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‫جائزةال�شيخ خليفة بن �سلمان �آل خليفة‬ ‫للتفوق ال�صناعي‬

Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa Award for Excellence in Industry

For Petrochmicals Reg. NO. ISSN 1985 / 9481

Issue (70) December. 2009

Cooperation between H.R.H. the Crown Prince’s Scholarship Program & GPIC

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1/1/70 4:30:39 PM

Moroccan Ambassador to the Kingdom visits GPIC

GPIC General Manager opens the Exhibition on the sidelines of the First Forum of the Supply Chain for Petrochemical & Chemical Products

13 15

Lebanese Education Minister Bahiya Hariri commends the GPIC Sustainable Development Programs


GPIC wins the Royal British Society Award of Excellence in Health and Safety within the Chemicals sector

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1/1/70 4:30:43 PM

Under the auspices of the Minister of Oil and Gas, GPIC receives a delegation US Officials


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 1/1/70 4:30:46 PM


A group from CPISP and GPIC visits Morocco


part of the continued cooperation between the Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company and the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP), a group

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of CPISP students and GPIC engineers recently paid a visit to the Kingdom of Morocco. The visit, which comes as part of the ‘Action Learning Program’, is considered to be

the first initiative outside the Kingdom of Bahrain for the CPISP students. The trip included a visit to Alshareef Phosphate Company (OCP) where they were received by the Chief

Executive, Dr. Mustafa Tarab and discussed the investment opportunities available to both sides. During the meeting, which was also attended by a number of OCP senior

1/1/70 4:30:55 PM

News executives, Dr. Tarab admired GPIC’s initiative to encourage talented young Bahrainis and to grant them the opportunity to find out about the success factors which lie behind winning companies such as OCP. “Such initiatives will allow the students to experience international cultures and will involve them in huge projects,” Dr. Tarab added.

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During the visit the group toured the phosphate mines and was briefed on the stages of extraction and processing of the phosphate ore. The delegation also visited the Yellow Shelf industrial complex,

of the world’s largest companies in producing raw materials used in the production of fertilizers and besides extracting and exporting phosphate, Alshareef Phosphate Company (OCP) also

the OCP plants, the export harbour and other locations of future investment projects. The Moroccan company is one

operates a number of factories producing phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers. It should be noted that OCP and GPIC share close bilateral

relations in various fields. The OCP has recently launched an investment project aimed at attracting foreign investments in the Phosphate fertilizer industry.

 1/1/70 4:30:56 PM


HE Mr. Yousef A. Rahman Al Zamel, GPIC Managing Director received four students from the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) and three GPIC trainee

engineers, all of whom had recently completed a feasibility study for one of GPIC’s projects as part of their ‘Action Learning Program’. The meeting was attended by GPIC General Manager

GPIC Managing Director Honours Students from the CPISP

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and members of the executive management. Mr. Al Zamel said that supporting the CPISP was part of the company’s commitment to give Bahraini youngsters the opportunity for training and development and is

Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister for Industrial and Oil Affairs, which assumes social responsibility in pursuit of the directives of the country’s leadership and policies of the National Oil and Gas Authority. During the meeting a

also an opportunity for the company’s staff members to acquire new ideas from outside sources. This is a translation of the strategy drawn up by the GPIC Board of Directors, chaired by HE Shaikh Isa bin

detailed briefing was given by the students about the results of the study and the research methods that enabled them to reach the positive results expected from the project’s feasibility study.

1/1/70 4:30:58 PM

News The Managing Director said he was impressed by the students’ abilities and their well-informed ideas about highly complex issues that were only known to specialists in industry. He wished them all the best in their academic career and their future lives. At the end of the meeting, the students expressed their sincere thanks to H.E. Mr. Al Zamel for his encouragement and to GPIC for all the facilities made available to them during the project.

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 1/1/70 4:30:59 PM


Under the auspices of Oil and Gas Minister GPIC receives high-level US delegation Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs and Chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority, GPIC played host to a highlevel US commercial delegation visiting the Kingdom. The visiting delegation from the Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce consisted of 24 members representing a number

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of US energy and trade companies. Upon their arrival at GPIC the delegation was received by GPIC General Manager, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery and a number of senior officials. Mr. Jawahery welcomed the visiting delegation and expressed his pleasure at their visit. They were briefed on the activities of the company and

toured the plant and environmental projects. Mr. Jawahery pointed out that 82% of the company’s personnel are Bahrainis who were able to efficiently operate and maintain the hightech process plants while maintaining the best standards of safety, noting the distinguished ties linking GPIC with a number of US companies. The visiting U.S. delegation then attended a dinner hosted in their honour at the GPIC Club, situated in West Eker. The gathering was under the patronage

of H.E Dr. Mirza and a number of Shura Council members and senior officials attended the banquet. The guests then toured the Club and were briefed on the activities and programmes provided. During the gathering, the two sides exchanged talks on various economic, oil and investment issues. Dr. Mirza lauded the outstanding commercial, economic and political ties binding both countries commending the bilateral cooperation in the oil, gas and petrochemical fields following the implementation of the Free-Trade

1/1/70 4:31:01 PM

News Agreement (FTA) signed between Bahrain and the USA. At the end of the visit the US delegation extended their thanks to the Minister and GPIC for their warm hospitality and wished its officials every success. The company exported more than 50% of its Urea and 40% of Methanol to the US market during the period from January to September 2009. This reflects the significant importance of this market and proves the great confidence in Bahrain and the quality of its products and industry. The company has benefited greatly

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from the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the USA, where all GPIC’s products are excluded from import tax, which usually ranges between 6% and 18% of the product value. The US market is a strategic one for GPIC’s products of Ammonia, Urea and

Methanol as the USA imports about 8 million metric tons of Ammonia and 6 million metric tons of Urea and Methanol. GPIC’s exports to the USA reach about 450 thousand metric tons of its total products every year, including about 300 thousand metric

tons of Urea fertilizer and 150 metric tons of Methanol. These exports represent 40% of the total exports of the company each year. GPIC exerts great efforts to develop and strengthen relationships with customers of such important markets.

