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the Global Heart Compassionate Activists Unite in Positive Social Change

Chiropractic Care

for Parkinson’s Disease

The Zen of Slow Cooking One-Pot Dishes for the Autumn Harvest

Global Synergy

with Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bruce Lipton & Emanuel Kuntzelman

October 2015 | Chicago |



10 NOVEMBER 2015 Drury Lane Theatre & Conference Center 100 Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

The Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) and the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC) have teamed together to host the Free Healthcare Summit & The Business Event on November 10, 2015. This event will join many small business and healthcare leaders to discuss ways they can collaborate to lower healthcare costs, expand coverage options and promote employee wellness.The event also provides hospitals an opportunity to showcase services and capabilities to area employers in their communities.

• Keynote address on healthcare trends by large health system CEO

Expected attendance is more than 3,000.

• Wellness Session

Independent healthcare practitioners, integrative medical offices, wellness center staff and small businesses are encouraged to attend this event for learning, active participation and networking.

• Insurance Program Session

• Access to Capital Session • Social Media Engagement Session • Small Business Government Contracts Session

• Expo Hall (150+ booths) • SBAC Now Pitch Sessions

Contact Mike Cavanaugh: Register FREE online: 2


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StickNotwith Natural Iodine All Supplements are the Same The Hidden Deficiency Having the proper amount of iodine in our system at all times is critical to overall health, yet the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that iodine deficiency is increasing drastically in light of an increasingly anemic national diet of unpronounceable additives and secret, unlabeled ingredients. This deficit now affects nearly three-quarters of the population.

Causes of Iodine Deficiency


Almost everyone is routinely exposed to iodine-depleting radiation

Low-Sodium Diets

Overuse of zero-nutrient salt substitutes in foods leads to iodine depletion

Iodized Table Salt

Iodized salt may slowly lose its iodine content by exposure to air


A toxic chemical found in baked goods overrides iodine's ability to aid thyroid

Iodine-Depleted Soil Poor farming techniques have led to declined levels of iodine in soil

A Growing Epidemic Symptoms range from extreme fatigue and weight gain to depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, fibrocystic breasts and skin and hair problems. This lack of essential iodine can also cause infertility, joint pain, heart disease and stroke. Low iodine levels also have been associated with breast and thyroid cancers; and in children, intellectual disability, deafness, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and impaired growth, according to studies by Boston University and the French National Academy of Medicine.

What to Do The easy solution is taking the right kind of iodine in the right dosage to rebalance thyroid function and restore health to the whole body.


Satisfied Customers


I feel much more energetic, my thoughts are extremely clear, and my entire body feels more in balance. Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine is the only change in my daily routine over the last 45 days. The way I feel today is better than at any point in my life that I can remember. ~ James

I’ve been taking this product for over a year and no single supplement, diet or approach (I have tried lots) has had as great an impact as this. I have my energy back, my metabolism is back on track and my mind is clear and the depression has lifted. I love this product and wish more people knew about it. I think many of us are deficient in iodine and it can bring balance to the body. Thank you, thank you Natural Awakenings for offering it! ~ Pamela

Proper iodine supplementation with a high-quality product like Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine can prevent harm by protecting the thyroid and other endocrine glands and restoring proper hormone production.

A Few Drops Can Change Your Life! You could feel better, lose weight or increase energy and mental clarity with a few drops of Natural Awakenings DETOXIFIED IODINE daily in water or topically on the skin. The supplementation of iodine, an essential component of the thyroid, has been reported to give relief from: • Depression • Weight Gain • Fibromyalgia • Low Energy • Hypothyroidism • Hyperthyroidism • Radiation • Bacteria • Viruses

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Oral Misalignment May Be a Symptom of Deeper Problems Research and reports are now pointing to a relationship between jaw malformation or crooked teeth, dysfunctional sleep and more serious health issues such as attentiondeficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which becomes more apparent with narrowing of the airway. Teeth erupt into the mouth following the misshapen patterns of the body, such as compression, rotation or shear patterns. Seen outwardly merely as crooked, oddly spaced teeth or a slanted smile, these patterns also create a small or narrowed airway, which can develop into much more serious problems. For some children, symptoms manifest as anxiety, poor sleep, snoring, grinding, sensory issues, poor math skills, etc. People may not exhibit these obvious signs as a child, but may still develop dangerous health challenges as an adult as a result. Gaiamed Dental offers drug-free and surgery-free treatments to deal with these conditions.Please call our office for a free consultation if your child is experiencing the following symptoms that may be related to their oral health: chronic allergies, aggressive behavior, mouth breathing, swollen adenoids/ tonsils, daytime drowsiness, crooked teeth, restless sleep, bedwetting, recurring nightmares, dark circles under eyes, snoring, irritability, frequent headaches, arrested growth and low math/spelling grades.

Gaiamed Dental Spa now has their own dental discount plan!

New School Year

Children's Exam Ages 2-18



with bite-wing X-rays 929 Ridge Road, Wilmette, IL

No charge through Dec. 31, 2015


847-977-1655 OFFICE HOURS: Tues: 8am - 5pm Wed: 10am - 8pm Thurs: 8am - 7pm

mercury-free, BPA-free fillings • bio-compatible materials • cosmetic dental restorations

• partial and full dentures • non-surgical gum therapy • herbal under the gums treatment • personally formulated toothpaste • microscopic bacterial analysis • implants • extractions • dental homeopathy • clear or removable orthodontics • structural orthodontics • TMJ therapy • craniosacral therapy • medical-grade supplements • detox/chelation procedures naturalmanagement awakenings 2015 • flu defense treatment • adrenal fatigue testing/analysis • VI peel • migraine • facialOctober rejuvenation


How do I get my child to take her medicine? This is a question we’re asked frequently. Taking medicine can be an unpleasant experience for a child, but it doesn’t need to be. At Save-Rite Pharmacy, we specialize in pediatric compounding to make medicine more acceptable to most children. Working with your pediatrician, we can change commercially-produced tablet prescriptions to a capsule or liquid that’s easier to swallow. We can add lots of cool flavors so the medicine tastes better, too! We’ve got allergies covered. Soy, gluten and other allergens can be removed from commercial prescriptions. And adult dosages can be resized for pint-sized patients.

Call us today, we’re here to help. 773-525-0766

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Compassionate Activists Unite to Write Earth’s New Story by Linda Sechrist


An Interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard

Your Rite Choice…

Pharmaceuticals • Compounding • Supplies

3479 N Broadway, Chicago ■

by Linda Sechrist


for Parkinson’s Disease by Carrie Jackson




by Nick LeRoy



Savor Your Autumn Harvest in One-Pot Dishes by Judith Fertig




E.G. Vallianatos Seeks to Put Bite Back into the Agency by Randy Kambic



An Interview with Bruce Lipton by Linda Sechrist




Are you ready for an antibiotic and flu shot-free school year?



Eat Homegrown Organic Veggies Year-Round by Avery Mack



The Benefits of a Well-Adjusted Pet


by Linda Sechrist

46 SOCIAL CHANGE is Embracing a New Paradigm

by Emanuel Kuntzelman


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Q: What can The Wellness Source do for your family? A: Relief of migraines, allergies, asthma, sick days and digestive concerns. “I was skeptical of chiropractic. I chose to try it because my daughter Stella was on the verge of ear tube surgery. Now she has been FREE of antibiotics and ear infections for the past 3 years.

Thank you Dr. Nick” – Maria A.

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source 1245 N. Milwaukee Ave., Suite 202B Glenview, (Across from Abt)

Call for an appointment: 224-413-3500 Check out our youtube natural awakenings

October 2015


letterfrompublisher october is one of my favorite months because I love watching the colors transition, the light soften and the air take on a Jim Irwin and Peggy Malecki new quality of refreshing crispness. contact us Publishers Peggy Malecki and Jim Irwin Circulation Manager Jim Irwin Sales & Marketing Jim Irwin, Peggy Malecki Sondra Brigandi, Heidi Hetzel, Debi Kiddle, Iris Winter Editors Martin Miron, Theresa Archer, Randy Kambic Writers Linda Sechrist, Megy Karydes, S. Alison Chabonais, Carrie Jackson Design & Production Suzzanne Siegel, Martin Friedman, Stephen Blancett, Steve Hagewood

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ctober is one of my favorite months because I love watching the colors transition, the light soften and the air take on a new quality of refreshing crispness. Apples, butternut squash, beans, root veggies and the rest of fall’s bounty abounds, tempting me to make soups, stews, chilies and casseroles. Pair them with the heady aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, chili peppers and curry seasonings and I’m in a cook’s paradise. One of the classic fall dishes has become a recipe based on the Iroquois Nation’s Three Sisters legend, which celebrates the working together of the three crop sisters of corn, beans and squash. Similarly, the native peoples of the Southwest and Mexico combined these crops so that they grew and produced in the most efficient and bountiful way. By entwining squash and bean vines around the corn, the first two crops gained support and sunlight. At the same time, the vertical corn stalks were strengthened and supported in wind and storms by the strong vines. Working the crops together as a system became the most natural and effective way for them to survive and thrive. It’s no different today, and it’s exciting to see how people around the world are waking into a new consciousness. As governments procrastinate, corporations get greedier and climate change threatens everyone, it seems people everywhere are realizing that they can really make a difference. It is their voices and efforts that will bring new and positive change. National Senior Writer Linda Sechrist highlights some of the amazing actions people are taking to work more closely together and embody the power of We. Sechrist also spoke this month with conscious evolutionary thinkers Bruce Lipton and Barbara Marx Hubbard about the new direction our combined consciousness seems to be taking. Chicago’s own Emanuel Kuntzelman also presents positive thoughts on how social change actions are embracing this new paradigm. This issue marks the start of our sixth year of publishing Natural Awakenings Chicago. We proclaim a heartfelt and sincere thank-you to each and every person who has been with us these five past years. Thank you to you, our readers, who have embraced Natural Awakenings, reading and sharing our pages each month, supporting our advertisers and attending the multitude of events we feature. Thank you to the 1,000-plus businesses throughout Lake, Cook and McHenry counties that distribute our magazine. And a huge hurrah to our advertisers, who make this magazine possible—and really loud applause for the practitioners and business owners that took the leap of faith to join us in our first issue and are still advertising with us. More applause to the devoted drivers who deliver your magazines each month, through sunshine, rain and heavy snowstorms to make sure they are in your favorite pickup location by the start of a new month. And words cannot express enough gratitude to our devoted staff of sales professionals, writers and editors, graphic designers and our administrative team that make this all happen each month. Big cheers to your positive attitudes, expertise, laughter and devotion. WE THANK YOU ALL! Happy Halloween and savor every moment of this wonderful month!


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October 2015



– Event sponsored in part by Natural Awakenings Chicago. – Natural Awakenings Chicago distribution location.

Community Acupuncture Available at an Affordable Cost


irvana Naturopathics is offering a new Community Acupuncture program with owner Lana Moshkovich, LAc, ND, DiplOM, beginning October 1. The acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic provides high-quality treatments in a private and comfortable group setting. Treatable diseases, symptoms and conditions include alLana Moshkovich, lergic rhinitis (allergies), arthritis, abdominal pain, addictions, LAc, ND, DiplOM back, neck and knee pain, sciatica, common cold and flu, constipation or diarrhea, depression, diabetes, essential hypertension, fibromyalgia, headache and migraine, irritable bowel and colitis, infertility, herpes zoster, nausea and vomiting, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause syndrome and stroke. Moshkovich is a licensed acupuncturist and holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She attended Trinity College of Natural Health to become a naturopathic doctor and certified natural health practitioner, and has also studied the Jingui Yaolue training sequence and Chinese herbology. The cost is $125 for initial evaluation and $75 follow-up (private sessions) and sliding scale $20 to $40 (community style). First visit has a $15 paperwork fee. Location: 1500 Shermer Rd., Ste. LL29, Northbrook. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 847-508-1470 or visit See ad on page 29 and in the Community Resource Guide.

Himalayan Monk Offers Pranayama Workshop in Aurora


is Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, the spiritual founder of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, will visit the Chicago area this month. He’ll conduct a free Himalayan Pranayama Workshop from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., October 3 and 4, in the Panchavati Building of the Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple, in Aurora. The workshop gives participants the opportunity to learn authentic Himalayan pranayama techniques Swami Vidyadhishananda and Vedic secrets of prana (life force). Vidyadhishananda will introduce the foundational breathing of Ujjayi and Udgitha, along with a unique set of pranayama techniques to increase awareness of the internal sound, cleanse nadi (energy channels) and balance agni (digestive fire). An ordained Vedic monk of the Giri monastic order, Vidyadhishananda reveals the Himalayan tradition of wisdom based on his lineages of Sanskrit heritage. He is a Himalayan meditation master from the combined heritage of rishi sages and nath yogis. Location: 1145 Sullivan Rd., Aurora. For more information or to register (required), call 847-886-9103 or visit



Infinity Foundation Hosts Bestselling Authors


he Highland Parkbased, nonprofit Infinity Foundation is hosting three bestselling authors this month. Christine Arylo is holding a workshop Christine Arylo The New Feminine Super Powers: Reclaim a Saner Way of Living from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., October 4 ($100 or $90 10 days in advance). Attendees will reactivate and reconnect with the divine feminine wisdom Tama Kieves that is inside. Tama Kieves, author of Inspired and Unstoppable, will share the inspirational program Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Life from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Linda Howe October 17 ($100 or $90 10 days in advance). Attendees will experience a turning point day of devotion, focus and discovering how to fuel themselves with passion and purpose. Linda Howe, a master teacher and author of How to Read the Akashic Records, is holding a two-day Akashic Record Certification course from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., October 24 and 25 ($395 or $380 10 days in advance). Attendees will learn how to access their own Akashic records and the records of others. Attendees will be granted certification from the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies as an Akashic records practitioner. Location: 1282 Old Skokie Rd., Highland Park. For more information or a course guide, call 847-831-8828 or visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.

natural awakenings

October 2015


newsbriefs The Wellness Source Offers Unique BioModulator Therapy


he Wellness Source is an energetic family wellness chiropractic clinic near The Grove, in Glenview, that offers effective and natural care thru a unique set of services. A public group healing meditation is held at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month. Dr. Nick Kuennen, who founded The Wellness Source in 2010, inspires others with practical advice on reducing stress, avoiding surgery, reversing arthritis and staying healthy on all levels. His services include emotional releasing, muscle testing and corrective chiropractic techniques, as well as Omy, the in-training therapy dog. He says he is the only doctor in Chicagoland to use the BioModulator, a revolutionary device that enhances results in less time. Meditation cost: $20. Location: 1245 Milwaukee Ave., Ste. 202B, Glenview. For more information, call 224-413-3500 or visit See ad on page 7, in the Community Resource Guide and at

Visit a Wonderful Crystal Lake Retreat


rystal Lake’s hidden treasure, the Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, is worth a visit to the historic downtown area, located about a half-mile north of Route 14. Follow the heady fragrance of essential oils and the music of djembe drums into the courtyard on Williams Street and follow the large concrete Buddha heads through the door. Owner Kim Grannemann welcomes patrons into her spiritual boutique, rock shop and oasis of self-care. Psychic readings, Reiki, reflexology and aura photography are offered daily by a team of experienced practitioners that share Grannemann’s vision of joyful self-healing and positive, forward growth. Psychic holistic fairs are held the second weekend of each month, beginning at 11 a.m., October 10 and 11, November 14 and 15 and December 12 and 13. Customers may explore the range of offerings from natural baby and pet goods to Zum essential oil products, handmade scarves, jewelry, pottery, art by local artists, fairies and angels, ritual supplies, meditation essentials, quality teas, rare and unusual books and a huge collection of stones. Location: 30 N. Williams St., Brink St. Market, Ste. F. Find classes, community events and information at, Facebook and (Enlightened Balance Community Meetup). See ads in the Community Resource Guide.

win 2 free tickets to attend globalfest Enter online at Contest ends Oct 8 12


Fritchey and Gandhi to Receive Changemaker Award at Fair Trade Gala


hicago Fair Trade will host a gala event at Open Secret Studio, in Chicago, featuring a silent auction, raffle, small bites, fair trade chocolate fondue and cocktails, craft beer and wine from 5:30 to 9 p.m., October 16, as part of Globalfest. Cook County 12th District Commissioner John Fritchey and renowned social justice advocate Ami Gandhi will receive the annual Changemaker Award. Laura Ng, executive director of Traffick Free, an organization working to combat human trafficking and transform the lives of its victims, will serve as emcee. Fritchey and Gandhi both played a critical roles in Chicago Fair Trade’s successful campaign to pass an anti-sweatshop ordinance in Cook County last spring, which was inspired by a similar ordinance passed in Chicago last year. This year’s gala will feature the stories of Asian producers from India, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Palestine that illustrate how everyday products we buy locally, from jewelry and clothing to coffee and chocolate, are transforming the lives of workers and their communities in Asia.

Tickets: $55 in advance; $65 at the door. Location: 401 N. Racine St., Chicago. For more information, visit See ad on page 45.

Joy Essential Oil Blend inspires a joyful heart promotes emotional well-being beautiful when worn as a perfume inspires togetherness eases occasional nervousness, stress & tension ❊ promotes peace ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊


Gone Gluten Free? Find out what other foods are still bothering you. Most people with gluten sensitivity also have other hidden food intolerances. Did you know the top signs of food intolerance are: headaches, fatigue, skin problems and digestive issues.

What natural options can FINALLY solve the puzzle and help you feel better? ■ The right types of labs for accuracy ■ The right nutrients to help heal the gut ■ The right team to guide you Call to schedule your Initial Evaluation with Dr. Kristen. 847-310-0303


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Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland

chiropractic & wellness in Hoffman Estates

Book your appointment online at

natural awakenings

October 2015


newsbriefs Congregation Holding Community Health Fair in Deerfield


n October 18, the congregation of B’nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim (BJBE) is holding a community health fair from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Flu shots will be available (bring an insurance card), as well as screenings for diabetes, bone density, blood pressure and balance. Information on nutrition and weight loss along with foot, eye and hearing health will be available and a blood drive will also be held concurrently with the fair. Location: 1201 Lake Cook Rd., Deerfield. For more information, call 847-940-7575. For blood donation appointments, email

Dr. Norman to Give Free Health Lectures


hilippa Norman, M.D., an integrative physician with more than 20 years of experience, has opened a new office at Healing House, 11840 South Western Avenue, in Chicago, and is presenting two talks this month. Integrative Treatments for Depression & Anxiety will be held from 3 to 4 p.m., October 18, at Healing House (free with registration at 773-337-3880 or website). Nourishing Women Series: Nutritional Therapies for Adrenal Stress will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., October 25, at Beverly Yoga Center, 1917 West 103rd Street, in Chicago (free with registration at 773-239-9642). Norman has studied ayurvedic medicine, Reiki and Pranic Healing, and is a certified hypnotherapist. She Philippa Norman, M.D. incorporates many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual modalities into her practice, which is devoted to creating holistic treatment plans for brain health and fitness. Individualized programs incorporate nutrients, herbs, mind-body therapies and healing foods. She works to identify and treat underlying conditions such as chronic inflammation, adrenal stress, food allergies and leaky gut to address healthy brain aging and a more natural approach for dealing with ADHD, depression and anxiety. Treatments can be customized to work with current medications. For more information, news about upcoming workshops and tips on brain health, visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.

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winFREE!tickets Win 2 free TICKETS

Globalfest Asia October 16, Chicago contest ends Oct 7

Visit and sign up today for your chance to




Jim and Archana Lal-Tabak, M.D.

Learn the Truth about Autism and Gifted Children


he Neurodiversity Book Discussion Group will meet for a series of eight Monday classes from 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. between October 19 and December 14 at the Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute, in Evanston. The brightest, most creative children and adults are often being misdiagnosed with behavioral and emotional disorders such as ADD/ADHD, oppositional-defiant disorder, bipolar, OCD or Asperger’s syndrome. Many Twice-Exceptional (2E) children and adults may use medication as needed for a period of time and benefit from learning other natural strategies for coping that decrease unwanted long-term side effects of medications at higher doses using epigenetic/environmental changes. The sessions are facilitated by Archana Lal-Tabak, M.D., an integrative medicine physician and psychiatrist, and Jim Lal-Tabak, a wellness educator, experiential tutor and yoga instructor. This guided discussion group will use the book Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults: ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Asperger’s, Depression, and Other Disorders, by James Webb, Ph.D.

Cost: $30/class or $200 for all. Reduced fees, work study and scholarships are available. Location: 1618 Orrington Ave., Ste. 206, Evanston. RSVP to 847-425-9355 or For more information, visit

New Balance North Shore Goes Back to the Future


now offering organic manicures


llen Adelman, owner of New Balance North Shore, in Highland Park, opened his business back in 1995 with a new concept of devoting the entire shoe store exclusively to the New Balance brand. Now Adelman is celebrating his store’s 20th anniversary with a big sale from October 20 to 31, along with fun special events. For the sale, their best New Balance shoes will be rolled back to 1995 prices. There’ll also be contests, raffle drawings and special giveaways during the 12-day event. On October 24, a family fun day will take place starting at 10 a.m. with refreshments, activities and entertainment for kids of all ages.

Voted #1 Ammonia-Free Color Line! 1249 Shermer Road • Northbrook • 847-753-9000

New Balance North Shore in Downtown Highland Park


20 Years

Josh St. Cyr, Allen Adelman and Bruce Merchant

Adelman attributes his store’s success and longevity to consistency and hard work, dedication to great customer service and the growing popularity of New Balance footwear over the years. “Having this anniversary event is our way of showing appreciation to our many loyal customers and families that we have fitted with shoes since we began,” says Adelman. Location: 610 Central Ave., Port Clinton Square, Highland Park. For more information, call 847-266-8323 or visit ShopNewShoes. com. See ad on page 15, in the Community Resource Guide and at



Saturday, Oct. 24th

10am - 4pm

Music • Refreshments • Raffle • Giveaways Fun Entertainment for Everyone!

