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November 2015 | Chicago |


3 Unique Facts about Genacol Collagen!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Helps to maintain healthy joints*




4,4 4,3

50 4,2 4,1


4 30 3,9 3,8





3,7 3,6 3,5





Having a low molecular weight helps to increase the bioavailability

±10 kDa










This unique Technology helps for a better selection of sequences of amino acids

> 2 kDa

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THESE UNIQUE FACTS, ASk FOR OUR free booklet! Chicago 2 “What science tells us about our joints”

Aminolock® Sequence technology

1 888 514-3622

Oral Misalignment May Be a Symptom of Deeper Problems Research and reports are now pointing to a relationship between jaw malformation or crooked teeth, dysfunctional sleep and more serious health issues such as attentiondeficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which becomes more apparent with narrowing of the airway. Teeth erupt into the mouth following the misshapen patterns of the body, such as compression, rotation or shear patterns. Seen outwardly merely as crooked, oddly spaced teeth or a slanted smile, these patterns also create a small or narrowed airway, which can develop into much more serious problems. For some children, symptoms manifest as anxiety, poor sleep, snoring, grinding, sensory issues, poor math skills, etc. People may not exhibit these obvious signs as a child, but may still develop dangerous health challenges as an adult as a result. Gaiamed Dental offers drug-free and surgery-free treatments to deal with these conditions.Please call our office for a free consultation if your child is experiencing the following symptoms that may be related to their oral health: chronic allergies, aggressive behavior, mouth breathing, swollen adenoids/ tonsils, daytime drowsiness, crooked teeth, restless sleep, bedwetting, recurring nightmares, dark circles under eyes, snoring, irritability, frequent headaches, arrested growth and low math/spelling grades.

Gaiamed Dental Spa now has their own dental discount plan!

New School Year

Children's Exam Ages 2-18



with bite-wing X-rays 929 Ridge Road, Wilmette, IL

No charge through Dec. 31, 2015


847-977-1655 OFFICE HOURS: Tues: 8am - 5pm Wed: 10am - 8pm Thurs: 8am - 7pm

mercury-free, BPA-free fillings • bio-compatible materials • cosmetic dental restorations

• partial and full dentures • non-surgical gum therapy • herbal under the gums treatment • personally formulated toothpaste • microscopic bacterial analysis • implants • extractions • dental homeopathy • clear or removable orthodontics • structural orthodontics • TMJ therapy • craniosacral therapy • medical-grade supplements • detox/chelation procedures • flu defense treatment • adrenal fatigue testing/analysis • VI peel • migraine management • facial rejuvenation


StickNotwith Natural Iodine All Supplements are the Same


Satisfied Customers


I feel much more energetic, my thoughts are extremely clear, and my entire body feels more in balance. Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine is the only change in my daily routine over the last 45 days. The way I feel today is better than at any point in my life that I can remember. ~ James

I’ve been taking this product for over a year and no single supplement, diet or approach (I have tried lots) has had as great an impact as this. I have my energy back, my metabolism is back on track and my mind is clear and the depression has lifted. I love this product and wish more people knew about it. I think many of us are deficient in iodine and it can bring balance to the body. Thank you, thank you Natural Awakenings for offering it! ~ Pamela

Proper iodine supplementation with a high-quality product like Natural Awakenings Detoxified Iodine can prevent harm by protecting the thyroid and other endocrine glands and restoring proper hormone production.

A Few Drops Can Change Your Life! You could feel better, lose weight or increase energy and mental clarity with a few drops of Natural Awakenings DETOXIFIED IODINE daily in water or topically on the skin. The supplementation of iodine, an essential component of the thyroid, has been reported to give relief from: • Depression • Weight Gain • Fibromyalgia • Low Energy • Hypothyroidism • Hyperthyroidism • Radiation • Bacteria • Viruses

$19.99 plus $5 shipping • 1 btl. = 6-8 week supply Order today, available only at or call: 888-822-0246

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The Hidden Deficiency Having the proper amount of iodine in our system at all times is critical to overall health, yet the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition finds that iodine deficiency is increasing drastically in light of an increasingly anemic national diet of unpronounceable additives and secret, unlabeled ingredients. This deficit now affects nearly three-quarters of the population.

Causes of Iodine Deficiency


Almost everyone is routinely exposed to iodine-depleting radiation

Low-Sodium Diets

Overuse of zero-nutrient salt substitutes in foods leads to iodine depletion

Iodized Table Salt

Iodized salt may slowly lose its iodine content by exposure to air


A toxic chemical found in baked goods overrides iodine's ability to aid thyroid

Iodine-Depleted Soil Poor farming techniques have led to declined levels of iodine in soil

A Growing Epidemic Symptoms range from extreme fatigue and weight gain to depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, fibrocystic breasts and skin and hair problems. This lack of essential iodine can also cause infertility, joint pain, heart disease and stroke. Low iodine levels also have been associated with breast and thyroid cancers; and in children, intellectual disability, deafness, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and impaired growth, according to studies by Boston University and the French National Academy of Medicine.

What to Do The easy solution is taking the right kind of iodine in the right dosage to rebalance thyroid function and restore health to the whole body.


10 NOVEMBER 2015 Drury Lane Theatre & Conference Center 100 Drury Lane, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181

The Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) and the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC) have teamed together to host the Free Healthcare Summit & The Business Event on November 10, 2015. This event will join many small business and healthcare leaders to discuss ways they can collaborate to lower healthcare costs, expand coverage options and promote employee wellness.The event also provides hospitals an opportunity to showcase services and capabilities to area employers in their communities.

• Keynote address on healthcare trends by large health system CEO

Expected attendance is more than 3,000.

• Wellness Session

Independent healthcare practitioners, integrative medical offices, wellness center staff and small businesses are encouraged to attend this event for learning, active participation and networking.

• Insurance Program Session

• Access to Capital Session • Social Media Engagement Session • Small Business Government Contracts Session

• Expo Hall (150+ booths) • SBAC Now Pitch Sessions

Contact Mike Cavanaugh: Register FREE online: natural awakenings

November 2015


contents Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.



is a Spiritual Oasis by Carrie Jackson



for Better Alignment by Carrie Jackson



Living a Life We Love is Real Affluence by Judith Fertig


Few Skincare Product Labels Tell the Whole Story by Linda Sechrist y tt er Nu m r! m e Su ff O



for Getting Younger with Age by GuruNischan Khalsa

36 DANGERS IN THE Over 3,000 Choices!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Choose Safe and Healthy Natural Beauty Aids

by Kathleen Barnes

38 SHARING OUR BOUNTY The Best Premium Nuts, Shipped Fresh. Dried Fruit, Snacks, Flours, Grains and More.

Food Drives Need Healthy Donations

by Avery Mack


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with Hearty Homemade Soup and Bread


Create an Attitude of Gratitude All Day Long

by Mary Lynn Ziemer

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by Peter Kime

Are you ready for an antibiotic and flu shot-free school year?



Not Just Any Dog or Cat Will Do

by Sandra Murphy


Need a Helping Paw


by Laura T. Coffey


Eco-Activist Actress Takes Steps that Make a Difference by Gerry Strauss

S. Bukley/


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Q: What can The Wellness Source do for your family? A: Relief of migraines, allergies, asthma, sick days and digestive concerns. “I was skeptical of chiropractic. I chose to try it because my daughter Stella was on the verge of ear tube surgery. Now she has been FREE of antibiotics and ear infections for the past 3 years.

Thank you Dr. Nick” – Maria A.

Dr. Nick Kuennen, DC & Team


source 1245 N. Milwaukee Ave., Suite 202B Glenview, (Across from Abt)

Call for an appointment: 224-413-3500 Check out our youtube natural awakenings

November 2015


letterfrompublisher I am absolutely amazed to be sitting here and writing to your for the November issue of Natural Awakenings Chicago. Jim Irwin and Peggy Malecki November–how did it come again contact us Publishers Peggy Malecki and Jim Irwin Circulation Manager Jim Irwin Sales & Marketing Jim Irwin, Peggy Malecki Sondra Brigandi, Heidi Hetzel, Debi Kiddle, Iris Winter Editors Martin Miron, Theresa Archer, Randy Kambic Writers Linda Sechrist, Megy Karydes, S. Alison Chabonais, Carrie Jackson Design & Production Suzzanne Siegel, Martin Friedman, Stephen Blancett, Steve Hagewood

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“Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower.” ~Albert Camus


am absolutely amazed to be sitting here and writing to you for the November issue of Natural Awakenings Chicago. November—how did it come again so soon? The fireplace is heating the house and I’m sipping hot soup. We’re in that in-between season, enjoying peaceful days before the holiday dazzle starts in earnest. It’s a perfect time to take a reflective breath and express quiet gratitude for all of the gifts and experiences we’ve been given this year. Good or not so pleasant, each moment weaves into our life’s tapestry and gives us something to be thankful for. I recently read an article by columnist Parker J. Palmer, a regular contributor to the website, and it made me think differently about the fall season we’re enjoying and the upcoming winter many of us may be trudging toward. Palmer offers a fresh way to think about the outwardly visible decline and death in the natural world in late autumn. “Faced with this inevitable winter, what does nature do in autumn?” he asks. “She scatters the seeds that will bring new growth in the spring—and she scatters them with amazing abandon… But as I explore autumn’s paradox of dying and seeding, I feel the power of metaphor. In the autumnal events of my own experience, I am easily fixated on surface appearances … And yet, if I look more deeply, I may see the myriad possibilities being planted to bear fruit in some season yet to come.” Eager to test his words, I spent a few minutes inspecting the yard. The oaks and walnuts are definitely planting the seeds for new growth, as are the squirrels storing food for themselves and future generations. At the woodpile, a smoky gray vole scurried under a log, making final preparations for winter hibernation and a new family. I gathered ready-to-burst seedpods from our swamp milkweed and dried seeds from other natives. Digging the topsoil, I could see the fat roots of perennials that will be back again in the spring. As I become more observant of the metaphor, I’m sure I’ll see many more spring preparations that I formerly viewed as a somber winter havening. We can apply this lesson to our lives as we give thanks this season. Palmer suggests that we look at everything we do; all of our experiences, in this light. Rather than seeing missteps and losses as roadblocks, we may focus on the new roads they send us to travel. It seems we can so much better appreciate joy in our lives if we have experienced sadness, as well. And we can look so much more to the spring if we remember the details in the autumn decline and go with the flow. This month, we offer several articles to enhance gratitude and uplift our daily lives. Focusing on what really matters and looking past the bling and noise, I propose that we can find true beauty and wealth this holiday season. Please share our articles with friends and coworkers, and help uplift their days, as well. And we’d love if you’ll send us an email ( or meet us on Facebook ( or Twitter (@NAChicago) to let us know what you are grateful for this November. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Subtle Symptoms: • • • •

Poor Sleep Food Cravings Allergies Skin Conditions (Excema, Psoriasis)

Obvious Symptoms:

Gas/Bloating Heartburn/GERD • Constipation • Diarrhea • Crohn’s • Colitis • •

never glossy always green natural awakenings

November 2015



– Event sponsored in part by Natural Awakenings Chicago. – Natural Awakenings Chicago distribution location.

Experience the Benefits of Miessence for the Immune System


eri Calandra, LAc, has become an independent consultant for Miessence (, makers of the world’s first extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. She is hosting How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally! from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., November 3, and Combat Holiday Stress, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., November 11, at her acupuncTeri Calandra, LAc ture practice in Arlington Heights.   The free immune system mini-lecture will discuss how incorporating different body therapies, foods, Miessence nutritional products and other methods can help us stay healthy all year long. Combat Holiday Stress explores different stress reduction methods, and includes a 10-minute acupuncture stress reduction session (Acupuncture Happy Hour) or a mini Reiki session. All Miessence products have been extensively researched and developed for quality and effectiveness using pure natural ingredients without any artificial chemical processing. Calandra is the owner of Calandra Acupuncture, which offers NAET allergy elimination, acupuncture and Reiki at their two locations.   Register (required) for classes at Locations in the South Loop at 47 W. Polk St., Ste. M-5, Chicago, and 2015 S. Arlington Heights Rd., Ste. 111, Arlington Heights. For more information, call 312-515-9492 or visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.

Dr. Kori Feldman Offers Free Seminars on Stress and Hormones


ori Feldman, M.D., offers free monthly seminars to discuss the impact of stress and hormones on health and how to achieve lifelong optimized living. This month’s seminars will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m., November 3 and 17, at Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital. Readers of Natural Awakenings will receive a gift when they mention this article. Kori Feldman, M.D. “I am passionate and excited about helping patients truly reach optimized health in an effective and sustainable way,” says Feldman. “I want people to know that just about any proactive person of any age can reclaim health and vitality.” A medical doctor by training, Feldman has expanded her services at Integrative Family Health Associates to feature a more holistic approach, including her breakthrough rejuvenation system and wellness program that teaches people how to become independently healthy and minimally dependent on the current disease care system. Location: 5101 S. Willow Springs Rd. For more information or to register (required), call 708-340-6184 or visit See ad on page 37 and in the Community Resource Guide. 10


Learn Why and How to Create a Healing Mandala


ail Alexander, a combination artist, therapist, channel and energy worker, will present Gail Alexander The Transformative and Healing Power of Mandalas from 7 to 9 p.m., November 13, at the The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore in Unity Northwest Church, in Des Plaines. The program includes the definition, history and overview of mandalas. Mandala is Sanskrit for circle and Alexander describes her energy mandalas as sacred circles of universal knowledge. Each image is hand-drawn and holds a specific frequency and vibration derived from the principles of sacred geometry. Participants will practice guided imagery meditation using mandalas and be offered suggestions on how to create their own mandala. By the end of the lecture, participants will feel more open, balanced and have a deeper understanding of how mandalas/symbols can help them transform and heal their lives. Alexander has studied many different healing traditions, including Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, Angelic Healing Fire, DNA Theta Healing, EFT, Reiki and Quantum Touch. Admission is $25; $20 for A.R.E. members. Other upcoming A.R.E. programs include Nutritional Response Testing and a discussion of Cooked, by Michael Pollan. Location: 259 E. Central Rd., Des Plaines. For reservations, call 847-299-6535. Visit See ad on page 27 and in the Community Resource Guide.

Gone Gluten Free? Find out what other foods are still bothering you. Most people with gluten sensitivity also have other hidden food intolerances. Did you know the top signs of food intolerance are: headaches, fatigue, skin problems and digestive issues. What natural options can FINALLY solve the puzzle and help you feel better?

■ The right types of labs for accuracy

■ The right nutrients to help heal the gut

■ The right team to guide you Call to schedule your Initial Evaluation with Dr. Kristen. 847-310-0303 Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland chiropractic & wellness in Hoffman Estates

Book your appointment online at

Are You Suffering with: ✓ Excessive Fatigue? ✓ Hair falling out? ✓ Depressed? ✓ Sensitivity to cold? ✓ Constipation? ✓ Nervousness? ✓ Anxiety? ✓ Dry skin and hair? Is your Thyroid the underlying cause of weight gain, insomnia, dry skin, depression or anxiety? This free Recovery Workshop will give you more information. Call now to reserve your spot. Must be registered.


Wednesday, Nov. 11th & 18th 6:00 to 7:15pm Seats are limited, so please call

847-715-9060 to RESERVE your spot & get your FREE informational DVD. North Shore Health Solutions 1446 Techny Road, Northbrook, IL 60062 natural awakenings

November 2015


Photo Courtesy of Genevieve Jacobson

newsbriefs Laurie Anderson’s New Film Opens at Music Box Theatre


he new film Heart of a Dog is a personal essay by renowned performance artist Laurie Anderson that weaves together childhood memories, video diaries, philosophical musings on data collection, surveillance culture, the Buddhist conception of the afterlife and heartfelt tributes to the artists, writers, musicians and thinkers that inspire her. Laurie Anderson Fusing her own witty, inquisitive narration with original violin compositions, hand-drawn animation, 8 mm home movies and artwork culled from exhibitions, Anderson creates a hypnotic montage of the raw materials of her life and art, examining how stories are constructed and told, including how we use them to make sense of our lives. Heart of a Dog will open on Nov. 13 at the Music Box Theatre, 3733 N. Southport Ave., Chicago. View the trailer at and buy tickets at See ad on page 17.

Eben Alexander Presents Map of Heaven at Infinity


nfinity Foundation hosts Eben Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven; and Karen Newell, co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, for a daylong program, Map of Heaven: Accessing Infinite Awareness, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., November 14, on the National Louis University Skokie campus. Eben Alexander Each journey is unique and the possibilities are infinite. This session comprises an exploration of life and consciousness, with soundenhanced meditations to deepen connection to infinite source. The gift of awareness brings the potential to explore the true nature of consciousness and personal connection to all that exists. There’ll be ample time to process, ask questions and discuss ways to integrate the insights from meditation into everyday living. Cost is $110, or $95 if paid 10 days in advance. Location: 5202 Old Orchard Rd., Skokie. For more information, call 847-831-8828 or visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit. ~Napoleon Hill



Dickinson Joins Balance Chiropractic & Wellness


adelaine Dickinson, RDN, has joined the staff of Balance Chiropractic & Wellness to work alongside Dr. Kristen (Bobik) Halland, D.C. in helping people move away from being dependent on medication and instead maintain optimal weight and create long-term strategies for dealing with conditions like hypothyroidism, food intolerances, autoimmune conditions Kristen (Bobik) Halland, D.C. and others. Dickinson is an integrative nutritionist with extensive training in functional medicine settings. She believes that optimal nutrition and other healthy habits are achievable for every individual if they are committed to positive change and provided with tailored support, education and encouragement. Halland, a chiropractic physician with specialties in acupuncture and nutrition, is also a functional medicine practitioner who helps people feel their best and live life fully, using only natural and conservative treatment. She coaches patients in a Healthy Transformation Program to successfully move away from a lifestyle dependent on medications for issues like diabetes, high cholesterol and autoimmune conditions.

Location: 2500 W. Higgins Rd., Ste. 420, Hoffman Estates. For more information or appointments, call 847-310-0303 or visit and Facebook for fall events Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Menu Planning and Winter Soup Sampler. See ad on page 11 and in the Community Resource Guide.

Get Complete Medical Care for Your Body, Mind and Spirit


We take conventional approaches a step further to get to the root cause of your issues, treating the true source and not just the symptoms.

Essential Oil Blend

Dr. Eric Nagaj specializes in Anthroposophic Medicine, treating the Body, Soul and Spirit nature of the Human Being.

inspires a joyful heart promotes emotional well-being beautiful when worn as a perfume inspires togetherness eases occasional nervousness, stress & tension ❊ promotes peace ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊ ❊


Igor Sher, DC

Visit Us For Holistic Healthcare Integrating:

• Human-centered Medicine • Anthroposophical Remedies • Homeopathic Remedies • Chiropractic Adjustments

Karen Duewel

• Physical Therapy • Massage Therapy • Diet & Nutrition • Bio-identical Hormones

Advanced Arlington Sports Medicine 333 W. Dundee Road, Buffalo Grove 847-243-0355 • • We accept PPO and Medicare

Member #434249 847-772-0212

NO MORE NIGHT SWEATS! Laboratory research shows that over 60% of women will be in need of hormone therapy and hormone replacement medications at some point in their lifetime. Save Rite Pharmacy & Compounding offers compounded medications available in a variety of dosages styles and methods to help women who suffer symptoms due to common hormonal imbalances and deficiencies, including:

For some women, these medications will be in the form of patient specific Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). However, not all women’s

Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Member of PAAM

Specializing in Injury Care and Everyday Aches & Pains


• Menopause • Irregular menstrual cycle • Moodiness • Hot flashes • Post-partum depression • Decreased libido • Weight gain • Vaginal dryness • Painful sexual intercourse • Sleep disturbances • Night sweats • Osteoporosis • Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Eric Nagaj, MD

health-related issues are solved by hormonal replacements. Because of this, Save Rite also stocks the Metagenics* research-based medical foods, nutraceuticals, and key programs. * The Metagenics line can only be stocked by registered health care providers and practitioners, and will not be found in any grocery store or regular retail pharmacy.

Save Rite is a registered ZRT laboratory test provider, and sells blood spot and saliva test kits directly at our store. Our pharmacists work directly with you and your physician on hormone testing and results. For women that may not feel comfortable talking to their doctor about hormone replacement, or don’t know a physician who regularly prescribes BHRT, we at Save Rite Pharmacy have the answers to all your questions. Also, if you do not live in the surrounding Chicago area we provide shipping with our personal mail service throughout the state of Illinois!


FTER my hysterectomy in my early 30s, I started experiencing menopausal symptoms such as extreme hot flashes and night sweats. I tried various herbal remedies such as soy products and black cohosh, but they never fully resolved my symptoms. A pharmacist at Save Rite Pharmacy worked with my doctor and me and soon after saliva testing I started bioidentical hormones. I was skeptical at first, but after a few short weeks my symptoms had nearly disappeared! After Pharmaceuticals • Compounding • Supplies a slight increase in my dosage, I no longer have any night sweats or palpitations, and 3479 N Broadway, Chicago my mood has vastly improved. I am certain bioidentical hormones helped me get my life back!”