 1/1/70 4:31:04 PM

Awards GPIC

GPIC wins Award from RoSPA


of Her Majesty the

received the Highly

Queen of England,

C o m m e n d e d

was attended by Lord



Bill Jordan, President




of the society, who




presented the award to


the General Manager,







UK, in a ceremony




Jawahery said that


this prestigious award










 93962 �ENG 70.indd 7

The ceremony, held



under the auspices

company has been

1/1/70 4:31:06 PM

Awards awarded the chemical








country’s leadership,

all the employees who

the company in the



continue to work with

management of safety



integrity in order to

won the Sir George



praising the efforts of

maintain the excellent


health, as well as its

the GPIC Chairman,




Shaikh Isa bin Ali


the highest levels of




This year has seen

performance in health,

staff to promote the

to HRH the Prime

the largest number

safety and accident

culture and principles

Minister for Industrial



prevention is one of the



and Oil Affairs and all



administrative pillars

transfer this culture to

members of the board

scheme; more than five

in the company.

the society at large in

of directors for their

thousand companies




This recognition and

Mr. Jawahery dedicated









as a result of the

93962 �ENG 70.indd 8



to of



the its


achievement to the

recognition leading



support company’s He









praised the efforts of

 1/1/70 4:31:07 PM

Awards Oil and Gas Affairs Minister and National Oil and Gas Authority Chairman receives GPIC Managing Director

H.E. Dr. Abdul Huss- wishes of H.E. Mr. Mohsain bin Ali Mirza, Miniister of Oil and Gas Affairs and Chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority received at his office H.E. Mr. Yousef A. Rahman Al Zamel, Vice Presiddent of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and Managiing Director of GPIC. The meeting was atttended by Mr. Abdulrrahman Jawahery, GPIC General Manaager. Mr. Al Zamel conveyed to the Ministter the best wishes of HRH Prince Saud bin Abdulla bin Thunayan Al Saud, Chairman of the Jubail and Yanbu Royal Commission and SABIC Board Chairmman and the members of the SABIC executtive management. He also conveyed the best

 93962 �ENG 70.indd 9

hamed bin Hamad Al Madhi, Deputy Chairmman and Chief Executtive of Saudi Basic Inddustries Corporation (SABIC) and members of SABIC’s executive management. During the meeting, the Managing Directtor briefed the Minister about the latest develoopments in the fertiliizer and petrochemical markets in the light of the prevailing global financial crisis and stressed that the comppany was taking posittive steps to lessen the effects of the crisis on GPIC operations. He presented a detailed report about the comppany’s activities duriing the previous year and its achievements and congratulated His Excellency on the exc-

cellent record enjoyed by GPIC in the areas of occopational safty, health and the envirronment. Mr. Al Zamel praised the continuous efforts made by the company’s managemment that contributed to making unpreceddented record profits at the end of 2008, while working at the same time on new projects and introducing new systems such as corpporate governance. Mr. Al Zamel attributed GPIC’s achievements to the significant suppport received from the National Oil and Gas Authority. He paid tribute to the managemment team and all the employees of the comppany for their sincere efforts. The Managiing Director also exppressed his thanks to

all the companies and government and nongovernment organisattions in the Kingdom of Bahrain for their cooperation with GPIC. Dr. Mirza stated that GPIC and the Kingdom of Bahrain were proud of the partnership with Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait, which is a model example of joint Gulf co-opeeration. He expressed his thanks and apprecciation to the Saudi shareholders and offficials for their support to GPIC. Dr. Mirza said he was pleased with the achievements made over the years which were considered as records by internnational standards. These achievements, he added, were the result of the efforts of all the employees who worked with a team spirit enabling the company to make steady moves towards realising its objectives. He expressed confiddence that the comppany would be able to pursue its march into the future successfully with its ability to draw up the appropriate plans and strategies for enhancement of its business activities and consolidating its global status.

1/1/70 4:31:08 PM

Awards The Oil and Gas Affairs Minister and National Oil and Gas Authority Chairman, H.E. Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza received at his office the GPIC Managing Director Mr. Yousef A. Rahman Al Zamel, Vice President of SABIC. During the meeting Mr. Al Zamel presented to the Minister theAl Hariri Award for Outstanding M a i n t e n a n c e Engineer 2009, won by GPIC Electrical Superintendent Mr. Abdulameer Al Mulla. He congratulated the Minister on the high level of efficiency achieved by Bahrainis

93962 �ENG 70.indd 10

Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs receives GPIC Managing Director in recognition of winning the Al Hariri Award in the company and their ability to raise their standards and competitiveness. Mr. Al Zamel attributed the company’s win of this outstanding award to the strong support enjoyed by GPIC from the National Oil and Gas Authority led by Dr. Mirza. He also praised the management and all the employees for their excellent

performance, which was the prime reason for achieving this prestigious award. Dr. Mirza expressed his pride in GPIC winning this Award for the third time in separate categories. He stressed that Mr. Al Mulla’s winning this prestigious award reflects the high level of efficiency enjoyed by Bahraini manpower and its

ability to excel and compete. He stressed that the company’s commitment to training its employees and developing their performance has enabled it to achieve major successes in the face of fierce competition on regional and international levels

10 1/1/70 4:31:10 PM


GPIC receives the third Hariri Arab Operations and Maintenance Award Mr. Abdulameer Al Mulla, GPIC Electrical M a i n t e n a n c e Superintendent, received Hariri




M a i n t e n a n c e Engineer’ Award for 2009.

Addin Al-Hariri. Mr. Al Mulla received the




in his

contributions to the various


within the company in general and electrical maintenance


The award, carrying

particular. His efforts


led to a remarkable




late Prime




Minister, Rafiq Hariri,

efficiency and reliability


of electrical equipment




event, Mr. Jawahery

introduced and

stated that with this

techniques for testing

trophy, GPIC has won



all the categories of

electrical systems. To

the Al Hariri awards. In

this effect, a number

2005, GPIC won the Al



Hariri award for ‘Best

locally designed and

Maintenance System

built which enhanced

in the Arab countries’

safety and increased

and in 2006 the ‘Best

reliability while at the

Operating System in

same time promoting

the Arab Countries’.


methods equipment



well as developing a



result of the enormous



efforts and extent to


J a w a h e r y

which GPIC strives


congratulated Mr. Al

towards encouraging

Arab Countries, held

enhancing personnel

Mulla and expressed



c o m p e t e n c y,

his pride and joy with

effectively contribute

2009 in Beirut under



the achievement; yet

to the success of the




another addition to the





M a i n t e n a n c e







the July of




the Lebanese Prime


Minister, Sheikh Saad

team at the Electrical

11 93962 �ENG 70.indd 11





collection of awards.










Commenting on the

Mr. Al-Mulla at the International


Maintenance Section,





Winning prestigious

awards also reflects

1/1/70 4:31:10 PM


the high calibre of Bahraini professionals employed by GPIC and highlights their ability to compete both at the regional as well as international levels. Mr. Jawahery added. “Our employees are the



assets of the company. Through


teamwork, loyalty and unrivalled dedication, they managed to make GPIC highly visible on

93962 �ENG 70.indd 12

the world map”. Mr.


expressed sincere



and gratitude to the company’s executive management nominating

for him


vision and dynamism


are essential factors


that have led to GPIC

standard of operations

achieving world class


status and his care


for people knows no

Arab institutions and


create a competitive







the award. He praised


Mr. Jawahery as a

Institute for Operations

charismatic and role





Maintenance its

Dr. Mohammed bin


Abdul Aziz Al-Fawzan



energize people. His





their the

maintenance in


environment amongst personnel working in those two important functions.


leader who is able continuously



General, Dr. Zuhair

12 1/1/70 4:31:12 PM


H.E. Mr. Mohamed Ait Ou Ali, the Moroccan Ambassador to the Kingdom, paid a visit to the company, on Tuesday 29, September. He was received upon arrival by Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, the General Manager, members of executive management team and senior officials. During the meeting, Mr. Jawahery conveyed to the Ambassador the greetings of the Chairman of the GPIC Board of Directors H.E. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to H.R.H. the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs.

