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Healing Voice Ministries Temecula, California 951-638-FUSE twitter@iluvworship

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Brain Drain

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A Love Greater Than Death (Dori Powledge Phillips)

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For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. Psalm 84:11




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from the editor

Well, it’s Dad’s turn to be celebrated – so we dedicate this month’s issue to our Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers. Father’s Day should be a time of celebration for this man that in his daughter’s eyes can do no wrong, and in his son’s eyes he is a hero. This man should be celebrated because he has provided for his children and loves them with all his heart. This man should be celebrated for the times he had tea with his daughter’s make-believe friends and never missed his son’s school games. This man should be celebrated because he was right there for his son’s first crush and his daughter’s first broken heart. This father will shed a tear as he gives his daughter’s hand away in holy matrimony and will boast with pride about his son serving his country. Fathers are a source of strength, support, encouragement and forgiveness. They deserve to be honored for all they have done, all they do and all that they will do. We salute and honor this man! There will be those who will celebrate dad, because he has been there every step of the way. These fathers will be honored not just because they have supported their children but also because of their loving presence in their lives; but for some Father’s Day can be painful, a sad reminder of growing up without a father present in the home or being visible in their lives. The pain of

growing up fatherless can sometimes leave a scar that is hard to remove and some may choose not to celebrate Father’s Day for one reason or another. Despite the pain, circumstance or reason that your earthly father was not present; the good news is there is someone greater than all of that pain. That someone is God, our eternal Father. It is good to know that our heavenly Father can take away the hurt and remove the scars left by a missing father. The Bible tells us that, “When my mother and father forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.” Psalm 27:10 Whether or not your father was present or not, on this Father’s Day we can all choose to honor and celebrate the Father of us all . . . God our creator. For our heavenly Father has promised us, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” (Hebrews 13:5) Celebrate Father’s Day, if for no other reason, than the fact that without your father you would not exist today. And while you are celebrating, don’t forget to praise God the Greatest Father of all! We are His children forevermore.

Jackie Epps Editor  77 


Q&A Interview

right after dinner. And what started out as a casual read became a sermon-like explanation of what the poem really meant. That night I think my family and I knew something different was going on inside.

TIM MANIGAULT Healing Voice Ministries, Temecula, California G&G: Tim, you have instructed me to call you Tim, I am very excited for this opportunity to introduce you and your ministry to the readers. Welcome to the Grace & Glory Magazine Family. I would like to start by asking my favorite question. Many have shared with me that ‘preaching the gospel’ or ministry was not necessarily what they had planned to do with their lives. What about you? Tim: Thank you so much for this invitation. It’s no secret how much we love, believe in, and value Grace and Glory Magazine. I see my wife grappling over quality book decisions for her review in the magazine every month all because of love. I knew that I would preach. I knew that I would travel, and I knew that I would sing, but those were all, at least in my mind, accessories to the life I would live; kind of like I would preach and minister on the weekends not in a full time capacity. So I guess I differ in that I always kind of knew that ministry would be a part of my life, and I was cool with that, but I definitely was not surrendered to the thought of it being almost my whole life. G&G: Tim, before we go any further, I must let everyone know that you are a young man in ministry, just 31 years old. Would you share with us just when you knew you were called to ministry- to preach the Gospel? How did this all begin for you? Tim: I can’t say that I had a sky cracking experience. I was raised in the church in a family that really loved the Lord, so serving in the church seemed like a very natural thing to do. There was a moment when, I guess I was eight or nine, when I remember reading the footprints poem to my aunt 8   8   June June2013 2013| |Grace&Glory Grace&Glory

G&G: Being called to ministry as a young man with so many other career choices before you, was it difficult to accept the call? Was there anyone or anything that significantly influenced your decision? Tim: No, it wasn’t difficult to accept the call because, again, in my mind the “call” was going to be nicely compartmentalized for weekend use while I explored my other desires in media, public relations, and communications. There was a guy, who is now a Bishop in the COGIC, named Frank Anthon White; we never talked much about the call of God on my life, but he made being in ministry seem cool. He was fairly successful in business and music, and he preached. So, I felt like I could do the same. He never gave me a heads up on the fact that at some point the ministry takes precedence. Though I saw at some point ministry took precedence in his life, I somehow didn’t think that would be my reality. G&G: Tim, a growing number of young people are hearing the call to ministry which presents a daunting question: are our congregations ready for young pastors? Tim: I think the bigger question is: is our generation, and by our generation I mean everyone that’s living in this moment, ready for the tension of shift. I think that there is a responsibility to be “ready” on both the congregation and young pastors. I think that the “readiness” of a young pastor or the congregation has the potential to gently draw the unready young pastor or congregation into a place of accepting and preparing themselves for what God has ordained to be. For instance, I don’t know that Billy Graham’s generation was ready for him, but because he had prepared and bore the responsibility to be ready, his generation responded to his readiness and benefited from what God had ordained. Conversely, history says that Dr. King didn’t feel “ready” to be this world leader, but his generation was so ready for the Moses that they saw in him that they pulled him to the world stage, and when he got there no one could deny that he was ready. I say that to say congregations that are ready for God’s best for them will be open to receive it whether it comes in the form of a 70 year old, traditional, fathering pastor or a 30 year old, cutting edge, results driven pastor. G&G: Tim, one topic I would like to talk to you about is fathers. While many will be honoring their fathers this month, there will be many who will not be celebrating. For those who did not have a father present in their lives this can be a difficult time. For some, fathers may be missing because dad has passed away; but for others dad may be missing because he chose not to be a part of their child’s life. I understand that you grew up without your father present in your life, is Father’s Day difficult for you? Tim: This may seem surprising because my perception of not having my biological father in my life is that he has been absent by choice, but Father’s Day has never been hard for me. G&G: Tim, would you tell us what it was like for you to grow up without a dad? Are you now or were you ever bitter about your father not being a part of your life, missing important milestones in your life? Tim: For me it seemed very normal, because I didn’t have another point of reference. It wasn’t like I had my father in my life and then lost him. He was never in the picture, so I think that it is possible that I never really missed him.