New Balance North Shore 610 Central Avenue • Port Clinton Square Downtown Highland Park 847-266-8323 • Open 7 days • natural awakenings

October 2015


newsbriefs Local Doctors Participate in Evolution of Medicine Film Festival

Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path

r. Justin Coop, of Inspired Health Center, and Dr. Kori Feldman, of Integrative Family Health, in LaGrange, are participating in the inaugural Evolution of Medicine Film Festival by hosting separate screenings of the film Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, at 6:30 p.m., October 26, at the Studio Movie Grill, in Wheaton, and the AMC Loews Quarry Cinemas 14, in Hodgkins. The filmmakers interweave dramatic personal accounts of patients and physicians with the stories of leaders, including Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Dean Ornish, battling to transform health care at the highest levels of medicine, industry, government and even the military. Coop and Feldman are dedicated to raising awareness in the local community about the innovative, hightouch, low-cost methods of prevention and healing available as alternatives to our current high-tech, costly system. Each screening will be preceded by refreshments and followed by a Q&A session with each doctor. Dr. Kori Feldman

rigitte Schneider, a licensed healing practitioner from Germany, will be giving lectures this month from 7:30 to 9 p.m., at locations around Chicagoland. Ancient civilizations wrote of the existence of a higher power that can help and heal. Bruno Groening (19061959) called this power Heilstrom, or the Healing Stream, and taught how to absorb this natural healing power. The healings, even of so-called incurable diseases, are occurring now as they did during his time. In these lectures, attendees will be able to experience the healing stream Bruno Groening for themselves. Venues include October 22 at Winnetka Community House, 620 Lincoln Avenue, in Winnetka; October 23 at Bartlett Community Center, 700 South Bartlett Road, in Bartlett; October 24 at the Friends Center, 1212 Vine Wood Avenue, in Willow Springs; October 25 at the Dance Building, 1330 Webford Avenue, in Des Plaines; and October 26 at Gorton Community Center, 400 East Illinois Road, in Lake Forest.


Admission: $10 for Wheaton; $11 for Hodgkins. Locations: 301 Rice Lake Sq., Wheaton; 9201 63rd St., Hodgkins. For tickets (recommended), visit for Wheaton or for Hodgkins. See ad on page 37 and in the Community Resource Guide.

Resolution Chicago Presents Hypnosis/NLP Trainer Tim Marshall


im Marshall will conduct Hypnosis Certification Training from noon to 8 p.m. for three days starting October 21 and NLP Certification Training from October 28 to November 6, along with TimeLine Resolution Certification Training. Marshall says, “Personal change occurs in an instant. There’s a 100 percent correlation between your mental activity and emotional responses, resulting in physical accomplishments.” These two principles guide his coaching and certification trainings yielding significant gains to participants. Tim Marshall Participants will be able to awaken the power of the mind; advance interpersonal communications; master body language to be more persuasive; re-encode negative programming, feelings and habits into greater capabilities; plus heighten creativity and problem-solving abilities. “Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was created in the 1970s to improve upon psychology, hypnosis and linguistics. It represents a revolution in human transformation and communications,” says Marshall. He has researched many systems for personal development and personal growth, using hypnosis for more than 30 years and NLP for more than 20 years, for belief change. Hypnosis Certification Training, Oct. 21, $995. Register early and save $200. NLP Certification Training, Oct. 28, $3,390. Register early and save $400. Locations: 216 E. Ontario; 318 W. Adams, Chicago. For more information, call 312-854-2270, email or visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.


Admission is free and donations are accepted. For more information, call Debbie at 773-775- 8855 or visit

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After Before

Green Home Chicago’s eco-friendly interior design products include countertops, flooring, tiles, paint, furniture, lighting and decorative fabrics.

transformation Use our locally made semi-custom line of cabinetry to reinvent your kitchen with true eco design.

We partner with an amazing local cabinet company that uses low VOC paints and stains, nontoxic glues and local and NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde) wood. They carefully deliver your cabinetry wrapped in blankets like furniture to protect cabinets and reduce wrapping waste.

Call for a free


consultation in our showroom

We offer FREE DESIGN with the purchase of a kitchen remodel. 312.432.9400 ❊ 213 N. Morgan, Ste 1-D, Chicagonatural ❊ awakenings October 2015


newsbriefs Keys to Manifestation: Build Your Dreams


inda Roberts, of Whispers of Love, Inc., will discuss energy clearing and ways to improve our lives through powerful manifestation techniques on October 24 at the Libertyville Civic Center, as part of an event sponsored by The Present Moment. Roberts, an intuitive, shamanic practitioner, animal communicator, medical intuitive and Reiki master teacher, will be among several speakers to offer lifeimproving ideas for participants. She is compassionate about helping people and their animal companions, and enjoys seeing results of the energy work she utilizes when assisting in improving the Linda Roberts lives of the people and animals that she consults. Roberts also uses natural remedies in her practice such as essential oils, and recommends dietary, environmental and physiological improvements to help her clients. Roberts’ classes empower people to move into positive balance within their lives, and she is currently accepting new clients and offering several new courses. Location: 135 W. Church St., Libertyville. For more information and to preregister (required), call 312-231-5607 or visit See ad on page 45 and in the Community Resource Guide.

Honoring Your Inner Voice Retreat


eAwakenings Center is holding a weekend retreat, Honoring Your Inner Voice, from November 6 to 8, at the Ronora Retreat Center, in Watervliet, Michigan. This retreat will allow participants to work on clearing old patterns that no longer serve them and prepare to speak from the heart and honor their inner voice by diving deep within to listen to messages from spirit and others. While on the retreat, participants will perform experiential exercises, including two fire ceremonies and a guided meditation trance dance, to be able to clear out what is unnecessary and call in what they really need in all areas of their lives. ReAwakenings Center founder Elias Patras states, “In our services, workshops, retreat weekends and gatherings, we ignite not only healing, but connection, knowledge, understanding and educating to be able to enhance the betterment of one’s self; to grow, to enlighten and to connect.”

Retreat cost: $525, including lodging, food and the workshop, there’s a $100 non-refundable deposit; and it’s limited to 30 people. Location: 4256 N. Ravenswood Ave., Ste. 220, Chicago. Register by calling 773-817-0923 or email For more information, visit See ad on page 23 and in the Community Resource Guide.


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Advanced Arlington Sports Medicine Center Uses Integrated Techniques


ric Nagaj, M.D., at Advanced Arlington Sports Medicine Center, in Buffalo Grove, specializes in natural alternative complementary medicine, specifically Eric Nagaj, M.D. anthroposophic medicine, a comprehensive form of complementary and alternative medicine that takes into account the body, soul and spirit nature of the human being. The clinic offers a holistic concept of healing that integrates a human-centered medical approach using chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy and nutrition to find the cause of problems. Some of the alternative modalities include anthroposophical/homeopathic remedies; homeopathic injection therapies; compresses, therapeutic baths and herbal teas; bioidentical hormones; diet; and nutritional supplements. Nagaj, board certified in internal medicine and a member of the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine, is joined in the practice by Igor Sher, DC. The anthroposophic medical approach is based in the human-centered philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher whose work also led to Waldorf education and biodynamic farming.

Payments accepted via PPO and Medicare. Location: 333 W. Dundee Rd., Buffalo Grove. For more information or to make an appointment, call 847-243-0355. See ad on page 25 and in the Community Resource Guide.

call 847-858-3697 or

2015 Holiday m to reserve your e id u G t if G space Gift Guide goes on sale October 1 for the December issue (in stands Nov 25) 18


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r. Taf Paulson, DDS, of Chicago Holistic Dentistry, is offering a free oral cancer screening ($55 value) through the end of the year utilizing the state-ofthe-art, patented VELscope Vx. Enhanced Oral Assessment System to champion Oral Health Awareness. The VELscope is a handheld device that emits a harmless bright blue light to inspect the oral tissue in the mouth, specifically under and at the sides of the tongue, where most oral cancer is found. The light causes the abnormal or precancerous tissue to fluoresce. It’s non-invasive, painless and radiation-free, aligning with Paulson’s preventative dentistry philosophy. Results are received in real time so one can be sure to have a truly healthy mouth. Statistics reveal that when discovered early, the five-year survival rate for oral cancer patients is highly favorable, at about 83 percent. This complimentary oral cancer screening will continue through the rest of the year, so be sure to mention Natural Awakenings when calling to schedule a dental wellness visit.

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Chicago Holistic Dentistry

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October 2015


newsbriefs The Present Moment Re-opens as an Internet Business


he Present Moment, which closed its doors in 2006, is reopening as an online store offering products which uplift, bring a smile, provide comfort and keep us grounded in what’s possible. Founder and CEO Sue Opeka says she chose this strategy after repeated requests from former customers that were having difficulty finding the unique items she carried in her brick-and-mortar Libertyville store. “I’ve received so many emails asking me where something I carried could be found,” she says. “It’s exciting to be able to once more offer this inspirational and touching merchandise to my customers.” Opeka believes adding an online store to her existing portfolio of offerings rounds out the mission of The Present Moment, which is to provide inspiration, build community and make connections. Now, in addition to attending an event or workshop or visiting the Trusted Professionals directory to find Opeka’s favorite practitioners, visitors will also find inspiration by patronizing The Present Moment’s online store. To shop, visit See ad on page 23.

kudos Balance Chiropractic and Wellness, the practice of Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland, has received the Green Business designation from Mayor William D. McLeod and the village of Hoffman Estates in recognition for outstanding commitment and valued efforts in environmental sustainability. Location: 2500 W. Higgins Rd., Ste. 420, Hoffman Estates. For more information, call 847-310-0303 or visit See ad on page 13 and in the Community Resource Guide. Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland


eventbrief Chicago VeganMania Celebrates Seventh Anniversary


hicago VeganMania, a free, daylong celebration of vegan culture, commerce, community, cuisine and couture, will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., October 10, at the Broadway Armory, in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood. Chicago VeganMania boasts a large food court featuring some of Chicago’s favorite vegan and vegetarian food purveyors of American standards, soul food, Indian food, deep-dish pizza, baked goods, chocolates and more. Surrounding this is a marketplace packed with dozens of diverse vendors, featuring everything from jewelry to body care products, candles and high fashion, as well as many vendors giving out free food samples. The Culture Café will have live music all day, there’s a lively Kids’ Zone and Q&A panels will address a wide range of topics. Nationally known speakers include Dr. Joel Kahn, “America’s Holistic Heart Doc” and author of the bestselling The Whole Heart Solution and Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, bestselling author of The 30-Day Vegan Challenge and the voice behind the popular podcast Food for Thought, will also speak. Other speakers include Alex Hershaft, co-founder of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) and a Warsaw ghetto survivor; John Pierre, author, bodybuilder and fitness expert; Carrie LeBlanc, president of CompassionWorks International; and Robert Grillo, founder and executive director of Free From Harm. Cooking demonstrations in the armory’s new state-ofthe art Culinary Center feature a full day with “The Naked Chef” Jacques Laventure, The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen author Talya Lutzker and chefs from several of Chicago’s top vegan restaurants. Everything demonstrated and sampled will be free of animal ingredients. “This will be our seventh year, and we still love how rewarding it is to celebrate veganism and Chicago together,” says Marla Rose, event co-founder. “It’s a really positive and fun celebration of vegan culture and community, but it’s also very appealing to those who are just curious about the lifestyle. Anyone who enjoys a free, lively festival with diverse vendors, great speakers and entertainment as well as, of course, delicious food, will enjoy Chicago VeganMania.”

Admission: free, $3 donation suggested. Location: 5917 N. Broadway, Chicago. For more information, call 773-640-2822 or 773-318-5627 or visit See ad on page 37.


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October 2015


eventbriefs THRIVE 2015 Conference for Women Business Owners

Small Business Healthcare Summit and Business Event

he Chicago chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), in conjunction with Crain’s Small Business Week, is hosting THRIVE Conference 2015 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., October 5, at The Ritz-Carlton, in Chicago. Workshop topics include protecting a small to midsize business from cyber-attacks, raising small business capital, entrepreneurial confidence, using technology to Nicole Martin increase personal productivity, best practices in pitching new business, creating the perfect partnership, building a healthy lifestyle and collaborative leadership. The annual THRIVE conference is a one-of-a-kind, power-packed day for female business leaders ready to up their game and make their businesses thrive. Keynote presenters include Nicole Yeary, founder and CEO of Ms. Tech; and Michelle Villalobos, “The Superstar Brandstormer,” with the address, You: The Business—Drive Leads, Raise Prices & Sell More (When What You’re Selling is You).

he Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC), Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council and Jewish B2B Networking will be co-host the fifth annual Healthcare Summit & The Business Event on November 10 at the Drury Lane Theater and Conference Center, in Oakbrook Terrace. Independent healthcare practitioners, integrative medical office doctors and administration, wellness center management and small business owners are encouraged to attend this event for learning, active participation and networking. The keynote speaker is Jason Montrie, president of Land of Lincoln Health. A Business Event Educational Forum will be presented by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, along with Access to Capital by the Chicago Mayor’s Panel. Expected attendance is more than 3,000. “Over the past several years, there have been major changes in the healthcare industry and how it affects small business. This event allows the healthcare providers and payers to connect with the small business community and share with them success stories and educate them on what is working,” says Michael Cavanaugh, co-CEO of the SBAC. SBAC was established in 2010 and represents more than 1,200 businesses in Illinois. This event will join many small business and healthcare leaders to discuss ways they can collaborate to lower healthcare costs, expand coverage options and promote employee wellness. The event also provides hospitals to showcase services and capabilities to area employers in their communities.

Tickets are $190 with special pricing for NAWBO Chicago members. Location: 160 E. Pearson St. To register, call 312-224-2605 or visit news/thrive. See ad on page 39.

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Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~Henry Ford RAC 1/3 Horiz Ad.qxp_1/3 Ad 9/14/15 10:32 AM Page 1

Honoring Your Inner Voice ReAwakenings Center Presents

November 6th - 8th, 2015

A Retreat Weekend

Ronora Retreat Center, Waterviliet, Michigan

This amazing retreat weekend will allow us to work on clearing old patterns that no longer serve us, as we determine how to speak from the heart and Honor Our Inner Voice. We will dive deep within to listen to messages that we receive from Spirit, ourselves, and our community. The cost is $525 which includes food, lodging and the workshops. Sign up by emailing us at or by calling us at 773-817-0923. $100 deposit is due upon signing up. Space is limited. For more information go to Let this weekend enhance your sacred journey of finding yourself and your true voice. natural awakenings

October 2015


AWAKENING THE GLOBAL HEART Compassionate Activists Unite to Write Earth’s New Story by Linda Sechrist


s individuals and in groups, more people today are expressing deep inner caring and compassion for fellow humans and all life on this planet by hitching their heartfelt energies to powerful actions that hold the promise of a sustainable future. In This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, author Naomi Klein attests that the power of ferocious love is underestimated by companies and their government advocates. Suggesting that climate change be considered a framework for broader social improvements instead of a single issue, she invites “seizing the moment of discontent” to advance healing the planet and its broken economies and communities. Stories about how ordinary people are energizing local and online communities of practice to improve intergenerational communication, eliminate monetary influence in politics and restore democracy, and support social


justice, community wealth building, independent media, sound health care and clean food and water are frequently missing from mainstream media. Pioneering efforts by activists such as Mario Tigueros, Pachamama Alliance program manager for the Game Changer Intensive; Joshua Gorman, founder of Generation Waking Up; and Cole Kleitsch, founder and director of Walking Civics, warrant widespread attention and support.

Hearts Afire

When hundreds of participants in Pachamama’s Awakening the Dreamer symposium, held in cities throughout the U.S., kept asking “What’s next?” Tigueros facilitated the creation of Game Changers, which explores present challenges and possibilities and ways to create a new future. He says, “We wanted to help them in awakening to their personal qualities and strengths before setting out to change the world. While engaging with others and creat-


ing a global society for all beings to flourish is a goal to strive for, we came to recognize that it takes a collective and collaborative approach within a community of practice to keep the message alive and implement what’s learned in the 12-week training.” A love for social justice prompted Tigueros to recognize the corporate capture of America’s democracy. “Suggesting that symposium participants work with Move to Amend and Citizens’ Climate Lobby made sense,” he explains. One is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations and individuals seeking to end corporate personhood and demand true democracy; the other empowers individuals to exercise their political power. It takes love to inspire the youth of GenY, Generation We and the Digital Generation, all names for the Millenials, to create a new story and transform their lives and communities. Gorman is counting on his peers to help make it happen. “We’re writing a different story than the worn-out one we’ve been led to believe is inevitable,” he says. Some of Generation Waking Up’s young leaders have formed local communities of practice that campaign to get big money out of politics, pressure universities to divest fossil fuel investments, build local and just food systems, end mass incarceration, enroll residents to go solar and inspire everyday citizens to live in more just, sustainable ways.

People have the power, when we choose to use it, to act on it, to dedicate ourselves to change. ~Rebecca Solnit “Young people have a leadership role in spearheading the change our world is calling for. Ultimately, it will only come about with every generation working together,” observes Gorman, who operates from Oakland, California. He’s encouraged when Generation Waking Up members say they want to learn from older adults that spent decades struggling for positive social change. A deep love for the potential of

If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. When we own our stories of struggle, we can write our own new endings.

Raydiant Day Center

~Brené Brown, Rising Strong civic engagement prompted Gladstone, New Jersey, resident Kleitsch’s Walking Civics initiative. The intergenerational nonprofit, endorsed by the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, trains military veterans and students as young as 16 as poll workers. “I want to inspire future voters by letting them learn how to do the job competently and with integrity, and lead them to participate in democracy’s most cherished act of voting,” advises Kleitsch. It’s currently active in several jurisdictions across the country and will scale up for 2016 and beyond.

when you chose your parents. Your body. Your life circumstances. The challenges that follow are the place where you become who you came here to be, give what you came here to give. I came here to partner with you to: • Get the positive message inside hurt, fear, sadness, and anger. • Clear trauma and blocks to intimacy. • Reclaim your power and true potential. • Know your direction and develop your gifts. • Embrace life as an exciting adventure.

Hearts Joining Hearts

At 15, Kelsey Juliana’s love of family, friends and future generations far outweighed any trepidation she felt in acting as one of two plaintiffs in a legal strategy to protect the atmosphere, guided by Mary Christina Wood, a law professor and author of Nature’s Trust. Wood created the Oregon nonprofit Our Children’s Trust, now operating in all 50 states and internationally, to enforce the duty of government to protect natural resources for present and future generations. It supports youth in bringing legal action in courts, administrative agencies and local legislative bodies. In local Sierra Club chapters, organizers work with facilitators to educate and empower youth to lead campaigns with town councils, legislative chambers and the courts. Mounting research is confirming what many have long suspected— extensive media coverage of negative news can trigger stress, fear and trauma. Images & Voices of Hope (ivoh) Executive Director Mallary Tenore cares deeply about how the media can benefit the world by catalyzing change and meaningful awareness of issues such as

Get Complete Medical Care for Your Body, Mind and Spirit We take conventional approaches a step further to get to the root cause of your issues, treating the true source and not just the symptoms. Dr. Eric Nagaj specializes in Anthroposophic Medicine, treating the Body, Soul and Spirit nature of the Human Being.

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October 2015


The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children. ~Bill Mollison, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual those raised by Our Children’s Trust. “At ivoh, we believe in focusing on the world we want to live in—not only problem-solving in the world we have. We are currently helping our global community of media practitioners tell ‘restorative narratives’, stories that show how people and communities are making a meaningful progression from despair to resilience. Instead of focusing solely on tragedy and trauma, these narratives extend the storyline by showing signs of renewal, recovery and restoration,” explains Tenore.

On-Task Learning Curve

James Maskell wishes every media outlet would cover the doctors and health professionals that are applying the “functional/integrative/root cause” approaches to health care. Formerly a vendor of supplements to health professionals, Maskell has morphed his focus to found the Evolution of Medicine Functional Forum, a monthly educational Web show for health professionals and industry insiders. After becoming captivated by functional medicine at a trade show, he developed this fresh, high-tech concept that combines the latest health news, functional medicine research, practice developments and health technologies in a mixed-media format. Offered free on YouTube, it combines interviews, TED-style talks, videos and audience interaction. “With health politics raising more questions than answers and with technology changing the healthcare landscape, there’s never been a more ripe time for health innovation and accelerating a shift toward what works for most doctors,” remarks Maskell, who also recently col-

laborated with the Institute for Functional Medicine to live-stream Genomics and Functional Medicine, the most cuttingedge clinical Functional Forum to date. Andrew Brandeis, a licensed naturopathic doctor in San Francisco, developed a challenging new skill set in creating the easy-to-use, mobile Share Practice app, launched 18 months ago and now also available on the Internet. It’s already used by 15,000 doctors nationwide to rate and review the effectiveness of drugs, herbs and supplements. They also ask questions and receive quick feedback about patient treatments. Brandeis sees an even bigger future opportunity. “As we spot trends and see what is working where and why, we can direct research dollars. There are all kinds of off-label uses for drugs, herbs and supplements that we’ll support when we see that 10,000 doctors are using them in the same way for the same thing,” says Brandeis, who enjoys the meaningfulness of this collective contribution. Gery Juleff, of Hopewell, New Jersey, reinvented himself and his career to serve a greater good. Seeking to inspire change through intelligent discussion on environmental issues he founded and hosts the Green Radio Hour broadcast on He was formerly a member of the British Foreign Service, serving for 25 years as a diplomat, mostly in Africa and Brazil. In Juleff’s last London foreign office assignment, he dealt with policies on climate change, renewable energy technology and energy security. “My love of Africa, the continent likely to be affected the most by climate change, quickened my sense of needing to do whatever I could to limit any negative


2015 Holiday Gift Guide 26

for suggesting eco-friendly and healthful gifts for the holiday season!

effects,” he says. Even though he was innocent about the scope of such an undertaking, “When the station owner suggested I use my knowledge to host a radio show, I said yes.” In What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution, economist and co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative Gar Alperovitz provides many examples of successful community wealth building. He’s been part of a team partnering with others in cities that include Cleveland, Ohio; Jackson, Mississippi; Rochester, New York; and Washington, D.C. As co-chair of The Next System Project, he’s dealing with the bigger picture of long-term systemic change. “The economics of sustainability focus on partnerships with local assets like universities, hospitals and cultural institutions to facilitate broad-based economic security for the entire community,” says Alperovitz. He’s deeply committed to the concept of an ecologically sustainable society, where problemsolving activities nurture democracy.