Your Rite Choice…


– Dianne Smith natural awakenings

November 2015


newsbriefs Dr. Banerjee Offers New Laser Treatments at Halo in Northfield

Dr. LeRoy Lifts the Veil of HPV Virus

r. Promila Banerjee, M.D., a fellow of the American Academy of AntiAging and owner of Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, in Northfield, now offers deep skin resurfacing HALO laser therapy. This Sciton™ Broadband Light, as per research and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, is “the latest, most advanced, safest and most precise hybrid laser that is changing the way we think of skin anti-aging treatments,” says Banerjee. As a great cosmetic alternative to Botox, “It gives the results you deserve with minimal downtime to suit your busy lifestyle. As compared to previous lasers, Promila Banerjee, M.D. you don’t need to take time off from work, can apply makeup within hours after treatment and show off your results in days.”   Beyond cosmetic applications, HALO treatment is the only procedure that can be used on almost all skin types and is also useful in treating many different skin conditions on the face and body. The non-invasive therapy offers a deep dermal and epidermal personalized medical application of HALO that “corrects years of sun damage, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, redness and uneven pigmentation, improves pores, texture, tone, scars and overall health of the skin,” says Banerjee.   Natural Awakenings readers can enjoy a variety of specials on HALO and other treatments through the end of the year.   Location: 281 Waukegan Rd., above Teddie Kossof, Northfield. For appointments and a complimentary skin analysis and anti-aging consultation, call  847-260-7300. For more information, visit See ad on page 23.

r. Nick LeRoy’s new book Painting a Target on HPV is an encyclopedic, evidence-based exploration of everything known about the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer. With an emphasis on non-surgical treatment, LeRoy imparts the insight of his 20 years of experience in treating and researching HPV and cervical dysplasia. “In contrast to what most doctors claim, a wait-and-see strategy for a HPV infection and for mild dysplasia may not be in a woman’s best interest, and often results in unnecessary surgery and years of recurrent dysplasia, grief and fear of getting get cervical cancer,” states LeRoy. “If you have HPV-related disease, Painting a Target on HPV will arm you with the facts to avoid poor treatment decisions that you may regret for years to come.” The book helps readers understand how HPV transforms a normal cell into an abnormal one; and HPV cofactors that contribute to the formation of cancer.


Achieve Optimum Health with InteriorWerx


nteriorWerx, a leading-edge solution to health and wellness issues, provides a natural remedy for optimum conditioning of the body and mind, with proven results. When the body signals energetic abnormalities through symptoms such as anxiety, pain, sadness, allergies or recurring physical injuries, it creates the opportunity to reach the root cause of the problem. InteriorWerx adjusts a client’s frequencies back into true health. Susan Curry developed InteriorWerx more than four years ago after researching and training with a forensic psychiatrist for more than 12 years. During that Susan Curry time, she was able to establish the depth of her abilities and found that InteriorWerx created quicker and more effective results than established psychotherapy practices. InteriorWerx is offered through healing sessions with Curry in Lincoln Park (Chicago), San Diego, Scottsdale and by phone. Cost is $125 per hour, with free 15-minute consultation. Natural Awakenings readers save 20 percent with promo code NEWCLIENT. Also 20 percent off with packages: three sessions for $300 and five sessions for $500. Make appointments and learn more at See ad in the Community Resource Guide. 14



Painting a Target on HPV is available at See ad on page 25, in the Community Resource Guide and at

point. click.

Healing Through Holistic Mind-Body Practices


ichele Marchese, CHT, MWBWP, a mind and body wellness practitioner and owner of Holistic Craft, in Lake Forest, offers several different holistic therapies, including hypnotherapy, intuitive life coaching, holistic recipes, flower essential oil and essence therapy. A graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, she also writes and creates hypnotherapy scripts and CDs. Marchese knows she was born to help people; her own journey through illness inspired her to learn holistic methods to heal and decrease pain. She says she loves being part of her clients’ holistic journey and enjoys when they discover how to relax and nourish their spiritual awakening. “My mission is to help others help themselves through positive affirmations, subliminal thoughts and enlightenment, bringing life to natural solutions,” she says.

Location: 100 S Saunders Rd., Ste. 150, Lake Forest. For more information, call 224-623-2856 or visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.

New Balance North Shore 610 Central Avenue • Port Clinton Square Downtown Highland Park

North Shore

847-266-8323 • Open 7 days •

natural awakenings

November 2015



editorial calendar JANUARY

health & wellness plus: dance power FEBRUARY


plus: dental health MARCH

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plus: eye health APRIL

everyday sustainability plus: freshwater scarcity MAY

women’s wellness plus: thyroid health JUNE


plus: balanced man JULY

newsbriefs Overcome the Obstacle of Adversity


vercome the Obstacle, in which left-brain psychotherapy and right-brain holistic healing come together, is a powerful collaboration of holistic and psychotherapeutic techniques offered by Nancy Bernard and Chuck Solomonson to surmount the difficulties that limit experiencing the true richness of life. Mindfulness and compassion are their keys to interconnectedness of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. This can be very effective in overcoming obstacles created by the impact of past experiences or Chuck Solomonson & current events, enabling individuals to live life more Nancy Bernard enriched, empowered, joyful and innerly peaceful. They believe honoring and releasing the upsetting elements from the body is vital. They also offer crystal healing, chakra balancing, Reiki, shamanic healing, EFT, Heart-Loving Yoga, collage therapy, EMDR trauma therapy and talk therapy. Bernard’s passion lies in the rediscovery of one’s own true self. Solomonson utilizes narrative and cognitive therapies with an interpersonal approach to efficiently and effectively resolve what is going on.

independent media

For more information, visit and See ad in the Community Resource Guide.

plus: summer harvest AUGUST

empowering youth plus: creativity SEPTEMBER

healing music plus: yoga OCTOBER

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plus: holiday themes

Solful Gifts Offers Ajna Light Sessions for Brainwave Balance


olful Gifts, in Wheeling, is now offering local Ajna Light sessions—the only location in Illinois currently offering this service. This healing device was developed by Guy Harriman, a Thai Buddhist Monk who used to work directly with Steve Jobs. It was recently introduced to Chicagoland by Maytawee Wisdom, another Thai Buddhist Monk who visited Solful Gifts. The Ajna Light creates a meditative and relaxing effect, a trance state affecting brainwave patterns through LED lights flickering at a specific rate and intensity and stimulating the pineal gland. It’s a powerful tool to help people overcome anxiety, stress, lack of focus and clarity, and much more. Within minutes, one can achieve various states of deep relaxation that enhance healing processes activating the third eye, a state that otherwise takes many years and hours of practicing deep meditation. Ajna can be used alone or in combination with crystal therapy, mind coaching, essential oils or Reiki sessions, also offered at Solful Gifts. Thousands of people around the world have been providing amazing testimonials regarding the wonderful effects of this amazing device. Natural Awakenings readers receive an extra five minutes free added to a purchased session with the code NATURALAWAKENINGS. Location: 1040 S. Milwaukee Ave., Ste. 130, Wheeling. For more information, call 847-924-5708 or visit
































BOX THEATRE OPENING MUSIC N. Southport Ave. • 773-871-6604 NOVEMBER 13 3733


Condo for  Sale     in  Prairie  Crossing  

Beautiful and affordable Energy Star rated 2BR/2B at $189,500, in a well-known conservation community, Prairie Crossing has: !  10 miles of hike and bike trails !  Fitness center, private beach, 450 acres

of protected wetlands and grasslands, community gardens, organic farms, CSAs, and quiet, starry nights ! Metra lines to Union Station & O'Hare !  1-hour drive to Milwaukee & The Loop ! Neighborhood pods with playgrounds, community barn, exceptional biodiversity with gorgeous prairie landscapes.

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now offering organic manicures

Voted #1 Ammonia-Free Color Line! 1249 Shermer Road • Northbrook • 847-753-9000 natural awakenings

November 2015


Having Gratitude Yields The Functional Medicine More Happiness Revolution Leads than Having Toward True Healing Things healthbriefs

by Sylvia Panitch


here is a revolution occurring in America and around the world. The standard paradigm of allopathic medicine has shown us that it can be ineffective, costly and cumbersome. Patients often see too many doctors and get prescribed too many medications. Then they may not feel better from the condition or from the side effects of their medications. Functional medicine is about identifying physiological mechanisms that have gotten out of control before they become illness and finding the root causes of illness and not the end effects. The traditional model of medicine serves us well in acute situations like heart attacks, strokes and infections, but not chronic conditions. Patients may have many illnesses at the same time, and six to10 minutes per visit is not enough to address them all. Patient-centered functional medicine focuses on understanding why and how people get sick. It is about lifestyle, environment, nutrition and genetic predisposition that can alter our health and cause disease. All our organs are connected, but by seeing one specialist after another that don’t talk to each other, we are wrongly acting as if our body is the sum of its different parts. In the case of irritable bowel syndrome, for instance, symptoms may include bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea, but the root cause is much more complicated. A functional medicine doctor might investigate the possibility of infections due to bacteria, viruses, yeast or parasites (a stool test analysis is very helpful); food allergies; liver detoxification; nutrient deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids); deficiencies of digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid or good bacteria; and stressors in patient’s life, encouraging mind-body therapies, etc. But it is much more than that, so the treatment will be very specific. Functional medicine is really detective work because the doctor needs to understand the imbalance and develop a personalized program for that patient. Diagnoses are not what really matter. It is the understanding of the imbalances that lead to disease. Sir William Osler’s adage has never been more accurate: “It is much more important to know what sort of a patient has a disease that what sort of disease a patient has.” The revolution is already here. Come and join in. Dr. Silvia Panitch, M.D., is the owner of Lakeview Integrative Medicine, located at 3344 N. Ashland Ave., in Chicago. For more information, call 773-525-6595 or visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.


wo studies from Baylor University have confirmed that materialism can lead to feeling less satisfied with life, while a sense of gratitude reverses some of the negative effects of the pursuit of things. The research, led by Professor James Roberts, Ph.D., included questionnaires sent to 246 marketing students from another university, focusing on happiness and satisfaction with a 15-minute survey that included a 15-point materialism scale. The study found that individuals that focused on achieving material goals were less satisfied with their lives, less happy and had lower self-esteem. Meanwhile, the study found that grateful students found more meaning in their lives and felt a greater sense of satisfaction. “Individuals high in gratitude showed less of a relationship between materialism and its negative affect. Additionally, individuals high in materialism showed decreased life satisfaction when either gratitude or positive affect was low,” note the researchers.


2015 Holiday Gift Guide 18

for suggesting eco-friendly and healthful gifts for the holiday season!

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Cloves Inhibit Cancer Growth


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Healthy Mouth = Healthy Body! Make a conscious choice to improve your oral health this year! We offer gentle holistic dentistry that supports your vibrant well-being in a caring and peaceful office environment. Your conscious care can include:

Taf G. Paulson, D.D.S., P.C.


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esearch from China has determined that cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) inhibit the growth of several cancers. Researchers tested an extract of whole cloves against several types of human cancer cells, including those of ovarian, cervical, liver, colon, breast and pancreatic cancers. Published in the journal Oncology Research, the test used an incubation system that simulated the ability of these cancer cells to grow within the body. The researchers found that the clove extract stopped such development. The active constituents they identified within the clove extracts include oleanolic acid and eugenol. “Clove extract may represent a novel therapeutic herb for cancer treatment, and oleanolic acid is one of the components responsible for part of its antitumor activity,” the researchers commented. Cloves, one of the oldest medicinal spices, have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries.


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Chicago Holistic Dentistry

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Inflammation is at the Root of Colds and Flu

Herbal First-Aid for Toothaches

by Eric Nagaj

by Alla Aver



ll of the common illnesses are really inflammations. Infection is the wrong term to use, because it suggests that we get sick because germs invade us. This is misleading. We are always exposed to and often invaded by germs, and yet we only occasionally get sick. When we know we’re starting to come down with something, we should stop eating altogether and start drinking as many hot herbal teas and hot citrus drinks as can be tolerated. When the body is trying to process and eliminate toxic substances, it helps if we don’t have to digest much food at the same time. Therefore, the general rule is to avoid protein-rich foods during an acute illness. Empty the bowels if there is anything left in them. An enema or suppository works fastest. Never wake up an ill person to give a remedy, because sleep is the best healer. Always dress the patient warmly, because that will increase their body’s ability to handle inflammation. The body, in its wisdom, wants and needs to be hot in order to burn out impurities. Remedies must be given regularly and consistently if they are to work properly. As the illness improves, the frequency of the dose can be decreased from every one or two hours to three or four times daily, but remedies should not be stopped until two or three days after the fever is gone, and not before other symptoms have also cleared up. Remember, the germs don’t cause the illness; they feed on it. Eric Nagaj, M.D., board certified in internal medicine, specializes in anthroposophic medicine at Advanced Arlington Sports Medicine. For more information, call 847-243-0355 or visit See ad on page 13 and in the Community Resource Guide.

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oothaches are not to be trifled with. An infected tooth or gum can turn toxic in a short amount of time. Herbal medicine is not a substitution for proper dental care, but when a toothache shows up after the dentist’s office hours, there are few things to do to keep infection at bay. Oregon grape powder can be directly applied on the gum to reduce painful swelling and avoid a more serious bacterial infection. Calendula, echinacea, myrrh and goldenseal soothe sore gums and reduce inflammation. They are an excellent treatment for Candida albicans, an opportunistic yeast that causes thrush in the mouth. Their berberine content kills off offending bacteria. Just dab affected areas with tincture diluted with an equal amount of water for several minutes. Oil of oregano is considered to be effective for treating toothaches due to its antifungal and antibacterial properties. One drop of oil of oregano mixed with a quarter-teaspoon of coconut oil can be rubbed into the affected area two or three times a day. The will help kill the infection and relieve pain quickly. Oil of cloves, a tropical spice, is good to have on hand for toothaches. Combine four drops of clove bud oil, one drop of orange or mint oil for flavor and one teaspoon of coconut oil, and then rub it onto painful gums. Repeat several times a day until a dentist can provide professional help. Dr. Alla Aver, DDS, is the owner of A Center for Dental Healing at 2400 Ravine Way, Suite 400, Glenview. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 847-998-5100 or visit See ad on page 23, in the Community Resource Guide and on Aver will host an open house from 3 to 5 p.m., Nov. 5 at the newly renovated, eco-friendly office.


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globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Smiley Faces

Shared Laughter Creates Happier Workers Researchers Nale Lehmann-Willenbrock and Joseph A. Allen have written in the Journal of Applied Psychology about their research into the effect of group humor on workers by studying the behavioral patterns of 54 real-world teams from two businesses. Humor and laughter were examined and each interaction was coded, based on recordings made at meetings. Performance ratings were collected immediately afterward and also several years later. Results showed that levity can reduce body pain and stress and help with relaxation. Cognitively, it bolsters creativity, memory and problem-solving ability. Humor reduces anxiety, elevates mood and increases self-esteem, hope, optimism and energy. In terms of society, it attracts connections, promotes bonding and altruism and leads to happier partnerships. The researchers also found, “At the team level, humor patterns [but not humor or laughter alone] positively related to team performance, both immediately and two years later.” The positive aftereffects of humor on team performance include question-asking, proposals of innovative ideas, new people speaking up and kudos given for jobs well done or problems solved. Source:

Recycling Revolution

Global Rise Bolsters Sustainability On November 15, thousands of events in communities nationwide will celebrate America Recycles Day (America A program run by national nonprofit Keep America Beautiful since 2006, the event is dedicated to promoting recycling in the U.S. via special material collection drives and educational activities. Materials available to groups include advice on setting up collectibles stations and customizable templates for promoting activities to increase recycling awareness, commitment and local action. There’s plenty of room to grow: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the amount of waste that the average citizen composts or recycles has increased from 17 percent in 1990 to 33 percent today. Some other countries have been conducting their own national programs longer. For the 19th year, Australia will celebrate a weeklong National Recycling Week ( in November. More than 90 percent of Aussies feel it’s the right thing to do. Recycle Now (, England’s national program, supported and funded by the government and implemented by 90 percent of municipalities, conducts its annual weeklong program in June. Organizers contend that six out of 10 citizens now describe themselves as committed recyclers, compared to fewer than half when the campaign launched in 2004. Germany also celebrates recycling for two days in June; many other countries do so in July. 22


Monsanto Pushback More Countries Ban Toxic Roundup

Countries are gradually banning the use of Monsanto Roundup herbicide around the world as a danger to the environment and human health, and Bermuda is one of the latest to join the ranks. These moves come soon after a recently published metastudy conducted by the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer published in The Lancet Oncology determined that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is probably carcinogenic to humans. Colombia stopped using Roundup to kill illegal coca plants. France banned the sale to homeowners, and Germany is poised to do the same. A group of 30,000 Argentine physicians are calling for a ban there, where it’s blamed for boosting birth defects and cancer. Others, including the Brazilian federal prosecutor, are demanding that Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, be pulled off the shelves. In the U.S., the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) is assisting efforts in cities, counties and school systems to enact immediate bans of glyphosate-based sprays. IRT is also calling for schools to measure the amount of glyphosate residues in school meals and to take steps to eliminate them if found. Source: EcoWatch

ecoalert New Thermostat Recycling Program Captures Mercury Many older household thermostats contain mercury, a toxic heavy metal that can cause serious health problems when it enters the environment. When thermostats are disposed of in a landfill, the mercury ends up in waste liquid that is removed from the landfill and sent to a sewer treatment plant and subsequently discharged to the environment in the treatment plant’s effluent. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Product Stewardship Institute have launched a year-long pilot project that offers Illinois residents and small heating and cooling contractors easy, convenient locations for dropping off thermostats that contain mercury. In exchange for each thermostat returned, participating hardware stores will provide a $5 coupon that can be used at that store. Through this take-back program, the agencies are protecting public health by increasing homeowner awareness of the need and opportunity to recycle mercury thermostats.

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or “Psychic You” class, where attendees can explore their own intuitive abilities. While people come from all over to browse the boutique, indulge in private sessions or take an enriching class, Grannemann does see a connection between her customers. “Many people are at a major shift in their lives. That can be by Carrie Jackson a divorce, financial shifts or even redefining themselves. They are trying to remember what something different in her nlightened Balance Chakra Spa, in they used to enjoy before life. She visited an intuihistoric downtown Crystal Lake, life got so complicated. tive psychic that helped is more than just a retail store or Some are facing a major healing center. Owner Kim Grannemann her realize that she was illness such as cancer and actually an intuitive describes the space as “a spiritual are looking for natural herself. “I always thought boutique that embraces all cultures. We alternatives and spiritual I just paid attention more are committed to continue to build a inspiration. Others are sense of community.” Grannemann, who than other people. Now I searching for something know I have a gift,” says founded the space in 2013, encourages deeper in their lives— Grannemann. clients and customers to explore their maybe they are learning In addition to the spiritual side in a safe, welcoming envithat vacations and having retail space, Enlightened ronment without judgment. lots of things is simply not Balance features practitio Enlightened Balance has a wide what is important. They ners that offer private sesvariety of products from more than are looking to get back to sions and group classes. 50 local artists, all with a holistic feel. Kim Grannemann what does really matter— “All of my practitioners Customers can browse pendulums, inner peace, self-care, personal growth, found me; I never posted an advervintage artifacts, semiprecious jewelry, happiness and harmony—in other tisement. The energy match was just essential oils, crystals, organic teas, words, an Enlightened Balance.” right, and in this spiritual world, I now altar supplies, scarves, statues, smudg Grannemann is now certain that realize there are no accidents,” notes ing sets, Himalayan lamps, rain sticks nothing happens by accident or is a Grannemann. Services include chanand other eclectic gifts. “We have $10 coincidence. “In our classes, we enneled medium sessions, aura analysis, artist cards to $1,200 ‘statement’ wall courage people to really listen to their aura photography, chakra channeling, art. It is important to me that regardless inner voices. They use their intuition to of your budget, you can find something Reiki energy balancing sessions, reflexpick colors and are even encouraged ology, palm readings, tarot readings, that speaks to you. We’re located in a to paint blindfolded to get in touch spiritual attunement, dream interpretapedestrian mall, so we are blessed to with all of their senses. I want people tions and guided meditative journeys. have the opportunity to have new ‘exto find what stirs their soul and allows “Everyone who is a part of Enlightened plorers’ stumble upon us every day. It’s them to be their best selves. True hapBalance is not just respected in their a great opportunity for them to try new piness starts when you love and believe things,” says Grannemann. She is happy field, but are relatable. They are people in yourself and honor the person that you would want to get to know and be to answer questions, offer suggestions makes you that unique, beautiful perfriends with. Our mission is to pass on or help people find something new. son you are,” she says. our positive energy to customers and Owning a spiritual boutique is clients the minute they walk through a huge shift for Grannemann, who Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa is the door,” shares Grannemann. spent years in the corporate world and located at 30 N. Williams St., Ste. F, Enlightened Balance offers classes describes herself as an overly analytiin Crystal Lake (facing the pedestrian cal person. “I ran a huge company with where people can connect with each other while embracing personal growth garden area). For more information, thousands of employees. I was taking call 815-307-1180, visit EnlightenedBalcalls at 3 a.m. and responding to emails at the same time. Every Thursday or, they hold an Introduction at all hours. I didn’t realize how bad it Balance-Community-Meetup. See ads had become until my children started to to Journeying meditation, and every in the Community Resource Guide. Friday there is a Guided Manifestation point out how distracted and emotionally unavailable I was,” she says. After a meditation and a Law of Attraction Carrie Jackson is an Evanston-based workshop. There is a monthly Essential series of events that shifted her journey Oils workshop, Introduction to Intuitive writer and frequent contributor to and perspective, Grannemann came to Natural Awakenings magazine. Watercolor Painting, a SoulCollage™ the conclusion that there was more to Connect at workshop and an Intuition Insights 101 life than money and she needed to do

Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa is

a Spiritual Oasis




The James Beard Foundation ( and Food Tank (, along with a prestigious advisory group of more than 70 food system experts, have named 12 Illinois organizations in their new 2015 Good Food Org Guide. The 12 Illinois organizations that were chosen were Central Illinois Sustainable Farming Network, FARM Illinois, The Food Circle, Food Works, Good Earth Food Alliance, I Grow Chicago, Illinois Food Scrap Coalition, Illinois Organic Growers Association, Illinois Stewardship Alliance, The Plant Chicago, Purple Asparagus and Tri-state Local Foods Network. Only nonprofit, scholarly and municipal initiatives have been selected in order to spotlight efforts that are focused on community building and engagement, advocacy and service. The vision and objective of this annual publication is to focus attention on the hundreds of organizations working in fields, kitchens, classrooms, laboratories, businesses, town halls and Congress to create a better food system. For more information, visit




Illinois Ranks 12 Organizations in New Top Food Guide




10:30 am . Thanksgiving Day . November 26 A special one-hour gratitude service filled with music, audience sharing, and a brief Bible Lesson. Make this a new Thanksgiving tradition! Join us and bring your family & friends.