Q&A I will say that there was one experience growing up that I had that made me acutely aware that he wasn’t there. The one uncomfortable experience that I had regarding the absence of my father happened at a church event. The church I attended hosted a Father and Sons Luncheon. Because I was always involved in every event of the church, I was naturally there to help set up and just be involved. While I was at the event I saw most of my friends arriving with their fathers, and I don’t recall if having your father was a prerequisite for entry into the luncheon, but I couldn’t help but feel that of the 100’s of events that I had been to with my church, including women’s functions, I had never felt more out of place and it was purely because my father was not there to attend this father and son banquet. However, I have never been bitter or upset. I just never had a negative perspective towards that situation. G&G: Tim, we mentioned that you are a young man in ministry, but you are also a husband and the father of three children. Did growing up without your father affect how you relate to your children? In other words, is it or was it difficult to know how to develop relationships with your children as their ‘dad’? Tim: So far, no. I was raised with a lot of love and I believe that the key ingredient to being a healthy nurturer in anyone’s life is love. As my children get older, there may be things that will highlight weaknesses in my parenting style that could be linked to not having my biological father present, but time will have to tell. As of now, I don’t feel that deficit.

So I can only speak from my journey, which, though physically the same, may not be symptomatically the same. With that in mind, the advice that I would offer, may at some point seem trite and perhaps shallow, but it is honestly what I have lived by in processing a fatherless life and that is this: everything that I need to be, everything that God wants me to be in its fullness, God has granted to me, is granting to me, or will grant to me. If my father is needed for me to be who I am supposed to be in life to its fullest, than he will at some point be granted to my life, through whatever avenue, through whatever reaching out, or through whatever method. If a relationship with my father was not granted in my past, if it is not granted in my present, and if it is not granted in my future, then my conclusion is that relationship with that particular person was not an absolute necessity for me to become everything God wants me to be in its fullness. This is not to say that I don’t need the treasures of a fathering relationship, it is just to say that it may or may not come through him. So my advice would be: surrender and make peace with what you can’t control. Do your part to not block that potential relationship. And most importantly, don’t allow the absence of your father to become the sum total of your life’s exhaustion.

G&G: Tim, let’s move on to my next topic. You come from a COGIC background, went to a Pentecostal University (Oral Roberts University), and have ministered in churches of all backgrounds, cultures, and denominations. Presently you are the Director of Worship Arts at Rancho Community Church in Temecula, CA, and the Founder of Healing Voice Ministries. Tell us about the vision that led to the start of Healing Voice Ministries; what is Healing Voices Ministries, what is its purpose? Brandie & Tim Manigault Tim: Healing Voice Ministries in its purest G&G: Tim, I’m sure growing up without intentions and at its core is a ministry designed a father had some impact on your life, as a to convey the heart of the Father to His people and the heart of the result did you struggle with knowing what your purpose or mission people to our Father. It is deliberately free of any denominational was for your life? Were there any father figures or mentors that were allegiances, but thrives on multi-denominational alliances. It is a instrumental in developing you into the man you are today? ministry of Ambassadors solely committed to conveying God’s heart Tim: As an adult, I think clarifying the details of purpose and mission to our generation. for my life is still in process, in that I don’t know the fullness of the I was in a season of disappointment and wanted to tend my own assignment. But this I wouldn’t lay to the absence of my biological frustrations, disappointments, and needs. It was during this time father; he may or may not have been equipped to father me in these that I was challenged by the Holy Spirit to consider tending to areas. If I be totally honest, I think that this would be in part because Jesus, to consider what He was feeling, and to consider what was of the absence or silence of certain spiritual fathers at seasons that, on His heart. The more I did this, the more I became aware of how to me, were critical and in part to me not being as diligent to dig out smothering my own self-loathing was to the flame that would be the details of the assignment. fanned through selfless living. In essence, I realized my selfishness On the natural side of things, I had several mentors and father was killing my destiny, so I asked the Lord how to get beyond this figures along the way. I am the product of a village, so men like Teddy point. And He said, “Give. Give yourself. Give your time. Give Durant, Vincent Wilson, Claud Moss, Alan Jones, Thomas Manigault, your resources. Give. Give to Me. Give to your family. Give to your and others, were definitely critical in shaping the man I am today. friends. Give to your enemies. Give to your community. Give until you have nothing left to give and all that you can give will have to be G&G: Tim, recently Oprah aired a special with an audience of men supplied purely by me.” And that’s how we started. who grew up without a father. These men were still living with that heartbreak. What would you say to encourage that young boy who G&G: I understand there are two other ministries, i luv worship and is living without a father present or that young man who has already Infuse, that fall under the umbrella of Healing Voices Ministries. grown up without a father in his life? Please explain what they are and their purpose and mission. Tim: Well, because my experience has probably not been text book, I don’t know that I have processed the same way that everyone else has. Continued on page 10  99

Q&A Continued from page 9

Tim: Simply put, the Infuse meetings are high impact worship events that we host in Southern California, but eventually will be in different regions. These services are specifically designed for people to have encounters with the Lord that clearly unlock destiny and refuel and encourage those that are weary. i luv worship is really more of the resourcing side or arm of what we do; seminars, blogs, literature, consulting, music… these are all under the banner of i luv worship.


