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contents on the cover: Bishop Ralph L. Dennis & Bishop-designate Gregory Dennis Kingdom Worship Center 6419 York Road Baltimore, MD 21212 410-377-3500

Q&A Interview 8-9

Q&A Interview with Bishop Ralph L. Dennis

The History of the Kingdom Worship Center The Legacy Continues

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Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake


Pastors Greg & Tonya Dennis

Finish Strong


Maryland Wound Healing Center

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25 Nutrition & You

Herline A. Knights

10 Rules to Live By


Pastor Shawn L. Bell

When Men Pray . . .

29 Book Shelf

Brandie Manigault

Commanding Your Morning (Dr. Cindy Trimm)

31 To Your Good Health

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Carla J. Debnam, MS, LCPC

The Value of Fathers

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41 Education Digest Dr. Tim Tooten

Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson

The New Focus on Church Ministry Finances

35 Body Basics

The Power of Encouragement

43 Word of Encouragement

Donna Williams-Ross

Weight Training for Women Over 50

A Letter to Dad

37 Gospel Industry News

Ericka Johnson

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For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11



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Jackie Epps


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WeWe areare HisHis children don’t forget praise God Greatest Father children Editor-in-Chi don’t forget to praise God the Greatest Father of all! We are His children forevermore. Editor-in-Chief forevermore. forevermore.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Q&A interview


Bishop-designate Gregory Dennis

G&G: Bishop Dennis, welcome back, it’s been a while since we have talked, and I know we are long overdue. I have heard much is going on at the Synergy Center, so let’s catch up. The last time we spoke the Synergy Center was just completed, how are things going? Bishop Dennis: Thanks for having us back with you and the Grace and Glory Family. We are glad to be here. Things are going well at the Synergy Center, which is the name we tagged for our building where we operate our church, our fellowship, our faith-based entities, and other enterprises. My testimony is that we will not offend God by complaining; He’s been too good for us to complain and criticize His faithfulness. G&G: Bishop Dennis, I noticed your theme for 2012 is ‘The Year of Kingdom Expansion ’. Would you expound on that theme? Is this directly related to just the Synergy Center? Bishop Dennis: Yes, Kingdom Expansion is what I heard the Lord say to focus on this year. That’s a very broad theme that embraces any and all areas that are a part of the Kingdom of God. I am persuaded that we are moving strategically toward the time and season when kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and his Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever. So yes, to a great extent this is intrinsic in the name and mission of the “synergy” center. There is a divine scheme subtly taking place that is bridging the gap between the sacred and the secular. As it does, we will be used of God to declare and make known that the whole earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof, the world and all that dwell in it. Kingdom Expansion is all about the Church taking new territory, thus advancing the kingdom of God, as we perfect the saints, for their work of ministry, for the edification of the body of Christ. It is all inclusive of both things seen and things not seen. G&G: Bishop Dennis, the Synergy Center is dedicated to promoting and strengthening its community through its programs and services to individuals, groups and families. The focus is five aspects of holistic living. Would you explain the five aspects of holistic living and what it means? Bishop Dennis: You are indeed correct! The Synergy Center is the hub from which we minister life to those in the body of Christ, and those we are destined to reach and affect in both the spiritual and natural realms. The holistic living model we use is called SHEEP. This acronym speaks to five key areas we are commissioned to influence in our community, region, state 8    June 2012 | Grace&Glory

and country. The areas noted in the acronym are Social; Health; Education; Economic; and Political, from the context of the spiritual. We do this through our church, Kingdom Worship Center and Columbia Family Worship Center, through our faith-based subsidiaries, and through the other enterprises we have been entrusted to minister through in our sphere of influence. G&G: Bishop Dennis, shifting gears a little, your annual Kingdom Conference is on the horizon. This is the Kingdom Conference and Fellowship Convocation, correct? What is the focus for this year? Would you explain what is a Convocation and what takes place during at a Convocation? Bishop Dennis: Yes, this is the season for our Kingdom Conference and Fellowship Convocation again. A Convocation is a gathering of our bishops and pastors as an assembly to conduct official work, such as consecrating bishops, ordaining deacons and elders and etc. It begins on Wednesday, July 4, at the Marriott Hunt Valley with a Freedom Concert with Jonathan Nelson and Purpose, JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise, Randy Roberts and some local guest artists. Our theme this year is ‘Understanding Our Kingdom Mandate’. This will continue to delve into what we have been emphasizing for the year – Kingdom Expansion. This underscores the fact that the Church must be the instrument for the demonstration of the Kingdom of God in the earth. It is also the final instrument for that ministry. The Church is entrusted with the administration and authority of the Kingdom in the earth; symbolized by the “keys of the kingdom” given to it. G&G: Bishop Dennis, I understand that at this year’s conference, your son Bishop-designate Gregory Dennis will be consecrated. Now what will this

Q&A interview mean for the Kingdom Worship Center? What will now be your role at the Kingdom Worship Center? Bishop Dennis: Yes, my son Gregory will be consecrated as a Bishop – Auxiliary during the convocation on July 6th. He has had the spiritual oversight over the trans-local youth ministries for some time. This new position grants him a level of authority to make decisions and lead the youth ministries into a greater place. At KWC he will remain the Executive Pastor. When my tenure ends, he has been earmarked as my successor. G&G: Bishop Dennis one of your mantles is training, equipping, empowering and mobilizing leaders. With that said, how proud are you of your son who I would dare say is fruit of your labor? Bishop Dennis: I am very proud of all my sons for whom the Lord has caused them to be. Greg is the one who has followed more closely the path I traveled. It’s great to see any person get trained, equipped, empowered and mobilized to take dominion in the earth. But when it’s one of your own children, it blesses you a little differently. Frequently, I have seen the hardship leaders endure of getting their own children to want to live for Jesus. Even Jesus said a prophet has no honor in his own country. To see him make the transition from corporate America, go back to school and evolve into the man of God he is, makes me very thankful. G&G: Bishop Dennis how would you describe a leader? Is your conference just for those who hold leadership positions? Bishop Dennis: Let me answer the last question first. No, our conference is not just for leaders as we normally define leaders. We anticipate the presence of many bishops, set gifts and fivefold ministry gifts along with many members of congregations and the un-churched. Now with that said, let me be quick to add in answering your first question that most of those who come, lead. They may not lead churches and fellowships or networks and what have you, but they lead somebody. I simply define a leader as one who has a follower. The conferences we host often teach these leaders to understand their God-given assignments, how to be effective, and how to maximize their measure of rule. G&G: Bishop Dennis, it has been said that anyone can become a leader. If that is really possible, why are there so few real leaders? Does a person need to be motivated to become a leader? Does a leader need power and how can a leader avoid being corrupted by the power? Bishop Dennis: I would say that everyone is a leader. Becoming a good and effective leader requires a process. Who we call ‘real leaders’ is very subjective, but normally alludes to those that we feel have some measure of success, the way we define success. Maybe the best persons to define who the ‘real leaders’ are, are the ones that are destined to follow them, and do follow. There are inherent dangers in measuring everybody by the same rule; or comparing others by ourselves. All of us must be taught how to use what we have been given, effectively, even if the teacher is the Holy Spirit. Whether the word is ‘motivated’ or ‘inspired’, or both, every leader can benefit from encouragement, positive feedback, and constructive challenges. Leaders are given power to ‘be’ and power to ‘do’. The power to ‘be’ is often innate; the power to ‘do’ is often learned and acquired. This is often the area of greatest abuse. This speaks of the need to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-led. He, the Holy Spirit is the greatest vanguard who keeps us from becoming abusers of power. Wherever He is absent, I believe there exist the probability and likelihood of the abuse of power. G&G: Bishop Dennis, are Pastors doing enough to teach the individuals in their congregations, especially the young people, how to conquer fear, have courage, and learn to be mature spiritual leaders? Bishop Dennis: Let us remember first of all that pastors are not perfect people. Though they have responded to a spiritual call (hopefully) and have accepted the responsibility to lead the people in the areas you just mentioned