Waking Up

This small sampling of individuals whose actions are affirming their heart’s directives is not random and signals a larger movement. It represents author Anodea Judith’s explanation for the evolution of our human journey, captured in the title and essence of her book Waking the Global Heart: Humanity’s Rite of Passage from the Love of Power to the Power of Love. James O’Dea, author of The Conscious Activist, says, “As we evolve, we recognize that it’s the heart which holds the great key to our collective healing, to real civility, the courage to face our own shadow and true progress.” Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Visit ItsAllAbout for the recorded interviews.

call 847-858-3697 or m to reserve your space Gift Guide goes on sale October 1 for the December issue (in stands Nov 25)


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October 2015


Social Synergy and Conscious Evolution Natural Awakenings Chicago Interviews Barbara Marx Hubbard by Linda Sechrist You are an 86-year-old “Conscious Elder”, who continues to be an amazingly vital and energetic role model for conscious evolution. What keeps you so motivated? I am energized by the foundational work of Ilyla Prigogine, a Belgian physical chemist who won the 1977 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his study of dissipative structures and complex systems, as well as how nature jumps from entropy to syntropy. Based on his overall evolutionary understanding, which led to pioneering research in self-organizing systems, at times of crises, entropy and disorder, nature, which humans are part of, has a tendency to innovate, transform, and mutate. At some point, there is nonlinear connectivity of what is being newly created; thus the system jumps to a higher order. Nature forms whole systems out of separate parts, which is how we evolved from single cells to multi-cells to mammals and to humans. Today’s understanding is that we are humans in a planetary system that is considered as one living organism that humanity is part of. Generally speaking, humans consider themselves as separated—from one another and from nature. If we want to take a leap in consciousness, creativity and cooperation, we must find new ways to connect the separate parts to make a new whole. How do you envision this can be done? My work in the social arena is based on my vision that we are an evolving humanity and that our crisis is an evolutionary driver which could lead either to devolution and destruction or evolution and transformation. The “first age of conscious evolution” is a worldview of how we are moving from evolution by chance to evolution by choice. We are responsible, and as we accept our part in 28

Barbara Marx Hubbard

the responsibility for evolution, we have to have structures of cooperation and cocreation, rather than competition. By using my “wheel of co-creation”, we can connect separate parts to make a new whole. There are 12 sectors of the wheel: economics, science, education, justice, health, spirituality, infrastructure, environment, media,

governance, relations and art. Individuals enter the sector where they feel the most passionate about creating something using their talents, gifts and skills and match their common goals with the talents, gifts and resources of others who are also in in that sector. Eventually, when all the sectors are complete, the partitions can be removed so that everyone has an enlightening experience of how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The wheel can be used on a local or global scale. Has this process been done somewhere? Yes, in Monterrey, Mexico, at a conference pioneered by Christina Gonzalez, wife of one of the former governors of Monterrey. I spoke at this conference several years ago. Afterwards, I met with young activists who were protesting the ineffectiveness of government and human services. I drew my wheel and asked them if they would like to fill it in with projects, initiatives and programs that were already working in their area. In 2014, with Christina’s help, I organized the process of connecting the separate parts for a “Social Synergy” event with my partner Juan Carlos Kaiten. Christina invited six universities from the area to research all wheel sectors regarding existing conditions. Government officials, university students and other in necessary participants collaborated with each other to explain projects—Golden Innovations—capable of making a real difference in Monterrey communities. On stage at the event, of-

Worldwide Meeting on Human Values: Building a Compassionate World October 23 to 25, in Monterrey, Mexico


he Seventh World Meeting on Human Values is an invitation to learn from the great social activists and work responsibly toward being co-creators of a historic moment in human evolution. People all over the world are aware that we need a new humanistic alternative in order to build a healthy life and a caring and wise community on a safer planet, which is currently under threat. We need our cultural values to survive and beget a new, fairer, spiritual and humane civilization. We need to find ways to perform these exercises together in collaborative synergy, locally and globally, to help promote the preservation of these values. To register, visit For more information, visit


ficials were amazed, because it never happens that the necessary individuals or groups come together in one place to ask how they can help and support your ideas. When and where will you repeat this experiment? The demonstration of social synergy was so successful that Christina asked me to organize a group of global leaders to identify and demonstrate their key initiatives, needs and resources needed to create a compassionate culture. Juan Carlos joined me and my Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and several others to organize a Social Synergy event during the Seventh Worldwide Meeting on Human Values: Building a Compassionate World. I am co-hosting with my partner Ervin Laszlo, founder and president of The Club of Budapest, who is also a Conscious Elder and a very distinguished evolutionary. We invited leaders such as Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in science; Justin Rosenstein, who invented the technology for Facebook’s “like” button; Bharat Mitra, founder of Organic India and the Uplift Movement; Marc Gafni, author of Unique Self; Sandra de Castro Buffington, who brings Hollywood producers together to hear the new story; as well as Mary Robinson, a former president of Ireland; and Claudio Naranjo, a Chilean-born psychiatrist who is considered a pioneer in integrating psychotherapy and the spiritual traditions. There are others. Social Synergy will be live-streamed on October from Monterrey as a part of Global Oneness Day 2015 summit.


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October 2015



Chiropractic Adjustment for Parkinson’s Disease by Carrie Jackson


or more than a century, chiropractors have used spinal adjustments and other treatments to provide relief to patients with concerns ranging from back pain to menstrual cramps. As alternative medicine is becoming more mainstream in Western culture, people are now seeking chiropractic treatments for degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. Although the treatments don’t actually slow the progression of a disease like Parkinson’s, patients can find reprieve from their symptoms and live an overall better quality of life. Dr. Randall Davis, a chiropractor at the Center for Holistic Medicine (, in Riverwoods/ Deerfield, who also maintains a private practice, says that although there are several different chiropractic techniques, the overall goal is to restore the body to normal functioning. “In general, chiropractic treatments involve the application of the mechanical forces to the spine, using the spine as a lever to facilitate the chiropractic adjustment. The chiropractor can use his or her hands or an instrument that also applies the specific forces to engage in the adjustment. “There are several elements to the adjustment, such as moving bones slightly and stretching and relaxing the muscles and ligaments. They also stimulate very specific nerve endings that are embedded in the spinal joint, which send messages into the spinal cord and brain to allow for muscle relaxation, increased range of motion, increased blood flow and circulation and reduction of pain,” he says.


For someone with Parkinson’s, which has widespread physical effects, chiropractic treatments can drastically improve overall functioning. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition that attacks the area of the brain which produces dopamine. “Without adequate dopamine, people will suffer from tremors or shaking of the hands, arms, legs, jaw and face, bradykinesia or slowness of movement, rigidity or stiffness of the limbs and trunk and postural instability or impaired balance and coordination,” according to Dr. Kristine Tohtz, the chiropractic director at Serenity Family Wellness in the West Loop ( Tohtz, who also has a degree in acupuncture, says that chiropractic adjustments can help


with some of the rigidity of the joints and muscles and also reduce the intensity of the tremors. Chiropractor Dr. Kim Martin, DC, FASA, BCIM, CFMP, founder and clinical director of North Shore Health Solutions (NorthShoreHealthSolutions. com) in Northbrook, has worked with Parkinson’s patients for 16 years, and says that over a course of treatments, they can regain some of their strength. “A patient presents with progressive loss of muscle control, which leads to trembling of the limbs, shaking of the head, stiffness in the body and slowness in movement and speech. As the condition gets worse, it may become difficult for a patient to walk because of balance issues and having trouble talking, swallowing and completing simple tasks like writing their name and buttoning their clothes. Chiropractic treatments relieve some of the pressure off bones and nerves, reducing symptoms,” she says. People with Parkinson’s often have a distinctive gait. They are slow to start walking, have a stooped posture and slow, shuffling steps. Constantly leaning forward can have serious impact on the health of a patient’s back. “Over time, that puts more weight bearing on the discs and puts pressure on the nerves. A patient might have numbness and tingling in their arms. A chiropractic treatment can release this pressure and allow them to stand more upright and free them from pain,” says Dr. Sean Curry, a chiropractor who specializes in the importance of proper body communication at East Back Chiropractic (, in downtown Chicago. Curry says that his patients often have a significant loss of range of motion in their hips, lower back and sacroiliac joint, but part of the shuffling is also about fear. “They’re not confident they’re going to be able to take that step because their gross motor movements are compromised and they hesitate. I start all of my assessments with a neuromuscular functioning capacity exam, which gives us an understanding of their baseline abilities,” he says. At Aligned Modern Health (, in the West Loop, the focus is on overall functional assessments and treatments. Dr. Vince Roberts is the lead chiroprac-

tic physician there and has more than 17 years of experience working with patients will all kinds of symptoms. “If I detect a neurological issue such as Parkinson’s, I’ll refer them for further testing and treatment. Parkinson’s is also a disease of the motor system and affects how you posturally hold yourself up and how you move through space. In our offices we do adjustments, but we also do mobilization techniques and functional testing. We consider blood testing, intestinal health, the endocrine system, supplements, massage, acupuncture and traditional rehab. When things get more complex with a Parkinson’s patient, they’re in better hands if they also see a neurologist. If we just treat them with chiropractic adjustments, we’re being shortsighted,” says Roberts. Roberts will often refer patients to other specialists in the practice to get complementary treatments. He works closely with Dr. Jessica Hehmeyer, who is a chiropractic doctor and also certified in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. Hehmeyer focuses on detoxification and reducing inflammation. “It is believed that people with Parkinson’s are genetically predisposed for compromised detoxification pathways, leading to increased toxic burden. Toxins are very damaging to the nervous system, and early exposure to heavy metals and pesticides is thought to increase your risk for the disease. Also, these individuals require an above-average amount of nutrients such as B vitamins and antioxidants, which are necessary for detoxification to occur. “In working with patients with Parkinson’s disease, our first step is doing a urinary assessment for common toxins such as copper, mercury, lead, aluminum and pesticides. Our next step is minimizing exposure to toxins and using targeted nutrition and supplement interventions to address the problem at hand,” she says. Hehmeyer also encourages natural detoxification through sweating and stresses that exercise is vital for people with Parkinson’s. Looking at the patient’s overall health and quality of life is key for any chiropractor. Martin says that besides chiropractic treatments, it’s important to look at the person’s entire physiology, and suggests her patients follow a

gluten-free diet. Tohtz recommends an anti-inflammatory diet, regular exercise, stress reduction and a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night. Davis says that preventative care and regular follow-up treatments will improve the quality and lifestyle of the patient by allowing them to move more freely, be more active and go through their day with less pain and discomfort. Curry stresses that the best thing he can do it to help his patients live as optimally as possible through palliative approaches. “I treated an older man who not only was depressed, but he had trouble moving the muscles in his face. I told him

that each time he came in, we had to tell each other a joke. He left my office laughing, which allowed him to feel like a normal person again.” Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based writer and frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings Chicago. Connect at See ad for Center for Holistic Medicine on page 33 and in the Community Resource Guide. See ad for North Shore Health Solutions on page 11, in the Community Resource Guide and at

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natural awakenings

October 2015


Limit radiation exposure to the breasts

Tips for

National Breast Health Month by Nick LeRoy

Breast health is defined as the absence of disease—namely cancer. It follows that because cancer is a continuum of cells becoming more and more abnormal, the healthiest breasts would be the least likely to develop cancer. These suggestions are evidence-based modifications that will improve the health of everyone’s breasts.

Maintain a healthy body weight

Excess body fat is correlated with a 30 to 60 percent increased risk of breast cancer due to higher levels of insulin and estrogen. Insulin makes tumors grow, and too much estrogen can stimulate some breast tumors.


Limit alcohol intake

Anything over one drink per day significantly increases risk of breast cancer by increasing aromatase activity. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts other hormones into estrogen. Too much aromatase activity means too much estrogen.


It’s been known that X-rays cause cancer for well over 100 years, so avoiding exposure to the breasts seems self-evident. This includes chest films, CT scans of the chest and mammography. Oddly enough, the one test that all women are told can save their lives may contribute to breast cancer, and this is especially true for women under 40 that have genetic risks such as BRCA mutations. Perhaps more importantly—because if mammograms were great at finding cancer, the risk of radiation may be worth it—recent studies, including the 25-year Canadian study published in the British Medical Journal last year, found that regular mammograms did nothing to save lives. Breast thermography, ultrasound and MRI may be better options.

Supplement with iodine

We usually think of it in relation to thyroid function, but the breasts store large amounts of iodine. Supplementation has been shown to alleviate fibrocystic breast disease, as well as prevent cancer. Five milligrams per day of a potassium iodide/iodine combination is optimal.

Maintain vitamin D levels

at 60-80 ng/ml. Studies have demonstrated that maintaining levels at a higher amount than usually recommended

confers an 80 percent reduction in breast cancer risk. Although we may be able to achieve this with sun exposure, the chances are we will not, and rather than damage our skin from UV radiation, it’s advisable to supplement orally. There are many factors that may affect breast health and cancer risk, including dietary fiber, bras, underarm antiperspirants, pesticides, hormones and chemical additives to foods and cosmetics; however, these tips presented here are better supported by current research. The best advice is to be proactive—eat right, exercise, and get adequate sleep to be happier, healthier and more secure about preventing cancer. Dr. Nick LeRoy, DC, MS, is the director of the Illinois Center for Progressive Health. He specializes in women’s health, including breast thermography and cervical dysplasia. See ad on page 31 and in the Community Resource Guide.

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October 2015



photo by Stephen Blancett

Slow Cooking 101

The Zen of Slow Cooking

Savor Your Autumn Harvest in One-Pot Dishes by Judith Fertig


utumn’s shorter days remind us how precious time is, especially when we can spend the hours with good friends and loved ones. That’s why Chicago mothers and bloggers Meg Barnhart and Jane McKay decided to try slow cooking with a Zen approach in creating family meals. With the time they save in food preparation—especially when one recipe can yield an extra lunch or dinner—they free up moments for both family interaction and their own spiritual practices. “Slow cooking with the sacred intention of slowing down creates a sense of peace and calm after a full day of work and school,” says Barnhart. Once she transitioned to this kind of meal planning and preparation on a regular basis, she realized that it allows her to be more attentive to her family’s needs while a healthy, tasty dinner basically cooks itself. With extra time for meditation and yoga in her daily life, she realizes increased clarity and focus for other interests and demands.


McKay enjoys the creative challenge of making family-pleasing, whole food recipes and converting conventionally cooked recipes for use with a slow cooker. “I especially love the bounty of the autumn harvest, which includes seasonal picks from our family’s urban garden,” she says. She’s found that root vegetables, squash, pumpkin, leeks, mushrooms, leafy greens, Brussels sprouts, apples, pears and nuts all translate well to lower temperature cooking for a longer period. Whether it’s a quick preparation that allows for other activities or a more contemplative, mindful endeavor that can be relaxing in itself, the recipes on the pair’s website, TheZenOf, are highly suited for busy people.

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month


Slow cookers have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1970s. Today, they come in all shapes and sizes, with inserts, timers and a wide range of settings. Barnhart and McKay recommend the five-tosix-quart size with a removable insert as the most practical. Food cooks in the insert, which can be washed and dried separately, so there’s no need to put the entire slow cooker in the sink to clean up afterwards. Because the slow cooker’s low temperature is about 200° F and the heat is indirect, the appliance uses less liquid than conventional cooking. Many of Barnhart and McKay’s easier recipes simply require putting the ingredients in the slow cooker, selecting the temperature, replacing the lid and turning the appliance on. Fresh garnishes, such as the roasted pumpkin seeds or fried sage leaves for the Butternut Squash Soup, make a crisper contrast to the softer texture of slow-cooked foods, notes McKay. Dishes like Sweet and Spicy Apples can be made the day before; leftovers taste delicious for breakfast with a dollop of yogurt. Barnhart and McKay make their own Sweet & Spicy Ground Spice Blend, available on their website, with proceeds funding cooking classes for adults with developmental disabilities. Judith Fertig blogs at AlfrescoFoodAnd from Overland Park, KS. See One-Pot recipes on page 36.


Rooting for the Home Team


6:50 PM



by Peg Shaeffer



CSA stands for community supported agriculture, a subscription service for delivery of local farm products. Members sign up in advance to receive a share in the harvest during the growing season. Here are a few favorite farm kitchen recipes. Cook them with colorful root crops such as carrots, parsnips and beets. The preparation is purposely simple to feature their natural earthy, sweetness.


Organic Ancient Grains Stone Milled in-house Keeps you fuller longer




Apple Cider-Glazed Parsnips and Carrots Yields: 4 servings 1 Tbsp unsalted butter 1 Tbsp olive oil 1½ to 1¾ lb assorted root vegetables, such as parsnips, rutabagas, carrots and golden beets, peeled and cut into ½-to ¾–inch pieces 1/8 to ¼ tsp salt 1 cup fresh apple cider ½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg, or to taste Combine the butter and oil in a large, deep saucepan over medium-high heat. When the butter has melted, add the vegetables and 1/8 teaspoon salt; toss to coat evenly. Add the cider and bring just to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium and cover, adjusting the heat so the liquid boils, but not rapidly. … continued on page 36


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October 2015


Cook for 20 to 25 minutes, until the vegetables are barely fork-tender (they should show just a little resistance when poked with the tines of a fork or a skewer).

Mindful Fall Recipes Millet and Miso Stuffed Acorn Squash with Sriracha Dressing photos by Stephen Blancett

Uncover and bring the liquid back to a rapid boil. Cook for about 8 minutes, until the liquid has reduced to a glaze. Sprinkle the vegetables with the nutmeg; toss to incorporate. Taste, and add salt as needed. Serve warm.

Butternut Squash Soup Yields: 6 servings Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Asian-Style Beets Yields: 4 servings 2 lb gold and/or chioggia beets Juice of 1 orange 1 Tbsp butter, softened 1 tsp peanut oil 1 tsp dark sesame oil 1 tsp hot chili oil 1 bunch beet or turnip greens, washed and chopped 1-2 Tbsp soy sauce Pepper to taste Cut beets into wedges and steam until tender, 20-30 minutes. Cool briefly, slip off skins and cut into wedges. Toss with orange juice, butter and pepper to taste; cover and keep warm. Meanwhile, heat heavy skillet over medium flame. Add oils. Add greens; cook, tossing often until limp. Toss in soy sauce and pepper to taste. Arrange beets over greens on platter. Recipes courtesy of Peg Shaeffer, of Sandhill Family Farms. 36

5-6 cups butternut squash, diced ½ cup or 1 carrot, chopped 1 cup or 1 small bunch scallions or spring onions, chopped 8 whole sage leaves, fresh (or 1 Tbsp dried) 1 Tbsp rosemary, fresh (or ½ Tbsp dried) 3 cups vegetable or chicken broth 1 cup organic dairy or non-dairy milk Suggested toppings: Slices of freshly toasted bread, drizzled with olive oil and cubed 1 /3 cup roasted pumpkin seeds 8 additional fresh sage leaves, fried 4 slices of lean bacon or tempeh, crispy and crumbled Place the squash, carrot, scallions, sage leaves, rosemary, chicken broth and milk into the slow cooker. Cover and cook on high setting for 3 hours or low for 6 hours. Then, blend using an immersion blender until smooth and leave covered until ready to serve. Make the toppings available to sprinkle and stir.

for more Mindful Fall Recipes Visit our website at Mindful-Fall-Recipes


Yields: 4 servings Prep Time: 15 minutes Coconut or organic olive oil 2 acorn squash, halved and deseeded 1 cup millet or quinoa ½ can garbanzo beans ½ cup raisins 1 tsp garlic powder ½ tsp black pepper 3 Tbsp fresh chives, snipped ¼ cup lemon juice 2 Tbsp white miso paste Olive oil 4 Tbsp pine nuts, toasted Dressing: 2 tsp Sriracha sauce 1 Tbsp lime juice ¼ cup plain or coconut milk yogurt

Oil the insert of the slow cooker with coconut or olive oil. On a chopping board, halve the acorn squash and scoop out the seeds. In a separate bowl, add the millet, garbanzo beans, raisins, garlic powder, black pepper and 2 tablespoons of the chives. Mix the lemon juice, miso and 2 /3 cup water in a cup and pour over the millet mixture. Stir well. Spoon the millet filling into the acorn squash. Cover and cook on low setting for 6 hours or high for 3 hours. Mix the ingredients for the Sriracha dressing in a small bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve. Once cooked, remove from the slow cooker and sprinkle with the remaining snipped chives and toasted pine nuts. Serve with the Sriracha dressing alongside.

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October 2015



EPA: A Muzzled Watchdog E.G. Vallianatos Seeks to Put Bite Back into the Agency by Randy Kambic

Of the many cases you cite of the EPA failing to curb industry wrongdoing, which one most compellingly signals the problem? It has to do with laboratories that test for human health and environmental effects 38

of chemicals used by farmers and drug manufacturers. Adrian Gross, at the EPA, accidentally discovered the greatest fraud [in this field], committed by a massive laboratory outside Chicago named Industrial Bio-Test that was confirmed by inspector colleagues at the Food and Drug Administration and eventually the EPA. It was being paid by the industry to test their chemicals, and instead of doing an honest accounting of chemicals registered with and approved by the government, they would fix the numbers to secure approval for the drugs or chemicals. The EPA shut down this laboratory in 1983, yet continues to outsource much of its responsibilities. Despite this and other illegal and criminal activities, the government still allows the chemical industry to test its own chemicals. It casts tremendous doubt on the reliability and credibility of the process. It’s the Achilles heel of the regulatory system. Science has been the greatest victim of this manipulation. Industry should be forbidden to test its own products and we need to establish truly independent laboratories. photo by Sonja Stump


.G. Vallianatos firmly believes that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is failing to adequately protect us. His deeply rooted conviction springs from 25 years of working for the agency. His latest book, Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the EPA, co-authored with environmental journalist McKay Jenkins, chronicles what he attests are numerous cases of lack of enforcement, corruption and misuse of science and public trust that have transformed it into a “polluter’s protection agency.” He especially documents the dangers of chemicals that enter our air, soil and water every day that are either approved—or sometimes ignored—by the agency. He’s the author of four previous books, including Harvest of Devastation and This Land is Their Land: How Corporate Farms Threaten the World, and blogs for The Huffington Post. Vallianatos, who transitioned from championing integrity from inside the EPA in 2004, recommends ways to change how the agency operates. Key needs include improved site selection for garbage dumps, oil refineries and manufacturers; and strong support for organic, sustainable and small-scale farming.