G&G: Tim, lately we are seeing more and more families broken because of the imbalance between family and ministry. I know that you have a wife and three young children, a fairly new ministry, and you work for a fairly large church as the Director of Worship. How do you manage to keep balance between family, your ministry and your church duties? I would imagine that there are times that making your family first priority is very difficult. How do you handle those situations? Tim: My wife PERIOD. She is not a nag. She is the help that I have asked her to be. I know that no one else has a greater heart for protecting our family than my wife does. Thankfully she is Kristina blessed to be able to be at home and oversee the administration of Healing Voice Ministries; so she manages my overall schedule. We intentionally have times built into our schedule to go on dates and have family time, and for us to balance everything else. That’s really how I do it. It’s never difficult for me to make my family my priority in every situation. My family knows that they are my priority. That’s not to say that there aren’t times when pertinent needs from other places arise. Because my family knows that they are my priority, they usually have no problems with releasing and supporting me to handle whatever challenge is at hand as long as I do it responsibly, and usually quickly ☺ G&G: Tim, as a worship leader, I have witnessed firsthand your anointing to lead God’s people into worship. When did you first realize you had this gift? How different is it leading corporate worship as opposed to your own personal worship? Is it more difficult? Tim: The worship leading aspect I became more aware of in high school. That’s when I became aware that worship leading was different from leading a song in the choir. Leading corporate worship and personal worship are the same in many ways and different in many ways. In my personal time, I know what I am bringing into the room. I know what frustrations or joys I may be dealing with from the day. There is honesty and a transparency that makes that time usually effortless and overwhelmingly fulfilling. In a corporate setting I don’t know what everyone has been through individually that day or that week. There are a lot more variables to account for from just a practical musical side of things, and there are quite a few other differences. Regarding similarities the biggest, most valuable similarity is that the road to the heart of the Father is the same. The Holy Spirit leads us and reveals Jesus and the work of the cross. We respond to the love of our Father, and He draws us closer and deeper. 10   June June2013 2013| |Grace&Glory Grace&Glory 10  

G&G: Many may not be aware that you are also an accomplished singer/songwriter that has ministered all over the country most often with Benny Hinn Ministries. As you travel ministering to God’s people, what do you believe is on the heart of God concerning Worship and the body of Christ? Tim: I think that there are several things on His heart, but one of the pressing things that He wants us as His children to know is that we are not worshiping for access, we are worshiping with access. So often when we reach, what we call deep, weighty moments in worship we do so feeling like we have reached these places because we have worked ourselves or a congregation up to a place of these “Holy” moments. But the truth is the process of encountering the Lord more nearly is not filled with hoops and demands. It is a call of love, and if we realize that He is not standing with a check list of things we need to do before He grants us access, but rather He is standing with open arms, reminding us of what He has already done for us to be able to come boldly our hearts will be ignited with a love that provokes surrender. And that’s a thrilling ride and experience that I know He longs for all of His children to have.

G&G: Tim lastly, what do you see that concerns or encourages you in younger Sydney pastors? And what would you say to young ministers and worship leaders trying “make their mark” in today’s society? Tim: I see hope. I see tens of thousands, not personally, but as I survey the landscape of our generation I see tens of thousands of young leaders who are realizing the desperation, the weight, and the challenges of our hour, and they are not consumed with how many likes they have on Facebook, how many people follow them on Twitter more than the heart of God. For a while we had become more market savvy with less to market, but I really do feel that most of us are gaining our compass again. We are not preferring big speaking engagements over visiting faithful members in the hospital. We are not preferring fun rounds of golf over the discipline of solitude with the Lord, and yet with this passion to please Jesus we have not become too religious to have a blast while we do it. I believe I can hear the ground rumbling with valiant, eagle-eyed, joyful, meek, and humble servants of God who have discarded the old wine skins of being waited upon hand and foot and have embraced the new wine skins of true servitude… being like Jesus. What I would say to my young brothers and sisters is let’s make a mark on the heart of God first, and be humble, tenacious, and content as we serve where God has placed us until He decides, if He ever decides, to send us to the nations of the world.

Timothy Manigault Tim Manigault is a rising voice among today’s leading worship architects and strategists. With a strong passion to see worship and its leaders transcend the four walls of church and the high walls of isolationism within the church, Tim speaks to the body of Christ calling it to a song and rhythm that reflects one body, one Lord and one cause. Born and raised in New York City, Tim fell in love with the church at an early age while attending his Grandmother’s Baptist church in the Bronx. Her church afforded him his first opportunities to sing. After moving to Queens at the age of 4, his family began attending his Great Aunt’s COGIC Church, and eventually joined Zion Cathedral Church of God in Christ in Long Island (formerly Little Zion COGIC). Here he grew to love serving the Lord’s house and became a permanent fixture in the children’s choir. At this church he was licensed at 16 while still in high school and ordained at 26. Two years later he left New York to attend Oral Roberts University. After high school, Tim attended Oral Roberts University. Here he became a Campus Worship Leader, and oversaw the Gospel choir Souls A’ Fire. At