of conquering fear, having courage and learning to be mature, it’s not as easy said as done. There’s often a need that the teacher be taught. That’s why all leaders need a leader; every pastor needs to be pastured or covered spiritually. This gives the local pastor a safe place to be vulnerable and open to be trained, equipped and empowered to fulfill his or her calling. This kind of relationship, and that is what it must be, facilitates growth by the entire congregation, both young and old. One person is not meant to be the panacea for the whole congregation. There must be a fivefold ministry present in each local church who assists in the maturation of the body. This requires that the local church recognize and activate the fullness of Christ’s anointing in His body, the Church, by allowing for the work of the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor and the teacher (Ephesians 4:11-13). Wherever and whenever this provision is ignored, the evidence will be gross immaturity. G&G: Bishop Dennis, Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries’ existence is to strengthen, equip and help mobilize churches, ministries, business, and saints at large for end time world evangelism. How can a person increase their spiritual discernment in these days, to be sure that they are not spiritually deceived? Bishop Dennis: We must know the Truth. Jesus is Truth! His word is true. If there is no relationship with Truth, one will be easily deceived. We are made free only by the truth that we know and practice. This Truth is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, for it is written that when He the Spirit of Truth is come, He shall abide with us and we shall know truth from error (John 14: 16-17; I John 4:6). When I was led to organize KFCM back in 1993, I heard the mandate of God, but did not totally understand it because it was something I had not sought after. Since then, the work of the Lord has been amazing. I provide spiritual guidance and apostolic covering to many men and women across the country and in other nations, who are in ministry at many different levels, who are in politics, who are professionals in a number of vocations, and who run businesses. As an apostle in the Lord’s Church, I am blessed to be entrusted with the responsibility to train, equip, empower and mobilize the saints, to be who they have been predestined to be. I am a spiritual father and have been blessed with a number of spiritual sons and daughters, some who are as old as and older than me. My commitment to them is as unto the Lord, that is, to cause each of them to be who God has made them to be. I love what I do! G&G: Bishop Dennis, you mentioned earlier, one of the five aspects of holistic living is political issues; I must ask you what was your reaction to President Obama’s announcement on same sex marriage? Bishop Dennis: Political decisions cannot alter the word and the work of God. Though I was shocked by Mr. Obama’s announcement, I understand politics and know why he did so. That’s what’s unfortunate to me. Marriage is an institution created, ordained and sustained by God. No one has a right to redefine what he did not create. This is so in the natural and spiritual. Calling a washing machine a refrigerator doesn’t mean that you can preserve your food in the washer. Its name and function were established by the creator of the appliance, so that’s what it is. The same applies to marriage. It’s been defined by God as a union between a man and a woman, so that’s what it is. Let me add that I believe that we spend too much time fighting that which has been perverted instead of promoting that which is authentic. Instead of spending so much energy fighting same sex marriages, I suggest we spend that time promoting and building marriages that fit the biblical definition and model. G&G: Bishop Dennis, it is always a pleasure to talk with you. Would you leave us with a word of encouragement, what has the Lord put on your heart in this season? Bishop Dennis: I would just say to the G&G audience not to become weary in well doing; in due season you will reap if you faint not! The day of the Lord is nigh and as it draws closer, stay in the will and in the favor of God. I submit that one of the greatest products of God’s favor is peace. It’s a peace that surpasses understanding. Learn to allow it to rule your hearts. Live a life of the victorious, in Christ Jesus, who has made us more than conquerors. Stay Strong!  9

church history

The Legacy Continues

Kingdom Worship Center at The Synergy Center The Synergy Center located in the neighborly area of Towson, Maryland is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the community through its programs and services to individuals, groups and families. The multi-purpose complex focuses on five (5) aspects of holistic living; these are social, health, economical, educational, and political issues. These five aspects are derived from faith and core values associated with the ministry of Kingdom Worship Center, whose mission is to train, equip, empower and mobilize. Kingdom Worship Center and the Synergy Center are committed to enhancing the general welfare of the total community. The center currently houses Synergy Studios a stateof-the-art recording studio, Little Blessings Childcare and Development Center and Dominion



accredited university. 10    June 2012 | Grace&Glory


The legacy continues at Kingdom Worship Center. Bishop Ralph and Lady Deborah Dennis are repositioning the ministry by entrusting the leadership to successor, Bishop-designate Gregory Dennis, who currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Kingdom Worship Center. Bishop Ralph Dennis is the senior pastor of Kingdom Worship Center and Columbia Family Worship Center. Bishop Dennis continues to play a vital role in the ministry of the church and is not “retiring” anytime soon. God has called Bishop Dennis to even greater things in the days ahead. Bishop Dennis’ desire to invest in the next generation of leaders has been ongoing through the fellowship of spiritual sons and daughters from around the globe. He is the Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries, Inc., a synergistic fellowship of Christian churches, ministries, and businesses that recognize the need for networking, accountability, fellowship, resources and apostolic covering. He is CEO and President of R.L. Dennis Ministries, which takes pride in training, equipping, empowering and mobilizing leaders. He is a senior member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of Fiscal Affairs of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops Congress based in Cleveland, Ohio under the leadership of Metropolitan Bishop J. Delano Ellis. He is also a member of the International Coalition of Apostles headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, under C. Peter Wagner and the President of Dominion Leadership University in Baltimore, Maryland. Bishop Dennis makes available to the Body his keen understanding of church government and divine order. He loves teaching church leaders on subjects relative to equipping the saints in the 21st century; the kingdom anointing; enriching and challenging audiences to hear and obey God. His fatherly anointing has blessed many bishops, pastors and ministry leaders across the nation. Bishop Dennis’ vision is to see the church come to its full maturity and responsibility of purpose, thus rising into a New Kingdom dimension — having dominion in the earth. His teaching and preaching on the “five-fold” anointing in the church have revolutionized many ministries thus causing them to do the work of Christ in a more efficient and proficient manner. Since its inception, Kingdom Worship Center’s (formerly known as Bethel Holy Tabernacle) mission is to train, equip, empower and mobilize the body to have dominion! Bishop-designate Gregory Dennis and his wife Tonya are eager to see a radical transformation in this