Seventeenth Church of Christ, Scientist 55 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago

Creative Solutions for Healthy Living… NATURALLY! CERVICAL DYSPLASIA AND HPV Before

After Dr. Nick LeRoy, DC, MS, director of the Illinois Center for Progressive Health, has 18 years of experience with the non-surgical treatment of HPV and abnormal paps.

BREAST THERMOGRAPHY Avoid the hazards and discomfort of mammography. Thermography, a FDA-approved radiation-free screening test, identifies abnormal blood flow associated with breast cancer.

Reference this ad and receive $25 off your first screening Also specializing in: • GI Disorders • Food Allergies • Women’s Health

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Structural Integration

for Better Alignment by Carrie Jackson


n the early 1980s, when Diane Roth first told people she was interested in massage therapy, she was met with a few skeptical looks. “Back then, people were just starting to understand alternative methods of wellness,” she says. Ignoring the skeptics, Roth studied holistic health in college and moved to Chicago to attend what was then the Chicago School of Massage Therapy. Today she focuses on Structural Integration, which works on the body’s fascia, and has been the sole practitioner at Roth Structural Integration, in Highland Park, for 26 years. “Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that realigns, reeducates and rebalances the fascia and connective tissue of the body. The fascia is a thin, fibrous tissue that works around our muscles and organs. Ideally, it’s supposed to be smooth

Photo: Diane Roth

and flexible, but it adjusts to accommodate strain and misalignment. The connective tissue gets dried out due to illness, injury and poor lifestyle habits,” says Roth. Sitting at desks, watching TV, stress and other aspects of our modern routines can contribute to bodies getting out of alignment. Clients come to Roth with a variety of symptoms, but most have to do with pain. “I see a lot of headaches, backaches, chronic pain issues, neck injuries and sciatica. I treat a lot of athletes and people who sit hunched over at a computer all day,” she says. Roth starts by taking a comprehensive medical history and does a “body reading” which allows her to look at how her clients are standing and moving. Structural Integration is similar to massage, but is generally much more clinical. “What I do is manual therapy with the connective tissue. The bodywork is deep, but should not be painful. It’s slow and deliberate manipulation, working on layers of the tissue. I especially look at relationships—how one part of the body affects another. If a person is having pain in one of their knees, that might stem from an issue in their hip.” Roth stresses the importance of looking at the whole person, not just the symptoms. “As a holistic practitioner, I also address diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. If clients are repeatedly coming in with chronic problems, I’m going to ask about their nutrition, sleeping habits, movement patterns and stress levels. Part of the treatment plan might include suggesting they get to bed half an hour earlier, cut out artificial sweetener or try to cultivate a better work/life balance,” she says. While some clients come in for acute problems, others visit on a regular basis for maintenance and as part of their self-care. After clinical issues are resolved, Roth recommends that new clients commit to a 10-session format as a systematic regimen for real change. In addition to maintaining her board certification as a Structural Integrator, Roth is always learning new treatments for her clients. “I love studying the body and finding new ways I can work with my clients. The more I understand all the different elements, the better I am as a practitioner,” she says. For more information, call 847-533-3213 or visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.


2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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Interested in Your Holistic Health and Spiritual Growth? Then find your way to

The Edgar Cayce Holistic Center! Seeking EXPERT SHAMANIC PRACTITIONERS as volunteers in a paid research study For more information, go online to or call 361-207-4367

THE TRANSFORMATIVE AND HEALING POWER OF MANDALAS with Gail Alexander Friday, November 13, 7-9pm MIND, BODY, SPIRIT CONNECTION: NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING with Claire Boye-Doe Saturday, November 14, 10am-Noon SHARING A MEAL TOGETHER with Ron Hounsell Friday, November 20, 7-9pm Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E.

MALCOLM SMITH, INTERNATIONAL HEALER Tuesday-Thursday, December 1-3 ECLIPSES FOR THE YEAR 2016 with Christine Arens Friday, December 4, 7-9pm STAR OF BETHLEHEM with Christine Arens Sunday, December 6, 2-6pm ARE HOLISTIC FAIR WITH VENDORS Saturday, December 12, 10am-4:30pm

H listicCenter & Book Store

Chicago Area

For more details, please call 847-299-6535 or go to our website: Spiritual Growth and Personal Development

healing for mind body & spirit

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Goldberg Helps Personal Growth by

Clearing Negative Energies by Carrie Jackson


elf-described serial entrepreneur Marla Levitt Goldberg has dabbled in bakeries, real estate and even a pet taxi service, but during a period of personal growth in 2003, a friend introduced her to Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and she realized she had a gift for helping people. She attended classes at the Inner Focus Mystery School and in 2014 started Insightful Energy Therapy to reach people all over the country. “I work with individuals to clear their blocks and interferences that have compounded in this lifetime, in past

lifetimes and even to clear future lifetimes,” says Goldberg. In addition to SRT, Goldberg also specializes in inner child healing, clearing property, brain restructuring, spiritual restructuring and life coaching. The basis of her work comes from her belief that we are all spiritual beings encountering this life in human form. “Understanding the lessons and the challenges we are working on enables the growth of our soul. Sometimes the process is painful. We compile both positive and negative energies from the essence of the soul’s creation. These energies share our journey at every new formation,” says Goldberg. She focuses on clearing out negative energies and imprints that may come from an ex-spouse, a childhood friend or even experiencing road rage. Once that negativity is removed, her clients are more able to fully experience a joyful life. Clients often come to Goldberg when they are experiencing a personal or professional standstill to work through that block. By having negative enerMarla Levitt Goldberg gies and imprints cleared out, they become more capable, efficient and productive. Goldberg also focuses on getting her clients to radiate positive energy. “When you’re happy and feeling emotionally strong, your vibration levels are higher. It’s hard for negative energies to penetrate that. But when you’re sad, tired or worn down, it’s easier to crack through. There are a lot of negative Earthbound souls that hang out at places such as bars, casinos, cemeteries and restaurants. They latch onto you and drain your energy,” she says. When that negative energy is cleared away, clients feel more flow, have more awareness and more ability to harness positive thoughts. Goldberg is currently in the final stages of being certified as an intuitive life coach, so she can help people gain access to their own life power by making purposeful choices. This could include a career change or fostering a better relationship with a sibling. “Everybody should have something in their life that makes their heart sing, whether that is their employment or a hobby. I guide them to find what is important and meaningful to them,” she says. For more information, call 847-984-0440 or visit See ad on page 29 and in the Community Resource Guide.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. ~Albert Einstein 28


Feeling sluggish and blocked in life? Marla will help you clear negative energies that drag you down and keep you from having what you want in life.

Insightful Energy Therapy 847-275-5584

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November 2015


Choose Lasting Wealth

“Imagine an economy in which life is valued more than money and power resides with ordinary people that care about one another, their community and their natural environment,” says David Korten, Ph.D., the co-founder of Positive Futures Network and author of Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth. “When we choose real wealth,” says Korten, of Bainbridge Island, Washington, “we can have exciting hobbies and adventures; work that challenges and stimulates us; and spiritual connection with a universe that’s infinitely larger than a stock portfolio. Instead of more stuff in our alreadystuffed lives, we can have fewer things, but better things of higher quality—fewer visits to the doctor and more visits to museums and friends’ houses.”

Step One: Taking Inventory of Our Stuff

Suze Orman, owner of the Suze Orman Financial Group, in Emeryville, California, and the bestselling author of The Courage to Be Rich: Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance, ponders whether having stuff is worth it and suggests we take an inventory of what we own. “Think about the value of each object—what it cost you when you bought it, what it’s worth in dollars today, and what it’s worth in an Earthly, material representation of who you are now,” she says. Orman suggests that we go through every closet and cupboard and recycle or throw away items that no longer serve us well, and then reconnect with items we cannot part with, such as family mementos. “Think of these items so precious to you and how little, in fact, they cost you,” she says. In this way we define for ourselves the true meaning of worth, and it’s never about the stuff. Once we have a handle on what we own, it’s time to turn to what we want and how we can get there.

TRUE WEALTH Living a Life We Love is Real Affluence by Judith Fertig


raditional economics has us thinking in opposites—in terms of assets and liabilities. We consider the value of the material things we’ve accumulated: We add up our assets, which may include stocks, bonds, real estate, bank accounts and retirement savings. Then we subtract what we owe: Our liabilities may include a home mortgage, credit card debt, insurance premiums and student and vehicle loans. The balance is deemed our net worth. Figured this way, our net worth changes every minute and can sometimes shift dramatically. There is a better way to assess our wealth, because we are overlooking, dismissing or squandering valuable resources and benefits such as time, personal health, spiritual well-being, social connections or community in order to buy temporal things that will only depreciate over time. Golden, Colorado, author David Wann explores this theme in his book Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle. He remarks, “The U.S. may be on top when it comes to spending, but we also lead the world in debt per capita, children in poverty, percent of people in prison, obesity and infant mortality.” In fact, the U.S. has recently been ranked 42nd among countries in longevity— right below Guam and just above Albania. “So where is all the spending really getting us?” he asks. “We need to be getting more value out of each dollar, each hour, each spoonful of food, each square foot of house and each gallon of gas. The secret of success at the local, national and global scale is not really a secret; it’s in plain sight, and it’s called moderation.”


Step Two: Re-Evaluating Life Goals

Just as we would do a personal financial assessment before we make plans to achieve financial goals, a life audit helps us determine our priorities for living happily and productively. Ximena Vengoechea, a design researcher for Twitter, Inc., in San Francisco, recently did this using 100 sticky notes during one dedicated afternoon. She wrote a single wish, one thing she’d like to do, on each note. During this “spring How we spend cleaning for the soul,” as our days is, of she calls it, Vengoechea reaffirmed her thirst for course, how we learning and adventure. spend our lives. Taking it a step further, she analyzed how she ~Annie Dillard spent her time and how often she saw the people most important to her, mapping the data as pie


charts. She discovered that most of her time was spent in work-related activities and not enough in adventure or seeing the people she loved. Drawing it up in the visual medium of charts helped her identify her life goals and see the changes she needed to make. Doubtless, we can all find better ways to utilize our assets.

local communities with a research-based model for prosperity. In socially abundant communities and nations, individuals don’t have to earn as much money to be comfortable, because their quality of life is partly provided by the strength of social bonds.

Heeding the Call to Change

Finding and doing what “lights us up” will bring us abundance, claims David Howitt in Heed Your Call. The Arianna Huffington, of New York City, founder of The Portland, Oregon, Meriwether Group entrepreneur who Huffington Post, knows firsthand about having so many consults for consumer companies, maintains that finding demands on our time that days feel rushed, which can our heroic purpose (that heart-centered thing we feel increase our stress and negatively impact our producwe were meant to do) is the first step toward tivity. She says, “On the flip side, the feeling of true wealth. Howitt says the secret is in one Finding and doing small word—and. Instead of choosing either/ having enough time, or even surplus time, is called ‘time affluence’. Although it may be hard what “lights us or, our world expands with “and”. He urges us to believe, it’s actually possible to achieve.” to integrate the intuitive and analytic parts of up” will bring Huffington recommends simple steps like getourselves: “poet and professional, prophet and ting enough sleep and putting time limits on us abundance. profit, soul and success.” work and online activities. It’s not just about philanthropy, but truly Belinda Munoz, a social change activist in ~David Howitt making your community and your world a San Francisco who blogs at, better place through your work, he observes. observes, “Time is neutral. We either use it wisely or waste “You’re doing good in the world, and when you live that way, it, so the onus is on us to make it an asset.” Munoz can both money follows you.” let go of stress and be more productive when she blocks out day parts. “When I focus, I shut out interruptions, stop feeling Judith Fertig blogs about living well at AlfrescoFoodAnd rushed and get my work done with ease,” she says. from Overland Park, KS.

Our Time

Our Health

One high-impact way to support personal health is to value food more, maintains Wann. “We need to spend more of our household budget for food, not less,” he says. “By rearranging both our household and national expenditures, we should give a higher priority to fresh, healthy food and a lower priority to electronic gadgets, shopping, cars, lawns and even vacations. Our overall expenses don’t have to go up, they just need to be realigned with our changing values. By choosing higher quality food and supporting better ways of growing it, we also begin to reshape the American culture,” he says.

Our Community

The community, rather than the stock market, is the better source of real wealth—both personal and global—maintains Korten. “Your community economy is part of the glue that binds people together. It’s the key to physical and mental health and happiness.” Giving less control over our financial well-being to Wall Street and more to Main Street will help us think in terms of livelihoods, instead of mere jobs. For Korten, this equates to not only how we make money to live, but also how we live—valuing our homes, communities and natural environment. Priceless social capital comes from investing our time and money in local communities. Korten observes how, when freely and wisely spent, these efforts can lower crime rates, make schools more productive and help economies function better. Korten cites Oakland, California’s Well-Being in Business Lab, which works with the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, to provide

Conducting a Life Audit by Ximena Vengoechea


ere’s one approach to doing a life audit in order to both discern more keenly what’s important and figure out how to allocate resources better to make those things happen. Step 1: Take a few hours and 100 sticky notes. Write a wish—something you’d like to do or have happen in your life—on each one. Arrange them on a flat surface. Step 2: See what patterns evolve. Rearrange the notes by themes or categories, such as family, physical health, adventure, profession, giving back and skills. Those that contain the most notes indicate the realm of your most powerful wishes. Step 3: Evaluate your time. Take stock of a typical day, week and month to analyze how you are spending it. Step 4: Prioritize. Some wishes need to be fulfilled every day or soon, while long-term wishes aim for “someday”. Step 5: Make a plan. Just as with a smart financial strategy, which typically involves investing money over time, you can now allocate your time to make your wish list happen. For more details, visit natural awakenings

November 2015



Natural Facial Essentials Few Skincare Product Labels Tell the Whole Story by Linda Sechrist


t age 25, Paula natural include synthetic The skin, your Begoun, author meaning that protective organ, chemicals, of The Original the term organic doesn’t Beauty Bible and other apply to the entire formula. is meant to be bestselling books on are common “worn” for life. It is Fragrances skincare, makeup and synthetic ingredients, as is hair care, read her first not a luxury, but a the triethanolamine that’s label on a skincare prodused to adjust the necessity to take often uct she was using. AlpH or as an emulsifying though she’d tried many the best possible agent to convert acid to different products to cona salt, or stearate, as the care of it. trol her acne and eczema base for a cleanser. since age 11, she hadn’t ~Charlene Handel To help consumers thought about the conavoid overpaying for skintents, which was partially care products which may why she was distraught to discover that not be as natural or organic as touted, acetone (nail polish remover) was the Begoun encourages skepticism regardfourth ingredient listed. ing marketing messages. She suggests That moment became the inspirathat an important key is to choose the tion for Begoun’s lifetime devotion to best formulation for an individual’s skin skincare research and education and type and specific skin concerns. customer advocacy. Today, as founder “There are no U.S. Food and Drug of the Seattle-based Paula’s Choice Agency-approved standards for the Skincare, she continues to help women organic labeling of skincare products understand when product claims are sold in salons and spas or over-themisleading or factual. counter. The cosmetics industry hasn’t agreed on one set of standards either. Buyer Be Aware U.S. Department of Agriculture certifiOne of Begoun’s core conclusions is cation is cost-prohibitive for most small that the terms organic and all natural are cosmetic companies that use clean, largely responsible for fueling the miscertified organic ingredients, so some conception that all synthetic ingredients uncertified organic products exist and in cosmetics are automatically bad and it’s wise to read labels,” explains Elina that all organic or natural ingredients are Fedotova, founder of the nonprofit Asautomatically good. She further notes sociation of Holistic Skin Care Practithat many products labeled organic and tioners. She counsels that we Google 32


any unfamiliar ingredient to learn if it’s toxic or safe. Fedotova, a cosmetic chemist and aesthetician who makes her professional skincare line, Elina Organics, by hand in a laboratory, compares the difference between salon and commercial products to fine dining versus fast food. “Salon products are made in far smaller quantities than mass-produced brands and offer higher concentrations of ingredients. They are generally shipped directly to the salon and have a higher turnover rate. Because they don’t have to be stored for indeterminate periods or endure warehouse temperatures, they are fresher and more potent,” she says. Although a facial can easily be performed at home with salon or commercial products, Fedotova, who owns spas in Chicago and Kalamazoo, Michigan, recommends having a professional facial every four to five weeks. Charlene Handel, a certified holistic esthetician, holistic skin care educator and owner of Skin Fitness Etc., in Carlsbad, California, agrees.

Sequenced Steps

Handel chooses treatments that penetrate and nourish the layer of skin below the epidermis, the outermost layer, consisting of mostly dead cells, with 100 percent holistic (edible) products and freshly brewed organic tea compresses. “Without a gentle exfoliation, the first step in any effective facial, not even skincare formulas with penetration enhancers, can nourish the lower layer of live cells. One key nourishment among others is vitamin C, an antioxidant which brightens, protects against sun damage and promotes collagen production,” advises Handel. She explains that skin cells produced in the deepest layer gradually push their way to the epidermis every 30 days and die. Dead cells can pile up unevenly and give the skin’s surface a dry, rough, dull appearance. As we age, cell turnover time increases to 45 or 60 days, which is why gentle sloughing is necessary. This can be done at home three times a week with a honey mask. Another form of exfoliation performed in a salon uses a diamondtipped, crystal-free microdermabrasion

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machine to gently buff away the surface layer of skin. An additional option is a light glycolic acid and beta hydroxy acid treatment. This can be purchased over the counter or prepared at home using organic papaya (glycolic) and pineapple (beta hydroxyl) for more even skin tone. These treatments, sometimes referred to as acid peels, can be applied to the face for no more than 10 to 15 minutes, typically every two to four weeks or every few months. Treatment serums, moisturizing lotions and eye and neck creams are all elements of a complete facial. The simplest sequence of application is layering from the lightest to heaviest—eye cream, serum and moisturizer. Give them a minute or two to absorb. No facial is complete without a sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, applied last.

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Linda Sechrist is a Natural Awakenings senior staff writer.

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November 2015


Tip One: Drop the Emotional Baggage

Three Saucy Secrets

for Getting Younger with Age by GuruNischan Khalsa


he secret to getting younger as we get older is cultivating perennial gratitude; the kind that shows up effortlessly year after year, moment after moment. This means that we access a place within us that is deeper than our circumstances. It is a remembrance of who we really are. It is the simple awareness of the breath moving in and out of our body at any given moment. This in itself truly is a miracle. Too often we stress and worry about too much. We major in minor things. When we can take time to gain perspective on what we really have and better yet, who we really are, we allow


ourselves to operate from a place of appreciation and gratitude all the time, not just a few weeks a year. Perennial gratitude requires of us to become trailblazers. We must wear it like a body lotion—smear it all over ourselves and relish in the delight it brings. The outside world will always have turmoil and chaos at some time or another. We must know how to flow with the ups and downs, and the ebb and flow of physical existence without being dismembered or derailed along the way. The winds of change blow on all of us. Let us learn to set our sails with clear intention and attention.


Past hurts, trauma, neglect and resentment are a heavy weight that aren’t worth the suffering that we endure. Our muscle tissues, cells and organs carry memory far beyond our awareness. Clearing old wounds out of the physiology is one of the most powerful ways to stay young, healthy and fit. Drop the dead weight; it’s not flattering. We can get help if we don’t know how to do this. We all need a coach once in a while to see ourselves beyond the frame of our everyday life. It’s no shame to admit we may need outside help to take the first step to living fully without the burden of the past. It’s time to let it go.

Tip Two: Become Our Own Best Lover

We are all doing the best we can with what we have in this moment. Expecting others to live up to our expectations uses a lot of energy and is a neverending mental disappointment and defeat. Owning our capacity to love ourselves, to acknowledge our mistakes and occasional lack of awareness, and our capacity to keep loving ourselves beyond the chaos of our lives is a powerful force. Authentic love heals deeply. Loving ourselves gives us the capacity to give more to those we love. How can we expect our bodies, minds or emotions to respond to anything other than loving kindness? Try it and see what

happens when we come from a place of support and love, versus rejection, bitterness and hatred. Learning to love and accept ourselves in spite of our faults, wrongdoings and negative thinking leads us to a place where forgiveness is the breeding ground for a possibility of lasting change to occur from within.

Tip Three: Practice Daily Appreciation

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves to experience true wealth and beauty is to appreciate ourselves daily (sometimes by the minute, if need be). Giving to ourselves creates the space to support others. Healing happens when we are relaxed and in a state of appreciation of exactly the way we are in this moment. We should not push or pull, just appreciate, no matter the story we are invested in. We must be willing to ask questions, even when no answer comes our way. How can we learn from this? How is this serving us? In the silence of not knowing, relax, love and accept ourselves, our life and those around us, exactly the way it is right now. Learning to cultivate the inner soils of our hearts and the rich fertility of our minds and allowing ourselves to bask in the light of our delight for being is truly a gift that keeps on giving. For more information or a free TurnOn Session with GuruNischan, call 312-671-0466 or email GuruNischan@ For more information, visit See ad in the Community Resource Guide.

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Dr. Deane also offers Cold Laser Therapy for pain relief from injuries, chronic conditions and inflammation. “More than your traditional chiropractor.”