13 93962 �ENG 70.indd 13

Moroccan Ambassador to the Kingdom visits GPIC He expressed his delight at the visit and hailed brotherly ties linking both countries in various fields, indicating the need to promote cooperation. He also voiced his appreciation over the recent visit to the Kingdom of Morocco, made by a group of students from the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Program (CPISP) and some GPIC Engineers.

Through the use of a scale model of plants the Ambassador was briefed on the production and export operations, as well as the intensive and comprehensive training programmes offered by the Training Centre and the eLearning facility. This was followed by a tour of the plants and environmental projects. At the end of the visit Ambassador

Ait Ou Ali expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the GPIC Chairman, m a n a g e m e n t and employees and expressed his admiration for the overall accomplishments of GPIC, which has made it a great example of fruitful Gulf cooperation. The Ambassador also praised the efforts exerted by the company in maintaining and caring for the environment, as well as its continuous attention to safety and security.

1/1/70 4:31:13 PM


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14 1/1/70 4:31:16 PM


GPIC General Manager opens the Exhibition on the sidelines of GPCA Forum On

the sidelines of the First GPCA Supply Chain Forum for the transport of petrochemical and chemical products, organised by the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, member of the GPCA Board of Directors and General Manager of GPIC inaugurated the exhibition held in tandem with the

15 93962 �ENG 70.indd 15

forum. The forum was held in Bahrain from 13-14 October. The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Sadoun, GPCA Secretary General, Mr. Saleh Fahad Al Nuzha, Chairman of Saudi Industrialisation Company and Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Butti, Chairman of the GPCA Supply Chain Committee. Mr. Jawahery stated

that he was pleased and proud that this significant event was being held as the first of the GPCA activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and stressed that the Association would proceed with its march to enhance the petrochemical and chemicals sector and supporting services to meet the growing demand for them for the growth and prosperity of the whole world.

Jawahery added that the forum was considered as a meeting point for all concerned organisations for the exchange of expertise and views about the best methods of transporting products and achieving continuous communication among all the parties involved in this sector, which has started to play an important and strategic role in the

1/1/70 4:31:17 PM


world to overcome the global economic crisis. Taking part in the conference were specialised delegates and senior executives from various countries, including producers and support service companies such as transport companies, insurance firms, banks and others.

Bahrain’s efficiency and ability to hold such conferences and the good reputation enjoyed by Bahraini service companies. It also comes as part of the strategy of the National Oil and Gas Authority to attract

such specialised conferences and workshops in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. GPCA was established in 2004 and its membership includes major Gulf

companies including manufacturers and consumers of petrochemicals and chemicals in addition to the service companies that support this vital industry.

The event took place as part of GPCA’s policy of offering all things new and beneficial for the industry and its workers. The selection of the Kingdom of Bahrain to hold this event is the best evidence of

93962 �ENG 70.indd 16

16 1/1/70 4:31:20 PM

Environment Lebanese Education Minister Commends GPIC Sustainable Development Programmes At the invitation of UNEP GPIC participates in the Francophone Games

The United Nations The games brought E n v i r o n m e n t Programme (UNEP) has chosen GPIC as the best company to apply sustainable d e v e l o p m e n t principles aimed at supporting economy and combating major environmental problems facing the world. The selection of GPIC came during the Sixth Francophone Games, which were opened on Sunday 27 September in Beirut, Lebanon, with the theme ‘Solidarity, Diversity and Excellence’. During the event, the UNEP presented GPIC as a living example of green industry.

17 93962 �ENG 70.indd 17

together some 3,000 delegates from 42 countries to compete in six sports and seven cultural events. They take place every four years and gather French-speaking contestants and combine sports and cultural competitions. While primarily considered to be a sporting and cultural event, the games represented an occasion to support the international campaign aimed at responding to one of society>s major challenges, the climate change that will affect all of us in the years ahead. The games kicked off

with a lavish ceremony attended by Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, accompanied by Former Senegalese President and Francophone Organisation Secretary, General Abdo Diouf. The Lebanese Education Minister, Bahiya Hariri, sister of the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri inaugurated a media and cultural fair which was an experience into getting to know the uniqueness of each culture and enlarge people’s awareness and understanding about other countries. GPIC participated by presenting its leading experiences

in the environmental and sustainable development fields. H.E. Ms. Hariri expressed her pleasure at the participation of the Kingdom of Bahrain represented by GPIC. She welcomed the presence of such a high profile Arab organisation, praising the company’s dedication to the environment and society as a whole. Mrs. Hariri urged the private sectors in all countries to do their part and join the call in order to meet their social responsibility to future generations. The Lebanese Minister wished GPIC a very bright future.

1/1/70 4:31:21 PM


93962 �ENG 70.indd 18

18 1/1/70 4:31:23 PM


Petrochemical Industries Company Discusses the “Vision”

19 93962 �ENG 70.indd 19

Kuwait Petrrochemical Industries Company (PIC) held an informattive gatheriing devoted to discuss the “Vission” project aimed at achieving integration between Kuwwait Petroleuum Corporattion and its companies. The gatheering was held last July at the Company’s main office, in the preseence of the Chairman and Managiing Director, Mrs. Maha Mulla Husssain. During the

meeting, Mr. Hashem Rifai, The Chairman of the Board and Managiing Director of Petroleuum Development Corpporation reviewed the project’s most recent developments, future targeted developments and ways to achieve them within the Corpporation’s companies. “During the next perriod, success can only be achieved through working under the same roof, building coordinattion among companies working in the same arena, and developing a clear strategic vision to grow and strengthen our position in the oil business, both locally as well as internationaally” Mr.Rifai said. Mr. Rifai highlighted the importance of devvelopment, improving the sector’s reputation abroad, team work, modern technology, added value, engagiing best expertise in

oil drilling, exploration and production, as well as enhancing Petrocchemical Industries. “Staff quitting their carreers in the Oil sector reached 6% over the past five years” Mr. Rifai said, adding that employing 2000 staff annually will help solve the problem. However, the number of employeees in the Oil sector should reach 25000 by the year 2013, while the current number is only 15000. It is noteworthy that Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, currently heading towards some significant growth in all areas of the petroleum industry, has launched its “vision” to improve performance of its companies and unify them into one solid enttity that is capable of playing a leading role regionally and globally.