Bishop Ralph and Lady Deborah Dennis region for Christ- a transformation that will revolutionize the community with the truth and love of God. They are calling everyone to step up and take their place in God’s kingdom, every day and everywhere an impact can be made- from families to politicians, educators, health care professionals, entertainers, faith and business leaders. Their love for the church and God’s people invades a lot of what they do. They are passionate about raising up the next generation of Christian leaders. They seek to equip and empower men and women to live lives that are true to God’s word, submitted to the Holy Spirit, faithful to family and personal ministry and following their passion on purpose. Gregory is an Overseer in Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries and has been appointed over Youth and Young Adult Ministries. He will be consecrated a BishopAuxiliary in July during the annual Kingdom Conference and Fellowship Convocation. He is a member and the former Vice President of the Towson Area Ministerial Alliance. Gregory serves on the Board of Spiritual Advisors at Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). He is a religious studies’ major at Notre Dame University in pursuit of a Masters in Theology. He is the middle of three sons to Bishop and Lady Dennis and he is blessed to serve with his family in Bishop-designate ministry. Gregory Dennis and his wife Tonya  11

12    June 2012 | Grace&Glory  13

scripture page

Psalm 100 (KJV)

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. 2 Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing. 3 Know ye that the LORD he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture. 4 Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. 5 For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

Psalm 150 (KJV)

Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness. 3 Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp. 4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs. 5 Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. 6 Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD. 2

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mayor’s journal  15

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Finish Strong! “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

teen connect


he race is not given to the swift or to the strong but to the one that endures until the end. Quite often many of us try to conquer the impossible and pursue a state of perfection with the goals we set. God is not expecting you to be perfect . . . He’s got that covered. We all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare (the turtle and the rabbit), and how in the end it wasn’t about who was the fastest but the one who made it to the end. Never be afraid to step up to the starting line. Never allow anyone or anything make you feel defeated- not even yourself. If you have a goal then the message to you is to keep the faith and endure, the finish line is closer than you think. Your being young automatically equals strength! The Bible says He calls the young because they are strong and the old because they know the way. You already have a great advantage and with God nothing is impossible. Whether you are in elementary, middle, high school or college . . . you’re almost there. You are about to embrace a new season. The tests, the trials and the temptations through the school year have all proven you. God promises that He will bring you to a flourishing finish. So know that any setbacks you encountered are pushing you forward. Perfect results are surely ideal but just finish what you started and finish strong! Pastors Gregory & Tonya Dennis Kingdom Worship Center 6419 York Road Towson, MD 21212

410-377-3500  17 17 

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nurse’s corner


here are many types of wounds that can damage the skin including abrasions, lacerations, rupture injuries, punctures, and penetrating wounds.

Many wounds are minor and require only local first aid that includes cleansing and dressing. Some wounds, however, are deeper and need medical attention to prevent infection and loss of function due to damage to underlying structures like bone, muscle, tendon, arteries and nerves. Wounds that do not heal in more than 30 days often have underlying medical conditions that if left untreated, could cause serious, even permanent damage. These types of wounds require specialized care. On March 27th, a new wound healing center will open at Maryland General Hospital to offer highly specialized wound care treatment. The Center will treat patients with chronic and advanced conditions which have not responded to previous treatment within 30 days. Leading edge treatments at the state-of-the-art, outpatient center will include negative pressure wound therapy, bio-engineered tissues, biosynthetic dressings and growth factor therapies. The wound healing center also will offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The physicians, nurses and technicians at Maryland General’s wound healing center have been trained in the latest therapeutic methods in wound management. They receive specialized training at the National Healing Institute at Ohio State University.  23 23

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nutrition & you

By Herline A. Knights, RD, LD

10 Rules to Live By 1. Come back to earth. Try to choose the least processed forms of food—fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and high-fiber carbohydrates. 2. Eat a rainbow often. Eat fruits or vegetables with each meal. Choose a wide variety of colors for the biggest benefit. 3. Choose lean protein—the fewer legs the better. Include a lean protein source with each meal and snack. Choose protein that has fewer legs more often! For example, fish and vegetables sources=0 legs, chicken and turkey=2 legs, and beef and pork=four legs. 4. Pick fats that give you something back. Include healthy fats in your diet, such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, fish, and flaxseeds. 5. Eat breakfast every day! Start your day out right. 6. Remember three for three. Aim for all three nutrients (whole carbs, lean protein, and healthy fat) every 3 hours. Eat smaller portions more often, spread evenly across the day. You should eat five to six meals/day! 7. Stay hydrated. Dehydration means decreased performance (0.5–1.0 fluid ounces [fl oz] ×body weight=fl oz of water/day). Start drinking fluids early and often! 8. Do not waste your workout. Have a pre-workout snack or shooter (15 grams carbohydrate). During the workout or game, make sure to have water and a sports drink, such as Gatorade®. After the workout or game (within 10–30 minutes), have a carbohydrate/protein recovery snack, such as 16–24 fl oz of low-fat chocolate milk. 9. Supplement wisely. Fuel first and supplement second. If you are not getting what you need through food, add a multivitamin supplement and fish oil into your daily routine. Create a smart plan that supports your fueling plan and health. Before you take any supplement, check with your doctor! 10. Sleep. The body recovers and repairs best when at rest! Aim for 8 hours of sleep. The 80/20 rule. Each meal and snack is an opportunity to fuel your body optimally. Choose foods that are best for you 80% of the time and incorporate some of those foods that are maybe not the best, but may maybe your favorite, 20% of the time!  25 25 

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from the pulpit

From the



he question is … WHAT can provoke the hand of God to move? What single mandate has the propensity to shift economic stature and revitalize communities? PRAYER! The mandate for prayer is an essential and powerful element for the believer, especially men. The 19th Century British Missionary, Hudson Taylor pinned, “It is possible to move men, through God, by prayer alone.” Which raises the argument, can the body of Christ be on the threshold of a revolutionary move of God - simply from praying? While women traditionally have a more innate sense of relationship and communication, and prayer is somewhat deliberate, however the standing obligation to pray rests in a peculiar sense in men. Wise will mankind and Christendom be to discover this prime truth and give prominence to it. Paul in the second chapter of his First Epistle to Timothy emphasizes the need of men to pray. Prayer ought and must of necessity shape their characters, and must be one of their distinguishing characteristics. At Greater Paradise (Christian Center), where I pastor, our two-fold narrative on how we have been triumphant in the face of adversity, victorious in the time of darkness is praise and PRAYER. Our church has a very strong sect of Christ-centered men who understand the gender dynamic of having males … functional, favored and formidable for this Latter Day