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November 2015



Dangers in the Cosmetic Bag

Choose Safe and Healthy Natural Beauty Aids by Kathleen Barnes


e all want to look and feel beautiful, often enhancing our best features with assistance from cosmetics. Yet many of us may not be aware of the toxic ingredients contained in products we’re using. “When the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed 77 years ago, it contained 112 pages of standards for food and drugs, and only one page for cosmetics,” says Connie Engel, Ph.D., science and education manager at the Breast Cancer Fund and its Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, in San Francisco. While most cosmetic ingredients must be listed on product labels, sometimes their names are hard to recognize, many are toxic and some of the most dangerous ones may not even be listed. Labeled toxins commonly found in cosmetics include endocrine disruptors that can affect our developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune systems. Here are just a few: Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon, is found in foundation, pressed powder, loose powder, bronzer, blush, eye shadow and mascara. It can even enhance the toxicity of other chemicals, according to Danish research published in the International Journal of Andrology, and due to its fluorine base, can disrupt iodine absorption, contributing to breast disease including cancer. Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and its cousin, hydroxytoluene (BHT), are common preservatives found in lip products, liquid makeup and moisturizers that the European Commission on Endocrine Disruption cites as interfer-


ing with hormone function. They’ve also been shown to cause kidney damage, according to research from Spain’s Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Formaldehyde in many forms, including quaternium-15, coal tar, benzene and mineral oils that are prohibited in the European Union and Japan, are classified as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. These examples represent the tip of the iceberg of toxic chemicals of concern commonly used in cosmetics. They further range from allergens and substances that cause non-cancerous and cancerous tumors and organ toxicity to developmental and reproductive impairment, miscarriage and bioaccumulation leading to toxic overload when not excreted. Fragrances don’t have to be included in label ingredient lists, constituting another major concern, explains Engel. “Most cosmetics, even eye shadow, contain fragrance, and those fragrances can contain several dozen unlabeled ingredients, including hormone-disrupting phthalates.” The European Union is the authoritative source on all of these issues. Based on its CosIng (cosmetic ingredients) database accessed via ec.europa. eu/consumers/cosmetics/cosing, it has banned scores of toxic chemicals from makeup sold in EU countries.

Safe and Healthy Alternatives Fortunately, safe alternatives are available to enhance our natural beauty.


“Become an educated consumer and read the list of ingredients,” advises Janice Cox, the Medford, Oregon, author of Natural Beauty at Home. “Fewer ingredients and organic components mean safer products.” Better yet, we can make our own more natural beauty aids. “One advantage of making your own is that you’re in control. You know yourself and your skin and sensitivities,” says Cox. DIY products are easy if intense color isn’t a requirement. “The color many people want is hard to produce with kitchen ingredients,” Cox explains. “You can make clear mascara and eyebrow tamer with castor oil. It’s easy to make lip balms and maybe get a little color by adding berry juice or beet root powder.” For those that want the look of highquality makeup without toxins, other good alternatives come into play, says Hollywood makeup artist Lina Hanson, author of Eco-Beautiful. “I had been working in the industry for several years before I discovered the toxic ingredients in makeup; I was shocked,” she says. Equally unsettling, “I also learned that many of the ingredients allowed in the U.S. are banned in the European Union because of their toxicity.” That knowledge launched Han-

DIY Island Lip Gloss 1 tsp grated beeswax 1 tsp grated cocoa butter 1 tsp coconut oil 1 tsp macadamia or other nut oil 1 tsp light sesame oil 1 /8 tsp vitamin E oil Choose organic ingredients when possible. Melt ingredients together in a double boiler or microwave. Add a pinch of beetroot powder for color. Stir well until all are mixed. Store in a small, clean container. Recipe courtesy of Janice Cox, EcoBeauty

son’s quest to create safe, organic, beauty-enhancing products for women, celebrities and everyday people alike. “So many people these days pay close attention to what they put in their bodies, but not everyone is as careful about what they put on their bodies,” she says. “I want people to understand that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in going green.” Hanson warns against so-called “natural” cosmetics that abuse the term and may include harmful preservatives and synthetic ingredients. She assures, “Any product labeled ‘USDA certified organic’ contains 100 percent organic ingredients.” Her book mentions numerous brands she recommends.

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Beauty Bonus Tip Healthy, moisturized skin is essential to natural beauty, many experts agree, noting that younger women need to unclog pores to prevent acne. They don’t need much moisturizing, but skin generally becomes drier with age, making good moisturizers important. Cox recommends jojoba oil to effect glowing skin. Hanson likes coconut oil, although she recommends rubbing it in, removing makeup and then taking it off with a hot, wet towel. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics ( has created a helpful app for iPhone and Android users at Simply download it and scan a store item’s barcode to immediately access information on the product’s toxic ingredients, along with recommendations for healthier alternatives.

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November 2015



Sharing Our Bounty Food Drives Need Healthy Donations by Avery Mack


hat’s on the casseroles, on a sandwich Please be table can help and in whole wheat pasta, generous at lower risks of brown rice or low-fat stir stroke, heart attack, canthe holidays and fries. Avoid the bisphenolcer and diabetes, accordA (BPA) associated with year-round. ing to the American Heart cans and plastic containAssociation. Not all families are able ers. Instead choose BPA-free pouch to afford the healthiest foods, but fatty, packaging and cans with BPA-free linhigh-sugar options can be avoided. The ers (see donations are nonperish- Food). able and high in protein, but low in Soup and Stew: Containing meat sodium, sugar and fats. and veggies, soups and stews provide Give the best, most affordable filling, hearty comfort foods. products, according to these tips and Vegetables: Yams and whole-berry the food drive’s guidelines. Organic and cranberry sauce turn dinner into a non-GMO (genetically modified) foods holiday feast. Add color to the plate are welcome. Note that not all pantries with mixed veggies. Lentils, pinto, can store fresh produce, glass containblack and kidney beans in stew, chili or ers or personal hygiene items. salad provide fiber, calcium, zinc and “Pantries rely on informed commu- iron. Spices add zing. Tomatoes, sauce nity support,” explains Jim Byrnes, diand salsa add flavor; choose glass jar rector of Pennsylvania’s Nazareth Area products only in order to be BPA-free, Food Bank. “Area churches, schools due to the acidic effect on cans. and businesses keep us supplied. We’ll Pasta, Rice and Grain: In Kansas help 300 families this year, compared City, Missouri, Katie Thomas, owner to 100 in 2006, balancing nutrition of Crazy Daisy Cleaning, regularly with practical needs.” organizes food drives. She says, “Pasta California’s San Diego Food Bank and sauce make a variety of dishes and feeds better choices to 370,000 people extend the number of meals.” Whole each month, including military families, grain pasta, brown or wild rice, quinoa seniors and children. Such community and couscous are better choices than efforts change lives. white pasta. Bulgur provides nearly 75 Meat: Tinned tuna, chicken and percent of a day’s fiber requirement salmon store easily for use in salads or when added to soup or salad.



Search for a generic food item at to see how brand-name products rank in nutritional value. Cereal: Steel-cut or rolled oats, farina (Cream of Wheat) and grits are low-calorie and nutritious options for a warm start to the day. All can be found as organic; farina in whole wheat or white wheat that is certified kosher. Cold cereals should list whole grains as the first ingredient and be high in fiber and low in sugar, like organic Oat O’s. Snacks: Unsalted nuts, full of fiber, protein and vitamins, are highly prized at food pantries. Packed in juice, fruit cups make a healthy treat. Dried fruit and sunflower seeds are another favorite. Low-salt, low-sugar peanut or sunflower butter packs protein. Honey is a healthy sweetener. Collecting Party: “A group of us collected and donated 600 pounds of food for babies, pets and adults to Extended Hands Food Bank,” says Dee Power, in Fountain Hills, Arizona. For babies, include food without added sugar or salt and single-grain cereal. Alternative Giving: Especially popular during the December holidays, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank offers prepacked bags to grocery store patrons, paid for at checkout. Customers can see what’s included and the food bank picks them up. (Tip: Cash donations allow lower cost bulk purchases with no need to transport or sort items.) Non-Food: Make sure the food pantry has storage space before donating wet or dry food for cats and dogs and birdseed; baby wipes, shampoo and soap; and adult soap, deodorant, shaving supplies, toothpaste, shampoo and toilet paper. “A $5,000 grant gave us added storage space,” says Byrnes. The bottom line is what food pantries need is much the same as what’s found in any healthy home pantry—comestibles rich in flavor, vitamins and fiber and free of unhealthy additives. Please be generous year-round, sharing well beyond the holidays. Connect with the freelance writer via

Welcome Winter with

Hearty Homemade Soup and Bread


ary Krystinak, of Mary’s Wholesome Living, in West Chicago, is an avid cook and educator of all things sustainable. She teaches classes covering scratch cooking and baking, home canning, fermentation and more throughout the Western Suburbs. Krystinak shares two hearty recipes sure to bring comfort and warmth as Midwest winter chills set in. Using a spatula, scoop and spread dough into the loaf pans. Wet fingers to help with sticky dough. Cover loosely with a kitchen towel and let rise in warm place free from drafts until doubled in size—30 to 45 minutes. Bake at 400 ° F for 25 minutes. Remove from pans immediately and let cool on wire rack. Slice when cool, toast, butter and enjoy.

English Muffin Loaves Yields: 2 loaves

2 cups milk ½ cup water 5-6 cups all-purpose flour (divided) 4½ tsp active dry yeast (or 2 packages) 1 Tbsp of sugar ¼ tsp baking soda Spray oil for pans Cornmeal for dusting Preheat oven to 400 ° F. Grease and sprinkle two 8½” by 4½” by 2½” loaf pans with cornmeal. Tap upside-down to remove excess cornmeal. Combine milk and water in small saucepan. Heat over low heat until very warm (120 to 130 ° F). Place 4 of the 6 cups of flour in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer. Add the yeast, sugar, salt and baking soda. Attach dough hook. Turn to speed 2 and mix for 15 seconds. With mixer on 2, gradually add warm liquids to flour mixture for about 30 seconds. Scrape down sides with spatula and mix 1 minute longer on speed 2. Continuing on speed 2, add remaining flour ½ cup at a time (only 5½ cups may be needed). Knead on speed 2 for 2 minutes longer. Dough will be very sticky.

Roasted Tomato Fennel Soup Yields: 6 to 8 servings

3 pounds ripe plum tomatoes cut lengthwise and cored ¼ cup olive oil 1 tsp kosher salt ½ tsp freshly ground black pepper 1 leek white part only, finely chopped (about 2 cups) 1 small fennel bulb, trimmed, cored and thickly sliced 3 carrots, peeled and roughly chopped 6 cloves garlic, peeled ¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped

¼ cup fresh basil cut into long, thin strips (keep some for garnish) 1 qt vegetable (or chicken) stock Position oven racks in upper and lower thirds of oven. Preheat to 425 ° F. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment. Place tomatoes cut side up, close together. Tuck in carrots, leek, fennel and garlic. Drizzle all with olive oil. Roast about 1 hour until the edges caramelize. Remove from oven and cool slightly. Combine tomatoes, veggies, juice from roasting, basil and parsley into a large stockpot. Using an immersion blender, puree until smooth. Add veggie stock, salt and pepper, stir well and simmer 15 minutes. Serve with fresh bread. For more information or to view class and product offerings, visit

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Grateful for EVERYTHING Create an Attitude of Gratitude All Day Long by Mary Lynn Ziemer


he secret to happiness and finding the enduring joy we all seek is Thanksgiving—the simple act of continually giving thanks. To realize wonderful positive outcomes, up to and including seeming miracles, do one thing: Show gratitude all day long. Seeing everything in a new light, through a refreshing prism of love and appreciation, imparts a deep inner well of peace, calm and joy, making us feel more alive. We can feel that way every day, in every aspect of life, awaking each morning excited to create the day ahead and enthusiastic about each moment and then falling asleep at night embracing a profound feeling of gratitude for all the

Personalized HealtH Care witH a doCtor wHo takes time For You. As my membership patient, you will receive: • Same or next day visits, with no waiting • Direct access to me 24/7 – I’m always just a phone call away • At least 30 minutes with me at each appointment • Full evaluation of and attention to all your health needs

good we know and have. Happiness is contagious and becomes an upward spiral of joy naturally shared with others. Start today by launching a daily gratitude journal. This single action, the simplest and quickest way to get results, will foster a habit geared to change everything forever. It fills up our love tank, sparks success and benefits everyone. To embrace better relationships, health, clarity, life and tangible and intangible wealth: n Set a daily time for journal writing. n Pick a handful of things that prompt gratitude that day. Perhaps begin with people that support you in some way. Everything counts, from expressions of beauty to basic conveniences. Eventually the daily list will grow, generating the joy of gratitude at ever-higher levels. n It’s important to write with love and joy, because such feelings create your world. Even if something’s a work in progress, like encouraging steps in a relationship, focus on what makes you feel good and want more of and you’ll start seeing more evidence of them. n Elaborate in detail about a particular thing that earns extra gratitude. This carries more benefits from intense feelings than creating a list. When we see how blessed we are with what we already have, it creates more of what we are grateful for, generating an endless cycle of gratitude. n Take notice of the surprises and little miracles that occur, and be sure to make note of them to evoke an even stronger level of awe and gratitude. Robert Emmons, Ph.D., of the University of CaliforniaDavis, a leading authority in researching the science of gratitude and its impact on well-being, instructs his study participants, “Be aware of your feelings and how you ‘relish’ and ‘savor’ this gift in your imagination. Take the time to be especially aware of the depth of your gratitude.” In other words, don’t hurry through this exercise like a to-do list. An all-day-long attitude of gratitude ramps up our awareness of life’s pleasures. It takes an already good life to a whole new zone of zest. Mary Lynn Ziemer is a master of Advanced Life Concepts, certified life and business coach, motivational speaker and author, with more than 30 years as an entrepreneur and corporate executive at two Fortune 100 companies. Connect at

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There’s no happier person than a truly thankful, content person.

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~Joyce Meyer

The Gift of

True Presence by Peter Kime


n November in the northern hemisphere, evenings come early and the chill is taking hold. The first snow brings a hush to the land. And so, the natural world ushers us inward towards stillness, towards silence, towards presence within. This is the gift the season wishes to give us, a gift that is not easy to receive as the preparations for the holidays gear up. New fashions, new makeovers, new must-haves are, thanks to Amazon, just a Google away. Whether online or at the mall, the sales and colored lights clamor for our attention and call out to us with the promise of joy.  The fulfillment of that promise, however, is in the care and consciousness we bring to the gift giving experience. When we choose a present for a loved one, we can take a few extra moments to get in touch with who that person is and how they matter to us. We can bring our attention, our full attention, to them as they read our card, to the way they unwrap the present, the expression in their eyes when they look up at us to say thanks—these are the moments where joy happens.  When we’re the one receiving a gift, we can be thankful and, if we’re really present, receive it twice. Once, as the gift we hold in our hand—a sweater in our favorite color, an essential oil, tickets to the theater—and second, by feeling the love, care, respect, admiration or tenderness expressing itself through that gift. If we pause and let ourselves in on how we are cherished and how we are held in other people’s hearts, a healing comes; a healing that makes room for more joy. In turn, we can spread that joy by not only expressing our thanks, but by

sharing how this new gift will be part of our life and how it will make part of our day more nourishing. Of course, some of the gifts of the holidays come in the special meals we have together. We can invite each other to share some highlights from the week or ask for support for challenges we’re facing. We complete the circle when we savor the flavors, smells, and colors, and reflect on the divine intelligence involved in the creation of the food before us—what magic in the orange of the sweet potato, what miracle in the green globe of the pea, and what majesty in the fat leg of the turkey.

All of the parties and gifts and food aside, each day we can take a few silent moments to appreciate whatever it is we see. Maybe it’s the delicate lace of snow on the tree branches, or maybe the houses strung with lights, smoke rising from the chimney. Maybe we can let the view down the street lead us to a sense of the larger whole, while still retaining a feeling of being touched by each part, down to the infinitesimal. Awakened as pure presence, we can allow joy to arrive complete, throughout and light-filled. Peter Kime, creator of Raydiant Pathways, is a Raydiant Life Coach with 27 years of experience helping people connect with their own inner wisdom and strength. He specializes in providing energetic-somatic healing, spiritual guidance and support for individuals seeking to create a joyful, fulfilling life. Call Raydiant Day Center at 847-8696477 for a free initial 20-minute phone consultation. Location: 1400 Greenleaf St., Evanston. For more information, visit See ad on page 17 and in the Community Resource Guide.

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Choosing the Perfect Pet Not Just Any Dog or Cat Will Do by Sandra Murphy


he old line, “He followed me home, can we keep him?” used to get a kid a dog or cat of his own. In today’s homes, it’s not that easy. Choosing a pet is a personal choice not to be taken lightly nor made on another person’s behalf. A surprise pet is a bad idea. Rather than gift a pet during the holidays or at any other time, give a coupon to be redeemed after extensive and careful consideration. Involve the whole family in listing pros and cons, deal breakers and must-haves. Lifestyle adjustments by everyone are to be expected, but pets shouldn’t make all the sacrifices. Available time and space, daily routines and costs all matter in determining the perfect pet.


Account Coordinator for z11 Communications, public speaker and author Michael Holtz, of Knoxville, Tennessee, admits he would’ve fallen in love with any dog. His wife, Sarah, searched to find the one that would work best for them. Based on past experience, Sarah knew that she didn’t want a herding, massive, shedding or miniature pet. She was drawn to Labrador types and found Marley, a golden/basset mix rescue that moved in as Michael was undergoing cancer treatment. “She’s calm, playful and wants to be near, but doesn’t smother, is stubborn, yet trainable, and mostly obedient,” Sarah says. “Plus, she’s content to nap or go on three-mile walks. Walking Marley helped Michael’s recovery after surgery. She was good with just sniffing the green off of a blade of grass until he was ready to head home.”



Small dogs and those that need extensive grooming were on Melinda Carver’s no-adopt list. “I read books, visited websites, shelters, adopt-a-thons and rescue groups,” she says. “As a single person with a full-time job, I wanted a dog that would fit with my work, volunteer and exercise schedules.” Riley, a bloodhound/Lab mix, fit the bill. Shelter workers can project how large a dog will get when fully grown, as well as their temperament and other breed traits. Carver was cautioned that Riley was an active animal, needed long walks and would ultimately top 100 pounds. Now age 11, he’s a companionable 135 pounds. “I was surprised at how easy it was to change my routine to accommodate playtime, mile-long walks and training. He’s laid back and gentle for his size,” comments Carver, a blog talk radio show host in Parma, Ohio. Danielle Nay, an expat from the UK, researched for two years before choosing Freeway, her neighbor-friendly löwchen. He’s a mid-size dog, big enough to be a manly companion, but the right size for a high-rise apartment. “When his humans are busy, Freeway flings his own ball down the hall and then runs after it,” she says.

Not Quite Perfect

The perfect pet doesn’t have to be perfect in looks or health. Dorie Herman, of Jersey City, New Jersey, a graphic designer for Martha Stewart Living, in New York City, is the human behind Chloe Kardoggian, a Chihuahua and puppy mill rescue, age 11, which she describes as “three pounds, two teeth, one giant tongue and an Instagram sensation.” Due to poor nutrition, mill dogs often lose their teeth as young adults, causing their tongues to hang out. She advocates for older dogs and an adopt/don’t buy policy. “With senior animals, you know what you’re getting. They have personality,” says Herman. “With my

More Factors to Consider n A yard isn’t a must, but dogs need regular exercise and socialization. n Adult children boomerang home after college or a divorce, often with pets. A new baby also alters a home’s equilibrium. Many hours away due to work, school activities, elder care and/or volunteering can lead to a bored pet that will produce its own entertainment, often to the family’s dismay. n Some pets are easily washable, while others need professional grooming. Daily brushing minimizes shedding. n Family members’ tolerance for pet drool and snoring counts. n A yearly wellness exam, required inoculations, a microchip and pet insurance add to the tab.


A whisper… a heart-to-heart connection which provides access to wisdom, grace, and love for our animals to share with us.

l a m i An ication n u m om


showed up near the loading dock. A co-worker took one. Not in the market for a cat, much less two, Palmer tried to find them good, safe homes. After five days, he realized, Lucky and Day had a home—with him. “Sometimes we adopt them. Many times they adopt us,” he confides. Falling in love doesn’t depend solely on what looks good on paper. Everyone deserves to find their “heart” pet— when that first exchanged look proclaims, “He’s mine.”

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Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog ~Sydney Jeanne Seward

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assists in deepening the connection between you and your animal companion.

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When a dog or work schedule, I wanted an older pet, small and piddlecat won’t do, try pad trained.” something in a Take Two tank—freshwater Herbert Palmer, of Morris Plains, New Jersey, now fish, lizards with Green the Grid Group, worked for a moving comor hamsters. pany when three kittens

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Senior Shelter Animals Need

a Helping Paw

Photo courtesy of Lori Fusaro


by Laura T. Coffey


until the day she welcomed a sweet-natured, 16-year-old dog named Sunny into her family. Sunny transformed almost immediately from a sad shelter dog to a happy, beaming family member, and she thrived for more than two-and-a-half years in Lori’s care. “Sunny showed her love for me every single time I came into the room,” Lori says. “She knew I rescued her. It’s like these dogs want to let you know how grateful they are to you.” To see a dog feel so relieved and grateful and content is the best thing ever, and taking this step doesn’t have to cost as much money as we might Author Laura T. Coffey and friends


Photo courtesy of Lori Fusaro


enior dogs are wonderful. They’re calm, mellow and loveable, and they’re usually already housetrained. All of these traits make them so much easier than puppies. And yet, as fabulous as animals over the age of 7 may be, they often represent the highest-risk population at shelters across the United States, where nearly 4 million dogs and cats are put down each year. This happens to most senior dogs by no fault of their own. Confronted with financial pressures, illness or another life upheaval, animal owners suddenly may be unable to care for their pets. Then, once older animals land in shelters, they can get overlooked because people think it will be too sad to bring them home. A new book, My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts, provides overwhelming evidence that adopting a senior can be even more rewarding than choosing a younger dog. In fact, seekers of true wealth should take note—this is a move that is likely to go down in history as one of the best things we’ve ever done. Just ask Lori Fusaro, the photographer for My Old Dog. She once thought it would be too sad to adopt a senior,

expect. While it’s true that many older shelter dogs need veterinary care such as dental work, people on a budget really don’t have to be apprehensive, because there are a variety of ways to solve it. My Old Dog includes a comprehensive resource guide with contact information for senior dog rescue groups all over North America and overseas. These groups spring older dogs from shelters and handle all of their major veterinary work before putting them up for adoption. Some organizations, such as Old Dog Haven, in Washington, and Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, in Tennessee, do something that is quite amazing: They pull older dogs from shelters and take care of any urgent veterinary needs, and then they place the dogs in permanent foster homes and continue to cover all veterinary costs for the rest of the dogs’ lives. In such situations, people that open their homes to these “final refuge” foster dogs never have to worry about a single vet bill. Of course, not everyone’s circumstances allow them to adopt or foster a senior dog. But that’s OK, too. There’s still so much we can do to help a senior. Shelters and rescue groups always need volunteers in areas like animal caregiving, professional grooming, high-quality photography, marketing, fundraising and administrative assistance like filing, paperwork and document design. If someone has a special talent, they may wish to throw one of these hardworking groups a bone. These organizations also are very grateful for financial support to help defray vet bills and other expenses for the animals in their care. We can donate to specific, local senior dog rescue efforts highlighted in the resource guide in the back of My Old Dog or opt to help to a nationwide program that provides grant money to effective senior dog programs such as The Grey Muzzle Organization and the White Muzzle Fund. Helping a senior dog is a great thing to do, and there are so many ways to do it.