In Poison Spring, what do you mean by, “Women have long been getting the brunt of global pollution”? In 1977, a former colleague testified to Congress on the discovery of DDT and other chemicals in mother’s milk. Today, we find it includes many more widely used chemicals such as Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate. Breast milk has been contaminated by what mothers


eat, breathe and drink. Even beyond milk, they have no option not to pass on what’s in their bodies to their newborn. We have forced women to put the next generation at risk. If anyone wants to know the biggest factor on why the healthcare system is failing, this is it.

Fracking is the latest crisis of which the EPA is, in your words, “once again looking the other way.” How can we halt it? Fracking sends tremendous volumes of water mixed with more than 100 toxic chemicals deep into the Earth using intense pressure, smashing bedrock and other sediments to release gas and perhaps petroleum. Fracking not only contaminates groundwater, escaping methane gas is entering the atmosphere and warming the planet. It also causes lots of earthquakes. People can demand a ban of fracking in their neighborhoods. States and communities are beginning to do so.

Is it possible that the EPA can become truly independent, and how can we move forward together toward integrity? As more people are affected by the way industry is poisoning our environment, they’ll face the reality that we need the EPA to be much more strongly protective and isolated from the political corruption that’s been tying its hands. I love that the EPA employs many vitally important and capable scientists. Criticisms stem from its overall corruption by the political system. We need to have a Supreme Court-like EPA with an overall administrator appointing deputies, people with integrity that are open-minded as to what must be done if this country is to be healthy. Randy Kambic is a freelance writer and editor in Southwest Florida who regularly contributes to Natural Awakenings.




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natural awakenings

October 2015


Training The World’s Hearts to Beat as One An interview with Bruce Lipton by Linda Sechrist


ruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of The Biology of Belief and The Honeymoon Effect, is a stem cell biologist and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He is a visiting fellow lecturer on immunology at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and will participate in the Foundation for Conscious Evolution’s seventh Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, streamed live from Monterrey, Mexico, from October 23 to 25. Natural Awakenings Chicago recently asked Lipton about his thoughts on the new biology and conscious evolution.

What is epigenetics? Programmed with genetic determinism, many individuals believe that genes entering the fertilized egg at conception determine our character and cast our fate. In other words, some believe we are programmed to be victims of molecules called DNA. If you can’t pick your genes and have no control of your life, you become powerless, and seek someone in the biomedical community to take care of you and fix your genes. I introduced a new vision about the understanding of genes more than 48 years ago. It is now the new science of epigenetics. It sounds almost the same except for the revolutionary “epi”, which means “above.” The epigenetic control that is “above” the gene is a combination of the environment in which we live and our perception of it. This is significant since you are the one who regulates your own environment. You are the master of your genetics, rather than a victim of your heredity.

Do you believe epigenetics is the future of medicine? The new science of epigenetics is a rev40

What do you mean by saying the body is a virtual reality machine that is operated by our spiritual nature? I had no inclination towards spirituality until I studied how the environment controls the DNA in our cell nucleus and how no two people are the same biologically. If I put my cells in another human, their immune system will recognize it as “not-self” and begin to eliminate them.

Where is the “self” that makes people different?

Bruce Lipton

olution in our knowledge and awareness regarding heredity. This new concept of biology is so big that it’s going to bring about a radical change capable of producing a revolution within our civilization. Its dynamics are equivalent to the leap in knowledge from Newtonian physics to quantum physics, which led to everything from computers to cell phones and Martian rovers. We are free to leave behind the belief that genes cause cancer. In changing our lifestyle, beliefs and perceptions, we also change our genetic expression. How you interpret the world is translated by the brain into chemical information that adjusts the behavior and genetics of cells to complement your perception of the world. You could live in the healthiest environment, but if your mind perceives it as threatening and non-supportive, your biology will become less healthy and can generate disease. The cells’ response is based on the brain’s information, which in actuality is only an interpretation. Your perceptions and the way you live adjusts the genes to manifest either a functional state of health or one of dysfunction.


On the surface of virtually all of our cells there are thousands of protein receptors that function like miniature antennae. These protein receptors read and respond to environmental signals in the same manner as the “receptors” on the surface of our skin, such as our eyes, ears, and nose. Each human also possesses a unique set of “identity” receptors, a subset of which are called “self-receptors” by the biomedical community. These identity-providing sets of “self-receptors” found on almost all of our cells, with the primary exception of red blood cells, are not related to the cell’s function (i.e., as muscle, bone, brain, and heart). Conventional medicine studies the physical aspect of self-receptors as being the source of “self.” Unfortunately, they are overlooking the environmental “signals” received by these self-receptors. In other words, my identity, your identity and everyone else’s, is linked to the signal received by the antennae. When I got to this point in my research, I realized that we can’t die because our real identity is represented by the invisible environment-derived “broadcast,” which might legitimately be referred to as spirit. My personal identity signal is received by each of my 50 trillion cells endowed with the unique set of “Bruce” self-receptors. While my physical body is like a TV, the “spiritual-broadcast” representing the Bruce Show is an eternal, energetic element of the environment.

What is entrainment and why is it important today? A group of heart cells in a Petri dish

will each beat on its own vibrational frequency. After a couple of days, the heart cells start beating in synchrony with each other, because the stronger heart cells control the tempo of the beat. The other cells organize their behavior to entrain and be in synch with the more powerful one. This happens in women’s dormitories at the beginning of school year when they have different menstrual cycles. Later in the school year, there is an entrainment, and women’s menstrual cycles begin and end about the same time. That’s because they were linking to a pulse and a beat, just like the heart cells. Humans become entrained to a higher force that is an invisible broadcast of energy in harmony or in discordance. If we all held the intention for living a life of love and peace, the broadcast of that harmonic energy would be amplified and individuals who are not quite there would eventually entrain to the stronger signal of peace and love. This is the shift we need to make for conscious evolution to occur. For more information, visit

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on spring. She and her husband, Bob, grow nearly all the vegetables they’ll use for the year in the resulting backyard garden, noting that New Hampshire ranks number three for locavore support according to the national She recommends, “Start small, with a plant or two, and then make one change a week toward greater self-sustainable living.”

Success Tips

Greenhouse Magic Eat Homegrown Organic Veggies Year-Round by Avery Mack


uch of America’s supermarket produce is expected to ripen in trucks, stores or at home after traveling many hundreds of miles from field to table. During the past six years, as Americans’ hunger for fresher, bettertasting food has deepened, the number of home gardens has risen by 8 percent, to 113 million. That’s more than one for every three people. Organic gardeners and others find that adding a greenhouse provides just-picked fruit and vegetables at their natural peak of ripeness and significantly extends the growing season. Preplanted seeds and seedlings flourish in the protected environment and provide robust plants for an outdoor garden. Many vegetables, especially greens, can provide multiple harvests in the greenhouse well into the colder months.

Explore Fresh Horizons

“Greenhouse gardens are a constant experiment,” says Roger Marshall, author of The Greenhouse Gardener’s Manual, in Jamestown, Rhode Island. “I grew olive trees from seed, but they 42

A greenhouse that creates a warm environment for plants during cold weather may also overheat. “Air circulation is vital; vents and fans are necessary to maintain the right temperature,” advises Longacre, explaining that plants can’t breathe in a damp house. She suggests, “Water only when absolutely necessary and at the soil line, not on the leaves. In hot climates, use shade cloth on the top and sides of the greenhouse.” There are destructive insects and beneficial insects, Longacre says. “Aphids will kill a crop. Ladybugs can eat 50 aphids a day, plus mites and larva. After the aphids are gone, ladybugs like parsley, dill and geraniums for lunch. That will keep them around in case aphids return.” Ladybugs can be ordered online; stick to local species. Some plants, like tomatoes, eggplant or winter fruits, need pollination that can be applied by hand, but it’s time-consuming. An easier solution is to use vibrating trays to shake pollen loose and fans that distribute it from plant-to-plant.

were sterile, so I had to buy propagated trees. Like my fig tree, everything will eventually outgrow the space allotted for it.” The plants get nothing unless you provide it, adds Marshall. His two, 300-square-foot greenhouses use 100 gallons of water every three days, some collected in 55-gallon rain barrels. During winters, the unheated greenhouse protects leafy greens and Southern Climes, Too root crops. HydroEven in warmer ponic lettuce and climates, a greenChange from yard herbs share the house has benefits. shoes to greenhouse propane-heated In Orlando, Florida, greenhouse with sisters Katherine shoes to avoid figs, lemon grass, and Jessica Grandey cross-contamination. ginger, galangal make good use of and nine citrus a 200-square-foot trees. He opines greenhouse of vertithere’s nothing like fresh cal aeroponic towers. No Key lime pie in January. soil or additional water In Alstead, New ing is used because plant Hampshire, Celeste Lonroots receive a nutrient gacre, author of Celeste’s solution. The small space Garden Delights, uses provides the same amount her home greenhouse to of greens as a one-acre plot give seedlings a head start of land while using a tenth of


the water, maturing from seed to tableready produce in five to seven weeks. The siblings donate a portion of their chemical-free crop to GrowGreen4Women, a nonprofit group that supports cancer patients.

Benefits Beyond Veggies In Norwalk, Iowa, Master Gardener Richard Schreiber, membership director for the Hobby Greenhouse Association, collects succulents and cacti. He keeps his 500-square-foot greenhouse at 50 degrees during chilly months. “After experiments and mistakes, hobbyists find what works best for them. The resultant mix often includes both flowering and fruiting plants,” says Master Gardener Tom Karasek, the association’s president, in Longview, Washington. “All greenhouses have microclimates for more or less light or humidity and cooler or warmer temperatures.” For added value, greenhouse gardens act as insulation when situated on a rooftop to reduce heating and cooling costs, plus divert rainwater from drainage systems; the latter being especially valuable in urban zones. Whatever its size or scope, greenhouse gardening also shelters a sense of community. As gardeners trade vegetables for a fisherman’s excess catch or as a thank-you for the loan of tools, they share both lively fare and their love of discovery. Connect with the freelance writer via

Bialy's Wellness Foundation

HEARTLAND Animal Shelter

Helping Special needS animalS

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Fort Worth area, is certified to perform spinal adjustments and acupuncture on animals. Having practiced equine sports medicine since 1982, Willard elected in 2005 to extend his education with 200 hours of classroom and laboratory training according to the standard of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Willard had been a skeptic prior to his personal experience. “To help me deal with a compound fracture, my wife dragged me to see a chiropractor. After reaping the physical benefits, I was naturally curious to learn more. Today, I treat the majority of my patients with chiropractic and acupuncture before using conventional treatments,” advises Willard, who emphasizes that he finds these complementary therapies useful in preventing injuries. At one of the barns Willard works with, nearly every performance horse gets an adjustment every 30 days, because the owners can spot subtle differences long before a potential injury occurs. In North America, laws and regulations governing animal chiropractic differ by state. American Veterinary Medicine Association guidelines recommend that a veterinarian should examine an animal and establish a preliminary diagnosis before initiating any alternative treatment. In some locations, a veterinarian must supervise treatments by an animal chiropractor that’s not also a vet. Doctor of Chiropractic Donna Gigliotti, who practices at Macungie Animal Hospital, in Macungie, Pennsylvania, has been treating animals in collaboration with local veterinarians since 1997. She regularly lectures on the benefits and combines techniques such as neurofascial release, which affects the joints, muscles, ligaments and brain. This type of therapy is highly effective in treating genetic predispositions such as canine intervertebral disc disease, which by Linda Sechrist can occur in any dog, but most particularly the dachshund, Lhasa apso and Shih Tzu. Selected for a genetic lthough pet owners may consider animal October is form of dwarfism, these breeds have discs prone chiropractic services as a modern-day to this age-related form of degeneration. National phenomenon, it’s been around since the To help delay such related impacts, Gigliotti early 1920s. Proof resides at the Palmer College Chiropractic teaches owners to work with their pet to train them of Chiropractic library in a report describing an to perform balance exercises that develop the core equine chiropractic adjustment course created by Health Month. muscles which hold the spine firmly in place. “I B. J. Palmer, who expanded on the work of his fadon’t want to repeatedly see a dog for the same issues when ther, D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic. It also houses it’s possible for the animal to maintain the adjustment with the doctor of chiropractic veterinary diploma issued to graduthe owner’s help,” notes Gigliotti, who is among a few docates. Today, the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association tors that have completed advanced neurology training for (AVCA) is the primary national source of credentials in a field animals at the Healing Oasis Wellness Center, in Sturtevant, of medicine that treats horses, dogs, cats, cattle, pigs, sheep, Wisconsin. goats, elephants, birds and reptiles. “Animal chiropractic techniques can also help with Human and animal chiropractic medicine deals with symptoms such as lameness, skin problems, bladder and describing the relationship between the spinal column and bowel irregularities, sight and hearing loss, breathing difnervous system, as well as its crucial role in maintaining ficulties, food and environmental allergies and gait abnoroverall health. This methodology for animals is especially malities,” advises Doctor of Chiropractic Sherry Bresnahan. helpful for enhancing performance—in breeding, trainLicensed in the care of humans and animals, she holds AVCA ing and grooming dogs to conform to the specifications of certification and applies her extensive postgraduate training American Kennel Club dog shows and/or agility competiat Crystal Lake Veterinary Hospital, in Crystal Lake, Illinois. tions—and for horses that compete as jumpers, distance race horses or barrel racers. Owner Alert “A pet’s biggest asset is an observant owner. No one knows Exacting Practicum their constant companion better,” says Bresnahan. “It’s why Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Bob Willard, in the Dallas/ vets hear statements such as, ‘My cat’s meow is off,’ or,

Animal Chiropractic The Benefits of a Well-Adjusted Pet




A whisper… a heart-to-heart connection which provides access to wisdom, grace, and love for our animals to share with us.

l a m i An ication n u m om



Globalfest Asia 2015 Friday, October 16 from 5:30-9:00 Open Secret Studio: 401 N. Racine, Chicago IL

assists in deepening the connection between you and your animal companion.

Enjoy small bites, an open bar featuring craft beer, wine, and fair trade cocktails, a fabulous silent auction, and raffle

Call Linda Roberts at 312-231-5607 about consultations and classes.

For more information, call 312-212-1760 or visit

Whispers of Love


Shaman • Reiki Master Teacher • Medical Intuitive • Belly Dance


adjustment on a horse or rodeo bull. Chiropractors that specialize in treating animals are adept at reading the body language of nearly any creature, which can speak volumes about their health challenges. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at

oyal Treatment

4130 N. Rockwell Street Chicago

Veterinary Center

Mark Boyer photographer

‘My dog is acting lethargic,’ or ‘My pet’s eyes seem dull.’ In performance animals like horses, it’s generally the rider that spots something that’s off.” She explains that although she doesn’t need to apply any more chiropractic pressure on animals than she uses on people, it is necessary to stand on bales of hay to place the upper body and hands at the correct angle when making an

Dr Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA Author of The Royal Treatment: A Natural Approach to Wildly Healthy Pets (available at

Make Your Pet Wildly Healthy Call 773-267-9966 today to schedule a consultation. email us at: •

Primary Veterinary Care • Acupuncture • Chiropractic • Cold Laser Light Therapy Geriatric & Chronic Care • Massage Therapy • Muscle Conditioning • No-Anesthesia Dentals Nutrition & Supplement Consultation • Underwater Treadmill Therapy • Veterinary Rehabilitation natural awakenings

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Social Change is Embracing a New Paradigm

by Emanuel Kuntzelman


hese are different times. Globalization, for better or worse, is a doubleedged sword when it comes to its effects on cultures and traditions, and has brought about a human interconnectedness like we have never had before. This is a game-changer. The rules are different and a positive effect can be seen in our awareness, need and approach to solving crises around the world. Through crowdfunding, social media communication and cooperation, anyone can have the power to join this conscious movement at a grassroots level. When the change we are asking for involves saving our planet and helping each individual enjoy their basic, human needs, it is becoming more difficult for people not to support these causes. One of the keys to a successful social transformation is to discover our unifying story, one that shifts toward a deep respect for all fellow humans and the environment. Our collaborative efforts are no longer about simply alleviating grievances or just one specific cause; this planetary awakening encompasses all facets of personal and social transformation. In the past, when we looked at the sociology behind previous movements, there tended to be a limited analytical approach to summarizing the differences between collective behavior and social movement. What we are seeing today is not just one organized group working to46

gether, but a self-organized and organic collaboration between many groups of people working for the greater good of the planet and all of humanity. This revolution is not being led by an organization one can dissect. Environmental author Paul Hawken has wryly noted that there is no white, male vertebrate in charge here. There are no “isms” driving the philosophy behind this, unless it is something akin to standard “humanism” where we respect everyone’s rights and treat them with compassionate understanding. Sociologist Peter Dreyer said, “Every social movement has a division of labor.” But this is no mere social movement, and any division of labor will be filled by non-governmental organizations stepping forth to fulfill needs as the transformation grows. We are not going to have to depend on committees and the election of officials. This movement is widespread and spontaneous, and happening before our eyes. With our fresh water supplies drying up, deep spiritual conflicts being broadcast in the media and general unrest and violence occurring daily, we can see we are in need of a transformation. Despite what feels like a movement that is deeply divided, this is the very time we must actively engage in radical inclusion. This doesn’t mean that we all have to agree on extremist actions and opinions or condone them, but what


it does mean is that we need to understand these conflicting ideas in a larger transformative context and see them as part of the evolutionary process. This will come with our growth in emotional intelligence in society as a whole. To successfully ascend our evolutionary wave, we can’t set out to crush and destroy the current system, because we’re all interdependent. Instead, we must transform the system from the inside out. This can be done in a number of ways. We can collaborate with likeminded people and be generous with resources. When we are able to share leadership roles and a common goal, we can work together to create spaces where people’s voices can be heard and ideas respected and discussed. It’s also important as we work toward our evolutionary transformation to consider projects and changes that are beneficial for the community, rather than the agenda of a few. What can often be most difficult, but in the end extremely important, is focusing on coherence and consent, rather than engaging in debates that polarize the process. This creates an environment where people are engaged and empowered by knowing they are working toward changes that will be long-lasting. As a human species, we are realizing that we are all part of a grand movement. We are not a flawed or innately greedy species. Perhaps we have manifested this impression a great deal over the course of history, partially because it was easy to get away with it. That is no longer the case within the new paradigm. The leaders of the next generation will not have made their money building bombs and selling plastic, but instead will be the visionary thinkers spontaneously arising that have gained their influence by the amount of social enterprise and goodwill they have generated. Emanuel Kuntzelman is founder and president of Greenheart International, a global nonprofit that connects people and planet to create a more peaceful and sustainable global community via programs fostering cultural exchange, eco-fair trade, volunteerism, personal development and environmentalism. For more information, visit


Free Introductory Lecture Demonstration – 4-5:30pm. Find out about Ortho-Bionomy and how it works with the body’s powerfully effective healing reflexes. Pain-free, pain relief. NCTMBapproved CE provider. Everyone welcome. Space limited. Free. The Sun Center, 1818 N Wells St, 3rd Fl, Chicago. Must RSVP: 312-280-1070. 

Event sponsored by Natural Awakenings Chicago.

Breast Health Awareness Month Domestic Violence Awareness Month Nat’l Bullying Prevention Month Nat’l Spinal Health Month SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss  Awareness Month Vegetarian Awareness Month

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1 $10 Adjustment Kids’ Day – 5-6pm. 1st Thurs. Dr. Joseph Brannigan and staff provide kid and teen adjustments, plus free ice cream, a treasure chest, coloring and movies. Teens welcome too. Fee will be used to send a kid to camp at Parkview Church. Brannigan Chiropractic Center, 1400 Ravinia Pl, Orland Park. Appt required: 708-966-4413.

savethedate The Gift of the Dream: An Introduction – 7-9pm. Learn about the wisdom of dreams with Dr. Keren Vishny. Program includes a viewing of the film, An Appointment with a Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis by David Blum. There will be a discussion of the film and suggestions for working more deeply with dreams. $25. Zero Balancing Wellness Center, 809 Ridge Rd, Ste 200, Wilmette. 847-920-9292.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2 Fall Yoga Retreat – Oct 2-4. With Geri Bleier, a nationally-recognized yoga instructor. Weekend passes are available for local residents who wish to experience the full retreat but do not require a hotel suite. Heartland Spa, 335 Wrigley Dr, Lake Geneva, WI. For more info & to register: 262-248-2157. Harvest and Harmony Fest – Oct 2 & 3. 4-9pm, Fri; 11am-9pm, Sat. All ages will revel in 2 days of live music featuring a variety of other exciting musicians. Also includes drum circles, instrument petting zoo and more. Free. Ravinia Business District, Roger Williams Ave, Highland Par. Details: Beginning Zen Shiatsu – Oct 2-4 & 9-11. 7-10pm, Fri; 9am-4pm, Sat/Sun. Learn to give a basic 1-hr shiatsu treatment that you can share with friends and family. Course is a stand-alone offering; also the first 30 hrs of our complete shiatsu certification programs. $450 plus books. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. 847-864-1130.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 From Caterpillar to Butterfly – 10am-4pm. A magical journey with Sister Goddess Teacher of Transformation. A fall workshop to honor the fullness of you. $60, $48/members. Moksha Yoga Center, 2528 W Armitage Ave, Chicago. 773-235-9642.