ORU Tim was able to be a part of two international music ministries tours; one to Japan and one to Australia. He graduated in 2004 with a BS in Mass Media Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Advertising. It was at ORU that he met his future wife, Brandie. In 2006, Tim and Brandie were married and moved to Orange County, California where Tim was serving as the Worship Pastor at World Healing Center Church-Benny Hinn Ministries. With the thoughts of buying a house and raising a family, Tim and Brandie moved to Temecula Valley. Their first child, Sydney was born at the end of 2007, and she completely changed their world. Two years later, their second daughter, Kristina was born and their world shifted again. Tim and his family also spent a short stint in the greater Houston area serving at Abundant Life Christian Center. Within a year of moving back to Temecula Valley, their world would shift one more time with the birth of their son, Samuel. It was around this time in 2010 that the InFuse meetings were placed on Tim’s heart. After a time of prayer and solitude Tim and Brandie

launched the InFuse meetings, which are the flagship services of Healing Voice Ministries, a ministry that was placed on the heart of Tim during their pregnancy with Kristina. After nearly two years of hosting the InFuse services, the meetings continue in Southern California where Tim fulfills another assignment at Rancho Community Church as the Director of Worship Arts. Baring an increasing desire to understand and equip leaders, Tim recently finished his Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership at Liberty University. Tim has been used to help plant churches, develop church’s multimedia departments, train leaders, unify and strengthen departments, consult on organizational structure, as well as to minister in both song and message at churches both nationally and internationally.  11 11

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scripture  13

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mayor’s journal  15

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governor’s page

Better Choices, Better Results by Governor Martin O’Malley The port of Baltimore has been the beating heart of our City for more than 300 years. Over those three centuries, it has also become the heart of our State ad our region, sending goods and the jobs that come with them across Maryland and around the country. Everything from tobacco in the 18th century to cars in the 21st has come in and out of our port. Baltimore welcomed countless new Americans to our shores in the early 20th century, and we now send a quarter-million vacations out to see on cruises each year. Governor O’Malley speaks at the dedication of super-sized cranes at the Port of Baltimore. In fact, the port of Baltimore is performing better than it ever has, thanks in large part to the hardworking men and women who make it run every day. In 2012, we moved more cars, farm machinery and construction equipment through Baltimore than any other port in the country. More imported sugar, aluminum and forest products arrive here than at any other port. Last month, we took another step in preparing our port for the future, by officially opening a new 50-foot-deep berth and dedicating four super-sized cranes that will be capable of offloading cargo from the super-sized ships that will be coming to the East coast through the expanded Panama Canal. We’re now one of only two ports on the East Coast

Governor O’Malley speaks at the dedication of super-sized cranes at the Port of Baltimore.

capable of handling those ships. We built that project by partnering with Ports America, a private company, in 2009. At the time, this was the largest public-private partnership. There is one reason that we celebrate this success, and that is jobs. Thanks to a more productive port, this partnership will create 5,700 new jobs, in both construction and ongoing operations. There is no progress without job creation. When we have common goals—like creating jobs and expanding opportunity in the Greatest City in America, providing safer streets for our children, and making our State a great place to commute, work and go to school—the private sector and our Government should be able to easily

work together to achieve those goals. That’s why, thanks in part to the leadership of Lt. Governor Anthony Brown—we passed the PublicPrivate Partnership (P3) bill in the last legislative session, to streamline the process for the State and private companies to work together on projects like the Port of Baltimore. The new law provides a clear outline for beginning and P3 project, and provides for the oversight needed to ensure a successful project. A modern economy requires modern investments. With our partners in the private sector, we can make those investments while freeing up State capital dollars for other critical projects. We’re all in this together.  17

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education digest The weather is warming up. It’s a sign that we’re in the midst of summer. Most of our children are also out of school. They’ve emptied their book bags, hung up their winter jackets and pulled out their bicycles. Vacations are planned and trips to the local parks are on the agenda. However, we can’t overlook the need to make sure our children are learning over the summer. All of us desire down time, but too much downtime away from learning can lead to a “brain drain”. It’s called “brain drain” because during those long, hot months away from school, our children and grandchildren, tend to forget a lot of what they learned in class earlier in the year. I came across a portion of this article which appeared in the Washington Post a few years ago. Experts from Johns Hopkins University, the University of Tennessee, the University of Virginia and elsewhere say this is what happens over the summer: They concluded that most students -- regardless of family income or background -- lose 2 to 2 1/2 months of the math computational skills that they learned during the school year. And there were also these findings. Students from low-income homes lose two to three months in reading skills learned in the previous school year. These same experts believe that when it comes to reading, some children make progress because they read more.

Dr. Tim Tooten is an Emmy Award winning journalist and the Senior Education Reporter for WBAL-TV (NBC). He’s also the pastor and founder of Harvest Christian Ministries in Baltimore County, Maryland

Dr. Tim Tooten, Sr.

My summers were spent working on local farms harvesting tobacco. The money we earned, 8 dollars a day, was mostly used to buy back to school clothing. There was little time to read. It was simply not a priority. Those of you who share similar stories from your childhood are obligated to try and change the course of learning. If you have children, school-aged or college, insist they read a book or two over the summer. In fact, challenge them by agreeing to read a book as well. Schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations tend to place more emphasis on summer reading with funfilled activities. So for those parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins, make a commitment to emphasis learning in your home, community or church. I was privileged to attend the graduation ceremony in May of Bowie State University. Our first lady, Michelle Obama, passed along these words to a room filled with soon to be graduates: “We need to once again fight to educate ourselves and our children like our lives depend on it because they do. We need to dig deep and find the same kind of grit and determination that drove those students at this school and generations that came after them.” The first lady also issued this challenge: “If you have friends or cousins or siblings who are not taking their education seriously, shake ‘em up, go talk some sense into them. Get them back on track.” This has to be our charge. You can start now. Stop by our local bookstore and pick up a copy of a book for your child, relative or a neighbor. You’ll be amazed at their response. In our digital world, agree to order them a book for their electronic devices. Let it not be said that you contributed to a “brain drain.”  19

