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September 2017

Inside: How to claim your VIP status Bisbee's Queen Mine Tour Flight  |  1

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20514 N. 83rd Pl | 4 bd | 2.5 ba | 2,843 sf

Under Contract

Coventry @ Grayhawk 5 BR | 2.5 BA | 3,705 SQ FT 7502 E. Nestling Way | $699,000

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For Sale

HALCON VILLAS 3 BR | 2.5 BA | 2,606 SQ FT 7722 E. Fledgling Dr | $600,000

Volare @ Grayhawk 3 BR | 2.5 BA | 2,715 SQ FT 7918 E. Rose Garden Ln | $624,500

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#1 Agents in Grayhawk!!

19727 N. 84th Way | $1,099,000

5 BR, 4BA, Casita, Overlooking Golf Course | | CALL 480 999 2948 | VISIT


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Michael Fee Community Manager

Stacey Harvey Assistant Community Manager

Jenn Sheets


Queen Mine Tour


Director of Communications

Volunteer In Paradise

Sarah Van Duyne Lifestyle Director


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Dana Gonzalez Administrative Coordinator

Grayhawk Community Association

Richard Dearo Maintenance Supervisor

Phone (480) 563-9708 RSVP (480) 563-9839

Anthony Day


(480) 563-9709

Maintenance Assistant

Talon Guardhouse/Roving Patrol (480) 502-7685

CCMC 7940 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy. Suite 102 Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Raptor Guardhouse (480) 502-5078

Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

On the Cover Stargazing in 2013

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Manager’s Corner

electricity expenses. lities including water and Uti • son sea et The 2018 budg expenses for community 2018?) ial events including some ost Soc alm • lly rea it (is us is upon events and programs. years we have and for the past several es, es including office suppli of trying to • Office operating expens experienced the challenge the and , office equipment increasing (or telephone and data lines, keep the assessments from l stil office space. yet A nt) GC ou monthly lease for the increasing a minimal am t tha ties eni am design review, and providing the services and nal fees including auditor, sio fes Pro • , 17 20 In k. enjoy here at Grayhaw attorney/legal expenses. all of you have come to at ociation (GCA) and Retre Ass ity un lacement of mm Co k aw the Grayh erve funding for future rep approved res re al we pit Ca ets dg • bu ual ann mon elements. Village Association (RVA) association assets and com nts. me ess ass in ses rea inc r no with mi awk Community es have challenges facing the Grayh liti the ipa of nic e On mu ny ma , ow n in drafting the As you probably kn the Retreat Village Associatio ir existing the and n at te atio era oci op Ass to ue tin con g the capital struggled in past years to dgets is to continue fundin e to tax bu du g e tin enu era rev op tax 18 d 20 uce red h by Grayhawk’s service level sometimes wit at the level recommended is month I nts Th ou . acc ent e fer erv dif res no are A erve accounts are cuts, and the GCA and RV essments Both the GCA and RVA res t. ass lys ly ana nth e mo erv r res you at wh ut level, which is thought would write abo very near the 70% funded well as as ded A, fun GC tly the ren by cur ed vid pro on. To continue pay for and the services ng reserve funding positi facing in stro be a l d wil ere n sid atio con oci ass the contribution to the some of the challenges centage funded level, the dgets. per bu ng ure fut stro a as ll at we as itional et, ually which results in an add developing this year’s budg reserve fund increases ann ina e Budget/F nce the GCA and the RVA. Th g other on th bo am for er, e cov ens nts exp me ess the Board of Directors Your monthly GCA ass e has recommended to itte mm Co the 70% funded items, the following: ations strive to remain in oci ass th bo t tha s thi – as and RVA will need of the common are plish this goal, the GCA om acc To • Landscape maintenance ge. ran t cke po g levels each year. of the greenbelts, increase the reserve fundin to ue includes the maintenance tin con to the s, the neighborhood parks located in many of nce Committee and ntial streets and main ide can see, the Budget/Fina you landscaping along the res As , ive Dr k aw its work cut out k Parkway, Grayh RVA Board of Directors has and roadways (Thompson Pea A GC the ale ttsd future budgets. , and parts of Sco fting the 2018 budgets and dra in Hayden Road, 76th Street m the for n pso services medians on Thom to pay for a wide range of Road and Pima Road), the Your assessments are used run the Grayhawk north of Thompson necessary to successfully ad es Ro ens en exp yd Ha and and ay kw Peak Par Village Association. Channel, and the 30 Association the Retreat ley ity Val un er De mm the Co ay, kw Par Peak in the future but ns may need to be made er areas. isio oth dec g lt on am ficu , Dif tem sys il tra mile A Board of Directors ured that the GCA and RV ass be the t can ou gh you ’s ou thr s rol nity pat awk as one of the Valley • Two 24-hour commu mitted to keeping Grayh com are entire community. premier communities. full-time employees. en sev for es ari sal ff sta • GCA office We’ll talk again soon. of the common area walls • Repair and maintenance ns, sig nt me nu ures, mo and fences, mailbox struct ape lighting. dsc lan and , tem irrigation sys . nager awk Flight news magazine Grayhawk Community Ma • Publication of the Grayh ility ation’s property, general liab • Insurance of the associ , nce ura ins ) Officer’s (D&O insurance, Director’s and . nce ura ins and fidelity worker’s comp insurance,

Michael Fee

GRAYHAWK ADVERTISING The Grayhawk Community Association (GCA) offers advertising as a service to our community and does not support or endorse the products, persons or services advertised in the Flight. GCA shall not be held liable or responsible for any misleading or incorrect advertising. 4

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Community Meetings BOARD MEETINGS – SEPTEMBER 2017 Board meetings are open to residents and we encourage you to attend. Your involvement does make a difference!

Grayhawk Board of Directors Mon, Sept. 11 at 5:30 p.m. in the Talon Room, GCA office

Grayhawk Board of Directors Executive Session Meeting The Board of Directors will be meeting in Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. Section 33-1804 (A)(3) at 5:00 p.m. in the GCA office.

Retreat Village Board of Directors Mon., Sept.11 following GCA meeting in the Talon Room, GCA office

Retreat Village Board of Directors Executive Session Meeting The Board of Directors will be meeting in Executive Session pursuant to A.R.S. Section 33-1804 (A)(3) at 5:00 p.m. in the GCA office.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS Communications Committee Call Jennifer Sheets at 480-563-9708 for more information.

