the pastry-wrapped meal of meat, potatoes, onions and sometimes carrots or rutabagas was a hearty, yet easy-to-eat lunch.

The underground mines are gone, and the open pit mines are dwindling in number. But pasties, perhaps the immigrants’ No. 1 gastronomic gift to the U.P., can be found in bakeries and restaurants as well as in pasty shops. Consider Randall Bakery in Wakefield, Jean Kay’s or Lawry’s in Marquette and Ishpeming, Toni’s Country Kitchen in Calumet, Roy’s in Houghton, Gram’s in Escanaba, or Muldoon’s in Munising. Often, nonprofits and churches have pasty sales.

Upper Peninsula Travel & Recreation Association 906-774-5480 |

101 August 2022
Pasty, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
The Gulf, Orange Beach, Alabama Lobster roll lunch, Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster, Freeport, Maine

Sip and Recharge

Uncork memorable experiences in Historic Missouri Wine Country

Travel the two-lane roads into the southwest corner of St. Charles County, Missouri, and you’ll arrive at a place where history, nature, art and award-winning wine meet to create a destination known as Historic Missouri Wine Country. e region’s wine, food, and bed-and-breakfast accommodations make it the perfect place for your groups to relax. Share a bottle of award-winning wine as you enjoy the picturesque surroundings from a hilltop terrace. When the weather is less than ideal, cozy up indoors. Wineries in St. Charles are open daily and most feature live music on the weekends from April through October. e region features more than a dozen wineries that o er tastings, vineyard tours, special events, delicious food, live music and the opportunity to unwind.

ere’s more to Historic Missouri Wine Country than just wine, however. You’ll also nd quaint towns to linger in and explore. Augusta, named the country’s rst American Viticultural Area in 1980; De ance; and New Melle each have their own unique stories as well as things to see and do. Galleries run by local artisans, boutiques, antique shops and nurseries await your group. Dine in one-ofa-kind restaurants serving everything from burgers to gourmet dishes. Or immerse yourself in wine country hospitality by staying at one of the region’s unique inns.

If you’re looking to take in some history, head to one of the region’s most popular historical attractions, e Historic Daniel Boone Home at Lindenwood Park. is living history village not only features the nearly 200-yearold Boone Home but also over a dozen other 19th-century structures, including a chapel and schoolhouse.

For the outdoor enthusiast, Historic Missouri Wine Country o ers several outstanding county parks: Klondike, Broemmelsiek and Matson Hill. Natural and paved trails wind through tree-lined hillsides to give cyclists a challenging ride and hikers tremendous views of wildlife, native plants and rolling countryside. In addition, a portion of the popular Katy Trail State Park, a 237-mile hiking and biking trail, runs along the region’s southern edge.

History, nature, art and award-winning wine are all found in Historic Missouri Wine Country. No matter how you choose to spend your time there, it’s sure to be a memorable group experience.

Greater St. Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau 636-946-7776 |

102 August 2022 Food + Drink

See How It’s Made

Jelly Belly Visitor Center sweetens itineraries in Fairfield, California

Located in the heart of wine country in Northern California is a sweet spot your groups will not want to miss. Jelly Belly Candy Company’s Visitor Center in Fair eld, California, welcomes everyone to take a self-guided tour of the factory and observe how the iconic Jelly Belly jelly beans are made. Jelly Belly is known for its avors like Very Cherry, Buttered Popcorn and Licorice.

Jelly Belly Candy Company is family-owned and -operated by the fourth, h and sixth generations of the original candymaking family. With candymaking roots dating to 1869, Jelly Belly has honed and perfected the cra of making jelly beans. Making these iconic beans is a long and involved process, too. In fact, it takes between seven and 14 days to make a Jelly Belly jelly bean!

e complex process behind making a Jelly Belly bean is just one of the reasons why touring the factory is such an unforgettable experience for groups. e self-guided tour allows visitors to go at their own pace and takes them along an elevated, ¼-mile tour lane to observe the factory and its workers below. At each station along the tour lane, visitors are guided by high-de nition videos to give them an up-close-and-personal look at the candymaking process. e tour lane is also equipped with interactive exhibits and games for additional entertainment. e tour ends with Jelly Belly’s own Jelly Bean Art Gallery. Jelly Belly jelly beans are known for having a variety of colors and avors, and talented artists have used these beans to cra truly awe-inspiring mosaics.