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Book Shelf A Love Greater Than Death By Dori Powledge Phillips I had the pleasure of meeting Dori Phillips author of A Love Greater than Death, and can say that I was amazed at the strength she exhibited while she shared part of her story with me. The joy that she speaks with is unimaginable to some when you think about what she has been through, but is completely understandable when you read or hear about how the Lord walked her through it. A Love Greater Than Death is a true story based on the life of Dori Powledge Phillips. In the book she shares details about teenage years, a troubled first marriage, the birth of her six children and the addition of two more through her second marriage, and the day she lost her husband and 4 children in a car accident. As sad as these events may seem, this book is not about feeling sorry for the author or mourning her loss. It is about the journey that the Lord took her on to bring healing and restoration. As I read A Love Greater Than Death, I was challenged by each page not to sink into sadness thinking about what I would have done and how I would feel if it were me. Reading fictional novels with story lines similar to Phillips’ real story line is one thing, but reading this book based on actual events, no fluff, no exaggeration, no made up plot, is another. You want to go there with the “characters”, but Phillips tells you “NO”. She refused to go there and as the author of A Love Greater Than Death, she won’t allow the reader to either. In the midst of a pain that would have most of us in the bed with the lights off, Phillips writes this, “Life hurt so badly that I asked the Lord to please allow me to still have the ability to see

by Brandie Manigault

beauty and to have compassion for others. I didn’t want to be blinded to everything around me by this overwhelming pain.” As a reader, I was floored when I read this, because it highlighted the importance of not being constrained by the present situation, but to see the bigger picture. The turning point from hurt to hope came when the Lord spoke these words to Phillips, “I can turn this tragedy into a miracle just like that.” The Lord walked her through the process by the hand. He shared the scriptures and as He did they became alive to her. As I read about how the scriptures that we have heard time and time again took on a new meaning, it’s like they became alive for me too. Phillips said, “The healing was truly amazing and almost unbelievable if I had not experienced it myself.” I think this statement summed up how I felt at the conclusion of the

book; amazing and almost unbelievable! What you will read in A Love Greater Than Death will inspire you to trust God more and to trust your feelings and thinking less. It’s a short book packed with hope for the future. I love the way Phillips chose to write A Love Greater Than Death. The chapters are short. The language is conversational. Although the content can be heavy, she kept it light. It is almost as if she gave us a glimpse at her journal. We all need to be encouraged, and we all know someone who needs to be encouraged. This is the PERFECT book for that. Not only will you be encouraged when you finish reading, but you will be inspired, empowered, and ready to overcome. Get your copy. Read it. Put it in your library as a resource to refer to when you hit a tough spot. When you read it let me know your thoughts.

-Brandie About The Author

Dori Powledge Phillips A Christian, a wife, and a working mother, Dori Powledge Phillips is now following the vision God has given her to share the message of the gospel with the world. Dori travels to churches, conferences and other events to share her story with the hope of leading others into the same freedom and healing that she has received by the divine grace and power of God.  21

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to your good health

There are so many occasions being celebrated this month: graduations, weddings and Father’s Day to name a few. Each of these significant events has its own importance in the lives of those who have the pleasure of being a graduate, bride or groom or a father. They also carry certain responsibilities that can become as overwhelming as they are exciting. These milestones all have their own unique influence on the lives of

Carla J. Debnam, MS, LCPC Executive Director, Renaissance Christian Counseling Center

the individuals and their families. Handling the blessing and the burdens associated with each is something all will have to learn

with a good dose of humor and reality

to balance. The joys associated with graduation at any level can

checks. For believers our confidence

be swallowed up in the reality of finding money for college or

is not based in our own abilities,

graduate studies, looking for a job or starting a career, moving out

gifts and talents. We have the assurance of God’s presence and

on your own or moving back home with your family. Fatherhood

guidance in every area of our lives. Psalm 37:23 reminds us that,

has its pleasures of watching your




mature over the years and participating in their lives as mentor, manager and friend. On the other hand it also comes with the financial

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly.

“The Lord directs the steps of

He delights in every detail of their lives.” Many times we are concerned about the

the godly. He delights in every

decisions we are faced with in the various

detail of their lives.”

make turn out good or will we regret them in the future. The psalmist reminds us,

responsibilities of providing shelter, food and clothing along with the emotional

areas of our lives. Will the choices we

– Psalm 37:23

“Do not fret, wait on the Lord and delight in Him.” The chorus to a familiar hymn reminds us:

duties of unconditional love, support and encouragement. Marriage likewise has each person being accountable to the other

Many things about tomorrow

and to their families. It is this stress and strain of expectations and

I don’t seem to understand

future endeavors that people encounter at every stage of life. It is

But I know who holds tomorrow

not the life event but the way you process and respond to them

And I know who holds my hand...

that makes the difference between having a positive or negative outcome. These can be stressful times if they are not managed well

We don’t have to fear our future or worry about tomorrow because our next step is in His hands.  23 23

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Pastors Gregory & Tonya Dennis Kingdom Worship Center 6419 York Road, Towson, MD 21212


“More is better than less because if there’s more stuff, then you might want to have some more. And your parents just don’t let you because there’s only a little. We want more, we want more, we really like it we want more.”