Save Gas and Time when you

Call Ahead Calories: Why They Aren’t the Whole Story – 1-2pm. Presented by Dr. Sarah Graef, DC, LDN, CCN. $19/members $25/nonmembers. Vernon Hills Park District- Lakeview Fitness Center, 700 Lakeview Pkwy, Vernon Hills. 847-996-6330. The Spiritual Side of Lemuria and Atlantis – 2-5pm. With Dr. Rosita Rodriguez. The ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis were very different in their spiritual beliefs. Explore these differences and learn about the migrations to Egypt and other places before and during the sinking of these ancient lands. $45, $35/A.R.E. members. The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Info & register: 847-299-6535. Abundant Life Gala Anniversary Dinner – 6-9pm. Celebrate the 5-yr anniversary with a special dinner catered by Maggiano’s; wine available for purchase. Musical entertainment provided by The Grateful Living. $50/person. Patty Turner Center, 375 Elm St, Deerfield. 847-337-3866. Tickets: or Gong Meditation – 7-8:30pm. With Chuck Frenkel and Polly Liontis. $35. North Shore Yoga, 310 Happ Rd, Ste 216. Northfield. 847-784-8844. Kirtan & Sacred Sound Creation – 7:30-10pm. Come join us for an eclectic-organic blending of kirtan chanting, meditation and sound healing. Shanti and Ananda Lila will create an integrative musical soundscape to share participatory chanting of sacred songs and mantras from different traditions. Together we will create a sacred space for moving into silence, transformation and freedom. Let’s melt into unity and the serenity of a peaceful heart. $15. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4 Day of Unity Against Domestic Violence “No Experience Necessary” Watercolor Painting – 10am. Instructor: Kathleen Beening. Class focuses on combining your inner creative Goddess with techniques such as wet-into-wet, dry brush and working with the color wheel. You will be proud to display your finished painting by the end of class. Instructor available after class for private chakra and intuitive sessions. $50 includes all materials. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

Parenting the Love and Logic Way – Sundays, Oct 4-Nov 8. 6-8pm. With Lynn Barrette, LCSW. A straightforward parenting class designed by the Love and Logic Institute to give parents, grandparents, and caregivers practical skills that can be used right away. Learn how to avoid un-winnable powerstruggles and arguments, stay calm, set enforceable limits and more. Parent Handbooks $10; free-will offering/class. Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Pre-registration is required: 224-828-9877 or

MONDAY, OCTOBER 5 See for the latest events. THRIVE 2015 Conference – 8am-6pm. A one-of-a-kind, power-packed day for female business leaders ready to up their game and make their businesses thrive. Workshop topics include protecting a small to midsize business from cyberattacks, raising small business capital, entrepreneurial confidence, using technology to increase personal productivity, best practices in pitching new business, creating the perfect partnership, building a healthy lifestyle and collaborative leadership. $190 with special pricing for NAWBO Chicago members. Ritz-Carlton, 160 E Pearson St, Chicago. To register: 312-224-2605 or

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6 SoulCollage Workshop – 10am. Instructor: Dr. Lindsey. Have you ever wanted to see your thoughts spring to life in a beautiful and artistic way? SoulCollage is a creative practice that can gently guide you into learning about your own psyche through the use of collaged pictures. It can help you focus, reduce stress, find your inner truth and find answers to your questions. Instructor available after class for private spiritual and intuitive sessions. $25 includes all material. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7 Naturopathic Medicine Week (Oct 7-13) Women’s Networking Group – 11:30am-1pm. 1st Wed. Offered through the Hoffman Estates Chamber of Commerce. Buy own lunch. Location varies around Hoffman Estates. Go Green Highland Park Meeting – 12-1:30pm. 1st Wed. All are welcome to attend. If you would like to be involved but are unable to attend, email us. Madame ZuZu’s, 582 Roger Williams Ave, Highland Park. More info:

Solful Sunday: Understanding Vibrations of Colors, Sounds, Scents – 1-4pm. Learn how they affect us. Free themed spiritual networking/potluck. Solful Gifts, 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling.

natural natural awakenings awakenings

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The Adoption Process from A to Z – 7-9:15pm. Attorney Sally Wildman explores fundamentals of adopting a child and basic legal steps of this process. Highlights include different types of adoption, resources for initiating a search for an available child, and today’s trend of “openness.” Program open to public; preregistration necessary. $30. Adult Education Lyons Township, Lyons Twp High School, 100 S Brainard Ave, La Grange. Registration required; Course # 70100: 708-579-6573 or (The Adoption Process is under “Home & Family” in the catalog, p 15).

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 8 Healing Meditation – 7pm. With Dr. Nick Kuennen. $20. Wellness Source, 1245 Milwaukee Ave, Ste 202B, Glenview. 224-413-3500. Solful Astrology: Egyptian Astrology Workshop – 7-9pm. Solful Gifts, 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 See for the latest events.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10 Psychic Intuitive Development Class – 10am. Instructor: Rebecca Brown. The best way to improve intuition is to practice with other people. Clear out the cobwebs, relax the body tension and quiet the racing mind. The class is like a vitamin shot for your imagination. Instructor available after class for private chakra and intuitive sessions. $25. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

savethedate Chicago Vegan Mania 2015 – 10am-5pm. Celebrate Chicagoland’s vegan community, culture, commerce, cuisine and couture. Sample food, listen to speakers, enjoy live music, dance and fashion exhibit, art show and dozens of vendors. Free. Broadway Armory, 5917 N Broadway, Chicago. Local Vendor Tastings – Oct 10 & 11. 11am4pm. Featuring specialties from local food companies. Heinen’s Grocery Store, 2503 Waukegan Rd, Bannockburn & 500 N Hough St, Barrington. Psychic Holistic Fair – 11am-6pm. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa offers monthly Psychic Holistic Fairs on the 2nd full weekend each month. The majority of our practitioners have been featured on TV, radio, podcasts, magazines and books. Each day of the event has many options and each day the options are different. Our Retail Boutique is open during the event and we also have different Artist Trunk Shows out front each day. First come, first served. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

Chicago IANDS Presents: Movies, Movies, Movies – 2-5pm. We will show 2 amazing full-length movies, one about life between lives and one interviews those who have passed. Support/study group/resource/forum for spiritual experiences, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, losses, research. $20 suggested donation. Evanston Hospital, Frank Auditorium, 2650 Ridge Ave, Evanston. 847-251-5758. 2020 Vision: Connecting Co-Creators Worldwide – 2-8pm. Visionary/Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland present Annual Awards Event to Honor Chicagoland Innovators and New Initiative Towards the Birth a of Co-Creative Humanity. $65/general admission, $85/Premium Seating (all seating includes meal). Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2746 N Magnolia, Chicago. Tickets: 847-660-4454 or

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 Al Hijra (Islamic) Neck Pain, Whiplash, Sciatica, Back Pain, Alignment – Oct 14-18. 8:30am-6pm. Neck pain, whiplash, sciatica, back pain, alignment for spine-pelvisribcage, Ortho-Bionomy® Immersion Training. Advanced Instructor Ann Hoeffel, 30 yrs experience, 4,600 hrs training. Powerful healing reflexes; pain-free pain relief. Work with ease, get better results. NCTMB-approved CE provider. 10 students max. $845. The Sun Center, 1818 N Wells St, 3rd Fl, Chicago. 312-280-1070. 

Nat’l Coming Out Day World Rainforest Week

Lessons in Truth: Spiritual Education and Enrichment Class for Unity Credit – Wednesdays, Oct 14-Nov 11. 6:30-8:30pm. An exploration of Unity’s oldest book, Lessons in Truth, first published in 1903, by H. Emilie Cady, homeopathic doctor and New Thought metaphysician. As Ernest Wilson put it, “Next to the Bible itself, Dr. Cady’s Lessons in Truth is Unity’s primary textbook.” $85; $75 registered by Oct 11. Patty Turner Center, 375 Elm St, Deerfield. 847-337-3866.

Intuition & A.K., Muscle Testing – 9:30-10:30am. Experience and learn both muscle testing and get more in touch with you Inner knowing, or intuition. Free, 1 CE, and then a more intensive Intuition & A.K., muscle testing workshop at 11am-1pm, $20, 2 CEs. SoderWorld Healing Arts, 16 W 501 Nielson Ln, Willowbrook. Tom Masbaum: 708-955-3634.

UFOs Every Day Somewhere in the World – 6:308:30pm. Crop Circles in the same places repeatedly? St. Malachy, a Catholic saint prophesied that this would be the Last Pope? Jesus? Maitreya? Save our Planet? How are these all related? Discussion and many handouts as Food For Thought on this subject. Free. Garrett Wellness, 3020 N Kimball, Chicago. Tom Masbaum: 708-955-3634.

Psychic Holistic Fair – 11am-4pm. See Oct 10 description. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

Are You Tired of Living with Shoulder Pain? – 7-7:30pm. Is your shoulder pain keeping you from doing the things you love to do? If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you. During this 30-min workshop, learn exercises that will help restore shoulder motion. Free. With Daryl Newman, DN. North Shore Fitness & Wellness, 3330 Dundee Rd, Ste S5. Northbrook. Register by Oct 12: 847-272-3700.


Enchanted Pumpkins – 1-2:30pm. Bring your favorite princess with you to the class to create a princess carriage out of pumpkins and gourds. Carve and decorate a carriage that is fit for any princess, then take your creation home to enjoy. Oak Park Conservatory, 615 Garfield St, Oak Park.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 12 Indigenous People’s Day Dia de la Reza

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13 Navaratri (Hinduism) Free Heart Healthy Dinner Diabetes Event: Diabetes Breakthrough – 6:15pm, check in; 6:30pm, begins. Presented by: Kim Martin, DC, CFMP. Type II diabetes is reversible. We review the world’s 40+ most well-respected doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, pharmacists, and scientists reveal how to reverse Type II Diabetes at the recent Reversing Diabetes World Summit 2014. Type II diabetic adults only. 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook. 847-715-9060. Green Drinks Libertyville – 6:30pm. 2nd Tues. Like-minded people meet to discuss issues of environmental importance and build awareness. O’Toole’s Pub, 412 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville. For more info: or

Raydiant Pathways to a Raydiant Life – 7:309:30pm. Connect with the truth and power of your higher Raydiant Self. Complete a Raydiant Pathway, an advanced, interactive visual process using light, color, and geometry, and release limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. In minutes experience greater confidence, clarity and inner direction. Learn how you can use Raydiant Pathways online any time you need support to be at your best. Led by Peter Kime, creator of Raydiant Pathways. $15. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15 Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day Essential Oils with the Zyto – 5pm. Instructor: Kim Rader. Are you intrigued by the buzz about essential oils and their uses for wellness, emotional balance and more? Class includes your personal Zyto Bio Feedback Analysis to help reach your full balanced potential. No pressure opportunity to purchase essential oils at wholesale prices. $35. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order. ~John Burroughs 48 48

Chicago Chicago

Life Reboot Workshop Series: Level 1 & 2 – Oct 15 & 18. 7-9pm, Thurs; 2-5pm, Sun. Join Dianne Bischoff James for a Midlife Reboot and discover your path for living a joyful, authentic life. Based on the award-winning book, The Real Brass Ring: Change Your Life Course Now, Dianne will share the 14 Shortcuts for Happy Living and a wealth of information to make life transformation easy. $75. The Present Moment, Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W Church St, Libertyville. Register: 847-421-1441 or

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 EFT & Muscle Testing, Guest Speaker Slot & Workshops – Oct 16-19. Mid-America hypnosis Conference. 10 CEs available. Crowne Plaza, Northbrook. Tom Masbaum: 708-955-3634. Schedule: Globalfest: Chicago Fair Trade Gala Event – 5:30-9pm. Features a silent auction, raffle, small bites, fair trade chocolate fondue, craft beer, fair trade cocktails and wine as part of Globalfest. $55/advance; $65/at door. Open Secret Studio, 401 N Racine St, Chicago.

Holistic Fair – 10am-4pm. A dozen practitioners offering 30-min sessions for $35. Free admission. Free lectures and refreshments plus a chance to browse the bookstore and network with others with similar interests. Holiday Holistic Fair with vendors to be held Dec 12. The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Details: 847-299-6535.

Clearing the Womb Room: For Moms & Momsto-Be – 1pm. The birthing process can be stressful and scary with all that goes on in the delivery room. Learn how you can energetically clear the fear for peace and tranquility in your relationships and for those of your child. With Susan Curry of InteriorWerx. $10. Infiniteus Rocks & Juice, 1644 W North Avenue, Chicago. 312-479-7893. RSVP:

An Edgar Cayce Perspective on Astrology, Numerology and Past Lives – 10:30am-4:30pm. With David Birr and Susan Wisehart. Your astrology chart, individual birth date, name and past life regression reveal key information about your specific Soul lessons and abilities. Based on your birth date learn: what your 9-year cycle is for 2015; insights into patterns of your numerology signature through a group past life regression, your individual numerological life path lessons and potential karmic patterns, and a simple numerological method to understand relationship lessons. $40, lunch provided. Unity Church Wauwatosa, 1717 N 73rd St, Wauwatosa, WI. Register: Susan has offices in Des Plaines& Mundelein:

Solful Sunday: Deep Relaxation with Ajna Light – 1-4pm. Free themed spiritual networking/potluck. Solful Gifts, 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling.


Local Vendor Tastings – Oct 17 & 18. 11am4pm. Featuring specialties from local food companies. Heinen’s Grocery Store, 1020 Waukegan Rd, Glenview & 201 S Waukegan Rd, Lake Bluff.

Inspired and Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Life – 9am-4pm. Tama Kieves, bestselling author of Inspired and Unstoppable, will share an inspirational program of wild truth and passion for life. Through fun, time-tested breakthrough sessions, group support, and world-class guidance and coaching, attendees will experience a turning point day of devotion, focus, and discovering how to fuel themselves with passion and purpose. $100, $90/10 days advance. Infinity Foundation, 1282 Old Skokie Rd, Highland Park. 847-831-8828.

Finding True Self Workshop –Oct 17 & 18. 12-7:30pm, Sat; 9am-7pm, Sun. Designed to help you look at the mental and emotional patterns that keep you from living your best life, this workshop generates a powerful transformation that helps you reconnect with your true nature. Two days of physical exercises, group interaction, meditation, and reflection will help you open a path of greater understanding of yourself, your motivations and your potential. $145. Northbrook Body & Brain Center, 1947 Cherry Ln, Northbrook. RSVP: 708-226-0245. BodyNBrain. com/workshops/Finding-True-Self.

Myofascial Body Balance: Core, Spine and Breath – Oct 17 & 18. 9am-5pm. Taught by Magnus Eklund, BCSI, LMT 144 and CE teacher of myofascial work. Course covers the superficial fascia and advanced deep tissue techniques for opening the core and breath. Earn 14 CE hrs. No prerequisite required. $275/advance, $305/at door. National University of Health Sciences, 200 E Roosevelt Rd, Lombard. To register: 630-500-0337 or


Eating Bountifully For Your Body – 10am. Enjoy free smoothies as you learn which smoothie is best for you. Susan Curry of InteriorWerx intuitively determines which foods are best for your optimum nutrition this fall. $12. Bountiful Eatery, 3312 N Broadway, Chicago. 312-479-7893. RSVP: Manifestation Meditation – 10am. Instructor: Lisa DeMars. Transform what seem to be insurmountable issues in relationships, family, finances, career and health. Bring about clarity so confusion, tension, anxiety and behavior patterns that sabotage your desired results are brought into harmony. Using techniques of focusing we will resolve points of contention to achieve the results you desire. Instructor available after class for private chakra and intuitive sessions. $20. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

Community-Wide Health Fair – 8:30am-12:30pm. Flu shots available (bring insurance card). Participate in screenings for diabetes, bone density, blood pressure and balance. Information on nutrition and weight loss, foot, eye and hearing health also available. A separate blood drive will be held 8am12:30pm; email to make an appt. B’nai Jehoshua Beth Elohim (BJBE), 1201 Lake Cook Rd, Deerfield. 847-940-7575. Intuition Insight 101 – 10am. Instructor: Fran Verzosa. Have you ever replayed something that has happened in your life wishing you had made different choices or taken a different path? Did you feel this way because somewhere inside of you knew what was going to happen? Learn how to trust your inner truth and learn intuitive tools that will help you confirm what is in your heart. Instructor available after class for private chakra and intuitive sessions. $25. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

Accessing the Wisdom of the Body – 2-4pm. An exploration through various modalities that embrace non-linear movements, which our bodies are designed to make. Reconnect with this essential resource. $15. Evanston. Pre-registration required: Integrative Treatments for Depression & Anxiety – 3-4pm. Free, but registration required. Healing House, 11840 S Western Ave, Chicago. To register: 773-337-3880 or

MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 Embracing the Financial Side of Your Bodywork Business – Oct 19 & 26. 9am-4pm. This course is about simplicity and empowerment: the essentials to get on track and stay on track with the financial and recordkeeping activity of your heart-centered business. Class 1: learn what to keep track of and how to keep track of it. Class 2: hands-on problemsolving. 12 CE hrs for professional therapists. $240. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. 847-864-1130. Neurodiversity Book Discussion Group – Mondays, Oct 19-Dec 14, except Nov 23. 11:15am12:30pm. Facilitated by Archana Lal-Tabak, MD (Integrative Medicine Physician & Psychiatrist) & Jim Lal-Tabak (Wellness Educator, Experiential Tutor & Yoga Instructor). This guided discussion group will use the book, Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults: ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Asperger’s & Depression. Series of 8 classes. Drop-ins welcome. Reduced fees, work-study & scholarships available. $200/series; $30/class. Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute, 1618 Orrington Ave, Ste 206, Evanston. RSVP: 847-425-9355,

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 Birth of the B’Ab (Bahai’I) New Balance North Shore 20th Anniversary Celebration – Oct 20-31. Special anniversary sale. In addition to various contests, raffle drawings, and special giveaways during the 12-day celebration, customers will enjoy tremendous savings as New Balance’s best shoes will be available at 1995 prices. New Balance family fun day, Oct 24, 10am-4pm, with a variety of activities and entertainment for kids of all ages. New Balance North Shore, 610 Central Ave, Highland Park. 847-266-8323.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus natural natural awakenings awakenings

October October 2015 2015

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Free Heart Healthy Dinner Diabetes Event: Diabetes Breakthrough – 6:15pm, check in; 6:30pm, begins. See Oct 13 listing. 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook. 847-715-9060. The Amazing World of Hummingbirds – 7pm. Hummingbirds are remarkable creatures, not the least for their ability to fly upside down and backwards. Chicago birder Denis Kania will explore the anatomical features that allow that unconventional flight, their role as pollinators, their fascinating relationships with plants, and why hummingbird species not previously recorded in Illinois are showing up in our backyards. Free. Heller Nature Center, 2821 Ridge Rd, Highland Park. For more info & complete schedule, Rena Cohen: 847-831-0331.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 Hypnosis I Certification Training – 1-8pm. Master through hands-on experience the practices of 3 leaders in the field: Erickson, Estabrooks, Elman. Relaxation and deepening techniques, mind/ body communication: ideo-motor signals, Full Body Catalepsy, self-hypnosis, therapeutic uses. 3 days. $795. Fairfield Inn, 216 E Ontario, Chicago  312-854-2270. Wellness Wednesday Institute – 6:45-8pm. 3rd Wed. Class explores the 5 brain wave frequencies, how they affect the body, mind and spirit, and various vibration meditations to bring you back into equilibrium. Explore, awaken and journey toward a healthier life and environment. Learn how to manifest an abundant, boundless life of love, peace and happiness by shifting your frequency. $25. Awaken Your Spirit & Embrace Your Journey, 319b Harrison St, Oak Park. To register: 312-720-2638,

savethedate The Adoption Process from A to Z – 7-9:15pm. Attorney Sally Wildman explores fundamentals of adopting a child and basic legal steps of this process. Highlights include different types of adoption, resources for initiating a search for an available child, and today’s trend of “openness.” Program open to public; preregistration necessary. $25. Community High School Districts 128, Vernon Hills High School, 145 Lakeview Pkwy, Vernon Hills. Registration required; Course # 090059-4899: 847-247-4576 or (The Adoption Process is under “Special Interest” in the catalog, p 34).