Event Planning Committee Call Sarah Van Duyne at 480-563-9708 for more information.

Landscape Committee Call Stacey Harvey at 480-563-9708 for more information.

Operational Review Committee Call Stacey Harvey at 480-563-9708 for more information.

Architectural Review Committee Tues., August 1 and 15 at 4:30 p.m. at the GCA office.

OTHER ASSOCIATIONS Avian Condominium Association Board Meeting Tues., Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. in the Raptor Room, GCA office. Call Associated Property Management 480-941-1077 for details.

Cachet at Grayhawk Condominium Association Board Meeting

Grayhawk Community Association Board Members

Wed., Sept. 20 at 6 p.m. in the Cachet Clubhouse. Call FirstService Residential at 480-551-4300 for details.

Linda Shaw President

Paul Alessio

Crown Point Board Meeting

Vice President

Call Stacey Harvey at 480-563-9708 for details.

Jeanette Griswold

Edge Condominium Association Board Meeting

David Van Omen

Visit or call 480-584-4647 for details.

Margo Bellock

Encore Condominium Association Board Meeting

Robert Mann

Wed., Sept. 20 at 6 p.m. in the Encore Clubhouse. Call Ogden and Company at 480-396-4567 for details.

Martha Troy

Tesoro Condominium Association Board Meeting

Retreat Village Association Board Members

Treasurer Secretary Director Director Director

Mon., Sept. 25 at 6 p.m. in the Tesoro Clubhouse. Call Kinney Management at 480-820-3451 for details.

Venu Condominium Association Board Meeting Call Associated Property Management at 480-941-1077 for details.

Arlene Smith President

Ira Mallin

Vice President

Patrick Thompson Treasurer

Village at Grayhawk Condominium Association Board Meeting

Mitchell Cooper

Thur., Sept. 21 at 6 p.m. in the Raptor Room, GCA office. Call FirstService Residential at 480-551-4300 for details.

Alan Fernandez

Secretary Director

Vintage Condominium Association Board Meeting Mon., Sept. 11 at 10 a.m. in the Talon Room, GCA office. Call Associated Property Management at 480-941-1077 for details.

VISION – Grayhawk: a Sonoran Desert home to vibrant southwestern living with an uncommon commitment to community.

MISSION STATEMENT – Grayhawk Community Association strives to enhance quality of life and community strength through inclusion, participation and pragmatic stewardship of human, financial and environmental assets.

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Board Briefs Grayhawk Master Association Board of Directors Meeting – August 7, 2017 Development Committee David Van Omen reported that Grayhawk Beer Company, which replaced Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers, was now open at the Grayhawk Plaza. Michael Fee reported that he had spoken to a representative of YAM Properties, the management company for Grayhawk Plaza, and they are willing to make a financial contribution to the development of a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) to FEMA regarding removing the west side of Grayhawk from the Rawhide Wash, thus eliminating the requirement for flood insurance.

Operational Review Committee Michael Fee reported that the committee did not meet in July.

Landscape Committee Arlene Smith reported that the committee did not meet in July. Regular maintenance has been taking place. The Deer Valley Channel/ Pima Road erosion project is approximately 60% complete. Arlene shared that there had been quite a bit of storm damage recently, specifically in the Pinnacle and Montevina neighborhoods.

Community Enhancement Committee Stacey Harvey reported that there was not a meeting in July.

Event Planning Committee Sarah Van Duyne reported that the first Coffee Chat had been very successful. Press Coffee Roasters had provided the tasting and gift cards for all in attendance. They were able to take a maximum of 20 people, and this event was full with a wait list. There were 48 people in attendance at the second iPhone class with Jeff Toomey.

Communications Committee Jennifer Sheets reported that the committee has held meetings with two separate website providers and would be reviewing proposals from both at the committee meeting in August. The committee anticipates having a recommendation for the GCA Board of Directors at the September Board meeting.

Contact Information is Crucial for Your Safety How nice would it be to receive a call from a security officer notifying you that your garage door is open, you have an irrigation leak, or there is a concern regarding the security of your home? Although the GCA office likely has your contact information and such problems can usually be rectified quickly during the day, patrol officers will not have access to that information after regular office hours. That poses a problem for residents, and we have a solution. GCA has an emergency contact form for the web-based security software system ABDI that we are using at our guardhouses and unmanned gates. With this system, the security staff will have immediate access to emergency information through a computer in each of the patrol vehicles. The information in the database will only be used by the Grayhawk on-site staff and security team members. Many residents may have already completed this form. However, if you are a new resident or did not previously complete this form, or if any of your information has changed in the past year (i.e., emergency contact information, cell phone number(s), e-mail address, etc.), this would be a great opportunity to take the time to make sure that your information is accurate and current. To fill out an electronic form, visit or call the GCA office at 480-563-9708 for a hard copy. If your account has previously been established, just call or send us an e-mail to update contact information as needed. The form also includes information pertaining to renters/tenants. If this is applicable to your residence, please complete the renter portion of the form as well.


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Architectural Review Committee Paul Alessio reported that there were meetings on June 6, June 20 and July 18, with a total of 31 submittals. The committee has no new progress to report on the monument sign renovation project, but will be reviewing new design options soon.

Budget/Finance Committee Jeanette Griswold reported that the committee had met on June 19 with Bradley Enos from Mansperger Patterson and McMullin, who is the GCA and RVA auditor. Mr. Enos reviewed the 2016 audit with the committee and noted that the cash in the GCA operating account is equal to about three months of monthly expenses which is a good position for the association. A motion was made and approved to accept the 2016 GCA audit prepared by Mansperger, Patterson and McMullin.

Executive Committee Linda Shaw gave a Strategic Plan update. She noted that the upcoming strategic planning meeting had been scheduled for Monday, October 16 at 5:30 p.m. It was also noted that the guardhouse renovation project was a large undertaking and would be better addressed once the monument sign project is complete. The Board of Directors agreed to postpone the guardhouse renovation project until 2018.

Treasurer’s Report Jeanette Griswold reported that the community is doing well financially. Over $72,000 was taken in to the Community Enhancement Fund in May, and $115,000 in June, bringing the total through June to $451,000.