When Men Pray…

By Pastor Shawn L. Bell

Greater Paradise Christian Center Baltimore, MD harvest. When men pray, Governments take notice. When men pray, wives, children, homes line-up to the way and will of God. When men pray, communities stabilize. When men pray, crime falters. When men pray, the landscape of leadership, finance and prosperity has to change. The repercussions of men praying could inevitably shape a generation and generations to come. Prayer is how God accomplishes the things that He wants to see happen in our lives. Prayer opens new doors of opportunity for God to move. In fact you can view prayer like a door. You are on one side of a closed door and on the other side is God. When you pray, it is you turning that doorknob and swinging that door wide open. Outside of Matthew’s structure on how to seek God, a few basic intangibles to prayer are (1) Bring the problem to God’s attention immediately. But always keep the problem God centered and not problem centered; (2) Be honest and clear when you talk to God, tell him that you need his help; (3) Focus on God and not on the problem. Keep in mind that our prayers are always to be God centered; and (4) Be thankful because you know that if it works WITHIN the plan of God for your life, IT WILL BE DONE. When men pray...  27

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Book Shelf Commanding Your Morning Dr. Cindy Trimm This month I wanted to pick a book that reminds me of my Daddy, Alan Jones! I thought about what book reminds me of him; what book spoke to me and said “that’s my Dad”. What I found surprised me because in my search, I passed all the books written by men about being a leader and a strong man and found a book written by a woman about talking! Don’t get me wrong my Dad is every bit of a strong man, the head of his home, a leader both in his professional life and at home in his private life. I call him a quiet storm. When he speaks, we pay attention because it’s usually important and it holds a lot of weight. With that being said, my pick for the month is Commanding Your Morning by Cindy Trimm. This book rocked my world. For years now my dad has left notes for the family in the morning on his way to work. What he was doing every morning was using the power of words to shape our day. He was putting into practice the very core of Cindy Trimm’s book. She begins the journey through this book by saying in Chapter one, “Everything in the universe begins with and revolves around two things: words and thoughts.” She strikes a beautiful balance of not putting an emphasis more on thoughts than words or words than thoughts. The two are dependent on each other in order for individuals to operate in their lives at maximum capacity with maximum impact. The co-dependency is seen when she says, “You have been given the opportunity to create a masterpiece of your life. While your thoughts are the colors you use to paint the background, your words are the

by Brandie Manigault

brushes you use to fill in each detail.” WOW! Can you imagine the picture of your life in black and white or if everything was colored outside of the lines? Cindy Trimm beautifully backs up the concept of using thoughts and words to create your personal world with scriptures and references to great visionaries of both the past and the present. She encourages the readers to realize who they are in God as the first step towards recreating their world. From there, it is important to change our

thoughts. Thoughts influence the words we speak, and the words we speak create our life. One of the most powerful statements in this book is, “All that you will ever be or accomplish hinges on how you choose to govern what comes out of your mouth.” It’s all about making a choice to say something that will propel you forward. I highly recommend Commanding Your Morning. Once you start practicing commanding every morning, you will begin to see the long term effects of what that one choice put into play. Happy Father’s Day Daddy and thank you for helping to command our mornings! -Brandie Follow me on twitter @iambandaid

About The Author

Dr. Cindy Trimm

Dr. Cindy Trimm has dedicated her life to serving God and humanity. A best-selling author, high impact teacher, and former senator, Dr. Trimm is a sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader. She has earned a distinguished reputation as a catalyst for change and voice of hope to the nations. Dr. Trimm travels worldwide partnering with social, spiritual, and civic leaders in an effort to equip people everywhere to discover purpose, maximize potential, and leave a positive footprint through their lives. Viewing this world as a global village, she continues to initiate strategic interdisciplinary forums, as well as host conferences and summits designed to develop practical solutions toward the healing of our world from its deeply rooted social and spiritual ills. Best-selling books by Dr. Trimm include Commanding Your Morning and Rules of Engagement, which have sold over one million copies. Her recent release, The Art of War for Spiritual Warfare, is gaining momentum and popularity.  29

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The Value of

to your good health


June is the month we celebrate grads and dads. Many persons take this time to showcase their special relationship with their grandfather, father, uncle or husband. They give honor and express gratitude for the presence of that special male figure in the family. While some persons face this season of celebration with excitement, others experience this season as a time of pain and sadness. This is largely in part because their loved one is no longer in their life or never was in their life. The lack of a relationship with their father has left a void in the hearts of children and adults alike. A broken spirit due to fatherlessness is more common now than ever before. The fractured family has become the norm. Not only are two parent families an anomoly but paternity suits, custody and child support battles have sidelined some from becoming fully engaged in parenting their children. This trend is one that needs to be reversed and is not relegated to any particular demographic but crosses all racial, social and economic boundaries. Father’s Day reminds us of the important role men play in the family. It is a time to remind some fathers of their significance and celebrate those who have stepped up and taken the lead in their families. Churches, families, and the community can benefit from more visibility and accountability of men in every area. Praise God for the fathers who have sacrificed over the years to make sure their families were provided for spiritually, financially and relationally. Single fathers are doing an amazing job keeping it all together when access to resources are not as prevalent as they are for mothers. There are many men who stand in the gap for the fatherless as stepdads, mentors, coaches, ministers, teachers and big brothers. There is no statute of limitations on fatherhood. You can start fresh when you may have had an extended absence or reengage slowly when misunderstandings have made parenting a struggle. Some children and adults welcome the presence of their fathers no matter what the circumstances for the disconnect may have been. Whatever the case may be, it is important for men to be involved in a meaningful way in the lives of their children. I know that many of us have made it without a father but the ones who had healthy relationships with their fathers sometimes have more success emotionally, relationally and financially. The guidance of a father is integral to the nurturing process of children, so do not belittle their value.

When reconciliation between fathers and their sons and daughters is not on the horizon or impossible due to death, dysfunction or distance, it is good to know that our Heavenly Father steps in. God is there for those who have not been able to work through the issues of life that may have resulted in fatherlessness. Discussing this issue with several women brought up the amount of hurt and shame attached to not knowing or having a relationship with their father. They were able to rely on God to stand in the gap as well as other male figures who helped guide them along the way. This Father’s Day take a risk and reach out to your child if you are the absent parent. If you are the mother seek reconciliation for the child’s sake. If you are the son or daughter take steps toward healing a n d forgiveness. Fathers begin living in your purpose by forgiving yourself or those who have hindered you from being your best. Fatherhood is a privilege so make it a priority to be the best one you can be.