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22 Solful Astrology: Black Moon Lilith and Hidden Aspects of our Feminine Divine Workshop – 7-9pm. Solful Gifts, 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling.

savethedate Free Lecture: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path, Medically Verifiable – 7:30-9pm. The ancient civilizations of humanity spoke of the existence of a higher power that can help and heal. Bruno Groening (1906-1959), called this power “Heilstrom” or healing stream. He taught how one can absorb this natural healing power. The healings, even of so called incurable diseases, are occurring now as they did during his time. A multitude of healing reports have been medically documented and provide proof of this today.  In this lecture, attendees will be able to experience the healing stream for themselves. Speaker: Brigitte Schneider-Licensed Healing Practitioner, Germany. Free admission; donations appreciated. Winnetka Community House, Rm 211, 620 Lincoln Aven, Winnetka. 773-775-8855. Bright Body Attunement: Nourishing Aliveness – 7:30-9:30pm. Align your inner energy centers with your master blueprint for health and success. Enjoy new levels of vitality, clarity, and action for a goal of your choice. Work with Peter Kime, creator of Raydiant Lightware™, a revolutionary interactive visual tool for energy alignment and higher connection. $25; $30 after Oct 20. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23 The Feng Shui School of Chicago’s Professional Certification Training Program – Oct 23-26. This is the first session in  the 77-hr  certification that is recognized by the International Feng Shui Guild, as a Gold Level School. This in-person class is based on the front door of a space and is taught by Laurie Pawli, a student of Professor Lin Yun. Clubhouse Inn & Suites, 630 Pasquinelli Dr, Westmont. For info & to register: 630-279-8870 or Free Lecture: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path, Medically Verifiable  – 7-8:30pm.  See Oct 22 description. Bartlett Community Center, 700 S Bartlett Rd, Bartlett. 773-775-8855.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 Shura (Islam) United Nations Day Keys to Manifestation: Build Your Dreams – Linda Roberts, of Whispers of Love, Inc., will discuss energy clearing and ways to improve our lives through powerful manifestation techniques. Several other speakers will also offer life-improving ideas for participants. Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W Church St, Libertyville. Preregistration required: 312-231-5607 or The Well-Being Weekend – 8:30am-5pm. Theme: Put Fuel in Your Tank. Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W Church St, Libertyville. To register: The Bread Basket Theory Workshop – 1:30pm. With Marla Leavitt Goldberg. Negative energies are like a filler such as bread that fills us up when we are hungry and create a drag on our energies. Learn how to clear negative blocks in your life to feel positive

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Chicago Chicago

space and move forward. Part of the Well-Being Weekend presented by The Present Moment. Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W Church St, Libertyville. To register: Snow Birds: Winter Care for Chickens – 10am12pm. Learn how to help your hens through a cold winter. Class addresses the coop, the run, freezing water, feed and the birds themselves. Chicken-keeping class a prerequisite. Classroom at Garfield Park Conservatory, 100 N Central Park Ave, Chicago. 312-746-5092. Akashic Record Certification – Oct 24 & 25. 10am4pm. Learn to access own akashic records as well as the records of others. Be able to amplify your efforts in other systems and disciplines including counseling, body work, hand-on energy work, art and even business. After completion of the course, be granted certification from the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies as an Akashic Records Practitioner. $395, $380/10 days advance. Infinity Foundation, 1282 Old Skokie Rd, Highland Park. 847-831-8828. Family Fun Day: New Balance North Shore Celebrates 20th Anniversary – 10am-4pm. Fun for the entire family. Enjoy a variety of activities and live entertainment including contests, raffle drawings, special giveaways, music, jugglers, magicians and more. New Balance offering their very best shoes at 1995 prices. New Balance North Shore, 610 Central Ave, Highland Park. 847-266-8323. All Night Gong Bath with Crown of Eternity – 9pm-4:30am. It is a meditation; a dream-like state; a carefully honored space of intention; a deep and lasting vibrational cleansing for the body and soul; a profound journey through all levels of the self like you have never experienced before. $75. Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, 1304 W Washington Blvd, Chicago. 312-818-5791.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 25 Initial Awakening Workshop – 9am-6pm. This workshop helps you open up energy pathways, strengthen your core, and awaken your energy sense deeply. Enhance inner focus by delving deeper into the feeling of your physical body. $190. Mount Prospect Body & Brain Center, 1 W Rand Rd, Ste C, Mt Prospect. RSVP: 708-226-0245. Nature’s Heart Workshop and WonderWalk – 1:30-5:30pm. Awaken your heart’s 7 intelligence’s in preparation for deep communion with nature in this indoor-outdoor workshop. Activate your innate aboriginal way of knowing then step into the glories of Autumn on a self-directed WonderWalk. Receive guidance and support for your heart quest. Reconvene to share. Includes WonderWalk Field Journal and processes to deepen your experience. Led by Peter Kime, co-founder of Raydiant Day. $40; $45 after Oct 20. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register: Nourishing Women Series: Nutritional Therapies for Adrenal Stress – 5:30-6:30pm. Free. Beverly Yoga Center, 1917 W 103rd St, Chicago. To register: 773-239-9642. Free Lecture: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path, Medically Verifiable – 7:309pm.  See Oct 22 description. Dance Building, 1330 Webford Ave, Des Plaines. 773-775-8855.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 26 Happy Birthday re:fit – We are celebrating our 16th year of helping clients heal and feel their best. Help us celebrate with special events all week. Try a Pilates class or a massage. Raffles, food and information available on how to live your balance and feel the difference at re:fit. re:fit, 901 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. 847-657-0881. Evolution of Medicine Film Festival – 6:30pm. The filmmakers interweave dramatic personal arcs of patients and physicians with the stories of leaders, including Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Dean Ornish, battling to transform health care at the highest levels of medicine, industry, government and even the military. $10/Wheaton; $11/Hodgkins. Locations: 301 Rice Lake Square, Wheaton; 9201 63rd St, Hodgkins. For tickets: for Wheaton or for Hodgkins. Free Lecture: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path, Medically Verifiable – 7:30-9pm. See Oct 22 description. Gorton Community Center, Rm 1861, 400 E Illinois Rd, Lake Forest. 773-775-8855.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29 See for the latest events.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 Intuitive Spiritual Awareness Consultant Betty Riley – Oct 30 & Nov 1. She will be offering private 1-hr readings on Fri morning and afternoon and Sun, 2-5pm. Betty seeks to show you how to gain control over your own destiny and better understand your special purpose in this lifetime. $75/1-hr session. The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Registration required: 847-299-6535. Talking Drum – 8-10pm. Join us for a Talking Stick and Drumming Circle. Listen with your heart, communicate your truth, and celebrate life with a drum, feet, hands, shakers and more. Experience the support of the circle and drum up vitality and spirit for realizing your dreams. Led by Jim “Bear” Colum and Aliess Kime. $15 suggested donation. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27 See for the latest events. Free Heart Healthy Dinner Diabetes Event: Diabetes Breakthrough – 6:15pm, check in; 6:30pm, begins. See Oct 13 listing. 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook. 847-715-9060.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 28 NLP & Timeline Resolution Certifications Training – 1-8pm. Awaken the power of your mind in 9 immersive days. Advance interpersonal communications. Master body language to be more persuasive. Rewire negative programming, feelings, habits into greater capabilities. Heighten creativity, problem-solving abilities. Deepen change making it longer-lasting, faster plus more effective. Register before Oct 15 and save $400. $2,995. Level, 318 W Adams, Chicago. 312-854-2270.

savethedate THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Connect To Your Female Intuition – 7-9pm. Instructor: Elena Arrigo. Ladies, spend an evening exploring your female intuition. We’ll discuss the nature of intuition and why intuition and female energy go hand-in-hand. Learn a heart-based approach to focus your awareness and connect to your intuitive insights. $30. Location provided upon registration, near Main St & Dodge Ave, Evanston. More info & to register: 312-731-5065 or

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31 Halloween Samhain Aging, Death and Life on the Other Side – 10am4pm. With special guest speaker Betty Riley. What happens to us when we die? Where do we go? Do we all experience the same thing, including a Life Review? Do our loved ones become our Guardian Angels? Can we communicate with those who have passed over? What happens to those who commit suicide? Just a few of the questions to be answered in this workshop. $65, $55/ARE members. The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Info & register: 847-299-6535. Halloween: A Sacred Night for Honoring Our Ancestors, A Shamanic Journey – 8-9:30pm. Oct 31 is the Celtic New Year and the traditional time to celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth. On this sacred evening, through guided meditations, we will acknowledge our ancestors with gratitude and appreciation for all their efforts on our behalf and offer thanks for the gifts we have received from them. Looking to the year ahead, we will ask for their continued support for ourselves and our future generations. $22/advance, $29/at door. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. 847-864-1130.

Green Living Expo at McHenry County College – 10am-3pm. Come visit with over 70 businesses and organizations offering green products and services. Special exhibits this year focused on electric vehicles and studentled sustainability projects. Free. McHenry County College, 8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake. 815-455-8778.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Beginning Astrology Level 2 – Nov 9-Dec 14. 7:30-9:30pm. Learn transits, progressions, synastry, composite charts, solar arcs and solar returns. Requires basic astrological knowledge and a knowledge of interpretation. $180; $150 registration by Nov 2. Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W Belmont Ave, Chicago. 773-327-7224. Info@

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11 Gratitude: A Yoga Nidra Meditation – 7-8:30pm. With Corinne Peterson. Yoga nidra is a form of guided mindfulness meditation. In this workshop explore the Integrative Restoration (iRest®) approach to yoga nidra. It includes some gentle stretching, and a guided yoga nidra practice (while seated in a chair or laying down). Welcome the holiday season with gratitude. $25. Zero Balancing Wellness Center, 809 Ridge Rd, Ste 200, Wilmette. 847-920-9292.


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 Full Level One EFT with Certificate – 9:30am5pm. Success guaranteed for you to experience and learn how to release emotional and physical symptoms. 7 CEs. $89. Beyond Wellness, 16345 Harlem Ave, Tinley Park. Tom Masbaum: 708-955-3634. Elk Grove High School Annual Holiday Sampler – 10am-4pm. Visit the Relax By Scent booth. Stock up on handcrafted, environmentally friendly 100% soy candles, soy soaps and lotions for all your holiday gifts. $3 admission. 500 W Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove Village.

Understanding Astrological Interceptions – 12-5pm. Because interceptions are not visible or recognized within the person’s environment, intercepted energies and needs have neither been recognized nor met. Learn what they mean, their karmic implications, how to interpret, explain and assist in overcoming obstacles and blockages. You may bring charts to share and discuss for class interpretation. $75; $65 preregistered by Nov 8. Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W Belmont Ave, Chicago. 773-327-7224. Info@

natural awakenings

October 2015


ongoingevents Daily All Month 15% Off Supplements – Thru Oct. Receive 15% off any supplements when you schedule a Digestive System check up with Dr. Arutcheva. Did you know that 80% of all diseases begin in the digestive tract? The health of our digestive system is a reflection of overall health. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $50 Manicure/Pedicure + Hand/Feet Treatment with Guava Passion Mask – Thru Oct. Get your fingers/toes soaked, nails filed and cuticles trimmed. Hands/feet exfoliated, hydrated, massaged, and nourished. In addition, receive a hand/feet treatment. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $55 Swedish Massage – Thru Oct. Add $10 for Deep Tissue. Receive the classic form of full-body soft tissue massage which relaxes the body, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, enhances range of motion, and eases muscle aches and tension. Excellent for first-time clients. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $75 Facial with Free Scalp or Feet Treatment – Thru Oct. Enjoy our regular customized Organic Deep Cleansing Facial with a free treatment of your choosing between a Scalp or Feet Treatment. Facial offers deep exfoliation, hydration, and extractions, using all natural and organic ingredients. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $135 Aromatherapy Massage + Organic Deep Cleansing Facial – Thru Oct. This ultimate antistress massage is rhythmic and light. Finish your session of relaxation with an Organic Deep Cleansing Facial: customized facial offers deep exfoliation, hydration, and extractions, using all natural and organic ingredients. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. Children’s Dental Exam – Thru Dec 31. Start the new school year off right with a complimentary exam with bite-wing X-rays. Ages 2-18. Gaiamed Dental Spa, 929 Ridge Rd, Wilmette. For details & appt: 847-977-1655 or Dental Discount Plan – Allows patients without dental insurance to receive quality dental care at affordable prices. Gaiamed is offering free tooth whitening to each enrolled adult. Gaiamed Dental Spa, 929 Ridge Rd, Wilmette. For details & appt: 847-977-1655 or Fall Special Intuitive Readings – Thru Oct. $30/40-min readings. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Free Oral Cancer Screening – Thru Dec. Dr. Taf Paulson, DDS, of Chicago Holistic Dentistry, is offering a free oral cancer screening ($55 value) utilizing the state-of-the-art, patented VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System. Mention Natural Awakenings for special. Chicago Holistic Dentistry, 233 E Erie, Ste 816, Chicago. 312-944-7444.

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re:fit Special Offer – Thru Oct. To introduce the newest member of our team, Kai Milligan, a nationally certified massage therapist who practices numerous massage techniques. Regular price: $90/ hr, $120/90 mins. re:fit is offering a 30% discount. re:fit, 901 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. For appt: 847-657-0881.

Sunday Organic Facials – Sun & Mon. $45/45 mins plus free Salt relaxation room session ($15 value). SoWell/Solay, 4819 Main St, Skokie. Appt required: 847-676-5571. Jefferson Park Sunday Market – Thru Oct. 9:30am-1:30pm. 2nd & 4th Sun. Food and craft vendors and entertainment. Jefferson Park, corner of Lawrence & Long, Chicago. 773-282-3879. Celebration Service – 10am. A dynamic, conscious community rooted in universal spiritual principles. Music, inspiring message and a loving community. Childcare provided for birth-4; youth programming for 5-18. Awaken your inherent power and purpose through unconditional love, creativity and conscious community. Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2746 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago. 773-248-5683. Abundant Life Spiritual Center Sunday Service – 10-11:10am. Sunday celebration service with an inspiring spiritual message that directly applies to your life now. Pop/rock/indie music provided by The Grateful Living. Free. Patty Turner Center, 375 Elm St, Deerfield. 847-337-3866. Logan Square Farmers’ Market – Thru Oct 25. 10am-3pm. Food, music, entertainment, socializing, fun. Held on Logan Blvd from Milwaukee Ave to Whipple St, Chicago. Out Chicago Radio Program – 11am-1pm. The only local and live LGBT radio show in the Chicago Metro Area. Out Chicago is an outstanding new show about LGBT life, current events and civil rights hosted by Scott Duff, a Chicago-based actor, comedian, theatre educator and activist. On WCPTAM 820, WCPT-FM 92.7 (North), WCPY-FM 92.5 (West), and WCPQ-FM 99.9 (South). Call-in: 773-763-WCPT. Community Tai Chi/DahnMuDo Class – 2-3pm. Gentle but powerful movements that strengthen muscles and joints, improves your blood and energy circulation, correct skeletal imbalances, plus enhance your focus, concentration and confidence. Based on the Korean healing martial art, DahnMuDo (the way of limitless energy). Free or donation. Donations go to nonprofit Earth Citizens Organization for Heroes Leadership Program. Orland Park Body & Brain Center, 9204 W 159th St, Orland Park. RSVP: 708226-0245 or

Monday Acupuncture Sessions – Mon, Wed & Sat. $25/45- min in group setting or $45/private session. SoWell/Solay, 4819 Main St, Skokie. Appt required: 847-676-5571.

Chicago Chicago

Archangel Michael Monday – Receive a Saint Michael Angel card reading. Session is done with Doreen virtue Archangel Michael cards. During a reading expect to receive guidance answers and communication with Archangel Michael. Book appointment now and receive your special message from Archangel Michael take advantage of the $40 special for the month of Oct, unlimited time and questions. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Gluten-Free Monday – 10am-8pm. All gluten-free grocery items 10% off all-day long. Free. Earthly Goods Health Foods, 6951 Grand Ave, Gurnee. 847-855-9677.

markyourcalendar Footbath Detox Mondays – 11am-6pm. Sluggishness, fatigue, low energy and poor sleep? A 30-min ionic footbath stimulates cells to release toxins and rebalance the cellular system that is responsible for overall health. The process continues after the toxins are dislodged during treatment, allowing your entire body to function optimally. Save $10. Nutritional Health Solutions, 480 Elm Pl, Ste 108, Highland Park. 847-207-2034. Medium Monday – 11am-7pm. $50 medium readings with a complementary free clear quartz crystal. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. 50/50 Class: Zumba and POUND – 6:30-7:30pm. Aliza Mor, nationally certified instructor for over 5 years, will get the party started with 30 mins of Zumba followed by 30 mins of POUND (weighted drum sticks are used for a cardio/strength workout). Beginners are very welcome and no judgment is allowed here. Tash Fitness, 8816 N Bronx Ave, Skokie. Registration required: 847-379-5777.

Tuesday Palmistry Tuesday – 9am-7pm. $20 special. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Yoga for Health & Wellness – 6:45-8:15pm. With Jim Lal-Tabak. Gentle, therapeutic, ayurvedic, personalized, approach to hatha yoga, semi-private classes; students get individual attention. No experience necessary. $108/series of 5 classes; $25/dropin. Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute, 1618 Orrington Ave, Ste 206, Evanston. 847-977-3538. Shiatsu Student Clinic – 7 or 8pm. Clients receive a 45-min session from an advanced Zen Shiatsu student. Sessions are performed in a group setting with instructor observation. Live shakuhachi and singing bowl music is provided by Jia Senghe. $35/45-min or $90/3 treatments. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. Availability limited; for appts: 847-864-1130. Tai Chi Class – 8:15pm. Also Sat, 9am. Reduce stress; increase flexibility and balance; improve muscle strength and definition; increase energy; stamina and agility. Wear flat-soled shoes and loose fitting clothes. $10/class. Whole Health Acupuncture, 50 Turner Ave, Elk Grove Village. 847-357-3929.

Wednesday Near Infrared Sauna Sessions or Infrared Massage Traction Table – Wed-Fri. $15/30 mins. SoWell/Solay, 4819 Main St, Skokie. Appt required: 847-676-5571. Reiki Wednesday – $55/60-min healings. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Wellness Wednesdays – Your choice of Oxygenated Rife Lymphatic Detox, MediCupping or Raindrop Technique. $40. 150 E Cook Ave, Ste 101, Libertyville. For appt, Teresa: 224-888-1170 or 561-881-4321. Pilates Mat Classes – Thru Oct. 9-9:50am. There will be a 7th week to make up a class you may have to miss. $100/6 classes. re:fit, 901 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. 847-657-0881.\ Happy Hour Free Acupuncture – 11am-12pm. Initial evaluation and treatment for instant pain relief or any health concerns. For videos look up Deerfield Community Acupuncture on YouTube. The best doctor is in your body. Get well naturally. Free. Deerfield Community Acupuncture, 405 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 211, Deerfield. 847-845-4090. Midweek Grace – 7-8pm. Experience community spiritual practice to support calm, peace and purpose throughout your week. Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2746 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago. 773-248-5683. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation – 8-9:30pm. Instructor: Guru Nischan. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful way to cut through subconscious programming and clear the psyche. It offers a fast reset of the nervous system and adjustment of the glandular system to give you luster, shine and a healthy glow. $17/ drop in; member discounts available. Mosksha Riverwest, 700 N Carpenter St, Chicago. 312-942-9642.

Thursday Happy Hour Free Acupuncture – 11am-12pm. Initial evaluation and treatment for instant pain relief or any health concerns. For videos look up Deerfield Community Acupuncture on YouTube. The best doctor is in your body. Get well naturally. Free. Deerfield Community Acupuncture, 405 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 211, Deerfield. 847-845-4090. Meditation Thursdays at the Center, Rosley’s Rocks and Gems – 6:30-7:30pm. Join us for our weekly night of centering. Meditation guided then silent; all levels welcome, and all questions welcome. Free. 4344 N Western Ave, Chicago. 773-561-7200. The NADA: Auricular Group Acupuncture Protocol – 7-8pm. Acudetox involves the gentle placement of 5 small disposable steel needles in specific sites on each ear of a client undergoing treatment. Sit quietly in a group setting for 35-40 mins. Helps people deal with reductions in cravings, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals as well as recover from substance abuse, emotional trauma, behavioral disorders, pain syndromes, muscular spasms. Free; donations welcomed. SunGates Center, 395 Dundee Rd, Ste 500, Wheeling. 847-345-0988.



ADVISOR, INTUITIVE, REIKI MASTER PEOPLE AND PETS – Enriching lives with intuitive insight, wisdom and peaceful energy. Call Annette: (708) 848-6029 or 8519.

AKASHIC CONSULTATION AKASHIC RECORD READING – Open the record of your soul’s journey to find information to support you in your life right now, heal your past and help you into your future. Heal. Grow. Investigate. Find direction. Lin Ewing: 847-609-0034.

ASTROLOGY ASTROLOGY – Understand yourself, your motivations, your feelings. Recognize your talents, strengths, successes. Overcome difficulties and confusion. Astrology can help pull it all together. Relationships. Career. Plan the future. Serious astrology for serious seekers. Private, personal consultations. Lin Ewing: 847-609-0034.

Friday Psychic and Tarot Card Readings – Fri-Sun. 22 yrs experience. Reveals past present and future with pinpoint accuracy. $30 special. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Healing Friday with Archangel Raphael – 9am7pm. Receive a Saint Raphael Archangel reading providing answers guarding and healing in all areas of life love physical emotional and spiritual healing etc. $60/60 mins. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Chakra Friday – 11am-7pm. A full chakra evaluation along with a chakra balance. $70/60-min. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Mindfulness Class – 12:15-1:15pm. Each class will consist of guided mindfulness exercises such as sitting and walking. No previous experience necessary; class also supports those who are experienced practitioners. An open practice so can come and go as need to. With Eric Lieb, Certified Mindfulness Trainer. $10/pre-register, $12/drop-in. Center for Holistic Medicine, 240 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods/ Deerfield. For more info & to RSVP: 847-236-1701.

Saturday Angel Weekend – Sat & Sun. Indulge in an angel reading allowing your archangels to guide and lead your path. $40 angel readings with unlimited time. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Mighty House Radio Program – 8-11am. Funny, friendly experts with answers and ideas to help with all of your home improvement projects. Join Ron Cowgill, Robbie Ehrhardt, Rich Cowgill and

HELP IN EXPANSION, ORGANIZATION AND MARKETING OF MY BUSINESS – Earn a percentage of income made from workshops and private sessions. Skills needed: proficient computer knowledge and marketing knowledge. Most work can be done from your home. Call Irma 847-7074032 or email PART-TIME OFFICE HELP – Knowledge of stones and crystals helpful, plus computer and customer service skills. Rosley’s Rocks & Gems new location in Lincoln Square neighborhood. 4344 N Western Ave, Chicago. Call Steve: 773-561-7200.