1/1/70 4:31:40 PM


Within the framework of cooperation and boosting closer relattions between GPIC and SABIC, a delegattion of Saudi Basic Inddustries Corporation have paid a visit to GPIC where they met with their counterparts in the departments of Finance and Marketiing. The delegation was received by Mr. Yusuf Abdulla Yusuf, Deputy General Manaager and members of GPIC’s executive management. During the meeting, Mr. Yusuf welcomed the Saudi delegation and conveyed the greetings of GPIC’s

93962 �ENG 70.indd 20

General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahhery. He praised the effective role and conttinuing efforts exerted by SABIC regarding the sales of methannol. The visiting delegation included Mr. Othman Al Ghamdi General Manager – Accountiing Services of SABIC Shared Services Orgganization, Mr. Sami Shuweir Director of Products Accountiing, and Mr. Moayed Al Farag, Head of Chemicals Accountiing department. The visit was aimed at reviewing work efficciency regarding sales

GPIC and SABIC Mutual Visits and Joint Cooperation

of methanol in light of the joint marketing agreement. On their part, the SABIC delegation praised bilateral relattions between the two companies, adding that such strong relattions have helped to

achieve good results despite the financial crisis and its impact on the global markets. At the end of the visit, the Saudi delegation thanked GPIC officials for their hospitality, wishing the company every success.

20 1/1/70 4:31:42 PM


GPIC is one of the first petrochemical companies in the Midddle East to embark on a 450 MT/day Carbbon Dioxide Recovery (CDR) Project, to cut down Green House Gas (GHG) emisssions and improve overall efficiency of resources by having additional production of Methanol and Urea in its complex. Project pre-commisssioning and commisssioning activities starteed from 1st November 2009. The project team is doing an excellent job; reviewing and approviing contractor’s dettailed design and enggineering documents, hazop studies, materia-

21 93962 �ENG 70.indd 21

CDR Project bled at GPIC Training

al requisitions, recommmended spare parts as well as supervising procurement of equipmment, construction works and witnessing factory acceptance tests. All the CDR Tie-in lines hydrotested succcessfully, all CDR Coluumns were inspected successfully by the licensor, M/s Mitsubisshi Heavy Industries (MHI) of Japan. Boileer stack assembly and insulation works completed, external plastering works comppleted for the project substation, first secttion of the Sea Water GRE Lines was hydrottested successfully, also the CDR model received and assemb-

Center. Electrical and Instrumentation works commenced in order to complete the final stage of construction. GPIC Managing Dirrector, Mr. Yousef Al Zamel, General Manaager, Mr. Abdulrahmman Jawahery and GPIC Management Team visited the CDR Project site on 20th August 2009 to see the progress of the

construction activitties. As a part of the trainiing for all of the CDR Team, three batches of GPIC operations, laboratory and mainttenance personnel visited NFCL CDR Plant in India in order to enhance the commmissioning knowledge and awareness for the CDR team members.

1/1/70 4:31:43 PM


93962 �ENG 70.indd 22

22 1/1/70 4:31:45 PM

Human Resources

GPIC Human Resources Manager appointed as Chairman of the Apprenticeship Committee

according to Bahrain’s


Economic Vision 2030


which focuses on the

students in order to

development of the

guarantee the quality







educational for



training provided.

assistance in order

He stated that this

to prepare them to


assume senior future

Bahrain strong and

positions in both the

prosperous, especially


in the current global







He also stressed that

In this regard, Mr.


Jawahery announced




The General Manager

reflects the company’s

projects that positively





keenness to provide

contribute in providing



Jawahery expressed

all forms of support for



his pleasure at the

Bahraini nationals who

experience and skills




are the key element of



Manager as chairman

between the company

development in the



of the Apprenticeship

and the Ministry of


Vision 2030, which

Committee which is


He added that the

puts emphasis on the

set to activate and


necessity to support

follow up field training


that such cooperation

23 93962 �ENG 70.indd 23


necessary to


Ebrahim GPIC’s Resources

1/1/70 4:31:48 PM

Human Resources



This unique project is

and Shaikh Khalifa

vocational students.

aimed at improving the

bin Salman Institute

The committee was

output of technical and


established following

vocational education

where students have


a decree issued with

by teaching students

learned life skills such


the approval of the

the basic professional



Education and Training

and academic skills






needed in the labour



















bin Mubarak Al Khalifa


and the support of


Ministry of Education.


93962 �ENG 70.indd 24



implemented Almarefa

Girls School




technologies. It is worth mentioning selecting to

Mr. head

Apprenticeship comes role


GPIC’s Training and

empowerment, using

Development Centre

sources of knowledge

during the past years.



24 1/1/70 4:31:50 PM

Human Resources

GPIC applies new PMS To keep abreast of the latest management systems, the company launched the latest Performance Management System designed to assess staff performance. The system depends on transparency and the achievement of the joint objectives set by both the supervisor and the employee. Attending the first workshop held by the maintenance department to define the new system, the General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery said that this new initiative is

25 93962 �ENG 70.indd 25

aimed at meeting the interests of the employees as well as the company. He pointed out that the previous system was based on assessing staff performance once a year while the new system assesses the staff members twice a year. Mr. Jawahery underlined that the new system focuses on identifying specific goals that can be measured and determined by the supervisor and each employee, adding that all these goals are aimed at developing the overall performance

of the employee and are directly related to the objectives of the department to which the employee belongs. He further said that the new system will be applied starting from August 2009 and will continue until the end of the year, while the actual application will start at the beginning of next year. Enterprise Resource Planning from SAP Company will implement the new system which will be applied in the departments of Human Resources, Maintenance, Materials, Finance and Training and Development. The General Manager added that the company carried out several training courses and intensive workshops for all

company officials and employees in order to familiarise them with the advantages of this system and to ensure a smooth transition. He is confident that this system will be a quantum leap in the management of human resources which will boost the relationship between officials and employees and will increase work efficiency by identifying the training programmes needed by each and every employee. He concluded by extending his thanks to the GPIC Board of Directors for their guidance and support for this initiative. He also thanked the staff for their understanding hoping that the company will achieve further success and progress as a result of these initiatives.

1/1/70 4:31:52 PM

Human Resources

Anwar Hijris offered a Supervisory job at GPIC

93962 �ENG 70.indd 26

Within the ambitious plans for Bahrainising positions, the General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery appointed Mr. Anwar Jassim Hijris as a Senior Auditor. On this occasion, the General Manager expressed his pleasure at the appointment of Mr. Hijris which comes in recognition of his dedicated efforts and hard work as well as his significant experience in the company. “He enjoys excellent skills and plays a key role in promoting the work of the audit function.” Mr. Jawahery added. Mr. Jawahery stressed

the company’s plans for development and training of Bahraini employees, qualifying them to occupy senior positions within the company, and wished Mr. Anwar all the success in his new career. Mr. Anwar extended his thanks to the GPIC General Manager for the esteem in which he was held and for the responsibility entrusted to him. He has confirmed his commitment to continue his hard work to maintain the company’s success. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Anwar Hijris holds a BA

in Management Information Systems from the University of Bahrain, with 14 years experience within GPIC, where he worked in the marketing department and has attended several training courses and conferences both inside and outside Bahrain. The meeting was attended by Mr. Jehad Taqi, Marketing Manager and Mr. Samih Al Alawi, Management Systems Superintendent.