Carla J. Debnam, MS, LCPC Executive Director, Renaissance Christian Counseling Center  31 31 

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word on finances


ON CHURCH MINISTRY FINANCES I have personally spent over a decade studying and teaching finances in the church and I have discovered a major shift in this most important ministry matter. For a long time many of our prosperity preachers and teachers focused on getting more money through the means of just giving seed. This of course has caused much controversy in the Body of Christ because of the emphasis of money being pursued as the end-all-be-all of the Christian walk. Well, thanks be unto God, God’s people are waking up to know that more money and things cannot be the litmus test for living the blessed life. Though I do believe that the blessed life can certainly include financial freedom and wealth, however it can no longer be the primary emphasis of the blessed life. Unfortunately, this focus has derailed the lives and finances of many people in the church, particularly the black church. Please don’t be deceived by the stuff; better houses, better cars, better clothes, many of these so-called blessed people are in so much personal and plastic debt that their lives have become pretentious and plastic. The day is over of telling people that giving or let me say “sowing seed” is the way to be financially blessed. My reason is very simple, the statement is not true. It is correct that God will respond to our giving and whatever we sow we will reap, yes even money. However, to say it is the way to be financial free and prosperous is incorrect. Some things can be correct but not complete. Whenever you sow money-seed, you will get it in return, but to get it is not the same as to keep it. In order to obtain financial freedom, increase and wealth, you must also know how to keep it. Giving seed is just part of God’s financial plan. Unfortunately, this has been the primary focus and emphasis from preachers and it has left many people in the church bewildered concerning their true financial position and status. If the truth be told, the only person getting richer in most of our churches is the pastor. This is not an indictment to the pastor who is financially prosperous because he should be a reflection of the Great God he preaches and teaches about, however the pew will not prosper financially until the truth be told about all of God’s Word concerning financial stewardship. This I believe is the shift, as one of God’s economic prophets, I can tell you that a shift has already taken place in the hearts of God’s people and they will no longer be deceived in this any longer. If you desire financial support for the ministry, then the new focus on financial prosperity will have to be as Jesus taught in Luke’s 16th Chapter, financial stewardship or better known as financial management. “So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” (Luke 16:11 NIV) “Therefore if you have not been faithful in the [case of] unrighteous mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions), who will entrust to you the true riches?” (Luke 16:11 AMP)

Jesus said true effective ministry will come as a result of proper financial stewardship (management). Let’s briefly look at (3) three areas of financial stewardship; financial compliance, financial competence and financial character. Every individual, family, church or business should strive for all three. Let’s explain them, Financial Stewardship (management) is comprised of: 1. F  inancial Compliance: Are your finances subject to the law of the land, namely your taxes. Are your finances in compliance with the IRS? Jesus taught the importance of taking care of your taxes. (Matthew 22:17-21; Romans13) 2. Financial Competence: Do you have a proper financial system in place? Who is managing your day to day finances? Who handles the checkbook in your house? You need someone handling your money who knows how to account for every penny. (Luke 16:10, 11) 3. F  inancial Character: Have you managed your finances in such a way that you now have credibility with banks and other financial lending institutions? This is where your name is more powerful than what you have in your bank account. (Proverbs 22:1) Giving is very important to your personal and church financial well-being. However, giving alone will not bring financial freedom and wealth without these other three financial stewardship principles addressed in your life and church ministry. The new focus on church ministry finances will be financial compliance, financial competence and financial character. As soon as these are obtained, you will see immediate improvement in personal and church ministry finances. This is God’s desire and plan for our finances as the Apostle Paul said, “You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves a person who gives cheerfully. And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.” (2 Corinthians 9:7, 8 NLT) Dr. Kenneth O. Robinson, II

Pastor & Certified Estate Planner To book Dr. Kenneth Robinson for a financial seminar in your area or at your ministry, please call 410.415.6400  33 33 

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body basics


omen over 50 do not have to worry about becoming bulky the way male bodybuilders do: They lack the testosterone levels men have to build huge muscle mass. Weightbearing exercises help prevent osteoporosis by building bone mass; women 50 and older can use light weights. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends doing two sessions of resistance training a week. Combine that with at least three sessions of 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and light stretching to round out your exercise regimen. Resistance Training Basics

Always do at least 10 to 15 minutes of cardio to warm up the large muscles of the body and to bring blood to the heart and oxygen through the lungs. Especially for resistance training, when you isolate specific muscle groups, it is important to complete a warm-up. Work opposing muscle groups in each workout to prevent creating muscle imbalances. For example, exercise the biceps and triceps of the upper arm and the quads and hamstrings of the legs.

Upper Body Workout

Safely work all major muscles groups each week by dividing your resistance training so that one day you exercise the upper body and other days, the lower body. For example, for upper body strength, do eight to 10 reps of bicep curls holding 2- to 5-pound weights in each hand. Follow with the same number of reps for triceps kickbacks. Move to a wall and do wall push-ups by placing your palms on the wall and stepping your feet back 2 to 3 feet. Press your hands into the wall, lower your chest toward it, bending your elbows, push the wall away with your hands for five to 10 reps. Rest.

Lower Body Workout

In women over 50, falling and injuring the hip joint is a common risk. Work the legs so you have a strong gait and reduce your risk for falling. Do lunges without any weight to start. Standing with feet hips-width apart, step the right foot forward so the knee is above the ankle. Step back and repeat with the left foot. Once you can do this easily for 15 reps, add 2-pound dumbbells in each hand. Do standing squats to work the quads (front of thighs), gluteus maximus (back of hips) and hamstrings (back of thighs). Stand holding 2-pound dumbbells in each hand. Keeping the chest tall, bend both knees and lower the hips as if you were about to sit in a chair. Straighten the legs slowly and repeat for eight to 10 reps. Rest. Read more:  35 35 

gospel Industr Elder Goldwire McClendon Elder Goldwire McClendon, Sunday’s Best Season 3’s first runner up, debuts his solo CD at age 81. Elder Goldwire is signed to Music World Records. His project is charting moving from #22 to #7 last month on the Billboard Gospel Charts. To date he is the oldest American Contemporary Gospel Artist to sign to a record deal. He is currently preparing for a series of concert dates this summer, as well as finishing his Northeast & Southwest promo tour. The album is titled “The Best of Goldwire”, and features seven songs giving you a blend of classic and traditional gospel music with a contemporary twist, all produced by Stanley Brown. His first single “Jesus Be a Fence” was originally done by Sam Cooke. He also gives good ole hand clapping and foot stomping music with “He’s All Over Me” by Alvin Darling, which was also performed in the movie “The Preacher’s Wife” by Whitney Houston and Shirley Ceasar. He says that song is special because it is his testimony, “It expresses how I really feel because I know the Lord is all over me, and it’s keeping me alive, literally.” He also features Yolanda Adams’ “The Battle is the Lord’s” written by V Michael McKay. He even features his rendition of Edwin Hawkins’, “Oh Happy Day”, and finishes the album with a duet with LeAndria Johnson singing The Staple Singers’ hit “I’ll Take You There”. Good stuff Elder Goldwire KUDOS to you!!!!