SPACE AVAILABLE BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE TRANQUIL SETTING – Downtown Homewood. Full- or part-time opportunities available. Call Insight Awareness: 708-957-1284. Workshop, Classroom and Healing Space to Rent – available 7 days/wk, located within Rosley’s Rocks & Gems in Lincoln Square neighborhood. 4344 N Western Ave, Chicago. Call Steve: 773-561-7200.

the Mighty House team each Saturday morning to get help with all your home improvement and repair issues. On WCPT-AM 820, WCPTFM 92.7 (North), WCPY-FM 92.5 (West), and WCPQ-FM 99.9 (South). Call-in: 773-763-WCPT. Morton Grove Farmers’ Market – Thru Oct 17. 8am-12pm. No market held July 4. Locally grown produce. Morton Grove Civic Center, 6140 Dempster St. Tai Chi Class – 9am. See Tues listing. Whole Health Acupuncture, 50 Turner Ave, Elk Grove Village. 847-357-3929. Indoor Farmers’ Market – 9am-1pm. Year round. Heritage Prairie Farm, 2N308 Brundige Rd, Elburn. 630-443-5989. Tarot Readings with Rita – 10am-2pm. Looking for guidance through life’s challenges? We can use the cards to help you use your intuition and higher consciousness to navigate towards your highest good. Free tea or coffee. $20. INSIDE, 1241 N Green St, McHenry. 815-245-9673. Nirvana Teacher Training – 11:30am-5:30pm. Yearlong 200-hr teacher training. Also meets Fri evenings. Study with teachers that have 30 years’ experience of yoga. Learning all you need to know to be the teacher that can change people’s lives. $1,800. Nirvana Yoga Studio, 232 E Main St, Barrington. 847-277-1333. Vet Talk Radio Program – 6-7pm. Program hosted by U.S. Marine Corps Vet Antonio Correa and Fred Newson of the U.S. Navy. Both men have lived the life of a military man, and now they are working to give a voice to the veterans. Gain a new perspective on the issues facing veterans today. On WCPT-AM 820, WCPT-FM 92.7 (North), WCPYFM 92.5 (West), and WCPQ-FM 99.9 (South).

natural natural awakenings awakenings

October October 2015 2015

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communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care & green living in our community. acupuncture WHOLE HEALTH ACUPUNCTURE 50 E Turner Ave, Elk Grove Village 847-357-3929

Offering community acupuncture on a sliding scale from $15-$40. Acupuncture is most effective when done consistently and for a full course of treatment. This brings faster relief, so you can get back to work and the things that you enjoy. Pricing lets you afford to have acupuncture simply because it feels good.

animal communication Whispers of Love

Linda Roberts 312-231-5607 Helping people and animals to heal their past, present, and to live healthy lives is Linda’s passion. Animal Communication provides assistsance with behavioral issues, recent adoptions, illnesses, allergies, medical concerns and more. Communication coupled with energy work may benefit all family members. Linda performs and teaches energy sessions, animal communication, Shamanism, Reiki and Belly Dance. See ad on page 45.

acupuncture & traditional oriental medicine LANA MOSHKOVICH, LAc, ND, MSOM

1500 Shermer Rd, Ste LL29, Northbrook 60062 847-508-1470 Trained in both Western and Oriental Medicine, I use acupuncture and a dietary approach along with herbal remedies to resolve musculoskeletal pain, internal medicine health issues, insomnia, anxiety and women’s health. Schedule your initial appointment on to find out if acupuncture can help you. Get a healthier and alternative approach to your chronic health conditions. See ad on page 29.

animal shelters Harmony House for Cats 2914 N Elston, Chicago 60618 773-293-6103 •

Harmony House for Cats is a cageless, no-kill, eco-friendly, Platinum-LEED shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehoming injured and abandoned cats. New volunteers, supporters and adopters are welcome. The huge sunny adoption rooms provide a natural home-like environment for both cats and people.

bodywork allergy relief Calandra Acupuncture South Loop and Arlington Hts 312-515-9492

Offering a variety of modalities to help you feel better, including NAET Allergy Elimination, acupuncture and Reiki. We thrive to work with your primary medical doctors to offer the highest quality complimentary care and welcome patients who haven’t found relief through traditional western medicine. Also offering informational and certification classes.


Intuitive Resources 650 Meacham, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Over 17 years experience in mastering the art of Angel healing and readings. Call or text today and receive angelic answers and guidance.

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Roth Structural Integration

Diane Roth, BCSI Highland Park, 60035 847-831-3213 • Structural Integration (SI) realigns, rebalances and re-educates the body through manual therapy and movement education. Chronic pain, bad posture, tired and achy bodies are signs that the body is out of balance. SI benefits include decreased pain, injury rehabilitation, improved posture, ease in movement, and increased flexibility and stamina.


825 Chicago Ave, Evanston 60202 847-864-1130 You’ll feel the stress melt away like the snow in spring through our relaxation-focused shiatsu massage practice, which offers the same energizing benefits as acupuncture combined with the restorative power of yoga poses. Dress in cozy threads, shiatsu is performed on fully clothed clients. Professional and student therapists available. See ad on back cover.

Chicago Chicago

Zero Balancing Wellness Center

Mary H. Murphy, LMT, CZB, CST-D 809 Ridge Rd, Ste 200, Wilmette 60091 847-920-9292 • Zero Balancing (ZB) works with the flow of chi through the skeletal system. Gentle, and energizing, a ZB session leaves the client with a wonderful feeling of body-mind integration and energized relaxation. ZB can help relieve body pain, emotional distress and boost well-being. Received clothed, ZB addresses the whole person.

brain health Marny Turvill, MD Evanston 60201 847-644-8540

Has your life been taken over by PTSD, a concussion or other TBI, chemical sensitivities, anxiety, or a child with learning or behavior problems? If you are ready to take back control and thrive, contact Dr. Marny now! You can feel better, think better and behave better without medications!

chiropractic Natural Solutions 10 W Phillip Rd, Ste 114 Vernon Hills 60061

Licensed dietitian and chiropractic physician Dr. Graef offers nutrition and chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can include; adjustments, physical therapy, myofascial therapy, or acupuncture. Nutrition consults are individualized and have a special focus to decrease the impact of chronic disease or can be used for weight loss. Insurance accepted for both services.  

coaching & counseling David Scott Bartky

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach “Phone Coaching At Its Best” 973-444-7301 The Law of Attraction is always operating in your life. Are you using it to attract what you want? I will teach you processes and techniques so you’ll not only start to attract what you want (a relationship, more money, more clients, etc.), you’ll also become more excited about life.


Dr. Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, PCC 847-831-5660 Professional certified life coach and licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience in health and wellness. Specializing in emotional eating issues, non-dieting weight loss, healthy lifestyle coaching, mindfulness meditation training, and stress management. Mentored by bestselling author Geneen Roth, as seen on Oprah. Call for a complimentary phone consultation.

Live an Illuminated Life Sister Goddess GuruNischan 312-671-0466

Taking the complexity out of enlightenment, meditation, yoga, LIFE, and leaving all of the best and most Luminous stuff. The stuff that turns you on, when life shuts you off. The stuff that reclaims you, reveals you, and courses electricity through your Soul. Call for a FREE TurnOn Session and let’s Light Your World Up!

Raydiant Life Coaching Peter Kime, MA 847-869-6477 • Evanston

All challenges are an opportunity to heal and evolve. With 27 years experience I combine energy healing with psychological and spiritual counsel to help you in that process. Come to know and empower your truth. Go forward more fit to create greater joy, fulfillment, and love. Free 20 minute initial consult. See ad on page 25.

RESOLUTIONS COACHING & CERTIFICATION TRAINING Tim Marshall, Hypnosis/NLP Trainer 25 E Washington • 233 E Erie 312-854-2270

Achieve higher performance and motivation. Do you want peace of mind eliminating uncontrollable fear, anxiety, stress, sadness? Or are you hungry for inner calm? Stop smoking. Eat less. Reduce compulsiveness. Enjoy life more with greater success. 30+ years hypnosis and NLP experience. Free phone consultation. Near Millennium Park & Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

colon hydrotherapy NORTHSHORE COLONICS

Lori Hirshman, I-ACT certified 1535 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 113 (behind Northbrook Court), Northbrook 60062 Add’l location: Colonics in Grayslake, 408 Center St 773-551-5083 • You don’t need to suffer any more! We offer a relaxing and private environment where discretion and absolute cleanliness is never taken for granted! Our I-ACT certified practitioners have more than 12 years experience in Colon Hydrotherapy, Guided Programs, Life/Nutritional Coaching, all to help you make better choices for yourself.


Jim Kolar, Rph 3479 N Broadway, Chicago 60657 773-525-0766 • Save-Rite is your locally owned compounding specialist in Lakeview. Besides dispensing traditional medication, we work closely with your doctor to customize medications for pediatric care, sports medicine, pain management, veterinary needs and a wide range of hormone replacement therapies (BHRT). We also offer a variety of medical equipment and daily living supplies so that you’ll always enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Free delivery to Lakeview and surrounding areas. See ad on page 6.

crystal healing


The Wellness Source 1245 N Milwaukee Ave, Ste 202B, Glenview 60025 (Across from Abt) 224-413-3500 • We offer an effective, holistic wellness approach that is the only one in the entire Chicagoland area. The difference lies with the BioModulator that delivers healing bioenergy and corrective chiropractic techniques, neuro-muscular release techniques, nutrition recommendations, acupuncture meridian lines, digital X-rays, orthopedic and neurological testing, emotional releasing and essential oils. We ensure results with our approach. See ad on page 7.

energy work


Chi Balancing Center

4344 N Western Ave, Chicago 60618 773-561-7200 • Join us at our new location, The Center, where we offer the widest selection of chakra healing stones, rough crystals, collectors’ pieces and specialty items. Come meditate in the crystal skull room, relax and heal on our new Amethyst Biomat™, and see our skilled and professional readers and healers.

digestive health specialist

Located in Art of Natural Healing 7773 Lake St, River Forest 60305 708-366-8002

Reiki Master David Riddle has used the Akashic Records in his energy work sessions since 1998. In Akashic EnergyworkSM, David connects the energy body held within the Akashic Records to the individual using hands on healing. This brings energy to the client for health, happiness and karmic relief.

Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa


Reneé S. Barasch, LDHS 480 Elm Place, Ste 108, Highland Park 60035 847-207-2034 • Digestive problems? Acid Reflux/ GERD, IBS, Crohn’s, colitis? Let us help you naturally achieve nutritional balance, feel better and enhance the quality of your life. Improve digestion while reducing discomfort and bloating so you can eat the foods you love again. Certified digestive health specialist/enzyme therapist. See ad on page 9.

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) TOM MASBAUM, EFTADVANCED


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energetic family wellness

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple, gentle and very effective tapping procedure on the acupuncture spots, or acupuncture without needles. In individual EFT sessions Tom offers a 100% guarantee of success or no charge. 6,000 individual sessions, mostly on the phone. Emotional and many physical issues fade away. Initial call free.

30 N Williams, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake 815-307-1180

Offering daily intuitive and energetic healing sessions. Offerings include: aura analysis and clearing, soul synergizing, SoulCollage chakra balancing, singing bowl sessions, chakra channeling, chakra dowsing, crystal chakra balancing, chakra healing touch, crystal grid sessions, shamanic sessions, Vivaxis connection alignment, reflexology and Reiki. Appointments recommended.


Marla Levitt Goldberg 847-984-0440 • 847-275-5584

Want to feel more flow and joy in your life? Do toxic thoughts limit your potential or block clear thinking? Marla will help release blocks, interferences, negative energies, entities and emotions that may be left from your past. Call today to schedule a consultation. See ad on page 23.

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natural naturalawakenings awakenings

October August 2015 2015

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Nancy Bernard CCH, RYT, Holistic Healer Chuck Solomonson LCSW, Psychotherapist Grayslake • 847-722-9243 Nurturing the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit as a Whole. Holistic and Psychotherapeutic techniques designed to Overcome the Obstacles that limit experiencing the richness of life. Live empowered, enriched, joyful and Innerly Peaceful. Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Heart Loving Yoga, EFT, Shamanic Healing, EMDR Trauma Therapy, Talk Therapy. &

green/healthy foods & restaurants ARYA BHAVAN

2508 W Devon, Chicago 60659 773-274-5800 • Arya Bhavan offers a menu of authentic vegan, raw, gluten-free and organic Indian dishes, prepared with healthy ingredients, no GMO or MSG, and a careful mix of ayurvedic Indian spices with nutritional properties that benefit both mind and body. We help you “Eat Well, Feel Well, Think Well, Heal Well!”

green real estate essential oils DoTERRA Essential Oils Allison Lutze

Need help with seasonal threats? Breathe easy with Breathe® Respiratory Blend, made by dōTERRA. Use aromatically and topically to maintain clear airways. Also works well for the snorer in your family leading to a better nights rest, for everyone. Visit website for more information.

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Karen Duewel 847-772-0212

Young Living oils and supplements with natural plant extracts can support women’s health throughout the various phases of life; providing temporary relief from cramps, nausea, hot flashes and emotional swings. For daily challenges, consider lavender or Stress Away to relieve daily stress, encourage relaxation and reduce nervous tension. Enjoy life naturally. See ad on page 13.

feng shui Laurie Pawli, Certified Feng Shui Consultant

The Feng Shui School of Chicago

You can now learn feng shui in the Chicago area. The Feng Shui School of Chicago is recognized as a Gold Level School, the highest standard established by the International Feng Shui Guild. We teach basic “Feng Shui in a Day” classes, as well as a comprehensive 77-hour “Certified Feng Shui Consultant Training Program”. A “layering” approach is taught using Form, Best Personal Direction, and Front Door Bagua placement. Laurie is a student of Grand Master Professor Lin Yun, Katherine Metz and Denise Linn. 

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Baird & Warner Green Broker 847-212-5214 I understand that heating, cooling, energy efficiency and commuting distance are important to your home buying and remodeling decisions. As a NAR Green Broker, I’ll help you find the dream home that meets your sustainable lifestyle. Working together, we’ll locate the best resources to make green improvements and sustainable renovations.


Reverend, Reiki Master Teacher, CCMBA Teacher, Hands on Healing Covering McHenry & Woodstock Lake Geneva, WI 262-745-4345 Offering a number of healing modalities. Testing for what protocol is required for healing at a Cellular Morphogenic, DNA level. Heal the emotional, mental and spiritual body, and the physical body can heal. Reiki, Crystal Reiki, CCMBA/CCSMC, Meridian, Aura and Chakra Clearing, Past Life Therapy, Emotional Release and more.

holistic dentistry DR. ALLA AVER, DDS

2400 Ravine Way, Suite 400, Glenview 60025 847-998-5100 • Stay healthy with a whole-body, preventative care approach. We use non-fluoridated ozonated water, periodontal herbal treatments, and gluten-free herbal paste. Restorative options include: safe amalgam removal, BPA-free fillings and sealants, non-metal crowns and bridges, sleep apnea and TMJ appliances, and non-acrylic night guards, partials and dentures. Our conservative approach includes: digital X-rays and intraoral camera, nonsurgical gum therapies including laser and ozone, and herbal irrigation. Material reactivity testing, saliva pH and microscopic plaque analysis are available. Our natural approach includes dental homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, and nutritional counseling. Dental discount plan available and PPO insurance plans accepted. See ad on page 23.

Chicago Chicago

K. BOEHM, DDS, & Associates

1585 N Barrington Rd, Ste 106, Hoffman Estates 60069 847-884-1220 1440 Maple Ave, Ste 2A Lisle 60532 630-810-1280 •

State-of-the-art holistic methods of dental care in a relaxed environment. Having extensive knowledge of the correlation between oral and overall health, Dr Boehm offers bio-friendly materials compatible with your body. Services include mercury-free fillings and crowns or bridges, safe mercury removal, fluoride-free office, electrodermal screening, homeopathy, cranial osteopathy, orthodontics and jaw orthopedics, laser treatment of gum disease and ozone therapy.

Holistic Dentistry Chicago Elizabeth Strzelecka, DDS 7460 W Belmont, Chicago 60634 773-745-3636

As a Biological dentist, I recognize the impact of toxic substances and only use materials and procedures that are systemically compatible with your body. We offer a wide variety of procedures from general to cosmetic, ozone therapy, laser dentistry, safe mercury removal, TScan bite adjustment for TMJ, Earthing chair, infrared sauna and restoration of porcelain implants, all in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

MIDWEST INTEGRATIVE DENTISTRY 11952 Oak Creek Pkwy, Huntley 60142 847-659-8500 •

Dr. Sukel is a holistic general dentist, cosmetically restoring teeth without mercury or fluoride. Our digital X-rays and CT cone beam provide 3-D views for detailed diagnosis of root canals, laser gum treatment, missing teeth, implants and dentures. Sleep appliances and TMJ treatments for head and neck pain are also available.

TAF G. PAULSON, D.D.S., P.C. 233 E Erie St, Ste 816, Chicago 60611 312-944-7444

We offer gentle holistic dentistry that supports vibrant well-being in a caring and peaceful environment. Our Conscious Care includes mercury-free fillings; non-surgical periodontal therapy; digital X-rays; safe, biocompatible materials; bacterial analysis using a microscope; dental homeopathy and nutritional counseling. We guide you to dental wellness thorough education. Free indoor parking. See ad on page 19.

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Dr. Andie T. Pearson

Gaiamed Dental 929 Ridge Rd, Wilmette 847-977-1655 Holistic dentistry involves an awareness of care that relates to the entire person. Gaiamed is a full-service practice using the most biocompatible dental options. Our services range from nonsurgical gum care to mercury-and-PBA-free restorations, crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures, children’s dentistry, braces, implants, dental homeopathy, and craniosacral therapy. See ad on page 5.

riverwoods smiles

2035 N Milwaukee Ave, Riverwoods/Deerfield 60015 847-947-8622 Dr. Rasekh’s practice philosophy emphasizes education, prevention and minimally invasive dentistry. Enter our modern and calming dental facility, allow the ambiance to put you at ease, and be certain that excellent care awaits you. We offer, digital X-rays, biocompatible materials, mercury- and metal-free restorations, children’s dentistry and smile design and analysis. See ad on page 33.


Dr. Bernice Teplitsky, DDS, PC 3256 N Ashland, Chicago 60657 773-975-6666 In addition to state-of-the-art technology and methods offered by most holistic dentists (microscopes, ozone trherapy, etc.), we treat you as a partner. We thoroughly explain your unique situation, provide treatment options and keep you comfortable with Netflix, music and paraffin wax treatments. Located off the Brown line. Free garage parking.

holistic fitness COMFY FITNESS

2115 N Damen, Chicago 60647 312-373-0727 Disenchantment or intimidation of the classic gym setting keeps many from getting into shape. If this sounds like you, Comfy Fitness can help. Our trainers will guide and teach you how to reach your health and fitness goals while leaving you looking forward to your next workout. Call for a free fitness assessment today.

holistic health practitioner Alive AND WELL NATURALLY

Teresa Lopez, LPN 150 E Cook Ave, Libertyville 60048 224-888-1170 • Feel better this fall! We offer lymphatic detoxification with oxygenation to restore your cells’ natural energy levels and restore proper lymph function. Also offering MediCupping and other healing approaches. See website for full list of services.

Amy Andrews

Feel Good Again Health Detective Highland Park and Virtual Consulting 847-361-6238 Frustrated with your health? Your tests are “normal” but you don’t feel right? Do you want to finally solve your energy, gut, weight, and mood symptoms? Get empowered! Find and correct the root causes of hormonal, digestive and detox issues, so you can enjoy life and feel good again!


847-361-6259 • How would you like to have a different future? Being a Certified Relationship coach and facilitator as well as Access Consciousness Facilitator and Akashic Records teacher and consultant I use all the tools to empower you to heal and release blocks and limitations that seem to limit your joy, money, and/or relationships. 

Gnosis Natural Health

Claire Boye-Doe, MS Nutrition Response TestingTM 5756 N. Ridge Ave, Ste 3, Chicago 60660 773-561-5516 • Searching for a natural, very effective way to feel better? Nutrition Response TestingTM uses the body’s innate intelligence to decipher exactly what’s needed to heal and repair the root cause of your symptoms. Fix asthma, arthritis, migraines, digestive & heart issues, and more!  FREE consultation- mention Natural Awakenings (value $150). 


708-955-3634 EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a gentle, simple yet very successful process for releasing emotional and many physical symptoms. Every session, mostly on the phone, has a guarantee of success. It is that wonderful. Over 6,000 individual sessions and hundreds of classes over the last 11 years. Tom Masbaum, EFT Advanced, is the Founder of EFT With A Guarantee™.

re:fit-restoring and enhancing through fitness and integrative therapies Loribeth Cohen, PT Studio Director Mimi Abrams, PT 910 Waukegan Rd, Glenview 60025 847-657-0881 •

At re:fit, we believe that the body and mind interact to create health or “disease.” We address both the underlying causes of pain and the body’s potential for healing. We offer many techniques for treatment and encourage the client to engage in their process of healing by combining physical therapy, IMT and exercise. Feel the difference! See ad on page 21.

holistic home organizer HOME SPACE ORGANIZING Jody Casden 847-209-0083 

A holistic approach to organizing and letting go of clutter. HSO recognizes the tools for restoring and creating nourishing spaces. HSO is green and sustainably conscious and provides creative solutions. We understand that an environment that nourishes you improves emotional and physical wellness. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

holistic medicine Dr. Kristen (Bobik) HaLLAND, DC 2500 W Higgins, Ste 420, Hoffman Estates 847-310-0303 The

Our wellness clinic averages only a 5-minute wait time before you’re getting natural, safe, and effective treatment with the Doctor. Dr. Kristen specializes in acupuncture, lowforce chiropractic care and food intolerance testing, and uses unique diagnostic tests to uncover the real cause of your health concern. Located at the corner of Higgins and Barrington roads. See ad on page 13.


6137 N Elston Ave, Chicago 60646 773-631-5001 Dr. Deane is a premier holistic chiropractic physician who offers total body solutions to chronic health and pain challenges. She treats all three sides of the triangle of health­—structure, chemical and emotions— to resolve problems at the root cause. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and want to flip the switch from pain and chronic illness, Dr. Deane can help. Call for appointment. See ad on page 35.

Dr. Jerry P. Gore, MD

Center for Holistic Medicine 240 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods/Deerfield 60015 847-236-1101 Dr. Gore is director, supervisor and staff physician. He obtained his MD from the University of Illinois School of Medicine and his post-graduate work at Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry. He has over 30 years of experience blending nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, psychotherapy and collaborating with other practitioners at the center to offer a truly holistic medicine practice. See ad on page 33.

natural natural awakenings awakenings

October October 2015 2015

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IL Center for Progressive Medicine 1002 W Lake St, Chicago 60607 312-243-3338 • Dr. LeRoy has 20 years of experience in collaborating with his patients to determine why they are not well. He specializes in investigative work that includes a detailed discussion, examination and laboratory testing, then creates an integrative treatment plan that often includes diet and nutrition changes, acupuncture, chiropractic and other lifestyle modifications. Dr. LeRoy is best known for breast thermography, HPV treatment and GI problems. See ad on page 31.