A er the tour, guests are invited to ride aboard the Jelly Belly Express passenger train from the Visitor Center to the entrance of the brand-new Jelly Belly Museum. e museum presents the evolution of candymaking equipment and the growth of the Jelly Belly Candy Company through a whimsical and interactive experience.

In addition to the factory tour and museum, the Visitor Center has many other attractions, too. Dine at the Jelly Belly Café and enjoy jelly bean-shaped burgers and pizzas. Browse the Jelly Belly store and grab some truly sweet souvenirs. And stop by the Chocolate Shoppe, which o ers some of the nest handmade caramel apples, marshmallow treats and, of course, chocolate in Solano County.

For adults seeking a more re ned experience, walk up the colorful stairs by the jelly bean wall to take part in the Chocolate and Wine Experience. e confectionery experts at Jelly Belly have teamed up with local Suisun Valley wineries to provide an unrivaled chocolate and wine tasting experience.

With so many things to do, the average group can expect to spend at least a couple hours at the Jelly Belly Visitor Center. Calling in advance for large groups is appreciated but not required as tickets for the tour and museum are only available for purchase on-site. Motorcoach parking is available during business hours. Jelly Belly Visitor Center

104 August 2022 Food + Drink
Food + Drink • Self-guided factory tours • Self-guided museum tours • Every tour includes a Jelly Belly Train Ride! (weather permitting) • Fun, interactive and sensory exhibits • Chocolate & Wine Experience • Retail store open 9AM-5PM Factory & Museum Tours © 2022 Jelly Belly Candy Company Jelly Belly Visitor Center One Jelly Belly Lane • Fairfield, CA • 800-953-5592

Please Your Palate

Midwest flavors satisfy in Red Wing, Minnesota

Venture down the Great River for one unique experience in Red Wing, Minnesota. With so many things to see and do, groups are encouraged to spend at least a weekend in the area. Hike a blu , walk the riverfront and visit one or more of Red Wing’s family-owned and -operated restaurants. History, retail and social opportunities await your groups.

Start your journey with a delicious Midwest burger.

e “Beast” burger at Bayside Tap and Steakhouse o ers a wild-game experience. e patty is a blend of elk, wild bear, bison and wagyu beef. Surprisingly, it tastes like a traditional burger with a hint of seared, robust avors. But if that’s a bit too bizarre, take the group for burgers and bowling. e half-pound “Whimpy” burger at the Bierstube Bowl & Grill is a far cry from a small meal. Reserve a lane or two to work o those ingested calories a er adding Bierstube’s famous cheese curds to your order. When you are looking for something di erent, head over to e Smokin’ Oak Rotisserie & Grill for the “State Fair” burger. e Smokin’ Oak is a local favorite o ering rotisserie chicken and mouthwatering barbecue plates.

e Downtown District o ers quaint boutiques and various eats. Traditional hometown hangouts include

Liberty’s Restaurant & Lounge (classic burgers and a Friday night sh fry), Fable’s Kitchen & Bar (classic burgers and upscale dining) and Andy’s Sports Bar & Grill (burgers and tasty wings). Scarlet Kitchen & Bar, located within the historic St. James Hotel, o ers eloquent service and comfortable prices. Enjoy a romantic setting overlooking the Mississippi River, or grab a few friends and belly up to the bar for a classy happy hour. Try “Jimmy’s” burger, which features jalapeno bacon and cheese.

Finally, if your group is searching for cheese and spice and everything nice, head over to Kelly’s Tap House Bar & Grill. e “Jalapeno Popper Dip” burger and the “Ghost Pepper” burger spark the senses and drive patrons to add a tasty beverage to the meal. e local hot spot provides visitors with indoor and outdoor dining options with various views of the river and upper harbor.

Gather your friends, family or your favorite traveling companions to set out on your Red Wing culinary journey today. And don’t forget to pack your appetite.