Management Report Michael Fee reported that the wall and fence painting project for 2017 was nearly complete. The Raptor and Talon rooms in the GCA office were painted recently. This is a reserve fund item.

Dog Walker Elisa Shivers call to schedule 480-353-9672

FOOD TRUCK September 7

Short Leash Hot Dogs

Grayhawk Elementary School Located in the semi-circle in front of the school from 11am-1pm

Flight  |  7

North Scottsdale is our home, too. Values Matter. ACTIVE


16215 N 109th Way | $889,000

Visit for newest listings.

19475 N Grayhawk Dr | $369,900

Jenny & Don Matheson

RE/MAX Fine Properties

(480) 351-4859


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Sound Off

Hey, Grayhawk, what is your favorite book? "Secrets for Success and Inner Peace" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. – Melissa Barnes Knecht "The Big Short" by Michael Lewis – Scott Prulhiere "Falling Over" by Melody Jones – Jenny Leung "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" by David Wroblewski – Janet Queen "Q&A: A Novel" by Vikas Swarup. Even better than the movie (Slumdog Millionaire) which is hard to top! – Michelle Rebugio Boncel Congratulations to Janet Queen for winning a gift card to Press Coffee Roasters for submitting a response. Follow us on Facebook at for your chance to win! Flight  |  9

Arizona Adventures: The Queen Mine Tour in Bisbee By Jennifer Sheets, GCA Director of Communications My family loves to travel, but we realized one day early this year that we haven’t done nearly enough exploring in our own state. Arizona has tons of history and natural beauty worth discovering, so we’re making a point of hitting the road every chance we get before the kids (now 10 and 8) get old enough that it’s not “cool” anymore. We recently toured the Queen Mine in Bisbee, a great spot for escaping the Arizona heat and learning about the process of mining. Trust me, it’s fun!

A brief history of mining in Bisbee

At the turn of the century, the community of Bisbee, located just east of the Mule Mountains about 90 miles southeast of Tucson, was one of the top copper mining towns in the world. Between 1877 and 1975 nearly eight billion pounds of copper was mined in the hills. Large quantities of gold, silver, lead, and zinc were also extracted from the ore, making the Queen one of the richest mines in Arizona.


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But all good things must come to an end, and eventually, the resources were exhausted and the mines shut down. By the mid to late 70s, Bisbee was a near ghost town. However, thanks to tourists, artists, filmmakers and others attracted to the town’s charm, Bisbee saw resurgence and

continues to thrive today. Tours of Bisbee’s famed Copper Queen Mine rank as one of the area’s top tourist attractions, drawing visitors from throughout the United States and abroad.

Queen Mine Tour

On a recent (quick) tour of southern Arizona, our family of four decided to take the famed Copper Queen Mine tour. We made reservations, which is suggested, and showed up plenty early to get checked in. The parking lot fills up quickly so arriving early is recommended. I’d also suggest a potty break before the hour-long tour starts. I’m talking to you, people with small bladders and small children. I had read plenty of reviews before taking the tour, and one recommendation repeated many times was to dress warm. The temperature in the tunnels is usually between 47 and 60 degrees. Close-toed shoes are also required and I would recommend leaving your purse in the car. Once inside, we were fitted with a hard hat, trendy neon orange and yellow vests

and mining lamp before claiming our seats on the “man-cart”- a small train to carry us through the mine. About 100 feet into the tunnel, we stopped and the operator gave anyone who wanted to jump off the man-cart the opportunity to do so. Those with claustrophobia or a screaming kid could evacuate at this point. All 30 or so of the people on our tour chose to continue the full 1,500 feet into the mine. Our guide, a former miner, was entertaining and insightful. My husband and I commented that the price of entry was totally worth hearing about the mines from someone who lived it. It will be a sad day when all of those retired miners are no longer able to lead tours. He talked quite a bit about the process of mining, which seemed tedious and also extremely dangerous. It made a desk job seem like a vacation! Drills, dynamite, blasting caps, fuses, rail cars, mules, what the ore looks like, how the caves were cut or blasted open, and how much rock could be moved in an hour was all part of the tour. Our guide was very funny and we especially loved his stories of lessons learned in his early years of mining. We decided he was lucky to be alive! Not surprisingly, the kids’ favorite part was seeing the toilet miners had to use, and learning about how it was one lucky guy’s job to clean it out every day. Our takeaway was a new appreciation for the mining profession. I don’t think anyone can complain about their jobs after being in the mine and hearing about what the miners endured. One thing to note: this tour is not handicapped-accessible. Visitors must straddle the seat on the man-cart and there is some walking through shafts and some climbing of stairs. There are benches where you can sit if you don't wish to climb. Following the tour, take a few minutes to browse through the gift shop. My kids spent entirely too long deciding which rocks to buy, but the prices were decent and they did have a good selection.

Be smart…make the time

We didn’t have time for much more than a quick drive through Bisbee after the mine tour, but most will want to spend at least a day exploring the fun shops and galleries, as well as learning more about Bisbee’s history. We really wanted to visit Warren Ballpark. Warren Ballpark, built in 1909, is one of the oldest professional baseball stadiums in the United States. The park has hosted many baseball legends and has been home to many minor league, semi-pro, high school and amateur players. As a baseball loving family, we hope to visit soon! If you plan to spend the night in Bisbee, consider staying at the Copper Queen Hotel. This supposedly haunted, elegant four-story hotel hails back to the days when Bisbee was the oasis of culture between New Orleans and San Francisco. Built in 1902, the hotel and its dining room have served as a gathering place for the West's social elite, including Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne and General Black Jack Pershing. There are a number of tours and historical sights to visit, and plenty of great restaurants. Once chock full of saloons, Bisbee still has some great watering holes. St. Elmo Bar, opened in 1902, is the oldest continuously operating bar in Arizona and the Old Bisbee Brewing Company serves up some great microbrews. The 100 foot bar at the Silver King Hotel is also a fun spot, but with just four barstools you want to get there early! I hope if you haven’t already, you make time to take a trip down to Bisbee. It’s a charming little town with lots to see!