26 1/1/70 4:31:53 PM

Human Resources

Employee of the Month



Mr. Gautam Sabui Expediting officer Technical Services Department

27 93962 �ENG 70.indd 27


Mr. Hasan Salman AlNasooh Technician Maintenance Department

Mr. Eyad Yousif Operator Plants Operations Department



Mr. Ali A Ů? hmed Al Rayyes Senior safety operator Safety, Health & Environment Department

Mrs. Amal Yusuf Mohamed Al Ateya Payable Officer Finance Department

1/1/70 4:31:55 PM

Marketing Improved demand on petrochemical products

The demand on petrochemical products in the international markets has improved during the past three months following the recent financial crisis and the associated collapse in global demand for industrial chemicals. This was stated by Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery who confirmed that, despite the drop in demand for chemical products and the effects of the global financial turbulence that has affected the entire chemical industry for months, yet the company was able to continue marketing because of its refocus on customers. Mr. Jawahery noted that despite the current slowdown, GPIC has remained one of the world’s top petrochemical exporters, mainly to the American market, which connects the company

93962 �ENG 70.indd 28

The General Manager pays tribute to the leadership for their support with privileged ties since the start of production in 1985. “The results indicate that more than 50% of the company’s product of Urea which is considered as the most important fertilizer in the world and 40% of the Methanol have been exported to the U.S. market during the period from January to September 2009” The General Manager elaborated. It should be noted that GPIC manufactures Urea in the company’s complex based in Sitra with an annual capacity of 600,000 tonnes in addition to Ammonia with capacity of 400,000 tonnes annually and Methanol with capacity of 400,000 tonnes annually. All the company products

take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United States, where all the GPIC products are excluded from import tax, equivalent to 6% - 18% of the product value. Mr. Jawahery noted that such agreements contribute positively in ensuring the presence of our local products in the U.S. market which is considered to be one of the most important markets in the world. He added that the FTA agreement reflects the support of the wise leadership to the local industries and contributes to the kingdom’s economic prosperity. Mr. Jawahery extended his sincere thanks and

appreciation to both H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali AL Khalifa Advisor to HH the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs and GPIC Board Chairman as well as HE Dr. Abdul Husain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs and Chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority for their relentless efforts and continued support to the company’s plans and projects. “The keys to success in any business are its people” Mr. Jawahery said, praising in this regard the highly skilled and safe workforce of GPIC for their loyalty, dedication, teamwork and high level of productivity that have made all the achievements possible.

28 1/1/70 4:32:01 PM

Safety Safety At GPIC we are striving hard to reduce accidents and achieve “Zero Harm”. Reviewing our Accident and Near Miss statistics over the past four years (see diagram 1) what we can see is a positive downturn in Accidents and most notably accidents involving injuries however we have not achieved zero harm.

Diagram 1. Why is having

GPIC still accidents

involving injuries even though it is recognised internationally as a company with a high Safety Performance? The reality is, with all the safety systems and procedures in place it is clear that GPIC has reached a plateau in its safety performance and to show improved success becomes harder to realise (see diagram 2). Like an athlete as he trains and becomes better in the

early days he knocks minutes then seconds off his personnel best performance. When

he gets to his peak he can only improve in hundredths of a second. GPIC can still improve and wants to improve however the measures of improvement are small.

addresses individual or group behaviour rather than systems and procedures.

Diagram 2

“At-risk behaviours” and encourage “Safe Behaviour”. GPIC is seeking to understand where and why atrisk behaviours occur, however the underlining policy is that looking to blame is not a driver, especially not in the BBS program. Why does “At Risk Behaviour” arise, simply we are human and are prone to make mistakes for a number of reasons (see diagram 3).

Even though safety systems and procedures at GPIC are still under constant review there was a need to add a new dimension to the company’s safety management hence the introduction of Behavioural Based Safety (BBS). BBS

At GPIC the management decided to look at the need to address and reduce

Diagram 3 Effective safety leadership is crucial to the success of GPIC’s safety programs. This

29 93962 �ENG 70.indd 29

1/1/70 4:32:02 PM

Safety is the reason that the BBS observations are part of the corporate objectives. The BBS program in essence is observing employees going about their daily tasks and then engaging them in two-way communication,

focusing on the safety aspects of the workplace and the

93962 �ENG 70.indd 30

job. The observers are given a subject to observe and encourage to speak to those who are doing the job. They speak to those doing the job correctly and congratulating them on their good work encouraging “Safe Behaviour”. Also,

“At Risk Behaviour” and ask why they are acting in this way. A two way conversation is encourage and it is most important for the BBS observer to listen. The BBS observer will then return his or her findings and these are reviewed and put into statistical form. These

the observers look for people who are apparently displaying

statistics are used to assist formulate policy, procedures and to

assess the company’s “Safe Behaviour” and “At RiskBehaviour” ratios. At GPIC in 2008 the ratios are shown in diagram 4.

Diagram 4 The GPIC BBS program is yielding positive results and providing management a deeper insight into patterns of behaviors that are at risk. Therefore, a scientific a targeted awareness campaigns based on the results of the program are being developed to further enhance GPIC’s safety and achieve the company’s goal of “Zero Harm”

30 1/1/70 4:32:03 PM


GPIC Sponsors Bahrain Polytechnic Students


part of the company’s role in supporting Bahraini individuals and society, GPIC sponsored a number of Bahrain Polytechnic students to participate in the First GPCA Supply Chain Forum organised by the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) and held in Bahrain between 13-14 October. Sponsorship of the students is inline with the vision of the country’s wise

31 93962 �ENG 70.indd 31

leadership which focuses on the development of the young generation in various sectors of life, in order to prepare them for future leadership positions in the public and private sectors and to provide them with the necessary experience and skills. Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, GPIC General Manager, stated that it is in accordance with the directives of the GPIC

Chairman, H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs. He pointed out that the company believes in the importance of linking practice with knowledge adding that the opportunity to participate in such conferences will grant students the opportunity to strengthen their own experiences and offer them the chance to meet with other participants with extensive experience

and skills. Mr. Jawahery explained that the company is currently coordinating with various academic institutions to establish adequate training programmes for students and to encourage them to participate in such events in order to learn more about work standards and procedures applied both locally and globally.