Visit Red Wing 651-385-5934 |

106 August 2022 Food + Drink
Food + Drink

Flavorful Fun

Build a food-themed itinerary in Quincy, Illinois

Are you a curious foodie? Summer Flavor Tours in Quincy, Illinois, o er the perfect marriage of food and history.

Five dedicated chefs and mixologists create signature brunch/lunch menus each Saturday, all summer long. Your food adventure takes place in the heart of Quincy’s historic downtown and is guided by an entertaining ambassador, infusing nuggets of the city’s colorful past. O en, the tour meanders through the local farmers market and may pause at a locally owned boutique. You’ll see incredible architecture and artistic murals while your taste buds are delighted with local fare, house-roasted co ee and fresh cocktails.

Quincy’s downtown is just the tip of the architectural iceberg. e city is crowned with four National Register Historic Districts, one of which is highlighted on Private Home Tours of Quincy in the East End Historic District. Groups gain entrance into a curated selection of privately owned homes in this awe-inspiring neighborhood. ere are 17 residences representing diverse architectural styles, from stately Italianates to sprawling Prairie-Cra smen. e tours have garnered such great accolades that many groups return for a second visit.

Two architectural driving tours are also wildly popular. Mid Mod Quincy comprises 30 stops, featuring swanky residential neighborhoods and iconic commercial and religious structures.

e Abundant Architecture Guide serves as the city’s keystone driving tour, exploring 48 points of interest. Break for a sweet treat and kitchen tour at Underbrink’s Bakery. Established in 1929, Underbrink’s is an authentic German bakery and utilizes some of the old “formulas” still today. Its signature Angel Food Cupcakes with buttercream icing will send you straight to heaven.

Step-on guides stand ready to accompany your group, sharing inside knowledge of the city’s famous, and infamous, former residents on Quincy: O the Record. is tour is shrouded in intrigue and mystery. irteen places associated with the likes of Al Capone and Mary Astor are among the lot. Underground tunnel tours of Dick Brothers Brewery tell the story of the brewery once larger than Anheuser-Busch, along with tales of Sudsy the Ghost. O the Record even includes a Woodland Cemetery stroll, where the head of the city founder’s father is said to be buried.

In salute of Quincy’s river roots, e Tri-County Cat sh Trail is new this year. Follow the sounds of sizzling lets prepared in a variety of heartland styles. e trail incorporates three counties in Western Illinois and features over 40 stops. Two menu teasers for your palate: crispy cat sh with Cajun seasoning, malt vinegar and caper sauce; and Southern-style cat sh, lightly breaded in cornmeal, served with remoulade sauce, corn on the cob and cornbread.

With its premier location on the Great River Road and surrounding fertile land, Quincy is the central point of the Mississippi Valley Wine Trail. Seven family-owned wineries are represented from Nauvoo to Rockport, Illinois. e wineries and vineyards each hold unique stories and timelines. e oldest winery in Illinois, Baxter’s Vineyards, was founded in 1857 and graces the trail today. It rubs shoulders with 57&Vine, a new tasting room established in 2021 that o ers exquisite sunsets. To top o the fun of the trail, visitors can win free wine trail swag by visiting all seven locations. Behind-the-scenes vineyard tours are available.

See Quincy | 800-978-4748 |

108 August 2022 Food + Drink
The Dream Team Enjoy the whites & reds of the Mississippi Valley Wine Trail SE QUINCY .COM ~ ~ ~ 800.978.4748 Saturday Flavor Tours / Private Home Tours / Quincy Illinois Plan here

Crafted for Flavor

Grand Rapids, Michigan, boasts robust food and drink offerings

Grand Rapids is celebrating 10 years as “Beer City USA” in 2022 — and the local beer scene has gotten even bigger and better since earning that distinction in a nationwide poll. More than 40 cra breweries within a 20-minute radius of downtown serve an extensive variety of beers for every taste.