Queen Mine Tour:

Open 7 days per week. Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas. Please call for tour times. Adults: $13 / Youth 6 - 12 years: $5.50 (tax included) Tours leave from the Queen Mine Tour Building located on Dart Road, immediately south of Old Historic Bisbee Exit off the U.S. Hwy. 80 interchange. 478 Dart Road, Bisbee, AZ 85603, (520) 432-2071,

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In & Around Grayhawk Aqua Fitness for Life Mondays & Wednesdays 9 a.m. Come join the "Aqua Babes" in the Talon Retreat for the Water Aerobics Class. "Water Fun" is taught in the shallow end of the Peregrine pool and is designed to burn calories, increase endurance and improve strength and flexibility. Join the fun and call Sue at 480-473-9262 to register today. Please note that there must be a minimum of three participants to hold class.

Internet Safety Class with Jeff Toomey Wed., Sept. 13 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Talon Room, GCA Office, 7940 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy., Ste. 102 Internet Safety for Families and Adults is an incredibly important topic these days. So we have invited Jeff Toomey from back for another class to help educate our residents on how to protect their families. He will walk through how to make sure your privacy and security settings are properly turned on for your smartphones and computer. This includes popular online accounts like Google’s Gmail, Apple’s iCloud, Facebook, Amazon, and more. You will also learn tips and tricks on how to look out for spam in emails. RSVP to 480-5639839 by September 12 to save your seat.

Grayhawk Hiking Club – 2017-2018 Season Kickoff Meeting Thurs., Sept. 21 at 6:30 p.m. Talon Room, GCA Office, 7940 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy., Ste. 102 Join the Grayhawk Hiking Club for their annual Season Kickoff Meeting. Since 2004, the hiking club has hosted several hikes per month from October through April. Hikes vary in difficulty to accommodate beginning and experienced hikers. Come to the meeting to learn more about the hiking club and gain insight into the hikes planned for the 2017-2018 season. Refreshments will be provided. To learn more and/or RSVP for this meeting, go to To review details and/or RSVP “yes”, you must have joined the club online (if you have not already done so and it’s free). You can also RSVP to 480-563-9839. Please RSVP no later than Sept. 19

Stargazing at Grayhawk Fri., Sept. 22 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Grayhawk Greenbelt, Near 78th Way and 78th Place Grab a flashlight, a blanket or some chairs and head over to the Grayhawk Greenbelt for a night of stars and planets with Stargazing for Everyone. You'll have the chance to view the wonders of the universe through their telescopes. See the planet Saturn, galaxies, star clusters, colorful double stars and nebula. Bring your digital camera or cell phone for great shots of the moon through the telescopes. We'll have Moon Pies, drinks and lots of fun for celestial fans of all ages. Stargazing For Everyone will also be bringing their "Traveling Stargazing Store" for you to separately purchase items including books, bookmarks, stargazing aides, constellation mugs, and much more. The Traveling Stargazing Store accepts cash and major credit cards. Cost to participate is $2 per person. RSVP to 480-563-9839 and payments are due in cash or check at the GCA office by Sept. 20.

Pilates Workshop: Targeting Lower Back Pain Mon., Sept. 25 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Talon Room, GCA Office, 7940 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy., Ste. 102 Have you ever thought about trying Pilates to ease your chronic low back pain? Pilates is often recommended by doctors and physical therapists as an effective, safe treatment for reducing pain and preventing future problems through its unique movements that strengthen and lengthen the body simultaneously. Join comprehensively trained Pilates instructor Jessica Dumanch with Club Pilates Scottsdale Promenade for an informative, interactive workshop on utilizing Pilates to reduce and prevent low back pain--among many other benefits! RSVP to 480-563-9839 by Oct. 22 to hold your spot.

Ladies Bunco Tues., Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. Raptor Room, GCA Office, 7940 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy., Ste. 102 Join neighbors for a night of food, drinks and Bunco! Never played before? Don’t worry! It’s an easy dice game- all you need to know is how to roll dice and count! We’ll do a quick lesson before we get started. All you need to do is bring yourself, $5 and an appetizer OR a bottle of wine to share. Your $5 will go into the pot for cash prizes at the end of the night. RSVP to 480-563-9839 by Sept. 22 to hold your spot! 12

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In & Around Grayhawk Grayhawk Single Sippers Club Wed., September 27 at 5 p.m. Lush Burger, 18251 N Pima Rd # F120 If you are a single looking for casual conversation, a friend, or just to meet some other singles in your neighborhood, then this event is for you! Grab yourself a light bite to eat and a drink all while meeting some new people. This is a great way to broaden your circle of friends and to try something new. Our reservation starts at 5 p.m., but you are welcome to join a little later if you cannot be there by 5 p.m. We must give the restaurant our final count of attendees by Sept. 25. RSVP by that date to 480-563-9839.

Grayhawk Nights at Bodega 13 Thursdays through September 28 Bodega 13, 8876 E Pinnacle Peak Rd #100 Grayhawk residents will receive 15% your entire bill on Thursday nights all summer long. Just make a reservation and identify yourself as a Grayhawk resident on the reservation. You and your guests will receive 15% off your entire bill. This offer is valid from Now – September 27. For reservations call Bodega 13 at 480-284-7600. They are open Monday – Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Save the Date: Beer Yoga Fridays, October 6, 13, 20, 27, & Nov. 3 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm GCA- Talon Room, 7940 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy. Yes, you read that correctly… We are holding a BEER Yoga series here for the community! If you enjoy getting fit and relaxing at Yoga, but also enjoy your Friday night Happy Hours, then this event is for you! This series is BYOB and will include some playful, fun poses to get you ready for your weekend. Mariah Seacrest-Comer, certified as both a personal fitness trainer and yoga instructor, is bringing Oktoberfest to Grayhawk. If you sign up and pay for all 5 classes by Thur., Oct. 5th you pay the early bird price of $5 per class ($25 in total). If you pay per class it is $10 per class. All skill levels and abilities welcome, but all participants must be able to get up and down from the floor to participate. Don’t forget to bring your mat (Beer is also encouraged, but not necessary to participate)! Please RSVP to 480-563-9839 to reserve your spot and we must have 8 people signed up to be able to hold the class.