1/1/70 4:32:05 PM

Training & Development

Delegation from GPlC visits Ashridge Business School in UK As part of promoting cooperation between the company and international universities, a delegation from GPIC recently paid a visit to the Ashridge Business School in the United Kingdom. The visit was aimed at enhancing mutual cooperation with various scientific organisations and institutions worldwide, in order to become familiar with the latest educational and training programmes and courses provided by these institutions. GPIC’s delegation consisted of Mr. Adnan Al Mahmood, IT &

93962 �ENG 70.indd 32

Knowledge Manager and Mrs. Hanan AlMaskati, Training and Development Superintendent. During the visit the delegation met a number of Ashridge senior officials headed by Dr Mark Pegg, Director of Public and Voluntary Sector Programmes, who briefed them on the executive education, research and consulting p r o g r a m m e s provided by Ashridge Business School. The delegation then toured the School classes and halls where they met with the faculty members and

listened to the various programmes offered by the college. Ashridge Business School was ranked number one in the UK for its customised executive education programmes for the third year running. Its activities include open and tailored executive education programmes as well as hosting numerous events and workshops across Europe and the Middle East to develop more and better knowledge about corporate responsibility. At the end of the visit, Mr. Adnan and Mrs. Hanan presented Dr

Mark Pegg with an honorary shield in appreciation of his efforts in boosting bilateral relations between Ashridge and GPIC. GPIC General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery commented on the visit, stating that it was part of the company’s policy of joint cooperation with prestigious e d u c a t i o n a l institutions and it was also a chance to present GPIC’s role as a reliable and valuable contributor to the economic prosperity of Bahrain.

32 1/1/70 4:32:13 PM

Training & Development

Mr. Mohammed Hassan

Former Employee Visits GPIC

from the Egyptian Arab Basic Industries Company paid a visit to GPIC on the occasion of his current visit to Bahrain to attend a training course. Mr. Hassan is a former employee who worked for the Gulf petrochemical Industry Company as a senior training coordinator for nearly 17 years. During his long working years, Mr. Hassan supervised the training process of a number of Bahraini supervisors and operators.

Mr. Yusuf Abdulla Yusuf, Deputy General Manager who welcomed the former official on his current visit to Bahrain and wished him every success. For his part, Mr. Hassan expressed his admiration for the new training methods applied in the company’s Training Center. He thanked the Deputy General Manager for his warm welcome and asked him to convey his greetings and gratitude to the GPIC’s General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery.

He was received by

33 93962 �ENG 70.indd 33

1/1/70 4:32:15 PM

Training & Development

Youth Leadership Programme at GPIC Club As part of GPIC’s policy to encourage employees and their children to promote skills, enhance leadeership potential and strengthen self conffidence, 40 children aged between eleven and seventeen conccluded a Youth Leadeership Programme, held during the summmer break in the GPIC club. In a speech at the Annnual Family Evening, the General Manageer Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery honoured the top three students of the programme. The ceremony was held at the Crowne Plaza Hottel on 3 September. Mr. Jawahery praised the programme which is part of the Crown Prince’s programme of initiatives aimed at recognising and devveloping young local talent and developing Bahrain’s future

93962 �ENG 70.indd 34

ers. He commended the excellent performmance of Mohamed Ahmed Mahmoud and Fatma Abdel Rahman Hassan, who delighteed the audience with their speeches during the ceremony. He also thanked the GPIC Club administrators for their invaluable effforts in organising this programme. It is worth mentioning that the programme comprised two groups, one for girls and the other for boys. Both groups were supervvised and trained by the Toastmasters Adel AlHamad, Mahmood Ghuloom and Hassan Ibrahim. GPIC provvided all the requiremments for the particippants who were seekiing to hone their commmunication skills, enhhance their potential and become assets to the community. Three speakers who

excelled in their perfformance, showccased that success is achieved by practice and perseverance. Madeeha Iqbal, Mohhammed Ahmed Mahmmoud and Fatima Abddul Rahman Hassan won a speech contest held at the end of the family gathering. Families of the particip-

pants extended their special thanks and apppreciation to the GPIC General Manager for this initiative and hoped that the comppany would continue such programmes, which reinforce selfconfidence and the ability to speak in publlic.

34 1/1/70 4:32:17 PM

Training & Development Summer Training Programme for University Students As part of its ongoing efforts to support the youth of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the company concluded a two month training programme for a group of university students with different specialisations and from different universities during the summer. The programme is part of the company’s policy to provide opportunities for youth to explore requirements of the labour market and realise the importance of training to create qualified manpower. During a meeting with the students, the GPIC General Manager, Mr. Abdulrahman

35 93962 �ENG 70.indd 35

Jawahery emphasised the importance of training, not only to best utilise their time during the summer, but also to familiarise themselves with the working environment and culture in order to better prepare them for their future roles in building the industry and commerce of Bahrain. At the end of August, about 98 students from various local and foreign universities concluded their summer training opportunity of working side-by-side with some of the leading experts in GPIC, held at the company’s Training Centre.

1/1/70 4:32:19 PM


GPIC Supports Local Charities, Charitable Funds Sports and Cultural Clubs Under the directives of the Chairman H.E. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister for Industrial and Oil Affairs and as part of the company’s policy of supporting local societies and charitable organisations in the Kingdom, GPIC offered its annual support to a number of charitable funds,

93962 �ENG 70.indd 36

societies and sports and cultural clubs. GPIC’s support was outlined at an event during Ramadan at which the General Manager, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery expressed his appreciation of the continuous efforts made by these associations and local charities in serving Bahrain and stressed the importance of

extending bridges of cooperation and communication through supporting these organisations. He pointed out that the company was doing its utmost to demonstrate c o m m u n i t y partnership in all spheres to realise the wishes and aspirations of the Bahrain community. He also praised the excellent relationship between GPIC and

all sectors of the civil society owing to the management’s keenness and clear policy of maintaining communication with all sectors of the society, stemming from its national duty as an integral part of the Bahraini community. He was followed by the MP H.E. Abdul Ali Hassan who expressed his thanks to H.E. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa,

36 1/1/70 4:32:23 PM

Society GPIC Chairman and the executive management for this generous support designed to support plans and programmes of the local societies, charity funds and sports and cultural clubs. He lauded the

37 93962 �ENG 70.indd 37

support given by GPIC to local societies in all areas of Bahrain and its tremendous efforts to serve the Bahraini community as part of its corporate responsibility. He reiterated that without the support and

backing received from national companies and organisations, the local societies, charity funds and sports and cultural clubs would not have been able to pursue their charitable and humanitarian activities. He wished the company and its officials every success and further growth. He expressed the hope that other companies and businesses would follow GPIC’s example in serving the Bahraini community. He noted the significant role played by charity funds and local

societies and clubs in organising valuable programmes in support of the region’s local population and further enhancing their living and educational standards. It should be noted that GPIC has set aside an annual budget for this purpose focusing on support of the local charity funds, sports and cultural societies and clubs, women and professional societies, as well as conferences and exhibitions staged in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

1/1/70 4:32:28 PM


93962 �ENG 70.indd 38

38 1/1/70 4:32:34 PM

Society Support for Al Sanabel Orphans Care The

honorary president of Al Sanabel Orphans Care H.E. Sheikh Salman bin Abdulla Al Khalifa received the General Manager, Mr. Abdulrahman J a w a h e r y , accompanied by a number of the company’s senior officials. Sheikh Salman briefed his guests on the role played by Al Sanabel in supporting orphans and helping them through voluntary work which does so much to uplift such disadvantaged members of the community.