Photo courtesy of Lori Fusaro

Information based on the book My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts, written by Laura T. Coffey with photographs by Lori Fusaro. Published by New World Library, For more information, visit Laura T. Coffey is a writer, editor and producer for, the website of NBC’s TODAY show. An award-winning journalist with more than two decades of experience, Laura has written and edited hundreds of high-profile humaninterest stories. She lives in Seattle. Lori Fusaro is staff photographer at Best Friends Animal Society, in Los Angeles, and owner of Fusaro Photography, whose clients include BAD RAP, Guide Dogs for the Blind, k9 connection, Angel City Pit Bull, and other animal rescue organizations. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Kristen Bell on Planet-Friendly Living Eco-Activist Actress Takes Steps that Make a Difference by Gerry Strauss

Which core beliefs catalyze your passion for consciously stewarding the environment? I wholeheartedly believe: Every problem has a solution. We are all global citizens. Kindness is always in fashion. We have to laugh at ourselves. There is strength in forgiveness. Honesty without tact is cruelty. No one can make me feel inferior without my consent. Ultimately, we are responsible for one another and for the creatures and places around us. I felt good about caring for the world around me before I had kids, but now I also derive a ton of self-esteem from being a good example for them.  

How has celebrity supported your role in speaking out on behalf of your favorite causes?

I have the rare gift of a public platform, which is amazing to me, since I felt so small and unheard as a child. Social media can be a megaphone, so I use it 46

to be a conduit to support causes I believe in. People don’t have to listen… but when they do, helpful things happen. My approach is to spotlight an issue while also shedding light on a solution. I particularly like talking about childhood malnutrition and telling people about ThisBarSavesLives (, which donates a life-saving nutritional packet to a child in need every time we buy this organic, gluten-free snack bar. I love their motto, “We eat together.” S. Bukley/


rom Veronica Mars to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, her face is unmistakable. Thanks to the worldwide popularity of Frozen, her voice is now unforgettable, as well. Kristen Bell, though, believes the greatest contribution she can make is embodying an ecofriendly lifestyle together with her husband, actor Dax Shepard, and their two daughters, finding ways to help the planet survive and thrive for generations to come.

What Earth-friendly actions do you and your family embrace in day-to-day living?

Our fun time revolves around being active outdoors. We love hiking as a family, walking a mile to dinner or biking along the river. We often go exploring and make up outdoor games such as: How far can you jump? How far can I throw this? and Let’s race! The kids like to get dirty and my husband and I like to breathe fresh air at the end of a workday. We have a garden where the girls and I are learning about growing and caring for edible plants and how to cook what we grow. Our thumbs aren’t very green just yet but we are trying.

As PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities” of 2013, why are you and Dax convinced that healthy vibrancy doesn’t rely on eating meat?


I have been a vegetarian since I was 11. I have never wanted to eat meat, even before I knew the positive environmental effects of a vegetarian diet. People need to be conscious of what they are eating. Most edible supermarket items aren’t real food. I like knowing where my meal comes from and who handles it. It makes both my mind and body feel better.

How did the animated film Frozen enable you to reach a larger young audience than ever before?

My goal with the character Anna was to play an imperfect princess, giving voice to the heroine I had been searching for when I was young: Someone who was awkward, clumsy, optimistic, too talkative, caring and didn’t have perfect posture. I wanted girls that feel like they don’t always fit in to have a fearless heroine to identify with. I want to be a real-life Anna, someone who doesn’t apologize for her flaws and stands up for herself and others because she’s strong. Thanks to Frozen, I have been invited to do more projects that reach young people. I hope to extend my voice as a trustworthy source supporting projects that can benefit them.   

You are passionate about the universal need for water conservation. What steps has your own family taken to be water-conscious?

Living in California and dealing with drought firsthand teaches about water conservation by necessity. We carefully consider how the food we eat directly impacts water use; we all understand that producing meat and dairy is water intensive. Replacing our lawn with AstroTurf cut our household water bill dramatically. We never run water from the tap when we are brushing our teeth, and always ‘let it mellow if it’s yellow’, that is, flush selectively. We even reuse the water used to sterilize baby bottles to water houseplants.   Gerry Strauss is a freelance writer in Hamilton, NJ. Connect at

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savethedate The Healing Power of Unselfishness – 5:306:30pm. Learn to cultivate a practice of unselfishness. Discover what it means to live in a state of communion with the divine. Free. Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist, 55 E Wacker Dr, Chicago. Dr. Kori Feldman Stress, Hormones and Health Seminar – 6:30-8pm. Dr. Feldman will discuss the impact of stress and hormones on health and how to achieve lifelong optimized living. Free. Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital, 5101 S Willow Springs Rd, La Grange. Register: 708-340-6184 or Free Seminar on Stress, Hormones & Health – 6:30-8pm. Kori Feldman, MD, offers a free seminar to discuss the impact of stress and hormones on health and how to achieve lifelong optimized living.RSVP required. Mention Natural Awakenings to receive a free gift. Free. Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital, 5101 SWillow Springs Rd, La Grange. 708-340-6184. How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally – 6:30-8:30pm. Teri and Sara will discuss how incorporating different body therapies, foods, Miessence nutritional products and other methods that can help you to stay healthy year round. Free. 2015 S Arlington Heights Rd, Ste 111, Arlington Heights.

Women’s Networking Group – 11:30am-1pm. 1st Wed. Offered through the Hoffman Estates Chamber of Commerce. Buy own lunch. Location varies around Hoffman Estates. Applied Metaphysics – 7:30-10:30pm. Weekly course to help you to reach your highest potential. Through personal guidance from a teacher, learn to strengthen skills such as concentration, undivided attention, memory, visualization, dream interpretation, and much more. Begin your journey of transformation and enlightenment now. $20 minimum donation/wk. School of Metaphysics, 5021 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago. 773-427-0155.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Dr. Alla Aver Open House – 3-5pm. Open house at Dr. Alla Aver’s new dental office. Free. Dr. Alla Aver, DDS, 2400 Ravine Way, Ste 400, Glenview. 847-998-5100. Makers Holiday Show – 5:30-9pm. Support local artists and artisan and buy fabulous hand-made items for the holidays. All proceeds go directly to the artists. Free locally crafted beer and nibbles. Green Home Chicago Design Center, 213 N Morgan, Ste 1-D, Chicago. Thanksgiving Gluten-Free Menu Planning – 6-6:45pm. Presented by Dr. Kristen Halland and Integrative Nutritionist Madelaine Dickinson. $10 includes recipe packet, demo and sampling. Balance Chiropractic & Wellness, 2500 W Higgins Rd, Ste 420, Hoffman Estates. RSVP by Nov 1: 847-310-0303 or Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation – 7pm. 6-wk course, meets every Thursday. $150. North Shore Yoga, 310 Happ Rd, Ste 216, Northfield. 847-784-8844. Connect To Your Female Intuition – 7-9pm. Instructor: Elena Arrigo. Ladies, spend an evening exploring your female intuition. We’ll discuss the nature of intuition and why intuition and female energy go hand-in-hand. Learn a heart-based approach to focus your awareness and connect to your intuitive insights. $30. 1030 Darrow Ave, Evanston. More info & to register: 312-731-5065 or Soulful Astrology: Palla Athene – 7-9pm. The Warrior Queen and Inner Strategist. $30/door, $20/ purchased online. 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling.

savethedate The Healing Power of Unselfishness – 7:308:30pm. Learn to cultivate a practice of unselfishness. Discover what it means to live in a state of communion with the divine. Free. Seventeenth Church of Christ Scientist, 55 E Wacker Dr, Chicago.

Growing into your future with health, grace and beauty doesn’t have to take all your time. It rather requires a dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is. ~Victoria Moran natural natural awakenings awakenings

November November 2015 2015

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Veteran’s Day Diwali (Hinduism)


Thermography Services – 2-6pm. Using a highly sensitive thermal imaging camera, digital infrared imaging accurately measures heat from the surfaces of the breasts, detecting temperature differences. It is non-invasive, radiation-free and there is no compression. DII can detect benign tumors, simple cysts, fibrocysts, infections and other conditions. Be Optimal Holistic Health Center, 1249 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. For Appt: 847-486-8000.

Learn to Create a Healing Mandala – 7-9pm. Practice guided imagery meditation using mandalas and get suggestions on how to create your own Mandala. With Gail Alexander. $25, $20/ARE member. Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore, Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Register: 847-299-6535.

Pumpkin Composting – 8am-1pm. Did you buy pumpkins for Halloween or have a Jack-o-lantern on your front porch that is past its prime? Don’t throw it in the trash. Bring it to CLC to compost. College of Lake County, 19351 W Washington St, Parking Lot 5, Horticultural Science Lab/Smart Room H110, Grayslake. 847-543-2643. Shiatsu for Pregnancy – Nov 7-8. 9am-4pm. Whether you are a professional practitioner, an expectant mother or a partner, learn simple, effective shiatsu massage, acupressure and stretching techniques for treating common discomforts of pregnancy. Understand the changes occurring in a pregnant woman’s body from the perspective of shiatsu meridian theory and Chinese Medicine. No previous experience necessary. $240, 12CE hrs for professional therapists; $180 reduced rate for expectant mothers and birth partners. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. 847-864-1130. Green Living Expo at McHenry County College – 10am-3pm. Come visit with over 70 businesses and organizations offering green products and services. Special exhibits this year focused on electric vehicles and student-led sustainability projects. Free. McHenry County College, 8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake. 815-455-8778.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8 Clairvoyant Workshop – 11am-1pm. Teacher: Marybell Nyman of Boulder, CO. Telepathy, feelings and seeing. How do your abilities serve you? $30. Clairvoyant Center of Chicago, 518 & 520 Lee, Ste B, Evanston. 847-757-2838.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Shiatsu and Eastern Medicine for Women’s Health – Nov 9 & 16. 9am-4pm. Class includes demonstration and practice of hands-on techniques and Hara, or abdominal, treatment methods. Explore specific acupoints used to treat women’s health and how to apply shiatsu techniques at these points. No previous experience necessary. $240, 12 CE hrs for professional bodywork therapists. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. 847-864-1130. Beginning Astrology Level 2 – Nov 9-Dec 14. 7:309:30pm. Learn transits, progressions, synastry, composite charts, solar arcs and solar returns. Requires basic astrological knowledge and a knowledge of interpretation. $180; $150 registration by Nov 2. Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W Belmont Ave, Chicago. 773-327-7224.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10 Green Drinks Libertyville – 6:30pm. 2nd Tues. Like-minded people meet to discuss issues of environmental importance and build awareness. O’Toole’s Pub, 412 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville. For more info: or

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savethedate Thyroid Recovery Workshop – 6-7:15pm. Discover if your thyroid is your underlying cause of weight gain, insomnia, dry skin, depression or anxiety to name a few. Registration required. Free. North Shore Health Solutions, 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook. 847-715-9060. Combat Holiday Stress – 6:30-8:30pm. Learn about different stress reduction methods. Those in attendance are invited to try a 10-min acupuncture stress session (Acupuncture Happy Hour) or a mini-Reiki session. 2015 S Arlington Heights Rd, Ste 111, Arlington Heights. RSVP required: UFOs, Crop Circles, St. Malachy, Jesus, Maitreya, Save Our Planet – 6:30-8:30pm. A Catholic saint prophesized that the present pope is the Last Pope. Are these related? No religion and nothing to join, just an interesting and provocative presentation and discussion. Free. Garrett Wellness, 3020 N Kimball, Chicago.

savethedate Gratitude: A Yoga Nidra Meditation – 7-8:30pm. With Corinne Peterson. Yoga nidra is a form of guided mindfulness meditation. In this workshop explore the Integrative Restoration (iRest®) approach to yoga nidra. It includes some gentle stretching, and a guided yoga nidra practice (while seated in a chair or laying down). Welcome the holiday season with gratitude. $25. Zero Balancing Wellness Center, 809 Ridge Rd, Ste 200, Wilmette. 847-920-9292.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Birth of the Baha’U’Llah (Bahai’I) EFT – 1-3pm, workshops; 3-7pm, individual sessions and workshops. Releasing emotional and physical symptoms. Success guaranteed. Call for appointments for individual sessions. 2CEs. $30 either session. Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, 2746 Central St, Evanston. Bright Body Attunement: Nourishing Aliveness – 7:30-9:30pm. Enjoy new levels of vitality, clarity and action for any goal when you align your energy intelligence centers with your master blueprint for health and success. Experience using Raydiant Lightware™, a revolutionary interactive visual technology for achieving higher order functioning in just minutes. Led by Peter Kime, creator of Raydiant Pathways. $25, $30 after Nov 10. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

Chicago Chicago

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14 Map of Heaven: Accessing Infinity Awareness – 9am-4pm. An exploration of life and consciousness and sound-enhanced meditations to deepen your connection to infinite source. With Eben Alexander and Karen Newell. $110, $95/10 days in advance. National Louis University, Skokie Campus, Skokie. 847-831-8828. 5th Annual Fair Trade Botique – Nov 14 & 15. 9am-5pm, Sat; 11:30am-2pm, Sun. Gifts produced by Fair Trade farmers and artisans in developing countries including jewelry, scarves, chocolates, coffee, home decor and more. Fair Trade standards ensure a fair day’s wage and safe conditions for these workers who use environmentally friendly practices. Christ United Methodist Church Deerfield, 600 Deerfield Rd, Deerfield. Psychic Intuitive Development Class – 10am. Instructor: Rebecca Brown. The best way to improve intuition is to practice with other people. Clear out the cobwebs, relax the body tension and quiet the racing mind. The class is like a vitamin shot for your imagination. Instructor available after class for private chakra and intuitive sessions. $25. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings: Private Nutritional Response Testing Consultations – 10am-12pm. Nutrition Response Testing taps into the body’s innate intelligence to decipher exactly its needs to heal and repair the root cause of your angst. A designed clinical nutrition program combined with guided diet modifications help you to easily address: food sensitivities (gluten, etc.), asthma, arthritis (fibromyalgia, etc.), headaches/ migraines, digestive issues (heartburn, Irritable Bowel, etc.), heart health (high blood pressure, etc.), insomnia, stress/fatigue, and more. Schedule a 20 minute session after the lecture with Claire BoyeDoe, certified NRT practitioner. Lecture: $25, $20/ ARE member; Consult: $35 for full body assessment and report of findings. Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore, Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Register: 847-299-6535. Psychic Holistic Fair – 11am-6pm. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa offers monthly Psychic Holistic Fairs on the 2nd full weekend each month. The majority of our practitioners have been featured on TV, radio, podcasts, magazines and books. Each day of the event has many options and each day the options are different. Our Retail Boutique is open during the event and we also have different Artist Trunk Shows out front each day. First come, first served. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. 815-307-1180. For more offerings: Chicago IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) – 2-5pm. Guest speaker: Dr. Mary Neal, MD, author, To Heaven and Back. Free. Frank Auditorium in Evanston Hospital, 2650 Ridge Ave, Evanston. 847-251-5758.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15 Intuition Insight 101 – 10am. Instructor: Fran Verzosa. Have you ever replayed something that has happened in your life wishing you had made different choices or taken a different path? Did you feel this way because somewhere inside of you knew what was going to happen? Learn how to trust your inner truth and learn intuitive tools that will help you confirm what is in your heart. Instructor available after class for private chakra and intuitive sessions. $25. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings: Psychic Holistic Fair – 11am-4pm. See Nov 14 description. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. 815-307-1180. For more offerings: Understanding Astrological Interceptions – 125pm. Because interceptions are not visible or recognized within the person’s environment, intercepted energies and needs have neither been recognized nor met. Learn what they mean, their karmic implications, how to interpret, explain and assist in overcoming obstacles and blockages. You may bring charts to share and discuss for class interpretation. $75; $65 preregistered by Nov 8. Life Force Arts Center, 1609 W Belmont Ave, Chicago. 773-327-7224. Info@ Soulful Sunday – 1-4pm. Themed spiritual networking and potluck. Free. 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling. Community Yoga Nidra – 4-5:30pm. With Laura Jachim. Yoga nidra guides you through a series of breath, body and awareness techniques moving the mind from an ordinary waking state to a deep meditative alpha or theta state of awareness. $15. Be Optimal Holistic Health Center, 1249 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. For Appt: 847-486-8000.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Ayurveda – 7-8pm. Stay in balance this holiday season. Learn easy ways to care for yourself and your family though Ayurveda. Loribeth Cohen, certified ayurvedic practitioner, will give simple practical suggestions to help you feel your best during this hectic time of the year. Cost: Donation to Northfield Food Pantry. re:fit, 901 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. 847-657-0881. Breathing and Meditation – 7-8pm. Discussion and practicum with Dr. Jerry Gore, MD. Find out how to breathe and meditate to wind down your nervous system and achieved profound relaxation. Detox from mental negativity and patterns of bad thoughts. Promote self-change and learn how to rid your life of bad habits. Connect to you intuition and answer important questions about your life. Free. 240 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods/Deerfield. RSVP: 847-236-1701.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Dr. Kori Feldman Stress, Hormones and Health Seminar – 6:30-8pm. Dr. Feldman will discuss the impact of stress and hormones on health and how to achieve lifelong optimized living. Free. Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital, 5101 S Willow Springs Rd, La Grange. Register: 708-340-6184 or

Happy Thanksgiving

Free Seminar on Stress, Hormones & Health – 6:30-8pm. See Nov 3 listing. Free. Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital, 5101 S Willow Springs Rd, La Grange. 708-340-6184. Migrants in Winter: Challenges in the Neotropics – 7pm. More than half of the birds regularly migrating through Chicago winter mostly or entirely south of the U.S. The Field Museum’s Doug Stotz will discuss where they winter, what habitats they use, how they interact with those habitats and the resident avifauna, threats to those habitats and which species appear to be the most affected, and prospects for their long-term survival. Free. Heller Nature Center, 2821 Ridge Rd, Highland Park. 847-831-0331. Space Clearing Using Feng Shui – 7-9pm. Laurie Pawli will teach you how to bring a higher vibrational energy to your home or office as you use a step-by-step method of performing a feng shui space clearing. Use a gong, drum, bell, rattle, or feather to clear and bless your space. Set intentions for new opportunities to come into your life. If you have a drum, gong, bell or feather, please bring that with you. $35, $30/10 days advance. Infinity Foundation, 1282 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Ste 1, Highland Park. 847-831-8828.


savethedate Thyroid Recovery Workshop – 6-7:15pm. Discover if your Thyroid is your underlying cause of weight gain, insomnia, dry skin, depression or anxiety to name a few. Registration required. Free. North Shore Health Solutions, 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook. 847-715-9060. EFT – 6:30-8:30pm. Lessen or release chronic pain —hips, knees, back and shoulders. EFT, acupuncture without needles. Success guaranteed. Preregistration required. $40. Garrett Wellness, 3020 N Kimball, Chicago. Wellness Wednesday Institute – 6:45-8pm. 3rd Wed. Class explores the 5 brain wave frequencies, how they affect the body, mind and spirit, and various vibration meditations to bring you back into equilibrium. Explore, awaken and journey toward a healthier life and environment. Learn how to manifest an abundant, boundless life of love, peace and happiness by shifting your frequency. $25. Awaken Your Spirit & Embrace Your Journey, 319b Harrison St, Oak Park. To register: 312-720-2638,

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Great American Smokeout Day Zero Balancing II – Nov 19-22. 9am-5pm. Zero Balancing II (over 4 days) is the second half of the Core Zero Balancing program where students review the material from ZB I, learn new fulcrums and expand their practice. ZB II is highly recommended for all ZB practitioners who have not recently taken a ZB course as it includes the most current protocol. $795. Zero Balancing Wellness Center, 809 Ridge Rd, Ste 200, Wilmette. 847-920-9292. Essential Oils with the Zyto – 5pm. Instructor: Kim Rader. Are you intrigued by the buzz about essential oils and their uses for wellness, emotional balance and more? Class includes your personal Zyto Bio Feedback Analysis to help reach your full balanced potential. No pressure opportunity to purchase essential oils at wholesale prices. $35. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings: Feng Shui for the Holidays – 6:30-7:30pm. Laurie Pawli will teach you important feng shui tips on everything from helping to ensure harmonious holiday gatherings to using holiday decorations in the most effective way to restore balance and calm in your home while making it festive. Learn how to use feng shui to reinforce and strengthen yourself energetically as you interact with lots of different people and their energies at different events. $18/ nonmember, $16.20/member. Equilibrium Energy, 47 W Polk, Ste M-5, Chicago. 312-786-1882. Unleash Peak Performance – 7pm. Attend a live demonstration of the Higher Brain Living method, a revolutionary personal transformational process. Special discounts offered at the event. 5225 Old Orchard Rd, Ste 36, Skokie. 312-488-9599. Register: Soulful Astrology: Nessus – 7-9pm. Inner abuse patterns, power play dynamics and transformation. Workshop. $30/door, $20/purchased online. 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 130, Wheeling. Raydiant Pathways to a Raydiant Life – 7:309:30pm. Connect with the power and intelligence of your higher Raydiant Self. Complete a Raydiant Pathway using Raydiant Lightware™ to release self-sabotaging beliefs and go forward with renewed confidence, energy, and inner direction. Also learn how you can use this 21st century tool for transformation online, any time you want to be at your higher functioning best. Led by Peter Kime. $15. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

natural natural awakenings awakenings

November November 2015 2015

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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20 World Children’s Day Transgender Day of Remembrance Shiatsu Intro – 10am-12:30pm. Learn the fundamental techniques and philosophies of Zen Shiatsu and chat with current students and instructors. Free. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. 847-864-1130. Sharing a Meal – 7-9pm. With Ron Hounsell. A stimulating discussion of the concepts presented in Michael Pollan’s Cooking. Explore man’s relationship to food, the evolution of the human body and the benefits of cooked food including cultural and personal implications of being in the same place at the same time, eating that food together. Free, donations accepted. Edgar Cayce Holistic Center and Bookstore, Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. Register: 847-299-6535.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21 Unlocking Limiting Beliefs: Reap a Fulfilling Life – 9am-4pm. Unlock your limiting beliefs in a fun, exciting, and inspirational way as you clarify your potential. Based on JD Messinger’s 36 parables in his bestselling 11 Days in May, this day-long program will help you shatter illusions that limit your power and trap you in a world of separation. $95, $85/10 days in advance. Infinity Foundation, 1282 Old Skokie Rd, Highland Park. 847-831-8828.