Living Trust Seminar Tues., Oct. 24 from 10 to 11 a.m. Talon Room, GCA Office, 7940 E. Thompson Peak Pkwy., Ste 102 Join us for a free living trust seminar, presented by Dwornik Law, and learn about the latest strategies to protect your estate. Planning Is Essential – Do You Have A Plan? Have you considered what would happen to your loved ones in the event of your disability or death? Learn why a will is not enough. Why many people with Living Trusts will end up in probate. Learn how to avoid it. A good estate plan coordinates what happens to your home, savings, investments, business and retirement accounts. Come learn how to put a plan into action to help protect your legacy, your family and your future. Guests will have an opportunity for questions after the seminar with Attorney Richard M. Dwornik. RSVP by Oct. 20 to 480-563-9839.

Volunteer Booster Club CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!! As you know, Grayhawk has one of the most active lifestyles in the Valley with events that are tailored to all ages and groups of our community. To make those events successful, we often rely on residents and volunteers for set-up, participation, and clean-up. The Event Planning Committee is looking for Grayhawk Residents who are interested in being a part of some of our great events here in the community without having to commit to the meetings and events on a regular basis! Whether you are in school and working towards completing community service hours, or are an adult who has always wanted to be behind the scenes of some of our most memorable events, now is the time to join the Volunteer Booster Club! We are seeking to establish a list of “Grayhawk Volunteer Boosters” upon whom we can call for action for one or more events per year. Please let us know of your interest by e-mailing Sarah Van Duyne at or calling the GCA office at 480-563-9708.

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Karen Nychay

Kathleen Prokopow

Sally Cashman

Linda Goldberg

Lorraine Funk

Reinventing Real Estate. New Listing

New Listing

FPO MOVE-IN READY IN LA BUENA VIDA ESTATES 5 BR + Loft, 3 BA, 3424 SF, 3 CG | Offered at $545,000

PERFECTLY APPOINTED MONTEREY RIDGE CONDO 2 BR, 2 BA, 1092 SF, 2 CG, Top Floor Unit | Offered at $259,000

Just Sold


Just Sold

STUNNING RENOVATION IN CAVE CREEK 4 BR, 2.5 BA, 2581 SF, 2 CG | Offered at $619,000

Learn more about these fine properties at Scan here to visit our website


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Sally Cashman 602.339.2680

Calendar of Events

September 2017 Monday














Cachet Board Mtg. 6 p.m. Cachet Clubhouse Encore Board Mtg. 6 p.m. Encore Clubhouse

Village Board Mtg. 6 p.m. Raptor Room Hiking Club Kickoff 6:30 p.m. Talon Room

Stargazing 7:30 p.m. Grayhawk Greenbelt




ROVING PATROL (480) 502-7685 GRAYHAWK ASSOCIATION (480) 563-9708 SCOTTSDALE POLICE (480) 312-5000 RSVP FOR GRAYHAWK (480) 563-9839








25 Pilates Workshop 6 p.m. Talon Room Tesoro Board Mtg. 6 p.m. Tesoro Clubhouse

13 Internet Safety Class 5:30 p.m. Talon Room

Avian Board Mtg. 6 p.m. Raptor Room


7 Short Leash Food Truck 11 a.m. Grayhawk Elementary School

Vintage Board Mtg. 10 a.m. Talon Room GCA and RVA Board Mtg. 5:30 p.m. GCA office








Grayhawk Nights at Bodega 13 Thursdays through September 28



26 Ladies Bunco 6 p.m. Raptor Room


Single Sippers 5 p.m. Lush Burger

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How to Claim Your VIP status By Laurie Smith, Volunteer in Paradise (VIP) Coordinator The word is spreading like wildfire and the award-winning Volunteer In Paradise (VIP) program is expanding to meet the demand! Dozens of new school volunteers are needed in the Paradise Valley Unified School District. Volunteer tutors, called VIPs, have been providing academic support for students in a few select PV schools. Teachers in other schools throughout our large and diverse school district have heard about the extraordinary strides students are making as a result of mentoring and tutoring from a VIP, and they are requesting VIPs for their own students. Teachers and principals often point to test scores as evidence that VIP-tutored students are making academic gains. They tell us that the time a VIP spends with a child week after week makes a real difference. Test scores don’t tell the whole story, though. More moving tributes are told through individual narratives: • The reluctant learner whose teacher says works harder for his VIP than he does for anyone else. • The little girl who was monolingual when she arrived in a second grade classroom, a refugee from a war-torn country. With help from her VIP, she quickly learned not only to understand, speak, and read English, but by the end of the year she could write English, as well. • The foster child striving to overcome a traumatic early childhood who formed such a special connection with his VIP that everyone agreed she should follow him into the next grade for continuing support. PVSchools Superintendent James P. Lee, Ed.D. often refers to the Volunteer In Paradise program as a dropout prevention program. Research shows that a successful early start in school and the support of caring adults increases graduation rates. Per Dr. Lee, “VIP provides a valuable resource, not only to students, but to teachers at a time when school district budgets are being drastically reduced.”


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Teachers frequently – and repeatedly – use superlatives to describe their VIPs: Great! Amazing! Wonderful! Incredible! Reading specialist MB Thomas says, "I love the VIP acronym for our volunteers, because they are so very important to so many of our students. The attention, caring, kindness, and support of our VIPs has made a huge difference for our students and enables our teachers to meet the needs of each child. We are so grateful!" Volunteers, on the other hand, often proclaim that they are the grateful ones. Most VIPs return year after year to work with the same teachers. Long-time volunteer Susan Melker explains, "I have to say that being a VIP has made a huge difference in my retirement. I love working with the kids, have tremendous respect for the teachers I work with, and have learned so much...My weeks just aren't as fulfilling when I am not engaged there." The National School Boards Association named the Volunteer in Paradise program a first place winner of the Magna Award, which recognizes school districts and their leaders taking bold and innovative steps to improve the lives of their students and their communities. We have seen our VIPs do exactly that. Prospective VIPs are invited to attend a no-obligation volunteer orientation to learn more. Visit our website at for additional information and to register for an orientation. Questions? Email Laurie Smith or Mary Grace Wargo at

Under Contract -Listed at $1,195,000

Sold- $1,535,500

Pennewell Simpson Partners

A Grayhawk Resident’s Experience with the VIP Program My name is Jane Vesely. I am retired and was interested in a volunteer opportunity focused on helping children read. I had seen an article in the Scottsdale Republic about the VIP program that intrigued me. I checked out the website and subsequently attended the VIP orientation and training sessions. I chose to volunteer at Desert Shadows Elementary, as the school had just been added to the VIP program. I volunteered at Desert Shadows Elementary about three to four hours a week (2 mornings each week). I tutored the same two students one-on-one during the school year. The school provided me with additional training which enabled me to utilize a structured reading program for my two students. Throughout the year it was rewarding to witness my two students' progress. The entire staff at Desert Shadows Elementary was so professional and welcoming. They really appreciate the VIP volunteers! My assigned teacher was a very experienced educator and a great mentor. And the students are outstanding! I will be returning to Desert Shadows this fall.