Beer is just one of the beverages Grand Rapids does exceedingly well. Dozens of local cideries, distilleries, juiceries, meaderies and wineries source fresh ingredients from family farms in the area — one of the nation’s nest agricultural regions — to cra a delectable lineup of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can enjoy their “grandcra ed” creations on-site, where they’re made, as well as in restaurants across West Michigan.

at includes the city’s many group-friendly restaurants, whose menu o erings help justify Grand Rapids’ 2021 ranking as a “Top 20 Foodie City” — and the most a ordable of the top-tier cities. e Grand Rapids Downtown Market is a collection of 20-plus restaurants and artisan food vendors under one roof. Locally cra ed beers and sodas and locally roasted co ees are among the beverage options there. Bistro Bella Vita is a downtown restaurant serving modern French

and Italian cuisines, featuring an extensive wine list plus local beers and spirits. Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery is a century-old family farm that transforms its own fruit harvest into wines and hard ciders. It also serves freshly baked sweets and freshly made lunches. Noto’s Old World Italian Dining has been helping local residents celebrate their most momentous occasions since 1997, and it can accommodate groups of any size. San Chez Bistro brings an authentic blend of European, Mediterranean and Latin American cuisine to downtown Grand Rapids, complete with local beers and spirits.

Whether you want to make food and drink the focus of your group tour or just want to ensure that there’s always something delicious to fuel your travels, Grand Rapids is cra ed for savory satisfaction. You can even make behindthe-scenes brewery tours part of the experience!

Experience Grand Rapids 877-847-4847, ext. 3574 |

110 August 2022 Food + Drink

More Than a Meal

Pennsylvania’s Mount Hope Estate & Winery serves food and drink with a side of entertainment

Mount Hope Estate & Winery’s historic property in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has much more to o er your groups than you might expect! From on-site alcohol production and a creative and experienced catering team to talented entertainers skilled in the art of interaction and improvisation, there are countless opportunities to enjoy. Be sure not to miss this meal stop on your next itinerary!

Mount Hope’s newest group-exclusive is the Farm-toTable Experience, which celebrates Lancaster County’s rich agricultural history. Guests dine in a beautifully restored barn and enjoy a meal featuring the bounty of nearby farms. A fun-loving actor discusses local agriculture history and the sources of the featured menu items.

Perhaps your travelers would prefer some history with a group favorite, Mount Hope’s Victorian Tea. Guests will be welcomed by the former mansion owner, Miss Daisy Grubb, and treated to tea, sweets and savory nger sandwiches. Miss Daisy will impart a light-hearted etiquette lesson, share the history of teatime and conclude with a

guided mansion tour lled with stories about her home.

For groups looking to indulge in beverages, Mount Hope Estate is proud to be Pennsylvania’s original, onelocation winery, brewery and distillery. Groups can best enjoy the estate-cra ed beverages with a private actorguided tasting tour. From fruit wines and small-batch beers to hard ciders and handcra ed cocktails, a pre- or post-meal tasting tour is a treat for your group’s taste buds.

“We have unique spaces, talented entertainers, delicious food and amazing cra beverages,” said Nicole Boyer, group sales manager at Mount Hope Estate & Winery. “We love to combine these assets in creative ways to ll your itineraries with experiences sure to leave your groups smiling! We look forward to entertaining you soon.”

Mount Hope Estate & Winery

717-537-8377 |

111 August 2022

Pair a Meal With the Outdoors

Ridgeland, Mississippi, satisfies group cravings with varied dining options and activities

Ridgeland, Mississippi, is a treasure for groups of all sizes and occasions. Located just north of the state’s capital city, this thriving destination with small-town charm o ers a variety of activities, tastes and landscapes.

Several dining, entertainment and shopping districts are located throughout the city. Northpark is a newly renovated, indoor shopping mall with its very own food court and B&B eatres. Stroll along the downtown streets of the Railroad District or indulge in delicious French delicacies at Anjou Restaurant at the Township at Colony Park, which o ers some of the nest restaurants in the Jackson Metro Area. Don’t forget to explore the Renaissance at Colony Park, an outdoor shopping plaza home to Malco Renaissance Cinema Grill, an interactive lighting and music fountain, and restaurants by award-winning chef Derek Emerson. is area also hosts Art, Wine and Wheels, a weekend-long festival encompassing three of Ridgeland’s signature spring events: Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival, Santé South Wine Festival and Natchez Trace Century Ride. Ridgeland is also known as the “Steakhouse

Capital of Mississippi” — as it’s home to the most steakhouses in the state and arguably some of the best.