Marvin Sapp Marvin Sapp is opening a school, fulfilling the vision of his late wife, Malinda Sapp, which she was in the process of doing before she passed. The name of the school is G.R. E. A.A.T (Grand Rapids Ellington Academy for Arts & Technology). While his new CD “I Win” is blazing the charts, “I Win” originally was the project of Baltimore’s Own Brittney Wright (KUDOS to her), Morgan Turner, and Chris Forbes. This is Pastor Sapp’s’ ninth solo project. Now charting is his newest single “Testimony” his personal testimony. It is one that most people can identify with; despite life’s calamities, God still has a plan. 36  36     June June2012 2012| |Grace&Glory Grace&Glory

Mary Mary Mary Mary the new CD was released to Wal-Mart last month, May 8, it features the new single “Go Get It” and other Mary Mary favorites and classics remixed and remastered.

gospel industry news

ry News Bishop Richard Pender Bishop Richard Pender, a very Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to my Pastor, Bishop Richard J Pender Sr. Last month he celebrated 12 years of pastoring, how awesome is that!!!! The series of services last month for his anniversary included Bishop Eric Figuroa, Brooklyn, NY, and Bishop James Nelson Sr. On Sunday June 10, Bishop Andrew J. Ford & The Ford Memorial Temple family will be at Beth El Temple at 5:00 pm, and on Tuesday June 12, at 7:00 pm the celebration continues with a birthday service FULL OF SURPRISES for the BISHOP, you don’t want to miss it!!! All services will be held at Beth El Temple, 3910 W Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD.

with Miss Ericka Follow me on twitter Miss Ericka J, like me on facebook Industry News with MissEricka J!!!

Top Gospel Albums Go Get It - Mary Mary I Win- Marvin Sapp WOW Gospel 2012 Joyful Noise Soundtrack The Good Life - Trip Lee

Top Gospel Singles Let the Church say Amen- Andre Crouch w/Marvin Winans

We Remember . . . We remember Donna Summers, the Queen of Disco, who passed away Thursday, May 17, after a battle with cancer. She was a five time Grammy Award winner with multiple hits in the 70’s. Chuck Brown, the Godfather of GOGO, passed away last month at the age of 75, a city block in Washington, DC near Howard University has been dedicated in his honor; and Robin Gibb, one of three brothers who made up the group the Bee Gees, known for “Saturday Night Fever” and other nowiconic sounds from the 1970s, died Sunday, May 20, at the age of 62.

My Testimony - Marvin Sapp I Feel Good - Fred Hammond One More Time- John P Kee w/ Zacardi Cortez After This- JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise Happy Father's Day to all the amazing men we call dad! We admire your courage strength and love! To my father the late Rev. Bruce Johnson you will forever be celebrated for the amazing man you were!!! I Love and miss u very much!!! To my godfather Deacon Richard Gale you're the best!! Til next month!!!! There will be glory after this, whatever your "this'" is GLORY & VICTORY is coming!! Celebrate in advance!!  37 37

fashion focus

Men’s Fashion Every man has asked themselves about matching their socks with their trousers and other assorted questions at some point in their lives. Here listed are important men’s fashion rules to live by which should |at least clear up some confusion about a few things. Men’s Fashion Rules to Live By

Always match your belt with your shoes. This is a good rule to follow and it keeps things simple. It’s best to stay with traditional colors such as black, dark brown or a rich tan. Other colors will be difficult to match, and generally speaking, should be avoided. If you wear sneakers every day that probably means you are wearing jeans in which case I suggest trying a belt made of fabric or something equally as casual, but please avoid dress belts with jeans and sneakers. If you wear suspenders, I am compelled to ask you why, but I digress. Just don’t wear a belt and suspenders together, it’s one or the other. Matching Ties and Shirts. For while the solid-colored shirt with a tie of the same (or slightly-off) color was seen everywhere. This is now a somewhat dated look. Try mixing things up a little and experiment with colors. Ties are a great way to express yourself, but keeping it tasteful is your best bet. You can’t go wrong with diagonal stripes, modern polka-dots, plaids and subtle patterns. Just make sure your tie compliments your shirt, suit, sweater or whatever you will be wearing it with. Novelty ties are best avoided since the novelty is short lived. Note: Ties should be tied in whatever style most strikes your fancy. You should know that there are many different ways to knot your tie, and different knots say different things. I prefer the Windsor or the four-in-hand, but I do suggest that you explore a little just for kicks. As for clip on ties—just say no.

38    June 2012 | Grace&Glory

Pleats vs. FlatFront. Why so many men have avoided flat-front trousers has always been a mystery to me. Flat-front trousers look better than pleated pants, at least most of the time. Plus pleats make you look less slim. I have heard guys wear pleats because it’s more comfortable or because flat-fronts are more for athletic bodies. Truth is most men can wear a flat-front trouser. If you want more room then buy them a little big and have them brought in at the waist. This can be done at the store where you buy your clothes or by an independent tailor. And lastly, flat-front trousers are much more fashionable. Socks. The more official rule on socks is that they should match the color of your pants, though preferably not the exact same shade unless, of course, you are wearing black in which case it’s okay. However, I personally like to wear socks with patterns, such as stripes in various colors. But I do try to match my socks with my pants and shoes. Note: Although it should be obvious, white socks should be reserved for the gym. Watches are the single most important accessory a man can own. I really suggest investing in one good watch that suits your lifestyle and taste. However, if you are someone who likes to own more than one watch, wear the appropriate timepiece for your outfit: black band with black shoes and belt; brown band with brown shoes and belt; and silver band for either. Eyeglasses are one of the few ways you can really express yourself. They don’t have to just serve a function, but can enhance your overall look. Do your best to find a pair of glasses that not only compliments the shape of your face, but also expresses your personality. Ask people who wear glasses for a place where you can get good advice about what shape and style looks best for your face shape and features.


fashion focus By Daniel Billett,

Here’s what a guy needs to know to build a practical and functional wardrobe that will carry him though many different occasions.

Men’s Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Tips Men Need to Know About Wearing Color

We all make fashion errors now and again, but some fashion mistakes made by men are just unforgivable. Here outlined are fashion mistakes to avoid at all costs.

A man who knows how to wear color well can really turn some heads. According to Kim Johnson Gross, co-founder of Chic Simple Ltd, men shouldn’t be afraid of color but should embrace it. They should experiment even if it’s just with shirt colors.

Socks with Sandals Who decided this was okay in the first place? I understand that when it is chilly outside we all dream of the warmth of the summer sun, but wearing socks with sandals doesn’t make the seasons change any faster. If you want to wear sandals this badly, move to a warmer climate. Novelty Ties, Shirts, Boxer Shorts, Etc. Just say no (I’m channeling Nancy Reagan). There is nothing lasting about novelty clothing nor does it project a stylish, put together image. Leave the smiley faces, hearts, reindeer, shamrocks, animal and various other prints on the racks of the store where you found them.