Clearing the Womb Room IV – 1pm. How is your relationship with your mother or mother-in-law? Learn how to energetically clear yourself to smooth relationships with your mom(s). With Susan Curry. $10. Infiniteus Rocks & Juice, 1644 W North Ave, Chicago. 312-479-7893. RSVP:

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23 See for the latest events.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24 See for the latest events.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Int’l Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women Candles of Gratitude: Thanksgiving Eve Candlelight Service – 7pm. A candlelight ceremony of thanksgiving led by Greg Barrette. Those who attend will have an opportunity to share their gratitude with the congregation as they light a candle. Unity Northwest Church, 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines. 847-297-0997.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26 Thanksgiving

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30 See for the latest events.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 31 NLP Certification Training – Nov 31-Dec 8. 11am-8pm. Awaken your inner power in 9 immersive days. Advance interpersonal communications. Master body language to be more persuasive. Rewire negative programming, feelings, habits into greater capabilities. Heighten creativity, problem-solving abilities. Deepen change making it longer-lasting, faster plus more effective. $2990, register before Nov 19th save $400. Level Office Space, 318 W Adams, Chicago. 312-854-2270.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1 Beginning Meditation Class – 7-7:50am. Also Dec 3, 8, 10, 15 &17. Teacher: Loribeth Cohen, ayurvedic wellness practitioner. Each class introduces another facet of the meditation process. Proceeds to the Northfield Food Pantry. $108/6 classes, $60/3 classes. re:fit, 901 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. 847-657-0881.

savethedate MONDAY, DECEMBER 7 Beginning Zen Shiatsu – Dec 7-11. 10am-5pm, Mon-Fri. Learn to give a basic 1-hr shiatsu treatment that you can share with friends and family. Course is a stand-alone offering; also the first 30 hrs of our complete shiatsu certification programs. $450 plus books. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. 847-864-1130.

Manifestation Meditation – 10am. Instructor: Lisa DeMars. Transform what seem to be insurmountable issues in relationships, family, finances, career and health. Bring about clarity so confusion, tension, anxiety and behavior patterns that sabotage your desired results are brought into harmony. Using techniques of focusing we will resolve points of contention to achieve the results you desire. Instructor available after class for private chakra and intuitive sessions. $20. Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa, 30 N Williams St, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake. Registration required: 815-307-1180. For more offerings:

Hypnosis Certification Training – Nov 26-28. 11am-7pm. For thousands of years hypnosis remains the most powerful means of affecting personal development. Profoundly useful in stopping fear, anxiety, bad habits. Speed healing. 3-day certification training. Learn to induce trance in others plus self-hypnosis. Create suggestions for positive change. $795, register before Nov12th save $200. Fairfield Inn & Suites Chicago Downtown, 216 E Ontario, Chicago. 312854-2270.

Movies that Move Us at Raydiant Day – 7:3010:30pm. Showing: The True Cost. After the show, share your reactions, thoughts, heart and mojo for creating a more connected, inspired and inspiring community. Bring a beverage or snack to share. $10 suggested donation. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

Talking Drum – 7:30-9:30pm. Talking Stick and Drumming Circle. Listen with your heart, communicate your truth, and celebrate life with a drum, feet, hands, shakers, and more. Experience the support of the circle and drum up vitality and spirit for realizing your dreams. Led by Jim “Bear” Colum and Aliess Kime. $15 suggested donation. Raydiant Day Center, 1400 Greenleaf St, Evanston. 847-869-6477. Register:

Certification Class for EFT With A Guarantee™ – Dec 12 & 13. 14-hr certification workshop. Become an “EFT With A Guarantee™” Practitioner. Learn basic EFT plus how to guarantee success in every EFT session for yourself and for your clients. This workshop is for both beginners and experienced EFT Practitioners. Experience relief for yourself. Money back guarantee. 14 CE’s. Discounts for prior attendance to any of Tom’s 6 hr or longer workshops. $225, $195/advanced registration, $95/repeat of EFT With A Guarantee™ Certification class. Beyond Wellness, 16345 Harlem Ave, Tinley Park. Tom Masbaum: 708-955-3634.



SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22 In Gratitude for Service Thanksgiving Celebration – 10-11:10am. Our annual Thanksgiving Fellowship Feast is the perfect time to celebrate and express our gratitude for Life, for our spiritual community and especially those who serve to make it all happen. Everyone is invited to bring a delectable dish to share. Free. Patty Turner Center, 375 Elm St, Deerfield. 847-337-3866.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27 Buy Nothing Day

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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29 See for the latest events.

Mindful Gifts and Readings Fair – 11am-4pm. Discover a delightful array of unique gifts for body, mind spirit. Schedule a reading to bring perspective and solutions to your personal issues and circumstances. Featuring: chromotherapy, aura reading, angel/Taro Card reading, astrology reading, numeralogy, akashic records reading. 15 min sessions. $20/1 service, $50/3 services. SunGates Center, 395 E Dundee, Wheeling. 847-345-0988.

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Chicago Chicago


Pilates Mat Classes – 12pm. Also Dec 22, 24, 26, 28, 29, 31 & Jan 2. Student athletes, take advantage of your time off school to build your strength, flexibility and balance. $80/8 classes, $15/each. re:fit, 901 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. 847-657-0881.

ongoingevents Daily All Month $20 Off – Thru Nov. When you purchase $120 and more worth of Eminence Products. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-4861130. $25 Off Whole Body Check Up with Dr. Arutcheva – Thru Nov. During your visit to the naturopathic practitioner you will be educated about healthy life style and healthy eating. Series of tests to help to identify imbalances, weaknesses, and blockage in your body. Then you will be provided with a customized plan to allow you to detoxify and balance bodily systems with necessary supplements. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $45 Manicure + Pedicure with Hand Treatment – Thru Nov. Fingers/toes soaked, nails filed and cuticles trimmed. Hands/feet are exfoliated and massaged to hydrate, nourish, and protect from environmental stressors. In addition, receive a free hand treatment, including masks and further hydration Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $70 Organic Pumpkin Latte Facial – Thru Nov. Customized facial offers deep exfoliation, hydration and extractions, using all natural and organic ingredients. Products are specific to each individual’s skin type. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $89.99 Swedish Massage + Back & Foot Scrub – Thru Nov. The classic form of full-body soft tissue massage, relaxes the body, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, enhances range of motion, eases muscle aches and tension. Includes a back & foot scrub. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. $99 Manicure + Pedicure & Swedish Massage – Thru Nov. What betters ways to relax. Fingers/ toes are soaked, nails filed, and cuticles trimmed. Hands/feet are exfoliated and massaged. In addition, receive the classic form of full-body soft tissue massage. Antalee Wellness Spa, 1834-36 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 847-486-1130. Children’s Dental Exam – Thru Dec 31. Start the new school year off right with a complimentary exam with bite-wing X-rays. Ages 2-18. Gaiamed Dental Spa, 929 Ridge Rd, Wilmette. For details & appt: 847-977-1655 or Complimentary Anti-Aging Consultation and Skin Analysis – With Dr. Promila Banerjee. Learn about the new revolutionary Scition® Dual Wavelength, most advanced FDA-approved hybrid laser along with Broadband Light. Zero downtime. Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, Waukegan Rd, Northfield. 847-260-7300. Dental Discount Plan – Allows patients without dental insurance to receive quality dental care at affordable prices. Gaiamed is offering free tooth whitening to each enrolled adult. Gaiamed Dental Spa, 929 Ridge Rd, Wilmette. For details & appt: 847-977-1655 or

Esthetic Specials – Thru Dec. Buy 3 Halo skincare products get a free perfect 10 Peel Skinceuticals medical facial with steam and extractions $99 (reg $125). Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, 281 Waukegan Rd, Northfield. 847-260-7300. Fall Special Intuitive Readings – Thru Nov. $30/40-min readings. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation for Health and Success – Discover how you can achieve ultimate happiness and health with InteriorWerx. Clear emotional and energetic abnormalities that cause dis-ease, such as anxiety, pain, sadness, discomfort, allergies, recurring physical injury and more. There is immediate relief from symptoms, bringing health back to true form. Free. 312-479-7893. Free Oral Cancer Screening – Thru Dec. Dr. Taf Paulson, DDS, of Chicago Holistic Dentistry, is offering a free oral cancer screening ($55 value) utilizing the state-of-the-art, patented VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System. Mention Natural Awakenings for special. Chicago Holistic Dentistry, 233 E Erie, Ste 816, Chicago. 312-944-7444. Injectable Specials – Thru Dec. Purchase 2 syringes of Restylane + 50 units of Dysport for only $999 or purchase 3 syringes of Restylane for $999 (up to $1,900 value). Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, 281 Waukegan Rd, Northfield. 847-260-7300. Laser Specials – Thru Dec. Purchase 3 BBL Forever Young Treatments for face, neck and chest for $1,899 ($3,000 value). Buy 2 Halo Laser Treatments $2,999 ($3,685 value) with free bio-serum and post care kit. Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, 281 Waukegan Rd, Northfield. 847-260-7300. Product Specials – Thru Dec. Colorescience “perfection today protection tomorrow” kit with free sunscreen brush $120 ($155 value). Skinceuticals revitalize set 15% off (kits available while supplies last). Halo Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, 281 Waukegan Rd, Northfield. 847-260-7300. re:fit Special Offer – Thru Dec. Try any service for the holidays at a 10% discount. Find your balance during the holiday season. re:fit, 901 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. For appt: 847-657-0881.

Sunday Celebration Service – 10am. A dynamic, conscious community rooted in universal spiritual principles. Music, inspiring message and a loving community. Childcare provided for birth-4; youth programming for 5-18. Awaken your inherent power and purpose through unconditional love, creativity and conscious community. Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2746 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago. 773-248-5683.

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. ~Karl Barth

Abundant Life Spiritual Center Sunday Service – 10-11:10am. Sunday celebration service with an inspiring spiritual message that directly applies to your life now. Pop/rock/indie music provided by The Grateful Living. Free. Patty Turner Center, 375 Elm St, Deerfield. 847-337-3866. Meditations for Mindful Living – 10-11:30am. Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. Learn modern Buddhist teachings to enrich your daily life, improve your relationships and create well-being for yourself and others. Free. Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center, 13 Harrison St, Oak Park. Out Chicago Radio Program – 11am-1pm. The only local and live LGBT radio show in the Chicago Metro Area. Out Chicago is an outstanding new show about LGBT life, current events and civil rights hosted by Scott Duff, a Chicago-based actor, comedian, theatre educator and activist. On WCPTAM 820, WCPT-FM 92.7 (North), WCPY-FM 92.5 (West), and WCPQ-FM 99.9 (South). Call-in: 773-763-WCPT. Client’s Day – 12-2pm. Appointment required. Free skin evaluation and professional advice for each specific skin type as well as a free 5-minute face lift. Cutesy Body Inc, 1040 S Milwaukee Ave, Ste 105, Wheeling. Community Tai Chi/DahnMuDo Class – 2-3pm. Gentle but powerful movements that strengthen muscles and joints, improves your blood and energy circulation, correct skeletal imbalances, plus enhance your focus, concentration and confidence. Based on the Korean healing martial art, DahnMuDo (the way of limitless energy). Free or donation. Donations go to nonprofit Earth Citizens Organization for Heroes Leadership Program. Orland Park Body & Brain Center, 9204 W 159th St, Orland Park. RSVP: 708-226-0245 or

Monday Archangel Michael Monday – Receive a Saint Michael Angel card reading. Session is done with Doreen virtue Archangel Michael cards. During a reading expect to receive guidance answers and communication with Archangel Michael. Book appointment now and receive your special message from Archangel Michael take advantage of the $40 special for the month of Oct, unlimited time and questions. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Gluten-Free Monday – 10am-8pm. All gluten-free grocery items 10% off all-day long. Free. Earthly Goods Health Foods, 6951 Grand Ave, Gurnee. 847-855-9677.

markyourcalendar Footbath Detox Mondays – 11am-6pm. Sluggishness, fatigue, low energy and poor sleep? A 30-min ionic footbath stimulates cells to release toxins and rebalance the cellular system that is responsible for overall health. The process continues after the toxins are dislodged during treatment, allowing your entire body to function optimally. Save $10. Nutritional Health Solutions, 480 Elm Pl, Ste 108, Highland Park. 847-2072034.

natural awakenings

November 2015


Medium Monday – 11am-7pm. $50 medium readings with a complementary free clear quartz crystal. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Learn the Truth about Autism, Different Learning Styles and Gifted/2E Children – Thru Dec 14. 11:15am-12:30pm. With Archana Lal-Tabak, MD, and Jim Lal-Tabak, wellness educator, experiental tutor and yoga instructor. Guided discussion group using Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults: ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Asperger’s, Depression, and Other Disorders. $30/ class. Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute, 1618 Orrington Ave, Ste 206, Evanston. RSVP: 847-425-9355. Community Acupuncture – 2:30-6:30pm. With Stephanie Borkan. A unique and powerful way to experience the healing and calming effect of acupuncture. Performed in a group setting. $30-$50. Be Optimal Holistic Health Center, 1249 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. 847-486-8000. Reiki Session in Salt Relaxation Room – 4-7pm. Reiki is a gentle, energy balancing system that induces a state of peace and joy. Reiki mainly focuses on the subtler levels of being, emotional and spiritual aspects, but can bring deep healing and balancing to the physical body. $25. SoWell/Solay, 4819 Main St, Skokie. Appt required: 847-676-5571. 50/50 Class: Zumba and POUND – 6:30-7:30pm. Aliza Mor, nationally certified instructor for over 5 years, will get the party started with 30 mins of Zumba followed by 30 mins of POUND (weighted drum sticks are used for a cardio/strength workout). Beginners are very welcome and no judgment is allowed here. Tash Fitness, 8816 N Bronx Ave, Skokie. Registration required: 847-379-5777.

Tuesday Palmistry Tuesday – 9am-7pm. $20 special. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Near Infrared Salt Sauna – 11:30am-7pm. Infrared sauna detoxification is a gradual, gentle and safe approach in cleansing the whole body and is the most effective Detox. $10. SoWell/Solay, 4819 Main St, Skokie. Appt required: 847-676-5571. Salt Relaxation Room – 11:30am-7pm. Himalayan salt used in our salt room is mineral rich, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial, providing an environment where sitting and breathing delivers multiple benefits to the health of your respiratory system, skin and emotional well-being. $10. SoWell/Solay, 4819 Main St, Skokie. Appt required: 847-676-5571. Shiatsu Student Clinic – 7 or 8pm. Clients receive a 45-min session from an advanced Zen Shiatsu student. Sessions are performed in a group setting with instructor observation. Live shakuhachi and singing bowl music is provided by Jia Senghe. $35/45-min or $90/3 treatments. Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825A Chicago Ave, Evanston. Availability limited; for appts: 847-864-1130.

Tai Chi Class – 8:15pm. Also Sat, 9am. Reduce stress; increase flexibility and balance; improve muscle strength and definition; increase energy; stamina and agility. Wear flat-soled shoes and loose fitting clothes. $10/class. Whole Health Acupuncture, 50 Turner Ave, Elk Grove Village. 847-357-3929.

Wednesday Reiki Wednesday – $55/60-min healings. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Wellness Wednesdays – Your choice of Oxygenated Rife Lymphatic Detox, MediCupping or Raindrop Technique. $40. 150 E Cook Ave, Ste 101, Libertyville. For appt, Teresa: 224-888-1170 or 561-881-4321.

The NADA: Auricular Group Acupuncture Protocol – 7-8pm. Acudetox involves the gentle placement of 5 small disposable steel needles in specific sites on each ear of a client undergoing treatment. Sit quietly in a group setting for 35-40 mins. Helps people deal with reductions in cravings, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals as well as recover from substance abuse, emotional trauma, behavioral disorders, pain syndromes, muscular spasms. Free; donations welcomed. SunGates Center, 395 Dundee Rd, Ste 500, Wheeling. 847-345-0988.

Happy Hour Free Acupuncture – 11am-12pm. Initial evaluation and treatment for instant pain relief or any health concerns. For videos look up Deerfield Community Acupuncture on YouTube. The best doctor is in your body. Get well naturally. Free. Deerfield Community Acupuncture, 405 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 211, Deerfield. 847-845-4090.

Oneness Meditation – 7:30-9pm. A direct transfer of intelligent sacred energy which causes the heart to open, heals relationships, quiets the chatter of the mind, opens the doors to higher states of awareness and initiates a process of Awakening into Oneness. Be Optimal Holistic Health Center, 1249 Waukegan Rd, Glenview. 847-486-8000.

Acupuncture – 3:30-6:30pm. Acupuncture can relieve pain, improve sleep, digestion and emotional well-being plus support and strengthen the immune system. Acupuncture needles inserted at specific points along the meridians unblock obstructions and restore balance. $25. SoWell/Solay, 4819 Main St, Skokie. Appt required: 847-676-5571.


Midweek Grace – 7-8pm. Experience community spiritual practice to support calm, peace and purpose throughout your week. Bodhi Spiritual Center, 2746 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago. 773-248-5683. Find Peace and Happiness from Within – 7-8:30pm. Modern Buddhist teachings. Learn ways to enrich your daily life, improve your relationships and find lasting happiness. Everyone welcome. Also Thursdays at Oak Park location. $10. Vajrayana Kadampa Buddhist Center, 2010 W Pierce St, Chicago. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation – 8-9:30pm. Instructor: Guru Nischan. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful way to cut through subconscious programming and clear the psyche. It offers a fast reset of the nervous system and adjustment of the glandular system to give you luster, shine and a healthy glow. $17/drop in; member discounts available. Mosksha Riverwest, 700 N Carpenter St, Chicago. 312-942-9642.

Thursday Happy Hour Free Acupuncture – 11am-12pm. Initial evaluation and treatment for instant pain relief or any health concerns. For videos look up Deerfield Community Acupuncture on YouTube. The best doctor is in your body. Get well naturally. Free. Deerfield Community Acupuncture, 405 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 211, Deerfield. 847-845-4090.

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. ~Aesop 52 52

Meditation Thursdays at the Center, Rosley’s Rocks and Gems – 6:30-7:30pm. Join us for our weekly night of centering. Meditation guided then silent; all levels welcome, and all questions welcome. Free. 4344 N Western Ave, Chicago. 773-561-7200.

Chicago Chicago

Psychic and Tarot Card Readings – Fri-Sun. 22 yrs experience. Reveals past present and future with pinpoint accuracy. $30 special. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Healing Friday with Archangel Raphael – 9am7pm. Receive a Saint Raphael Archangel reading providing answers guarding and healing in all areas of life love physical emotional and spiritual healing etc. $60/60 mins. Little Purple House, 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer. Call or text 847-764-2700. Chakra Friday – 11am-7pm. A full chakra evaluation along with a chakra balance. $70/60-min. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Mindfulness Class – 12:15-1:15pm. Each class will consist of guided mindfulness exercises such as sitting and walking. No previous experience necessary; class also supports those who are experienced practitioners. An open practice so can come and go as need to. With Eric Lieb, Certified Mindfulness Trainer. $10/pre-register, $12/drop-in. Center for Holistic Medicine, 240 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods/ Deerfield. For more info & to RSVP: 847-236-1701.

Saturday Angel Weekend – Sat & Sun. Indulge in an angel reading allowing your archangels to guide and lead your path. $40 angel readings with unlimited time. Intuitive Resources, 650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove Village. Call or text 847-564-6159. Mighty House Radio Program – 8-11am. Funny, friendly experts with answers and ideas to help with all of your home improvement projects. Join Ron Cowgill, Robbie Ehrhardt, Rich Cowgill and the Mighty House team each Saturday morning to get help with all your home improvement and repair issues. On WCPT-AM 820, WCPTFM 92.7 (North), WCPY-FM 92.5 (West), and WCPQ-FM 99.9 (South). Call-in: 773-763-WCPT.

classifieds ADVISOR, INTUITIVE, numerologist


INTUITIVE NUMEROLOGY READINGS – Revealing your own life’s blueprint including your purpose, lesson, career, relationships, home, what 2016 holds for you and more. Call Annette at (708) 848-6049 or 8519.