Sold - $510,000

Listed - $1,675,000

Sold - $930,000

Sold - $585,000

Because Success Matters! Janet Pennewell | Pat Simpson Janet: 602.565.5746 | Pat: 480.433.5712 Email:

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Our Desert, Our Home Zone 9 & Other Ways to be Misled By Victoria Kauzlarich, Volare How do you select plants for your patio, balcony or landscape? Most of us shop for plants the way we shop for clothes - often looking for inspiration and buying something we cannot resist. This is especially dangerous at “big box” stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. The plants are reasonably priced, but most will only last a few months in the Sonoran. They need too much water. They cannot survive our intense summer heat. They are not frost tolerant, and so on. It is easy to buy the wrong plant - to be misled - not just by the irresistible, but by the information on the plant tags themselves. Let me explain.

The Tag Says “Zone 9” - Will it Grow Here? Our USDA hardiness zone is 9a. This is a useful guide, but it is based only on the average minimum winter temperature - in our case between 20 - 25 (F). If a plant is suitable for Zone 9a, will it grow here? Before I answer that question, let’s just take a moment to consider other US cities also in Zone 9a: Baton Rouge, LA Houston, TX Mobile, AL Savannah, GA Tallahassee, FL The ONLY thing we have in common with these other locations is our similar winter lows. Their summer highs are not remotely like ours and each of these locations gets at LEAST 50” of rain a year! We get 8”. Oh, and these Zone 9a cities are really humid, too, which dramatically impacts our old friend evapotranspiration. If you’re relying on the zone for a plant purchase, I’m guessing you’re still killing a lot of plants.

Drought Tolerant What about looking for plants that are drought tolerant? That should do it, yeah? Well, um, no. Our desert drought conditions are combined with searing summer temperatures. Over at, a blog based on California’s winter-only-rainfall pattern, there is a wisely written feature on the irrelevance of referring to plants as “drought tolerant”. According to this blogger, we should really consider whether plants are “climate tolerant”. These are words to live by. In our case, climate tolerant means survival when the daytime humidity drops to 5% and temperatures soar above 110. Here’s an example you can test for yourself. In the late winter/ early spring, Lowe’s gets huge shipments of the most beautiful succulents - big, fat, juicy-looking plants in the most gorgeous shades of powder blue, gray and deep, deep green that are nearly irresistible.


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If you plant these outdoors, even in the shade, even in a pot, they will not last through May and June. Why? Because these plants do not tolerate our hot and arid fore-summers.

The Good News There are ways to make better plant choices. One is to buy your plants at local nurseries. I recommend Summer Winds on Tatum and Desert Foothills Gardens and Nursery in Cave Creek. ‘Desert Foothills’ specializes in plants that do well in the Sonoran and they cultivate a lot of what they sell. Summer Winds sells a wide variety of plants, many of which are high water use. So, ask them about which plants do especially well in our desert. Another advantage of a nursery is their knowledgeable staffs. Spend the time to ask questions and get good advice. These nurseries also get routine plant shipments from wholesalers specializing in native and desert-adapted plants (i.e., Mountain States Wholesale Nursery and Monrovia, for example). They can also order a plant for you. “Big box” stores are more likely to get “eye candy” and seasonal plant selection is often inconsistent. Oh, and, forget about getting good advice. That said, if you still prefer the convenience of a “big box” store, Lowe’s now carries plants tagged “AZ Water-Wise”. These plants do well in our environment. They are climate tolerant in OUR climate. Selecting a plant is really an exercise in self-discipline. Those lush winter succulents are about as practical as a sequined skirt lovely but with a short lifespan.

Plant of the Month This month’s plant may be the perfect compromise: it is nearly irresistible AND climate tolerant in the Sonoran. The foliage is literally blue/green, it blooms chartreuse and is as close to no maintenance as you can get. I can’t begin to guess at why this plant’s common name is Gopher Plant after spring pruning “Gopher Plant”. This Euphorbia blooms on the tips of its stems. Once the blooms are spent, cut the (bloomed) stems back to the base and you will reveal all of the new growth from the center of the plant. This evergreen foliage lasts until its next bloom cycle - in the spring - when all of these new tips bloom. This plant essentially revitalizes itself every year. It beautifully associates with anything yellow - especially Golden Barrels and is a lovely contrast with anything dark green.

Plant of the Month: Gopher Plant Latin Name: Euphorbia rigida

Plant Characteristics:

Common Name: Gopher Plant

• Succulent

Native Distribution: Mediterranean Basin

• Moderately Fast Growth Rate

Size: Normally 2’h x 3’w; May Get Up to 3’h x 4’w

• Evergreen

Flower: Chartreuse Blooms Age to Reddish Flowers on Branch Stems; Flowers From Late Winter into Early Spring; Stems Die Back After Flowering & Are Replaced with New Growth

• Vivid Color

Foliage: Long Arching & Sturdy Stems with Blue/Green Foliage

• Cold Hardy to 0F

Site Preferences: Full Sun in Sandy Soil with Good Drainage

• Remove Old Flower Stems in Late Spring

Landscape Uses: Associates Well with Golden Barrels, Candelilla & Perry Penstemon; Also Contrasts Nicely with Dark Green Cacti (i.e. Argentine Giants & Argentine Saguaro)

• Always Wear Gloves When Handling

• Drought Tolerant

• Sap Can Cause Skin Irritation

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7703 E. Wingtip Way | $675,000 | MLS 5639326

20845 N. 83rd Place | $1,100,000 | MLS 5556988

20750 N. 87th Street #2050 | $525,000 | MLS 5551189 8422 E. Havasupai Drive | $579,000 | MLS 5604789

21426 N. 78th Street | $1,040,000 | MLS 5498412

20750 N. 87th Street #1135 | $550,000 | MLS 5618996 19700 N. 76th Street #2193 | $364,900 | MLS 5582249

The Grayhawk Group Advantage Exclusive partner of Grayhawk Development The only Real Estate Team linked directly to Ranked in the Top 5 RE/MAX Teams in AZ & the Top 50 nationally since 2007

21000 N. Pima Road Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Office: 480. 500.7678 Fax: 480.355.8579 20

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Want a custom market analysis for your Grayhawk Home? Go to our website at and fill out a no obligation registration form.