Especially wear color in summer Summer is such a festive time of year. Light and bright colors are de rigeur. So I advise you to choose a color that is your signature color for the season and one that enhances your natural skin and hair tone. Stay away from beige colored shirts Beige is a bad color for shirts or any article that is around the face. It is rarely a good color for someone. I don’t know why designers continue to push this color on us. Just don’t secumb to the pressure.

Blaring Designer Labels Don’t be a walking advertisement; it’s not a sophisticated look. Just because you are wearing a designer’s name on your chest, sleeve, or wherever, doesn’t make you stylish. Keep it understated and simple.

French blue is always a good choice French blue, which is a rich medium blue, is a flattering color for most skin tones. It makes a great dress shirt, which is mainly where you will find this sumptuous hue.

Backpacks at the Office Unless you are a student or are hiking up a mountain, leave the backpack at home. If you need something for your gym clothes, buy a nice looking gym bag (and there are options that don’t have big logos on them), or if you need something to carry your assorted papers, cell phone, day-planner, etc., get a nice messenger bag.

Stay away from bright, solid-colored socks Colorful socks are okay if they have a design like stripes or argyle. But bright, solid-colored socks are simply not a good idea.

Chunky Shoes These were okay back in the 90s, but the big chunky shoes, especially those with square toes, should be retired at this point. Choose something classic that stands the test of time. Shiny or Glittery Shirts and Suits If you are looking for something to go out nightclubbing in, I can think of much better choices than those that are glittery, shiny and ultimately tacky. If you are at a loss, try a form fitting black t-shirt or black dress shirt which can be worn with jeans or trousers and dress shoes or casual shoes. Clothes That Are Too Loose Fitting In a word, sloppy. Unless you are a hip hop artist, it’s not the right look. Choose clothes that fit your body. This might take some experimentation by mixing and matching certain cuts and styles until you find the right fit for your body that is flattering.

Keep color around the face Again, it is important to keep flattering colors that enhance skin and eye color around the face. Stay away from loud patterns They are distracting and ultimately not a good thing. If it was ever in, it was the eighties, but we’ve thankfully moved on. Take a look around you If you are baffled about how to incorporate more color into your wardrobe, take a look around you. Look at ads and store displays. For example, Ralph Lauren really uses a lot of color in his collections. He styles his clothes well—gives classics a twist by using color. Also, Brooks Brothers has more recently had great options with color. If you are traveling abroad, see how the locals use color. Italians are probably the best at wearing color--you would be hard pressed to see people there wearing dark, drab colors.  39

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education digest

The Power of


A Personal Story of Hope and Perseverance

It was not uncommon for the adults in my neighborhood to corner a group of youth playing a game of pick-up basketball or just passing time on the steps of a local store and pose this question to each of us. “What do want to be when you grow up?” It was not exactly the kind of question that any of us had given much thought too. I would

always answer by saying a football player or a firefighter or a police officer or just maybe the next popular radio announcer. I always walked away from those sessions with a lot of hope. One of the people who encouraged me as a teenager was Bill Savitz, he was one of the local announcers who worked at our local radio station. I met him at my high school. I’ll never forget the day he paid a visit to my senior Humanities class to recruit four teenagers, of voting age, to record a public service announcement. I was one of the people chosen that day. I remember the visit to the radio station which followed and the copy each of us had to read. It was my first big break into broadcasting. I was later offered a part-time job as an announcer. Once on the job,

there were many nights I talked with Mr. Savitz about my future. He wouldn’t allow me to settle for local. During our conversations, he’d almost stop me in mid-sentence to say, “Tim, you won’t be here long, you’ll end up doing really well on television one day.” As much as I tried to dismiss his comments, they rested in my mind and heart. I have since become one of those adults in my community, the ones who find time to encourage the youth. I visit quite a few schools in the Baltimore area during the course of a year. I always try to stop and ask students the question the adults once asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I believe there is power in encouragement. I believe it helps to trigger hope and perseverance within a person. In many of those encounters with students I press them for an answer. But, encouragement does not end in childhood. There are many adults in need of encouragement. They just need to hear that, “All things are possible.” One of the most influential characters in the Bible experienced the power of self-encouragement from the words he spoke to himself. As this scripture passage suggests, they came at one of the most difficult times in his life. And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God. 1 Samuel 30:6 The next time you find yourself feeling down or depressed, encourage yourself in the Lord. If there is a problem which seems insurmountable, encourage yourself in the Lord. If you find that so-called friends have abandoned you, encourage yourself in the Lord. Dr. Tim Tooten, Sr. is an Emmy award winning journalist and Senior Education Reporter for WBALTV (NBC). He’s also the Pastor and Founder of Harvest Christian Ministries in Baltimore County, Maryland

Dr. Tim Tooten, Sr.  41

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word of encouragement

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy:

© Donna WilliamsRoss - In Trust Ministries dwilliamsross@

Wish you were here

To my Dad w herever he is : Dear Da ddy: I was se ven years old has been 15 when you left years and I a . You said th m still for so towards me w me silly reaso at you would ith love in yo n be right back h o ping that I w ur eyes. Was I have asked , however it ill look up on it something mom time an e day and see I did? Was it so d time again see the hurt you running mething I sa and sometim in her eyes a id? Was I a b es she says sh s she tries to am going to urden to you e doesn’t kno convince me be a father a ? w why you left. to let it go. I w nd I don’t wa and hoped fo Sometimes I o u n ld t to love to let it ever let my ch r you to retu go, but one d rn home. ildren feel th Overnig ay, Dad, I e way I felt ev ht Mom beca er y single day as m e a single pare father I would I looked nt to my bro like to be pro ther and me. tective, supp would like to I envision m ortive and re offer provisio yself as a fath sponsible tow ns to my chil they would fe er and as a ards my child dren through el the love o re n o . As an involv u t f a father tha their lives an plays a signifi ed father I t I so often lo d impact thei cant role in m r lives in such nged for in m y children’s li Was Mo y life. I desir a way that ves. m asking too e to be an act much that yo law-abiding ive father wh u stay aroun citizens? I h o d a nd help prod ave no role m but she is no uce children odel, but tho t a father and w h se I see here. o would beco is not able to Mom to get m me upright Mom has wo tell me the th e a "dad". A rk ed in g hard and did s th d a a d t did not think o d n o ly es a n m o her best, t a always have n – a father fi it was the rig to be a biolo gure can tell ht thing to do me stop for a g . ic I a wanted l father, but sh to bring ano moment and ther man into e being a god wonder if yo to this letter th ly e home she sha woman u are still ali and let me kn red with you ve. If you are ow that it wa getting the ri . Oh, oh, let alive and get s not Mom o ght jobs – a this letter, wo r I who cause break to be th I want m uld you reply d you to leave e man you w y children to – a but you were n te d to be. know their b have that I m tired of not iological gra ay have devel ndfather, goo oped; what th Dad, even th d or bad. I w ings you like ough I conti ant to know d to eat that nue to smile were never h what traits yo I myself mig and fake hap ere to play ba u h t like to eat. p iness. I miss ll with me, to them both an I am hurting you so much come to my g d I look up to a n d grieve the ames, etc. D see if I would Dad, I a fact that you id you like ba ever see a fa m twenty-tw sk et ball and base m o il ia ye r a face while I rs old now. I ADULT now ball? I love was playing. went through Dad and even the bullying though resea have behavio and acted like rch declares r problems a a man. I am that children nd not do wel given Mom a a YOUNG of an absente l in school, I ny problems. e h fa a ther are more ve made it my d I have forgiv life regardle likely to uty to do wel en you and M ss of what yo l in school an om says she u think you m forgive and th d have not does also. I ay have don at is exactly just want to e wrong to u what I have be mad at yo share in you s. I learned done, I have u, Mom wou r th a t fo as a Christia rgiven you a ld remind m first comman n, I have to nd long to se e of Ephesia dment with a e n yo s u. Even when 6:2, "Honor promise. Sh is not a father your father I tried to e is a good m and mother" other and I lo I am get -w h ve ic h h is the er ting all teary very much, b ut again I re eyed and don cry for you b p ’t ea want my frie t she ecause I am nds to see m not sure why Dad, if yo e crying for yo you left. u see this lett u, but in my er, please resp return home heart I alwa ond and at le Dad, I am se ys a st ek let me know ing closure o I love yo that you are r a fresh beg u and will alw okay. Even if inning with yo ays remain yo From all you never u in spite of ur loving son the young m ev er ything. . en that are lo Happy F oking for thei ather’s Day, r fathers. wherever yo u are.  43