North Shore Health Solutions LTD 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook 60062 847-715-9060 • Dr. Kim Martin, DC, FASA, BCIM, CFMP, is a certified gluten-free practitioner in Northbrook. She specializes in “Solving the Mystery of Your Chronic Condition” using Functional Medicine, blood work, stool samples and saliva. Free Diabetes Lecture events October 13, 20 and 27. Call 847-715-9060 for more events details. See ad on page 11.

Mind Body Healing Center

77 W Washington, Ste 1704 Chicago 60602 312-285-5287

We treat both the emotional and physical aspects of your health and specialize in depression, anxiety, digestive disorders and pain management. We provide diagnostic testing such as Biomeridian screening and apply natural interventions such as psychotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition, massage and energy work. Insurance accepted. Available evening and weekends.


Angela Waltman FNP, AHN-C 522 Poplar St, Wilmette 60091 773-454-2644

Angela provides a blend of Eastern & Western Medicine, offering care for urgent needs such as coughs, colds and minor injuries. Her Prepare For Surgery/Heal Faster program is incredibly helpful and works for chemo and chronic pain, too. She teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) & Mindfulness meditation, also Healing Energy Work. Truly Mind, Body & Spirit Care.

Dr. Kevin J. Regan, DC, DABCA 118 N Clinton, Ste 103, Chicago 60661 312-876-1600 •

Do you have pain or inflammation that won’t go away? Is stress making you ill? Therapeutic treatment with the Magnesphere© will balance out and energize you through a total body immersion into a bio-magnetic field. The Magnesphere© provides deep relaxation and stress relief through a combination of science and holistic intervention.

58 58

holistic medicineayurveda Monica Yearwood

3807 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago 60618 773-697-3640 Monica Yearwood is an ayurvedic practitioner who empowers her clients with experiential practices. Her focus is digestive health, detoxification and lifestyle. Monica’s programs integrate diet, herbology and practices that cultivate awareness such as meditation and yoga. She runs programs out of her ayurvedic center, Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga, in Chicago.

holistic physical rehabilitation LIFEWAVE INSTITUTE, LLC

Dr. Andrew Serlin, DC 3113 Dundee Rd, Northbrook 60062 224-723-5693 • Pro athletes heal quickly with aquatic therapy and so can you at one of the only facilities in Chicagoland with a warm water pool featuring an underwater treadmill. LifeWave Institute combines chiropractic, massage, aquatic and land-based rehab with practices of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Chi Kung and acupuncture to deliver comfortable and effective muscular and joint pain relief.

Elisa Sue Rabin, MS, OTRL Founder & Director: The Center for Integrative Body Mind Sciences Private sessions & 4-day Wellness Intensives 847-579-1177

Elisa is an integrative healthcare practitioner specializing in pain relief and gut-brain disorders. She expertly applies advanced techniques to release inflammation and re-patterns symptoms associated with IBS, fibromyalgia, migraines, depression, stress and hormonal imbalance. She is a compassionate communicator, and partners with each client to create a relationship for deep exploration and integration.



820 AM Streaming live: Chicago’s Progressive Talk is a whole lot more than just a radio station. It is a community of several hundred thousand people who are sustainably inclined, environmentally responsible, community conscious and socially engaged. Monday through Friday the program lineup features national show hosts who broadcast from various cities across America. From the very political, to the very serious, to almostover-the-line edgy, they talk about what matters to you. On the weekends, specialty shows cover home improvement, gardening, Chicago politics, and much more. Listen on the radio or tune in online at See ad on page 63.

integrative medicine LAKEVIEW INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Silvia Panitch, MD, Medical Director 3344 N Ashland Ave, Chicago 60657 773-525-6595

Balance your spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical well-being, and get the tools to heal. We integrate Western medicine methods of functional and internal medicine with modalities including acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, nutrition, enzymes, amino acids, bio-identical hormones, homeopathy and neurotransmitters. Specializing in women’s health, weight control, pain management, gastrointestinal issues, adrenal fatigue and food allergies.


Advanced Arlington Medical Center 333 W Dundee Rd, Buffalo Grove 60089 847-243-0355 Board-certfied internist Dr. Eric Nagaj diagnoses using conventional medicine, and also treats acute and chronic illness using anthroposophical medicine and the least toxic yet effective treatment for the condition. Dr. Nagaj offers comprehensive medical evaluations, advanced nutritional testing and treatments with new lines of validated anthroposophic/homeopathic remedies, bio-identical hormones, and much more. See ad on page 25.


Michele Marchese, CHT, MWBWP 100 S Saunders Rd, Ste 150, Lake Forest 60045       224-623-2856 • Holistic Craft helps clients use natural solutions, and take control of their own wellness. Offering transformational hypnosis, life coaching and flower essence therapy. Michele’s mission is to help others help themselves through positive affirmations, subliminal thoughts and enlightenment. Bringing life to natural solutions. Schedule and use promocode HEAL.

Chicago Chicago

Integrative Family Health Associates Kori Feldman, MD 4727 Willow Springs Rd, LaGrange 60525 708-482-1099

Kori Feldman is an integrative physician focused on helping people attain lifelong optimal health. Her Wellness Program can restore health and vitality for any proactive adult who is ready for change. See ad on page 37.

Integrative Physician

Philippa Norman, MD, MPH Beverly Office, 11840 S Western Ave, Chicago 60643 773-337-3880 Natural, integrative therapies for ADD/HD, depression & anxiety, healthy brain aging, digestive health, adrenal support. Private hypnotherapy, Reiki sessions available. Accepting new adult patients 18 & older. Join us for a free workshop. Learn more at PhilippaNormanMD. com. IL036081553.

DR. CHERYL SCHWARTZ, DO Center for Holistic Medicine 240 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods/Deerfield 60015 847-236-1701

I specialize in Internal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. My goal is to help people in good health maintain their well-being, while assisting those with health problems to feel better and move to a more positive path. I manage general internal medicine issues as well as treat appropriate patients with Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, a hands-on method of healing. See ad on page 33.

integrative psychotherapy SUSAN ATCHISON, LCPC

A Healing Soul, Ltd. NW Suburbs; 847-370-5181 Have pain, anxiety, indecision or depression been making your life miserable? I can help you to have a happier, more fulfilling life. Using a holistic approach, we’ll balance and renew your body, mind and spiritual selves. For lasting results—to feel lighter and more whole—call today for your appointment.


Clinical Director, Inner Balance Northbrook, Chicago, Palm Springs 847-224-0244 Ellen’s 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist integrates a conscious approach to healing old patterns through a mix of trauma and mindfulness-based psychotherapies, HMR, Lifeline, The Work (Byron Katie), energy medicine and somatic awareness. Join “Inner Balance Meditation” for updates on her events, and visit her at

integrative soul coaching Raydiant Life Coaching Peter Kime, MA 847-869-6477 • Evanston

Want more from life? If you tried some other therapy or self help before and felt some deeper conflict was unseen or unresolved, it probably was. Mind/Body Therapy goes deeper and broader than other approaches. Helping clients with addictions, relational problems, abuse, personal and spiritual growth, etc. since 1988. Free initial consultation.

David H. Johnson, LCSW

847-475-3017, voicemail People of all ages come to me in pain due to trauma, childhood issues and addiction. My holistic approach helps to resolve wounds of the mind, body and spirit where recovery is not only possible but inevitable. Lasting results for happier, productive lives is the goal of my body-centered psychotherapy. Call for free initial consultation.

THE EDGAR CAYCE HOLISTIC CENTER AND BOOKSTORE At Unity Northwest Church 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines 60016 847-299-6535

Full-service bookstore, Cayce remedies, spiritual growth study groups, monthly programs, workshops and holistic fairs, intuitive skills development training, knowledgeable seekers, intuitives, healers and more. Call for hours. See ad on page 27.


1282 Old Skokie Rd, Highland Park 60035 847-831-8828 •

All challenges are an opportunity to heal and evolve. With 27 years experience I combine energy healing with psychological and spiritual counsel to help you in that process. Come to know and empower your truth. Go forward more fit to create greater joy, fulfillment, and love. Free 20-minute initial consult. See ad on page 25.

intuitive consultation

Offering more than 200 Courses for Life in personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. Offering more than 200 Courses for Life in personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. Daylong workshops with bestselling authors include Tama Kieves, Inspired and Unstoppable, October 17, Linda Howe, Akashic Record Certification Training, October 24-25, and Eben Alexander, Map of Heave, November 14. Call or email for a free course guide. CEUs available. Reasonable practitioner and classroom rental. Call or email for a free course guide.


847-509-8289 Do you feel stuck? Mentally blocked or can’t make a decision? Michele helps you identify and release issues keeping you from full expression of your Essences. Surround yourself by the love of your Guides to release issues for an awesome, humbling and life-transforming experience. Michele is also psychic and a Reiki Master Teacher.

BODY BASED PSYCHOTHERAPY Ellen Goode, CADC, CBT, ICST, CMT City & Suburbs • 312-504-4106

lifelong learning & personal growth

intuitive health & success advisor


McHenry’s Only Holistic~Cultural Center 1241 N Green St, McHenry 60050 • Live near McHenry? Looking for fun, affordable things to do? We’re your relaxed, creative hangout. Get a shiatsu massage, hear original music, make new friends, tap into your inner healer. Reasonable rental rates. Mention this ad for 20% off a shiatsu massage. Find your whole new world INSIDE. All ages. See ad on page 41.

ReAwakenings Holistic Center


Lincoln Park (Chicago) 312-479-7893 Expand your health and happiness by raising your vibration to its highest potential. InteriorWerx clears emotional energetic abnormalities that cause dis-ease, such as anxiety, pain, sadness, discomfort, allergies, recurring physical injury, etc. This natural modality provides optimum health for body and mind with proven results. Free 15-min consultation (schedule online).

4256 N Ravenswood Ave, Ste 220 Chicago 60618 773-817-0923 • ReAwakenings Center is about ReAwakening the healing process for the body, mind and spirit. We offer several ways of doing that. In our services, workshops, retreat weekends, and gatherings we ignite not only healing but connection, knowledge, understanding, and educating to be able enhance the betterment of one self. To grow, to enlighten and to connect. See ad on page 23.

Eat, Grow, Shop, Spend Local. Start a trend . . . natural natural awakenings awakenings

October October 2015 2015

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naturopathic consultation DR. ALLA ARUTCHEVA, MD, PhD, ND

Associate Professor, Rush University Med. School Antalee Wellness 1836 Glenview Rd, 2nd Fl, Glenview 60025 • 847-486-1130

organic spa Solay Wellness / So WELL 4819 Main, Skokie 847-676-5571

personal growth & development The Body/Mind/Soul/Connection Marilyn Kortendick, S/D-EFEL Barrington, 847-858-6440

When your body is in an imbalanced state your health is compromised. Dr. Alla Arutcheva’s Full Body Check Up is a non-invasive, highly reliable test that can provide you with a snapshot of your current state of health. She can also identify which supplements your body needs for optimal healing benefits.

So Well is your unique destination for wellness in Skokie. Enjoy our Salt Relaxation Room, $15/session; Infrared Salt Sauna, $15/session or Heated Massage Beds, $15/ session. While you’re here, discover over 300+ artisan crafted, organic and fair trade Salt crystal lamps, bath & beauty, healthy gourmet, natural home products and more to continue your wellness journey. To learn more, or order securely, call or visit website.

Become a more empowered, authentic you through personal and spiritual development. Work with the horse that mirrors your emotions using this information to navigate your world more clearly. Work with a spiritual director to help you discover how to come home to you. Contact us for information.

naturopathic doctors

pain management

preventive medicine

Alison Egeland, ND Schaumburg 847-895-8180

Dr. Alison is a Naturopathic Doctor with additional training in Functional Medicine. Considering each individual’s unique combination of genetics, lifestyle, environmental exposures, to uncover and treat underlying imbalances that lead to complex, chronic conditions such as GI disorders, chronic fatigue, autoimmune issues, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, metabolic disorders, chemical sensitivity and hormone imbalances.

nutrition Eating with Ease

Charlotte Hammond, MS, RD, LDN, RYT 150 N Michigan, Ste 800, Chicago, 60601 312-547-9247, Registered and Licensed Dietitian providing integrative nutritional counseling and Medical Nutrition Therapy for weight management, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, special needs, bowel disorders, vegan/vegetarian diets, dietary transition, mindful eating, detoxification, safe supplementation and more. Also available for grocery store tours, cupboard clean-out, menu management and seminars.

organic mattresses & bedding NORTH SHORE BEDDING 984 Willow Rd, Ste H, Northbrook 60062 847-291-6770

JOYCE ANN, OTR/L, GCFP Live a More Functional Life By Building Better Balance 847-748-8313

What could you do if you were pain free? I can help you replace constriction and pain with confident movement. My approach includes Occupational Therapy, Feldenkrais Method, Reflex and Vestibular integration. Effective for individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, car accidents, trauma and neurological issues. Call me today. Most insurance accepted.

60 60

Palm readings by Laura 407 E Main St, Barrington 60010 Call or text: 847-564-6159

With over 50 years of experience, Laura specializes in palmistry revealing past, present and future with pinpoint accuracy.

past life awareness CANDACE

650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Looking for answers and solutions to current issues in your life? The answer may lie in understanding your past lives. With over 22 years experience, Candace works with you to gain a conscious awareness of how your past lives and relationships affect who you are today. Call or text for appointments. See ad on page 29.

Chicago Chicago

Living Well MD 1535 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 306, Northbrook 60062 847-418-2030 Care for body, mind, and spirit with personalized, integrative medical care. Concierge physician dedicated to helping you stay healthy, prevent disease, and feel your best. See ad on page 22.

Psychic & medium CANDACE

palm readings

We offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to conventional mattresses, in a low-pressure, relaxing sales environment. Full selection of only allnatural and organic latex mattresses, pillows and accessories, including Natura and Savvy Rest. Locally owned and operated since 1983. See ad on page 19.


650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Inspire joy and love in your life. Find answers to your challenges with the help of Candace’s psychic intuition. Specializing in chakra balancing, spiritual cleansing, past life regression and tarot/angel cards. More than 22 years experience. Call or text for appointments. See ad on page 29.

Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa 30 N Williams, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake 815-307-1180

Offering daily psychic, medium and intuitive sessions in a unique boutique-like environment. Offerings include: channeled medium connections, tarot & oracle readings, divinely guided soul paintings, pendulum spiritual guidance, spirit animal discovery singing bowl sessions, palm reading, constellation readings, problem resolution sessions, animal path readings, rune casting, numerology and spiritual blessings and attunements. Appointments recommended.


To advertise in our next issue, call


Psychic & Astrology Readings

Look for the Little Purple House 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer 60074 Call or text: 847-764-2700

Psychic, clairvoyant and medium will answer any and all questions providing you with insight regarding relationships, career, family, etc. See ad on page 21.

spiritual & life renewal Bodhi Spiritual Center

2746 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago 60614 773-248-LOVE Check out our Sunday Celebration Service at 10am each week. Enjoy a dynamic, conscious community rooted in universal spiritual principles that Reveal Love, Honor All Paths and Celebrate Life. Safe and loving childcare for children ages birth to 4, and playful and rich youth programming for ages 5-18. Amazing music, inspiring message, and a loving community awaits you. 

spiritual boutique Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa 30 N Williams, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake 815-307-1180

Destination location offering a comprehensive selection of spiritual and metaphysical supplies, extensive crystals and rocks, unique artisan art and jewelry, organic teas, vintage precious and semiprecious jewelry and artifacts, essential oils and other natural products. In our boutique-like environment you can enjoy classes and daily psychic and chakra-based sessions too.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~Helen Keller INTUITIVE RESOURCES

650 Meacham, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Intuitive Resources is a spiritual boutique conveniently located in the northwest suburbs. Our large selection of services includes Reiki, chakra therapy (cleansing and balancing), Tarot card and intuitive readings, past life regression, etc. Our shop offers a large variety of spiritual gifts to choose from: candles, crystals, books, jewelry, sage/incense and much more. Open Monday through Friday from 11am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm. See ad on page 29.


Rev. Carol Saunders 375 Elm St, Deerfield 60015 847-337-3866 We are a Unity spiritual community with practical and inspirational teachings that emphasize you as a divine creation. Our Sunday services are current, relevant and uplifting. We welcome everyone. Family friendly. Sunday Celebration Service with indie/pop/rock music by The Grateful Living 10am at the Patty Turner Center, in Deerfield.


yoga, meditation & healing arts

610 Central Ave, Ste 169, Highland Park 60035 847-266-8323


Fitting you in the correct type of shoe for your activity, and in the proper size and width for your feet, is our number one objective. When shoes fit well and your feet are comfortable, your whole body feels better and you can perform at your optimum level throughout the entire day. Largest selection of New Balance footwear and apparel in the Chicago area, with extensive inventory of sizes and widths from 2A-6E. Friendly staff is experienced in helping to resolve or relieve many common foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, morton’s neuroma, hammer toe, and arch pain. Locally owned and operated since 1995. See ad on page 15.

West Loop: 1304 W Washington Blvd 312-818-5791 Immerse yourself in a soulful community. $20 for 2 weeks of Unlimited Yoga (new students). Kundalini, vinyasa, hatha, yin, partner yoga, restorative, tween girls’ creative yoga, qigong, meditation, gong baths, moon rituals and healing circles. Energy/body work by appointment. All ages, all levels.

natural natural awakenings awakenings

October October 2015 2015

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Turn Your Passion Into a Business

Own a Natural Awakenings Magazine Our publishers ranked us among the highest in franchise satisfaction for our Training, Support, Core Values and Integrity! “I am impressed by the range of support provided to franchisees; it seems all the bases are more than covered to provide an owner the ability to be successful. Together with my experience, drive and desire to make a difference, it feels like a good fit.” ~ Holly Baker, Tucson, AZ “Each month, the content is enriching, beneficial and very often profound. We are a source of true enrichment and nourishment for so many. We are bringing light and understanding to millions of people.” ~ Craig Heim, Upstate NY “There’s such strength in this business model: exceptional content from the corporation paired with eyes and ears on the ground here locally. We rock!“ ~ Tracy Garland, Virginia’s Blue Ridge

As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can enjoy learning about healthy and joyous living while working from your home and earn a good income doing something you love!

No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine.

• Meaningful New Career • Low Initial Investment • Proven Business System • Home-Based Business • Exceptional Franchise Support & Training

For more information, visit our website or call 239-530-1377



Natural Awakenings is now expanding into new markets across the U.S. Contact us about starting a magazine in a community of your choice or acquiring an existing publication for sale highlighted in red below. Natural Awakenings publishes in over 95 markets across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. • • • • • • • • • •

Huntsville, AL Mobile/Baldwin, AL* Phoenix, AZ* Tucson, AZ East Bay Area, CA San Diego, CA Denver/Boulder, CO Fairfield County, CT Hartford, CT New Haven/ Middlesex, CT • Washington, DC • Daytona/Volusia/ Flagler, FL • NW FL Emerald Coast • Ft. Lauderdale, FL • Jacksonville/ St. Augustine, FL • Melbourne/Vero, FL • Miami & the Florida Keys • Naples/Ft. Myers, FL • North Central FL* • Orlando, FL • Palm Beach, FL • Peace River, FL • Sarasota, FL • Tampa/St. Pete., FL • FL’s Treasure Coast • Atlanta, GA • Hawaiian Islands • Chicago, IL • Chicago Western Suburbs, IL • Indianapolis, IN • Baton Rouge, LA • Lafayette, LA • New Orleans, LA • Portland, ME • Boston, MA • Ann Arbor, MI • East Michigan • Wayne County, MI* • Western MI* • Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN • Charlotte, NC* • Lake Norman, NC* • Triangle, NC • Central, NJ • Hudson County, NJ • Mercer County, NJ

• Monmouth/ Ocean, NJ • North NJ • North Central NJ • South NJ • Santa Fe/Abq., NM • Las Vegas, NV • Albany, NY • Buffalo, NY • Central NY • Long Island, NY • Lower Hudson Valley West, NY • Manhattan, NY* • Queens, NY • Rochester, NY • Westchester/ Putnam Co’s., NY • Central OH • Cincinnati, OH* • Toledo, OH • Oklahoma City, OK • Portland, OR* • Bucks/Montgomery Counties, PA • Harrisburg/York, PA • Lancaster, PA • Lehigh Valley, PA • Pocono, PA/ Warren Co., NJ • Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre, PA • Rhode Island • Charleston, SC* • Columbia, SC • Grand Strand, SC* • Greenville, SC • Chattanooga, TN • Knoxville, TN* • Memphis, TN • Austin, TX • Dallas Metroplex, TX • Dallas/FW Metro N • Houston, TX • San Antonio, TX* • SE Texas • Richmond, VA • VA’s Blue Ridge • Seattle, WA • Madison, WI • Milwaukee, WI • Puerto Rico

* Existing magazines for sale

Natural Awakenings recently won the prestigious FBR50 Franchise Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review. To learn more, visit

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October 2015


Rooted in universal principles of change and balance, the study of Zen Shiatsu enriches your life while you learn to help others. Learn to relieve aches and pains through acupressure and assisted stretching while also listening to the deeper messages our bodies have to tell us. Try an entry-level class and decide if our program is the one you’ve been looking for.

Beginning Zen Shiatsu 2 weekend intensive session

Oct 2-4 & 9-11, Fri 7-10pm, Sat/Sun 9am-4pm

5 day intensive

Dec 7-11, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

10 week sessions

Jan 12 - Mar 15 Tue 11am-2pm (TABLE) Jan 14 - Mar 17, Thu 11am-2pm OR 7-10pm or try one of our

Free Introductory Workshops October 23, Friday, 7-9:30pm November 20, Friday, 10am-12:30pm To view more class times visit

E-mail or call 847-864-1130 to sign up today! 64

CEs Available

Approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education


825 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL

Profile for Natural Awakenings Chicago magazine

October 2015 Natural Awakenings Chicago  

Chicago's local and independent resource for leading a happier and healthier life.

October 2015 Natural Awakenings Chicago  

Chicago's local and independent resource for leading a happier and healthier life.