Tai Chi Class – 9am. See Tues listing. Whole Health Acupuncture, 50 Turner Ave, Elk Grove Village. 847-357-3929. Indoor Farmers’ Market – 9am-1pm. Year round. Heritage Prairie Farm, 2N308 Brundige Rd, Elburn. 630-443-5989. Tarot Readings with Rita – 10am-2pm. Looking for guidance through life’s challenges? We can use the cards to help you use your intuition and higher consciousness to navigate towards your highest good. Free tea or coffee. $20. INSIDE, 1241 N Green St, McHenry. 815-245-9673. Nirvana Teacher Training – 11:30am-5:30pm. Yearlong 200-hr teacher training. Also meets Fri evenings. Study with teachers that have 30 years’ experience of yoga. Learning all you need to know to be the teacher that can change people’s lives. $1,800. Nirvana Yoga Studio, 232 E Main St, Barrington. 847-277-1333. Vet Talk Radio Program – 6-7pm. Program hosted by U.S. Marine Corps Vet Antonio Correa and Fred Newson of the U.S. Navy. Both men have lived the life of a military man, and now they are working to give a voice to the veterans. Gain a new perspective on the issues facing veterans today. On WCPT-AM 820, WCPT-FM 92.7 (North), WCPYFM 92.5 (West), and WCPQ-FM 99.9 (South).

AKASHIC RECORD READING – Open the record of your soul’s journey to find information to support you in your life right now, heal your past and help you into your future. Heal. Grow. Investigate. Find direction. Lin Ewing: 847-609-0034.

CPAP/BIPAP supplies – At little or no cost from Allied Medical Supply Network! Fresh supplies delivered right to your door. Insurance may cover all costs. 800-969-7083. GOT KNEE PAIN? BACK PAIN? SHOULDER PAIN? – Get a pain-relieving brace little or no cost to you. Medicare Patients call Health Hotline now! 1-800-589-0629. LIFE ALERT – 24/7. One press of a button sends help fast. Medical, fire, burglar. Even if you can’t reach a phone. Free brochure. 800-431-9356.


ASTROLOGY ASTROLOGY – Understand yourself, your motivations, your feelings. Recognize your talents, strengths, successes. Overcome difficulties and confusion. Astrology can help pull it all together. Relationships. Career. Plan the future. Serious astrology for serious seekers. Private, personal consultations. Lin Ewing: 847-609-0034.

HELP IN EXPANSION, ORGANIZATION AND MARKETING OF MY BUSINESS – Earn a percentage of income made from workshops and private sessions. Skills needed: proficient computer knowledge and marketing knowledge. Most work can be done from your home. Call Irma 847-7074032 or email

AURA PHOTOGRAPHY CHAKRA ENERGY – See your inner self, the powerful subconscious, in brilliant color. This aura window enlightens many arenas of life including latent talents (i.e., “What do I want to be when I grow up?”). Dianne, with 20 years’ experience and 1,000s of photos, will interpret. If you already have a photo, she can do a comparison personality analysis. Dianne Reddington, Attune Aura Photography: 847-981-1974 or

DONATE YOUR CAR GOT AN OLDER CAR, BOAT OR RV? – Do the humane thing. Donate it to the Humane Society. 800-433-8641.

PRESCRIPTION SAVINGS STOP OVERPAYING FOR YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS – Save up to 93%. Call our licensed Canadian and International pharmacy service to compare prices and get $15 off your first prescription and free shipping. 800-307-5192.

SPACE AVAILABLE BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE TRANQUIL SETTING – Downtown Homewood. Full- or part-time opportunities available. Call Insight Awareness: 708-957-1284.

natural natural awakenings awakenings

November November 2015 2015

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communityresourceguide Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care & green living in our community. acupuncture WHOLE HEALTH ACUPUNCTURE 50 E Turner Ave, Elk Grove Village 847-357-3929

Offering community acupuncture on a sliding scale from $15-$40. Acupuncture is most effective when done consistently and for a full course of treatment. This brings faster relief, so you can get back to work and the things that you enjoy. Pricing lets you afford to have acupuncture simply because it feels good.

animal communication Whispers of Love

Linda Roberts 312-231-5607 Helping people and animals to heal their past, present, and to live healthy lives is Linda’s passion. Animal Communication provides assistsance with behavioral issues, recent adoptions, illnesses, allergies, medical concerns and more. Communication coupled with energy work may benefit all family members. Linda performs and teaches energy sessions, animal communication, Shamanism, Reiki and Belly Dance. See ad on page 43.

acupuncture & traditional oriental medicine LANA MOSHKOVICH, LAc, ND, MSOM

1500 Shermer Rd, Ste LL29, Northbrook 60062 847-508-1470 Trained in both Western and Oriental Medicine, I use acupuncture and a dietary approach along with herbal remedies to resolve musculoskeletal pain, internal medicine health issues, insomnia, anxiety and women’s health. Schedule your initial appointment on to find out if acupuncture can help you. Get a healthier and alternative approach to your chronic health conditions. See ad on page 29.

allergy relief Calandra Acupuncture South Loop and Arlington Hts 312-515-9492

Offering a variety of modalities to help you feel better, including NAET Allergy Elimination, acupuncture and Reiki. We thrive to work with your primary medical doctors to offer the highest quality complimentary care and welcome patients who haven’t found relief through traditional western medicine. Also offering informational and certification classes.


Intuitive Resources 650 Meacham, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Over 17 years experience in mastering the art of Angel healing and readings. Call or text today and receive angelic answers and guidance.

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bodywork Roth Structural Integration

Diane Roth, BCSI Highland Park, 60035 847-533-3213 • Structural Integration (SI) realigns, rebalances and re-educates the body through manual therapy and movement education. Chronic pain, bad posture, tired and achy bodies are signs that the body is out of balance. SI benefits include decreased pain, injury rehabilitation, improved posture, ease in movement, and increased flexibility and stamina.


825 Chicago Ave, Evanston 60202 847-864-1130 You’ll feel the stress melt away like the snow in spring through our relaxation-focused shiatsu massage practice, which offers the same energizing benefits as acupuncture combined with the restorative power of yoga poses. Dress in cozy threads, shiatsu is performed on fully clothed clients. Professional and student therapists available. See ad on back cover.

Zero Balancing Wellness Center

Mary H. Murphy, LMT, CZB, CST-D 809 Ridge Rd, Ste 200, Wilmette 60091 847-920-9292 • Zero Balancing (ZB) works with the flow of chi through the skeletal system. Gentle, and energizing, a ZB session leaves the client with a wonderful feeling of body-mind integration and energized relaxation. ZB can help relieve body pain, emotional distress and boost well-being. Received clothed, ZB addresses the whole person.

Chicago Chicago

brain health Marny Turvill, MD Evanston 60201 847-644-8540

Has your life been taken over by PTSD, a concussion or other TBI, chemical sensitivities, anxiety, or a child with learning or behavior problems? If you are ready to take back control and thrive, contact Dr. Marny now! You can feel better, think better and behave better without medications!

chiropractic Natural Solutions 10 W Phillip Rd, Ste 114 Vernon Hills 60061

Licensed dietitian and chiropractic physician Dr. Graef offers nutrition and chiropractic care. Chiropractic care can include; adjustments, physical therapy, myofascial therapy, or acupuncture. Nutrition consults are individualized and have a special focus to decrease the impact of chronic disease or can be used for weight loss. Insurance accepted for both services.  

coaching & counseling David Scott Bartky

Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach “Phone Coaching At Its Best” 973-444-7301 The Law of Attraction is always operating in your life. Are you using it to attract what you want? I will teach you processes and techniques so you’ll not only start to attract what you want (a relationship, more money, more clients, etc.), you’ll also become more excited about life.


Dr. Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, PCC 847-831-5660 Professional certified life coach and licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience in health and wellness. Specializing in emotional eating issues, non-dieting weight loss, healthy lifestyle coaching, mindfulness meditation training, and stress management. Mentored by bestselling author Geneen Roth, as seen on Oprah. Call for a complimentary phone consultation.

Live an Illuminated Life Sister Goddess GuruNischan 312-671-0466

Taking the complexity out of enlightenment, meditation, yoga, LIFE, and leaving all of the best and most Luminous stuff. The stuff that turns you on, when life shuts you off. The stuff that reclaims you, reveals you, and courses electricity through your Soul. Call for a FREE TurnOn Session and let’s Light Your World Up!

Raydiant Life Coaching Peter Kime, MA 847-869-6477 • Evanston

All challenges are an opportunity to heal and evolve. With 27 years experience I combine energy healing with psychological and spiritual counsel to help you in that process. Come to know and empower your truth. Go forward more fit to create greater joy, fulfillment, and love. Free 20 minute initial consult. See ad on page 17.

RESOLUTIONS COACHING & CERTIFICATION TRAINING Tim Marshall, Hypnosis/NLP Trainer 25 E Washington • 233 E Erie 312-854-2270

Achieve higher performance and motivation. Do you want peace of mind eliminating uncontrollable fear, anxiety, stress, sadness? Or are you hungry for inner calm? Stop smoking. Eat less. Reduce compulsiveness. Enjoy life more with greater success. 30+ years hypnosis and NLP experience. Free phone consultation. Near Millennium Park & Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

colon hydrotherapy NORTHSHORE COLONICS

Lori Hirshman, I-ACT certified 1535 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 113 (behind Northbrook Court), Northbrook 60062 Add’l location: Colonics in Grayslake, 408 Center St 773-551-5083 • You don’t need to suffer any more! We offer a relaxing and private environment where discretion and absolute cleanliness is never taken for granted! Our I-ACT certified practitioners have more than 12 years experience in Colon Hydrotherapy, Guided Programs, Life/Nutritional Coaching, all to help you make better choices for yourself.


Jim Kolar, Rph 3479 N Broadway, Chicago 60657 773-525-0766 • Save-Rite is your locally owned compounding specialist in Lakeview. Besides dispensing traditional medication, we work closely with your doctor to customize medications for pediatric care, sports medicine, pain management, veterinary needs and a wide range of hormone replacement therapies (BHRT). We also offer a variety of medical equipment and daily living supplies so that you’ll always enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Free delivery to Lakeview and surrounding areas. See ad on page 13.

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energy work

crystal healing

Chi Balancing Center


4344 N Western Ave, Chicago 60618 773-561-7200 • Join us at our new location, The Center, where we offer the widest selection of chakra healing stones, rough crystals, collectors’ pieces and specialty items. Come meditate in the crystal skull room, relax and heal on our new Amethyst Biomat™, and see our skilled and professional readers and healers.

Located in Art of Natural Healing 7773 Lake St, River Forest 60305 708-366-8002

Reiki Master David Riddle has used the Akashic Records in his energy work sessions since 1998. In Akashic EnergyworkSM, David connects the energy body held within the Akashic Records to the individual using hands on healing. This brings energy to the client for health, happiness and karmic relief.

Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa

digestive health specialist NUTRITIONAL HEALTH SOLUTIONS

Reneé S. Barasch, LDHS 480 Elm Place, Ste 108, Highland Park 60035 847-207-2034 • Digestive problems? Acid Reflux/ GERD, IBS, Crohn’s, colitis? Let us help you naturally achieve nutritional balance, feel better and enhance the quality of your life. Improve digestion while reducing discomfort and bloating so you can eat the foods you love again. Certified digestive health specialist/enzyme therapist. See ad on page 9.

EFT (emotional freedom techniques) TOM MASBAUM, EFTADVANCED

708-955-3634 EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a simple, gentle and very effective tapping procedure on the acupuncture spots, or acupuncture without needles. In individual EFT sessions Tom offers a 100% guarantee of success or no charge. 6,000 individual sessions, mostly on the phone. Emotional and many physical issues fade away. Initial call free.

energetic family wellness DR. NICK KUENNEN, DC

The Wellness Source 1245 N Milwaukee Ave, Ste 202B, Glenview 60025 (Across from Abt) 224-413-3500 • We offer an effective, holistic wellness approach that is the only one in the entire Chicagoland area. The difference lies with the BioModulator that delivers healing bioenergy and corrective chiropractic techniques, neuro-muscular release techniques, nutrition recommendations, acupuncture meridian lines, digital X-rays, orthopedic and neurological testing, emotional releasing and essential oils. We ensure results with our approach. See ad on page 7.

30 N Williams, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake 815-307-1180

Offering daily intuitive and energetic healing sessions. Offerings include: aura analysis and clearing, soul synergizing, SoulCollage chakra balancing, singing bowl sessions, chakra channeling, chakra dowsing, crystal chakra balancing, chakra healing touch, crystal grid sessions, shamanic sessions, Vivaxis connection alignment, reflexology and Reiki. Appointments recommended.


Marla Levitt Goldberg 847-984-0440 • 847-275-5584

Want to feel more flow and joy in your life? Do toxic thoughts limit your potential or block clear thinking? Marla will help release blocks, interferences, negative energies, entities and emotions that may be left from your past. Call today to schedule a consultation. See ad on page 29.


Nancy Bernard CCH, RYT, Holistic Healer Chuck Solomonson LCSW, Psychotherapist Grayslake • 847-722-9243 Nurturing the Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit as a Whole. Holistic and Psychotherapeutic techniques designed to Overcome the Obstacles that limit experiencing the richness of life. Live empowered, enriched, joyful and Innerly Peaceful. Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Heart Loving Yoga, EFT, Shamanic Healing, EMDR Trauma Therapy, Talk Therapy. &

essential oils DoTERRA Essential Oils Allison Lutze

Need help with seasonal threats? Breathe easy with Breathe® Respiratory Blend, made by dōTERRA. Use aromatically and topically to maintain clear airways. Also works well for the snorer in your family leading to a better nights rest, for everyone. Visit website for more information.

natural natural awakenings awakenings

November November 2015 2015

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Karen Duewel 847-772-0212

Young Living oils and supplements with natural plant extracts can support women’s health throughout the various phases of life; providing temporary relief from cramps, nausea, hot flashes and emotional swings. For daily challenges, consider lavender or Stress Away to relieve daily stress, encourage relaxation and reduce nervous tension. Enjoy life naturally. See ad on page 13.

feng shui Laurie Pawli, Certified Feng Shui Consultant

The Feng Shui School of Chicago

You can now learn feng shui in the Chicago area. The Feng Shui School of Chicago is recognized as a Gold Level School, the highest standard established by the International Feng Shui Guild. We teach basic “Feng Shui in a Day” classes, as well as a comprehensive 77-hour “Certified Feng Shui Consultant Training Program”. A “layering” approach is taught using Form, Best Personal Direction, and Front Door Bagua placement. Laurie is a student of Grand Master Professor Lin Yun, Katherine Metz and Denise Linn. 

green real estate KATIE HAUSER

Baird & Warner Green Broker 847-212-5214 I understand that heating, cooling, energy efficiency and commuting distance are important to your home buying and remodeling decisions. As a NAR Green Broker, I’ll help you find the dream home that meets your sustainable lifestyle. Working together, we’ll locate the best resources to make green improvements and sustainable renovations.


Reverend, Reiki Master Teacher, CCMBA Teacher, Hands on Healing Covering McHenry & Woodstock Lake Geneva, WI 262-745-4345 Offering a number of healing modalities. Testing for what protocol is required for healing at a Cellular Morphogenic, DNA level. Heal the emotional, mental and spiritual body, and the physical body can heal. Reiki, Crystal Reiki, CCMBA/CCSMC, Meridian, Aura and Chakra Clearing, Past Life Therapy, Emotional Release and more.

56 56

holistic dentistry DR. ALLA AVER, DDS

2400 Ravine Way, Suite 400, Glenview 60025 847-998-5100 • Stay healthy with a whole-body, preventative care approach. We use non-fluoridated ozonated water, periodontal herbal treatments, and gluten-free herbal paste. Restorative options include: safe amalgam removal, BPA-free fillings and sealants, non-metal crowns and bridges, sleep apnea and TMJ appliances, and non-acrylic night guards, partials and dentures. Our conservative approach includes: digital X-rays and intraoral camera, nonsurgical gum therapies including laser and ozone, and herbal irrigation. Material reactivity testing, saliva pH and microscopic plaque analysis are available. Our natural approach includes dental homeopathy, craniosacral therapy, and nutritional counseling. Dental discount plan available and PPO insurance plans accepted. See ad on page 23.

K. BOEHM, DDS, & Associates

1585 N Barrington Rd, Ste 106, Hoffman Estates 60069 847-884-1220 1440 Maple Ave, Ste 2A Lisle 60532 630-810-1280 •

State-of-the-art holistic methods of dental care in a relaxed environment. Having extensive knowledge of the correlation between oral and overall health, Dr Boehm offers bio-friendly materials compatible with your body. Services include mercury-free fillings and crowns or bridges, safe mercury removal, fluoride-free office, electrodermal screening, homeopathy, cranial osteopathy, orthodontics and jaw orthopedics, laser treatment of gum disease and ozone therapy.

Holistic Dentistry Chicago Elizabeth Strzelecka, DDS 7460 W Belmont, Chicago 60634 773-745-3636

As a Biological dentist, I recognize the impact of toxic substances and only use materials and procedures that are systemically compatible with your body. We offer a wide variety of procedures from general to cosmetic, ozone therapy, laser dentistry, safe mercury removal, TScan bite adjustment for TMJ, Earthing chair, infrared sauna and restoration of porcelain implants, all in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

MIDWEST INTEGRATIVE DENTISTRY 11952 Oak Creek Pkwy, Huntley 60142 847-659-8500 •

Dr. Sukel is a holistic general dentist, cosmetically restoring teeth without mercury or fluoride. Our digital X-rays and CT cone beam provide 3-D views for detailed diagnosis of root canals, laser gum treatment, missing teeth, implants and dentures. Sleep appliances and TMJ treatments for head and neck pain are also available.

Chicago Chicago

TAF G. PAULSON, D.D.S., P.C. 233 E Erie St, Ste 816, Chicago 60611 312-944-7444

We offer gentle holistic dentistry that supports vibrant well-being in a caring and peaceful environment. Our Conscious Care includes mercury-free fillings; non-surgical periodontal therapy; digital X-rays; safe, biocompatible materials; bacterial analysis using a microscope; dental homeopathy and nutritional counseling. We guide you to dental wellness thorough education. Free indoor parking. See ad on page 19.

Dr. Andie T. Pearson

Gaiamed Dental 929 Ridge Rd, Wilmette 847-977-1655 Holistic dentistry involves an awareness of care that relates to the entire person. Gaiamed is a full-service practice using the most biocompatible dental options. Our services range from nonsurgical gum care to mercury-and-PBA-free restorations, crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures, children’s dentistry, braces, implants, dental homeopathy, and craniosacral therapy. See ad on page 3.

riverwoods smiles

2035 N Milwaukee Ave, Riverwoods/Deerfield 60015 847-947-8622 Dr. Rasekh’s practice philosophy emphasizes education, prevention and minimally invasive dentistry. Enter our modern and calming dental facility, allow the ambiance to put you at ease, and be certain that excellent care awaits you. We offer, digital X-rays, biocompatible materials, mercury- and metal-free restorations, children’s dentistry and smile design and analysis. See ad on page 29.


Dr. Bernice Teplitsky, DDS, PC 3256 N Ashland, Chicago 60657 773-975-6666 In addition to state-of-the-art technology and methods offered by most holistic dentists (microscopes, ozone trherapy, etc.), we treat you as a partner. We thoroughly explain your unique situation, provide treatment options and keep you comfortable with Netflix, music and paraffin wax treatments. Located off the Brown line. Free garage parking.

holistic fitness COMFY FITNESS

2115 N Damen, Chicago 60647 312-373-0727 Disenchantment or intimidation of the classic gym setting keeps many from getting into shape. If this sounds like you, Comfy Fitness can help. Our trainers will guide and teach you how to reach your health and fitness goals while leaving you looking forward to your next workout. Call for a free fitness assessment today.

holistic health practitioner

re:fit-restoring and enhancing through fitness and integrative therapies


Loribeth Cohen, PT Studio Director Mimi Abrams, PT 910 Waukegan Rd, Glenview 60025 847-657-0881 •

Feel better this fall! We offer lymphatic detoxification with oxygenation to restore your cells’ natural energy levels and restore proper lymph function. Also offering MediCupping and other healing approaches. See website for full list of services.

At re:fit, we believe that the body and mind interact to create health or “disease.” We address both the underlying causes of pain and the body’s potential for healing. We offer many techniques for treatment and encourage the client to engage in their process of healing by combining physical therapy, IMT and exercise. Feel the difference! See ad on page 21.

Teresa Lopez, LPN 150 E Cook Ave, Libertyville 60048 224-888-1170 •

Amy Andrews

Feel Good Again Health Detective Highland Park and Virtual Consulting 847-361-6238 Frustrated with your health? Your tests are “normal” but you don’t feel right? Do you want to finally solve your energy, gut, weight, and mood symptoms? Get empowered! Find and correct the root causes of hormonal, digestive and detox issues, so you can enjoy life and feel good again!

Whole Life Chiropractic 2500 W Higgins Rd, Ste 420 Hoffman Estates 60169

We combine an accurate functional diagnosis with state-of-the-art muscle adhesion techniques to restore dysfunctional body movement patterns and treat the root cause of your pain. Convenient location at I-90 and Barrington Road, evening hours, within a multi-provider natural wellness office, and accepts insurance.


847-361-6259 • How would you like to have a different future? Being a Certified Relationship coach and facilitator as well as Access Consciousness Facilitator and Akashic Records teacher and consultant I use all the tools to empower you to heal and release blocks and limitations that seem to limit your joy, money, and/or relationships. 

Gnosis Natural Health

Claire Boye-Doe, MS Nutrition Response TestingTM 5756 N. Ridge Ave, Ste 3, Chicago 60660 773-561-5516 • Searching for a natural, very effective way to feel better? Nutrition Response TestingTM uses the body’s innate intelligence to decipher exactly what’s needed to heal and repair the root cause of your symptoms. Fix asthma, arthritis, migraines, digestive & heart issues, and more!  FREE consultation- mention Natural Awakenings (value $150). 