Before or a er a meal, browse the galleries at the Bill Waller Cra Center, home to handcra ed masterpieces by over 400 artisans. Get up close and personal with available group classes taught by master cra smen. e center serves dual purpose as an event venue and sits in convenient proximity between the 33,000-acre Barnett Reservoir and historic Natchez Trace Parkway. Nearby, cycling enthusiasts can access the Chisha Foka Multi-Use Trail for a self-guided bike tour.

With 17 hotels, meeting and event spaces, patio dining experiences and a world of activities, there is nothing quite like gathering in Ridgeland.

Visit Ridgeland 800-468-6078 |

With delectable dishes, prime event spaces and a world of activities, it’s no secret why Ridgeland is a treasure for groups of all sizes and occasions. This thriving destination with small-town charm offers tastes and landscapes everyone can delight in.

For a guide to gathering in Ridgeland, go to

112 August 2022
Food + Drink

Deep-Fried Goodness

St. Landry Parish brings new life to classic comfort food in Louisiana

St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, is known internationally for being a hub of culinary culture and heritage. e city of Opelousas is the cradle of seasoning icon Tony Chachere and celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme.

With multiple Creole restaurants, Cajun eateries in almost every town and a host of festivals centered around food, the culinary heritage is clear. Yet, one of the o enoverlooked culinary specialties of this area is fried chicken. While nearly every restaurant will have the comfort food in one form or another, there are a few places that truly out-do themselves. And these eateries are all located within minutes of each other in Opelousas.

Lines are long — around the clock — at two locations of Mama’s Fried Chicken, which has been serving a two-piece dark for $2.99 for more than 45 years. e owners are part of a larger family of food entrepreneurs responsible for Targil’s Butcher Supplies and Seasonings and a spice plant, as well as Zydeco Chop Chop seasoning. With food credibility like that, it’s obvious why people keep coming back.

DezMeaux’s stu s fried chicken wings with boudin, a family recipe nicknamed “razzle dazzle” by Gerald Gruenig,

a local TV food in uencer and zydeco musician. e chicken is perfectly crunchy and bursting with a distinct avor. At this carry-out-only boudin stop, you’ll want to order ahead because it sells out quickly.

Soileau’s Dinner Club has dished out fried chicken and a stu ed potato, along with its signature Cat sh Opelousas, for more than 85 years. Soileau’s fried chicken has near legendary status in the community and still inspires leagues of loyal customers with its Cajun traditions.

In St. Landry Parish, there are plenty of opportunities to eat amazing food. ese are just a few of St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission’s deep-fried favorites. You can learn more about these restaurants and explore plenty of food destinations at

St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission 337-948-8004 |

113 August 2022

Tasty Tale

Learn about the special wheat of Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Life is sweet in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, known as the Batter Capital of the World.

Tourgoers notice the gorgeous, expansive farmland as motorcoaches travel through Christian County and roll into Hopkinsville. But farmland is found across the Midwest. What makes Hopkinsville special? In Hopkinsville, farmers grow so red winter wheat, which is ideal for specialty products such as sponge cakes, cookies, crackers and other confectionary products, as it adds value to the miller and baker as a blending wheat.

Once harvested, the local wheat heads to two local our mills. Hopkinsville Milling Company is the oldest industry in Hopkinsville, and Siemer Milling Company mills 2 million pounds of our every day.

Hopkinsville Milling Company puts our (and corn meal) into nostalgic packaging and sends it to grocery store shelves, and the company has been doing it since 1906.

Siemer Milling Company our heads to destinations in bulk quantities. As a provider to many hotel and restaurant chains, the smallest quantity of our available for purchase from Siemer Milling is 50-pound bags. However, if you

happen to be located directly next door and connected to this grain grinding industry by a pipe that delivers daily our drops, the quantities increase dramatically. In fact, hundreds of thousands of pounds of our are delivered daily from Siemer Milling Company to Continental Mills for use in food mix manufacturing.