Sip and Tell By Sue Lukenbill, Encore Resident Summer seems to have flown by, and I hope that you were able to escape the heat like I was. We were able to make many short trips to Show Low and our annual family trip to Lake Tahoe. I’m convinced these breaks from the heat helped keep me sane. In September, we can most definitely still feel the heat, but we all know that this month is a turning point. Our nights start to get longer, and we can at least imagine cooler air blowing from the end of the proverbial tunnel. September can seem like a slow month, but in reality, there is quite a bit going on. Holidays like Labor Day, Grandparents Day, Mexico’s Independence, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur dot our September landscape and we also have football season to look forward to. Go Devils! One thing that always makes me think of summer is BBQ. So when a fellow Grayhawk resident suggested I try a new BBQ spot south of Grayhawk on Scottsdale Road, I was up for the challenge. Grayhawk’s Director of Communications Jennifer Sheets and I went down and had lunch at Porkopolis, “an evolution of barbeque,” at Scottsdale Road and Shea Blvd. I found the background/history of this restaurant interesting. In 1830, Cincinnati, Ohio became the leading center for processing fine meats. It was Peter Bogen, of the infamous Brady Bogen lineage, who coined the nickname, “Porkopolis.” He and his family owned a butcher shop there. And now centuries later, Porkopolis continues to evolve as a modern day barbecue restaurant in Chandler and Scottsdale, Arizona thanks to Bogen’s great, great, great grandson and his partner, Matt “Hammy” Hamilton. Jennifer and I had a great experience at the restaurant. It was simple but clean, and the menu had a little something for everyone. My favorite thing there was the sign about Outdoor Bar-B-Que Rules. It was hysterical!

Jennifer ordered the Red-Neck Tacos which were three homemade corn cakes (think cornbread pancakes) topped with pulled pork and jalapeño coleslaw, drizzled with the Brady’s Sweet and Smokey sauce. The appetizer included a lot of food, and Jenn probably took more than half of it home. I chose the Pulled Pork Sandwich. It was pulled pork with Brady’s Sweet and Smokey sauce on a brioche bun that is served with one side. I had the French fries and I also had a ton of food. I took half my sandwich and fries home to my husband. Needless to say, they aren’t shy about serving sizes here. Soon after we visited Porkoplis, I saw a video review from the guys at Former MLB baseball player Chris Guler and his two partners, Miguel Norigenna and Troy Smith, look like they really enjoy their jobs (and who wouldn’t enjoy stuffing face all day at great Scottsdale restaurants?). They too loved the vibe at Porkopolis, and Chris called the same Red-Neck Tacos that Jenn got “absolutely delicious”. The review of the ribs and fried pickles left me wanting to go back! This is a fun place to go for lunch happy hour, dinner, or even brunch on the weekend. I’ve heard that Happy Hour specials are a must try, particularly the Moonshine Menu. The Hoochie Momma especially caught my eye. This is a great BBQ place with good, fast service and great BBQ sauce. I recommend that you give Porkopolis BBQ a try! Happy (almost) fall! PORKOPOLIS 10392 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 480-284-7778

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Still Sweet and Salty Suuuper Food Salad! By Lori Bosch and daughter, Stephanie, Cachet at Grayhawk We are very fortunate in Lansing, Michigan that we have a huge athletic club called the MAC. My girlfriends and I meet there a few times a week to play tennis, pickleball, or group fitness…we will try anything to stay in shape! After working out for a couple of hours we are always hungry but we don’t want to undo all of our hard work by eating a fattening lunch. Fortunately the MAC has a great restaurant with lots of healthy options. One of our favorite items on the menu is the Super Food Salad. We love this salad so much that my girlfriends said that I had to figure out how to make it. I love trying to copy my favorite dishes at restaurants so I can eat them whenever I want to at home! I tried it…and it turned out delicious! There is not one unhealthy ingredient in this salad. In fact it’s loaded with super foods. Kale is low in calories, high in fiber, calcium and iron (more iron per ounce than beef!). Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is a supergrain that is high in fiber and protein, more protein than any other grain. Chickpeas are a legume that is also high in protein, and is known for helping to control blood sugar levels, and protect against heart disease and cancer. And of course wild caught salmon is full of Omega 3’s and antioxidants, and is much more nutritious than farm-raised salmon. Another healthy change you can make is to substitute Himalayan pink salt (available at most grocery stores) for your regular table salt. It tastes the same but contains over 80 trace minerals, such as potassium and magnesium which tint the salt pink. Steph can’t wait to make this new recipe with me when I’m in AZ soon…it will be perfect on a super hot day! Always, always make your workouts fun! Working out with friends and doing activities that you love becomes a lifestyle. And be sure to reward yourself afterwards with a delish, healthy meal to replenish the calories that you burned. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and recipe requests! Please feel free to email us at

Community means everything. Jeremy Mueller Ins Agcy Inc Jeremy R Mueller, Agent 23341 N Pima Rd Suite D139 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Bus: 480-515-5223



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That’s why I’m proud to be here to help life go right – and to support the Grayhawk Community. ™

If there’s anything you need, call me.