Every time we hear this commercial from AT&T we crack up! The little girl is so driven by wanting more and she tries to make it clear that more is better. Guess what, we agree! We believe that more is easily obtained by knowing Jesus! A life without Jesus Christ cannot be filled with a better life. When we say better life, it means an excellent or a more virtuous way of living an outstanding life for Jesus. This is the heartbeat of God for everyone to have a better life. Living a better life is very simple. It is surrendering your life totally to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The grace of God is the major reason we are alive today. Jesus very clearly said, “I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) Jesus clearly taught that the abundant life is not just about things, but rather is about a quality of life found only in Him. It is not enough to know we are Christians. There is so much more and we want more, we really like more! It’s not complicated, Jesus is better.  25

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Believe the Lord’s Report

story of hope

By: Pastor Scott Wead, LifeHouse Worship Center, Irvine, CA

It is amazing the little things you begin to notice and celebrate when you discover you may only have a short time left to live. Sitting in my back yard, I didn’t realize how many flowers we had growing back here. The gentle cool breeze on that warm afternoon carried with it the sweetest of sounds, my children playing. Abigail was seven and Samuel just turned four. What would their life be like without me? Two weeks earlier I was in perfect health; a pastor of a thriving church in Orange County, CA. My wife noticed a bump on my shoulder. Did I injure myself? It didn’t hurt. The first doctor that saw it was immediately alarmed. I wasn’t too worried; I know how faithful God is. Just a few weeks earlier we felt the Holy Spirit leading us to make a bold decree for this season. “Nothing will be lost!” What I didn’t realize was that I would need that promise personally to help carry me through a personal test. The initial CAT scan revealed a 10cm tumor that had invaded my rib cage. The MRI and reports that followed only made the picture worse. The tumor was invading my neck muscle tissue and the pleura of my lung. Benign tumors just don’t do that. Roughly seven doctors seemed to share a consensus that this was liposarcoma. Then, there is the internet. It is amazing the things you can find on the web. None of the information was very good. It certainly didn’t help build my faith. The first doctor recommended a surgeon who could help. But the surgeon looked at the X-Rays, MRI and scans and was shaken. The location of the tumor and the nature of the tumor required a thoracic surgeon. The thoracic surgeon and his excellent team could do nothing. Finally, I was referred to one of the top surgeons of a nearby cancer hospital. At first the wait was to be months, but the unusual nature of this tumor and the urgency it required opened the doors. “This was our teacher at the university,” one of the doctors told me. “He is the best.” We prayed and told ourselves that no matter how disheartening and frightening each step of the journey had been it was somehow working together for good after all. When my wife and I sat in his office, I asked hopefully, “Is there a chance that this is benign?” He had too much experience to offer false hope. “I’m sorry to tell you, but this one isn’t going to come back benign.” The plan was to begin with Radiation followed up by surgery. The tumor was so vascular that even doing a biopsy would be risky, but it was needed before radiation could begin. By this time I was in pain, the mass felt like a twenty-pound weight pressing upon my lung and pulling muscles in my neck and back. Isaiah 53:1 tells us that the arm of the Lord is revealed to those who believe His report. I had to choose to believe His report in spite of how I felt. The arm of the Lord is His rescuing power to save, heal, and deliver. It is by faith that we receive it. So I would feed upon the promises of His Word, stirring my faith. I would confess that I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD (Psalm 118:17). I would remind myself that the promises of God are yes and Amen in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 1:20). This means that the promises from the Word of God apply to my life and to all who belong to Jesus; so I could receive them personally. For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord (Jeremiah 30:17). When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee: and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee (Isaiah 43:2). The Word of God becomes so real when you are depending on it to shift your circumstance or heal your body. The Lord commanded Israel to remember the Testimony. King David meditated on them so that he would have understanding and viewed them as an inheritance (Psalm 119:99, 111). Testimonies are valuable because they show us what to expect. Often when we share

testimonies of God’s saving power, people get saved. When we share a testimony of healing, people get healed. I listened to every cancer healing testimony I could find. In 1980, Dodi Osteen from Lakewood Church was given only a few weeks to live because of liver cancer. Chemotherapy would have only extended her life a few days. So she prayed and never went back to the doctors. Her testimony can be found in a small booklet, Healed of Cancer. Over 30 years have passed and she is still alive totally healthy. Jesus healed her! We witness the healing power of Jesus at the Lifehouse Worship Center weekly. In our second service as a church a woman with a lump in her breast was amazed along with her doctors to find the growth dissolved and left a pocket of air where it had been. As I was going through my time of testing a nineteen-year old girl with lung cancer visited the healing rooms at our church. After receiving prayer she visited her doctors and they reported that she was in total remission! Hearing of my bad report a minister from Phoenix, Arizona shared with me that he also had once been given a similar report and told he would have six months to live. He has since enjoyed the past 27 years praying for thousands of people with cancer and seeing them recover. He shared with me a testimony of how they just witnessed a woman who had been admitted to the hospital with less than 48 hours to live get healed. After one week of prayer all the cancer in her body was gone and she was released. The Word of God and these testimonies helped me position my heart to receive what Jesus had already done. The Lord’s report to me was that nothing would be lost. In spite of contradicting circumstances, I knew God would bring me through this. The Sunday after learning that I had cancer, I preached on God’s healing power. Within the next couple of days, my pain was gone. Then we began to receive some good news. The biopsy report came back, benign. Not all the doctors believed the biopsy, but there was hope. A few more weeks and a few more tests revealed that I didn’t have cancer. In fact I didn’t even have a tumor! It was a vascular malformation. My problem could be fixed with injection of alcohol that would work like glue. I watched the report of the enemy bow to the report of the Lord. The doctors rejoiced with me as science began to line up with what the Lord had said. Every day we are faced with choices about which report over our lives we will believe. I pray that you will believe the Lord’s report over your home, your family, your finances, your marriage, your health, and your destiny. Jesus is faithful.