A er arriving at Continental Mills through food-grade pipes, the our is used to create over 451 products found on grocery stores shelves.

Products like Ghirardelli Brownie Mix, Krusteaz mixes (including pancake, wa e and mu n mix), Red Lobster

114 August 2022
Food + Drink

Foodie Favorites

Take a culinary adventure in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Culinary discovery awaits in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Just an hour north of Chicago, you’ll nd a friendly and a ordable community bursting with options for foodies. From pizzerias and traditional Italian fare to sushi, brewpubs and retro drive-in diners, there is something delicious waiting to wow you!

A supper club with a view of Lake Michigan makes for a traditional Wisconsin experience. HOBNOB has been serving guests for more than 50 years. With circular leather booths, handcra ed drinks, and a steak and seafood menu to crave, you’ll nd plenty of reasons to stay for one more course.

Choose from two drive-in burger joints. e Spot Drive-In is open year-round for delicious burgers, milkshakes and homemade root beer. Big Star Drive-In o ers seasonal service, including a Friday sh fry and fabulous fried cheese curds.

Speaking of cheese curds, a trip to Wisconsin wouldn’t be complete without some cheese! You can enjoy cheese curds fresh or fried — and there are plenty of venues to

nd them in Kenosha. e Brat Stop and Mars Cheese Castle o er huge selections of avored curds, among other delicious cheese o erings.

Come hungry and leave happy! Your visit to Kenosha will be sure to satisfy.

Visit Kenosha 262-857-7164 |

115 August 2022

Fresh Found Here

Build flavorful itineraries in Modesto, California

Did you know that central California provides over 30% of the nation’s fruits, vegetables and grains? And Modesto is right in the center of it all — literally, Modesto is the true “Heart of California!” Groups staying in Modesto are conveniently close to all the places travelers want to see like Yosemite National Park, California Big Trees, San Francisco, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

When in town, visit Lo-Fidelity Laboratories (“lo- ” to locals) to grab cra cocktails before or a er a show at the nationally renowned Gallo Center for the Arts. Groups can experience a mural tour, ra the Stanislaus River, take in a play at the Prospect eater Project or visit the historic State eatre for classic lms, art-house cinema and live music.

When it comes to fresh food, there’s an abundance to appreciate. roughout the month of February, white and pink blossoms eck the valley’s world-famous Almond Blossom Cruise, where groups can grab almond butter milkshakes and stroll the orchards among the blooms. Any time of year, groups can visit the nation’s No. 1 Gouda

cheesemaker (Oakdale Cheese & Specialties), schedule a tasting with the country’s oldest olive oil producer (Sciabica Family California Olive Oil) or walk across the longest covered bridge west of the Mississippi River in nearby Knights Ferry.

Modesto o ers a central location in California with a ordable accommodations, food you’ll never forget and experiences you’ll always remember!

Visit Modesto 209-526-5588 |

116 August 2022

Hungry Travelers, Rejoice

Rochester, New York, showcases elevated food and drink scene

e food and drink scene in Rochester, New York, is on the verge of a major upswing. A community of dining, drink and hospitality professionals is working hard to make it the next great food and drink city in America.

From American fare to modern fusions, a meal in Rochester will never disappoint. Restaurant Good Luck, located in the Neighborhood of the Arts, features seasonal, local cuisine and a highly regarded cocktail menu. Lento, known as Rochester’s rst farm-to-table restaurant, is owned by James Beard-nominated chef Art Rogers. Redd Rochester, in the nearby East End neighborhood, was opened by Michelin-starred chef Richard Reddington in 2019.

Another must-visit location is the Rochester Public Market, one of America’s oldest and largest public markets. On Tuesdays, ursdays and Saturdays, the market comes to life with customers seeking seasonal produce, meat, sh and other specialties from its 230-plus vendors.

e explosion of the cra brewing industry in New York state has resulted in the Rochester area being home to more

than two dozen cra breweries and several distilleries. Rochester is also the home to Genesee Brewery, the oldest brewery in the state.