39 93962 �ENG 70.indd 39

During the meeting which was attended by Sheikh Adnan Al Ghattan chairman of Al Sanabel Board of Trustees, the honorary president explained the strategy for promoting the future interests of the orphans, noting that Al Sanabel prepares them for a promising future through various educational and rehabilitation programmes which help the orphans to rely upon themselves. Mr. Jawahery then conveyed the greetings of the GPIC Chairman H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa

and presented a donation in support of the Al Sanabal Orphans Care activities stressing that GPIC is dedicated to providing and supporting the various needs of children in the community. The Al Sanabel Orphans Care was founded on 7 June 1999 to sponsor needy Bahraini orphans and provide them with better welfare facilities. Al Sanabel Orphans Care provides assistance to the orphans, through a line of organised activities which includes social, educational and health

projects. It also aims to raise awareness on the importance of sponsoring the orphans and providing assistance to such worthy cause. Al Sanabel Orphans Care believes that the orphan needs not only the financial support but also a comprehensive human and social care. The child care home is currently working with the other government agencies to build a supportive relationship with them in order to help further the children’s morale.

1/1/70 4:32:36 PM

Society In accordance with the directives of H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HH the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs and GPIC Board Chairman, and in line with its strong commitment to the local community, GPIC General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery paid a visit to the Bahrain Cancer Society. Mr. Jawahery and his accompanying delegation were received by Dr. Abdul Rahman Ebrahim Fakhro, President of the Bahrain Cancer Society, Dr. Rula Al Safar, Head of Cancer Support Group at the Bahrain Cancer Society and Dr. Hani Al Saati, the Society’s Board member. During the visit, Mr. Jawahery handed over a donation in support for the Society’s extensive Awareness Programme. Dr. Fakhro reviewed with the visiting delegation, the Society’s programmes and activities. He emphasised the great humanitarian role played by the Society in providing the necessary care

93962 �ENG 70.indd 40

for cancer patients. The two sides also reviewed some of the medical cases followed by the Society, and its future expansion plans. Mr. Jawahery lauded the role of the Bahrain Cancer Society, praising their dedication to provide a comprehensive human and social support for the vulnerable c a n c e r patients. On his part, Dr. Fakhro e x t e n d e d his sincere thanks and appreciation to the GPIC Board Chairman, H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa and members of the executive management for contributing richly to the Society. This large donation will be used specifically for the treatment of some cancer conditions’ he elaborated. The President of the Bahrain Cancer Society pointed out that the Society is ready to

GPIC builds a close relationship with Bahrain Cancer Society co-operate with GPIC in organising e d u c a t i o n a l programmes and activities which would serve the largest number of citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He encouraged other organisations and establishments to follow GPIC’s footsteps wishing the Company every success.

40 1/1/70 4:32:39 PM

Society GPIC contributes to the Royal Charity Organisation In accordance with

the directives of the Chairman, H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs and as part of the company’s policy of supporting the Bahraini community through donations to local charitable societies, the General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery paid a visit to the Royal Charity Organisation (RCO). During the visit Mr. Jawahery, accompanied by a number of GPIC senior officials, presented a donation in support of the RCO activities and to promote the principle of communication with

41 93962 �ENG 70.indd 41

Bahraini orphans and widows in the care of the organisation. The General Manager was received by the Secretary-General of the RCO, Dr. Mustafa Al Sayed who briefed the visitors on the organisation’s strategic outlook to serve the vulnerable people in society, noting that the RCO is currently training orphans to rely upon themselves by providing them with the required care through various educational and rehabilitation programmes to groom them for a promising future. Mr. Jawahery praised the magnanimous efforts exerted by the wise leadership to

extend a caring hand to vulnerable citizens and improve their living conditions. Mr. Al Sayed extended his thanks and appreciation to the GPIC Board Chairman, and members of the executive management for contributing richly to the RCO. The RCO was founded under a Royal Decree on 14 July 2001 to sponsor needy Bahraini orphans. Another Royal Decree was issued on 4 November 2001 stipulating the sponsorship of widows who can prove that they have no breadwinner. It was in 2007 that HM the King

issued a Royal Decree to restructure the organisation with His Majesty becoming its honorary President. H.H. Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Khalifa was appointed as Chairman of the organisation’s Board of Trustees. The aim was to enable the organisation to assume a comprehensive human and social role that would ease the burden borne by many needy families, especially orphans and widows, and to provide them with care and prepare them to be effective and constructive elements in the community.

1/1/70 4:32:40 PM

Society The GPIC Labour Union supports the reconstruction of Gaza The Royal Charity Organisation’s (RCO) Secretary-General, Dr. Mustafa Al Sayed received in his office the General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman J a w a h e r y , accompanied by the Chairman of GPIC’s Labour Union Mr. Hamad Al-Thawadi and a number of the company’s senior officials. During the meeting, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery valued the support of H.H.

93962 �ENG 70.indd 42

Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, President of the Board of Trustees of the RCO and Chairman of the Bahrain National Committee for the Support of Palestinians in Gaza. On behalf of the GPIC employees, Mr. Al-Thawadi handed presented a cheque for $25,000 to Dr. Al Sayed, who is also the Secretary-General of The Bahrain National Committee for the Support of

Gaza. This noble and humanitarian action by the GPIC employees was approved and supported by the GPIC Chairman, H.E. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, who wished GPIC to take part in this initiative and contribute to ease the suffering in the wartorn city. Dr. Al Sayed extended his gratitude to the GPIC Labour Union for their dedication and support to the Palestinian civilians

living in such traumatic instability. The Bahrain National Committee for the Support of Palestinians in Gaza, chaired by H.H. Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, President of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Charity Organisation was endorsed by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for supporting Gaza and rebuilding its infrastructure.

42 1/1/70 4:32:45 PM


Donation of School Bags On the occasion of the new academic school year and as part of the company’s i n v o l v e m e n t in community programmes and social activities, the GPIC Ladies Working Committee distributed a number of school bags to children in public schools and charity organisations. The General Manager, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery thanked the committee members for this charitable initiative which reflects the existing cooperation between the company and educational institutions. He expressed his hope that all of these

43 93962 �ENG 70.indd 43

efforts will show the importance of investing in children, adding that we must care for children as they are one of the most important assets to a nation. The schools extended their sincere thanks and appreciation to the members of the Ladies Working Committee for their personal commitment and generous gesture, stressing that the donation of school bags was a wonderful initiative.