Pastor Scott Wead, wife Amy and children, Abigail and Samuel  27

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GOSPEL INDUSTRY Pastor Shirley Ceasar I had the amazing opportunity to interview Pastor Shirley, and I must say it was an experience I will never forget. She imparted so much wisdom and knowledge into me, I was so refreshed and rejuvenated. I have a greater love and respect for the awesome woman she is. Ericka: “Pastor Shirley, exactly how long have you been singing Pastor Shirley: I’ve been singing since I was about 3 years old, but professionally about 55 years. Ericka: In your career what have you found to be most challenging? Pastor Shirley: Trying to work musically, work on my Masters of Divinity Degree, being a wife, being a pastor, I knew I had to give up something and I had to give up school. I was attending Duke University and had to forgo obtaining my degree. I had to look at it as, life is all about learning every day, I’m experiencing life daily. Ericka: That had to be hard but I admire your braveness and wise decision for your family and ministry. Pastor Shirley, let’s talk about this new album of yours, “God Will” how are you feeling about it? Pastor Shirley: I LOVE IT! I have something on this album for everybody even atheists, infidels, and nonbelievers can relate to the song, “It’s Nice to Be Nice”. You have to be nice to the people you meet everywhere, waitresses and the people you come across. Now I realize nobody is nice all the time, but I always try to be nice most of the time and I encourage others to do the same. Ericka: If you had to name your favorite song, testimonial, or one in the same, what would that song be? Pastor Shirley: Well Ericka, I have so many favorites on this album, “It’s Nice to Be Nice” is one because again, I try to be nice and let the holy ghost, rest, rule, and abide in me, and that’s one thing I tell singers all the time, you can’t walk on people and treat people bad. There’s another song titled “When You Pray God Answers” in the song I just go to praying, a revelation I got is, the prayer and the answer can’t both go to heaven, one has to come down. Ericka: Wow that’s good right there Aunt Shirley! The album was released the end of April correct? Pastor Shirley: Yes it was released April 26th, and is #4 on Billboard Charts and climbing, to God be the glory! I haven’t had a #4 in years! However “Hold My Mule” stayed #1 for 52 weeks! A WHOLE YEAR! Ericka: That’s has to be a record breaker!! That’s major Pastor! On this album you worked with Kurt Carr, he produced the album? 36   June 2013 | Grace&Glory

Pastor Shirley: Yes, Kurt Carr produced the project and he wrote six of the songs on it, and you can hear him talking on the songs too. Ericka: James Fortune as well? Pastor Shirley: Yes, James wrote two of the songs and he’s talking on the song “He Stayed”. Ericka: How was it working with them on the project? Pastor Shirley: Both of them were wonderful, it was a great experience working with them. Kurt Carr is awesomely talented and a blessing to the world of gospel music, country gospel, blues gospel, contemporary gospel, traditional gospel, you give him a chance he’ll come up with Bluegrass Gospel! Gospel music is a world within itself. Ericka: In your tenure as an artist I know there were those points in your career where things were at a stand still or place of uncertainty, yet you still remained relevant, what did you do? Pastor Shirley: I remember when Kirk Franklin came out, I knew then some things had to change from the traditional way I’d been doing music, so I recorded with some younger artists. I did the song with Tonex, “I Know the Truth” I even did a rap in that, Michelle Williams (formerly of Destiny’s Child), and Kurt Carr (one of my favorites). You do what you have to do to stay afloat. I tried to go back and do the old thing but it didn’t work.


Ericka: With so many artists going mainstream and you being a traditional more seasoned artist, how do you feel about it? Pastor Shirley: A singer with a religious foundation, all that will kick in, I don’t think artists like Mary Mary have gone too far. They reach a lot of young people. Even when I’ve done mainstream events I didn’t stop beating on the devil! I’m having a transparent moment, I haven’t always been able to say this but, I’m so glad gospel is in every facet, as long as we live the life we sing about, with all these gifts and talents we hit the devil in all areas.

Ericka: You experienced much family grief, as an artist as well as a pastor how have you coped, and what would you say to others in ministry and artistry when dealing with loss? Pastor Shirley: There are times when I’ve been laying in my bed, and the enemy starts messing with my mind, I have lost a huge portion of my family namely my siblings, it was 12 of us, 7 girls and 5 boys, and there are only left my two brothers and one sister who is very ill. He knows how much we can bear, I can’t say it won’t hurt and it won’t be painful, life goes on, I can’t get stuck in my storm, I can go there, but I can’t get stuck. We can’t afford to grieve too long because it will swallow you up, and you can’t allow it to overwhelm you. Death is always going to come, you can be 8 or 80, but to be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. I’m a pastor and I’ve seen much pain and grief, results of tornadoes, etc. it’s difficult for me to see people in pain, as a

Top 5 Gospel Songs 1. Take Me to the King - Tamela Mann 2. It’s Not Over (When God is in it) - Israel & New Breed featuring James Fortune & Jason Nelson 3. God Will Make A Way - Shirley Ceasar 4. Your Best Day Yet - Bishop Paul Morton 5. Break Ever Chain - Tasha Cobbs

gospel industry news pastor I have a charge to keep. I have to come home to a sister in pain and go visit sick in the hospital, and all I can do for them is pray and wait on the Lord. I always sing this song, “I want to be ready, I want to be ready, to walk in Jerusalem”. Ericka: That’s definitely going to bless someone. What advice would you give to the artists of today as well as aspiring and upcoming artists? Pastor Shirley: Depending on the age, the younger ones, education is so very important, learn all you can, don’t expect to be an overnight wonder. You may record a big hit record, but you gotta follow up with another one. Don’t get big headed, God will check you out. Don’t let money be your objective, after the paycheck you gotta work on the next big thing. I have been offered large sums of money to switch over and sing R&B, NEVER will I leave my Lord and savior to sing R&B, I only rock for Jesus and Roll for God! They said to me “You got Soul”, I said “No” I have the anointing that’s what you hear. What gives you longevity is the anointing. The Lord has always had something He wanted me to say to the people. Sing because you want to be used. You have something great to look forward to, Gospel Music is wonderful! I want you to know you have your work cut out for you, come out swingin’, don’t let me down! Use your gift for the kingdom. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this interview, Pastor Shirley is amazing she is a legend in her own right, and she’s still making great music! Go grab her CD it’s available everywhere, in stores and digital media outlets! It will bless you as well. I know the knowledge and power she shared with us has been a blessing!