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carter’s commentary Dr. Harold A.Carter, Jr., Pastor New Shiloh Baptist Church Baltimore, MD

A Few Corrections I have found, and continue to find, humor in almost anything. Of course, I think I know when things are serious and reverent, but even in those situations, something thought, said, or done is bound to make me laugh (often internally). I suppose this is why I make mental notes of times when I know that I’ve unintentionally, but publicly, said something that didn’t quite come out right or, even worse, misquoted something, like a certain scripture, and have been “called on it.” As a student of the Word, such shouldn’t happen, but (hey) we’re human and we’re bound to make mistakes. The sad part, however, is when we haven’t taken the preparatory time to know what’s correct, or when we know what’s correct but still choose to continue to make use of that which is incorrect. Perhaps though not, in any way, exhaustive, becoming aware of the following scriptures that I will cite, which have had more than their share of having been misquoted and/or misapplied, may help in making us more aware and help us to be cognizant of not relying on what or how we’ve always heard things, but take the time to do our own study and preparation that we may all be better “workmen, without being ashamed because we haven’t rightly divided the word….” (II Tim. 2:15, my paraphrase—wink, wink). There are any number of scriptures which are just flat-out misapplied; meaning that they are used improperly because they’ve been misquoted and therefore misused and misunderstood. Probably, the most famous is I Timothy 6:10a, KJV: “For the love of money is the root of all evil….” Most Christians know that the preceding is correct. It’s primarily those in the world who’ve come to believe that the scripture is: “Money is the root of all evil.” Inherently, there’s nothing wrong with money. So, money is not the root of all evil. It’s “the love of money that’s the root of all evil,” according to the Apostle Paul. Then, there is Ephesians 3:20. Granted, it’s my English grammar background that causes me to hone in on this one, because it is somewhat subtle. The verse is: “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think….” However, almost inevitably, it’s quoted as, “…able to do exceedingly abundantly….” Putting a “ly” on “exceeding” turns it into an adverb and eliminates the intended usage of “exceeding” as an adjective. One could say, “exceedingly and abundantly above,” but exceedingly abundantly shifts the usage and emphasis, which has to do with God’s ability to perform abundantly above our limited expectations, in an exceeding or superlative way. Proverbs 22:6 is another scripture commonly misquoted, as many (because of the context of the text) use the word “grow,” when the word is actually “go.” Train up a child in the way he should go….” It is a given that a child will grow, it’s that as they grow they need to be taught which way to go. Additionally, there is what are known as “phantom scriptures.” These are sayings that aren’t scriptural (like, “The Lord will make

a way, somehow”), but we’ve come to accept them as a part of our biblical lexicon. Usually, they can be traced to be some verse of scripture that’s close or similar, they may be attributed to some famous, historical quote, or we just don’t know where they may have originated. For example, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”—the so-called “Golden Rule”—is probably based on St. Matthew 7:12, but those actual words are not found in the Bible. “God helps those who help themselves,” is a quote of Benjamin Franklin. “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” may be based on Proverbs 13:24. Who knows where, “This too shall pass” comes from. “The Lord works in mysterious ways” is also not found in the Bible but is a line found in an old hymn written by William Cowner (1731-1800). Speaking of hymns, we are just as guilty. The chorus to the hymn, Near the Cross begins with the word “in” not “near.” The last words of the chorus to Great Is Thy Faithfulness are “Lord unto me!” not “Lord unto Thee!” The 3rd verse of Blessed Assurance states, “… I in my Savior,” not “I and my Savior….” “We’ll walk in the light, beautiful light” (words in the chorus of Jesus the Light of the World) continue with “…come where the dew-drops, …” not “somewhere the dew-drops….” The 2nd verse of Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, (which is the actual title of the hymn, not “What a Fellowship”) is not “O how bright the path glows from day to day, …” but it is “grows from day to day.” And, for some reason, we still can’t figure out that if we were waiting “ ‘til” Jesus speaks from eternity we’d be in major trouble. Thank God, He has already spoken, therefore, He is STILL speaking (not “ ‘til he speaks”), as is often heard in the hymn, Lift Him Up. Several years ago, I had to share, in love, with one of our musicians that he was probably good intentioned but incorrect when he had one of our choirs sing the hymn Farther Along on Father’s Day. (Now, that was funny to me, albeit also slightly embarrassing.) Also, while running a revival at a small (some would say, “storefront”) church, which was located about two blocks from a church I once pastored in Petersburg, Virginia, I was extremely tickled, and still am when I think about it, today. We were singing, I Know It Was the Blood, and a group of about 5 or 6 children to my left could be heard singing with so much joy and sincerity, “one day when I was lost, Jesus died on the floor. I know it was the blood, saved me.” I could only deduce that given their age and level of experience that one or two of them had no concept of a cross, but did understand that if someone died that they would probably fall on the floor. With that in mind, the others joined in. Whether scripture, hymns, or anything sung or cited, the rule should seek ever to be, verify, verify, verify. We won’t always get everything right, but we can seek to give God our best, given proper time, study, and prayerful planning. At some point, we have to accept the exegetical reality that neither Eve; nor, subsequently, Adam ever ate an apple.  45

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