1/1/70 4:32:51 PM


Share Eid Al Fitr with the Sick Children To help bring joy to children on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, a team of GPIC Ladies Working Committee volunteers purchased and handed over gifts to children who are sick and being cared for in hospitals. The gifts were given to the children in the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital and Children Oncology Ward at the Salmaniya Hospital. On this occasion, the General Manager said that the time of Eid is an important day in the Muslim calendar and one way of celebrating is through acts of generosity and kindness. “We would like to extend our gratitude to the Ladies Working Committee for sharing the joy of Eid Al Fitr with the children and marking their day by helping them to have fun and gain the confidence needed during their stay in hospital. This clearly demonstrates GPIC’s commitment to provide support to the sick children during this festive season.” He added. Mr. Jawahery stated

93962 �ENG 70.indd 44

that this initiative is in line with GPIC’s long standing commitment to the local community in general. It is also in accordance with the directives of the Chairman H.E. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs, who always encourages staff to volunteer their time to serve the community, especially during the month of giving. The parents and families of the sick children thanked GPIC for drawing a smile on the faces of their children. They also expressed their gratitude for the Ladies Working Committee who helped to make

this Eid an extra special and memorable one for the children at the BDF and Salmaniya Hospitals.

44 1/1/70 4:32:54 PM

Summer Camp

GPIC Summer Camp On 1 July GPIC launched the annual Summer Camp at the GPIC Club for the benefit of the children of employees. It is aimed at providing different activities for the children in order to develop positive values and to entertain them during the summer holidays with various projects and activities that will keep them happy and busy. On this occasion, the General Manager visited the club where he learned about this year’s summer activity programme. He affirmed that such events are in accordance with the directives of the GPIC Chairman, H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs and H.E Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza, Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs and Chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority, to grant children the opportunity to learn and practice their skills and to use their imaginations and creativity to reflect their own unique

45 93962 �ENG 70.indd 45

talents. The summer camp is part of an annual series of events and activities set up by the company in an attempt to provide the children of staff members with more creative, scientific, sports and cultural projects and programmes during the summer, which marks the end of a very long school year.

At the end of his visit, the General Manager expressed his gratitude to the chairman and members of the Social Activities Committee for their dedication, teamwork and diligence which made the summer camp such a success. More than 320 children participated in this year’s summer

camp which included computer classes, Taekwondo, painting, crafts and science, as well as lessons in swimming and public speaking and a wide range of field trips to a number of archaeological and historical sites to educate children about the heritage of their homeland.

1/1/70 4:32:57 PM


Al Shawoosh wins the Bowling Masters Championship The GPIC General Manager Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery expressed his pride over the winning of The Bowling Masters Championship. Mohammed Al Shawoosh, senior laboratory analyst at the GPIC Technical Services Department has won the first place in the Masters Championship for the fourth time. Al Shawoosh who won the tournament for the second successive year, has shown a stunning performance making his way to

93962 �ENG 70.indd 46

the lead, defeating his highly qualified competitors. Mr. Jawahery stressed that the company encourages its employees to participate in various sports activities, pointing out the significant importance of sport in maintaining body fitness, general health as well as providing energy that allows work under pressure. On his part, Mohammed Al Shawoosh expressed his passion towards bowling saying that he started practicing

the sport fifteen years ago. “I had to organise my time between work and my favourite sport; in fact I have received every encouragement and support from the company’s management which enabled me to develop my sport skills” he

added. It is worth mentioning that Al Shawoosh has represented Bahrain in a number of regional and international tournaments. He also achieved first place in the second Arab Championship, held in Kuwait 2006.

46 1/1/70 4:33:02 PM

Nursary GPIC opens the New Extension to Kindergarten stated that during Princess Sabeeka’s recent visit to GPIC, she had called upon the company to provide as much care as possible for the children of employees and to expand the existing kindergarten to accommodate the increasing and growing numbers of staff children. In accordance with the directives of the Chairwoman of the Supreme Council for Women, HRH Princess Sabeeka

47 93962 �ENG 70.indd 47

bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, wife of His Majesty the King, the company opened the new extension of its

kindergarten at the GPIC Club. On the occasion Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, the General Manager

The kindergarten is one of the most important educational and social institutions which prepares the child for admission

1/1/70 4:33:05 PM

Nursary to primary school so that he or she does not feel a sudden transition from home to school. Children in the kindergarten feel free to exercise and enjoy activities to discover their abilities and potential. They also acquire new skills and experience through play and fun. Mr. Jawahery stated that children at this age are in great need of constant encouragement, active participation, self-reliance and confidence in order to gain language skills, flexibility and creativity and this requires qualified

93962 �ENG 70.indd 48

teachers, which the company was keen to provide. He pointed out that the kindergarten is a very important stage of education which has its own educational philosophy and objectives. This philosophy is based on self respect, independence and creative thinking, in order to encourage children to work and play with others and sacrifice some of their wishes for the benefit of others.

48 1/1/70 4:33:19 PM

Family Day Employees and their families celebrate Family SHE Day During

Ramadan the company held a celebration party for the company staff and their families to raise awareness of safety, health and environmental issues and to draw attention to the awareness of safety among all family members. The celebration which coincided with the traditional day of “Gergaoon”, took place in the

49 93962 �ENG 70.indd 49

Conference Centre Hall, Bahrain Crowne Plaza Hotel and was attended by Mr. Nasser Mohammed Al-Sheikh, Assistant Undersecretary for Public and Technical Education. This family gathering is held every year and aimed at raising the socio-culture in terms of safety, health and environment in a fun atmosphere. At the beginning of the

ceremony, the GPIC General Manager, Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery delivered a speech welcoming Mr. Al-Sheikh and conveying the greetings of the Chairman, H.E Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister for Oil and Industrial Affairs. He congratulated the families for their effective participation in the

various competitions organised during this event. He stressed that in addition to staff safety at the workplace, GPIC was also committed to spread the culture of health, safety and the preservation of the environment among the families and children of staff members. Mr. Jawahery extended his thanks to the chairman and

1/1/70 4:33:20 PM

Family Day members of the organising committee for their hard work and the tireless efforts they have made to prepare for such event. He also thanked all the participants and congratulated the winners. A number of excelling children were honored during the event. Various scientific and educational publications were distributed to the families who took part in the different competitions which were received with appreciation by the families and their children due to their simplicity and bright attractive colours.

93962 �ENG 70.indd 50

The ceremony included music programmes and entertainment events. Food and refreshments were served to the participants who enjoyed the traditional music and popular songs of Bahrain. At the end of the event mementoes were distributed to all children participating in the ceremony.

50 1/1/70 4:33:21 PM

Family Day

51 93962 �ENG 70.indd 51

1/1/70 4:33:23 PM

Family Day

93962 �ENG 70.indd 52

52 1/1/70 4:33:25 PM

Family Day

53 93962 �ENG 70.indd 53

1/1/70 4:33:28 PM



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