Top 5 Gospel Albums 1. Best Days - Tamela Mann 2. The Good Fight - Bizzle 3. Grace (EP) - Tasha Cobbs 4. WOW Gospel 2013 5. Finish Strong - Jonathan Nelson

Happy Father’s Day to all the men! You deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. Your presence means more than you know! A big shout out to my dad, the late great Pastor Bruce Johnson! I miss my dad very much. If your dad is alive make sure you give him his flowers while he’s here! To my phenomenal godfather Deacon Richard Gale, I love you with all my heart. To my Bishop Richard J, Pender, Sr., I love u bunches thanks for putting up with me and being the great man you are!

Ericka J.  37

word of encouragement

Happy Father’s Day to the Father of all Fathers! For a child has been born — for us! The gift of a son — for us! He’ll take over the running of the world. His names will be: Amazing Counselor, Strong God, Eternal Father, and Prince of Wholeness. His ruling authority will grow, and there’ll be no limits to the wholeness he brings. He’ll rule from the historic David throne over that promised kingdom. He’ll put that kingdom on a firm footing and keep it going with fair dealing and right living, beginning now and lasting always. The zeal of God-of-the-AngelArmies will do all this. [Isaiah 9:6 – The Message Bible] When we read Isaiah 9:6 in any known version of the Bible is still remains true that God is our Father – Amazing, Strong and Eternal, full of wholeness. He wants to do good things for His children. He truly is the Father of all fathers. Jesus was God in the flesh, sent down to earth in the form of the gift of a Son – just for us -- to show you the role of a real father, how He functions and loves. Jesus was sent to show the love God has for us and to also show and teach us that we don’t have to independently do things without Him, but allow Him to be the Father that is an example to every earthly father. With our independence in mind, we then are always trying to take over the running of the world when the Bible clearly says in the above-referenced scripture that Jesus would take over the running of the world – the Government is to be upon His shoulders – not yours. Again, Jesus came to planet earth specifically to show you the love of the Father. He was sent to be our Amazing Counselor, a Strong God, our Eternal Father and the Prince of Wholeness. As our AMAZING COUNSELOR – Here is what those two words look like together. Amazing means “to fill with wonder” and Counselor means “one who gives advice in law and manages cases for clients in court”. Therefore if you want to have your life “filled with wonder” look to the Counselor who will give you advice and manage your case against the accuser of the brethren. God wants to represent you in every case naturally and spiritually that comes up against you. Technically God wants to fight the battles that you face daily and allow you to be free from the bondages and schemes of the devil that is shown you on a daily basis. As our STRONG GOD -- Here is what those two words look like together. “Strong” means “having or marked by great physical power, having moral or intellectual power and having great resources (as of wealth or talent)”. “God” means “the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as Creator and Ruler of the universe”. Therefore if you want to see your Strong God in action – then allow Him to show His great physical and intellectual power marked on your behalf and allow you to be a steward over the great resources that He has placed on earth to be used by you and share with others. God is the only One perfect in power, wisdom and goodness. As our ETERNAL FATHER – Here is what those two words look like together. “Eternal” means “having infinite duration” and “continued without intermission”. Father means “the first person of the Trinity and a man who has begotten a child”. God has begotten us – in that we have not chosen Him, but He has chosen us. Think of how awesome that is for someone 38   June June2013 2013| |Grace&Glory Grace&Glory 38  

Donna Williams-Ross to know everything In Trust Ministries about you – the good that others see you do and the sometimes senseless and inappropriate things that you do and a God who still chooses you in spite of you. That is exactly what God through Jesus did. Then Who better to spend eternity with than our Eternal Father. Selah! PRINCE OF WHOLENESS – As your Prince it means that God is your “Monarch/King”, “the ruler of a principality or state”. Wholeness means “free of defect or impairment; intact; physically sound and healthy; free of disease or deformity and mentally or emotionally sound”. Wholeness should be your greatest desire – to have nothing broken, nothing missing and nothing lacking. Do you know anyone who would not want a father who is the King of all Kings, the Ruler of heaven and Earth? Now let’s look at all the other things that God as your Father is: His ruling authority in spite of what it may look like right now is growing, and there is no limits to the wholeness He gives to you on a moment by moment basis. He rules from the historic David throne over His promised kingdom. The Kingdom of God is on a firm footing and God keeps it going with fair dealing and right living, beginning now and lasting forever. The zeal of Godof-the-Angel-Armies is doing all that. In spite of what you see happening in the world on a daily basis, be it earthquakes, tornadoes, increasing gas prices, a world seemingly out of control, know that your Father God is still in control. He wants to be Father to you, but His Precious Holy Spirit is such a Gentleman that He would not intrude on you. If you do not know Him as Lord and Savior, allow me to let you in on a secret – God is right now knocking on the door of your heart. CAUTION: Today if you would hear Him calling to you, I beg of you not to harden your heart, but to let Him in. He is your Creator and truly wants to be your Father. I encourage you today to look to God the Father and know that He is greater than, more loving than any earthly father. In fact you can search high and low, look everywhere and you still will not find nobody greater, nobody wiser, nobody greater than God. I encourage you to boldly declare that He is your everything!!! Prayer: Father, in the Name of Jesus, thank You for Your unconditional and stubborn love that loves me in spite of me. Thank You for being the best FATHER, that creation could ever have.  39

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