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In line with its continued efforts to support and sponsor training and development in all areas of the national workforce and to strive for the advancement of Bahraini society by raising the level of professionalism among Bahraini workers, GPIC supported the Bahrain Engineers Society Forum for Financial and Accounting Training. The Forum was organized by the Association under the auspices of HE the Minister of Energy, Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, from November 28 to 30, in the Bahrain Conference Centre at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, GPIC President, said that the Company is keen to support events held by respected civil institutions that contribute in various ways to the training of individuals where development of their skills answers the needs of the local labour market. For his part, Mr. Abbas Mohsen Radhi, President of the Bahrain Accountants Association, praised GPIC’s initiative to provide the support required by the Forum, stressing that the Company has acquired a well-deserved reputation for providing support for many social and sporting and economic events, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the spirit

GPIC’s major concern is to ensure the health and safety of its staff and to provide the latest medical devices and equipment that will guarantee the efficiency of the GPIC Medical Centre. Therefore, the Company has provided the centre with a wide range of the latest medical devices.

During his tour, Mr. Jawahery highlighted the great attention given by the Company to the management of Occupational Health, adding that the new hardware and equipment will support the work of the medical staff who runs the Centre with great efficiency.

Among other cutting edge equipment, GPIC has acquired a new heart resuscitation machine that will also perform ECG functions, a device to examine the lungs and a device to measure vital signs in the body, as well as special tools to deal with severe injuries, in addition to a drugs pump and a sophisticated device for measuring hearing.

GPIC has adopted a special policy with regard to the health care provided to employees, where the Company takes an active role in the dissemination of health care and advice for its employees. This includes the establishment of health awareness programmes to all staff, in addition to organising a variety of lectures in order to spread useful health information and take preventative efforts to raise the level of health awareness among employees. Finally, the Company carries out an annual programme of comprehensive medical examinations for all employees.

On the occasion of the arrival of the new medical equipment, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, GPIC President, visited the Medical Centre, where he was briefed on the devices and equipment that will make the results of periodic health inspections conducted by the Centre more accurate and efficient.


The French-Bahraini Parliamentary Friendship Association visits GPIC A delegation of the French Bahraini Parliamentary Friendship Society, led by HE Mr. Jean-Knock visited GPIC on December 15, 2011 when the delegation was received by members of the Executive Management and senior staff of the Company. After welcoming the guests, they were accompanied to the Academy of Learning and Leadership, where they listened to a brief explanation about the training programs offered by the Academy, developed for both the Company’s employees and those enrolled from other institutions. The delegation then were taken on a tour of the Company’s plants, where they were briefed on the Company’s wellknown and high quality products, which are exported to the world’s largest markets; also the safety standards that are applied strictly during operations. Then the delegation visited the Carbon Dioxide Reduction Project, which helps the plant reduce the amount of greenhouse gases drawn from the exhaust gases emitted from the converter of the methanol plant, in addition to its role in increasing production without the need to use additional energy. The delegation also toured the Company’s environmental projects, where their tour included a visit to H.R.H Princess

Sabeeka aromatic plants garden and the bird sanctuary, the olive grove and the garden of medicinal herbs. The leader of the delegation planted a palm tree to mark the occasion of the visit to the Company. The French delegation then visited the GPIC Club, where they were briefed on the club’s modern facilities and services, entertainment and sports, provided by the patrons of the Company to members and their families. The delegation then attended a lunch held in their honour. At the end of the visit, the head of the delegation, HE Mr. Jean-Knock, expressed his great pleasure at this visit, which allowed him and the members of the delegation of the Assembly of French Parliamentary Friendship in Bahrain to become acquainted with the nature of the work of one of the largest industrial companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Mr. Knock also thanked the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors and members of the executive management for the warm reception and hospitality of the meeting, while wishing the Company and its employees yet more excellence and success.

Khaleejieh Issue 77 English  
Khaleejieh Issue 77 English  

Khaleejieh Issue 77 English from GPIC