As the “front door” to the award-winning Finger Lakes wine region, Rochester is within an hour’s drive of 100-plus wineries. However, you do not have to travel far to enjoy great wine in Rochester. Living Roots Wine & Co., the rst urban winery in the Finger Lakes region; located within city limits. Just 15 minutes from downtown is Casa Larga, one of the oldest wineries in the Finger Lakes region known for its rieslings, ice wines and Italian varietals.

Plan your next food-forward getaway with a trip to Rochester, New York — and don’t forget your appetite!

Visit Rochester | 585-279-8300 |

ROC your world. From our little corner of it.

ROC your world. From our little corner of it.

Recognized as one of the top cities for food in the country, Rochester is filled with creative culinary hotspots—many of which draw inspiration from the city’s historic roots and regional abundance from local farmers. The hidden treasure of Western New York, your visit is bound to be the perfect balance of refined and relaxed, historical and happening, amazing and a ordable. Nestled in the beautiful Genesee River Valley, along the historic Erie Canal, let your clients be wowed with a vibrant arts scene, top-rated golf, diverse cuisine, craft beverage trail, natural wonders and unique worldclass attractions for all ages. It really is limitless.

Recognized as one of the top cities for food in the country, Rochester is filled with creative culinary hotspots—many of which draw inspiration from the city’s historic roots and regional abundance from local farmers. The hidden treasure of Western New York, your visit is bound to be the perfect balance of refined and relaxed, historical and happening, amazing and a ordable. Nestled in the beautiful Genesee River Valley, along the historic Erie Canal, let your clients be wowed with a vibrant arts scene, top-rated golf, diverse cuisine, craft beverage trail, natural wonders and unique worldclass attractions for all ages. It really is limitless.

For more information, go to

For more information, go to

117 August 2022
Food + Drink
® NYSDED Photo Credit: Jerome Davis/Wickham Farms, Memorial Art Gallery, Rohrbach Brewing Company, @headleyj17, and Dexter Craig

Agricultural Abundance

Farm-fresh is a way of life in Sacramento, California

When you want the best food, you go to the source, and Sacramento is America’s “Farm-to-Fork Capital.” In Sacramento, restaurant menus change with the seasons — or daily — and farm-fresh isn’t a sales gimmick. It’s just the way it has always been done.

Whether you enjoy dining at the Michelin-starred e Kitchen, hitting up a mom-and-pop brunch spot or getting authentic Pho in Little Saigon, the food you eat in Sacramento is going to come from the surrounding agricultural lands.

California grows more than 80% of the nation’s almonds, and the largest handling facility is Blue Diamond, right in downtown Sacramento. Sacramento itself produces four- hs of the nation’s caviar. And the citrus fruits, asparagus and tomatoes are second to none.

But it doesn’t stop at food — as the head of Ruhstaller Brewing likes to say, “We grow beer.” More than 75 breweries dot the region, and wine grapes are equally abundant, with Bogle in Clarksburg, just 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento, being a local favorite.

Every September, Sacramento throws a party to celebrate its agricultural bounty. e Farm-to-Fork Festival is a free, two-day food and music extravaganza that draws more than 150,000 visitors to sample food, see chef demonstrations, talk to the farmers growing their favorite foods and enjoy performances from nationally known bands. is year, Japanese Breakfast and Gregory Porter headline the event, held Sept. 23–24. And earlier in the month, the Legends of Wine event at the state Capitol brings more than 30 wineries from the surrounding area along with farm-fresh food for attendees to enjoy.

Regardless of what time of year you’re in Sacramento, you’ll enjoy excellent food from a wide range of diverse cultures, and there’s a good chance it’s fresh from the market.

Visit Sacramento | 916-755-0033 |

118 August 2022
Food + Drink

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120 August 2022
Plan your visit Here to inspire
From landmark sites and monuments, to national museums, Indigenous culture, festivals and celebrations–Ottawa immerses you in the inspiring stories of our amazing country. Canada’s stories told here