708-955-3634 EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is a gentle, simple yet very successful process for releasing emotional and many physical symptoms. Every session, mostly on the phone, has a guarantee of success. It is that wonderful. Over 6,000 individual sessions and hundreds of classes over the last 11 years. Tom Masbaum, EFT Advanced, is the Founder of EFT With A Guarantee™.

holistic home organizer

Dr. Jerry P. Gore, MD

Center for Holistic Medicine 240 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods/Deerfield 60015 847-236-1101 Dr. Gore is director, supervisor and staff physician. He obtained his MD from the University of Illinois School of Medicine and his post-graduate work at Northwestern Institute of Psychiatry. He has over 30 years of experience blending nutrition, supplements, homeopathy, psychotherapy and collaborating with other practitioners at the center to offer a truly holistic medicine practice. See ad on page 33.


IL Center for Progressive Medicine 1002 W Lake St, Chicago 60607 312-243-3338 • Dr. LeRoy has 20 years of experience in collaborating with his patients to determine why they are not well. He specializes in investigative work that includes a detailed discussion, examination and laboratory testing, then creates an integrative treatment plan that often includes diet and nutrition changes, acupuncture, chiropractic and other lifestyle modifications. Dr. LeRoy is best known for breast thermography, HPV treatment and GI problems. See ad on page 25.


HOME SPACE ORGANIZING Jody Casden 847-209-0083 

A holistic approach to organizing and letting go of clutter. HSO recognizes the tools for restoring and creating nourishing spaces. HSO is green and sustainably conscious and provides creative solutions. We understand that an environment that nourishes you improves emotional and physical wellness. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

North Shore Health Solutions LTD 1446 Techny Rd, Northbrook 60062 847-715-9060 • Dr. Kim Martin, DC, FASA, BCIM, CFMP, is a certified gluten-free practitioner in Northbrook. She specializes in “Solving the Mystery of Your Chronic Condition” using Functional Medicine, blood work, stool samples and saliva. Free Thyroid Lecture events November 11 and 18, 6-7:15pm. Call 847-715-9060 for more events details. See ad on page 11.

Mind Body Healing Center

holistic medicine DR. EUNICE DEANE

6137 N Elston Ave, Chicago 60646 773-631-5001 Dr. Deane is a premier holistic chiropractic physician who offers total body solutions to chronic health and pain challenges. She treats all three sides of the triangle of health­—structure, chemical and emotions— to resolve problems at the root cause. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and want to flip the switch from pain and chronic illness, Dr. Deane can help. Call for appointment. See ad on page 35.

77 W Washington, Ste 1704 Chicago 60602 312-285-5287

We treat both the emotional and physical aspects of your health and specialize in depression, anxiety, digestive disorders and pain management. We provide diagnostic testing such as Biomeridian screening and apply natural interventions such as psychotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, nutrition, massage and energy work. Insurance accepted. Available evening and weekends.

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Angela Waltman FNP, AHN-C 522 Poplar St, Wilmette 60091 773-454-2644

Angela provides a blend of Eastern & Western Medicine, offering care for urgent needs such as coughs, colds and minor injuries. Her Prepare For Surgery/Heal Faster program is incredibly helpful and works for chemo and chronic pain, too. She teaches Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) & Mindfulness meditation, also Healing Energy Work. Truly Mind, Body & Spirit Care.

Dr. Kevin J. Regan, DC, DABCA 118 N Clinton, Ste 103, Chicago 60661 312-876-1600 •

Do you have pain or inflammation that won’t go away? Is stress making you ill? Therapeutic treatment with the Magnesphere© will balance out and energize you through a total body immersion into a bio-magnetic field. The Magnesphere© provides deep relaxation and stress relief through a combination of science and holistic intervention.

holistic medicineayurveda

holistic skin care Milena Ivanova

Founder, Aesthetician, CHC, AADP MILVANI HOLISTIC SPA * NorthShore 773-988-5681 • Eco-beauty FACIALS with impressive results! MYOPULSE THERAPY/Non-Toxic treatments. 20+ years experience. High-performance skin care with Milena, Master Holistic Esthetician and Health Coach/Nutritionist. Synergy that has the power to transform people’s skin (and there for their lives!) for the better! Call for FREE Consultation.

Monica Yearwood is an ayurvedic practitioner who empowers her clients with experiential practices. Her focus is digestive health, detoxification and lifestyle. Monica’s programs integrate diet, herbology and practices that cultivate awareness such as meditation and yoga. She runs programs out of her ayurvedic center, Hamsa Ayurveda & Yoga, in Chicago.

holistic physical rehabilitation LIFEWAVE INSTITUTE, LLC

Dr. Andrew Serlin, DC 3113 Dundee Rd, Northbrook 60062 224-723-5693 • Pro athletes heal quickly with aquatic therapy and so can you at one of the only facilities in Chicagoland with a warm water pool featuring an underwater treadmill. LifeWave Institute combines chiropractic, massage, aquatic and land-based rehab with practices of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Chi Kung and acupuncture to deliver comfortable and effective muscular and joint pain relief.

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Advanced Arlington Medical Center 333 W Dundee Rd, Buffalo Grove 60089 847-243-0355 Board-certfied internist Dr. Eric Nagaj diagnoses using conventional medicine, and also treats acute and chronic illness using anthroposophical medicine and the least toxic yet effective treatment for the condition. Dr. Nagaj offers comprehensive medical evaluations, advanced nutritional testing and treatments with new lines of validated anthroposophic/homeopathic remedies, bio-identical hormones, and much more. See ad on page 13.

hypnotherapy HOLISTIC CRAFT

Michele Marchese, CHT, MWBWP 100 S Saunders Rd, Ste 150, Lake Forest 60045       224-623-2856 • Holistic Craft helps clients use natural solutions, and take control of their own wellness. Offering transformational hypnosis, life coaching and flower essence therapy. Michele’s mission is to help others help themselves through positive affirmations, subliminal thoughts and enlightenment. Bringing life to natural solutions. Schedule and use promocode HEAL.

Monica Yearwood

3807 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago 60618 773-697-3640



820 AM Streaming live: Chicago’s Progressive Talk is a whole lot more than just a radio station. It is a community of several hundred thousand people who are sustainably inclined, environmentally responsible, community conscious and socially engaged. Monday through Friday the program lineup features national show hosts who broadcast from various cities across America. From the very political, to the very serious, to almostover-the-line edgy, they talk about what matters to you. On the weekends, specialty shows cover home improvement, gardening, Chicago politics, and much more. Listen on the radio or tune in online at See ad on page 63.

Integrative Family Health Associates Kori Feldman, MD 4727 Willow Springs Rd, LaGrange 60525 708-482-1099

Kori Feldman is an integrative physician focused on helping people attain lifelong optimal health. Her Wellness Program can restore health and vitality for any proactive adult who is ready for change. See ad on page 37.

Integrative Physician

Philippa Norman, MD, MPH Beverly Office, 11840 S Western Ave, Chicago 60643 773-337-3880 Natural, integrative therapies for ADD/HD, depression & anxiety, healthy brain aging, digestive health, adrenal support. Private hypnotherapy, Reiki sessions available. Accepting new adult patients 18 & older. Join us for a free workshop. Learn more at PhilippaNormanMD. com. IL036081553.

DR. CHERYL SCHWARTZ, DO Center for Holistic Medicine 240 Saunders Rd, Riverwoods/Deerfield 60015 847-236-1701


I specialize in Internal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. My goal is to help people in good health maintain their well-being, while assisting those with health problems to feel better and move to a more positive path. I manage general internal medicine issues as well as treat appropriate patients with Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, a hands-on method of healing. See ad on page 33.

Balance your spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical well-being, and get the tools to heal. We integrate Western medicine methods of functional and internal medicine with modalities including acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, nutrition, enzymes, amino acids, bio-identical hormones, homeopathy and neurotransmitters. Specializing in women’s health, weight control, pain management, gastrointestinal issues, adrenal fatigue and food allergies.

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integrative medicine Silvia Panitch, MD, Medical Director 3344 N Ashland Ave, Chicago 60657 773-525-6595

Chicago Chicago

integrative psychotherapy SUSAN ATCHISON, LCPC

A Healing Soul, Ltd. NW Suburbs; 847-370-5181 Have pain, anxiety, indecision or depression been making your life miserable? I can help you to have a happier, more fulfilling life. Using a holistic approach, we’ll balance and renew your body, mind and spiritual selves. For lasting results—to feel lighter and more whole—call today for your appointment.

David H. Johnson, LCSW

847-475-3017, voicemail People of all ages come to me in pain due to trauma, childhood issues and addiction. My holistic approach helps to resolve wounds of the mind, body and spirit where recovery is not only possible but inevitable. Lasting results for happier, productive lives is the goal of my body-centered psychotherapy. Call for free initial consultation.


Clinical Director, Inner Balance Northbrook, Chicago, Palm Springs 847-224-0244 Ellen’s 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist integrates a conscious approach to healing old patterns through a mix of trauma and mindfulness-based psychotherapies, HMR, Lifeline, The Work (Byron Katie), energy medicine and somatic awareness. Join “Inner Balance Meditation” for updates on her events, and visit her at

ROBIN KULESZA, MA, LCPC RK Therapy Solutions NW Suburbs 847-807-5388

Children, adults and families can reach their full potential and find a path to healing. Using integrative forms of therapy including music, art, mindfulness, relaxation, play, sandtray and talk, my clients will find new ways to communicate and explore feelings and thoughts. Call today for day, evening or weekend appointments.

intuitive consultation MICHELE HEATHER

847-509-8289 Do you feel stuck? Mentally blocked or can’t make a decision? Michele helps you identify and release issues keeping you from full expression of your Essences. Surround yourself by the love of your Guides to release issues for an awesome, humbling and life-transforming experience. Michele is also psychic and a Reiki Master Teacher.

Raydiant Life Coaching Peter Kime, MA 847-869-6477 • Evanston

All challenges are an opportunity to heal and evolve. With 27 years experience I combine energy healing with psychological and spiritual counsel to help you in that process. Come to know and empower your truth. Go forward more fit to create greater joy, fulfillment, and love. Free 20-minute initial consult. See ad on page 17.

McHenry’s Only Holistic~Cultural Center 1241 N Green St, McHenry 60050 • Live near McHenry? Looking for fun, affordable things to do? We’re your relaxed, creative hangout. Get a shiatsu massage, hear original music, make new friends, tap into your inner healer. Reasonable rental rates. Mention this ad for 20% off a shiatsu massage. Find your whole new world INSIDE. All ages.

ReAwakenings Holistic Center

4256 N Ravenswood Ave, Ste 220 Chicago 60618 773-817-0923 •

intuitive health & success advisor INTERIORWERX WITH SUSAN CURRY

Lincoln Park (Chicago) 312-479-7893 Expand your health and happiness by raising your vibration to its highest potential. InteriorWerx clears emotional energetic abnormalities that cause dis-ease, such as anxiety, pain, sadness, discomfort, allergies, recurring physical injury, etc. This natural modality provides optimum health for body and mind with proven results. Free 15-min consultation (schedule online).

lifelong learning & personal growth THE EDGAR CAYCE HOLISTIC CENTER AND BOOKSTORE At Unity Northwest Church 259 E Central Rd, Des Plaines 60016 847-299-6535

Full-service bookstore, Cayce remedies, spiritual growth study groups, monthly programs, workshops and holistic fairs, intuitive skills development training, knowledgeable seekers, intuitives, healers and more. Call for hours. See ad on page 27.


integrative soul coaching


1282 Old Skokie Rd, Highland Park 60035 847-831-8828 • Offering more than 200 Courses for Life in personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. Offering more than 200 Courses for Life in personal, professional and spiritual growth and development. Daylong workshops with bestselling authors include Eben Alexander, Map of Heaven, November 14 and JD Messinger, Unlocking Limiting Beliefs, November 21. Call or email for a free course guide. CEUs available. Reasonable practitioner and classroom rental. Call or email for a free course guide.

ReAwakenings Center is about ReAwakening the healing process for the body, mind and spirit. We offer several ways of doing that. In our services, workshops, retreat weekends, and gatherings we ignite not only healing but connection, knowledge, understanding, and educating to be able enhance the betterment of one self. To grow, to enlighten and to connect.

naprapathic medicine APPROACH TO HEALTH Morris Williamson, DN Evanston 60201 773-318-7967

Digestive problems? Tension? IBS? Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) quickly releases these and other health challenges, bringing comfort and relief to the abdomen and vital energy to other internal organs. I am one of the only CNT practitioners in the Chicago area, having studied in Thailand, learning from masters. Get 10% off your first appointment.

naturopathic consultation DR. ALLA ARUTCHEVA, MD, PhD, ND

Associate Professor, Rush University Med. School Antalee Wellness 1836 Glenview Rd, 2nd Fl, Glenview 60025 • 847-486-1130

When your body is in an imbalanced state your health is compromised. Dr. Alla Arutcheva’s Full Body Check Up is a non-invasive, highly reliable test that can provide you with a snapshot of your current state of health. She can also identify which supplements your body needs for optimal healing benefits.

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natural natural awakenings awakenings


November November 2015 2015

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naturopathic doctors Alison Egeland, ND Schaumburg 847-895-8180

organic spa Solay Wellness / So WELL 4819 Main, Skokie 847-676-5571

personal growth & development The Body/Mind/Soul/Connection Marilyn Kortendick, S/D-EFEL Barrington, 847-858-6440

Dr. Alison is a Naturopathic Doctor with additional training in Functional Medicine. Considering each individual’s unique combination of genetics, lifestyle, environmental exposures, to uncover and treat underlying imbalances that lead to complex, chronic conditions such as GI disorders, chronic fatigue, autoimmune issues, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, metabolic disorders, chemical sensitivity and hormone imbalances.

So Well is your unique destination for wellness in Skokie. Enjoy our Salt Relaxation Room, $15/session; Infrared Salt Sauna, $15/session or Heated Massage Beds, $15/ session. While you’re here, discover over 300+ artisan crafted, organic and fair trade Salt crystal lamps, bath & beauty, healthy gourmet, natural home products and more to continue your wellness journey. To learn more, or order securely, call or visit website.

Become a more empowered, authentic you through personal and spiritual development. Work with the horse that mirrors your emotions using this information to navigate your world more clearly. Work with a spiritual director to help you discover how to come home to you. Contact us for information.


pain management

preventive medicine

Eating with Ease

Charlotte Hammond, MS, RD, LDN, RYT 150 N Michigan, Ste 800, Chicago, 60601 312-547-9247, Registered and Licensed Dietitian providing integrative nutritional counseling and Medical Nutrition Therapy for weight management, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, osteoporosis, special needs, bowel disorders, vegan/vegetarian diets, dietary transition, mindful eating, detoxification, safe supplementation and more. Also available for grocery store tours, cupboard clean-out, menu management and seminars.

Dr. Kristen (Bobik) HaLLAND, DC 2500 W Higgins, Ste 420, Hoffman Estates 847-310-0303 The

Our wellness clinic averages only a 5-minute wait time before you’re getting natural, safe, and effective treatment with the Doctor. Dr. Kristen specializes in acupuncture, lowforce chiropractic care and food intolerance testing, and uses unique diagnostic tests to uncover the real cause of your health concern. Located at the corner of Higgins and Barrington roads. See ad on page 11.

organic mattresses & bedding NORTH SHORE BEDDING 984 Willow Rd, Ste H, Northbrook 60062 847-291-6770

We offer a safe and cost-effective alternative to conventional mattresses, in a low-pressure, relaxing sales environment. Full selection of only allnatural and organic latex mattresses, pillows and accessories, including Natura and Savvy Rest. Locally owned and operated since 1983. See ad on page 19.

JOYCE ANN, OTR/L, GCFP Live a More Functional Life By Building Better Balance 847-748-8313

What could you do if you were pain free? I can help you replace constriction and pain with confident movement. My approach includes Occupational Therapy, Feldenkrais Method, Reflex and Vestibular integration. Effective for individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, car accidents, trauma and neurological issues. Call me today. Most insurance accepted.

palm readings Palm readings by Laura 407 E Main St, Barrington 60010 Call or text: 847-564-6159

With over 50 years of experience, Laura specializes in palmistry revealing past, present and future with pinpoint accuracy.

past life awareness CANDACE

650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Looking for answers and solutions to current issues in your life? The answer may lie in understanding your past lives. With over 22 years experience, Candace works with you to gain a conscious awareness of how your past lives and relationships affect who you are today. Call or text for appointments. See ad on page 27.

point. click.

60 60

Chicago Chicago


Living Well MD 1535 Lake Cook Rd, Ste 306, Northbrook 60062 847-418-2030 Care for body, mind, and spirit with personalized, integrative medical care. Concierge physician dedicated to helping you stay healthy, prevent disease, and feel your best. See ad on page 40.

Psychic & medium CANDACE

650 Meacham Rd, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Inspire joy and love in your life. Find answers to your challenges with the help of Candace’s psychic intuition. Specializing in chakra balancing, spiritual cleansing, past life regression and tarot/angel cards. More than 22 years experience. Call or text for appointments. See ad on page 27.

Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa 30 N Williams, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake 815-307-1180

Offering daily psychic, medium and intuitive sessions in a unique boutique-like environment. Offerings include: channeled medium connections, tarot & oracle readings, divinely guided soul paintings, pendulum spiritual guidance, spirit animal discovery singing bowl sessions, palm reading, constellation readings, problem resolution sessions, animal path readings, rune casting, numerology and spiritual blessings and attunements. Appointments recommended.

Psychic & Astrology Readings

Look for the Little Purple House 20406 Rand Rd, Kildeer 60074 Call or text: 847-764-2700

Psychic, clairvoyant and medium will answer any and all questions providing you with insight regarding relationships, career, family, etc. See ad on page 21.


spiritual & life renewal Bodhi Spiritual Center

2746 N Magnolia Ave, Chicago 60614 773-248-LOVE Check out our Sunday Celebration Service at 10am each week. Enjoy a dynamic, conscious community rooted in universal spiritual principles that Reveal Love, Honor All Paths and Celebrate Life. Safe and loving childcare for children ages birth to 4, and playful and rich youth programming for ages 5-18. Amazing music, inspiring message, and a loving community awaits you. 

650 Meacham, Elk Grove 60007 Call or text: 847-564-6159 Intuitive Resources is a spiritual boutique conveniently located in the northwest suburbs. Our large selection of services includes Reiki, chakra therapy (cleansing and balancing), Tarot card and intuitive readings, past life regression, etc. Our shop offers a large variety of spiritual gifts to choose from: candles, crystals, books, jewelry, sage/incense and much more. Open Monday through Friday from 11am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm. See ad on page 27.


Rev. Carol Saunders 375 Elm St, Deerfield 60015 847-337-3866 We are a Unity spiritual community with practical and inspirational teachings that emphasize you as a divine creation. Our Sunday services are current, relevant and uplifting. We welcome everyone. Family friendly. Sunday Celebration Service with indie/pop/rock music by The Grateful Living 10am at the Patty Turner Center, in Deerfield.


610 Central Ave, Ste 169, Highland Park 60035 847-266-8323

spiritual boutique Enlightened Balance Chakra Spa 30 N Williams, Brink Street Market, Ste F, Crystal Lake 815-307-1180

Destination location offering a comprehensive selection of spiritual and metaphysical supplies, extensive crystals and rocks, unique artisan art and jewelry, organic teas, vintage precious and semiprecious jewelry and artifacts, essential oils and other natural products. In our boutique-like environment you can enjoy classes and daily psychic and chakra-based sessions too.

yoga, meditation & healing arts SAT NAM YOGA CHICAGO

Fitting you in the correct type of shoe for your activity, and in the proper size and width for your feet, is our number one objective. When shoes fit well and your feet are comfortable, your whole body feels better and you can perform at your optimum level throughout the entire day. Largest selection of New Balance footwear and apparel in the Chicago area, with extensive inventory of sizes and widths from 2A-6E. Friendly staff is experienced in helping to resolve or relieve many common foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, morton’s neuroma, hammer toe, and arch pain. Locally owned and operated since 1995. See ad on page 15.


West Loop: 1304 W Washington Blvd 312-818-5791 Immerse yourself in a soulful community. $20 for 2 weeks of Unlimited Yoga (new students). Kundalini, vinyasa, hatha, yin, partner yoga, restorative, tween girls’ creative yoga, qigong, meditation, gong baths, moon rituals and healing circles. Energy/body work by appointment. All ages, all levels.

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Rooted in universal principles of change and balance, the study of Zen Shiatsu enriches your life while you learn to help others. Learn to relieve aches and pains through acupressure and assisted stretching while also listening to the deeper messages our bodies have to tell us. Try an entry-level class and decide if our program is the one you’ve been looking for.

Beginning Zen Shiatsu 5 day intensive

Dec 7-11, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm

10 week sessions

Jan 12 - Mar 15 Tue 11am-2pm (TABLE) Jan 14 - Mar 17, Thu 11am-2pm OR 7-10pm

2 weekend intensive session

Feb 19-21 & 26-28, Fri 7-10pm, Sat/Sun 9am-4pm or try one of our

Free Introductory Workshops November 20, Friday, 10am-12:30pm December 17, Thursday, 7:00-9:30pm To view more class times visit

E-mail or call 847-864-1130 to sign up today! 64

CEs Available

Approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education


825 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL

Profile for Natural Awakenings Chicago magazine

November 2015 Natural Awakenings Chicago  

Natural Awakenings is Chicagoland’s premiere healthy living lifestyle magazine. We are locally owned, independent media focused on your inte...

November 2015 Natural Awakenings Chicago  

Natural Awakenings is Chicagoland’s premiere healthy living lifestyle magazine. We are locally owned, independent media focused on your inte...