State Farm, Bloomington, IL

RECIPE: Suuuper Food Salad! Total time: 25-30 minute, makes 2-3 salads Lemon & olive oil dressing ingredients: • 4 tablespoons olive oil

Salad ingredients:

• 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar

• 2 fresh wild caught salmon fillets

• 1/2 teaspoon honey

• 1 tablespoon olive oil

• juice of 1 large or 2 small lemons

• blackened seasoning blend (we like Emeril’s)

• zest of 1 lemon • 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt • fresh ground pepper ~ 30-40 grinds

• 3 cups finely chopped kale (we use a Simple Truth 5 ounce container organic baby kale available at Fry’s) • 3/4 cup crumbled feta cheese

• 1~ 15 ounce can chickpeas/garbanzo beans, rinsed

• 1/2 cup sliced almonds (toast in hot pan for 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly then set aside)

• 1/2 red onion finely chopped

• 1 1/2 cups quinoa cooked according to directions, cooled

1. Wisk together all of the lemon and olive oil dressing ingredients, set aside 2. Season salmon filets with seasoning blend then blacken in a cast iron pan in 1 tablespoon of olive oil on medium high heat, flesh side down first for 3 minutes, then flip over to skin side down for 3-4 minutes, skin should peel off easily, set aside 3. Mix all remaining salad ingredients together, then toss with dressing 4. Plate salads, and top with blackened salmon 5. Garnish with extra lemon wedges and season with extra salt & pepper



Airport Ride

P.O. Box 494 Scottsdale, AZ 85252-0494

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What It Takes…and Then Some On Sunday, July 16 a large storm was making its way to the valley. Trident supervisor Pete Day knew by looking at the radar that there was a good possibility Grayhawk would see some storm damage. He asked patrol staff to make sure to note any downed trees or damage once the storm had passed, as having a good assessment of damage helps the management staff in the GCA office address issues and get the community cleaned up in a timely manner. Elijah Phillpot and Joanna Urbina were on patrol that night. They did as asked, providing a detailed log of damage and locations to the GCA office. However, they did much more than that. In their patrols of the community, Elijah and Joanna saw over 150 trash cans blown over and their contents littered all over the roadway. They took it upon themselves (although it is definitely not

part of their job) to clear up all 150 trash cans and their contents because they didn’t want the Grayhawk streets to look as bad as they did, and they didn’t want the residents to wake up the next morning and have to clean a huge mess. Pete Day saw this as a great example of two employees taking ownership of their patrol areas and caring about the client's environment. They were rewarded with the “What It Takes and Then Some” award by Trident Security for their actions. As a resident, you may not even realize all that the Trident patrol staff does for you. Many times, it happens while you are asleep. Please remember that the patrol staff work hard to provide you a safe, clean community to call home. Make sure to thank them next time they drive by!

LIGHTING REMINDER The Retreat Village in Grayhawk is within the City of Scottsdale’s Environmentally Sensitive Land Ordinance. Part of this ordinance is to protect the night sky from unnecessary lighting. The City only allows light poles at major neighborhood intersections. The Retreat Village CC&R’s state that your exterior garage lights are to be lit from dusk until dawn to help create a natural and safely lit neighborhood. This allows for emergency services to locate the address on your home if there were ever the need in a timely manner. If you are a seasonal resident, it is important that you put new lights in your exterior light fixtures before you leave or have someone check your lighting while you are away. Although the Park section of Grayhawk does not have the same requirements, it is strongly encouraged that you follow similar guidelines for the safety of your family and neighbors.


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Homeowner Assessments

Your Grayhawk Community Association master assessments for the fourth quarter are due October 1, 2017. Please watch for your statement and make sure to pay your assessments on time. All payments not received are subject to late fees. If you have any questions regarding payments on your account, please call the GCA office at 480-563-9708. For payment options, including how to set up direct debit, please visit the payment section on Assessments are collected quarterly in January, April, July and October.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood Greg and Jane Barber

Important Contact Numbers Grayhawk Onsite Office


Capital Consultants Management Corporation 480-921-7500 Grayhawk Community Patrol


Talon Guardhouse 480-502-7685 Raptor Guardhouse 480-502-5078 After Hours Answering Service


UTILITIES Southwest Gas 877-860-6020 City of Scottsdale Water


City of Scottsdale Solid Waste


APS 602-371-7171 Street Light Repair (SA/ ID prefix on pole) 602-371-7171

Greg and Jane Barber

William Harrington

David and Tracy Dietz

Rashid and Lisa Ishaq and children Gabriella (10), Liam (8) and Alexandra (8)

James and Debra Dilling Brett Drewitt William Gregg

Ryan and Daniel Lehane

Thomas and Diana Liberty and daughter Gabrielle

CITY OF SCOTTSDALE Non-Emergency Police Department


Fire Department Main Phone


Police or Fire Emergency

Antony and Susan Pilkington Adam and Sara Rosenshein Chris Young


Parks and Recreation


Street Light Repair (SS prefix on pole)


SCHOOLS Grayhawk Elementary School


Mountain Trail Middle School


Pinnacle High School


El Dorado Private School


LIBRARIES The Liberty Family

Appaloosa 480-312-7557 Arabian 480-312-6250 Mustang 480-312-6050 Grayhawk Golf Club


Boys and Girls Club, Thunderbirds


Motor Vehicle Division


Poison Control 602-253-3334 US Post Office, Kachina Branch


Southwest Wildlife 480-471-9109


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Introducing AZWDL Property Services: ❒ Pool & Spa Service ❒ Pest Control ❒ House Cleaning

❒ Termite Extermination ❒ Pet Waste Removal ❒ Absentee Homeowners Service

Customize and change your services based on your needs! Pay Only for the Services Requested, No Property Management Fee! We Accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover!

ONE Point of Contact ONE Bill for Services Selected ONE Call Does it All!

(Including the Scheduling of Landscaping Services) Arizona Wild Desert Landscape provides a wide range of services including standard maintenance, refurbishing designs in landscaping and hardscape, a full range of planting services (flowers, pots, bushes, trees), all irrigation needs, low voltage lighting services and pre- and post-emergent weed control.

Flexible Scheduling • High-Quality Work • Fully Guaranteed

(480) 575-0536

ARIZONA WILD DESERT LANDSCAPE Fax 480-575-0537 • • Resident-Owned and -Operated • Licensed, Bonded and Insured: ROC# 195280

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Located in Offices at Grayhawk NW corner of TPP and Hayden 7970 E Thompson Peak Parkway 480.874.3937 28

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